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we have been trying to get bhs to listen to us for years...as in more than 2 or 3 years now, and we keep hearing the same old thing about " we will pass it on ". don't hold your breath waiting on a response from bhs or eme telling us what bhs told them about our suggestions, cause it just wont happen.
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Another thing I got from the paragraph is that leveling won't be a walk in the park this time around.

inb4 your levels will now come from a loot/gamble box. Get the required xp for a CHANCE to level up.

that would not surprise me.
if someone was wanting to get the proxy software so they could play tera with better ping and all, where would someone go to get it?
I would like to see them bring back the original island of dawn, camp fires, alliances, access to balders temple again, alice dress, everything that used to be in the cash shop available for sale at all times for direct buy instead of it being in lootboxes, account bound items or at least account bound mounts again for all mounts even if they don't have the buffs, I would like for everyone to be able to hang out in at least one of the skycastles like the one at the castanica beach, cs from level 30 and above again, solo dungeons, blast from the past, the different horses for sale in lumbertown, elins as the transport area people again instead of the mechanical looking thingy.
well it is Halloween so bringing up a dead thread for a dying game seems fitting lol
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Is there a way to turn the Pegasus travel graphics off? I have epilepsy, and it's a big seizure trigger for me.

I just close my eye so it doesn't trigger mine.
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I still don't see any reason in particular of why it would be worth leaving NA to play on EU. This isn't about 'white-knighting' EME, but from what I've seen I'm not impressed and don't agree that EU is so superior to NA.

The only things I've seen from EU that I wish we had in NA is the fact that EU has a lot more events, their cash shop is better, and their dressing room is up to date. Everyone keeps talking about how much easier it is to gear up in EU, and that's nice, but not worth me dropping my founder account and hard work in NA to start anew in a region I have no business playing in anyway. Despite how many more resources you have at your disposal, you'll have to deal with RNG anyway later on when enhancing SC+. That could also be the difference for someone in NA being able to gear themselves in full SC+ within two months or twice as long.

If BHS could do something to modify the enhancement system a bit overall so that it isn't so much of a ridiculous grind then this nonsensical back and forth between which region is better wouldn't even need to exist. Yeah EME has been making a lot of bad decisions, but GF wasn't always perfect either.

i highly doubt that anyone has deleted their characters in tera na to go to tera eu. I would be willing to bet that those that left na for eu still have their characters and items in na.
if eu has more events, better cash shop, better dressing room, and easier to gear, then how is na better? is it because our staff here is better? our players here are much more nice? not trying to cause an argument, but I would like to know your opinion on why na would be better than eu.
I don't think the main reason for people jumping over to tera eu because its better there, one of the main reasons is how eme totally ignores the na players. when they do try to make up for it, its through lootboxes and nerfed materials. when you try to have a civil discussion about stuff going on, they close and delete the posts. I think people finally got tired of it all, at least that's what I gather from reading the posts.
as I have said time after time, its their game, their rules, but when everyone leaves , then they are the kings of nothing. hopefully they will start listening to the few remaining players before the rest leave. we may be getting a few new players here and there, but keeping them is a different story. why do you think we have only 2 servers now.
that's what I meant , when the game closes or if you get banned, or if there is a server merger and you have too many characters and have to delete characters that have costumes, mounts, and so on bound to them, then you lose those thing that you paid for....meaning that we don't own anything in the game, we are just renting them until the game closes, banned, or having to delete characters.
I do feel like if they made account bound items again, then 40 dollars for anything wouldn't be so bad. it seems we are getting milked before the slaughter......so i quit saying moo until they make it worth my money to spend again.
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when did they ever give us the impression that we were important?


ok I will give them that, but how many are still around at eme from back then.
with all of the swipers in the game, you would think its a dora the explorer convention lol
as long as people keep swiping for everything new that comes out, they will continue to keep selling stuff.
I just feel like eme has been charging too much for everything the past couple of years. I do like the idea of being able to buy something outright instead of lootboxes, but they need to lower their prices some.
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WTB direct buy on the dyeable pixie costume
And even though people would likely have spent much more than that price if it had been in a lootbox, the number one complaint was direct buy prices were too expensive (due to "sticker shock").

I'd much rather spend 80$ buying the actual costume than 80$ at 4 chances for the costume and walking away with same trash non-dyeable costume 4 times over.

People were complaining that they were way too expensive at 4495 EMP (About $41 USD due to the buy bonus). But yeah, purely objectively speaking if you just want the costume, what you're saying would be the more logical view...

I was one of those people complaining about how much they cost. 41 dollars for 1 dress that you will never own, only renting, when I could buy 2 dresses for myself in real life. I feel like they could have been lower in price, dyable or not. 41 dollars for account bound outfits, I can see paying.
when did they ever give us the impression that we were important?
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Because our community manager doesnt even play the game. This game meme'd me so hard I reinstalled WoW (dont worry I uninstalled it) and I got banned from tera EU for buying 200 dollars worth of thalers. (They wanted me to send pictures of my credit card and passport, [filtered] that)

I wouldn't send them that. that makes me feel like someone is trying to steal your id
we cant have anything in tera cause when we do, people complain that they don't like it and want it removed, and then eme/bhs listens to them and removes it. if people don't like something in the game, then they don't have to do it. people ruin it for others
its easy to let people have what isn't available anymore. kinda like your parents telling you that you can have a pet unicorn because there isn't any.
I heard they are removing it this neveruary lol
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> until they can figure out what to do for November. Oh right, Black Friday.
> xmas sales for december, new year sales for january etc endless sales all year long :s MatrixOfLeaders wrote: »
> Go play Forsaken World
> no thanks enjoy that piece of software yourself kind sir SageWindu wrote: »
> I have a feeling that Black Friday is also going to be a bust...

I like how you pick and chose parts of other people's replies....


I made a killing off selling the lust crates! Over 1 million gold and still counting!

just out of curiosity, how much did you spend on lootboxes to get 1 million gold? im not being mean, just curious
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They need to reach their monthly revenue quota and the fiasco right at the beginning of October was a red flag to their wallets. Of course they'll pull this crate out of their bums. I am hardly surprised. It's pretty effective, I think. People are buying and opening crates left and right (not sure how much it amounts to, though).

So EME purposely made talents harder to get this month for the sole purpose of releasing these Lustrous Fed Crate for cash shop only to meet their October deadline?

Right? Again, almost looks like war profiteering.
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I could believe that. There are a ton of ppl who has no control of spending their money in this game. It's smart, but greedy until they can figure out what to do for November. Oh right, Black Friday.

We saw it before with the new Catwhatever undies, and even before that with gem crates (of all f**king things). At this point, just put in something like Warframe's Prime Access and call it a day, sheesh.

Also, I have a feeling that Black Friday is also going to be a bust...

Yeah, this feels pretty premeditated and calculated. I'm starting to think EME is actually trying to do with Gold Talents, what GF used to do with MWA - that being, make it impossible to get in-game, and the only way to get them is the cash shop. The thing that kills me is there are people who are happily swiping their cards to support this practice.

I'm also kinda hoping the Black Friday sale is a bust - I was intending on spending a fairly inappropriate amount of money on this game to sort of commemorate coming back after a pretty long hiatus, but given everything that's happened in the last couple weeks... Black Friday sale or not, that money's either staying in my wallet or going to Gameforge considering I need character slots for my account over there I've started playing on.

the sad thing is, eme could delete everyones characters and make them have to start all over again, and bring out a new class, elin something, or sell something new or have a sale, and people will swipe their credit cards so fast that it would break the sound barrier. all those people that claimed to drop tera na to go to tera eu and said that they were finished with tera na, will be back. I highly doubt more than 5 people actually deleted their characters in tera na.
im not bashing eme nor am I fan girling them, but I do know that eme has to do what they got to do to keep the doors open and pay the bills. I also know what people have said in the past about boycotting or going on strike after the last time we had the 3rd party software thing going on which was during the 5th anniversary and people talked a good game, even had links to go to where you could join them going on strike, and then eme announced a huge sale for that week, and the strike never happened. when we called the players out on it, they were like we made our point and blah blah blah.
im not saying people are right or wrong for saying that they are going to do x or y, players need to do what they need to do as well. I just think its funny how fast people will change their minds is all.
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Where are the anti-proxy sheep calling everyone a cheater now? omegaLul

its still against the tos, and you can still get your account banned due to it being cheating. it is still cheating until they change the tos. eme telling you not to get caught doesn't make it right to use cause if you do get caught they will ban you. why would they ban someone if it isn't against the tos, which is cheating.
what I don't understand is, what is the point of eme turning a blind eye when the people making the 3rd party software is going to quit supporting tera na after the 16th of this month. so enjoy your 3rd party software for the next 4 days when it expires lol.
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I think there's an NPC in Seeliewood that sells at least 2 of those. I don't remember where it is exactly, but a Google search for a wedding NPC in Seeliewood might say.

I do remember an npc that sold the rings in the little town circle area there.
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En Masse cashing-in while they can with LOOT BOXES; I wonder what will happen to games that heavily rely on whales to keep games alive.

Could we please bring back subscription MMOs? No...? >_> (I do actually know that P2P isn't sustainable for most games anymore, and F2P brings a lot of players who couldn't otherwise afford to play. I'm only being half-serious.)

Inevitably F2P seem to have no way except to get closer and closer to P2W as time goes on. TERA is still relatively balanced, but it keeps creeping forward one step at a time. In other regions they're many steps ahead.

It'd be nice to believe in the "cosmetics-only" dream, but I really feel like they ran out of creativity there, and in the end most people only needs so many costumes/mounts/etc. (Particularly now that they started with the stats on mounts, it renders the other ones basically useless...)

I definitely believe part of it is the "happy customers are happy spenders" problem (and a lot aren't happy), and I know there are other games that have found another way that works for them, but who knows. I hope the industry finds a way out of this current trap before it keeps getting worse.

how did they run out of creativity when we offered great suggestions multiple times. ktc had a thread this year asking us what we would like to see in the shop. we recently had a thread about suggestions for mounts. the thing is, they don't read the threads or if they do, they just glance over it and do nothing about it unless its to close them. for arguments sake, in case they will read this, I will give them a few ideas since they are lacking creativity... they could try to make a deal with whomever they have to and bring back the hello kitty stuff to sell not in lootboxes, they could bring out the alice dress bugs and all, they could bring back older costumes in the shop and keep all these things in there, they could make sailor moon type outfits, they could bring back and have a version of account bound mounts for all mounts like they used to, they could bring out flying wings mounts angel and demon type, a flying flying carpet mount, a flying broom mount to go with Halloween outfits, water mounts or inflatable toy water mounts, make pets that look like the bams and make them a little larger than regular pets and give them 144 slots, a flying butterfly mount, a butterfly pet, dogs and cats pets since we see them in the game in towns and all, costumes that transforms the character into looking like an enemy like a sporewalker for example, an old fashion bi plane flying mount and a tank ground mount since lore has been broken since police cars, a flying unicorn mount, bring back the ground unicorn mount, sell permant fiery halos, unity stoles, blazing unity stoles, and these are just a few things off the top of my head. so hopefully if they want to make money and if their creativity is lost or not working atm, here are just a few things they can do.
the cow goes moooo.
if they want to streamline the leveling process, then they need to start everyone off at level 65, remove the open world content, keep velika, highwatch, and the island of dawn, and just teleport to the dungeon or bg that you need to run. then maybe the game would run smoother.
this is why we need a classic server. people want to skip everything and play end game tera instead of enjoying what the game has to offer.
Yes, Jadehearts were skill books, stored for my future alts. Learned ones still work.
Another problem now is, I'm not sure how many I had on each account, somehow I don't feel to keep track of my bank and fear of things going poof.
Might have to start doing that. :/

it doesn't matter, cause according to the tos, they have the right to take everything away from you whenever they want to. kinda makes you not want to buy anything anymore sometimes.
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same as the mob outside amadjuak

oh...thanks for the reply.
I would love to see what the elephant mount looks like, ive never seen it before
so far eme is good at taking away from us things we earned or bought and content. I know the tos states they can remove things in game whenever they want to, but this is a bad time to be making people even more mad at the company.
maybe their wallet was fatter lol
I think eme/bhs need to listen to the player's suggestions more, and have better communication with them. eme/bhs needs to stop removing content. they should bring back alliance, pre 65 cs, original island of dawn and so on. also it would help to have rootstock more than only once a year. I think another thing that would help tera na is having a classic server before the gender locked classes, and also open all classes to all races and genders. remove ilevels to run dungeons. have pre 65 guild quests for low level playing guilds ( as jerrychow stated in a different thread ). fix their servers so that people in na can play the game without so much lag, and fix it to where others can also.
if you read the posts in the forums, you will see many good suggestions that people have made recently and over the years, but they get bogged down by people arguing with each other, that it gets over looked.
another thing would be have the eme staff hosting fun events again like before. there are only 2 servers now, so it would be much easier to do. give out permanent costumes , pets, and mounts instead of 3 day stuff. bring back all items for sale in the cash shop, old and new stuff. bring back an account bound version of all mounts again for direct buying. lower the prices on character bound mounts. 40 dollars for an account bound mount is one thing, but for a character bound one, and not even the best version of it is being greedy. have a failure cap on loot boxes. show us the percentage of lootbox jackpots. have tokens that you can use towards getting the jackpot on every fail instead of trash items.
we could write pages upon pages of ideas and suggestions on how to make tera na much better, but in the end, it comes down to eme staff to listen and implement our ideas or to actually pass them along to bhs. eme should do for us what they can, and pass along and push for us on what they cant to bhs.
the only names I lost were duplicate names on characters I had to delete for the merge, but I also lost store items as well, so I can feel your pain somewhat.
one of the things to hurt the leveling process was that many guilds didn't want players until they were level 60, and then 65. so everything got streamlined cause people cried about how long it took to level up. then after they changed the way guilds leveled up, guilds were wanting level 1 people to help level their guilds up.
that is why I would love to have a classic server, before the fate of arune patch.
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I miss the old leveling system. IoD, no 'Joy of Partying' to catapult you 5+ levels each dungeon run, where crafting armor was legitimately beneficial, we had item drops from leveling dungeons that we actually wanted to use, and you actually benefited from completing quests and getting rewards from them.

I miss when Tera was a legitimate lv1 to level-cap RPG.

i couldn't agree more
I suggested back when we had this fiasco last year that eme should get ahold of the proxy program, give it to someone they trust to go through it to see how it works, make sure its safe to use and then implement it into the game. I suggested it again in the other thread that our cm made, I would love to be able to play the game with good ping and no lag, but I don't want to risk losing my account by using 3rd party software.
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> @tisnotme said:
> so Lance Armstrong wasn't cheating either but merely a self implemented a QoL improvement for his passion as it helped him complete and compete and it was just beneficial as he could not participate other wise
> Xp

Lance Armstrong didn’t have a disability, he took PEDs because he was a cheater. He is what I would actually classify as a representation of a TERA cheater.

Oscar Pistorious on the other hand does have a disability (is missing 2 legs) and he has to use prostetics to be on an even competing field compared to his athletic peers, he would be a representation of a 200ms ping TERA player that needs the use of proxy.

Are you seriously telling me that having no legs(200ms ping) and using a prostetic(proxy) is the same as using PEDs(cheating in-game) even though you don’t need PEDs but you do need the prostetics in order to compete?

it is according to the tos. many of us have bad ping and lag and rubberband all the time and didn't use the proxy due to us following the rules. rules are there for us to follow whether or not we like it. according to most proxy users, their arguments are basically the same as a drunk drivers....how else am I going to get home from the bar unless I drink. I would have taken a taxi or rode the bus, but our town doesn't have a taxi service or bus, so its the towns fault for me having to drive my car home drunk.
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Would you hold X?...

yes I would as long as they address the issues that have been in tera for years and also fix them.
it is too early for a server merge. even if they wanted to, it wouldn't happen for at least a year or 2 just because it will look bad on them for having to have more than 1 server merge within a years time. that would show the rest of the world that this game is losing players for whatever reason and people would avoid it like the plague .
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If Players with High Ping can't do Intense PvE and PvP, then you can still play TERA on NA, but with limitations only.

Here are the list of things you can still do if you have 200ms+ Ping:
1. Daily Solo Questing.
2. Hunt some World Boss.
3. Crafting.
4. Exploring the World of Tera and be amaze.
5. Chatting with People.
6. Running Old and Low Level Dungeons (Just don't do 439+).
7. High Ping Player VS High Ping Player (This will be good, because you and your opponent is on the same playing field).
8. PVErp (The Best for some people).

Adapt and Survive is the best thing High Ping Players can do, until EME fixes all the issues and concerns of the game =) .

that's what ive been having to do for the past few years due to my ping.
I feel like a flying broom mount released on Halloween would sell like crazy, and since they have the angel and devil wings, make them fly and then they have another good selling mount, as long as it isn't 50 or 60 dollars per character. they also need to bring back account bound mounts.
I also miss being able to go to baldera with my friends.
it would be called lumbertown lol
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Guess what! They activated the Halloween event, and didnt even announced it. Same was for Rootstock, activated and announce it a day after

Way to go EME.

maybe check twitter or instagram or something.
or maybe they wanted us to be pleasantly surprised.
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Anyone else notice how fast they fixed that emp problem?

I did notice that...... MOO!
why couldn't eme just get a copy of the proxy program and have someone go through it to make sure its safe and all, and then implement it as their own. I suggested this last year, when we had this same fiasco going on.
and campfires. I miss me some campfires and charms.
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Might as well merge all servers at this point omegalul and this is literally just a thread for people to vent

if they do merge servers into one, then I hope they raise the character limit a lot higher since I had to delete so many the last time
are you sending the list to eme or something?
I miss the original island of dawn, alliance, running my level 60 dailies near cutthroat harbor having to kill 3 of those guys in sameals hideout and having to hurry and change channels before the other people to kill those guys. I remember before I knew how to tell when pvp was active in alliance territory getting one shotted while im killing the banana trees for peels to sell cause I didn't know about the level 60 dailies yet. grinding kanstria to get my steadfast gear before I knew about the way to get it at level one with the help of a level 60, which I never got to do cause I didn't know until it was too late. getting my 1st black panther mount. that was an awesome feeling.
I wish eme would give us a fix for our bad ping and server lag, cause I am handicapped and I have been playing for a long time with bad ping and lag. im not any good, but I try and do what I can. I never used any 3rd party programs cause I don't want to lose my account, so I don't know what I have been missing b not having it. hopefully we will be able to have a fix so I can play like it was intended.
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What if they don't want things to get better? Have you ever considered that? Insensitive jerks.

You know, I've been toying with this idea for a while now. What if EME legit are purposely low-key trying to kill this game off so that they can pick up a better, more profitable game? Isn't AIR supposed to come out or something?

I talked with my friend about it - it would honestly make sense if that's what they were doing. They don't have enough staff to manage another large title, so the best thing they can do is get rid of the sinking ship. Closers and Kritika are probably extremely low-budget, easy to manage games that take a fraction of the work, but if they want to pickup something new, they have to get rid of something.

That something being Tera - but the problem is, being a BHS subsidiary, they can't just pull the plug. It's impossible because BHS legitimately owns and runs them. This would mean that the decision to drop support for Tera would have to come from up top, ie: Killing Tera has to be a decision made by BHS.

Then the question becomes... How?

This part is easy. Kill the game's profitability - but do so incrementally to make it look like there is a constant downward trend in player count rather than a publisher trying to back out. Doing so will force BHS's hand because there is absolutely a point in which there will be so few players/payers left, that BHS will be operating Tera in NA at a loss. At that point - it's game over and EME wins.

The servers will be shut down, and EME would be in a position to pick up something like AIR to take Tera's place when it is ready for localization in the US. It's sinister, it's underhanded.... but it's RIGHT up EME's alley if history is to tell us anything.

I would imagine that bhs would know whats really going on in tera na. I know that people said they have emailed and written to bhs about the problems concerning tera na. im not saying you are wrong or right, but if you are correct , then I wouldn't play anything published or supported by eme ever again, and I feel like word would get out to stay away from eme. lets hope that you are wrong.
before maybe from time to time, but recently with all the deleted and closed threads, im not too sure.
no matter what side you are on be it for or against the proxy stuff, doesn't really matter, cause its their game their rules so we don't really have any say so in what eme does. I think it would be a good gesture on the part of eme to come on the forums and speak to the people instead of closing and deleting posts. many were toxic to the point of bashing other players just because they disagreed with them, but many weren't toxic and got closed.
I would respect eme more if they would just come on forums and say " its against the tos" , or a simple yes or no to our questions. saying that we will look into it, or we passed along to bhs, but with no update or information or answers, kind of makes people feel like what parents do to shut their kids up for that moment by giving them false hope. this isn't just about the proxy thing, this goes way back before the whole flying dragon thing.
I have said it many times, its their game , their rules, and we agreed to the tos. I am not always happy with them, but I am also not always angry with them and trying to find fault in every little thing. things happen. I just hope that eme will start communicating with the players a little better, cause from what ive seen the past few days, many players are mad, some are leaving to go to eu, and are loosing faith in eme.
eme staff said they love us, so maybe they might want to show these players a little love by communicating with them before we have to have another server merge.
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Starkhoe wrote: »
Thuking wrote: »
Well said, Im glad I made the move to EU earlier during ambush patch so I didn't invest all my time on NA servers so switching isn't hard for me though, a lot of friends are having to start from scratch so some are not even going to bother playing.

Thank you, @Thuking . Unfortunately for me it took much longer, being as the guild I was in only left to EU recently. I had stopped taking this game seriously along time ago because, well, just look at it lol. However being with friends is what kept me around, and many of the people I hung out with used proxies purely to avoid the ping tax. Not to mention that anyone that cares about improving their DPS uses a meter, right. So its easy to understand how these events transpired. Hell, i`ll bet that even the brown noses and some of the council members used proxies and meters, these hypocrites. So yeah it is what it is. The only reason i`m still using these forums is because this place is like a sitcom. It amuses me.

IKR. Moving to EU is sure tempting, but there is no way I'd be able to invest the time or cash I did with NA. Plus, they'd probably get Xing as soon as I installed the game.

Do they have the big Black Friday sales that NA had?

good question. I don't know if the uk has black Friday sales or not
@KitTeaCup or whoever is in charge of looking into a fix for those of us with bad ping and all, you stated that you will be looking into a fix for us on Friday, and we would like to know about how long it will maybe take to look into it, get a fix, and then implement said fix for the players? I am not bashing nor am I posting a crap post, I know that many of the players would like to know as well.
I would also like to ask you to keep us updated on the progress of your findings so that people will feel like you do love us and not blowing us off. even a weekly update would be really great. I know there has been toxic things being said towards eme and staff lately, and I feel like this would at least be a good start of mending fences between staff and the players.

also please players keep all responses or replies in this post civil and respectful and not bashing each other or staff. I feel like this should be an olive branch to and from staff and I would hate to see this deleted.

this is what I said in a post I made and it got closed. I don't feel like I said anything wrong towards eme or the players. if I did, maybe someone could point out what I said that was wrong.
I know they closed my thread and I wasn't bashing them or anything. I asked them to keep us updated on the progress, and how that would help the players attitudes toward eme, and I don't know why they closed it. what it told me was that many of the players are correct in their opinions and I am starting to feel the same way. so great going eme for closing down posts of the ones trying to bridge the gap between staff and players
@KitTeaCup or whoever is in charge of looking into a fix for those of us with bad ping and all, you stated that you will be looking into a fix for us on Friday, and we would like to know about how long it will maybe take to look into it, get a fix, and then implement said fix for the players? I am not bashing nor am I posting a crap post, I know that many of the players would like to know as well.
I would also like to ask you to keep us updated on the progress of your findings so that people will feel like you do love us and not blowing us off. even a weekly update would be really great. I know there has been toxic things being said towards eme and staff lately, and I feel like this would at least be a good start of mending fences between staff and the players.

also please players keep all responses or replies in this post civil and respectful and not bashing each other or staff. I feel like this should be an olive branch to and from staff and I would hate to see this deleted.

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Na Refugees

Proxy is a baneable offense at Gameforge TERA version.

and people at tera eu are already talking about the people coming to eu from na because they are cheaters and don't want to play with them,
it will die down once eme has a huge sale or brings something new and cute out....kinda like last year when we had this same thing going on, and eme had the sale and event going on and the protesters decided to not leave after all. it happens nearly everytime. people get mad at eme, they threaten to quit, eme comes out with a sale,new class,event , and all is forgotten.
it will be the same way again.
I would live on a vanilla server if they made one. also wow did have a fan made vanilla server and it was popular but wow took it down, and there was a huge uproar among their community. I don't know if they are going to have an official vanilla server or not. I would love to see a vanilla server in tera, original iod, alliance, pre 65 cs, the level 60 dailies before the foa patch in other words.
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You can add to the CHINA release, it was on 2014. Many people says the shutdown was because the game was too old to compete vs the MMOs that were already on China market.

I don't suppose you know the url of the chinese version of the game?

my understanding is to create an account in china , japan and korea you need to be their to authenticate/validate a tera account otherwise id be playing one (prob japans) from here in the west of Australia
from memory its like you need an active cell phone account registered in that area to receive an activation code for the game

there are lists available with cellphone numbers for those that have moved away from china
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Nice post and I think there was some other thread where someone mentioned your name and said you were a great person. So I feel kind of bad saying this but... I think it's too late at this point. Reality is what it is. EME really messed up this time. It wasn't just this, but the plethora of past mistakes adding up constantly testing players patience. You just have to accept the fact the at this point Tera NA is done. Move to EU like everyone else..
I just read some of the posts in tera eu to see what they were like, and many were bashing tera na players that are moving to eu calling them cheaters. they said that the ones moving to eu were the proxy users and will be using it there as well.
I will be waiting to see if eme does do something to help fix our lagging and ping here. if tera na shuts down, I will be one of the last ones out the door. I love this game and I have never used anything in the game that would maybe cause me to get banned. my ping is bad and I lag like crazy, but I will hold out for hope a little longer.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
You can add to the CHINA release, it was on 2014. Many people says the shutdown was because the game was too old to compete vs the MMOs that were already on China market.

tencent is working with a huge game company to come out with a new mmorpg soon. I cant wait to see it
do you have to uninstall tera na to play tera eu?
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Battlegrounds have become so much easier to win as of lately, welcome back to Vanilla TERA. :)

I would play on a vanilla server

We love you TERA players and we understand that you’re upset about this. We will investigate solutions that provide some of the benefits that these 3rd Party Services offered in a form that doesn't violate our terms of service. Please be patient with us while we see what we can come up with.

just wait to see if eme gets a fix for people with bad ping before getting upset. they are looking into it for us. I hope they will find a fix for those of us with bad ping. I never used any 3rd party software so my ping is terrible at times. maybe they will do something this time around and we can all live happily ever after in tera and enjoy the game.
and remember, eme loves us.
just be patient and see if they actually come up with a solution first, like they said they are looking into. if history repeats itself, then we wont have an eme fix, but hopefully this time, they will keep their word.
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You did this to yourselves Tera community, Not BHS, Not Enmasse, You the community did this to yourselves. Once upon a time a long,long time ago. This game was untainted. it started out fine in the beginning with a pay to play model which eventually became free to play. the only problem people had to worry about was macros. macros which slowly started to make their way into the game amonge the high ranked players. who began delving into the game trying to figure out ways to cheat it and exploit it how to cheat dungeon runs how to cheat team skying by getting it so the matching would would only be against certain teams who would get paid to draw/ forfeit it to get high ranks allowing people to get Night forge during the strike force patch paying others to get carried and get ranked for best armor and so on. not everyone did this but a handful of people did and slowly the game became less pure. only a extremely small and very small amount of people knew about this and did nothing or if they did enmasse probably didn't care enough do anything or had a few corrupt gms get paid off and things continued as normal! in the rifts edge patch 3rd party programmers became more apparent!

slowly but certain the use of proxies made its way into the game starting slowly from those who wanted to help people with bad ping to do a service for the community only then for it to then become corrupted by greed and slowly but surely those who wanted advantages over others through means of cheating began to do so. on a very very small scale which gradually got bigger as time went on soon evolving to the point where almost everyone now plays using proxy.. the road to hell was paved with good intention it was good intention that made started the first scripts for injectors but bad morals and corrupt human greed that changed it for the malevolent. because of those "3rd party programmers." with good intentions. we ended up having meme slash infect the game for a few months on end. because of the "good intentions." of third party programmers. we ended up having people with 22 ping abusing injector to cheat and break the game.

Those who say they needed proxy to play Tera? you could of quit you could of continued to play the game as it was and not tainted yourselves to use proxy and kept the game more pure that way. instead because of your selfishness you chose to ruin the game slowly with your kind infecting it like a disease and spreading it. because of you the game turned into this. you have only yourselves to blame. It's Enmasses fault for their servers being [filtered]. but it is your fault for deciding to use proxy and encourage the third party users to show up here and create and encourage more mods like this.

finally someone said it.
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monday morning

more like waiting for the ban hammer to fall lol.
I love queen btw
eme staff told us last year that they were going to go after the people using 3rd party software when we had this cryfest going on when people were upset cause they weren't allowed to use them then. they also said that they would go after the people making the programs on the same stream. people said they were going to quit then, but it was the anniversary and they had a sale and event going on, so the people changed their minds.
I suggested then and today on another post, that eme should get a hold of the program that supposedly makes tera run better, and go through it and implement it themselves and make sure its safe. I don't know if it works or not, cause its against the tos, and I don't want to get banned.
I understand many are mad over this, but we all agreed to the tos before we got to play.
hopefully eme will find a way to make the game run better.
get a copy of the program the people used to make it run better and make it work for us. then the eme devs could make sure there isn't any bad stuff in it that could hurt the game or cheat.
did you give thanks to the skywhale, cause if you didn't, it may not let you back in for awhile lol.jk.
their game , their rules.
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United States Constitution
Fourth Amendment

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. (emphasis added).

If Xigncode recopilate information of citizens without legal permits.
It can be demanded in a federal court. Xd so their point about remove it is possible.

we all agreed to xigncode and everything else once we clicked accept the first time we played the game. we had to agree to the tos. within it they pretty much said they can do what they want and change what they want whenever they want, and we agreed to it. I haven't had any noticeable problems with xigncode, and I feel bad for those that did, but we did agree to it.
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"Can NA players play on EU? Sorry, I haven't had time to check. They don't have Xing right?"

What does it matter to you, Christin? You claimed to have found another game already.

"LMFAO and Dirty Donnie Trump does nothing about Russian spying and the FBI are looking at his involvement"

The FBI are supposedly "looking at his involvement" because the Democrats lost the 2016 election. It's nothing but a temper tantrum that has lasted almost 2 years now. Not that politics has any place on this forum, especially since people have no clue what they're talking about.

thank you
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Eme decided that anyone with 150+ ping quitting is not a big deal, good business decision.

if tera closes down, will they get another game from bhs to run, or will they just have the ones they made?
did you try the repair thingy in tools?
You can still respect it by not spending money on the game :D

exactly...let your purse or wallet do the talking.
their game, their rules. we have to accept that.
MONITOw wrote: »
The simplest and easiest solution they could do, that is, "Eme" as a company, contribute with the creators and users of the proxy (which is the majority) in a single program that is "Legal" ... The creators make these mods, and you would give the approval of, yes ... you can use this ... no, you can not do this ... it's not very difficult ...

If u cancele the proxy , the 100% of Latin players leave TERA and move to another games/servers. (Na players too)

we suggested that eme should work with the proxy developers back when spacecats was still around. I would like to be able to play the game without lagging or rubberbanding all the time, but I never downloaded any 3rd party stuff cause I don't want to get banned. so yeah, maybe eme should talk to those guys and find a safe legal way of making the game run better for us. also bring back removed content would be very nice like iod, alliance, baldera acess and so on. thanks
give us a skywhale to fly on
I would love to see a witches broom, and I would love to have angel and demon type wings that make you fly
also, we had one of the staff members from eme come on forums before saying that they would look into seeing if they could bring back iod, and we never heard anything back from that.
i thought it was one of the dumbest ideas that bhs did when they removed iod and replaced it with babysitting island. iod was beautiful and the leveling wasn't as bad as people make it out to be. you got introduced to different things in the game like how to use bombs, campfires, charms, and mining and gathering.
I know people will come on here and say that babysitting isle replaced iod to streamline the leveling process, but if that's the case, why not just start everyone at level 65 , remove the open world all together, and just have highwatch, velika, burned out iod, and then just use the teleport feature in vangaurds to get around. then maybe the game wouldn't run as slow, since people used that excuse for not bringing back iod and alliances, and it would streamline the leveling process even more.
people come in forums and gripe about wanting this and that removed from the game cause its not needed, and then stuff gets removed. if you don't want to do something, just don't do it. don't ruin it for everyone else.
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I have a few ideas :

- Remove dungeon entry limits and cooldowns. Like, why are these a thing? I could see limiting entries to a resource (like when DS was first introduced and you needed those little tickets), but slapping an arbitrary cap on running stuff seems, well, arbitrary. Yes, this does mean that someone can just spend their whole day farming, say, GG or T1 BAMs at IoD, but I say let them. If that's how they want to enjoy the game, who are we to argue so long as they're enjoying themselves, right? (bites tongue really hard)

- Difficulty settings for all dungeons. Many old favorites are making a return and there are still many people who aren't keen on having to rely even in part on other people in order to experience those favorites. Back in June, I suggested creating a robust difficulty system so that players of all skill levels can potentially enjoy what the game has to offer. The player who just wants to learn the story can play the "easy" or "normal" difficulties and still comfortably clear while solo, while the big-d*ck min-max metagamers can party up and try not to get Dark Souls'd by the "nightmare" and "ultra-nightmare" difficulties. Tweak the mat distribution and reward scaling a bit and there it is. :smile:

- Remove dice-rolling and bind-on-pickup for item drops. We've all been in party where a player who has no f**king idea how a rare item works (or spent most of the run dead) somehow wins the roll for it. Take this out and make it so that either the item goes to everyone in the party regardless of who grabs it or everyone is able to get their own "copy" of the item so long as they go and grab it. Yes, this means that scrub that bought all their gear (and is somehow dead long after the run ended) also gets a rare item, but it also means that the run doesn't end up feeling like a waste because they managed to roll a 2 when you rolled a 1. Removing the bind-on-pickup allows the people who like to run dungeons non-stop have an alternate source of revenue as they can sell whatever they don't need. Want to do double-duty and RP as an adventurer and curator of rare, enchanted items (remember those guys?)? There you go - you get to plant your foot firmly between the lungs and colon of, say, Dakuryon and get a little "something something" extra for your troubles and the buyer gets their hands on some awesome loot that helps make them look cool (or be more powerful if they're into that sort of thing). :sunglasses:

That's just my own little slice of paradise. Pipe dreams, I know, but we live in hope after all.

I would love to see everyone get the same drop from dungeons. it sux that only one person gets something good and all. I hated that you spend 30 or more minutes running a dungeon only for it to be a waste of time and effort cause someone else gets the drops and you don't get anything and then used up all your entries. I remember one of the guild members that I ran with years ago, grabbed the drop I needed, and it wasn't tradable , and I told him before hand I needed it since he was already geared up. so yeah, I would love to see everyone get all the drops, and I also like the idea of having unlimited entries.
whats the point in letting us have more characters, only to have to delete them all again when or if we have another server merge. too many people got burned this last time during the server merge, and may not want to spend the money on cosmetics and mounts for new ones. im not trying to be negative or anything,and im hoping that they don't do another merger, but like someone has already said, if they raised the max characters now, it would be a slap to the face to those of us that had to delete characters and store bought items.
we kept asking them to raise the max character limit once we heard about the merges, and they never gave us a reason why they couldn't, unless they posted it on the dark web or a message in a bottle, but I never seen it in our forums.
maybe after the bitter taste in our mouths from having to delete characters goes away, it would be nice if the would just raise the max limit to like 100 or something. those of us that have or had more characters and altaholics, tend to spend real money for cosmetics and mounts. that is anther way to play the game, and is promoted by eme/bhs to do. it may not be many peoples way, but to some it is.
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sell the golden talents/plates you get and buy pre enchanted +7-9 stormcry gear off the broker. no rng; you get exactly what you pay for.

are you buying gold talents and if so, how much?
they will be closing this one also lol. funny thing, they will close a thread but they wont answer it, so we know they at least look on the forums
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from what ive seen in forums, counterpoint has more knowledge of the inner workings of tera than staff....hire him.
counterpoint for cm 2018.

i would pass on him as well, its always i am right you are wrong no middle ground behind a facade of words. but lets not stray from the topic i would still rather someone from eme respond to the question i asked on friday on the stream.
good luck getting that answer in tera forums here lately. you would be better off asking on twitter or some other social media site. staff rarely comes on forums to answer serious questions. the days of the cat are long gone
Jerichow wrote: »
Zestroia wrote: »
Kirasaka wrote: »
KitTeaCup doesn't even know what Silver/Golden talents are or what they are used for. Why would you think asking her is a good way to solve the problem.

Why do I have a serious feeling that you are actually serious and saying the truth instead of trolling here?

Because many of us still remember Danicia, the "still lvl 60 2 years after the level cap was raised to 65" GM from the old forums back in 2016-ish era that knew nothing about the game but was still in charge of it.

the all time worst cm in my opinion.
Vinyltails wrote: »
Or ask here where everyone can see and get multiple view points

that would be my suggestion as well. it all depends on what answers you are looking for. the op could be wanting to know what were the type of horses you could choose from in lumbertown, or about an old dungeon. who knows.
from what ive seen in forums, counterpoint has more knowledge of the inner workings of tera than staff....hire him.
counterpoint for cm 2018.
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Well heres the thing we only have 2 servers. That means no more server merges no more redemption at all anymore. If the population goes down right now eme and BH cant make anymore excuses why the game is at an all time low. This is their final chance if they fail tera will shut down now.

within a year from now, people will be asking for another server merge and another name wipe. it has happened everytime so far. if eme/bhs doesn't fix the problems that cause the players to leave in the first place, this will happen. if that happens, I imagine that eme/bhs reputation as a game developer and company wont be worth 2 cents. hopefully this got their attention and they will do whats needed to keep the players playing and spending money, and not on a new pay to win item ( or at least pay for convienatance) or costumes and mounts as many have complained about.
@KitTeaCup do you think you can make this happen?
Or just use a mod

if you use a mod, you still have the level 65 and above bams to deal with.
even if we cant have island of dawn as the starting area and they want to keep babysitting isle instead, they could at least let us have it back for appearance purpose. I don't think that having the original island of dawn would break the game or slow it down. we have poro elinu for elins and then the regular map still in the game, so why not island of dawn.
Trellain wrote: »
It would be nice, it was a nice status symbol of accomplishment, if your guild won a sky castle. There was even one that could be used by anyone, that sat over the beach near Castanica

I wish they would at least open that one again for everyone to use again. I don't know why they closed it off to everyone.
voidy wrote: »
It'd be nice. Instead players will either have to rely on the visual mod (google 'old iod') or just look at their old screenshots to remember the better place.

If I knew they were going to remove it, I would have taken so many pictures of it.
bring back the original island of dawn. even if we cant have it as the starting area again, at least bring it back for us to be able to go back to and hang around.
they could at least bring back original island of dawn.
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