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new system antibot .. enjoy.

casual players who complain about everything ruined tera and then stop playing because they get bored and have never completed a hard mode instance ...

remove CU
bring back fwc
old gvg

totally agree with you !!!

@SageWindu said:
As much of a non-answer as this is, that's just the nature of the beast, I'm afraid. The game is built in such a way that a long fight actually feels like a long fight and most people want to avoid that, so of course they'll try to go for the path of least resistance as much as possible, be it class selection or whether or not you've already cleared that particular challenge X amount of times.

BHS doesn't seem to be in much of a hurry to alleviate the issue, sadly. Scaling dungeons somewhat akin to Ace Dungeons would be a boon for the game regarding population (i.e. a person gets to play at their own pace and not someone else's. Partying becomes optional instead of mandatory and we have less threads like this one).

When tera release ... That was the idea at the beginning when Tera came out, a game that is challenging and you have to learn to play it and not make it easy for you to play ... or buy set, not knowing how to take advantage of it and not doing anything later.

nobody is toxic .. there are only weeping people

is a joke ???

Starting Tuesday, November 26 (10 a.m. PST), and continuing until Wednesday, January 1, you’ll receive an additional reward of Primed Ore when completing Vanguard Requests. Primed Ore can be exchanged for card fragments—including the new Starlight Festival Elin and Blood Festival Elin cards—and other useful items at Meirun, an Event NPC in all major cities.

if the quest bores you to get apex ... the quest of lv68 in the new area is MORE boring.

pd: this game is not for people who get bored fast

nobody force you to play tera ...

@MargaretRose said:

@Fainall said:
I bought ONE of those new stupidly priced loot boxes and got 4 niveots out of it....seriously 3 bucks for a stupid loot box and this is what is in it? NO, just no. I am not buying one single loot box more if that crap is in there. And why are loot boxes 3 bucks each now???? That is just too much.

Very good.
Now we only require more players to speak with their wallets.
Unfortunately, the only language companies seem to understand.

"companies" need money ... They do not live on miracles.

@MatrixOfLeaders said:

The numbers are falling and this trend is the same for non-steam users also.

With new laucher dont need steam anymore . That is why these data are not reference

any game is a waste of time .

i get 4 slot bank , i hav 4 character with 5 special storage each one and another 4 character with 1 special storage totally free .

they only add on future patch .
Added Veilthroch to Metamorphic Emblem exchange shop Requires 36,000 Metamorphic Emblems.

17 times in total , annihilation gear +6 .

@josebouza said:
buenas creo que yo soy el menos indicado para decir algo sobre tera tengo 8 meses de juego en tera ,me gusta el juego hasta antes de la actualizacion deje de jugar por el simple motivo que justo consegui el set HO que me costo muchisimo sacarlo pero disfrute mucho en poder tenerlo con lo cual estaba ilusionado con el juego ,justo ponen la nueva actualizacion gear nuevo ,dios que mal otra vez empezar ...
no se si jugare mas o no me pueden llamar perezoso o como quieran pero pienso que tera estaba genial antes del parche simplemente con ser lvl 70 y la isla fuera otro terreno de caza nuevas dg mas complicadas ,todo eso dedicado a poder subir le gear HO nuevos eventos simplemente esto seria suficiente para mi ,ahora cada uno piensa de una manera distinta.

tera SIEMPRE desde la beta fue asi , llega una actualizacion de set si no lo conseguis en los primeros dos meses ya despues de eso no tiene sentido. porque al aproximarse otro parche nerfean y ponen otro , el ciclo se repite. en el evento de encantamiento en una semana subi 4 lv70 y estan full HO , me gaste menos de 500k en subir a todos. pero a la isla voy con una zerker con sc+5 , pecho sc+0 y el resto frost .
La gente se acostumbro a estar OP con heroic y hacer todo en 1 min con bosses nerfeados y ahora en la isla como no hacen daño se quejan... tera en su comienzo era un desafio que cuando lo terminabas jugabas mejor ... ahora solo quieren todo mas facil , lo facil no te deja aprender y despues se quejan que los kickean de las party porque no se saben la rotacion de dps.

just one hour ?? lol

the new gear use heroic set for retool for get special stats .. dont waste time with the actual new set .

in 2012-2014 you can wipe multiple times in dungeon level low ... when release a new dungeon take minimum a week for one party can beat , for get last set take time too ... BUT now wipe in low dungeon is IMPOSSIBLE , when release new dungeon ... 20 min later , people skilled . GG

one week of the new update and only complain...

only with azart elixir , travel journal o summon . enjoy the grind. pd: to avoid bots

just install ms c++ . .. it is not a science to do it again

lol is dead ??

i merge 2 old pet and get ECO with increased Magic Amplification. totally FREE.

I started having problems with the new launcher since Monday. when executing it, it did not start and closed itself, I was using the old launcher without problems but yesterday with the update the new launcher again had the same problem of closing only without messages or error.
install the launcher again: same error
download the update: same error

Solution: uninstall all versions of microsoft visual c ++, the new launcher ran smoothly and just reinstalled the versions of MS C ++ that were necessary for some games.

tera 2012 : people doing daily quest for get gold ,limit of 20 quest , few end game dungeon , all bank full of fodder for upgrade set and some people make guild just for a guild bank for put more fodder , epic rng for get masterwork and next for get +12. not fly mounts available , no free teleport . no pvp content .
tera 2019 : eme increase slot for bank to 8 , pet with 5 slot , pocket with slot , more daily quest (60) more fodder and items , in new zone need buff for fly , more rng , now dont need go to dungeon for get set end game . no pvp content.

i have 4 lv70 ho+3 ,4 lv68 sc9.. only fun with brawler sc+9 the new zone... just for a while.

@kori83 said:

I dont know what BHS was thinking with these ridiculous changes. We went away from rng for a reason and now we are back at it. Best in slot gear is a joke. Enchants are rng and a joke. Takes ages to farm enough credits to buy feedstock; that is a singular 1 feedstock. All this grind is just forcing people to either quit or swipe and p2w to the gear. I'm unsure if eme at this point even cares about player feedback. WE DO NOT NEED THIS $HITTY A$$ GEARING SYSTEM. The rng is cancerous, the content is stale, your elite benefits suck. dungeon coin costs are too high. I hope eme has the sense to atleast ask what their players want.

Yes, we do not need new gear. I will also add - dungeon queue times are ridiculously long when I logged in this weekend.

As a 67, I can't comment on the new content (other than the fact that I don't care to play it, and I'm too lazy to collect "card fragments" ). I've spent way too much time and resources moving from Frost to Stormcry and to HO, I refuse to spend more on new gear at a Developer's whim.

I'm gonna stand around HW with my HO, and bask in my op Red glow...
and when they take that away, I'm gonna quit.

1: they put a event for get lv68 .. for one reason.
2: they put a event of enchanting for 2 week.
3: new zone is for gamers with set end game and is a waste of time, just are massive daily quest (60 limit per day)and one dungeon il458 with useless drop.
4: you say " and I'm too lazy to collect "card fragments" .. new zone is just for grind for hours .

well bye bye ..

just go with brawler ... dont need healer .

just wait 2 week and buy superior set cheap ...

for new zone dont need alt .. is a waste of time , just farm dungeon for gold in one month buy superior set cheap .

lol ..wanna more nerf?

problem ???? where ????... problem for tank and healer for leveling??? wt.f

@5WG9CLR9R4 said:
Thanks for the valuable input fromsector7

if tera run in a pc amd athlon x3 - 4gb ram . ati 6350 2gb ram ddr3 to 50fps ....THAT is a pc master race.

the pc master race ...GG

the event end . 2 week for get HO and acc ...

I just wanted to say thank you !!!!

being able to play video games is a luxury and not a civil right ...GG .

What is the fastest way to level 66? spam Azart Hatchery , 65 to 68 in one day.

"And on a side-note, is there any news about any re-releases of a class or an entirely new class in the near future? " for more people AFK on HW ? dont need more classes .. tera need new content for active players but tera now is just grind.

ep attack is useless ... use EP point for cdr .

105 keys from elite boxes and tera reward = 35 diamond + 1 urvog

go play TERA EU .. ez .

Compensation ?? for what ? for afk on HW or erping with another guys ?

now with Azart Hatchery & Azart Hatchery solo .. can get lv 70 in a week.

1- Not all players use steam to play tera.
2- What is the percentage of casual steam players?
3- when the game was difficult and it took time to reach lv 60+ the casualties left tera in a few days, then reduced the time needed to reach lv65, the casual players did not know what to do and left the game, the casual players did not have the best set in a few days .. leave the game.
4- If the method works financially including the console version ... or if that is the intention to kill tera .. they are in their right. what is the problem?

is a bug.... gg

founders dont use steam ....

all this drama for a costume ? lol

merge or not .. is the same ,all fishing or afk in hw .

always crying for more nerf ..

I know when it arrives but it is classified information

up to +7stormcry less items requerid . nerf all low dungeon .

every patch people say " WILL BE the final blow" but still playing tera or afk in HW

rng , p2w , players grind all the time . video games need money and don't do charity , ALL are bussiness

just play another game ..

nobody force you to upgrade to max ..

if play tera ... forget the time .

what jewelry ??

meh ... just learn about APB.
Adjusted reward from the following dungeons :

Common change
Adjusted to slightly increase gold, item XP, and enchanting materials from Vanguard Requests
Red Refuge
Added Liquid Metal, Carved Ornament, Artisan’s Tools, Blightrage Weapon Chest
Removed Hypnotic Device, Archdevan Formula, Copper Clasp
Dark Reach Citadel
Added Hypnotic Device, Archdevan Formula, Copper Clasp, Blightrage Glove Chest
Removed Liquid Metal, Carved Ornament, Artisan’s Tools
Shadow Sanguinary
Added Liquid Metal, Carved Ornament,Artisan’s Tools, Blightrage Armor Chest
Removed Hypnotic Device, Archdevan Formula, Copper Clasp
RK-9 Kennel
Added Skill Advancement Scroll I
Removed Blighted/Blightrage Handwear Chest
Antaroth’s Abyss
Added Carved Ornament, Artisan’s Tools, Devil’s Claws
Removed Archdevan Formula, Copper Clasp, Dragon Skull
Changed Skill Optimization Scroll I to Skill Optimization Scroll II
Grotto of Lost Souls
Added Carved Ornament, Artisan’s Tools, Devil’s Claws
Removed Archdevan Formula, Copper Clasp, Dragon Skull
Changed Skill Optimization Scroll I to Skill Advancement Scroll II
Rakelith’s Manor
Changed Blighted/Blightrage Weapon Chest to Blighted/Blightrage Footwear chest
Velika’s Sanctuary
changed Skill Advancement Scroll I to Skill Optimization Scroll I
are OLD dungeon (2016)
this patch in ktera . Demokron Factory (hard) .. 7-man instance

Level 67 dungeon, requiring ilvl 456
Costs 490 Adventure Coins, limited to 40 entries a week (80 for Elite)
Teleportal is located at Arx Umbra, Northern Arun
Loot table includes Advance Skill XP, upgrade materials for Luminescent Necklace/Circlet, and Treasure Map (Right)

Demokron Factory .. 7-man instance

Level 66 dungeon, requiring ilvl 453
Costs 260 Adventure Coins, limited to 40 entries a week (80 for Elite)
Teleportal is located at Arx Umbra, Northern Arun
Loot table includes Advance Skill XP, Devil’s Claws, Dragon Skull, and Treasure Map (Right)

Demokron Factory .. 3-man instance

Decreased HP and endurance of all bosses
Changed to drop HP motes upon defeating bosses
Added an endurance buff to all bosses which healers can remove
Decreased endurance and movement speed of regular monsters
Decreased endurance debuff from 1st boss from 70% to 50%
Decreased endurance of 2nd boss by 50% upon shield phase
solution : keep the npc away much more and active pvp in fishing zone
i have friend .. start playing 3 month ago now have full heroic . all dungeon skilled .
if you want to claim something .."Krafton Inc"
if dont like ..just uninstall . nobody force play tera
remove the wbam ..problem solve.
and add cooldown for kick players in cs and shore hold. if use kick player have cd of 1 or 2 hr .
solution : put cooldown for kick players . 2hr .
yesterday . dungeon SC . 2 reapers = 600k/s ,warrior 900k/s each one (full frost ) . brawler drop party., i how priest .. last boss 20 min or more . i can drop too for the low dps but anyway fight with last boss without tank
Rapid Advancement and dual boost , you have to give the pet a gift for activate buff . (RNG)
people cry for all, they are never satisfied. 99% are casuals players
if dont like .. uninstall .
OP: Why when this healer is around, all of sudden the dungeon run goes faster? He must've hacked the game.
Healer: *Regress/ Plague of Exhaustion the boss*
Healer: *Thrall/ Edict of Judgement the boss to death*


add : dps slaying = hax
dps evading attack from boss = hax

on several occasions I saw dps using ONLY basic dps attacks and random skills attack in dungeon like Dark Reach Citadel . they are legit players ?
how weird .. always wanting everything easy .
if you love TERA ..learn to play ... if dont wanna learn , go to cry to another game . THIS IS TERA!!!
I already imagine ... people selling emp and spending fortune on a high grade pet to be afk or go to rg. to later complain that spend a fortune on a pet. (that nobody forced them to buy)
"a full party of legit players will take around 30-40mins to clear a dungeon " ..channelwork ? kalivan challenge ?
just learn to play tera ..

If you have not learned how to use skills rotation yet, it's your problem. If you do not know what crystals to use, it's your problem, if you do not know the mechanics of the dungeons it's your problem.
this update is alt killer.
my bank 1 of 8 . before patch 77 i think https://imgur.com/a/17mHwuZ LEGIT
Those who complain about exploit is because they do not know which one to use. if they knew, they would not complain that people use them
some complain that it will take a long time to get to lv70 and that it will cost a lot of gold, that many will stop playing for that, ..... the question, so they prepare and say they have everything ready if Are they speculating that nobody will play in the future?
casual , hardcore , farmer ... choice one .
tera has a cycle that is repeated always, something is given but you get another, the theme is to anticipate what is coming, it is as simple as that and with that you get the difference, there are many advantages that you can get by reading, now if only you you're going to complain, you're not going to win anything. As simple as that...
2012 : 100K+ of gold = rich
2015 : 500k+ of gold = rich
2019 : 2m+ of gold = rich

i dont care the economy ... just buy elite with gold to others players and sometimes costumes , farm my items and don't sell emp .
It's lucky not to use items and save them. sometimes I earn gold and sometimes I lose ... 21 lv65 , 8 with sc+7 and weapon+9 , my last dungeon was 2 months ago .

fast math = 37m

just six years ?
uninstall .
well... good bye
jersey shore
esopasaxotario .
in 2012-2013-2014 . it was necessary make a party for kill a bam and no dropping motes . the bam could kill you from a hit. have more hp and defense.
eme nerf BAM . now just bam become mobs .
Adjusted balance for Celestial Arena

Increased HP of monters by 5 times per stage, decreased movement speed by 80%
Added reward by ranking (rank 1-3) :
Rank 1 :
Archdevan Oil
Refined Archdevan Metal (new item)
Celestial Arena Box
Rank 2-3 :
Archdevan Oil
Refined Archdevan Metal (new item)
Celestial Arena Box (1 of) :
Metamorphic Emblem
Otherworldly Shard
Devil’s Toenail
Dragon’s Skull
Elemental Essence
@Emmalie is tera NA !!!
Special items for those who play tera from beta ...
i have 8 character with sc+entropy . 8 with frostmetal+5 . i never sold and never buyed emp , never buy materials on tb. maybe play 3hr or less for day . I only dedicate a lot of time to tera when there is a drop event . economy is a trap
just wait for the next update and upgrade to HO ..
denied ...
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