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@Konatta98 said:
March 16 pvp weekend and March 31 again pvp event? Are you ok eme?

It alternates between PvE and PvP every week and has done that for a very long time now (likely a few years). Whether it's right wrong or indifferent, it's not a change. Just because you think they should take PvP out back and shoot it dead doesn't mean they're going to do that, despite the other problems with it.

On the one hand, there are things about the changes they made that I really don't like (particularly the extensive amount of RNG and high cost/grind for gearing). But at the same time... you can kind of expect a form of this with pretty much any MMO if you leave for a while. They're always going to keep adding new gears, new levels, new things to grind... basically more things for people to work towards to keep people playing. Hopefully they make the process of getting there less arduous, though.

If you downloaded the steam version and are accessing "their servers" but it's not the same as the regular servers, I assume that means you're in a part of the world that would normally be served by the EU publisher Gameforge, so the version of the game you downloaded on Steam is the EU version instead of the NA version.

It seems like in your case that for some reason your IP address (or your whole country) might be misconfigured and is being blocked from accessing the EME servers. First I would check (here)[https://support.enmasse.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024012173] to make sure your country is officially supported, and assuming it is then contact EME in a Support Ticket with your diagnostic information so they can figure out why you're mistakenly blocked. In the off-chance your country is not on the supported list, then it might be that something is changed and you may have to use a VPN to access the servers now... but definitely contact Support to make sure.

I haven't tried this particular loot box, but I've definitely run into the same thing with other loot boxes. It's random and the chances to get the rare are most likely somewhere between 1.5% to 3% with no failure cap. So it's definitely possible to spend $80 and not get a rare depending on your luck. Based on the fact that you hadn't run into this before, honestly it sounds like so far you had just been really lucky.

This can happen if you manually deleted or moved the EME Launcher without going through the uninstall process. Unfortunately, I'm not exactly sure what file or where in the registry stores this (I tried a few things but didn't find it yet). What I've done in the past where this was a problem was get the launcher manually and just extract it to a folder. If you send in a support ticket probably they can help. Otherwise, I did upload it here a while ago. (These files are digitally-signed by EME, but you shouldn't take my word for it -- you can inspect the file properties before running to confirm it's signed and authentic.)

If you send in a support ticket and explain the situation, they should be able to provide the boxes you missed.

This is normal for any character over a certain level... I think it's level 40 but not 100% sure. But yeah, if it's a low-level character you won't get this, but they have this protection for characters above a certain point.

It won't surprise me if they mess it up, but it looks like what they are trying to do with this combination of changes is make it more necessary to have alts, since the entry limits are by character. The problem is that they spent the last 3 years weaning people off creating alts when they made the gearing process so much more painful and grindy. So if their intention now is really to push people back to alts, it's going to take a while for people to trust them.

Regarding the question about the login event, there seems to be some bug or quirk where it gets turned off for some people. At the moment nobody quite knows what triggers it. Some have speculated that it happens if you happen to be online during the daily rollover, but not confirmed. EME is aware of this issue, but it'll require the developers to fix (assuming the root cause can be found).

Yeah, I've not heard of a change to this either. Which outfit(s) are you referring to?

@BlackHeartNoire said:
The double drop events actually got nerfed.
Nerfed meaning the whole pool of loot isn't actually double. It's an increased chance of some of the selected loot outside of the main drops being doubled.

Nothing actually changed about the way the event is run; it works by increasing the drops for the instance itself, not specific/selected loot. They just stopped calling it "double drop" because the way it actually works behind the scenes is not straightforward and it's never "double" in the way people think it should be (e.g. "this item always drops 1 so now it should always drop 2"), so they just called it "increased chance" to be less specific.

@Bastolve said:
Another possible way to avoid the Starlyn becoming cluttered with bucket lists of dungeons would be to do the event similarly to how the Boat event was done. I believe it was dealt with on a weekly basis. Meaning one week, you got some dungeons to pick from. I will point out that the boat event required exclusively endgame dungeons, and the other Dungeon Delver tasks were not relevant to progressing on obtaining the boat mount, so players didn't have a choice of which dungeon to run. (No, this isn't me asking for that boat mount to be revived, but simply to reuse its framework for future events.)

The way this particular event was designed in parallel was a conscious change from the previous boat event where it was one a week because this approach gives people more flexibility for timing -- if for example they're away a week, they can still catch up in the remaining time.

Your proposal about the buckets of dungeons would technically work, but would be potentially confusing to the user because of how it's presented in the UI. Since it would show up as a number of separate progress bars, the impression it'd give people is that there'd be a benefit to clearing all the progress bars, whereas really they should only pick one for each batch. And doing a small batch of each dungeon per week has the disadvantage I alluded to above -- if you miss one week, just give up because you're screwed.

The ideal way to solve the problem, as originally noted, would be for each starlyn to accept an array of content IDs and doing anything in that array would count towards the cap. That way you just have the one progress bar and the UI would iterate through the choices for each task. Downside potentially here would be that the UI could get cluttered if you have to accommodate a large array of items for a given task, so it may have to relay on a tooltip or other UI for the list/breakdown. (Obviously they'd also need to program the server to handle the array when performing the counts too.)

Alternate way you could do it would be some sort of token that drops in the dungeon and not use the Starlyn UI at all. This would definitely work without programming changes, but the disadvantage is lower visibility -- you wouldn't have the UI to serve as a task list/progress meter, or a prompt for what content to choose from, so it would rely on out-of-game messaging for people to know what to do.

I'm not sure if this is working in the current code, but you might alternatively be able to use the Starlyn UI to keep a count of the number of a certain item in inventory. That way you'd at least get a progress bar that you could pair with other info to help advertise the event. But a lot of things that relay on inventory checking in this game add lag, so that'd have to be checked.

The last thing I'd note... whether they chose the right dungeons or not in this case, the other benefit "forced options" gives you is that it concentrates people looking for parties for specific content, which can help the ability to find parties and lower queue times. If you allow too much choice and it dilutes the players over too big a span of content, it might be slower. (Plus, if the selection of dungeons has things on multiple difficulty tiers, hardcore players are always only going to choose the one that gives the best rewards for them, regardless of whether that content is accessible to newer players.) Not that this is the be-all-end-all reason, but it's something to consider.

Anyway... all this is a bit academic, but whatever way you do it is all about trade-offs in one form or another.

I can try asking, but I'm pretty sure from what was discovered in the past that the Starlyn event only allows you to link a single content ID to a given requirement. I don't think it lets you do "x or y or z" in a single item. I agree that it might be nice if it did, but not sure that it's technically possible unless BHS recodes it.

Aside that, it's not something they can change once the event is started either, so even if it's technically possible to do in the future, unfortunately this one has to stay the way it is now.

One reason seems to be because of the network maintenance their provider has been doing that started around last Friday. Ever since, a lot of people's connections are being routed through a new Level3 hop in Chicago that is adding a lot of lag for some people (depending on your route). That may not be the only reason, but that's one thing we've discovered in comparing notes in Discord over the last few days.

Regarding this issue, EME is aware and is going to get the tooltips fixed. It's apparently supposed to be that Jade has auto-harvest and Dark has special storage. If you received the wrong one due to this tooltip error, contact support and they can give you the right one.

@PP597W94LA said:
well do you think the player is an idiot?
really want to get information about the game.
it would have just looked at all the topics that the playerbase was creating and all the conversations it had on the forum.

now they just take and create a topic saying "The players council is working on collecting interview questions for EME and BHS. If you have any questions about the game, ask here! They will be delivered to the eme for review and then those approved will be answered. "

so all the discussions that the players create in this forum was useless?

because they are only interested in the opinion of the players now ....

1) We already have been forwarding the feedback from all this time to them. But because there was a recent interview for the TERA Console Team, we asked if we could get a similar interview from the TERA PC Team. So that's why we are asking anew to collect the best and most important questions as of now.

2) We already did put together a list of questions that we think summarize the key issues (based on the input we received so far). We are creating this thread to try to catch any other issues that we might have missed in our attempt to summarize and boil it down to the smallest amount of most important questions.

So anyway, it's not because they are "only interested now" it's because there's a chance to do an interview now, though no guarantees.

@Jerichow said:
Question for the player council - how long are you planning to keep this thread open? I could write you a 30-page essay of questions for this game to forward to EME/BHS depending on how much time I have.

Just to be clear... we're looking to prepare a short list of the best questions that expose key pain points in the hopes BHS will consider answering at least some of them, but there are no guarantees they'll be able to answer any of what we ask. So, I recommend boiling it down the most critical and salient questions to maximize our chances. We're not necessarily going to pass along absolutely every question people propose either because, again, we need a short list. They won't read a novel. We already have a list as a good starting point, but we're looking for any really good ideas that weren't already mentioned and fill gaps we didn't think about in the question scope.

I'm locking this thread because it's a call-out, which goes against our forum rules, and also because it includes details about exploits that aren't allowed in the game or allowed to be discussed on the forums. I will also edit out some of the accusations/links for violating these rules. This thread is also calling out another region's TERA publisher which is, at best, off-topic for our forum.

@Cyborq said:
@counterpoint Is it just me or do these answers/replies look odd on this post? I don't dare click any of the links.
Sorry for the bump, was just browsing through the forum and found this peculiar. Ignore if all is well.~

That's the strangest thing I've ever seen, but thank you -- cleaned up now. (Why the heck were these spammers targeting this specific thread and posting so occassionally over months...?)

It was supposed to be working and they were told it would be, but for whatever reason it didn't so they removed the notice. But the intention is to make it work (and it was to have it working at launch). Anyway, hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

If you launch the game through the Steam launcher, it should ask you to log into your EME account. That EME account you log into will be linked to Steam.

If it doesn't prompt you to login into an EME account when you launch the game through Steam (and it just automatically logs you into your account), then you're already linked with Steam.

If it automatically logs you into a different account that isn't the one you want to be linked in Steam, you have to unlink your account, which you can do here:


If you installed the game through Steam directly but then try to start the launcher outside of Steam, it will update the launcher to the "non-Steam version" that doesn't integrate with Steam (but allows you log out of your EME account directly from the launcher by clicking the EME logo). To get the "Steam version" back, you need to run an update through Steam (or having it re-verify your file integrity).

I think that's everything so hope it helps.

@shears555 said:
It should not delete your tera. Try to relocate your game. Find your tera folder and set client folder as your game locate.

In some cases what appeared to happen is that the process of uninstalling the old launcher during the forced upgrade deleted the TERA folder and all sub-folders within it... which included the Client folder (where TERA was installed). That being said, it's possible that isn't what happened -- it's definitely worth checking.

Depending on the way it was installed, it's possible that the launcher upgrade process might remove all your existing TERA files and force a reinstall; I do remember that happening to some other people in some cases. It might also be possible that you have to locate your existing install if it was in some atypical location -- when locating the folder, be sure to select the "Client" subfolder. If you can't find your Client subfolder anymore or it's empty, then yeah possible the upgrade process removed it, unfortunately.

@Xyrille said:
I tried it also in the EME launcher and it still the same, should I use IP changer to play the game?

If you're playing from a supported region, you could try it, but I would still send in a support ticket too so they can figure out why your IP is blocked.

Are you playing from North America? There seems to be a note here that says in non-NA regions going through Steam might not work, and you might need to go through the EME Launcher. Otherwise, if you're playing from a supported region, you might be able to try this to reset your connection, and some of the other steps here. If nothing else works, send a support ticket and they can try to help.

I'll mention, but to be honest, if it isn't fixed yet in K-TERA, my hopes aren't super high. Still, doesn't hurt to ask. It definitely looks like an animation mistake. For now I definitely agree that something like Face 11 seems to be more acceptable.

@RonLaw said:
UI needs to be reset by us then click apply and it works fine.

Yes, actually, this does seem to be different than what some other regions got (where it constantly broke even if you tried to apply the reset), so maybe we did get a somewhat-fixed version here... despite it breaking everything at first.

Well, indeed, what is the point in making this thread given your hypothetical?

The UI reset and private channels issue is something that is part of the base game that affected all regions, unfortunately. Can't force BHS to fix it just for us. As for ping getting worse, it requires more data and from more people to understand the root cause.

We'll have to check if there is anything even in the build that was adjusted for this. If there is, we'll have to ask if it's possible to add them. So I'm not sure about the odds of this happened, but we can look into it.

It's a known issue in this patch that all regions got and BHS hasn't fixed yet. In more recent K-TERA versions there were apparently some improvements to this, but these improvements weren't ported back. I don't think there is anything support can do about it either -- it's a bug.

I actually did think about this point about notice a little bit, and I do think you have a point, but I also think it wouldn't have helped this particular issue. Even if you provide a week's notice, you'd still have the people who did it literally the day before that notice that would be screwed, or the people who never got the notice, or whatever. So while I do think they should give more notice next time (to increase awareness and planning, if nothing else), the people who did it immediately before would still be mad regardless. Unlike most physical retail you can't return the product for a refund and buy it again at the discounted price because it's "consumed" upon purchase. (It's sort of like people who used strongbox keys before the jackpot event started. They don't usually announce these a ton in advance either because it manipulates the market like crazy in that gap between notice and event.)

Anyway, as was said, even with a 50% increase in probability, the chances are still too low and the costs very high. The whole end-game progression system needs to be reworked, IMO.

@Notepad806 said:
So it doesn't look like you need to complete a vanguard request, you only need to log in to get the daily prize.

Yeah, it looks like the vanguard requirement part is for some reason broken in our version at the moment, so it's a login prize at the moment. But it's possible it might change if the bug is fixed so it isn't guaranteed to stay this way.

It's still cumulative though, so it works the same as described above regarding the extra items at the end.

By the way, in case anyone is wondering about the Fireworks at the end, it's because the cumulative login event doesn't allow you any "grace days," so the extra items at the end are to serve that purpose. If you miss up to three days during the event, all you'll be missing out are on a few fireworks. This is based on requests here in and Discord after the last event (partly stemming from confusion over reset timing, etc.), so they were able to use this "trick" to make it work.

Yeah, this definitely seems weird to me. I was thinking at first that maybe for some reason it's detecting the keyboard as a game controller and so the game controller code is somehow kicking in, but seems a bit odd for a keyboard to be detected that way. I guess you could try turning off controller detection and see if that makes a difference? Of course, I'd try updating any drivers and overlays too.

It looks like you have gotten rid of the keyboard by now, but if you got another one and it has the same issues, if you had another computer you could try it on (e.g. laptop, etc.) that could be another way to try to eliminate potential causes. Basically try to prove if it's just the keyboard itself or the keyboard in combination with something else that's running.

Anyway, yeah, in theory this shouldn't happen... but TERA has some old code and some memory leaks involving game controllers, so maybe there's some weird issue there.

I'm not a fan of the "mobile game chicanery" like pets, cards, adventure coins, etc. either, and I think a lot of other people have voiced that same concern besides. But... the whole reason they're doing this sort of stuff is to diversify their revenue beyond cosmetics (even though I don't think these particular things are the right way).

Setting up this server with this special configuration would take a bunch of work (both one-time and on-going), and by making it temporary and eliminating the "perks" (which I assume would also mean neutering Elite further, not having TERA Rewards, etc.), how will it at least cover its costs? Why would anyone buy anything from the store for temporary characters, even if they do get turned into "tokens" (which is even more work to program in a fair way)? If this is a seasonal server, and if it's a competition, why would anyone create "mains" anyway (why not keep creating temp characters)? And if you're truly trying to make it a challenge mode free of other perks, does that mean it'd be isolated from the main servers in its own instance-matching group? (If so, wouldn't that just make queues worse for everyone?) And even as a competition, what would be in it for the winners?

When they've created event servers like this in the past in other regions (e.g. legacy server, leveling server, etc.), their answer was to make it a one-time temporary server, and at the end of the event your character transfers to the main servers. So it was basically an unusual one-time event to encourage people to return to the game, and then after the event was over everyone merged into the game proper.

Anyway, I don't think it's a bad idea, but I also don't think it's a likely idea either. The risk is that it'd just pull some of the players that are left from the mainline servers (reducing the pool of players in end-game) and eliminate the meaningful sense of progress that is part of what convinces people to invest in the game.

@Gaalrak said:
My point here is that you are given options with which to avoid being offended (Which isn't a crime, it would contradict the First Amendment, aka; free speech) whereas in the regard to this chat censorship, we are not. The censor is enabled across all channels, with no options to remove it.

Well, just to be clear, TERA is a private game offered by En Masse (not "public" even though it's free), so if they wanted to limit chat content in any way (including chat censoring software), they certainly can. They do already have a code of conduct affecting allowed speech and you can still be banned for breaking those rules.

That said, this particular filter isn't a good implementation anyway, so having it in the game is more pointless/annoying than anything else. Even once they remove the filter, though, it won't remove the code of conduct.

@Shavronne said:
If gaalrak says it, you know you messed up.
It's rather unexpected to see a filter appear out of nowhere in such a game this late.

It wasn't intentional. It seems like it accidentally got turned on by the developers in the base game and we inherited it. (Someone was mentioned this English filter was even turned on in K-TERA for some reason lol.) They've requested it be turned off. Hopefully it happens soon.

@PP597W94LA said:

@counterpoint disse:

@PP597W94LA said:
patch 90 elin valk
last was in NA was 88.
NA has to wait +2 patches before being added.

  • that they ignore the changes in patch 89 and add it to 90.

Just for clarity on this, EU also jumped straight from patch 88 to patch 90, as will all the international regions, so it's just a question of them finally announcing the launch date.

well i already played some games that when skipping "patch" also skipped some fix that was in the patch and error that would be fixed in the patch that was "skipping" was never fixed (sometimes it was a patch improving some kind of RNG).

EME does the same?

"be someone who looks at K-Tera, look at these bugs that will be fixed in patch 89"

It will effectively be like a cumulative update -- we should get everything up to the patch point indicated (except for anything that was K-TERA specific).

@PP597W94LA said:
patch 90 elin valk
last was in NA was 88.
NA has to wait +2 patches before being added.

  • that they ignore the changes in patch 89 and add it to 90.

Just for clarity on this, EU also jumped straight from patch 88 to patch 90, as will all the international regions, so it's just a question of them finally announcing the launch date.

Let's try to keep the threads constructive and avoid flamebait. There shouldn't be any "EU vs NA" wars on the forum.

@SageWindu said:
Let's be fair - back in the "golden age" the customizations here and there were largely well-received (such as the PvP tournaments). If anything, this is a combination of a reluctance to evolve with the landscape with the removal of various tangential things for whatever reason.

For example: why is it taking this long to finally get 64-bit support (assuming the translation is accurate)? Also, when was the last time there was an art contest: the ninja release?

It's almost all because, as the game got smaller (for many reasons), the size of the team working on it shrunk, both at BHS and at EME. It used to be that we had a community team of three people just working on TERA PC (back when we had PvP tournaments, etc.). With no community team, there's no one to organize tournaments, art contests, etc. (There were art contests since ninja, by the way, but not in the last year or so.) On the dev side too, the team is much smaller than it used to be, which is obvious if you look at pace of updates these last few years (and the increased emphasis on more grind with less). You can play a bit of a "chicken-and-egg" game with all this and say that it's because less resources were invested that the game has been shrinking, but the truth is more messy. This is definitely not to defend the decisions they made that contributed to getting the game to this point (a lot of which I wholly disagree with), but it's basically why things are the way they are.

I'm guessing that the engine improvement might be the byproduct of work they are also doing on A:IR (since it also runs UE3), so probably they have an engine team working on this for all their UE3 products, including TERA. Don't know that for sure of course, but it'd make sense that their company would leverage engine work across multiple games and not all of a sudden decide now to just improve TERA PC at this point in its lifecycle.

Sorry, this sort of issue is typically caused by something on your PC, but it's basically impossible to know without more information what is causing it. I would recommend sending in a ticket to Support (https://support.enmasse.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) and including the results of your Diagnostics (which you can perform through the launcher). The Support staff should be able to walk you through some steps to try to diagnose the issue and figure out what's wrong.

FWIW, I have the game installed in a very unusual custom location and it's detected properly in GeForce Experience (I even have copies of the EU/JP/KR clients installed in other esoteric locations and it finds all of them).

Generally I wouldn't recommend putting it in Program Files because a) on 64-bit systems that's for 64-bit applications (and TERA isn't currently 64-bit; there's Program Files (x86) for 32-bit apps), and b) writing to that folder requires Admin permissions by default. The reason the launcher installs in C:\users\public\ by default is because all users can write there without admin permissions by default, and the game itself doesn't need admin permissions to run. If you place it in Program Files, it might need Admin permissions at least to install and patch (if not to run).

So anyway I guess I'd just recommend others to try it first in its default location, and only move if required (and even then I'd try other locations before choosing Program Files, if at all possible).

Have to admit that, with the amount of weird legacy stuff in this old code, I'm extremely (but pleasantly) surprised about the 64-bit change. They're not promising a full rework or anything, so I'm not expecting it solve all the performance issues, but even just the increased ability to access memory would probably help smooth out a lot. Believe it when I see it, but a good step.

You have to send in a support ticket to explain the situation, and they will try to verify account ownership. You can send a ticket from your new account if you can't access your old one, but just provide as much details as possible to prove ownership.

@Venpai said:
they recently(?) removed most of their stock from the cash shop for whatever stupid reason.

Just on this point, they actually undid most of that already (most of the removed items were restored because they agreed they had removed too much), but they've always had a bit of a "limited shelf space" approach to cosmetics in this market even aside that occasion.

I think that seraphinush is right in what he says above -- it's a model that is patterned directly after retail stores, so has precedence and some research behind it. I honestly would be interested in data to see whether it's really more effective in an online game though. There is certainly no technical reason why they couldn't just have every product ever on there (except for time-limited collaborations) -- it's purely a marketing tactic.

I have seen other F2P games that also use this "limited shelf space" model for cosmetics, but some of them also have a rotating schedule to bring things out of the vault all the time. If it were me I think I'd at least try to do that.

I wonder if you can try the "Reset UI" options in the Settings? IIRC there are two different settings to restore the scale and placement. Of course, downside is you'd have to setup the rest of your UI again, but at least hopefully it'd move it.

@Leilag said:
I had to contact EME and inquire about it as it was stated on Twitter that EVERYONE was to receive it. I contacted them January 14 (?) and they promptly sent it to me after I gave them a Character name to send it to. Yes, it was badly communicated.

Well, yeah, it said it was "unlocked" for everyone, and was "Available to all Closers, Tera PC and console players; redeemable until January 10 11:59 PM PST" but I'm glad they're still offering it if you missed it and contacted them.

Sometimes when there are server issues a character can get stuck like that. In that case, definitely do send a ticket and the GM will just warp your character somewhere safe and they should be good to go again. As long as you can login to a different character, it shows that it's the character not the whole install that's the problem, so should be something a ticket can fix.

This is an issue a few people noted recently and it was raised a question to EME. Not sure the answer yet, but it's definitely on the radar. I don't see why it should be locked, unless there's some sort of major bug with it or something.

I gave them some feedback about this too. I think at the time it was on the homepage/news section of the En Masse website, but news from the En Masse website doesn't automatically get syndicated to all the individual game websites, so people who are used to checking each game's site probably won't see it. Most people don't know to check the En Masse site. That being said, I'm trying to remember if it showed up in the launcher for a while -- it might have, but don't remember.

Either way, it could have been more effectively communicated, I agree.

@PP597W94LA said:
I've said it before, best thing and lower the difficulty

Truthfully, no matter how many times you keep saying it, they're not going to do that. It has too many other repercussions to the game. The idea of adding a new player bonus is much more feasible (considering they've even done something like it before).

If the staff want to address toxicity, there are things they can indeed do, both on the developer side (in-game systems) and on the publisher side (the GMs/player moderation). Toxicity is a learned cultural behavior that is in large part a function of incentives and disincentives over time.

This game has a lot of veteran players and they want to optimize for maximum rewards/time with the least risk of failure. Eliminating the risk of failure by making everything easy won't help because people will still optimize and that optimization will always be in their own favor -- even if it's at the expense of others. Plus, a lot of people love difficult/challenging content; eliminating that won't help the health of the game.

When people kick well-meaning but inexperienced new players, they aren't thinking about supporting the long-term health of the game or helping build the player population, just about the inconvenience to their current run. That has become culturally accepted because a) there's no in-game benefit for people to keep an "unoptimized" party with noobies (in fact there's a cost because entries are limited by adventure coins; a bad run is stamina and time wasted), b) there's no disincentive at all for the people initiating the kicks (no risk of punishment if the majority agrees to kick; no accountability for unfair kicking), and c) a lot of people don't believe in the long-term future of the game so don't care about the role people they don't know may have in keeping the game alive long-term.

So basically you need:
1) Incentives so that people will queue using matchmaking but then stick with the parties they have whenever possible
2) Disincentives for kicking without valid reason and moderator enforcement/punishment for blatant/repeated kick abuse
3) Systems so that new players can learn the game effectively and gain the skills they need without being made to feel like a burden to others (and not just throw them into the pool and either sink or swim)
4) Combat performance incentives for players so they will try to play as best they can and not just queue to be carried by others
5) People to have faith in the long-term future of the game so they care in general about nurturing the player community and see the value of welcoming newbies properly

Problem with all this is that the problems we have now have been years in the making, and even if you decide to turn the ship now, it'd take a very long time to actually change the destination. Plus, to really fix this needs change to come from the top -- it's not good enough for EME to just start aggressive enforcement of new rules unless the incentive/reward structure changes and the path for new player skill is smoothed out, nor is it good enough for BHS to just hit all content with the nerf stick and consider the problem solved.

Anyway... it's a problem worthy of discussion and worthy of a solution, but it's also not easy to see a major change.

@VictoriaKeat said:
Btw saying it is "fixed" all while the game randomly lags is not "fixed". It took me less than an hour to hit first lag spike, and another one within 30 minutes. /quit for the day. Fix your server Tera.

Just for clarify, you've mentioned this a few times, but where exactly was someone claiming it was fixed?

All those instructions were for the old TERA Launcher so they won't work anymore.

In the EME Launcher you should currently see this information:

If you see something else and the Game Repair function doesn't work, you can try deleting the file called "en.meta.json" in your Client subfolder (insider your TERA install folder) and then restarting the launcher. (Failing that you could try deleting tera.meta.json as well, though it may reinstall the game.)

If for some reason you don't have the EME Launcher at all and you still have the old TERA Launcher... it won't work anymore. You should download the new launcher here:

You can point to your existing install.

Anyway, I have to lock this thread due to the bump, but please feel free to create another thread if you're still having issue after trying the above.

It looks like the situation is returning to normal at least for some of us right now. I was able to login to both servers and others on Discord are reporting the same. Doesn't mean we're out of the woods yet (haven't gotten an official word), but it seems to be getting better.

I accidentally merged this thread into the server issues thread but split it back out, so sorry for the confusing system message at the top of the thread.

Right now (as of 1:25pm PST on 2020-01-08) there is an issue that is preventing many people from entering the TERA PC servers. You may not be able to select a server from the server selection screen, or your game may stall when trying to enter a server after selecting a character. If you do manage to enter a server, you may experience extreme instability and lag. This is a known issue and is currently under investigation by the EME team.

Thanks for your patience as these issues are resolved.

@Konatta98 said:

@counterpoint said:
Everything looks back to normal now, at least for me and those on Discord ATM.

This guy xd I'm stuck on character selection. Dont say "normal". My character are stuck in gridion :)

...this was as of the time I wrote it, which was nearly 11 hours before when things were fine. Please check the timestamp...

Everything looks back to normal now, at least for me and those on Discord ATM.

They are aware of the issue and are working on it. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

Okay, it may be that you can only link Steam in reverse: by logging into TERA from Steam, and then from the launcher logging into your EME account (which will link them).

But if upon launching the game from Steam you get the Gameforge launcher instead, obviously you won't be able to link your EME account. In that case you might have to manually add the NA TERA install in Steam (either by using a VPN, or manually going to NA Steam link).

In any case, I hope the issue works out for you.

The problem most likely is that sometime in the past you installed the launcher somewhere but then deleted it, but there's a setting somewhere that causes it to think it's still installed. I recommend sending a support ticket and they can help you install it manually or clear out the bad setting.

You should be able to find the account linking options here, hopefully:

I would try the steps here:

If that doesn't work, I would run "EMEDiag.exe" in the TERA install folder and then send the resulting txt file to EME in a Support Ticket. The cause is most likely some conflicting program, and EME has run into other people and can recommend what might be problematic.

As for setting your account nickname:

Just to clarify, by in-game store, do you mean the Dressing Room? Could you upload a screenshot of what you're seeing?

The EME forums are moderated by player volunteers, yeah. BearShoes who posts the patch notes is an EME employee, and other EME employees typically have the EME logo as their avatar.

And the answer to the question is basically what you said: January 2 at the earliest because they think it requires a maintenance, and they can't do a maintenance until more staff get back from holidays. The staff already tried to fix it during the holidays using the tools they have but it didn't work even after being recreated. It's not guaranteed that maintenance will fix it either, because it isn't clear why it isn't working in the first place, but that's the hope.

Adding it to Wintera this year is probably out of the question due to timing of the holidays, but it's probably worth asking the broader question about whether this particular consumable is supposed to be available in our region going forward and how it's supposed to be obtained.

I don't really think any of this tangent addresses any of the comments in the opening post anyway. They were asking about changes in loot drops. I guess it probably would have been helpful to task what part of the game they're referring to (leveling content or end-game). Part of the change many years ago was when they switch mob drops towards vanguards to address botting concerns, but the level 65+ stuff changed the approach again. Progression in general is more gated and grindy now than it used to be, but having a loot pinata of mostly-unneeded things probably wouldn't fix that anyway.

someone call tell me if tera of gameforge have this same [filtered]? or costumes mounst etc are avaliable there?

Gameforge has a completely different cash shop and a different way of handling seasonal items, but keep in mind this is a thread from June 2018 and some of the items that had been removed were already brought back. If there are specific items you're looking for, feel free to start a new thread.

@TJKat said:
Yes, I DO expect EME to have the desire to keep customers here happy. Unhappy customers leave. Guilt nothing, when enough customers leave, they lose their jobs.

I've seen you try to be a lot more impartial lately, but that entire post is just a load of made-up excuses to defend poor decisions. Your whole post can be summed up as, "EME doesn't care about their customers and has chosen to be irrelevant, so telling them not to be irrelevant is counterproductive."

No, I'm trying to explain that we are not their primary customers, BHS is. You don't have to care about that, and if you really think I'm giving "made-up excuses" than it truly doesn't matter to you anyway. But for those who want to keep on fighting to improve the game, all I can offer is my view of the lay of the land. Knowing is half the battle and all that.

Anyway, this thread has gone far afield and was partly flamebait to begin with, so I think it's run its course. At this point, with the holidays upon us, it's unlikely we'll see further changes, unfortunately.

@TJKat said:

@counterpoint said:
Honestly, there's no one at EME paid to "adapt the game to our region."

Thank you for summing up the problem with EME so well.

It's the problem, anyway, whoever is at fault. People in our region don't want a typical Korean grindy RNG-laden MMORPG, but that's what BHS keeps churning out. Players in our region expect EME to have the ability and desire to change it to keep customers here happy, but they've decided that it's BHS's job to make the game, and their job to just provide support. Unless one of the two sides of this issue gives, I don't see how to fix it. There has been a lot of frustration over the years trying to understand what the root cause is, but now the best thing I can suggest is to just focus on yelling about the actual problems, not about who people think should solve it. Ultimately it doesn't matter whether EME decides to fix something or if BHS are told to do it -- the key point is to be clear on what the problems are and specifically why it's a problem. That's all I can suggest.

I'm locking this thread for being pointless bait. Please at least post actual constructive content, even if you're going to be negative.

@TJKat said:

@counterpoint said:
EME top management seemingly decided they won't volunteer to re-do BHS's job for free anymore,

Adapting the game to our region is NOT re-doing BHS' job for free. It's doing the job they're paid to do. If all they're going to do is regurgitate the content BHS sends them, why does EME even exist at this point?

Honestly, there's no one at EME paid to "adapt the game to our region." They're paid to publish BHS's game in our region, manage the cash shop, maintain the schedule of running events, keep the servers running/maintained, perform local market patch QA and deployment testing (not related to the developer's own QA of the game itself), handle customer support requests, provide backend infrastructure support (single-sign on, payment flows for the store, data analytics/reporting, etc.), relay developer news to the players and player feedback and data to the developers, etc. Basically, they're a local market liaison between the developers (who manage the game) and the developer's customers (us). As best as I can tell (considering both their corporate marketing statements and the actual results), that's the sort of "service company" EME is setup to be -- they're for developers who need a hand handling all the behind-the-scenes work of bringing their game to market.

I'm not saying that their philosophy is the right/best approach, but I think it's pretty fair to say that this is their point of view for the past few years, and it plays into the way TERA has been managed.

@HitAhARD16 said:
Look at the differences in the games across the regions and dont tell me these are tailor made to different regions BY BHS this would be both costly for ktera and why do it yourselves if the diffrent regions can do it better or not at all (NA).

That's right -- the differences you noted are done by each region, and other events are provided by BHS. BHS might advise the region on how they recommend local events be balanced or whatever, but BHS doesn't centrally do region-specific balance. As for why EME doesn't do regions-specific balancing anymore, I've alluded to this a number of times here in the past, but I would summarize to say that EME decided they won't volunteer to re-do BHS's job for free anymore, whereas EU seems to just do whatever they want regardless of what BHS does. Obviously the latter approach has big benefits for players, though politically I can imagine there are some problems with that when you're in the same corporate family (which Gameforge is not).

Anyway, regarding this specific event, as I reposted in another thread, it seems that the event as originally provided by BHS had no costumes, and the Elin costumes were supposed to be sold, but they decided at the last minute for these costumes to be in the event instead. So that's how it ended up this way, if nothing else.

By the way, for the Wintera stuff (that EME added back from last year), there have been some adjustments to the merchant based on feedback.

Regarding the Elin costumes in the merchant stuff for the other event, Rox posted this on Discord earlier today:

They were last second additions on Bluehole part (after we discussed a bit back and forth). Originally, no costumes were intended. Those Elin costumes were meant to be sold. We changed course on that, and we added the elin super garment bag as an additional grind item, for those who really dig the event.
TL;DR: Costumes weren't part of it up until the final hour.

I don't know if there has been any discussion of further changes to that, but that's the latest info.

@TJKat said:
You think EME - the company that won't let us have signs because of what some people might type on them - WOULDN'T intentionally censor chat in their M rated game?

There did used to be a chat filter a very long time ago (when the game first launched and for the first few years). At one point many years ago, the old system changed to a new one which I suspect is the one that got accidentally turned on now, and then I think they turned it off because it didn't work well.

You're not wrong in that the net reason is probably the very same: when people use colorful language in chat, it results in more offended people sending in support tickets, which take more time for support staff to triage and resolve (if action is needed). (Even though the game is rated M, there's still a code of conduct for chat.) By reducing the opportunities for people to post offensive comments, it reduces their support tickets. Obviously taken to an extreme, you get certain games that don't even have chat at all and just use stickers or whatever, and that's obviously not the goal here.

In any case, this chat filter and its sudden activation were not intentional, so hopefully it gets turned off soon.

My understanding is that this event was provided (for any regions that wanted it) by BHS. Doesn't mean that EME couldn't manually change the merchants, in theory, but I don't think they expressly set it this way either.

@SupreMExDFULL said:
I mean they were given 300 ep at least and adjusted to that level for everyone.
and those who already had 300 points or more do not give us anything?
If so, it is unfair.

Yeah, it's a catch-up mechanism so that new players don't have to grind as much to keep up with veteran players (or you are not punished as much if you switch servers).

Rox mentioned in Discord today that they've contacted BHS to ask them how to turn it off, because it wasn't intentional from their point of view. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

In the EP window, you should see that your "Total EP" should be 300 or higher, even if it's an account/server that had never gotten any EP before.

It's not like you get 300 additional points on top of what you had before, but it's the minimum starting point.

@Maldicion159 said:
Retooling to UE4 would take 1/10th the effort of reinventing every mechanic, plus there's less risk of totally botching it

Moving to UE4 would basically be a ground-up rewrite anyway. It's not a simple "retool" by any means. I feel safe in saying it's not in the cards.

@Maldicion159 said:

@counterpoint said:

@Maldicion159 said:
how about an update to make it so we can actually have access to 100% of Velika rather than 80% or whatever it is now?
a day/night cycle
fill in the rest of the map
something to do in the open world that isn't killing mobs

Day/night or weather is impossible because all the lighting in the whole game is manually set for each place. They'd have to completely rework the engine and lighting throughout the whole game to implement this, and a lot of the game's artistic style is based on this manually-set lighting.

And, well, the last time people said they should give something to do in the open world that isn't killing mobs, we got fishing for better or worse. So it's not like they didn't try to listen to that kind of feedback... just not sure if that's what people were hoping for.

2 more suggestions I have are upgrade to Unreal Engine 4
and get ride of the glaring and unsubtle transitions between areas. I get that each area is supposed to be unique but it's pretty in your face about how artificial it is.

You're basically saying "I suggest you recreate the game" to them. If they were even going to consider something like this, it'd be better to just make TERA 2 and actually start over rather than trying to bolt it onto this game.

Fishing is fine and I appreciate it. It isn't open world. There are designated fishing areas. It is suitable for something to do on a mobile phone or while doing someone else on your computer. It is not engaging or remotely stimulating.

Just to be clear for the sake of the discussion, what's an example of open world content that you would like that "isn't killing mobs"?

@Maldicion159 said:
how about an update to make it so we can actually have access to 100% of Velika rather than 80% or whatever it is now?
a day/night cycle
fill in the rest of the map
something to do in the open world that isn't killing mobs

Day/night or weather is impossible because all the lighting in the whole game is manually set for each place. They'd have to completely rework the engine and lighting throughout the whole game to implement this, and a lot of the game's artistic style is based on this manually-set lighting.

And, well, the last time people said they should give something to do in the open world that isn't killing mobs, we got fishing for better or worse. So it's not like they didn't try to listen to that kind of feedback... just not sure if that's what people were hoping for.

@Aluh said:
SEA was the first to die.

Well... technically China, but that was many years ago.

It definitely will come soon, but they just haven't announced the official date yet. Hopefully they will announce the date soon.

I think it's just the dyeable Celestial Costume dyed in black.

@Jerichow said:
I actually hope Tera follows what happened to Kritika, that it ended up failing through EME, only to be relaunched in NA without them. Even if it costs me all of my characters and progress, for me, it would be worth it if it meant Tera got a new start with another, far more capable and reputable company. This may not be applicable to others who have invested thousands into this game, but for me, I can stomach the loss if it means Tera gets another fresh start.

The irony here is what happened with Kritika is that it's being published directly by the developers (so basically "cut out the middleman"). But the biggest thing that's been happening here these last few years is that they've left more of the decision-making to the developers. These are the same developers who, as we know, took the game itself in the direction we've gotten (endlessly grindy, painful expensive RNG progression, gating progression so you can pay to bypass, "expansions" that add no real content but grind, etc.). So if what actually happened with Kritika happened here, I feel confident in saying that it'd only get worse.

IMO, what's needed is actually the complete opposite: to invest more resources into the EME staff and allow them to take a more hands-on role in the direction of TERA PC -- to take ownership of all the problems the game has and solve it themselves without regard to the game developers' bad ideas. EME needs to pay full-time people just to focus on TERA PC gameplay and QoL improvements (not console, not the "EME Platform", not TERA cash shop) and to deliver what the players in our market want. But obviously this is a business decision that has to be made at the C-level, and I'm sure there's pressure on them from their Korean venture capital investors to do more with less, decrease costs, increase profitability, and start leveraging economies of scale (so that their company can sustain itself beyond the shelf-life of any one given game and becomes a multi-purpose game publishing pipeline). As players, we're in the middle of this and IMO we're losing. But the biggest reason we're losing is a combination of both factors: EME investing less in TERA PC (and so pushing more on the BHS dev team), and the BHS development team taking the game in a direction many of us dislike. If it weren't for the two together, I don't think we'd be in this situation.

Having worked with a lot of the "boots on the ground" workers at EME, I know that they are trying to do the best they can given the constraints they're under. I do not hate those people (although I don't envy the situation they're in). But I think it's hard to overstate the impact of the change in corporate resource allocation over the game's lifetime. The staff we have are shared between TERA PC and Console (all global markets, incl. NA, EU, Japan), and so that's why they have to rely on the developers' judgement for the visionary direction of TERA PC. So if you're looking for an arrangement where you're being listened to more, I really don't think you want the Kritika arrangement here.

I need to mention very clearly, I am not EME staff, and my opinions above are my own based on my observations over many years. I don't know what goes on at the boardroom tables anymore than anyone else, so the above is just conjecture.

Anyway, aside all this, as others said, I have to lock this thread for being against the rules. I also have to edit out some call outs/personal attacks against specific EME staff, which are also against the rules. It is possible that this thread might be deleted, but I won't delete it at this time.

@SageWindu said:

@counterpoint said:
In general given all the changes over the last few years, I've come to the conclusion that more players prefer playing mains than having alts -- I'm just not in that group myself.

I would argue that's because of recent updates that made playing multiple characters "full-time" infeasible. Before the Arsenal update, most people had 5+ alts (at least in my XP) max level and in +12 mid-tier equipment. All one needed was some spare time and luck.

Once the Arsenal patch dropped, "altaholics" were hit hard. Upgrading was made more difficult due to several factors, the biggest of which I remember being a lack of mat drops (remember all those threads about talents?). So most people with a ton of alts had to make the decision of stagnating themselves (if they didn't like playing a single character long-term, one of which I know personally) or grind their socks doing mundane challenges to make sure all their character could keep up with the game's ever-increasing demands.

Yeah, totally agreed, but I'm just thinking even further back to "why did they decide to move the game in this direction in the first place?" Before, the game's monetization was based primarily on getting people to create alts, because the more alts you'd have the more costumes you'd buy (since they're character-bound), the more you'd need things like character slots and bank expansions, etc. This is partly why they kept introducing new classes to the game -- a big part of their business strategy was getting people to make more characters.

But then, at some point, someone high up must have decided that people weren't creating enough alts for this to be worthwhile. So instead of continuing to encourage alt creation, they retuned the whole game (including the cash shop) so that everything was based around a long grind on your main character. Obviously at that point those who did like making alts realized this was no longer really feasible (as you say). But the only reason I can think for this change in the first place is that they must have found that an awful lot of people weren't making any alts anyway, so all their monetization based around creating alts was missing a large group of players. In order to make the monetization more relevant to those who only want main, they hurt everyone who liked alts. That's probably also why it shifted to be more oriented around progression-tied consumables, since the gear grind was designed to have stress points that the cash shop was able to "solve."

In case it's not clear, I really dislike this direction personally, as it was nothing but bad for me personally. But I still think it must have came about because alt-creators were a smaller percentage than main-only players, even before they forced all the rest of us to be that way too.

And speaking of account mounts, there actually are still some on the in-game store. They're the plain ones with the speed of 280 instead of 290, but if you're the type of person who has many alts, it's still a good baseline to have. Every once in a while the account dragons show up again, but not sure when the next time will be. I also took advantage of that when it came up and felt like it was a good investment.

I'm not sure why they switched to this pricing model as it doesn't work for me either, but as @allofspaceandtime said above, clearly it must be working for them or they'd change it again. In general given all the changes over the last few years, I've come to the conclusion that more players prefer playing mains than having alts -- I'm just not in that group myself.

@Christin said:
The smartest thing they could have done would have been to buy up those mounts, so they wouldn't have dropped to be utterly worthless. Of course, they don't do that, because they can't even stand to play their own game let alone log on to buy up some mounts so people that spent a lot of money on them don't feel like a bunch of fools, but who cares.

I don't think EME directly intervening in the player market to artificially inflate demand by buying up all the supply is really solving anything. I'd even border on calling that unethical since it interferes with the fair chance for F2P players to get mounts at a price determined by actual player supply and demand. (If the people who bought the EMP don't want the mount, that's a better opportunity for other players who do want it to get it.) The fact that you bought the EMP based on a prediction of the rarity/value of the mount is basically a speculation game you played, and you don't always win that kind of speculation. And yes, you still got the mount + the costume + 35000 EMP (which is a better $:EMP ratio than is available at almost any other time of the year), so I honestly don't think you were shortchanged. I'm not saying that people who feel that way should "stfu"... but I'm saying that your argument about the problem and the proposed solution isn't very convincing. I highly doubt that I'm a harder person to convince than the EME staff would be.

You simply placate everyone on here and then proceed to explain to them why their complaint or issue isn't really BHS or EME's fault at all.

Sometimes I think it clearly is EME or BHS's fault, and when it is, I say so (and typically explain that I've already raised the issue to them or will do so). Other times, I explain why I think it's BHS/EME's fault but there are circumstances that make it this way (which is usually because the issue has already been brought up). Other times when I legitimately don't think it's anyone's fault, I'll say that too. But I try to say something whenever possible so people don't feel like no one's listening (even if it isn't the answer they want to hear).

What's the alternative? Do nothing and let people argue into the void with absolutely no feedback about whether there argument carries any potential weight or not? Lie and pretend like people's feedback is valid to make them feel better when I know full well that their arguments are flawed or there are circumstances preventing the issue from being addressed? I've been carrying on exactly the same way for as long as I've been on this forum (even back when Minea was still around). If people truly think that my being here is the cause of EME no longer taking interest in the forum, I can step down and leave it to the fates. I don't need to be the punching bag for people's frustration that EME isn't paying a community team anymore and no one has the time/responsibility to monitor the forum.

@Christin said:

@counterpoint said:

@Christin said:
You're not the only one feeling like this, and there are plenty of other players that most likely have spent their last dime on this game. From players that bought $250 for a mount that ended up getting dumped on broker [...]

You've mentioned this in a bunch of threads now, but FWIW, people spent $250 to get 35000 EMP and as a bonus they got a dyeable outfit and a rare mount. No one should have thought the mount or the outfit would be "worth $250" -- they still have the $250 worth of EMP to spend on whatever they want.

The argument about lootboxes I totally understand (as mentioned above), but this one is just some weird sort of misunderstanding if people are actually upset about this.

Actually, it was a big selling point for that huge pack to get a an exclusive mount. Yeah, you can buy a lot smaller pack of EMP and still have the EMP, so to say "Well, they still got the EMP." is a bit cold-hearted. Are you seriously sitting there saying everyone bought $250 worth of EMP just for the EMP? Yeah, and the mount turned out to be dumped all over the broker along with that dyeable outfit. Everyone knew the outfit wasn't going to keep its value, but to have the mounts drop like that is ridiculous. Just another perfect example of how little EME really cares about the players that they let something some people paid big bucks for just tank on the broker. Your defense of that really doesn't help much.

They were literally "gifts with purchase" -- they're bonus items.

Besides, what exactly do you expect them to do to make sure the mount "retains its value on the broker"? They're still exclusive to that bundle. What people are selling them for is a reflection of how desirable they are to other players, and the apparent fact that more people bought the $250 bundle without caring about the mount than you seemingly hoped. Are you saying they should have given people less of a reason to want to buy EMP so that the mounts would remain more rare to the people who bought it, and thus more desirable?

Again, there is so much legitimately wrong to complain about... I don't know why this is taken as a sign of the end-times. It makes no sense.

@Christin said:

@counterpoint said:

@Christin said:
Even BHS released their latest statement about making the game easier when all they wanted to do was create a bunch of new level 70 players to scarf up loot boxes.

IMO, the level 70 grind should never have been as extreme as it was in the first place anyway, as it actively turned away people from playing the game due to not being seen as worth the effort (and for the way to put in the effort being boring as sin). So I think for them to lower this bar and make it easier for people to get to 70 should be applauded, and it has been a long time in coming. I don't like the increased emphasis on selling progression-impacting consumables in this game, but the fact that they were walling people off from wanting to purchase them is mostly evidence that the endless grind was counterproductive even to their own business model, so never made any sense. (I also think it was counterproductive to their prior business model of encouraging people to make more alts, which is another story.)

At the end of the day, they need to keep people playing the game first. If people are playing the game, they might want to spend money. But if people stop playing the game, they won't spend anything. The broken grind of gearing/enchanting is the next thing they need to target -- the message says that they'll be easing it in time, and we should hold them to that. Even if they insist on selling items on the cash shop, the way to earn in-game should be fair and balanced so that -- again -- people will want to play the game.

In the end, you can get so wrapped up in endless cynicism that you risk losing sight of the thing we want out of this: a F2P game that's fun to play for as many as possible without being forced/coerced to spend any money (but people still feel encouraged/happy to do so, since that does keep the game alive).

Then ask yourself this: Why did they wait until right before Black Friday to make such a change? Because your defense of the way they act is getting really irritating. You know as well as everyone else that hangs out on these forums that both BHS and EME were well aware of the fact that almost everyone thought the level 70 grind was beyond acceptable. Numerous players have already left due to the extreme grind. However, they waited (how long?) before doing this supposed change of heart. No, don't even tell me that they did it for the players, because no, they didn't. They did it for their little sale so they could time it perfectly to make the biggest buck they could. Yeah, games should be fun, but who is really having any fun on this game? Who? People sit on Tera afk fishing, or grinding, or throwing their cash at the game so they can max their gear to move onto something else that is fun. Seriously, why is this so hard to admit?

Because it's outright not true. The issues with the grind raised to a fever pitch with the recent update (which nerfed Caiman spawn rates all the while claiming to increase them, making things even worse) which is why all Western regions had the big feedback push (ours had the survey). We have been pushing EME staff like mad about these issues, and this has been on-going for multiple weeks. The entire player council was petitioned to give feedback, and it was universally brutal (including, if you care, from me). This combined with the survey were used to increase the urgency of the problems our region is facing.

This recent hotfix is a change that got rolled out across all the global regions; Black Friday is only even a thing in a few of those regions. To claim that they only did this change around the whole world at this time specifically to increase Black Friday sales in those few regions that celebrate it is a conspiracy theory in the extreme, and objectively not true.

The reason I'm disagreeing with your conspiracy theory is not because I'm "defending EME" -- if you'd read the messages I've been sending more carefully over all the threads, you'll see that I'm far from pleased with them for a lot of reasons (and I haven't been hiding it). But there's enough wrong that's actually happening without needing to invent additional unintended malice when long-overdue much-requested positive changes occur.

@Christin said:
They (Krafton) is already working on another game and will no doubt use that to replace Tera. Surely their update teams won't be working on two games at the same time, so yeah, it's simply not worth the expense.

A:IR is a different type of game with a different type of combat system and is not a successor to TERA. The much larger job of building the game is already happening now while TERA is live; the workload is not going to get even higher once the game launches.

Yeah, they basically tell you to take it to the forums, so they can dump it on their unpaid defender that for some reason loves to defend their complete and utter disdain for the forums and everyone that posts on it. Sorry, but that's really the truth.

Literally no one posted anything defending EME in this thread. Quit it with the veiled personal attacks.

@DXM said:

@counterpoint said: I actually think EME's rates are higher than that (probably somewhere in the range of 2 or 3%). But when you don't disclose the odds, what's the conclusion people can be expected to come to...?

Having just played and completed TERA (Asia) on X1, it says most boxes are 2% and some are 1%. That version didn't have En Masse involvement I don't believe, but even so those rates seem accurate from my experiences on PC. The rates directly from the devs can't be too far off from what we have here, since they probably just dictate to En Masse what to make the rates.

Over the Black Friday sale I had what I consider an average TERA lootbox experience. The only lootbox item I went for was the Ultracorn/Megasus mounts. I bought around 140 boxes and got 5 mounts (1 Megasus and 4 Ultracorn) for my characters.

FWIW, the rates aren't common between the regions (each region makes their own boxes with different contents).

Your "average experience" is pretty similar to my own experience, but that suggests a rare rate of 3.5%. So that's why I tend to think it's probably closer to 2-3% than 1-2% here.

But anyway, regardless of it is, the fact that it does get posted in the regions where the law requires in and it hasn't killed the game there shows that there's no reason for publishers to fear it.

@Rubberkitten said:
When i first played they did have the option to fully buy a mount or pay only till the time expires. I think it was like 120 days. After that, you had to pay again to either buy it or borrow it.

If i was wrong i wouldnt be constantly looking at the timer while using it. It would show in the Mounts tab. Time would only count if you were in-game so i had a lot of time since i didnt play it all that much.

Recently now i noticed the timer is gone so they must've changed it. Good because all my mounts would be gone xD.

Are you sure that you were playing in NA at the time? I know that EU did used to sell time-limited mounts, but in our region the cash shop was all permanent-duration items since shortly after launch in 2012, long before the wolf mounts came out.

@DeusFurta said:
My advise is, especially for loot box related items, buy it with gold instead of EMP. Let someone else suffer trying to open boxes. As long as the drops are tradeable, En Masse will get their money and you will get your item.

While I understand what you're saying, offloading the risk to someone else isn't really going to solve anything or save anything over the long term. I guess maybe it reduces your personal stress/frustration at a bout of bad RNG, but the price you pay will be more than the average you'd spend on opening lootboxes yourself over time, and the extra profit just goes to the sellers (providing further incentive).

Ultimately, if people really want to send a message, they have to stop buying lootbox items at all even with gold. But yeah, I guess odds of that happening are pretty slim, so...

It's not like the support people are able to do anything, particularly if they already responded to a ticket on this issue and told you to post on the forums. The people answering tickets have literally zero control over prices, and even if they forward your ticket to a program manager it's not like they're going to go "Oh damn, Rubberkitten says the prices are too damn high -- we'd better cut all prices across the board immediately no matter how much that hurts our revenue!" If you keep abusing the ticket system, they are just going to stop your ability to send tickets, and it won't be available when you actually really need it for something.

Besides that:

@Rubberkitten said:
Mounts in the game, you cant have them unless you pay real money which i think its effing ridiculous. They dont come with a Story like Guild Wars 2, where you get to Path Of Fire expansion, and you get a basic mount. Not here you dont.

You actually do get free mounts just for completing the story. First, you get a ground mount upon arriving in Velika at around level 11. Then, you get a flying mount upon hitting level 65. I'm not sure who told you that the only way to get mounts is to pay... but they were wrong.

Personally, as someone with a lot of alts, I also lost interest in purchasing mounts when they moved towards the "fancy single-character mount" approach. But in the end, as was said, prices are something they determine based on sales data, and they've tried all sorts of different price points and sales approaches over the years. Clearly, people are buying at these prices. If they've determined that this is the peak of the supply/demand price curve, they won't lower the price except during sales. (Keeping the price high except during sales it itself a well-known sales strategy.)

I will say, as much as I won't buy single-character mounts at this price, I'd much rather they be selling over-priced mounts than this push towards selling progression-impacting consumables.

Also, re: the comparison to GW2 in the OP, keep in mind that's also a B2P game, so the business model is a bit different. The vast majority of TERA players (probably 95%+) never pay a penny in this game. Obviously those who do pay tend to pay more. Whether that'd be a better business model for this game is a whole other question.

@Christin said:
Even BHS released their latest statement about making the game easier when all they wanted to do was create a bunch of new level 70 players to scarf up loot boxes.

IMO, the level 70 grind should never have been as extreme as it was in the first place anyway, as it actively turned away people from playing the game due to not being seen as worth the effort (and for the way to put in the effort being boring as sin). So I think for them to lower this bar and make it easier for people to get to 70 should be applauded, and it has been a long time in coming. I don't like the increased emphasis on selling progression-impacting consumables in this game, but the fact that they were walling people off from wanting to purchase them is mostly evidence that the endless grind was counterproductive even to their own business model, so never made any sense. (I also think it was counterproductive to their prior business model of encouraging people to make more alts, which is another story.)

At the end of the day, they need to keep people playing the game first. If people are playing the game, they might want to spend money. But if people stop playing the game, they won't spend anything. The broken grind of gearing/enchanting is the next thing they need to target -- the message says that they'll be easing it in time, and we should hold them to that. Even if they insist on selling items on the cash shop, the way to earn in-game should be fair and balanced so that -- again -- people will want to play the game.

In the end, you can get so wrapped up in endless cynicism that you risk losing sight of the thing we want out of this: a F2P game that's fun to play for as many as possible without being forced/coerced to spend any money (but people still feel encouraged/happy to do so, since that does keep the game alive).

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