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Don't worry....If/when they add Limited time BGs and remove CS/FWC premade, they're going to truly die :^)

Fun fact they're adding a 15v15 BG soon (open 24/7) :^) (Aside from the lowered 15 person CS they also have)
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> The multi meteor hurts you more than anything, especially the longer cast time. You'll see what I mean when it kills you cause you dont want to cancel it.
> ain't it just like from 1s to 2s cast time, if that even? I don't recall it being THAT slower, but if it's a situation where you should cancel it to survive but you just feel like not doing so cause it's gonna hit so hard so must not cancel, well that's not an issue with the skill itself rather the player's intentions to maximize DPS.

You make it sound like 2 seconds is short. Unless I'm talking to you with little to no experience in parsing and hard difficult dungeon, then I wont bother esculating the many reasons why adding casting times over many of their skills is result of lower DPS.

Do you do harder end-game content, or not? Thank you.

Keep your useless trigger to your hard modes then. Yes it's slower to cast and it does more damage and it's your own fault for not wanting to cancel it's cast anyway. It's just that it's not nearly as slow as you make it out to be either, the initial cast is the same for both (if not faster when Overchannel is on, can't confirm/won't bother), just the hits themselves happen for like half a second up to one second more.
Time your attacks properly and problem solved

The extra Meteors are just Fluff damage and artificial time extension that aren't wanted that much (Skilled sorcs Warp cancel anyway) and the only damage you care about is the final hit. If the last meteor doesn't crit, you just wasted your time.

Either pray for the final meteor crit or Warp cancel it to get the bonus damage for the single hit without the extra meteors

they fixed it. warp cancels out mb effect.

That's what im talking about....
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> ElinLove said:
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> The multi meteor hurts you more than anything, especially the longer cast time. You'll see what I mean when it kills you cause you dont want to cancel it.
> ain't it just like from 1s to 2s cast time, if that even? I don't recall it being THAT slower, but if it's a situation where you should cancel it to survive but you just feel like not doing so cause it's gonna hit so hard so must not cancel, well that's not an issue with the skill itself rather the player's intentions to maximize DPS.

You make it sound like 2 seconds is short. Unless I'm talking to you with little to no experience in parsing and hard difficult dungeon, then I wont bother esculating the many reasons why adding casting times over many of their skills is result of lower DPS.

Do you do harder end-game content, or not? Thank you.

Keep your useless trigger to your hard modes then. Yes it's slower to cast and it does more damage and it's your own fault for not wanting to cancel it's cast anyway. It's just that it's not nearly as slow as you make it out to be either, the initial cast is the same for both (if not faster when Overchannel is on, can't confirm/won't bother), just the hits themselves happen for like half a second up to one second more.
Time your attacks properly and problem solved

The extra Meteors are just Fluff damage and artificial time extension that aren't wanted that much (Skilled sorcs Warp cancel anyway) and the only damage you care about is the final hit. If the last meteor doesn't crit, you just wasted your time.

Either pray for the final meteor crit or Warp cancel it to get the bonus damage for the single hit without the extra meteors
>Shows picture of stats being different
>Not even same gear/crystals

Well they can do that after Double vanguard goes for good
we've known it was still there though...it was up in 20minutes after the patch that "fixed" it....and then everyone went silent about it
There isn't really much you can do apart from giving constructive advice, but even that can be met with the "You don't pay my sub noob elitist [filtered] stfu" response.

The problem is, bad people will always be bad as they don't care about getting better. You can literally throw guides and videos in their face and the baddies will pay 0 attention to it and ignore them completely because they want to play their way. You can't force people to get good, even if you do give advice to someone and they thank you for it...what are the chances that they'll remember/act on it.

When people want to get good and stop being bad, they'll go looking themselves for guides or asking questions on how to improve...all we can true do is put up with them and attempt to steer them into the right direction and punish (IE: Kick from dungeon) those who are failing to do their job or follow basic dungeon mechanics
Until BHS fixes things like Ping tax on skills, Desyncing (you know stuff where someone is using skills and teleports across the place once they're done), lag and other stuff (Like some QoL stuff like Auto turn in vanguards, auto lockons that make lockons skills USEABLE for higher ping players etc) that Proxy (The good, innocent users) fixes, it will never be gone.

Every patch that was meant to "fix" it, is reversed within a few hours to a day.
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Do all classes get the 5 glyph points? Also do all classes get the story line quest (non awakened just get glyph points instead of skills?)

Yes. Doing the quest on any character nets the 5 glyph points (I believe Mystel herself gives them to you before she sends you back in time). For unawakened classes, it nets them the damage passive (at least until they bring the 2nd wave of Awakening in Spring)
im betting towards the end of the month. I haven't seen EU tera give any info yet...and we get stuff after EU after EU so....Best option is to wait for EU to give info, then add at least 1 week for Na after their Date

Both EU and NA have stated January so i very highly suspect something to come out this week for EU at least so they can patch around 18th-24th (idk what their usual patch day is so) while we get it 1 week after (25th-31st) *waits for the "GG end of month eme sucks comments*

Personally im leaning towards the 25th myself but its 50/50 split between 25th and 30th for my prediction
Start doing dungeons at 65 you need your Guardian gear all equipped to get access to low tiers.

To get access to Lilith/Kalivan/TR (The mid tiers), you need to have Twistshard gear (all of it, ilv431 iirc, it says on the instant match. You can do it before but highly not recommended as difference between tiers is much higher than before + you're missing the vanguard)

Full crit (Keens + Crit accessories), for glyphs just look up Redstrike's reaper guide (or anything, all 100% relevant as nothing big has changed anything to affect where Glyphs go)
What I have been wondering is how awakened skills will be acquired. Are they going to cost an obscene amount of gold at a trainer, are they quested for individually or are they going to be stuffed behind a kind of paywall?

Iirc from Lorri's document (or one of his talks on answering this question), Upon hitting ilv439 (i believe), you get a story quest which leads you onto the awakening line. Once you get to a specific point in the line, you receive the skills 1 by 1 in your conscious (Makes sense when you see it) so you can "try them out" and get used to it before killing the boss you were tasked to with all your fancy new abilities (Also you get +5 Glyph points along the way)
I mean the Item icon is entirely different as well...how lazy/not paying attention do you have to be to not see it tbh...Maybe people got to broke they couldn't afford to pay attention after "accidently" buying tickets
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I mained a priest for most of the years I've been playing Tera. Since the big changes to mystic i made one and because of the broken lock-on and extreme long range, lately I cannot play the priest with the same ease as I did before. I just find it somehow "hard" to effectively lock onto multiple targets healing and moving, while on mystic i can literaly be back-siding a player and still locking onto him with the cursor.
If they plan on changing the lock-on i would rather have the same mobility/range/broken lock-on into priest that atm is into mystic, rather than have it fixed. :p

The auto lockon is pretty bad when you want to lock on to specific people so I'd rather they revert it so it actually takes some skill.

Also F's people over if you're Slaying...which is now popular lately. But it all should be fixed Soon(tm) (Im taking bets it's with Male brawlers or Awakening cause i really don't remember what patch it was in with Ktera)
If people want markers in dungeons....Just try to do Waymarker that only the party can see just like FF14 does or something

Then again Engine/Server issues maybe cause lag when there's a giant beam of light permanently up (Good old UE3)
  • • More open world stuff would be nice....Events like bam hunts kinda do that but eh...Decent suggestion
  • • There's already World bosses that drop endgame loot so check on that. They're somewhat difficult but still soloable...as with most things, things are easily soloable (in the overworld) as long as you use your skills to dodge :)
  • • Uhhh Make Bams worth it at Endgame levels? IoD says hello to you...unless you don't want all those free talents, tokens etc.
  • • Seeing as Crafting has gone form entirely junk to Actually worthwhile now with crafting Darics/Gems/Plate etc. Would be kinda nice to have a few more things like the consumable pots you suggested...but that basically brings back the old things like Heavens elixir and stuff which got removed (Probably for consoldation or w/e. Not like New players will use these anyway seeing as half of them don't bother with Battle solutions unless Low tier dungeons are literally blocking the door while everyone else (Or a vast majority) will see it has Mandatory consumables depending on avaliablity)
  • • Seeing as The server could barely handle Dreamstorm....i highly doubt it will handle Nexus again....Though we do have those Guardian missions (Basically FFXIV Fates/GW2 open world events) coming this month (or should be acording to the roadmap) so we'll see how that goes
  • • Put a new coat of paint on highwatch and call it a day...we'll end up back at this point eventually anyway.

Ignoring PVP cause luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul pvp in tera ecks dee xd

  • •They're bringing back Leaderboards in a feature patch for both PVE and PVP, I believe this came out before awakening patch did (if Ktera even has it yet) as it was listed in the Dev note for Guardian missions that they were working on it. Not sure if its in yet or not.
  • • Uhh Harrowhold Phase 1 has 4 dragon bosses at the same time...Demokron Factory had Vera/Prima together. It would be nice to see multi boss fights but then you run into the issue where if you need two tanks or not...and this game aint that great with Multiple tanks (I believe Vergos is strictly coded to change aggro on Shouts via tanks or something)
  • • Sooooooooo Endless Dreadspire? People like Dreadspire so just bring it back for us and people will call it Gucci (EU has Dreadspire uppers Extreme atm which is making some of the Hardcore NA players cry atm cause they want it)
  • • Uhh Youtube exists? I would think some videos would be pretty relevant still has classes don't really change much unless they get revamped like Archer/War/Sorc or until they get their Awakening. You can look up a kill video of their PoV if you want...and there is kinda a small player already on Character creator...but they'll never touch that with a 100 foot long pole
  • • Im pretty sure stats tell you what they do when you hover over them? Unless they removed it....then that's really stupid. The important stats (Power/Crit/Endurance) are kinda really self explanatory.
  • • For the dungeon mechanics, THERE A GIANT RED TEXT IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR SCREEN SAYING "X is doing this, You should totally pay attention" in normal mode....Within doubt there are guides...you gotta do something while sitting in that 30minute dps que
  • • With the levelling dungeon's increased stats to compensate avatar weapons, i REALLY don't want to experience GL with everyone using normal weapons....that is 30 minutes of my life i don't want to lose personally. Go ahead and set a challenge to not use them if you want...others want to get to the ACTUAL game asap
  • • We're beating a dead horse here with Optimization
  • • Sure whatever....Do what you want with the mounts
  • • Balancing will always be ruined for those outside of Ktera cause they have talents, we don't. Though they did make a test server for Awakening and made adjust to the new skills based on Players feedback and testing so....its something? EME don't even dare to touch how classes work or adjust them themselves cause Big deaddy BHS would be mad

Just an old s-poster's 2 cents
>This weekend

Events done for the weekend usually start on Friday...and if there is another event running at the time...might as well clump them together in one big switch flick. The unrelated note part is pretty much just referring to "This isn't related to the Double Vanguard thing, we'll also be doing this during the time"
Yeah just do the reset for everybody :)
And it was not announced yesterday, it was announced today

It was announced on January 3rd at 9:24pm (GMT for me) on the forum thread that is DIRECTLY PINNED to the top of this forum.

The news post on the otherhand was put up on the 4th which is just putting the info in a more visible place cause only 1% of people use the forum :upside_down:
Or just....wait? and don't run it? You know it's happening...so...Patience?

If you ran it knowing the event coming, then that's your fault

If you ran it without knowing the event is coming...well the news page and forums exist for a reason (As well as the LAUNCHER ITSELF)
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Ninja gunner low dps? I'm ninja and usually I have same dps or higher as for example wa archer valkyrie with same gear..

Then those people are realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly bad
Console versions will get the exact same patches as PC gets...just later.

Theories/speculation is that it will be on Archer Revamp + HH Patch (Archers had their new skills in the test so its after that point) so it will have everything in the game up to at least that point (RMH etc)

This might be before CS got pushed to being 65 only and before new kumas came out but i don't remember when they were changed. Also means that Fraywind will (eventually/or already) be Equalised entirely until they get the Gear update

Outside of the Battlegrounds and content that PC had at that point, there won't be anymore (Crusades were already gone so no leaderboard etc, no new battlegrounds and so on)
Doing Revived Imperator for the first time thinking that his cage was a very interesting and decently challenging mechanic

....then i saw the solution to do it in 1 side step (Warp barrier cheatiiiiiiiing) and then rip enjoyment

And this only One time in CU during URF....stood in the enemy team for like a minute or so spamming Warp barrier, watching everyone burn skills to try and hit me and just pro dodging everything like matrix....good old 2 second warp barrier cooldown during URF...

And then Warp barrier nerf happened....haven't had fun since then (BRING BACK MY SHORT WARP BARRIER CD PLS....i hate it being so long zzzz)
There is a self damaging potion...called poison...it damages you for all of your health :^)

But i guess i see the use of a self damage potion...just have it set to do 50% of your hp and can't be used below 50%...or w/e number...but i doubt this will be very high on BHS's list to do
I really don't think BHS has the technology or know how to do this....the NPCs in RG (and CW to an extension) are just set to attack that specific boss...most of the time they don't really do that correctly (The RG healer for me feels REALLY underwhelming, the CW healer just gave a really potent healing aura)

It would be nice to have these (see Squadron dungeons in FFXIV), but i doubt BHS is capable of doing this...not like they care about doing it in the first place
Oh no...its like the staff have families and lives over this very specific time of the year when people go see their families!
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Slayer ICB bug still exists. This has not been fixed.

I thought i saw it written somewhere they fixed that....Nvm then

Apparently they are "working on it" but there's video proof of it still being there.

Whats that bug?

its something like this (from what i hear/remember seeing)

Whenever you activate ICB, it secretly rolls a random modifier for UOHS between 50-225% meaning your ICB could be huge if you get the higher roll or not that big if you get the lower roll.

There is also a exploit with this bug that forces it to use the highest modifier...which is how some/most of the highest parsing slayers have gotten those numbers
Yes....which is how they're on there in the first place
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Question - has there been any mention about cross server play? thanks

Yes...And the answer is Straight up None at all...everyone is on their own little world, no-one gets to play with each other unless they're on the same platform
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Slayer ICB bug still exists. This has not been fixed.

I thought i saw it written somewhere they fixed that....Nvm then
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"selfish tank"
If they're tanking and keeping the boss back for the dps how can they be selfish? Last time I checked thats still team play. Lancer may make the boss killing a few minutes or even seconds faster but its not like huge difference. Those self centered dps meter players are so funny, just cause lancer make them feel proud poping that AR and GS making crits going up they consider brawler a bad tank. Bet you're one of those who make LFG with "Need > D/Lancer/Mystic" haha.

Correction: I don't even *make* lfgs as i don't even DO content (unless my guild drags me along but its rare, i pretty much barely wear my gear).

When people talk about "Selfish" it means No party support outside the standard endurance shread and enrage given to all tanks (Except Zerk tanks cause ayyyyyy lmao zerk tank ecks dee xd) and having a kit that improves their dps instead of the party (Look at Brawler's new passives for keeping Rage above 75% and Haymaker: accelerate). Keeping the boss still and open to the DPS (and endurance shred) is the core basics of your fudging JOB, failing to do that means you're failing the basics that you've (should have) been doing since level 20 in dungeons.

Lancers: Holds the boss and endurance shreads + Enrage. ALSO gives people buffs and can help reduce their damage with pledge of protection (Do people still use this? idk) AND reduces damage to those behind their shield
Brawlers: Holds the boss, Endurance shread + Enrages.....and that's it :clap:

No-one is saying it's a bad tank, it clears stuff like any other.
The very loose terms (from various videos I've seen) goes like this

Zerk is bonk and stupidly strong with it's EZ 12m/s Berserk button with literal face rolling (though 5minute CD that gets *slightly* reduced when you take damage so hello face-tanking zerks....)
Warrior is pretty dope and slashy slashy, also a new edge consuming skill so it will be interesting to see how the NA theorycrafters/guide markers will add it into the rotation
Slayer is pretty ok, seems much more fluid and more ways to recover when you don't get resets, also abit more mobility with Piercing lunge if wanted, an addition to a overcharge skill is a nice small touch to help with big burst/shield phases (seen it crit for like 25mil or so). ICB bug gone now so you're not perma cucked, Toggable/Perm Overpower is pretty nice to have it up all the time for extra damage
Lancer is still pretty much best Tank, now with more party utility and [filtered] moving while blocking. Also they changed how some skills chain together which gives them new ways to do their rotation for more dps (like Barrage > Lockdown > spring > wallop etc iirc)
Brawler, haven't seen much but still Selfish tank, more punchy punchy with a few kicks for S**** and giggles

Just my two cents from seeing videos
Inb4 unannounce bam spawn event some point on Christmas (like when servers roll over to the next day shown by calendar) like they did that 1 time on new years.

But im not holding out
And Gifting centre still busted :skull: :upside_down:
Im pretty sure when they brought in the new Guild system, they changed GvGs requirements to be "Be in a PvP zone to declare"....and PvE servers HAVE no PvP zone so it just errors people (CU doesn't count)
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My server is Saleron (DU)

Yeahhhhhhhhhhh you're on the wrong forums bud....we don't have that server here....

Europe steam gives you the Gameforge version...
Yeahhhhhhhh...i don't think the servers could handle it...considering how wonderfully Dreamstorm's return went
The X Gear boxes that drop from the same tier dungeons are purely meant for alts/selling as they give 1 completely random piece of gear that is unbound once you open it, it's how people sell +0 insert gear piece here on Broker/Trade etc
I feel like this is a mandatory link
It was fixed in the recent patch....But None of the regions (RU/Jtera/EU/Ours) had it listed in the patch notes
Simple conclusion is to only Frost/storm classes you care about and leave alts in Guardian/Twist for IoD/Low tier farming....If they ever do put out new gear, they'll probably just put it ontop of Stormcry so you'll have to go through it eventually
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For inner/outer/wave mechanic, I usually ask our healer to call out the next one in chat so that I can figure out what combinations happens. However, most people seem they do not need healer's call in order to figure out what mechanic will happen. Well, if you are very familiar with checking system message for inner/outer/wave while dps'ing, it makes sense, but it happens since the day 1 of RKEM patch when no one was familiar with the mechanics.

I always quickchat the mechanic after it happens so there's a written record of what happen last time in case somebody(me) forgets it. Calling out the mechanic as it's happening seems to confuse people(plus, it can be dangerous if you happen to be in the wrong place for the first mechanic). I've been told calling that stuff is my job so I do it like a good little mystic.

As for S...are you sure they aren't just outranging it? I mean, in theory, you can tell how it's gonna end up based on the speed he punches with but that seems a bit above the average human reaction times. Unless the certain software can also call the S side?

The first time that I felt something weird was 3 days after RKEM patch, at the moment, I had 7 clears with my friends, and joined a skilled LFG group. They all had 3-6 clears (from what they said). I was expecting that the healer would call out the mechanic in chat like you @TWMagimay said. However, the healer did not call anything. So I asked them (was on their discord), but they said they did not know and wait. And then when the mechanic happened, they called it correctly. From that moment, I started wondering that there is a sign or a tip to figure out inner/outer/wave when the mechanic actually happens. I do not know whether it was an unethical 3rd party program, but this issue happens almost everytime I run. And healer never calls out the mechanic unless I personally ask healer to do it.

YEaaaaaaaaaaah that's defo sounds like the classic 3rd party program. If a mechanic is being called out 100% correctly *as it happens* systemically, then a program is doing it, especially if the healer is already doing something else (cause i doubt there is enough quickchats for all combos)

As for moving pre-emptively for S-bombs, they probably doing 3rd party as well (cause they go into the data and pull out the exact name of the attack happening (S-bomb 2 clap Left or S-bomb 1 clap right or w/e), at least thats how i believe it works))
no...only +7-9 Stormcry
Using IMS, i think players in the party should speak up if it's their first time, or not yet skilled in the dungeon yet. this allows other more skilled players to perhaps give tips or explain how certain mechanics work. the first thing i do in IMS is inspect all the members of the party. if my tank isn't solid enough to hold aggro, i would sometimes slow down dps. if the healer isn't as competent, i would attempt to dodge as many attacks as possible. if a player doesn't know a mechanic well enough (even though explained before the fight) and messes up, i think it's understandable yet should point out to the player to watch out for said mechanic.

I think this we can all do this . . but

The biggest thing i had struggled with in NA TERAs IMS was the language barrier . . for f***'s sake you're playing an English MMORPG and you can't even communicate with your party members? why would anyone put themselves in a position like that and make it difficult for everyone else . . ?

I wish people actually did this....But i think 80% of (bad) people just hope to get skilled people to carry them through the dungeon and, cause how the loot gods work, get all the loot
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HAAYAAKD43 wrote: »
the hardest part is running those low level dgs 20-30 times, but with a friend and some music it's much easier.

Incorrect, 10-15 times.
Possible exception for Labyrinth of Terror.

Don't forget the 50 runs of SSG to RNG all the correct bosses :^) Gotta love that last boss achieve xd
No...just a large majority of them....Best to do all dungeons (with some HMs, or all HMs) etc and your quests along with world bams and rares

Achievements under "Special" don't count towards laurel
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Are the Iron Man suits RNG box?

We don't know yet....they need to finalise the sales stuff first...aka how they're going to sell it
did they talk about the new flying costumes? I cant get twitch stream to play on my pc for some reason. if they did, did they say when and how to obtain them?

Yes they did...I came in late but it seems to be they're planning it for towards January once Sea-man has finalised the Sales stuff
General thinking/consensus should come down to (at least for me) Like this:

If the person is in Guardian/Twist: then whatever they're doing, I'll *casually* let it slide (espically in low tiers) cause i know at the end of the day, I'm going to be carrying people, cause I signed up for IM so i KNOW im going to eventually get some new/trash players and im going to have to carry them (+ its a low tier, takes 1 minute sleep fest and i could effectly solo it/remember the time i used to run them with full DPS).
If they're playing *really* poorly, then i *may* throw out some casual advice like "Maybe if you tried XYZ, you would see some improvement" and if they respond negatively, they'll get the apporiate response back (Kick or a major trashtalk), if they go like "Thanks" or so and try it, then I did my job and helped someone, if they don't take it on border, look back to what i just said

If they're in Frost/Stormcry (Gear that takes awhile to get and you'll be in it for awhile AND HAS 5 LINES and gives you access to High tiers): The general consensus is that you know what you're doing and you know (at least SOMEWHAT) how to build properly, as getting to Frost/Storm takes awhile so you need some OTHER way to improve you damage output while you're mindlessly grinding away trying to get up to the next enchant level, so you would do that by getting good rolls and proper crystal set up and maybe looking into positioning, rotations and so on because, lets face it...do you REALLY want to spend 15 minutes per boss in Snorecruiser express?
If I see someone in Frost/Storm with poor rolls/crystals, I will step up and question them abit more aggressively than i would people in lower tier gear because, as i said, getting to Frost/Storm takes awhile and you will be keeping that gear for awhile and its to that point its gets quite apparent if you're doing well or not as the damage/clear timing starts to become clear.

"But the tank is doing his job and keeping aggro" i hear you cry, but is he doing that cause (as i saw one other person say) the DPS are holding themselves back? Aggro ever since the change has been basically entirely on damage so tank DPS has become far more important

"But Im a dps and im doing damage, im doing my job" Are you though? In my belief, the role of the DPS is to do as much damage as they possibly can and i don't think those 4x poundings with double Crit rolls/Crit power/Flat damage rolls while side critting with autos is really doing as much damage as you can

"But Im a healer and no-one dies" - No-one died...great...but endurance shread? Auras/E-stars? Why do you look like you're AFK 95% of the time and only casting heals? The core principle in pretty much any game is ABC: Always Be casting (as long as Cooldowns allow), as a healer, you can always be doing SOMETHING which separates the "ok" healers from the "Great" healers. Only real issues with "Bad" healers i can really think of are ones that constantly let people stay low (exception of Slaying runs) and don't bother to Buff the party/debuff the boss

Just my casual two cents
Why? Cause its not like more than 10 people even bother to read patch notes anyway ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
New mech? Explain please at least what happened
No...the Console patch is 1 YEAR behind PC tera (Archer revamp + HH30 patch) so it's impossible to transfer over all your fancy new stuff
BHS/EME: "We added Permanent CCB to elite now!"
BHS/EME: "Ok we removed it BUT we're giving you free 6hour crystalbinds so you don't have to buy them and choose when to use it!

The cycle continues
What's the daily routine other than everything that's on the daily routine?

Err something something afk/rp and repeat on all alts (and Pit of Pitrax i guess)
Remember our test/Event server, Wonderholme? No? Ok then
Gridiron still exists PogChamp? - Pretty much everyone before the BG calender

^ Reason
I realistically see 10-20 Fed bills for box (As A) It's a loot box, B) we only get a few a day and C) it's meant to burn everyone's fed bills)....the Max i can see it going is 50

just to throw out some numbers....Having 100 for a *lootbox* is way too much...maybe if was a smart box, then yes it should be higher...but its a lootbox
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pikpatsou wrote: »
I've already spent mine for shape changers. Just in case...

At any rate, seems we'll have only/mostly loot boxes.

That's why i did it. Furthermore i am afraid that the exchange rate of FCs for the shape changers will be more than 100 FCs per shape changer (in case they'll insert em in FC shop). I don't risk it

They clearly stated that they're putting everything in the fed bill shop (including changers) into the FC shop at a 1-1 ratio...so its going to be 100 FC coupons...they have 0 reason to lie about this unless they want ANOTHER uproar on their hands. Even if they did change it later, you have such a large amount of time to buy as many changers you want at 100 coupons
SirXealous wrote: »
Where are the changers going? The height and thigh changers?

Maybe if you read this thread, you would know cause it tells you
They might line it up with the Fedbill/FC changes on the 14th so im leaning more towards that
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any new videos? i wana see male brawler in action.

There are multiple...gotta dig around for them on youtube or Ktera forums....I believe a Male brawler video was posted on the forums not too long ago
Email codes generally don't go out for awhile...i usually get my promo email 1-2 weeks after the actual thing happened (probably due to how many they have to send)...probably the reason they put the large expire date on it, to cover for it
That necro tho
iirc those codes are basically identical (those with multiple accounts/emails can probably test to it). I remember seeing a few people on discords giving those codes out and it worked for other people
Margarethe wrote: »
Galiers wrote: »
thanks for the new codes...

where do u get that codes? (Homecominghaul and Kagerfeline)


Here ya go :eyes:

Doesn't say where it came from.

that's basically their Email promo format...so they basically Emailed them out
If it isn't CS's day on the Battleground calender, then yes...no-one ques...people generally que for the Bonus BG for that day....even then BGs are somewhat dead and need some effort to pop....Apparently there is a PVP discord out there that tries to organise groups to que at one time to force pop them
Tier 7 of Tera rewards gets the ability to party summon like healers
100% legit and intended...they just have tier 7 or higher Tera rewards
2 superiors...for someone who doesn't run content :upside_down:
one per account in all server? or 1 per account per server?

Since its mailed, i suspect it be Per server...though it could be tested and confirmed
Saturdays and Sundays in December, take flight with TERA! Login for at least three hours each weekend over both days and you'll receive a Weekend Boom Box containing one of the following items: Golden Talents, Superior Noctenium Elixirs, Valkyon Health Potions, Complete Crystalbinds, Metamorphic Emblems, a Royal Diamond Dragon, or an Azure Phoenix!

Earn one box per weekend you spend in TERA.

Quoted directly from the minigun promo page...reading helps

Time is also cumulative so it doesn't need to be 3hours straight
IVIandy wrote: »
So . . i can buy my slimmers with fashion coupons . . ?

On Dec 14th, yeah.

Get ready for that market to crash and burn...cause remember, Coupons cost 22g from the merchant :^)
ElinUsagi wrote: »
gwynsyl wrote: »
Does anyone or gm know or can share if the race change vouchers for gunners to elin will be restricted forever?
I bought a race change voucher because of this gunner release and i wanted to change my castanic gunner to an elin gunner otherwise i feel i wasted time and money

It was said in several threads that it wont be able to change races on gunners class to elin race.

Even stated in the patch notes....but who are we kidding, No-one ever reads thoses OwOb
Most T3 alk is pretty much dropped from mobs...just farm and loot low level enemies/BoL and you have enough for pretty much everything really, some stuff doesn't even require Alk, just the feed

and yes....having the Upgrade button not work from the character sheet is annoying but eh, you get over it
Fed bill update
  • Removed Federation bills for pressing "ceremonial" reasons
*points if you guess the meme*
Fly off via pegasus or go to the start of the island and accept the questline
Ok, see you in a few years everyone when its a Tuesday on the 28th of November again
Chido wrote: »
Vinyltails wrote: »
HAAYAAKD43 wrote: »
Khatarsis wrote: »
It's no bug, if you crit you only get the red dendrite, same goes for all lv 1 etchings.


Look at the Crit rewards for T1 etchings...it shows Denderite (White for normal, Red for accessories) for all T1 while T2-4 grant the Permant version on crit...there is no such thing a Perm T1 Etching, be Glad to get those Denderites...need those to make Tier 2s (and denderites are usually the limiting factor for most Etchers)

I have pumped 1 permenant on my rings. I think there is such a thing

Well for Accessories since they're new...haven't done any etching this patch /shrug
HAAYAAKD43 wrote: »
Khatarsis wrote: »
It's no bug, if you crit you only get the red dendrite, same goes for all lv 1 etchings.


Look at the Crit rewards for T1 etchings...it shows Denderite (White for normal, Red for accessories) for all T1 while T2-4 grant the Permant version on crit...there is no such thing a Perm T1 Etching

Body too short
DXM wrote: »
It said order now but it's not out until tomorrow q.q

I'm excited for this.

Order today for Free* shipping tomorrow!*

*Free shipping may not be free because we're a company selling fancy footsteps for money
*Note that your order may not come tomorrow, because shipping loves to be delayed
If only there was another thread on the same page that answered the same question with EME response :thinking:
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
I have almost 60k of them and i am already looking for a bank tab just for them since its probably best to keep them if we might decide sometimes in the future to enchant Stormcry..

I would also love to see them have some gold value but that is unlikely since these were meant to solely give enchanting materials..

You can "compress" them down into Enchanting mats (Talismens etc) if you want to save space....I believe they're 1:1 on the ratio on the "Buy/Dismantle" ratio so there's that
brahgurl wrote: »
The entire storyline goes as follows:

You just became a hero for achieving 2 things: Defeating Lakan and RK-9. The world was in peace once again, and you were AFK'ing around in highwatch as your usual daily routine, brokering, the "role-playing" *coughcough*, reading drama, and whatnot. One day, Braga tells you that you were invited to the Velika Ball, which only special people are invited to. You read the letter (and magically start casting teleport spell to Velika) to attend it.

When arriving Velika, some lady recognizes you for defeating RK-9 and tells you to go to the Ball immediately. She cuts conversation, creates a doppelganger, then the original poofs. You talk to doppelganger and she frowns "i told you to go to ball now" and gives option to teleport to it becuase the Ball is actually an instance, not on the open-world map. You sigh and click teleport, and voila! there's some guards near the gate saying you need an invitation to go through. There's some man who's desperate to go in saying he must talk to Seir as it is emergency as Velika is in danger. You try to help the guy by asking if he can join you, but the guard declined saying "No invitation, no entry. With exception of child..." so he can't get in. the man asks you to at least give this letter to him. you said ok. gate opens and you just walk through as gate opens because it's a game and toggle says there's no collision anymore despite gate being still up.

You go through the festive area and talk to Seir in his usual building, except it's now some sort of thanks giving in there. You talk to Seir who welcomes you and praise you for the achievements, then you tell him about the strange man and the letter. Seir says it's a common thing for people starting some ominous rumors. he said he'll read later as he does not want to ruin the festive mood. he tells you to go outside and enjoy the festival since he is apparently busy while he literally does nothing but stand there.

You walk outside, talk to people, dance, eat free food, win some festival token which the guy tells you that you are one lucky person. It was time for ceremony, so you walk toward Seir who was near the stage. Cut scene. Somehow you're not near seir even if you were literally standing inside him. It's dead quiet until Velik falls from the sky soaked in blood like some cheap horror movie made by college student for his film project. Seir sees this and his face is just man i hate that woman type of angry face instead of a shock. This guy has no expression but that grumpy face. Dragon appears and roasts her down, and you look up in the sky-- WOW A BLACK HOLE AND TONS OF DRAGONS DESTROYING VELIKA. Citizens of Velika has brainlag of 7000ms, and finally runs when it's literally raining brick walls. Cut scene ends.

With all that running, a ton of them died. Corpses everywhere. The ones that were standing still lived though. Remember kids, falling brick walls? just stand still and you have less chance of getting crushed by it!

Seir tells you and other guards to check for survivors and evacuate them. Evacuate, literally walk 20m toward Seir.

Seir asks you to look around some more. You find more bodies and sudden dragon appears out of the blue which you kill anyways cuz main character doesn't die. Looking around you notice that one strange dude trying to get in. He says "at least I don't die alone. Your presence is like having a family." Weird. He dies. Cut scene. Black dragon appears super close-by making loud noises and you don't notice it; not even presence of it. You finally turn around when it's spitting fire directly at you when you're not even paying attention. Nice opening dude, free kill! Mystel appears with super OP barrier that ignores all wipe mechanic. She's struggling but that's okay, you're still alive with your usual idle pose as if nothing is happening (this scene gets even funnier with Elin and Popori). Mystel says "I'm glad I made it just in time; it's too dangerous to go alone, take this!" *hands over some light* You obtained some light that doesn't appear anywhere in your inventory! It's called fragment of destiny. Mystel says something went wrong somewhere in the past, and only you can change the destiny. You somehow port out magically and you're just carefree with the usual idle animation as Mystel is literally putting her life on the line. She sees you teleport safely saying "Please save Velika, I beg you" and she falls, being engulfed in flames. Cutscene ends.

You're wondering where you are despite it being obvious it's Velika. Your character can't hear BGMs probably, so give it a break. Your character says "something is in my pocket, i wonder what it is?" It's your prize token thing you won which has a date on it. Talking to guard and Seir, you apparently time traveled 3 days back. Seir asks you to go investigate Val Aurum as they need reinforcements. You head over to flight platform and talk to some random guy, then an high elf who also creates doppelganger before disappearing, then the doppelganger gives option to teleport. WOW no more ridiculously useless flight time on Pegasus! Cuz it's a solo instance, not an actual open-world map. You talk to people and say hey "im here and i'll lend a hand!" guard tells you to kill 5 dragons. You did. but you dont go back to him cuz you find that strange dude again near a damaged cart. He was a researcher of dragons, saying that something about dragons are strange. both of you travel deeper in val aurum and find strange group of guys in black, that one black dragon and several dragons. they poof. they said something about revenge for Vergos. both of you talk what to do and agree on going further. there's some strange plant which you obvious destroy because apparently that's what heros do, not villains. Dragon spawns, you kill. that dude wants more research. You move deeper to kill another strange plant and dragon. You learn that they worship Vergos like god, and conclude that they are seeking vengeance against Velik who killed Vergos. one of the person in black attacks you. you put her hp 50% she spawns dragon run away, kill dragon.

both of you talk again, goes deeper. large group of dragons are moving, so you go investigate. The camp is full of dead people. go deeper. there's that one person in black that ran away, so you chase. there are people imprisoned that are about to be dragon's food. you kill like 2 dragon per prison cell 3 times. you go deeper and face that person in black again, this time you kill her. apparently they can control dragons but only if they can focus. The dragons move to the strange portal. You decide to jump into it cuz why not? it's an adventure!

you end up in Fyrmount andthat strange guy says he'll call back ups. You find shurians working with dragons, so you kill 2 groups. Shurian leader begs for mercy begging you not to hurt another shurian as they were threatened by dragons. You kill 2 types of dragons twice each. that one strange guy appears with reinforcement saying leave the dragons to them and follow that another dude in black. You follow him through a portal. cut scene.
guy in black approaches black dragon and says "I have failed". dragon's jaw jitters in anger and delivers a heavy swipe on the guy. he flies to the edge and dragon roars. you walk toward the dragon to confront it, but that thing is so powerful that it leaves you with 1 hp. You soliloquize, "am i going to die here?"


your consciousness is still awake and mystel's destiny light thingy is calling you from center of the map. you touch it and your vision turns weird as your "consciousness is inside your own mind". You have to fight "your inner self" which has full of emotions like reget, grief, remorse, confusion, etc. You fight several mobs. then you are being taunted by your other consciousness, mocking you as it griefs about how weak you are. You unlock awakening skills just by accepting that you're gonna fight it out-- and you fight a BAM. do this 3 times. Mystel appears saying you've awoken your powers-- i've been waiting. cut scene of you with casually standing idle pose and a huge beam of light striking down at you-- you're still doing that carefree idle pose. you come back to reality, and that black dragon calls you "Inferior Mortal!". You suddenly got so powerful that the attack which almost killed you before dont even break a sweat. In the end you use one of your signature Awakening skill to blow him away, causing him to fall off the cliff.

No one cares about that other dude in black that was knocked away by the dragon.

You talk to mystel and blah blah blah, "i've fiddled with mortals too much once again" uh, excuse me, but you said you only showed yourself to the main character? she just teleports you out to highwatch. Braga is calling you saying that you're invited to the Ball. You do the same thing, read the invitation to teleport to velika. You talk to that same lady who creates a doppelganger, poofs, and ports you to Ball. That dragon researcher guy recognizes you and says he's also invited to the Ball thanks to you. creepy. suddenly everyone disappears and mystel appears. she congrtulates you on your success and says that she had used too much power to intervene such event with mortals, and poofs. NPCs spawn again, you talk to guard and gain entry. You run to Seir, who congratulate you for the achievement as well as saving velika once again from dragon's harms. he said he's busy preparing something so he tells you to go enjoy the festival. instead of dancing, eating, and playing a game, you watch a play. it has no context but apparently it's a great show because the woman in the play was goddess velik and everyone was shouting WHAT A PLOT TWIST! You talk to 2 barakas in the area then talk to Seir. The ceremony ended. And you go talk to Seir again. For completing all these quests, you collected 8 Mystel's scroll fragments. You use all 8 and it creates some trophy. It expands max Glyph points by 5.

And what are doing Zolyn and Paesyn there :0

They're your memories...they're doing the typical "You too weak n00b, we died cause of you lul git gud scrub" [filtered] from Anime to allow you to go Super Saiyen 2 God mode jesus sooner/easier
Just because they do a Normal, run of the mill maintenance on tuesday, doesn't mean they can't stick to their plans of doing their maintenance on the 30th

There is nothing in the rules saying you can only do a maint once a week...they've done multiple maintenance in a week before. It will highly likely start early (6-7 am PST) and they usually go for 3~ish hours (more for delays which pretty much always happen)
Only elin gunner

Because you know

It's an Elin gunner promotion

Oh noes! How are we going to access ghillie now? I'm used to seeing Velik standing there giving everybody stink eye for coming to her lair not to see her, but to go do an old dungeon.

Our Velika is like the "Past" velika (CU grounds are the True Past before Velika was formly established)...the one you see when you get ported in from the teleport (with the party and actually destroyed Velika) can be considered the "Future" (Or literally the next day :upside_down:)
Arwen wrote: »
It doesn't look dead to me, hence near the end she is the one to awaken him :O

That's Mystel, different Goddess...The White/Black wings is Mystel, Goddess of Fate (one who saves you and sends you back into the past)...Velika is the pure white women who was covered in blood at the appointed time
Elure wrote: »
voidy wrote: »
They said classes not included in the awakening hype videos were already balanced in other areas, which makes me think that if the class in question is balanced with talents that only kTera has, then they won't bother giving them any boosts or buffs. I want to believe it's not true, but BHS has done stupid stuff like this in the past so it wouldn't be a huge shock.

Speaking of balance...Screenshot_20171127-125505.png
Thanks for giving mystics Kaias Shield and a bunch of extra buffs that they didn't need. "We're aware of the problem between mystics and priests" my [filtered]. These people couldn't balance a balancing beam. Every patch. Every patch for two years straight, they've made mystics more desirable than priests. Frankly, I'm expecting them to roll out a "class change coupon" to capitalize on the imbalance so they won't have to bother fixing it.

do u have the skills for the other classes

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZqcJrkUPaIRfaKZjj445_wtyylqbPHbjnOS8GXs1F44/edit# Lorri Document (may or may not be finished at time of posting)
vkobe wrote: »
Vinyltails wrote: »

As Vergos says...."Now is the time of Dragons" (Or something like that)

lol the lore of guild war 2 and dragon age :3

People love dem Dargons
Well Lore wise (in the small amount lore there is for the 65 content stuff), this is happening after Lakan's defeat and if you watched the cutscene (who does), you see the necklace on Velik's neck "Dim", probably indicating she's losing power, the power she used to protect Velika from attacks (Lakan broke through after awhile of Assaulting so being in promixity of the Bloodshard and Lakan's power must of drained it).

So with Velika's protection gone, it was only really a matter of time until a large scale attack came again, Velik got assaulted and fried while we were busy celebrating Lakan's defeat and we got told to go back to the past (Present?) to stop the attack (or whatever it is) happening....Also to pick up some sweet new abilities along the way
Mumin wrote: »
Is this awakening class for everyone or just for the classes shown in the video? :sweat:

Just for the classes shown for now. There is a Part 2 in summer which should be for the other classes
Dannicus wrote: »
My main concern is what will these skills bring that these classes actually needed? And what is so balanced about the others not to buff them (and for that matter wtf did Brawler need, especially Brawler...?)

Classes have enough skills as it is. And the dual axe thing makes it look like BDO which was a clunk fest. I can see some benefiting in PVE but a look way too flashy and potentially broken for PVP. They even mention battlegrounds can't use awakened skills for the first patch. Like... what!?

Others will probably get theirs later in the Awakened Part 2 in summer based on what they need (probably the difference between Awakened classes VS non awakened along with other stuff).

For brawler, it somewhat needed an awakened because if you awaken only lancer, then most people would completely disregard brawler and only take lancers for tanks (Casuals won't care but Mid/hardcores would)..we also dont know if the skills give any kind of additional debuffs yet or What passives (if any) classes get to make them "equal" ground

They also stated that they'll be removing some skills later (maybe condensing them down, like maybe using A-rush + G-shout together IDK, or just straight up removing, can't think of any off the top of my head they would remove/replace but we'll see) so hotbar space for those with alot of skills might not be *too* bad.

What i like about this, is that its finally changing up how classes are played after so [filtered] long (exception of Warrior and Archer and slightly Sorc because of their revamps) so its almost like a breath of fresh air. Guide makers actually have to update their guides and healers actually get to stop being bored and DPS

Edit: Insert mandatory "MA FPS" for awakened skills
@MidokuPasta said:
> new hairstyles? Finally...this actually looks exciting.

I wish males also would get some :blush:

Everyone gets some...there's 49 new hairstyles spread out for everyone. In the preview they shows, there was some new Castanic male hair and Male elf/Human
Yes....Rally is completely gone and replaced with the buff world bosses

*but* it does "return" in a later patch and the bosses spawn within CU, Anansha spawns in the "no pvp zone" while the others spawn in the PVP zone iirc (too lazy to find the doc on it)
I personally doubt they'll want to release too many details of what's in it cause people would just save up to buy the expensive stuff and sell them day 1 for a profit

Not like most people already have thousands of fed bills
I would somewhat expect it to come over to other regions, seeing how well other mobile types games often do...more based on who/when they can get the deal done and port it over (along with other legal stuff idk)
I doubt you can dye the outfit as it says *PINK* Will outfit in the name....Changing it's colour won't make it pink anymore :upside_down:
LilMsQTay wrote: »
> @ShiroJirachi said:
> LilMsQTay wrote: »
> Really? the 30th? I was thinking they would release it on the 22nd, bc that's when the leveling event is, pretty worthless to have a leveling event a week b4 the new class is out....at least it will be for me, I am not leveling a new character besides the elin gunner and I have most of this week off for the holiday.
> The leveling event doesn't start on the 22nd, the details are being revealed on the 22nd of the leveling event! geezus.

Right which means we're all guessing...and that's my guess, that it will start the day they announce it, geeze I know such a stretch, considering their past .

No-one here is guessing....Have you not seen literally any other promo page for this since Ninja? They reveal 1 piece of info regarding the patch up until the release date (which is VERY CLEARLY listed on the very top of the page) and all the OTHER dates listed on the promo page are, now im going to use a big key word here, REVEALING information about it as in, giving us the DETAILS on the event

Taking the current situation here, on the page it says in VERY CLEAR WORDING which reads "Leveling event reveals November 22". Look how it said "REVEALS", Not "Starting", not "beginning" but "Revealing" as in we'll be getting a news post on it giving us details of what to expect when we hit certain milestones and cap (also details about the AFK log in event)

Another example, the exact same page said "RK9 Hard mode reveals 16th" (or whatever the date was, i forget), See how it says "Reveals" again? We didn't get a patch on the day the information revealed because it comes on the 30th, we're just being told about it before a major patch

Last example, remember back when This was all first done for Ninjas? Info about Ninja was being shown 1 week before the actual patch date and the large majority thought it was coming on that day...Did it come that day? no...it came on the day that was listed for the release, not the information reveal date and we just got a trailer.

I know considering EME pass and stuff but when it comes to big patches that gets these promo pages, they stick to their word and don't [filtered] up

TL;DR Basic english, Revealing =/= start, everything starts on the 30th
TheDarkWan wrote: »
Make it perm plz for the love of odin make it perm, we are finally having fun.

If you want it perm, just look at EU Tera and the consumable called "Combat Accelerator"...It's literally URF in bottle form :upside_down:
It was active during CU last time as the CU map is considered "Overworld", which is why things like Rampage from Brawler still knock up (even though it doesn't in Battlegrounds)

So yes...It will be active...you can go in yourself and see
dragonmu12 wrote: »
Did Rk9 Twice triple drop active yea but didnt saw even 1 new item added...
the event is working or what?

"But wait, there’s more! Hyper-Fire-Turbo-Time will be enabled in the open world, and you’ll also earn triple EXP and enjoy triple drop rates in both open-world and dungeon content."

>Triple drop rates =/= triple drops....just triple the rate that items can drop...so rarer mats have more chance to drop

Though the extra "added loot" think idk
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