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for future reference, teralore has an entire section showing all of the game's hidden achievements that you can refer to for something like this

monster hunter event

if you want eu's event, go play eu

@BlackHeartNoire said:
I threw out 100 of these Courageous Fragments

ask support for em back

OpinionsAndElbows said:
because we can tp to do dailies

i'd argue that the best spots to farm those do require a bit of travel, but i don't necessarily disagree with your point

@Tiamats said:
--drop chance 0.05 % really??

you realize all loot boxes have similar pull rates on their signature items, right

because this one offers a number of "good" pulls, the odds of getting one specific item go down a bit, but when you add them all up, you still end up with an equal chance of getting something compared to other boxes

@Fainall said:
The thing with this one is that Rox said it was supposed to be geared toward the casual players, but it's not.

[citation needed]

i don't think missing out on a single chupatoken every day is the end of the world mate.

Davri said:
how are different accounts treated for an event like this?

things that immediately come to mind when differing one account from another would be stuff like:
elite status
founder status
account creation date

the best thing you can do is send in a ticket pointing out that you aren't able to get any rewards. if you can include an unedited/cropped image showing that you don't have access to the "accumulated login event" selection in your menu, they'll just manually send you all the rewards from the event.

it's worth noting that they'll only do this during the event, so you can't contact them afterwards to claim rewards from a previous login event (i tried this and was not successful).

well by that logic, you "can just" enjoy the current anniversary events all the same lol.

@creativly said:
Current state of EU TERA:

the reality:

for the record, 1 credit plates would never happen because you can npc them for 3 gold each

a single cs game would bring in millions of gold

fair enough, i haven't been as lucky to get one myself since the coin changes

you can contact support about it, and they'll try to get in contact with the master via the email that they signed up with--if they get the OK from them, they'll swap leads

amplifiers were removed from all drop tables due to radiant becoming significantly easier to obtain

each one grants a different hair style

the latter can be gotten for absolutely free, just get your hands on a decatrophy and request one directly.


good luck! :-)

@Fainall said:
Just because you removed dungeons doesn't mean we should lose what we worked for. Why do you expect your players to work hard for something if you are just going to take it away!

if achievements from dungeons that aren't available anymore still counted towards laurels, any player that hadn't played from the beginning would never be able to achieve anything past a gold laurel

get real dude

@39HATFDXLY said:
Nope, Shorehold

shorehold is not the same as fwc.

fwc with the current iteration of gear would allow a zerk to 1v15 an entire team

find a different game.

@Doncez said:
Lets hope they fix it before they release Kaia's anvil, imagine trying to upgrade to that.

100% success, albeit rather costly

people are still uploading parses to moongourd on a daily basis

is there even a list anywhere of the possible rewards for donating x? i get that it's supposed to be "for charity" and that it's reasonable to not expect anything in return, but they've always at least offered something in the past, and their extralife page doesn't mention anything about it

HitAhARD16 wrote: »
I actually was hoping to get 2 masks LOL ROFLMAO jokes one me.
the post just above yours managed to attain a mask in about 8 days

even if you took twice as long to get one and started now, that leaves plenty of time to comfortably get two
the event lasts til march 26th, the day the current seasons end and we get the lvl 70 patch
after the server merge back in september, many characters were put in a state of "name loss" similar to what you're seeing, regardless of if the name was reused or not. most of your names should be able to be reclaimed by simply attempting to rename them to their original name. if you wish, you may also be able to take this opportunity to swap some names around

the only time a name is at risk of being lost is shortly following a server merge, there is no 'removal' of inactive characters.
available for roughly 2 months because even they're aware that the server will be a ghost town after a week or two
Vy1Vivi wrote: »
In my opinion they should make it so that you are able to obtain the gear through pve.
the current pvp gear is completely useless in any pve scenario.
SageWindu wrote: »
Maintaining a healthy relationship with the playerbase isn't meaningful or reason enough?

how is someone joining a weekly stream to ask "code???" over and over a relationship?
Elinu1 wrote: »
Even if they changed the pvp gear to not use golden talents, at least it was a way to earn golden talents without having to mindlessly grind bams all day.
i'm not saying it's wrong or right, i'm just pointing out what happened.
gold talents are no longer needed to enchant the new pvp gear, as they introduced new equivalents for it

silver talents are still in there because there aren't any dedicated pvp accessories other than brooch and innerwear, and so a player that pvps still needs access to them.
even if a "bracket pvp" system were to be implemented, you'd be more likely to level up to 65 having next to no idea how to level efficiently before you'd ever run into someone you could attack.

open world leveling is dead past level 20.
TJKat wrote: »
I'm curious why they're limiting the hours again (favoring the West coast again)?
probably because the eme hq is located on the west coast, and something like this needs to be activated and deactivated manually, as seem last time when it was turned on late.

since it's the weekend and you had prior notice, you have little excuse to not try to find the time to play during the appropriate time.
Crazyambo wrote: »
Of course not, but an old version of tera would be in the same situation as OSRS is to RS3, except that the current state of tera is actually worse than rs3
let me rephrase that then:
an old version of tera would not be anywhere near as popular enough to justify creating a server for it. the "initial hype" would be non-existent.
an old version of tera would not be anywhere near as popular as an old version of rs.
dmaxcustom wrote: »
Why would anyone need a proxy with that latency is beyond me.
because there are scripts out there that flat out remove animation locks, something that even having 5 ping would not do.
slaying crystals don't apply to other players

a common ladder defense strategy utilized nowadays is to have a zerk lower their hp and run 4 of these, which as you can see can be stacked, granting you a total of 39.6% (42% with 4x dyads) damage to all of your attacks when under 50% hp. any class is capable of utilizing these crystals here, but zerk being able to lower their hp on demand helps make it possible to keep their hp low all the time. this combined with the weak eq gear that everyone has allows them to shred just about any amount of player(s) attempting to climb.

if you're playing a mystic, one thing you may consider is dropping a few motes near the ladder to be picked up in case of a needed heal, but these players are employing a strat that doesn't work with heals.

i won't tell you how to play your class or who to heal and when, but in general at the start of a defense round in cs, it isn't worth your time to heal anyone before dropping down from inner ladders, especially if they request for no heals.
EME changed it last minute.
would you care to prove what it said prior to this? because teradevtracker has nothing and i couldn't find anything else.

just as venakri said, the teaser video mentioned a date and nothing else. that doesn't include anything about how long it would last, and after the backlash it received over messing up a few leader boards (which you can see earlier in this thread), it's completely understandable that they didn't want this second one to upset more people about it existing there.
wow so ur "everyone" now
The original advert was the same for today, New Years Day, if I remember correctly.
it started at midnight est, which is new years day in case you weren't aware
voidy wrote: »
and they act like it's a big shock each time it happens.
voidy wrote: »
and EME just stayed silent on the matter
good thing there's another one coming up soon huh
spung wrote: »
This has nothing to do with "ruin economy". The dungeon is among the few that is linked to leaderboards...
which is getting removed after the season ends, getting rid of its leaderboard history as well. ds could be treated as a proper source of talents with urf active, meaning it can have an impact on their prices.
spung wrote: »
Then there's absolutely no reason to have in PoP.
while i don't disagree, it's a small price to pay to have it available in ds. if you're capable of earning a high ranking spot without urf, you can earn it with urf too.
spung wrote: »
You can have it in GG/HH too but only through unethical means...
it can be active in gg by immediately using a movement skill to get onto the bridge and away from the spawn point, but it can also be activated by simply moving away from the spawn and relogging.

you can get the buff in hh by entering as a party, but converting the party to a raid will remove the buff. relogging could work here too? i've never tried
it's the last few weeks before ds gets removed, and the buff won't make a party suddenly able to kill queen in 1 go--skilled parties will still be able to retain their spots, while players new to ds were able to learn it in a much lower pressured environment.

even if not intentional, i thought this was one of the best little 'events' they've had in quite a while. the drops obtainable from ds is admittedly a bit on the generous side if you consider that it's much easier with urf, but it's not anywhere near something that would ruin the economy.
pie is worse than every additive, but is substantially cheaper

my advice would be to use pies for any crafts you aren't too concerned with critting on, such as darics or siglos, and then wait out the pie (or [filtered], i'm not 100% if it removes the buff atm) and use additives for pricier crafts such as diamonds
Also remember, they're not flat increases in your crit chance, they merely add to your base chance.
are you gathering this by using both an additive and a moongourd pie?

because the two do not stack, and the pie takes priority. additives, as the name implies, are actually additive, whereas the crit success from the moongourd pie is multiplicative.

tier 3 additives can be obtained by critting on a tier 2 craft. tier 4 and 5 have to be obtained from the shop made out of the old additives. you can get a master craftsman's additive from handing out your buddyup code, and having your mentor hit 65
no u
Dvsv wrote: »
Did they increased crafting cost???
log in and find out :)
Cutechan wrote: »
And it forces itself everywhere, like when Im gathering and theres no one around, holy [filtered].
it limits itself to fishing spots, guardian legion zones and cuv/hh

i'm not arguing that it's not bad or anything, but there are still plenty of areas where it doesn't apply.
Gatokatzen wrote: »
I shouldn't say this but on this december 19 a new true action combat MMORPG going to strikeTERA population even more.
And will be one the best ever ones created.

Lookfor Atlas from studio Wildcard. For first time it looks extremely good. Hope wont make more people leave.
"watch out, bns the tera killer is coming out!"
"dont look now, here comes bdo the tera killer!"
"hey guys, bless online is gonna be the killer of tera!"
probably a precaution to players filing reports about getting "scammed" by buying a single bait for 20k on broker.
it's at the very bottom of the 'game' tab, but unfortunately it forces itself on whenever you're in certain areas such as fishing spots, guardian legion zones and some other places i'm unable to recall atm

toggling it only disables it for a few seconds. the option used to only apply when inside of cuv, and it was still just as bad back then
is it a proper contest with limited winners, or will everyone that participates receive the footsteps?
snow angel title won't be obtainable from it

a few years ago we received a new version of wintera that includes healing potions and a warding scroll obtainable from the boxes
it was at that point that they also introduced new achievements which are now the only ones available. the only title you can obtain now is "snowlord" for winning 200

this year, korea also changed wintera again, turning it into a single round game that supposedly has a shrinking playing field as the timer ticks down to cut down on stalemating. we might get this version too, it's hard to say since they just got it last week
bye .
Laemie wrote: »
So lets say someone happens to find this boss and decide to kill it, after a long while some random shows up and they happen to use their big burst on the boss like Gunners BV and takes all the loot. Lol :x
1) the boss will have a global message announcing its spawn
2) its hp will be hidden to prevent sniping. managing to do so would strictly be luck based
tell me how often you think 0.4% cd will make an impactful difference in a typical fwc
SageWindu wrote: »
One could argue
one could also argue that bhs made a statement about being against raising the level cap any further than 65 years ago, but under this new developer that's all being thrown out the window
McOnosRep wrote: »
If this is accurate then all current gear will be useless.
nothing in the post makes any mention of new gear
if you read the event details on the ingame calendar you'll see that it was intended to be 4 a week (2 per day on sat+sun) the whole time
the 'tuna' would be stuck on your account

if you took the 'tuna' and made it into something, that thing could be given to someone else
gave up on eu already lol :DDDDDDD
just up the drop rates on them and possibly reveal the dungeons they're obtainable from

putting them in the emp store or events will just lead to people complaining about them more
Vy1Vivi wrote: »
For enchanting events you're really going to have to do better than this. It really wouldn't have killed you to give us the 1.5x enhancement rate that EU had for stormcry.

stage 3
guess ur staying elin
we already had that event, it happened a week before apex 2
why stop there, lets get rid of everything else too so it's only the jackpot item remaining

i dont want to open a random lootbox in order to not get the jackpot item, that's crazy and not worth my money
the success rates are the same as their normal enchant rates, what are you talking about?
the chance at degrading is offset by the fact that it costs nothing else to attempt.
they'll probably start adding something up for sale tomorrow as they're shifting out the garment boxes
how is it their screw up if they had no control over it happening either
Pwhoops wrote: »
the servers are down (not my choice)
for EME’s screw up.
what, do you think eme intentionally threw the servers offline or something
check mod section on em forums
no .
you know that broker history only goes back like a couple of months right

"before" could've been during one of those strongbox jackpots
can you explain what items you believe are "aimed at those who pvp"? because nearly everything in both shops (the contents of both coins are also nearly identical too) are useful in both pve and pvp.
no dude, a dps with a bunch of offensive talents is still not going to gain more points than your apex priest with support talents at guardian legion.
both drop from the last bosses of all 446 and above dungeons at a very low rate

i've personally seen a mask from drcn one time out of like 30 something runs
the talent system and the changes to guardian missions are not related at all.
hasnt changed except as of recent there have been more people abusing proxy to do things like cap pyres from spawn and iframe thru ig

bgs still alternate between fwc and cs day by day, grid pops for like 3 hours on sat/sun and the vg gives a large chunk of item exp
skyring exists but is almost always forced q still

apex skills have been recently enabled inside of bgs in ktera, but currently no other version has access to them yet. in this same patch they also got rid of fwc, and replaced it with a new 7v7 bg that functions almost entirely the same (3 pyres, 1 near each spawn and a mid one), except points are only gained via pyre holding and bam last hits
on the other hand, getting the items needed to upgrade entropy is much easier to obtain thru pvp, especially the silver talents.

also to clarify, essences and shards were added to the meta emblem shop, not veilthrochs.
trying to save face from an argument you lost 2 days ago and you still can't come back with any proof of your "friend's" tickets being legit
Partyblast wrote: »
questionable QoL.
dont even have to read the rest of the post
the same person that claimed to have the ability to ninja release an update that would automatically discard all of your equips, and disband any guild you were the leader of upon login wants to resume support for our version.

bottom of ticket quotes the ticket sent

include that
do it
CornishRex wrote: »
but you are aware I won't bother with making lines of the same length in paint right?
nah, it makes a very big difference. i could take the same 2nd image, extend the part you blocked off and suddenly claim that it's an entirely different person's ticket. but now that you brought up inspect element, nothing here's valid yet again.

include the responses to the ticket
i don't think it proves a thing because you already pulled that first unban image from somewhere else, what's to say you didn't pull these two new ones out of nowhere too?

the two parts on each image where you blocked out what i assume is the account name ("action on the XXXX En Masse account" and "Hello XXXX") don't quite match up in terms of length. on top of that, i went and looked at a few of my own support tickets, and none of their responses ever included a name in the first line, it was always something along the lines of "hi there", or "greetings". i will admit that i've never had to send in a ticket to appeal a ban, but if the system messages are as automated as you claim i doubt there'd be any difference there.
how does this
CornishRex wrote: »
prove this
CornishRex wrote: »
Back in February my friends tried to appeal and they were told they were perma banned forever, no matter what, no appeals.
all of them got unbanned.

what's also funny is that i've seen multiple people post that very picture, right down to the exact same time stamp. i'm no expert at eme's support ticket stuff, but i'd imagine they go through each one individually to give a response to them. handing out the same response (several times, as you claim) could not be done in the course of a minute, even if it were copy pasted.
cant prove what doesnt exist lol
twiddle with ur thumbs
ktera only got the update that allowed brawlers to change last week, after them being available for about 3 months
canyon conqueror has never been a shiny title
ok, there is no such thing planned to happen, and eu has not gotten anything remotely similar to what you're looking for. they currently have a test server available to preview an upcoming update to the game, and after said test period ends the sever will be gone.
if veteran players joined said "new server" they'd still be years ahead of you in experience
viewer count is not relevant at all
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
( you also need to know that priest cannot use slaying simply because the heal from Edict of Judgment is again too much and priest will go back to 100% with only two rotations as in about 7sec making the rest of 13sec to be less effective )
on fire effect.
LancerJiva wrote: »
I do agree that there should be a limit if you once got the mask from pit. I have seen some players who got the mask and are rank 1 in pit, totally an inconvenience for people who actually NEED the mask.
the mask isn't the main reward from the leaderboards, it's the prestige title. on top of that, the mask coupon you get from the leaderboard can be banked and given to an alt. if a player has 19 alts that don't have masks and wants to get one for each of them you can see where they have no reason to stop.
those times are all legitimate. they're also competing for the mask, or for the title, and if you want either from pit you need to outperform them.
The clutter needs to go though.
funny how a guy making a new account likely to bypass a shadowban brings up something like this

no, removing lore related pieces to replace them with effortless content would completely go against the idea of it being a role-playing game.
Dvsv wrote: »
why make new players waste time till 439 learning useless outdated pre-awaken rotation?
because it's challenged with a questline that newer players have shown to struggle with. the gearing leading up to the ilvl req allows them to at least have a brief moment to figure out what they're doing before then.
nice blog post dude
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