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As also mentioned on Discord, this is something your friend will have to get resolved with support. There is too much about the details of the situation that we cannot know. For example, the circumstances of just who the "someone" is who managed to get into account is important. If they find out that she had deliberately shared credentials with that person for whatever reason, and then later on that person decided to use the credentials she provided to steal her stuff, they wouldn't consider that a "hack" or "unauthorized access." To determine this sort of thing, they would look back at the access logs to see the history of accesses from that computer/PC, when it started, etc. All this is stuff we can't know from our point of view, but they can see.

In my honest experience, there is usually another side to these sorts of stories because EME Support is typically extremely reluctant (almost to a fault) to take any sort of disciplinary action against any account unless there's irrefutable evidence. So if they say they are unable to resolve the situation here, I expect there is another side to this story we don't know. But if you really think it's just a misunderstanding of some kind, follow up with support in the ticket and be sure to be fully honest about all the circumstances so they can align the story told with the data they see. If they perceive that you're telling them one thing but their data suggests something different actually happened, this could easily sour their attitude towards doing this kind of favor. That being said, this all might be a big misunderstanding too, and if so the best way is still to work it through honestly with Support. I assure you that they're not bad people (especially the anti-fraud team), but they get lied to by people all the time, so they keep their guard up if they think that's what's going on.

In general terms, people should use Account Armor. It's certainly not infallible since people could hack your email to hack your EME account, but it puts a significant extra hurdle in the process. If an unknown person does hack your email to get to your account, EME's data will be able to see where that access came from and help corroborate the story.

FWIW, if you really want to know how/why this happens... These kinds of technical translations aren't actually done by EME, but they're part of the "base translations" done by BHS themselves. Localization happens as a step after that to align proper names, terminology, turn "boring" objectives into actual narratives, etc. Localization wouldn't generally look at technical terminology like this because it's assumed -- sometimes wrongly! -- that the developers should know which term is correct for tooltips like this (since it related to formulas not visible/provided to the localization staff). The way issues like this would get fixed would be to get flagged as a QA issue, that then gets verified by BHS, and then could result in a tooltip change (likely for all regions that use the English translation and derive other translations from it).

So for the rhetorical "what are you even doing there?" question related to this specific issue, the answer is that literally no one at EME works on this kind of thing. They do localization, not translation, and especially not translation of "technical terms" that come from the developers.

Now, the dungeon naming thing on the other hand is a localization issue that results in the same name being multiple places throughout the files/code. So that they should fix. There was another issue like with DANM being called something else in the tooltip. That issue actually is a sign of the difference between the provided translation (in the one missed tooltip) and localization (elsewhere in the game, marketing materials, etc.). Will try to mention it, but it may be good to send in a ticket. (I think they realize already because of the confusion for the double drop.)

@TJKat said:
Since EME has made the decision that they will not do anything that requires more than the absolute bare minimum of effort on their part, and BHS just doesn't seem to care since they haven't done anything about it yet, I wouldn't expect anything to be done about this any time soon. Or ever.

Just for what it's worth on this point, this isn't something that EME themselves is able to fix as it's part of data files built/provided by BHS. We did search through all the data and there were no versions of these costumes open to Elin. But, as you insinuated, the amount of priority BHS wants to put on these kinds of cosmetics right now is not high, so I don't know if it's likely they will do it.

As far as I know, we made sure every single available and usable cosmetic is in that merchant, and I don't think the situation has changed at all since.

A similar action was also taken in other regions of the game. (The 1/7 ratio matches what was done in K-TERA; that's where they got it from. I posted it in the sticky thread on Friday.) Having a treasury that high raises the "stakes" of the event (since a substantial portion goes to the winner), and considering this was the first time it was back on after the bug, IMO it would have been too risky and imbalanced to leave as-is.

If the idea were to have some sort of compensation for the weeks it was off/broken, I think other options could be considered so that the benefits are more shared to everyone (and not "winner takes most"). I'm not sure what the options might be or if they'd be considered, but the first thing was at least to make sure that the event ran properly again with "normal" stakes.

@Nyrissa said:
But that is silly saying that rng makes a game fun and long lasting, in fact look at this game, count the servers. The game is not popular. You have a small audience and its being driven away.

To be clear, I personally think the RNG is too far, and I don't like the revert-fail mechanic (although at least it doesn't destroy your gear in the process like RO used to do). It's just something that's been a staple of a lot of Korean MMORPGs over the years including many of their "classics." Although this is a thing people complain about, there are a lot of other popular games right now that are very RNG-heavy, so I'm not sure that I could convincingly argue that this is the issue that "killed the game" (so to speak), though obviously it's a factor for some people.

But I mean, let's be honest: it's like gambling. Instead of gambling with your money and ending up broke IRL, you gamble with your in-game resources and your gear may end up either ahead or behind. Do I think games like this should be built on gambling-style mechanics? Not really, no. But the reason they build video games with gambling-style mechanics is that people have been proven repeatedly to find it addictive.

That said, I'll say the same thing I've always said about lootboxes: at the very least they need to show the odds and have a failure cap. They've kind of toyed with aspects of both of those in this game on and off over the years, but if I could force anything I would at least want to make that the minimum standard as a start.

@FODOKCH said:

The game is evolving based on player feedback and behavior, but it's definitely a lot slower than a lot of people would like. Plus, it is true that different markets have different "tastes" in MMOs, and I think it's safe to say that our region isn't really in the "driver's seat" in terms of setting the tone/direction for the overall game (we have input, but just one voice among many worldwide). From all I've seen/heard though, the staff both here and in Korea seem determined to keep the game going. TERA is a very niche game, but it's a very passionate niche, and the core of the game still has a strong appeal (even if they keep trying to find different ways of packaging it to keep it financed).

player feedback it doesnt exist, look the patch notes some years ago the people doesnt ask for downgrade enchant, the people before complained about it ok, the removed it, and we asked TO NOT PUT AGAIN, and now they put this [filtered] again [...]

It doesn't mean they're going to agree with everything everyone asks for, obviously. I think we would all agree that there are things in this game we would change if it were up to us, but there are lots of different stakeholders around the world that all have their say. At the same time, changes are being made in response to feedback. The revamped progression from 65 to 70 is something that I know was pushed for very strongly, for instance, and I know of many others as well. We keep pushing to round the hard edges of the game, and some improvements are happening. Obviously we wish for even more changes.

I don't think you will ever get these developers to move away from RNG. It is deeply in their blood and is completely inseparable from their concept of what makes an MMO fun and long-lasting. Even if we say we don't agree, that's simply how they design games (and, generally speaking, events). The reason I said "feedback and behavior" is because, although people say they hate RNG, it has a proven history of working in this game (both in the cash shop, and in the game proper). What people say and what people do aren't always aligned. So this is what I mean by "rounding the hard edges" -- I don't believe we can fundamentally change the developers' nature or get them to take an "Americas-centric view" of how the game should be built, but we can focus on the most severe problems and push to adjust them one way or another. (The card grind was one example of this, and that's partly why we have this event we have now.)

Anyway, I realize that my saying this doesn't really change anything if they haven't solved the specific problems that are driving you away from the game. Whenever they do something that they "should already know is unpopular" in our market, people will have grounds to make the same complaint, and not without reason. But the only real practical approach, given that we're just one voice at the table, is to pick our battles. We will never "drive the agenda" but we can push on specific issues when it's especially problematic and see changes made there. That's what we try to do anyway, with at least some measured success from time to time.

Rox provided an update earlier today about the treasury:

Civil Unrest is enabled for the weekend. Gold pool has been adjusted as follows. Note that gold values below include silver/copper.

VE: 3563931876824
KA: 1720521963253

VE: 509285865198
KA: 245862588548

Modifier = 1/7 (.1429)

@Nilkemia said:
Their continued attempts to incentivize and favor dungeons are a big part of why Tera is in this rut now. I don't know if the KR audience enjoys that, but the point is that it doesn't work over here, especially when most of the game discourages partying to begin with yet forces you to do it to make any real progress later on. There is plenty of content (The Ace dungeons, the IoD BAM tokens, Guardian Legion missions for examples) that has been just left behind that could be changed to provide some alternatives to progress, yet they refuse. I can only guess that deep down, they realize that if there were viable alternatives, most people wouldn't bother with their precious dungeons.

Honestly though, one of the biggest pieces of feedback they got from the "era" that tried to introduce solo alternatives to group content was specifically that people didn't like them moving away from dungeons (and that people felt that the "best era" of TERA was back when it was all about dungeons). Many people commented at the time that, given that TERA is an MMO based on the traditional RPG trinity, solo content advantages DPS players and makes progression more tedious/annoying especially for healers. A lot of people said that moving away from group content was itself the step back (and why "TERA is in this rut now"). I'm not necessarily saying that's my personal opinion entirely, but it was definitely a commonly-held view, and one that the developers themselves reflected in their comments about changes they made. So I sort of feel like it's an "it all depends on who you ask" sort of issue. Part of why I think Exodor ended up in this current state is because it was created initially in that era focusing on solo grinds, but they then decided to shift back towards an emphasis on dungeons, so it's in this unhappy middleground that seems somewhat wasteful.

Personally, I still feel that one of TERA's biggest problems in these last years is that they've lacked a really cohesive vision for what TERA is, who it's for, and what players should expect. They tried to be a sort of "big tent" where they absorb gameplay ideas from many other games (in the last few years a lot from BDO, for instance) as a sort of "we can do that too" move, but it didn't really "gel" into a package, and they don't have enough staff to really keep all the plates spinning in all the different aspects. So as a result, things went in waves and it felt like the whole focus/emphasis of the game was shifting to different things. This inevitably pleases no one because the people who liked x now find that they're neglecting x to do more of y but they don't like y, and then new players who liked y get disheartened when the focus shifts to z or back to x. In an ideal world they'd have enough people on staff to keep everything in full balance (PvE solo, PvE group, and PvP), but yeah...

Our version is very similar to the Korean version. (EME works closely with BHS to coordinate what happens in our region, making it very similar to what is happening in Korea.) I don't necessarily know if the Korean version is doing "amazing" (depends on your metrics/point of comparison) but as a older niche game it's hanging in there both here and there.

In the last several months they've made a number of changes that reduced some of the worst aspects of grind they introduced, but not entirely. At least I think it's safe to say that it has improved from its worst point, though it hasn't yet gotten back to the best point. (Where that "best point" was in the past is certainly debatable -- there have been many complaints about and problems with every "era" of TERA.)

The one thing we do know about the future is that a 64-bit version of the game is going to come in the next few months, which is supposed to help address some of the game's performance issues. (To what degree it helps remains to be seen of course.) They are also continuing to work on new content, but obviously it's too soon to say if it'll really address any of your specific concerns or not.

The game is evolving based on player feedback and behavior, but it's definitely a lot slower than a lot of people would like. Plus, it is true that different markets have different "tastes" in MMOs, and I think it's safe to say that our region isn't really in the "driver's seat" in terms of setting the tone/direction for the overall game (we have input, but just one voice among many worldwide). From all I've seen/heard though, the staff both here and in Korea seem determined to keep the game going. TERA is a very niche game, but it's a very passionate niche, and the core of the game still has a strong appeal (even if they keep trying to find different ways of packaging it to keep it financed).

This weekend, on Saturday, 27 June, the current plan from EME is to try to have Civil Unrest: Velika (CU) run as scheduled based on fixes provided as part of this week's patch. (As happened since the arrival of DST and the previous game changes, we expect prep to start at Saturday 5pm PDT / Sunday 00:00 UTC and the event to start at Saturday 6pm PDT / Sunday 01:00 UTC.)

However, as it has not been run yet on the live servers since the recent fixes, there is still a chance that something may go wrong that can't be reproduced on internal test servers. If there are any major issues (or if for some unknown reason it doesn't start as scheduled), CU may have to be cancelled again, but at this time guilds should be prepared to give it a try. If the situation changes, we will update this thread. If you run into issues, please feel free to report in on the EME Discord in the #terapc-general channel.

Also, I'm not too sure the cause:effect relation. You encountered a bug and toxicity, and a vanilla Tera would solve it? Having been there, I can assure you, it too had bugs and toxicity...

In any case, sorry that you had a bad experience, but given that you already installed the game there's not anything anyone can do to help now.

@Oicwutudidthur said:
How about a significantly lower spawn pve zone for the event in conjunction to the higher spawn pvp zone. You get your choice of reward where it's risk vs reward.

I'm not sure if it will be possible to change anything for this event right now (or if they would agree to do it), but if it were possible (for this or a future event) what would be a good zone to choose that already blocks PvP?

I'm not really sure at this point what the solution is. People often ask for open world mob spawn events like this, and one of the reasons is that it provides a reason to PvP on the PvP servers. There's not really a way to force "fair fights" unless you just don't allow any PvP at all. What's your proposal to address this?

@Glaiver said:
Are you trying to force people to do party dungeons that much? Is that such a big goal?

Honestly, the answer is probably yes. A big reason is because "profitable" open world grinding (like you're talking about) encourages botting. They already kinda/sorta created a problem like that with fishing. They occasionally make open world mob kill events, but they're time limited. But besides that, they need a critical mass of people to do group content to be viable, and group content is also limited (to control the speed/pace of progression, and sadly, to sell adventure coins...). They've used vanguard requests to provide a middle ground for this in some cases (kill mobs, get a reward, but only a limited number of times per day), but in general open world mob drops aren't going to be that lucrative.

Yeah, we passed the message along to the staff and they fixed it so should be good now!

Just to confirm, this is the first time attempting to buy, right? There's a monthly limit on this item so we wondered if it might somehow be related to that, but not sure.

@SageWindu said:

@CornishRex said:

@SageWindu said:

@nnhorizon said:

@SageWindu said:
Going for laurels was borderline pointless when someone thought it was a good idea to undo a cheevo's progress if the associated content got removed.


That's it? Just "no"? What is "no" about my statement?

What other game have you played where an achievement was rolled back because, say, a server went offline or a LTE ended? Because I sure hell haven't seen that anywhere else, and I've been gaming for 20+ years.

They're not rolled back dude, in tera there's something called achievement seasons and it's perfectly fair and reasonable to have them, it gives everyone the chance to have champion in the season they play and clear all content in. I really see no issue. You still keep those achievements in legacy, and titles are something that never get removed, when that content returns you also have your cheevos back.

I know about "seasons", thank you; I was referring to the point values being rolled back, not the cheevos themselves, which is pretty much the same thing since we're talking about points needed for laurels (and last I checked, titles don't count toward laurels). Also, if that content doesn't come back? The points from that one cheevo you might have spent literal weeks trying to clear so you could get that shiny new laurel? Off to the Shadow Realm Legacy section it goes for all eternity, rendering its point values null and literally undoing the progress that went into trying to get a laurel (which was my original point).

Again, I've never seen that happen in any other game I've played. Either a cheevo's point values were independent of the content's status (see sports titles) or the cheevo itself could no longer be obtained because of such (again, see sports titles). To date, TERA is the only game I've played where cheevo points go into Purgatory because the associated content was removed and progress therein was negated, rotating seasons be damned.

It'd just mean you'd have to have two separate point calculations: a seasonal point calculation (that would exclude inaccessible achievements and prioritize the new things they want people to do), and an overall/cumulative point calculation (that forever added up no matter what). That way your old/legacy achievements would still be reflected in some sort of total for posterity, but it wouldn't be counted towards the season. (It's either that or they could take all the legacy achievements and assign those points into a different "legacy point total" category and people could add the two up themselves to get their "lifetime total."

Anyway, aside this, I suspect that the issue with the wrong threshold will probably be fixed in next Tuesday's patch when they add the new content. We probably just inherited this next patch's thresholds early due to a code merge issue.

@Versailies said:
It's just weird to me bust/butt sliders are really common in a lot of games now. Especially Asain mmos. Heck such sliders are pretty standard in many cases.

Yeah when they first started developing this game nearly 15 years ago (it wasn't released until early 2011 in Korea, but development started many years before that), it was a lot less common. Consider games like WoW and how the character creators worked in games like that. Obviously since then MMOs have raised the bar on how much customization they offer significantly, but they haven't gone back in this game to rework that fundamental aspect of the code.

One of the big reasons for this, as was mentioned, is that costumes in this game are directly tied to the character model itself, and are not "layers" that are affixed on the characters in real-time by the engine. So as a result there's a limit to how much character customization they can provide unless they rework all the costumes in the game.

Both of these issues seem to relate in all or in part to your client patch. You probably need to restart the launcher to get the latest EN patch.


That said, the second issue seems to be a limit to the event at the moment -- it can either say "BAM" or "monster" but they can't specify the type right now in the UI (at least they way they did it at the moment).

@Alex72 said:
What do you say guys can you still have fun? Since im not with any guild or any friends who want to play Tera i dont know i far i get solo.

You can definitely still have fun, but it's still advantageous to get into a guild if you can once you get to end-game. Of course you can live the solo life and rely on LFG (etc.) but that brings its own challenges that are a lot easier if you have a group of regulars to play with.

@xXDariusXx said:
Removing the Island of dawn was the stupidest thing they ever did. It was the perfect introduction to this game.

The game lost a lot of charm when they removed it.

In it's original state, it was pretty good, but with all the condensing they made over time, it ended up not being that good from a tutorial point of view. Obviously the map was beautiful and that aspect made it a good introduction, but it wasn't really a well-used map in its later quest state. If we went back to the very first launch state (with prologue and all), then yes, but I'm not sure if people would like spending ~2-3 hours before leaving tutorial island in this day and age.

@66ECX7NAN7 said:
Wrong, removing campfires was the stupidest thing they ever did.

Campfires are super polarizing; basically you either loved it or hated it. Have to admit that I found it more annoying than not having to stop what I was doing and wait by a campfire for the stamina gauge to recharge (plus, I hated that people would troll with charms and worse charms would override your good ones). I get that people liked the social aspect and that it broke up the pace of combat... but yeah, on the whole, personally can't say I miss them.

@DeusFurta said:
Another good point brought up by @Oicwutudidthur was that coins are consumed when you hit the first mob instead of on a clear. This unfortunately forces players to keep a more elitist mindset as they may "loose" a run when they decide to join a party that's learning a dungeon. If this changed to coins consumed "On a clear" It would make PVE a much more inclusive community.

The one issue with this is that they'd have to make sure, in all the content across the whole game, there are no meaningful loot drops that occur until you kill the final boss which triggers the coin "cost", and there are no "tells" about what loot you might get until the coin cost is incurred. There's definitely content in the game right now where that's the case, but not all of it.

Adventure Coins might indeed be necessary to keep the lights on, but I think there are improvements that should be made. Giving more flexibility to the players to run when they want to run and not punishing them for helping others learn is a great start. It's unhealthy for a community to feel that they are forced to spend more and more money because of an arbitrary artificial limit on progression. A few people will spend money, of course, but more will just leave feeling betrayed by a greedy publisher. I think a lot of people on this thread would rather spend money on more meaningful content or simply be afforded the flexibility to play how and when they want to play.

Well, a few points...

  1. Just to be fair, coins are enabled in all regions of the game not just ours; we were the aberration by having it temporarily off which happened for a special reason (to compensate for the DDoS attacks). So yeah, this shows that publishers "can" turn it off, but to do that on a permanent basis (and accept the resulting cut in revenue permanently) is most likely a political/business problem. People may feel they were "betrayed by a greedy publisher" but it's a bit more complicated than that.

  2. Almost all MMOs (including the P2P/subscription ones) put some sort of artificial cap/limit on progression in one way or another as a way of balancing "casual" vs. "hardcore." It's mostly just a question of a) what approach you take (and the consequences of that approach), and b) whether that approach is monetized (which generally it isn't in P2P, but often is in F2P). For example, the difference between limiting daily/weekly "entries" (or "clears" as discussed above) and limiting daily/weekly "loot."

  3. I think another point that they would argue (whether I agree or not) is that the new coin-based system is more flexible than the previous system we had of just locking entries to each dungeon. Instance Reset Scrolls (the old method) also had a fairly long cooldown (I think it was 5 hours?), and you typically only had 2 entries per dungeons (4 for Elite). I think the counter-argument here is that, because the top/desirable instances take so many coins, you can only do a few runs of that and can't do anything else for that day. But on the other hand, I'm not sure to what degree people were running the "less desirable" dungeons in the old system anyway; it also means that newer players can do a lot more runs before hitting the cap, which may help them to catch up. So at least there's some finer points to consider if comparing the old system to the new one; we've had limits in some form all along.

So basically I'm not disagreeing with you that improvements need to be made, but there's some nuance here to how it's done. The idea of not having any caps at all (or having caps so high that it's as though it's not capped) is going to cause problems over the long term with casual/hardcore balance; as much as people may like the flexibility, the game designers do have to take that into account. Whether they should be monetizing that is another question entirely, but I don't see how we can win that fight. They would probably argue that, since instance reset scrolls were always a feature of lootboxes and Elite in the past, they've always been "monetizing" these progression gates, coins are just a little more "obvious."

@Glaiver said:

@asianfarmer said:
As to why most people farming cards in the field got 2x or 3x the amount of (green) cards last last week instead of last weekend, the answer is that:
They only remembered to turn on 200% card drop rate in the field in the last 12hrs of the promised 3-days.

My friend and i did 2000 mobs experiments both weekends :)

Small Indie Company

Ironically, though, in this specific case that's actually true. (Unlike when this meme is usually used for mega companies like Blizzard or Square Enix and so on.)

We did ask about this event, incidentally, and they said it was programmed to work, but if it actually only worked for the last 12 hours then clearly something must have gone wrong for whatever reason. It's obviously something that needs more investigation when they try to run it again.

@Seongju90 said:
There has to be at least one employee with enough common sense to know that bringing this adventure coin system is a horrible idea. When you announced that you would bring it back, most of the playerbase seems to be against it. Then why do it?

I don't like it, but the answer is pretty clear: it makes people spend. Even though stamina systems are commonplace on mobile games, they're unpopular in PC games in this market (they even made a big deal of removing it in Closers for our region), but right now the developers are not producing enough fashion, mounts, and other desirable cosmetic items to make that the main income source. (Unlike certain other markets, our region isn't creating custom content in order to monetize it either.) So instead, they have to monetize core gameplay. There's basically three streams for that: boosters, materials (e.g. enchanting mat crates), and these coins. It also, incidentally, increases the value of Elite, which can increase conversions that way.

I think everyone knows it's a good idea in theory to keep players happy and playing more, but unless you have something to sell that people want, it doesn't pay the bills. I know people think of big companies like EA or whatever that are raking in cash hand over fist and still implement every greedy monetization scheme imaginable... but niche games like TERA are in a slightly different situation. In most F2P games, 90%+ of all players pay little or nothing, so when you're at a smaller scale, every sale counts. Still, this pressure to monetize basic gameplay is one of the things I dislike about modern F2P gaming in general, since it really muddies the waters between making the game "fun" and keep the game "profitable."

Late reply, but for what it's worth I think I can tell you why they probably wouldn't do this. Although this may seem weird to a lot of people, part of the thing about fashion in this game (and other fashion-focused games... and also certain fashion circles in real life too) is being seen with the latest most "trendy" thing. So when the latest lootbox comes out, there's an rush to be part of the exclusive group who gets it, and gets it first. If it became really easy/trivial to get that fashion in the initial rush, even if it were temporary, it looses the "envy" appeal that they rely on to make money. People could just look trendy for that initial window when it's the new hotness without having to "commit," and so they'd lose money from that audience.

Of course, this doesn't apply when the fashion isn't seen as "trendy" (i.e. if people think it's ugly, or whatever). In that case, letting people try it on would be good because maybe they'll try it and like and then decide to buy.

None of this should be construed as supporting lootboxes, though. Although I will say that I am happy they are being improved (the new system is much better than the days of 5 golden talents or a crux or whatever, and they are finally posting the odds), the lack of a failure cap is still a big problem, especially given that new items aren't added to the Emporium systematically (yet?). And yeah, obviously everything would be better if it could all be "direct sale and reasonably priced"... but then they'd have to make up the lost revenue elsewhere (lootboxes make $$$$ for them, much more than direct sale) and I don't prefer them continuing to squeeze on in-game systems instead.

While TERA has some interesting lore, it honestly has never been a game with all that cohesive of a story experience to begin with (even back at launch). I would never say that was a core strength. Consider, for instance, that from launch you could out-level the story quest and then "catch up" in a different arc, even though you didn't finish previous ones in the timeline, and so you could end up with multiple versions of the same NPC in different places at the same time, including after they otherwise met their untimely demise. Basically, the story was always to serve the gameplay, not the other way around. So it's not that surprising to me that other concerns (leveling expediency/streamlining, combat difficulty vs. gear creep, etc.) have taken precedence over lore continuity. If that's enough for the game to not deserve your respect/money/patronage, sure, but I find it a bit hard to fault the game at this point for something that was never really a selling point of this game.

@Hargore said:
mEME: "Oh right I hear you, nice ideas, then here is a Jackpot Strongbox Event !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

In fairness, people have been asking for a strongbox jackpot event a lot as well. It's not mutually exclusive. Though whether they can do this specific event as proposed requires more testing and validation first.

FWC was brought back in an "unofficial" way for this special event, so there are some weird quirks with it (due to it being unsupported by the devs globally at this time). It seems like the issue here is that there's a daily cap of 16 for this vanguard, but in some situations it doesn't always behave consistently... and then eventually it fixes itself. So most likely I would check to see if the vanguard resets itself after tomorrow's daily vanguard reset.

We are hopeful that if there's a good reaction overall (despite the bugs/quirks) BHS will consider bringing it back in an official way, and then hopefully they would be able to fix this issue (and the other noted).

@Ellexem said:
Regarding the performance issue, this kind of event seems to be working on the Gameforge servers right now, so perhaps something was changed in the handling code?

It's possible that they might have fixed it and EME may just have not bothered trying it again due to the bad previous experience. And yeah, the problem with this sort of thing is that it's something you can only test on live (because it's related to load) so it's "risky." Basically what they could do is run a publicly-announced test on the live servers where they tell everyone "okay, we're going to turn this on for the next x time, but it might not work and if it crashes things we'll turn it off." Anyway, if other regions seem to be using it now with success, maybe it's fixed.

So... actually, one time in the past they tried to use Starlyn events for tracking kills of open world mobs, and it didn't go well -- it basically crashed the servers. Essentially each different "event" for this (each tier, each type, etc.) run in parallel and for every mob kill in the whole game the code has to check if it counts towards each threshold. So yeah, while it works okay on test servers, it cascades into an unmanageable mess when thousands of people are playing on the server at once. This is basically why, ever since they tried that, all the Starlyn events have been tied to instance completions (since completion events happen a lot less frequently than kill events).

Because they can't do Starlyn for mob kills, what ends up happening with mob events instead is that it has to rely on RNG drops. And then we get into the other big problem with events: balancing between "no-lifers" and "casual players." If the events are too lucrative, there will be some people who will farm them non-stop continuously for the entire event period, and so this makes them lower the rates to be not so lucrative -- which makes it suck for casual players.

So the workaround for that is the new "account-limited shop" feature. That way you can have certain non-tradable prizes that are nice but account-limited, and then other prizes for "farmers" that are okay but not worth setting up armies of bots/scripts/whatever. The problem with that is that it's harder to configure (both technically and to plan out all the merchant contents) and it requires a new EN patch to configure the token. So the "lead time" to implement an event like this is much higher -- they can't just "turn it on" like they would a Starlyn event.

So anyway... I think this is a great idea, actually (and EME thought so before too), but unfortunately the Starlyn system doesn't scale the way it should since it puts way too much burden on the servers running all this constant real-time tracking for everyone.

@MargaretRose said:

@seraphinush said:
I managed to save up 30 improved weapon fs and 90 improved armor fs all grinded within 2 weeks -- managed to get my main character to full +15 with leftovers to spare for guildies/to sell.

Not trying to be a [filtered].
But did normal players knew to save up for a 24h enchant event?

Yes, it was announced at the same time for everyone with the Strongbox Jackpot Event.


In case this is what you are insinuating, any event that can influence the in-game economy is not announced to Player Council in advance.

If you have actually concrete suggestions on events that are feasible within the constraints we have today (i.e. it can't require full-time staff days/weeks to plan like the old days, and isn't just going to rain mats to render the rest of the game pointless), please feel free to make a thread with specific suggestions. Pissing about what is and isn't an "event" is pointless and won't change anything.

They haven't given any fixed/firm dates yet because it's still only in beta in Korea so I don't think they want to commit until things are more firmed up. It wouldn't surprise me if it might be late-Summer, but I wouldn't get my hopes up until things are a bit more solid.

@BlackHeartNoire said:
I don't understand why they do this.

Well, ending early not withstanding, it's because the event system is all tied together. What they really need to do instead is create two separate but related events - the "earn" event and the "spend" (NPC) event, and then stagger the right one to end before the other. That would solve this kind of problem. Unfortunately none of the events are setup this way for now.

@GoingClokWise said:

@counterpoint said:

@GoingClokWise said:
How is it 70 when the exp stops at 65 and so what if "history" haven't supported that. Thats not our problem to deal with.

Could you clarify? On PC, anyway, EXP does go all the way to 70 (and they recently streamlined the process to make it easier to reach 70).

i dont play tera on pc i play it on the playstation and i've seen a lot of lvl 65 players. i've never spotted a lvl 70 player

Oh... then the problem is that you posted this in the wrong section of the forum. This is the PC section, hence the responses you're getting.

Console section is here:

I do imagine that on Console they will raise the level cap to 70 at some point (since they already did on PC) but hopefully you won't go through the painful process PC had to go through when that happened (and get the improved version we have now).

Yeah, they definitely know that there are some issues with it -- it was just turned on "as is" with the understanding that it hasn't been managed/maintained by BHS since it was turned off, so there are clearly some bugs. But the decision was made to roll with it anyway since it was still fun despite the issues, at least as a short-term event.

Obviously who knows what will happen, but we're hoping that if the response is very good and there's lots of activity/play time, BHS will consider bringing it back "for real" (and fix these bugs), so definitely hope all PvP players who like FWC will give it a shot despite the bugs.

Yeah I understand that the merchant disappeared earlier than expected, so if you received this it's a "make up" and the NPC will be coming back.

@GoingClokWise said:
How is it 70 when the exp stops at 65 and so what if "history" haven't supported that. Thats not our problem to deal with.

Could you clarify? On PC, anyway, EXP does go all the way to 70 (and they recently streamlined the process to make it easier to reach 70).

@CornishRex said:

@counterpoint said:

@CornishRex said:
having actual responsive staff in the discord that won't perma ban you for saying one wrong thing like eme did to 3 of my accounts

Given that I see the log of all Discord bans, I have some serious doubts. (Either that EME staff banned you or that it was for "saying one wrong thing.") But if you actually think this is the case, send in a support ticket to ask for your ban to be reviewed and, if it's really as isolated as you claim, they can give you a second chance. Most of the times I see people make a claim like this, what they did was incredibly ill-advised, stupid, or malicious... but if you participated in a meme storm or something, you may have been part of a spam ban wave.

I've had a player council member already look at my ban, he said the reason was "conduct not allowed here" aka super vague even though my last post was really inoffensive. It was completely unwarranted considering i got no warnings, was never particularly insulting on my main account and I spent a lot of time helping others in that discord. But oh well.

I haven't looked up to see the specific issue, but if you care I recommend to send in a support ticket instead. Council can look at the log, but the actual staff handle the appeals process. They can also decide if they want to give you more specific information about what/why (which Council members generally are not supposed to give).

@CornishRex said:
having actual responsive staff in the discord that won't perma ban you for saying one wrong thing like eme did to 3 of my accounts

Given that I see the log of all Discord bans, I have some serious doubts. (Either that EME staff banned you or that it was for "saying one wrong thing.") But if you actually think this is the case, send in a support ticket to ask for your ban to be reviewed and, if it's really as isolated as you claim, they can give you a second chance. Most of the times I see people make a claim like this, what they did was incredibly ill-advised, stupid, or malicious... but if you participated in a meme storm or something, you may have been part of a spam ban wave.

Anyway, I think the original point was answered before it derailed into this tangent, so let's just leave it at that.

@Akilleez89 said:
That's not incuding 27 dragons

Obviously the catch here is that you can't "cash out" because they're not tradable, so it's a bit tricker to measure the "value." The fact that it's not tradable also means that the broker price for the dragons isn't going to collapse to the degree it otherwise might have (which was probably part of the motivation for not making this one tradable). But if you needed/wanted the dragons, it definitely factors into the calculation.

@Fainall said:
I think it's time for game devs to realize that most gamers don't actually like to grind. We are over it. We did that on 3 dozen other games ages ago. Gamers have grown up, they want something a little more stimulating. A little more diverse. A little more inspiring.

The problem is that there is, indeed, still a group of hardcore players who will do the grind. These kinds of events are meant primarily to appeal to that very small but very-dedicated group of players, and be "aspirational" to push others to increase their playtime. (Whether the rewards this time are enough to be aspirational may be a different issue...)

But I think for something like an anniversary event they should have multiple parallel paths. That's what they did in many previous years where (eventually) you could choose a bunch of different ways to earn tokens, so I'm still hopeful that more options/events are put on the table.

@Maulclaw said:
I refuse to believe that people genuinely want the level cap to be raised. Why? It's unnecessary at so many levels.

I mean, if it were actually an "expansion" in the traditional MMO sense with new zones, quests, dungeons, enemies, skills, the works... then at least it has the potential to be interesting (maybe). When properly done, an expansion can be a good way to bring back lapsed players. But if it's going to be the way they stretched out the last one for maximum grind over time, then I agree that they're better off just adding more content within the existing framework.

@TYoung11 said:
Another level increase like the last would probably kill the game for good...for some reason BHS/Krafton thinks grinding bams for 3-4 weeks straight just to level is "fun." A lot of people quit for good or took a looong break when they found out leveling was nothing but bam grinding.

I'll give them credit for finally making it reasonable. It just took more than a year for them to do it.

It seems to me that they went through a "we need to be more like BDO" phase. I assume that's what the new publisher in Korea was pushing them towards, but I have a hard time seeing how they ever hoped for that to work in other markets where the game was never "about" that until now. It was especially bad because you had people who heard about the "expansion" and wanted to come back to the game to try it out, but there was no way for them to experience the new stuff without this massive hurdle grinding old stuff (and even when they did, the new stuff was just more mindless grind), so a ton of people just said "nope." Even now that it's "fixed" (whether it's gotten too easy or not) I wonder how many people just won't give the game a second chance because of this silliness. IMO this is the problem when you have high-ranking executives who are focused exclusive on "improving the metrics" rather than making a more enjoyable game, but I digress...

@Oicwutudidthur said:
I've seen another game try to bring out new functionality to their already existing store. When that got released, it was causing a lot of errors and spammed the servers with repeated calls - the game essentially DDOS'd itself. Since they were getting so many errors, it essentially slowed down all services to the point where the store stopped functioning for some people - if it can only handle so many requests at a time it starts to discard some requests if the rate is too high. Is it possible that the calendar is doing something similar?

I don't think so because, for the people who this is affecting, it's 100% consistent and it's tied specifically to their account. If they have a second account and login under the same conditions, chances are it will work. So I think as was said above, it must come down to some sort of property or setting related to the affected accounts themselves, but no idea what it is.

@Dreadweaver said:
Don't see either. Again and again and again I have to write tickets to support and send screenshots and prove that I logged, did vanguards, and I have nothing.... I just don't get why is it so hard to either 1 fix it at last, or 2 make something else!

EME making issues every time, what should happen so you'd understand that it DOESN WORK????

They're not "making" the issue; this event is in the game proper. For most people it does work, but for a small group of people it doesn't, and so far no one has figured out why it doesn't work just for that group. All the things I've tried testing myself have failed to reproduce the bug so far. I know it sucks but if you can just contact support with evidence and they provide you with the whole set of items (which I understand is what they were doing) then you honestly have it a bit easier (since you don't have to worry about logging in every day and doing a vanguard to get the full set). If the volume of people impacted got high enough that this solution was no longer feasible for support to handle, then it'd be more efficient to do a different type of event, but they clearly haven't crossed that threshold yet.

If anyone has any ideas of what triggers this, and it's something that's somehow reproducible, that'd be really great. I've tried the things I can think of so far.

Just as another option, also watch for the "Modular Fashion Forward Chest" box on the Trade Broker. This is now one of the filler items in lootboxes (just the new one for now, but soon all of them), and my guess is that, in time, the price on this will settle to a level that will be somewhat possible to trade for. There's a pretty big split in the playerbase between people who don't care about fashion coupons at all and just want to get rid of them (because they either already have too many or don't care) and those who want them a lot.

@TJKat said:
And couldn't they farm out updating the dressing room to someone? @counterpoint , didn't you say that you, personally, did at least some of the work for the fashion coupon update? Couldn't they do something similar to get the dressing room updated? Now would be the time; a lot of people have a lot of free time on their hands.

Only to help prepare lists of things to add and recommendations for prices (I also helped provided a list to recommend for the emporium, though EME decided what was in, actual prices, etc.). The actual work of adding to the in-game system has to be done by the staff (and I understand the process for doing this is a lot more painful than it should be).

I actually put together a general list in the past for the dressing room (not specific IDs for every item, but ranges for "families" of missing items), but I'm not planning on spending more time on it until someone from EME says for sure they have plans to work on it. Right now I think it is a bad time to ask because they are working to adjust all the lootboxes in the game (finally getting rid of metas and they're posting the odds -- been asking for years). Once that is done, there might be an opening to take on another "project."

Like I said, whether people believe it or not they actually are slowly working down the list of long-standing complaints, it's just really slow going because the team is much smaller now. I don't think this is a bad idea for a future QoL target project, but yeah -- will wait until the lootbox issue is addressed before pushing too hard.

@TJKat said:
And speaking of fashion coupons... I realize this is going straight to the never-going-to-happen pile, but since the calendar and it's bug are gone and probably never coming back, can we get permanent fashion coupon items again?

Honestly, I think they won't want to risk it because they may come up with other ways of giving out fashion coupons in the future, and who knows what bugs might happen. Plus, there are some people still hoarding mountains of fashion coupons just on the off chance that EME puts something "valuable" on there again. So, it's safer for them to have no items with gold value on the merchant.

It'd be great if BHS could fix the items to not have gold sale value, but odds of them spending time on this are probably zero. On the plus side (at least kind of) there were some items we found that only existed in the temp versions, so there's that. Plus, the price for the temp items was kept low. With the changes to the lootboxes, fashion coupons will now be tradeable again (indirectly) so it should provide a way of redistributing them to those who want them. (I'd prefer more direct in-game supply (e.g. more easily farmed from BAMs again), but at least this gets them circulating in the market.)

The true reason (although not a great one) is that one patch in the past wiped out the entire dressing room, and EME had to re set it up from scratch and didn't have the chance to do everything. Since then, they never really took to the time to fix it properly.

You can of course continue to use the trade broker ctrl trick for items that are listed there, but I realize some items just aren't listed. EME did eventually address a bunch of other really-longstanding issues (fashion coupons and emporium were finally updated) but this one still is on the list. I'll try to remind them at some point but I doubt they'll get to it that fast with everything going on for them right now.

Please don't bump threads for the sake of bumping. Besides being bad forum etiquette, I can tell you for sure that EME is very well aware of the feedstock issue. It's up to them to do something about it now...

@Fainall said:

@counterpoint said:
My guess is that, since the dyeable version is time-limited, they are planning to sell the non-dyeable versions separately later after the dyeable version is gone. Either that or they are planning to somehow make the non-dyeable versions available via an event or some other way. But the fact the non-dyeable version isn't being sold now is definitely on purpose, for whatever reason.

Well considering they didn't even realize the icon and image had the non dye-able ones....are you sure?

I mean "sure" is a bit strong, but 99% confident. The marketing team that makes this art is separate from the actual product team, and they've made errors like this before out of using a test build and not yet knowing how/when/etc. things will be sold. They probably were just making general promo art for the whole set together, but then the product team decided to just sell the dyeable one alone. When it gets posted on the site, they probably weren't paying enough attention to the picture to realize some of them weren't the dyeable version (because they were all different colors, so...). But the product team is definitely aware that the non-dyeable ones exist (as they always do; they're in the build, and clearly the IDs were provided to the marketing team to make the art). The fact they're holding it back (rather than selling it directly as they usually do) is a deliberate choice.

As Elinu1 said above, I wonder if it's for anniversary as well, but we'll see.

It seems like "something" is happening:

My guess is that, since the dyeable version is time-limited, they are planning to sell the non-dyeable versions separately later after the dyeable version is gone. Either that or they are planning to somehow make the non-dyeable versions available via an event or some other way. But the fact the non-dyeable version isn't being sold now is definitely on purpose, for whatever reason.

I agree with your launcher suggestions, but as noted they're probably not high on the priority list.

As for the forum suggestions:

  • I personally don't want to create a suggestions forum/thread because I don't want people to be given false hope that BHS/EME are actively looking for suggestions. When EME or BHS says specifically that they want player input/suggestions, then I'd create a thread for that (as we did recently when asking for interview questions -- which we did send, by the way). But I don't want to give people false hope and for them to spend potentially hours/days preparing a really detailed carefully-considered suggestion that may go completely unnoticed.

  • Petitions aren't allowed because it typically involves brigading and people bringing in their friends just to "stuff the vote" in their favor. It definitely doesn't provide an unbiased view of player opinion on any given topic. And besides, just as with suggestions, I don't want to give people the false impression that BHS/EME is going to be more willing to do something if it gets a lot of likes/votes on the forum. If they ask for people's opinions, then it's worth asking the question, but until then it just gives people more perceived ground to make "demands" based on what they will claim is "evidence."

As for "censorship"... I'm sure on the whole they didn't think it was "worth their time" at all either, but they had to make decisions to appease review boards. The game was rated by PEGI/ESRB in the as-shipped state, so I don't think they will ever change the shipped content. Anything released after the game shipped was not rated, so that is I assume why it wasn't subject to the same approach. (This probably is the best evidence that they also didn't think it was worth their time, but did what they had to do to be compliant.)

I honestly do not think the loss of players after launch can be attributed to this specifically, since this was well-known from the beta before the game came out. By now, 8 years later, there's an entire repertoire of costumes people can choose instead (of course EME is hoping you'll buy "uncensored" cash shop costumes), so I imagine the amount of time they will spend on this is zero. And for people who really, really care about this issue, TERA is released in a lot of different regions that share a common file structure anyway. I think people need to stop carrying this cross at some point.

(The truth is that game developers around the world make changes to their games to achieve certain review board ratings, and larger developers typically have staff specifically dedicated to this function. But most of the time players don't even know because they only know the released state. In other words, certain people got all up in arms about TERA only because K-TERA released first and was different. If they had just waited and launched the game simultaneously worldwide with the same changes NA/EU got, no one would be mad because no one would ever know. So if there's a "lesson learned" here for BHS/EME, it's probably just to release the game worldwide and apply the same lowest-common-denominator standard everywhere. Same ratings, no drama.)

Once a year, they will move up to 20 items in total if you send a support ticket, but you can only send a single request per year. (You can't request 1 today, and then another 2 tomorrow, or whatever until you hit 20 -- it has to be one single request for everything.) So yes, I think you should be able to do this by doing your yearly request, but I'd just make sure you've organized everything you want moved over all at once before you ask.

Yeah I think all the items you mentioned were unfortunately put back into the "vault" for the time-being, so can't be bought via EMP for now. (They might show up on the emporium if you're high enough tier, but it's a random rotation, so who knows when...)

When they revamped the store, the web-based shop no longer was in-sync with the in-game store, and the in-game store has a much wider selection, including of accessories. So if you want to see what's available, I'd check the store in-game rather than on the web now.

@BearZerk said:
With your most recent reply, I honestly feel like you're just being argumentative for the sake of being argumentative. Though if that's genuinely what you think, then Ok. We can agree to disagree, but there are a few hundred thousand examples (outside of games) which can support what i've said (not just talking about the youtube example) so I don't really see a point to continue humoring you.

I'm just trying to explain what appears to be their perspective based on the decisions they've made. My view is that if you understand where they're coming from, you have a better chance of proposing realistic changes that try to meet them halfway. I can't very well forward the message "hey, some former-whale on the forum thinks your business model is dumb" but if there's a realistic suggestion that considers why they did what they did but still improves it, there's a small chance it might be implemented eventually. (Believe it or not, things have actually happened as a result of this approach finally in the last year, though it's slow going.)

The only type of content creator who might do that, is one who's main source of income isn't tied to youtube (Like if they're making a guide to use a different product they manufacture or sell). Even youtubers who cover news & patchnotes, still keep a long backlog of their old videos that's accessible to viewers. They don't only limit themselves to only 1-5 videos at a time.

My point here is that we don't have the data to support the actual sales patterns they see. Without that it's hard to be so definitive that their business model is stupid and doesn't work, even if others do it differently. They keep leaning into this because it works for them, and so you're fighting an uphill battle whether you think the truth is obvious or not.

Honestly I had already quit the game, I'm just trying to give the devs some advice that might help them. o/ Take care tho

The devs don't read this forum (particularly looking for business advice), honestly. But in any case, I hope you find a game you enjoy more.

Just to close this case, this bug was fixed this morning.

@Fyrehawk said:
Those botnets that launch the attacks are not free. Angry nerds spend real money to rent time on a botnet, the fact that this has been going on for over a month suggests that this is NOT a DDoS attack, or at least it is not directed at EME/Tera.

Honestly, the cost depends on the scale, and we don't know how large of a scale is required to mess with EME's TERA infrastructure. It's certainly going to be a lot less than it requires if you were going to take on a Microsoft or Google or something. Costs have also come down substantially due to the massive network of insecure IoT devices.

We can say that it's not against Level 3 because, as part of mitigations to address this, they shifted some related infrastructure to Azure, and the attacks then shifted to the new targets. They've also been rotating the IPs of this infrastructure. So they proved they weren't collateral -- they were the target.

Why would something like that not be in the news? Can you imagine the PANIC if people knew their lifeline to society during this lockdown was under cyber-attack? There is no way America's propaganda machine would allow such news to be published.

Honestly, DDoS attacks happen at various scales all the time nowadays and most people just don't know because it's within the threshold that they don't notice. (Google has commented, for example, that they are almost always being DDoSed, but they just have systems in place to shield that at most scales anyone tries.) You can also see a large number of other games/MMOs that have been affected with either acknowledged DDoS or mysterious DDoS-style outages in these last few weeks. Infrastructure is always under attack, but it's not always easy to tell who is responsible.

@BearZerk said:
Imagine if a youtuber deleted the previous video, every time they posted a new video... They'd severely limit their income, and the growth of their audience/channel. That's exactly what Krafton/BHS is doing with the current products they're selling

That really depends on the kind of content you make, though. Let's say that you're a channel that focuses on current events and you notice that your audience is overwhelming only interested in the latest/newest videos and spends very little time in the archive. In that case, even if they did delete their previous videos, they wouldn't see a dramatic decrease in views or advertising revenue, because most of their attention was always from the latest content anyway. (Of course, this specific analogy breaks down for other reasons like SEO, but what you're describing here is also essentially how mainstream TV worked for the last several decades, notwithstanding reruns.)

For the rest of your comment, I guess I was oversimplifying in the way I was explaining the shift in focus. If you really want to look at the monetization of this game, you have to look at it as multiple streams (or pillars):

A - Elite Subscriptions
B - Cosmetic Items (costumes, weapon skins, accessories)
C - Progression-related supplies/consumables/boosts (focused on leveling and endgame)
D - Stat-affixed items (forced obsolescence/limited lifecycle)
E - Account services (appearance change, name change, server transfer, etc.)

The point you're complaining about in this thread is D (especially mounts and inner armor). But in the grand scheme of things, this is just one of the revenue streams the game depends on. For each of the A/B/C/D revenue streams, EME uses a "carrot and stick" approach to drive supply and demand. For A, elite increases the stamina pool and regen speed (so it eases a pain point). For B, most new cosmetics are now time-limited offerings with a very small catalog of generic choices. For C, specific supplies/consumable are sold or discounted at strategic times based on pain points. For D, they periodically introduce new items with escalating stats to shift the meta.

Basically all of this is so that players of all stripes are driven back to the well on a regular basis. If, as you're proposing, you're going to eliminate revenue steam D completely, you'd need to be sure that you're instead going to drive the same people currently spending because of D towards another stream. Probably the only way to do that would be to separate "cosmetic" from "progression" so that it splits into B + C. For example, the look of your mount/inner armor could be complete cosmetic, but the meta/stats could be driven by an in-game system that could be accelerated by cash shop boosts/supplies. That way when the meta changes (as it will in this vertical progression MMO), it forces further progression, which drives more direct/indirect revenue, but doesn't invalidate the cosmetic item that someone purchased. I actually prefer this kind of system personally (because it gives people more customizability), but to be honest it is more "masking" what you're doing to be a bit less obvious. (When you come back from a break, all your existing mounts/pets/inner armor would be okay but you'd need to invest more time/money to upgrade them to the latest meta, as with gear.)

The main barrier to shifting to that kind of system is basically just implementation cost, particularly given the back catalog of legacy items that would have to be considered. That isn't to say they would never do that sort of thing; what they did with companions is kinda in the same ballpark, although it has a lot of its own monetization problems that I hate.

Anyway, the main issue here is that this game's economy doesn't generally have the sort of long tail you're thinking it should/would, so just shifting everything from D to B isn't going to work. They need to incorporate C into it to drive recurring revenue, and that brings its own problems/risks if not very-carefully done.

I mean, this is why I'd rather they not have any cash shop purchases that interface in any way with stats, because power creep is basically the way with all vertical progression MMOs.

That being said, I think the main target audience for things like stat-affixed mounts and inner armor isn't actually whales directly, it's hardcore F2P players (especially min-maxers). They're the one most likely to feel the pressure/urgency to upgrade whenever the "meta" shifts, and so BHS introducing a new tier creates a market for EMP sellers. If the same inner armor that worked three years ago was still BiS today, all those F2P players would never have needed to buy anything (because, as a general rule, their main motivator is having a power advantage). Because those F2P players are spending gold not money, they're less likely to feel the same degree of pain about the "devaluing of their investment" (because keeping up with BiS means this happens constantly anyway).

In other words, that they shifted the economy towards hardcore players, which means it's more focused on power (stats) and progression (stamina) and less focused on cosmetics. As a general rule, whales tend to be more casual players (since MMOs are time-gated, and for whales time is harder to come by than money), so this change probably did make spending less desirable for whales except if they're focused on trying to keep up. Things like player housing and skycastles would probably also be evaluated under this lens: what use is this "fluff" content to hardcore min-maxers?

I'm not saying that it was right of them to shift their strategy this way, but I think this shift is more in response to already-existing population trends, and not the cause of such trends. (In other words, the game was going to get smaller regardless as it got older and other newer games/time-sinks (like mobile games) came around; the shift of the cash shop model is a reflection of who is still playing -- and indirectly paying -- the most.)

Okay, well glad at least it led you to the solution, though I have no idea why it seems like your computer is constantly pressing the Insert key. Weird...

@bodosko said:
This is ridiculous. EME even said this bug was fixed, but apparently its not.

What you actually described is actually the fixed behavior... even though I think it's still not great.

It used to be before that, regardless of the grade of a partner, when you sacrificed them it would give you a random amount of fellowship between 1 and 6. Now, when you sacrifice a Grade 8-10 partner, it guarantees that you get at least 4 fellowship. So if you sacrificed 9 Grade 8 partners and they each gave you +4 fellowship, that is the fixed behavior (albeit on the unlucky side). (If some of them had randomly given you +1 fellowship or whatever, that would be the old behavior.)

@LancerJiva said:
Or just use logic that this happens at peak times usually and the servers can’t handle the load of players playing during the pandemic and eme doesn’t wanna admit that their servers are crap and so they find something else to blame it on.

As someone said on Discord the other day: "I only ddos when nobody is on -- wouldn't want to inconvenience anyone."

It may be that you have a device that's being detected as a game controller and so is causing some inputs that are being interpreted as the site gesture for some reason (you could try disabling gamepad detection from the settings to see if it helps), but otherwise I'd try to a repair and contact support for further guidance.

@voidy said:
Is this conjecture/guesswork? Obviously. But if you seriously think there are angry hackers wasting their evening ddosing a game that nobody's talked about in years, then I have a bridge to sell you.

They're being DDoSed. Really. You can objectively trace the steps they've taken to try to insulate and isolate the components being attacked to mitigate it. These are changes that don't make any sense in the slightest otherwise, and have nothing to do with any reduction in cost or capacity.

As the comment above says, the fact that you don't believe them maybe tells another story, and so it probably means you won't believe me either, but it's real.

@RoxyRichter said:
I don't know who thought of this brilliant concept, but whoever did it probably has zero idea how to keep people playing your game.

Sadly, whoever did it has a very adept -- and very sinister -- idea of how to keep whales and extremely dedicated min-maxers spending money on a game. There's no sense hiding the point here. That's why it's "criticism that will be read by a total of zero Krafton employees" -- because the whole point isn't how much you like (they know full well that a lot of people don't like it), the whole point is how much money they're making on it. And I can tell you for sure that there's a giant disconnect in this community between things people complain about it and things people pay for -- sometimes even the very same people.

@punkbuzter said:
First of all, they launched the game with the wrong economical model of subscription, which I begged them to change to F2P before the game was even launched in the west. I was right, the game later changed to F2P. It was too late though, EME ruined the hypetrain upon launch.
Then they censored the game which they wasted time, money and effort on... And I begged them to stop and revert back to its original textures as I told them it'd hurt their playerbase. I was right, and they later gave it all up and left a mess of censored and uncensored items.

Ontop of everything else I left a book of suggestions that would fill in the lack of end-game content which was the cause of many people leaving early on, but I fear those suggestions were never even forwarded to BlueHole.

I think you underestimate how difficult it is to maneuver a giant ship. For example, the monetization model was carefully planned for months -- products already solicited in stores, exclusives arranged with retailers, etc. -- so they can't just stop all that because people on the Forums says it's a bad idea, even if some of them personally may agree. The "censoring" was due to ratings, and although the game got an M rating from ESRB, they went for a lower rating in Europe. These ratings related decisions deal with legal compliance, and they likely had data to suggest that pursuing a different rating would result in lower sales; decisions way above the pay grade of the community reps taking player feedback. (DLC released later was not rated by ESRB/PEGI, so... and besides, I really don't think this "censorship" is a key problem, as much as it's the hobbyhorse of a small dedicated group.) And as for your "book of suggestions" -- I'm sure they got books of suggestions from publishers in all regions, some of which would directly conflict with your suggestions due to differing market expectations/desires/trends. How do you reconcile all this global feedback? Are you really going to say that if they had enacted all your suggestions (and ignored the other conflicting ones from anyone else) it would have "saved the game?"

It's easy to play this retrospect game and say "I told you so" but reality is never that simple. Reality has financial constraints, political concerns, legal battles, visionary differences, shareholder/investor demands, and on and on. If you really think you can just walk right in there, tell them what to do, and right the ship just like that... well, you'd be running a game company right now. If we ever do get a postmortum on this game, I imagine it'll be filled with factors that people didn't even think of that caused things to be the way it was. That isn't to excuse the result, but I don't think we can pretend the problem was so simple to solve either.

@punkbuzter said:
if you ask me I'd say they've done nothing to maintenance their servers since 2012, not even switching that dried thermal paste - assuming they have an in-house server cuz if they had been hosting on a 3rd party server it would be secure and updated. If it wasn't, I'd quickly switch partner long time ago.

It's been through multiple generations of server upgrades over the years. This isn't a "maintenance" (or a "dried thermal paste") problem.

@Oicwutudidthur said:
My main gripe was that it was not announced even after the patch. "There are some changes in the game that we do not post in Forums nor in News like the materials used for enhancements" just makes it sound like it was a conscious decision not to include that in any notes, which is just awful transparency.

The other thing is that other upgrades get a more gradual change in rates over time, and it feels a lot more natural and acceptable when the changes go in. You would see magnitudes of double, maybe quadruple the ease. This is straight up 10 times easier.

These two points I can agree with. Even though it's probably best to announce it with the patch, it is better to announce everything at least when it happens. (That being said, honestly, I am not sure if they knew themselves that it would be in the hotfix BHS sent them. Saying "we don't announce everything" can sometimes also be "because we aren't always told everything" without saying so.) And yeah, the extent of the change is a bit drastic -- a bit of "easing" wouldn't be out of place. At the same time, IMO, that easing should have started a long time ago, so we're sort of playing catch up. So yeah, for these points, I can definitely agree.

I've no idea why you chose to @ Denom considering he hasn't worked at EME for a long time now (well over a year). Well, or me.

They posted a notice on the forum to note the ongoing DDoS attacks that have been causing these issues, and yeah it can take the effect of knocking some people on the route off, or knocking the whole server off. I hope they find a solution to it soon (or that the responsible parties finally stop).

@BellaStella said:

@BellaStella said:
In the previous event, I was unable to get rewards for the log-in event and had to be down support's throat for an entire week until they did something. And now this new event (still don't know what event this is) has appeared and again NO ACCUMULATIVE LOG IN CALENDAR. Do something, I'm exhausted with this...

UPDATE: They managed to send me DAY 1 and 2's rewards via parcel and said 'they will be sent via parcel from now on' for me but after I did so many dungeons today I have yet to receive DAY 3's rewards and hence opened back my ticket again awaiting a response. Will keep posted on this situation.

It's probably not going to be sent in direct response to completing a vanguard or anything but they'll probably just send it manually each day, is my guess.

And yeah, we're trying to see if we can figure out any sort of hint about why this happens to a small group of people but not others. There must be some sort of trigger somehow.

Honestly, I know this isn't the answer you want, but I know why they have to have this policy. There's literally no way you can do this that would be fair to everyone.

Let's say they decide to announce on the forum+website+socials+launcher, one week in advance, that this change to enchanting is coming. First of all, such an announcement would dramatically change the in-game economy as everyone adjusts to prepare, and those who get the message first would have a major market advantage. But besides, even if they did that, you would still have people who literally spent all their money enchanting the day before the announcement wanting compensation. Let's say you did decide to offer compensation to anyone who enchanted their gear within 5 days of the announcement; then you'd still have people who enchanting 6 days before who'd say it's not fair. The logistics of offering any sort of compensation in a fair and equitable way are not scalable because there could be hundreds of impacted people to one degree or another.

This is not in any way trying to excuse the lack of communication on other issues, which is a big problem we are actively complaining about almost every day. But for this specific type of thing, it's like anything that will cause a major in-game economic shift: the only way to make it fair/equal to everyone is if it hits everyone at exactly the same time and no one is advantaged/disadvantaged with time to prepare (hoard/dump mats, sell things at a higher price knowing a drop is coming, etc.) While it truly does suck that your friends literally enchanting the day before, it's not really any different from anyone else who did the same thing a week before or a month before (or that would have done the same before any announcement they might have done). Their timing was really, really unlucky, and that sucks.

What you're describing sounds like, for some reason, it thinks the laptop is on battery instead of on AC, so it's switching to battery-saving mode instead of full-power mode. Unfortunately, I don't know why it'd be doing that, though, and it's been forever since I used AMD Catalyst. Are there any other changes you're making at all between attempts, like plugged in USB devices or anything like that?

Just to be clear, are you saying that if you go to the events menu the "Accumulated Login Event" item doesn't appear in the menu?


Is there any way you could record a video or something of what it's doing? What you're saying doesn't sound normal but it's hard for me to say for sure because I can't really picture the symptom exactly.

I'd definitely recommend trying to repair the game from the launcher (or Steam properties) if you haven't already.

@Davri said:

@39HATFDXLY said:

@Davri said:
I've heard around that there seems to be an "invisible queue" for getting into the servers. If this is true, this is probably the company's band-aid on the server crashing that has been rampant for the last month-ish. So if you just press "Enter Server" theoretically you should be in the queue, and then you just wait anywhere between 2-20 mins and you should get in depending on the load on the server. Of course, to me this is all hearsay, but the reality does seem to reflect the theory.

its not hearsay, its the truth lol

make sure you try to get on early on sat before CUV since its 15m+ on average

I mean the qualifier was "to me"; I just haven't heard it said from EME as an announcement or on discord, or maybe I just missed it, so I do not not how to verify its truthfulness. (ofc, this does not imply it is not the truth).

They have a notice in the Launcher now that tomorrow's maintenance will "include fixes for server entry queue" so hopefully this will get better after that. At least if it could show a UI that'd be helpful.

I'm not sure about this particular mission (haven't leveled a new character since the most-recent rework), but generally speaking if it's in the open world you might be able to switch channels to have them re-appear. If it's inside an instance, you can likely type "/reset" in chat to have the instance reset.

This may seem counterintuitive, but one thing I would try checking would be to see if you can open and log into the TERA website in Internet Explorer. Most people don't use Internet Explorer anymore, but the Launcher tries to load it's internet connection settings from there. So if for whatever reason IE can't connect to web pages, neither can the Launcher, it it will fail to start. If you can't load the page in IE, then I would go into your Internet Options -> connection settings and check everything there.

Some other things you should check:

If all else fails gather your logs and send them to Support in a ticket.

AFAIK, the "invisible queue" is still on at the moment, so I think/hope that was just it. You don't have to keep retrying or anything, just hit Enter Server and then leave it for 2-3 minutes and then eventually it'll start the warp.

Yeah, probably a support ticket is the best chance. If your PS4 account is properly linked to your EME account (which is in turn linked to Twitch prime when redeeming that offer), then the items should appear in your Item Claim. Item Claim is a different section of the UI than Parcel Post, even on Console. (Note that this is the PC forum, but in this respect the game is the same across both.)

Can you clarify what you mean by logging into the server? Do you mean logging into the launcher, or do you mean entering a server from the server selection screen?

One issue right now seems to be that, during prime time, there is an invisible login queue on Velika server. After you click Enter Server, it can take between 1-2 minutes before it responds and finally lets you in. For whatever reason there's no UI that appears that shows you waiting in queue, so you just have to sit and wait for it to eventually let you in.

Petitions aren't really allowed on the forum per the forum rules, and doing a poll is kind of just a petition in a different name. But, besides, it isn't really going to help.

I can tell you the general reason they do this, whether you agree with their logic or not. (Personally I'm about 50/50 on whether I think this is a good or bad idea.)

Basically, they are applying the logic of a clothing store that has limited shelf space, and using this approach to "focus" people on specific items they want to push at certain times. By retiring items out of the shop and allowing supply to dwindle, it increases the amount people are willing to pay for those "old items" when they get brought back. When they do bring things back, it also increases the chance that "strategic buyers" will buy extra copies of those cosmetic items to save for later when supply dwindles and the in-game market value goes up. They can also strategically choose when to bring items back according to their business needs. For example, need to increase sales in a given month to reach your sales target? Just take a few desirable supply-constrained items out of the "vault" at that specific time. This also has the effect of reducing the "competition" in the store whenever they release new items, and eliminating "dead stock" (since most items get very little sales after their initial push).

Having said all that, I know the objection already. The consequence of all this is that you have people who come back to the game, want to buy a thing, are willing to spend money on that thing, but end up not spending anything because they can't get the thing, and they may not stick around until EME brings that thing back around. And yeah, that is entirely the trade-off with this approach. They're giving up this chance to get small incidental sales of old stock from people randomly, in exchange for this ability to manipulate supply to grease a large volume of sales when they want. Is it worth the trade-off...? Well, EME seems to think so...

(Personally, I think that if they are going to do this, they should at least bring items back more frequently and on a somewhat regular basis to increase the chances that people can get what they want... but that'd require a lot more active/constant store maintenance. You could argue that at least just leaving everything on there requires less maintenance...)

Incidentally, in the last while, they've introduced some other ways to get some of this "old stock" again. They introduced the costume dismantling feature that allows people to get a random new item when getting rid of old ones. They also recently added a whole lot of the old cosmetics to the TERA Rewards Emporium. I'm not saying that this is by any means a substitute for sales, but it is a way of introducing some new supply of older items, which (mostly) could be available through trade. You can also of course try WTB in sales chat and on Discord. Depending on the item you want, there might be people holding onto them.

All this said... this is completely aside the issue of collaboration campaign items like Hello Kitty or AoT. For those it has nothing to do with the above, but is just because of licensing restrictions. So if you were looking for one of those... those were just purely one-time-only.

@noctred said:

@counterpoint said:
You know I like forums too, which is why I'm still here all the time, but the current staff aren't forum people. They made it abundantly clear they prefer Discord. So if you want to interact with the staff, you have to go there, since that's where they are. The forums are legacy from before the current staff's time, and if they had to start all over again they probably wouldn't have one. A few of us still try to relay messages because we know some people don't like Discord... but yeah, the answer is probably never. Particularly now with no Community Team, the forum is basically a deprecated communication method, except as a convenient place to store/link to certain posts.

(That being said, even on Discord, there was a time they weren't saying anything about this issue there either, though in the last few days they've opened up a bit more re: what's going on.)

So... do they at least monitor the bug report forum or do they just straight up ignore everything that goes on here?

I tried to make a sticky thread there to tell people basically to send in a ticket:

I do try to check that forum from time to time to pass things along, but I don't think any developers are actively monitoring it looking for bugs.

The forum login system is directly tied to the game login system (it all uses the same EME Account system), so if they were to add 2FA, it would have to be added there, and then it would take effect everywhere (including in the launcher, on the forum, elsewhere on the web, etc.). They do have a basic additional step with Account Armor that is something, but I do think adding 2FA as an option would be better, personally.

@punkbuzter said:

  • Not exactly, but almost. I'm referring to the state of the game when it first went F2P. More story about it further down...

Oh, in that case the number of characters didn't change. It was 8 during P2P, but 2 ever since F2P. Whenever they've introduced new classes, they always provided a way to get a free character slot at that time, not to mention free slots given during server merges, so over the years it's been possible to earn a fair amount. But yeah, the base amount hasn't changed since F2P.

@punkbuzter said:

  • Well I mean popular as in compared to NA/EU, sorry for being unclear.. Maybe Tera isn't as popular as other games in KR but if we put KR population face-to-face with EU/NA servers, it's looking popular.

Hmm, I guess we don't have the numbers to compare. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if it's somewhere around the same population size, more-or-less. After the merger between EU and SEA, I wonder if it might be the world's largest region at the moment, but that's just speculation.

And yeah, despite the huge surge in popularity right when the game went to F2P, that surge didn't sustain itself the way they were probably hoping. It got another momentary boost when the game launched on Steam, but basically this game has always had a retention problem. The core combat is fun, but the other game systems are somewhat lacking, and so it basically ends up that only those who prioritize combat (and like the art style) stick with it, which was much smaller than their original dream of being a WoW-competitor.

@punkbuzter said:

  • Unlocking fashion from Soulbind though wouldn't hurt even today, especially with more character slots open for the casual. I think I have like 10 characters in another game and all of them have different fashion... Even with that much fasion it's always fun to mix-matching between characters cuz you just don't play them all at the same time. Think you know what game I'm talking about, I mentioned it in Discord.

Well, some people bought the same outfit across multiple alts, and if they just suddenly flip this switch, now those purchased items would be redundant. To address that issue, they'd have to either somehow let people turn around and unbind those extra items to resell the cosmetics, or allow you to somehow trade or convert to other cosmetics -- which, either way, would lower the value of the cosmetics on the player market and devalue people's purchases. If they had built this from the [i]start[/i], then sure, it would have been great, but to just suddenly flip the switch after all these years would be a major upheaval of things people paid for. And also, if they had built this in from the start, honestly cosmetics would probably have been more expensive (since people buying the same costume for multiple alts is -- well, at least was -- part of the way the game was funded after F2P).

What has been often proposed instead would be to sell a cash shop item that lets you rebind it, since that helps preserve the money people invested in the cosmetics while still providing some more flexibility. But setting the right price for this would be a real challenge.

@MultiverseOverlord said:

and EME is extremely aware of how frustrated people are by the fact they didn't communicate more clearly about what's going on.

And at what point is EME actually going to communicate anything? I mean, directly, here, on the forums? Not via a liaison.

You know I like forums too, which is why I'm still here all the time, but the current staff aren't forum people. They made it abundantly clear they prefer Discord. So if you want to interact with the staff, you have to go there, since that's where they are. The forums are legacy from before the current staff's time, and if they had to start all over again they probably wouldn't have one. A few of us still try to relay messages because we know some people don't like Discord... but yeah, the answer is probably never. The forum is basically a deprecated communication method, except as a convenient place to store/link to certain posts.

(That being said, even on Discord, there was a time they weren't saying anything about this issue there either, though in the last few days they've opened up a bit more re: what's going on.)

I don't know, but I have my doubts because typically they would post a news post the week prior that announces a major new build and promotes its changes features. Of course, with everything going on right now, it might have just been delayed or missed, but my personal guess is that it won't be Tuesday. Probably we'll know for sure on Monday.

I think you have some valid points about changes made over the years that I think are for the worst and other old issues that were never changed or fixed. I also think PvP is a whole problem on its own. Some of these points they may be on the road to correcting, but we'll see (believe it when we see it).

But at the same time... I think it helps to consider the game from the perspective of the developers as well. You're talking about "making the game popular again" and referring to how it was back at the original P2P original launch... but that original game was a complete market failure for BHS and nearly bankrupt their company. There was a surge of interest at first, but most of it rapidly died, and some of it was related to some of the things you look back at fondly (the slow speed of leveling, emphasizing the "MMO aspect" made it hard for people to progress as more people got to endgame, etc.). Many of the changes they made were specifically to appeal to today's trends and move away from the (in-their-mind-failed) style of the original game -- to be more accessible, to make leveling easier, to have more casual-friendly content (including solo content), and so on. As you point out, a lot of other MMOs went this way too because the old-style MMO just isn't really what a lot of people want anymore.

And well, to be honest, I wouldn't say the game is "extremely popular" in Korea either. It's surviving with a core audience on a single server there, and by the numbers is in the range of other not-dead-but-not-popular niche K-MMOs. It became a niche game in every market, was forced to close/leave a few markets (e.g. China, SEA), and has generally shrunk servers the world over to be a much smaller, more niche game in the genre that still has a core players that love it. That means it has a smaller team, a smaller budget, and a more narrow focus on what they can accomplish. There are some things they are doing (like the fact they're testing a 64-bit client in Korea now, finally), but other things are likely not in reach.

Anyway, if you were here 7 years ago and you did have any interest in playing anyway, you should try to find your old Founders account rather than starting a new account, since you will still have your 8 character slots, 4 bank slots, etc. as you had back in P2P days. It won't solve your complaint about soulbind obviously (I can't see that ever changing for fashion given what people have already invested in their cosmetics), but at least it's better if you like alts.

So actually this issue happens to me on Velika, but not Kaiator. Not sure if it's the same for everyone or what. (I wonder if it might be that there's a sort of invisible queue to enter the server, but no UI is showing?)

@Konatta98 said:
Ok white knight. Actually im tired to try speak "good" because never got a answere or something about the issue.

Okay sure, but telling the staff to go [filtered] themselves on this forum (or on Discord) isn't going to change anything. It just increases the chance you get banned, and then you lose the voice you have. Trust me, everyone is frustrated by this situation, and EME is extremely aware of how frustrated people are by the fact they didn't communicate more clearly about what's going on. You can be justifiably mad without crossing the line.

@MultiverseOverlord said:
EME discord? Be careful, they like to kick people out of there if they don't like what you have to say.

@Konatta98 said:

@MargaretRose said:
Nothing new, they're not really active at the forums.
Would need to comment at their discord.

@MargaretRose said:
Nothing new, they're not really active at the forums.
Would need to comment at their discord.

You got bann in discord if say something about servers

If you spend any time in Discord, you can see clearly this isn't true. It's been almost all criticism of EME and complaints about servers all week. People get banned for a) RMT, b) personal attacks against staff or other players, c) using really inappropriate/unacceptable language, or d) excessively spamming memes (typically despite multiple warnings). In the off chance anyone gets banned from Discord for a reason that's in any way borderline (they acted badly in the heat of the moment but don't have a pattern of it), they can send in a support ticket and the whole thing gets reviewed by the staff. Sometimes the staff will give people a second chance.

Most of the people who say they got banned for "giving their opinion" or "talking about something" usually actually get banned for being an [filtered].

Anyway, they did some maintenance tonight to try to apply further mitigation against the issue. It hasn't totally fixed everything, but the general word is that it's getting better. They'll continue to monitor for further issues. In the meantime they reset all entries again and are keeping the Coin cost at zero for all instances.

@Konatta98 said:
March 16 pvp weekend and March 31 again pvp event? Are you ok eme?

It alternates between PvE and PvP every week and has done that for a very long time now (likely a few years). Whether it's right wrong or indifferent, it's not a change. Just because you think they should take PvP out back and shoot it dead doesn't mean they're going to do that, despite the other problems with it.

On the one hand, there are things about the changes they made that I really don't like (particularly the extensive amount of RNG and high cost/grind for gearing). But at the same time... you can kind of expect a form of this with pretty much any MMO if you leave for a while. They're always going to keep adding new gears, new levels, new things to grind... basically more things for people to work towards to keep people playing. Hopefully they make the process of getting there less arduous, though.

If you downloaded the steam version and are accessing "their servers" but it's not the same as the regular servers, I assume that means you're in a part of the world that would normally be served by the EU publisher Gameforge, so the version of the game you downloaded on Steam is the EU version instead of the NA version.

It seems like in your case that for some reason your IP address (or your whole country) might be misconfigured and is being blocked from accessing the EME servers. First I would check (here)[https://support.enmasse.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024012173] to make sure your country is officially supported, and assuming it is then contact EME in a Support Ticket with your diagnostic information so they can figure out why you're mistakenly blocked. In the off-chance your country is not on the supported list, then it might be that something is changed and you may have to use a VPN to access the servers now... but definitely contact Support to make sure.

I haven't tried this particular loot box, but I've definitely run into the same thing with other loot boxes. It's random and the chances to get the rare are most likely somewhere between 1.5% to 3% with no failure cap. So it's definitely possible to spend $80 and not get a rare depending on your luck. Based on the fact that you hadn't run into this before, honestly it sounds like so far you had just been really lucky.

This can happen if you manually deleted or moved the EME Launcher without going through the uninstall process. Unfortunately, I'm not exactly sure what file or where in the registry stores this (I tried a few things but didn't find it yet). What I've done in the past where this was a problem was get the launcher manually and just extract it to a folder. If you send in a support ticket probably they can help. Otherwise, I did upload it here a while ago. (These files are digitally-signed by EME, but you shouldn't take my word for it -- you can inspect the file properties before running to confirm it's signed and authentic.)

If you send in a support ticket and explain the situation, they should be able to provide the boxes you missed.

This is normal for any character over a certain level... I think it's level 40 but not 100% sure. But yeah, if it's a low-level character you won't get this, but they have this protection for characters above a certain point.

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