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you don't get chat banned just cause GM hates you, you get chat banned for being an [filtered]. so before you get too deep into conspiracy theory, maybe you should start working on your manners...
i'm pretty sure you need 431 ilvl to open mid bams.
EME gave you the second chance to save your money, grab it while you can :D
Didn't ever seen both diamonds and shards in PoP but quite often both seeing in gg. Doing with 6 chars every day.

PoP drops carved ornament, surfactant, liquid metal and copper clasp
that moment when banyakas trolls you with beam of light and you realize you got shard instead of diamond :D
where can i find the info when does it start?
welcome to our world :D
i guess it's a blue (rare) glyph. they can be obtained from loot boxes from mid IoD tokens or directly for 180 top bam tokens. also i think you can buy it directly with guardian credits.
can we remove them from game completely please?
they do delete names from time to time, don't remember they deleted characters
Did she forget about us? we miss her a lot, at least i do :D
I cant abandon the quest for some reason.

When I was in there the stone wouldn't appear (was in there 5-10 mins after everyone left, as I was checking the items out).

I teleported into the dungeon again and everything seems reset. But I cant queue into the story quest to find a group (because I cant do it all by myself). I don't see that quest in my Instance Matching list.

you probably outleveled dungeon and can't use instance matching, but can enter it through teleportal. if you outleveled it, you should be able to clear dungeon alone. if not ask a friend or ask in global, maybe someone can help you with it.
WH49T5PXPJ wrote: »
Sorry, i still can't see how that explain the prices and why we can't have 100% for enchant/upgrade stuff. And why the designs are so expensive too

we never had 100% success chance or higher tier gear. old mid and high tier were cancer as well, now you can at least cap item xp and improve your chances.
no strongbox events, people cry, strongbox events too often, people cry....
RTFM7GKCYH wrote: »
Thank you for replying. I suppose this will sound stupid, but where do I get guardian gear?

you get it from story quest called "Fresh arms and legs" from dougal in highwatch.
how dare you suggest people to search for guides. elitist af :D
Zumoraii wrote: »
Hi, my name is Angieechan from Ascension Valley. I am stuck on master skills test for etching need help. I don't understand why my promotion points are not increasing...

you dont need craft etching II

if you craft exaple Grounded armor I , and you crit Whitte Dentrite, you pass test

i agree completely, it's way cheaper and crit rate is much higher than II etch.
great thread. 10/10
Ponilover wrote: »
get on your mount and keep riding into the thingy
i think the spot is too high for some races to reach

now it makes sense why i needed a century to get it with my popo :D
WTS apotechary dye, 10k each :D
PrincessV wrote: »

you didn't have to know that, all you had to do it READ :D
well you can check it on forums, that orange part that now says there will be server maintenance, it will say tera servers are up and running, ty for your patience. not exactly server status page, but you can still see if servers are up
i absolutely agree with OP, functionality of site is 0/10.
Lapomko wrote: »
The economy should be left alone and we shouldn't be spoon fed like the MWA flooding era when everything els besides that was so expensive with excessive gold in the economy. Everyone was crying for a gold-sink system. Now farming golden talent is worth doing again especially when theres double/triple vanguard going on and not only META farming guardians non stop. It's nice for a change.

And please also don't forget the people that play the broker. Some people invested alot into talents and if enmasse intervenes these people would feel stabbed in the back losing milions of gold.

i honestly don't give a single [filtered] about someone losing millions
DWDE6GFGWH wrote: »
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
Might as well add some events for gold talents?

I agree with this. Prices of Golden talents have tripled, VG got nerfed for IOD Golden talent farm, Male brawlers are going to want and gear. On the more dead servers talents are around 35g ea. Events to fight the prices going up even more would be really nice right now.

unfortunetely the will be too many people cry about events that "destroy " the economy...
you can check all the glyphs available by hovering mouse over it even if it's locked. rare, aka master, glyphs can be bought directly for 180 dawnstorm tokens or from loot boxes that cost 20 mid tokens. also you can buy them with guardian credits, i think they're 15k credits each.
i'm pretty sure that damage received is based on % of hp, regardless of your gear, cause i lose same ammount of my hp with sc +2 leather armor and with 0 frost cloth.
Where does it say we're getting this?

in game calender shows active events.
any chance that it gets extended for weekend cause that's only time most people can play?
aliferous wrote: »
The reason I play solo is that I never, ever played in a party. I am afraid to make people angry for not knowing what to do and how to benefit a party and not the opposite. I always played solo because I can just take my time, learn the boss, make mistakes and not be judged. Sure, soloing dungeons is a slow progress but I don’t get super bored of it. Even though I went trough Bastion of Lok a sh.it load of times trying out every class’ potential, I still don’t get super bored of it because it’s a challenge everytime.

well, i'm pretty sure you can find a video for every dungeon on youtube, so it's easy to know what to expect in every dungeon. also if you choose a dps your mistakes are not so obvious compared to tank or healer. on the other hand, there is too many toxic people so i understand you being concerned. for solo lvl 65 content (island of dawn, pit of petrax, ghillieglade), brawler is the easiest class imo, just fill your rage, use growing fury and faceroll your keyboard.
you can get any innerwear, but chances to get top ones are very low. i was unlucky cause every basic/signature innerwear i got i past few months were mp,hp or endurance.
tbh, i really don't understand why it's still possible loot from elite gift box, since now we get non-tradeable version which can be bought for 100 fashion coupons (which can be farmed in few minutes). must say i get really disappointed when i wait for 24 hours to get it. especially when i get it like 3 days in a row.
tbh, there wasn't any
liberation scroll is 995 EMP if i remember right, they earn way more money on loot boxes and costume bundles then they would on liberation scrolls. i'm affraid it's not gonna happen
i just logged in, MT is laggy af, like 10 seconds delay
ninjas, reapers, gunners and brawlers during GF kill my fps everywhere, not just on guardian
the best thing that can be done with kumas royale is to remove it completely from game. new player can't learn absolutely anything playing that trash "bg"
XTDXMT5HWP wrote: »
Ves1978 wrote: »
if it's gonna make people less sad, this event is a disaster, FIHM drops DW mats, FINM drops ambush mats...

u a EME minion rigth?

sure, right now i'm busy counting money i got for previous comment
if it's gonna make people less sad, this event is a disaster, FIHM drops DW mats, FINM drops ambush mats...
wow, thank you EME on such rare and useful item, it was totally worth logging in and get a parcel :D
Ves1978 wrote: »
but at least we get 3 day travel journal, village atlas and that snowflake thing without any description at the end of month :D

Seandynamite mentioned more information about it here.

more information? rofl :D
but at least we get 3 day travel journal, village atlas and that snowflake thing without any description at the end of month :D
ElinLove wrote: »
I wonder why they even program the game in 1st place for everyone to just get it based on DPS. For fek's sake why they didn't do it from the start to:
* DPS gets contribution based on DPS done.
* Tanks get contribution for aggro held.
* Healers get from healed damage.

For them to not do it like this from start, is like proof they don't know how people even play this and what role should do what. If a healer drops inside the game without a party, and heals everyone there, that healer IS contributing a lot to the people there.
But noo, you only get the "hero points". Everyone must do most kills. It's like a football game where the goalkeeper and defense get a "good job." and only the ones who scored goals get the money and fame. Rest is just trash that happens to be there.

well, that reminds me on dreamstorm, where +15's kept picking motes so healers many times ended without those 5 kills required... would be much more fair they way you have put it.
step 1: make a raid
step 2: enjoy teamwork
well, i'd suggest you two to start develpoing crafting in all professions, it's really useful and you don't depend on anyone. if you have 2 characters each you can cover them all.
Ray676 wrote: »
please stop putting those [filtered] garbage candies on the calendar. you can't discard them and they are useless

YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JasonTERA wrote: »
It would be good for players. However, back in the days when monsters dropped a meaningful amount of gold and tradable items, there were some issues of bot-farming in both KTERA and NA TERA. I believe that the reason why BHS deleted gold and most of the tradable items from open-world loot table is "bots". Note that NA TERA's open-world BAMs drop Semi and CCB with a low rate, but they do not drop those items in KTERA. It is Region-specific content.

I still remember when I saw a party of 5 priests moving together and killing BAMs for a week. Maybe TERA is now not worth to run bots even if mobs drop something useful...but still there will be a potential bot problem if monsters drop a meaningful amount of tradable items or gold.

they can always be put in solo instances like ghillie, PoP, celestial arena etc
tbh, just remove blue dyads from the game, we have more than enough rng already
DesertSand wrote: »
Emeralds, Darics how ever you spell it . other crafting materials rare mounts,pets what ever they can think of...

DesertSand wrote: »

i have only one question for mEME staff. dafuq is wrong with you people, can't you do your job ONCE right?
as far as i remember, you lose them.
if you're in a good mood try to explain to underperforming player what they're doing wrong. if you're in a bad mood, react as you did in this run, don't bother explaining, but don't be a [filtered] as well.
soon TM, as usual
3x rewards on IoD are nice, since 2x was a standard for ages. but tbh, i'd accept x1 rewards for keening dawn mote after every bam, like EU tera has. cause our VG shop is more or less crappy, and farming takes forever if motes don't drop properly.
instead of being stucked in that party, just leave and get 15 minutes dropout...
seriously, so much drama about RG run... i outdpsed a ninja today with my mystic and finished the run with "tyfp" as usual... what was i supposed to do? lecture him about trash dps?
well if guy died only once in two runs, best thing you can do is put him on the block list. cause making drama about dying in lknm is a joke.
Lyanni wrote: »
Some people...
The issue is solved, the ones who did it before even have the advantage of doing it again, what else do you guys want more?

quadruple drop? :D
well it's normal that you disagree cause Vi disagrees with everybody :D
HAAYAAKD43 wrote: »
whats amazing in all of this is that there is still NO official word from eme..about this.
is it on, isnt it on ..etc
how hard is it to clarify?!

they come to office at 9 AM pst, so we have to wait for another hour at least...
Partyblast wrote: »
Beom wrote: »
I believe that "the blast from the past" had been removed since the rewards for LV65 (or 60) were not worth at all so that they became less interested in it.

Well, this thing was great for new players and TERA itself, but if dev's have a plan to bring it back, they must add some USUFUL REWARDS for the people who participate. Otherwise, it will be dead again.

Well it was introduced as a level 60 system, so the rewards (except for Semis really) were bad at 65. With the new system change all the rewards would have to be updated anyways. That plus working out the skill issues, such as Zerks literally committing [filtered] due to overcharge or Priests being able to just pop kaias and watch their party never die, and making the Time Travel gear actually do something since it was always out performed by a low level with an avatar weapon.

The system was an amazing system in my opinion and it helped low level queues pop quicker. Back then so many people complained that dungeons were just rushed and they couldn't do the story quests, but now people complain the queues don't pop while also crying that the dungeons are rushed and they can't do story quests.....sooo :shrug: 1 issue is better than 2.

Sadly EmE themselves cannot bring this system back, perhaps they can suggest it to BHS but that involves them updating and bringing back that system so the chances of it returning are small.
papy10k wrote: »
why no one talks about bgs rewards, those are USELESS AS [filtered].

People do complain that the BGs have lackluster rewards, however this isn't the thread to do so on. Create one of your own expressing your concerns and suggestions to fix it, maybe you'll have luck but it'll probably just be ignored by EmE like all the others.

people will always find something to cry about... but this way we could keep new players interested in game for a while.
i haven't seen it for few days and then got 2x3 yesterday, it's completely random, so swipe your card and make more toons :D
i'm pretty sure many players remember it. it was a great thing for low level dungeons since queue times were super short even for dps classes and new players could enjoy the game, not waiting for ages for IM to pop up. too many times i see complaints in global from new players who wait for 30+ minutes for a run. as an old player with log in and guild buffs and bis gear for certain level i can solo any dungen, but new players who have no idea about gear or boss mechanics will have a hard time soloing it.
hopefully EME staff will consider the idea of returning it back to game.
@Halrath @Spacecats
adding silver talents as a drop from elite box would be nice, since they are much harder to farm comparing to golden talents. also buffing metamorphic emblems drop would be cool cause 500 t12 feedstock drop was enough for 2 tries of awakened enchanting and 300 emblems is enough for 1 try to enchant twistshad from 0 to +1... also i don't really understand why did apotechary dye become non-tradeable.
only money i ever spent on this game was to pay transfers to MT. every patch my main is fully geared and few more alts have at least BiS weapon. and i have way less than 5k hours of gameplay....
Rxkt wrote: »
ive already had 3 crystals broken ever since they removed elite

going from perma elite -> "ccb on elite bar" is rough
not to mention they're only 3 hours

12 hour ccb is like 5g atm....
tbh i find crying about losing perma ccb equaly pathetic as crying over 10 or 20 achievment points. people just stop being whining little [filtered] and play the game :D
1. blue aka rare aka master glyphs
2. you can get those green ones from vanguard glyph tokens or from loot boxes
3. it used to be 50% but was nerfed to 35% long time ago
4. when you hover mouse over glyph you see all possible glyphs (stats, glyph points). so basically if you have blue glyph it's the best you can get.
Jolifin wrote: »
i never said everything is bad . and if u dont like them just dont reply on them.

but Vi lives for replying on other people's posts, especially if they have different opinion :D
it is common if servers go down for maintenance :D
It literally says at the top of the page in a big yellow box...

reading is hard you know!!!!! :D
LesbianVi wrote: »
years ago when we had EU and RU players all over NA, game were more active around those hours. Still, as DPS ques were always long, and also again after BFTP removed, ques got longer.

Game is not that active, but que timer is not a sign for it.

blast from the past was an awesome thing, even for dps queues weren't longer than minute or two.
remove dyad structures from elite box and put smart ones. also could be nice that metamorphic emblems "jackpot" gets bit buffed cause 500 t11 or 12 feedstock was a thing, 500 metamorphics is like 1/7 pansopic ash (if i remember right it's 3.6k emblems).
Margarethe wrote: »
Jerichow wrote: »
I'm actually okay with Reapers being Elin only. However that's the only case. Every other class I'd like to see eventually be accessible by at least a couple races (let's be honest, Baraka Ninja just does not work no matter how you try to justify it).

No issues with Reapers being restricted to Elin, only believe it would be interesting.
Agreed, Baraka Ninjas would be odd indeed.

probably impact bomb would cause an earthquake :D
summer themed loading sceens at the end of november... :D
mount tyrannas or tempest reach
it bothers you that the world can see you're P2W? :D
Ves1978 wrote: »
it's just a bug, simply drag them back to your skill tray and problem solved. i don't know after how much time are you returning, but i'd recommend you to visit essential mana for gear progression guide since there is a lot of changes there.

all those guides are from 2016. Are they still relevant? Noticed we got new stuff like belts.

new stuff like belts? RIP....
it's just a bug, simply drag them back to your skill tray and problem solved. i don't know after how much time are you returning, but i'd recommend you to visit essential mana for gear progression guide since there is a lot of changes there.
i'm pretty sure many players will agree with me. can you please remove blue dyad structures from elite box and replace it with smart ones. i have nearly 200 blue ones and don't attempt to use them since we have more than enough rng in this game :D
speaking of narcissist...you came after a YEAR and make a drama cause there is a maintenance and YOU can't play? tbh, you won't be missed, nobody needs egoistic, spoiled piece of trash, we have enough toxicity without you :D
finally a day without toxicity of global chat.... and i had to work :D
few of my brawlers have simple quickcarve brooch and when i hover mouse over it it says that it upgrades to superior grounding brooch. i'm curious is that just a typo or it will really upgrade to it. i really wouldn't like to spend resources to get pretty much useless brooch.
spend your credits on entropic amblem boxes perhaps?
Primmyyy wrote: »
Galiers wrote: »
Primmyyy wrote: »
Salvatori wrote: »
Not everyone have elite subscription and these items may not be usefull for us but they're is for ppl who just started in the game

CCBs are less than 30g on the broker and they drop from IoD like candy. Shouldn't be an issue for non-elite.

I like the bravery pots tho. You get so many and I use them when i don't wanna waste a strong bravery

but is a normal bravery pot... no stronger one

I know. I said that. Please learn to read

reading is hard you know... :D
he reached daily cap for vanguard quests, which is 16 if i'm not wrong. after you reach cap you only get low ammount of gold, depending of quest, but 10-15 gold i think
the only evidence i see here is that you still suck badly in PvP :D
usually you have to write a ticket to get change for your costumes. you won't be able to use them after race change.
LesbianVi wrote: »
Babbelsim wrote: »
Hopefully it will be fixed soon, its been down for hours now.. stuff like this always happens on the darn weekend >:C

Those damn cows so smart, They gank servers after EME staff gets out and those darn hamsters always drunk and high with drugs on weekend.

time to call the butcher to solve that cow problem once and for all :D
CornishRex wrote: »
Obviously it's so they can reintroduce them as flying mounts.
This time around, not account bounded, only 5k emp bundles :))

finally we're gitting flying dafi then. and hopefully flying carpet will actually fly :D
LesbianVi wrote: »
It happened before, server crash fixed it, we need a server crash I think, Store server seems crashed, waiting for game servers now :p

at least we don't have to wait long for server crash :D
Anyone else having issue with this quest? it doesn't show in VG window and it doesn't give catalyst.
any account bound mount have infinite time of uses. any characeter you have, or any you will ever make in future will be able to use it.
Step one: go to amadjuak
Step two: finish Morick's quest
Step three: use [filtered] flying mount on IoD and stop crying
i had situations where i got 2x6 per toon, and on the other hand i had situations i got 0 per toon. i guess it's completely random.
feminzii wrote: »
I dont care which one you tackle first but please add apothecary dyes to any of them thank u : )

and make apotechary dye from elite box tradeable again...
CorviRei wrote: »
If you can pop the strong one off cd (because there is no cd issue with that one) why is there any reason to use the old one?

i use strong ones on main for harder dungeons and use common ones on alts for IoD farm.
Jerichow wrote: »
Why not just bring back the crafting speed scrolls? They used to be in the game alongside Gatherfaster scrolls.

i still don't understand why were those scrolls removed with stamina. i understand that panaceic bolster was removed, but dedicated crafter, gatherfaster scroll, heartly potion, heaven's elixir and eclipse potion had nothing with stamina....
HAAYAAKD43 wrote: »
why isnt RG KC and SF included ? honestly, why cant you guys (eme) stick to a plan that works.
if an event is a huge success then keep that format. dont change it.
we (the players) could easily make a "check list" to apply to each half-thought out event:
-include all dungeons
-up to date prizes
-patch appropriate mats
-reset scroll issues ?
-ask the player council ..or simply ask for some suggestions in one of the streams and make them useful :).
- will there be a separate crystal for non-costume rewards? like the red on on the right last kyras event.

they never asked player council or community, they just came up with event and sometimes got lucky and managed to make people happy. like blue boxes kyra was awesome, then next one was a complete fail. imo best kyra's event was last one when most lvl 65 dungeons were included.
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