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For 200+ ping players, S attack is impossible to dodge without that 3rd party program telling them earlier.
Progression dungeons(pre lvl65) and Kalivan's Challenge lack healers
Endgame dungeons(ilvl 431 and above) lack tanks
It gets reset and keeps reset my change everytime after I return to lobby.
Make the forest dead again
How to move the TR last boss: https://gfycat.com/gifs/detail/QuickMeaslyEel

TR Gaaruksalk will most likely to back kick after every random aggro. It is annoying to see DPSs have to move to the back second time because tank was lazy to move to the new front, then they get kicked (knock back).
Triple nemesis overwrites Volley of curse and Energy star overwrites Titanic Wrath

It is ridiculous as mystic's equivalents have same effect but longer duration and easier management than priest's counterparts.
This is the experience based on current NA patch, the damage difference is about 5%~10% between two tiers. yes, slayer is still doing less damage than brawler if RNG is bad. With slayer's talent converting to passive, I expect 15%~20% damage increase so slayer with lowest ICB multiplier can raise to B tier, and with highest multiplier to A~S tier. I don't hear the news of BHS planning on converting ninja's talent to passive yet, unfortunately.
Khatarsis wrote: »
I would move gunner to C, positioning to dps is quite hard now and charging skills require you to sit still, against an immobile target, yes is strong but unrealistic, not to mention balder nerf, bombardment can be cancelled by pretty much anything, most of the damage is the arcane barrage.

I suggest to abandon bombardment and go straight to burst fire or balder and enter new AB-scatter rotation earlier when you have full willpower
Bombardment has very low crit chance and surprisingly low damage contribution, you must use it with keen hb 7 and probably not to glyph hastened BB to sync the crit buff.
Arcane barrage, replenishment and scatter shot now have high willpower generation, and their damages increase too. You can charge 1100 willpower quickly like full hit bombardment.
I would say
S-tier Valkyrie
A-tier Warrior,Reaper,Berserker
B-tier Gunner,Archer,Slayer with ICB glitch
C-tier Brawler,Ninja,Sorcerer
F-tier Slayer without ICB glitch
1. All bosses have endurance buff when engage, healers must use plague or regression at once.
2. Power flower buff can stack up to 5, but if you hit a healing flower anytime, you lose the power buff.
3. NPC lancer is useless(can't hold that bird in place), always take NPC priest(healing and endurance buff) and NPC sorcerer(crit factor buff)
4. Storm mech no longer wipes anyone. But you cant do anything either because Nimistrix is invincible at that time.
if you aim for MS critting 100% then +240 bonus is sufficient.
if you aim for bugged UOHS to crit more often then there is no crit cap.
I am running double CDR + double energetic + 2 crit ring + crit necklace + 2 power earring currently.
Assume you have vm set and roll double enrage damage on your weapon, you have 46.5% damage bonus. Pounding is better than forceful around 265 total power you already have,
The threshold is lowered if you lack some damage bonus (e.g not having vm weapon or glove, 9%ASPD or double CDR roll, boss is not enraged)
Forceful is only viable for classes(sorc, ninja, maybe reaper) that have low base power + run full crit build + brawler tank + mystic solo heal.
Slayer should always use pounding.
The condition of activating mana regen buff has been changed from 'upon use a skill' to 'upon a successful hit'.
No more buff waste before engaging boss makes it a bit more worthy than before.
Lancer consumes a lot of mana when engaging. The mana buff provided by circlet helps negating the huge mana consumption of Gshout and ARush and Spring attack spams.
But yeah i agree, that buff has long cooldown make it useless in other situations.
So you think pserver will damage EME GF and other publisher's revenue because players flee out?
They will surely lose their playerbase because this game is dying. Even if pserver doesn't exist.
BHS devs don't know their own game.
BHS devs don't care about their own game.
If skill level is higher than it was, like was V now VII, you need to upgrade the skill.
If skill level is lower than it was, like was V now III, it gets disappeared from your skill tray.
Many alt tanks/newbie tank blamed mystic because they had no chance to win aggro battle against thrall of protection and mystic had no reason to summon that creature when there was a tank in the party(glyph is lvl63)
This is what happened when I throw Contagion I to Kalivan, KC 355.
Contagion I got resisted like 3 times so far in my game play and Contagion IX never.
Maybe I should disagree with you.
Obs wrote: »
Priests in KTera only also have a Crit Resist Reduction talent on Triple Nemesis (after hitting with all 3 casts), so they were much better than Mystics over there. KTera clearly only balances around having talents (see: Brawlers with 3s Haymaker during GF, Ninja with insane Chi generation and 0s cd Attunement, Slayers with multiple CD reductions on crits, Priests having a TN Crit Resist Reduction Talent).

Mystic had crit resist reduction talent for voc months ago as well. Mystic can move when casting voc rather than priest must stand still for 3 casts. Both healers are equal in this matter.
Just noticed mystic's 27m volley of curse, 27m contagion and 30m titan's favor, 30m cleanse lock-on.
No more complaints about mystic's difficulty.
Priest is a puny Shakan/Kaia bot in this patch HUEHUEHUE.
When will BHS realize that ICB glitch is a matter to make or break Slayer.
PvE Discussion... valk 08/21/2017, 06:56 AM mollyya
Oh, Shapetite tried to hide his name/HP bar under his skill tray. But 2 of his summoned Quarter day signs betrayed him.
I doubt mEME will take actions against him tho.
Healers who never cleanse.
Priests who don't use energy star and triple nemesis, but likes to spam divine intervention to annoy people.
Mystic without auras in entire fight even I already reminded them.
Brawlers who don't know what growing fury is. All they are doing is left left left right spinning and rampage, occasionally jackhammer.
Zerks/Warriors who queue as tank role for instant pop but going DPS and say dungeon will be cleared faster if they DPS.
Warriors who queue as DPS role but stay in d-stance and use battle cry in their rotations to screw the tank.
Any people who wipe entire party in a mechanism many times in mechanism-dependent dungeons like MM. Sorry you must read a guide before coming here.
Most male castanics, I hate being a racist but from thousands my IMS run I can safely tell 95% of male castanics I met are retards. Even elins that have largest player base don't have that many traps.
Any people who are at fault but blame other people and shet talk.
Danryl in all 355 dungeons. Just get lost, you and your barrier.
Finally they have slightly better DPS than a brawler
Fury strike doesn't have any crit boost, lots of whites.
Fury strike doesn't contribute high enough damage compare to measured slice and bugged UOHS. It doesn't have that much impact to slayer's overall damage unlike zerk's lethal strike and vampiric blow.
Fury strike's scaling is awkward. it is 130% of tooltip damage when you have 40%~50%HP and 150% when you are between 30%~40%HP. It requires you to keep your HP extremely low to deal significant damage.

Slaying slayer used to be a thing during RG score run lol.
Made full +15 deathwrack for my slayer
Idle that slayer
Continue to play Misery priest and Imperator lancer for VSH and multiple alts for 355/417 guild quests. B)
Fleett wrote: »
1) Pretty sure it's 18% extra crit change and it's frontal, so that's a big NO.

2) Warriors have ToB for a reason, the instances where you'd need to block from behind is not worth the 10% dmg, 55 crit rate, and 18 power loss just for 1 edge and 0.5 less cooldown. NO.

3) If you enrage the boss you get aggro possibly causing the death of your fellow party members/making the boss turn and losing back time. NO.

1)18% is the number of Crit power of Dstance warrior attacking from front. 15% is the crit chance embedded in Dstance, not head-on passive. Though I need the proof to see it is always active no matter which side you are attacking from.

2)I forgot to mention, in Dstance, you can block->BD and ToB->BD without the time cost of evasion and that crappy vortex slash.

3) Pick a good time to enrage, eg middle of the boss pattern or healer is res baiting then the lancer just shout to get aggro back. In case of boss turning around just pretend it is doing a random aggro attack is that really hard?
Nibellung wrote: »
mollyya wrote: »
I see lancer+Dstance war DPS meta in the future.

i dont see it, do u think warriors will play as dps with defensive stance? i guess not

15% Dstance exclusive extra crit chance, block cancel for faster edge building, tap blocking damage from back of boss so you do need to evade away(war's block is broken, unlike zerk's block) and also bonus 1 edge, 0.5sec CDR on bladedraw. More enrage uptime or better enrage synchronization. Nearly 11.7% permanent party ASPD buff.

All of them in exchange of 55 crit factor, 18 power and 10% damage. I am not good at maths so I can't tell which stance is superior for war in the scope of personal DPS and party contribution. but I think it is worth to bring this meta into discussion now.
I see lancer+war tank meta in the future.
Kick Danyrl out of my party.

Who is Danryl?
glyph brilliant spring attack instead of empowered lockdown blow.
The less mana cost on spring attack is extremely useful you will notice the difference when in ARush rotation.
Lockdown's damage contribution is around 1~2% which is irrelevant to lancer DPS.
Just be careful when its HP goes low(<30%), and most likely when rocks falling to ground. His 4-swing attack can 1 shot everyone.
Nerf Brawler and Archer or raise their playing difficulties and gearing requirements. Like you can deal imbalanced damage output without paying respective amount of effort.

Valkyries and Warriors have broken DPS but they are hard to deal broken DPS as well. Learning their rotation takes time.
Zerks can deal broken DPS but they need BiS gear and crit RNG.
Sorcerers can deal btoken DPS but they need huge investment of mana potions.
My base crit is +300. The crit chance of Measured slice is about 90% and nearly 100% with a mystic.
Measured slice will have its base crit chance raised from 1.1x to 1.5x.
Does that mean slayer should stop building more crit?
Aim for at least 85% crit chance for Ultimate Overhand Strike or you will still do crappy damage.
Mystic were dealing 3x damage against dungeon monsters in vm7 patch and now it is only 1.8x. But 3x is still active against IoD bams.
Priest's multiplier drop from 2.5x to 1.5x.
In addition to that. battle solution does not provide 1.42x crit damage for mystic and crit scrolls are forever gone.

Mystic DPS was too unbalanced the nerf was deserved.
1) There is no hard crit cap for zerk, stack as much crit as you can. until your thunder strike has more than 90% crit chance.
2) ASPD does affect charging speed. Not worth for zerk DPS. Nice for zerk tank and no one expects zerk to tank.
3) I prefer ASPD over enrage top line. because enrage up time is lower with zerk tank. Your tank rotation will be much smoother with extra ASPD.
4) Full crit.
5) I don't like them, bring me ice cream.
My opinions to fix slayer
Nerf Measured slice damage, by around 20%, to minimize the gap between slayers in KTERA and other regions.
Nerf overhand strike damage and buff heart thrust, knockdown strike and whirlwind so slayers need to manage their rotations rather than mindlessly smashing overhand strike(dare i say, similar to smashing spacebar).
Fix ICB multipliers, no more RNG. 1.5x constant multiplier is acceptable for putting slayer's DPS in an average level.
Increase crit chance of Whirlwind to make it more worth to use, even if it has so called 'triple crit factor' it deals lots of white numbers, and surprisingly low damage contribution in reality with powerlink of knockdown strike and headlong rush/fury strike ASPD boost.
Fix the damage scaling of fury strike, when in full hp it deals only 30% tooltip damage, like 1000+ with 40% damage glyph you kidding? that's only just twice as much as 1st auto. I expect this skill to deal 100% at full hp and 10% more damage with every 10% hp loss, 200% maximum.
Also fix mana cost of fury strike and exhausting blow too. 300 is a bit much.
Increase damage of leap strike, right now the damage against floormat is a joke with 5x scaling.
Remove mana cost of evasive roll and make double roll available at level 1. Look at valkyrie.
I suspect high ping players will once again get screwed by Darkan's in-out attack. Especially mystic who have only 1 quick move skill.
Stay at 9m away when darkan flies up then walk in or out is not fast enough for even 1m distance. You just get rubberbanded and killed. NO mercy.

Give my kind regards to BHS for this more ping dependent design since RMHM ever.
new bosses now have a bit higher crit resist
but we have better crit accessories and better crit aura as well
so it isn't a big deal. just upgrade your accessories then you should reach new crit cap.
Don't place rock piles too close together to avoid them explode all at once.
Bosses now have higher crit resists as well.
High ping slayer should be doable too because RMHM is gone. Not sure about VSHM we will see.
@Yamazuki @aeee98 @Ketoth
Here is the example video serves as a hard evidence showing what happens
I am a warrior tank. My battle cry should guarantee a 5-seconds perma aggro as intended.
I used battle cry right before that 'suck-puddle' attack.
I lost aggro instantly, that 5 seconds aggro stops working. Ninja got the aggro.
Ninja unfortunately got 5 stacks, then I finally grabbed aggro back after she died.
Ketoth wrote: »
the agroo resets when someone dies.

I know this. Well I just point out more possibilities that cause tanks lose aggro.
Just wonder it's highly possible for tank instantly losing aggro to a DPS when bosses doing specific attacks or mechanisms.
In VoK, when Kornus(lancer) summons a trap.
In LKNM, when Lilith do suck->puddles(that stack debuffs if you get hit).
I don't need 'Git Gud' comment. Even if tank is dealing 2x as much damage output as aggro'ed DPS he will still lose aggro, and the tank can't grab aggro back without using a perma-aggro skills like shouts.
Share your thought.
At high ping, your rotation is slow and more likely to get interrupted before you finish it.
Valk's rotation is extremely rigid and vulnerable to any kind of interruption, her DPS will suffer a lot.
Remeber Spinning deathx3 -> backstab-> Crescent moon rotation? With high ping, your 2nd cast of crescent moon isn't likely early enough to get the damage buff from spinning death.
My thoughts about all endgame dungeons

Channelworks: Last standing dungeon until world's about to end.
Kalivan's Challenge: Can an archer use poison arrow to clear those bombs in corridor? They drag us in combat forever, we move like a snail.
Demokron's Factory: WTB penta Balder's Vengeance on that crab.
All 355 dungeons: Please fire Danryl. This guy is truly wasting veterans' time, not teaching those noobs.
Lilith's Keep: 1 hour queue for all DPS classes. Little pony is extremely sensitive to rotating itself if high ping tanker desyncs every seconds. Troll spider leaps into puddles and does not want to move out for over 1 minute.
Shadow Sanguinary: Ping problem exclusive to Imperator. Yes it is about ping, not only FPS.
Demokron's Factory Hard: The dungeon itself isn't bad but bad [filtered] warriors do not want to learn how to D-stance and how to tame Prima.
Vault of Kaprima: Instant mana drain if getting near that generator. Yup I am meant to be slacking off here.
Lilith's Keep Hard: Same to its NM counterpart. The reward of clearing this dungeon is crap.
Shadow Sanguinary Hard: In addition to NM, aggro glitch that you can't enter combat and get aggro no matter what you do. Bad news for tanker and healer who wants to res bait. Good news for DPS and healer who casts hurricane.
Sky Cruiser Endeavor Hard: Very good design, mediocre difficulty and least buggy in my opinion. So sorry to hear this dungeon is getting removed and the model is recycled in a brand new dungeon.
Ruinous Manor: Dungeon is OK, loot is crap.
Broken Prison: Can those 3 bosses not turn around that much?
Runious Manor Hard: Ping dependent mechanisms like blue-red donuts, and lasers after pushing back.
^ OMFG Why not a baraka groom and an elin bride :awesome:
Look at maplestory, tons of hacks even if there is an anti cheat engine running alongside. We don't need extra game loading time thanks.
Low level dungeons would be just fine if BHS remove instant animation cancel when aggro switches and trample damage.
No worries, bams in low level dungeon with related KD achievement can still be KDed.
DFHM achievements are even more stupid to ask you intentionally act like an idiot.
The timing of perfect evasion is very awkward. From my experience I can tell that happens to be very LAST moment of your evasive roll. Like when you are gonna land.
PastelGoth wrote: »
The problem is half the burst dps like slayer and zerk don't do as much burst any more imo.

Whoever did highest damage output when fighting DFNM Odon shall be considered as having highest burst
Archer the best burst in no doubt. If tank loses aggro, archer does it.
Zerk still does good burst damage before that crab shield itself again. But if TS doesn't crit, yuck.
Slayer, it has never been a burst dps in post level 65 patches.
You can get more and more crit and power because we are getting better jewelries and probably inners every new patch.
More top players now demand more attack speed and CDR to avoid diminishing returns from stacking too much crit/power. Energetic etch is literally only source to get extra ASPD and CDR as most people prefer double enrage and single CDR roll on their weapons.
All classes, tankers, healers, dealers maybe zerk being an exception should use double energetic etch in the future.
Kimimishan wrote: »
Shirodesu wrote: »
I don't care if NA or EU has it. I just want to know
What is the reason for this bug? What is wrong with the files or the
dungeon that this skill damage is so insane?
It also happens in PVP

I remember one day i was lonely guarding the ladder in CS. 5 people climbed up then I activate ICB and annihilated all of them thanks to ICB bug.
Only use lethal strike in slaying run.
Maybe i am wrong. Lethal strike can technically replace cyclone in slaying run. You just do lethal strike instead of cyclone and everything else in your rotation remain same.

Edit: oops, of course, you should use vampiric blow after 1st TS, not 2nd TS so lethal strike can have active powerlink
I get @Kimimishan 's idea. Slayer doesn't have any optimal rotation other than just spamming spacebar. Any refined rotation doesn't improve your DPS evidently.
Well, we shouldn't spam spacebar because it reacts slower.
Saabi spams overhand strike and push eviscerate/measured slice off. I don't think this action is much different than spamming spacebar.
KTERA slayer streamers do same thing, they spam overhand strike.
Get a god-like party, pop everything in sync, get a good RNG on crits, OHS reset and insane ICB multiplier. Hope boss doesn't random aggro much so you don't need to waste time to reposition.
And most important thing, get a good ping. Ping seriously weighs more than skill in this game.
No. Slayer still needs to build excessive crit to make ultimate overhand strike to crit consistently.
Meme, If your UOHS wins a jackpot that can hit up to 20m damage you will hope it to crit as much as it can.
PvE DiscussionReapers 03/02/2017, 05:07 PM mollyya
Reaper is a melee DPS. Her crosshair is in melee style. She has to use Bitter because Spiteful doesn't work on her main skills. Back in old days when nostrums were things, reaper used melee nostrum not ranged nostrum.
Don't trust that class description in character creation e.g. Archer is a sustained DPS ROFLMAO.
i guess you wanted to say your ping is 200.
Slayer is a bit ping more friendly for you. Warrior suffers more from ping tax because it requires more key inputs and no super cancel imo.
Characters that under level 40 should be automatically deleted if they can't reach level 40 in one or two months.
Hate you so much name sellers.
There has been a significant ping spike issue in SSNM/SSHM especially when fighting Imperator and mobs before Imperator, since Guild Age Patch and nobody diagnoses why that happens.

My constant ping is around 250 which is already bad but that's my problem of being living in Australia. My ping will skyrockets to 600+ if and only if I am at SSNM/SSHM Imperator.
I am pretty sure numbers of player encounter this weird ping issue as well.

With Kyra's potion sack. My friends choose SSNM to farm catalysts. You know how frustrated I am when I play with them and lag inside this dungeon in entire day.
Revert Raid UI back to original 20man too please.
New Raid UI is stupid. I have to readjust the position of the clips of group info everytime I IMS DFNM and battlegrounds
Skilled players and noob players have different reasons for facetank something.
Skilled players will stop facetank if they realize their healer isn't capable of healing them in time.
Archer is ping reliant but it still can do better than berserker and slayer at high ping.
Sorcerer is the most ping friendly class. You don't need to worry about desync/rubberband like other classes suffer from.
Brawler and warrior as tank are much better choices than lancer, be careful desync/rubberband is still a big matter when you use skills with a quick movements like haymaker, roundhouse kick and scythe. Boss may accidentally turn around because server may think you teleported to the back of boss even if yourself on the client side didn't.
There ARE some troll D-stance warriors in IM queue as a DPS role use Battle cry in their rotation. Yeah. They are mostly likely floormat too and they are better lying on the ground because they will contribute more trouble when they are alive.

I only accept D-stance DPS warrior in Channelworks.
My reason for not spamming overhand strike is to use measured slice as early as possible. before boss turn around, run away, shield.
Full OHS chain pushes MS too late. I mean when I do HT->OHS->Evis->OHS but i am not able to hit MS because boss does things above. If my OHS does not reset I have to push MS off even further after OHS comes available again.
Wut? You say OP MS? I don't know if you start to agree this rotation now.
60% reset glyph helps a lot but i don't think slayer should rely on it too much. Slayer should use key skills as soon as possible. The case is similar to warrior shouldn't spam BD again when it's already 10 edges.
Don't spam overhand strike like most slayer guides tell you to do. You should always prioritize eviscerate and measured slice over overhand strike. You need eviscerate to enable the powerlinks at all time and measured slice is your skill with highest damage per second and highest damage contribution in entire fight.
Unless during in cold blood. Your ultimate overhand strike gets a really high multiplier then you have reason to spam this.
Most top slayers AFAIK still build full crit. Don't bother power jewelries and power etchings. I don't have much experience about how good 9% attack speed and energetic etch are.
There is a mix-max slayer guide in player's guide sub forum with some discussions and debates. It's good for you to know this class deeper.
Tipanni wrote: »
I know, its easy to know what's dodge-able. Red means you can't while orange means you can. Even with that, there are lots of moments you're lock in animation from your skills, or wasn't paying attention or it's too fast and you don't have time, that's why I have ton of HP and DEF so it won't affect me xD. Currently, with just priest buff and nostrum, I have 27.5k+29k Defence and 171k HP. I pretty much almost have max on both so don't expect to get this much but try to get at least 22k+20k def and at least 150k HP :3

There are still some aoe attacks with red-indicators that can be iframed.
I am pretty sure I don't have color blind.
High attack speed has bad side effect for chaining skills with high ping.
Yamazuki wrote: »

They can tank though? Their damage as a tank improved and Scythe will pretty much crit 100% even if you hit the front. Their damage is supposed to be buffed in the future as well. The only tank that's even ignored is Berserker.

Well zerk tank is introduced since 2015 which many zerks have been playing DPS-stance for over 3 years. I know It would be hard for them to accept to zerk tank.
However, war tank came out much earlier. I believe 99% warriors should have known this is also a tank class before character creation.
BHS ignores zerk tank but it doesn't ignores warrior tank. See how strong the war tank current is.
Warrior can be a tank start from level20 the first dungeon ever, same as lancer, brawler.
I don't blame bandwagon warriors who refuse to learn tank but I feel disappointed to see LFGs with multiple warriors wasting time looking for tank only.
InFRaReD28 wrote: »
DPS tier should be Warrior > Archer/Sorc > Zerk >= Reaper/Ninja > Slayer >= Gunner

Remember. As with any tier list, this assumes every player on each class is at the same level skill wise, all performing at a high level.

If you're an experienced and overall really strong Slayer. You're not going to lose in DPS to another player using FoTM unless that player is near your skill level.
InFRaReD28 wrote: »
I don't get it.. Dealing over 2 mill dps on every boss in RMHM is considered "hopeless". This is a great community we have. The crying really has to stop.

This is why top players don't frequent here. So many people cry but don't know how to play their class. Just creates headaches...

Dear pro slayer, you admitted that slayer is at bottom tier if all classes are played right and efficiently.
Slayer needs a significant buff right? Slayer is either get ignored or receiving tiny tweaks that only marginally improve the damage output in every patch. Compare to insane 'Thunderbolt' and 'Deadly gamble'.
Not sure what extend the class change 13 improves slayer, we will see.
Sorc gets revamped. Archer gets revamped. Warrior gets revamped. Time to revamp slayer? No. BHS released lunar dancer, another broken DPS class that can literally replace slayer.
That gives a strong impression of slayer being 'hopeless'.
I am actually too tired of crying slayer. I still enjoy outdpsing some archers/warriors/sorcerer bandwagoners by my slayer in some PuGs that's it.
Well slayers feel neglected and hopeless
I kinda give up slayer recently but i play tanks instead of FOTM classes because I am sick of lack of tanks.
I played warrior tank before revamp. Now it is so strong I can do much better than tanking as a lancer or brawler
I am glad to see some warrior tank in PuGs doing really well. Unfortunately tanks are still badly demanded. I still see so many LFGs with multiple warriors looking for a tank.
Regardless of patch warrior is the most popular class ever because it just looks so cool like Kirito. This revamp adds more reasons.
Bandwagon warriors, male castanic warriors in partiucular. never bother tanking.
Fury strike scaling. base damage on the tooltip is correct for both pve and pvp.
90%~100%: 30%
80%~89.9%: 60%
70%~79.9%: 90%
60%~69.9%: 100%
50%~59.9%: 115%
40%~49.9%: 130%
30%~39.9%: 150%
20%~29.9%: 165%
10%~19.9%: 185%
0.1%~9.9%: 200%
Don't use this skill and its glyphs if you stay more than 70% HP.

HT has 1.4x inbuilt crit chance and 3x crit factor glyph. OHS has 1.3x inbuilt crit chance. Measured slice has 3x binomial crit chance glyph.
KDS has nothing, so don't expect it to crit often. But it is still a core skill because it has good base damage and powerlinks.
Why complain KDS desyncing lol? HT and HR has much worse desyncing problem.

Measured slice can cancel the animation lock of overpower. If only MS comes off cooldown but starter skills don't then just do OP MS despite measured slice is slow casting.

Exhausting blow can shoot up to 20m, distant blade only shoots up to 15m. Take this advantage to your fight. I agree this skill deals trash DPS and consumes huge MP.
thanks for your tip goodbye iron giants
My DPS of war tank doubled. It is time to ditch brawlers out.
Well war tank still needs a threatening crystal because the aggro generation is still weak outside deadly gamble.
I feel awkward to lose aggro to a guy who only deals half of my DPS and I struggled to grab orange circle back for a while.
My suggestion
Don't use haymaker, roundhouse kick and scythe in the moment when every boss just finishes an attack pattern and proceeds to next one.
I suggest give baraka a passive to recover a bit more HP and MP when get resurrected. (town res or scroll res)
It is similar to the old removed racial skill that baraka can get a res at 20 stamina while other races 0 stamina. More stamina = more HP and MP.
I am actually very glad they will remove LK and RM
troll spider in LK, Lilith's horrifying moan.
Boring RMNM because bosses have too much HP.
Ping dependant RMHM.
I hate them so much.
Regarding to ping. The least populated servers like AV FF have relatively low ping and less spikes because they have low server loads.
Fast dynamic effective classes are ping sensitive. Unfortunately.
Avatar weapons
Demokron Factory Hard Mode
aeee98 wrote: »
Just saying, LKNM is mentioned twice.

I think 6th is LKNM and 10th is LKHM
Onslaught contribute about 10%~15% damage. So it is a strong DPS skill for low ping lancer.
Root mechanism must be cleansed ASAP because you can't even use block or evasive skills when rooted. If spider is doing something dangerous at same time(5 circles, breathing out, rolling etc) your party will get screwed.
I am with you. I would say priest should be responsible for your death.
Slayer's DPS will be relevant if ICB always pops 325% UOHS multiplier. Then, slayer needs more utility buff than damage buff.
For some people who really care about personal DPS rank on that website. Double heal is helpful.
Paladins wrote: »

Wooo very nice impressions, I will add my own to brawlers:

Spinning brawlers: LEFT LEFT LEFT RIGHT, Spinning! Too many noob brawlers like to spam this rotation. It is effective against some mini bosses in progression dungeons. But obviously, they can't hold aggro at all at end game.
Brawler will have trouble holding aggro if you deal 2x as much as her DPS without a threantening crystal.
If you are worrying about stealing aggro too much then party with an archer he will steak aggro way often than you do LOL.
Archer best IM tank and so-called sustained DPS kappa.
Xeiryl wrote: »
No I am pretty sure it is mystic specific.
I run double heal sometimes I often see mystic kiting the mobs and priest heals the mystic. Tank can't control the mobs everything is a mess.
Priest won't aggro these mobs commonly. The lancer can lure all mobs then build initial aggro then just defend/shield counter. Even if priest spams heals to lancer he never steals aggro.
Unless priest casts a heal before lancer shouts/attacks the mobs.

I noticed a problem for a while that in mob phases, more exactly speaking, high crit resist mobs in SS/LK.
The lancer arrives earlier and start to aggro these mobs with shout/shield counter.
But when mystic comes here and heal the tank. All mobs immediately turn to mystic no matter what lancer has done.
The lancer used shield counter 3 times to the mobs, it should generate more than enough aggro, Why mystic can steal aggro with just 1 cast of titanic favor?
The lancer will never draw their attention until they or mystic die. Mobs will not stop chasing mystic until they reach mystic and start an attack.
Challenge shout only has 5 second of max-aggro. Mobs will again turn to mystic after that effect ends.
Actually it happens to all tanks. Only brawler can deal with it she can knock all mobs up to air before they threaten mystic.

There is no problem when priest is solo healing. Mobs will stay attacking the tank even if tank can hold the shield a bit longer without worrying about aggro switching.

Not sure how many of you notice this weird problem as well. I believe it is a definitely a glitch instead of tank isn't doing well.
Archer has highest base stat in everything offensive. Power(72+30), Crit(60 with crackshot, triple crit chance glyphs), Attack speed(120)
Lowest APM required in all damage dealer classes from my experience. Rotation is pretty easy like a piece of cake.
The only issue is archer loses huge damage in high ping but it can still deal higher damage than other classes in same condition.
It will be better if we can simultaneously kick 2 traps out from 5 man party.
Wut? There is 3rd trap that declined/afk the vote? Sure i will leave because 3/5 of party are traps I can't carry them through entire dungeon for sure.
I have Swifty hardy dyads in my Starfall robe so I don't want to waste more swifty dyads by upgrading bodyarmor piece. Extra mobility is important than more defense.
+15 weapon isn't a must. How much is that extra weapon roll worth? 14 Crit factor? 0.8%MP return per skill use? Mid-tier weapon already has all stats I want as a healer. I can get healing bonus from rerolling accessories to full healing build. It is way cheaper to make a VM weapon and enchant it to +15. Why bother Endurance and HP% when I am already fine healing hard mode dungeons in starfall robe LOL.
If a specific dungeon require an intensive healing I think people will often run double healers compositions. I don't see the necessary of building even more healing bonus from getting a +15 VM weapon.
Yeh, Accessories don't need an upgrade either. It is just 16 more crit factors every new patch. Rerolling new accessories with semis is painful af. On the other hand. Chance of crit healing isn't scaling well. WTB heal crit chance glyph LOL. I will decide to upgrade the crit accessories when the improvement of crit chance becomes noticeable.

Maybe I don't care much about ilvl to get vanguard reward because I don't main a healer.
Playing lancer in 200~250ms is much worse than you guys can imagine.
I suspect a great lancer who can deal 1.5m DPS will only do 800k at most in 200 ping.

Just try play a lancer in 200+ms ping. Action matters more than words.

Extra animation lock, your block isn't fast enough and you cannot squeeze so many counter attacks between boss's attacks. Many high ping lancers are forced to defend a bit longer to wait Shield counter cooldown.
Skating is impossible, you will have trouble when long distance reposition is needed.
Desync. You dare attack during patterns? DIE!
Onslaught is unusable for obvious reason. That's about 10% damage loss if you don't use onslaught.
Debilitate->Spring attack is nearly impossible to do. Shield barrage and Shield counter are only reliable way to chain into Spring attack.
Shield barrage is super slow between 2 casts. And if you pop Adrenaline Rush + Brooch (+Root beer). You can't even chain into spring attack.
Debilitate->Wallop too.

High ping lancer not only deal low DPS because they are slow, they also have to play defensively because they will get punished too heavily from being aggressively attacking.
Kiraboshi wrote: »
No conflate 2.0 or conflate buff rip
Cornflake armor was buffed too much dat insane defense modifier LOL.
What I corcern is Cornflake is still tier 9 gear, not sure there will be any vanguard quests to support t9 feedstocks for enchantment.
This is NA server, the game is in English. There is something wrong to force an English player to learn a second game in an English game.
Many of us are international players. Europeans, South Asians, Chinese, Koreans. We have different native languages but we all speak English in this game as much as we can.
I am bad in English too I need many edits to fix my horrible grammar :expressionless:
Learn how to speak English or only play with your buddies in same language circle. Don't join any pick up groups that unskilled people require an explanation or an instruction to clear the dungeon. We will have trouble.
We aren't racists, we demand better communication and respect.

Dhrizzit wrote: »
the people its insulting me and hating me because i die in that mech

i tried first boss, but again, when i bull rush, i die in the middle of both circles, bullrush its not enough fast, also i turned the cam back, to go in the same line, same happend, dieying in the middle of both circles.

any other trick in first boss? any timer to predict?
Dhrizzit wrote: »
mollyya wrote: »
High ping RMHM is doable but it is frustrating and need more luck involved. That's why I decide to skip vm8 and see how new dungeon will look like to decide to make vm9 or not.

now im in second boss... 0 problems with the mechs, because gives a lot of time second boss

but first boss, its not enough the timer between outside circle and inside circle

same happend with tale mechs lachelith and circle mech, but, circle mech its more easy, because u can predict it.

now im going to try last boss.

I know your pain. As a high ping player you need to pay extra effort to gain more experience and knowledge to predict what will happen next, I say predict because reaction can't save you already.
Credits to Yosha's video. There are 2 timers to trigger the colorful donuts. First one begins at 100%HP and it will trigger every 45 seconds. Then Atrocitas immediately cast donut at 70% and begins 2nd timer that triggers every 60 seconds. That's all I can tell you.
Last boss doesn't put much stress on tanks. When I was learning as a tank I often got killed by enraged frontal slam because I didn't know where to dodge fast enough. I recommended you reroll your weapon to double CDR build and use double energetic etch, and glyph Dash cooldown reset to make your iframe more available just in case. Dash is your only reliable movement skill due to how mighty desync is.
Tanks often squeeze as many attacks as possible between boss's pattern. But in high ping case, as extra animation lock and desync/rubberband really kill you just play safely as long as you can hold aggro just well.

High ping RMHM is doable but it is frustrating and need more luck involved. That's why I decide to skip vm8 and see how new dungeon will look like to decide to make vm9 or not.
I noticed HT crits way often than WW despite they have same crit glyph I suspected HT has an innate crit chance long ago. Thanks @Pixelator for providing evidence.
According to recent changes to slayer. I think this whole guide needs an overturn for many reasons. Cheers buddy you need to do a lot of math research again.

Our jewelries are getting better, meanwhile mystic's crit aura will give 2.2x crit factor instead of 2.1x so we can achieve more crit factors to reach some thresholds.
MS should crit 100% with 1.1x base crit buff and 3x crit chance glyph. OP crit glyph isn't likely to be worthy on MS in my opinion.
Evis gets 1.5x base crit buff it should work well with OP cancelling as well as the crit glyph.
OP can now cancelled by any skills. OP HT is getting stronger. But I am not sure which will be best among OP HT, OP Evis and OP MS
WW isn't getting damage buffs like others and its crit chance is relatively low even with 3x crit factor glyph. Is it safe to take this 3x crit factor glyph out because it suffers from diminishing returns as our base crit factor is getting higher and the damage of WW is falling behind.
Oh forget that. Slayer also gets many glyph point reductions it will be okay to enable all optional glyphs we want without a pain.
Your suggestions are nice. Sadly BHS is stubborn AF the developers keep ignoring the voice from NA and making bad decisions/implements over years.
Sorc best class for aussie ping. All attack skills don't move so sorcerer suffers least desync problem.
Slayer good for high ping? It is not true. I would say 'Slayer doesn't have good potential to be marginally better at low ping'
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