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hi i am just look around tho
port is awesome! but any1 tried corsairs's stronghold?
just wonder if it lags a lot
Every people know CS is best PvP arena requiring both strategy and personal skill the most, so can we set CS more than 3 times per a week in battleground jackpot calandar? by deleting gridiron, this arena just too laggy
psn: eSportsKorea (NA account and guess case sensitive) please
Hello, I need to get meta PvP builds of all classes used by top players, but where can I get them?
TERA's future is brilliant becuz we are supporting this game lol
Hello I am thinking of making a small community, which is completely related to TERA online.
But I know advertising a website's URL in forum is not allowed. But what if it is fully about TERA online?
Thank you.
You know, this mobile (or pc) app is so famous among gamers in these days.
Need this kinda app in order to get fast queue pop up for all people maybe?
So, do we have?
it no longer appears on main page, what happened?

There are lots of BGs. And I am looking for BGs that are fully gear-equalized.
What are they? all I know is Corsair's stronghold and Gridiron so far
> @vkobe said:
> Ponilover wrote: »
> Blade n Fail and Black Failure Online will fail on consoles as well.
> but black failure has best waifu :3

There is no waifu but there are human -looking females that don't resemble anime-looking, like Elin.
Actually cross-platform isn't that much good idea since PC can run faster than Console, resulting in some advantages in terms of PvP. Xbox one could run faster either. What they have to do is transferring from PC to console. And I need Keyboard and Mouse support.
Keyboard and mouse support plz~ just like how console FFxiv does
well, cross-server and KBM support just like console's best MMO FFXIV does is mandatory otherwise I don't expect they won't succeed
will it work server transfer from PC to PS4 or Xbox? (since it is known there isn't cross-server)
I think I better stop playing PC TERA until it releases on PS4 since no cross-server~
When it comes to end game, PvP arena is extremely important in order to keep population. hope you allow multi queue anyway.
i am waiting for this.
still, no news. it sounds like only fewwwwwwwwwww people tested tera onsole tho
Tenshi1 wrote: »
I'm extremely curious about this myself! I hope not, since I can't really afford it right now. I know you don't need one for some of them, like Onigiri

Well, I just downloaded and played another MMO called Onigiri on PS4.
Just like FFxiv, it was complete F2P without needing to pay PS+.


I am sure EME will make it complete F2P without needing to pay PS+ becuz it is online game that needs population!
We are currently on a DEAD server, with no end game goal, and no where to farm. => this is why EME should more focus on competitive PvP game!
Now we can buy any cheap keyboard and mouse combo for 20bucks.

So when TERA releases for PS4 can you put any random TERA sticker skin on your own cheap keyboard and mouse that works on PS4, and implement keyboard and mouse support, and just sell your free game as TERA blueray disc along with ketboard and mouse you put that TERA skin?

I think we need to spread keyboard and mouse playing trend for PS4, not just controller stuff? so that more online gaming comes to console as well.
idk what i am saying even.
6EXTMD3763 wrote: »
Most, if not all, games on the PS4 require at least one user on the console to be subscribed to PS+ to play online multiplayer. TERA isn't likely to be an exception. More news about the console Beta will likely come once PAX West is done tomorrow. Either way, I'd wait for TERA to actually launch, or at least have an announced launch date, before paying for PlayStation Plus if your sole reason for buying it is TERA.

I just tried FFxiv but it doesn't require Playstation network access (PS+?), and it also support keyboard and mouse greatly and natively.
Hope TERA would do both 2 things as well.
i am fully korean born in korea and have lived there, seoul, more than 20+ years, yes there is such.
then i would wait rathe rthan paying this for other game until tera release.
thank you very much~
Hi i have ps4 slim and i am making a decision to pay 12month ps network access or not.
for tera will this be required?
Can you just make it possible farming all gears by playing only PvP? there are such players otherwise they play few equalized arenas then being result in quitting game rather than going into unequalized arenas, most of them.
i wonder if they use PS4 pro or regular PS4 on PAX
Lolitaa wrote: »
The only gear you can farm through pvp is deathwrack (tier 12 VM) but don't expect to make a full set anytime soon solely through battlegrounds.

I searched all the equipments available thru pvp shops but there are only tier 9 designs.
where is tier 12 stuffs?
LesbianVi wrote: »
Grimoir wrote: »
kinda yeah lol....well...the mid tier gear, is handed out like candy so after 2-3 dungeons your all set. the end game however you do need to do some pve for it and you can get talismans from the bg rewards if you get lucky.

can't I just buy all those equpments via trade broker? i hate pve

You can buy them, also you can farm mats via BGs but takes too long and depends on your luck.

But you should know, PVP on NA Tera is dead, many even lost interest in BGs with Victory boxes and their crap RNG and exploits they have. As you heard not even PVP gears, no OW PVP like Alliance we had, we have lame GVG on PVP servers, so basically many players that were around for PVP are not around anymore lol.

PS: I think that unequalized BGs even decrease the players doing BGs, because now many people on any gear with just right crystals can get to do BGs, that will change, so yeah, that will kill what's left of PVP in NA.

Ok I searched via trade broker but there are only tier 9 to 11 for lancer's weapon.
is 11 highest tier? it is called Lynxpike
Grimoir wrote: »
kinda yeah lol....well...the mid tier gear, is handed out like candy so after 2-3 dungeons your all set. the end game however you do need to do some pve for it and you can get talismans from the bg rewards if you get lucky.

can't I just buy all those equpments via trade broker? i hate pve
Grimoir wrote: »
there is no dedicated PVP armor. there used to be conflate but you arent able to craft that anymore since you cannot get the materials for it.

All armors are hybrid of PVe and PVP rolls. They have added the option to save 2 sets of stats on your gear so you can roll one set for PVE and other for PVP.

Does that mean PvE farming is mandatory for PvP purpose?
Since it seems the game's pvp trends becoming unequalized over equalized arenas, I am thinking of getting top-tier armor that works best in pvp.

Assume that I only play Pvp but not pve, and play lancer mostly in these days.
Which armors and weapons I can obtain by playing only pvp? where can I buy this? what's the item name that i have to buy and what's its tier number?

Thank you
It seems like that on twitch PLAYERSUNKNOWN's Battleground published by BLUEHOLE is getting HOTTTTTTT and it is actually top 1 game in terms of # OF twitch viewer.

We, Tera, can we make pvp like PLAYERSUNKNOWN's Batleground? suviving til end?

don't know its good idea.
I accidentally went in page https://plarium.com/en/strategy-games/vikings-war-of-clans/game/

this looks 3d game but it is actually looking like modern 3d game.(even tho game isn't as fun as Tera)
what is technology called? and also can we make Tera like this web-based game? so that every people can play the game without spending in installing game or high CPU and GPU?
gib wrote: »
I am really waiting for Tera console with keyboard/mouse support T.T

then why not just play it on pc...?

cuz pc is more expensive than ps4
I am really waiting for Tera console with keyboard/mouse support T.T
I think we have to consider business of EME? Since population of Tera has been highly decreased, they need to earn money. One way to increase their income is not to allow multiple queue but random map rotation on a single queue, because,

With multi queue, you can select equalized map onlys since you can choose. This will not get EME money. But with random map rotation they could get match in uneq maps so that it forces to grind in some degree in order to win in those uneq maps. This get EME money.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
This link will help you to know which day is the BG with the jackpot and then the one with most players queveing.

Thank you. now i got a game.


But most people who returned to this game or new to this game will think the game's pvp is dead.
This should be fixed afap by patching multi queue or randome map rotation on soloQ or something equivalent. lol
i am queueing CS but getting no game at all.
then what other pvp contents people play in these days?
ElinUsagi wrote: »
And it's good for your business as well in a point that they are required in some degree to grind stuffs in order to win in some unequalized maps.

Grind doing PvP content is not a bad thing but when you as a PvPer has to do PvE content to get the same stats as them for PvP unequalized BGs then is obvious there is not a competitive scene there because the system favors those with more time to gear regardless of real PvP skills.

As the game is right now if you dedicate yourself at PvP content without doing PvE content then you won't get BiS (HH hold it and is PvE content) that means the most you can try to farm is 2nd best gear at the moment and if you make numbers you could never get it at all becuase the rng rewards you get from battleground; you cant even craft pvp jewellery because you must get PvE jewellery first to be able to do that, you wont get inners, you wont get decent brooches or circlets, doing PvP content wont give you anything unless you grind your gear doing PvE so you can see how this is only apealing for PvEers and not PvPers.

Even dragons (FWC and CS has some elements where their pasive works) cant be obtained anymore throught BGs bacause people complained saying those were useless in jackpots and I am pretty sure those who complained are those who cares most for PvE content thatn PvP.

This is the list of materials available in battleground jackpots
Talisman of Lakan
Lakan's Scale
Lakan's Banner
Badge of Loyalty
Herpvein Powder

And the contents of the victory chests:
War Keybadge
Ominous Ore
Triumph Keybadge
Rejuvenation Potion
Key Accessory Design Box
Health Potion
Talisman of Lakan
Bravery Potion
Badge of Loyalty
Tier 11 Feedstock
Lakan's Scale
Lakan's Focus
Goddess's Gemstone
Dyad Niveot Structure
Superior Etching Box

Source: http://athmos.comastuff.com/TERA/Anniv/New_BG_Boxes.pdf

If you wat to improve the experience for players on existing BGs making them uneq you should first make them in a way that you can get directly from them BiS and all required materials to get your BiS, Etchings, Inners, Jewellery, Brooches, Diadems; otherwise it yould never be a fair competition between PvPers and PvEers.

personally I HATE doing PVE but if the farming and grinding is required in some degree in order to win in PvP, I have to.
Best solution to this matter is providing equipments for doing pvp reward but takes a lotssssssssss of times as compared to PvE
Allow players to queue for multiple BGs at once.
Bring back unequalized FWC.

These 2 need to be implemented, but I prefer random map rotation on a single queue tho so that people will never get bored because they could lose in some maps since they cannot choose the map. lol

And it's good for your business as well in a point that they are required in some degree to grind stuffs in order to win in some unequalized maps.
Any1 have any info about keyboard/mouse support?
and also pc/console server integration?
You again....I'd thought you drowned yourself back in the Korean version...?

I am waiting for either PS4 version or optimized PC version, that is why i am asking.

Hi, is this game still not optimized?
Sell your expensive pc and buy some cheap slim laptop and ps4 to later play tera console version will have 100% optimized. All you need is just claiming EME to support any keyboard and mouse on PS4 all the time until its release date. Ggggg
i guess people just play no pvp since 3s is too pro like place, so no one want to go there, and also casual pvp like CS not getting any benefit therefore people doesn't queue at all. so basically people avoid pvping this week. this is actually damage to developer in terms of population.
Last week I got 1 CS match per queuing for 10 min, but this week I really get no match at all.
Why is that?
Getting around 15~30 FPS while massive fight in CS, but normally 30~40 FPS.
And my spec is i5-63200U, INTEL HD 520, and my s1engine.ini is optimized.

The main reason why game is so slow is becuz of UI. I heard they are redesigning whole UI for releasing of PS4 and XBOX version since console has weaker CPU than PC's. So my guess is that applying those console version's UI to PC version will solve whole optimization problem lol
Recently, one game called "PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS" has been developed and published by BHS.
This game is currently really doing well in terms of Twitch viewer numbers, ranked almost within top #3 in terms of number of viewers, even higher than Overwatch, thus making huge money.

But BHS run this game by themselves only but not thru EME for NA region service.
Why is that? BHS and EME has broken sister relationship right now?
ps4 does not natively support any kind of keyboard and mouse except only one official one that has only few keys on its super skall keyboard. So won't work for Tera.

However, There is an online game called FFxiv and it supports any kind of keyboard and mouse, that is what I heard.

Thus, Tera could support K&M just like the same way as ffxiv.
Vinyltails wrote: »
they said in stream the console version isn't even in alpha yet...not even PRE alpha yet........so there won't be any more info on it for a long time to come...until like autumn or w/e

K Can't believe that becuz we have only 7 month remaining until end of 2017 -.-
EME should make it official that they will allow transfering PC server's account to console version or not, as well as merging PC server and console servers or separated, by now.

any1 know info about it?
There is a rumor that framerate is fixed for online multiplayer games on both PS4 and PS4 Pro, thus no advantage even though you play it on PS4 pro. and we know Tera is onlkne game.

is this true?
> @allofspaceandtime said:
> playstation pro.

for what reason? There must be reason
Which would you recommend me between PS4 and PS4 Pro for console Tera?
I returned today but tera seem just keep living fine.
It has similar population as a year ago.
Instead of selling just copy of game for ps4/xbox,

Selling ps4/xbox game copy with keyboard and mouse for exclusively made for console Tera and merging PC & console servers will triple number of players anyway.
Ginjitsu wrote: »
move the INI files and do a repair

sorry, I just found that I can just simply buy from "https://store.enmasse.com/tera" rather than re-installing.
Thank you and i am sorry
Ginjitsu wrote: »
move the INI files and do a repair

nah, just tried but still nothing pops up, FPS seems decreased tho. idk why.

Probably i am gonna just re-install game then.
Ginjitsu wrote: »
move the INI files and do a repair

Oh that is another solution, thx!
Hello, I am returning player and playing this game on Microsoft surface pro 4, mobile CPU i5-6300U and mobile GPU i5: Intel HD graphics 520.

Due to low mobile spec of my tablet PC, I had to optimize S1Engine.ini and S1input.ini because I play mostly PvP where everything goes fast and need decent FPS and you all know this game is horribly optimized since UI patch...

I really want to purchase some new cute Elin dresses now thru in-game TERA store.
But the problem is that, If I do have that optimized ini files, my FPS increases about 10 FPS in PvP arena, but nothing is popping up when pressing TERA store in game. So I can't purchase those new cloths. So I need to replace optimized ini files by original ini files.

Can you share original S1Engine.ini and S1input.ini please?
Vinyltails wrote: »
1. Is there a way to use keyboard/mouse on PS4?
2. is server separated among PC, XBOX, PS4? so each have their own server for each platform?
3. Is it true that PS4 have internal Twitch streaming function so that I don't have to connect PS4 to PC using extra device like Elgato HD 60? If so, how's framerate (FPS) while streaming on PS4?

Thank you very much~

1) Can probably get a external keyboard or something to plug it in
2) we don't know but i very highly doubt it based on a few things they said on stream
3) It has it's own streaming thing when you press Share which can be linked to Twitch/youtube and i believe the FPS is usually pretty stable

Thx for info! very helpful.
I might wait until it says it can support keyboard/mouse!
5H96Y49G6D wrote: »
ok im confused ur suspended but still can post?

gg im blind

I haven't been here for a long time and just checked post history but I really can't find evidence in which I did something equivalent to getting banned. They should not suspend me for no reason I guess.
1. Is there a way to use keyboard/mouse on PS4?
2. is server separated among PC, XBOX, PS4? so each have their own server for each platform?

Thank you very much~
Recently I sold my gaming Laptop and bought Microsoft Surface Pro 4 i5 model for my new career.

i5-6300U : 2.4 up to 3.0 GHz, 3 MB cache, 15 W
Intel HD graphics 520

Well, it can play Overwatch, released last year, getting 50~60 fps in lowest graphic setting, which is playable.
It can also play Guild Wars 2, released back in 2012, getting 40~60 fps similar like Overwatch.

However, Tera is just unplayable, getting 10~20 fps all the time in lowest graphic setting.

Today many people uses Laptop rather than Desktop PC and I think they have to do something about it lol
Just go to college you will see bunch of young people like that.
Why no real update?

It is all becuz of Bliizard entertainment and Riot Games in fact. 100% sure.

Most of Korean game company such as BHS, Nexon, NCsoft has stopped developing PC games due to the fact that western game actually dominate Korean PC game market share, with their games such as Overwatch and League of Legends.

So most Korean game company now turned into mobile game devlopers that works for Android and iPhone.

Look at NCSoft, they released new mobile game called "Lineage 2 Revolution" just few days ago.

Look at Nexon, thry are working on many mobile games called HIT!, Master of Eternity (MOE) and etc.

BHS? They released Mobile game called Devilian, where Tera elin does actually exist.

So why there is no more update is due to the fact that All Korean game company has lost their interest on PC, but mobile.
well, we only have voices like yeaaaa yeahhh ahhhh huh kiyaaaaaa haaah~~ for combat only without any actual talk like Japanese voice pack provides for skills and emotions and etc.

Actually you guys should acknowledge by this time that the current voices in this game of NA version are only shout-like voices in terms of your character, which is not vivid experience for gamers who play this characters.

Like, yahhh yeahhhhh yiaaaa but that's it.

In Japanese version of voice, your chacter actually talk and say something without event scene.
Zoknahal wrote: »
metagame wrote: »
then mod it in yourself

dumb weeb

oh i can do that? let me search, thx

Discussion of mods is not allowed in the forums, unless you want a ban.

On topic, no, the game will not be 100 times better if EME just decide to swap the English voices with the Japanese ones. You know what will make the game 100 times better? (even tho we have already resigned to it ever being a thing)


metagame wrote: »
then mod it in yourself

dumb weeb

oh i can do that? let me search, thx
The game would be 100x better if it had Japanese voice.
Why? because this game still looks like Asian game anyway due to so many many elins, even tho it has westernized looking characters and environments.
And we know many console game publishers from Japan just uses Japanese voice but only provides subtitle for it.

Is it true that Tera was actually pretty well optimized in terms of CPU when it was first released so many years ago?
where is info regarding arena power hour?
I can't find it T.T

Item list here exactly same as in-game tera store?

Thank you very much!
KinkysMT wrote: »
C:\Users\Public\Games\En Masse Entertainment\TERA\Client\S1Game\Config

thx, fixed it!
FPS improved like 20
Hi. I am returning player and I got two file which optimizes Tera, called s1engine.ini and s1input.ini.
I just don't remember where to put those files?

Thank you very much.
Hi i am returning player and which arena is most queue-able in these days?
Could you list 3 arenas populated, in order? plz.

When I stopped playing before, CS was most populated, an year ago.
Thank you very much.
Eiiji wrote: »
Kumas Royale pops up every 2-3 mins, CS pops up every 15-20 mins or more, FWC pops up in 10-15 mins.

Thank you very much!
hi i stopped playing Tera 4 months ago but likely want to return as i go back to NA soon.

does still CS actively pop up? Like 1 time in every 10min. If not, what is an arena that its queue pops up every 10min?

Thank you!

thinking of buying this, but i have no idea how to paint, assemble them...
Is there any good website or tutorial or book that introduces tools needed and teaches its instructions as well?

thank you very much.
Actuallt the genre MMORPG iteself is losing popularity. I don't want to say becuz you guys hate this, but honestly In these days competitive eSports genre is rather popular, like Overwatch lol

To prove that top twitch games by popularity are all or mostly esports genre.

becuz people just want to loss stress from social quickly lol
Idk reason but he must have done something greater than Tera eSports
lol what a [filtered] post
I tried 30 boxes but none of them gave me any dyad niveot structure.. i wonder if it is patched that doesn't grant any from opening these boxes?

thank you for answer!
I fought tons of them but still think ninja >>> reaper.

I mean ninja is currently OPest class due to CCs, fastest mobility snd dodge/evading ability.
imo ninja are OPest right now. Need nerf, especially on its mobility and number of CCs rather than DPS.

How they can move any faster than any other classes even tho they put all glyph for mobility?
From my perspectuve, lancer does very fine in duel. But what it means to be a good at duel is not about that it has huge dps to kill fast (even tho i use full dps build with griefing or keen) but cheesses enemy using its sustaining skills like challenging shout and iron will. Somehow they will die at the end, but still it takes more time than other classes. But it doesn't mean that lancer is bad, but it just generally take more time to kill since it cheeses imo.

Corsairs Stronghold, we really see not many lancers, becuz in this arena killing fast is very important becuz the arena involves a lot of noobs. Since lancer doesn't have good dps to kill as fast as other classes do, this actually doesn't make use of lancers in CS since CS actually requires fast kill. Well it could be very helpful if i have party to kill fast enemy i pulled instead, but i am talking about SoloQ.

So the buff is required from my perspective, but not a buff on dueling capability since I said lancer is very fine in dueling already. If we're about to buff dps of lancer it will be OP from my guess. So what I want to see is buff on skills that is not about dueling but helpful in CS PvP eben with SoloQ, like pledge that absorb allies's incoming dmg.

But not sure, maybe i still suck at lancer. so asking you decent people again, is it really good class for CS PvP if you run solo?

Thx for answers.
haha i support this

Question 1)
Does Lancer's skill named "Pledge of Protection" work with "Pristine Indomitable Zyrk"? (in terms of incoming DPS reduction)

I know it works with grounding Vrysk but not sure of this special case.

Question 2)
Does it work with "Fine Grieving Niveot" that gets you MP whenever being attacked?
I think new backstep is somehow helpful in teamfight. if you use challenging shout around your enemy in PvP you will get some portion of resolve. Sometimes I even get full resolve back.
Borsuc wrote: »
Plenty of people use them in EU. On classes with crit rate/chance glyphs it's more useful, not to mention if you have mystic. Some use x2 keen and x2 griefing.

thx for info! I was actually wondering mixing them together.

I want to buy this one, but I don't know how to paint haha..

is there any website or youtube instruction that teaches how to paint? (also i need all the names of painting tools)
just wonder if there is still some1 who uses pristine griefing zyrk while many people uses keen vrysk instead.

Thx for info!
I am trying to use program called BattlePing that says it can reduce lag by 50%.

It says i have to choose one from chicago 1 to 4, 4 choices.
Should I select either one from Chicago 1 to 4? any of them is fine or only 1?

any1 know? thx.



Looks like Final Fantasy version of Tera.

I want to play if there is equalized PvP arena and character customization.

But why elin has bigger chest? I still like tho.

Is this turn-based RPG?
And plz share us if you have any info about this game.
Tera is great game. plz return back.
Actually one more question, does it cost more money to have server in Dallas, Texas than Illinois, Chicago?

I have no idea but just curious, haha
Now i see, thx. So it just goes to their server from Korea in worst route.

Hope EME changes their server host to Dallas, Texas server like GW2 haha
i have been experiencing some strange thing in these days.

Since some of you may know that i am having vacation in south Korea until august, i am trying to connect NA server from Korea.

The strange thing that i am experiencing is server lag.

Now i play 2 mmo and 1 mobile game.
For MMO i play Tera and Guildwars 2.
For mobile game, I play Heroes of Order and Chaos on android.

Both Tera and Guildwars 2, i def connect to NA server. For Heroes of order and Chaos, I connect gloval server (it truly says global server)

But when I play Guildwars 2, i experience almost no lag, even tho its ping says 100~200, i really feel not that much lag. Every skill button i press, it casts as soon as i press button.

For heroes of order and chaos, i can't measure ping since it is on android, but also i think it is still playable.

But Tera, really laggy. Whenever I presses skill button, every reactions happens like 0.5 sec or 1 sec later after i press.

Why is that? I just don't understand why i get almost no lag for gw2 and heroes of order and chaos, but experience huge lag for Tera only? Since their server must reside in NA samely.

Thank you very much for reading.
Ok thx for info. Maybe that was lag while overcharging i guess. I thought its dps got nerfed by 20%.
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