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@Maldicion159 said:

Now that I've been gifted level 70 there is very little incentive for me to dungeons anymore. If I want skill experience I do caiman. I don't see plates dropping at all in dungeons...so it's pretty much pointless.

I'm going to go back to the OP's topic - cuz I feel like i'm one of those "stuck in the middle" . I dont know about moving forwards, or backwards. So, I'm just waiting.
Waiting for the next Enchanting Event. No motivation to grind, to do dungeons, to do anything in game really. I used to log in 3 or 4x a week - now, it's like reduced to twice.
I'm partially HO geared (thanks to the last Enchanting Event).
Stormcry now being much easier to enchant (which means soon everyone will have a full SC set, making it - and everything below - worthless).
Same thing with the new Blue gear - it's practically handed to people now.

Thank you both!

@Ellexem said:
Only select Vanguard Requests give the Primed Ore, not all of them.

Where exactly is Meirun in HW?
I think it says in the description of Primed Ore I have to sell it to her, but I couldn't find her last night when I looked


@counterpoint said:

@TJKat said:
Doesn't look like you get 1000 EMP for logging in today. Wording sounds more like you'll get a total of 1000EMP if you log in every day between Nov. 9 and Nov. 28. I definitely didn't get 1000 EMP today, but it was more than 30EMP. Should work out to about 400EMP today?

Yeah I think this is what we figured out. It's 30 per day, and 400 today so that it adds up to 1000 over the period. (Basically, 30 EMP for 20 days = 600 + 400 one-time gift = 1000.)

And yeah, this is one of those things that got posted on the EME news page and didn't make it to the regular news feeds, so a lot of us were noticing it for the first time today. We definitely passed that feedback along as well.

Oops, my bad.
Thank you both for working this out correctly.

I just want to bring attention to this, since I noticed it was not on the forums:


Basically, you get 1000 EMP for logging today, November 13th.
And 30 EMP per day, for logging in between Nov.9 -28

Probably using spacebar.
I used to do that too (I'm 67 with HO)
Then I learnt a manual rotation, which achieves Ragnarok much sooner. Valks flat out suck without it.
So the lv 70 Valk isn't guilty of doing anything wrong, they just aren't achieving Ragnarok/Godsfall fast enough, thereby leading to dps loss

@Fainall said:
I know, temptation overtook me with the shiny black costume. But nope...no more not at 3 bucks a pop.

Hehe, you caved!
I'm holding onto my precious remaining EMP for a card pack... whenever those are added to the cash shop.
And I better be able to purchase the cards I want.
None of that "get 20 random fragments" crap. :s

@MargaretRose said:
Basically, it's like being a customer at a restaurant.
You like the restaurant and goes there often.
Now, the dessert is expensive and tastes bad.
You give feedback.
Next time you purchase the dessert, it's still expensive and it still tastes bad.
You already purchased, disliked and gave feedback.
What's the use in complaining you're unsatisfied if you keep purchasing it?

We gave feedback - it just somehow, horribly, went the other way

Next time you purchase the dessert, it's still expensive and it tastes even worse

@Fainall said:
I bought ONE of those new stupidly priced loot boxes and got 4 niveots out of it....seriously 3 bucks for a stupid loot box and this is what is in it? NO, just no. I am not buying one single loot box more if that crap is in there. And why are loot boxes 3 bucks each now???? That is just too much.

I thought you better than that, Fainall. =)
Buying a Loot Box ... tsk tsk

These quests were just terribly designed filler material.

I wouldn't be surprised if Card Packs start appearing in the Cash shop soon

@BlackHeartNoire said:
This isn't anything new with tera. This type of failure was here before even this FM/SC/HO patch.

Yup, just worse now.
I failed 4x already on my SC gloves going from +5 to +6. i'm glad I'm avoiding the new gear, just been selling it on broker.

Well, guilty as charged.
I'm lazy, cuz I don't want to spend 26 hours a day playing a video game.

@MargaretRose said:
Just have to fish your soul away to 68.

Lol, I logged in this weekend to do some of that. Just for the cash though, and to hang out with the guild.
I don't want to hit 68, and I'd gladly take a - exp scroll from the merchant for that purpose (should such a thing exist)

@SageWindu said:

I've never felt so disinterested to play a game after a major expansion since Fortnite Battle Royale became a thing. I managed to complete the Exodor storyline, but it was so immensely frustrating that I want almost nothing else to do with that area ever again.

I did GG yesterday and got 2 diamonds and simply did not care. When a game has you feeling worse after getting a rare drop, that's not a good sign.

I know what you mean - I had the same feeling this weekend after 1 run of GV. I got a Diamond and thought "oh, thats nice."
A far cry from 6 months ago :/

Given that the Enchanting Event just ended, no changes to %success for upgrading is going to happen. Not until next year, anyways

You're better off pushing to 68 (assuming you can find the motivation - I for one, can't) and getting the new Uncommon/Rare gear...
Let's face it, Stormcry and HO will be eventually phased out (ie. left behind to rot. )
That's the whole intention of this patch

@Viennoiserie said:
Btw, isn't the knight named Rico? I got one by evolving a regular pet. I've seen others get it too.

I got an Eco the same way. Sucks cuz I'm a Valk and I don't need magic

@fromsector7 said:

@kori83 said:
Yes, we do not need new gear. I will also add - dungeon queue times are ridiculously long when I logged in this weekend.

As a 67, I can't comment on the new content (other than the fact that I don't care to play it, and I'm too lazy to collect "card fragments" ). I've spent way too much time and resources moving from Frost to Stormcry and to HO, I refuse to spend more on new gear at a Developer's whim.

I'm gonna stand around HW with my HO, and bask in my op Red glow...
and when they take that away, I'm gonna quit.

1: they put a event for get lv68 .. for one reason.
2: they put a event of enchanting for 2 week.
3: new zone is for gamers with set end game and is a waste of time, just are massive daily quest (60 limit per day)and one dungeon il458 with useless drop.
4: you say " and I'm too lazy to collect "card fragments" .. new zone is just for grind for hours .

Exactly, as OP said, we are being bullied into an endless cycle of grind -->rng --> fail--> grind some more.

I'm taking a stand by refusing to level up - and playing the pre-patch way.

I dont know what BHS was thinking with these ridiculous changes. We went away from rng for a reason and now we are back at it. Best in slot gear is a joke. Enchants are rng and a joke. Takes ages to farm enough credits to buy feedstock; that is a singular 1 feedstock. All this grind is just forcing people to either quit or swipe and p2w to the gear. I'm unsure if eme at this point even cares about player feedback. WE DO NOT NEED THIS $HITTY A$$ GEARING SYSTEM. The rng is cancerous, the content is stale, your elite benefits suck. dungeon coin costs are too high. I hope eme has the sense to atleast ask what their players want.

Yes, we do not need new gear. I will also add - dungeon queue times are ridiculously long when I logged in this weekend.

As a 67, I can't comment on the new content (other than the fact that I don't care to play it, and I'm too lazy to collect "card fragments" ). I've spent way too much time and resources moving from Frost to Stormcry and to HO, I refuse to spend more on new gear at a Developer's whim.

I'm gonna stand around HW with my HO, and bask in my op Red glow...
and when they take that away, I'm gonna quit.

@TheCatalyst said:
It week day.
Also people got burned out from teh previous events.

Needs to be level 68 to access the new map. I'm surprised that they didnt sell level 70 scroll. I mean the sale could be used to pay off the new content. And interested players would opportunity to have access teh content without having to grind their eyeballs out..

Oh, it will be. I'm sure in time, when they notice people not logging on (like me), 65-68 xp will be nerfed so hard, it'll be like 60-65 all over again. 1 Airship quest to get there.

People are burnt out alright.
Previously when new content was introduced, there would be lots of discussion and excitement - and careful study of what exactly was new, and what it did.. etc..
The new gear system is so muddled (Legendary = HO, wtf?) that no one seems to care anymore.

Only a select few have the patience to do the Aerial content , and most people don't seem to give a rats butt about the card system.

i'm contributing to that. Finding little to no motivation to download the patch and log in, since I'm level 67.

Plus I got my HO during the Enchanting event, so it feels even more like game's done for me. I proudly declare, for all practical purposes, that I've beaten the game.

@Ballistixz said:

@SageWindu said:
Ask yourself this question instead: do you want to pay literal real-life money for crafting mats/in-game gold?

considering the massive gear mat wall im at right now despite this event, the 300k gold minimum for 20 bucks doesnt seem so bad. might end up doing it. Its either that or quit again because i dont have time to wait 40mins to an hour for a dungeon que to pop up just for 3k gold... Kinda starting to regret spending for elite simply because of dungeon times but i REALLY wanted to play the game again.

Considering the time you say you spend waiting, I'd say go for it.
You sound like your on the verge of quitting in frustration again - and if spending some real-life cash can greatly improve your chances of upgrading something and make you happy (at least for a while) - it's probably worth it.

For once, the Tera store is actually selling something people need - directly (Gems/Plates). I applaud this simplicity.
Not buy this costume and convert to gold on Broker blah blah,

@Breach3440 said:
So the playerbase is obviously declining and it's a shame. Tera had alot of potential and still I haven't found a replacement. I know some people have their own new MMOs but that's not the point. The question im interested in is what could Tera do to save itself now? Keep you playing? Draw in more people? I've got a bit of a rant of my own thoughts I tried to keep organized.

Endgame is just waiting for dungeons and trying to improve your gear down the linear path all your characters share. People leave cause they feel they arent doing anything/are doing just the same thing and therefore theres no point in staying logged in or even playing Tera at all. Which is why I'm moving for weekly/monthly(/yearly?) goals to work on, reasons to log in, and more stuff to do.

It's an aging game, almost 8 years now, no one is going to invest more money or effort into it. Be thankful we're still getting content updates.
I'm gonna provide a couple of points here:

As an exclusively PVE player (hence I can't comment on the PVP side of things), Developer tinkering with the Endgame is what really killed it for me. Personally, I may not have been playing long, but I have seen and heard it all from various friends and cousins over the years. Wonderholme, Masterworking, Schisma, level cap 60, then 65, then 70... etc. the list goes on. With each new big patch, the game got progressively worse.

How to fix it? I don't know. Tbh, I doubt the Krafton team does, either. The game has a mind of it's own now, like the national Debt or an unwinnable war. No one person (or team) can provide an easy solution, without pissing someone off or drastically altering the existing situation. Sadly, there is no magic bullet, no one-size-fits-all patch to fix it at this point. It's gotten to where the only thing left is to eventually pull the plug.

I know this isn't what you want to hear, so I'm gonna say, for starters, the Developers really, really need to stop messing around with the Gear system. I don't like the current HO system, but, I can live with it.
Come later this year, with the new Legendary Gearing System - it's gonna tank the playerbase even further.

This may stop the bleeding, but that might be all that can be done for this game.

And since you mentioned Log-in bonuses. Krafton really needs to fix the Calendar. FFS, it's been offline for 2 months now - it can't take that long to fix. Neglecting things like that, really shows they don't care anymore.

@MargaretRose said:
It's like beating a dead horse at this point.

I couldn't agree more.

@Elinu1 said:
you can buy veilthoch from mystery merchants quite a bit

Thanks! Looks like I have to hunt that guy down after all

@donutsenpai said:
Archdevan Surfactant (Yellow Oil) seems to be a big obstacle to get for FM->SC people. Any best way to farm these consistently?
Those 3 dungeons drop like 1-2 pieces at 3rd boss for 5-people, oh my gawd.
I think an easier way is killing 10 BAMs repeatedly on IOD for random dropped mats and the Brilliant Enchanting Crate. But can only do that 16 times a day ?

Dismantle down everything, and I mean everything, that you don't need.
Then exchange them from the Meta token shop like Ponilover said.

The reason I say this is - it will be a while before we see another Enchanting buff Event, so do it while it lasts. Otherwise you might be stuck at FM for a bit.

Veilthroch is the real problem for me. You can't even buy those from the Meta shop. Or anywhere afai k :(

@Ellexem said:

@donutsenpai said:
Side qn: when exactly are the 2 timings per day that mystery merchant appears in HW or other cities? I rmb seeing someone post on this discord before timings for all the cities like Velika as well.

The starting point varies, so that will change after a server reboot, but right now it should follow the following pattern.

1:32 AM PDT: Starc in Velika
1:37 AM PDT: Velika Mystery Merchant opens
7:32 AM PDT: Starc in Kaiator
7:37 AM PDT: Kaiator Mystery Merchants opens
1:32 PM PDT: Starc in Allemantheia
1:37 PM PDT Allemantheia Mystery Merchant opens
7:32 PM PDT Starc in Highwatch
7:37 PM PDT Highwatch Mystery Merchant opens

Thank you for this!
It needs to be Stickied!

@Zoknahal said:

@kori83 said:
Halloween Event related question -
Are there any **Costumes ** that are rewarded? All I see are Masks or accessories? Or am I looking at the wrong merchant

Technically those are "costumes", since long ago, those have always been the free in game rewards for halloween, from as far back as i can remember.

Sad that there isnt the Boo pet.

I guess EME is waiting for next week or close to the Halloween date, to release the actual costumes, but unfortunately, they wont be able to be earned in game, you will have to gamble with the loot boxes for em.

Well, that pretty much closes out this Event for me. I just wanted one of those Devilicious costumes

@Christin said:
Just another slap in the face to get people to quit. Why else would they give out an event and then take a big part of it away early? Just sad really.

Totally agree.
Give a teeny sample - then tempt people to the Cash shop to continue their addiction.

@MidokuPasta said:
I was happy for the event but lowering the material costs would have been super nice as well. At least I got my Item to 450 I suppose, but the amount of mats needed still makes me cringe a bit. Oh well, time to go farm more I suppose.

I find the real bottleneck are gems. Prices for Diamonds have jumped. Worse, you can't even buy 1 or 2 anymore. If you can't afford 5 or more in one go, your SOL.

Halloween Event related question -
Are there any **Costumes ** that are rewarded? All I see are Masks or accessories? Or am I looking at the wrong merchant

Thank you very much for your detailed explanation. I never, would have figured that out.

Well, I guess I can stop worrying about these Mystery Coins.

I don't play that much anyways, and I'm definitely not going to be chasing a guy who appears at odd intervals. That sounds a lot like work.

yeah I'm gonna do it right when I get home. Sitting at SC +8 right now...

Is a Belt considered gear, or an accessory?

Also, 4x for Stormcry seems pretty huge :)
Like i'm at 31% right now, this should put me in the 100% success range.

I've gotten a few of these as drops , I think I have like 30 now
Does anyone know what they are for?

Btw, I did go to the Mystery Market Merchant in Highwatch, but he just tells me to come back later, and doesnt give any other options...

@Ellexem said:
The part that we shouldn't forgot though is that the existing gear both stays viable for a good chunk (even if it's missing out the potential for higher damage spikes, if I'm understanding the comments about not adjusting for physical and magic values) and also is needed for the very best gear. (You need HO to make that Mythic item.)

They do have that overlap table in the dev note, so it's not like you need to just drop your existing gear and rush over to the new gear right away. You can still stay viable with what you already have and keep using those rolls that you need.

Depending on enchanting level and your luck with the RNG, you might even end up doing yourself a great disservice if you do any rushed switch over. The days of a new item not even being an upgrade right away seem to be truly back. :/

I don't ever plan on being BIS.
Does this mean I can keep using my Stormcry +7?

This whole new gear thing makes me not even want to log in next week.

The game really begins at Frostmetal - so yeah, you've hit that first wall which requires you to endlessly farm, or fork out real cash.

I second the Double Drop Event dungeons - keep doing those, and save up your Gold talents. Personally, I didn't even start enchanting gear until I had like 400+ Gold talents hoarded.

If you haven't already, join a guild. You'll need the help of Crafting guildies even more later on - especially for Gold and Silver Plates.
When they crit - it helps you a ton.
(I don't craft)

well, if it makes you feel any better, I'm up to 50% chance for my Necklace, so far.
That's like what, 10 fails?

One of the problems is Adventure/Haste Coins are untradeable.

I play Tera about 4 days a week, and due to health reasons I get tired after running 1 or 2 dungeons.
I dont think I've ever dipped below 600 coins

So I have stacks sitting in my bank that I don't know what to do with - I would gladly sell it to people who will make better use of them, if I could.

white would hurt more than a slap in the face, lol

I still see the Contest Entries sitting in my Inventory - so probably not done yet. The description says once the Contest is over, they will be removed.
Btw, "Bonus Crit Factor" is the Crit that you can modify with gear/crystals
Have you tried this?

XEP3TKEFNC wrote: »
So i was about to log in my game and said to myself what I need to get done today. After going thru my laundry list (in my head) of what needed to get done I began to sigh and I said out loud to myself "but I did that yesterday". I don't pvp (don't pvp on any game) so i never worry about that. Just dreading knowing i have to yet again do 40 Legion missions, then do my typical dungeon runs, as well as filling doing dailies and Vanguards.

I'm like 1 months in (lvl 65) and already I am burnt out.

Why do you have to do so much?
Sounds like this game has become a chore to you, with a list of stuff to be "crossed off", rather than enjoyment.

I would burn out too, if I did that much. I understand peer pressure - my guildies do 16 vanguards a day, but I do the amount I want, I chat with them, I have a great time. No one has ever discriminate against me "oh, you can't run with us if you don't have HO". I hit 66 slower than most, but again, I wasn't shunned for it. In fact, I was offered to be carried in the harder runs, and people helped out generously.

Everyone has their pace.

XEP3TKEFNC wrote: »
I like the game I really do, but as I log into this game I "sigh". I guess I could take a break but I like said its only been a month or so. How do you guys manage to keep going?

I can't really tell you what to do, but here's what I do:

First off, I work out of town, so I'm online about 4-5 days / week, not every day. Makes a huge difference.

Run 1 or 2 dungeons when I'm online. I prefer RK-9, gls, Red Refuge, sometimes Ghilliglade.

I get tired after 2-3 runs, so I afk fish and go for a walk outside, or do something else around the house. It's also good for your health.

Like Zoknahal said, the key is to pace yourself - don't just sit there cuz you "have to" do all those things. You don't.
You play this game, cuz you want to play it, for fun.

I think you might be getting ahead of yourself.

So with Frost +0, iirc, You should be able to do all 439's via Instance Matching. Red Refuge and Sky Cruiser are the easiest imo. TR is also fun to run.
Those should give you mats to upgrade Frost to 442. (maybe each piece at +4 or +5?)

At which point you can RK or Velik's.

If you cant find a group easily in IM, you can do the Vanguards IoD Nagas quest. Those drop Liquid Metal and Hypno Shards mats for upgrading Frost.
Great, thanks! I've been missing out on the infusions - holding back for fear of messing up and losing my Stormcry.

I think I'll just sell those scrolls at the Broker. Do you happen to know what's actually in the Entropic Emblem shop, and (if) it differs from the Metamorphic Emblem shop?

Hi everyone,

I am a new-ish player (started in Feb 2019) with a few questions:

1) Semi-Enigmatic Scrolls. I have a few of these lying around. Are they useful anymore? or just some relic from the past. It says in the description they can be broken down into "Entropic Emblems".

2) Gear Infusion. Is it worth infusing "Blue Gear" or "Green gear" ? Or just sell all blue and green fodder?

3) Can Gear Infusion be "reversed"?
Like if I use a blue weapon to infuse my Stormcry, and later obtain a yellow weapon, ?

Thanks for you rhelp!
73K5HJREXP wrote: »
I think as long as whales or players are buying these items and EME sees profit being made, then there won't be any change. Heck if they see delivering to whales and killing f2p players is more comparable due to the amount of money being made, then they will keep implementing more and more similar p2w experiences..

This is the truth. p2w.
BiS gear was never intended for f2p'ers - and its now being enforced.
In fact, with the current steps the game is taking, they're trying to weed out the f2p people, even the ones who have millions saved up... possibly for "freeloading".
Ideally, everyone should be a paying player, dropping cash to advance.

The problem is - they're trying to enforce it.
From EME's point of view, if you love the game, then you should love it enough to part with your cash. If not - you're just a casual (even if you play 24/7), they can do without you.
I'm curious as to what this years Costume looks like...

Still 20 coins away :(
I started in Feb, made a Valk, level 66 now on Velika Server.
Population is fine, no problems finding parties. Stay away from Tanking if you're not familiar with the current game.

Here's what I found helpful:

1. Sell your EMP for Gold: As stated by another poster: Don't spend EMP on Anything.

2. Also as stated, use a Buddy Up code. Lots of useful free gifts.

3.Join a Guild. This is a must. Some require Level 65. Refer to Point #5.

4. Save Gold and Silver Talents, Emeralds and Diamonds. You'll need lots. (for upgrading gear)
Sell Rubies for Gold.

5. Get through 1-64 quickly. The game begins at 65.
For me, I used all the Federation XP Boosts the game gave me: 50%, 1 hour, Just use them all. Don't "save them for later". Have an XP Boost on all the time. Use Attack Potions (esp. 1-64 level limited ones)to kill stuff faster.
It helps a lot.
At 65, you will get your End-game gear in Highwatch. You want to breeze through the game from 1-64.

6. Save your Gold!
Tera has a lot of "Fancy" peripherals that you don't really NEED - Mounts, Costumes, pets, wings, purple glowing sticks, panda heads, blah blah. Stay away from them!
I wore the standard Armor from 1-65. At 65, I had saved enough Fashion Coupons to get my first Costume from the Fashion Store. All with spending 0 gold.

I'll do a bit more farming this weekend. Though chances are slim they will suddenly "reappear"
The only reasons I want this game to continue and not die is 1. I actually like the combat and costumes. 2.The lore is kinda cool. 3. Most importantly I've spent over ten thousand dollars over multiple accounts since I started this game years ago and losing that prematurely would suck.
Edit:I know ten or so thousand isn't much over a few years but to the little guys like me its pretty big.

I totally agree. The game looked better than its contemporaries - and even better than games that came after it. There is a cartoony feel to the characters that makes u get attached to them - I fondly refer to mine like a real person. Regardless of paying player or f2p, no two toons will be the exact same in Tera. And that's what I love about the game. Maybe the difference is one crystal, maybe its the degree of eye slant, whatever - but pretty much no two characters are the same.

Maybe I just got tired of playing games where the same Batman beats up another Batman with the same suit and same facial expression - blah blah.

Christin wrote: »
Maybe once AIR is released, the heavy grinders can go over there, and the rest of us can just goof off in Tera.

AIR will never be as cute, or popular. Short attention-span games like Fortnite and Smash Brothers dominate the market. The age of the mmorpg is over.

Same here, Tera for me is a nice place to hang out, away from the real world for a bit.
Ellexem wrote: »

Personally, I haven't seen any. Nor have I seen Semi-Enigmatic Scrolls, any kind of strongbox (be it from leveling or level 65+ ones), or Complete Crystalbinds. Motes also seem to just stop after a certain point. (Any kind of open world BAM better than the first tier of IoD has not dropped any kind of healing of mana mote for me. Even the regular mobs in the new leveling areas for 65+ have not dropped any kind of motes.)

BAMs are dropping enchanting mats though. (I've even had an Elemental Essence drop from a level 65 BAM.) Mobs in general also seem to have the chance to drop gold, even leveling ones.

So, yes, things have changed. My personal experience is that they have been removed. Certainly from where they used to drop. The only place I haven't really bothered with checking is if we had them suddenly added to dungeon bosses.

You're right - those other items (Semi-enigmatics, strongboxes, Crystalbinds used to drop quite a lot, and are now all gone as well. Nagas are dropping Liquid Metal, which is new.

I ran Ravenous Gorge like 50 times this weekend, haven't seen a single fashion coupon. Dungeon boxes most certainly have had them removed as well.

Agreed - it would have been nice if they said something. More communication is sorely needed. This has degraded into a bad marriage where throwing out or donating the other person's stuff without notice is the norm.
That's a pretty sneaky move to remove them entirely :angry:
Strongbox keys are massively unaffordable these days.
The fashion store was pretty cool you could preview before you buy, and even thought the costumes were old, there were quite a few interesting ones
Oh no! So we can't get costumes for free anymore?
I'm not even after the newest styles - I just like some variety once in a while
I haven't seen a single one drop since the Level 70 patch hit.

Before, they used to pop out of BAMs on IoD and Val Oriyn all the time.

Were Fashion Coupon drops removed period, or am I farming them in the wrong place?
As of the newest patch (lvl 70 patch), No. You won't be able to afford anything. The Economy is all messed up.
I've seen posts of 1 talent on the Broker selling for 50k+ now, and heard most items costs millions.

To put that into perspective, I'm a casual player, and I have 70k since Feb 2019.
The economy is absolutely destroyed at this point. Nearly everything now costs over 1 million gold on the broker. Elite is 1.5 million gold, if you were to do content the game has, which gives about 300 gold per dungeon it would take you nearly 200 days to make enough gold to get 30 days of elite. Sold all my scrolls and got 250k which I can't do anything with due to the inflated prices on the broker.

Palochi wrote: »
Interesting how many people are saying this is okay.
I guess you are so happy to finally have over 5mil gold that you don't realize it's worth almost nothing. The game is pretty much over, prices are insane for everything while the ways to make gold and the gold/hour they give didn't change, that + the braindead grind that was introduced with 0 content.
Gl keeping new/returning players, or even players who just didn't have elite for a long time. Banning ppl who did the dupe bug will probably only make the problem half better too, a lot of people did it and I'm pretty sure many did it on alt accounts or sent it to others, EME can't even afford to permanently ban those using *ern Scripts and exploits lmao.
A rollback is needed and the scroll prices should be talked about before letting ppl in the game.

I picked out these 2 quotes because as a (fairly) new player (since Feb 2019), this affects me the most.
I have 70k gold (due to the generosity of guildies)
I have Frostmetal gear, and was really looking forward to get my Stormcry weapon this month.
Now there is no way for me to buy darics or gems off the Broker to upgrade because everything is ridiculously inflated.

I'm not even gonna bother opening the launcher.
Server: Velika
Code: Corisa#2828

0/3 used.

Sorry I am a newcomer to this discussion, looking for some clarification.

When is the level 70 patch coming for NA?

And also, what are these Basilisks people are talking about that we need to kill 70k of? Are they the Brutal Basilisks on the Island of Dawn?

kori83 wrote: »
My character: Annia
Annia's Server: Velika
BuddyUp Code: Annia#7174

Update as of Mar.19th -

Thanks again!
Got it, thanks! I have a slayer mule, I guess she could use it
Hi everyone,

What is this box for?

it says "Saint Patrick's Plasma Smart Box"... but I cannot open it. My character is a Valkyrie btw.
If its unusable for valks, why did they give us this?
My character: Annia
Annia's Server: Velika
BuddyUp Code: Annia#7174

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