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That was by far the best event I've seen in years.

It's really sad that this is what people consider "events" now, let alone a good one.

If you have some good idea on good events, let us know and share your thoughts !

I managed to save up 30 improved weapon fs and 90 improved armor fs all grinded within 2 weeks -- managed to get my main character to full +15 with leftovers to spare for guildies/to sell.

It's good :)


Body is 4 characters too short.

Keep the forums alive for us !

Thanks for posting mate, the Token shop has been updated with the appropriate cosmetics -- note that these costumes are premium items fresh, newly released cosmetics so it's quite illogical to want to for free from an ingame event this early into the sale. it does surprise me that EU decided to release the Hazel one for free like that but different publishers, different thoughts.

Updated to add Forbidden Arena !

I would hate to do Basilisks all over again

Hopefully some good feedback can help for the next few events and if there are any urgent changes needed then it may be reflected asap ! :)

@Werid said:
I want eu pvp personalized titles on NA too TT

All regions will receive this change

can only say that your internet connection and to the download server is not optimal; my download took less than 20 minutes tops (i ended up watching something at 1.5x so by the time i finished watching, the patch completed)

Welcome, enjoy the game and feel free to ask questions there's plenty of folks here and there and in and out of the game willing to help new players :)

Issue resolved, closed thread

Just fyi, everything regarding materials become much much more available once patch v93 drops in other regions, other regions meaning every other region than KR. KR leads patches by 2-4 versions, and non-KR regions receive their patches in bundles called builds, which allows us to receive several versions at once. however recently we've been caught up to KR quite a bit where patch versions between KR and non-KR regions have been minimal

Enter select dungeons, with reduced Adventure Coin entry costs, and complete them to earn additional rewards

Increased drops

Any monster on Exodor is capable of dropping Azart Tokens and Azart Force Sign. you can also get a chance to get then through Mystery Merchant Box, selling for 3 Mystery Merchant Coin per box and a maximum 5 boxes sold per account per spawned NPC (assuming the NPC sells them)

Best case of this outcome you just have to reinstall the game :(

I'm really excited about Elin Valkyrie too ! can't wait until they remove the race change restriction and get rid of my Castanic Valkyrie xd

Fortunately, you don't have to have +15 gear to enjoy the content !

It's a good market strategy

Tell me how often can you buy F/W season clothing during the S/S season ? (it's rhetorical)

@Shunkou said:
Absolutely sorry for bumping this thread but, same thing here. Tried to change my Human Male brawler to an Elin and it keep saying "This item is unavailable for your class"

Send a support ticket, they will replace the one you have with another one eligible for Brawlers

Reminds me of the original island of dawn or Lumbertown, they both had some gathering or mining quest at the start for players to begin with

Why is the AQ dungeon highlight only a reduced coin cost with no drop rate increase? As far as I know I have seen this repeated like this, but has not had an increased drop rate yet.

AQ is not part of the increased drop for this week, nor for the weekend highlight. however, its Adventure Coin cost has been reduced out of good intentions. there has been an increased drop previously, twice to be exact. increased drop in AQ may be possible in the future.

Cheers !

Have you tried disabling "System Setting Optimization" ? it's in Options > Game, at the very bottom

I suggest a support ticket for your issue it shouldn't be the case

Any tips on making money from broker? theres no more free listing at broker for elite, really worry some of my listing will end up just wasting gold.
I notice i still have lots of crux crystal in my storage, should i just discard them?

I was still able to make a good amount of gold selling things on the broker.

I still have 5 elite voucher should i sell it?

Sure go for it.

I currently at frostmetal +9 gear, should i continue working on gear progression or just focus on leveling to 70? my gear able to carry me to level 70?

Nope you will need better gear. you can choose to purchase either Manaforce or Dauntless Azart gear from the broker to equip starting level 68.

Leveling progress are just do the purple and red quest plus BAM and dungeon only?

Yes and no, you can do all that and grind level 65-70 monsters on mainland Arborea to trigger Caimans, then enter Azart Hatchery.

How to make gold beside grinding dungeon at level 70?

You can hunt monsters on open world for gear and feedstock, farm Exodor reputations for cards and sell them on brokers, play the broker game, etc.

New pet system, i did some research but still not so clear, i can get a partner by combining 2 level 10 pets? what decide your partner rarity?

Yes you can get a Partner by combining 2 level 10 Pets. Partners can be uncommon, rare, and superior Partners.

Benefits of partner grade? and to upgrade partner only by feeding my partner with another partner or theres other way to upgrade my partner?

You can increase the duration of bond skill. this directly correlates to the amount of Fellowship you have with your Partner. there is no other way to promote your Partner. check here for more information on Partners and the Companion System.

I've been able to play perfectly fine since the last reset, i play from west coast, NA with an average 75 ms ping.


Happy 2020 !

Did you want a single battleground to be highlighted ?

I mean we could go back to having 20 channels to stop the rare mob hunting instead but i'm sure you guys wouldn't like that much either :shrug:

Yap !

Body is 5 characters too short.

Let me think of possible mod responses, "they're working on it", "it's the holidays", "earliest ETA is Jan 2 which is the holidays and of course little to no player compensation", "they'll let us know as soon as possible but no ETA if it ever gets fixed", "It's fixed", "I don't know".

Body is 3 characters too short.

I'm not sure when you last played the game but a lot has changed since when i remember BAMs dropping items. level progression almost completely different and story quests have been reordered, gear progression is entirely revamped with the recently Exodor Archipelago patch, and so on. feel free to ask questions regarding how to progress in any of those, the community here is very welcoming to both new and returning players.

Happy holidays !

No idea on the rumors but unfortunately the current events are pretty much set in stone. Feel free to enjoy the Yule War event and have fun treasure map hunting !

What lag ?

Possibly !

Throw your comments in the survey !

what's a lyn

Letting the team know thanks

Persever wrote: »
What hold you guys about this game?
- Game fps sucks.
- To play dungeons after 65 you need proxy and others programs... just to play the game!
- It takes too much time to get ilv and runs the "latest dungeon".
- Rng is frustrating.
- You feel like a zombie doing the same things to farm items day after day.
- Billions of xp to get lv70 you feel like playing old games.
This game is just mean to players.
1. True
2. You actually don't need it, but i know you want to use it
3. That's actually not true -- ilvl is the easier part of the game if you spend time playing the game
4. RNG is frustrating in any game you play. it's not just TERA
5. There's tons of things and games out there that are very repetitive. it's not just TERA. i mean look at your daily routine
6. Lots of XP to get to level 70 is true, the latter part not really -- no one is forcing you to do anything
LancerJiva wrote: »
Game has gone downhill extremely since Spacecats left. Staff doesn't even communicate with its players on the forums. May as well close the forums because there's no point in having them. Game is dry with recycled boring events. It's just a washing cycle of rinse and repeat. Last time we got a blue box event or kyra event was when Spacecats was still here. Just too much to list, and its pointless to list anyways, nothing will be done about it. It's like beating a dead horse. I'm still waiting for the tera rewards emporium shop update that we were promised back in 2016.
I mean, it's not the same event as blue box or kyras potion shack but we do have decent events. honestly if we did blue box or kyras often, then someone else will probably say something very similar, like "game is dry with recycling boring events. it's just a washing cycle of rinse and repeat [of blue box and kyras]."

The updated rewards emporium though i'm still waiting as well :(
I'm playing KR right now and personally i find the "grind" duration to be reasonable. most regions outside of KR have perks much better than KR other than optimization, so i don't think it's a matter of design, but population :shrug:

Might be biased but all i can see from this is a bunch of players just wanting to get it over with. nonetheless, i'm sure EME has events and bonuses planned, so stay tuned :)
I get what OP is saying, but it would only make sense if the difficulty of reeling in fish was hard from the start. however because you're upgrading your rod for better fish, it only makes sense to make it more difficult to catch a tier 8 fish than a tier 1 fish.

I think OP is envisioning a fishing system where all fish of all tier was available for any rod of any tier, and the difficulty was higher by a static value for all fish, and upgrading would incrementally decrease the difficulty. in this case it would definitely make sense for fishing to become easier as you upgrade.

This could technically be applied to BAF, where the difficulty of BAF is statically difficult for all tier of fishing rods. then for the sake of the argument, decreasing difficult for BAF as you upgrade your fishing rod is sensible.
Patch notes

1) we just had a strongbox key event, as well as biweekly double vanguard to help via island of dawn. drop double in dungeons as others have mentioned helped as well. make time for the grind, else use your wallet. it's a convenience to do so. if they prices aren't dropping in the broker, it might have to do with the recent broker fee, and/or people just keeping talents for themselves

2) there are select solo instances that drop them, but it is a known issue. hopefully we can add a source back in

3) adventure coins are definitely a known issue, but if you're complaining that you have only 1000 coins per day, then pay for Elite. it's an option. hopefully they'll add alternatives in the cash shop soon

4) i agree the pet system sucks and i've been saying this since it came out. the increase in legacy essence drop will definitely be nice, hopefully it'll be addressed

honestly i see a lot of people who think they're entitled to certain benefits in the comments ..
and op your grammar hurts. i couldn't take this thread as seriously as it could have been
I'm more excited on test servers :)
Also while you're at it, make a level 70 scroll right ? :joy:
Christin wrote: »
... and they realize how tough it will be to find the eggs during the only times they can play. In 10 minutes of looking, I've passed about 6 people, so the server population is really too high for such a small search area. Just saying.
I've seen other comment on about 100 eggs in 2 hours -- efficiency and a good hunting strat is key !
Lilienette wrote: »
Just for example, I've over 100, and I collected that in roughly 2 hours and 45 minutes of gameplay. So it isn't that the rates are low, it's that you have a bunch of people looking for the same thing using the same strats as one another.
^ So efficiency is key, and making a hunting strat is also helpful -- think this tip would help a ton of players who are i guess .. sort of blindly looking for them :o

Thanks for the info !
Just out of curiosity -- how often do you come across other players in the area ? also, i've heard from someone else they find on average one Caiman every 5 minutes so what are your thoughts on that ?
It's a progression achievement, if you did get the first part of it yesterday in Velika, then you should have completed the achievement if you another Golden Egg today in Allementheia :)
I'm an old player so Flowroro and Mudkip .. ? are the only Slayers that i know :shrug:
considering that these materials were recently removed from some areas ( metamorphic emblems/IOD tokens/etc ).
Can you clarify the "etc" ? i did check Metamorphic Emblem shop and IoD Token shop myself, so can confirm those --

If anything guys, Pit of Petrax and Ace Dunegons have a chance to drop a whole Titan's xyz instead of fragments .. ! nonetheless i do agree the supply is low, there isn't a concrete source and EME could look into that
KXRC9JMW74 wrote: »
Nah it's a group effort :)
Resolved, from Discord --
Rox wrote:
GG and such should now be reset. It appears that daily reset time is at 10 Pacific.
Restoring to the correct reset time is a known issue for now
Hi devil's advocate here. to OP --
1. What is wrong with spawning in one area ? haven't said why it's a bad thing
2. We can go to 2 extremes on spawn hours -- would you guys want lower event monster spawn rates for all day spawning hours or higher event monster spawn rates for shorter, more distinct hours, perhaps several times a day
- Whichever option you go for, the person who has all the time in the world always wins, so i guess stop complaining your hours to someone else's who has more time than you
- It really does sucks when your career gets in your way of your gaming life (or should it be your gaming getting in your real life .. ?). that being said, your life, not mine. make proper compromises; whichever makes you happier.
- Spawn rates aren't extremely unreasonable for a 12 hours of daily hunting, but i do agree that it's slightly lacking. nonetheless, for those who are trying, they seem to be able to get a good amount of eggs regardless. if we want changes in the hours, it'll have to be a compromise.
Christin wrote: »
Once more people have their 160 eggs, it will be easier to find them. It's just that a lot of people are hunting for them right now.
Psindara wrote: »
Same here, I don't live in NA and the caimans spawn during my bedtime lol! I probably won't be able to rack up 160 eggs in this short amount of time. Have fun though, the rest of you!
That's unfortunate .. not living in NA .. and of course not being able to collect 160 eggs for not living in NA :sadface:
Christin wrote: »
The dye alone will limit everyone, so why make it so tough?
Yeah the dying eggs is an unfortunate design sadly :joy:
SageWindu wrote: »
I'm just go and say it: open-world scavenger hunts are a bad idea.

With how large the world is coupled with the rather conservative spawn rate, you're gonna be searching for literal hours just trying to find a handful of egg thieves.
So what's the alternative ?
DXM wrote: »
I wish I could grind enough to get the mount for all my characters, but with the limited number of dyes it is not possible. I know I won't be one of the lucky ones to get the mount out of a Wonder Egg. Need to make the hard decision of which character to give the mount to.
It'd definitely be nice to have so many mounts but then if you remember the old "T E R A" event where you collect those letters for a mount, the price for that specific mount dropped as low as 4k gold. also, with such high supply, it won't be of any worth, regardless of currency.

I would comment on the fact that a lot of female KR players play Popori .. nonetheless male elf is also one of popular choices.
Quoting OP,
Eu does not have this problem. Korea not this problem.
That's literally shouting "it's the KT community that's toxic (to me)" so talk to your community and try to come up with an agreement about it ? talk to the guys that "just want to finish their job done" and try to get it done i guess ..
and now certain channel are restricted to people who pay other to protect and kill everyone else
If that's the type of community you guys have built around KT, then you might as well accept it or try to change it inside out (and it seems like a normal PvP type of community to me)
Honestly, i don't think you can hold EME accountable for allowing PvP in a PvP server, so i'll just take this whole thread as a rant thread. if you don't want to be killed by players, then you can perhaps travel over to a PvE server via server transfer -- afaik there's only one PvE server left so there you go. i understand you are suffering and as a player pushing for level 70 as well, i understand the struggle behind the grind as well. nonetheless, there's not much you can do. it is, a PvP server after all. talk to your community, talk to the people on Kaiator discord server, and see if you guys can come up with an agreement if you can. disabling PvP on a PvP server to me, sounds contradictory.
RTFM7GKCYH wrote: »
I have never gotten any doing Chillingdale.
Chillingdale ? Ghillieglade ?
It's a chance to drop in Ghillieglade, but most other dungeons that have Hypnotic Device on their loot table (described on Vanguard Initiative UI) will drop them for sure
It's coming fam -- patience is key ! if you have any questions, feel free to ping me on EME discord server !
I like the game :)
XP from fishing was added recently in KR, it'll most likely be bundled for our build :)
I only dedicate a lot of time to tera when there is a drop event .


We have EXCLUSIVE 2019 New Year's Footsteps! December 31 - January 01 (PST Midnight to January 1st 11:59 PM)

You'll have more than one way to grab them too!
Elin Pop Up: Play and complete 20 Wintera Snowfield battleground runs!
- This can be completed once each day, for a max of 2 footsteps earned.
- Note: Wintera requires players to be lvl 25 or higher.
Hunt some Beetles!: Go find Golden Beetles throughout TERA! These will be RARE. (Loot table at bottom of post)
Play Time Goal: Play for a total of 8 hours within the two day period, and you'll receive a parcel with the footsteps!
Get together with some buddies queue for Wintera Battleground and in between queues, you can go hunt for Golden Beetles and increase the final loot! It's a good way to head into the New Year
Thanks for clarifying. didn't know where they post information because they have way too many platforms (to the point some council members didn't have a good idea of the event either). that being said, also wondering why it needs to reset each day, and why does it get character locked ?
TJKat wrote: »
This is a daily thing. You're supposed to be able to do it once on the 31st and once on the 1st to get 2 sets of footsteps. The reset from one day to the next is intentional.

Me, I ran it 6 times and decided, 'nope, there's no way I'm going to do this 20 times in one day, much less 40 times (both servers), and definitely not 2 days in a row'. Considering how ugly the footsteps you get are, it shouldn't have taken more than 5 clears to get them.
No where does it say it's a daily thing. in fact, the event description says it will give you 48 hours to get the stamp via 3 methods.
Christin wrote: »
Does it still count them if you go back on your Ninja?
Nope it doesn't even show up on my Ninja anymore it shows up on my Archer now
Happy new years everyone.

I just have an issue with the `BG Play Event : Play Wintera Snowfield 20 time(s)` event. i first received the event on the 31st at midnight, so i completed 12 rounds on my Ninja. today i logged in (it's new year already) on a different character and the count reset to 0.

I feel very cheated of my clears, and 12 clears is no joke.

Anything that can be compensated .. ?
Enchanting material drops are fine the way they are you guys aren't trying hard enough and want it easy. that being said, EME should definitely cater towards providing a proper silver talent source, or make frequent events that provide silver talents.
Hello --

After today's maintenance, I've been experiencing issues with the launcher. it's become really slow, doesn't save my e-mail, and most of time crashes when if i don't type my e-mail and password fast enough. Most importantly, my connection to TERA servers has become terrible, going from an average of 85 ms ping to 200 ms ping. I was able to connect yesterday without any issues, but today seems like a totally different today.

Any ideas ?
Perhaps they are working on something backend to implement onto the server-status page .. hopefully soon because it doesn't take a lot of brains to figure out how to implement backend of it.
What happened to it ?
My guild barely has players as well after xigncode3 and dmca ..
EME is being lazy with localizations.

FWIW, it's actually a BHS issue -- they provide the English translations, and EME just localizes it after that. In this case, they changed it in Korean but never changed the English equivalent, hence it's broken.
EME BHS is being lazy with localizations.
DL7MMWLJ3W wrote: »
Even Koreans have pointed out so many bug fixes for classes and Bluehole keeps turning a blind eye towards it.

So with that said, imagine providing feedback and reports on here, lol.

But yeah to answer your title OP, "we know"

That's why most of us given up and just accept the trash they bring us and whether it'll be managed or fixed in the late future or not.
Exactly -- BHS hardly listens to player complains even with bug reports through KR support so it's very unlikely BHS will "listen" to NA suggestions and feedback. most likely they'll "listen" but turn a blind eye to complains for 4-months-old builds

DL7MMWLJ3W wrote: »
But what you are saying is still incorrect no? Should be increase the entire effect of Mana Boost II that I read somewhere and someone tested it.
The description is outdated and not proofread ie. EME is being lazy with localizations.

There's an issue where even if you have 120 ST to iframe once (since 180-30-30=120 ST), you cannot iframe. ST consumption is still 150 ST, so if you iframe at 180 ST, you have 30 ST remaining.

This issue persists without Backstep's Energetic Backstep glyph, where you require 180 ST to iframe once, even though the ST required is 180-30=150 ST, where 30 ST reduction is from Seasoned passive.
ssQ wrote: »
On the other hand, Korean players get feedback on their suggestions that details what is being considered, what will be implemented, and what has been rejected.
Fyi, as for player feedback and suggestions review in KR, they have a forum on the website (like this one) where they specifically post suggestions. this suggestion forums are packed with good and bad suggestions and what BHS does is sort of hand pick suggestions that they want to implement, and also suggestions that are high priority .. bug fixes that are hyped up by the community are also ones that make the high-priority list.
NA : Damage increases by (value1)% when activated with Burst of Celerity
- Burst of Celerity is a Sorcerer skill that was removed as an active skill and modified into a passive skill since Sorcerer Revamp about 2 years ago.
- value1 is just being lazy.

KR (my translation) : 발동시 피해 증가 효과 4.5% 상승 : Increase damage by 4.5% when activated (with Mana Burst II)

Feel free to change the localization to "Damage increases when activated"
spung wrote: »
Data sniffing is a serious issue in this game. They couldn't even hide world boss spawns, what makes you sure they could hide something like health ? Perhaps even a simple tool like DPS meter could pull something like this off the bat. Its a failure before they even release it.
If it's the case where the field boss monsters spawn like the current monsters and function likewise, then it is pretty much impossible to hide HP. nonetheless, i'm sure DPS meter developers will not and should not implement an HP bar for them. the developers of shinrameter aren't trying to make a packet sniffing program so that people can exploit the game. that said, i'm sure people will eventually be able to predict the boss' HP through data analysis.
spung wrote: »
But it doesn't specifically say that one person loot.
It does say only one person receives loot

Loriri will work on the other one !
spung wrote: »
@seraphinush You didn't address the main issue I have pointed out. How far can BHS push the gap between the difficulty of obtaining gear. Lets say +6 BiS in the next 4 months... where will Stormcry stand in terms of efficiency, or better yet, Frost. Even though we entered the second year of having the SAME gearing sets, the difficulty curve to craft inferior gear remains the same.

Creating much worse disparity between gear than the old system. The game will never see the light of next year.
I think i already have -- obviously i have no idea what BHS wants to do but the direction that i think they're going is exactly what i said, which is making it easier for players to enchant overall by eg. decreasing enchanting cost, increasing enchanting material drop in dungeons, etc. making changes to metamorphic token shop is counter-intuitive to me that a developers who want players to run dungeons to make it easier to gear by simply buying enchanting material boxes off the trade broker rather than running dungeons. i get that it's frustrating that gear gap certainly exists as i'm also one of the bottom feeders, but i just don't see metamorphic token shop is the way to address this.
Metamorphic emblems aren't there to replace enchanting materials, so there's no need to change anything to the exchange rate. again, metamorphic emblems were designed from the start to allow players to reuse enchanting obsolete enchanting materials, albeit the penalty to pay. this would support recycling low-tier enchanting materials for high-tier gear enchanting. if BHS intended to make metamorphic emblems be a 1:1 ratio exchange token, then BHS would have divided the dismantled result into different emblems at different item levels, sort of how Island of Dawn tokens work now .. and you can only exchange enchanting materials of the same ilvl tier. the token that was used to reflect economic value when gear progression was revamped was entropic emblems, which NA drew the short end of everything possible artificially resetting the economy at a major cost. NA TERA also does cater towards supplying entropic emblems through vanguard credit merchant, which fyi does not exist in K TERA. if anything, and is in fact an issue with gearing, then gear progression should change towards decreasing the enchanting cost. in addition, with essential enchanting materials heading into the metamorphic emblem shop in future updates, decreasing the dismantling rate penalty is definitely a bad idea.
The metamophic token exchange rate was never meant to reflect on the economy. as far as i know about metamorphic tokens the exchange rates were designed in reference to the drop rate and drop amount of enchanting materials in dungeons. as for the whole metamorphic token, it was implemented so that players can make use of useless/leftover enchanting materials but still encourage players to go to various dungeons than just one dungeon repeatedly .. hence the "penalty". otherwise players would just focus on one dungeon and dismantle and exchange materials from there to satisfy all enchanting material needs (which by the way happens anyway). it's more apparent from a fresh level 65 player pov. you know that specific dungeons drop specific enchanting materials, so the "penalty" encourages players to go to various dungeons.

Consider looking at TERA without the option to dismantle enchanting materials into metamorphic tokens. then there would be a vast amount of enchanting materials that aren't worth keeping or inventory space hording, since a) you would out-level your gear to the point certain materials aren't necessary b) they have no gold value. from BHS's pov, they don't want to place gold value on enchanting materials since they have gems for that, and they don't want to have players not run low ilvl dungeons at all because enchanting materials are irrelevant to their current enchanting needs. nonetheless they still want a variety of materials so that specific enchanting materials can drop from specific dungeons, and players will be more open to running a variety of dungeons rather than run one dungeon all day.

The example you showed showing 1:1 in metamorphic token exchange shop .. the enchanting material is for Deathwrack gear i believe and it's an extremely outdated enchanting material used for gear meta that's more than a year old. in fact, if anything should be changed, it should be to remove those old enchanting materials from the table. on the other hand, the other enchanting materials with a 1:3 ratio are relevant to the current gear progression. players should focus on going to dungeons to get their enchanting materials .. the metamorphic tokens are just icing on it, not an alternative to the whole.
yuxz wrote: »
The saddest thing for achievement lovers is that the achievement All My Life, which give the title Over-achiever, is not achievable anymore. The Agnitor reputation achievement is part of All My Life.
Inb4 FWC is removed
Is there any other version of the game where the delay is different? (As in, do we even know if this is something publishers can change?)
The SEA version doesn't have the 5 second cooldown dialog box when changing channels.
Yes, KR doesn't have any cooldown between channels and from the comment by "LordMurasama" it seems SEA/TH doesn't have it either. Nonetheless i'm not sure if it's something EME can change, but as far as i know about the cooldown it seems it was implemented by EME at some point early into the publishing service .. for some outdated PvP reason.
Nopi wrote: »
.. would BHS allow it? From what I understand, BHS wants the game experience to be as similar as possible in all regions, ..
If the goat for BHS was to make sure discrepancies between builds for all regions be as small as possible, and KR is set to be the reference point, then yes BHS would want to remove the 5 second wait between changing channels. Otherwise, it is additional work for BHS to add on the 5 second wait, regardless of whether it is done in constant time or not.
You still get the loading screen which really isn't due to loading in new assets from disk when you are in the exact same zone though.
As far as i know, you're supposed to get loading screens when you change channels in the same zone. i believe you might have misunderstood when i said it people would prefer to have dungeons that simply move you from one boss area to another, since having to use a teleportal is a constant time wait for the teleportal to "load" and the loading screen itself can as short as 2 seconds on high-end PCs to 15-20 seconds, even 30 seconds on bad ones. obviously getting a better PC helps, but not everyone can afford that.

And thanks for that extra info on BHS was interesting.

Saying EME shouldn't do anything because EME is incompetent doesn't help. if that's what you believe, then EME shouldn't do anything -- no events, no sales, no support and simply publish the game as it is given to them by BHS.
DL7MMWLJ3W wrote: »
And I'm going to say this again on your previous thread about this.

Leave it alone.

I don't trust EME making something that's not even important right now. It could potentially break something in the game and it's not worth the risk. I would go as far as something like this could affect server stability or whatever. Since things are okayish as it is right now, let's leave it like that and no run the risk of screwing it up for everyone.

That's all that needs to be said.
That's not all that needs to be said. it's a reasonable change and just because you don't see a reason for it doesn't mean it doesn't have to be.
I went through this before, I think it would be great if EME could remove the 5 second wait when you change channel. it's initial purpose got lost when open world PvP was pretty much hacked down to nothing so i believe it's less optimal to have it. on the otherhand, more players would benefit with this not there by not having to wait 5 seconds each time someone changes channel. 5 second may seem short but it does add up in the long run. i've had to change channels many times, especially during events when searching for that optimal channel to look for event creatures, and in this case where i'm dedicating myself to take my time to participate and go hunt, the 5 second wait is definitely something that hinders my dedication. Another thing to consider is the fact that many players are already heavily delayed with transitions from one zone to another zone or perhaps one channel to another channel due to the loading screens. not everyone is able to afford an SSD and even with a good SSD it does tend to take awhile to load. while on average it takes me 3-5 seconds, other times it can take up to 15-20 seconds at each loading screen. i can't imagine how it is palying on an HDD. this is also why many prefer dungeons to transport players from one location to another rather than having a teleportal which forces the player to run through a loading screen. having the additional 5 second on top of this really slows down progress.

Thank you for reading !

tl;dr -- remove 5 second wait on change channel
- 5 second wait lost its purpose when PvP died
- loading screens can take loading than 5 seconds which is at least double the wait
Afaik, this was implemented for the sake of PvP, disallowing players to change channels abruptly while being part of a GvG, or with outlaw, etc.

But none of this matters anymore, since PvP on open world has been level 65 only for a long time, and you can't really outlaw to be a bully anymore, and you don't change channel out of a duel or deathmatch that you already consent to.

So i would like to ask for EME to remove the 5 second cooldown between changing channels. i played two regions : NA and KR and KR doesn't have this cooldown which they thought was a stupid idea to have one.
Pwhoops wrote: »
@KitTeaCup In case you didn't know.. there's a Battleground discord and in said discord there's a #blacklist channel where people post about cheaters. Please, take a look at it. https://discord.gg/kCx67Q
Might want to be careful with discords like this though since it's player operated
Really appreciate removing XC3 -- i might get some of my old friends/guildies back in the game because of this !
Generic proxies like WTFast and Mudfish .. ? and Pingzapper change the routing of your network so its more direct which decreases your ping
I prefer that we move forward with changes, unless it's game breaking
You're using a faulty chat mod ?
DL7MMWLJ3W wrote: »
Yes you will get a comment based on your absurd statement Nopi.
That wasn't the focus of his/her comment. he/she is asking that people stop adding EU/GF to the conversation since it won't make the situation any better.
I don't get this post. @KitTeaCup close the thread please !
Western culture ie. it's your culture. learn to live with it i guess .. unless you find a good guild ?
While i did like what i got from Kyra's, i don't necessarily miss Kyra's
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