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@CobaltDragon bro i dont tell u bring back alliance or the old iod again... i just want to know if u can contact with korean eme ppl and suggest this about alliance and old iod revamped
me and many others are asking for it back.
i cannot feel sorry for cs anymore after they made it level 65 only. i hated the idea then and still do. then when lowbies get to have a bg that they can play in the 1st kuma place, people cried and then it got moved to level 60 only, and then deleted. now we have the new kumas and people cry that it needs to be removed. let the lowbies have a bg that isn't level 65 only. if people don't like a bg, then don't play in it. i still haven't play cs since it became 65 only just because, and i loved cs too. hopefully bhs/eme will allow low levels to enter it again. then you will see it pop in 15 mins or less. yeah you might get some trash teams more times than not, but you will be able to play it more than what you can now.
these are just a couple of reasons why people want a vanilla server, before content was greatly removed. only thing I would want in there is our flying mounts and no invisible barriers or walls, so that we could go exploring in baldera and velika wilds like we used to be able to do. bring back the low level cs, get rid of babysitting island and have iod back as the starting zone, don't nerf the gold for level 60 dailies, make steadfast gear good again, level 60 max level, alliance, and so on. I bet it would be the most populated server, more than the rest of the other servers combined.
i would be willing to have to start with all new fresh characters and no server transfer to it. also in that server let people be able to have their guild bank once they make a guild like before instead of guild leveling.
bhs got rid of the skycastles for people to go to in ktera over a year now, it wasn't eme. also I do remember spacecats mentioned something about we might get some sort of player housing, but nothing else was mentioned about it. I for one would love to have player housing, but as someone already said , at this point if we did get player housing, people would afk there and then it would appear that no one is in the game and make the cities look dead, and then discourage others from wanting to play.
my suggestion is if people want a place to hang out at away from others in the game, but have some sort of house to do so in, there are many options in the game to do so. the 3 empty alliance halls for one are a great place to hang out in away from the crowds, I use that term loosely lol, also there are the abandoned guild houses in the 3 major cities, velika, alemathia, and kaitor. you could also go to an abandoned town to hang out in like kanstria, those were the days back during the 60 cap and nexus, or the beach area outside of castanica.
note that if you do enter a skycastle, it will take you back to the nearest town or city, so its not worth trying to get into them anymore.
when people wanted 65 cs only, this is what they get. too bad others that didn't complain about lowbies in cs has to suffer for those that did complain.
that is truly amazing. but...that was before the production points I imagine, so he could gather all day and night. I wish they would remove the pp since you cant sell the materials to merchants anymore. they could keep it for crafting if they wanted to, but for gathering, they should remove it.
ElinLove wrote: »

Perhaps I should try to level by picking flowers and mining.

Reminds me about the story of Pacifist, the Baraka Priest who reached 65 (or was he during the Lv 60 days) only by gathering, non-kill quests, and crafting. His entire kills are only a handful of mandatory 1st levels so you can get out of Island of Dawn or some handful of moments he had to self defend against mobs

you have to be extremely bored or have way too much free time to do that. it must have taken them months to level up.
Although they give new classes, new skills etc, Tera will not return to life, unless the alliance and the old island of dawn return

it would be nice if they also gave the new classes a different starting and storyline area like they did with reapers. if nothing else a cut scene like they did for reapers to give a back story on the class. I understand the older classes fit the lore much better and doesn't need it, but ninja, gunner, valk, and brawler, could use a cut scene.
and yes, I agree with you, tera would be great again if they brought back original island of dawn and alliance. I used to see so many people running alliance all the time. I know the argument against it from players is that people fed kills...so what if they did, at least they were playing in alliance territories, and it was everyday. it was replaced by civil unrest something that is once a week and only one or two of the same guilds winning it every week, with people cheating in that and feeding kills from my understanding.
make tera great again 2018.
Noobie Island takes 20 minutes

you mean babysitting island lol. bring back original island of dawn
alliance territories and original island of dawn are the two things I really wish bhs/eme would have never removed. I miss going to the alliance territories and getting banana peels for easy gold. I didn't know about the level 60 dailies or anything, no one in my guild would tell me about them until a couple of months before they nerfed it. then they stopped the banana peels from dropping, and I hated that.
I remember spending hours at a time getting peels and when one of the big cats would chase me, I would hit it once and then run over to the guards and let them kill it and then get the meager drops from it. then when the level cap went to 65, I went there and soloed the bams there with my ninja. when I got in trouble, I would run. I wish they would bring it back. the alliance halls are just wasted space now, and a sad reminder of what we used to have. last year I went into the one outside of velika and there were some people in there asking me about the empty place, and I spent about an hour telling them about the hall, and alliance, and everything. so yeah eme, please if there is any way possible to bring alliance back, I would love it as well. then we could have pvp and guild runs everyday instead of cu which is only once a week.
just one of the many reasons I don't run in guilds and that I play the game solo. toxic people are in every server, and guilds that claim to be friendly, most of the time isn't. im not saying all are this way, but ive yet to see any that are. I will admit that I was briefly in a guild about 4 years ago that were somewhat friendly, but about a month or two later with them letting anybody and everybody in, that it became toxic really fast and they were not friendly to the female guildies. so all of us real life females in the guild left and they joined my guild. but after nerfing the level 60 dailies gold, and fashion coupon drops from lower level bams, they all left. I still see many of them in real life, and many have moved away from mmo's all together and play console games or mobile games.
point im trying to make to the op is sometimes it may be best if you just started you very own guild and explain what you want from guildies, and if they don't abide by your rules or whatever guidelines you have, then kick them. as for who can and cant take out from the guild bank, I would only trust myself.
I see more male amanies and male elves than I do human males. the main males I see are castanics. as far as females go, I see more elins than any other female race. then its like a 3 way tie between elves, humans, and castanics, with female amani in dead last.
playing as a particular gender or race doesn't make you a deviant or perv. im a female and I have some male characters , but I prefer my elins and human females. I don't like the female elves cause of the [filtered] bounce. I don't rp with my males cause I don't really know how a male thinks or what they would normally say except from what I hear on tv or the boys at school say.
pick the gender and race that you feel you will have the most fun with, be it pve, pvp, rp, dress up, or whatever else is your playstyle. don't let others sway your thoughts, or make you feel bad for liking something. its only a game, and games are meant for fun and entertainment, and to also escape from our day to day life.
during rootstock festival once a year.
ElinLove wrote: »
I'm not gonna quote passionate screams here, it's just useless to do so after all, and just leave this here: Stop posing as if I'm just not caring about you male players. I was glad the male brawler came, regardless of wanting one or not. I don't really care if you guys get all new classes unlocked for males while the females ain't getting all unlocks (like all female races Gunner, Ninjas, Valkyries and Reapers), I ain't caring about that.
What I really think is pretty disgusting, is how after all those years, you all make nothing else than excuses that it's not what you wanted, you trash it as much as possible. It just shows it wasn't worth it after all. I'm not even saying you should get used to bad content (hey, you're a TERA player, you should by now), it's just as much you should expect from a niche filler, a shot in the dark. You can claim you didn't want any exclusivity or stuff like that but the final form shows otherwise, the entire bashing shows exactly that. You wanted the perfection that you're not paying for.

People come and go from TERA, people come back, leave for a while, even I do this and I used to be mad passionate about this game. Now if you're telling me that the male fans ain't bothering coming back, it's too late, it's too bad to bother, then it all just shows: why even care about those loud mouths after all?

All I see is passionate screaming of caps lock assault rifles shooting "I want this game to be better!!" while trashing the steps it takes into it's direction. You didn't want it to get better, you wanted it all exactly your way. You'll not get it, you don't move enough money to scream and get served on a golden plate 1 second after your screams. You got something, you cussed it directly. You just proved it wasn't worth.

Yes, I know it's all a big snowball, it started with female preference, they moved more money (possibly disproportionally more than gender distribution would make it look), and in turn they invest more on the bigger money maker, leading to it's expansion. But the snowball had a reason to keep getting bigger, based on the players in most part. Now, they've gone on the opposite direction of their sure money grabber, and done a small step to try pleasing the playerbase that wants males. And what they get? Well, you can see it here. "It's too terrible", "It's too late, they've all left", "it's too little to come back". Conclusion? Screw that, back to Elin.

You're exactly reason why they don't bother.

make all classes elins from now on since its too late lol.
I didn't get one of those codes for the outfit and all. I checked my email and nothing was there from eme @CobaltDragon
no one is suggesting that anyone is insecure about their manly manness. im not saying that it wouldn't be nice to have all classes come out for all races when released. I for one am glad that we females get to play a game where we can play as females, and that they don't look brutish or mannish. and also we can make them prettier. I would suggest that if people want male classes as well as the female classes, then show their support by letting their purse or wallet do the talking. I felt like brawler should have been released to males instead of females to begin with. the only class that I think should have been race locked were the reapers, and that was due to the storyline and starting area. I wish tera would have done that with all the new classes . so everyone , lets make loads of male brawlers and buy from the cash shop to show some love, and then maybe people will get a male gender locked class first.
mystic, you can dps and heal yourself.
Partyblast wrote: »
It's been known since it released on KTera that all animations are the same, including the death which is probably the most awkward animation on males, everything else is fine?

Love how fragile everyone who complains about this crap is, you finally got the ability to play a male because playing female is impossible because it somehow harms your male image irl and now the animations which literally don't have a gender now bother you....wow.

I think the root problem is that they wanted a male only exclusive class, and are now nitpicking every little flaw.
maybe the male brawler identifies himself as a woman lol. jk
Christin wrote: »
What Guardian missions are y'all running to get 40 boxes in less than an hour? I run late hours, so it's mostly all empty for me. I just run my alts with the tw training, which takes 5 min per box, so I make 10k in about 1.5 hours, which is fine enough for me since I don't spend any gold upgrading.

what is this tw training that you were talking about and how to get to it? I just got my laptop fixed and haven't been able to play in a few months.
Catservant wrote: »
Catservant wrote: »
Lapomko wrote: »
Gem crafting is not profitable because it's being controlled by tycoons with massive amount of alts that just craft them without buying crafters cure.
They will undercut you like no tomorrow to keep you out of the game. This is part of the economy and whatever EME will do it will be the same. My friend on my server is rich [filtered] too and doing this too.

Just to get the correct information out there, it isn't 4000 pp per character. It's per server. So my gemcrafter, my armorcrafter and my weaponcrafter all share.

Now because I have a stockpile of old elite consumable boxes I hadn't opened I have about 150 crafters cures saved up, and many long time Elite players are the same. So the effect is the same and probably what you meant--those of us who have those don't BUY crafters cures. But we do use them.

The way your post was worded could have promoted a false impression of how this works. Felt something should be said for accuracy.

him talk about multy- acounts

I thought of that after I posted--literally anyone can do it. I believe you are going back on your word to EME (Don't we agree to have only one account per person? i can't recall) but other wise if you want to create multiple accounts and mail yourself the results of crafting, I suppose you can.

Because it isn't the cost of the production points that drives the profitability of the market but the cost of the crafting kits.

And again, I don't know how it is on other servers, but on CH I have been selling things for above the "make from scratch" breakeven point for the firs time since October. So from my perspective this seems a really weird time to START this topic, but whatever.

And also again, the way I read the quoted post seemed easy to misread and could have spread misinformation, so I wanted to set the record straight.

the way it was told to me, you can have up to 5 accounts.
yeah im not crazy about people jumping ship for the flavor of the month servers, as I said before, if people would just stay in their server and make it they way they want it to be, then they wouldn't have to leave. make a guild for running content, make new friends, pvp and so on.
I enjoy any server I play on. I do more than just run dungeons and grinding. I don't get bored easily.
Yamazuki wrote: »
Inflation was due to game design, even without the botters farming easy gold 24/7 there would have still been mass inflation. Old dailies, GG, TAR, BAMs dropping 15-30+g that die in 2 seconds, etc.

yeah that was the lame duck excuse for them nerfing the level 60 dailies, but look at it now compared to then. a glass of water is 1k gold
ch server, my big empty house all to myself, I love it
I just wish I had gold
they look like my brother's nerf guns and toys. also, why do mystics always get the crappy looking weapon skins? I wouldn't use them if they were given out for free. thanks but no thanks.
@CobaltDragon still waiting for a permanent version of the firey halo in the fashion coupon shop....please make it happen.
kubitoid wrote: »
CH, the only best server
for those ppl who dont play anymore

some people are just tired of the grind and time put in trying to get gear. some of us find that there are other ways to have fun in tera rather than the rinse and repeat dungeons and gear. to each their own I guess. a game is something to have fun in even if you don't follow the traditional way of playing. there isn't a right or wrong way to play. I for one got tired of trying to keep up with gear and the gold sink in trying to enchant it, but I still have fun when I do play. so have fun everyone
everyday is a special occasion
Catservant wrote: »
Cool, found the tavern. TY!

youre welcome.
also as the person said above, about people being jerks to role players, its true. that is one reason you don't have people openly role playing as much due to people interrupting and being a [filtered]. I have seen that happening outside of the tavern. I hate the way when someone wants to duel, it looks just like someone wanting to trade or party up with you. it is so confusing sometimes. it is hard for some of us that has trouble seeing.
people that say ch is dead, made it that way themselves. they keep jumping around and transferring to the flavor of the month server. I for one am happy that ch isn't as crowded as it used to be. I know people will come in here crying about there isn't enough people to run content with and why should we still have a role playing server, but I could argue if that's the case, then why should we have a pvp server. just because people don't want to rp, doesn't mean that we should lose our server.
if people would stay in the servers, make their own guilds for running content, and be friendly to other players, maybe people will stay on the servers and maybe when people read in the forums, they will see that it is a server that they want to join up in.
if you were to have 10k players in "X" server, but 9999 of the players are jerks or wont socialize with each other, then whats the point of playing on that server.
where is this sakimichan's work at? if it is better than these, I would love to be able to see it.
did they make a post here?
are you selling any art , or are you just showing us your work. I think your art is beautiful.
it is over near the gate where the crafting area is. if you come from the Pegasus platform, you go to your right, and it is right before the exit gate. there is a horse and cart and npc's standing with it. over near the training area as well as the crafting area. not the crafting area near the black panther mount.
go to the tavern in velika, also the broker and banker over in that area. there is a guild that hangs out there, or at least one member of it that role plays. just start role playing in the tavern . you will have to speak first, due to players not really knowing if you are a role player or watcher. it also depends on the time that you go.
Equitas wrote: »
Bluehole may have been the ones to make the decision, but the people are here asking En Masse to change it. An ilvl restriction could work. It's something that would require a lot of thought and planning.

and a lot of work.
some armor and costumes and back slots have always gave the upsweep hairstyle. that's why I always try it out to see if it does or not before I buy it. also you can change your view in the settings, but others will still see the upsweep hair.
Equitas wrote: »
I personally don't see it as a waste of time trying to help bring new life to this game, and to help someone learn about something they might enjoy. These comments telling new and returning players to stay away, or making remarks about how you'll have to swipe to get ahead, don't help matters any. Why don't you stay away if TERA is so terrible to you?

i totally agree with you. when new players come in to look at the forums and they get crap advice, that alone is sometimes what keeps players away and why our population isn't growing. players should be helping other players and also promote the game if they love tera. I know much of the blame falls on bhs/eme losing older players, but the remaining players seem like they are trying to push newer players away. I guess they want the game all to themselves. yes tera has its pros and cons, but to me the pros still out weigh the cons. you can merge all the servers into one and eventually people will leave it due to various reasons, but the players attitudes shouldn't be one of the reasons why people leave.
aliferous wrote: »
The reason I play solo is that I never, ever played in a party. I am afraid to make people angry for not knowing what to do and how to benefit a party and not the opposite. I always played solo because I can just take my time, learn the boss, make mistakes and not be judged. Sure, soloing dungeons is a slow progress but I don’t get super bored of it. Even though I went trough Bastion of Lok a sh.it load of times trying out every class’ potential, I still don’t get super bored of it because it’s a challenge everytime.

I wouldn't worry about making people mad cause you don't know what to do. its a game and if they cant handle you not knowing something, then its their problem not yours. I admit I worried like my first month or 2 when I first started playing tera, but after that, I don't let others bother me. I solo everything I do and I have much more fun than playing with the type of people I used to play with. remember that tis is something that you are doing for your entertainment and that it isn't a job nor does your life depend on it. you do you and don't worry about anyone else. I know it sounds harsh, but I learned not to let others ruin my little bit of time I have for playing a game.
Yeah, the only time I have ever been able to have this mount. I wasn't around when the event happened. Would it kill EME to release these mounts even if it's just a money grab >->

Though from time to time I do actually ride the Noob horses xD Just to remember the days when that's all I had. When all we had were land mounts and flying mounts was a just a rumor.

I have many different land mounts that I ride all the time. I love my black panther and dino mount a lot.
I love that song, but I have the Chinese version. I never heard the English one. but funny video.
6R1MM01R3 wrote: »
I wonder if they took a minute to think that with this change, the sales of race change vouchers are gonna plummet = less money coming in for them. People won't be buying again all their cosmetics they use with every race change ._.
They must be severely understaffed to not want to handle this "service" to the playerbase anymore.

they probably are understaffed and it may be one reason why they are doing this so that they can free up tech support to handle problems with players stuff instead of making someone wait 2 weeks to get something fixed due to having to give someone a costume fix for their race change. im not defending nor am I hating on eme over this.
I for one don't know why people constantly race change back and forth like some have talked about here. if I don't like a race, I just delete and make a new character. maybe someone can tell me what the appeal is for always changing a race.
cut or no cut...earned or didn't earn....it doesn't matter . alliance has been removed. the only people that its going to matter to about what you did in the game is maybe some of the older players, and even then it doesn't matter. content has been removed. I mean I guess people can brag to their bf or gf about earning this that or the other. I actually like the idea of bringing out a similar mask with a different name, so that those that did obtain an alliance mask can have their bragging rights. I just hate to see all this fighting in forums over little things and then people getting banned, butthurt, or the thread closed. I think a similar mask with a different name would be a nice compromise.
so play nice.
I still want them to add permanent firey halo @CobaltDragon . I know we can keep buying them every month for the temp ones, but having them available for perm would be very nice.
can we get a permanent firey halo in fashion coupon shop?
thank you so much for bringing back the hat of sweet dreams. I was holding on to my fed bills all this time just in case you guys brought it back out. now I gotta farm more fashion coupons.
Wadi wrote: »
FWIW I have been conducting user interviews and research on how I could better make Elite useful by focusing on multiple player types (such as brand new players, leveling players, PvP players, dungeon players, etc...) and coming up with lists of things that focus on each player type. Unfortunately, many of the things are tied to what I can get from existing items/buffs (requesting new features/items takes quite a bit of time) but I will be looking to do a relaunch of TERA Elite Status soon. In the meantime, I think the consumables box and elite gift box probably can use some updating, along with a new mount. Mount changes are relatively easy, though I'll dispel that we will be giving dragons or phoenix (or flight suits for that matter - that has multiple requirements and makes it really difficult to give out) but there's a plethora of other mounts. And I agree with an earlier post, they need refreshes more often than they are getting now.

Oh good.

So judging by the fact that you said in game shops would be addressed in October, and it is now days from March and we still have had zero shops actually changed (and all that happened was it was moved, and then deleted,) we should expect elite box changes sometime in 2019 right?

I speak sarcasm too, so yes. Expect it in 2019, @CassandraTR - hold your breath while you're at it.

Sarcasm or not, should a moderator be telling someone to kill themselves?

its just a figure of speech. the moderator isn't telling them to kill themselves, besides if you do hold your breath, you will pass out and then start breathing again. example.....when will the 2nd season of firefly come out? response...don't hold your breath....meaning don't waste your time waiting on something to happen when in all likelihood it will never happen. when the mod told them to hold their breath, they were basically saying keep wasting your time.
hope this helps clear this up.

on a different note, @counterpoint , did eme ask the player council what their opinion was concerning gem boxes before they brought them out to the store? if so, what did you guys say about it?
Since there's no community rep for TERA PC right now, there's very little dialog with Player Council. There was no consultation on gem boxes.

The decision to release this item was made between BHS and myself, Player Council had no impact nor were they consulted, as @counterpoint said. It is based on an item that KTERA and other territories have released. This is not an EME only item. Just to be clear.

I wasn't trying to instigate anything by my comment. I was just curious with all the comments against the gem boxes, if it was just here or every region. also I wasn't sure as to what all the player council is involved with when it comes to decisions made by eme. I for one am glad that they have gem boxes in the shop. I just wish they would keep them. ive always said that they need some sort of gold voucher in the cash shop so we can buy gold.
oh, ok. thanks for the answer.
why not make elite mounts something that is only available to elite holders....maybe like huge angel and/or demon wings that allow the user to fly. I feel like having a mount that is only for elite users and not available to us free to play players, will make elite stand out and make people want to get it.
Viauxi wrote: »
PS: I tried posting this as a thread. They removed it. Thats ok, I expect them to censor opinion at this point, as if that somehow changes public perception. Reddit will like this too.
There's no moderation record on the dev tracker; it was almost certainly auto-hidden by the stupid auto-moderation plugin on this forum (possibly if/when you tried to edit the opening post). With the amount of criticism that is on this forum constantly, you can't seriously say they censor opinion. (If they were really trying to censor opinion, they're doing an amazingly bad job.)

there were a few times my opinion got censored by spacecats around the time of the dragons, and even got warned. its ok. I know we don't have freedom of speech in forums and I understand it now.
on a different note, @counterpoint , did eme ask the player council what their opinion was concerning gem boxes before they brought them out to the store? if so, what did you guys say about it?
Piltover wrote: »
Feels like enmasse is trying to cash out before this game dies

I have felt this way since last may. I hope it isn't true, but....
they could start by bringing back everything they removed from the game, including items. people are still sore about the campfires, iod, and alliance.
2 from poori......
last mount I bought was the flying dragons when they first come out cause they were account bound. I only buy account bound mounts. 50 dollars isn't worth buying just for 1 character. people spend 1000s in this game on things they will never own, and at any time can get banned from the game if the powers that be see fit. it would be worth it if we could somehow have a physical copy or download to where whatever we buy , we get to keep, that way if the game ever shuts down, we could still play it and have our mounts and costumes. maybe even have a lan party or something to that degree.
removing content just because you don't like it , isn't justified. but I guess I will play along then...many people don't like elins cause they think they are children and are sexualized, remove them. outfits that are revealing in both male and female races are offensive to some player and they don't like them....remove them. many of us don't like stepstone island....remove it. some people don't like the police and race car mounts cause they think its lore breaking....remove them. some people don't like cs due to level 65 only, the crystal room bug, and not being rewarding enough...remove it. some people don't like pvp.....remove it.
see, I can play that game too. my reasons are justified for removal of above said content, due to the same reasoning that others want grid removed. so if eme/bhs started removing content just because someone out there doesn't like it , then we wouldn't have a game to play at all.
don't buy the loot boxes for an account bound mount. it is better to buy an account bound mount due to you being able to have like 16 characters on all servers, if you buy enough character slots. so 5 servers multiplied by 16 characters equals 80 mounts for around lets say 50 dollars. just say you only create 10 characters on just 1 server, that would only be 5 dollars per character. some of the loot boxes cost 5 dollars each, and unless you poop horseshoes and 4 leaf clovers, then your chances of getting the grand prize mount in one Is very, very , very low.
maybe they will put the red and black flying dragons that were account bound back on sale in the cash shop. if they do, I suggest jumping on that deal. I did the day they came out and haven't regretted it. they don't have the buffs or anything like the royal ones, but it is so worth it.
it comes out in neveruary 25th.
that's been the problem with tera for the past few years, removal of content. if bhs continues to remove content, then all we will have left is velka, highwatch, and iod. of course we will still have our fashion show in these 3 areas, and endgame will be nothing more than showing off cash shop items. when people ask for content removal, bhs listens, bad thing is they wont listen when we ask for things to be fixed or added back.
be careful what you wish for, you may just get it.
Rapunzzel wrote: »
IOD is kinda depressing now, expend like 40 mins or 50 mins avg, killing 160 basilisk for 112 golden talents.
112 golden talents
56 golden darics
28 golden plates.

at least make keen mote 100% drop. So the farming wont be sad af.
what this person said.....I know they want us to stay longer in the game, but let us have the motes so we can use our alts. don't worry, we will still buy stuff in the shop lol.
Equitas wrote: »
The social aspect here seems to consist of weeb speak, stale memes, and being condescending to anyone who doesn't dedicate their lives to this game. You'd be happier sticking with Final Fantasy if you want socialization. Manaya's Core is a forgettable stepping stone to level 65 now, and most people don't even bother with it. Sabex Armory is the better option for the glyph crates it rewards. Wonderholme isn't in our version. I don't guess that catching up would take too long if you know what to farm. Statics are always the best way to go for the more difficult PvE content. Farming for PvP isn't worth the trouble.

don't forget grown men speaking baby talk lol
it was much better before than it is now as far as pvp goes.
the lore now is so messed up, its hard to say what it is. there is the basic storyline...to a degree and the lore of the races out there.
UdonPasta wrote: »
the "starter pack" for 497 (normaly 995) might be a bit intresting for you
1> 1 extra char slot (495emp)
2> 1 extra bank page (495 emp)
3> 100% exp boost 7 days

i have to agree with this. I would also buy a few outfits for your characters that you know you are going to keep for the duration. I would also convert some emp to gold just in case you see something in the trade broker that you really want that isn't in the store.
bhs murdered tera....mystery solved lol....jk
I knew when they gave players the power to kick, there would be problems like this. many spoke out in the forums telling eme this sort of thing was going to happen when they mentioned it was going to be implemented. but as I said so many times....their game, their rules.
I love the elf. it reminds me of an archer I used to play as in a game called grand chase. I love all your work, it is so beautiful. I hope you are able to sell a lot of your art. keep up the great work and keep posting them. I enjoy seeing them.
you could always get a 360 controller and not have to use the keyboard for movement. its what I have been using for years with tera and I love it. many will say it isn't any good, but once you set up your keys to the controller then you are good.
also as for class I would try them all out to see what you would like. you get 3 character slots on one server. choose 3 different ones and level them up and if by level 39 you don't like them, then delete them and choose another three. if you level one to level 40, then it takes 24 hours to delete it. if you find that you are kinda liking one, then level it to 40 and that way, you can choose a reaper. you have to have one character level 40 or above to be able to create a reaper class.
I first used a slayer and didn't like it. I don't like priest, lancer, or beserker. I mained an archer for years and I still have that one, then I played the flavor of the months when they came out, but after the whole removal of campfires and our free potions and charms, I rolled mystic and haven't looked back. you can do decent damage and heal yourself and others. I liked ninja for the speed, and I still have one I play when I want a challenge.
I hope this helps, and good luck and have fun storming the castle.

p.s. don't forget to spend real money lol. jk.
so im guessing that the snowflake is a consumable like the disco ball and works the same way. once you activate it, it snows instead of having Saturday night fever going on.
after seeing all this, im glad I didn't buy the costume yet for my humans. does it do it on elins or just on humans?
Ves1978 wrote: »
the best thing that can be done with kumas royale is to remove it completely from game. new player can't learn absolutely anything playing that trash "bg"
everytime someone cries wanting content removed, content gets removed or changed. the original kumas got changed and then removed, cs got changed to 65 only, alliances got removed. I for one am happy that it takes so long to get into cs now. I think of it as payback for all the whiners that wanted it 65 only.
pretty soon, if people complaining keeps getting their way, tera wouldnt be anything but highwatch, velika, and iod, and the rest of the maps removed. then you just instant match from the vanguard to whatever you want to run, and making everyone start off at 65.
this is one of the reasons why people have been leaving the game by huge amounts, because tera keeps removing content or nerfs drops or gold.
we have been waiting for an invisible back slot where it doesn't show the weapon for a long time. maybe they will come out with both cosmetic items at the same time.
vkobe wrote: »
aeee98 wrote: »
inb4 AV/TR merge inc

celestal hill/av merge :3
if they did that, I would want them to add more character slots. like double the amount.
Obs wrote: »
We are asking how they are bringing back this content from BHS. In the past this was not something we were allowed to mess with, so I'm interested to know how this is being done as much as you.

if you want to bring back content, bring back the original island of dawn and alliance .

IoD was long and dragged out, just pretty to look at.

Alliance was a terrible system conceptually. It encouraged members of the same alliance to fight against each other.

iod was way better than babysitting island. yes it was a little long and drawn out a little, but it was fun, pretty, and made sense once you go to velika for the first time. alliance had people feeding, and exploiting the system, but it was an everyday thing. many people participated in it. it was replaced by a once a week exploited event. they could keep civil unrest, but bring back the alliance territories. they could maybe revamp it a little to keep up with current leveling and gearing. the new console players will never get to experience much of the older content that brought people to tera. at the rate its going now for the leveling process, they may as well start everyone off at level 65, and just have all areas mobs level 65 or above, and just grind for gear through quests.
before we weren't in such a rush to get to level 60. we had fun playing the game and experiencing all that tera had to offer. we explored the maps, we did quests, ran dungeons with others, and learned our classes. pretty much now, you only have to spam 2 or 3 skills to work your way to 65 with the flavor of the month class. before you had to have just a little skill , now you just have to press the spacebar.
tera is still a great game, but removing so much content in the first place is never a good idea. im not saying bring back nexus or anything, unless they could fix the major lag that came with it, or even dreamstorm, to be honest though, whenever those two were running, people flocked to them.
I guess to sum it all up, im not asking for anything new for the game, im just asking for stuff to be brought back that was removed in the first place. if not, then no biggie. I wont uninstall if they don't.
We are asking how they are bringing back this content from BHS. In the past this was not something we were allowed to mess with, so I'm interested to know how this is being done as much as you.

if you want to bring back content, bring back the original island of dawn and alliance .
i for one am thankful for the posting of the code. so thank you for posting it for us.
from what I was told, this is it
they should just keep the streams and codes the way it was with spacecats. it seems like everytime they change something, someone is always getting screwed over. not everyone can watch the live stream or even go back to watch it later. also the stuff we do get isn't going to break the bank or give an unfair advantage. if it isn't broke, don't fix it.
I play a mystic on a controller and I do just fine. I found it is the easiest class to play with using a controller. 2nd place for me is archer. I used to main an archer for a couple of years. ive always used a controller playing tera. after that I found that ninja, brawler, and gunner ties for 3rd place.
please note that I have a special made game controller due to my disability and im not a good player, but I solo nearly everything. so compared to keyboard and mouse, ive found for me the game controller is best.
hope this helps a lot.
thanks for the codes
are there any original eme staff members left???
any codes?
the " sufinas art " post, the artist does great work.
thanks for the codes
any codes today?
just think how laggy the game will be when the awaken class skills come out here
I enjoy my lore breaking police car lol. the lore has been broken for years now.
FRSTY wrote: »
Tbh we deserve to be ignored and our feedback forgotten about, 3.7k people have seen the thread and only few of us up-vote and give our opinion. Sad sad sad.

one of the reasons why people don't give their opinion, is because we have been giving it for years now and they just get ignored. ive given mine many times and also in this thread , even counterpoint has given theirs multiple times and they are on player council. sometimes we get the " we will look into it" or " thanks for the comments" , but that's pretty much as far as it goes. so yeah, people feel like its a waste of their time and efforts now giving their opinions.
your work is so beautiful. I don't have the words to describe it cause im not that good at expressing myself , but it is really great work. thank you for sharing it with us.
you learn lessons pretty quick in tera when it costs a lot of gold. you will learn to read something and then re-read it before confirming.
no matter if you expect people to read guides or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to talk to people, and many people in game and on forums like to do it the wrong way. people shouldn't have to look up in other places other than tera itself to learn how to play tera. also it only takes a day or so running solo to get to level 65, so many don't have the experience to run endgame dungeons. even if they mess up, still be respectful to them. if they are being a troll or a [filtered] , then kick them. people not playing your way or dressed in the same costume or mount that you have isn't an excuse for cursing at someone. be nice to each other. games are supposed to be for fun.
I hate it when you do a bg or dungeon and you have afk people or they go offline and not return, but I would rather have to deal with that than letter the party leader have absolute kick power. this is one of those no win situations and it would be abused. its a hard fix to do.
bring back alliance territories where we can craft them again
make sure you are both on the same server as well. I know that is a no brainer, but I figured I would throw that out there to make sure.
I still have over 1k dragon fireworks on av. maybe someday I will sell them
I guess its the same reason I cant play as Zelda in the legend of Zelda games. they don't give us any choice if we want to play as a male or female in Zelda, Mario, cod, and other games. now people see how we females have felt for so long having to only play as a male character. I really don't mind it cause its only a game, something for entertainment.
i have both male and female characters in tera i play as. when i play as a male character, i don't think of myself as being a boy. im just curious to know how many of the people that complain the most about genderlocked classes, watch anime, or have their favorite anime girl figurine sitting on their desk or on their wallpaper?
let them all die the next time until they learn to talk to you with respect. and before anyone comes in about the terms of service, I don't think the terms of service wants people cursing and being rude to others.
@MidnightTune ...come on guy, you should have googled everything about tera and had storm gear before you ever came back to tera. there is no excuse for ever dying in a dungeon, not even once. don't you know that you are messing with people's livelihood when you come into tera not knowing every little detail about it. these people's family depend on the gold and gear these players earn in game. with you messing up on that run, little timmy wont be able to eat for a week thanks to you.........btw, this is all sarcasm. im just pointing out how some people take this game too serious and how some of them act as if this is real what I posted.
people are toxic in this game. people feel like they can talk to you anyway they want to cause its the internet. look at what happened recently in the news about the people playing cod and the swat team shot and killed a guy due to a diferent guy calling in a false report...a troll.
this is the main reason I play solo, so I don't have to put up with those types of idiots. start a guild or join a halfway decent one, if you can find one of those in tera again, and start your own runs. good luck, and remember little timmy is depending on you lol.
thanks for the code
were there any codes for todays stream?
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