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I would say the WBAM needs to be rethought even without third-party script being an unfair advantage.

Instead of giving only one person the reward, I think they should give everyone who dealt a certain damage or participated in a certain amount of the fight (basically to combat botting) to it the achievement and the reward via parcel (similar to some events EME did). A nerf or not to the rewards is completely fine. This way, you can safely INCREASE the cooldown between bosses to 18-24 hours and people will still get their achievements and people not calling unfair hoarding and stuff.

They should also make a big world boss indicator indicating where it is (therefore increasing the HP and other defences of the bosses) if you are on the same map as the boss. This makes it very easy for people to group up and kill together.

BHS is really not putting its implementation right. You can make world bosses great for everyone in the open world, but they destroyed it by not thinking through how it is done in a correct manner.
I don't know whether you live in a bubble or not...

but most if not all games have that problem.

I have mentioned this in another thread, if botters cannot be 100% removed from any game (even Tera's anti-bot gameplay had flaws), I would be surprised if even 10% of the said "hackers" are banned at this point.

I heard that the number of people using said scripts (free or paid) have rose over the past year. The biggest reason being the acute instability of the server affecting the ability to play the game normally. Second but very notable reason is that they don't live geographically close to the server, and 90% of the game is inaccessible to them due to the game being balanced more around low ping players. (You won't be able to break RK9 shield in normal mode at 250ms ping unless your party is in full stormcry, a huge jump from the basic requirement of full frostmetal, imagine hard/extreme mode).

As a to-be comp-sci undergraduate myself, I would like to highlight that you may actually have people around you already using scripts without you knowing. That is the truth for scripts, it can be really subtle and it can completely emulate the game's normal course of action, but in reality the person could be doing 0ms rotations from EU (which is about 100-150ms), and you wouldn't even know, because it isn't something like a certain oneshot script.

If EME does an actual blanket ban I am actually interested how many players will be left in the game tbh. I am expecting less than 20%.
Actually it is not difficult.

I think it is time for pros to make low-tier gear and make video guides showing that it is possible for low-geared people to do the damage they do. The mentality of "gear is necessary" has to stop (especially when I see people with better gear than me underperforming massively).

If more people make videos like these and these people get more publicity (most Tera youtubers are well geared and most who are not aren't that good at the game to make guides), I think we can reduce the number of helpless people. Of course, low-performing members will always exist in every single game out there. But helping newbies get out of the newbie zone will automatically increase the number of skilled players and also reduce the amount of low-performing members.

The biggest problem is people don't know how long the gear is designed to last for.

As of now there are only teasers of the new tier above Stormcry (and it is not a enchant, just an upgrade), and that is going to come to us in like 4-5 months or so?

If I could play daily (I can't for the record) I would maybe already have more than one character at stormcry, but it will take a longer time to hit +9, which was the whole point of the lengthening of the patch anyway.
Skyring wins only if victory box is worth as much as the enchanting box.

People who do low tier do not do it for gear exp. They do it for the really fast golden talents
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> @ElinLove said:
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> > ElinLove said:
> > miraglyth wrote: »
> >
> > The multi meteor hurts you more than anything, especially the longer cast time. You'll see what I mean when it kills you cause you dont want to cancel it.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > ain't it just like from 1s to 2s cast time, if that even? I don't recall it being THAT slower, but if it's a situation where you should cancel it to survive but you just feel like not doing so cause it's gonna hit so hard so must not cancel, well that's not an issue with the skill itself rather the player's intentions to maximize DPS.
> You make it sound like 2 seconds is short. Unless I'm talking to you with little to no experience in parsing and hard difficult dungeon, then I wont bother esculating the many reasons why adding casting times over many of their skills is result of lower DPS.
> Do you do harder end-game content, or not? Thank you.
> Keep your useless trigger to your hard modes then. Yes it's slower to cast and it does more damage and it's your own fault for not wanting to cancel it's cast anyway. It's just that it's not nearly as slow as you make it out to be either, the initial cast is the same for both (if not faster when Overchannel is on, can't confirm/won't bother), just the hits themselves happen for like half a second up to one second more.
> Time your attacks properly and problem solved

You sound like you don't play sorc, or has any understanding of 'DPS' at all. Lets say, for example, MS has a cast time of 2 seconds and at 90-100% it crits for 3.5mil. What that means is when using MS, you know for sure that there won't be any other skills that can do more or as much amount of damage during that 2 seconds. This is where priorities come in. Under those two seconds of MS, you could have casted VP and spammed lightning strike off resets, and does more damage than MS would. Meteor shower during Mana boost is dps loss, period. The cast time is simply too long for it to outdps lightning strike resets. That doesn't mean you shouldn't MS during mana boost because if the last hit crits, it's worth it. Hence, LS>MS is a priority. This changes when the bloodlust effect of MS (non mana boost)breaks even. At that point, MS crits for ~6-9 mil, and spamming lightning strike won't compensate for MS cast time. Thus, making MS superior to LS. (Numbers used were not correct, it was meant as an example of the dynamic of Sorc's rotation)

To be exact:

You get more damage off MS at around 24-25% of Boss HP because of bloodlust effect.

Even then, MS is not a DPS loss if LS is on CD. AP has higher priority though.
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So i was playing 3s on my mystic, then mid game/fight i just get randomly dropped then getting dropout debuff for me not dropping and me not being kicked?

Potential issues might be:

1) Someone abused a bug and kicked you out.
2) You got bugged with another instance matching (usually another battleground or dungeon but mostly the latter)
The large bulk of the story (well it is not large but there are many mini solo instances in some of the questlines) was meant to be soloed. For example, the level 60-65 storyline has 5 solo instances. Do not worry as you can rejoin your friend after both of you finish the instance.

5-man Dungeons from level 20 all the way to 65 are all party ones, you can make more friends while you are on it!
1) As a tank upgrade weapon, armor, gloves, boots in that order. After frostmetal you can opt to only upgrade Weapon and Armor first. As for accessories upgrade circlet and belt last, as the endurance it gives has lesser value/gold than any armor piece.

2) After EXP cap extra experience is saved for the next enchant tier. This is extra noticable after you get to Frostmetal when having max enchant XP will NOT give you 100% enchant chance.

3) You won't get to stormcry playing only TRNM and LKNM easily. Unless you have a huge chunk of metamorphic emblems and gold stashed, you would want to do RK/SC/BP/TRH/LKH (for materials) and KC/RG/SF (for quick gold whenever you don't have time to do other things) when you get to Frostmetal due to the extra gear experience from Vanguard requests.
A good tank knows what damage he can take, and what damage he can't. A great tank would know boss patterns from the back of his head and wouldn't even need to think about what damage to take or not but by instinct.

Also by not respecting your ability to counter every 4-ish seconds you are actually jeopardizing your own dps even though you think you may be doing more. A good chunk of your damage comes from there and unless your shield counter is not up you should be aiming for it.

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May I just ask, what is the aim of your post? You already know it's opinion based, so what's the point of asking for our opinions if they don't matter to you (or anyone else for that matter) at the end of the day?

If you're asking just to find out what the majority thinks is a "good" team so that you can use it to justify your actions in-game, then I have a better suggestion. Ask your party what is acceptable to them and then work from there. This goes for everyone who's reading this. Never ever assume that your party is gonna go along with whatever you decide to do just because YOU think it's ok.

In any case, please don't be offended by my words. I just wanted to make sure that this thread doesn't go in the wrong direction and cause even more problems for everyone in future.

Basically this. A mentality of a min-maxer and a regular endgame enthusiast is different. A min-max lancer will basically aim for highest damage (since it is honestly too easy for him to maintain the rest of the stacks, and would actually facetank or cheese every mech they can). A regular endgame enthusiast may not be as hardcore as a minmaxer and their views will vary a lot. This is the same for healers.
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Looks like nobody noticed about my "invisible" hat, check the shadow on the first screenshot... To me, that was funny. xD

the shadow of the hat is visible, it is just in a weird angle.
well, you are not playing at a resolution used a few years ago. Even so its better they don't change the textures to high res, I think it will eat even more cpu than now because for some reason Tera doesn't use GPU to render most of the graphics
I am surprised they are not caught yet.

I am getting that feeling that is where the gold seller bots get their income from though
The biggest problem about low performing players, is the bulk majority of them don't even know they are low performing. And it gets annoying. I grew up from being an actual scrub so I know how it felt to be mistreated and misinformed as a newbie, and I have played the game long enough and done enough end-game content despite having multiple hiatuses to explain what I said.

Even if DPS meters are legalised, newbies will not believe their damage is very low. Most people complained that "it must be the gear" when the truth is their rotations were really bad to begin with. It is not okay to leave them at that. Regardless, newbies have different mindsets. Some want to improve, some want to be status quo, and they think they are good enough. This remains true even amongst veterans, let's be honest even some of the old players are performing worse dps-wise and mentality-wise compared to some of the newer players.

The "status quo" people are really the ones that make veterans give up on teaching newbies the entire time. It is tiring to teach people when they think they are right when they are far from the truth. Even if a person is willing, said player may not have the aptitude (poor reaction time, nerve issues, horrible lag) for it. If veterans can't even get these players to a standing where it is at least acceptable to the majority of players, how are you expecting them to breed new end-game players?

Also note that not everyone has the patience to sugarcoat things. If I tell someone to teach their unskilled guildie how to play their class, I mean it usually. Not many will be nice and go "yo you need to get better" and stuff when they do less damage than a non-dps-spec mystic, because as much as the truth hurts, the painful way is always the fastest way to realise your shortfalls. It is not about doing homework for dungeons and stuff, that is not as important as knowing your identity as a player and the damage you are expected to output. I used to sugarcoat stuff but I don't anymore, because there is no point to it.
The mystic lock ons are bugged, it will be fixed alongside guardian mission, brawler priest and slayer buffs. It’s not intentional so I expect some mystics who are too used to this unintended buff feel very weak.
It’s hard to swallow, but I feel like trashtalk is one of the ways to learn, maybe because I am used to it due to life issues.

Like you, I started the game barely doing allegedly 10% of the damage I am supposed to be doing. I had bad ping and a very crappy laptop. Toxic players are everywhere, even 3-4 years ago.

It took me a few days for me to learn how to rotate properly, making a friend who is skilled and can teach you stuff will make this journey a whole lot easier. It then took me about 2 months to figure out how to chase the back without wasting all your iframes.

Dungeons really don’t change much. The bigger problem is knowing your class well. Only by knowing the class you play well you can learn the dungeons easier. You can play the dungeon hundreds of times, but you will be only doing a bare fraction of your potential damage if you don’t even know to rotate or only hit the side/front of the boss. Sure the toxic players may make your day horrible, but they represent real feedback more often than not. Not all of them are perfect players, some might even be worse than you. But the chances are if they tell you to read a guide on your class, you are really playing your class badly.
Contrary to belief good Awakened Slayers will still outdps Valkyries. I dont believe any awakening classes will lose to non awakening classes at the moment.
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Elite is already losing value off so many things being removed and people are still complaining about elite advantages? I say that since I buy elite with gold whenever I have holidays and I can play freely.

If you are brokering expensive items without regard without elite status you are doing it wrong. If you can trade, use the trade option. Unlike previous patches, you don't get 2x gold boost on vanguard requests. You can complete all 16 vanguards doing only dungeons, or IoD if you don't have the time. Ghilleglade and Pit of Petrax doesn't have double runs anymore, and they can't be reset meaning non-elites and elites have nearly the same farming ground. Double runs can be negated with alts since unless you are able to do all dungeons on more than 4 characters daily (which then you should not be complaining since you will get elite pretty easily), you won't be able to use up all your runs.
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So helpful, thanks. Liked and bookmarked.

that necro
1) BHS didn't have time to make resources for both genders, so they chose the one that sold the most in KTERA (note even before reaper Female characters were way more common than males there).

2) No matter how you look at it, more people will make a female character than a male character. They look more asthetically pleasing to the common majority.

3) With a game with enough issues at hand (there are lots of bugs left unfixed as I write now), I'd rather they not focus entirely on new characters but rather more actual content.

4) Male brawler is coming out soon (it is not a lie). If enough players play it I think BHS can consider making the characters available to males.
actually doing midtier/hightier dungeons without nocts on

Please don't tell me that you need to pop an uncommon noct every single rk because it doesn't work that way.
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Well, i don't know if this is the proper category to post this but here i go.

I have a big lag (my toon stay still for few secs) when i use any item from shortcut bar (brooch, pots...). And gets worse if i use any kind of noctenium (even the blue ones).

This wasn't happening before during the Velik's temple patch, i've uninstalled and reinstalled a month ago and got this problem... I would like to be able to use my nocteniums since i have a truckload of em and can't sell them.

What can i do?

it is a known problem with the noct UI for a long time. Some people have used illegal 3rd party applications to eliminate this issue. It is mostly nocts rather than brooch though.
actually having CS and FWC queues pop outside of power hours.
You will find it close to p2w starting from Stormcry+0, but it is honestly just a very very long grind. The true “p2w” starts from stormcry+7 and when upgrading accessories for that minmax, but you can pretty much do everything in the game with enough skill if you reach that point.

And contrary to what people think, getting to stormcry+7 is not even close to p2w, although it takes some serious dedication.
You can't anymore.

You can opt to keep your normal cleansing brooch and slowly level a quatrefoil brooch from quickcarve
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
aeee98 wrote: »

You will actually do more damage if people are racing for damage.

One thing is damage done and other is damage per second.

p.s. imagine if the valkyrie used ragnarok plus all the other goodies on this boss while buffed by mystic/lancer
p.p.s i am not a valkyrie player but i am confident that i can replicate those numbers more or less with the current setup

It is already implied you ragnarok at start

Regardless I might have worded myself wrongly. The shorter the fight, the higher the damage/second value. The highest dps point is within the first ragnarok duration which is 25seconds. If you have 3* valkyries with the same skill level and gear, you can get about 30-40% extra damage (meaning 11mil is actually just the starting point!) or even more if properly timed titansbane.

Editted that typo, you can't have 6 people in KC
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
That screenshot has some interesting details:

1) The party has a mystic so the Valkyrie had +crit aura and most likely debuff for armor
2) The party has a lancer and it is most likely that the lancer debuffed the boss with -armor while also using the +Attack Speed buff from his class.. plus enraging the boss from the very start..
3) The other two DPS party members seem to be pretty low since they are near the lancer meaning that it was not even a race in between DPS classes to burst down the boss so the Valkyrie had enough room to prepare in advance and pop everything to burst without worries ( with the double drop you will see plenty of alts with guardian/twistshard running around ).
4) The fight lasted only 0:28 seconds meaning that the Valkyrie might as well ( like some of us do ) saved the cooldowns for a particular boss to bring it down super fast ( in this case, i would have saved my cooldowns for the 2nd boss at KC because he is the one out of all that does not have weird mechanics running around ignoring the players ).
5) Slaying runs are quite popular among some players and to be honest the difference is quite visible when doing RG or KC for example .. at least i have seen RG bosses going down in 0:30sec and could not understand what happened...
6) The valkyrie had +9 Stormcry as far as i heard and if this is the case then it is also very likely that it had 1.5 or 2.0 dragons/phoenix if not both to proc the passives one after another and those buffs yet again improve the damage by so much along with slaying.. ( i have +3stormcry as brawler with only 2.0 dragon still trying to get the 1.5 one and RG bosses die like flies .. and i am not even using slaying because ground pounding > random white flowers > qq ).

So far.. I do not see anything special about this screenshot? I mean, the Valkyrie which is the top dps class right now had +9SC plus most likely the pve dragon passives for crit power and two classes that buffed ever so further the dps while at the same time it was done in a lowbie dungeon where the bosses have low endurance/hp and the other two dps classes most likely had guardian/twist so it was not even a race ( the second boss is also unlikely to move around doing mechanics so you can easily back crit for 0:28sec ).

You will actually do more damage if people are racing for damage.

Pit of Petrax does percentage health damage mostly. I personally don't even want the PoP badge (doing a KC/RG still gives more value), and thus have been doing it after I clear my 16 dailies.
the biggest problem is that I might have seen legal runs that might have done way more than that.

Although DPS meter might be the reason why OP got banned, not other means.
100% is not 100% in almost all, if not all, korean games. They are 99.999% because of a system "feature".

It is only really visible when you are actually AT 100%, but it exists. I just hope BHS can actually change the method to instant success on 100% because thats not how you want the game to work.
1) Let's be honest, most newbies don't know how to play even when levelling to 60 normally. Half of the newbies I talk to levelled with mostly Kumas Royale, which again doesn't teach anything at all. I had to teach them the basics, let them die tons of times over and over for them to learn.

2) Not all newbies like levelling. I personally would want to skip the levelling process to get close to my friends who is usually in endgame, that is in all games.

3) Comparing point 2), it would make more sense for me to get the level 60 scroll instead of spending days on content that doesn't even matter.

4) The only reason why level 60 scrolls are rarely bought is because of its high price. The huge discount incentivises the newbie to buy stuff.

5) No veteran would buy this package unless said level 60 scroll is tradable or givable to friends, or if they want to make an alt but is just too lazy to do the levelling process.
You have to say where you live. No one can explain why you can't use steam unless you actually find it.

There are some regions recently blocked by Steam due to licensing issues such as the upcoming Thailand server for Tera.
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Yeah, PS4 and Xbox can't play with each other due to politics, and the version will be too far behind at launch for either to play with PC (plus it's probably politics to not pick one or the other to play with PC). So, unfortunately, no cross-play for now.

That sucks! there is cross play in dcuo PS/pc but not xbox like you correctly stated. Well, i don't know the technical aspects of why they can't but the money is waiting for them if they do.

I would think there are a few reasons why cross-play is not implemented on launch.

1) Tera is a skill-based game. The last thing you want is for people to put LFGs stating something like "RKH/TRN only PC players" because 99% of the newer players are still learning their skill priorities, glyphs crystals and how to actually iframe. It is better for console to have a seperate server to basically play catch up till it is a stable point where they can merge the servers.

2) Sony and Microsoft are honestly idiots for hating each other. Cooperation in this case will profit both tech giants rather than competition.

3) Development is usually on older builds of the game. They are more likely to be using the build on Arsenal launch (to equalise the playing ground for everyone) so no one needs to do the cancerous Masterwork/Awakening/Rerolling stuff. And as pointed out in point one, always need that catch up mechanic to make MMO ports doable.
Fastest way to level in a premade 5 is dungeons all the way to 60, get vanguard set from storyline then rush sabex/mc to 65. If you don't have elite, get one kuma's win first.

Fastest way to level solo is BAM quests. Avoid turning in quests if you are hitting 65 in a day because you can still get some gold rewards when you hit that level. The miniscule amount of experience that is given is not worth the vanguard badge, unless you are playing for a limited time. (By avoiding I mean not claiming the rewards till you are levelled enough then claiming before going to the next set of bams). Same thing, if you don't have elite, get one kuma's win first for the xp boost item.

I have done both ways to 65 in under 48 hours, taking breaks half the time, and actually having proper sleep.

Flippenout wrote: »
I have played tons of MMOs. And I beta tested this game along with several others. It will do great on console and here's why. Consoles are the future of gaming while PC may have their advantages most people prefer controllers over the keyboard and mouse. On top of that most people refuse to spend so much for a pc or don't know how to build their own. Console has only a few MMOs out today. There's neverwinter, elder scrolls online, and final fantasy 14 just to name a few. I've played them all and being an original wow gamer I'd say the best of them was ffxiv. With ffxiv it was a paid subscription and there were thousands playing it but as time went on people just didn't want to spend the money. Elder scrolls you have to buy new content and it still has a huge number of players. Tera on the other hand will be ftp. It will draw a huge number of players to it alot like DC universe did. I believe people will flock to this game over the others because it will be less cost to them. This is just my opinion though.

Actually, Microsoft representatives have said the future of Xbox is on the PC, especially considering they are reaching the last generation. As of now technology is advanced enough for most people to own a PC. Sure PC games are moving onto consoles, but not for a reason that consoles are now master race, but that they intend to bridge and bring the entire community together. I can see that in the future it is more about the game instead of about the platform.

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So on average doing RGx4 would give you 17~20 silver talents which was decent for the amounts needed to craft and upgrade jewelry...

Now after Thursday, December 21 maintenance things changed...

RGx4 gave me 7 silver talents total, but also started giving golden talents?? what?.. loot tables changed?

Why did u nerfed silver talents? Was this intended? Please fix it to the way it was before!

Bring back SILVER TALENTS please :cold_sweat:


Its just reverted loot tables to its original values, cuz apparantly they didn't even know the revert also reverted the loot drop.

Personally think either is fine, although it is still best to know the drop rate so we can actually figure out what dungeons to run.
Anyways to OP. It is meant to be impossible to fully gear (SC+9) unless you don't have a life or pay to win.

If you want to get a game to fully gear that isn't pay to win, go for games that are either sub based or buy-to-play
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TWMagimay wrote: »
Not sure how easy it'd be to gear yourself solo if you can't even farm enough gold for an elite voucher.

elite is a complete non-factor my dude, i ain't wasting gold on that, maybe back when it was on sale and the prices plummeted, but at normal prices, nah. i'll dump that money on emeralds or whatever.

what do i need elite for? more dungeon runs? i'll just reset, more than enough to max out the 16 VG quests a day. for putting stuff on the broker for free? definitely the most useful part of elite, can save you plenty of gold, but if you're that dedicated just use trade to sell expensive stuff nbd

gearing yourself solo is hella easy... it's just a grind. elite/guild theoretically could make it easier/faster but it's not impossible without those things.

That is where you are wrong.

Elite is theoretically non-factor if you are doing every single dungeon, but why do every single dungeon when there are more efficient routes? (I did complain about this in other threads)

Most people do IoD, when the current state of the game it is twice as fast to do 8x KC 8x RG on alts you don't play much on. You are earning more silver talents and golden talents from the dungeons, and get more gold from the vanguard badge. Not to mention when you have elite you essentially can get stuff on alts easily, making your grind twice as fast.

Without Elite, you can't 8x KC 8x RG without needing to wait on alts, meaning you are doing other content. If you are on your main, you can probably do endgame and stuff, that is fine. On alts, you lose out on gpm when you do IoD.

To make things even better, you can earn back what you spent on 30 days elite in three days or even less if you are efficient. The only reason why you don't buy elite is if you are a weekend player and you don't have many days to play to begin with.

With Travel Journal and Village atlas, World Boss hunting is possible. While not everyone get lucky with world bosses, it speeds up your progress slightly when you get them.

Lastly, elite's value doubles or triples depending on the event that comes up.
> @Ardire said:
> seraphinush wrote: »
> there's already a ton of complaints about how Island of Dawn quests are more rewarding than the actual dungeons . .
> what???? you lose out on a significant amount of gold by doing IOD instead of dungeons and tokens are only useful if you're still in need of master glyphs/etchings. as for the boxes that give gold talents + whatever mats i rather just run TR for a stack of talents plus a nice sum of gold/chance for an emerald/design recipe.

If you are truly speed running, there was a point where doing low tier iod is more gold efficient than any other vanguard request. 14 gold talents in 3 minutes flat + 120 gold each.
You can’t. Gear conversion is only available for Ambush (VM8), Behemoth (VM8.5), Deathwrack (VM9), Oblit (VM 9.5) and Misery (Tier 11 Midtier)
Personally think double vanguard gold is really not the way to go even as a person who is trying to upgrade stormcry. Imagine 1.2k per 10 minute dungeon. Really doesn't make sense for you to be able to make one emerald by doing that. More gold is not always good even with a prominent gold sink now and contrary to what most people think, gold was never the real problem on enchants but the lack of talents and for some item xp.

I personally think it is not just about the value of the items either as because vanguard credits are permanent additions items that aren't always needed in the shop tend to go down in price. This is shown when MWA boxes dropped in value after mongos.

I would say add a few more useful things in the shop so there is actually something to buy outside of crystals and reset scrolls, but also not destroy the progression by making the rates too OP.

1) Strong Bravery/Canephora

While some people don't actually need them due to oversupply, it is a good addition for people wanting to start on endgame but don't have many of these items.

2) Silver/Gold talent boxes

At this point, 4-5 silver talents or 20ish gold talents per 200 credit box with a chance for more similar to the old MWA boxes is enough. You can have the box drop either silver or gold talents based on rng and I don't think people will mind.

3) Crafter Cures

Even though it is not a necessity as the market has enough, it helps in enhancement. I don't think 300-400 per cure is a bad cost.

TL;DR: Increase the value in the item shops.

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You never "had" to level a brooch. You cannot double brooch anymore with any brooches.

staying this way forever?

The only reason why priests got gutted because BHS refuses to admit they are balancing based on talents, where crit cap is actually lower due to talents. Koreans prefer priests precisely because they don't need the extra crit to consistently do damage.

Mystic's buff in KTERA was, needless to say, overkill. You don't simply overstat a priest and not give priests anything extra. The only real use now for priests is to meme with pulls, one button aoe cleanse for pvp, Shakan and Balder in PvP, Kaias in yet again PvP and in the future 5% cdr on estars, which still loses to Mystic's ridiculous 5% extra endurance debuff and high crit factor buff which non Ktera regions suffer from.

Thankfully priest awakening does help alleviate the situation a little by giving a larger power buff than before, and also have more skills that actually buff power, allowing players to spec more stats into crit factor and not lose too much stats.

Regardless, Mystics have always been better in faster runs in non KTera regions and this buff just throws priests into the ocean. The next update is very long away and unless you are really good at pvp priest, you are basically a sitting duck in most of the endgame content unless people are ready to carry you with lambs.
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General thinking/consensus should come down to (at least for me) Like this:

Let's say it did and everyone did what you do. I get to 65 on my first char, guardian set. Queue for a dungeon, performly poorly but everyone just "let's it slide" cause I'm obviously a newbie. I make my way to Twistshard. I'm still being objectively bad but people are still saying nothing to me. There's a chance they might but they probably won't because "newbie". Now I'm in Frostmetal and all of a sudden you decide to tell me I'm doing it wrong and I've been doing it wrong for the last x weeks yet this is the first time I'm hearing about it. You see how that plan might backfire just a wee bit?
"But Im a healer and no-one dies" - No-one died...great...but endurance shread? Auras/E-stars? Why do you look like you're AFK 95% of the time and only casting heals? The core principle in pretty much any game is ABC: Always Be casting (as long as Cooldowns allow), as a healer, you can always be doing SOMETHING which separates the "ok" healers from the "Great" healers. Only real issues with "Bad" healers i can really think of are ones that constantly let people stay low (exception of Slaying runs) and don't bother to Buff the party/debuff the boss

That's a giant leap you made there. There are two reasons for a healer to be casting skills nonstop. A) Party is taking all the damage or B) Healer is trying to look useful(and usually isn't). The great healers aren't the ones mindlessly pressing buttons to appear busy. They are the ones pressing the right buttons at the right time. If you only need to cast a skill every 5 seconds, that's what you do. Nothing more, nothing less.

I would cast skills non stop as a healer in lowtier and I am actually not healing the team. I am gonna actively try and overtake the dps who can't even rotate :^). Jokes aside, it is not 100% about casting non stop as a healer, it is really about being able to healcarry etc whenever it is needed.
Most people are new, so I think not getting insta heals unlike the PC version is pretty normal since everyone is getting used to the controls.

I personally never got to the technical test so I can't experience what you are talking about.
KD should be removed. Its enough that we have KC for more than a year. Instead we could have SS (to fix the lore at last that has no sense with this manner of removing dungeons) or BR or any other interesting (!) and not boring dungeon. At this point I only hear "que everywhere but not KD its boring af". Whoever came with idea we lack this laggy place should come out of his cave and play game at least one week. its very boring long and lame rewarding for time you spend there without any scry guys.

Back to topic. Silver talents are an issue. You can't upgrade one or two alts without pain and piles of gold to 439 because you need jewelry set to be upgraded. Enthropic emblems aren't a way. Price very high and they are rare. Evert dungeon run drops maximum 2 for me. That's way too small for 6-7 things to be upgraded with (letsadmit full) 60% of success.

This actually, and apparently silver talents are actually worse off in other servers too.

BHS really wants accessories to be endgame items.
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Unless they are inherently bad, lets say...a dps not using right crystals, not using their skills often, (god forbid only auto attacking) no potions, ect ect. Let them just play the game. Not doing what YOU think is right is no excuse. And even then, if they are listening, tell them politely, don't just go "Use growing fury brawler ffs".

Brawler not using growing fury? why does it matter if they are putting out decent damage (for whatever tier dungeon they are geared for) and holding aggro comfortably, why bother them about it? if a dps is using the best set up available to them currently, but still are doing not the best damage, don't bash them over it if they are doing their part and doing mechanics correctly. If healers are properly healing and keeping a party alive and buffed, don't shout at them cause they forget a debuff or something. They are still keeping you guys alive and that's what counts.

It doesn't take much to be a decent human being. With all the negativity in the world today, just be kind. You might just make someones day. Or even week. :)

To be honest, it is the fastest way to improve.

While people shouldn't be rude when giving advice, there are reasons for it. For example the growing fury problem, what would you know, the DPS themselves might be holding back just so they don't outaggro the brawler who has after the nerfs, especially when brawler has very low aggro modifiers already. Telling them once and for all and making them change does help the player improve.

Shouting for debuffs doesn't always mean you are mean to the healer, it is a good reminder for something a healer should already have in their priority system. Telling a person they aren't doing the damage they are supposed to be doing lets people see how much they can improve, rotations and whatnot. I would say that anyone who tells me my dps could see improvement, whether nicely or rudely is a blessing rather than an insult.

Your attitude in dungeons is a representation of how you treat others in the dungeon. 4 Pounding crystals on weapon for example basically tells people you are lazy and not willing to reposition to dps, and have absolute no care about what the Crit Power stat is. No one decent will respect you for that. Picking up junk up clogs up people's inventories and for people who speedrun for gold, it meant that they waste time at the merchant clearing them. During holidays and weekends when I have actual time to play I do upwards of 50-60 dungeons. I don't guild run all of them, some of them are IMSed/LFGed. People who don't know what they are doing despite being "skilled" are usually told off, and if said person doesn't improve, temporarily blacklisted. Does that mean I am toxic? I am helping the people who actually put effort in learning their class by not having to deal with people who don't.

In very rare scenarios a different rotation is used from the standard, usually from ping discreprencies. Even so it doesn't deviate that far as to not use growing fury at all.
I ignored other enchanting items because they are not used most of the time.

Kalivan's Challenge- 19 Golden Talents.
Ravenous Gorge- 4-5 SIlver Talents.

Thaumetal Refinery - 34 Golden Talents
Kalivan's Dreadnaught - 4-5 Silver Talents.

As of now, Silver Talents should take a slight jump in price, less silver talents in the market. Golden talents may or may not fall in price due to demand.

Therefore, most efficient places to run mats: TRNM, KC and RG. I hope they will buff the drop rate on KD because aside from the fairly common emerald drop, chance on designs and more metamorphic tokens to get materials it has literally nothing.
I average 5 silver talents a run in rg. I really don't see any thing wrong, in fact I get more reasons to run KD because they are usually not run at all since all the others are faster, and now you have an objective to grind out silver talents.

Note you actually ONLY get 1 or 2 silver talents per dungeon in the past (low tier). Multiply the amount by 3 and you get about 4-6 if you did one of each low tier dungeon (KC/SF/RG). This patch ISN'T meant to increase/decrease the amount of materials you get in dungeons, but to consolidate the mats in a centralised route, although it might be a double edged sword. (LK and SF is gonna see less play because not many needs mats at this point in time).

Following the same logic, you should be able to get 3 times the amount of golden talents (essentially 20-25) per KC run. This allows you to be more specialised in the dungeon you are running especially low tier dungeons since they are usually not done for any achievements and other things.

its based off your horsepower actually.

If your cpu is not new nor advanced, grey blobs are normal. This is especially true for top players who usually tend to have a ton of buffs on them.
Hi I am here yet again with another probably pointless group of info based entirely on personal opinion and experience.

Contrary to what some people may think, the holy trinity doesn't have all the content fair to them. The current general idea of how hard a role is now is based on the amount of significant work needed to be done in dungeons, such as the need to iframe (front/back), role only mechanics and stuffs.

General difficulty: Healers < Tanks < DPS.

Tera's current state of the game is interesting. Contrary to what some healers may think, they have the easiest job in the game right now. They have very few things they need to move in and out of. There are no mechs in current patch that force healers to keep people alive (eg: Akeron's Inferno's Duras). And most of all outside from the need to push for dps by facetank, you pretty much have a whole lot of time to randomly dps and do pretty much nothing but wait for something to happen.

Healers also thus have the lowest barrier of entry. It is interesting to note that any bad healer in this game will most likely also end up as a bad tank and dps just because you are actually working with lesser mechs. Similarly, most if not all good tanks/dps who can clear all the game content in the game should be able to heal the same content after a small amount of mechanical practice.

The only true difficulty of healers come in PvP, where mistakes will pretty much kill your entire team.

Tanks currently are not the hardest in the game, primarily because their difficulty hasn't changed in a very long while. Ever since the DPS buffs and aggro management on tanks, Tank's only difficulty comes from the constant need to fully gear. Without VSHM's Darkan mostly, you actually reposition and dodge much less than previous content.

Also, outside from slaying runs, Tanks do not actually need to be 100% perfect. They can afford to facetank some blockable hits to push for more damage, although they need to do mechs all the time.

(Fun fact: Tanks are the easiest in Lucid patch and is nearly equal to DPS difficulty in VSHM patch)

Tanks are actually the easiest in PvP as long as you know how to properly engage (giga/ground pounder) due to the innate endurance and survivability you have.

Now for the moment of truth: Why DPS is now the hardest role in the game now.

1) You can't afford to make mistakes like tanks unless you are ridiculously geared.

2) Current content forces you to lose dps.

3) Shield phases are pretty much on the DPS and not the other two roles. And if you are not so geared you actually need to save your burn phases for shield ALMOST ALL THE TIME

4) Current tanks these days actually do quite a fair bit of damage when played right, and DPS players actually have to work harder now to not be last place

5) Back hits are very common and part of the rotation.

6) DPS in general take the blame most of the time for slow runs. It is often not the healer's and tank's fault since 90% of them actually properly rotate and do stuff due to content allowing them to freely do so.

Now that I have given the explanation to the roles, I will give some notable things.

1) Mystics are ridiculously overbuffed to the point that role reversal was actually true. Mystics became the main healer (and it is going to be more so post awakening), and priests become an actual support. Honestly, I find it ridiculous. Is it actually that hard for both roles to actually have the same buff values? Even without contagion Mystics destroy priests in stat gains for most classes therefore most endgame players build around mystics and not priests.

At the current point of stage, even if Priests were to get the exact buff as Mystics, Mystics will probably be more preferred because they are more consistent and they help in burn phases more with Contagion and Thrall of Wrath.

2) Slaying IS meta in RKEM due to the ridiculous amount of time you need to do content.

3) RK is slightly easier than VS. Unlike VS's Darkan, you actually don't have a true "it is a wipe" indicator.

4) Anyone above 150ms will have twice the difficulty of ANY class with lower ping. You spend double the time iframing and dodging out of mechanics, and shield phases also take into account that everyone has low ping and roughly can do the amount of damage the shield has.

Biggest problem is not being able to toggle on/off ccb. And I really believe a feature to toggle ccb is not that hard to code efficiently without overhead.

CCBs dropped to ridiculously low prices so that isn't really a problem. Even if I run 16 characters a day I wouldn't be able to use up all of my stashed ccbs from IoD. The bigger problem is the implementation felt extremely lazy since there are so many ways to do it better and code-wise isn't actually that much of a problem

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Run some dungeons? Get 2x vanguard gold.
Run some dailies? Get 2x vanguard gold.
Sell some items? Get 2x merchant gold.

this sounds like a nice way to inflate the gold economy straight back up again. it would make elite insanely desirable again but double vanguard gold??? double merchant gold regardless of what you sell???? that's crazy. why craft and sell emeralds for 1,400g when i could just sell them to the NPC for 2k? diamonds for 20k. 1200g just for running RG. you can see the problems here....

gear XP boost on the other hand could be interesting

You can get infinite money by just crafting rubies this way too.
you get about 50-ish crit factor with mystic buff. As such you can swap 2 pieces of jewelry into power if you want to maintain the same amount of crit factor.

Typically this means exchanging both of your earrings (if you are using 3 resized jewelry) or one earring one necklace (if you are using full new jewelry) for power. Due to cost issues and not enough stat compensation it is less efficient to have double inner armor.
I find myself in the spectrum where I am forced to tank whenever I want to play my dps and vice versa.

Good thing is that I get both dailies done, bad thing is I lose my mood on both occasions.
If nothing got removed

You probably won't run out of dungeons to run in a day with one character assuming you have elite.
If you truly want to earn some quick cash and materials beyond PvE, learn to not focus on only IoD and Dungeons, because they aren't the only thing you can do.

1) Crafting is actually very lucarative this season. If you jump on the bandwagon fast enough, you can make interesting amounts of profit every day just crafting golden darics, let alone golden plates. People tend to talk about how plates are not worth crafting when it is just extremely time consuming.

2) PvP during power hours takes your mind off the usual grind. Even losing grants you a crate, while winning wins you 5-6 along with the vanguard reward. If you are good enough, even being ranked in CU grants you enough mats for your time spent in there. Power hours is there to amplify win rewards and also makes it easy to queue up on.

3) World boss hunting while not an accessible option to many due to strict time frames and RNG being in your favour, drops a pinata worth of rewards.

4) Learn how to tank if you haven't already, tanks earn ridiculous amounts of money quickly due to everyone needing tanks (means you get into more runs faster which translate to more value-added dailies done in a shorter period of time).
As for lowish gear, crit and power have no difference. To hit the crit cap you could switch one of the other and just change your accessory crystals.

When actually geared (with accessory etchings), crit is better because you can hit crit cap with less crit items, meaning you get more value off power jewelry.
IMO not until console release date to be dead honest.

There is really no lack of names to choose from yet. I recently found 3-4 one-word names that I liked in TR for example.
You technically can't focus grind things to sell anymore (because most upgrade mats are untradable now) but in exchange every single one of your vanguards gives alot more gold. The only real things that can be traded outside of event loot are gems and talents (the only tradable mat), which drop in surprising abundance this patch. You can get gems in midtier dungeons, Ghilleglade and the new solo dungeon Pit of Petrax, and tradable golden/silver talents in anywhere below high tier (which basically means that it is a material people can and should get on alts and what not) The system has completely changed which means you don't need to Masterwork your gear and +12 and reroll hundreds of times to get the roll you need because you can choose your rolls for free now. The only downside is that it takes a crazy longer time to gear up to BiS mostly because the gear cycle has now been extended to a full year instead of six months, although getting to a comparable level has never been easier.

TL;DR: Not really much trading outside of some materials, gearing up has a complete new focus. Also don't expect to be BiS gear in a very short time compared to previous VMs. Expect yourself to put alot more effort in multiple places, and maybe you still need to spend money to be BiS but not all parties require BiS anyway.

For balance-wise you are expected to still see Valkyrie at the top, but the disparity has been reduced a whole lot since the last time. Ninja is now at the complete bottom of the dps scale with Slayer, but the rest are surprisingly even and even as the two lowest classes you can get runs pretty easily.
I mean they don’t even drop in dgs I doubt we’d see one in a BG

Emeralds do drop at a high enough rate even without triple drop.
Its hard to be worse than the old system if I were to be honest.

If not for the fact that MES, BES, Spellbinds and SES fall from the sky in NA, it meant going through multiple layers of rng just to make your gear even usable at the basic level. Even at its lower price, the RNG got so bad that I ignored getting perfect stats on accessories because it could mean spending 100k gold for absolutely nothing.

On the other hand, this system does have its flaws. Post frostmetal you don't have a 100% chance of success, and you can fail 8 times in a row at above 50% chance because the law of numbers is horrible to you. Most people would love for a 100% chance, but I am sure BHS loves to make people gamble for some odd reason. Its probably cheaper to be BiS last patch compared to now, but of course you have to factor that it is easier to get to a Stormcry +0 maybe compared to grinding Ambush+15 in Deathwrack patch from scratch with absolutely no buffs to dungeon drops and everyone rolling on your mats.
Brawler's endurance debuff increase only makes them more "usable" at endgame when in comparison to warrior tank.

Warrior tank has 10% Endurance debuff (correct me if I am wrong) AND a permanent mini A-rush. And contrary to what you may think a warrior tank has that potential to outdps Brawler tanks way easier than before. Meaning Brawler is outclassed in every single way. Yes Brawler has it way easier at doing damage especially in earlier dungeons where you can get multiple free "reflect damage" as well as free infinite block, but that's about it. A future patch (confirmed from KTERA) giving slight but sufficient buffs to brawler and priest (5% CDR buff on estars, who wouldn't want that?) will make them more viable.

And let's be honest. The only real reason why warrior tanks aren't very common is because the game lags a ton whenever there is one.
It is enough to make a difference for about at least 3 upgrades value or more assuming very good rotation and backtime.

If you are concerned about your damage mileage, race changing to elin will be necessary. Otherwise, it is fine.
1) Crit Factor buff vs Priest Power buff. Soon Priest will get CDR buff, which while not going to put Priest on the same footing as Mystic, will at least help to balance said class.

2) The biggest problem is Mystic can do more with less, just like how Priest did more with less than Mystic in the past. In Ktera it is not as significant, but every other region feels that impact.
CU: Baldera when
I really started out as a fireballer, until the point I ditched that dreaded skill.

The rest is history.
I'm personally sick of pulling bans and fighting them to almost half health and some clown comes behind me and one shots them and gets credit. How is that even possible?
Sure, I can move channels but that's seriously broken.

No one gets the credit at this situation
Actually I am interested.

If what I am reading is right, I would rather call it a ban for bug abuse than calling it a ban for "breaking fair spirit".

Although I am pretty sure I would want to work with tank just in case people reset my own WBAMs. At least I get to counter the griefer.
if you crit on accessory etching tier 1, you dont get an etching you only get a dendrite, it's robbery

The jump off the cliff at the end
There is incentive for the majority of the people to play PvP if there are rewards though. Credit system was slightly easier due to the ease of changing shop contents vs box contents (which was the main hatred of why people felt the new system was bad).

Of course, this system also can turn into a "hall of infamy" for those who cheat by feeding 3s. A needed change IMO, because in the past no one knew who rank 1 was unless they said it themselves or happen to inspect them
People kinda want to know how far they are from clearing for the day. I personally memorise what I did, so numbers was never an issue, but not everyone would do that.
I was confused about why Low Tier IoD gave more Gold Talents than Mid/High Tier IoD.
CPU is the bottleneck, not the GPU.

It is about 60% done.

Things done: Recommended Rolls, Newbie Gearing Plan.

Things missing: Gear calculator, Recommended Glyphs, Full loot table for all content (with numbers).

Do share this with your newbie friends, and do tell me if there are things that need improvement.
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For the vanilla DPS classes to be buffed.

I get it, you're a small company with a small player base that has to do unethical things like make the new classes OP so everyone has to fork over hundreds of dollars if they want to be competitive in a short span of time.

But I mean.. zzz... So sick of only seeing females running around. So sick of seeing people do more damage than me in gear that is a tier below me.

I absolutely am impressed with all the changes since late 2015, but combat balance should be the focus here. Not new mounts and outfits and gender/race segregated classes that outshine all the others.

Maybe you should put a trash tier disclaimer beside the vanilla dps classes for new players?

You sure? Warriors are topping DPS charts here. Sorcerer got a huge revamp and it is now easier to play PvE-wise. Archers and Berserkers are at a very good spot (within the same dps as many newer classes). Maybe slayer could use a slight buff.

I'd agree with you that Valk is still overtuned as heck (it isn't top tier in Ktera due to talents, but you know why they didn't bring them to NA), but you can't say that the old classes are trash tier especially when they actually have been outperforming some of the newer classes already. The only caveat that makes the new female-only classes more popular is the fact that it is new, is easier to use generally and is more intuitive than the other classes.
People forget that there is no need to be BiS to do stuff anymore. Of course this affects the hardcore dps parsers by quite a bit since gear is harder to complete, but really there is now a clear and actually visible goal instead of the "hurr durr +15 only pls".

I like to compare patches to KTera economy because there is really no point to compare it to NA (who has their enchanting mats inflated by events multiple times prior to Arsenal patch). Right now I believe it will be more expensive relatively due to the lack in materials. You just need one or two events at the level of the first horrific Tera mongos for multiple people to quickly get +9 stormcry. For those who already got their +9 Stormcry in NA, good for them! They have probably invested multiple years of their time (or that much value of cash) to get to this stage. For many, the goal post isn't even Stormcry+9, although it is good to advance towards that goal.

If LFGs require SC+9, then so be it. It means that the group wants to be gear carried for fast runs to be parsed on dps sites. I will dare you and say that the true end goal for 90% of the population is at Stormcry+0, no more, maybe less. The remaining 10% are those who are truly hardcore players. The IMS requirement has been raised to its original levels, meaning that you don't get actual newbies trying to run 4 star dungeons in multiple parts of Twistshard. This does mean that actual experienced people who don't need the extra defence will suffer as they also need to burn precious gold and materials to upgrade a tier, but it is better this way (preventing newbies from wasting their time in dungeons above their skill level).

OP is a PvPer, so I can understand why he wants the gear cheaper (its a huge disadvantage just being 2-3 enchant levels down, but enchanting costs are legitimately too high for pure pvpers), but seriously I don't think devaluing the gear in a gear cycle which may actually be longer than the previous ones will help the game in the long run.
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Nice guide and definitely gives a good idea of the essentials, just got a couple nitpicky things to add with the update that lets you freely choose stats -

It'd be better to do endurance/healing on ring and hp/healing on earrings than heal/heal on rings and hp/endurance on necklace... just slightly more healing that way (256 vs 217) w same endurance but since you can just choose the stats now might as well.
Same with belt/brooch, no point doing double hp on one and double crit on the other, hp/crit and having the higher stat on each is better
2.3 and 1.5 on belt and 4/6 on brooch vs
2.3 and 6 on belt and 2.3 and 6 on brooch
Obv if you have a preference for one stat could do 2.3/6 2.3/1.5 or something, but you'd never do one 2.3/6 and the other 1.5/4 which is in essence what you'd do having one all crit and one all hp.
It's like those people who do 4crit on their necklace cuz crit class then do 6crit 3power on belt or brooch cuz that's where they're thinking about hybridization or w/e with the two stats xD 4 power on necklace and 6/4 would be better (just 1 extra power). It's a small difference, but when you can freely choose the best stats no reason not to ^^

I like your analysis.

You are right, while the difference is minimal, being able to choose makes this the best way to roll.
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Sikka runes go for like 40g each. I sold a bunch of them and they all were gone within the day. Much profit to be made from farming these, obviously.

Its because they can't be farmed they are this expensive lol.


If you really want to join this lucarative business, just put the non-existanal effort on it.
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Etching as of now, is quite busted... the materials required is absurd for how much is required in order to get a simple etching. The Dawnstorm Token store also needs to get changed a bit, 30 Tokens for 1 Titan's Fire/Earth/Storm/Peace... You only get 24 tokens per High-Tier Bam (You can only buy like 2 Titan's with 3 High Tier Bams... and you use so much of it.) Not to mention, making a Tier IV etching is pointless, when you can simply buy Tier 3 etchings. Sure enough you can make accessory etchings, but let's be honest... Harmonious Imbalance recipe is INSANE, all of those materials that are required is way too much and the amount of Imbalance you use for a simple Tier IV Accessory etching is also insane with this recipe. Those Vivid Titan's materials... the crit possibility for Pure Titan's Fire is already absurd, why must you need 12 of them???

Tbh I am not too sure about the etchings yet since I am way too busy crafting gems. But I remember titan's fire/earth/storm/peace is obtainable in multiple places. All dungeons have a decent chance at dropping them, increasing in rarity based on how difficult the dungeon is. Ace Dungeons, Pit of Petrax, Ghilleglade are common solo content where you can obtain them.

Tier IV etching is needed if you want to be BiS. The effort needed to make them is a little ridiculous too. Accessory etchings are a little on the high side too, thankfully they are guarenteed permanent. Even a full set of tier 2 etchings gives 10 power/20 crit, which is really huge and basically there are some classes who do not need keen weapon/glove etchings and can use energetics instead (sorcerer is one big example actually).
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aeee98 wrote: »
4XG4AWFJLC wrote: »
TWMagimay wrote: »
These complaints make no sense. Y'all claim you had multiple chars in good gear before the patch and now, suddenly, you can't have that. The only way that works is if before patch your "good gear" was misery/guile and now you want stormcry.

what im talking is my Priest full DW before patch, my mystic full Ambush before patch , My archer Bow and hands DW before patch.
Look like im in a pretty good shape but actually I cant keep gearing all this 3 this patch .. this is the problem to me. as It need so much gear exp 80k
which force me to play only one character.

all ilvl is over 439 , but I want all to be able to go to 446 or even better ready for RKHM
the problem is I have to choose one to get there cant be all of them and in my case ... I have two healers . and I want to play both of them in end game content like I use to be.

I think you re missing the point here

actually you are right, it is alot slower to gear this patch.

I recommend you to take it slowly. It is part of the plan behind the system. It is easier to gear (in aspect to less cancer RNG for midtier, but also more time consuming)

Less cancer RNG?? I hope you are kidding!
What kind of gear do you have? Only Twistshard provides 100% success on enchanting after gathering exp.
When you get on frost you start to have 61% on +1,and more you raise more the chances of failure are bigger.
On stormcry is obnoxious, the RNG is worse than on last patches, add to that the HUGE cost each failure brings on the table and you realise why the called it StormCRY.

We used to only have 5-ish% chance on +9-12. It feels easier on NA only because there was always floods of mats from NA. Try gearing in the past with only KR method (there isn't even MWA box in KTERA with the same 18% chance). I think the last time gearing was this slow was patches before Ambit.

When mats start to get more common from NA events (I am already expecting the upcoming Kyras to do something to the material obtain rate), you will start to see that actually this gearing patch is really way less rng dependent. You use less money overall (perspectively, it is impossible you use less money than prior to the patch due to the huge inflation of vanguard rewards), and you fail way less than you think.
4XG4AWFJLC wrote: »
TWMagimay wrote: »
These complaints make no sense. Y'all claim you had multiple chars in good gear before the patch and now, suddenly, you can't have that. The only way that works is if before patch your "good gear" was misery/guile and now you want stormcry.

what im talking is my Priest full DW before patch, my mystic full Ambush before patch , My archer Bow and hands DW before patch.
Look like im in a pretty good shape but actually I cant keep gearing all this 3 this patch .. this is the problem to me. as It need so much gear exp 80k
which force me to play only one character.

all ilvl is over 439 , but I want all to be able to go to 446 or even better ready for RKHM
the problem is I have to choose one to get there cant be all of them and in my case ... I have two healers . and I want to play both of them in end game content like I use to be.

I think you re missing the point here

actually you are right, it is alot slower to gear this patch.

I recommend you to take it slowly. It is part of the plan behind the system. It is easier to gear (in aspect to less cancer RNG for midtier, but also more time consuming)
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How would future patches of Tera look like?

Previously, every major patch will bring new dungeons and new gear that are a tier higher than the previous. Then, everyone will farm content to craft the latest gear and use their stockpile of enchanting mats to +15 the gear.

But now, with this linear gear progression, I am unsure what future major patches will offer. While I'm pretty sure that there will be new dungeons, will there be any new gear to obtain?

If so, will the new gear be a tier higher than the current top tier Stormcry? If that is the case, it would seem that enchantment rates of this new gear will be even lower than the lowest 5% enchantment rate from Stormcry +8 to +9, and the enchantment costs will be even higher, which pose a great difficulty for gearing in future.

If there is no new gear, there may not be enough motivation for players to grind new dungeons due to lack of rewards to improve their characters.

What do you think? What are the other ways to keep players playing Tera in future?

Its actually simple.

Just have every gear go one step up. (Start from twistshard), or, let stormcry be upgraded to +12 (since the new patch BiS vs old patch BiS conversion is only 2 enchant levels)

Have more varied content to begin with. One of the content that was added and coming to NA soon was Guardian Missions. The more unique content you can provide, the more people will stay and play your game. The point of the game is to have fun while gearing up, not just gearing up and beating the heck out of content.
Tanks will always be rare and far between in IMS (note IMS is cross server). CS queues are non existent because of power hours. However, I have seen some more success IMSing dungeons nowadays (although you can't expect 4 stars to pop) because more mats from dungeons are needed to upgrade. Regardless, considering you are in the forums during non-peak times, I don't think you will get the same result as compared to when you are playing in actual NA peak times.

Berserker got more QoL for dps. Tankwise the changes aren't significant for it to be viable for fast clear tanking due to no infuriate, second rate debuffs and no dps.
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This forum has lost its collective mind. I swear I've never seen a bigger group of whiners and complainers.
How old are you?
And who are you to know what a new player should or should not do?
Do you think you're better and more entitled (you want exclusives things, right?) cuz you played this game one patch earlier than a newcomer?
Btw, i wonder, how old are the majority of active end-game ppl that still play this game at this point...
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Tbh there shouldn't be any reason for any old gear to be placed on the new system.

4% Attack speed does NOT help you keep aggro as significantly as 1) Putting an aggro crystal vs a pounding, 2) Actually doing proper rotations, 3) Upgrading your brooch from a measley Parthian one to a Simple Quickcarve/Empowered and then to a superior Quickcarve/Empowered brooch and actually knowing how to use it during burn phases, 4) Using bravery when your party is actually trying hard with all consumables.

4% attack speed only helps you increase your DPS potential regardless of role (DPS/Tank). Sure you may argue that Tank needs DPS to maintain aggro nowadays, but you only release the true strength of aspd when you actually push yourself to the limit. And I can sure tell you that most of the extra attack speed stat is actually wasted on most newcomers, who still need to get used to the game with less sophisticated (and usually less ping-reliant) combos.

So, if you take a break from Tera and when you come back, if they cap your Stormcry gear at +8, it's alright?
Cuz i'm sure as hell that ~1% more dps does nothing for any class in this game!..

You made a very, very weak point there...
OP is talking about how new accessories can be worse than old accessories...
If that's true, then it's already enough reason to put back in the game, for new, old or whatever players, period.
You should show us a proof that OP is wrong, that new accessories is always better than old ones.
New jewelry should be a upgrade, not a downgrade from old jewelry.

But it's always the "skill BS talk"...
It's always this "skill/get gud BS", like when there was that huge 50%+ gap between dps classes.

Its really all right .-. heck in this patch being stormcry +0 is enough.

There is a huge difference in wanting to be BiS vs something that is necessary. If they cap my stormcry at +8 and I know myself that I can't get to +9 with the limited time I have to gear up, then there is absolutely no reason to complain!

The sole reason why BHS themselves made older jewelry impossible to get after the patch is so that you can fully utilise the new system (notice how the new jewelry had a higher ilevel even though the stat bonus are weaker?). They streamlined the system precisely so that people who start out the game don't have to worry about set bonuses and the likes. By making an accessory that is actually slightly better than t2 new set available for a potentially cheaper price than the actual gearing itself, you are not only asking new people to AVOID your new system (I can tell you tier 3 jewelry is enough for the bulk majority of the people, and a resized heavens/gods set is basically close or equal to tier 3 jewelry with extra attack speed, BHS themselves probably know that and intentionally screw the newer playerbase by making them unobtainable), but also tell them that you as a developer do not know how to promote the new system to begin with. In exchange, tier III etchings which were used to be difficult and expensive to obtain by newbies become way easier to get, essentially nullifying the bonus you get from the aspd bonus you get from jewelry. In short, this is a give-and-take situation for what the developers give to the players.

If the new jewelry were obtained the same way it was in the previous times, and have the same set bonuses etc as the past, I wouldn't even have bothered typing in this topic, because I would have agreed that newer players will still need the old jewelry to start from. But because their objective is to delete old gear (regardless of whether the gear is better or not), and in exchange new players actually get decent jewelry and gear to start from, my argument still stands. New players don't need old jewelry. The stats they could have gotten with the old jewelry have already been compensated by the massive amounts of stats given for almost free (eg: etchings from IoD, 4th roll from Frostmetal which is basically a mid-high tier gear, almost free superior brooches if you actually follow the gearing pattern properly). The stand from tera/bhs still remains that you won't be BiS within one patch.

But really, if ASpd is still complained about they really need to put the extra stats into the new jewelry because seriously, needing to backdate to be BiS is one of the worst ways to balance a patch.
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It's only rng if you expect to spend less, unless there's a cap on enchantment failure that I'm unaware of.

You can be capped on gear exp and still not have a 100% success rate. YOU CAN STILL FAIL ENCHANTING YOUR GEAR WITH MAXED EXP. ITS STILL RNG.

Pretty sure your success rate goes up if you fail, I'm not talking about gear xp.

Yes but failing to get guarenteed gear sounds like old patch. The point is people are saying 'guarenteed' when its not by any means.'

It is guaranteed, you just have to spend a lot more resources if you're an unlucky individual admittedly much like +15 but unlike that sooner or later you will succeed enchanting unless, as I stated in my original comment there's a cap on the success rate.

''sooner or later''.. and sooner or later you'll hit +15 when enchanting.

You really are thick.

This patch it is guaranteed.
Last patch it was not guaranteed.

That's it.
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I'm sorry to tell you but this is in fact how most MMO's work. BDO is actually an exception to the rule. Most other games have either separate gear, or bound gear just like Tera. So yes, while it does take much longer to gear alts, the fact is MMO's figured out a long time ago that people are more likely to spend a lot of time on a single character versus split time amongst many. I am an alt man myself, but the fact remains we are the minority and always have been.

MMORPG* would be the correct term here and still Thats.. simply not true... Thats not true at all.. In the last 3 MMORPGS ve personally played you can TAKE OFF YOUR GEAR and pop it on alts.

Cabal you could pop off your gear no liberation no nothing, just take it off and sell it use it whatever you wanted to do with it.

BDO you can pop off your gear and put them on alts while only worrying about replacing main and off hand compared to your whole armor set, even sell it.

S.U.N you can pop off your gear

Tera you CANNOT TAKE OFF YOUR GEAR nor gear alts to the endzone.

I must be unlucky with my pickings of games in the past:

Aura Kingdom, soulbound, and unless you got a whole load of time gearing more than one character to the "endzone" like you said is going to be a huge pain.

Runescape, some items are soulbound. And even then you don't need an alt.

Maplestory, many stuff are tradable but it is too boring and in my local server its pretty much a pay2actuallydocontentproperly game.

How easily a gear can be obtained or transferred is up to the developers. Tera decided to limit your gameplay via Vanguard quests for you to use alts to enjoy the game and mostly to beef up your main character. Nexon made it cancerously difficult to get actual BiS gear (go search their reddit on how long it takes to get the mats necessary for their new level 200 gear).

But yes. I personally feel that Tera should NOT make it easy to transfer gear across characters, because it goes against their own design plan (especially post Arsenal patch when the sole idea IS to upgrade your gear from Guardian up if you just start) and any factor to mitigate this design plan will result in even more ridiculous farming by the majority of the playerbase.

You don't need to pick up the quest anymore, for any craft.

You can reach level 500 on all crafts, but you can only be an artisan/master of one per character. If you want to make gems, you could use an alt for alchemy.
do a clean install for this game.

Also check your ping to the servers as random large packet losses are known to cause game crashes.
I spent about 70k entropic for a DW+15.

It might arguably be cheaper if I was luckier, but it can get way worse. I have a 5.5% chance of success +13-15 though.
Tbh there shouldn't be any reason for any old gear to be placed on the new system.

4% Attack speed does NOT help you keep aggro as significantly as 1) Putting an aggro crystal vs a pounding, 2) Actually doing proper rotations, 3) Upgrading your brooch from a measley Parthian one to a Simple Quickcarve/Empowered and then to a superior Quickcarve/Empowered brooch and actually knowing how to use it during burn phases, 4) Using bravery when your party is actually trying hard with all consumables.

4% attack speed only helps you increase your DPS potential regardless of role (DPS/Tank). Sure you may argue that Tank needs DPS to maintain aggro nowadays, but you only release the true strength of aspd when you actually push yourself to the limit. And I can sure tell you that most of the extra attack speed stat is actually wasted on most newcomers, who still need to get used to the game with less sophisticated (and usually less ping-reliant) combos.
It is actually absurd not because its expensive.

It is horrendously more expensive to get BiS jewelry/brooches etc just because NA has degraded the mats in rarity just so to make it easier to BiS items. I would dare say that in Korea, getting the BiS jewelry might actually be easier since Semis were 20-ish times more expensive.
Put in effort and you will get everything in Frostmetal.

Dont expect to get frostmetal gear off the bat though, since the bulk of the mats are very hefty priced in broker atm
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Rare jackpots:
1x Diamond
1x Golden plate
1x Silver plate
1x Superior Etching box

Normal Jackpots:
2x Emerald
1x Golden Daric
1x Silver Sigulo (whatever it's spelled)
5x Titan's Earth/Storm/Fire/Peace

Share your ideas

Jack pot you suggest are good but it would be good also to rise normal rewards for BG to a mid tier dungeon wise at least.

Now other thing would be "what BG's" should have those rewards, as skyring is a fast BG to get done I think first part of your list won't do but second list is good enought.

FWC, CS and Griddion may have a more equal rewards and jackpots.

An Even game of 3s can last as long as FWC.

FWC is the easiest to be abused since you can pretty much sync feed team 3s. Heck it is still abusable in solo 3s too. It is the main reason why Skyring rewards are pretty subpar for its difficulty.
I haven't had any issues, although I personally had left Tera in exceptions for Windows Defender, which is notorious for eating up RAM and CPU usage.
I think the rally drops are a ton of enchanting mats

it depends on how long they want to keep this gearing system. I'd safely assume BHS intended Frostmetal+9 to be accessible to everyone who actually worked for it from scratch, because I actually got one piece to frostmetal from guardian already. Unlike the past, you just needed +0 Frostmetal vs +15 ambush to get 4 rolls without sacrificing defense from the norm midtier. Frostmetal uses way less effort compared to Ambush IMO, so I guess that is a good thing.

I didn't really like the gear requirement for this patch though. Some of my misery alts couldn't get to midtier dungeons just because I didn't want to use the new jewelry yet (Heavens/Godsbane set combined still gives more stats than tier 2 jewelry if using mixed but has a lower ilevel) and I had to spend more money to upgrade stuff like innerwear just so I can enter 3 star dungeons.
There is no more boon, (also boon used to revive the whole team provided the team isn't wiped yet.
Why I feel awakened enchanting was easier...

Because EME gave a ton of mats even without events.
Its only worth it for storm tier people who

1) need a roll for pvp/pve
2) Tank and dps rolls (Brawler and Warrior are examples)
3) Want to IoD with dps priest/mystic

It is designed for endgame and it will remain that way. 10k gold to unlock second set iirc but really it isnt alot.
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