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You mean the last boss of apex quest? No potion is necessary, not even battle solution. Just use the apex skills you just acquired since you have the buff in that boss fight that greatly reduces the cooldown of your apex skills. You basically can keep using them without cooldown.

I would honestly like to see you try sorc without battle solution.

To OP: you may not need hp pots if played correctly, but you do need some mana potions. Bring in those 5g mana pots for the fight, since you will run out of mana even if you use all your mana regen skills (and it is not optimal to use those skills anyway). Everything else outside of the standard prime battle solution is not really needed, although bravery and nocteniums are always good to have.

Everything else is based on you using the two element chain, recommendedly swapping from (Fire+Lightning) and (Ice+Lightning) skills to maximise the 10% extra damage buff. But if you are lazy you could just hailstorm -> lightning -> (IceLight fusion) -> lightning -> (Ice light fusion) spam in that fight since the cooldown of fusion is really short. Mana boost is really all about knowing how to efficiently weave the 3 elements together.

Honestly, I find sorc's apex to be one of the easier ones because you really have a ridiculous amount of mobility. But it does take a while especially if you aren't used to the apex skills yet.
The tl;dr is this: (I said this to a few communities before)

If you don't respect your community, your community will leave.

When evaluating any situation, you must figure out why there is this situation in the first place.

In this case, the questions are:

"Why do so many people use third-party tools?" and "What is it used for?"

The answer is to solve many of the missing tools people wanted and issues the game cannot fixed. (Eg: The infamous skill-prediction to eliminate ping tax, DPS meter to compete with others or even themselves)

Then from there, you will ask if it is necessary to remove this. If it is a threat (game-breaking bug) then remove it. No one will blame you for killing glitches, unless they are bad players who don't know how to do it the normal way.

However, to many, removing said 3PAs will negatively affect their experience in the game. Coupled with the fact that their experience is already diminished by the poor quality of service, the removal will just cause them to just leave because there is just no reason to stay anymore.

As a personal feel. I play this game at above 280ms constant. Without the advent of DPS meters, I wouldn't even know that I lose more than half of my damage to latency.

In an MMO like Tera, losing even 10% of your damage could result in having many content being absolutely unplayable without being carried by your friends. In fact, in my case, I could be in BiS, and may not even be able to outdps a player in Frostmetal with low ping because of the approx 50% increase in cast time. Not to mention that this ping tax makes anyone twice as susceptible to dying due to latency in dodging.

People may argue that "this is an NA game" but if that is the case, why is Tera NA's service extended to many countries outside of NA?

Even in the case of people living within the region specified, it is impossible to put everyone below 100ms as it requires dedicated routing servers only top notch companies like Riot Games can afford.

If you want me to be honest, this actually isn't the reason why people will leave, in fact that is the last straw actual dedicated players can tolerate. Players who have actively discounted the multiple times patches and patch notes were poor in quality and filled with bugs. Players who have actively discounted the multiple times events give too much or too little. Players who are at the brink of giving up on the game because there is just not enough content to keep them going.

Players can be whiny at times, but in this case, there is really no excuse.

Either EME brings out an active solution which even BHS can't provide, or just let the third party developers do their thing and actually work with them.

In this case, the answer is very obvious.
Harrowhold will take days or weeks to clear considering the skill level of console atm.
To be dead honest, xigncode gives more false positives than actual positives even in other games. Most hackers (I mean 99% of them) remained hacking within 24 hours after implementation, which shows how weak the software is.

On the other hand, xigncode removes you from play from the simplest of issues when you are playing legitimately, to the point that it is actually better to hack a bypass than to worry about gameplay when playing properly.

You know a software is garbage, when it gives more issues than benefits. Cheaters in general are absolutely unaffected, and the normal players suffer.

I personally think that xigncode should just be removed at this point. Of course there is no intention of EME to fish data by using this, but even then, you are using the wrong solution to a problem that didn't exist.
it has been the case, and it gets annoying when attempting to use that to combo in pvp (not that it is the best way to combo with pvp brawler to begin with), so some tend to use GF anyway.

Fixing this bug would at least make Rampage viable in pvp
Basically this. Since the event is over there is no reason to not make them "throwable"
To be honest, it is not really just the fact that PvP healing is nerfed but also the fact that everyone does WAY TOO MUCH damage now, to the point that awakened healers might just as well provide their damage as well.

Healers were never taught as healers in BHS' eyes, the role title "support" was honestly ignored since launch.

The PvP heal debuff should be removed. Honestly with the big hit on basic heals on awakening the pvp nerf isn't necessary anymore. After that, the numbers are honestly balanced, the ridiculous amount of damage people have now should be nerfed instead.
You are on a laptop with considerably lower specs. Even many desktops with higher cpu capabilities get this issue, due to a few factors: internet lag, cpu capping out and throttling are but one of the few factors.
RKNM drops it often enough for it to not be a concern tbh.
It is better to still do weaponcraft and alchemy to at least artisan.

In the gear revamp it is very likely that crafting golden darics (from weaponcraft artisan) are going to be profitable the moment the patch hits.
the level cap came with a storyline from level 60-64 (there will be a scroll that teleports you to velika outskirts where the story begins).

Outside from the storyline you can do Sabex Armory from 60-64 and Macellarius Catacombs from 63-64. This will give you enough experience to hit 65 where the new endgame begins.
There isn't a true solo class, although tanks can solo dungeons with relative ease.

You shouldn't ever be thinking about soloing dungeons especially post-65. A 5 man dungeon is designed to be cleared as a 5 man, and unlike some actual p2w games like Maplestory *cough* you can't just solo hm dungeons after spending a gazillion dollars on it. Everyone starts as a beginner before, and no one will become a god at the game on day one. However much, it really isn't much effort to be decent at the game if you actually put effort in practicing. Your ping is low enough for the hardest dungeons without any questionable aids by bannable sources. All that is left is for you to find a group to start practicing with, find someone who is skilled at the class and ask for pointers (there are many on reddit, essential mana and on their respective discord groups). With enough practice you should be able to actually work towards the true endgame dungeons.

I wish you luck.
higher ping does play a small part in reducing performance from what I know in PC version.

People who say they have perfect connections don't know the concept of server routing (tbh this should be not as bad since it is not routed around zayo/savvis but an internal proprietory network by Sony/Microsoft and geographical location. If you are playing this on the coastlines of US or further, good luck you are bound to lag somehow.
I really don't know what you guys are doing to gear up. If I am only playing 2-3days casually a week since arsenal patch and still get 4 characters to full frostmetal and 2 characters to full stormcry (one at +7), and have missed almost every single rally and event due to timezone and irl commitments, it means that you guys should very well didn't put effort in gearing up anyway.

Guardian Legion gives avg of 10k gold, assuming you only do 15x low tier dungeons that is another 9k along side around 105 gold talents and 15-30 silver talents. 4x ace dungeons gives an average of 3 silver talents. Ghille gives one in most scenarios and if you have elite that is two. Do that on just 2 characters and you are making around 40k a day (I estimate the total time taken to be about 4 hours for everything). Just one week or so and you would have enough gold to buy out a +15 deathwrack weapon from someone to convert to SC+2 anyway.

As of now, I find TRNM fast enough if you are in a decent party (2.5-3 minutes per boss max). Most people don't do TRNM because they think it takes a long time to clear for the gold, but it is still arguably easier than SF.

IoD low tier is now weaker gpm than dungeons imo. Unless there is triple drop, you are only getting a paltry 7 golden talents per run and a fraction of the gold compared to doing low tier dungeons, and the time taken itself is not that much different. I highly suggest people to stop doing IoD unless they need rare glyphs (do mid tier bams)

I just want old and logical questlines to come back, so that I don't forget about it and just spam dungeons.
while you should be posting on the console forums still (there are pc players in there afaik), I will just answer it

Elin has a slightly smaller hitbox. Sorcerer's are typically Elins as it has the best animations regardless of pve or pvp. Castanics are typically if you want to minmax for PvE, although the 1% crit chance does apply in PvP. While Humans and Amans (both genders) are not as fluid for some classes, their racial passive of damage reduction when low health does play a decent role in keeping yourself alive against non lethal attacks.

And of course, we will always forget the baraka cheat code 2 hour 100% heal as it looks completely pointless even though they have a huge stun resistance passive, High elf's 100% mana regeneration which again is also pretty pointless considering pots exist, and popori because they are furballs.
idk man, the next thing he would say would likely be why on earth is the awakening quest so long (it was documented to be about 30-45 minutes)
well as of now there are a few people posting clears of RKEM without slaying already. While nothing much changed from that (SC+8/9, double dragons, lancer tank as basic requirement), it just means that it is not impossible to clear EM without talents at all assuming the stars line up.

The biggest gate to most players from farming EM is actually a mix of skill and ping. While for many the servers are pretty stable for a decent part of the day, it is not so for some groups still. It is not impossible for someone at 100ms to clear EM, but it does take a significantly larger amount of effort to do so. And most people don't put that effort because outside of Elemental Essences it is just not as profitable for the effort required. Awakening should make EMs less painful for these people, and we have to accept while EM is actually not truly difficult, it is still a barrier that the majority of the playerbase can't clear at all.
I don't know what YOU are smoking, but you are making your own life difficult.

You either gold farm or xp/mat farm. There is no best of both worlds. If what I am guessing is right, you have been using your alts for gold farming instead of trying to get them up to do content. Awakening is not designed for you to make your gold grind easier lmao (even if it indirectly does so).

You have 10 characters. I have TWENTY FOUR across THREE servers. If you think your life is hard, mine is more than doubled yours. The option is simple, just choose the characters you are focusing on more and awaken them first. It is impossible to play end game content on more than three characters without getting fatigued. Every other character isn't losing out on awakening since you are still doing easy content which didn't need them in the first place. When I have the time to gear them up, I will. Stop thinking that awakening is going to come easy to you lmao.
You actually shouldn't have difficulty getting these characters to frost if you put in the effort since the amount of grind needed is halved.
First of all, this game starts at lv65.
Second, when people say there's no tanks, they meant good tanks who are willing to spend time and energy as a tank at end-game.
Many people start out as a tank or had tank alts end up switching to dps as their main.
Because for tanks in TERA,
You need to know the boss' attack pattern, when to attack, block or iframe to maintain aggro.
You need to know the dungeons mechanism in and out.
You need to know which position is best for dps, many end-game dungeon requires high dps and timer
You need to know where is safe for healer to come in and resurrect people when someone died.(ex: RKE, RMHM)
You need to have good gear so you don't lose aggro
You need to have a peaceful mind so when you keep losing aggro and get mock by dps you won't get mad
My main is Zerk but I also have 2 tank alts, 2 healer alts, 5 dps alts.
I would said playing a tank is definitely more stressful than other classes, hence good end-game tanks are rare and the numbers are lessen(many my tank friends either stop play TERA or switch to DPS/healer)

Actually that is wrong, more people start out as a dps and then have a tank alt. And tanking is honestly easier than Dpsing lol.
The reason why different servers have different clients (unlike League of Legends which again have servers in non Riot controlled areas such as portions of Asia and uses a seperate client) is because of proprietary content that each publisher has. The owners of the servers are also completely different. Even if you consider a solution where you just need to swap the game launcher to obtain the server you need, it is not practical as most MMORPGs have server specific content, which is including but not limited to game audio and text files.
I have tickets answered within 24 hours, and tickets answered only after 3 weeks. It really depends on how detailed you can provide and how fast the team can resolve your issue.
I still get sub 3 min queues on low/mid IMS runs as a tank as of today outside of a few occasions.

LFG-wise it really depends on how famous you are. If you have good reputation, your party fills up really quickly. If you are a nobody you won't get far regardless of your gear or role.

As for OP saying 5 tanks in IMS pre 65, it is impossible. There was a bug I have seen in Velik's Hold (7man instance) in the past that didn't include me as a player when I was tanking, and pulled in a second tank, thus there were a total of 8 people in the dungeon, but in 5 man parties, there is no opportunity to get this bug due to party limitations (if that happened the entire party would likely get a memory leak and forceshut). You can however get 4 (tanks + dps) and 1 healer, making healer queues the fastest while levelling.
My thought is that you are on the wrong place, there is a console-specific section of the forums right below the PC version.
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I played the beta and purchased a founders edition box before launch. I played for a long time and loved the combat. However after a few years I ventured to other MMOs. Recently I logged on and noticed the the campfire charms and craftable buffs were gone. And while that bummed me, I accepted it. What REALLY irritated me was removing Outlaw from lvl 11 on up. Did people cry that much over griefing? Because if you're on a PvP server, that's part of the risks. You accept and expect it to happen. You can't act like you're PvP, roll a PvP server, then whine because you got 1-shot by someone 40 levels higher than you. I've actually been attacked by 3 characters at my level and killed all of them. Moments like that is what made me love the game. Fighting the odds or being crafty. And hell. We have CHANNELS!!! Does Bluehole ever plan on changing this or maybe making a PURE PvP server? Because right now coming back doesn't seem worth it if they're trying to cater to the casuals.

KTERA has never had level 65 PVP. This isn't a change Bluehole made, it's a change En Masse made. The Outlaw system on NA was not used on KR, and EME changed our version to use the same PVP system that KR uses (65-only).

Actually, you are wrong. It is a change BHS made (via moving Outlaw Declaration and pvp targetting to level 65), and then EME not wanting to change the build BHS provided (thus indirectly causing PvP65 to happen). To be honest, it is just pure laziness since when Fey Forest was launched (past merger of Highwatch, Valley of Titans and Lake of Tears), there were servers of both types, and I am inclined to believe that the changes in the servers aren't huge enough to warrant a full day's work unless the game is hardcoded (and I think that is the reason why they eventually stopped using the old PvP server build anymore).
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Do we still get the broken instance reset scroll and crystal bind from the box? If so... Those right there should be switched out. I haven't opened a box in a while since it doesn't have any essentials worth opening straight away.

it has been changed to one of each of the normal reset scrolls (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma) so you can't "double reset" anymore.
Getting the 8th gen is wiser than going for the 7th gen now as you still have upgrade paths for your cpu without needing to swap your motherboard.

Dual channel ram is not necessary, but if you do, always get the same model to prevent yourself from getting bricked by your own RAM.

Tera doesn't really use GPU, so which ever GPU you use should be based on your other needs. I went for the 1060 6GB due to me doing some light video editing and me not really needing the extra horsepower of the 1070/1080 due to me only having a 1080p monitor. Like you said, it's better to wait for better options especially when it is annonunced that they are coming.

240gb ssd is enough to store windows and some high priority applications.
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i can get a 8600k but i dont like to oc things :c actually i was looking for the i5 7640x or the i7 7700 they are around the same price...also what brand or rams do you recommend g skill or corsair?

I have i7 5500U and tera for me is either the queen of lag/disconnect or its similar to ps1 games

-U is a standard grade notebook cpu, HQ editions would usually be better in most cases.
Assuming SC and up 5 man statics:

TRNMx8, KC/SF x8, removing TRNM for RKEM sell runs whenever necessary

Guardian Mission -> Pit -> Ace Dungeon -> Ghilleglade

Assuming Solo Tank at FM or lower:

KC/RG x8, removing any dungeon runs for higher dungeons for other materials.

Guardian Mission -> Pit -> Ace Dungeon -> Ghilleglade.

TRNM is fast enough to compensate a small amount of GPM for more gold per badge as well as providing a larger amount of Gear EXP.

I don't do tuwangi training due to ping fluctuations that force me to miss the colour you need even though you are already at that spot.
you can always buy character expansions via broker or obtain said character slots during events.
if you truly want to pretend to be good, any class will work.

Not trying to be a hater but honestly its easier to just not lie to yourself and practice to be better.
assuming characters are wiped, I'd assume they are issuing EMP for you guys to try the tera store and see if there are bugs pertaining to anything in the store as well.
The only problem with guardian missions is sometimes with high ping your dodge doesn't go through the server and you get stunned mid dodge because of that.

You shouldn't have problem with any guardian mission at low ping because they are very straightforward just not facetankable.

Oh and Tanks have an increased guardian point gain compared to DPS afaik, in fact I have more success getting boxes on my tanks than on my DPS.
Even so, you shouldn't be experiencing resistances this often. For the most part, IoD BAMs don't resist stuns at all.
All non NA and EU servers are PVP65. The biggest reason is that KTera moved outlaw declaration to level 65 to combat griefers which were rife in that particular server.

Due to builds mismatching servers in the past, NA needed many more weeks of configuration on every build that is released. Thus, it would make more sense and cost efficient to just make all PvP servers what they are in other servers. PvE server is still PvE because of reasons.

The only way PvP can be returned to its original state is if EME has enough people in general to code stuff for this particular server every time there is a new release (the issue isn't really with the code itself, but the dependencies that follow since changing one code may break another)
Tank and Healer don't mix in this game.

Tera follows a strict trinity of roles: Tank, DPS and Heals. All classes fit into 1, with the exception of Warrior and Berserker who gets a special tank stance where they can be played as a tank (but regardless still sticking to one for the majority of fights)

Where are you at would be the first question I would ask.

Not many really hangs around in levelling zones. Not even in other servers from other regions.
archer is the true agile class because its the only class where you can charge and walk most of your skills. The rest of the DPS requires you to be pretty much still for as long as possible to maximise your damage.
Lancers never got reworked as of current NA patch.

In a month or PC version gets the first phase Awakening system (a system I think will come to console as well) which includes Lancer. They don't get a huge rework but they get new skills at level 65.
I don't think the publisher produced any more keys (it is founder after all). Most of the current keys online on ebay/amazon are stashed from years ago.
PvE DiscussionNinja's 03/03/2018, 08:32 AM aeee98
Ninja is flat out the weakest damage in terms of numbers, and it is proven by top players.

It is however one of the easier classes to actually get to this top number (which is about 20% less than FotM Warrior) because its rotation is actually extremely easy.

The true BiS for Brawler (assuming Mystic most of the time)

Enraged/CDR top
Crit Power (yes, 0.3 Crit Power)

RHK Top Roll (only go Jackhammer if playing at above 150ms ping)
Standard Defence rolls

Gloves and Boots are standard.

Run Double energetics

Run 3 Pumped 2 Carving (This means you have to fully utilise your Haymaker properly) and Keen Vyrsks

Your non-buffed crit factor should be at around +170-190 with this setup assuming 16 and up crit innerwear. I personally left mine mine at around +180, although +190 is best if you don't want to pop lamb all the time. Use accessory etchings to ease yourself into the lower crit cap.

You get about a 4% damage increase by swapping damage to Crit Power and properly prioritising skills assuming regular setup. If slaying Flat Damage is slightly better.

With a priest, swap one pumped ring for one carving ring (about 40 crit factor extra).

Don't use old jewelry as 1) its gonna be nerfed next patch, 2) many of your skills don't scale with attack speed, and as such you don't gain as much benefit unless you are lazy to get Entropy gear.
While I am inclined to agree that we are lacking in tanks, buffing zerk tank is probably not a priority since it was meant to be a backup tank before Brawler.

Zerk tank can perfectly hold aggro post awakening due to zerk's own burn passive working with other classes' burn phases (you go into berserk mode before going into intimidation stance in this case and you will hold aggro as long as you have an aggro crystal instead of pounding).

Besides, it wouldn't make sense to zerk tank when zerk by itself has one of the highest dps in the game anyway. While it would be nice to see zerk tank buffed somewhat, I feel like berserker should just keep its identity has THE hard hitting oneshot class that can be an emergency tank rather than a class that can do both (like warrior).
I think EXP buff from Kumas would not be on console release. Also EME has mentioned things about slowing progression on console if I am not wrong.
Nah you answered our own question. It isn't about the soulbinding (in theory if we have soulbinding removed we will get bored even faster), but more content in the game is required
many of the supposed regular streamers don't get to be on the ambassador program because of potential bans due to third party applications or toxicity.

With console launch coming soon this may change though.
I highly recommend you change your security credentials, because from what I see it seems like an EMP purchase.
Quite sure BHS made them non-pvp to combat griefers.
While I don’t agree with lootboxes, there are some content which is impossible to make profit from without using lootboxes.

I have to admit, all non-functional and non-special edition cosmetics should be buyable straight from the shop. Limited edition costumes which are intended to be rare can stay in their lootboxes but with their rates revealed. Lootboxes by itself isn’t a problem, but if the only thing in the shop that is worth buying is actually loot boxes, then something is wrong.
It wouldnt be fair for pc to merge with console ON LAUNCH. Most console players would probably be new to the game and would probably get bullied out of the community by the old pc community. Also, console’s launch was assumed to be slower than pc levelling rates (although not by much)

Give it one year or even less, and it would be about time the console community has enough skilled people to play with PC players. We are talkig about people being able to do 180 degree back and forth camera turns to keep the camera angle on the back to let the system count as backcrit just for an example.
Sounds like some guild is salty.

However, being geared in PvP tend to mean minimum SC+7 for some groups, so being "geared" is actually not as easy as doing low-mid tier dungeons. Of course, if it meant getting to SC alone then maybe they need to reflect upon themselves and actually gear. The difference in defence from frostmetal to stormcry is large enough in PvP to withstand 2-3 more non lethal hits, and that is a huge difference between life and death.
Ponilover wrote: »
these people are hilarious
i bet they run with like +200 crit on their valks as well

you mean +300
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I prefer such things that are related to economics in game not be discussed with the player council. Such things can be abused easily to have a huge advantage on the market for example when the semi-enigmatic dismantle rates were adjusted. People dumped them on the market were mostly part of the player council because they got insider info.

I am not too sure if you are just blanket blaming but the leak back then didn't come from PC but from a partnership with Essential Mana, which back then EME made a mistake of not enforcing an NDA.

I would honestly be surprised if the PC allowed this gem event to go through if they have the power to deny a potential gamebreaking event to begin with, since most of them know full well that something like this will kill the community.

Thankfully and luckily, the rates on the gem boxes was somewhat limited, I wouldn't even want to think if the eventual goal income per EMP exceeds the current EMP ratio, although the effect of this event is still visible in some servers.
I work in an environment where I can't access Tera 5 days a week, I don't go home during these days so I only have the weekends to play.

The power buff is noticable but not enough to warrant a complaint. The buff was designed to allow people who are diligent in logging in everyday to get some benefit off it. Without it, I am sure most of the weekend hardcore players wouldn't even log in if there isn't anything interesting. Treat it as something similar to loyalty buffs in many other games.

What needs to change however is to make the game worth logging in to begin with, because both BHS and EME has not found a way to get players to join without making a broken event that kills existing daily players' attention to begin with.
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I notice that XP is gone for support, is Windows Vista support gone as well?

How long have you been living in a well ._.

Assuming you are talking about Microsoft support, Vista support has stopped since 2017 and since 2012 you have only been getting critical exploit fixes.
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I love how some act like gold selling will kill the game while complaining that it will take away the incentive of free players to play. That whole bull about having to buy EMP from players so that they'll continue to play and add things to the market is just ridiculous. Right now, on my server, pretty much all cosmetics are controlled by about 4 people. You can do page-long arguments, but it doesn't change the facts. Those 4 people are able to control the broker, because they are the ones buying the EMP. The other cosmetics on the broker are from events and new players trying to sell items they bought with EMP. That's it. There isn't this imaginary network of free players buying up EMP and turning it into broker items. Free players on my server are usually just buying up the items listed by those 4 people. The only time those free players bother trying to buy EMP is when there are brand new items in the store, and they don't want to pay broker prices or when something is on sale and they can get it dirt cheap through buying up EMP. Either way, the EMP sellers are never on the good side of the deal. They often sell the EMP only to find out they could have earned way more gold by simply listing the items they purchased on the broker.

In a game like this, new players should never be expected to depend on other players for gold. It's a huge deterrent for new players. If gold were able to be purchased through the store, they wouldn't have to even bother with getting taken advantage of by those EMP buyers. There would be more people buying up broker items, and those 4 that control the brokerage wouldn't be able to get a steady supply of low priced store items through EMP selling like they do now. New players that want to spend money on the game should be encouraged to do so. Insead, they find that it's either buy store items with EMP or pay ridiculous amounts of EMP for gold to by an outfit no longer in the store. Of course, they realize what a racket the EMP buyers now have and leave the game. That isn't helping anyone.

Actually, I don't think you'd see a huge amount of inflation. Rather more players would be able to sell their items and be encouraged to buy sale items to sell on the broker at a later time. Now, we can't, because those 4 people controlling the brokerage constantly undercut new sellers. Since there isn't a lot of people spending gold for cosmetics now, new sellers end up unable to sell their items. Therefore, they keep dropping the price until one of the 4 people end up buying it to raise the price back up. It's a terrible system and only benefits free players bringing in loads of gold or market controllers able to swindle new players out of EMP.

BTW, shouldn't whales be independent? I mean that is pretty ridiculous to not only force them to financially support the game but to force them to support free players as well. It's not like the elitist free players are really helping the game. The ones I see really raking in the gold can't even be bothered to answer a couple questions on global. They don't help with dungeons, because they run their dungeons with the same group. They complain in global constantly about p2w and make fun of those actually spending money on the game. If anything, the elitist free players have really become toxic and have this attitude like they better be coddled to or else. The rest of the free players don't care so much and already most often leave the game after they have reached 65, because they realize leveling up their gear is way too much of a grind. They aren't worried much about the latest cosmetics from buying EMP, but they are having a tough time selling anything on the broker.

Oh and arguing that people not buying gems will slow down the market is so utterly ridiculous when the market will give face value of the gems. So people don't get a little bit extra. They'll sell to the NPC and move on. There is no merchant buying up gold talents, so that is a really bad comparison.

BTW, my previous post had nothing to do with loot boxes. Most of us don't even dare buy loot boxes, because if we end up getting something good, the free players will scream "P2W!" at us or tell everyone we are hacking to get good stuff. It's just not worth it.

You are making people who don't spend a cent in the game get even far behind with this system.

More gold floating around = higher cost of other items = harder to obtain via trade.

Gold has a daily hardcap in inflation based on character. And if you are wondering, gold at this current day of age wasn't even difficult to obtain thanks to Guardian Missions doubling or even tripling the amount of gold obtainable per character per day. A gold buying event like this will artificially increase the amount of gold massively due to whales tending to buy out with hundreds of dollars. It is not a gold moving from one end to another, it is gold directly made from absolutely nothing other than your cash from irl, and you have no limit to how much gold you can obtain via irl money.

Contrary to belief, in an open market whales CANNOT be self sufficient, because that means the top end doesn't need to do trade with the bottom end, which makes the monopoly even easier than before since they can just intrude the bottom end and buy out everything for free. Kamizuma specifically likes this kind of events for his own benefit because it means even more gold in his coffers.

Small buyers have an EMP ratio as a guideline for trade. They have all power to refuse the offers from the top end and get better offers from others. Same as the richest people in the server.

I have characters in AV, and the reason why cosmetics and other big ticket items aren't bought in AV is because not many players have the monetary power to do that since most are still gearing. (compared to players in MT or TR) Hence you are catering to the wrong side of the market, and making flipping prices too easy.

And if you are actually triggered by people saying "P2W" or "hacker" in global I am already questioning your logic, because no one is really serious when they call out them in global, not even in AV which I assume is the server that only 4 people are holding power in the economy.
DPS Priest/Mystic anyone?
Slayer is not top class, but it can compete with most of the tier 2 classes post buffs. When you are starting out however learning how to rotate is still more important (Warrior requires you to be able to stack to 10 and Scythe under pressure, Slayer requires you to know varied rotations based on your In Cold Blood random modifer and skill resets just to name a few), and also learning about boss general patterns (they are almost always based of a common BAM type) so there are lots to think about. Most people who say TERA is easy tend to forget there is a ton of muscle memory involved in learning boss movesets especially when there is no prior experience to them.

My recommendation is you can run with any class you feel like that suits your playstyle. Healers will make your levelling journey multiple times easier with near instant queues on IMS (assuming you are running in primetime for NA).

Awakening patch will be soon and the first wave of classes which will get the awesome buff and awakened skills is Warrior, Lancer, Brawler, Slayer, Berserker, Priest and Mystic. While you don't have to have your first character to be any of these classes, it is highly recommended to learn how to play one of them closer to awakening if you haven't already done so. The second wave of classes getting awakening (which will most likely be next year or winter this year which is a long time from now) will probably be the rest of the classes.

Oh, and while healer is not as difficult as the rest of the classes anymore, there is still a difficulty curve to it so it is not 100% braindead.
The only reason why you would even consider putting gold in the cash shop is when it is a closed market (ie: you can't do actual trading with other people)

There is absolutely no other reason to justify this especially in an open market system.

1) This is directly causing uncontrolled inflation.

You are essentially letting the community inflate the market based on how much they want. You can't control the money in the market. Guardian Missions are okay because the amount of money obtained from them is heavily controlled by a hard cap at the end of the day, and the gold doesn't exactly fall from the sky since you actually need to put time and effort into it.

2) Even if gems are not used for monetary value, the market will slow down because of less need to buy said gems, forcing the market into other items like Golden Talents.

This is self-explanatory.

3) It is a very bad way to announce that you want to grab money from your players.

Like seriously. How this cash shop event even get through the balance team is beyond me. No open trade system game has survived past this.

Yes this doesn't make the game automatically P2W, for you still need to obtain materials in the game to upgrade your gear. But eliminating the market with one simple event is a good way of spiralling the game into p2w territory. You still need people to be putting effort farming their gold. You still need people to be doing your otherwise non-existent content.

Loot boxes is already bad enough. I can guarantee that more people would rather buy out costumes at a flat rate rather than gambling on boxes, you can basically earn more money than just going for the subtle minority this way. The only people benefiting from this event is the publisher, not even the buyers for this event will be actually benefitting due to the aftermath of events.
The thread derailed so much lmao.

But seriously using a DPS meter in any game (not just Tera) will be subject to different opinions by the community. Min-maxers LOVE DPS meters because they can confirm their testing. Casual players hate DPS meters because it tends to attack them because abusers tend to call them out for low dps.

Every guide in Essential Mana is backed up by hundreds and thousands of runs logged by DPS meters to both verify that it is indeed the best way to play. It does NOT remove the need, it is in fact the complete opposite, where said meter is optimally the best way to tell if there are ways to actually do better than the status quo or if you are underperforming.

I wouldn’t trust MistyTera’s statements about Meters being cheats because it actually does no modifications and does not alter the way you can play the game. Some dps are loaded with additional indicators for enrage and debuffs, but these are things you could have timed yourself anyway. And also the one post where said forumer said that Crit Factor is a recommended roll on tanks even when Essential Mana which they tried to point out said way too many times it is a garbage roll, but that is besides the point.

The game is not at a point where you will be automatically shunned if you do low damage yet. There are still a handful of people who do not discriminate based on third party sites. Regardless, I do sincerely hope that more people actually spend extra time grooming new or learning players, even if it is just a little, because you need these people to keep the game going as well (of course on top of BHS/EME stopping their horrible decisions)
NikuroTega wrote: »
No Racoon suits? Racist! :trollface:

its the year of the dog based on the lunar calender.

Next year piggy suits pls :D
If you want me to be honest...

The amount of rewards EME gave out this event (original rewards) is barely a 10th of what mongos (which was the real cancer) did. Them changing the old mongos was necessary for the game to not completely die out (although they should seriously rollback during that mongo fiasco).

Look at how the event is coded in and you will realise that this system is bound to fail.

1) Quest logging is typically sent to the server in a single thread.

2) You send one tick for every quest outcome that is cleared.

3) Hundreds of people clear ticks every second due to raid counting ticks.

4) As we all know even with the server being extremely horrible over the months, Zayo and Savvis, Tera's two main routing providers, are prone to data limitations (this is a known issue on other games running with these providers), causing the server to feel even more laggy than it already is.

If this event can be done in maximum a party or even just solo, the number of ticks sent per BAM drops drastically. This will then make it easier for the server to handle the load (1 bam => 30 ticks is horrible especially when these ticks can be spammed all over the game).

The two ways to solve this is 1) to tell BHS to git gud and actually do proper multithread handling on quest counters (no korean game does this atm but really this is important) or 2) Reduce the amount of calculations needed to achieve the desired goal, and if it meant making the situation more restricted, so be it, at least you get a working event and people will be glad to do your event.

The real value of elite comes in if you are a power user: that is, mass brokering, mass dungeon spamming, getting your blue nocts slightly faster due to easier access to vanguard credits and mass crafting. Free 280 mount is QoL (I never buy mounts on my alts and usually don't give them dragons either)

If you don't fall into any of these categories, elite isn't worth it at all. Especially for a player who has difficulty even clearing 16 vanguard requests on multiple characters without doing IoD.

I personally think Elite can use a few more QoL perks so that more non-power users can somewhat utilise it.
Mystics is still meta lol. 5% cdr buff is not enough to compensate for the attack speed, crit factor and additional endurance debuff via contagion, and priest still needs more effort to keep their endurance debuff up.

Priest never got a vow. The nerf to vow is important as the old vow makes it too safe for the party to make mistakes.

Awakening Priest will probably be useful for heal carry situations (something Awakening Mystic can also do anyway), and Mystic party damage numbers will still be higher.

However much, with Priest being buffed and awakening coming round I hope RKE will finally have non-slaying runs, because honestly that is the one of the bigger factors why priest is still inferior by a huge margin.
you don't have to reinstall tera from the standalone.

Just enter your steam library files and find the executable from there.
inb4 AV/TR merge inc
OP is jumping on the wrong gun.

If anything, locking on should be as static as possible and requires as little overhead. The reason why locking on takes so long with higher ping is that it sends a lockon packet to the server which then sends the notification to the person being locked on. Removing the overhead entirely for heals by removing the server overhead when locking on would change highping/lowfps situations entirely.

The patch that nerf mystic's lockon range is necessary. In the past you didn't actually need to think to cleanse someone since you can lock onto anyone from almost anywhere, whereas a priest still needs to position themselves in the circle. If the game kept the state as status quo, mystics would be strictly better than priest in every 5 man situation.
Kreuziger wrote: »
or Cdr roll plus x2 energetic as brawler for more infu.. just saying :p

you can run double cdr on brawler too, although brawler usually goes Double enraged, aggro damage, cdr, crit power if boss enrage time exceeds 50% normally.

In long runs where bosses enrage less often than usual or not at all, cdr is always better than enrage for all classes
CornishRex wrote: »
aeee98 wrote: »
I don't think EME is enough to put the pressure to BHS. I personally think every single server needs to push the pressure up.

Most games out there have server unique events and stuff along the likes, but never something that completely affects how you play the class. You shouldn't have a huge dps increase or your class rotation changed by a noticable margin just by being in another server lol.

Combat Accelerator from eu wants to say something. :cry:

I don't think EU's broken consumable should even be allowed (which is why I don't advocate it) to get into any server for that matter. How EU managed to get it into their game and think it is okay is beyond me. But the damage is done soooo...

This however is nothing compared to a huge in game mechanic that is already in the game files but never activated due to political reasons.
Note that you don't do more DPS than other DPS as a healer, but your contribution rate is scaled up massively. This is why good healers who can actually do decent dps rotations on their healers tend to give the most points.
Wow you guys brought out a post which I could remember as the time people cried for a gold sink.

And now people are complaining about the one gold sink that the game needed lmao.

Anyways the biggest thing is there is not enough things to make your time in tera worth it, which is why people "feel" it takes too much time. The title is extremely subjective because there are tons of games out there that require double or even triple your time, but they compensate by making the experience worth every moment. Tera doesn't really give you that, unless you are the oldies that still pvp (because this game is really honestly extra boring in current patch without pvp)
Fanciful wrote: »
NA could very well allow a gender change once we get male brawlers. I wouldn't count on them being willing to change your costumes for you if they do allow it tho.

This, you can't have both, especially since no server does both.

That is the reason I'd rather the gender change to not be allowed from the get go, because people will complain about stuff pertaining to the switch of costumes.
I don't think EME is enough to put the pressure to BHS. I personally think every single server needs to push the pressure up.

Most games out there have server unique events and stuff along the likes, but never something that completely affects how you play the class. You shouldn't have a huge dps increase or your class rotation changed by a noticable margin just by being in another server lol.
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
I wish we got points from healing :/ Also we don't get any extra points or bonus from being in a group..takes me forever to cap each day to the point where I don't even bother anymore.

Are you by any chance a healer? Because if you are a healer then you need to make some investments as in getting the second option for the weapon which costs 20k gold to be able to switch to dps whenever and also go and buy from the vanguard merchant some dps jewelries/etc plus get some back crit niveots ( inspect healers that you see at the top and you should get an idea about it ).

Healers right now and even with +0 frostmetal are doing really good when it comes about getting guardian points but you need to back crit and dps ( if you want to be nice with your tanks then also try to dispel stuns at bams whenever you can ).

Oh yes I am a Mystic :) Where do I get this weapon? Right now my main weapon is Stormcry..and it does decent damage. Sorry..I am a newbie lol.

I'll go see about getting the back crystals too! Thanks :D

You can choose to pay 20k to get the second roll especially since you are in stormcry. On the second set of rolls you need to use semi enigmatics to reroll them to dps ones, but the investment is worth it (you can use your mystic in anything else that requires you to dps such as IoD).

EDIT: I have tried on a Guardian +0 Mystic with full dps rolls. I did all my 40 boxes in slightly above an hour, so I don't think it is impossible.
You are overestimating the amount of people grinding low-tier IoD for talents.

There has never been a bottleneck for GTs even on launch regardless.
I find that you shouldn't be needing to grind solo content for more than a day just for your character to be at a decent level if you know what you are doing. On a character with many rare glyphs, you may need 3-4 days only doing midtier IoD to RNG every single glyph, and that is with its original 2x rate. In the same timeframe you can get a character to full twistshard assuming you only get gold from vanguard.

Right now, gold rate has increased due to guardian missions. As such, gearing becomes easier. If you reset your starter dungeons (KC/SF/RG) via Alpha scroll (affordable in vanguard initiative merchant) and sell your boxes from guardian missions, you actually can get your full twistshard in 3-4 days.

Glyphs now take twice as long because you actually still need to invest in IoD, sacrificing badges which could normally be used for gold gain. And with halved tokens, glyphs (and basic gear etchings) take twice as long to obtain. The rest of the rewards can be kept at regular amounts if people are concerned about economy balancing, but tokens as a whole can be doubled. Even for players who are making alts, it would also be better for them as it is easier to get your glyphs (which are now often considered as basic necessities rather than luxury items).
kknaex wrote: »
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Soloed a couple of bams from Guardian missions and it looks like it is capped to 3 jewel boxes at most what you can get from them, killem them both and got 6 jewels boxes, 3 per bam.

So as I said, the faster you kill the bam and join another guardian mission the most jewel boxes in the less time you will get. So spending 5 minutes to kill one bam will only mean you are undergeared or you really suck with your character.

I got 7 boxes on my reaper when I ranked NO 1 in a blue quest. And no matter how fast u kill a blue one u need to wait for the timer to go to 0. On the other hand, way less ppl are doing green ones(at least in TR). Blue ones are always finished very soon.

you don't need to wait, if you have enough time you tp to a green to clean up or start one while waiting for it to start.
like wtf. HT isnt even a filler because its trash now. and they get ICB? and they get awakening? its not fair. why cant we focus on obviously better classes like not slayer? slayer is broken.
lol jk, new slayer is great and its only gonna be better. good job bluehole. now if you could only give all of their classes their talents as passives...

almost got baited there.
Lancers nowadays run double Cooldown reduction rolls to maximise Arush and GShout uptime (and also to make the rotation a whole lot more fluid)

Double Enraged damage is better than double cdr only if the fight ends before the second arush can be up, which only happens if your entire party is massively overgeared.

Brawlers run double enraged unless boss doesnt enrage, which then double cdr is better.

Anyways for op, 3 crit 2 power is more than sufficient. Some lancers run 3 power 2 crit and have good success.
Take your time and do more of the dungeons you are already doing.

At the same time you can practice (and farm gold at the same time) doing Island of Dawn bams.

The new patch uses a huge chunk of money, so it is normal to run out of gold and stuff.
But honestly, dont be lazy and just clear the vanguard before entering. You have nearly 30 seconds to press H and press claim reward even after the bg is popped.

I locked myself out of one cs win before but I dont complain about a stupid mechanic like this.
I highly doubt that EME has a problem activating talents on their own, it is just that BHS didn't give the greenlight and left it disabled.
the irony is I see the complete opposite, maybe mostly because I play tanks and dps with tanks that I know. I have hardly played solo content since a year ago.
Dialoonia wrote: »
Didn't BHS said this whole gear revamp is because they don't disparrity between player so they make this whole gear xp thing?

Well there is still disparrity. It's a huge difference if someone get it with 1 try ( 25k cost) and someone who need 10 tries ( 250k cost)

In the end this new gear revamp is more expensive than the old. +1 - 12 wasn't that problem. Ofc +13 - +15 was grindy but it was only the last 3 stages.

Now you basicly need +27 (starting from guardian +0 to +9 sc). It cost around 1,5 Million Gold to enchant from Guardian to SC +7 and this is only weapon. Gloves cost 50% of weapon enchant cost and chest around 75%. So you pay around 4 million gold for full SC + 7.

+8 and +9 is extreme expensive.

Now after that you need top accessories. GL with this

Oh also there a T4 Etching withc coist millions but this is another topic.

So know count everythin g and look at thge gold income. Few rubies in Petrax. Sometimes a Emerald in 439 Dungeons.

Ofc they increased VG gold but idk you get 3x gold now then before but the gold cost to enchant are 10 times if not 20 times more expensive (back then we don't need accessories eching)

Ofc once you are finished you can earn good amunt of gold but there are people who don't have stack millions of gold. Every player without veteran account and elite will never reach SC +9 before content ends. And KTERA already got new enchantment Level

You need 244 Golden Plates + 5 Diamonds +6k gold (and untradeable materials but this is not important) to enchant +9 SC to +0 Heroic Vow Gear
And you have 5% Base Chance +15% via Item XP (you need 56k!) Spoiler Alert: You will lose your Etching, Dual Option and Dyads > need to spend more money

But yea this gear revamp looked nice first but now we see the reality

The biggest problem was unlike NATERA KTERA had it alot worse than we do prior to Arsenal.

If EME CMs didn't do stuff like mongos, mwa boxes (yes in case you are wondering those were not in KTERA) etc, I highly doubt many people will get their +15 Deathwrack weapon to begin with, let alone the whole set.

The biggest difference is that unlike the past it is significantly easier to get to an acceptable gear level. It is just NA whining about SC only RG runs and all the hoo ha when let's be honest it is really just unnecessary.

It took SIX months for a new tier to be released in KTERA, exactly the same as it was in the past, and because it is upgrade only you have the whole SIX months or so to get that one tier. This is theoretically less exhausting than getting all the mats for a whole new shiny weapon and +15ing it.

And also, you made a mistake in your argument, the content doesn't end anymore, dungeons are now added in instead of changed out.

The Arsenal patch didn't remove disparity (because it is impossible to remove disparity between ungeared and geared), but make a huge line of difference between people who are bothered to grind and people who aren't. The big difference now is that unlike in the past, you have no more excuse to using bad rolls on your gear anymore, and anyone who actually bothered to learn the game would actually do decent enough damage in the gear they are in. I agree that RNG is not the way to enchant stuff, and would personally rather the number of mats needed to be about 5-6x the amount in exchange for it being guaranteed. But as of now, I don't think of the need to +9 Stormcry my entire set but figure out whether an upgrade is necessary based on my time commitments. This concept seems alien in NA communities but I think it's best to think of it that way while playing a korean-based MMO
Reason why 0.3 Crit Power is used:

1) Gunners and Zerks do not longer need to run CDR roll on gear. Gunner doesn't need it after double energetics afaik as your rotation is smooth enough without it. Zerks cooldown is too low to justify cdr.

2) Brawler front crits. As such, the crit power value is lower than that of a DPS. Due to Brawler's innate damage nature (stuff like Haymaker critting all the time), as well as not having enough returns on crit power to use Damage, it is more efficient to use Crit Power.

3) Lancers go double CDR afaik and has too low of a crit chance on most of the skills to justify Crit Power roll anyway, but testing should be done on dstance warrior for crit power because I think crit power benefits front crit warriors too.

The reason why 0.3 Crit Power is not used for normal DPS is because the backcrit crystal value is high enough for 0.3 crit power to give lesser bonuses than 6% damage even at a 100% crit chance.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Paranerd wrote: »
MarlyLuna wrote: »
I can't speak for the random spawn events... but GG with the strongbox event completely killing any way for newer players to make money by destroying the market for talents, and by extension darics and plates...


I'm not trying to gloat or show off in anyway, but if you're just going to complain about the strongbox event, you should have been doing Spacecat's last mongo event too if you were a new player. Although I think I was more fortunate that other players, I farmed the mongos for about 2 hours a day and managed to get a total of 110 Spacecat tokens, If I were to have converted ALL of those tokens into kitty whiskers (price actually went down to 9k - 10k gold each on MT) that would be 22 whiskers which converts to 198k - 220k from a 1 weekend event. It's just the way you look at events and play around them to make gold from it. Same goes for the strongbox event.

The diference between the strongbox event and the spacecat mongo event is the first one the ones who got the benefits where those who use real money and those who already had an absurd amount of keys horded.

That was not an event for everyone at all.

Mean while the spacecat mongos event was at least one who anyone avobe level 30 could join and get rewards if he put some time an effort.

I think the second event is the one we need the most not the first one.

The problem for strongbox event is not that people are hoarding them, but because of two things:

1) The past Strongbox event was way too long ago that most people forget it existed.

2) Corsair's no longer drop Strongbox Keys (for gods sake bring back the keys we need CS back alive)

The rates for Strongboxes are considerably low for what it is worth, so I don't think it flooded the market on its own. No jackpots on my end after nearly 100 keys (not complaining but still)

MarlyLuna wrote: »
I can't speak for the random spawn events... but GG with the strongbox event completely killing any way for newer players to make money by destroying the market for talents, and by extension darics and plates...

Newbies shouldn't really sell mats for gold anyway (most of them are actually hardstuck for mats/talents rather than raw gold, speaking from experience with fresh unfunded characters). Selling GT/ST as a newbie source of income is actually a noobtrap regardless of whether there are events that lower the cost of talents because of the sheer amount you need to continue your gearing.
45YM5TFEFP wrote: »
Maybe do what FFXIV did? Normalize the ilvl of endgame players to match the the lower level dungeon and add some rewards (like gold or crafting mats) so it's worth doing? Just to avoid high level players from mindlessly rushing the dungeon just for the rewards and punish them just as severely as the new players for screwing up.

Maybe add a solo instance with no rewards, no penalties (like how Vindictus does it) just so newer players can learn what to expect and get good at it?

I just started a few days ago, and just reached the endgame gear grind a few hours ago. So, I probably don't understand the whole issue or something.

The problem is gear was almost never the problem. In Tera, just not knowing how to keep to the back of the boss reduces your overall damage by at least 50%. Not doing proper rotations and doing lazy attacks also results in huge dps losses. As such, runs naturally take longer. On average a good player will do at least 4 times the amount of damage of a newbie who doesn't know what they are doing.

The thing EME can do (and it is something nothing to do with code) is to give incentive to good players to teach newbies. Something of a mentoring scheme. No iLvl can replace skill.
Bitcoin is as much a fraud as any foreign exchange investment, which is a legal method of trade.

The only difference it is significantly more risky for investment.

As of now people who mine bitcoin are reaping the benefits off it, but even then they were operating at a huge risk.

I personally recommend people to not invest in cryptocurrency unless they are particularly sure they are ready to take a risk 100 times worse than stock and forex markets.
I am quite sure 2x sapphire is the cap
You make +15 deathwrack now not for the gear stat but for the retooling to +2 Stormcry, which is a 30-40% boost in just raw stats. For some people who have tons of tokens hanging around this is actually cheaper than going through the normal route.

Read up Arsenal Patch notes before making yourself look really bad because really thats very bad misinformation.
Get Fancy (which upgrades to Simple Quickcarve Brooch)

During burns, the fact that you can charge faster means you can do more attacks in that timeframe. 30 Power is not huge in the current meta now that it barely exceeds the value of one necklace, while the attack speed cannot be obtain elsewhere.

Also if you are still wondering, it is an energetic meta now. Attack speed is op.
Ourlord wrote: »
Partyblast wrote: »
I mean you can still acquire +15 DW Gloves, you just need to have the design as the materials are able to be acquired through Metamorphic tokens. Resize kits can also be acquired through the metamorphic tokens as well. Seems another issue for both gear and previous jewelry is the lack of design availability and it honestly wouldn't hurt to have them added as well, although there are more gear designs than jewelry designs.

ofc you can craft dw but you cant make it MASTERWORK.

why would you need to make it masterwork lul
Experienced players who know PvP will know the spot in Velika outskirts. It usually comes from word of mouth so said players who don't duel at there are either not as experienced or just choose to practice away from the crowd.
CornishRex wrote: »
ElinLove wrote: »
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Low tier bam is winning this match.

2 minutes to kill 10 of them vs the time you can spent on a 3v3...

hang on 12 seconds on each including moving to next? What gear/class you do this? Full consumables on too?
Never bothered with them other than waiting between BG/dungeon queues so never put much/any effort to know

Twistshard brawler can average ten in 2.5 minutes (assuming no a-holes show up and camp on you.) I imagine a valk/archer/war can do 2 minutes easily.

Can confirm this, it never took me more than 40 mins to finish 16 iod on a twist brawler. Since then I got stormcry on her.. should try it again lol.

Should be about the same time. I spend more time walking to the bam and waiting for it to spawn than actual combat.
Find a friend who wouldn't mind playing healer.

Queue dungeons from 20-60. Healer queue makes it faster

Get Level 60 gear from Vanguard initiative

Find people to carry you Sabex to 65.

Without triple exp you will take about 2 days at max if you are at full efficiency.

And yes that means your friend needs to play healers every single time (unless you are levelling the healer).
I would say the WBAM needs to be rethought even without third-party script being an unfair advantage.

Instead of giving only one person the reward, I think they should give everyone who dealt a certain damage or participated in a certain amount of the fight (basically to combat botting) to it the achievement and the reward via parcel (similar to some events EME did). A nerf or not to the rewards is completely fine. This way, you can safely INCREASE the cooldown between bosses to 18-24 hours and people will still get their achievements and people not calling unfair hoarding and stuff.

They should also make a big world boss indicator indicating where it is (therefore increasing the HP and other defences of the bosses) if you are on the same map as the boss. This makes it very easy for people to group up and kill together.

BHS is really not putting its implementation right. You can make world bosses great for everyone in the open world, but they destroyed it by not thinking through how it is done in a correct manner.
I don't know whether you live in a bubble or not...

but most if not all games have that problem.

I have mentioned this in another thread, if botters cannot be 100% removed from any game (even Tera's anti-bot gameplay had flaws), I would be surprised if even 10% of the said "hackers" are banned at this point.

I heard that the number of people using said scripts (free or paid) have rose over the past year. The biggest reason being the acute instability of the server affecting the ability to play the game normally. Second but very notable reason is that they don't live geographically close to the server, and 90% of the game is inaccessible to them due to the game being balanced more around low ping players. (You won't be able to break RK9 shield in normal mode at 250ms ping unless your party is in full stormcry, a huge jump from the basic requirement of full frostmetal, imagine hard/extreme mode).

As a to-be comp-sci undergraduate myself, I would like to highlight that you may actually have people around you already using scripts without you knowing. That is the truth for scripts, it can be really subtle and it can completely emulate the game's normal course of action, but in reality the person could be doing 0ms rotations from EU (which is about 100-150ms), and you wouldn't even know, because it isn't something like a certain oneshot script.

If EME does an actual blanket ban I am actually interested how many players will be left in the game tbh. I am expecting less than 20%.
The reason why items don't drop when a high level is killing is one of the ways to prevent botting. You see this system in many of Nexon's games. If items drop at maximum value you won't see people farming dungeons or IoD, but rather level 56-60 dungeons which drop 3-4g a piece because you only need to macro 2 skills to kill all of them. Tera may not be completely free from gold sellers, but this move reduces the number dramatically.

I will further explain. Currently, the most efficient way to earn raw gold is from dungeons like KC. In a good enough party, the run will only take a maximum of 4 minutes (It is faster than RG assuming you have a premade). That is about 150g/minute. In the same amount of time, you could get 60g/minute botting Labyrinth of Terror, assuming the gold rate remained the same as before. And while you may think I am trolling you and say that you get a smaller amount compared to what KC is), you can do this dungeon 24/7 due to its 10 minute/run limit (5 min/run if elite). And because the dungeon is so easy, a macro can do everything for you even if you don't have optimal answers.

Then you would say "Ban the botters then!". In a vacuum, this is possible, but botting is impossible to stop, unless you make very difficult for them to bot in an efficiency acceptable for gold selling. Many games have tried, good botting algorithms are impossible to detect automatically and lots of GMs have to be on standby 24/7 to ban them manually, increasing the operating cost of the game, which will then be thrown back to the games themselves. The vanguard badge system is precisely made to counter this while promoting alts.

Second point, your point of powercreep might be a little invalid. Lancer playing like frontal DPS was not due to a powercreep but a complete aggro revamp, which make it more interesting to play in. I don't think spamming shout is interactive for a tank. What is truly powercreep is stuff like a new class outclassing the other classes entirely (such as on Brawler, Gunner and Valkyrie launch) Bosses are already turning on some mechs and in future dungeons (and some past) they have been turning alot. Secondary aggro exists for that reason. Maybe there may be a mechanic in the future that forces primary aggro on something else like ABscess? Who knows?
Actually it is not difficult.

I think it is time for pros to make low-tier gear and make video guides showing that it is possible for low-geared people to do the damage they do. The mentality of "gear is necessary" has to stop (especially when I see people with better gear than me underperforming massively).

If more people make videos like these and these people get more publicity (most Tera youtubers are well geared and most who are not aren't that good at the game to make guides), I think we can reduce the number of helpless people. Of course, low-performing members will always exist in every single game out there. But helping newbies get out of the newbie zone will automatically increase the number of skilled players and also reduce the amount of low-performing members.

The biggest problem is people don't know how long the gear is designed to last for.

As of now there are only teasers of the new tier above Stormcry (and it is not a enchant, just an upgrade), and that is going to come to us in like 4-5 months or so?

If I could play daily (I can't for the record) I would maybe already have more than one character at stormcry, but it will take a longer time to hit +9, which was the whole point of the lengthening of the patch anyway.
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