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If you love stamina systems gating your progress cause you regen barely anything for relevant content so you can fail more 10% enchant rates then this patch is for you!
For real though, how about an outfit to look like Pokemon's Fisher trainers along with a Fish pet so we can name it makicarp for the cosplay
Why bother +12ing gear you're going to toss in literally 5 level/30minutes. Devs are lazy and didn't remove it, +1ing and Mwa is obsolete and effectively gone
+12 is for older gear which is entirely obsolete cause they're old and guardian is far better. +9 is enough for old gear

You can get MWA from Entro tokens at 65 but it's prime use is for Deathwrack
Gotta add in the mandatory 'Old boot" item to fishing, could have it as a hat
Just wait for a mod to remove it, someone will do it eventually
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I will left this here
This is going to be another reason to left Tera
Have fun

Well we will see what happens. If that is going to be fact, I quit for good and will never play a game published by these rats.

The point of this is to allow you to do any dungeon as many times as you want as long as you have the tokens to enter. It will make progression much easier, and I fail to see how that's a bad thing.

Two words: Stamina system

Stamia systems are often pretty hated, cause you never regen enough for higher tier things and a bottle neck is made
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I am actually curious when do EME actually listen to its playerbase. I mean how often do they discuss things with the players on this forum? 2019 going to be a hard year for Tera...

EME may (very rarely) listen, but that doesn't matter when they do since BHS (the people who actuallly make stuff for the game and has EME on a tight leash, aka the people who need to listen to us) don't listen to us cause we're not korean and therefor we don't matter
Gear revamp is the way PC enchants: Spellbinfs, Masterwork scrolls, Feedstock etc all become useless and you use new items (Gold/Silver talents + dropped dungeon mats AND gold, and gems for highrr tiers) to enchant new gear including accessories and upgrade it to the next set. Item exp exists to increase success rate to a set cap (100% for twistshard, 60% for frost and like 25% or something really low for stormcry). Sucks to be console causs all regions are run by EME meaning Talents are gonna be really scarce and stuffs gonna be ***EXPENSIVE*** enchant

To +15 gear, take your +12 AMBUSH or DEATHWRACK (no other gear obtainable works) to the Workshop in Habere (at the back with a teleportal), talk to the NPC there and bring ALOT of Feedstock and Masterwork/Premium/Rare alk and prepare to cry alot
But golden gift boxes are always a rip off
Probably rng items from fishing in each area
That's a School outfit, so no it won't

It needs a Sailor outfit, like..one that sailors would use...like the one that looks like it's wet at the front, forget the name cause i don't use it
Crafting is pretty much pointless atm on console (except Etching) since you can make Deathwrack gear and the ingot it requires at 0 skill level

On gear revamp, you will need to level Weaponsmithing to make Gold darics/plates and Armourcrafting (on an alt) for silver silgaos/Plates and Alchemy (on another alt) for gems like Emeralds/Diamonds to enchant higher end gear.
>Expecting mEME's patch notes to be detailed

TeraNuibe wrote: »
gear progression is fine guys...we just need cheaper golden and silver talents...

Go to EU my dood, stuff dumbly cheap and easy af to get
You only just figured this out?
I hope the level 70 dungeon does not require +6 HO set to run...

It will require +9 ;)
First Joker in Smash and now level cap raise coming to tera

What a mystical time
a random guy say "Don't copy content from other games" ... if dont like tera .. you back to play fortnite.

but fortnite copied Pubg :)
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> @Vinyltails said:
> I guess no-one looks in the News and Announcement section on the forums for updates

To be fair, didnt KTC say she wouldnt post news about events in the news forum and said to rely on the in-game calendar?
Although that prob backfired during rootstock.

I also heard my friends seeing little fat santas wandering around but I see nothing about that in the news forum. (I have not confirmed this myself ingame so they could be trolling me for all I know)

Although Ive gone off topic, just trying to point out that some news can be overlooked or not posted at all.

Events aren't really "News" and are perfectly suited for calenders, since we know they're going to be there and just a case of when really since they so them every year

NEWS about ACTUAL updates and what's going on is what that section is for
I mean, if you had a 60 page thread of people petitioning to remove it, say you're going to remove and then don't, I don't think the game would be standing at this point and the forums would be very noise from the outrage of being lied to...again
I guess no-one looks in the News and Announcement section on the forums for updates
We are going to remove Xigncode. The custom version of Xigncode that we were using for TERA was not functioning as completely and consistently as we had hoped. That limited effectiveness along with your feedback made it a relatively easy choice to discontinue our trial with Xigncode. This is one of the issues that we did not directly identify in our initial post-takedown communications but it HAS been a focus of much debate and feedback, so it seems worthwhile to officially highlight its removal from TERA. Xigncode will be removed as part of the v76 update scheduled for November 13th.
Useless, vendor it since guile converts to nothing then get guardian from dougal
Good on PC

Low tier on Console (unless you're master of the job)
No, Tera's code is god awful and the app won't make them money (unless they do some BS paid stuff) so not worth the effort

Class discords probably
The gear revamp isn't for awhile, it's not on the roadmap. The content update was just the Deathwrack cycle of stuff
Meanwhile EU 2x enchanting event...
Check your class's discord, they probably have some stuff on it to where to spend points and what's entirely useless
Not gonna happen at least not for ages. We've asked for a OFFICAL dps meter for years and ktera *only just* added in a single instance with a stationary/100% enraged bam with meh health with a DPS meter. Of course console won't see this for at least 2 years
This is where your money is going ladies and gents
The one you're good at
It will give you some extra stats (Gloves give power iirc while chest/boots give endurance, probably abit off since it's been forever). But the main draw however is that next patch, You can convert your gear into the new gears and skip *alot* of grinding. Ambush 12 only goes into Twistshard +7(? iirc) and Ambush 15 goes into Frostmetal +2, 5 Enchants ahead which cost a fair amount of time and effort (Since mEME doesn't bother to put out good ways to get Talents aka the new feed AND you would like to grind for item exp)

TL:DR, if you want to Future proof yourself, Enchant otherwise you don't have to

Armour tiers are

Guile > Misery > Ambush > Deathwrack

Hard modes aren't in console *yet* so some materials (Aka Talismans) are harder to get (but you can RNG them out of Kuma/Sea chests)
No, you need a weapon to use skills, which is why you use a low level weapon and remove all gear with offensive stats (aka all but boots)
Yes...take off your gear (except boots for the defensive, maybe get abit lower level wep if it dying to fast) and spam knockdown skills (Painful trap/Nova) and glhf RNG. They're less resistant to KDs under 20% hp. If you fail to KD it and it's low, just run and reset it
You can only use MWA when it's +9-+12/15
Spamming recommended is a good way to waste feed as failing either way builds the same amount of bonus. Enchant with lowest feed for awhile before swapping over to max and it enchants in a few tries. Premium/Rare help buff the fail but save those for later when you're using MWA
1) Threatening vrysks are literally useless. 2% aggro is [filtered] all when compared the the crit gain. Same goes for brooches, Threatening brooches are junk. Only bonus aggro that should ever be used is the weapon crystals (and MAYBE the threatening glyph on Growing fury if you STILL have issues with threatening crystals), all other threatening stuff is trash and not worth it when compared to the dps (and therefor aggro) increase a Quickcarve brooch or even Empowered gives

2) You should never hold block, as the time spent blocking is time not attacking and therefor losing DPS and running the risk of losing aggro to anyone with a brain, and as a brawler, you're not getting perfect blocks which is a lost of free damage and rage to help maintain Growing Fury. You should only tap block as the attack comes in. (When the mob is in mid swing) As a tank, you need to learn each attacks timing for your ping

3) No, people are just stupid, they don't decline the Gold res to take the res from the healer. There is no cooldown what so ever on being res'd, it's just there waiting to be accepted under the gold res

Just wait a few months and it will be added to the meta shop like Ktera. Stuff that's in ktera eventually comes to us months later
They couuuuuld

but that's effort
The max slot typically goes up when a new class comes out. I believe it should go to 21 with Elin brawler and if any other new classes come, it will raise to 22
People don't like it but it aint gonna change so meh, whatever
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All of them, except etching but Weapon first for Darics/plates, then Alchemy for gems, then armour for silver stuff for accessories and much higher gear enchants. Etching is pretty meh and only really for Accessory etchings cause T4 aren't worth getting on NA

How does the server make that difference?

Cause EU has special boxes that give the important mats to make T4s not cost billions to make, while you only have dismantling *alot* of T4 and other etchings to get the mats which makes it reallllllllly not worth unless you're super into min/max and want that like 2 extra stat or w/e
All of them, except etching but Weapon first for Darics/plates, then Alchemy for gems, then armour for silver stuff for accessories and much higher gear enchants. Etching is pretty meh and only really for Accessory etchings cause T4 aren't worth getting on NA
Because they're not unique, everyone can get them easily if they take some time out of their afk life. Once you've got the low lvl dungeon achieve and world bosses killed, [filtered]'s easy to keep cause you just do the new dungeon achieves and it's no longer challenging.

Plus if you're doing achieves, you're already getting rewarded via titles, pets, mounts and some minor stat boosts already soooooooooo
It's given to you in the Apex quest line (requires i439).

And yes, they all only have 1
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Now I am wondering if you are the person who reported me on the Velika server for using hacks. Someone got insanely butthurt during the Superior Guardian Legions because I was rank 3 and only had on Frost. what did this person do? Reported me as someone who was using hacks, sorry but no hacks needed I simply know my rotation and know how to dps. I'm sorry people feel the need to get upset when someone is doing good despite not having the best gears. Really shows how this game is going these days.

The chain system is [filtered] anyway, no matter what, you're always worst off using it when you can just press buttons yourself
@Melyodis The news wasn't from Caali, it was from Pinkie when they announce their support coming back. Hopefully it does sit true and mEME just don't want to announce their failures

DEJHJ3ALJA wrote: »
They did on some servers.

So what you say, being first to get lvl 65 shouldn’t give us shining cutting edge? I don’t get it. It took a lot of effort with no reward?

They have never once did. Crusades and leaderboards aren't champion laurels, they're separate. Cutting edge is also different as well, since it's special and there can only be 1 per server

Laurels aren't special. As i said, they're exactly like Trophey score/Gamer score: literally meaningless
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I think the goal of this thread was to point out incorrect information on the official stream.

The first mistake is assuming anything said on a mEME stream is right

Spoilers: They're not
People playing the game Kappa
Just go inactive for awhile to qualify xd EU welcomes you to crave your tera needs
Fun thing is: They never left :)
PC got VSH like a month and abit later (which was funny at a time cause of the anniversary event gave people the Hankie-like mat in VHN so people had Deathwrack befoe VSH was here)

So wait a month or so then they'll post. Maybe start of december perhaps
I wonder where they would put such info

If only there was a special page which had the info on it to tell me
When you get the gear revamp patch, awakenings and dungeons like Antros and Rk9

Aka a few years
Who the [filtered] uses flight managers in 2k18
Double crit? Hell no, Crit is the LAST thing you roll, those people probably are still rolling for the last line (unless you're building full crit build but rarely two...)

Double CDR is the main go for both healers, for reducing Kaia's CD, Immersion, YOUR SELF RES AND YOUR OWNLY IFRAME and Res itself so people aren't dead to the floor longer than thry have to.

Double CDR, Healing, Aspeed and Crit as 5th are what all heals do. CDR on healers is strong
You're never gonna make gold until max level (without playing broker) as all money making activities are at 65

Get to 65 then you'll see how people make money, doing their dailies and guardian missions
They don't award champions on PC. They only award you for getting high scores in Pit of Petrax, Bgs and the current high tier dungeon which is a recent addition

They've never reward champions, it's easy to get with a few minutes of patience and it's easy to keep between seasons as you just do the new achievements for the new dungeons
Poundings are a noob trap (or soloing but at least attempt to get behind if you're doing IoD), they're pretty much the worst (or last way when you got nothing else) way to increase DPS since it's not raising crit power like Wrathful/bitter/Focused does and EVERYTHING is about crits since Crits are a multiplier that gets buffed up super high when combined with the damage lines on Weapons (Flat Damage/ Enrage damage/Back damage/Damage to most aggro etc) and damage steriod abilities. Tanks use two since there isn't anything else to use (Don't need Threatening if you can press buttons and you're not too outgeared, Carving isn't really needed since there are better ways to get crit, nothing else works in the front)

1) Aggro is what makes the boss target you. If you have aggro, you have a GIANT RED CIRCLE under you saying it's focusing on you. Tanks should have this 24/7. Best way to keep aggro is to do damage as aggro is BASICALLY 1:1 before modifiers. You don't need aggro crystals unless you're massively outgeared by the DPS. Tanks typically use 2 pounding, A wrathful and a Focused and build to do as much DPS as possible as it helps keep aggro and kill the boss faster

2) Iframe: Immunity frame, everyone has it. Stuff like backstep/teleport jaunt/ etc (not fiery retreat/Glacial retreat). You're compeletly immune to all damage during it (exception is un-iframable attacks, you learn these via guides and experience)

3) Enraging is very important as it activates EVERYONE's (if people aren't stupid and not using Focused) Focused crystals (more crit power vs enrage) and the DPS's +9.3% damage to enrage (most classes run two for +18.6% damage while the bos is enrage). It's also a good window to activate all damage steriod abilities (Deadly gamble/Mana boost/Adrenline rush/Guardian shout/Contagion etc) to multiple damage further for a strong burn for the next 32 seconds. It also activates everyone's -damage when hit by enrage targets so you're taking less damage while enrage. TL:dr Enrage is good [filtered], Good parties will have high enrage uptime. Bosses naturally enrage every 10% of damage dealt when they're not enrage (AKA they'll naturally enragr at 90% if tanks don't Infuriate). Tanks should infuriate at the start since everyone SHOULD have all their abilities off cooldown so you can have a strong opening burst. Only time you EVER save Infuriate is if your party is bad and can't break shields in shield phases

Keep aggro

Position the boss so DPS can have back time

Reduce the amount of times the boss turns by chasing the front and keeping it still

Force enrage the boss with Infuriate (and give buffs if lancer, reroll to another tank if you're a zerk tank because you're just a meat shield and do nothing else)

Reduce their endurance with their endurance shred

Not die by blocking and iframing attacks

Who would have thought console could handle more than 10+ players when PC struggled as well in this WELL OPTIMIZED GAME
Laurels aren't the same as PVP rankings

Rankings take skill and you're competing for it on a leaderboard

Laurels are easy to get and keep if you know which achievements to get...and there is no leaderboard
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r u missing the massive fps drop on the carpet?

Think I remember it being fixed.
Or at least better than original release, yes it was terrible...

I just miss the dungeon 's all. I liked the mechs and bosses in it.

Is there any known reason as to why it has never returned? Or if it ever will?

Cause BHS hasn't decided to let it come back yet, simple
Laurels ARE the reward. It's just to show off your no lifing
And welcome to mEME, Never ever expect Patch notes at a reasonable time and expect them to miss out on a few details here and there
They need to give Tera an Extra Life first before they can spare one
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i know that's event is running all day Saturday and Sunday, i have a lot of infusions now.
BUT! i just want future event to be more international timed.
If this post will not be readed and answered by EME i will create new posts ^_^

Nyan! <3

Create more posts that will go completely ignored by mEME like the other 99% of posts that do
You saw http://tera.enmasse.com/events/deathwrack-update this..named after a piece of gear we already had and surpassed...with the warrior revamp we already have

Plus we LITERALLY just had "gear" patch. Patches never come so soon together
Because that's effort to put in
Aprikot wrote: »
DHEE5KW5FP wrote: »
So what you are saying is you as a foreign player matter more than the NA players?
So foreign players should have less events?

You're playing on a NA server, ofc times are gonna be [filtered] for you. If you want better times then you're better off playing on the version for your country (better in event wise and everything else)
You can't please everyone. Someone gets cucked in the end
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spung wrote: »
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Have fun spamming Shining Crescent/ +apex + ragnarok every few seconds and dealing 20+ millions upon millions of damage in one single boss fight as a result and then being in denial about: brain-dead, boring, broken.

Apex + Ragnarök do not work in conjunction, so go hide in your fuckin cave.

I already said you're not worth my time so STOP quoting me.

Have you ever tried doing them one after the other?

Remember it's ok to be stupid...you're with friends in this community

Reiterating what I said, Ragnarök have absolutely no effect on apex skills.
How about you go try it yourself [filtered] instead of calling random people stupid.

You're not getting it are you

Yes, Rag doesn't reset Apex's SC reset but you're still able to spam SC over and over in rapid succession by using them both to reset/lower it's cd
spung wrote: »
Vy1Vivi wrote: »
Have fun spamming Shining Crescent/ +apex + ragnarok every few seconds and dealing 20+ millions upon millions of damage in one single boss fight as a result and then being in denial about: brain-dead, boring, broken.

Apex + Ragnarök do not work in conjunction, so go hide in your fuckin cave.

I already said you're not worth my time so STOP quoting me.

Have you ever tried doing them one after the other?

Remwmber it's ok to be stupid...you're with friends in this community
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DL7MMWLJ3W wrote: »
Settle down children.

Anyways, nice work on the guide. The color and background is bad for my eyes compared to Yosha's google site guides. Maybe change that look and it'll look alright.

Just because people are having a disagreement on a message board doesn't make them "children." It happens. Even in the real-world.

Everyone on the internet is a whiny child

No exceptions
They will eventually, it's part of patch cycles

Sadly there was a decet gap between DS seasons so got a long way to go
It's ok to be bad guys
It was with proxy (at least i saw a module for it one time i checked iirc)

But after how ever long the game's been up, i doubt they'll add anything like that...that's effort
Check your ping, if that rose then there's your answer
Because mEME
Just get strongbox keys dood xd who doesn't have 20000000 saved up for the events they'll never do
Just get strongbox keys and open talent boxes xd boy's been buffed
Yeah put it at 431 so you can get 2 talents per run instead of 1 Kappa
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »

You mean that 8% chance to gain 23 crit factor for 3 seconds? That better be outdated like the burning heart Talent(it was fixed to reduce cd of attunement per hit and not per crit) because i don't think that will help much.

Got to remember that healers inflict Crit resist down on the boss with talents, affectively giving everyone more crit indirectly
DDWWKC339M wrote: »
Is there some reason they can't just implement the guardian legion "DPS meter" into dungeons? It's obviously not nearly as detailed as shinra (and it would be better to have something more detailed like this) but it seems they already have a DPS tracker built into the game so why not at least just put that in for dungeons as well? Am I missing something as to why that wouldn't be very easy for them to do?

Guardian legion isn't a dps meter, it's a point system. It doesn't show DPS in the slightest, especially when healers get bonus points to compensate for low dps
Apex quests are hard? Have you tried pressing buttons to dodge or block attacks? You get it at Frostmetal tier, thw game EXPECTS you to at least know how to handle things yourself. Yes stuff hits hard but just don't get hit, if you do then kite and chug pots and it's easy.
Nope, and they won't cause console's ui was built from the ground up

and porting is effort
Wait until the patch for the best bet, stuff usually comes after them
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Please Enmasse I beg you!!! Talk to caali so we can have at least skill prediction and FPS utils. The game is unplayable without it, whose [filtered] I have to suck to make it happen? Just stop being so stubborn. Concede this one for the community and for once do the right thing. I will even spend 100 USD on your cash grab pay2win boxes. P L E A S E !

They've already spoken to Caali, there is a post about it on his site thing with screenshots of the convo.
Bonbonnie wrote: »
What is EME smoking?

We all want the answer to this one to know how their terrible decisions come to pass

Also the sale will probably come after the patch or something
If it was perm people would be like "lul copying GF xd"
Gone and only come back with special sales
Yeah 5 extra glyph points are so worthless guys, i don't want to be able to glyph more things to do more damage or make my skills better

Galaxy brain here
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DL7MMWLJ3W wrote: »
Never thought I see the day when someone complains about the most popular tank class in TERA.

Brawler and Warrior tanks should be allowed to complain, not Lancer...

My thoughts exactly!

Anyway, i think that the bosses have different resists to crits depending on back and front with the front being highly resistant and the tanks might struggle because of that?

They do, which is one of the reason D-stance warriors/Tank zerks (lul) need to build extra crit in order to hit caps
But lancer is a good class which is why there haven't been any changes??????????

If you die, then losing your HtL stacks are your punishment. As far as i know, there is no boss that doesn't attack with a blockable attack for that long. Even stuff like SS cage isn't a whole minute

Crit chance - Talents fix it bro, wait for Talents to come
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