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I don't understand why they didn't keep the same mapping the pc version has. X/Square was jump, all other buttons were your attacks. Directional pad could be set up for consumables like Health/Mana Pots. Hold R1/L1 or Right bumper and Left bumper for more skills on A/B/Y or X/O/Triangle. Pressing select would toggle the in game cursor to maneuver through your UI. The left analog stick would allow you to look around much like it does now but it wouldn't revert back to a fixed position if you walked forward.

I've played lancer on pc with a controller for years with no issue. Was super easy to learn right? Not on console. I'm having a problem now when I use charging lunge (L1+O) it sometimes cancels the charging lunge and chains right into shield wallop. I really hope they read our feedback on this, otherwise no one is going to be doing end game content like HH, RMHM, or RKEM like this...
you're a life saver bro
Constant crashing since so many other people around me and no way to change channels?
5th crash in velika...starting to get old now
"Unknown error occured, error_message='type'=N3fmt11FormatError3', message='Invalid format string", error_code='-2'"
System error while in velika -.- #4
tfw pc version had better controller support than the console version xD
LOL Loaded into the game, in velika, trying to open my menus and crashed again xD...crash # 3
Crashed for a 2nd time
"Things now appear to finally be stabilizing for our PS4 players." no....
Game started freezing, had to relog, now have to wait 22 minutes to log back in...
Can I play on the Tera NA server with a SEA account? It wouldn't let me download the game with a SEA account but when I log in to a NA account it allowed me to download. The console itself was purchased in MY and therefore is a SEA console so I'm not very confident I'll be able to play
Those masks could be earned for free on pc...also, most games don't do wipes after open betas. Every game I've ever played in beta phase have wiped between closed beta and open beta. I installed for the rewards, but knowing there's going to be a wipe I'll continue to play monster hunter this weekend. Oh whale
@seandynamite It's difficult to write this without it sounding like salt. Like I understand why we have to wait three months...force people to buy new costumes, mounts, inners all that stuff. But what about us who have geared Brawlers already? What about us who have spent millions in gold for costumes and mounts? For us, male brawler doesn't really come out til that 3 months period is over. Yea we could level a new brawler in a few short hours but that means we'd have to liberate our gear and pass it to the new guy. Tera I love you and have stuck by you for years and all but I recently met someone new, someone exciting, someone that makes me feel whole again. Monster Hunter World just does things for me. It's not you Tera, it's me >_<
This is a dumb idea. Many of us have costumes which have more sentimental meaning with the aquisition date. Costumes were meant to be bound for a reason. Used it on the wrong toon? Too bad so sad. Submit a ticket, if you're lucky they'll help you, if not...then learn from your mistake.
The biggest thing that keeps me around on NA Tera are the few friends, however dwindling, that I have left who play on NA. Pvp is a thing of the past. Pve content is ok, kind of. The fun dungeon now is RK9, but for someone new it could take weeks of spamming rg and sf for dailies and gold to upgrade your gear to aquire the ilvl required to do the RK9 vangaurd.

I won't sugar coat it, like some of the others that responded who are compensated to defend this game. If you don't have a guild to run with or at least a single buddy, you're going to struggle. If you do come back and need some friends or a guild, and you're on CH, send me a private message and I'll show you the way
tbh it's not really a big deal anymore. we all know it's still there...you're not exposing anything. it's just that it's a pain to the people who only use certain tools to help with ping when they constantly keep changing op codes.
the best way to get rid of memeslash is to stop giving it any publicity or spotlight. the people using memeslash only make it harder for everyone else who want to play the game without ping tax. please go away
Digivolve wrote: »
Digivolve wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
Shoutout to everyone that afk'd with me on TR ;D

These are currently being planned for a release in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned.

You said January 18th on stream though....

He said that was the goal to get it into the store for everybody by then. It might still be the plan, but it's a goal.

"Goal" is a really cute name for dates we probably can't and won't keep, but just throwing it out there anyway

Having plans/goals like this is the reality for all software companies, including gaming. Things slip dates all the time because unexpected complications come up; sometimes it's visible, sometimes it isn't. It's the nature of the job. If people expect them to be transparent to any degree, they'll have to deal with this uncertainty.

how much do they pay you?
I posted a video on this over a month ago. Where they at?
What the hell are you talking about ?

something more forbidden to the forums than counterpoint agreeing with people
LegateTR wrote: »
Here's some super constructive feedback: fire spacecats

I wish there was a different cm too but firing people would only make things worse at this point in teras life. I'd rather suck it up and deal with what we got than burn the place down even more
It's 8 am est, and there's 20 people in the guild who are all online right now. Usually it's like 6 maybe 7 friends online at this time on a normal day. I appreciate the double drop event, I really do. Though, it shouldn't take an event like this to bring us all together again and back to the game.
I've spent enough on this game over the past 4 years to buy two brand new cars. Didn't receive a card nor do I really car tbh but I think it's cool, grats to those who got one
For the ones that drop loot I'd assume it's still 12-36 hours. It's just a hypothesis I have. There for a while I was taking everything on ch for about 2 weeks til I got busy with work. Keeping track of what you kill, what channel you kill on, and what time you kill is a good way to hunt. Also, if you find other people killing something make sure to take note of those as well. It'll cut down on wasting time searching for a bam that won't be there for a few hours. Happy Hunting bro

Guess this is why everyone is playing mystics? :shrug:
As someone who mains a lancer I can truly say that I understand the feels right now for priests. When brawler first came out two years ago it was hard to get a party. I never jumped on the bandwagon, I kept playing lancer and just found new friends to play with. It's a sad cycle in this game tbh.
My wallet is ready hnng

I'm level 65 though =/
Won't let me teleport off stepstone isle ;-;
-sigh- people on the internet don't know what sarcasm is. this entire thread is sarcasm and grown [filtered] men who play elins be acting offended over a little girl character xD. and yes kubitoid, I am br. huehue
do what I'm doing, buy up all the low level metal gear and just sit on it. Don't even re-sell it when the gunner drops. Somewhere out there, a low level elin gunner will struggle because of me. I'll be making my 9 millionth high elf lancer to level alongside the elin gunners and troll them in IMS by not holding aggro, and when they complain to me about not holding aggro I'll just say "Alguem br?"
Isn't that the same as double/triple drops though?
Whether or not it's zayo, comcast, savvis w/e...tera has had major issues with connection activity dating back to last november. Things always get bad around holiday time for some reason. Gets colder outside, people stay in and stream movies, online shopping, and the occasional ddos. Nothing new
take screenshots/video, submit tickets.
Ferria wrote: »
I personally would like to see the noctenium infusion potion added as an elite perk. Here's why. They added the nostrum to the elite perks, which nostrums aren't really that hard to get and are easily available. I have stacks of them saved up from farming IOD and opening mwa boxes in the past. I don't exactly know where or how people aquire noctenium these days after they removed Alliance. Though I think it would be a very nice addition to our perks and I'd then feel like I'm getting my moneys worth each month.

Another thing, and I've asked for this years ago, would be for 5 more slots added in the travel journal. I currently have two world bam spawns saved, two dungeon entrances, and one mountain in velika I like to go to get away from the people and cities during my down time or afk time. I would love to add more dungeon entrances, more afk spots, and one or two more world bam spawns for my achievements.

Of all the ideas suggested...this is by far the best I've seen yet. I too have sent tickets to support about adding more slots to the travel journal but to them, it's nothing but anonymous criticism with no acknowledgement of a helpful addition to our game.
tl;dr this counts as griefing
Cool guide. Once I hit level 60+, and begin to run more harder dungeons and get closer to end game, how or where can I find info about using optimal glyphs for my class or know which crystals to use for dungeons and open world stuff?
ch just went down...
After the recent update I'm pretty sure f2p people gonna rely on these shops more since enchanting and upgrading gear is now more of a gold sink. Also I never said anything about player council receiving a leak...but ok lol
Xerses wrote: »
Player Council is pretty useless, put them to work for you and have them give you ideas for the shops. Isn't that what they're for?
This was already done long ago, FWIW. I don't think the main issue has ever been having ideas of what to add. (I also did Rewards Emporium too, actually, although it was a while ago now and would have to be updated.)

That said, given that you could have lists drawn up for each shop in like 2 hours, I'd gladly compare notes to see if anything's missing.

As Seandynamite said, the larger issues of updating the new shops are pricing, items, and long term viability. Items may not be the main issue to you since a majority of us long term players already have an ample supply of both Fed Bills and Fashion Coupons. Not to mention we spend money on costumes. However there are people who don't spend a cent on the game and rely solely on these shops to decorate their characters. Items then become important to those players. I'd also suggest a dressing room function for these shops. Some of the items don't look as good on your character as you think they do.

That said, I have no credibility what so ever with anyone from player council nor do I care to share any such ideas with them. After the recent shennanigans with EME and other content creators for this game with the -puts tinfoil hat on- "leak", I'd rather only deal with EME directly and cut out any middle men.
Xerses wrote: »
Why not just update all three at once. @seandynamite

Because we don't have the time or resources to do them all at once. So I am prioritizing them and getting them done one at a time.

Also, you should understand that NONE of these are a small undertaking. There is a lot to take into consideration when it comes to pricing, items, and long term viability of the shop. I know it might seem like it's just "throw everything in there and put some prices on it" and I wish it were that easy. But it's not.

Right, it may not be a small undertaking but it's not a huge undertaking either. Player Council is pretty useless, put them to work for you and have them give you ideas for the shops. Isn't that what they're for? Cut copy and paste some things from EU shop. I could have a shop list drawn up for you, for each shop, in like 2 hours and meet your standards of pricing, items, and long term viability. I play this game everyday, I know people have large quantities of Fed Bills/Fashion Coupons, I myself have over 6k fed bills and 40k Fashion Coupons. The only shop that may require a bit more time would be the Rewards Emporium because it's based on how much someone spends real cash on in game purchases.
pumped the type to create alt accounts and reply to his own threads
Why not just update all three at once. @seandynamite
I think 8 channels is fine. If someone comes along and starts killing bams I just go to another bam or I go to other things like GG or ace dungeons. Or ask a friend to come help you so others won't be so influenced to invade your space.
Poor attempt at a troll topic to push the discussion of editing files which we know is not allowed. You've been using this for years without any problems in the past, hell, what lancer doesn't use this by now xD
Ferria wrote: »
We have...

Elitist Server
Exploit Server
E.R.P Server

Pick and you'll find your place.

Wow, when you think about it, this is so true
-still waiting for them to fix the Character Direction bug when using a controller-
BHS has slowly killed pvp over the years and I feel like this is going to be the final nail in the coffin as far as any open world pvp event goes. I've seen videos of people using it against @Spacecats in FWC and plenty of videos of people using it during CU. I'm not blaming or pointing fingers at anyone in particular from these guilds or even this server but I know this does go on during CU on other servers. Sucks that a few bad apples trying to troll will ruin it for everyone else.
Didn't someone tell you how to do this in discord?
The creators and publishers do like to kill things that are special in this game. People don't need to run content because they can just buy deathwrack boxes on the broker. What happened to making friends and actually playing the game. Look at the Blue Angel Halo, and the World Bam achievements. People spent MONTHS farming world bams, we formed hunting groups, we kept track of spawn times with spreadsheets, we missed sleep to be on after maintenance for Elenea bams and what does BHS? They cater to the casuals and reduce it to 1 bam each. This comes as no surprise that they wouldn't make it a limited time only thing. @counterpoint Marketing gimmick? It's a marketing gimmick either way. Elins are what keeps the servers running. More than likely the elin gunner had been around for a while but they chose to wait to release it when the game began to decline so they can continue milking our wallets.

A two month time limit to create an elin gunner would be fine. It's more than enough time for everyone and anyone to create one. For once I agree with @kubitoid , disable server transfers and make it a 7 day thing, after that gg. There's nothing special about this game anymore.
When do we get private servers?
Grimoir wrote: »
> @Xerses said:
> who the hell wants to play equalized pvp tho for pve mats??? lame af

Ypu are free to run the dungeons and VSH.

Do rally to get a DW box or better yet buy it from
Broker or buy DW+15 from other players

my point was really more about equalized pvp though. Gone are the days where we could queue with gear which we worked to get. They introduced the thing where we could have two different sets of rolls on our gear, one for pvp, one for pve but it feels useless. No point in having two different roll layouts when the only place it would matter would be CU. I even miss pvp gear =/

The good days are over. Just give us double drop. Game's slowly declining anyway, what can it hurt at this point?
I bet it runs better than what we currently have
who the hell wants to play equalized pvp tho for pve mats??? lame af
Everyone jumping on this transfer wagon and I'm here just waiting for everyone to leave so me and my 16 alts can have the server to myself
I wish I had the time to care about people who disagree with me. My life would be more interesting, thank god we have Vi though to keep people like me entertained
I was having issues with mine the other day. It was giving me some error code. I tried everything, searched google, checked the faq, did everything, reset my net, ran the diagnosis/repair tool, checked port 1001, submitted a ticket, all to no prevail. Eventually after a few hours it weirdly fixed itself. I think it may just be buggy
Yea I messed around a little more. Checked and installed windows updates. I wasn't able to connect with my laptop either. Switched routers and still couldn't connect. Reset my internet and it still wouldn't connect. I just tried to log in again about 30 minutes ago and weirdly enough it connected. I guess it just fixed itself, still submitted a ticket about it.
discord would be the only 3rd party related program I have open. I've checked the faq and google for answers. Can't really be bothered to create a ticket as all their responses have been the same over the years with "check your net, send us traceroute, blah blah blah" with the only real solution has been for me to reinstall the game. If it's just me I'll move on. Thanks for the reply
just closed tera to restart my pc. opened tera again and have the error. anyone else have it atm? I'll just take it as a sign that it's time to quite playing and go back to my other games for now. before you reply counterpoint with the usual "use the repair tool" or "it's your internet"...already did, no it's not
sign me up
every end game player uses these programs. all eme did was advertise those programs during that debacle. as long as you don't openly discuss it you're fine. but this guy is nuts posting a video on the forums xD
kubitoid wrote: »
DXM wrote: »
matching set of Astrafury, armor, helmet, wings, and weapon skin.
this is why new players think that this game suks and community suks. coz we prefer to brag bout our riches than to think bout others even if this certain guy is different. idk. just an example of it

this is why the internet sucks. because people have opinions
having fun with the gold seller on ch, thanks Twiggy!

this is the greatest thing I've ever seen on the forums in four years. good job bro xD
I hope they nerf it. If they nerf it I'll dye my hair blue, my beard pink, paint my finger nails and upload to youtube

@Spacecats make it happen!
It's about time
Wow baby omg! We won?!

Despite my in game rng being really poor, I hit the jack pot as far as a woman. Baby you are truly a lootbox all of your own. My lootbox! I seriously have the best girlfriend a gamer could ask for. Yea, these other entries were good, and I'm sure they're good people, but you're the best <3

Remember that one cheesy [filtered] line, and I don't care if you meme me, stay jealous ppl idgaf..Charmanders are red, Squirtles are blue, if you were a pokemon I'd choose you? I'm glad I picked you and evolved together hue

Long distance relationships can be rough, but if you're patient enough it works out. We had our ups and downs but once we worked out our bugs and glitches (something that EME doesn't know about yet) it's been great. Remember when we visited the pokemon center in tokyo and what we did there? hehehe, that's for us to know and you to find out so don't ask.

Also, just wondering @Spacecats will we get any sort of royalty payments from EME since you're using our story to plug your costume sales? The costumes were a nice gift and all but we all know those costumes will end up on the floor at foot end of my bed tonight. Send some panacea, or reset scrolls for this raid.


I love you baby <3
resulted in two years in state and a registered felon. maybe i went a little overboard over a keyboard xD.
pfft you're all noobs. my mom hid my keyboard and mouse one day because she says i play too much video games. so i duct taped her to a chair in the kitchen, got my dads hand cannon and pistol whipped her til she gave me my keyboard and mouse back.
1. Make a lancer (Usually high elves do the trick, sometimes popo if you have good [filtered] game, lolis love furries)
2. Get to level 65
3. +15 your gear
4. Profit

You'll be swimming in elin honey in no time. Oh, go to CH to be more effective.
^ this guy. don't be a this guy
Since eme isn't doing much to fix this, quite a few of us has decided to take things into our hands to solve this problem, and it's quite simple really. Just find something else to play. Since this started I've been able to play some new and fun games. Revelation Online, Overwatch, World of Warships, Borderlands 2, Payday 2, FFIV, and with steam summer sales coming up I'm looking forward to purchasing TESO, GTA V, maybe Dragonball Xenoverse 2, Witcher 3.

We gave up hope on tera. Poor server stability since november, poopy anniversary, overall lack of effort from management. All talk, no action. Might be because too much attention directed towards console version which based on past history of pc>console ports like Defiance, Diablo 3, Dark Souls, they just don't do that good. Plus you don't have true 1080 on console. Why port a suffering game over to console. I'm not that confident that you'll really be able to profit from all the time and funds invested in a console port, not with Tera. On a more important note, they mentioned a release date of late 2017, assuming around holidays? But that's like the worse time to release games when every other big company is planning to release their new games around that time too. Like CoD for example, CoD use to own holiday sales, and Battlefield. Smarter companies would release in September-October like Rockstar did with GTA V and 2K did with Borderlands.

Back on point, just don't feel like BHS/EME's best interest are really in Tera anymore. Lucky enough for us, we're able to pick and choose what we get to play. You guys just have to break free from your tera bubble and explore other games til you find something. Sadly, it's obvious by the ignorance of this issue after 7 months that EME isn't concerned with this too much.
it's not dead, more of like a slow decline. it is p2w in a certain aspect, many will argue with me but if you don't have 5+ alt level 65's that already have mid tier gear to farm on for a month strait it will require some emp>gold exchanges to speed up the gearing process. end game is fun, kind of. it's fun if you don't spam it all day everyday. but that's all anyone ever does in this game anymore then they come here to complain about how boring the game is.
i got lucky. when spacecats said he updated the spawn rate i logged in immediately and found like 4 boxes in 10 minutes. for about 2-3 hours i accumulated over 700 tokens. but people began to catch on and now there's like 7-8 people in the same area as well and i can only find like 1-2 boxes an hour. from what i see most places are limited to only one channel so things are kinda tight atm. just have to wait for after hours when most people turn their pc's off for the night i guess
I just started watching black sails a few hours ago. Buddy at work also turned me on to Homeland
Spacecats wrote: »
I've significantly increased the spawn rate on blue boxes. An hour is way too long to search for one, so I feel your guys' pain. The new spawn rate is over double what it was before.

iono man, feels like click bait
what tera really needs..

crystaal wrote: »
MrWheeler wrote: »
mEME at it again, give us money before we shut down :^)

Definitely it fells like game would shut down soon, all things considered - im returning player - after month - cant help myself, thats how tera feels.
Starting with whole 3rd party problem, and lag, how its dealt with, most amateur way.
Looking at tera population - its basicaly few elitist guilds, and toxic elitist pugs (grinding only VS nothing else, wthlol vm9 for one dungeon) - huge gap - causals, trying, trying to return, most of them leaving. Causal guilds empty or inactive. Sign of dying game. Even famous CH RP guilds are half empty.
Aniversary - CH crashed - dealt with and solved by MOST LAME amateur way i ever seen.
Support tickets - 20 days average??? +-
Could continue further but... no point
just one question

ETA on tera shutdown pls???

LesbianVi wrote: »
I am vocal against crying, everyone knows, and many knows that I am against big loots from events, in multiple occasions but we are talking about anniversary event, it should be rewarding, players including me got even EMP, and some got the gift boxes. On this blue box hunt, they have the right to complain, they celebrated 5 years of EME in their own way but EME didn't celebrate the way they always did.

I completely disagree with those that say event in general was so bad, but I say if you bring blue boxes for community which loves you don't hold back.

"Just bite the pillow and pretend it doesn't hurt" -EME 2017
The caiman egg hunt was actually fun. It started in the beginning and lasted for two weeks. Not to mention we could actually find them opposed to our current blue box event. All we've gotten so far are uhh....cash shop boxes and tokens, which are only aquired through mindless grinds of dungeons which are already boring. Did I mention cash shop boxes? Because [filtered] you, pay us. Oh, and wings, yea we'll throw in wings because we're too lazy to really do anything new and unique. We'll make our meme of a cm host a quiz bowl and maybe a monster spawn event which will cause one of the servers to go down because we've been too lazy to fix our servers since November. We'll just reward some random goldfinger tokens to everyone throughout the game for the inconvenience. Last but not least, we'll just tell everyone we're gonna throw in a blue box event at the end, a very special blue box event. What makes it special is that there really are no blue boxes and we just want you to stick around in our game to make our numbers look good so we can sleep at night.

Too bad they don't care about their customers
I don't care, just ban me at this point.
The TERA crew has done great work in the past, but I'm wondering what specifically you enjoyed the most and wish En Masse would do again.

People have been saying what they wanted for literally two full weeks. Should I sift through the pages of posts and link them?
Spacecats wrote: »
vkobe wrote: »
roxxapoxx wrote: »
I thought the anniversary was suppose to reward us for loyalty... yet we're the only community in Tera grinding day in and day out for valuable items. Lol.

before yes, but since we have a new cm he is unable to made good event, just remember how he fail with christmas 2016 and now he fail with 5th anniv :3

just accept than our tera is the worst tera under our current cm rule :3

Please try to give more constructive feedback, Vkobe. It's hard to do anything with a comment like that. If you have suggestions on how to improve things, let me know. A lot of people enjoyed Christmas 2016, and there were a lot of things we did that month (community-based and otherwise) so it's hard to know what you're talking about when you call the entire Christmas holiday a fail.

As for the changing items in the Anniversary Store, roxx, we've gotten mixed feedback from people on it. Some like the variety and the idea behind a rotating selection that there's some mystery to. Other people are just sad that some items leave the store after a week. We'll consider adding some return items to the shop for the final week of the celebration.

let me just be the one to translate what i believe he's saying since you don't understand(no surprise tbh)...stop being lazy and work a bit harder. How is it "hard to do anything with a comment like that" when comments like that are all throughout the forums. Many people have left good feedback on what to change and implement, so stop acting so ignorant towards the community. And who the [filtered] is giving you mixed feedback on this event? This event has been [filtered]. Again, you can look back like 3-4 pages on the forums of people complaining about the event. Rarely, if at all really, people actually compliment this event.
Mazzive wrote: »
Lisanne wrote: »
Xerses wrote: »
There was an event?!?!?!

^ This. Honestly I'm sick of Enmasse's bad management and communication, there is literally no good communication between player and publisher here.. and if we could have voiced our opinion, 20 tokens is nothing to what 30-40 min or more boss killing would have given us.

so true and as i said before this was the last straw and i`m done supporting the game!

I mean, I'm not trying to troll, or meme, or flame. I've been watching the forums and the notices on the launcher as much as possible. I've been trying to keep up with both Tera NA and Tera EU events this year and the comparison between the two is kinda embarrassing for Tera NA. I've supported Tera NA with so much of my money over the years, I was tier 10 the first day they introduced tera rewards emporium. I stopped swiping in November when the waves of server instability began to plague this game and since then I've been searching for a reason to continue supporting this game with my wallet. I had high hopes for the 5th anniversary but so far all I've gotten are broken hopes and dreams and 20 event tokens....
There was an event?!?!?!
and lets not forget halo 2, could hardly get past 35 without a booter
sheeeet, you guys still crying about this?! thank god you guys weren't around in halo 3 when anyone who had a 50 in mlg were clearly booters and ddos'ers. those were the days hehe
wow, some [filtered] removed my photo
Didn't Noesis just join a few months ago? I think I'm speaking for a lot of people when I say the wrong people are leaving and it should be spacecats imo. Poor events, poor communication, passive aggressive comments towards other people. You might be spacecats, but you're no alpha in this community!

Jordansb1 wrote: »

*cough* *wheeze*

nice photoshop *cough* *wheeze*
Dialoonia wrote: »
This is the sad story of TERA nowdays. Full VM without even run HM once. I miss the time where u need skill to obtain vm mats and not spam Boxes ... really a shame and then they call it "true action combat" ... which combat? or is opening chest a combat style lol

I dont say that OP has no skill but most people just spam chest and never even run HM once .. maybe after nerf lol

I doubt that this is very common though. If you're spamming boxes to craft VM at the beginning of the patch and not running HM dungeons then it's pretty much a waste. You're wasting all those materials and resources just to brag that you're the first to have it, which means nothing at the end of the day if you don't spam hard mode content. Most of the people who are spamming boxes and crafting the new vm are more hardcore content end gamers. Everyone I've seen so far who have the new vm also have the brooch from HH. Never really see someone with new vm and a guile belt or a common brooch. And in a way, this is sort of skill. It's a skill as far as being smart, saving sea chests, grinding, farming. 1600 sea chests, it can take a few months to save all that up. If you're smart, you'll start saving sea chests today if you wanna be the first with new vm next patch.
Vinyltails wrote: »
they said in stream the console version isn't even in alpha yet...not even PRE alpha yet........so there won't be any more info on it for a long time to come...until like autumn or w/e

According to the trailer, I mean it's totally not official right??? According to the game trailer it says coming 2017, the game is in it's alpha stages. More than likely "they" whoever they are, said it's not in alpha to avoid any rumors or hype. I expect to see news about it during this years E3 with an end of year launch date. I'm not here to speculate or spread false rumors, it's all online, here's proof.


I've seen screenshots from tera console and it looks really tera-ble. I wouldn't even bother
I'd hate to tank for you
much scroll, such loot. wow xD
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