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LegateTR wrote: »

Thanks! But I thought you can't remove xigncode without making registry edits? That sounds like a pain in the [filtered] I'd like to avoid lol

you do have to make registry edits. i'm waiting until the 14th to reinstall just in case myself
you are either dumb or a troll. it is extremely forgiving of caali to reinstate support for a region that [filtered] him over so thoroughly, and if eme has any brains they will be grateful that proxy devs are handing players this incentive to return.
i gave up on MMOs and i've been replaying every far cry game that i own tbh i can recommend it
why'd you guys stop posting i wanted more to read at the dinner table :(
the artist contacted me, i believe she will be starting in on commissions soon
it's been almost exactly a month since the artist contacted me to let me know her tablet arrived, and about 6 months since i first placed my order and paid in full. i have had no communication from her since february 25 regarding my own commission, nor those from everyone else on her waiting list. i also have yet to receive a response about the refund i requested.
i’ve noticed that hair textures have been changing since ninja hairs were added - they’re heavier on the highlights and each individual piece isn’t quite as heavy/dark as the classic hairs.

it wouldn’t be very hard at all to edit these hair textures to better reflect the color you chose, but it would also be against the tos. cx
your art is so gorgeous T_T
shinjuki wrote: »
It's when you try to get the highest dps possible by using every buff possible and ending the boss at the end of an enrage burn so you can increase your epeen.

adding on to this, parse runs are often slaying runs with party compositions that allow for maximum dps output (like lancers and mystics.) sometimes these runs are reset over and over again to ensure favorable conditions (like if someone who's parsing dies or the boss turns at the wrong time, the party may reset the boss.)
out of here with your feasible and necessary ideas, you fools! the hamfisted oafs in charge have spoken!
well, i was a little sad about the talismans being canceled because then i lost a pretty big motivation to quit. good thing eme came in clutch!
your race change discount means nothing if players have to lose thousands if not millions of gold in costumes when they race change
pull is dumb but have you considered just... not running with the offenders

before asking for game changes from a company that doesn’t care

^ they will never give us a gold option as long as they sell appearance vouchers, but a cheaper hair-only change voucher might be more likely.
Rikre wrote: »
Has anyone heard from this artists or gotten anything from her since October

i last spoke with her in December, last i knew she was waiting on a tablet pen replacement. i will contact her again.
@KRR9RR79DM sorry i can’t quote on mobile, but if you check the link in my first post you can sign up for the poll there and someone will be in contact with you!
i wish i had my dyeable maid over on mt to offer! T_T your coloring is so gorgeous
KRR9RR79DM wrote: »
Heya, must we join your guild in order to do HH? I would love to join HH but prefer not to quit my guild.

nope, being in the guild is not required (just a majority of the members will be from SC)
Sushi Cat has recently formed a raid for Harrowhold in CH with a mixture of new and experienced players. We are looking to bring in some new members to join us so we can get more frequent raids set up through the week, which is currently not possible due to the limited number of guildies and friends interested and their availability. We're welcoming both experienced and inexperienced players to raid but we have some requirements for people interested.

We're looking for people who:
- Are friendly and cooperative
- Are open to advice / criticism
- Have read the Harrowhold guide and / or watched videos
- Are willing to ask for help when you need it
- Actively join practice raids when the chance arises if you are new or needing to improve your skills
- Will at least join the once-off practice raid before being a part of actual raid, so we can assess where your skill level is at / see if you mesh well with us
- Take responsibility for yourself - show up on time to raids you have signed up for, give raid leaders advance warning if you will be late to or miss raid, and update your availability weekly
- Accept that while this is a learning raid, we do expect improvement. If you are unwilling or unable to adapt to the dungeon as you learn, you may need to be replaced.
- Are patient - this is a learning raid and while the above still applies, people will make mistakes while learning and it's okay to do so. If you're experienced and would like to join, please don't flame or be toxic to people who are new.

Thus far we have cleared phases 1-3 and are working through phase 4.

If you are interested, please see this form.
do you take paypal?
your linework is beautiful!
yeah dragonbane is the most recent "exclusive" and it's still not as prestigious as stairmaster/first responder/etc

they haven't had really exclusive titles for over a year now
your input is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine
damn it i'm late to the party. i'll drop this meme here and go

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I've seen numerous of threads ranting how imbalanced this game is. Honestly if you just follow EssentialMana, you will realize how balanced the game is more than you think!

can you stop talking?
i wish i had money T_T your art is gorgeous!!!
they’ve claimed it was a bug but afaik it has yet to be fixed several months later
people still buy and sell, just not on the forums.
happy new fear!
is this the hill yall wanna die on
lulupon wrote: »
★ sketch commission for @Xeiryl ! (◡‿◡✿)

so beautiful TwT
Spacecats wrote: »
They're on schedule for release early this afternoon (12/14). <3

great, thanks for the update!
Spacecats wrote: »
Arwen wrote: »
And then i see an elin wearing this, and I literally die to have one! <3 :'(
The golden one is so costly, 250k on broker, while the dyeable one i still yet to see one.

They are looking super cute omg! Why they got exclusive fashion? Or am I missing something here?

Those are the Pop Star items we're getting this Thursday (that I'm really excited about <3). I'll be raffling some off during the Friday stream...

... plus I'll revealing another surprising item I don't think most have seen yet.

still not in the browser/ingame store. o:
np! :) if you have any more questions or would like advice my ign on ch is Star, so feel free to friend/whisper me if you need practice runs of rk or anything.
i'm also on ch and in my experience, the one raid on that server is pretty accepting of new people if they gear properly and put effort into reading guides / watching videos / improving dps output on other content. once you have good gear and a good grasp of your class and can prove that you're able to pull your weight, you can be around to sub in and as you grow more experienced with the dungeon have a higher chance to earn a more permanent place on the roster.
if they wanted a dog pun (which is dumb since that bucket of bolts doesn't even walk on 4 legs, who decided it was a dog?) there's plenty of cleverer, shorter, more desirable titles to be had. alpha?? top dog?? i thought of both of these in the freakin shower and they're still better than that nightmare trainer swill
they said no. get out of here before you derail another innocent artist's thread.

absolutely nothing about anything you think or say is reasonable
Some of the best artists I've known have enormous humility. (Brenda Behr) You asked for it. http://faso.com/artists/brendabehr.html

damn you made it all the way to 3pm i was almost proud
I wonder how many days it will last if I just walk away.

i've been wondering that since the first time you said you were leaving.

Body is 10 characters too short.
this is the best news of my life ;v; could i reserve a fullbody colored sketch, gold payment on ch?
this guy is like what happens when you pour water on an electronic device
i rue the day you learned to use a computer
So do you expect someone to pay a million for something right off the bat that you slap down? NO! Get real! I'm more sane than you think.

Not very humble in my opinion for an artist to do that! Re-read that last post before this post. Sorry if I wanted to elaborate more.

dude everything you say reads like a trump tweet
you had no reason to post in the first place and yet you did it anyway dude, just shut the entire hell up and go away. you have no idea what you’re talking about and it shows. next time you think anyone needs to hear about how they should work for less than minimum wage, keep it to yourself.
just report and move on, this guy needs to staple his hands to his [filtered]
@PhoenixKiss shut up
i love this frickin artist guys
finally something exciting. maybe i will stop calling them butt hole studios
i can’t believe they banned the archer that paved the way for all the other archers
@CornishRex is that your brawler? she's friggin adorable
yeah idk this is the first ever event i've actually been angry enough to complain about. like?? why the [filtered] hype up an event like this if it's going to be this sporadic and this poorly handled? gms BARELY communicated with us as to times/places. i should not miss 3/4 of a spawn slot because i decided to do one golden labyrinth. i don't even know bams are out until i see lfgs.

loot is fantastic, the event is fine as long as you get lucky enough to be free in the very short time periods it happens. i know i'm not entitled to free [filtered] and we're lucky to have gotten this event at all, but the poor communication and lack of regard for your playerbase is getting extremely old. this [filtered] feels like dashcon all over again. i used to really look forward to these events purely for the opportunity to fight long-removed bosses, but i definitely don't think i'll be bothering with these events in the future, no matter how good the nostalgia may feel
yes. not my screenshot
holy necro, batman!
i've been having a similar issue during startup (the game booting up in fullscreen and not going into windowed mode immediately) despite being on windowed fullscreen and having edited the s1options file. hopefully there's a fix someone's found that works? o:
^ from my past experience with the last time change, CU starts at 8pm EST (winter) and 9pm EDT (summer) assuming they have not made any adjustments this year.
anyone in this thread smoke weed
Catservant wrote: »
What is WITH all this shade? No one said anything mean when other servers announced their first clear, did they?

It's almost like some people here cannot handle that CH has 20 people serious about content.

WOW. Way to be classy people. "Congrats, but you only won because the competition is crap!" Who says stuff like that. O.o

Ignore them. I think it is fantastic that you cleared. It is NOT a small accomplishment.

You also give hope to any ambitious CH player who loves the server but wants to try even the hardest dungeon we have.

the problem ppl have here is that it was falsely announced as server first clear when it isn't. op has since corrected it to "first clear following patch" but all the meme posts are from before that happened. drama is over o/
i can't seem to find you on discord. would you mind contacting Evie#3587 or may i send you a forum pm?
ty! i'll mail you in a sec :3c
could i reserve that spot? ;^;
St4lk wrote: »
A little fake movie poster for Evie, mainly to play around with 3D assets in Blender. Depicted are her Moon/Star-Princess and her War General character~ :D

there's my girls!!!
u literally want to pay money so that u dont have to play the game lmofa
TOP was changed to be learned at a higher level, not a bug
i’ve been having game crash issues in water as well since before patch. i’ve also crashed in fwc and thaumetal refinery and it seems to happen most when i accidentally swim into invisible walls
i'm pretty sure i've heard of stuff like that happening with memory leaks. i'm dumb as [filtered] and that's all i can say to help, but if you know how to fix those you might be in luck.
pretty sure it's undetectable unless you're sharing vids and stuff, and there are plenty of people who do that without repercussion. worst comes to worst the file gets overwritten in patch and has to be re-edited but i haven't had that happen in multiple years
manor dust is from rm/lk, not sm.

i definitely second the slaughter option, which may be cheaper to craft anyway.
Creations & EventsFreebies 10/06/2017, 07:32 PM Xeiryl

thank you for the opportunity! i'd love to see your gallery if you're comfortable pming it to me o:
+100 i threw mine away like a dunce years ago :(
i'd love to reserve a mini chibi spot if that third slot is still open!
OLiviloi wrote: »
Xeiryl wrote: »
ahhh that last piece of art gives me life. ;A;

here is a screenshot of my priest, if you're interested in drawing her! thank you so much for the opportunity!

(sorry for link, pic attachment doesn't work on mobile for me)

Sketch for Xeiryl finished c:

she's so precious!!! thank you so much this absolutely made my day
ahhh that last piece of art gives me life. ;A;

here is a screenshot of my priest, if you're interested in drawing her! thank you so much for the opportunity!

(sorry for link, pic attachment doesn't work on mobile for me)

any class can be good if you know how to play it properly

play what you want, slayer isn't in as illustrious a spot as, say, valkyrie, but who cares? is just game
if you don't have any more spaces on your home server, you could see about getting your friends to roll characters with you on a different server where you have slots.
laziest [filtered] i've seen in my damn life lol
unfortunately berserker can be like that at lower levels, as your damage takes longer to come out than other classes. zerkers really shine at endgame where bosses won't die in one hit, and you'll see some huge crits. cast times will also get a little better by level 65 with the attack speed you'll be getting from potential jewelry bonuses and gloves. if you wanted to take a break from it for now, you can definitely come back and work on her later! i do really enjoy my own zerk at max level, just the process to get there is pretty unrewarding unless you're sticking to dungeons, where the monsters take a little longer to kill.
Ferria wrote: »
I guess you ignored I said I wanted a slot since my name is not on the taken spots.

I think you had to keep track of the thread since she only recently opened 3 slots then added another 3 more very recently too :x
Xeiryl wrote: »
I guess you ignored I said I wanted a slot since my name is not on the taken spots.

she added a specific note stating that she'd list people on the slots once receiving payment, because she's been burnt before and not received compensation for her work. sorry if you didn't notice that :(

No, I posted my comment the same day they opened the comissions, before she even raised the prices, so there was no thing that said I had to pay first to get a spot, and there were even only 3 spots open at the time. I was the second person to ask for a spot actually :/!

you can still check back and make sure
I guess you ignored I said I wanted a slot since my name is not on the taken spots.

she added a specific note stating that she'd list people on the slots once receiving payment, because she's been burnt before and not received compensation for her work. sorry if you didn't notice that :(
i don't really care about more realistic or fantasy costumes, i just want higher quality as has already been stated.

the hanboks were done really well, they were detailed and you can tell work went into the rigging and they're not just a skintight mess. immersion is already out the window with so many aspects of this game; if i'm gonna shell out for something from the cash shop, it's because i want something that doesn't look like fashion coupon outfits. and if people are paying real cash for these, it stands to reason they want to see more effort put into these costumes than we've been getting lately.
TheDarkWan wrote: »
it's a glitch, but an amazing and awesome glitch. we love it.

JXE5356AKE wrote: »
Uhh, I think I missed the slots (I count 3 above me), but if there is any chance, I'd be very interested! I think you should increase gold prices in my honest opinion as well.

i wanted to mention this too, especially considering how inflated gold/emp ratio is right now, the amount of gold you're asking for is worth a lot less than your real money prices. i see people pay over 100k easy for the quality of work and amount of detail you do.

edit: god thank you JXE5356AKE for doing math i was too scared to even try
i'd love to reserve a slot! @Ravstrea do you have discord?
(banging fists on table) uppers! uppers! uppers!
Tsin wrote: »
I would agree with what Xeiryl stated, but this makes no sense for classes such as Mystics and Warriors, who have had some of their important skills taken away from them and replaced at much higher levels (since Thrall of Protection is now apparently 50+) or are now forced to play a certain way until a certain level (warrior's entire tanking kit is now locked behind 50-60 despite the fact that you can still queue as tank at Lv. 20). The fact that none of these changes were listed in the patch notes is absolutely baffling as almost every class had changes. Some of these changes do give some classes an easier time, while making other classes much more restrictive in how they can be played.

i'm kind of glad they took away ToP, as you didn't get the endurance glyph until 65 (which is the only reason to use thrall at endgame anyway) and their aggro aura was pretty tough for leveling tanks to keep up with.

you do make a good point about warrior, though. i'm guessing rationalization for that one might be that players would queue as tank and not actually tank, but that still seems like an unnecessary reason to keep the tank kit so far up in leveling.
i think you kind of answered it yourself: because it changes how you play low-leveled characters. there are a lot of classes that didn't get their most important / useful skills until high levels, meaning they had less chance to learn how to properly utilize them pre-65. also, having more skills available to each class before max level helps people decide if they want to stick with the class easier.
can't quote on mobile, but that's what i heard as well, xander. i think if changes come, they'll be later in a separate patch, whichever direction they go. the way these changes ended up across multiple versions is messy as hell.

i also know that struggle, haggard. i can't even remember all the exact keybinds of my less-played alts, so i just had to roll the dice and hope i placed my skills where muscle memory expects them to be.
ok guys, i posted the gifs as a concrete example of the discussion op was trying to start, not so we could discuss what my game looks like.

frankly, mystic lockon is bs. it's landing on people i'm not even looking at or noticing with my own eyes, and this lockon applies to cleanse as well (which can be dangerous in specific situations like sun phase in harrowhold, as you have less accurate targeting ability on particular allies.)

i really hope this ability is reverted/doesn't extend to priest (on the pc version.) it's slightly more understandable with console controller input, but it's one of the most worrying changes i've seen and definitely doesn't signal a good trajectory for the healing classes when they don't have to do the most basic job of aiming their heals anymore.

clarification of this feature's intent would just be really nice. i've heard conflicting accounts from KR and EU, so i'm wondering what NA's story will be.
Ghiblii wrote: »
I'm just sitting here wondering how your game is so damn smooth @Xeiryl

i wonder that too, i have no idea how but i'm grateful for it
here's gifs for comparison of the autolock.

mystics got an auto lock-on helper as well (yes, on pc). i don't really have anything helpful to add to the discussion honestly, i'm just really pissed off that these changes were implemented despite any degree of common sense.

mystics now contribute the same power and attack speed as priests WITHOUT having to continually cast estars or use up glyph points, get an extra crit buff on top of that, and have an equivalent endurance debuff that lasts 9 seconds longer than a priest's. if the class was braindead before, the lockon changes make it a [filtered] clown fiesta.

i definitely second that if priests are supposed to be more carry-focused, their buffs and debuffs should have more leeway considering they'd be picking people off the floor so often. right now, there's such a feast vs. famine going on between the healers. at least in PvE, one class gets (almost) all the benefits with so much less work, while the class that has more responsibility when it comes to buffs/debuffs has almost nothing to compensate for the extra work put in. i haven't forgotten about kaia's and shakan's, but who wants that when you can instead have two different endurance debuffs, extra crit, and equivalent power/attack speed support that's also more reliable to keep up than estars?

i'm just glad bhs hasn't tried putting out a new healer class yet, or we would have dealt with this absolute brain-dead dog [filtered] earlier on. this is really stupid to watch, because it doesn't take much brains to realize that this tilted the already tenuous scale between priests and mystics way out of balance.

edit: i don't think the way to go is to continually buff classes to compensate for each other - but if changes are going to be made, there are some areas where improvements would go a long way.
this was intended, as in EU certain skills were adjusted to be learned at lower levels and EME failed to mention this in patch notes. as usual. cx
your art is so beautiful! i'm trying to nudge my bf into maybe doing a couple commission once your health improves and time frees up c: you're very talented!
i second the deer head. i wish their animal heads were less cute, it ruins the hotline miami look i wanted to go for. :c
in the long-term, you want to stick with more populated servers (MT and TR.) ch is good if all you care about is roleplay, but it's got a smaller population (like av) which means unless you already have a set group or guild to run with, you won't get as many chances to actually play the game's content.
narcs these days :/
LesbianVi wrote: »
Xeiryl wrote: »
i'd rather have no events anymore at all than a constant 500+ ms

It is not event, there is a problem with server, there not even so many people with argon event and not even so many mobs or bosses.

remember last year Halloween event? way more mobs, way more bosses and mechs, way way more players to hunt them, no lag, no crash. fun part is back then, you wouldn't see much players disconnect during boss fights, but now almost everyone crash or dc couple of times on you raid, it is clear players get kicked out of server, it even happens in rally.

A year ago, my isp was bad but I wasn't lagging and disconnecting this bad, specially during rally and events. Servers are problematic and with a little crowd in a province, servers can't handle it. and it seems Tera servers are not a priority matter, for EME's manager (EME top manager, not Tera team, cause this Tera team doing good) and also BHS, so we gotta stay in Tera and suffer or go play Kritika according to their new advertisement.

and yet servers were, on the whole, fine until argons started. b7d.png

no duh, there's a problem with server. my issue is that events often exacerbate it, which i think should be obvious. for a massive multiplayer online game, tera sure does a [filtered] [filtered] job of handling, y'know, massive multiplayer settings.

St4lk wrote: »
Brace for impact! Here comes Evie's commision. :D marcel-benes-comm-04-finalsmall.jpg?1503940683
Behind the Scenes:

i HUGELY recommend commissioning from st4lk, they were very pleasant to work with and worked with me on a lot of decisions about detail, pose, lighting, etc. works fast and their work is extremely high quality
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