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kamizuma wrote: »
sell the golden talents/plates you get and buy pre enchanted +7-9 stormcry gear off the broker. no rng; you get exactly what you pay for.

are you buying gold talents and if so, how much?
they will be closing this one also lol. funny thing, they will close a thread but they wont answer it, so we know they at least look on the forums
sanj66 wrote: »
from what ive seen in forums, counterpoint has more knowledge of the inner workings of tera than staff....hire him.
counterpoint for cm 2018.

i would pass on him as well, its always i am right you are wrong no middle ground behind a facade of words. but lets not stray from the topic i would still rather someone from eme respond to the question i asked on friday on the stream.
good luck getting that answer in tera forums here lately. you would be better off asking on twitter or some other social media site. staff rarely comes on forums to answer serious questions. the days of the cat are long gone
Jerichow wrote: »
Zestroia wrote: »
Kirasaka wrote: »
KitTeaCup doesn't even know what Silver/Golden talents are or what they are used for. Why would you think asking her is a good way to solve the problem.

Why do I have a serious feeling that you are actually serious and saying the truth instead of trolling here?

Because many of us still remember Danicia, the "still lvl 60 2 years after the level cap was raised to 65" GM from the old forums back in 2016-ish era that knew nothing about the game but was still in charge of it.

the all time worst cm in my opinion.
Vinyltails wrote: »
Or ask here where everyone can see and get multiple view points

that would be my suggestion as well. it all depends on what answers you are looking for. the op could be wanting to know what were the type of horses you could choose from in lumbertown, or about an old dungeon. who knows.
from what ive seen in forums, counterpoint has more knowledge of the inner workings of tera than staff....hire him.
counterpoint for cm 2018.
RKC wrote: »
Well heres the thing we only have 2 servers. That means no more server merges no more redemption at all anymore. If the population goes down right now eme and BH cant make anymore excuses why the game is at an all time low. This is their final chance if they fail tera will shut down now.

within a year from now, people will be asking for another server merge and another name wipe. it has happened everytime so far. if eme/bhs doesn't fix the problems that cause the players to leave in the first place, this will happen. if that happens, I imagine that eme/bhs reputation as a game developer and company wont be worth 2 cents. hopefully this got their attention and they will do whats needed to keep the players playing and spending money, and not on a new pay to win item ( or at least pay for convienatance) or costumes and mounts as many have complained about.
@KitTeaCup do you think you can make this happen?
Or just use a mod

if you use a mod, you still have the level 65 and above bams to deal with.
even if we cant have island of dawn as the starting area and they want to keep babysitting isle instead, they could at least let us have it back for appearance purpose. I don't think that having the original island of dawn would break the game or slow it down. we have poro elinu for elins and then the regular map still in the game, so why not island of dawn.
Trellain wrote: »
It would be nice, it was a nice status symbol of accomplishment, if your guild won a sky castle. There was even one that could be used by anyone, that sat over the beach near Castanica

I wish they would at least open that one again for everyone to use again. I don't know why they closed it off to everyone.
voidy wrote: »
It'd be nice. Instead players will either have to rely on the visual mod (google 'old iod') or just look at their old screenshots to remember the better place.

If I knew they were going to remove it, I would have taken so many pictures of it.
bring back the original island of dawn. even if we cant have it as the starting area again, at least bring it back for us to be able to go back to and hang around.
they could at least bring back original island of dawn.
Magichan wrote: »
Old Island of Dawn is one of the main things I miss. Want to get a friend into TERA? Old IOD was a gorgeous place that really showcased how good this game could look. The atmosphere was overall just pleasant. New tutorial is dull and dreary, where I'd have to tell them to just tough it out and that "it gets good later." I appreciate that the leveling has been streamlined, but the tutorial area is just garbage. I can't even party up with new players there, since most of it is "instanced."7

maybe if we can get the same people that pushed for and got the server merges to come on here and push for the original island of dawn to come back, then maybe we can get it.
vk and kt is good. I will use those
the frost giants outside of the 3 towers give them out as well, the ones that you have to kill for the achievement. you should be able to kill them fairly quick with 65 gear.
better question is , can we get the original island of dawn back.
tisnotme wrote: »
theres no one on serbers we need merge >><< theres too many people now lets open more tera :open_mouth:

we all knew that this was gong to happen.
kamizuma wrote: »
only 8 pages? idk what you're even complaining about. I have 24 tabs of temp bank and 12 tabs of temp wardrobe to work through as well as the tabs of normal bank and wardrobe.

how did you handle your character limit problem? are you going to make alt accounts and then trade with yourself for the extra space?
now we can just say V or K lol
9 and 3/4.

Birthday on February 29th?

harry potter... the train platform
TJKat wrote: »
Didn't they say on the last stream they would be accepting appeals for active high level guilds who lost their names to inactive low level guilds?

that's what I heard them say.
maybe if they hold their breath and roll on the floor kicking and screaming, then eme will fix their bank and character positions, so that they wont have to explode.
Also this merge seems to have been handled well. Some minor inconviences in a couple lost names and a bungled bank, but no major complaints

Pretty sure people who lost their names they had since launch because someone else had a main character using that name had just a bit more time. Guilds like avenger losing names to other guilds because they were created first.

People who had to spend time reorganizing their main bank of 8 tabs while guild banks were just fine for some reason.

People who took a short break from this game will have to come back and find out they lost names and characters because they were gone the month the merge took place. Doubt they will stay in TERA.

People fighting over IOD spots because theres only 10 channels for 3 newly combined servers...during the 2xVanguard...great timing.

But other than that TERA is doing great, servers merges is a great sign of a thriving game.

If they never implemented Xigncode3 which was a ninja patch, we probably wouldn't have needed a merge. Highwatch was always high population in ch 1 on TR. This is the first time in months I've seen Highwatch crowded again.

but...but...we finally got another server merge, so everything should be ok and right in the world of tera...jk. we had to expect some major hiccups having only 2 servers. maybe within a couple of weeks, eme can get some of these things sorted out.
Also this merge seems to have been handled well. Some minor inconviences in a couple lost names and a bungled bank, but no major complaints

I am amazed that there weren't any server crashes and more problems with this server merge. all in all, it went over pretty good. thanks for the unity stole
I had to change a few names, only because they were repeated names I used on other servers, and I never had to retry a different name due to someone else having the new names I chose. so no problem here
moonlight blade is fun, and I haven't experienced any pay to win in it.
game companies should listen to the players a bit more, cause if the players aren't happy, then they leave and take their money with them.
I have lost a lot of money due to the server merge by having to delete characters with items I bought with real money instead of game gold. I also knew since the beginning that we don't own anything in the game or in life, we are just renting said items.
when you think about it, you don't own our home, land, car, or even the computer you are playing tera on. if you don't pay your taxes on your land and home, it can be taken from you. the police or any other police type organization can come in with a warrant and confiscate your items in your home and keep it in some cases, and the same with your car. in many instances, they can confiscate your cash if you do not have proper documentation like a receipt from a bank or atm showing that you took it from your account. I know this may be extreme cases and all, but bottom line is we are all just renting in this world. we never truly own.
I would advise anyone to read any tos from a game really close from now on. it sux losing things and you hope and believe that companies wouldn't ever enforce certain things that were stated in their tos, but once you click that " I agree " button, it is a legal and binding agreement.
after all this, I wont ever spend another dime in tera. not because I hat the game and the company, because I don't want to lose anymore money once they decide to merge all the servers into 1 big server or the game finally closes down.
just chalk it up to life lesson that cost " x " amount, and hopefully be better prepared in the future.
you just need the right people in forums asking for it. you see we got server merges lol. maybe we can get those same ones to ask for original island of dawn and alliance territories again
I didn't get any code. maybe they don't love us anymore lol.
I think I may be reading it wrong, so if someone can explain it to me better, but are you guys saying that we wont be able to get xp for our alts after we max out xp on our mains?
tisnotme wrote: »
> @KillerPenguins said:
> counterpoint wrote: »
> CarnalCherry145 wrote: »
> What lag though? I havent seen a single post complaining about lag in a long time. FPS issues, yes, but lag? None of it. In fact im pretty sure servers arent lagging because the player base is at all time low, and dropping even faster
> Yesterday, there was some weird connectivity issue that affected some group of players, and using a VPN would bypass it. As someone mentioned, though, it did seem somewhat random who it struck. I assume some important router along the route was having a breakdown or something.
> server has been dropping packets pretty consistently since server merge was announced, i'm guessing cpu's are maxed out doing backups or something, personally

And only going to get worse when they're constantly maxed out running two servers

don't forget how laggy the servers will be when a new class or elin comes out. we will probably have server crashes left and right.
Gatokatzen wrote: »
If tera can support vr in a future, maybe roleplay be alive, people could use it and felling like a little elin while look at their bodies in digital the mirror.
Thats the future of games. If tera do that 9999999% of population come back for sure

I wouldn't hold my breath for that to ever happen. they wont even fix or bring back content they removed.
maybe eme could give us a role play section in the forums again so that we can talk and let people know where to meet and everything.
I suggest that we just go to the normal places we normally go to. even on the pve and pvp server. then once we all get established again, then we can let it known where else to meet up at. the tavern is still a good place to go, castanica around the flying Pegasus area , and the beach. even with the mergers, I highly doubt that those areas will be crowded.
SageWindu wrote: »
5JXGELD9Y3 wrote: »
Nyanta1177 wrote: »

There you go if you plan to upgrade solely for tera, the game is completely bottlenecked by CPU single core performance and memory speed

This is absolutely the case.
intel i5 7600k at 4.2ghz, 16gbs (2x 8gbs) of ram and a GTX 460 (almost 9 yr old gpu that is also 1gb gddr5 vram) in my system right now and pull 100+ fps in open world, 60+ during fights and in Highwatch.
Your gigabyte hd 7750 will take everything Tera can throw at it fine as is 100%.

8gbs of ram should also be fine (use about 6.8-7gbs with tera running and discord/chrome+ many tabs open and whatnot) but I've also heard before that somehow Tera might not use resources from dual channel sticks of memory, and only actually uses one or something? Idk about that bit, just something some rando said to me once and idk how to check that. But if that were the case the 2x 4gbs sticks maybe could also use swapping. Maybe not.
Primarily just need the CPU upgrade specifically it looks like.

This post makes me so salty I can season chicken for every Popeye's, KFC, and in the state.

Wanna know why? Because I'm rolling a i7 5820k (hexacore, woo), 32gb of RAM, and a g*ddamn 980ti FTW and the game still tries to put itself in a triangle lock when I try to use a solution from my hotbar. I can play Fortnite (standard Fortnite, not that BS Battle Royale) on max settings with no problem at all, but I can't just hit "LB + D-pad Right" on my controller without TERA kicking itself in the d*ck? WTF mate?

dang sage, why did you have to mention popeyes chicken. I truly miss that place. now im going to be craving popeyes for years to come.
I don't think I will have a problem with any of my names except for maybe one of them , but one out of 20 isn't too bad. I never picked any anime or tv/movie names. some of my names came from characters from books I have read, and we all know how much people love a good book lol jk.
I do understand why many would be upset over losing their names due to role playing, friends, and so on, but...you have to take the bad with the good. when people kept talking about server merges ever month for the past year or so, we did warn them that the name thing would be a huge concern. names and max character slots were the 2 main points we tried to get eme to fix. eme could have came up with tags, colors, and other solutions for the names as well as raising the max character slots per server, but......, well we got what we got and if we want to have a few more people to show our costumes, titles, and mounts to, and possibly run content with, we have to take what they asked for.
if I did lose all 20 of my names, no problem. I can come up with 20 more within 5 or 10 minutes and be happy with them as well.
it also didn't help things when someone would come in forums asking about servers and people told them to either come to mt or tr and to ignore the other servers. I lost a lot of money due to having to delete characters tonight, I may even lose names, but it is a free to play game and we were told in the beginning in the tos that we basically don't own anything and that eme can make any changes they want.
I do see where the person is coming from about competing with names and guild names, but in this merger it seems like everyone is going to suffer in some way.
so if I have to come up with 20 new names on the spot, I know I wont have any problems. I just hope now people wont be arguing about server population, names, and not being able to run stuff.
Kirasaka wrote: »
Kirasaka wrote: »
The decision to not merge CH currently is based on our data-driven observations, not conjecture or opinion about the health of the server. We will be monitoring the transfers in and out of the server to determine if there is reason to pivot on this decision and merge it along with the other PvE servers. Again, free transfers will open up on Thursday, September 6th after maintenance concludes.

Cant wait to see everyone leave ch the second those transfers open up. Be realistic that is whats going to happen. Would certainly like to see these 'data driven observations' as they dont match what the playerbase is observing ingame.

We'll let the data decide what happens; THAT is realistic.

I was right, so many people left CH so now you have to merge. Guess your 'data' wasn't correct :^)

Way to go, everyone that has already moved has lost names, bank slots, character slots wardrobe slots, had to delete cash shop items, etc
Should have merged CH right from the start, all you have caused is anger and confusion.

I tried to warn people to wait for the merge before transferring to other servers. I knew it was going to happen when they left themselves an out with their statement about waiting to see and all. I knew that the data was not going to support ch being a stand alone server. I had to delete 20 characters tonight between av and ch once I found out ch was merging for sure. I lost a lot of money invested in those characters, but im just thankful I didn't buy any character bound mounts.
bad thing is, what are we all going to do if they ever decide to merge both servers after all this, into one big server. will they then raise the max character slots, or will we be stuck with only 20 still and have to lose more money?
thanks for always trying to give us good info, and letting us know whats going on.
kamizuma wrote: »
nice 20 more characters to delete!

don't feel alone guy, I have to figure out which characters I want to delete as well.
thanks, I didn't see that.
when do we get the free character slots? I logged in today and didn't get any in the game.
I would suggest that people watch the twitch stream before freaking out.....the entire stream, and also listen to what they say rather than half paying attention. they explained that the fate of ch hasn't been definitely been determined yet. I know people like to think the worst and im guilty at times myself, but they did talk about it in the stream and it is still possible that ch will be merged also. maybe not during this merger but in a few weeks or so.
we all pretty much knew before this stream that ch will eventually get merged with the others. we will have to wait and see what will happen to see when ch gets merged. someone came up with a good solution to the transfer thing and said to keep at least one character on ch so that when the merge happens, you wouldn't lose everything like you would if you were to transfer all at once.
JXE5356AKE wrote: »
voidy wrote: »
RKC wrote: »
LancerJiva wrote: »
> @RKC said:
> One of the reasons I left CH even when it was my first server that I played in NA for about 5 years is that the economy is really bad now. Everything is overpriced not a lot of thing you can buy in the broker that you would like, and even if you find one the prices is like x10 the normal price that it used to be.
> Low population servers are like that and it got me annoyed because I couldn't enjoy the game anymore.

I’ve been on CH for 5 years this October, and it definitely isn’t the same and will only get worse as the merge draws near. I took the initiative of taking a video of how inactive it is and sent it to @KitTeaCup on discord, so we will see how that goes.

mEME said that they will make CH a dumping ground for ALTS. I hated it when they said that. It felt disrespectful. It almost nearly made me turn away from the game.

When did they say this? I don't really doubt it, but I'd like to read/hear it for myself.

KitTeaCup suggested it on the most recent stream, basically saying players can transfer overflow characters there. Probably unintended, but still came out badly.

she also said that the fate of ch is still undecided and they will wait and see what happens before they make a " final " decision on the fate of ch if it will stay a stand alone server or merge into the others. so nothing is set in stone at the moment. the twitch stream box is still up for those that want to see for themselves what was said, and she said that towards the end of the stream.
colbaltdragon said that he would look into that on the twitch stream.
RKC wrote: »
Well really regardless I wish they would just merge every PVE servers into one. I dont want to loose all my bank tabs.

what would be better if eme/bhs would raise the max character limit so that no one would have to delete anything during the merges
tisnotme wrote: »
Berogi wrote: »
Put your alts in CH so you'll never get use out of their costumes and bound items again. SeemsGoodMan

A slightly better alternative to deleting if I say so myself

or put your alts there until they raise character cap due to normal progression or raise it due to pressure needing to close CH and not loose any cash bound gear

i don't know why eme/bhs cant just raise the max character limits in all the servers that are going to made from the other ones, then there wouldn't be a problem. there probably wouldn't be any fuss at all about ch merging into the others from anyone if they were willing to do that.
I liked how you had the twitch stream in forums. can you continue to do it this way @colbaltdragon ?
I still don't know why people are wanting to transfer when we all know that ch will get merged into another server soon. just wait until then and we wont have to wait for support to fix this that or the other.
did you check and see if they posted the answer on twitter?
I thought about using my qq just to spam them lol
im just curious to know why would someone named chris be using qq.
ElinUsagi wrote: »

Halp! 5 characters too short.

Enthilest wrote: »
I have been playing MMO's for about 20 years. I have never participated in any type of battlegrounds pvp. I have always been hesitant due to the crappy mechanics / exploits that plague most MMO battlegrounds. Tera is basically a causal game, this would be a good time to learn, so what is there to lose? It took me several games to get the feel of it. Yeah, I sucked & did not know what I was doing or what half the abbreviations were. No one explains anything & everything is fast paced. But I kept on & I "learned the ropes" in both FW & CS. I do what the raid leader says & I know where to be most of the time. Over the weeks, I actually started getting some kills & many assists in my crappy eq gear. I even made a pretty decent rank with some good groups. I was actually having fun.

Then I keep running into a certain raid leader who told me when I was a noob trying to learn, that the next group I will be kicked. They play often. Every time I got into "their" raid, I would be kicked. I have seen them make nasty comments about how they wont win with me in the raid & to kick me, etc. Even after I learned & improved my rank, this person demands the raid kick me or they get raid leader spot & start yelling KICK KICK KICK. This person does this to others also. But they have a grudge against me for having been a noob at one time. This causes other people who see this behavior to start blacklisting you.Most of the time this is in FW. FW seems to be more "elite" than CS. Today I was kicked for no reason given in FW. I guess I should have seen it coming when the raid leader starts talking about all the familiar faces in the raid (not me).

If this is the kind of treatment that people get for actually being a decent player but not having StromCry gear or are part of the raid leaders set of special friends, why should I bother playing not only a battlegrounds, but anything at all in Tera? OH, and the best part is, you get penalized for being kicked for whatever reason. You lose rank points & you can get a "desertion" flag. Really? That is pretty carelessly thought out.I do not have to play this game or give any money to it - so, I am not going to sit around and cry about it. But this experience just reinforces every negative opinion I have had about pvp & I think that is really sad.

I think one of the "best" things I have seen in CS was the raid leader started yelling at people (because we were losing) that if you don't know how to do CS, then don't join next time. So, how are people supposed to learn? If you try hard, you have every right to participate as everyone else. This is a random que event, not a bring your own special team event.

that is one of the reasons I miss level 30 and above cs. I learned how to play most of my classes in cs. it was so much fun then until.......
I wonder if they counted the gold sellers as players in their data research?
KXRC9JMW74 wrote: »
kubitoid wrote: »
Kirasaka wrote: »
next stop is tumblr polls. sugoi sugoi

ps - Danicia was god-tier CM compared to this new cutie *anime headbanging*

I just wish we could have a cm for the official tera website.

Yeah but then they would need a CM that liked the game and the players.
They use twitter for themselves not for the game or players

that's what im saying, we need one for the players that come on the official website that will do stuff in the game and all, and the current one can keep on posting and playing twitter.
Lapomko wrote: »
This is the typical direction a Korean MMORPG go through at the end of it's lifespan to milk out the remaining players. Don't worry as they may add a probability to destroy your weapon when enchanting if you don't use an item protection cash shop item or even worse, need 2x Heroic +3 weapon for a chance at +4 which both get destroyed if failed.

don't give them anymore ideas lol
kubitoid wrote: »
Kirasaka wrote: »
next stop is tumblr polls. sugoi sugoi

ps - Danicia was god-tier CM compared to this new cutie *anime headbanging*

I just wish we could have a cm for the official tera website.
Lapomko wrote: »
I don't think new players judge a game that quickly by just looking at the amount of servers. With the current state of the game they would feel more inclined to leave because they don't see anyone around and can't run any dungeons because there's literally 0 LFG's on dead servers.

It's better to have all of the server merged into one server honestly because people will just transfer again to TR+AV since MT/FF/CH is abandoned.

having only 2 servers kinda looks bad for the health of a game, but combine it with youtube videos and social media like twitter and all with people talking about how dead tera or any other game is, and people tend to avoid that game.
ReChoa wrote: »
sad thing is, there are people in the forums that feel like we don't have a say if we rp, or do solo content, that the only acceptable way to play is running dungeons, even if we do pay.
You do have a say in things, no one cares if you just rp and/or do solo content, but don't talk about how active things are if you never do anything related to it. I haven't gone to Europe so I'm not gonna be talking about what it's like living there, likewise if all you ever do is solo content and/or RP and you never lfg/ims, why would you join a conversation about people complaining about the lack of other people to do dungeons with in their server and argue against them?

im not arguing against anyone that wants to run dungeons, I have said before I don't care if they do a server merge, and that they could merge all the servers into one huge server. I never said that ch is active. I don't want people to get the wrong impression.
I will say this about the server merges in general, and that is eme /bhs, or whoever is in charge of it all, should have increased the max character limit to the point to where even if you had max characters on every server and the servers all merged into one big server, that we could be able to keep all of our characters, items, bank tabs, and so on.
as far as ch goes, I playing on ch and I have also stated in forums back in july, that if ch merged into the others I didn't have a problem with it cause we can rp in any server. I also suggested in this post that they could merge ch into the pvp server.
I do like the idea that someone had about transfers from other servers to ch so that ch could increase in size, but with the dying population, I doubt that it would save ch even if they gave free transfers to ch.
my thoughts about ch merging into a pvp server is that it doesn't matter that ch is a pve server cause the main argument that people have about merging servers is because of population and wanting people to run dungeons with. pvp is level 65 and you you wouldn't have any problems leveling up so it wouldn't make a difference if it did get merged into a pvp server.
as far as the free transfers go, I will not be using mine to leave ch. not because I am stubborn, it is because I know that ch will get merged with the other pve servers within the next few months. it was basically said in a round about way when they talked about looking into the data numbers after the merges. so instead of losing most if not all of my items, and bank slots by transferring, I will wait for the merge to happen so that I get to keep all of my items and gold, and whatever else I will be carrying with me. I will be still losing a lot due to having max characters on both av and ch, so I will have to bite the bullet and delete the ones I can live without the most even though I like all of my alts.
we have made these issues known to eme staff about max character limits, items, names, guild names, and so on, and they chose to ignore one of the most important ones I feel. if they would allow us to bring over all of our characters, then it would ease so much stress and hard feelings.
so yeah, ch can stay a stand alone server, it could merge with the pve servers, it could merge with the pvp servers, it could merge half into the pve and the other half into the pvp servers, and I wouldn't care. the only thing I care about is losing money on stuff I bought...or should I say rented, cause we don't really own anything that we buy in the game.
Tsin wrote: »
If you're going to give CH special treatment because it's an "RP" server, then try actually enforcing that it's an RP server with your staff members. Hold actual RP events (not just community-held ones like Desire's Casino night), enforce the traditional RP rules, and deal with people who openly troll and ruin the few RP events that pop up.
None of your staff members actually RP, and none of your staff members frequently play on or visit CH.
Don't give us "special treatment" when you barely know we exist.

I'd rather you have assumed that CH would be merged in with the other PvE servers and then gauge what the community's response was to see how many people really were gung-ho on having their own RP servers. As it is, now all you've done is annoy almost the entire server and will be paying money to host an even more dead server once the mergers open up. Those who RP will even move in hopes of finding a more active community.

I would love to see them enforce rp in ch. I alos like the other persons idea about making it to where people can only transfer to ch. I do miss the events the gm's used to host, the costume contests, the campfires pointing the way to the events and so on.
To sum up the nuts and bolts, bricks and mortar of this problem:

Respect RPers, increase the story line, raise the level caps and improve the servers.

sad thing is, there are people in the forums that feel like we don't have a say if we rp, or do solo content, that the only acceptable way to play is running dungeons, even if we do pay.
KXRC9JMW74 wrote: »
Elinu1 wrote: »
TJKat wrote: »

Twitter is NOT 'a nice way to share the poll'. EVERYONE who plays the game has an account for THIS website. The same can't be said for twitter.

I don't have a twitter account, nor do I ever care to get one just for a poll.

I won't get one either nor will I get discord
Tera need s a a CM for the players. Someone who cares.

I really hate to say this, but I miss spacecats. at least he did come on and give some sort of attempt at an answer most of the time. I can see now that his hands were tied, so if you are reading this spacecats, I apologize for the harsh judgement at times.
6R1MM01R3 wrote: »
For those who keep pointing out "read when you join a server" "why did you join a RP server" I think for most the playerbase of CH we just joined because was the first server in the list that said PVE whether had a RP tag or not. In true RP servers most of the population stay "in-character" during their active time online, that is something I rarely ever saw in CH, RP servers have an ever present GM moderating behavior that goes against role playing and even names can get moderated for the sake of a role playing environment and CH lacked all of that. CH is the RP server just by tag and not by practice, something that was never enforced officially by GMs or the entirety of the server population.

are there mmorpg's out there that have true role playing servers? I only ask cause I never heard of any before like the ones you describe
Babbelsim wrote: »
A better way would have been if they had the poll here on the forums or even better on their main page on their website and ADVERTISED it on twitter, you know with link to the poll etc.

it makes too much sense. I guess its part of the game outside the game where you have to go on quests for information pertaining to the game.
if they do merge ch, I hope they merge it into the pvp server
I will stay in ch until they merge it with a new one, which we all know that they will eventually. at least then we will be able to keep our stuff like our bank tabs , wardrobe , items and gold. if we transfer then we have to re-buy it all, which is probably what they are hoping for....more money.
so yes, I will stay and keep my stuff even if there are only 3 people left, cause its better to wait and keep it all instead of transferring and losing most of it.
when they said this isn't their first rodeo...its true. they know how to merge dead servers into 1 or 2 dead servers. they also learned how to make people delete what they bought and have them re-buy the same items due to server merges, and then a year or 2 later delete and re-buy again.

I know I wont spend another cent on this game now. they totally dropped the ball on this server merge. they could have made it where players can bring over all their characters and all their items to the new server. they should have made it to where there is no character cap on the new servers. they knew about this problem from the last couple of times they did server merges, and we even suggested to them about this before this new server merge was announced. so I feel like they did this intentionally so that we will have to spend more money all over again.

its bad publicity for the game when they do stuff like this, very bad. as I always said ... its their game their rules.
I really don't like any of the choices for the names of the new servers. I think they should merge what they are going to merge and keep the name of each server whichever was the most popular and most populated.
DXM wrote: »
I like that we are not being merged.

so do i
ZingoPingo wrote: »
I'm sure this deletion stuff is super annoying to a lot of people and they should probably be compensated for it but this merge is a necessity to keep this game going for a bit longer. The servers are dead and we all see it so unfortunately the whales and some players will have to bite the bullet. :/

if eme keeps feeding players bullets to bite, one day those same bullets is going to kill this game....meaning we are tired of temporally renting items we buy and if they keep getting taken away from us, then eventually the ones that spend money in the game will quit spending out of fear that their new purchases will be taken from them again whenever eme decides to do another server merge.
so far, I am in a good position cause the majority of my characters are on av and ch. if they were to have merged ch with av, then I would lose 16 characters and 100s of dollars in items. you have people that will lose much more than I would have. I feel like eme is going to have a hard time convincing those players to spend more money in tera once they lose all their items and characters with this merge, and many of those whales spend 1000s of dollars a year on tera. I really feel bad for those players.
I don't see why eme couldn't make the new servers to where you can have unlimited amount of characters. that way no one would have to lose anything. I do like the idea that one person had on here about any overflow of characters that couldn't go into the new server could go to ch instead of having to delete them.
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Xerses wrote: »
As I said in the other thread, I am truly disappointed that they did not take any of the other other ideas, such as:
  • Increasing the character cap. (It gets raised with every new class anyway, and allowing people to purchase more slots just means more money anyway.)
  • Allowing people who are over the character cap to keep using their characters anyway without having to delete them.
  • Having the number of slots on the merged server be the sum (total) of what you had on the two servers instead of the max.

If you are forced to delete characters with bound items on them due to being over the server character cap, I would recommend contacting Support. They talk about refunding for character slots, so maybe something can be worked out. It wouldn't hurt to ask, if you're legitimately in this situation.

Heh, I don't think EME would want to refund me for all my items xD. I once contacted support to ask if they could tell me how much I've spent on tera over the years and the response I got was great.."Are you sure you want to know?!"

lol. Yeah...

Well, they would probably try to find other ways other than refunding, but I'd at least give it a shot if you have no option but to delete characters that have bound cash shop items on them.

I mean, they could at the very least do the right thing and rebind them from characters that are about to be deleted to keeping ones.
The merge post makes it seem like they REALLY want you to just delete what you paid for and get nothing in return, getting back at the "but don't delete characters with costumes on them!" over and over.

Since they did take the lazy approach of not caring one bit to change anything and instead keeping us in hold for old news, and the approach to the merge was bad to begin with, they could at the very least take the economized energy to deal with it slightly better.

They just bet too far on their ToS saying you don't own anything and try to push it down our throats as "you've agreed to it, deal with it now".

so according to the tos, since we don't own anything and they can make changes and remove stuff at any given moment, then technically if everytime we bought something it could get deleted after lets say a month or two, forcing us to buy the same item over and over again. that is what they have done in the past in a way when we had to delete characters and items. so if we have max characters on 2 different servers and the 2 are getting merged together, and we have character bound items for each one, then we have to delete maybe 16 or more characters and items and never get reimbursed for them or compensated for them. but then again, we did agree to the tos, so its our problem and not theirs. it is messed up but I guess in a way we did agree to it. I like the idea that someone had about any overflow of characters should maybe go to ch server so that people wouldn't lose their characters or items. I also feel like eme should have just made the new servers with an unlimited character space. that way someone like kami could go into one server with his 80 characters.
Xerses wrote: »
vkobe wrote: »
i really feel the end for our tera :'(

after this there'll be nothing left to merge so yea, this is the end

after this merger, they will either merge all the servers into one or the game will shut down all together
tisnotme wrote: »
RenniBee wrote: »
Alright guys. Here's the poll. Let the power of the People speak. GMs want proof CH wants this? Lets give them some proof.
I feel this was more a cash pole as they didn't want to upset every one that's generating a cash avenue for eme so they went with the bet of the heavy RP's with multi char's leaving them unscathed in the merge in hope they keep spending
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6R1MM01R3 wrote: »
Sadly they released the information about the upcoming server merges on a friday, a friday when also most of their staff is busy with PAX, to excuse them from responding to our discomfort with the situation given that they don't work on weekends + monday is a holiday. This thread and all the backlash from this mess up will be "ignored" and buried by EME.

Really looks like it was intentional that they announced it today so they could ignore the backlash.

Given that they're going to have a Q&A stream about this next Friday, it's not going to go away at all. But they probably did want to get it out before the long weekend and PAX.
might not go away but the flames wont be as bad after three days and some just end up giving up

now have the feeling that there may be other negative changes in the wind to be implemented in the not to distant future of tera

speaking about negative changes in the wind, the only thing at this point that would be worse , would be making tera pay to play again without changing anything or fixing anything.
tisnotme wrote: »
to bad you own character slots out fits skins mounts pets what ever , like last time you loose them all !
Delete (or transfer) any characters you don’t need. Character slots on the new servers will be limited to the highest number of slots unlocked on either of the merging servers. For example: If you have a total of 4 character slots on Fey Forest, and 9 on Mount Tyrannas, you will have a total of 9 slots on the new server.
The new servers will have characters slots equal to the highest number of slots on either of the merging servers (MT and FF, AV and TR). Again, players with characters on both merging servers will enter their new server with character slots equal to the highest number of character slots on either of the servers. (Remember: This is based on character slots, not actual characters.)
Example: If you have four character slots on Tempest Reach and two character slots on Ascension Valley, you’ll have four character slots on the new server (not six).
The maximum number of characters slots on any server is now 20, so plan accordingly.

so no change from last merge we had , just loose and rebuild/replace

and that is why you quit spending money and just play for free
The decision to not merge CH currently is based on our data-driven observations, not conjecture or opinion about the health of the server. We will be monitoring the transfers in and out of the server to determine if there is reason to pivot on this decision and merge it along with the other PvE servers. Again, free transfers will open up on Thursday, September 6th after maintenance concludes.

how many transfer slots will we be able to get if we decided to move from ch to a pvp server? will we get the max character slots that we have on ch? and will we be able to move all 16 for free?
RKC wrote: »
The only thing I really want TERA to have is optimization if they do that Ill be more less angry at them.

i feel that you may be mad for a very long time lol
I know I wont be buying anything or grinding for anything until I know for sure whats what, cause I don't want to lose anything that I bought or grinded for. so for now im having to take a break due to lack of knowledge of what will or wont happen with the server merge.
she said most likely, so we may not know anything at the end of the month, just a possibility of an announcement.
Dreick wrote: »
Optimization on tera? You should check this video

I'ts a new videogame from BHS for this year(idk)

but it still has the same problem than PUBG and TERA so...this never gonna happen

is enmasse going to be handling this game for north America? also will it be free to play?
Waitress wrote: »
OPTIMIZATION - Not going to happen.
They don't know how to and they don't care to. Remember, Tera was stolen to begin with. Tera is just Blade and Soul/Linage2 leftovers, stolen ideas and property from those games from a group of nitwits who thought Tera would be their get rich quick scheme. and to a certain extent they were right, it worked. They were sued and lost, but the game was still allowed up and through that they got ez money from suckers who are addicted to buying mounts, costumes, and now gear. Don't believe me? Google it.

So now that you understand Tera wasnt even made for any of you, that the people who stole it never once cared about playerbases and just wanted to get rich off an MMO themselves, maybe you'll better understand why they have no interest on actually doing more for the game. As far as they're concerned, Tera is over. It's too much effort, mobile gaming and other types of games are way way way more moneymaking now than Tera has ever been.
So they just take the Tera money and go fund something that will get them even richer instead.

The Tera you have now will be the one you have until it closes.
They do not care. They dooooooooooooooooo not care! They will never care.

They don't care

They don't care, they're completely over it. It's been 3 years and Highwatch is still the latest major city, right? They're just going to give you filler dungeons/raids and that's it. They don't care anymore.

Over the years there have been many many players who left wonderful amazing ideas and even when EME sent the suggestions, they never got anything back. Wanna know WHY?? Because they didn't care. and the CMs at the time realized that and they left. EME is powerless when it comes to any big changes because KR literally just ignores them.

You can all quit but it won't change any minds.
The more people that quit, the more they'll charge you who are remaining to make up for the reds that they're now in over losing so many players. This is why your mounts are $70 now for ONE mount as opposed to like $20 for account-wide which is what we used to have. It was fine when there was a bajillion players but now that Teras on life-support, well. Looks like you all have a big tab to cover! Enjoy your game.

here lately I have been feeling the same way as you do
soon ...... soon lol. they are looking into it.
Koikoi wrote: »
Any update on info yet regarding this from eme?

its going to be hard to get people who aren't whales to buy stuff when we still don't know what to expect with the server merge. I know I would hate to drop 80 usd on a character mount , only to have to delete it due to having too many characters when the merge happens.
I wouldn't have a problem buying the mounts if they were account bound like the original flying dragon mounts without the perks.
soon.....the official slogan of tera lol
are there any pictures of these new mounts?
if people think that making a classic server would cause the other servers to suffer in population, then that right there tells you that classic tera was much better than the new and current tera. if eme/bhs had a classic server with nexus , iod, alliance, level 30 cs, and possibly the old way of pvp to boot, then yes, it would bring players back. as far as people spending money on a classic and current server, people would. they do it now on multiple servers.
bottom line is people are afraid that if they did bring in a classic server it would take people away from the regular servers, and it would. but..when the current servers have new content to come out, new classes, new events, new gear progression, then yeah people would flock back to the current servers for awhile until they got what they needed or until the event is over or whenever they leveled up the new class to 65 and geared them up. after that they would go back to the classic server, as opposed to now, when they get bored of the current servers and have their gear and their alts leveled up, they just leave all together until something new comes out. at least if we had the classic server, once that happens they go play on the classic servers until something new comes out for the current ones, and they also spend money in the classic server as well as the current ones.
so basically, they still stay with tera and spend money instead of playing for a bit and quitting after they got everything and not coming back until something new gets brought into the game.
so basically jtera is the lion and na tera is the mouse...I understand now

In case it wasn't clear... I was comparing WoW to TERA; J-TERA can't have both coexist permanently either.

but jtera is getting a classic server even if its temporary and we aren't, so yes jtera is the lion and we are the mouse
so basically jtera is the lion and na tera is the mouse...I understand now
Pages wrote: »
ElinUsagi wrote: »
ElinLove wrote: »
I don't think a classic server and normal servers could coexist on the same time. They would both kill each other in the end if it became permanent, and I don't know much about the health status of the game that is now on phase of merging servers, to create not just a new server, but a whole new old build of the game and run this either concurrently to the current one, or instead of.

This is exaclty what I think actually.

It is either have only the legacy server or not having it at all because both builds at the same time will make the current servers and the legacy server to be like the current servers people complain are dead. So yeah, people loves to make up complains without even thinking about the current state of the game and how that idea can make more harm than good.

Then why is another MMO having both coexist?

it could coexist in tera, but people are trying to say it cant or it would be the death of tera. I feel like one of the reasons people are so against a classic server in tera is that they fear that the classic server would take players away from the regular servers and they wouldn't have people to run content with. I feel like having a classic server would be populated, but people would go back to the regular servers for a bit when new content, or classes comes out or during an event, and then after that, they would return to the classic server. eme/bhs could roll it back and keep the classic server back to right before the fate of arune patch and it would be fine. they don't even need to include the flying mounts.
some would get bored of it after awhile, but many would stay. the players there would probably make it the new r.p. server if they brought back the campfires and original iod as the starting area again. it would also be nice to have for the ones that never got to experience how tera was before babysitting island became the new starting area.
i always wondered why they didn't add the climb down feature when we had to climb the ladder in the iod for the plant on top, and then in sm going to the vampires.
LoganBlake wrote: »
@KitTeaCup I understand this may not be something the NA team can even answer at this time, but I was wondering if the news about a JTera 'Classic Server' might be a hint towards a similar option in the future for NA/EU? Many players have asked for years about classic servers or news related to them, and now that we have seen JTera taking steps to release one, I expect many people will feel encouraged to ask about the idea more for NA.

The idea really excites me; playing in Queen patch was some of the most enjoyable time spent in-game for me, personally. Having a chance at a completely fresh start bundled with the nostalgia sounds amazing. I can't speak for everyone, but I know the majority of people I speak to miss the days of BAMs being a legitimate challenge, or dungeons requiring a full party and communication pre-65. The changes made to Tera have not been all bad, but many of them have been recieved very poorly as they seem to direct the game as a whole towards rushing to 65 to spam the same stuff repeatedly in hopes of getting BiS gear. I miss being encouraged to enjoy the game as a lowbie.

I wish our new cm could be able to go back and play classic tera before the fate of arune patch, then she would be more inclined to ask bhs for us to have a permanent classic server. its hard for people to be all in for something if they never got to experience it and had been able to create memories associated with it. I know people say that we will get tired of the nostalgia of a classic server, but so far civil unrest isn't as fun as nexus was, waiting a month for cs to pop isn't as fun as it was when we were all able to go to cs starting at level 30, babysitting island isn't nearly as fun as original island of dawn was. eme staff was supposed to look into bringing back original island of dawn this year but we never heard back from him what bhs's reply was. alliance was more fun than civil unrest, and we got to play everyday. yes cs was a little aggravating at times back when it was level 30 and up due to new people not knowing anything about their class or listening to the leader, but the only thing that's changed about that is, you have to be level 65 now, people still don't learn their classes or listen to a party leader. yes babysitting island is streamlined to level you up faster , to hurry up to 65 where you do the same thing over and over again. island of dawn was very new friendly and taught you stuff. when you leveled up alts on iod, it didn't take that much longer than stepstone isle. also with iod, you could hang out and talk to the new people, people could party up to do the quests, it was beautiful and the music was so relaxing. even the last area of it was spooky looking.
if we did have a permanent classic server, maybe they could make that the role playing server with no new updates or whatever and I think people would still love it. or they could make it like a training server.
please make it happen eme
voidy wrote: »
Golden talents are still the only enchanting bottleneck since they still only come from really boring forms of content that nobody wants to do. Most people, myself included, just go "to hell with it" and earn money quickly and then use that money to just buy the talents from sellers who then turn around and act shocked that not everyone is willing to spam RG/KC/SF/FWC/IOD all day for the 7th month in a row.

A bit off topic and more venting than anything else, but it blows my mind how EU gets to custom build their own solution to the talents problem but we're still stuck farming babby's first dungeon in stormcry gear if we want to pve for talents on NA. And BHS doesn't even seem to care about EU's inconsistencies to the korean version; it's not like they reward NA's build consistency with faster updates or by giving us new content first. We can't even say "sure, the things we want are never implemented, but at least we get content a week before other people and the game runs smoothly since there aren't any inconsistencies/kinks to iron out." On the contrary, we get to watch EU get the new [filtered] first, every time. And then when it comes to us on patch day, we get to wait 7 additional hours for god knows why, and the final product is botched to [filtered] even though our version of the game basically bows to BHS at the cost of its once thriving player base. It makes me so sick, dude. I can't even imagine working at EME and having to watch Gameforge basically do whatever the hell it wants, and then when you want to try and do the same thing you have to wait for all this approval from a parent company that doesn't give a [filtered], and then your reward for putting up with all that buIIshit is that they [filtered] you even harder and make you look incompetent in front of your players.

It's like imagine if Bluehole Studios is a really really really hot girl, and all the tera publishers are thirsty guys trying to get with her. EME would be that one guy who's always buying her groceries and doing her laundry and [filtered], while all the other publishers just do whatever they want all day long; yet somehow every other publisher gets laid, and my boy EME manages to be the only guy left without any action. This publisher follows in lock step with what BHS wants, and gets rewarded with later content releases than any other version, broken [filtered] on the regular, and almost no creative freedom which leads to a pissed off player base that leaves in droves.

and he is loyal also.
any classic server before fate of arune patch is fine with me.
Siii wrote: »
Is this a real server or just something being tossed around as an idea? If it’s real where do I sign up

its just wishful thinking. it will never happen. I would love to see it happen and then if they update any of it, they could include the new skills like we have now and flying mounts from the store.
just imagine the original island of dawn as the starting area again, being able to go to cs as level 30 again, having campfires again.
GortoCrema wrote: »
Somebody knows how much characters slots they will give to console users? and for PC?

5 for consoles, as far as pc goes, they are keeping it a secret until who knows when.
Rainmist wrote: »
I get it, but isn't this a forum? People and I have issues with XIGNCODE and here you're complaining about game content or what not. I mean really both have lack of help or feedback from EME. I already stated my point perspective on how I feel, even though I had to use my sister's account. So I'm not going to type much more. I stated what had to be stated, because it's a forum. So what's your problem?

our problem is you hijacking every thread out there ever since xigncode was implemented. ok, we get it, you don't like xigncodde and you have told us multiple times in multiple threads. if you want to keep talking about the horrors of xigncode, I don't have a problem with that. no one has a problem with that. all we ask is that you make a new... a new discussion and then write a Stephen king novel about the horrors of xigncode and not talk about it in every topic in the forums. that is all we are asking for from you.
Rainmist wrote: »
Check the account it has priest, reaper, ninja. So I didn't just create an account just yesterday EME. Yes the IP is the same, only because I created it for my sister long ago to play in the future and level her up a bit. I don't get it? Does everyone like XIGNCODE? If you want me to post my blog by PM to you, I will do so. Please just no arguments with anyone, because I had enough of it! Some people are having terrible issues with XIGNCODE. Look at the forums! I don't state only for myself here on these forums and I was victim with XIGNCODE, which leaves me paranoid. Why doesn't some people care about the whole community here? What do you want me do, not help address these problems to support as a whole? I have spent my time to type up everything! So stop please!

its not that we don't like you and your multiple personalities, its that we don't like you bringing up xigncode in every discussion, if we make a thread about spongebob, you bring up xigncode and make multiple posts about it. if you want to talk about xigncode, I don't have a problem with that, just make a new post or thread about it and quit hijacking other ones that aren't xigncode related.
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