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There's a lot of great ideas from the community to get PvP to spark again but Devs need to dedicate time for it. Every time a PvP update comes by I see old players pop up again cuz they want to see if it's good again. There are still players waiting for it to return to what they enjoyed, even if they don't play it anymore.

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The problem with PVP is, there is no incentive to play it anymore, other than the fun of playing PVP. As of a few patches ago, battlegrounds yield no rewards which help PVE. The weekly PVP event, Civil Unrest, yields ZERO PVP rewards. As of the latest content patch, Civil Unrest rewards are useless for the new content. To fix this, PVP battlegrounds need to include rewards for new PVE content.

Civil Unrest needs to reward players with PVP materials and new PVE materials.

How to fix PVP, by encouraging people to play battlegrounds:

Bring back weekly battleground-specific boosts. This will encourage players to play different battlegrounds. If all BGs are equally-boosted, players will farm GRID, as it gives the best reward/time. Discourage this by boosting specific battle grounds each weekend, including GRID.

Add PVE feedstock boxes to CS and SH. Don't over-do it, but make it an incentive. One for CS. Two for SH.

Boost CS rewards to be better than GRID. CS should have better rewards, because it requires more people and more cooperation. Consider adding one PVP plate box to CS, to elevate people to SH. Add two on bonus weekends. Don't make CS rewards equal to SH. Make the rewards better than GRID. Find a middle ground.

Change restrictions on the number of healers in PvP:
1. Let Gridiron have 1-2 healers on each team. The BG would require more cooperation and raid leaders who can mark and direct. It would make it a serious BG instead of two teams head-butting each other.
1. Let SH have 1-2 healers on each team. Same logic as adding another healer to GRID.

Add PvP rewards to Civil Unrest. Scale them so lower-placing guilds still get decent rewards, to encourage them to come back. It's a 100% PVP event and it gives ZERO PVP rewards. It's simply obnoxious this hasn't been done, since the introduction of PVP gear months ago.

Fix the raid bug which causes people to join, appear dead, and is a game-breaking bug in CUV. As I type this, we're going into four weeks of this bug in CUV. Fix it.

Create a way to convert PVP particles to plates. Make it expensive. Make it require farming battlegrounds, but MAKE it.

I get that this is a farmy grindy game. That’s fine, but we get it on both ends. Farming PVP enchanting materials is impossible now. Incentivize and vary PVP content. Give PvP rewards for CUV, which is a 100% PvP event. ~~

I hope they read your idea.....

As far as I'm aware they don't check the Forums as much as back then.
When the topic about the BG shops not having jewelry mats came up back then, I believe someone relayed the information to the TERA Discord and that's how they became aware of it and went and added mats to the BG shop. So anything that gets posted here might need to get link at to their Discord or summarized for them to see.

So what is the point of having these forums if what you are saying is true? This is very disappointing, isn't it? but anyway thanks for letting me know this.

Some of us on Player Council at least try to monitor all the threads and pass along useful/constructive feedback. I passed along that post. But the problem with PvP is a lot less about "understanding what our region wants" (which is honestly pretty simple and has been the same core point for years: viability and reward/incentive structures that are co-equal to PvE), but getting the BHS developers to agree to do it. Their vision of PvP is so incredibly different than what NA players want, and they just don't seem to want to adjust the game for us differently than what K-TERA gets. It's a frustrating situation.

If you're still having this issue, definitely send in a support ticket so the GMs can move your character.

I'm glad that you found a resolution that seems to be working for you for now. I think we'll now consider the thread closed.

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I figured out where my fff0-0000 error was coming from. It was from the TERA\Client\S1Game\Config directory where all the INI files are. No idea which file was bugged but I replaced that folder with another one from my other computer after I updated it and that fixed it.

This is a good find. One possible reason for this (might not have been your reason) is that a lot of game optimization guides a long time ago recommended that people set those conf files to read-only to prevent them from being overwritten by the game. So this could explain why the patcher wasn't able to replace them (since it usually runs in user-mode, not admin).

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It's nice that they decided they wanted to try to do it again, but I agree that it was too last-minute and poorly-advertised. They did promote it on social media and in the new EME section of the Launcher, but when you don't have a regular pattern of doing streams anymore with an established audience it's hard to build hype. Part of that is also obviously because EME no longer has a Community Team anymore, so doing something like this is because some people on the staff stepped up and volunteered. So, it's a good gesture they're doing on the weekend to try to raise some money for charity, and I hope they are successful, but yeah -- it's not going to be the same as years past when it was a major event.

They would have had a bigger audience had they let the community know before hand within a weeks advance, and make possible tier thresholds when they raise x amount of money you unlock said tier for said event. I asked about extra life in discord and all I got was crickets. Face it, eme is just lazy now. All they do is make 1 news post a week with "This week in TERA" and most of it is just copy and pasted. Back in the old days they made news posts all the time when new items and events came out, they don't even really do events anymore anyways, thats why the game is how it is now.

Because back in the day they had a community team that was focused fully on these kinds of things, and now there's no community team. I'm not disagreeing with the result you're saying, only the reason why. It's not laziness, it's because someone on high decided that it wasn't worth spending money to have people engaging with the community. I personally think it was a bad decision too. But that's just why I'm saying that I don't want to be too harsh against the volunteers who decided to do this for charity even though it isn't their job anymore.

It's nice that they decided they wanted to try to do it again, but I agree that it was too last-minute and poorly-advertised. They did promote it on social media and in the new EME section of the Launcher, but when you don't have a regular pattern of doing streams anymore with an established audience it's hard to build hype. Still, it's a good gesture they're doing on the weekend to try to raise some money for charity, so I hope they are successful.

I would have reposted it here but someone else already did it. As a result of people complaining in the past that they were posting news updates randomly all over the place and there was no single place to check, they tried to consolidate all news into the weekly news post on the website.

Could people please stop derailing threads with these kinds of petty insults?

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So...is it simply my fate here?

I am outta ideas :anguished:

Honestly, at this point, the only thing you can try is a clean boot and/or a clean install of the OS (maybe on a different driver/partition if you want). Otherwise, yeah, unfortunately it's your fate. Send your diagnostics to EME in a support ticket so they have a record of the broken configuration in case they get others like it and can find the commonality.

The workarounds are definitely useful, but in checking with EME's QA Team, does anyone know a sure way to reproduce the bug? Are there specific conditions that will guarantee to trigger it, or is it RNG (like so much of TERA) even with those conditions set?

Had to be away yesterday and look what I missed... anyway, locked for being flamebait.

Could you clarify: is this after you're in the launcher and when you click Play to start TERA, or is it when starting the Launcher itself?

If it's when starting the launcher, the main reason I know for this one is if you're using a VPN, which can interfere with the launcher's auto proxy detection settings. If you are using a VPN, you can try disconnecting from the VPN to see if it helps, or you can go into your Internet Options (search from the Start Menu) then -> Connections -> LAN settings -> uncheck "Automatically detect settings" -> press OK on both windows. If you're not using a VPN at all, it could be that some other program on the machine is interfering (a common culprit is firewall, security, or antimalware software) or there's some error starting the launcher. In that case I would try running the launcher in diagnostic mode as described here:


Once you start the launcher with this option, it won't solve it, but it will create a log file (as described in the link). You can send that log file to EME Support in a ticket and it will help them narrow down the issue.

If you're in the launcher and it's just that the game won't start when you press Play, the most common reason I know for that is some unknown or corrupt file that's blocking it. You can try running a repair from the Launcher options, but if not you may need to check that any previously-made changes are undone and readonly files are made writable again. Otherwise, this could also be caused by interference by some other program as well... but I think it's less likely assuming you were just playing TERA previously on the old launcher.

If all else fails, definitely send in a ticket to support as they have more advice for dealing with these sorts of issues.

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there has to be a way to reach them

All I can tell you is that the issue is not "awareness" of people's feedback. We are continuing to push as hard as possible for positive changes, and the people at EME who meet with BHS every week are definitely aware and making it known to them. In the end, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. If BHS continues to go down this path even though we've all argued/fought against it, it's in their hands.

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But now I have another problem. I had hit the auto log in button, and now it doesn't give me the option to switch to my other account. I'm so tired of it all!

If you click on the Krafton icon in the top-left corner, you'll find the log out option. Then you can switch accounts.

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@SupreMExDFULL disse:
send an email if that is any use
they never listen to us in any way we have to make them understand that the community needs to be respected as such

why do this?
only thing will do and make an excuse like
"We are working to find a way that will make our community happy. Please be patient that we will do something in the future."

Plus it even says right on their page that, for feedback related to specific games, to go to each game's website and contact them there... so they'll just send people back here. These business/PR contacts are not going to be an "in" to the developers.

I posted a new update in the opening post based on a further understanding now of why this is happening. The new forced-upgrade process also uninstalls the old launcher, and it's that which can delete your old TERA install. So the way to avoid this is to just download the EME Launcher directly from the EME website first and don't even do the upgrade/uninstall at all. Then you can point to the folder as I mentioned.

I realize that by now a lot of people have already done it and it's too late... but I hope this helps someone.

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There is the other thing too , since the first time I had this problem I've been running a window instead of full screen and with this launcher change it went back to full screen as well

Yeah, that's the default for a new installation, so your config files probably got reset. The steps above should reset it. That said... your computer should never BSOD just by loading any program fullscreen regardless of the resolution, so you might consider also trying things like updating drivers (etc.).

Well, the problem isn't RNG exactly -- even "sub-to-play" games have RNG (whether it's having the right gear drop, or rolling on that gear against others in your party, or whatever). It's that when progression is bound exclusively to RNG, and the grind for each attempt is excessively punishing/unreasonable, and the only alternative presented is buying more materials via the cash shop (via more RNG)... all that in combination (plus lack of a clear failure cap) is what makes it unreasonable. It undermines any sense of progression through gameplay, particularly when you also know that, at any time, they can just introduce yet another new tier (with one already announced and pending released) that'll restart the whole cycle again. In essence, the effort is not worth the reward.

They already went down the sub-to-play road at the start and failed, so nearly impossible they'd go back there, but I don't believe this is the right answer either. They need a better balance. Clearly, this isn't it.

Yeah from what you're describing it sounds like what probably happened is that it reset the settings and now is trying to launch at that resolution that causes your computer to BSOD. Honestly your computer should not do this whatever resolution it chooses but anyway...

To fix it may be easiest to go to Client\S1Game\Config and edit the S1Option.ini file. You can set "IS_FULLSCREEN=False", "SCREENMODE=2", and change "RESOLUTION_X" and "RESOLUTION_Y" to whatever you want and save. Then once you get in-game you can make further changes.

If you could also mention the stop code and related driver that'd help. BSOD in recent versions of Windows almost always related to device drivers somehow, so not sure how TERA itself could trigger it just by moving to the launcher (the game itself didn't change at all, and the launcher is just a different way of starting it).

If you're continuing to have the issue send a ticket to support.

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Tried it in a VM via VirtualBox (figured why not) and it refuses to scan my install in order to patch (gets to 0.02% and stalls). Soooo... hmm.

For this one, be sure to select the client sub-folder, and not the TERA install folder itself (where the launcher was). Then it should scan the existing install.

Yeah that's what I did. It brings up the "Update" button, but it stalls at 0.02% with no network or disk activity. Could be something to do with it being a mapped network drive (VirtualBox Shared Folder).. some things seem to just not like accessing those.

I heard someone else say today that it sat there for a while at 0.02% and then eventually moved on, so perhaps try waiting for a bit to see.

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I dont think the retool set for HO is even out yet in KR is it?

As of last I heard it wasn't, but it was mentioned not too long ago in some K-TERA dev notes, so it seems to still be coming.

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Thanks for reply, tried that, didnt work.

Okay glad you got it working by reinstalling anyway, but yeah -- the point of running debug mode isn't to fix it, but just to gather the log file that support would need to diagnose the error.

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I had the new launcher install in the Client subfolder and it doesn't work, the launcher won't even boot up, it'll just show the icon at the bottom of my desktop, and then it goes away and nothing happens. Seriously, what was wrong with the old launcher that we had to be forced to a new launcher that's apparently worse than the old one?

Sorry, don't install the new launcher inside the client folder, but when it asks you to locate your existing TERA install, that's when you select the Client folder.

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I don't know if I should wait for support to get back to me or just reinstall the game. The heading goes, Games, En Masse Entertainment, Launcher, Tera. When you click on Tera the expand button is greyed out, there is no client under there. Sorry I can't post the screen shot to show you.

This suggests that most likely TERA is installed somewhere else on your PC, but I'm not sure where. You could try doing a file system search for TL.exe to try to find it.

@TsukasaKun said:

Tried it in a VM via VirtualBox (figured why not) and it refuses to scan my install in order to patch (gets to 0.02% and stalls). Soooo... hmm.

For this one, be sure to select the client sub-folder, and not the TERA install folder itself (where the launcher was). Then it should scan the existing install.

Don't know but if the repair doesn't work, then I would run the launcher in debug mode and send in a support ticket with the log files.

If I remember correctly, the default install location is in the C:\users\public\ folder. Either under "Games" in there or under "En Masse Entertainment" in there. I have installed in a custom place on my machines so don't remember for sure, but I think that's the case.

Once you find the En Masse Entertainment folder, TERA should be in there, and inside there should be the Client subfolder that you need to choose.

@Concepcion30 said:
This is happening to me, but I have a folder that says En Masse Entertainment, the sub folders say Launcher and Tera. I have no other Tera folders so I can't find a drop down box that says Client. \

Try expanding the TERA folder and see inside there if you have a Client folder. You should, unless your TERA is actually installed elsewhere.

Was everyone suddenly forced to switch over to the Enmasse launcher today?

I don't know, but from what people are saying on Discord it sounds like maybe.

This came up in Discord so I wanted to make a post here just in case.

If you are still using the old TERA Launcher and need to upgrade to the EME Launcher, it will ask to locate your current TERA install folder. The folder you need to choose for this to work is the subfolder called "Client" inside your current "TERA" folder. Don't pick just the "TERA" folder (where the old launcher is) because it won't work; expand the TERA folder and pick the one called "Client". Then it should detect it and allow you to run without reinstalling (although it might ask for an update).

Hope this helps someone avoid an unnecessary reinstall.

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Even though they do a classic serve which ensures that they wouldn't modify the "classic" to be more difficult and thus force p2w?

The only classic servers they've done for this game so far have been short-term events that just merge into the live servers at the end anyway.

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Logically banning gold buying or selling is [filtered] as [filtered] and stupid beyond belief
Some people want it so nothing wrong with that and some can make money and all the while players stay in the game. Plus [filtered] is so disgustingly inflated AF that only old time players at the end can freaking buy anything. People wouldn't have to buy gold if the prices were not as [filtered] as they are

For people who have money and want gold, they can just buy cash shop items and trade them for gold instead; this is a supported feature of the game and no one is going to ever get banned for that. So there's no need for people who want this to rely on third-party websites for this anyway; they're just increasing their risk of fraud in the process.

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...and the only other step I haven't tried is reinstalling windows because that is quite obviously a far stretch and an obvious last ditch resort. I would expect that kind of reply from maybe some dude at a service line in india, along with "have you tried to disconnect the power and reconnect back in"... lol.

This was after I suggested doing a clean boot and disconnecting all unnecessary devices, though, which if done properly should mostly result in mostly the same thing. And, at the end of the day, when you want to eliminate all causes, you have to be willing to try all the components systematically, and the OS (and all its installed software/drivers) is one of the components. I'd give it probably a 50% chance that if you tried it, it would probably work fine on a clean install. If it doesn't, then you know it's hardware-specific and you can focus your efforts on trying different drivers. In the end, this sort of systematic way of eliminating causes is the best way I know to deal with this sort of issue given everything else you tried. It was in no way a flippant callcenter answer.

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I had to run a repair to fix it one time because every time game loaded it would crash with fff0:0000, after repair game launched fine, but I will still get the error when switching chars the game will crash but then loads right back up without another repair.

That's really bizarre -- it implies that something is modifying one of the files for some reason if a repair fixes it.

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It week day.
Also people got burned out from teh previous events.

Needs to be level 68 to access the new map. I'm surprised that they didnt sell level 70 scroll. I mean the sale could be used to pay off the new content. And interested players would opportunity to have access teh content without having to grind their eyeballs out..

Oh, it will be. I'm sure in time, when they notice people not logging on (like me), 65-68 xp will be nerfed so hard, it'll be like 60-65 all over again. 1 Airship quest to get there.

People are burnt out alright.
Previously when new content was introduced, there would be lots of discussion and excitement - and careful study of what exactly was new, and what it did.. etc..
The new gear system is so muddled (Legendary = HO, wtf?) that no one seems to care anymore.

Only a select few have the patience to do the Aerial content , and most people don't seem to give a rats butt about the card system.

Not to mention new inner wear is in loot boxes. Ugh!

Well in fairness this has never changed (it's still loot boxes or low chance in the Goldfinger Tokens box), but that doesn't make it a good method.

EME explained this before on the old forum that's unfortunately lost to time, but BHS translates the game into English (a sort of "basic" English), and each publisher localizes it. In some cases in the past, GF has used EME's English localization, but even then sometimes they've made further changes after that. For this recent patch, I'm not sure if they used EME's localization as a base or not (some have suggested that many terms are different, so perhaps not, but I haven't compared myself).

But the fact that Gameforge might release a patch sooner than EME isn't necessarily an indication of this either way because major localization work can start long before the respective QA teams get a build. In cases where EME releases a build later than Gameforge, it's not because someone's sitting there frantically localizing strings still, but because of the QA process and other timing considerations.

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In addition, I could have sworn that some time ago I heard Korea got a 64bit client but it never made it to NA. Anyone?

No, that isn't the case, unfortunately.

Well, the ones in Japan were marketed based on being well-known voice actors; that's the "selling point." They bring some of their characteristic "personality" to the roles, including delivering variations of trademark voice lines. I think the reason they didn't bring those over is because the base licensing fee is too high for these markets.

If you just get random/unknown voice talent to create variants of grunts/emotes and tried to sell it, I'm really not sure if you'd get that many buyers compared to the free ones. It'd probably have to be recognizable talent, but that increases the cost.

Not like I'm against the idea -- it's a neat idea -- I'm just honestly not sure if it'd be worth the money to implement.

Yeah, locking this bumped thread. Feel free to ask again if necessary under the current conditions.

Yeah, just to agree with what was said above, when people talk about "buying/selling EMP" in game, it's a short-hand for a pre-arranged trade price. Instead of going on the broker and paying whatever broker price is for items (and paying the broker tax), they're looking to trade a specific cash shop item at a fixed conversion ratio. And that's definitely allowed because it's just regular in-game trade (it isn't really "buying EMP" -- it's just a shortcut way of phrasing a trade).

But yeah, gold selling/RMT sites are definitely forbidden.

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10. Mobs = If you are 10 levels over then mobs should not even remotely look your way.

Well, at +10 levels you can just instantly kill them anyway. I don't have a problem with the suggestion, but I also don't see a big need to change it either.

This is one of the only suggestions I like. Yes, they're easy to kill, but they're annoying when you're in a hurry and don't want to fight. They can still get you stuck in combat (much slower movement). They can still cancel your gathering. They can still knock you off your mount (including while flying). It would be a nice QoL change.

Yeah, I thought about that. I guess an additional reason supporting the suggestion would be because the respawn time is so fast on some maps now, so sometimes even clearing the mobs out doesn't help. I wonder if a reason they wanted to keep this was to be a nuisance to gathering bots? (Then again, there's still Felicity.) In the end, I can agree -- of all the ideas presented, I wouldn't mind this change at all.

In the end, honestly, there's no guarantee that a switch to a 64-bit version of the Engine would fix this particular issue either, because we just don't know the true root cause. It's some machine-related quirk with the way it interacts with the game. Even in this day and age, a lot of games are still 32-bit (including probably some of the other ones that were tested and don't have this issue). Who knows.

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@Lapomko said:
I have 8700k as well but my is clocked to 5.0ghz and I don't have this issue. Did you try using a different motherboard or graphic card? You can rule out then your motherboard/graphic is not faulty. Try disconnecting all the extra hardware you don't need temporary like the dedicated soundcard etc.

It's not my mobo or any other hardware as every other game works great. The two conditions that separate Tera is the 32bit client and dx9, so it has to be something to do with that and communication with one or several of my hardware devices I suspect.

Logically, ram memory, or the video card is what I figure.

Did you do what I said by disconnecting all the extra hardware you don't need? If it runs fine on other games doesn't mean there's something wrong on your end that cause the game to crash. BHS won't fix the game specifically for you so you can blame the game all you want but you won't able to play the game. Reinstall the OS, check every hardware/software and move on if you are not willing to.

Honestly, as harsh as this is, it's kind of the only answer. This is some sort of computer-specific issue either related to hardware or software, and even if "every other game works" this is a very computer-specific issue. So the only way to troubleshoot it is to start eliminating causes including disconnecting all the things, reinstalling the OS, etc. If I had this problem, that's what I'd do. In the end, the developers can't run the software with a debugger on your personal machine to do a stacktrace of the crash, so...

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@PP597W94LA said:
honestly it doesn't matter what update you have on tera.

When you have a toxic community, the update is rendered useless.

Just like this new update "Skywatch: Aerial Island" I sincerely give 1 month until this content becomes toxic and ends up destroying.

EME need to find a way to wipe out the toxic community before making any changes in the game.

calm down hitler

I think I'll use this invocation of Godwin's Law as the sign that the thread has run its course. This issue is not going to be solved easily anyway as it's very complex and involves both game design and player behavior.

@Tat2GaGa said:
1. Crafting = don't know who's idea it was to make crafting starting at 65.They need to be slapped ...hard. Crafting is a past time to relax and get away from the grinding.

Getting to level 65 isn't really a grind, so having it start at level 65 (when the actual grind begins) is aligned with your intention. Not that I'm against low-level crafting, but the problem is always that the things you can craft at low levels are either useless or worthless, and the purpose of most items only really starts at 65+ anyway.

  1. Elite status = rewards are a joke once you hit max level what good is it ? Elite needs to to offer 4 character slots, 400 emp a month ( not this log in 15 a day crap), free random pity chest a day, 1 store Loot Box a month,5 inventory slots, 1 bonus bank slot.Keep in mind if you drop Elite then all this is taken away no "oh you can keep this and this but lose this and that.

Right now if you have more characters than your cap, you can't even enter the game at all on any character until you delete any excess characters. Imposing that on everyone just for quitting Elite is an evil pressure to re-sub. Also, they have to do 15 EMP a day because Elite Vouchers are of varying duration (including promotional 1/3-day), so if you just give a lump sum upon becoming Elite, it'll be abused. Plus, they obviously do want people to login (and hopefully play) every day.

  1. Bank = need a personal and Shared bank

The game has this; pet banks are personal banks, whereas the normal bank is a shared bank.

  1. Dungeons = set level sure to open up but give the option if higher level to set the level later.Some players may like running a dungeon for the past level and want to run again at a higher level.This will cause players to group more and enjoy dungeons a better.

It just means all the lower level players will get carried even more by the high-level player. Should their rewards drop because they have to try even less hard? The game does not have a "level sync" system.

  1. Flight manager = stop with the taking 2 - 4 mins to land and flt through the damn portal.SWIFT TRAVEL !!!!

This is one of the incentives for people to buy Elite, which you already complained was useless.

  1. Class stance for Healers and Tanks. Every MMO out there has this. You lack healers and tanks in the game do to the hard time they have leveling Solo.Respec the tanks and healers so they can Solo instead of having to wait 30 mins to an hour and 45 mins to group in a dungeon.

I'm not sure what "every MMO" is, but most MMOs I've played either don't have this or have gotten rid of it. Tanks and healers typically also have the easier job in finding parties as they're more-often in demand than DPS (who are dime-a-dozen).

  1. Mobs = If you are 10 levels over then mobs should not even remotely look your way.

Well, at +10 levels you can just instantly kill them anyway. I don't have a problem with the suggestion, but I also don't see a big need to change it either.

11.Information = For God sake get team members with intelligent,hard core players and make a good wiki site for the game with detailed information.if need be go to https://lotro-wiki.com/ and look how they have done things. Someone that has never played the game can read up on everything they need to know.they say Knowledge is power yes but Knowledge of the game to the players is money in your pocket.

Wikis like this are player-driven and done by volunteers, so I'm not really sure what incentives you think EME can offer to force people to put in the effort to create this sort of project and maintain it constantly (it's a lot of work). EME has partnered with some community sites on guides before, but it can create some problems as well. I mean, I totally agree with you that it'd be great if people did this sort of project, but not exactly sure what you're suggesting to make it happen. (Pay people to do it somehow?)

On what basis are you concluding that it's downloading the whole game? Did it say "Install" instead of update?

The new launcher is designed to hash check each file and redownload any file that's changed, and this is a much larger update than usual, but I don't think it's redownloading the whole ~50 GB game.

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Do we also need to mark the "I want to receive promotional material from En Masse" box?
Thought it was unrelated to actual news and meant like EMP promotions or something of the sort.

I think that's the opt-in to email marketing (including for the games), but I can try asking. It is a bit confusing.

@tsaricc said:
If you bring up this thread to EME as feedback, I got a question. If they were not monetarily associated to the game in any way, would they, with good conscience, play this game long term and spend money on the slot machines offered in the cash shop? I would be interested in their responses.

Honestly, this is so patronizing. There are plenty of people who -- in perfectly good conscience -- play this game long term and spend money on it right now (including on the "slot machines" -- the reason they stick with this strategy is because it works). Of course no one thinks this game is perfect and there are lots of ways they'd like it to improve. Why would the opinion of EME staff in this regard be more important than that of any other player? You're either implying that they're building this game for "plebs" and that it's somehow beneath them -- which is pretentious elitism -- or that the reason decisions are made is because the people who make them don't play the very games they're selling -- which is a massive over-simplification of the corporate decision-making process. Everyone working on this game actually does want it to succeed, but how to accomplish that is extremely complicated.

When they did the cost/benefit analysis, they probably forgot the 3rd option - make the game appealing to the audience. If you can't keep whatever players playing the game then how do you expect to get more players to spend money?

Again, you act like it's so simple to just remake the game and "fix" all its problems and that somehow by magic if you "fix it" millions of players are just going to shower you with money. You completely hand-waved the RoI question by implying that investors should "take the risk knowing they might not see any return whatsoever" and that's not actually a usable answer.

Anyway, this thread is just you preaching from your soapbox, which isn't actually useful as feedback, so I think it's gone on long enough. If you want to offer specific, practical suggestions on how to improve TERA that aren't "completely fix the game and throw out your whole global business model, and people will shower you with money for it" -- then feel free to try again later.

I received an email just today in fact about the new update, so you should be getting it.

I recommend to check here to make sure you've opted into promotional emails:

Other than that, I'm not sure. It's possible it gets filtered to spam or promotional tabs in your email, but other than that not sure -- it might be there's something wrong/broken about the email list.

@tsaricc said:
That's why I don't believe the executives of the publishers and developers and the investors care if the game is even playable as long as they get their infinite growth every year. If TERA needed millions or tens of millions of dollars for a remake in the 5 or so years it was out, then they shouldn't have released the alpha as if it was a complete game.

Sooner or later you have to ship so that you can start making some money back on the investment you've already made and understand whether it's worth spending even more money on it. Again, this isn't like an EA or an Activision or some massive billion-dollar mega-corp shipping the nth iteration in a known franchise for infinite profits, but for TERA it was a new Korean developer creating a new game franchise and founding their own overseas publishing division to try to sell it. The situation is really different.

If they were in risk of going bankrupt during the initial launch, maybe they should look on why and not how can we make more money out of whoever still plays the game.

They did look at why, and then they did a cost/benefit analysis for various ways to address it. Their approach was to leverage the investment they already made in the game first to see if they could salvage it with a new business model. Then, invest whatever revenue they get from that to a) try to pay back the initial investment and b) keep the game alive for as long as it makes sense.

Put yourself in their shoes for a second; do you really think they, as an unproven development team whose first product didn't sell as expected, could go back to their investors and ask them to invest tons more money in the game just based on some sort of a hope or assurance that this time it'll work and it'll sell? It's not realistic. Investors aren't just bottomless moneybags; they want to see believable evidence of RoI.


Basically, like I said, there's a grain of truth in what you're saying, but you're too dogmatic. Reality requires a more pragmatic approach.

@5WG9CLR9R4 said:
I havent tried unplugging my audio interface, webcam, etc...just the gaming peripherals. But the memory doesn't seem to be "leaking" it sits at 2.3-.25 when functioning properly (outside of cities and raids), so I doubt anything is causing a leak.

You can't get much higher than that anyway because it's a 32-bit game. Once it reaches the memory limit, it'll probably just crash. So it still could be a memory leak and reaching the limit even at those levels. I'd definitely try unplugging absolutely everything (and running in safe mode to turn off absolutely everything you can) just to eliminate causes. If if you have no programs openly running in the background, there are tons of drivers and utilities that run their services anyway.

I have reinstalled this game many times, on different drives with and without steam and got the same result.

Yeah, what I meant is last time I had an issue like this I had to reinstall the whole OS many times to try to narrow it down until I finally found it. So yeah, troubleshooting these things can be a pain.

The main focus of all these events was to try to get people ready for the new content in Tuesday's patch, so that's why they all end with that timing. It's probably not all that easy to change it at this point (as they'd need to test it to make sure nothing breaks in the new patch with the event, and they're out of time). But given that this new content isn't going anywhere, it would probably make sense to have another leveling event at some point in the not-too-distant future. I think that'd probably be my suggestion to them, anyway.

Honestly, it's almost impossible to know what's causing it from here, other than to say that obviously it shouldn't be happening. A lot of people hang out in the cities for hours with much less-powerful rigs. The thing I would have guessed from what I've seen in the past is that there can be additional overhead if an aggressive file scanner was trying to inspect every file when the game needed it (as when you get to the city there are a lot of models the game needs to load constantly), but given that you said you already said you tried disabling security software, it doesn't seem to be that. The other thing I would have mentioned from past experience was to unplug absolutely every USB device except the keyboard, but it seems you might have tried that.

Only thing I can think to try is to try clean-booting the system with nothing running but the bare minimum and TERA just to confirm it makes no difference, but I'm not sure that it will. Also you might try uninstalling/disabling all motherboard utilities and any "game overlays" (Discord, AMD whatever), including anything that tries to do any sort of game performance adjustments -- basically try to get the computer to as "blank" of a state as possible to reduce anything that might interfere. I remember after upgrading this machine I had to try multiple formats/reinstalls and all sorts of craziness until I discovered that it was motherboard manufacturer's own utilities that were causing crashes, but who knows what it might be in your case.

I wish you the best of luck in any case.

@Oicwutudidthur said:
All I see updated was a post added to the calendar stating players need to spend their candies before the upcoming patch on Tuesday. The event only lasts for a single week, and I doubt they have time to add stuff to the store.

It's because next Tuesday the event is going to change, though it's not going to end. You won't be able to use your current tokens in the new event though, so that's why they're telling everyone to spend them now. I'm pretty sure that what's in the merchant now is what there is until Tuesday, but after that I don't know what the contents will be. It may be that's when we're getting the other stuff, or it may be that this line was just copy/pasted from the console post (I'm not sure what they have, but theirs isn't changing on Tuesday).

Yeah, will lock the bumped thread, but hopefully the question is answered.

@tsaricc said:
But saying that they don't have funds to do so, is false. PUBG gave them enough to fix whatever they wanted, but they didn't. Not even PUBG itself.

Just to clarify this point, it's not about whether their company has money in the bank, it's about the Return on Investment. Dumping millions or tens of millions of dollars on TERA to remake/remaster it just in the hopes that "if we fix it, they will come" is a massive risk that few companies would take. Every project has to justify the investment in itself. At this point in TERA's life, they are continuing to invest in adding new content to keep the game alive at the pace they can, but it's a much lower pace given the game's more niche audience now.

Legislating moderation and self-control may indeed be difficult, however nothing is stopping EME to make a limit on how much a single person can spend in a week, a month, etc (ignoring the obvious limit to prevent people from maxing out stolen cards or whatnot).

There actually is a spending limit on TERA, though I don't remember what exactly the number is. They also have a lot of anti-fraud systems in place to try to stop people from using or maxing out stolen credit cards. Anything they can do to reduce the risk of chargebacks, they are doing from what I understand.

Also, why is it that EME is using a made up currency, EMP, as an intermediate for the cash shop? Is it perhaps they are trying to obscure the real price of how much people are spending on those slot machines?

For a lot of reasons, honestly; some reasons are more "insidious" and some of them aren't. For example, having people buy their currency in one batch reduces credit card processing fees by lumping them all together (since with cards there's a per-transaction fee in addition to a percent fee). It simplifies all the in-game store systems so all currency exchange can be handled at one point (outside the in-game UI) rather than quoting all items in various currencies. It also allows people buy EMP to spend it over multiple EME games, creating more of an "ecosystem." It also allows them to offer bulk purchase discounts (for example 20% bonus when you buy $100 worth). And obviously, doing it this way means they typically will have some extra in their account to encourage them to buy something else later on.

I wouldn't say it's either "entirely pure" or "entirely sinister" in its intention or implementation; as usual, it's somewhere in the middle. Given that EMP is basically $1 = 100 EMP (minus bulk purchase discounts) I wouldn't say it's particularly deceptive. There are other games I've played where they made the ratio between real currency and in-game currency some really odd ratio so it really was hard to imagine what you were spending, but that isn't really the case here.


Anyway, I don't disagree with the need for regulation about lootboxes, as I made clear. But at the same time, I think your argument is a bit too absolutist. If you're going to continue to have games as online services that have huge on-going costs, relying on only purchase + expansion DLC like 20 years ago isn't feasible if you expect AAA or even AA production values. Clearly, though, we don't want game developers making casinos to lure in children either. So again, this is why I support honesty and transparency in the systems a game includes, including posted odds and failure caps on all lootboxes and third-party auditing to ensure the posted odds are accurate to real results (plus, regulatory prohibition on adjusting the odds in real-time in an invisible way, as is the law for casinos). I think these are reasonable requests that the industry should agree to voluntarily without even needing governments to step in, and I'm still hopeful that companies like EME will eventually take a step ahead of the pack rather than waiting for others to lead. But I think we will get there one way or another, eventually.

@tsaricc said:
The people who would have the most success of enforcing change are the players, though. Dissuade people from gambling their money away, spread the knowledge of how predatory some practices actually are, bring up the issue to local government officials, even if you aren't in US, etc. The more people are aware, the less publishers and developers making casinos disguised as games would be able to get away with. Maybe then they will have the incentive to fix the issues that has plagued the game since release.

I think the pressure you're talking about is already happening, but let's be realistic about a game like TERA. The amount of money it would cost for them to completely rework all the game to apply the level of "polish" you're talking about is not realistic for the age of the game and the size of its niche audience. If you forced them to abandon their business model entirely in North America/Europe, most likely the game would just close in those markets. They already tried the P2P route in 2012 and it nearly bankrupt them; they won't take a risk like that again for this game. So if you were really successful in your campaign to convince people to not spend money on TERA entirely until they "change their ways" and "fix the game", it will die here.

Obviously that doesn't mean we should just blindly accept the predatory aspects of lootboxes as acceptable. It's not acceptable. I think we have to continue to push for transparency and integrity from the gaming industry (including EME) so that everything is done "in the open" and everyone knows exactly what they're buying. That's a sensible and reasonable first step that shifts business models in more a positive and consumer-friendly direction without completely upending the monetization strategy entirely.

@tsaricc said:
it does become a problem when they are spending more money than they actually have, or using their parents' money

I can see both sides of this one, honestly. It's true that we don't want video games to be a gateway drug to more serious addictions like actual gambling. But even if you take money out of the direct equation, games are already designed to be additive -- sometimes what makes them addictive is also part of what makes them fun. There's no shortage of stories of people who flunked out of college or lost their job/marriage by becoming addicted to an MMO. (And there's a decent-sized group of people who could probably be objectively considered addicted to TERA as well.) It's very hard to legislate/force the concept of "moderation" or "self-control" on grown adults. I think a more comprehensive approach at dealing with this issue would need to include a combination of regulation, taxation, education, and rehabilitation. Otherwise, it's like you're using addicted people only as a tool in your argument and being somewhat patronizing by saying "since you can't make good decisions yourself, we have to make the decisions for you." It's one thing when children are involved, but TERA is a game rated M targeted at adults, so it's a bit harder to justify this sort of patronizing take if that's your entire answer to dealing with the issue.

I do think it's likely that many game developers will begin moving away from current-style lootboxes mostly to avoid the "bad press" that is associated with it, and that's not a bad thing. But, I don't think they're going to turn their back on decades of research and evidence on what makes games addictive to play or stop using that as a way to try to get more money from people, anymore than a company like Walmart is going to stop using their extensive research on pricing and product placement to get you to spend more in their stores. It's mostly a sign that video games have matured into a "real business" now, with all the benefits and drawbacks that entails.

@SageWindu said:
Remember, this all started from Styx saying he was kicked from a LEVELING dungeon for being NEW.

Again, KICKED from a LEVELING DUNGEON for being NEW.

Yes, I personally think that's a ridiculous end-result and is absolutely hurting the game's long-term growth potential (as it impacted these people), wherever the "fault" lies. I actually passed this video along to EME staff and noted that specific point: the transition from leveling content to end-game has a wall that many new players don't cross due in part to design and part to player toxicity. Ultimately, player behavior is driven in large part (though not exclusively) by the game design, so the game designers ultimately have to make a game that encourages the kinds of behaviors they intend. Of course, the trouble with this is that is that player behavior is also cultural, so the way players approach things like IMS might be very different in Korea than it is here. That's why they have to be aware of the cultural differences and the impact, and change the game accordingly to take that into account. Whether they will or can... well, that's another story, obviously.

I definitely don't think the situation is okay as is, but it's also a complicated issue. Predicting the impact of game design decisions on human behavior is one of the most advanced (and I think interesting) aspects of multiplayer game design theory. I hope they'll look at it seriously.

This thread is becoming cyclic and may be locked sooner or later.

This isn't an issue we're going to resolve in this thread anyway. Suffice it to say, EME is not going to split the servers into "elitists" and "casuals," and even if they did it wouldn't solve the problem with IMS. And the issue with IMS is essentially a sort of cultural issue. Some people feel that veteran players should be accommodating to new players' learning process in order to encourage more people to enter the game (and, if you IMS, you get what you get; want guaranteed performance, make a static). Some people feel that new players should be accommodating to veteran players so as to value their time (so, if you IMS, expect to play well; want a learning party, make a static). And in the case of TERA, as an older game, the balance shifted so there are more veterans than new players, which is resulting in this spiral that (combined with the game's own systems) is making the game progressively less welcoming to new players (by placing more burden on the new players to catch up in knowledge and skill with veterans with insufficient in-game tools to get there).

Like I said, we won't resolve it here because both points of view have some validity and you can't force an attitude change across the board. Only the game developers can really change the underlying systems to try to address this disparity, but it's not a simple thing for them to fix either (plus, since it's a cultural thing, it may be that other markets aren't having the same degree of issue).

I will say that part of the problem is that this issue is polarizing, so it's hard to meet in the middle -- but I guess story of our times...

I think we need some context for the question. Do you mean in the world in TERA? If so, no magic (black or white) changes hair color in the game.

Do you mean, in common fantasy fiction (e.g. Tolkien and others)? If so... this isn't really a TERA-related question at the least, and probably depends on each individual author's world setting.

As you demonstrated in your test, I don't think this is a speed issue but probably some other routing issue of some sort. When actually playing the game proper, it doesn't use that much data and doesn't require very high speed, but it's more sensitive to latency. So that's why you can throttle down your phone connection to 4mbps and it still works. Even with your 4mbps connection it should work. Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to say from here why the unlimited connection isn't working; like something either in how it's configured on the machine. Maybe something to do with the fact that there are two connections and it gets confused somehow? Or maybe the firewall on that connection is blocking the ports needed, but the phone is allowing it to pass through?

Your country is in the list of countries allowed to play TERA PC, so I recommend you contact Support to try to see if they can help you troubleshoot making your game work through that connection. Both should work.

@Ballistixz said:
well i bought the 2200 bundle for the gem crates, but NOW the [filtered] things arnt even in the store anymore!!! what happened? they are suppose to be there till the 15th. I wanted to try and get atleast full SC+0 before this event was over.

FWIW, they do seem to still be there at the moment:


Is there somewhere where they aren't showing up?

@PP597W94LA said:
The only thing I really don't see much of a problem would be create 2 server 1 for the "serious players" and others for the "casual" ones.

thus making any player elitist at PT in the "Serve" casual is transferred to the "serious player" serves and plays with other players who only play with "strong player".

Well, the whole problem with this is IMS, anyway, and even if you had two different servers they'd still meet each other in IMS. The answer would either have to be "the two servers have separate IMS pools" (which would result in longer queues, and you almost might as well just go back to standing near the portal to form parties like original TERA) or "one group or the other should just create static parties rather than using IMS at all" -- and you wouldn't even need two servers if that was the solution.

Besides that... there are a lot of people who think of themselves as a "serious player" when their performance is not up to par, and there are a lot of people who would classify themselves as "casual" but are actually quite competent (despite having less time to play)... so the line isn't so easy to draw if it's self-declared.

But in any case, if you're going down this road, the other approach would be to allow a selection in IMS to say if you're looking for a "learning party" or a "clear party" (though even here, self-declaration is a problem, and it'd slow the queues).

@allofspaceandtime said:

@PP597W94LA said:
plus i think it creates a server only for "serious player" (server where only those who spend money enter)
would send that "serious players" waste their time with "new players" who do not spend money on the game

they could always create a training server, where everyone there starts at level 65, not able to buy cosmetics, the dungeons are always open and it is a tutorial to help people learn the dungeons. then you can go back to your normal servers with your regular characters and be able to run with the elites

Well, the other way to do this (as seen in certain other MMOs) could be to offer a solo version of the dungeons with NPCs. That way you could do that for your first attempt and it gives you the chance to learn and explore by doing. Wouldn't necessarily have to be a requirement, but I think there is a fairly sizable audience who prefers to learn mechanics without the pressure of having to be perfect the first time. This wouldn't be to replace the team version at all (for people who say "lol solo content in an MMO"), but just another option for learning.

Not that I think something like this is on the table, but yeah, as this thread has pointed out, this is a problem that exists in many MMOs, but increases in severity as the content in question gets older.

At the time when other regions did it, it wasn't possible in our regions due to limitations of the old launcher. The transition to the new launcher was, in one part, to make this sort of thing (though not necessarily this specific thing) possible.

But aside that, the problem with an event like this is that it really dilutes the playerbase from the main servers. Right now the game is trying to get people back on the main servers (with all the leveling, enchanting, etc. events) in preparation for the new content. Launching a classic server just takes people away from that, which makes it more difficult to find parties, etc. So at the very least, now would not be a good time.

This conversation has come up periodically on Discord and opinions about it are mixed. A lot of people act nostalgic for the old days, but there is a rose-colored glasses effect as well. And to play the old game for a two months just to have your new characters merged back into the live servers (and then subsequently have to continue to level them, gear them etc.) hasn't garnered that much excitement. Plus, the classic server wouldn't have the same benefits of Elite, TERA Rewards, account-bound items, etc.

At the same time, I'm sure some people would like it and might come back for it, but anyway... yeah, that's sort of the situation. Having seen what other regions did, there wasn't really a huge push to do the same thing. But if enough people ask, maybe they'd consider it when the timing is better.

@Christin said:
Who moderates reddit forums? Just wondering. Personally, I'm fine with moving to reddit but will post here for as long as I can.

There's a moderators section in the sidebar of the subreddit; basically, it's volunteers that have no association with any of the companies involved. (Then again, if that were the decision, it's possible that companies could create their own subreddit so they had some control over the moderation; EME did that once in the past too.) In any case, it's all hypothetical; for now I've not heard of any plans to change the status quo.

The hard turn from leveling content to endgame and community expectations therein has been a constant problem with this game that's partly on the developers and partly on the veteran player community. There's a very heavy "you should already know what you're doing so you're not wasting our time" vibe, but most casual players are not going to go out and Google all these guides, videos, and other references so they can not make any mistakes on their first try. Most people just queue for end-game content the way they queued for leveling dungeons along the way and find suddenly that all the expectations changed. Even if they had managed to get into PvP, it has many of the same issues. This is basically what keeps the endgame experience something only for the core players -- the people who will go out of their week to seek out the information and "get good" so they can keep playing the game.

Of course the game also added a bunch of solo content and other things to do, but for people who primarily enjoy playing dungeons (it seems this player primarily leveled via dungeons), it's basically the end of the road if they're not willing to invest. The fact that they also released the level cap increase without a corresponding new zone/quest structure (as they did in the FoA expansion) also makes it less accessible to casual players, and they're either forced into endless grinding or again, dungeons, which have the aforementioned problem. The new zone they're adding now doesn't entirely help because it starts at level 68 and requires you to be geared up a fair ways, so you still have to bridge that gap on your own.

In any event, the video is a fair presentation of this person's experiences while playing the game, and while I don't think those experiences will apply to everyone, it's fair to say that it will apply to some people, and some of these problems are really difficult to change at this point. (For example, no matter what they do now to make the game more welcoming to casual players, you're not going to easily change the attitude of the existing veteran players.)

@TJKat said:
And before you get into 'EME and BHS are carefully watching the metrics, and this is working, so stay the course', allow me to take a clip from another topic...

@counterpoint said:
Original EME was an office of 50+ people just working on TERA PC. Now the entire EME team working on TERA PC is about 3 people (with some shared resources for all EME games).

A 94+% downsizing is obviously a sign that this business model is working great.

Originally their company was based on what they were hoping would be a major hit P2P MMO. After the game wasn't such a huge hit, they focused on diversifying their portfolio (so they could leverage the investment they made building infrastructure for TERA to support other F2P games). So now, each of their games has a much smaller team, but they have more shared resources that support all games. That's the sort of scale I was talking about in making that comparison. It's not something that's changed all that much in the last few years.

I'm not trying to defend their business decisions; there's a lot I disagree with ever since the day Treeshark got denied about dragons. But I can say that they do in fact look at the metrics and are constantly experimenting with what gets people to spend... even if I don't like some of the ways they found that worked for them (e.g. federation/gem crates, etc.).

@Christin said:

@counterpoint said:

@TJKat said:

@counterpoint said:
it doesn't say much that I'm doing better than a team that no longer exists.

On the contrary. I think it says a lot that they no longer have a community team, and have dumped all that on a volunteer.

Honestly, if they had to start over now, there probably wouldn't even be a forum anymore and they'd just direct everyone to Discord instead. Times have changed.

The forums comprise the majority of EME's Google presence, so not sure why they'd want to rely on Discord so much. New players are looking to Google to find information and updated guides.

Well, play guides notwithstanding (that you find more on fansites), they're putting more troubleshooting information (and some simpler guides) in their Knowledgebase now, so that way answers to common Google questions still get found. (For example, they have a guide to the (companion system)[https://support.enmasse.com/hc/en-us/articles/360023616753-TERA-PC-Introduction-to-Companions].) They have someone on staff now whose job (among other things) is maintaining this Knowledgebase for all EME games. Right now they still use the forums for patch notes and some news posts, but I think honestly this is mostly for convenience of editing. This could maybe be moved to the website proper or the Knowledgebase as well. Besides that, even without an official forum, places like Reddit continue to exist.

I'm not saying that they're going to get rid of the forum anytime soon, but at the same time it wouldn't surprise me if it eventually ended up there. A number of newer games simply don't have official publisher forums anymore.

@Ballistixz said:

@counterpoint said:

@Ballistixz said:

@SageWindu said:

@Ballistixz said:

@walking1987 said:
Sorry bud, but it will never happen. The community had been asking for optimization of TERA for some time. And the answer is always NO. Ktera dev did address it and said it will never happen, and EnMasse will not have any comment on this matter as well. Just and FYI, Bluehole had another MMO is coming up and its still running UnrealEngine3...

forgive me that i dont believe you, but for a ktera dev to say "it will never happen" seems off. can you link me to a source of a dev saying that?

In the interim, consider the following:

  • Scarf/cape glitch still a thing (this one really grinds my gears)
  • Texture degradation instead of engine tweaks to prevent it from happening
  • Texture incompatibility (certain items "strobe" when juxtaposed with certain other items, e.g. the ice cape and any other see-through item)
  • Draw distance issues are still a thing
  • Too many people in one area makes the game chug hard and can even cause a crash
  • Inconsistent graphical effects (i.e. shadows and "lurid display")
  • Weird "rollback" issue when taking a pegasus in and out of Velika
  • "Lemonface" bug

And that's just the graphical issues off the top of my head. With TERA being as old as it is and the absolute craploads of money PUBG (which also ran like dildoes for a good while) brought in, you'd think someone somewhere would be able to go "Okay, with all this extra cash, we can hire some more devs and finally fix a few things!"

But instead... here we are.

All those issues can be fixed with a remaster. the graphics is just the cherry on top of the cake here. I get it, it cost money and big business hate spending money but the profit they make off this more than makes up for it guranteed. It revitalizes the game and a [filtered] ton of old players AND content creators come back to the game. This is why remakes, such as RE2 remake or the FF7 remake is so hyped and popular right now. Even from a business perspective it makes no sense NOT to do it.

In all sincerity i wish i had the money to just buy out tera and hire some people to overhaul the game simply because i KNOW id make profit. its a no brainer. fully optimized tera combat? no other game would compare. Ya a small fee would be required atleast temporarily for the remaster, but even at $40 for the remaster access i think it would be worth it considering the thousands or hundreds of $$ people spend on outfits in the shop right now.

The cost to remake/remaster a game like TERA up to modern standards would probably be upwards of 30-50 million USD. To break even (considering the cut most storefronts take), you'd need to sell a million+ copies at $40 a piece. It would surprise me greatly if there are a million people who ever paid anything related to TERA over its entire lifespan.

the game currently has 26 million on PC alone. it will have no problem selling a few million copies...

There's a huge difference between the amount of people who ever, at one time, downloaded a F2P game to give it a try and actual paying customers. TERA only achieved 1.4 million registered accounts worldwide after its F2P launch (source), which means it didn't sell anywhere near a million copies to start. There are nowhere near 1 million people who actively play TERA today.

@Ballistixz said:

@SageWindu said:

@Ballistixz said:

@walking1987 said:
Sorry bud, but it will never happen. The community had been asking for optimization of TERA for some time. And the answer is always NO. Ktera dev did address it and said it will never happen, and EnMasse will not have any comment on this matter as well. Just and FYI, Bluehole had another MMO is coming up and its still running UnrealEngine3...

forgive me that i dont believe you, but for a ktera dev to say "it will never happen" seems off. can you link me to a source of a dev saying that?

In the interim, consider the following:

  • Scarf/cape glitch still a thing (this one really grinds my gears)
  • Texture degradation instead of engine tweaks to prevent it from happening
  • Texture incompatibility (certain items "strobe" when juxtaposed with certain other items, e.g. the ice cape and any other see-through item)
  • Draw distance issues are still a thing
  • Too many people in one area makes the game chug hard and can even cause a crash
  • Inconsistent graphical effects (i.e. shadows and "lurid display")
  • Weird "rollback" issue when taking a pegasus in and out of Velika
  • "Lemonface" bug

And that's just the graphical issues off the top of my head. With TERA being as old as it is and the absolute craploads of money PUBG (which also ran like dildoes for a good while) brought in, you'd think someone somewhere would be able to go "Okay, with all this extra cash, we can hire some more devs and finally fix a few things!"

But instead... here we are.

All those issues can be fixed with a remaster. the graphics is just the cherry on top of the cake here. I get it, it cost money and big business hate spending money but the profit they make off this more than makes up for it guranteed. It revitalizes the game and a [filtered] ton of old players AND content creators come back to the game. This is why remakes, such as RE2 remake or the FF7 remake is so hyped and popular right now. Even from a business perspective it makes no sense NOT to do it.

In all sincerity i wish i had the money to just buy out tera and hire some people to overhaul the game simply because i KNOW id make profit. its a no brainer. fully optimized tera combat? no other game would compare. Ya a small fee would be required atleast temporarily for the remaster, but even at $40 for the remaster access i think it would be worth it considering the thousands or hundreds of $$ people spend on outfits in the shop right now.

RE and FF are super-popular franchises run by huge multinational corporations with a large network of contractors the world over and hundreds of thousands/millions of existing fans eager to buy.

TERA is a niche MMO cobbled together as a launch project by a small team in Korea that literally hacked an old version of UE3 to add MMO capability before Epic did it. The vast majority of people who play TERA are F2P and have never spent a penny on the game. The tiny minority who spend "thousands or hundreds of $$" on outfits and other items are all that pay to keep the game running.

The cost to remake/remaster a game like TERA up to modern standards would probably be upwards of 30-50 million USD. To break even (considering the cut most storefronts take), you'd need to sell a million+ copies at $40 a piece. It would surprise me greatly if there are a million people who ever paid anything related to TERA over its entire lifespan.

Even though I love TERA, I'm afraid I would not invest in your company.

@SageWindu said:
So it's just like people like Jim f**king Sterling, son constantly harp on about: we won't see any meaningful change to some of the systems because not enough people care about how detrimental those systems are to the overall health of the game.

Ergo, so long as "whales" are a thing, we may never see a change to things like EME's gods-awful lootbox shenanigans (Aside: I honestly believe that the prices of certain direct-buy items were designed to push more people toward lootboxes than away) nor more reasonable approaches to game mechanics like restructured enchanting and upgrading since there are just enough people proving that the current methods "don't need fixing".

That's just f**king depressing.

This is obviously true at least to a certain degree (why change what works?), but it's not as if that's the one and only factor either.

For example, for gear enchanting/upgrade, the current system was "working" in giving a carrot for the hardcore to constantly chase, but it became increasingly inaccessible to new and casual players. This is something they say the new gear system is trying to address (whether it does it successfully or not is another question -- this is hardly the first time they've tried to solve this problem, usually starting with good intentions and eventually devolving into a giant mess over time).

For lootboxes, as we see, pressure is building from other sources until eventually something is going to give. So even if the industry is not going to willingly choose to give up their most profitable business model, they will probably be forced to moderate it. When they're forced to do it, they can all give that excuse to their bosses/shareholders/etc. about the extra cost and/or lower profits.

But yeah, there's absolutely a disconnect between "things people complain about" and "things people do." Even this Terachic Boutique... people may complain about the odds not being posted (I think they should post the odds) but lots of people have traded in old costumes/accessories to roll on these boxes anyway, and discovered some of these "exclusive" (intentional or not) items along the way. So people can be all fire and fury on the forums yelling about their "incompetence" but people are opening a lot of boxes anyway, so...

@TJKat said:

@counterpoint said:
it doesn't say much that I'm doing better than a team that no longer exists.

On the contrary. I think it says a lot that they no longer have a community team, and have dumped all that on a volunteer.

Honestly, if they had to start over now, there probably wouldn't even be a forum anymore and they'd just direct everyone to Discord instead. Times have changed.

@LordMurasama said:
I mean the new product manager (Frank Johnson aka Tielwing) made that initial post of his here but then unsurprisingly didn't really follow through on actual community engagement. Not his fault either since a lot of these folks are having to do more with less.

Yes, and the way they're doing this practically is by doing basically a funnel system. Discord provides a general-purpose funnel, Social Media provides a general-purpose funnel, and the Player Council also provides a funnel. When things are really a big deal, it makes it through these funnels to the product managers, who raise it at their meetings (both internal and with BHS). Honestly, this system in general is working, but people don't think it is because they're not seeing the sorts of drastic/immediate changes they want.

You're totally right in what you say that EME and BHS are looking very carefully at the metrics and seeing what works and what doesn't -- based on the data, not just what people say. One of the big problems is that a lot of times what people say and what people actually do are not aligned. Trying to reconcile those different angles is the challenge of working in that type of job.

(Take for example the issue with the boat mount that's exclusively bound to doing a lot of high-level dungeon runs. A lot of people really complained bitterly about this (here, on Discord, everywhere), but looking at it now, I see a lot of people trying to do it. Despite endless grumbling, there are people posting every day on Discord that they're run /25 for the weekly target. So what does this tell EME? People complain because they hope EME will nerf it, but in the end the hardcore players will clear the hurdle anyway, increasing all the play metrics they were targeting for the specific player group they were focused on. Result: stay the course. They have to have a BS meter that tells them what complaints are real, critical issues that need to be addressed, and what is just fishing for nerfs that might actually be counterproductive to the metrics.)

@Zoknahal said:
@counterpoint Coincidentally, most of the better feedback, comes from harsh criticism. So i be damn shooting myself in the head, but if no one is gonna tell EME that they are taking things the wrong, way, then who will? All they are telling me with their decision to shift feedback gathering from their official media, to Discord, is that they just do not want to bother reading criticism that may help them in making better choices.

Honestly, people like us who come from the forum generation are biased. We like writing these long replies and having big discussions about opinions and points of view, but for people like the EME production staff who are super-busy and just focused on the day-to-day of keeping TERA running, they don't have time to discuss F2P gaming philosophy with random people. They need feedback that is tactical with a real pulse of what is truly critical. And now that there is no longer a Community Team to do a conversion (they used to put together weekly reports that summarized the key feedback from the forum), even I (coming from a Forum background) have to agree that Discord is much better for the team now. They can go about their day-to-day job and, at any time, get an instant pulse check on what's going on, and then go right back to their work. That's also part of the role Player Council plays for them (getting feedback in real-time about things they're working on as a gut-check -- though that doesn't mean they'll always do what we want/recommend). When you're trying to do "more with less," as LordMurasama said, this streamlining of feedback is critical. Honestly, it's even more full of "harsh criticism" than the forum is/ever was, but it's delivered in a different way -- much more stream-of-consciousness and real-time. I still like forums, but it's pointless to harp on this issue as if this is about "avoiding criticism." It's definitely not, and even if it were, it certainly hasn't been the result.

Aside that... when you dig through all the many layers of your message all you're really saying is: post the list of what is in the lootboxes and what the odds are, so we know what's in it and what our chances are of getting it. And when you boil the argument down to that point, I am 100% in agreement with you. And guess what, probably some EME staff may agree with you too. I just don't know why you think they should have to read a patronizing lecture from you to get to the real point... and that, most likely, they won't bother to read it even if it were presented to them for that reason. If your actual intended audience for this thread were the EME staff who can make a difference in what you're asking for, I think you should start by considering them in the way you write. But it seems pretty clear that they're not actually the real audience here.

Honestly, I get that you're angry, but you're shooting yourself in the head by taking this type of tone. If any staff actually do check this forum and decide to open your thread, the first thing they're going to read is your opening patronizing screed and say "nope." You're not making a great case that the forum is worth reading...

Anyway, this is not to defend the system, but this is what I know: This system was developed by BHS and deployed in all regions. What EME was able to control was the contents and the token price (within reason). Other regions also have exclusive items in the pool. In our region, as you noted (and everyone already realized), has the Dyeable Dragon Armor and the Crimson Frost weapon skins.

Someone on Discord mentioned the Wintersilk Ribbons today. I don't think this was an intended exclusive, but probably when they populated the pool they didn't realize/remember that it hadn't yet been sold. My opinion is that it should probably be sold separately, but they'll have to review and decide.

As for posting the odds for lootboxes, I can say that some individual staff have expressed favorable opinions about it, but as you probably know in any work environment these things are not decided that simply. I have continued to push for this for many years and will keep doing so, but again it's pointless to lecture people personally because this is a corporate decision that would impact all EME games. A combination of legislative, platform-maker, and customer pressure will, I believe, eventually cause this to change. I do think slow progress is being made, but I agree that it's frustrating. (My personal opinion is still that posting odds and having a failure cap should be the minimum bar for these types of systems.)

As one more side-note... EME no longer has a Community Team. Bear.Shoes still handle communication on websites, social media, etc. but the rest of the staff were reassigned to other roles. So... it doesn't say much that I'm doing better than a team that no longer exists. These aren't the old days where there were three community staff just on TERA PC alone.

In any case, the point about the Wintersilk Ribbons did come up, and someone else suggested there might be some other odd accessories that similarly ended up in the accessory pool despite not having been sold (so, AFAIK, probably "unintended" exclusives). Maybe they'll stay this way at this point or maybe they'll be sold separately... I have no idea. But the question was raised.

Yeah, I was thinking sorcerer is arguably the closest, in small part, but really Reaper is literally the dynamic described. Probably just play whatever seems most interesting for now until you get to level 40 (which won't take that long), and then create a reaper and get what you're really looking for.

@Maulclaw said:
How come it was all splintered and divided into smaller update throughout the year instead of a full release?

Honestly, I suspect they just decided that waiting for everything to be 100% done together would be too long of a wait for current players, so they decided instead to release things in chunks to give people something to do. If you look at all the things they built put together, it's an expansion, but the release was just spread out.

Just to close out this issue, the official EME post regarding the issue and the direction to contact support regarding missed rewards can be found here:


It seems that some people were subject to a misunderstanding regarding this and may have gotten their ticket closed prematurely about this issue, so if this happened to you please re-open your ticket or create a follow-up ticket, referring to the above-linked post to clear up the misunderstanding. (Again, this assumes that you qualify based on the rules I explained earlier -- within the time period, and once per reward tier, per class, per server.)

Okay, @CobaltDragon got everything re-created a third time, and this time it all seems to be working. We tested new characters up to level 12 so far, and so far so good on both servers. There should be a post soon about contacting support for any missing rewards you should have earned since earlier today, but it's basically what I mentioned earlier.

If anyone runs into this issue, definitely send a support ticket and the staff can move you manually to where you need to be. Weird bug.

@MargaretRose said:

@TJKat said:

@Fainall said:
I am not sure sitting at your comp doing 75 dungeons over 3 weeks to get a mount is actually something to brag about.


Sugar coating it with words like "hardest of the hardcore" and "most dedicated" players doesn't suddenly make it an admirable achievement. "Saddest of the sad" and "most addicted" players seems more appropriate.

I mean, it's not like it will later be released in a loot box like mentioned previously.
So it's a sense of accomplishment.

If they do this, it'd be a timed exclusive. So your "prize" would be to have it before anyone else on the server, and everyone knows (for now) the only way you did this was to dedicate yourself to a lot of high-end dungeon clears in these 3 weeks. Will that motivate some people to put in the time? Probably yes. Is that the sort of thing they should be doing to motivate those sorts of hardcore players to put in more hours in the game? Who knows... We'll see how many people are running around with these mounts in a few weeks.

Now hear this, now hear this... lol

So the good news is that they figured out the craziness that was causing it to not work. They have to recreate the events yet again, and as they do it'll start working, but they strongly recommend people wait until the events are 100% recreated to get consistent results. I recommend waiting until around 6pm PDT (01:00 UTC) but will post once I get an all-clear. (We ran some tests on the live servers and this new method appears to work, but it's not fully working yet, so hold off if you can.)

So latest update...

It seems to be working on their test servers, but on the live servers it still seems to be broken for an unknown reason even after recreating it. They are actively trying to figure out what's wrong. News as it happens...

Okay, here is the latest news about the Leveling Event:

1) Something broke with the original event and it has to be re-created. Current estimated time for the new event start is around 3pm PDT (22:00 UTC), but wait for confirmation. (Hold off on further leveling until fixed.)

2) If you created a new character and just leveled them a little bit (and haven't used any premium items, etc.) after the event is recreated you can delete them and restart, and then you'll receive the rewards. All the thresholds will be reset for all classes.

3) For all other characters who crossed a level threshold within the announced event period (beginning at 10am PDT/17:00 UTC), you will be able to send in a Support Ticket to get the level tier rewards. (Unfortunately it won't automatically send you the rewards retroactively.)

Note: You are only eligible to get rewards once per class, per reward tier, per server, per account. So if you try to level 5 different reapers or whatever, you'll only get each tier's reward once. So if you're going to contact Support, be sure you qualify under this guideline... which probably most people do, but just in case.

So anyway, with that said, please wait for confirmation that the new event is working around 3pm PDT. Will post once there's an update.

@Ellexem said:

@Fainall said:
So why make this so hard on top of it all?

Probably a combination of factors: [...]

Honestly, I think your analysis is spot on as to why it is this way. Every once in a while, EME (and BHS) seems to like to run events that are just there to reward the hardest of the hardcore players, and this aspect of this event seems to be one of those. I am guessing that the reward will eventually be made available other ways, but this is basically a "timed exclusive" to reward the most dedicated players. And yeah, it sucks because it means 99% of us won't get it, but that's also what makes it "bragging rights" to the people who get it. It's basically like a time-limited ultra-rare achievement.

Not saying that I totally agree with this, but at the same time I kind of understand it because games need their "platinum trophies" too. (Personally I've never been a "100% all achievements" person...)

Yup, I also tested it myself and it's not working. We've let EME know -- something must be broken behind the scenes...

@Yuxibr said:
I made a Amani Sorcerer, reached lvl 3 and didnt get any parcel item. I thought the problem would be because i made a castanic sorcerer in the past weeks, but i tried creating a valkyrie and still no parcel item at lvl 3.
edit: Im from Velika

Just to confirm, you did this today after 10am PDT (1pm PDT)? I'll try logging back in to test now.

Could you post your server, class, and what level threshold you crossed?

I was told that the event should be on and available to all classes on all servers, but do keep in mind you can only cross a given threshold per class one time. So, e.g. if you already leveling one reaper to level 55, you can't get a second set of reaper rewards at 55. If you already leveling one brawler to level 3, you can't get rewards for a second brawler to level 3. With that understanding, it should be working... should be...

@MidokuPasta said:
I play on NA and EU and haven't seen any game breaking over on EU ( at least for me it's running better than ever) Meanwhile on NA I can't play at all because of the endless lag I am now suffering. Big oof.

Post and send in your traceroute to [email protected] Although it depends on where exactly the problem lies, at least when it's domestic there's a greater than zero chance elevating the issue will do something, and with enough data I know they do forward it to their provider for investigation. Unfortunately, routing in the US is a mess so no matter what provider you choose, it'll negatively impact some people -- just different people.

As far as I understand, the mentor and trainee have to be on different accounts for BuddyUp to work -- it's a system intended to get people to party together and make friends in game. So yeah, I don't think the situation you're describing will work -- you should be able to check our monthly thread for codes you can use.

Some people did have issues, as with any new tech thing, but I'm not aware of anything that extreme.

In our region's case, they didn't merge the account management system with anything else -- they had the EME SSO from the start, and all of EME's other games used that. So as a result, there's no "account migration" or anything -- it's just the same login as before. For a long while you could even keep using the old launcher with no problem (although some people have started having issues with the old launcher recently and the new launcher solved it).

What I saw in our region were odd/unusual incompatibilities that prevented the launcher from starting for a few people, or from the login screen showing up. I think in most cases that was traced down to either a firewall, VPN, or some other similar software that was blocking it. But this is sort of in the same realm of issues we saw with the old launcher too in rare cases. I'm not aware of anyone who lost their account or anything like that.

FYI - They got it working now, and also extended it to Tuesday, Sept 24 @ 3 a.m. PDT to make up for the late start.

Regarding low-level dungeon queues, they've changed the story quests around now so that you progress through low-level stuff via solo dungeons instead. So although you have the option to queue low-level dungeons, you're no longer forced to do so. Most of the population is focused on end-game content, so outside of leveling events there won't be masses of people queuing low-level stuff all the time.

@Masterrazor said:
I can not play both Tera or Blade and Soul to confirm sizes by comparing different characters and NPC's.

Out of curiosity, what is the purpose of the question? Are you working on an art project or something? The fact that both Lyn and Elin can have varying heights basically would give you plausible deniability for whatever you decide to do. Comparing max heights isn't necessarily reflective of the average character anyway.

Yeah, the above answer is unfortunately right because the PS4 and PC games are on entirely different paths now. It used to be that it was following older PC patches, but it diverged into doing some things unique to console (including different gear, etc.). So yeah, console and PC will always be different. Of course, you and your friends could all play both platforms, but you'd have separate characters on each.

@CC6KE6CEAT said:
Thank you so much, bro. The problem has been solved!

Oh, great! Out of curiosity, was it because of non-Latin characters in the username after all? Just curious to know in case anyone else runs into the same problem.

Late reply, but one option if all else fails is to reset the instance by typing /reset while you're in the instanced area.

By now it's likely that it already reset itself for you, but if not and this also doesn't work, definitely send in a ticket for support and at least they can move you forward in the questline.

As far as I know, all issues with EMP issuance are fixed, so if you think you're missing something definitely send in a ticket to support and they can review the EMP log to make sure you got it every day you logged in (they can cross-check this).

Sometimes it's the case that after clicking the Play button the amount doesn't appear to go up right away , but it will refresh later. In addition, the daily reset time for EMP is 5pm PDT daily. So, let's say that you login in the evening on Friday, and then again in the morning on Saturday -- in that case, you won't get a second issuance of EMP yet because it hasn't reset. Also, the EMP is only issued when you click the Play button in the launcher -- so let's say you start playing at 4pm PDT and keep on playing until 8pm PDT (crossing over a reset threshold) -- you will only get the second day's EMP if you go back to the launcher and start TERA again.

Anyway, if you still think you're missing EMP, definitely send a support ticket and have them look at your logins and EMP issuance. You should get what you are paying for.

(Incidentally, hopefully a fix will happen for the mount issue soon too; this is an issue that happened in other regions as well with this patch.)

Do you know if your brother's user name in Windows contains non-Latin characters (e.g. Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.)? There used to be a bug a long time ago where, if the folder path where the launcher is installed contained any non-Latin characters, the launcher would not work. I am wondering if maybe this bug could be similar.

Regardless, I would definitely ask your brother to send in a Support Ticket so they can provide some suggestions:

I'm not sure what the issue is in your case, but one cause that I've heard of for this can be if your system clock is set wrong. Maybe try checking if it's in the right time zone and synchronized. (You should be able to go into the settings for your clock and choose "Sync Now".)

If that doesn't work, please do send in a ticket to support.

I'm going to lock this thread because, as the Forum Rules say:

"Petitions are explicitly forbidden. Please note, calling a petition a request will not disguise its true nature."

That being said, the PvP situation gets brought to EME's attention almost every day these days and things have been done and are being worked on to try to help. The good response to the recent event was noted, and they know there's a desire to do more like that to keep people queuing. The issue with gearing is known, including the fact there are certain items you need but can only get via PvE, and a solution is being sought for that. Not all problems have an easy solution because part of the way the game works was designed purposefully by BHS, but conversations are always happening. It's definitely not forgotten.

There are a bunch of threads already around on this topic asking for more constructive changes, so I'd ask that you post specific suggestions in there. Believe it or not, things have changed recently and there's an increased ability to make changes, but please make your suggestions practical and well-justified.

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