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lmao, thanks. those are hilarious

From v91 patch notes it says 2 hidden achievements in cshm- anyone know what these are? Wondering if I can run in and grab em or have to actually find a group

Yeah, lore is a real money maker. You should develop your own game.

The item description says change to look like another companion, but the picture is of Felicity, a pet. Does this voucher let you change the appearance of a companion to a pet?

@Fainall said:
Seriously on discord Rox said this event was geared towards casual players. Cause casual players wanna run 200 dungeons for a pet right? :s

Only 200? Filthy casual

@Oicwutudidthur said:
Has anyone opened the exodor enchantment support box / knows whats inside? ...

Agree with most of this. Thanks for writing it up, hopefully someone from EME actually sees it

@AN364WYC66 said:
Time to grind tokens for a timed battle dish, super cheap xp scroll, and the most important item pearl, haha.

All hail pearl

@Langrilt said:
Leave mEME alone ppl , the event si marvelous , ya know , all the news gonna love run MC 200 times just yo get the pet ... Right ? Riiiiiiiiiiight ?

Imagine running csn 25x for a 50% chance on your +9 or lower weapon

feelsbad when anniversary event store is worse than the courageous fragment one we just had

There's some sorta token dunno where the guy on global got it but it states event May 5-June 2


Do you do Amani? :D

@DiscardLogic said:
People seem to be preparing for a Strongbox Event since keys have gone up in price on Velika. But, without any official word, hard to tell what they plan on doing. Even based on the Tera twitter it's kinda hard to tell. So, hopefully we get some kind of word soon.

Some folks have insider knowledge. Last time we had a strongbox event key prices mysteriously shot up prior to any sort of announcement.

@Ourlord said:

@nnhorizon said:

@Ourlord said:
Nah pls dont do strongbox key event....

Have you seen the prices on improved wep feedstock? we NEED one

There's nobody more aware than me....

Ppl already bought all strongbox keys so they can resell and make millions, I prefer that they put the loot box jagged, so no one has more benefits than others .

Fair. I'm okay with either one. Prices drop either way, I don't buy keys myself so it doesn't make a difference to me.

@proxyhunter212 said:
big strongbox, enchanting event next week

prediction or confirmed?

@Ourlord said:
Nah pls dont do strongbox key event....

Have you seen the prices on improved wep feedstock? we NEED one

Sounds like you should go develop your own game. Or maybe go beg in hw for free handouts

I use it cause it's shiny

@Konatta98 said:
U cry now when is too easy get lvl 70. At start lvl 70 patch i take like 1 month to get lvl 70 xD ofc i was a casual player in that patch.

Imagine these kids playing back during release years lmao

@Fainall said:
I guess I look at it like this...if I see a cute pair of boots in a store and they are $150 and I save up and buy them...then 3 weeks later they clearance them for half price would I go back and demand half my money back? No of course not. And in the end even though it sucks I had to spend twice as much...I still have the boots and I found the price acceptable that they were before. If I hadn't I wouldn't have bought them. Same with the jewelry on the game. It's not like you HAVE to upgrade it but you found it acceptable to do it as it stood that day that you did it.

Amen. I upgraded to Radiant a week before this update and I ain't complaining 'cause it's much more obtainable for my alts now, too. 11 pow on each ring is a huge gap for how difficult it was to obtain previously. Why can't people be happy for others?

@AlbedoBloodfallen said:
lmao complaining about something you would voulintarily chose to purchase for their video game they voulintarily chose to play for a goal that means nothing Gotta love the dissonance.

Big agree. "I'm going to try my luck at rng and now I'm salty because I got unlucky!" I believe it's called entitlement

@RoxyRichter said:

@AlbedoBloodfallen said:
lmao complaining about something you would voulintarily chose to purchase for their video game they voulintarily chose to play for a goal that means nothing Gotta love the dissonance.

Your post is unintelligible. Not only because of poor grammar and typos, but also because the message you're trying to communicate doesn't seem to carry any valid argument.

Not that hard to discern what he's trying to say.

@Bastolve said:
Champion isn't actually possible to obtain this patch LMAO

time to get fishing xd

@DemonicKyo said:
Well that the end of together box hunting one good thing they had going for them and the a lot of people main reason for having elite they really messed this up i am not going grind this like caimans no thanks and you can't even go as a group or guild anymore to help new players out. this was a really dumb idea for doing this to box hunting.

This is what you get when people complain that box hunting is mind-numbing and pointless. They moved the drops to dungeons

??? They do this every big patch. Get over it

@Konatta98 said:
This patch is fine. :)

I agree. People on here find ways to complain about everything, yeesh.

@Concepcion30 said:
People have very few characters they haven't done apex on as yet. Basically only the alts I still had in twistshard were left. But I do have a few lvl 66 characters sort of in limbo and still sporting Frostmetal that could use the Exodor Scout as an upgrade. I'm not sure if this was something that was overlooked, but we've been given base gear over and over again with new patches and stuff for returning players etc. I just fear the response on this will be crickets.

Edit: I think I see why they did it this way. If you're still in Twistshard or Frostmetal and have already done Apex, you get free upgrades all the way to Heroic Oath +0 using only 1 Metamorphic emblem as mats per upgrade. Did I miss this information somewhere in the patch notes?

They missed a bunch of info in patch notes, check EU for full info. EU missed this in their's too though.

Patch notes up but it's missing the important item changes/drops. All they had to do was copy+past EU's notes and they failed even that XDDD

@Akymi said:
Stormcry +9 is better than Azart or not ? Please x)

Depends on class but dps-wise no

I thought it was common sense not to enchant past +10 lmao. If you're really gonna invest improved feedstock into a piece of armor that costs 7k you had it coming

Why the hell are you trying to IM csn? Make an lfg, not that difficult. I've been back since November and have only ever been turned down once by "elitists"

reopen the pet menu

Cute, but a whole month late

This holiday season, from Tuesday, December 17 to Wednesday, January 1, TERA presents two simultaneous events...

I thought this event was still going on ? Why are the npcs gone

I still have 1k toys and 200 keys since event wasn't supposed to be over yet

relatable xd

Yeah, I've seen a single breaker drop since they were added and I do box farm/dailies every day. I didn't even get it, my party mate did and only got 2 shards. Another part of the game to ignore

@counterpoint said:
Adding it to Wintera this year is probably out of the question due to timing of the holidays, but it's probably worth asking the broader question about whether this particular consumable is supposed to be available in our region going forward and how it's supposed to be obtained.

Any chance the footsteps from Wintera store might be added to the Santa Toy store even last-minute? Sucks that there wasn't a realistic way to get them this year. Icemaker ones look really nice

You're right, GG was working yesterday but it's broken now. My mistake

@StarSprite said:
So in response to the two issues mention in the thread:

Loot not being what it should: It's set up so it should be working. Since it's not they'll need someone to take a look at it and that particular guy is on vacation right now. Hopefully it'll be corrected by the next increase drop. Or we all have a case of bad rng haHA

Wintera Highlight: There is no wintera highlight is the short answer.

Wait, so same rewards, just extended time period? That does nothing to address the issue :/ I've been queued up to 3 hours at a time without finding a game. There is not incentive for folks to be grinding this game mode, no one queues anymore. Sigh. Really wanted those footsteps

Edit: GG 2x drop is working, RKH/E is still not

It says in the news post increased bc credits. I honestly cant remember if wintera gives bc credits so I'm honestly not sure how its highlighted. I'll ask about it.

Iirc it was a small enough amount that I didn't notice. Maybe they'll increase it by a flat amount and not a percentage. Haven't gotten a single match since last week. Even with the extension, I think something needs to be done about the amount of tokens/price of rewards in the store.

I believe cooldown is 10 minutes for queue after you successfully match. Assuming 50% winrate and INSTANT queue pop, you would get 30*6=180 tokens per hour, meaning >20 hours of back-to-back games to actually get a single big-ticket item.

What rewards can we expect for playing Wintera with it being the weekend dungeon highlight? Sorry, been away for a while and don't remember exactly what this entails

plus a horse mount, other snowman mount, the skull heads
A win is 40 toks, so 100 wins for a big-ticket item

Def not getting anywhere close by the time the event ends. Queues don't pop anymore, folks have prob given up by now

So I really like the new addition of items into the Wintera store, but the prices seem really high, especially considering how difficult it is to actually find a match. The footsteps I wanted are listed at 4000 tokens, and after a full day of queuing I was only able to get 200. The day after, I was in queue for a full 2 hours and didn't get a matching. I wanted to throw the idea out there to consider either lowering the costs of the items to make them obtainable or give an alternate way to obtain tokens (maybe the santa boxes?)

I submitted a ticket and support asked me to post to forums and maybe get other suggestions on this

Wolhaik#2474 on TR
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