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@asianfarmer said:
Weren't elite 30-days just 245-250k gold less than a month ago? Why is it 285-300k now?
Why is EMP rate 1:170~180 now, when less than a month ago it was 1:140~150?
Where's all the gold being generated from by the ingame system?
My guess is that Guardian missions, dungeon double gold, fishing; I wonder what are the other main sources of gold being poured out by the game.

It has more to do with less and less players willing to spend [real] money on EMP, and those who do, less of them willing to sell to others and sell cheap at that.

You don't need to receive damage per se. Just equip the card then approach a Noruk to aggro it so it attacks you.

Btw, isn't the knight named Rico? I got one by evolving a regular pet. I've seen others get it too.

Wait what
Reading guides equates to cheating now? Damn.

^That sounds very elitist of you.

Dyeable Elin Spring Maid Uniform Loot Box

Zoknahal wrote: »
I wanna touch a bit on the Loot part
Sure, there are pass [insert item name] runs, but everyone in the dungeon worked equally hard, so it just feels very underwhelming when only one party member gets to keep the rarest drop.

I agree with 'everyone should get equally rewarded' but IMO the idea that 'everyone worked equally hard' is not always true, especially over IMS. Usually the ones who drags the party down end up getting rewarded more (bc rng sux ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) .
Yes, you can get the yellow quest again if you choose to abandon for now.
It is dumb, but people are doing it. You just need to see it to believe it.
That fish bot mod lets people fish for unlimited amount of time since it manually fishes for you (including BAFs), dismantles fish to fillet, craft baits from fillet, bank fillets, etc.
It basically plays the game for you and you can leave it on for as long as you want..maybe not 24/7 since we have maintenance. But with that kind of ability, they earn exp easily and it's not as mind-numbing as grinding basilisks.
It's aggravating that they (mEME) don't do anything about it.
So they literally gave up on coming up with a new, unique idea. Unsurprising.
They probably added it on their own, BHS got mad because that's not what they wanted and they have no choice but to give in to actual game owners/developers. Yeah, I've seen this before. Stubborn, old Korean people in the game business thinking they know what's best for players when they really don't. Everything is for the sake of revenue.
This is not a bug, just a text error. You can keep crying over an incorrect text that they will not bother to give priority since this is already a 'closed' matter. Have fun.
Not a bug. Refer to 05/07 - Instance Reset Scroll sale pricing
They didn't modify the info on the scroll but the pricing that you now see is intended.
Did BHS also think we wouldn't notice the quiet removal of all free pets rewarded for achievements?

Just wanna respond to this particular subject. Achievements still give pets. They just removed it from the achievement rewards list but once you complete an achievement that originally gave a pet, you'll still receive it.
Dyes have been added under Alchemy.
I believe Poni is referring to etchings III for accessories, not gear parts.
1)AFAIK, the answer is no. That is unless mEME updates the loot tables for IoD Bams.
2) You need 4 coupons to purchase a specific Onset Mask you want. The exchange shop has Powerful, Keen, Bitter and Energetic versions.
For example, you have a Bitter Onset Mask and want an Energetic one instead, you need to collect 3 more Onset Masks to dismantle so you can purchase the Energetic version.
At this point, NA patch notes are just there so they can't be accused of not posting [patch notes]. Players are better off looking at Gameforge's posts or player-translated patch notes (from kTera).
Botting is botting. In my opinion, it doesn't have to have a monetary benefit for it to be deemed illegal and against ToS.
Sure. It's pretty misleading and you wouldn't have thought to clearly specify that until I pointed it out. Well, whatever. Good luck on your problem.
Lapomko wrote: »
Well I know some guys that have huge amount of fish farm with fishing module like 15 clients+ Will they be banned too?

I asked that and they said, yeah we will ban ppl using bots yet they actually don't.
I see that as staff being lazy, low on manpower, incapable of actually detecting fishing bots or all of these. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Wait, those are old servers that technically don't exist anymore. Tera PC servers are down to 2: Kaiator (PVP65) and Velika (PVE)
Seems you got a client update issue.
Ppl taking gearing advice from the market dood. lol
Now, now. You give BHS/Krafton too much credit, thinking it'd be "pretty simple" for them to do unique, non-recycled custom animations for new mounts. B)
Edit your personal message in your character profile. Press 'P', click on 'Costuming'.
Searching won't kill you.
Seems like if they make talent farming more efficient, they won't be able to sell as much federation crates as they'd like. :^)
Wrong forums. No point posting it here.
Yes. There is no race restriction for joining/creating a party.
Wrong forums. This here services NA Tera.
CMIIW dungeons for ilvl 446 and above, with varying versions depending on the dungeons themselves: Onset - Infinity - Transcendent - Bahaar
You can view item list here
It looks like áss, imo
That's how mafia works
It's in 'Event' on your Main Menu (first icon from the left).
If I recall, what you mentioned were the wrong descriptions. EME has since sent out a patch that fixed the descriptions we have today. This was also discussed in EM's fishing duide
They'd probably send it next year. My guess is whoever is in charge of sending rewards is still on holiday break.

Server: Velika
Guild: Fluffy Belly
Members present (L-R):

I'm just waiting for Tera's version.
How about replacing it with account bound summer wrap :^)
Male characters would still get left out though. :/
That happens if you enter with a party and someone triggers the cutscene by opening the doors before you finish interacting with him. I recommend that you try to be the first person to enter the instance, quickly kill one mob to get the orb, pass through the barrier then interact with Karakhir.
All accounts' dungeon entries could've been reset. That would've sufficed but I guess they'd rather not put effort to it. :/
Strongbox =/= Emblem Box
I've reported numerous accounts that bot the Tuwangi guardian mission only to have some outsourced "GM" reply to me that he didn't see any bots, while they were still there actively botting right in front of me. What a joke. And now devs decide this update. So many comedians in charge of this game.
I bet he'd still say that's not proof lol.
There is no point trying to convince a brick wall.
Sometimes people who get banned are fully aware what they did wrong, but go on public forums pretending that they had no idea why they were banned because they "weren't doing anything bad" and that it was an unfair suspension.

Nice try, though.
Yeah apex buffs don't work in raids, only in parties. That is why when I used to attend the daily rally, I try to ask the raid leader to distribute healers among the 6 parties. Hopefully BHS will change it.
IOD buffs wot =) =) =) Share your nonsensical baseless prejudice moar.
Here's a vid of a priest who cleared it in 13s (yeah, I know it's old but I don't believe it's necessarily outdated)

Unless you're the type who's stubborn about his/her beliefs that no amount of reasoning, clear evidence and instruction will make you change your mind (?). We tried... I guess?
"Wahh.. ppl are better than me. That means they're all cheaters. Wahh"
About time they let priests use divine charge in BGs!
As long as players keep sending them money, mEME won't care much about other stuff trivial to them such as *gasp* responding to/addressing player concerns about the state of the game.
If an(other) MMORPG can still survive in 2018 with less than 100 players spending (I'm actually playing that game, but I'm not one of the spenders), then I'm pretty sure NA Tera (and mEME's management) will just be fine and will continue with their shenanigans.
Your toxicity threshold is too low, mister. That wasn't even close to it.
IMO there's nothing wrong with asking for the game's community manager to learn how to properly play the game. I don't think that's too much to ask, but she is making it so with each stream she appears on.
A lot of people have a lot fun playing "dress up".
IMO costumes (esp. their lootboxes) make up majority of mEME's revenue over the years so I don't believe it's something to mock.
I agree with TPAM.
They need to reach their monthly revenue quota and the fiasco right at the beginning of October was a red flag to their wallets. Of course they'll pull this crate out of their bums. I am hardly surprised. It's pretty effective, I think. People are buying and opening crates left and right (not sure how much it amounts to, though).
Probably last hail mary for Black Friday... or around Halloween week.
You hurt their feelings, guys! This is supposed to be a safe space, okay?
My answer to the thread title is no. They only hear, but too stubborn to listen.
Or... they can delay the awakening 2.0 patch indefinitely and this will never die down!
He's pretty much against people activating their forum account to participate in discussions for the first time. Apparently if you are new, you (and your opinions) are irrelevant. That, and all new posters are simply alts of one user.
Reminds me of this back in the day
Click here for my suggestion.
Relevant: Missing patch notes

I recommend making use of search function when you suspect any irregularities before making any posts.
VGs appear when you enter a dungeon and disappear once you exit.
Relevant: Post Merge Known Issues [Update Sept. 20 10:30 AM PDT]
Check image size again.
Similar issue here.
^Same for me. Thankfully, guild bank was untouched. I ran out of time to rearrange my wardrobe storage though. =)
We don't really need another healer/support class in Tera.
It's mentioned here. Dunno why they failed to include in their post but honestly, there aren't any expectations for them to do a complete job.
OakMoonbat wrote: »
...should I just try to follow the crowd and hope to eventually pick it up from context?
That's how I learned FWC and CS when I was a beginner.
For guides, you can check Essential Mana's BG guide and/or Fraywind Canyon guide by PlagueFWC.
Isn't that what I just said? One from players/broker and the premium version (Catnap) in lootbox which is in store. What are you "no"-ing about??
You can try your luck in broker or trade chat.
Bronze Bikini is a seasonal costume. Its lootbox might be put back on sale on Black Friday or next year during the summer.
Fortified Catspaw can be purchased from players/broker. Its premium version (Catnap) can only be obtained from lootbox, which is in the store.
The name options are funny. It's too obvious that they already know which ones will win. Velik and Kaia won in twitter poll, then they just changed here to their namesake cities. Plus, the other two options for both polls are not even cities. It feels like they just made the poll just for show. :p
LancerJiva wrote: »
Why change it from what it was before? Wasn't Kaia and Velik some of the options?

Probably because it didn't fit the usual naming convention that we've used before. Add the fact that they probably won't change Celestial Hills so a server list of two gods + 1 place looks awkward.
Options > Video > Effects > check Travel effects
Trying to reason with misty? LOL Might as well argue with a wall.
Ranking for PoP wouldn't be an issue if it weren't for the rewards. Just adjust or remove.
Strange item names. Are those from EU?
They'd rather post cringy stuff tbh XD
+9000 for necro
Yeah, give up. They only said "we'll consider it" to make people shut up lol
They didn't even acknowledge it when it was first reported/mentioned so don't hold your breath for any fix anytime soon
When I saw the 150 token price, I breathed a sigh of relief. Now I don't have to waste my time doing the daily event quests on all of my characters anymore. Great way to demotivate players! GJ mEME <3
I'd prefer if they improve on the current pet AI first.
Just summon Shandra Manaya next time XD
Try using a guardian weapon.
For dungeons below level 65, (re)entry via IMS is restricted by the following:
instance entry cooldown
item level
character level

You can enter these dungeons repeatedly.
CornishRex wrote: »
auto loot pets dont pickup gold

They do, but for gold-looting pets, they don't pickup items. Pets also tend to react slow sometimes, where it takes a while before they start picking up stuff.
The green fairy? It pops up occasionally to give you tips, alert you of mail (sent by the game) and in dungeons it's an indicator that you are a beginner (i.e. it will no longer show up when you are tagged as 'skilled'). I'm assuming it functions the same in console.
It's probably hungry. Buy some Pet Food from the Merchant store, summon your pet and right click on Pet Food to feed.
Another Necromancer has spawned
They didn't earn enough to meet monthly quota, I see. thinking-face_1f914.png

After pasting the url, it will automatically add the html tags
Edit: The url you paste must look like this: https://i.imgur.com/2amkbJT.jpg (i.e. it ends with the file extension)
I think it's this
Here's the Emporium List

Note: I'm not the author. Cannot remember who, sorry.
To me, the move makes sense bc this costume series does not look very appealing to most so they need to find a way to cash in as much as they can.

It is a very wise move, and I also welcome it like the rest. Hopefully they continue to do this for all the costumes to come.
Sure, sure
It's great. Keeps moderators alert.
But not rly. lul
One known player did this before but since he/she had 'popularity immunity', not even punished unlike the other guy behind bars :p
One of those flying pigs.
1) Guild quests reset at 5am PST
2) Guild quests are random (e.g. RG (small) can appear on the list today but it may not be available the next day).
Or a "hide weapon glow" option
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