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The main issue is that there can't be PERMANENT changes because how devs have been changing things in the past year. However we can demand our Publisher to provide better rewards for PvP content that allows their comunity to catch up in gear, accesories, ep, advancement skills and character exp to veterans and have a more fair ground to be competitive in the game, making "PLAYER SKILLS" actually what gives you the edge and not "A WALL OF HEAVY GRIND AND RNG".

@QueenNora said:
To be honest, I don't know why Tera became the cheap copy of Black Desert, it's something that doesn't fit the style of this game, the caiman grinding is extremely boring and I don't say it because I talk about the grind, I say it Because this is something that is not going well for this game, this is like doing something unnecessarily difficult because they feel like it.

Why TERA becae a cheap copy of BDO?

Just look at the changes in BHS. They changed their name to Krafton (Kakao's "K" in their name).

It is not wonder why they are making things way too similar to BDO and expect to have the feature "your gear may go poof after failure" in the near future.

I feel the compensation is fair but they could have included ep boost and some other consumable that could make things a little bit faster for a couple of hours in-game.

Why not send support tickets complaining about Shore Hold not restricting people with no pvp gear or pvp gear lower than +6?

This is an issue that should be solved for the devs and not using the kick system.

@STALKERrules said:
@dragonmu12 They already had that guardian event......

And it was only for 6 days :)

You only say what you want to say but not what it actually was done over there.

@Christin said:
1. Require the proper pvp gear. 2. Don't show pvp stats in the player's profile. 3. No pvp ranks on leaderboads. 4. Limiting the amount of kicks players can initiate each day. 5. Fix reporting system so people afking can be reported and banned from pvping. If they let people form their own parties, you'd have a totally OP party constantly winning. IMO not letting people party at all would be better. Make pvp fun like Kumas once was before they made all of the changes to it. Only reason they had to make it 5v5 was because they blocked level 65s from playing with lower levels.

They could apply the same as Gridiron. Change names for numbers in that match.

I still against kicks because that alone is a way players have been abusing on other BGs to force draws or win a match kicking a player to get their friend with them in the same team. All the most popular PvP games based on BGs dont allow kick players and they have their profesional competitions and players.

Point 1 should be a must. Poit 2 and 3 are needed for pvpers. Point 4 should be removed. Point 5 is a must.

It should be sticked to the first page.

@ReaperTime said:

As for the level up event, we did/do have an event going on and mixed with caimans. You could literally get 70 in a day...

wait what? don't tell me that i missed another ninja event with caimans which gives everyone 70 lvl in a day...

Its not a ninja event. I has been for about 2 weeks.


They dont type their prices on EME discord. That alone can lead you to think they are doing RMT. IF they are not doing it then why dont they show for how much they are selling.

All you can see is "pm on discord"

How convenient.

@Christin said:
I have all 22 character slots bought and one is still open (slot bought and used but has no character on it yet). I'm perplexed as to whether I should use it or leave it open. I do page sets, so each page of toons have matching outfits and fit together. I already have the perfect character picked out, but not sure what to do if they have more leveling events, and I have no slots left. I know there are other players out there with maxed server slots taken, so what do you think? I suppose I could just give the 22nd character inexpensive cosmetics, but that isn't much fun either. The last page holds 8 but they've only opened 6 so far. Anyone know if they might end up opening the last 2 slots?

I would not try to make more characters at the moment if you have few on Velika server. If a merge happens in the future you will have to delete some to not exceed the limit.

@Christin name sellers are mostly the ones hoarding names in low level characters because they sell them for real money.

It doesnt exist an official bg discord but you can use it for NA servers https://discord.gg/FdUsfzY

@Lapomko said:

@tisnotme said:
it didnt fix any thing for me and others so no it didnt fix anything
and for them it did it was a short lived fix a band aid solution at best untill it was needed to re fix what it was supposed to fix in the first place but didnt so thats not a fix
and in implementing this type of "fix" it caused more problems that were worth the temp fix for the few it did help

so no it wasnt a fix and was total (in your terms) bollocks
and being such a good fix for you your now on the EU server Mystel so the improvements that you call a fix kept you here well

Are you to stupid to understand or extremely selfish? If it didn't fix anything for you doesn't mean it didn't fix for others either. It helped many people that are struggling finding other player to play with. It's bollocks because you said it didn't fix anything but then you said it helped small hand of people ?? it did fix exactly what i'm trying to get into your thick skull and I already explained the situation what was happening in AV.

2 merges in the past 2 years and it hasnt fixed anything, it only has made things worse. When you only had 1 server are you going to ask for server merge again... oh wait they cant because it will be only 1 server. There you have your answer, merges dont fix anything.

Merges have never fixed anything as tisnotme said.

If EME wants to completely kill TERA for good then go ahead and make a merge. You will see how half of the population will leave after getting a bitter taste for losing characters, cash shop stuff, character names, guild names and probably even inventory stuff.

@StarSprite ty.

Can we get this closed just to avoid unnecesary bumps?

@Fanfreya said:
how do you get the pets, i cant seem to find it..

In Twunagi village you can do some mini-game where you can get 3 temp frog pets. If you complete the achievements for them you will get them permanently.

@counterpoint @BearShoes

The tittle says 9/10 but the body says 9/5.

Which day is the one we should wait the maint?

It doesnt says Thursday or Tuesday. That's why I am asking.

And even worse, you can lose an enchantment level on failure.

@Erazus said:

@UsagiFF said:
You want his in-game name for what? To make shame of him? Because that's the only thing people do when they ask for it in every game.

To know what he is saying is true. I know pretty much everyone that does PvP and I do not recall anyone specifically targeted to be kicked over and over by multiple people. Hell, he can just provide a proof of it happening and the people involve + ss of his gear.

[...] and remove the kick system too [...]

Use your brain for a second, if that happens, there will be a ridiculous amount of people AFKing (simple macro or simply a proxy mod to never get kicked out by the game because AFK) or whatever and you will see thousands upon thousands of posts complaining about no kick system. It is like removing the kick system for dungeon ims. The tank goes AFK for 2 hours after first boss, you cannot kick, congratulations, you just lost a run and coins.

Way to go with your big brain thinking UsagiFF.

Its not my brain thinking, its the way the most popular games based on BGs do it. You may try to defend the kick system but the only truth is that system is only used for people to abuse/exploit.

You may say those other games are doing things wrong with all the success they have? I don't need to call their names, if you dont know those games you barely knows pvp based games.

He is not the only one and he will not be the last. Some people just dont want randoms in their teams and with bad luck you can get matched with that kind of guys, get kicked, get a penalty that wont let you queve on it for several minutes and then again felt into the same people who kicked him before in his next match.

You want his in-game name for what? To make shame of him? Because that's the only thing people do when they ask for it in every game.

What Shorehold needs is to block players without full PvP +6 gear to queve in it and remove the kick system too. TERA is kind of the only game I know that allows kicking on Battleground match and we know the kick system is always missused/exploited by players.

@counterpoint not meant to offend but I think you felt on a troll topic by another user.

@counterpoint said:
Regarding tradability, I did ask and found out that the fact many costumes are untradable is by design. Some are tradable because that's the version that was available, but generally they were going for non-tradable.

Let me ask a survey question (that is purely for my own curiosity; it won't necessarily lead to anything). Assume you had these two choices:

1) A costume box where everything was tradable, but it included direct-buy + rares all mixed together. (Like the Elin Costume Box, etc.)

2) A costume box where everything was non-tradable, but it only included rares (lootbox rares and things sold in special bundles).

Let's say for the sake of argument that these two boxes were the same price in tokens. Which would you choose?

Of course I would rather get the 1st.

If after dismantling hundreds of costumes I dont get the rares then at least I may have luck buying it from another player.

@counterpoint said:

@Alluren said:
same old, same old....you don't get to chose or sell it...

I'm pretty sure that, unless something messed up, all of the items you can win in these boxes should be tradeable. The box itself, no, but the contents should be... I think? Or do you mean something else by selling it?

I got untradeable costumes from it. And friends have got untradeable costumes too. Even one with the dyeable dragon armor costume.

The drop rate is the same as before however what it is true they reduced the amount of FC when they drop. We used to get a stack of 10 each time they droped, now you get 4 when they drop.

@Milice said:
I oneshot one of mine, the other took 7 tries, some people spend ages but i think the average is around 5 tries

Most of the people I have meet have failed enought times to say that average is above 8 times. there are people who has reached 70% on SC and HO and you know that the enchantment correction per fail is +2%, that alone makes a character with one piece that needed +20 tries to reach the next level.

@counterpoint on TERA player base behalf you may speak with EME team to convince them and send to everyone who buyed EMP today the bonuses they were going to give via parcel system?

This situation may create a flood of tickets for support and other important things may get delayed in their fixes :c


If your character is level 65 and you rejoined the game with old gear then you need to follow the Story Line: "The Two Banquets". You will get Guardian gear and Prospect accesories. Follow all those quests and you will get enchantment scrolls and enought materials to upgrade your gear when needed. Once you get full Frostmetal gear from doing all those quest you will unlock the ones with [Apex] on them. At the time you finish all of this you will end with Frosmetal Weapon +4, full Frostmetal armor, gloves, boots and all your Apex skills.

With that you will be ready to start farming to improve your gear and/or continue with Velik's Dream for leveling till 70.

No merit for us in T10 with Elite anymore :/

basically there was a bunch of players (maybe close to 100) who got hundreds of boutique costume boxes from a bug that basically let you get a shitload of fashion coupons and then you would dismantle a weapon skin or someth to get tokens. this resulted in a lot of people getting an absurd amount, well over 400+, of costume boxes. i have heard players getting banned but i doubt eme will ban them all. considering how little people actually play this game now, they will not cut off the source of revenue keeping them afloat. why didn't they just rollback again like with the reset scroll update?

Reset scroll prices affected only those who controlled the broker, pretty much nasty from EME to rollback to benefit only a handful. Costume Boxes from boutique only affects EME because those costumes are not tradeable.

@AlbedoBloodfallen said:
I see nothing wrong with what was said. You need that information in order to understand the next situation. Nothing wrong there so your point is null. You thinking it makes it awkward to read contributes nothing other than your opinion so I will ignore it as just an opinion.
You saying it's too much text is yet again your feelings. There is nothing incorrect about the written content.
Your entire post summed up is another way of saying "But my feelings though".
Good for you if what you say about learning dgs blind is true. I have no way to confirm that so its just hearsay. Monkeys and typewriters amiright?
So far you've done nothing to disprove anything I said and argued your point based of emotions.
What a Galaxy brain.

The moment you brought " by a standard" in one of you previous posts you clearly shown that "elitist" attitude people is talking about. Or explain who was the one to decide those "standards"? The answer is simple "the elitists".

@StarSprite said:
On discord they said they are aware and are working on a fix.

Why dont they close the forums then?

It looks like forums are no more in their best interest and the only replies we get are from PC to tell us what EME said on Discord.

@AlbedoBloodfallen said:
Fainfall, Not everyone is equal. That much is obvious and no one would disagree with that. What I was saying was that if you cant preform AT A STANDARD for whatever reason, don't blame ot on "Elitists".


How to kill a game?

Take sugestions from Kakao Games and apply them in your own game.

Would make it more appealing but it would make it broken for a 1-2 seconds Solo dungeon in HO. (yeah yeah and 15-20 secs walking to the last boss)

I presume:

Ever since Kakao became an investor on BHS projects you can see their mark on BHS works. Anti-cheat systems, trying to ban 3rd party software users, fishing system, changing name of BHS for Krafton (Kakao's K), PvP gear progression, now the upcoming PvE progression and Radiant accesories on cash shop will reach us as in Korea for sure.

Sorry but its clear that Kakao is officially the new TERA's owner and this game has become another BDO

@Skilliard the translation maybe wrong. The real amount of max damage per second is 1k for 3 seconds (3k total) with a single level unlocked.

As far as we know most pvp elements will get removed and more pve things will be brought into the game. I don't know how this will hurt the current player activity but I have been encountering many people who cameback from a long break from TERA (3 years or even more) and they look exited about the patch we are going to get in few months.

As I see, people will come and people will leave but I think the best is to wait at least a month after that patch to see how player activity behaves before considering a merge that the only thing for sure that will make is players to leave the game after losing names, guild names, characters, cash shop items and more.

Are you sure you have to find Leander? https://tera.fandom.com/wiki/Leander

... https://tera.fandom.com/wiki/Quest:Confident_Support

@voidy said:
So weird how for years they wouldn't release it due to an admittedly distasteful visual bug, but apparently it's okay when it's reskinned for an Irish holiday. Just release the original dress at this point, why even skate around it. You'll make money. Your fans will feel listened to. Hell, release a dyeable version and people will probably eat it up, even though it's inexcusably buggy and some modder in his mom's basement could probably do a better job fixing it.

It actually exist the dyeable version and it was released some years ago. Only non-Asians are punished because a minor bug.


@voidy said:
Back when I started, the best stuff was optional. It was a pain in the [filtered] to get, but you didn't have to get it. It was like a cherry on top. And progression functioned in a way that kept it to roughly 3 gear tiers per patch.
Now, you straight up won't get rewarded for dungeon completions if you don't have some of this stuff. And they haven't raised the progression floor either, so if you're new you're still basically starting ... what, 5 tiers behind? I don't even know anymore. Before I quit, I spent everything I had trying to just enhance an earring so I could finally have the ilvl to get rewarded for a dungeon I'd already completed multiple times without said earring (grotto hard). The experience left such a bad taste in my mouth that when I finally succeeded on the thing, I wasn't even happy. I just logged off and never came back.

Hell, you guys don't even make it easy to calculate how ilvl will raise with enhancements. People have to go to third party sites to figure this stuff out, yet it's a crucial part of your game's upgrade/reward system. So sad imo.

You start from Frostmetal now so its basically 3 tiers of gear. In any case the diference between Stormcry and Frostmetal are big and from Heroic Oath and Stormcry are abyssal.

What about this: Move servers location, make one for East coast and another for West coast. This will allow all players have better ping acordingly with the server location they are playing. And give free transfers with all assets included for a time window of a month at least.

@T4P5KXL47E said:

@Ikosei said:
you dont farm adventure coins. you start with 1000 or 1680 if elite, and when you enter dungeons it takes whatever coins it costs to enter. when you run out of coins or are too low, cant enter.

so when you get low, you either wait to regen the coins back 3per 3min or 4per 3min with elite, or use regen items that increase the amount by 1. or items that directly add back coins, like adds 100 or 200 ect, up to the max you can have. those are from calendar or tera store

most just afk, afk fish, log off or swap to an alt when they run out

wow Thank you so much Ikosei!!!

You can get faster adventure coin regen buffs from Vanguard Iniciative Quatermaster merchant at Hightwatch or North Dock.

If by any chance there is a server merge I guess it will be after the future patch on November. They may be waiting to see if the new gearing up system brings back players or the population keeps droping before merging the servers.

@T4P5KXL47E said:

@kori83 said:
One of the problems is Adventure/Haste Coins are untradeable.

I play Tera about 4 days a week, and due to health reasons I get tired after running 1 or 2 dungeons.
I dont think I've ever dipped below 600 coins

So I have stacks sitting in my bank that I don't know what to do with - I would gladly sell it to people who will make better use of them, if I could.

How do you get (farm) Adventure coins? please tell me.

Vanguard Credits - There is an item that buffs the adventure coins replenishment.

@counterpoint said:
Just to confirm, have you tested the same old level 65 BAMs (e.g. Island of Dawn) and other level 58+ BAMs that used to drop them before? My guess is that nothing's changed in the coding for what BAMs drop them, but with all the other BAMs they've added in the open world since, it's possible some of the old BAMs changed internal IDs or something and so only some of the old BAMs still work.

They are common drops on those mobs.

@Pekerchu said:
I have the Nightmare begins, but that's only a few and For the Federation dungeon quests. Is that everything?

We have 1 dungeon for level 66 (Gossamer's Vault) and another for level 68 (the hard mode version). We will get more in a couple of months.

Right now you should focus on the green quests for level 65 - 69.

@Lilienette said:
So what I've read is "We've come up with another way to make an already obscene grind, even more grindy."

"more obscene" I would said xD

Maybe if people wouldnt kick players on events days we wouldnt have this issue. I remember threads about people complaining they were kicked from BGs and some pvpers basically telling them here in forums to shut up and dont queve.

Why complain now about BGs being this way when PvP comunity were the ones who caused this?

@castanicpriest said:
The new gear has 36 or more rolls as far as i heard and all the rolls are random not giving the option to players to decide anything... But the gear will be BOE so everyone will be able to sell/buy the gear.

This probably means that we are going to see perfect gear with the best quality at 3mil? 5mil? 10mil?

If the gear is better than HO obviously it will be that high. Right now a SC +9 weapon hits 1 million and higher. The next patch could be not so bad if the gear drop is not so bad but......

@Vulcarion said:
Time for merger into 1 server, let's goooo

Pls no, if they merge the two remaining servers that chart from Steam will drop from 700 to 200 because the people who will leave after losing names, guild names, characters, cosmetics, mounts and many other things.

@BlackHeartNoire said:
Makes 0 sense. We were told that dungeons weren't going to be removed and here we are in a situation were they lied to us.
Not only are they removing a few, they are removing a lot. Instead of taking away from the game, add to it and fix what is broken with them.
If they are going against the word and removing 13.... can we have the dungeons back that are long overdue for being brought back? Now this I would welcome.

Makes a lot of sense to remove a lot of content because like this many players cant get groups to run them either way. It was a big mistake to give us +20 dungeons to queve or look for other players to run with when all people stick to 5 dungeons at most.

@Zoknahal said:
Surely enough, the Titan Storm/Earth is an issue that was not mentioned by EME, but instead, was brought up by players, and fell on deaf ears, what i believe that may be happening, since we are already told that EME is looking at this, is that they simply do not know how to add more supply of this items into the game, without breaking the economy.

Lets face it, every single time, that the players complained about a material that should be common, being way too rare, and having extremely low drop rates, what happened after, was EME introducing said material in vast amounts, and then came the complains from the players again, saying is breaking the economy and stuff.

There is a middle point that EME has to reach, not too rare but also not too common, in order to achieve balance, which is something they have yet to achieve, they always take it from one extreme to the other.

Also, i did forgot to mention on my OP, that there is a very annoying long standing bug that has yet to be fixed, which is the Calendar Bug. Lots of times we are left without being able to pick up some items from the calendar rewards due to this infuriating bug.

If we talk about which issue needs to be addressed the quickest, i would say the Titan Storm/Earth should be at the top of the list of priorities, followed by the Fashion Coupons, since this is a project that was already started.

Never done ACE dungeons but they could add a diferent kind of titan for each ACE and PoP. 1 per run. I doubt that could break the economy. (I dont know if they actually drops or not on those dungeons).

Zoknahal wrote: »
Is kind of sad to see new games or smaller studios using assets from other bigger games/studios, into theirs. And here i thought Devilian would be the first and last.

BHS also had "interesting" issues with NCsoft regarding Tera.

Interesting, they got into a legal issue and NCsoft lost. BHS was render not guilty of the charges btw.
Right now the game has a lot of RNG walls to progress in the game and this one should have never been behind a pay wall as blantantly it is right now. If they wanted to make a pay wall then at least sell the BiS companions for 50 dollars and make them tradeable, that would be even more fair than this crap we have right now.
Lyanni wrote: »
I've noticed a pattern. I only get those codes in emails of accounts I dont use anymore.
In the one I use, i never get a code.
So maybe there's that, they send only to accounts that dont login for a while.

It may be random, I play everyday and I got the code on my mail.
Accumulated on-line hours by characters. This means the more AFK fishers you have the best position you will get in that list.
kubitoid wrote: »
Zoknahal wrote: »
The question is: Why EME keeps pushing the loot box prices higher and higher every year?
Fail on EME's part. They lost my money.
I caved in watching people get the dyeable all day. A person next to me bought 15 boxes and got the swimsuit and emote. I bought 10 boxes and got the swimsuit.

Yep, I'm ashamed. I said I wouldn't buy it, but lost my willpower =x.

I bought 100 of them and got... only one.
Right now this is the way points and places in the rankings are being determined:

- 100.000.000 Points if your tower is the last one to stand
- 10.000 for destroying a tower
- 1.000 points for each 1% of your remaining tower HP
- 1 point per killed enemy player
- 500 points each minute your own tower still stands


- Rank 1: Rank 1 Emblem + 50% of the Taxes + Civil Unrest Tanner Reward + Guild EXP
- Rank 2: Rank 2 Emblem + 30% of the Taxes + Civil Unrest Reward 1 + Guild EXP
- Rank 3: Rank 3 Emblem + 10% of the Taxes + Civil Unrest Reward 1 + Guild EXP
- Rank 4 - 5: 5% of the Taxes + Civil Unrest Reward 1 + Guild EXP
- Rank 6 - 10: Civil Unrest Reward 2 + Guild EXP
- Rank 11 - 20: Civil Unrest Reward 3 + Guild EXP

This sounds good until one guild with enought man power and coordination attempts to monopolize rewards from CU.

@xoBarb I would like to get permision from you and your friends for this not being considered a name calling and I would love your help and pvp comunity to think about things that can be done to improve this contest.

What I propose is something like this:

- 100.000.000 Points if your tower is the last one to stand Remove this from the criteria because this becomes one of the most controversial things about ranking in this contest
1. CU's winner is the guild that got its tower alive until the end and doesn't incur into point 6 and 7.
2. Reduce from 10k to 1k each tower destroyed
3. Reduce points from 1k to 100 for each 1% of reamaining on Tower HP
4. Reduce from 500 to 50 points each minute a tower still stand
5. Increase from 1 to 10 points per enemy kill and make the system in a way that if you kill the same player more than one time this player value drops each time it gets killed by the same guild. For example if that player got killed once then its value will drop to 9, then 8 then 7 until that player value reach 1 for the same guild that have killed him that amount of times
6. Minus 1 point per guild mate killed or [filtered] on your guild, making this as a counter measure for feeder bots. A [filtered] should not reduce the value of that player when killed by other player after that
7. Guilds with no kills and no tower destroyed should be placed below those guilds that were active with kills or towers destroyed. This will avoid to get a feeder tower guild as a winner of CU
8. Guilds with no kills, no tower destroyed and no deaths should not get a CU reward box. If a feeder tower guild is only used to buy time or as a fooder then that guild doesn't deserve a rank in the contest

About rewards, they can be the same as they are now but making more categories for more reward boxes:

- Guild with last tower standing gets a reward
- Top 5 guilds with more tower destroyed get an aditional reward
- Top 5 guilds with more kills get an aditional reward

Make a players leaderboard to see the overall performance from the top players in that contest.

- 10 points for each tower destroyed
- 2 poiint for each kill/assist
- Minus 1 point for each death

- Top 10 players should get an aditional reward

Give me your thoughts.

PS. Please keep this civil.
[quote] @metagame said:
wrong account bud [/quote]

We dont need these changes.

Why BHS loves to keep this mindless grind for something we already have?

This is even worse than what they did with glyphs in the past.
TheKings wrote: »
Yep ... Is very easy indeed but to play properly I do not many gunners. You need to know other classes in order how to use what and when!

Samething for other classes
Also gunner is slow compare to many other classes.

Let me know if you are that good as you talk once is "very very easy" ....

I have seen him playing and I can tell you his skills are above average with every class I have happened to see him playing.
As I said any classe is nice if know how to play no matter best gear, roll, etching, etc if you do not know you do not know and that's it. It's envolve experience not only with your class but with others as well.

There is a huge difference between classes on PvP if you are doing 1v1, 3v3 or Mass PvP.

Fact is not any class is nice on PvP as not any class is nice on PvE.

Thank you.

I have made many runes but I got 0 points no matter what I craft.

I already crafted Rowan and Triz runes and nothing.
Alchemy crafting school.

I need help to pass the Basic test to reach Artisan level but even if I craft Armor or Weapons I cant get any points on the test.

What I need to do here?
> @KarmaTheAlligator said:
> ElinUsagi wrote: »
> If you failed to predict this outcome when EME announced that token conversion rates wont be the same as Korea some weeks ago then you are not as smart as your think your are.
> Did you predict that t12 feed would go up in value?

No one would predict the exact outcome of this but it was already discused weeks ago the posibility of some maths drop to 1 token value.

That was meant as a joke but when EME gave the news that each region will have their own conversion rates then you should have taken that joke as something wih high chances to happen.

For myself a few weeks ago I started to sell al my premium, extensive and spellbinds with a cheaper price than broker (about 2/3 of the cheapest price) and at this point I am glad that I made it at that time because those droped to 1/4 or even 1/6 of their previous value at broker.
> @MeatPatty said:
> UsagiFF wrote: »
> Stop using injector and proxy, problem solved.
> Haters without money come at me.
> What if I'm a hater with money?

Being a hater with money You wouldnt be here.

So you have no money.
Stop using injector and proxy, problem solved.

Haters without money come at me.
> @gib said:
> Koikoi wrote: »
> What you're all missing here:
> This game SOLELY lives off of players FARMING FOR GEAR. There's 0, nada, nothing else to do.
> You make *every battleground* equalized, PvP dies. Look at our CURRENT situation.
> The game has NOTHING else for players to do besides GRIND GEAR.
> You can't compare TERA to other MMOs, they have side content, Tera DOES NOT.
> the way i see it, people farm for gear so they can be competitive in unequalized battlegrounds. when you remove the farming, there are two options for the players
> 1) play with new equalized gear that isnt complete [filtered] just for fun / competition / whatever
> 2) quit
> i am at least 60% sure that if we removed the need to grind for gear to pvp that more people would want to do it.
> though just revamping the equalized gear wont do much by itself.
> people doing battlegrounds / pvp in general want recognition. they want to be known for how good they are.
> i think eme needs to bring back leaderboards for battlegrounds. leaderboards lead to competition for top ranks, which is beneficial to keep a competitive and healthy pvp community

This thread has so much bs in it but this guy already pointed the solutions for improving BGs.

So simple yet people focus on stupid things.

Now someone else is pointing his finger at how [filtered] for those who spend money in this game have to get something.

And is even worse when you had to spend hundreds on something and then later EME give out masive copies of that to players who don't spend money in game

But yeah, I can see how some people including a certain council member with his troll friends are going to step in to white knight EME and post that is ok for EME to not care for those who spend money and always spoil the ones who don't.

I want to see how far a bussiness that doesn't care for their better customers can go. ^^
Maybe because the BETA is working by now but we don't have access yet.
> @Grimoir said:
> ElinUsagi wrote: »
> ACE dungeons stoped to drop jewels so I dont think it would hurt to be able to reset them.
> It would hurt considering the materials you can get from them and etchings.
> Additionally, i find it good that people who had elite status, and supported the game for a long time prior now have something extra for it, may not be much but its something.

What is that extra we get?

I barely notice diference between an Elite account from a non-elite.

I cant even tell if is pay for convenience since several friend without elite can teleport free to most places needed and perks as gold boost aplies to nothing in end-game.

What is worst one of them reach t10 at emporium playing 3 hours per day earning more than 40k reward points per week. Make your numbers and you will know in how much days they reached t10 and started to get toons of reward credits without spending a cent in the game and selling stuff from emporium.

I really hate how in this game the money you spent values almost nothing.
> @Vunak said:
> MiskuChan wrote: »
> Vunak wrote: »
> There are very few games that have equalized BGs and even fewer that do it correctly.
> There are tons of games with equalised gear, all e-sport tier games, MOBAs and fighting games, dragon nest - widely considered to provide the best MMO action combat experience, GW2, WoW, BnS.
> Why? Because they're competitive... and if you're winning because your priest takes 20k damage while the other priest is taking 40k damage, then you don't foster a competitive environment you kill it. And it has been killed.
> Telling them to make stats rerollable and rework equalised gear just shows how little you understand BHS or EME, that will never happen, putting current equalised gear in however is very realistic.
> I don't think anyone is claiming equalised stats are optimal, but they're preferable to dead bgs and roflstomping people in BIS gear. Equalised at the very least i competitive.
> WoW doesn't have equalized BGs, it boosts stats based on a percentage hence why you have two mages or two druids etc that have entirely different HP values, mastery values etc. GW2 boosts up but it isn't perfect similar to SWTOR, GW2's saving grace is it is largely horizontal in progression in comparison to other MMOs. Equalized BGs in MMOs hasn't been a thing for very long, it started with SWTOR mainly with its upscaling, which again wasn't perfect since gear still affected your stats by a large margin. I haven't played BnS so I don't know how they handle their gearing nor have I played Dragon Nest. MOBAs are a completely different genre (max of what 6v6?) as are fighting games (don't even have gear, since everything is done by ms on animations), you might as well throw in FPS games as well.
> Yep, lets stop making suggestions because we know BHS and EME aren't going to do anything. This whole thread is hot air because EME and BHS aren't going to actually do anything, we all know it.
> Equalized gear isn't competitive that's the thing. Look at solo 3s and how easy it is to kill healers in it in comparison to team 3s. It also is funny you say dead bgs when this is probably the lowest the TERA population has ever been in PvP. Equalized BGs have historically reduced TERA's PvP population. Again, why do you think a ton of the top players don't play the game anymore. EME and BHS's lack of PvP support obviously along with class imbalances. But Equalized is apart of the reason as well because it doesn't create a competitive environment the way they handle equalized gear.
> Nobody is saying Non-equalized is perfectly balanced. But it balances out much better at the top end than equalized gear allows. Which again, you balance to the top end, not the bottom.

I don't think people in Guile vs people in Oblit is a balanced or more balances BG.

That doesnt even rewards skill but those with best gear.

Those top pvp players Tera has lost over time due not being able to use their gear must have been not real pvpers at all.
BHS should make a global dungeon entry limit and not a limit for each dungeon.

It is kind of stupid to have enought time and not being able to run your favorite dungeons.
> @seraphinush said:
> Could we get a summary of this post..?

People arguing about:

1) UNEQ gear makes matches balanced. A lie because you will have Guile vs Oblit users and that is not what balance is.

2) EQ gear needs a revamp where BiS stats should be the base stats for the BGs and players have to select their rolls on gear.

I think I will go for the second choice.
> @TitusMoon said:
> I've said "Hello" a few times in my first couple days here. I usually get no responses back. It makes me wonder if I mention being "New Player" in my first dungeon if they will boot me for asking questions. (SWTOR and Final Fantasy Online player here) - those other games, people just speed through things and get upset if I want to watch cut scenes or experience the storyline. I'm hoping my Tera experience will be better.

Not any better, people here are as toxic if not more than those you mentioned.
@LessThanNone dont waste your time on a hater.

Haters are gonna hate no matter what, even if their hate is directed at the wrong things you wont be able to make them change their minds because they dont think before talk.
The ones in jail can aslo see that they have thay status?

Because I saw several of them that don't change their ways at pestering people.
> @HE4J6YWALY said:
> So we can make a reaper at lvl 50, get to lvl 55 in 5 minutes and get 2x emeralds, delete reaper (24 hrs?), rinse and repeat? Or level to 60 and get 2x more eneralds. Once per day for 32 days = 64k gold (or 128k if you get to lvl 60) ! :) :) :) :)
> And if you have more than one account with a lvl 40 char on it, bonus? Do this on 2 accounts = 256k. 5 accounts = 640k = enough to buy a DW +15 wep? ;-)
> Edit: Not saying I will actually do this :)
> Also, this plan is not smart if EME is smart and limits rewards to one char per account for duration of event. But if EME is *not* smart and wants to help exploiters break the market, every char you level gets rewards = profit x 10^9 = Gigaprofit
> 2nd edit:
> Super GM Halrath the wise sez only elite voucher once per account, maybe other rewards also once per account? Who knows? We'll see in a day. Right now on the news page, says nothing about getting rewards once per account. Maybe EME can ninja edit it so fast? Maybe Halrath is editing it right now? OMG! The deception. What do now? How play?

I did 26 bonanzas per hour with summer event and those sell for 1k and even more if you let pass over a couple of weeks.

Some times I wonder why people worry for things as the rewards on this lvling event and dont complain at how much other events gave.

I I have to make real numbers you will spend more time than 5 minutes because of character creation and loading screens.

Also the elite voucher wont hurt anyone but those p2w people and EME itself, so then again people cry always for really silly things but when other people complain they show their back but here you can se how hypocrites many of then are.

There is an huge diference between "item drop its price over time but you have to pay after all" to "item is handed in bulks free of charge to anyone".

Again, I am not talking about how much you make in gold for those costumes but making them not worth your money after a short time you bought them.

Even dyeables are being handed like candies.

It seems that for you or most people cash shop items are means for make gold in game, not for me, I am not into that p2w activity, I only would like for the things one pay real money in the game keep at least a little bit of their value.

I don't care if they give a 99% discount on them, that's even better to make them completely free to anyone. That's a way from EME to show that they don't care for those who spend their money in the game and don't think a way to keep them satisfied.

Instead they keep looking to satisfy those who don't support the game but keep playing the game at the expense from those who pay for this game to keep running.
> @kubitoid said:
> UsagiFF wrote: »
> I am really upset looking that all the money I spent is for nothing because
> all these years i was buying costumes from ppl like u who spent real cash for ingame gold and it was really cool and funny. now start talking bout beggars. please u

I don't buy costumes to sell in-game for gold.

So don't lump me with those p2w people.
I see many people don't understand what does "free" means.

Something you get paying money it is understable that will drop in prices un cash, I am not talking about gold in game. However when those said cosmetics get free and in masses to anyone makes the people who spent money on them really annoyed.

Is not the same being able to get one or few for a few bucks than to get lots of them free.

You aren't thinking about the people who are supporting this game, people don't live with love alone, if your hated whales leaves this game then is the end but of course you don't care because you won't pay for things on this game.

I already saw posts saying "your money us not needed" but guess what it actually is needed to keep this game running and thise who don't care about the game obviously would came to tell someone who cares to shut up because they want to keep getting thungs for free mean while others pay for their fun.

I hope EME go for a P2P model again to get rid of leechers that don't even help to get this game running but likes to provoque those who are supporting this game with the real thing it needs.

What did I say about beggars?

I am not talking about gear or accesories but cosmetics.

If cosmetics are going to be handed free like candies in a party then I better stop spending money and better do events to get free lots of those previous loot boxes items.
> @vkobe said:
> UsagiFF wrote: »
> > @vkobe said:
> > it is only old costume than people stop to buy
> >
> > anyway event doesnt drop service or account item
> I am pretty sure you don't spend money in the game because that comment of yours.
> happy now ;)

$40 in 3 months?

You really are a joke in this forum.


Come and talk when you at least have spend 1/4 of what I spent in this game.


Beggars should stay away from money subjects.
> @Firepenguin said:
> Go play bns, NC$oft likes people like you and you will like their cash shop, if that's what you're looking for in an mmo.

I am not looking for a p2w game but a game that your money is worth and things you get throught cash shop won't be handed like candies to people that don't even spend a peny in the game.
> @vkobe said:
> it is only old costume than people stop to buy
> anyway event doesnt drop service or account item

I am pretty sure you don't spend money in the game because that comment of yours.

4k dollars in 2 years on several costumes and lootboxes and this year EME has been like "we don't care about your money, we will give more to those people that don't even give us any profit and we don't care how those who spend money in the game feels."

If this is the course of action EME is going to take then I will more than happy to save $200 each month.
I have been playing since 3 years ago and spending money on elite and several costumes every month.

Sor far I feel the only thing worth the money I have been paying for is the Elite Status.

Costumes that took lot of investment when they were released back in those days now can be farmed like prime battle solutions and their worth have droped to almost nothing.

I am really upset looking that all the money I spent is for nothing because I could better do effortless events to get many things I already had spending money.

I wonder if EME will continue doing this kind of thing so I better stop wasting money because all things can be obtained in events without using any money for them.
If lag is not an issue I am up for server merge.

Maybe we can have only one server for everyone and make channels for OWPvP, PvE and RP.

No need to have lots of servers when channels could work better.
Right now Q times for 7 man raids takes several minutes, Will 10 man raids take longer?
> @kubitoid said:
> StarSprite wrote: »
> kubitoid wrote: »
> imo council member to be T10 tera reward rank is a must
> If that's the case I'm gonna need a sponsor. :anguished:
> u r already part of the clan u dont need a sponsor )
> edit - id vote for counterpoint and also zoknahal. nice dudes

Couldn't agree more with you.

Those two have been doing great on forums, at least on the threads I had read.

I am not that good with numbers but this info shows not much dps diference between Slayers and most of dps classes.

For me they look not so far on dps output, only Valkyries dps are 30%-40% higher but others look no so diferent.

I have to say that running VSHM is out of my reach at the moment so I don't know how much 100k-200k dps can be called a rng dps.

Can someone explain me what is the problem about Slayers?
So she can be at KFC.
Wow and it looks like there is no moderators in forums and insult others is just the thing to do.

No wonder is always the same people posting on every thread.

Thank You.

I have Ambush +15 on weapon and amor chest, gloves and boots are Misery +12, quatrefoil brooch, tier 3 energetic on weapon and gloves, tier 2 grounded on armor and boots, diadem and godsbane and keytrap jewellery.

Does that be enought?
How can I join a practice raid?

I have been in forums for few days but as I can see it looks like elite players and end game players are always disatisfied about drops for any dungeon.

I am not an elite player and I am just happy to be able to get a +24 critical factor inner for my only character on this double drop event :3

First time I have tried this dungeon on double drop and I can say I will keep doing this after this event ends.
How many raids are per server?

I have only one character on FF and want to know how are my chances to get in one. In the previous patch the raid I tried HH disbanded after the first try.

Or do I need to make another character on another server?

Is going to be classes and gear restrictions like full Misery +12 and x tier etchings?

How can I know if I could be elegible to join a raid.

How I can be sure that my skills are good enought or not to bother the time and don't waste theirs also?

I agree with you. VSHM have lot of useless drops as diadem crafting mats.
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