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Agreed this is total bs I have to be at work real early in the morning so I get screwed out of the event. Plus the did an awful job of even advertising it I had no idea it started plus the give such a small window to complete it. BS developers!

Please fix report a player function IN GAME! A little censorship would be nice. I know that's an unpopular opinion.
Why is leveling up gear so STUPIDLY hard. Yeah I know it's a game of grinding. I fail 75-80% of the time on frost and why the hell can't you get darics in dungeons?!?!?!?!?! It's takes an insane amount of money just doing frost. I don't even want to think about storm. Developers are lazy and ruining the game. I only play bc I have friends on and that's even rarely.
I agree with the OP. Things could definitely be managed better by whoever. Area chat is disgusting with lewd comments about the slutty female characters, popori dicks, and if the chatacters are cum worthy or not. Why the hell is the name slutty Tera female against code but bitchy brat isn't? The EME shop is crazy expensive. $50 for a mount but people still buy them. There is 0 regulation what so ever!!!!!!!! I was harassed within the first 4 months of playing this game and the response was we may or may not do something you'll never know because we can't release that info. No this game isn't the worst but it is horribly disgusting. Yeah I know female slutty characters are a dime a dozen but that doesn't make it any less right. At least make the male characters equally slutty if you can't have some respect. Yes communications are s***!!! The so called daily deals are anything but deals at times. If you didn't mark down the price it's NOT a deal. But people are stupid and Tera (whoever) plays on that fact. As long as people pour out their money for in game items Tera (whoever) could care less how players treat each other, having actual updates and new content, and at least some dam censorship to just name a few. It easy to tell none of the game developers or so called community managers reads these forms let alone do anything. These forums are basically useless until proper systems are set in place if at all.

>Just found this http://tera.nexon.com/news/noticeTera/View.aspx?n4articlesn=627 I think its a survey about the game, don't really know because google only translated half of the page.

LagIncarnate the loot boxes the are full price but listed in the deals are a ripoff as these are not "deals". Also please make things that are only loot box available, available for outright purchase such as the Elleon boxes. More daily deals would also be a plus. Also get rid of the locked boxes please. Would like to see more costumes, weapon skins, etc. I also agree with fixing the shops. Especially the dressing room. When clicking on buy item then it takes you to the site where it's not there. Confusing for new players and doesn't make sense. Also please get rid of patterns that you can no longer make in the fashion coupon store and expand the store all together. But mostly I am dying to see more account bound pets.
Ever since the Xingcode it takes my game 2-3 times longer to boot up. I understand that is because of the Wellbia additional software. I understand wanting anti cheat rules. I want to play a fair game with other players but this software is horrible. This Xingcode is NOT the way. Find something better, faster, doesn't interrupt with security, and doesn't take my info to try and sell me products!
It's time for new mounts. Especially account mounts. it's ridiculous to spend $50 on a single mount for one character. Please have more elite mounts and account mounts.
Can you fly with either?
I want to get a mount. 1st question if you get a loot box mount with a manual can you use that for all characters? 2. I've heard about a founders perk cd thing. Are there other cd packs other than founders? Are there new vs older ones? I want to get a permanent account mount but what comes with the founders perk? Can you choose a mount or do you just get one? What speed/flight? Is there a place in the store for permanent character mounts, if so link please. I know that's a lot of questions I'm just trying to get info to decide what mount I should get for a fair price that all of my characters can use.
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