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Yes confirmed as it says right up front " you will be able to create and login with this character on 4/4/"

Found it!


The thread there about wanting the name "Arcane Engineer" instead of Gunner is repeating again with this class!
I'm just laughing at the denial of people not wanting Slayers to be "good". It's like the bully effect that people did on Sorcerers before the revamp even though Sorcerers before revamped was good at holding together their DPS.
PvE DiscussionReapers 03/01/2017, 03:13 PM XR6GREJ4WD
NPCPak wrote: »
(Low to High: DPS)
Priest, Mystic, Lancer, Slayer, Reaper, Sorcerer, Archer, Warrior, Berserker, Ninja, Gunner, Brawler

Sorcerers lower than Gunner. Are you trolling?

Cause if you aren't, this list definitely shows you have no idea about this game at all.

Leave the big talk to the pros please. That was the most embarrassing tier list I've read in a decade.
66ECX7NAN7 wrote: »
It'll be here on April 4th.
Xplato wrote: »
so expect dancer to be here in 2-3 weeks roughly. we always have the same time between update is ktera did.

Care for proof? Oh I guess you can't.

Here, let me show you my proof instead of making false accusation like most people are doing here.


"The Paragon class will be coming in sometime after the conclusion of the naming event."

So it's not coming out before April 4th, and it's not coming out on April 4th.

I mean that's to be expected...

Your fault for not thinking ahead of what happens after a big event like Kyra is over. I honestly don't know what you should expect?

People create their own content and goals. For example, my guild will be focused on doing RMHM for hankies since they are more determined to make Ambush for their alts to be used for next patch.

But I don't know why people have to play another MMO because TERA is getting boring for them. As for me, I have a Nintendo Switch coming up this Friday instead of forcing myself to play another MMO thinking that's the only choice I have for gaming, lol.
I figured most people would have seen what Yosha posted about it but I'll link it here http://originalyosha.tumblr.com/post/157828312948/i-made-a-post-about-class-changes-13-that-brought

TLDR version: We got the later fix from KTERA 12/08 patch for Slayer, Berserker, and Lancer. Bluehole accidentally gave only the 12/01 patch and didn't revise it for 12/08.

Yosha proved this even with Lancer's backstep on how slow it was. But that's not the case with our version. It's affected by attack speed http://originalyosha.tumblr.com/post/157846812983/just-giving-a-heads-up-that-the-attack-speed-no
I'm not too pleased with the Lancers Backstep being unaffected no longer by attack speed. It actually is a lot slower compared to how it once was. I consider this a debuff.. What do Lancer gain out of this?
But it's not slow. x_x;
We already knew about this for a long time ago.

Nobody ever intended the way you mentioned it though...

"This would constantly apply the glyph buff of double crit to you as long as you remain within range, like the healing ray."

That was never said to begin with. You just get additional crit factor for 1 second as soon as you hit that skill. You can even open your profile page to see it updated for a mere second.

It's pretty much a joke to let Gunners quit this class due to its complicated changes. Gunner is ded class now.
It's like Arcane Engineer chaos all over again. I remember this one dude was absolutely going to be calling it Arcane Enginner until the day he dies or something, lol.

Prepare to see waves of complaints that this "Lunar Dancer" fan name is not chosen even though it's a fan name by this one Korean translator and everyone is tripping.
PvE DiscussionReapers 02/28/2017, 06:30 PM XR6GREJ4WD
Reapers are tanks. End of story.
Ashern wrote: »
What does the Keen HB-7 glyph actually do? Just summoned it and I got double base crit factor.....for barely a second. It doesn't even last long enough for the HB-7 to land and at least take advantage of the double crit. What is the purpose of it?
I guess to make you reroll due to it's questionable changes? I mean, PvP balance? lol

Slayers are not bottom tier anymore, it's Gunners turn now. : /
What's next?

My Nintendo Switch coming this Friday that's what.

See you suckers and enjoy afking at Highwatch standing on tall places to get recognized!
Is it good? Sure it increases something.

Is it significant? Nope.

A skilled Guile healer can perform at the same level as a BiS healer. Sure you can heal less, but a skilled group are not required heavy amounts of healing anyways and increased heals can't cure one-shots either.

You would resize all jewelries, have full behemoth +15, and even a Superior circlet when you wanna show off that you are a try-hard healer with no DPS or Tank alts. : /
just wait.
Seeing a boss like yesterday is just fun to experience rather than a boring and steady way of doing this event. Mayhem and full of lulz. I was laughing when I saw a bunch of red circles wiping 2/3 of the raid.

In the end, nobody will be happy of what EME will do.

People can say making a punching bag legendary mongo, but ppl will say it's boring.

People can say make an interesting and broken legendary mongo for fun, but ppl will say that it's unfair.

All you really need is someone to tag the thing anyways then sit back and enjoy the mayhem of a boss that shouldn't have belonged in the open world area. It's cool to see all sorts of interesting stuff that they can do.

In the end, this community really wants everything handled to them on a platinum platter instead of a silver platter.
I agree!

Since we should be even more lazy, I like to suggest that elite players should get a nostrum passive, bravery/cane passive, noctenium passive, god mode passive, triple drop passive, and doeverythingforme passive too!
Anyone see a pattern here? Every new post this person makes, always gets so defensive. Rinse and Repeat. At least be like the forum clown Dhrizzit where this individual shrugs it off since this person has nothing to lose with the embarrassment already.

So our point is, there's no reason to keep nagging about your IMS experience. We know, it sucks. People do stupid crap. It's triggering, but not worth to make a post about it.

Giving your so-called "advice" is not going to make them play any better. Those kinds of players don't care what you think and will quit the game anyways.

Also, we are patently waiting for this speed hack that you've seen where they are going extremely fast and doing more damage too. Me and other players here are eager to see this result from you!
I know by posting this, I'm gonna be labelled a troll and I'm going to open up the biggest can of worms ever on these forums, and for that, I am sorry.
There are worse on here, but I'm sure most people here know who they are. :pleased:
Stop doing IMS man. Unless this is part of a glitch to you.
Cezzare wrote: »
Is it allowed to discuss the use of meters in these forums? (No, it isn't).
Of course not, it will get ninja removed.

Nerf is just Warp Barrier cooldown increasing. It doesn't affect your DPS and next dungeon content are easier than this patch so that tells you a lot. It's a PvP nerf, but who cares nobody does competitive PvP here anyways. They reduced MP cost on a ton of skills so that's considered a buff for those that still struggles with mana with this class.

Sorcerers are tied with Archer so it's 3rd best. This is tiring to repeat this over and over.
XR6GREJ4WD wrote: »
Ghillieglade 2nd area with the teraliths. You can hit the crystal that has very high endurance and HP to practice some stuff.

Ghillieglade 2nd area with the teraliths. You can hit the crystal that has very high endurance and HP to practice some stuff. To reset the two teraliths, just log out and log back in and you can freely train without any interruptions as long as you stand within the crystal distance.
You think that way when ppl just raceroll SSNM without having to dodge mechanics. That ends up using more of your MP.
Just note that the silly Lunar Dance is just a fan translation placeholder name.
NPCPak wrote: »
Let's move on, shall we?
Who are you?

That's OK I have been informed by Spacecats what to do if I find someone being insubordinate to forum rules. I love the ignore button.
Then you may as well ignore every single person on this forum then. We tell you the most probable answers because we have a better understanding of this game and you outright refuse it because we don't agree with your accusations of this so-called "fast players" in dungeons where you use Instance Matching System.

Even if you catch this so-called "hacks" by recording it from your Instance Matching adventures, you can't even publicly post it here anyways since it's breaking the rules. So much for being yourself as a "insubordinate to forum rules".

I'm just still baffled by the fact that someone twice as old as me can behave in such a gesture like this. I truly do.

ElinUsagi wrote: »
You has only showed that in your 40 years old you haven't matured more than a teenager.
Wait, this person is 40-years-old?! Where is this said? I'm just not bothered to read all these nonsense that hurts my brain cells, but I'm just honestly surprised to see that. What a scary world we live in geez
The end result for TL;DR

No matter what Bluehole or what EME does, some people will complain regardless.
They seem to have mistaken you for @Dhrizzit

An honest mistake.
You should avoid posting on social media boards like this one if the "littlest" things triggers you so easily like this.

You are only going to get more people to do this on purpose to you to get a reaction out of you cause you take things way too granted and seriously.
Skilled players have common sense. Noob players tend to stand in a red dangerous circle and doesn't know why they are dying.

Skilled ranged class tends to stay closer to get behind bosses better. Noob ranged class stands extremely far away and when the boss turns they never go behind the boss to reposition cause it takes way too long.

Skilled healer class knows when to preemptively lock-on and heal if they are going to take damage while handling under pressure keeping support up-time almost 100% of the time with endurance debuffs and mana replenishment. Noob healers only heals and never takes orders to use support skills cause healers = heals and nothing else.

Skilled tank class keeps their endurance debuff up at all times while keeping good position and sticking in front of the boss while holding aggro very consistently. Noob tank doesn't keep aggro thus it hurts everyone's performance and continues to make the boss spin around.
Can't tell if overreacting or just having lack of knowledge of the game as shown by your post history.

I'm not sure if you know what Deadly Gamble, Mana Boost, Adrenaline Rush, and other stuff does that increases attack speed and does high damage that makes you think they are hacking the game.

So yeah, kinda hard to take it seriously or not, but I'll let a few others figure it out until they are ready to do more SSNM spam and legendary mongo hunting.
Not sure why complaining about lag right now when we had this for the past couple of months, lol.

I guess we should get used to it at this point. Nothing has been done.

*incoming whiteknights saying it's still our ISP at fault lol*
This still going huh.
Do you play hard modes and have a static or guild groups to do competitive dungeons for e-peen personal DPS to show everyone on their dps meter how cool you are? If not, then just sell it. If you aren't elite, then post on trade chat that you are selling it so you can avoid the broker fees. Selling it now is better than waiting since value will drop when new Tier 12 gear (aka VM9) comes out. Feedstock and Alkahest values are dropping rapidly, the most lowest I have ever seen in this game.

People are forgetting about obtaining VM8 weapon design on new class is going to be more expensive... people are desperate to buy at a high price to be that FOTM.
Margarethe wrote: »
It seems they lack common sense.
If the players complain the loot is OP, they make it garbage.
If the players complain the spawn rate it too high, they make it too low.
Are we unable to have something in between?


I honestly do it for the strong cane and bravery seeing how the news is silent about making available from elite boxes. Already collected 150 of each last night that will last me for next patch.
PvE DiscussionBest PvE 02/18/2017, 03:44 PM XR6GREJ4WD
Warrior > Sorcerer=Archer > Ninja. Not Archer > Sorcerer. Silly ppl~
Hey EU players guess what? Mongo event isn't a good way to get Catalyst, it's still SSNM which you can do anytime during the day!
Too bad?

I wish we could all play on KTERA but bad ping and their events benefits their time zone more than us.
Margarethe wrote: »
Perhaps @counterpoint might have some insight on your issue.
Otherwise, all replies you'll receive are "It's a network/ISP issue."

That's funny man, that's exactly what counterpoint would say that it's our ISP issue, not the game.

Meanwhile spamming SSNM with random ping spikes that everyone in the dungeon is getting at the same time as me!!!! I guess it's still our ISP!

Kinda surprised to see this post when OP was trying to share an opinion about Warrior tanking being awful when this person experience is this low in the game. But anyways,

Like Shikine said, those simple brooches are not a big deal on the rolls. Just get what you can and don't waste semi-engimatic scrolls on it. If you can get at least one [Crit Factor +6] or {Power +3], then leave it alone.

But fyi to Shikine, quickcarve cannot roll power so best rolls for Quickcarve is Crit +6 and Crit +4. Empowered can be rolled for Crit +6 and Power +3.
Time to get used to it. Most of us has complained and nothing has happened in the past months.

Either we deal with it or quit. : /
So far did x4 SSNM and got 4 catalysts each. Did x1 LKNM and got 4 catalyst from it as well but took way longer.

Just curious if getting four catalyst is just lucky RNG or not. Anyone know how many BP and RMHM drops with the bonus catalysts?

Seems like SSNM is the way to go. Non-elite is 2 entries and elite is 4 entries. Plus we can use our dead weight reset scrolls which we have 3 different kinds to reset it making it deem like the best dungeon to go to? If people thought CW was braindead, lol SSNM is as much braindead with everyone at +15 weapons. First boss targets healer nonstop, second boss and third boss you just burn since boss is systematically programmed to do force mechanics.
Can't wait to get more hats that will be worth 100g on broker! Time to quit life.
Kossploss wrote: »
when everyone is lagging all at once its definitly not us lul
Heh... i was expecting someone to make that post you know? Another counterpoint defending EME.

It's funny cause I literally said, "Already sick and tired of doing RMHM where I rubberband last boss double lasers. And before you go "it's your ISP!" nope everyone in the dungeon said the same exact thing at the same exact time when the ping spike occurs."

And I mean I'm on discord server. With four other people with me that lives in the United States, with different ISP, having the SAME EXACT PING SPIKE AS ME AT THE SAME TIME just doesn't seem to enough for them to comprehend. I guess I'll get the response, that all five of us getting the same exact experience is just a coincidence!

StarSprite wrote: »
Why are people so vague when they complain about lag? :c
Because they want to know why it's happening, but have no knowledge that it's been an on-going thing.

Already sick and tired of doing RMHM where I rubberband dodging triple lasers. And before you go "it's your ISP!" nope everyone in the dungeon said the same exact thing.
Sinkra wrote: »
hellno wrote: »
PVP BGs has all been "equalized" and gear no longer matters. The problem is the equalized gear is pretty crappy and favor certain classes over others. BGs pop during power and the jackpot weekend rewards are pretty good if you win

Wow that's incredibly boring because progression is the foundation of every RPG. I may as well play an FPS if everybody in BG's is a clone of each other.

Good call. TERA is purely focused PvE content to milk cash. Dragon mounts with crit passive is just the beginning.
Better video.

^ ^

Who cares. That was past, this is now. Lancer wins cause it increases personal damage to DPS class to show their epeen on the greedy website that will be taken down anyways. Personal DPS is more important these days to keep them from getting bored of the game, but they can at least brag how OP they are in this dying game. : /
According to your title, what else is there to discuss? It's been happening for as long as I can remember. Lag and ping spikes are becoming the norm and it seems like most people here already gave up discussing this since nothing has improved and probably will never be. I remember three to four months ago there were at least 5 active topics trying to address this, but it all died out when people are moving to complain about something else.

Either we deal with this or leave is all I'm sensing that they game is wanting us to do.
But equalized gear in PvE doesn't fix stupid though. : /
Yep, I can see them making this mount complicated as heck to release it because of a potential passive related to the current dragon mount. They will be pushing it if they really did make this stronger than the current dragon mounts...
LesbianVi wrote: »
We get the event ppl cry about announcement, we don't get the event ppl commit [filtered], we get the event, ppl cry over the loots, ppl cry way too much over the events.

Welcome to the internet!
NPCPak wrote: »
Well they don't work on the weekends (the community managers), so I'd expect them to announce something mid afternoon or tomorrow morning.
No need to expect, the event will be announced today.

Tanks because of,

LFG Skilled Full +15 T RMHM

even though the group is in Guile +12 with no dyad crystals and keen II etchings. : /
Ginjitsu wrote: »
Dhrizzit wrote: »
cuz im a master in RMHM

Reported for teleporting!

More like it should be reported for making another useless thread that this one will keep getting bumped over this horrendous blog of someone pretending to be god at this game, but isn't. All it does is attract baits like the rest of you are doing. As for the OP, go make an account on Twitter, blogspot, wordpress, or tumblr to post your stuff instead of here. Nobody really cares. You already made a bad reputation on yourself.

This thread has already served this purpose.

I wouldn't bother arguing with this RimbaldiOfTera, this person doesn't have much experience in the game to take the opinion seriously. This person admitted that couldn't even do mid-tier dungeons cause it's way too complex for comprehension and has to stick with low-tier dungeons where players uses Slaughter gear. So yeah, that tells you the lack of knowledge of this game and I'm not sure why this individual is participating in this conversation when most of us done high level end-game content with better understanding of "what tanks work".
someones like a priest or sourcer find usefull used 4 swift dyads ( 8 moved combat speed) . for avoid somes mecanics ( same for use Swift Renless Dyads )


But anyways, Sorcerers benefits most for using one Glistening Dyad and the rest is Brilliant Dyads instead. Do not get that mixed up. Sorcerers NEED Glistening Dyads. Not 4 Swift Dyads.
It's not a bug when other users have no experience with the problem, so it's on your side. I've done multiple methods to accelerate and it works just fine. So again, it's only you then.
It does send multiple meteors, but only after level 60.

Level 61 to be absolute precise on the answer if the OP is still currently leveling.
Yo @RimbaldiOfTera stop with the necroing ok?

(although I got a kick outta knowing the negative nancy did get suspended on this forum back then lol)
I can't do this dungeon as a priest. I have to find a class that works for me in this dungeon. The mechs are just way to fast on these AoE's I can't do it. I have to actually get carried and ressed by others. I heal fine but it sme that is getting killed more than the others as a priest. I'm sorry but those AoE mechs are just waaaaay to fast. I can be close like 10 m close to the boss and even Dakuryons pizza mech gives me no time at all to get over in the blue zones. I'm tired of being carried in the dungeons. I can do slaughter, but I can't do Guile dungeons and honestly that sucks...

*inserts obligatory git gud comment here*
Lack of tanks probably not, lack of geared and decent tanks who do damage and don't die/don't turn bosses then yeah

Lack of geared and decent tanks who can do damage and doesn't die and turn the boss = LACK OF TANKS.

Genius man, genius response!

Soube21 wrote: »
There are no lack of tanks

Plain and simple.








Screenshots taken in the past few days on TR (but one of them is from MT to prove my point about tank shortages on other server)

Good [filtered] man. Keep the humor coming.

Forgot to add Reaper to the list. Shadow Burst and Shadow Lash is hard to chain with high ping.

But this priority on making high ping skills better is low on their list.
Communication dood.

If you don't say anything, then don't expect them to know what you want. They assume you are just like them and just rush through the dungeon to get it over with.

It's rude of you for not saying anything and expect these people CARRYING you to know what you want.
msoltyspl wrote: »
Be nice if they announced that monsters will drop gold/loot again. Pretty boring game when nothing drops anything anymore.

Welcome to the "age" of tightly controlled dailies intermixed with cash shop greed.

Welcome to all online games negative nancy!
Not sure why bankable Goldfinger Tokens is a big deal, it's way too late for that to make any difference now lol.

Nobody is hype about Ambush/Behemoth weapon getting a buff though? I even told you all to wait for this news and it finally happened! Ah well, this community seems very backwards at this news of bankable goldfinger tokens to get more green innerwear > old weapon buffs.
The guide is made in August 2016 guise...

That's like bumping a guide that got outdated and saying it's trash.

Geez the community these days.

Can't you all see that it is showcasing Sorcerers before the revamp?!
It's more of Warrior 2.0, please...

Both classes are made to stack points to use their resources that does 100% crit chance.

I never understood why it's compared to Slayer either...
Liked your joke? The ambiguous character creation stats? That's the joke, not you. Don't ever pay attention to that. It's not accurate.

Anyways, the whole "which is best" is nonsense way of thinking nowadays where the new players need to learn basic fundamentals before thinking a class can carry you. "Which is best" is generally revolved around tryhards for personal DPS score. "Which is best" should be referred to which "playstyle" fits you rather than picking "which is best". I mean if you want TL;DR then Warrior is the CURRENT best or Flavor of the month, but I've seen way too many new Warriors not using their toolkit correctly and deems it to be too complicated for them. See? That's why you should play a class that fits your style. Warrior is not for lazy people, but Ninja are. We can't measure your dexterity and your reaction time to know WHICH class is best for you.

I have to say you should pick Ninja. Way too many newbies think Archer and Sorcerers should be played EXTREMELY far away where it hurts their performance late game. Sure, staying a good distance is essential while leveling up, but it will give you bad habits. Whereas Ninja forces you to play melee, pay more attention to attack patterns, and has the most cheesy backstab skill with very low cooldown to force yourself to stick behind the target for bonus damage from crystals and rollable options on your weapon that becomes essential late game.

But that's just my opinion, just like everyone else that will respond to you. There won't be ever a final and accurate answer for you. Maybe you would be suited better on a class that you haven't known yet.

Not to mention perfect sync with hurricane proc during the push, with warrior endurance debuff, group try-harding of course, tank chasing to be in front of the boss, mystic purpose gets stun for more dps uptime, archer that isn't afraid to zip through the boss to get behind, and japanese have good ping compared to our crappy servers.
Semis on ktera as extremely expensive (like 5k+) so it isn't as easy to get perf rolls i guess.
Why mention KTERA though, or are you assuming the video is KTERA? Cause that video is from Japan.

If you have limited time playing, you are better off buying semi scrolls and wait for the new jewelry to come out instead of buying the resizing kit.
^ what language was that before you edited it out?

Anyways, seems like this should have been constructed more before posting it. Hardly anything worthwhile.
I remember the days when people just joined a simple 5-man hard mode dungeon with any class, clear it fine, had fun chatting, and call it a day.

Nowadays, it's about about individual commitment to compete by using whatever methods necessary to BEAT your party DPS contribution to make yourself feel superior.

Right now there are so many rude FOTM Warriors in RMHM when using LFG. When someone dies and Warriors gets aggro, they still become too greedy on last boss and starts spinning the boss in circles with their infinite i-frames while the healer is trying to ressurect the dead party member and ends up getting caught by her attacks and gets killed in the process. Um, hello? We need everyone alive to take debuff and soul spheres!

I've seen this happen twice so far ever since Warrior revamp came out where it caused drama due to the Warrior's greediness. The greedy Warrior was going "but mah personal DPS will be ruined if I stop attacking!" rather than keep the boss aiming the other way and let other people regroup so we can get back into the fight FASTER.

So I don't ever invite Ambush or Behemoth Warriors to my LFG group anymore. Bunch of FOTM savages because they wanna show off their DPS meter by posting the result in every fight with wasted powerful consumables while the rest of us are only playing with enough consumables needed to do the job anyways.
msoltyspl wrote: »
So my question is; will this game ever be optimized?

Nothing has changed for half a decade. What does it suggest ?

That you are a negative nancy.
Some people are just insecure where they need to reroll cause they don't have any pride of the class they play. Just like for example, they just want the newest and latest version of the iphone whenever it comes out and discard the older version just like that whereas people don't mind keeping the same phone for years and years cause they are comfortable with it. : /
If this continues when we get new patch with the new class and dungeons, I'd say most people are going to give up on this game and play a different MMO at this rate.
4MLKH7KKEE wrote: »
Any lag from you ppl? I am having slide show here on TR

When you're saying you're having a slide show, are you talking about your framerate lagging, or network lagging (delay in performing skills)? Is this in the open world, or in instances?

Please be more specific.

Really now...

You always seem to want to defend EME so much when it comes to server lag issues lately.

Of course OP is talking about the atrocious lag that we are dealing with for the past couple of months. Not framerate.
I'll leave this here.

If you have a 5-man static group farming for VM materials and you have one tank, three dps, and one healer. Which of them do you think they should have first dibs on the VM material to make the weapon?

Answer is, depends on the group.

That group could have the healer get the VM material first even though it won't speed the run any better at all. It's just depends on what your group is. There's no one-sided answer to this. It's senseless.
Sounds good!

Enjoy your FOTM class~
6M9MF5Y76C wrote: »
I have looked around the forum and seen many discussions about why things are and are not good about certain classes for certain roles. However, as a returning or beginning player, no one really solidly answers these questions.
And welcome to the internet, where there are no real true answers to things such as this.

Someone could go into great lengths to make a arguable and yet effective method on what new players like you can do, but there will always be someone that will disagree with it. So don't expect an answer that will answer everything to you. Only thing we can do is provide our personal and opinions about classes in the game. Usually it can involve people suggesting a class that they love and play, or you get people to tell you to play whatever is new and popular class to fit right in if you don't have a clique group or a dedicated guild.

But mostly, to truly answer your question, you need to look back and ask yourself, "what do you want to do in this game. What is my desire, my purpose, my goal, what's fun to me, and do I want to be the best?

What do you want to do. That's why there are no solidly answers to these questions, ever.

So let's step back a bit and go into basics here.

Do you want to play a tank? If so, high ping players will generally have an easier time on Brawler than Lancer. Lancer is more of a supporter tank to raise the group's DPS level while Brawler is more regarded as an offensive tank to deal damage but less support than Lancer. In reality for end-game content with try-hard people, they like Lancer more because of the corrupted DPS meter that has plagued these greedy community. Lancer's buff and support will result into giving DPS higher numbers to showcase their personal DPS level where they like to compare and brag about. But, you can always find people that just wants to play the game as a group effort to finish the dungeon, rather than being an individual wanting to try so very hard to get the highest number to show that you are MVP of the group to make themselves feel superior. Whatever you want to think of this, is up to you. Most of these try-hards are sadly have a strange attitude but there are some skilled players who acts like a proper human being that doesn't need praise to do their best. Those are the rare bunch though.

Do you want to play a DPS? If so, high ping players will generally have an easier time on Slayer, Sorcerer, Warrior, and Berserker. There are a few skills for high ping players can hurt their performance such as Archer, Gunner, Reaper. Archer's rapid fire skills is heavily ping dependent and one of their strongest skill. Gunner has Burst Fire where each fire is dependent on your ping where the higher your ping, the slower the shots. And Reaper has two skills that can cause glitchy side effects like Shadow Burst and Shadow Lash. There are a "few" people that knows how to bypass these gimmicks of high ping affecting these skills, but that's against the rules on the forum nor do I feel like you want to dive further into that kind of territory of using methods to do this.

Do you want to play a Healer? If so, generally both healers are accepted on even levels: priest and mystic. I would probably find that a Priest is more of a safer healer for new players and if the group is new as well. Priest can resurrect fast, has powerful barriers, and variety of heal options. Mystic has been in a good spot as well being known as fluid movements since Mystic can support the group in the dungeon by staying out of combat permanently. Mystic and Priest support are arguably equal in regards, but I can say that most high advanced level players prefers Mystic's support that boosts their crit chance on skill damage. But don't bother worrying about that since tryharding and being the absolute best requires ton of investment and high stress values where it's not worth it to begin with.

The best bet on how I want to know which class I want to play in a new MMO is by youtubing classes played in group play dungeons or some sort. When I see the skill design, the performance, and fluidity helps make my decision easier. Now it's up to you on what you want to do. But like i said, if you REALLY want a true answer from us "the community", you need to explain more of what "you want" in this game. Because we all have a variety of opinions on what makes the game "fun" or "rewarding" to us that can differ from your opinion.
Another "hi I'm back, but is game still ded?" thread.

Well, it depends what server you are on. MT is highest population along with TR. If you aren't in one of those servers, then yeah the game may feel a bit dead.

Leveling will always feel empty so don't get your hopes up into running into ppl.

But I don't know your definition of "dead" or "alive" game. If you are asking if there are people playing then obviously there are. But you will run into people on this forum saying game is "dead" cause they hate everything about it and wants it to fail and crash.

It doesn't hurt to install or update your client and see for yourself. If you aren't going to make something of yourself when you reach max level, then I see no point of playing then. Play the game cause you enjoy the combat system, enjoy your class, and what it has to offer. And start making your own decisions of what is best for you.
People that is hating on Slayers are the same kinds of people that bullied Sorcerers back then. Remember that folks? Remember how many people bullied Sorcerers saying it was the worst DPS in the entire game? But there were a few people that knew how to play the class that did really well regardless of the community's tier list.

Slayer is in the same boat, but to be honest Slayer can still clear any PvE content just fine. A bit slower sure, but they can do it. I have more respect for people continuing to play the class that they enjoy rather than giving up and playing whatever the community wants them to play. Screw playing FOTM Warrior, and screw playing FOTM pole/lunar/dancer/musadancer/dragoon/whatever new class either.

The slayers will get a buff down the road anyways and the Slayers that stuck with the class will end up being better than the people that will reroll FOTM Slayers.

I find more Slayers that knows the game well than some FOTM Warrior band-wagoner that doesn't know how to manage their edge stacks to use Scythe.
All I can say is, you may have to give up trying to have BiS in everything these days and just settle with 2nd best.

Even if Bluehole made the Marrow Brooch available by other means when HH is gone, the people that worked so hard and spent countless hours to get one will get jelly, but who cares about that I guess. HH is gone in KTERA yes, but it will make a return once they revise it so there will be another chance to get one. I'm hoping, HOPING, they will decrease the amount of players needed from 30 to like... 15 players. 30 is just way too much unless we have server merges to like one or two servers. When KTERA brings back HH, they could make it easier to get the brooch, who knows. Or when they bring back HH, there will be a much stronger brooch released lol! I can see that happening.
What's your names on TR and MT server? I want to know!
Changing the game to a new engine will cost too much money so they will milk whatever this game has to offer.

Now I am glad that newer dungeons are less stressful to my FPS.

Older dungeons like Shadow Sanguinary and Sky Cruiser last boss is horribly optimized!!! Whereas if I did RMHM, it's not so bad.
People complained about needing more tank variety classes.

Brawler was released and got popular cause it did damage that exceeded a DPS class.

Brawler gets nerf and ppl don't wanna play it cause it doesn't do busted damage unless they put effort into it. (and lazy ppl don't want to sooo)

People complaining again about shortage of tanks.

Oh brother.
Well, it's almost time. Hope to hear more info about the strong versions of the Canephora and Bravery potion and how they will be distributed.
Warrior is busted right now, but that will not be for an eternity just like every single FOTM class.

Slayers are average DPS, but not below-average like many ppl are saying. There's just not many Slayers to represent the class that they can do just fine in PvE. Slayer will end up getting a buff anyways where they could be FOTM later on though. Just saying.
Priest and Mystic have a good reputation between the two in PvE, so far. (cause sometimes each season when they made class changes will make one favor over the other, but right now it's about equal)

Priest can resurrect faster than Mystic, but their endurance debuff duration is shorter. aka 12 seconds.

Whereas Mystic resurrects slower than Priest, but their endurance debuff duration is much higher (aka 21 seconds) where it gives you more room to do other stuff.

However Priest's Endurance debuff is 10% decrease on target while Mystic is 9% debuff. But Mystic has another endurance debuff (contagion) that decreases target's endurance by 5% but it has a longer cooldown.

Priest has a self-resurrection skill that only works on themselves while Mystic has a self-resurrection skill that works for the user and two players!

Priest has a really powerful shield barrier that protects up to 39749 damage that lasts 12 seconds (I think that's right...) while Mystic has a barrier that doesn't last long and I think shields like 7k worth of damage? I forget.

Priest gives out more power and attack speed to the party while Mystic gives out more crit factor. Crit factor is generally the most popular thing in PvE. But if you have classes that already reached crit cap, then priest's attack speed + power would generally benefit them better.

So you see, there are options and your party will be happy with either one of the healers, or both in the party is generally a thing lately.
Spacecats wrote: »
I'd like it we could add them in soon in a way where all players can earn them. They're definitely on our radar!

As an event would be nice. Other prizes can also be Smart Dyads, and those headband swings (angel and devil) that for some reason we never get them.
Ex) Kunoichi is not well known unless you are a weeb. Ninja is more modern. Thus we got the name "Ninja".

Whatever names I've read on here gave me a good laugh though. Keep it up!
Never, cause it's not called Lunar Dancer.

Inc salty Gunners that didn't get their fanmade name "Arcane Engineers" by a translator that quit the game. : /
DPS meter has ruined the game.

Dungeons was a team effort, but it's just an individual rank to see who is better in the group.

Good grief man.
No justice served. Don't fill up their ticket with useless reports like this.


Only Instance Matching if you want to see scum.
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