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The concept sounds good in theory, but it would be nothing more than a place for people to afk away from everyone else. TERA already has a problem with antisocial behavior in its playerbase. Forcing people to be in major hubs at leasts gives the appearance of players hanging out and socializing.

the problem isnt players being unsocial , its pure boredem of hitting 65 and theres nothing left to do besides run dungeons and battlegrounds all day and talk with guildies .

so how is being alone in housing AFK'ing going to be any less boring than AFK'ing in highwatch ???
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Rila wrote: »
it would be so easy and it would make devs so much money , just put apartments in velika simple.

Yea....heh....simple. In reality? Probably not.

Also yea if anything this would already hurt the image of the population since main cities already have a dwindling amount of players.

Not only that but the added need for more server space to accommodate solo housing let alone just guild would be added cost to the game so cash prices would need to go up too
I think for the quest fresh arms and legs you need to be lvl 65 (sime ine could correct this if I'm wrong) but getting there as you are now can be done
for some reason I think I was doing the in side high watch quests to finish me off to lvl 65 any ways but if you do the daily vanguard bams and quests you will get to the lvl
Perhaps I should try to level by picking flowers and mining.
nope that wont slow you , just help you master crafting at same time :p :o
I don't think Christin is asking when (what time of the twitch) the code is actually going to be given but more so when is say LIghtitupdan (or any other) is streaming tera and not just streaming as I went to watch one the other day and gave up waiting for them to get off the other games they promote and on to tera as I have no interest in them and I'm not going to watch a 2+ (some are easy a few hours long) for a short part on tera
lol this thread amusing
its all just copy n past
male brawler with female animations

tell you one thing ive notice then out of this copy n past female animated male brawler , he rides the mount like a male not side saddle like the female brawler ~ must be a bug on the copy n past material
just saying !!!!
I wonder if any in the broker being sold as swat turn out to be steam ~ just wondering thinking out loud
that achievement is kinda weird, you have to be in the exact right location. the best thing to do is kinda move around a bit to try to find the spot.

As said here
There are a few write ups about it if you do a google
Like to help and post the google for you but currently at work on smartphone
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HC65493N5H wrote: »
I see both EnMasse AND Bluehole 's logos
Would you be willing to provide a screenshot of your TERA Launcher ?
You should not be seeing En Masse Entertainment in your TERA Launcher, if it's allowing you to access a Mystel Server on TERA EU...

After checking it seems what I assumed EnMasse was actually called ( GameForge ) I thought you either have BlueHole or EnMasse that's why I said I have both, I'm indeed in a different server lol, I hope you guys combine them soon if possible

Until then, I will work with what I have

Unfortunately it won't be combined as long as there is gameforge and enmasse as they are two different companies publishing for bus
But you'd be more than welcome joint us on the na servers if you felt inclined to do so
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Real question is why would a fresh account on the tutorial island already be in a guild if that's your concern

My first toon on one particular server was invited to join a guild immediately after arriving at the island before accepting the first quest
Needless to say its still in that guild and the only one of 12 in a guild on that server , tho this was my second server
Vifts wrote: »
Real question is why would a fresh account on the tutorial island already be in a guild if that's your concern

My first toon on one particular server was invited to join a guild immediately after arriving at the island before accepting the first quest
Needless to say its still in that guild and the only one of 12 in a guild on that server , tho this was my second server
Finally got mine, I am guessing you only get it once account wise just because of the Elite scrolls it has in it.
They have done Elite scrolls before in numerous ways making everything else obtainable multiple times but the elite claimable only once per account
it be long after you stop playing again
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I think they mentioned in the first stream after Spacecats left that codes would be rare .
at the moment even the streams seem rare , I think since soacecats we've only had 2 pc streams and one was watching a gm play tera (well that's what I saw if the stream until I switched off and went in game my self)
. ok .
. . . . .

Girls need something to drool at too please. Where are our big burly brawler men in bikinis? C'mon people.

CuteAngel wrote: »
Inb4 10 pages of EU butt kissing.

Rather... how much is EME paying you to lick their but*ocks, cos otherwise i cannot explain so much ardour...

the same could be said for you and gameforge then
at least cassandra made more of a constructive reasoned comment where you just went for a personal dig
You say they are bad for the economy and that they need cracking down on
But the you state your friend are part of the problem as they use gold sellers
And go one to say the gold sellers sent bad people as they always deliver in full
don't worry male brawler coming soon with new sexualized screen art comp pics :o
and male brawlers are younger in age than elins
so soon you will have a new thing to hate
I like how they managed to feature the brawler one on the up coming male brawler
Agree as stated above ont the colours
But think i could see some of them on some of my toons
As much as i dislike the gender lock and do agree we need more content not just end game
I think out of all to make a male addition to me there would be others id rather see before the male Valk say like gunner
ok my bad been a long day n read the title as character slot for 13th slot not character slot for on the 13th
13th slot ???
ive already got 14 on one server and thought we were currently up to 18
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It is on topic. Don't throw a fit because you're being told something you need to hear, even if you don't want to. Healers can't heal if they're stunned, knocked down, or dead. Your priority needs to be eliminating healing classes. It has nothing to do with them needing a nerf and everything to do with your poor tactical choices.
I agree its totally on topic , seeing there are other ways to deal with the issue as equitas and abstractch pointed out
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Chupathingy pet anyone?

But , but i wanna elin loot pet :p
Well ofc OW is barren, that's what happens when u take away the FUN in the game.
best statement ive read in ages and to the point
id like to see PvP OW but like a few lvl's each side of you as you progress unless you enter a free for all arena so some lvl 65 in top gear cant sit on a porthole ganking lvl11 players as they enter the system killing the game more
but its all moot as said when theres nothing OW to do any more after they streamline everything and now they try and slow it with their new lvl progression for higher tier gear
why not change it back to the way we use to OW lvl slowly whilst learning the class better and having fun like we use to rather than remove content and then slow us but needing to do more of the little we have
but all my buddy up codes for my 14 alts on FF go like hell and the higher majority reach lvl65 compared to my alts on CH or TR
HAAYAAKD43 wrote: »
doesnt seem very exciting.
no it doesn't at the moment and may not improve ~ but it also just might and if it does it will (in a business sense) take a little pressure off their work load having others do the twitch for them at little to no expense
as long as the info that needs to be relayed to the community thru the twitch is happening does it matter whos doing the twitch ??
it may get interesting if these ambassadors start trying to out do each other to gain the community numbers in their stream
even if these mounts were reintroduced some how as an added achievement to certain criteria like in the buddy up system where you can only get the mount once (not saying part of buddy up but the way you can only get than mount once and then it greys out no matter how many coupons) or FC shop like where the Nexus mounts ended up or part of the achievement quest line which most of us have done and may encourage some more to finish these other achievements
you get two slots to start go both n try them out
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tisnotme wrote: »
actually was just wondering with the release of console if they'd do something similar again
also wonder if it be good for all consoles and pc
*thinking/hoping B)

I highly doubt it since this was just a leftover bonus from the time Tera was B2P with subscription, and since there aren't physical game copies of the console version, it wont do.

But they did do this founders pack setup for.the launch of Kritika (don't know bout the other games) and was a digital download purchase
actually was just wondering with the release of console if they'd do something similar again
also wonder if it be good for all consoles and pc
*thinking/hoping B)
and they arnt clear as to being actually EU or NA keys in the wording of whats on sale saying a bit of both in the G2A adds
ive heard you could end up with either unless you can get a confirm
maybe try reading this thread
>>>>>>>>>SEA players, what server do you play?<<<<<<<<<<<
and talk to @Ferria
yes watched it (well for as long as I could)

the thing I did pick up on and take note was when @circuits suggested the shared twitch stream between pc and console be shifted to wednesdays and at this stag no specific time on this day
I my self would rather it stay the time it currently is as this works for me but hey wednesdays may work for others

and for anyone reading that didn't watch , there were no codes
but but but .........
if we didn't get the dye , the box's be empty :o
*goes to check if got dye today as well
also too lazy to quote
so what are you going to do if you end up able to move your gear around ? AFK ~ keep farming (I mean playing)
I agree with
Norafin wrote: »
How about no?

I though I was doing well with a page and a half on my first character but hell I'm gonna have to work harder :p
but theres some I don't have much interest in unfortunately even tho I tend to collect mounts and I was lucky enough that whilst I was getting a majority a good amount were still being sold as account bound when I got them
wish I had got them mounts whilst I could back then as well , also wish theyd bring them back
has to be asked ! are we to see a twitch pc today ??
or still ... soon
as ill go back to other things rather than wait again for it
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ElinUsagi wrote: »
Bonbonnie wrote: »
Araya wrote: »
On March 30, 2018, we’re making changes to two of the vouchers available from the TERA in-game and web site stores. First, we’re lowering the price of the Race Change Voucher from 2495 to 1695 EMP, and the Gender Change Voucher from 1495 to 1195 EMP.

In addition to the price drop on March 30, beginning today we are also adding an indefinite 15% discount to the following TERA Store items for players with active Elite Status:

- Level 60 Scroll
- Additional Character Slot
- Bank Expansion
- Bank Expansion Bundle (3)
- Wardrobe Expansion
- Inventory Expansion
- Inventory Expansion 3-pack
- Guild Name Change Voucher
- Race Change Voucher
- Name Change Voucher
- Appearance Change Voucher
- Gender Change Voucher

Finally, beginning March 30, in order to ensure a high level of service for all TERA players, the Customer Support team will no longer be swapping out bound costumes for versions wearable by your character’s new race or gender. Costumes remaining in your character’s inventory following a race or gender change will still be usable should that character change back to its original race or gender.

Yeah, to make matters worse, y'all charge me $21.00 for no damn reason???


You should send a support ticket about your problem, and it was not EME who charged you but another 3rd party between them and you.

Yeah, I spoke with Araya, but she hasn't messaged me back in a while. Probably end of the work day?

EME use Xsollia for the Kritika game , any chance you have/had anything over there ? I don't know about the other games but they don't use Xsollia for tera
Welp, I guess youll have to but with your list
Equitas wrote: »
  • It's already against the rules to "necro" threads.
  • Whether or not someone has read the rules does not change the fact that forum rules apply to everyone using the forums.
  • One would have to intentionally seek out an old thread to post in, meaning they would have to deliberately try to "necro".
  • The excuse that offenders had a question isn't valid. See points 1-3.
  • Allowing people to necro posts isn't going to save TERA.
  • This forum should have a system which automatically locks threads after a set period of time of inactivity OR
  • Temporary suspensions should be issued to those who necro posts, with elevating suspension times to repeat offenders.
I broke none of those nor was I spamming posts
my only sin was to inform some one in my way they had necro'd a post so you sort to have me ban and you cant see what you've done
Equitas wrote: »
I want you to think long and hard about what you've just posted. I want you to think about how ridiculous it sounds that you're basically telling me "I posted useless comments in a necro'd thread, so you're also part of the problem." When you're done with that, come on back and I'll remind you of what you posted in those threads

no i want you to think long and hard about what you've just posted. I want you to think about how ridiculous it sounds
I don't need reminding of what I posted I didn't dig up the threads but was mearly telling the one that did in my way that they had
I never said you posted useless comments ! but you went out off your way to impact bans on all no matter what , as your not liking a necro'd post , which make you part the problem with the attitude "I don't like it ill get them all ban'd"
if you find the way ive informed a poster that they have necro'd something a useless comments rather coming in like a heroic [filtered] then that's your problem and doesn't give you the right to have a blanket wipe ban inposed ! as far as I'm concerned that it your attempt to brake rule 2.A of the rules your liking to sprout
CornishRex wrote: »
> @vkobe said:
> CornishRex wrote: »
> Posting in this thread to say AHH I HAVE FINALLY BEEN UNBANNED IM FREE NOW!!
> Btw vkobe stop cherrypicking and strawmaning, suspension and warning =/= perma ban.
> I believe an autolock of a sort should be implemented to avoid situations like these massive perma bans lol
> dont change than this system to auto suspend someone who post in inactive post is very [filtered] if you want kill your mmorpg go ahead with this system to scare new players to join your mmorpg

I agree it's [filtered] honestly, but the way you're trying to argue around it doesn't sit well with me hue
That's why autolock should be a thing, nobody can be banned or suspended for stupid stuff like accidental necroes.

I do agree they need to be locked
but also under the current situation if some one is to Dredging up dead threads (AKA necroing threads) they should be reviewed as to new made a mistake or been doing on purpose and the appropriate action taken
but to punish the ones informing that its been nercro'd is wrong not mater how big a SJW you are ~ so your displeased , why go on to cause others stating its been necro'd a wipe ban doing this does make you part the problem
other wise you might as well deem the action taken causing the others a ban in breach of another of the rules
2) BEHAVIOR: The following sections outline actions which are not allowed on the official TERA forums.
A. Disruption
- actions intended to disturb other individuals.
So then if you felt i was part of them problem , then you were as well , contributing the way you did adding to the problem of people being ban for your personal crusade , as i believed i was posting telling the one that necro'd that they had
Equitas wrote: »
ElinLove wrote: »
The deal is that the whole discussion has taken extremes and "you're wrong by disagreeing with me you idiot" turn as always.

The system to auto-lock threads after 1 month of inactivity sounds great, and warn any user that bumps threads without actual content once, next time jail bars, 3rd time ban I agree.

Ban straight on for posting actual content on an old thread is extreme, unnecessary and doesn't make sense. As stated, some people just google the stuff, end up in the page, see that it's what they wanted to talk about, post and only then they may see that they necroed a thread, or may just not know how long is the tolerance for necroing. threads. Banning an user for a 1st time offense is stupid in my view. Even troll bumps on last page, deserve a warning 1st or at worst the jail bars thing before an actual ban. You're not posting porn on the thread, you just took it from last page, there's a HUGE difference.

Also as I stated before but I bet it was ignored: YES, the system CAN self-necro threads as well through it's spam filter. Just saw it a while ago that a year old thread suddenly re-appeared with the last response to it copied 4x again.
No, it WASN'T the user, it was 4 exact copies, with the exact same user name one year later. I know about the random automatic name and it was the exact same automatic name, 1st a normal user post and then year later the copies. Sounds like spam filter acting up. Imagine auto-ban because the system acted up on you?

Back to it: I'm in favor of auto-locking threads after 1 month of inactivity (and I do believe 1 month is a fair time for a thread being relevant, specially on bug reports, suggestions and such that the discussion doesn't move as fast), and to warn/jailbar users who bump threads for no reason, warning for bump, jailbars for necro-bumps just before 1 month auto locks and such.

There are no extremes. I was consistent, and I believe balanced, from the start. I never said vkobe was wrong because they disagreed with me. I said they were wrong because they were wrong. They made excuses, crafted counterarguments to statements that were never made, and conjured hypothetical scenarios that neither were not, nor would be, happening. They went on to say "for the rule we should ban a player because he asked questions or infos in a one week inactive post, for me it stay [filtered] to think that :)" which proved to me they weren't even reading what I was posting. I linked the rules twice. Not once did it say anything about banning a user for posting in a thread that's been inactive for a week. Not once did I say that, either. The only thing I said remotely close to this is that an MMO forum I used to browse "had a forum bot which locked threads automatically if someone posted in them a week or so after that thread became inactive." I also said "It was a pretty useful system." I made no suggestions on actual time frames. I even conceded that giving out a warning on the first offense wasn't a bad idea. I'd also like to emphasize my use of the word "suspend". I never said "ban".

Also, I wouldn't say your statement was ignored. I read it. I then dismissed it as a non-issue. There could be any number of reasons you saw the same comment displayed multiple times, including a client-side loading bug or a merging issue as the forum is rearranged. The point is that it hasn't (to my knowledge) been known to happen before and it's not likely to be a common occurrence.
Lapomko wrote: »
Sometimes I find a thread through google or forum search and I almost forget to look at the post date. I can imagine for people that are not computer savy can easily make that mistake especially when english is not their first language.

Whether it's someone intentionally being difficult and digging up a dead thread, or someone who made a harmless mistake, we all have the same rules. I think it's important for anyone who wants to be a part of any community, or those who already are, to be aware of those rules.

And yet the one that necro'd a few threads got jail bars
I stated posting that they had necro'd that post and with out any info or warning my account was wiped for three days until around an hr ago where it was reinstated
So the system of locking old threads like we had in the old forums may work better as this one isn't 100% right
EPJD66KN4C wrote: »
It would appear that the one that necro'd some of the threads got jailed , and some of them that stated that him/her had done so got wiped from the forums , yep great rulz and executed with precision
I posted this in another section, but the response would apply here too :

For any of those effected player, I'd recommend making a Support Ticket, if you hadn't already.
We already saw a few reports of the Forum's Spam Filter applying disciplinary to Accounts, even going as far as deleting threads / posts by those profiles.
If you write in, we should be able to review the Forum Profile, and at the very least, remove the disciplinary action.

Thank you for your time @CobaltDragon this account has just had the suspension lifted,
@counterpoint this was why you were asked for the pm earlier
Thanks all
baraka ninja pls Xp
had a feeling this maybe the issue . hence why I asked the server your on
Lynxzer wrote: »
Lynxzer wrote: »
tisnotme wrote: »
firstly what server are you on ??
second what did you buy
and finally is the your email for your enmasse NA tera game the same one as your enmasse shop account or did you buy it in game

On Mystel (EN)
Flight Suit Costume Bundle (Female Only)
The email is same so i think its the same? (its my first buy on this company)

Mystel is for Tera EU of GameForge...

this is TERA NA of Enmasse.. not the same

Soo...on a new topic...how the i repair this mistake? i kinda want my money back :|

i don't know if u will get your money back... i don't think they do refunds afaik

where can i talk to them?

In this case they might be able to refund you, since you bought something in the wrong region (assuming you don't actually have any TERA characters here). You can file a ticket here.

so being this is the case looks like as counterpoint said and make a ticket
why why were we awoken
firstly what server are you on ??
second what did you buy
and finally is the your email for your enmasse NA tera game the same one as your enmasse shop account or did you buy it in game
must be day of the dead
do your dance , do your necro dance now
get the dead to dance now
must be day of the necro
why are you necroing all these old threads
must be day of the necro
why are you necroing all these old threads
Praise the necromancer
*does voodoo dance to help raise the dead
Nah this been done
mountless suitless flight ability
Fezoh wrote: »
Elinu1 wrote: »
Working as intended, no need to change.
sounds like a you problem. they dont need to change it.

haha xD lets make returning players get punished for not having logged in our amazing game for 6 days in a row, and have ppl with lives get punished for it too

oh lets change the game for me so every thing is when I'm on as I cant but I still am entitled !!!!!

its not punishing you for not logging in the game is still there in standard form
its rewarding you if you do .............. and not giving the rewards if you don't/cant

next youd be asking for the daily log in rewards just for logging in once a month coz you have college

I asked if there was going to be a Stream on Twitch today, and regretfully it sounds like it will be a no, opting to give more information the following week.
so are you saying we will get one next week with this comment
opting to give more information the following week
I'm pretty sure the game still gives two character slots to start with upon down loading so if you want you could give both warrior and slayer a go and your GF give both archer and mystic
but as suggested as it doesn't take long to get to give them a go to at least lvl20 and try a dungeon with them , youll soon see how you like them your self
Partyblast wrote: »
As of the past month or so Maint has been pushed from Tuesday to Thursday
haven't the last few been back on Tuesday ??

and as its on Thursday and the Thursday after is the 1st id say this would be the one unless they do do another on the following tuesday

but I also see on the dev road map now that the Rewards Emporium Update had been pushed back again now to future updates after may
Xristosx wrote: »
unless theres a mysterious unlikely patch this week.
guessing you haven't read the top of the screen lately then , its on all pages
There will be a TERA PC Maintenance on Thursday (2/22) from 8-11 a.m. PST
Actually Feb. 31st. Get it right.


At 2500 military time ;)
Any account bound mounts that you like
Ps loot pets help but arnt a necessity and pocket pets are even less needed but knock your self out if you want to buy an account bound one
So the lib scroll should only work for what you don't see ? As its the stuff you do as to why they won't as they will see it as them loosing money thru the stuff you can buy and don't care bout what you can't
Anotsu wrote: »
i guess people doesn't know that the end part of tuwangi training gave tons of point. Waste 2 min switching channel and the quest end before you reach that part. Also, reporting wont do any good. Not enough evidence apparently.

I don't understand why you're really talking about this here, that's not really the point of this discussion?
Take this somewhere else if you're angry about bots.

I don't understand why you posted this at all when they were answering about the tuwangi training others commented on
and made a reply to others bot comments
lequad wrote: »
Smells like lag and low fps to me

nah ~ just a cash shop event
> @ElinLove said:
> I have the impression it was kind of a Spacecats idea and it went away with him. The plans where there but it ended up without the execution because, well, who was gonna do it left.

> @Naru2008 said:
> ElinLove wrote: »
> I have the impression it was kind of a Spacecats idea and it went away with him. The plans where there but it ended up without the execution because, well, who was gonna do it left.
> It was another person's idea in the office. Had nothing to do with Spacey (unfortunately, but also gratefully.)

And also already stated to try and be released later in the year when they can get it together
Was on first twitch after spacecats
Margarethe wrote: »
Possibly BHS coding simulation?

isn't that how players that face tank play ??????
metagame wrote: »
personally i think rg should reward full +9 sc so i dont have to grind for it but you dont see me crying

thought bout typing the same thing but changing rg to logging in :open_mouth: :p
ElinLove wrote: »
Digivolve wrote: »
Xristosx wrote: »
No, Cooperative content doesn't give you the right to be a massive C.
When pvp on a PvP server is enabled everywhere except places where there are actually people :/

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if people are hitting the boss like mad, and PVP gets enabled, wouldn't that mean that people would hit each other, want or not? Sounds like it would be close to impossible running any mission with PVP enabled inside it. Not to mention there's like no reason to it, one thing is killing someone on open world to get their BAM (or just... eh, killing), another thing is when everyone is helping each other to get killed cause you're helping, by someone who's helping... eh?

they just want to Pk snipe unsuspecting players for the easy kill , probably they only way they can do a 65 player hence why every now and then we here the whiners about why they cant do players of any other lvl under 65
unfortunately the upkeep of a lot of thing has been neglected for a long time leaving a lot to be needing updating and has caused 2 things, where to start and how to keep it all working together eg :~
like when they took the gold out it affected the elite rewards with other things , so how to make alterations that wont affect other things as a snow ball affect

LennyH wrote: »
> @tisnotme said:
> LennyH wrote: »
> counterpoint wrote: »
> I wouldn't be so sure about GF trashing Tera with each subsequent patch,
> you've read the trashing part wrong
> GF arnt trashing tera like you are thinking
> the extra work GF put in to have this extra that's being talked about is being trashed by the implementation of each new patch so GF have to re do their work again after each patch to keep what theyve adding extra

In other words, they don’t want to go that extra mile to make extra content for the dying player base and retain what’s left because it’s extra work. Gotcha.

maybe~maybe not I, I'm not the one that said the original comment nor am trying to imply what your stating
I have read a few times in the forums over some time now that they are apparently understaffed (even tho they are looking for more workers) and then with spacecats leaving as well
so maybe they don't currently have the resources at hand currently to have staff members implementing stuff like GF currently do , as id be surprised if its as simple as opening a page and clicking the "do you want this active" box to yes
LennyH wrote: »
I wouldn't be so sure about GF trashing Tera with each subsequent patch,

you've read the trashing part wrong
GF arnt trashing tera like you are thinking
the extra work GF put in to have this extra that's being talked about is being trashed by the implementation of each new patch so GF have to re do their work again after each patch to keep what theyve adding extra
so theres been no stream at all today , I see
last week the just ran back ground music
so the last actual twitch stream was two weeks ago

whats going on EME ? you want viewers but what are we going to watch if you wont stream
> @CornishRex said:
> Ves1978 wrote: »
> if it's gonna make people less sad, this event is a disaster, FIHM drops DW mats, FINM drops ambush mats...
> Because they're actually meta right now. Some classes can use the 4% attack speed you get from those accessories better than the extra power you get from daylight/entropy.
> Also they actually put in cleansing brooches in the game while we've gone through like 4 threads of asking with no replies whatsoever :scream:

You do actually read the thread hey , just saying coz you say 4 threads with no reply so and yet if you go back to the start of this thread they were reply number 9 and they also have replied on the cleansing broach thread if that's one of the 4 your also talking bout

But yer idk why not bring it back , just coz some don't want to run it why can't others , why we always need to remove stuff , can't we just add extra ?
> @aeee98 said:
> inb4 AV/TR merge inc

> @vkobe said:
> aeee98 wrote: »
> inb4 AV/TR merge inc
> celestal hill/av merge :3

merge the all XP
FRSTY wrote: »
I think everything should cost the same for all classes, unless there's a specific reason as to why it costs more for one class compared to another.

I like this comment
so basically saying everything should cost the same unless it doesn't :p
R7LATNHMFH wrote: »
@Ferria haha look like i have to wait for it to give me the code but should i start playing first?

you can start playing but you cant lvl above lvl 9 and still be able to use the buddie up code and it wont take you long to get up to that lvl
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Margarethe wrote: »
ElinUsagi wrote: »
ElinUsagi wrote: »
A CM that has some knowledge of the game would be a good start. A CM that analyzes the events rewards to not have a big impact in the economy of the game. Also, some pvp championships in bgs such as fwc and 3's. Last of all, more pve content, I dont know if we gonna have it, but i wish we had DSU like EU.

Recycled DSU (3 times) and people don't get bored of that? Really?

And for some reason you see people complaining the game is monotonous but want to run the same content again and again anyway.

It's not about monotonous content, it's about monotonous EASY content. Just look at RG, it's more rewarding for time spent than RKEM, and yet I still see more RKEM LFG's than RG. Same goes for IoD before talent prices got destroyed by the p2w event. People love a challenge, even if it's a recycled Dreadspire, as long as it's challenging and has a fitting reward, people will like it.

PS. Just because you'd never clear it doesn't meant others can't appreciate it.

Cleared enought to be bored of it but that is not about the thread so I won't derail it anymore and convert it into a flame war as you try to bait me.

Monotonous content is monotonous content.

A CM would need first to work on forums first to get rid of people that can't discuss something without trying to bait other into a useless bickering.

Right now you have not only RG as a content in the game, not becuase you can't clear 3, 4 and 5 star dungeons, 6 diferent battlegrounds, CU, HH, and all the Solo content that we have it doesn't mean others can't appreciate it.

No offense, but you do that from time to time as well.

Yeah, like making a post out of nothing but to say "you are stupid" and alike?

Those I am pointing out, post that are nothing but a attack directed to another user out of nothing.

If there is no moderation on forums then that becomes the norm and people think that they can make post with nothing but personal attacks and bickering against others.

this I agree with
the posts that arnt about anything , and you know them
the ones like said ~ your stupid or this is [filtered] or well done I expected no less , with no actual point or reason but to have a snipe
i think a necromancer class be good to introduce to what we have
think the classes id like to see a male character added to is gunner and ninja but ninja could also be added to more races too
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@tisnotme hiya so the code is still available for use?
unfortunately at this moment all mine have been used (were used a few weeks ago) and mine don't reset for two more days
but if you cant find one and want to wait id be more than happy to give you one of mine as soon as they are available again
but Ferria may be able to get you one sooner
I have 12 alts in CH but am not part of Ferria's guild , actually I'm guildless and tend to play fairly solo
but if you need help and I can assist id be more than happy to help you where I can in game also
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R7LATNHMFH wrote: »
@Ferria sorry but do you mind telling me which server to join i cant pm you because i am a new user i am also in singapore

Hiya, we're on Celestial Hills. Mostly SEA players in our guild, but international.

@Ferria any one in your guild have a buddie up code R7LATNHMFH can use for CH as mine wont become available again fpr another two days and I know they are looking for a code
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I'd argue the be willing to learn the game part.

Tonka was trash at Tera, he knew it, we knew it, but, we loved him, he was a legend.

I don't have a problem with him but I wouldn't go as far to say "we i loved him, he was a legend" !
but I do miss the game that was back then
the camp fires
the old IoD and old start point
and nexus
and .............

but I'm still happy enough to still be playing
CornishRex wrote: »
all servers are NA, find a different tera publisher maybe?
R7LATNHMFH wrote: »
omg seriously? CornishRex oh dear what should i do i just download finish
I play from the west coast of Australia to NA with out a good VPN (haven't found one yet) I get aroung 300 ping
and have 31 characters across 3 servers . all but one are above lvl 40 (the one a slayer lvl 38) and about half are 65 for an SEA player there isn't much choice
R7LATNHMFH wrote: »
@Melyodis i like to play PVP but i need to find a server that is good for Sea server since i am located in singapore
as for PVP ....... its dead ! as all say
with the higher ping its harder . even tho there is two servers that have PvP you can dual any one any where on any server , PvP and Pk'ing other wise is only lvl 65 in two servers and seems only come out when theres events running and all are concentrating on the event not some one coming to Pk, so a PvP server is good for PvE
me I'm on
FF , CH and TR servers
but evert one says MT and AV servers are the ones to be on
and as for SAE players there are a few but no one specific server used by us
the $100 question
which should you
but once you chose id be surprised if you cant get a code

ps :- don't think the forums like multiple accounts , game not so bad but here ........
sorry I cant shed any light here for you
but knowing how it is . hope you have luck in your search
don't have a problem with the its not working posts as you said that's discussion !
don't need the "well expected no less than EME to screw up" posts so if you think in having a tanty just coz I was nipping them in the bud before this type of thread ends up like that then your mistaken all I did was as you put it "ply it with a little roastie its not needed and that's it"
so if you think that's being sensitive so be it but thanks for your concern
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tisnotme wrote: »
if all your going to use my thread for is to gripe ill delete my posting to share
you want to use it , then use it
don't like whats given go make a thread

Sorry but discussion ABOUT the matter in question, is what should be expected when you post a thread. Sadly you cannot lock replies since start, so that's what will happen. Also dunno if users can even delete threads to begin with

posts that arnt discussing but just bein salty shouldn't be expected esp in a thread where like this when evey one had prier complained at no codes so to help out some one posts codes !
easy to delete just wipe original post and change title !
but seeing you always seem to know everything youd have known that !
if all your going to use my thread for is to gripe ill delete my posting to share
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DXM wrote: »
I did watch the stream after work since I rarely get to catch them live.

Same here, I watch the TERA Twitch videos when I can. I can't always catch them live.

I was going to ask if anyone had a code (it didn't have to be from Twitch), but now I'm reading that there will be no Twitch codes, is that right? It's not like the Twitch codes gave some really great stuff, just a few little useful things, and sometimes that temporary pirate outfit that nobody cares about. So nobody has any interesting TERA codes that they can share?

not right
yes from what they are saying there isn't always going to be a code , vut that doesn't mean there will be no codes from now on
todays code jailbreakweekend
as the title says todays code jailbreakweekend
Game Code Redemption Status
500 Reward Credits
Thank you for watching our Twitch Stream
500 Reward Credits will be delivered to the world server.
[TERA PC] Shape Changer: Grow (1 day) x3
Enjoy your item!
[TERA PC] Shape Changer: Grow (1 day) x3 will be delivered to the world server.
[TERA PC] Shape Changer: Shrink (1 day) x3
Enjoy your item!
[TERA PC] Shape Changer: Shrink (1 day) x3 will be delivered to the world server.
Any more details yet .... XP
I always find thread like this interesting
I'm on TR , CH and FF (have 5,12and14)
And ito me they seem as active as each other , but when offering buddy up codes my FF ones go the fastest and have achieved the most LVL 65ers where TR codes do get used but slow and never had a 65er yet CH well in the middle
and going from comments made at last tera twitch it sounded like the odd tera twitch from now on may be a tera console twitch
JasonTERA wrote: »
Very unfortunately, we are often suffered by false information from our patch note. Checking KTERA patch note is one of the ways to solve this problem. But anyway, here is some information about guardian missions that the patch note did not say or that people are confused.

1) How to get the story quest??
- In order to use the credit merchants located in velika (near the headquaters), you have to complete the prerequisite quest which is "Echoes" story quest. You can accept this story quest in highwatch as soon as you hit Lv 65.

TL;DR : Do Echoes quest and take guardian mission quest.

just to add
I have a few lvl 65's on a few servers and not all have done "Echoes" and yes its needed to continue the story quesr line !
but that doesn't mean you cant click the emblem on the map (in a certain area, not the top left)and be to teleport to the zone or just enter the zone and participate and earn guardian points
I did and with a lvl 65 that not only hadn't done Echoes it also wasn't yet equipped with the guardian (or higher) gear set just with all the gear that you have at reaching lvl 65
and on the server this character is on its the only lvl 65 one , so I didn't try on a server where I had other lvl 65s and some that had done Echoes
After patch , goneskie
After reading this yesterday I went thru all my stuff n did what was needed so I just didn't loose any
But do they offer complete costume change from ticket for race change like the do here ? Or is it buy new costumes like it use to be on EU after race change
> @ElinLove said:
> CassandraTR wrote: »
> Solution: take 3 seconds and turn in the VG before you queue.
> You're welcome.
> This meme is gonna get old quickly, let's overuse it to the brim

Been old for ages let it die
If you feel the urge try thinking a new meme
Sorry I should have added that the event to help you LVL that I posted starts in a fed days time after the next patch on tuesday
> @vkobe said:
> well it i what happen when spacecat left tera :3

> @ElinUsagi said:
> vkobe wrote: »
> well it i what happen when spacecat left tera :3
> Did you mean to say "it is what happen"?
> Yes, pretty much I think most of us got a feeling that when he announced that he was quitting Tera then codes would leave with him. At least for a while.

I have the feeling they will cut every thing back to basic to rebuild and offer what the current group can do to with instead of just adding to it again
Not saying I agree/disagree or that it's going to be better/worse
Just a feeling I have at what may happen from here
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