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Just practice some more. They are the most annoying of the IoD bams. Learn to time your dodges
Tell me why im an idiot ?

Enmasse/BHS are not greedy.

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You have absolutely no bloody idea who I am.

You're a tide pod kid
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A support employee is diferent than a GM stand for.

I thought you will quote Seandynamite, CobaltDragon or KitTeaCup.

I think we're missing the bigger point here. It doesn't matter if it was a GM or support. They're both representatives of EME. In your day to day business whether you work for yourself or you work for another company you'd never tell a customer to get lost which is essentially what was said in the quoted link. Then they go one step further and offer to delete your data. That sounds a bit rational and I wonder what exactly was said to them in the first place for them to respond that aggressively. Regardless, with that response from EME it's very obvious they want to kill Tera off now.

insert really long run on sentence that makes zero sense

What? Did you even click on the link and read what they wrote?
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B-but Misty! XINGCODE3 is such a good idea. Thanks to XIGNCODE I can finally enjoy tera without all the :b:roxy players or people shoving their dps meters down my throat.

I'm kidding. Just take a break bro, relax, try to find something else to play. I admire your dedication towards bringing some issues to light and respect and share your love for Tera but they're not going to roll back on this. Even if it would be one the best things they've ever done, EME has an ego to protect.
Sorry for hurting your feelings ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You're right though, it's not as good as it currently is on console. It was better

On PC you could customize every button. Can't do that on console. Can't change the interact button, can't change the Jump button, can't change the mount button. That's just the small stuff though, it was so much easier to play every class on PC too. When you play something that's ping dependent like a Lancer or Warrior you'd feel the lag in the console version. On PC the hardest thing to do was lancer leash in pvp, or learn focus heals as mystic/priest but even then it wasn't that bad. The only thing they did that was good with the console version was the Radial Wheel for consumables and emotes, which again, if you knew how to change your layout on pc version you could easily set that up.

Also I'm not really sure by what you mean by you have a better console than me? Is that supposed to be a fanboy jab or something? I don't play that fanboy [filtered], I own both ps4 and xb1 and Tera equally sucks on both of them. Also if I'm saying Tera PC has better controller support and you supposedly have a better PC than me then you should know what I'm talking about.
Console port sucks for controller support, rotations lag, skill chains are slow. PC had much better controller support with no lag what so ever. Wtf u smoking
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A support employee is diferent than a GM stand for.

I thought you will quote Seandynamite, CobaltDragon or KitTeaCup.

I think we're missing the bigger point here. It doesn't matter if it was a GM or support. They're both representatives of EME. In your day to day business whether you work for yourself or you work for another company you'd never tell a customer to get lost which is essentially what was said in the quoted link. Then they go one step further and offer to delete your data. That sounds a bit rational and I wonder what exactly was said to them in the first place for them to respond that aggressively. Regardless, with that response from EME it's very obvious they want to kill Tera off now.
It's simple. The population for the console version is dying down. I play on what I assumed was a well populated pvp server, or at least it was well populated a month ago. You could log in around the afternoon to evening and there were so many people in hw I would sometimes crash. I just logged in and there were only 12 people in hw. Sucks but tera doesn't have much replay value after you hit end game. I did notice a small increase during the double vanguard weekend but this weekend it's like a ghost town all over again
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Here's the latest update that's going to be added to the upcoming FAQ.

Players that play on college networks may be facing issues due to the firewalls. More details to come, but it's been notified to Wellbia.

Wellbia is aware of this issue and is working on a solution (ETA TBD) but this is an example of players collaborating with us and Wellbia to improve the experience. Yay teamwork!

I'll make sure to keep letting everyone know what's coming up, and how this type of feedback is the answer! :)

But like...players who are studying are not your whales, they do not spend that much on the game, they are not the people who typically spend 4++ hours a day playing. They have lives while people like me do not
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XIGNCODE3 bypass

I see what you did there
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@CassandraTR As the newbie, I need a little more context.

Could you please specify what the fashion coupons were for and what shop updates do you mean?


Why is EME appointing people as CM who don't know what a fashion coupon is? Then ask the community to tell you what they are? o_O

I'd like to see everything put back into the store which was recently removed too
been almost a week now without any responses from eme so I guess that is their way of saying it is our way or no way, get over it.

On a better note, can not wait to play Anthem, Spider-man, Red Dead 2, and a list full of other good games coming out soon. Kingdom Hearts 3 hype, TLOU 2, Days Gone, Skull and Bones(shits on Sea of Thieves), Ghost of Tsushima, Tomb Raider, Assassins Creed(which does not look interesting at all but will play just for the name) Gears 5, Halo Infinite. There are so many great games coming and best of all none of them are tied to EME or BHS
If they are cm they're pretty lousy at their job. It reminds me of what 343 did to halo and how they only hired people who didn't like halo and killed that franchise. Or how disney and kathleen kennedy ruined star wars. All the original people at eme left and they got all these new sjws like spacecats for example and slowly killing tera with these asinine ideas like xingading
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I feel like the reason why this(XINGCODE) is more accepted in Korea is because a lot of people who play may play from Internet Cafes. They don't own an actual pc, or they do but it's just for business or educational purposes and not for hobbies like gaming. Where as here in North America pretty much every home in the country has access to a personal computer and we're more protective over what gets installed on our devices. It's just a huge difference in culture between Korea and NA.

Not here to argue with anyone, it's just an idea. An idea which I'm strongly against. I wonder what EME thought was going to happen. Did they think we'd just lie down and accept it? Or did they foresee the backlash that was to come? If they did foresee it, did they do anything to try to stand up against this for their customers? Many questions left unanswered and EME has been way too silent about this.

My theory is that EME was pressured into adding xigncode.

More than likely you're very correct. I want to believe that some people at EME think with their head and knew this was not going to be a good idea. If you think about it too, with spacecats being gone, and no other CM taking his place, we no longer have an ambassador figure to communicate with us. Even though he would have received a ton of hate about this, he still would have said something by now. The forums would have roasted him...which is why they're probably avoiding us. I myself am even guilty of lashing out against some of the authority figures at this company but you know what you sign up for as CM.
I feel like the reason why this(XINGCODE) is more accepted in Korea is because a lot of people who play may play from Internet Cafes. They don't own an actual pc, or they do but it's just for business or educational purposes and not for hobbies like gaming. Where as here in North America pretty much every home in the country has access to a personal computer and we're more protective over what gets installed on our devices. It's just a huge difference in culture between Korea and NA.

Not here to argue with anyone, it's just an idea. An idea which I'm strongly against. I wonder what EME thought was going to happen. Did they think we'd just lie down and accept it? Or did they foresee the backlash that was to come? If they did foresee it, did they do anything to try to stand up against this for their customers? Many questions left unanswered and EME has been way too silent about this.
I just want to say thanks for this update EME. I haven't realized how much fun I was missing out on Monster Hunter World. Been farming Lunastra along with collecting golden weapons from the Kulve Taroth raids. I also installed a new free to play game on playstation 4 called Dungeon Defenders 2 which has been really fun. I even purchased some loot boxes on DD2, I know you know how much I've enjoyed my loot boxes over the years. Sucks, we could have been spending the weekend together like old times. Oh whale

Had this really long response written out comparing Wellbia to other anti cheat programs like Battleye and how they all send files from your IP to a master server and permanently store them and how social engineering is involved both positively and negatively. I did research on how everything works with these anti cheat programs and how bad it potentially can affect your pc and had all these screenshots and links ready to post. I had screenshots and links to errors of xigncode, had links of how easily it's "bypassed" and how useless it is. I did research on how other games are manipulated and what those companies do to combat cheating and compared those major companies like Blizzard and blah blah blah. But who cares, what's done is done.

Even though the game also used Unreal Engine 3 and was poorly optimized I was looking forward to playing A:IR. It looked fun as hell. After this, no bueno. I really don't want to bash BHS, I've loved their game for years. But this seems like a lazy, cowardly, egotistical, not to mention temporary. resolution to a permanent.
Hi everyone,

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get you a response to the initial topic for this thread... which is... as I see it... why XIGNCODE. I get it. It sucks. But cheating sucks more. No cheating fix is perfect, but we felt like we had to do something about it, and Wellbia, who are a reputable company who have been working on solving this sort of issue for numerous games (including TERA in other regions) was the best partner that we could find. They and we aren’t spying on you. We aren’t trying to steal your data (in fact, you’ll have just seen our updated privacy terms that we’re ensuring XIGNCODE complies with as well). We’re just trying to ensure that all battlegrounds and epic quests take place on a figurative level field.

I think that makes for a playing experience that is more fun. So, I’m behind this change because it's to improve everyone's experience overall. Our CS team is ready and willing to help you sort out any problems caused by this change so reach out if you need to.

I’m going to close this thread and ask that if you want to have a productive conversation about the situation at hand, I and my teammates are happy to talk, but where this thread is going, I’m not allowing this to go any further.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

And then there's this....

KitTeaCup is probably new here at EME, they joined in April, plays on Fey Forest. They probably have not invested as much time throughout their life as we have on Tera. I doubt they understand why the community took it upon themselves to implement the proxy as a fix to some of the optimization issues this game presents. It sucks. Cheating sucks more. Investing so many hours and thousands of dollars into a game without seeing any real support or improvements sucks even more than cheating. And for the 100th time all this issue does is bring more light to the third party programs, shooting your own self in the foot as a company. The proxy devs even tried to colab with EME to fix the memeslash exploit but were ignored and or banned. That kinda goes to show that they weren't entirely out to break the game and just wanted the game to be improved as well. But blah blah blah no one cares, EME ego too big, BHS ego too big, ban me idc I've uninstalled one less tank in game, one less salty forum troll.

For the record I'm not salty about KitTeaCup, they're only doing their job. Just wish more people at EME would do their job more often. Counterpoint over here doing community service for EME while they hide in their safe spaces. Give that man a salary.
the game's running like [filtered] on ps4. refuse to play on pc
Meter still works.....
One thing not listed above is the theory that Xigncode shortens the life your ssd/hd. Along with all the scanning and data mining it seems like a sketchy tool. You can say I'm wearing a tinfoil hat or w/e but this [filtered] is sketchy. They may claim it only scans things that are malicious programs registered in their database but after the whole facebook thing recently can you seriously take their word for it?
LOL wut. If anything I was more or less complimenting counterpoint for everything he's done but ok, you're entitled to your own opinion. Counterpoint probably does more for EME than any of the other mods. This thread was going to get locked as of page 20. EME can't stand negative criticism and will let this die out and say nothing and address nothing and fix nothing. I'm not going to lose any sleep if I'm temp banned/perma banned. Who wants to stick around and play a poorly optimized game anyway. I loved this game. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
And for the years I've been here, every time I've seen this one it's reminded me of @counterpoint

This guys literally knows everything and will argue til his fingers have blisters. Truly living up to his name, Counterpoint
waaaahhhhh someone disagrees with me on the internet waaahhhhhh

Step 1. why when I can only play one at a time
Step 2. only need around 410 to do any of the current patches content up to RMHM
Step 3. again, not needed.
Step 4. pvp is dead in this game
Step 5. you only need to play for one hour a day in order to profit a lot if you know what you're doing
Step 6. Still bored ? go play other games

Then again, today is your lucky day! Thanks to the upcoming patch on pc it's probably going to dwindle down the population on pc resulting in more dev attention being focused on console maybe? So maybe they'll roll out patches faster on console but who knows. I'll personally be going back to FFXIV and catching up with what's new there. Tera is always the same grind every new patch.

Tera has and always will be the type of game you play for 1-2 months tops and you're done. You've geared up, either full +12 or full +15 set, geared your alts, nothing else to do. Play another game til new patch comes, come back to tera, gear up again, wash rinse repeat.
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Just get your accounts/alts ready for retirement and play something else. I know people have put years into this, but seriously, there's plenty of other entertainment out there.

It's not their game and I'm sure if EME had their way things would be different. They've always waited til a few hours prior to patches to release patch notes. They never give official response to major issues like the Xigncode thing. More than likely they're bound by a contract and can't say anything until they get an approval from BHS.

Another thing about releasing patch notes is that if you release them way before update time it could make or break an in game economy. It could give certain people an unfair advantage. People would bicker on the forums, it'd be drama.
xigncode3 is not, by any measure, an effective piece of software. the only people it will stop from logging in to tera are legitimate players (false positives are common), and when those players fail to login, do you think they're going to contact support and wait 3 days to login after uninstalling unrelated software, or google a fix and start cheating so they can play in 5 minutes?

The problem with the "false positives are common" argument, in terms of convincing EME, is because they already use this now on all their other games and PUBG (where they provide the support). PUBG has millions of players, so whatever issues there are with this tool, they already know them by now. They are deciding to add this knowing what they're getting into, including from a support point of view.

Again, I do not agree with adding this software particularly because it seems to be entirely ineffective, but I still don't think they are anticipating a high level of customer technical problems compared to what they already went through.

I just don't really see an upside, even from eme's point of view.. the downside is that there are possible (let's be honest, likely) technical problems involved, added vulnerability to customers (xigncode is fairly easily subverted by other nefarious programs), it compounds the already mountainous pile of performance problems... The upside is that... uhm... well, you will probably have a harder time faking client-side gold that can't even be spent?

Tbh there's only one potential upside..no rmt/gold sellers spamming in Velika or Highwatch
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Splitting this thread into multiple is probably not a good idea
It's distracting and we don't have any way to express our disapproval except with massive forum threads it seems.

This is an all around [filtered] situation. Yeah there's a bypass but nothing about that fact will keep EME from releasing it. They can't confirm that it can be bypassed until someone shits on their game and proves to them that it did nothing. Unfortunately doing that means more exploits.

I really wish they would take a step back and see that yeah people want less exploits but they don't want a useless change that again will do nothing to solve the problem. I would say perhaps they will add it then remove it when it doesn't work but that not how these kinds of things happen. If Xigncode is added tomorrow it will never be removed, as a matter of a fact Enmasse has probably already signed a contract with Wellbia so there probably nothing we can do about it anyways. So yeah great job asking your community if they want this, you probably would have just ninja'd it into the patch without telling us if it hadn't been leaked.

I'm aware of a few individuals who will have it bypassed as soon a their launcher patches. Whether or not they record it or not is up to them. But there's always one or two of those brave souls out there who post it right to youtube or in some of the discords.

It's like...in the year of time that proxy has been an issue they could have taken that years worth of time and fixed it properly. Changing OP codes and using Xingcode is a temporary fix to a permanent problem within Tera. Hell some of the proxy devs even offered to help fix some of the issues and tried to contact a dev team at EME and BHS. Sadly they were met with perma bans and nothing got fixed and here we are
And it's like this Xigncode thing will do nothing in terms of preventing third party programs. There was talk about using Xigncode last year when the third party program stuff came to light. Shortly after the rumors of Xigncode, people began to find out how to bypass it and still use proxy and meters. It doesn't really change a thing.

All they had to do was optimize their game and it would have prevented all of this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
it wasn't meant as a popularity contest and I'm convinced that there's only around 29 people who even come to the forums anymore. About to be 28
Petition? No. Popularity contest? What...

You and I both know the mods are not going to go through this thread. They removed the dislike feature after the Harmonia fiasco because they cannot take negative criticism. This thread itself has more than enough constructive replies about why we don't want this and all we get is this?

My thread was meant as a way for people to show how much they dislike the recent idea by clicking a button instead of making the mods waste time and go through 30 pages text. As I said, we both know they're not going to care what we have to say. I even left the link to this thread in my post so people wouldn't debate there xD

1 Like = 1 Dislike for Xigncode

Rip negative criticism. I highly doubt the mods are going to take the time to sit here and go through 30+ pages of feedback on why it's wrong to do this. They don't like leaving their safe spaces too often so don't expect anything to change.
I understand and I agree. Let's keep discussion about this matter in the other thread though:

This kinda feel like a bad breakup with someone who you've spent the better part of 5 years of your life with. Like damn, I know we had some tough times like the FIHM thing, and the third party program days but we pulled through and it made us stronger. Even when other [filtered] came around like BnS or BDO I stayed loyal. I don't mind that you're so clingy either, I've spent every spare minute with you that I could. Those long days at work I missed you so much and couldn't wait to come home and log in to hear your sweet sounds or finish dailies together. Those weekends we'd spend binge grinding catalysts or mongos. We spent 5 anniversaries together. All those costumes, accessories, mounts, and thousands of dollars spent just trying to get some new underwear for us now are just material items that will be thrown away. All that remains will be the sentimental memories of better times along with thousands of screenshots.

I'd like to say it's not you, it's me. It's definitely you though. After Xingcode you'll be way to clingy. I need some space, some freedom of my own without you going through my entire pc like a real girlfriend checking my dm's on facebook or going through my phone asking me "who dis" each time she find a new number that doesn't have a name saved to it.
Don't do this to Tera
Writing about this on the forums will only give this issue more publicity resulting in more people exploiting it. The proper people in charge of fixing bugs probably do not look at the forums very often so you might get your point across better if you start a well constructed conversation with support as well. I'd suggest editing the post to prevent new people from seeing this exploit too.
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Colluva is also used in Conflate gear like Xerses said

And No, Imperator isn't "Really strong", it's just a tiny bit better than guile and weaker than Ambush. There is no reason to get it as the next gear cycle makes it worthless while Ambush would still be relevant AND Ambush +15 turns into Frostmetal +7 (Very close to Top tier gear) when the gear revamp hits on console

telling him there's no reason to get imp is wrong, specially considering console players aren't gonna be seeing frostmetal or misery gear anytime soon, you should take any upgrade you can get, holding off because of reasons like that is bad decision making.

He is right though. Crafting Imperator would be a waste of materials. In my honest opinon Guile gear is only a hair less as strong as a full set of +15 Imperator. If you wanna craft Imp just craft the weapon only and get the belt. Save your gold, sell your imp mats to people who are impulsive.

Even for a +15 Imperator weapon you're still going to unload 500k++ worth of materials on a low end, if your rng is good. Save!
It's also used to craft Conflate pvp gear
Obs wrote: »

Being selfish in a team game is not respectful.

This guy have no credibility about team game or respect and is the definition of selfish.
Leveling is sort of unnecessary. End game is such a grind so they nerfed monsters, buffed xp so people can hit 65 faster. Very rarely you'll see someone actually doing quests or exploring. You can just IM the whole way through and hit 65 in like 5 hours
1st clears on consoles is like winning the special olympics...
I don't understand why they didn't keep the same mapping the pc version has. X/Square was jump, all other buttons were your attacks. Directional pad could be set up for consumables like Health/Mana Pots. Hold R1/L1 or Right bumper and Left bumper for more skills on A/B/Y or X/O/Triangle. Pressing select would toggle the in game cursor to maneuver through your UI. The left analog stick would allow you to look around much like it does now but it wouldn't revert back to a fixed position if you walked forward.

I've played lancer on pc with a controller for years with no issue. Was super easy to learn right? Not on console. I'm having a problem now when I use charging lunge (L1+O) it sometimes cancels the charging lunge and chains right into shield wallop. I really hope they read our feedback on this, otherwise no one is going to be doing end game content like HH, RMHM, or RKEM like this...
you're a life saver bro
Constant crashing since so many other people around me and no way to change channels?
5th crash in velika...starting to get old now
"Unknown error occured, error_message='type'=N3fmt11FormatError3', message='Invalid format string", error_code='-2'"
System error while in velika -.- #4
tfw pc version had better controller support than the console version xD
LOL Loaded into the game, in velika, trying to open my menus and crashed again xD...crash # 3
Crashed for a 2nd time
"Things now appear to finally be stabilizing for our PS4 players." no....
Game started freezing, had to relog, now have to wait 22 minutes to log back in...
Can I play on the Tera NA server with a SEA account? It wouldn't let me download the game with a SEA account but when I log in to a NA account it allowed me to download. The console itself was purchased in MY and therefore is a SEA console so I'm not very confident I'll be able to play
Those masks could be earned for free on pc...also, most games don't do wipes after open betas. Every game I've ever played in beta phase have wiped between closed beta and open beta. I installed for the rewards, but knowing there's going to be a wipe I'll continue to play monster hunter this weekend. Oh whale
@seandynamite It's difficult to write this without it sounding like salt. Like I understand why we have to wait three months...force people to buy new costumes, mounts, inners all that stuff. But what about us who have geared Brawlers already? What about us who have spent millions in gold for costumes and mounts? For us, male brawler doesn't really come out til that 3 months period is over. Yea we could level a new brawler in a few short hours but that means we'd have to liberate our gear and pass it to the new guy. Tera I love you and have stuck by you for years and all but I recently met someone new, someone exciting, someone that makes me feel whole again. Monster Hunter World just does things for me. It's not you Tera, it's me >_<
This is a dumb idea. Many of us have costumes which have more sentimental meaning with the aquisition date. Costumes were meant to be bound for a reason. Used it on the wrong toon? Too bad so sad. Submit a ticket, if you're lucky they'll help you, if not...then learn from your mistake.
The biggest thing that keeps me around on NA Tera are the few friends, however dwindling, that I have left who play on NA. Pvp is a thing of the past. Pve content is ok, kind of. The fun dungeon now is RK9, but for someone new it could take weeks of spamming rg and sf for dailies and gold to upgrade your gear to aquire the ilvl required to do the RK9 vangaurd.

I won't sugar coat it, like some of the others that responded who are compensated to defend this game. If you don't have a guild to run with or at least a single buddy, you're going to struggle. If you do come back and need some friends or a guild, and you're on CH, send me a private message and I'll show you the way
tbh it's not really a big deal anymore. we all know it's still there...you're not exposing anything. it's just that it's a pain to the people who only use certain tools to help with ping when they constantly keep changing op codes.
the best way to get rid of memeslash is to stop giving it any publicity or spotlight. the people using memeslash only make it harder for everyone else who want to play the game without ping tax. please go away
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Digivolve wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
Shoutout to everyone that afk'd with me on TR ;D

These are currently being planned for a release in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned.

You said January 18th on stream though....

He said that was the goal to get it into the store for everybody by then. It might still be the plan, but it's a goal.

"Goal" is a really cute name for dates we probably can't and won't keep, but just throwing it out there anyway

Having plans/goals like this is the reality for all software companies, including gaming. Things slip dates all the time because unexpected complications come up; sometimes it's visible, sometimes it isn't. It's the nature of the job. If people expect them to be transparent to any degree, they'll have to deal with this uncertainty.

how much do they pay you?
I posted a video on this over a month ago. Where they at?
What the hell are you talking about ?

something more forbidden to the forums than counterpoint agreeing with people
LegateTR wrote: »
Here's some super constructive feedback: fire spacecats

I wish there was a different cm too but firing people would only make things worse at this point in teras life. I'd rather suck it up and deal with what we got than burn the place down even more
It's 8 am est, and there's 20 people in the guild who are all online right now. Usually it's like 6 maybe 7 friends online at this time on a normal day. I appreciate the double drop event, I really do. Though, it shouldn't take an event like this to bring us all together again and back to the game.
I've spent enough on this game over the past 4 years to buy two brand new cars. Didn't receive a card nor do I really car tbh but I think it's cool, grats to those who got one
For the ones that drop loot I'd assume it's still 12-36 hours. It's just a hypothesis I have. There for a while I was taking everything on ch for about 2 weeks til I got busy with work. Keeping track of what you kill, what channel you kill on, and what time you kill is a good way to hunt. Also, if you find other people killing something make sure to take note of those as well. It'll cut down on wasting time searching for a bam that won't be there for a few hours. Happy Hunting bro

Guess this is why everyone is playing mystics? :shrug:
As someone who mains a lancer I can truly say that I understand the feels right now for priests. When brawler first came out two years ago it was hard to get a party. I never jumped on the bandwagon, I kept playing lancer and just found new friends to play with. It's a sad cycle in this game tbh.
My wallet is ready hnng

I'm level 65 though =/
Won't let me teleport off stepstone isle ;-;
-sigh- people on the internet don't know what sarcasm is. this entire thread is sarcasm and grown [filtered] men who play elins be acting offended over a little girl character xD. and yes kubitoid, I am br. huehue
do what I'm doing, buy up all the low level metal gear and just sit on it. Don't even re-sell it when the gunner drops. Somewhere out there, a low level elin gunner will struggle because of me. I'll be making my 9 millionth high elf lancer to level alongside the elin gunners and troll them in IMS by not holding aggro, and when they complain to me about not holding aggro I'll just say "Alguem br?"
Isn't that the same as double/triple drops though?
Whether or not it's zayo, comcast, savvis w/e...tera has had major issues with connection activity dating back to last november. Things always get bad around holiday time for some reason. Gets colder outside, people stay in and stream movies, online shopping, and the occasional ddos. Nothing new
take screenshots/video, submit tickets.
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I personally would like to see the noctenium infusion potion added as an elite perk. Here's why. They added the nostrum to the elite perks, which nostrums aren't really that hard to get and are easily available. I have stacks of them saved up from farming IOD and opening mwa boxes in the past. I don't exactly know where or how people aquire noctenium these days after they removed Alliance. Though I think it would be a very nice addition to our perks and I'd then feel like I'm getting my moneys worth each month.

Another thing, and I've asked for this years ago, would be for 5 more slots added in the travel journal. I currently have two world bam spawns saved, two dungeon entrances, and one mountain in velika I like to go to get away from the people and cities during my down time or afk time. I would love to add more dungeon entrances, more afk spots, and one or two more world bam spawns for my achievements.

Of all the ideas suggested...this is by far the best I've seen yet. I too have sent tickets to support about adding more slots to the travel journal but to them, it's nothing but anonymous criticism with no acknowledgement of a helpful addition to our game.
tl;dr this counts as griefing
Cool guide. Once I hit level 60+, and begin to run more harder dungeons and get closer to end game, how or where can I find info about using optimal glyphs for my class or know which crystals to use for dungeons and open world stuff?
ch just went down...
After the recent update I'm pretty sure f2p people gonna rely on these shops more since enchanting and upgrading gear is now more of a gold sink. Also I never said anything about player council receiving a leak...but ok lol
Xerses wrote: »
Player Council is pretty useless, put them to work for you and have them give you ideas for the shops. Isn't that what they're for?
This was already done long ago, FWIW. I don't think the main issue has ever been having ideas of what to add. (I also did Rewards Emporium too, actually, although it was a while ago now and would have to be updated.)

That said, given that you could have lists drawn up for each shop in like 2 hours, I'd gladly compare notes to see if anything's missing.

As Seandynamite said, the larger issues of updating the new shops are pricing, items, and long term viability. Items may not be the main issue to you since a majority of us long term players already have an ample supply of both Fed Bills and Fashion Coupons. Not to mention we spend money on costumes. However there are people who don't spend a cent on the game and rely solely on these shops to decorate their characters. Items then become important to those players. I'd also suggest a dressing room function for these shops. Some of the items don't look as good on your character as you think they do.

That said, I have no credibility what so ever with anyone from player council nor do I care to share any such ideas with them. After the recent shennanigans with EME and other content creators for this game with the -puts tinfoil hat on- "leak", I'd rather only deal with EME directly and cut out any middle men.
Xerses wrote: »
Why not just update all three at once. @seandynamite

Because we don't have the time or resources to do them all at once. So I am prioritizing them and getting them done one at a time.

Also, you should understand that NONE of these are a small undertaking. There is a lot to take into consideration when it comes to pricing, items, and long term viability of the shop. I know it might seem like it's just "throw everything in there and put some prices on it" and I wish it were that easy. But it's not.

Right, it may not be a small undertaking but it's not a huge undertaking either. Player Council is pretty useless, put them to work for you and have them give you ideas for the shops. Isn't that what they're for? Cut copy and paste some things from EU shop. I could have a shop list drawn up for you, for each shop, in like 2 hours and meet your standards of pricing, items, and long term viability. I play this game everyday, I know people have large quantities of Fed Bills/Fashion Coupons, I myself have over 6k fed bills and 40k Fashion Coupons. The only shop that may require a bit more time would be the Rewards Emporium because it's based on how much someone spends real cash on in game purchases.
pumped the type to create alt accounts and reply to his own threads
Why not just update all three at once. @seandynamite
I think 8 channels is fine. If someone comes along and starts killing bams I just go to another bam or I go to other things like GG or ace dungeons. Or ask a friend to come help you so others won't be so influenced to invade your space.
Poor attempt at a troll topic to push the discussion of editing files which we know is not allowed. You've been using this for years without any problems in the past, hell, what lancer doesn't use this by now xD
Ferria wrote: »
We have...

Elitist Server
Exploit Server
E.R.P Server

Pick and you'll find your place.

Wow, when you think about it, this is so true
-still waiting for them to fix the Character Direction bug when using a controller-
BHS has slowly killed pvp over the years and I feel like this is going to be the final nail in the coffin as far as any open world pvp event goes. I've seen videos of people using it against @Spacecats in FWC and plenty of videos of people using it during CU. I'm not blaming or pointing fingers at anyone in particular from these guilds or even this server but I know this does go on during CU on other servers. Sucks that a few bad apples trying to troll will ruin it for everyone else.
Didn't someone tell you how to do this in discord?
The creators and publishers do like to kill things that are special in this game. People don't need to run content because they can just buy deathwrack boxes on the broker. What happened to making friends and actually playing the game. Look at the Blue Angel Halo, and the World Bam achievements. People spent MONTHS farming world bams, we formed hunting groups, we kept track of spawn times with spreadsheets, we missed sleep to be on after maintenance for Elenea bams and what does BHS? They cater to the casuals and reduce it to 1 bam each. This comes as no surprise that they wouldn't make it a limited time only thing. @counterpoint Marketing gimmick? It's a marketing gimmick either way. Elins are what keeps the servers running. More than likely the elin gunner had been around for a while but they chose to wait to release it when the game began to decline so they can continue milking our wallets.

A two month time limit to create an elin gunner would be fine. It's more than enough time for everyone and anyone to create one. For once I agree with @kubitoid , disable server transfers and make it a 7 day thing, after that gg. There's nothing special about this game anymore.
When do we get private servers?
Grimoir wrote: »
> @Xerses said:
> who the hell wants to play equalized pvp tho for pve mats??? lame af

Ypu are free to run the dungeons and VSH.

Do rally to get a DW box or better yet buy it from
Broker or buy DW+15 from other players

my point was really more about equalized pvp though. Gone are the days where we could queue with gear which we worked to get. They introduced the thing where we could have two different sets of rolls on our gear, one for pvp, one for pve but it feels useless. No point in having two different roll layouts when the only place it would matter would be CU. I even miss pvp gear =/

The good days are over. Just give us double drop. Game's slowly declining anyway, what can it hurt at this point?
I bet it runs better than what we currently have
who the hell wants to play equalized pvp tho for pve mats??? lame af
Everyone jumping on this transfer wagon and I'm here just waiting for everyone to leave so me and my 16 alts can have the server to myself
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