Maybe quoting titanic isn't the best way to introduce myself but whatever!

I'm thotcollector but you can just call me Cyber like most people on the internet. Thotcollector is more of a joke name really. Kinda wraps up internet culture in 2019 xD

So I am from the little country Belgium. Where I study multimedia and communication technology. I would like to graduate in Alternate Reality. Because that module has all the character design/3D animation/3d sculpting classes which interests me the most. My portfolio is non-existent atm because I am like in my first semester so it's not like I have much to present anyway.

More TERA related. My first MMORPG was Blade&Soul in January 2016. Just after its release. This girl never had fast internet in her life, so I had never played an online game before. Actually no game really as I had only those very crapy 300 dollar laptops at home. But I was at a university dorm that time, unlimited fast internet, so I gave it a shot. Got hooked on the genre and installed TERA, Aion and Revelation Online within a couple of months. Aion and RO were never my thing so only BnS and TERA really stuck to me. Though my mmo life was put on hold when my PC crashed and I had to use an old desktop I fetched somewhere. It couldn't run anything. I returned to MMOs late 2017 when I finally saved up for secondhand parts of gamer PCs. It was so nice to see my characters finally in max graphic settings. It is 2019 and I still use the same pc, with new motherboard, cpu and ram tho. She deserved an update this summer as she is my loyal companion for college as well. For now that is. I need a laptop as well, so an Alienware M15 is on its way. My wallet hurts deeply. But I needed it for school.

ANYHOW I made a new account for TERA because I switched all my email addresses. I was that dumb teenager that uses stupid names for gmail and I decided I should get rid off them and get new ones. I had like 10 so I dont even remember which I used for my TERA account. So fresh start it is!

I am the worst PvP player ever but I am very social. So please recommend me a server or maybe even clan/guild? I appreciate it if clans have a discord server so we can talk easier. I love to meet new people and like you can see... I talk a lot YEET.

Nice to meet you all!