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Yo, let me join, I am Kren and Cobra's favorite Valk!
Have to look what youre buying out. This stuff works in real life too. And many of those smart guys even do it legally. I agree its frustrating to victim, cruel and infair but world isnt perfect. Many people live on the rich soil called "trust" and "not attentive" using it. People can set any price to stuff they have.

Thanks for the topic to op, good way to save some people from this trap! :+1:

Thanks mate!

It is unfortunate but reality. Hopefully collective whole can work together to at least reduce the amount of petty scam/scheme from rising!
Partyblast wrote: »
You can list any item for any price you want, the item name AND icon are both different so it isn't a scam or trick in any way. You can clearly look at the item description and see what you are purchasing.

An Item scam is when you use two very similar items to trick someone into paying a lot of money for something near worthless, in this case the only thing similar is the fact a diamond ticket has the word "diamond", just pay attention to what you buy.


When people search, their intention is clearly based on 'item' and 'price'. When general population price of an item "A" is usually 14k and your intend was to buy that item "A" for lowest value as possible (and it does help that item "A" is absolutely needed for gear progression), most people with same intend are literally racing.

With that being said, most people, when using Trade-broker, uses search bar and in there they will type in letters or words as close as possible to your intended item you wished to find. So, if person wanted to, for some reason, buy diamond ticket, they will type diamond and omit ticket part. And it does populate, for the most part, words with diamonds in the front. Than next thing you know is mix listing of two different icons in such manner:

A 13,999
B 12,999
A 13,499
A 13,499
B 12,499
B 13,499
A 13,499
A 13,499

Person opinion, if I want something so i can quickly get on with the gear progression that i've been working towards so long and hard for and this is only piece of puzzle i need, I would be in rush as well. I could be completely wrong too for I've never been scammed such way but I think this could be the one of the many reasons why people fall for it.

Lets clear things up a little:

1. I, the one who posted this, am not the victim of this scam
2. I wrote this to catch EME's attention with on going issues
3. Raise awareness to player community to prevent future victimization to such petty scam

With that being said, I would like to make few additional comments to this post (and to those to commented)

Main focus of this post was based on idea of "how to make the gaming environment more fair and clean". Every who commented on this post seem to understand the existing threats among player community involving players with negative intention and their motivation of certain behaviors have caused and impacted many players to become victim. So, on that note, it's working the way I intended (to an extend). I originally wanted an open forum post debate where all the players in the community can talk and share and idea of certain stuff and possibly EME can see it and reflect it on the future updates to slowly but surely improve the game. Yet, you are all here being salty and throwing salts at each other... This post is definitely not an "Made In Tera" Salt product advertisement but rather an open debate.

Also, I wrote this in hope that players can play more safely and with alert when they are using Trade-Broker system. Many of you already mentioned, paraphrasing, "It is your fault because you were careless". This is also true and I completely agree with you as well. However, if you flip that side of a coin over, you will see the other side of the argument. 'Well, shouldn't the perpetrator, one who 'intended' to creating delusion using similar name of an item and price set up to 'personally benefit', be punished at least mildly but with fairness and firmness so that lesson can be learned. Pretty much, all i wanted from this post was to raise complete awareness and as well as put a shame to those who abuses this. Nevertheless, notifying the game publisher in order to create either prevention measures or remediation measures. Thus, I suggested that, why not change the name of the items so clarify things for players. On that note, I do not have much of knowledge of how many times in game are similar to a point where players often get into some issues with. However, if it presents probable cause and inevitable threats to players in financial ways, please list them below and i will use 3rd party communication applications such as Teamspeak3 and Discord channels to properly distribute the list for EVERYONE to be familiar with the issues with item names.

So ! enough with the salt fight, but let's be more productive as a collective whole and possibly come up with some decent solution to help EME to fix such petty scams from ever happening in the future. Such scam is definitely unnecessary. I don't even know why I have to even spend extra effort of be 'careless' for such petty scam (although never was victim of it) when we can just simply prevent it as a collective whole. And this goes to you to EME staff who is reading this!

Before closing this up,
I would like to take this time to show my appreciation to everyone to viewed this post and commented on this post! Despite my disagreement with few comments, all feed-backs were well voiced and I sincerely thank you for your time and your effort in commenting. It at least that shows your interest and respect to this game and the community in many different ways that we need.
Thank you very much !
Hey staff of EME!

I am seeing an increasing number of unethical players who are trying to 'abuse' the system and victimize other players for their own benefits.
Numerous people have been trying to "Sell" diamond ticket for the price of diamond. They are not the same in case someone who doesn't know the difference.
One is worth 10g which you can purchase through Baharama NPC and another one is worth minimum 10,000g which can either be crafted or dropped from dungeons. So many people have been victim of this stupid scam.

Can we change the name for Baharama tickets? For example, for currently gold ticket, change it to silver ticket and current diamond ticket to gold ticket. And just change the value and images of it (it's really changing the name and flipping current ones around).

I have no clue as to what the staff of EME do on daily basis. Must be really busy which I don't doubt. But if you have thoughts, interests, and respects to players in game at least log in and see what is actually going on yourselves instead of relying completely on players and player reports. Please.
LGTR43LAJX wrote: »
Law.L you seem to be quite the little tear baby. Is it true you were a marine? Didn't know they bitched this much or is it just you?

Irrelevant point to your argument. Little bit far way from the main point there buddy. Is that the reason why you whispered me and cried than blocked? :trollface:
JXE5356AKE wrote: »
While some people on the thread derailed it to Manifest hate, I don't think it was the majority. Even without that, this was a poor way of handling things by OP. Need to ignore the trolls, just report and move on as you even said, not draw attention or make a scene. People who wouldn't have known or cared now do, and you're inviting even more trolls and acting immature as well.

You are right. Trust me. I didn't really wanted to do this too. But seems like all those accusers just love flaming than blocking you than cry when i said i've reported them with evidence. Quiet interesting scene here.
SatyreR wrote: »
The law.l is Held in contempt!! Guilty until proven innocent law.l~~ Huehue

Your logic is flawless. Kudos to you.
On the flip side of the note, are you still playing or did you already get banned o_O?

Wait, so manifest has four confirmed memeslashers and brawlers that go under the map, you guys have a paid "alliance", and the majority of you have been caught on camera during cu and vo injecting and memeslashing, and the second you all start to lose your first place position in cu AND get mass reported, you all start crying? Boo-hoo, cry me a river. You get what's coming to you, and everyone is going to continue to record you and send in video to EME every time anyone goes into combat with you. If you're going to cheat, whether as an individual or as a guild, you WILL be reported.

Good god you've been posting everywhere you can possibly post, both on discord and the forums. I bet your mom heard about this, too.

Didn't expect my mother to come into this matter! Didn't want my mother to be accused by bunch of [Filtered]. Unfortunate.
Someone is butthurt i guess.
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Main reason I wrote this is because individual who continuously accusing me of using meme-slash to stop the man-hunt. They blocked me and won't give me a chance to even speak to them but I am getting flamed left and right through whisper and global chat. That's why I had to bring it here and make my statement here so that people can see it.
With this being said, I don't really care what others really say because I believe good majority of people who knows me would agree that I would never even use any program in aid to enhance my playing style. All i wanted was for this accusation to be stopped and no more drama to occur.

At no time, i wanted to created or escalate this none-sense any further. I just wanted to simply speak to individual and tell them they got all mixed up. Stop accusing. Issue is they don't really like listening to others. Hope my message is now clear and this issue will no longer arise.

I enjoy pvp. I don't have personal grudges against anyone for I tried to be friends with everyone. Yes I am in a guild people hate the most but PvP is PvP and personal grudge against my guild should be directed at my guild not singling an individual.
Well like i said, you guys are more than welcome to accuse me but provide screenshot. No evidence is just false accusation which under service term and policy is ban-able. Hence, why am continuously requesting screenshots. To me this is another way to collect evidences of players who is still spreading rumors so i can just continuously report. Thanks for your feedback though
just letting bunch of losers to stop crying for the most part since their reports are getting dropped.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

First for most, Merry Christmas! I've gotten the best Christmas present today!

With this being said, I would like to make a statement in regards to Law.l being a meme-slasher.
I will like you assure you that, over 7 years of playing this game (2011 - 2017 with gaps in between) I've never used any program. Quiet frankly don't really know how to even change camera maximum thingy through s1 engine or something. Thus, I will not get banned for I am clean, fair player.

However, if you feel like you are in a mood to make a false accusation, you are more than welcome to do so. Just do everyone a favor, post a screenshot or of any evidence that can support your accusation. I am more than confident that no action would ever take on me on this matter. Like i said, post your Screenshot in regards to Law.l using Meme-slasher to this post if you can. Anyways, if you can't provide any evidence; this was just meaningless hate and discontent with death of individuals during CU by Law.l's dream-slash, you guys can just go and look at yourself in the mirror and give a little pat on your back and say "Someone will eventually give me attention".
Once again, thank you all for taking your time to read my post. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

Respectfully Written,


Lets break this into a logic.
A guild with 40+ members attacking a guild defending with 60+ members in a narrow terrain. If a meme-slasher with +8 weapon, I think he or she can just wipe everyone.
Let's just face the truth. Who ever started this accusation/Rumor must be brain dead. But than again, I forgive you. It's Christmas.

Just out of curiosity,

Do you have any future plans for strong key? or revamping of key boxes?
Why can't we start with simple stuff. GMs actually take their time and participate in game features with users. ?
Still thought. As publisher of the game for North America, En masse is the eyes and ears for Bluehole for North American region. If we can voice our opinion and if en masse can properly transfer our voice to Bluehole; Bluehole has to take it to some sort of consideration. Otherwise, we are really playing a game that runs in one direction. At least we would like en masse to get involved more if not in content, but at least can in game event and interactions.
I've been playing this game since the close beta (I was selected luckily). Since then, I've been loyal and played this game despite all other great mmorpg games out on the market: Guild War 2, World of Warcraft, Black Desert Online, Blade and Soul, Diabol 3. There are reasons why I chose Tera over them. At early stage of this game, everyone was astonished by the graphic and great scenery of the game with of course the great combat style. In addition to in game features, GMs and Staff of EME were very nice and close with the user. I've had few chances to even do PvP against Non-God mode GMs in FWC and even on the field. But now, i feel like you guys cut the bridges with the user and only focused on bringing more grinding events and updating the stores. If you guys want to find out why popularity of this game is decreasing, should honestly do a legit survey with many options for users to choose from.
Interaction brings community in one and right now I feel like community is segregated due to failure of you guys' part on acknowledging the problem. Most difficult yet easiest part in fixing Tera and bring the old days back (in terms of popularity and population) is to acknowledge the failure and try to intake opinions with open mind and apply them. Communicate with us in regards to your plans on future of Tera.

Great guilds and great people have left because of these reasons. I feel like this game consistently recycles the dungeons and takes way too long to come up with new contents. Once content comes out, people come back to try it again for few weeks to months and than realizes that they have reached dead end again. PvP server with no PvP action other than Battle ground is bummer. I don't know how rest of the community feels like but pay to win have gotten game A LOT easier.
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