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Yooo what is UP, my TERA homies? I decided to make this thread thingamahjig for my TERA art. Feel free to make requests, I always appreciate excuses to practice lmao
Okay this has helped me to relax and calm me down because I was so confused about this Awakening thing. So thanks you ^--^
Posting more pics today, from my Tumblr blog~
My GF and I took a break from questing the other day to relax at the beach <3


When my dude hit level 65, I got him a new haircut and a pet Rambo who I renamed as Baphomet. :v



tisnotme wrote: »
or you could do sand lizards in tor exel (or what ever is called) and the hatchery in the dailies list to get to 60
hell you could even go get your rep up in balders or val kaeli if your looking for different things to do than dungeons

I'll do that for my alt! ^o^ I finally got my main dude to level 65 a few days ago thanks to you guys and gals' advices and tips so thank you very much :D
I agree that the tanker didn't act accordingly and I agree that he shouldn't have facetanked like that, however as I said before I think it would be far better to put that situation behind you than to stress yourself trying to find a way to report someone because they didn't do their class right. It really isn't worth the trouble in all honesty and if you ever do have the misfortune of being queued in with that tank again then the best action would be to either vote for him to be kicked or to just simply ignore his insults, do your thing and just ignore whatever he says because only you know yourself better than anyone and if you did your best job as the healer then again what are insults to you other than a minor annoyance? Just. It isn't worth taking what he says to heart. I know it may be difficult to ignore butts like that tank but truly it's far better than hounding after him for it.
Dokibun wrote: »
I hate to be that guy, but as a healer, your job is to literally heal everyone: Including those who face tank.

^^^ Pretty much. Also, I'm sorry you had to deal with such rudeness, OP, but at the end of the day, what that guy said was nothing more than sticks and stones, dear. It's best to just let things be and to not stress yourself out over it. i hope that didn't come off as rude, OP, I just don't think such things are worth being troubled over in the end ... It's best to just ignore them in the long run.
I'm not surprised at that possibility tbh, especially considering how I had once been queued in with an entire party of Elins. It was lit AF lmao
The boss never stood a chance;;
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
Castanic Underground Boss? Get it? Do you? ^^

Lol yaaaaas XD
This glitch is B-E-A-utiful

> @TwilitAbyss said:
> I actually like one of the male hairstyles, that one floofy long style for the male Castanic. (At least from what I've seen from the showcase video;;)

They are all three cool looking for me, but castanics will have trouble with clipping outfits. I picked the one semi long and only that one fit to outfits I wear.

Once I'm able to, I'll be getting that hairstyle too! ^o^
I actually like one of the male hairstyles, that one floofy long style for the male Castanic. (At least from what I've seen from the showcase video;;)
I guess I can not play anymore. All my attempts to fix it - nothing happened.
http://support.enmasse.com/tera/unable-to-unzip-manifest#Installing - also did not help. Most likely I just give someone my account (years of play). I'm very sad ...

:'( Have you tried restarting your compu and then redownloading the client? Or doing it through Steam? I'm so sorry that you've been troubles with it, I hope it works for you soon! </3
Thank you Misty! ^--^ <3
Why did they place such a death trap in the game?! And on a narrow bridge no less? I love it XD
I had to do some serious parkour trying to not get fried by those things
MistyTera wrote: »
Those are good shots <3

Ahhh thank you! I tried my best capturing his personality, he's a silly dork >w<
This flipping nerd right here --
“When you get down to it, the Bohrok were just anti-acne medication made from dead children.”

What shocks me isn’t that this is horrible imagery. What shocks me is that this is 100% accurate. WOT.

Nothing helps. I deleted everything, but now I can not install again. The same message ...

What the heck!!!! That is messed up! Sooo not cool, man! TT--TT
Is there any way to contact them to let them know what's going on? Aside from the forums?
ChakNense wrote: »
I had a crazy idea, let's unite all the servers, and so we'll have about 300 players online per day. The 30 players online from the AV server ask for help.

OML Yes!!! This so much! It would make TERA so much better tbh--
Yeaaaah no. I'd rather not lose all the hard work and time and friendships I've made on AV. Is it still undergoing maintenance .. ?
OMG it just happened to me too!!! What's going on?
I was in the middle of chatting with my fellow guildies and finishing up a quest and then BAM! Disconnected.
JA5DML9W75 wrote: »
anyone in this thread smoke weed

Shamelessly lmao
Class: Warrior, because tanky DPS and dual-wielding are my weakness.

Race: Castanic. Devillish gents and ladies with a thirst for redemption from their dark backgrounds and the desire to rebel and break the mold always have a special place in my heart <3
the most common way is lv 20-60 is dungeon queue, then get the story quest for 60 equip so you can queue Sabex Armory to 65 ....

I think I'll give that a shot! Many thanks!
How about you calm down and stop stressing yourself out over literally nothing and stop making assumptions about other people? Less trouble and stress for everyone involved if you actually stopped to take the time to think over everything you've been saying. You have your right to not use Discord, and those who do use it have their every right to use it. End of.
I 100% support this suggestion, I have some international friends who've been wanting to play TERA for quite some time but they can't because of the blocks. It's truly disheartening.
May one of the mods please close this thread for me? Thank you <3
Selenya wrote: »
Runs dungeons until 60 and then, go story quests until 65 x)

Sounds good, chief! Dungeons runs for days!!!! ^o^
That first bundle is rather tempting ... I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED <3
Aside from dungeon runs and the storyline quests, where would a fresh LV 50 character go to grind more EXP? I'm unsure what any good BAMs to farm would be and at this point I'm sort of stuck of where to go to next? Any and all advice and tips would be very much appreciated!
MistyTera wrote: »
I've been using Discord for well over a year now and I've never experienced any problems with it. In fact I prefer it over TeamSpeak and Skype due to its lack of lag or freeze-ups when chatting with my gaming buddies. I just find it more reliable tbh

I don't care and it's just a fact that Hammer&Chisel got sued by gamers. Use Discord, just don't be foolish use and giving them reason to use that data. I was done! PLEASE STOP or I will report for harassment!

The problem is that whatever you post, hackers can steal that. The fact of WTS my body speech on Global Chat. Are you insane? Posting pics on Discord like that! GROW UP! Hackers can steal that information like a ghost! I'm sure there are many cases of that happening. For the record Discord is the MOST UNPROTECTED VOIP I HAVE EVER SEEN! Even when updates, hackers find a way. Discord are amateurs when it comes to protection. Yet it still is happening! You don't care, but I do!

The fact that you can't delete the account! READ THE COMMENTS! https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/212500837-How-do-I-permanently-delete-my-account-?

States a fact that Discord wants your DATA!



What I'm stating to all is to use it appropriately, rather than use it foolishly. It should be only voice chat for gaming, not a exploit! Post YouTube videos or what not, just not something that can be used upon you by any personal means. Have a nice day. I'm done!

[Make this thread closed PLEASE] No reason to give any more post. I just want you to understand something, to use Discord appropriately.

Look man, I'm not sure where you got the idea where I was "harassing" you, I was merely explaining my reasons for using Discord. Thus you would be falsely reporting which IS harassment by the way in case you weren't aware. And who said anything about sharing pics on it? I only use the voice call feature on it and nothing more. Take a chill pill, fam. Relax. Breathe. It's not that big a deal in any case.
It'd be an interesting concept and I'd so support it if they were to take a page out of Final Fantasy XIV's book with it. But also ensure there's more space and housing ofc
I've been using Discord for well over a year now and I've never experienced any problems with it. In fact I prefer it over TeamSpeak and Skype due to lack of lag or freeze-ups when chatting with my gaming buddies. I just find it more reliable tbh
Around two years ago I used to play TERA and only recently have I returned. My old characters got wiped but I see this as a refreshing, new beginning. I've returned to the fray earlier this week, my main dude's name is Twilit.Noire and he's a LV. 29 Castanic Warrior. Any casual and laid-back, friendly Guild willing to take me in would be wonderful! ⭐
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