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Eh, just ask eme to continue the celestial scale event till january next year.
Its not like we have anything else to do in the game.

Follow your team and snipe their kill.

Da archer wae

Script is a mod. Mods is just a general term. Short for modification.
There are QoL mods, and there are malicious mods.

U know what i like about thread like this? Sometimes people slipped up and admit it. I remember when people complaining about guild rally quest being ruined because of autoclicker. Of course there are players that swore on the life of their never born bb, that such thing never exist. It was fun watching it. Until someone slipped up and openly that admit he use an autoclicker script for vanguard quest. Which becomes even funnier. Because now the calendar is disabled. Because autoclicker is real, son.

Its practically a meme by now. There is no cheat in tera.
Haha :innocent:

If im not mistaken, u can do solo dungeon to progress pre lvl65, including story quest. If that's what u worried about.

Have u seen their bunny mount? Its like they never seen a bunny before..

@tisnotme said:

@TheCatalyst said:
Nouruk is red mob on your radar. It means it will aggro u when u near it. Just bump his body with your body, rub it dub a dab, and let the noruk attack you. If im not mistaken, for your to complete the mission, u must activate a certain effect from the card window. Activate it and let noruk smack you.

nah your kidding right i thought theyd be the pig shaped ones
im currently lvl 25 and have un equipped every thing and am as i type this being well as you put it rubbed by aprox 8 of them and still took heaps to trigger it

I dont want to be mean, so i suggest u to go back and read the quest journal properly.
Noruk is not the pig shaped ones

Nouruk is red mob on your radar. It means it will aggro u when u near it. Just bump his body with your body, rub it dub a dab, and let the noruk attack you. If im not mistaken, for your to complete the mission, u must activate a certain effect from the card window. Activate it and let noruk smack you.

White - Normal damage
Yellow/ Red - Crit damage
Blue - High on noctenium

I like cs too. But its riddled with hax and exploit.
And its not just cs too. Pvp in tera is nothing more than just a hax contest, who haz the best script/ injector.

A warrior tank.

Huh? Werk??
I didnt come in tera to werk... wtf..

Search google for 'Short, simple guide on how to Level from 65 - 70'.
No events, no caimans. But u guys didnt hear it from me mkay?? Shhhhh

Hihihihi :relaxed:

We heard u guys like rng, so we put in rng inside of rng = rng portal inside rng caiman wanderer spawn


Maybe he didnt understand. Or perhaps he wanted to brag.
Eh, who knows.

Players can now explore the lands of Exodor, the mysterious "sky island" that first appeared months ago in the "Skywatch: New Heights" update. This new zone is chocked-full of new content, quests, gear, BAMs, and more…culminating in an epic solo dungeon questline that you won’t want to miss!

Oh, new and returning players gonna miss it, alright.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Yup, this game is at its new all time low.
I dont even know if this game can get any lower than this.
BiS and gear enchanting rng grind? Its a grind before u even get to new content, let alone the new pantsu.
Its so grindy, even filthy kasul have to grind. And filthy kasul doesnt even do BiS or endgame content.

Now people are openly and brazenly talking about buying/ selling gold.
I dont blame them tbh. $15 elite per month for a possibility to get to aerial island, or... tree fiddy to buy a lvl70 acc and instantly able to take a look around aerial island before getting banned (if ever gets banned). At any case, only one of em worth the money. And i feelsbadman for eme.


It week day.
Also people got burned out from teh previous events.

Needs to be level 68 to access the new map. I'm surprised that they didnt sell level 70 scroll. I mean the sale could be used to pay off the new content. And interested players would opportunity to have access teh content without having to grind their eyeballs out..

Injectors are not allowed in esport.

Im still waiting for my flying carpet to fly.
I remember getting that, coz its the only mount that actually fly/hover above ground.

Works for me though.

Im not sure what changes did they do or put with the new fresh install of the game, but before the new launcher, the game was 'standalone'. As in, u can just copy the whole folder and put on 1tb flash drive and carry it with u anywhere to play on different pc/laptop. So i use that version of the game, the standalone one. When i install the new launcher, i had to setup the path for tera game installation folder.

So what's inside the standalone tera folder? There is the old launcher in there. Called TERA-Launcher.exe. For me, the new launcher is actually in an entirely different folder, and is called En Masse Entertainment/Launcher (filename is launcher.exe with eme logo). The Live2-Launcher.version that i mentioned before is NOT in the En Masse Entertainment folder. Its in the ProgramData/Tera or Program Files/Tera (whichever drive or folder u choose to install it in). After deleting the Live2-Launcher.version, i got a new file appeared called Live-New-Launcher.version.

So maybe if u fresh install the game, Live-New-Launcher.version is what u looking for.

Or try to contact support and ask them if u can get the 'standalone' version of the game. And play it from the old launcher. Maybe @CobaltDragon haz it in his thumb drive or something...

Go to tera installation folder, and find a file named Live2-Launcher.version
Make a backup, then delete that file. Restart back launcher, see if that worked.

Dont merge with Velika pls. Merge the other server with.. something else.

Until now im still upset about other server merged with my beloved TR..

Its like trying to kill a dead horse.

Ranse wrote: »
So I guess I will just keep trying to sell these fish to a Fishmonger until they buy them or they expire. I take it a Fishmonger will not buy it after they expire, so then I guess I will dump them on a regular merchant.

Or, when u log in, if u at velika or highwatch, u can just check the fishmonger what is the fish they are buying today. The fishmonger npc is also in velika and highwatch. Hover your mouse over the fishes on the list, it will show which fishery have the fishes, then buy teleport scroll to that fishery. And then fish away. This way u will always fish the right fish.

Also, its better to dismantle the extra fishes into fish fillet. Because the fishmonger also buy fish crate. And fish fillet is one of the ingredient. In case u really want to go into fishing profession.. Its up to u.

Sometimes people just want to complain.
I got people bashing me just because the chandelier spider decided to drop right on top of their head.
Ha, classic!
why not just upgrade until uncommon-> rare ->superior? will not be the same at end?
Also what is the best possibly pet that we can get using 2 pets lvl 10?
Sorry i m new in pet system lolz

It doesnt work like that. The rarity of your companion doesnt change.
U upgrade till your companion is level 10, with chance to reach max fellowship of 50.
And to upgrade, u need another companion to sacrifice. Meaning along the way if u got a superior companion.. u gonna cry if u have to sacrifice that to your already heavily invested uncommon companion..

There is 4 different companion u can get from combining 2 lvl 10 pet. Either Marie, Lou, Kuncun and Cocomin. There is no the best companion between this 4, only what skill do they possess that u want. Here's the list of their skillz:
Companion Skill
The more reason to keep apex quest as challenging as it is right now.

Imagine apex quest doesnt exist... and those people went straight to que for 439 dungeons...
Aryd wrote: »
I look at it this way, (assuming they are new, and playing cautiously) if it takes them 20 minutes to get to the second plant, and the dracolith/plant combo kills them, they have to spend another 20 minutes getting to the same plant. Maybe they learned the lesson and didn't get killed, but are at low enough health that the acolyte kills them almost instantly, they now have to spend another 20 minutes getting to the plant and then maintaining health to even learn the acolyte. That's 1 hour, in a quest that can take 20 minutes.

Use battle nostrum and bring healing pot plox.
This the problem with pvp. u cant multiple que bg.
So u ended up queuing on a ded bg all day long.
Although pvp itself already ded. Ah.. the best kind of paradox.
Christin wrote: »
My OP isn't all about me. Again, not sure what your problem is, but it's your problem not mine. Buying EMP doesn't get more loot pets onto the broker for others to buy does it?

Tf u on about?
Wait.. u wanted the pet sale, so that others will put the loot pet on broker for others to buy?
Aren't u that guy that cried alot about undercutting and stuff?
Christin wrote: »
What do you even mean by this? Gold doesn't magically put pets in the brokerage. I have plenty of gold, but again, there are barely any pets on the brokerage. I don't need a Drak nor do I need a storage pet.

Then use plenty of your gold to buy emp from emp seller using trade channel.
In fact, its better to buy now rather than wait till sales comes around because emp rate increase during sales.
This is what tera community have been reduced to..

"We didnt make 100k per bot lololol, we only make 30K PER BOT!! Plz learn how2internetz."

Oh noes, our bad then. I guess.. ITS OK to bot now. Its ONLY 30k gold, amiRITEEE??!!!

Without the ability to que multiple bg, that variety means nothing.
Should've ban them long time ago.
What does the quest tracker say?
Does it says 'use the teleporter and exit the dungeon'?
Can u hover your mouse on the ingame server clock? It will show ping and fps.
Its at the top right corner on the screen, from your side.
Get a screenshot before and after u click on the skill upgrade.
If im not mistaken u need to reach certain item level, which is 439.
Can i ask a question related to this new update?
How to change the FOV in this new laucher? I tried using the previous method but i cant find the s1 config file.
Have u tried left click, or right click? It should activate when u click on it.
U know what, drag it to your skill tray. Activate from there. The new companion window can be a bit wonky, sometimes when i sort my pet for easy summon, it revert back to previous arrangement.

Pet skill now can be activated like character skill. I have a companion with auto-loot and gather, only one can active at a time, so i put in skill tray for an easy switch.
Kacky wrote: »
So you're saying that only those who logged in between May 1 and May 7 would get those tokens. Since I didn't log in during any of those days, then I missed out. I can't find a disclaimer that warns players about this.

Urm.. your email screenshot clearly shows that it said, 'In the first week of the anniversary event'...
OP: Why when this healer is around, all of sudden the dungeon run goes faster? He must've hacked the game.
Healer: *Regress/ Plague of Exhaustion the boss*
Healer: *Thrall/ Edict of Judgement the boss to death*

I watched a video made by a korean player and he said he spent $600.
But i'm not sure whether he actually finally get the good roll.
He ended the video by saying, "[filtered] you, bluehole!"
66ECX7NAN7 wrote: »
Max fellowship is 50 and once your partner reaches grade 10 you can't increase it further, so your partner is just fodder for the next one

I don't get it. So the green/uncommon and blue/rare partner is better because we can level the fellowship?
Does grade increase after max fellowship?
It's my fault that your statement is ambiguous and hard as hell to read? "Open them back" isn't a grammatically-correct or relevant sentence any way you look at it in this context.
Yes. Your reading comprehension. Not mine. This is not an essay competition.
I am as equally aware of the fact they're 'fixing' the shop as I am that they're not going to take the suggestion on board, so I fail to see the point of anything you've said thus far.
Then, there is nothing that I can do. Because what I wrote is shorter than a summary.
This conversation is stupid.
It only took you, like, 3-4 post replies, to realize that. I'd say its a good progress for you.

P/s: I wish you well on your mid-term exam.
Players: How do i get legacy essence to complete the story quest?
EME: Buy our loot box.
Players: *pepehands*
As was said, this proposal in particular is unlikely to impact TERA because it targets minors specifically, and I think it's more likely that EME would implement stronger controls to restrict access to minors, rather than changing their business practices if this specific proposal were to pass.

^ This.

And also, people should be allowed to swipe if they wanted too.
I mean... adult peeple.
Didn't say you were, just pointing out you didn't really read my post.

I'm just confused why you'd say "it's not going to waste" and they'll "open them back soon" (I don't know what this means) when direct costume swapping is never going to be a regular thing, and the only thing that can be put "back" into the token shop is a box I don't care for.

Then I'm not the one who is not reading. Because I wasn't confused and didn't know what this and that means.
And also, i didn't accuse u of anything too..

All i did was responding to your post, as in, let us see what this shop gonna look like after the fix, because they are being disabled right now and changes are being made, maybe, but lets not get our hopes high. Coz we all know EME. And your 'suggestion' is not the original state of the token shop. So, its not going to waste.
I'm not complaining about the lack of anything to buy with tokens.

I'm suggesting that the token shop should have bound smart boxes for most costumes excluding the super rare ones, as a solution to the costume swap problem. That way someone can dismantle their dyeable business suit into tokens, buy back the smart box for it and open it after they race/gender change. This is what I would love to see - but it's more than likely not going to happen, hence it's wasted potential.

I wasn't accusing u of anything..
EU rolled back because items that were supposed to be able to be dismantled, weren't also they rolled back due to all pet's losing their skills ( Pets that could loot no longer could loot) It didn't really have anything to do with the economy there.

I didnt say anything about economy...

Really really low. Cocomin is asking for 8 of that thing. After a day I only have 2 with me.
Same, it just makes me sad that the potential for an exchange service using tokens from dismantled costumes to buy bound smart boxes has to go to waste. It would make a lot of people very happy.

Its not gonna go to waste.
They said they gonna open them back.. soon. TM.
So now its up to bhs to fix whatever problem that causing eu tera to rollback in panic.
But dont hold yer breath tho..
Gee.. I wonder why.
Probably from discord.
OP is weird.

I'm lost for word tbh. There are so many wrong things that he said.
He even called others whale, but, what does that make him then?

I'm not against sale events from eme though. And i like OP even more.
I'm gonna make so much profit out of him. Secretly, of course.

There is a guy in my server struggling to sell his super rare slash mount.
For some mysterious reasons, he wont list it in the broker.

For the next level.. u have to go higher in dg. Hard mode dg..
The percentage is not good. For level 65-66, u might see 2-3% exp per run. I could be wrong. Because i do dg and spam basilisk at the same time.
But level 66-67, it could go less than 1%. I'm level 66, it have been a week, and im at 45% until im level 67. Then again im a casual.
And yes, there is orange quest on the next level. Each level also unlocks new dailies. And u have to spam these old and new dailies as well..
Dailies gives ALOT of exp. Compared to dg and bam spam..

Do the dailies in tria and tralion. Then spam red refuge and dark reach citadel.
In 3 days maybe less, u'll be level 66.

U can try farm basilisk south of elenea.. but maybe it can work for dps priest.
Coz that's how their 'economy 101' works. Through wishful thinking.
People who are 'undercutting like crazy' are either oblivious to the trade broker new changes, or oblivious to their own losses.
Who would want to 'undercut' anything if it cost them every time they undercut.
it is not about who's had the biggest share of the pie, its about the economic impact it will produce for the months/years to come when "those" people starts to reshape the economy with their new found gold.

people know but as some players have pointed out already, NA players are greedy and are now keeping a tight lid on this one. AGAIN i will mention that they have already earned tons of gold without even reselling their reset scrolls yet.[/quote]

U're wrong. Just like counterpoint when he 'explained ad nauseum' on how those reset scrolls sell price are bad for economy.
But it doesn't really matter. Because this thread is about the reset scrolls.

U know how else to easily manipulate market? By targeting gullible people like u.
So what if that someone got millions from legit means?
This whole new content is a gold blackhole sink.
Oh, they havent decided on the reset scroll sell price yet?

Pls double the reset scroll sell price, @BearShoes . Dont listen to those peanutbutterjelly peeple, the reset scroll sell price doesnt affect in-game economy. They lyin'!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

For doing nothing but selling unused scrolls? How many hours upon hours of playtime did those players spend to earn that much? There's no possible world where someone can say that this would be fair.

Where do you think those scrolls come from?
Farmed from IoD or something?
I understand that rollback was needed for the entropy token dupe thing.
But why reset scroll though? Those thing comes from elite box anyway. For those who hoard but didnt open them, well, u still have the elite box with you. EME could've just put something nice in there for u guys. Instead of reducing the reset scroll price..

I deliberately open up those elite boxes when i heard reset scroll are being phased out. I knew its gonna have high merchant sell value. Just like all of those alkahest and other old enchant stuff that i cant remember. Its not an exploit when this kind of thing happened every time new stuff comes in and old stuff phased out.

How long does it take to do a rollback?
Wow.. im getting more and more 'buyers regret' vibe..
Christin wrote: »
Kind of funny how y'all are just fine with everyone else paying listing fees, but y'all are too good for that?

It was EME who OFFERED the benefit as part of their elite status program. It is still on the elite status program page, even right now.
And we PAID for it.

Its you who have no idea how this works.
Don't EME have control over their own 'elite status' thing?
They're the one that promotes their own subscription service as:

Selling your unwanted items for in-game gold at the Trade Broker is a great way to get rich...but unless you're Elite, the broker is taking a cut, in the form of listing fees. With Elite Status, you post your stuff free of charge!

On top of that, players are limited to only 10 simultaneous listings—but Elite players can have up to 50!

Did EME asked for this particular change?
I don't care about player's complaint/ opinion/ greed/ crying.
But i would LOVE to hear what EME have to say about this change.
Subscription ain't free... is it?
PVP ban list for CS? lmfao

inb4 healer asking how to get bomb achievement.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Everyday? Wow. I only did it with 2-3 characters. More than that then i'll be playing tera for over 8 hours a day...
I blame rng tbh. I felt like crying blood tears when that those dice gave me like 1 shard.

At least i got the lion dance mask..
Damn.. event is ending and i only get to reach 100 of those timescape ticket.
Skyring is not battle royale?
I guess grinding boring low end content is paying off then, now the prices are steadily increasing.
ic3dt3a wrote: »
yes i have, kick the bots then report. i've done it quite a bit of times going as far as requesting support to remove any items gained from bgs and to track down their trade logs(gold and silver talents). theres only two servers, are you dense??

Omegalulz =) =) =)
The in-game report system doesn't work anymore, hadn't worked for years. Record and send a support ticket yourself, can say what server this way.

^ This.
Again, what's kick button gonna do?

ic3dt3a wrote: »
what? NO... you've not played with afk bots, have you? they were really bad beforehand, but there are still some around and they literally just afk, jump every so often, or move in order to avoid the automatic afk kick.

Have u?
What kick button gonna do to afk bots? That's another issue, which is the report button. Player cant report bots if they from another server.
I agree with battleground multiple que, and make grid available daily.

Also, please remove kick function from bg. Its pointless as it is ridiculous. There is already auto kick function if someone is afk, and the bg match is on a time limit. Meaning its gonna end anyway, when the timer runs out. Its not like in dungeons where u could be stranded in there for hours. Battleground cant even be queued instantly anymore, there is a cooldown between queues. And its ridiculous because the people who kicks out healers (good or bad) are downright ritarded. "Oh noes, lets kick out this useless and bad healer here coz there are several hundred thousand healers out there are queuing battleground right now." Hehehe. The match just went from 'having a bad healer' to, 'we're on our own now bois'. So ridiculous...

Even right now the PVP scene are going from 'Oh noes all theeese nabs need to uninstall tera and delete system32', to 'Que pvp battleground plzsu need moar peeple', and finally back to PVP golden age... 'What bg is active right now? Anyone? Helloo..?'.

=) =) =)
Technically, teleport is free in this game. Because u dont need to use real money to teleport, u can just purchase teleport scroll from npc merchant. U can also buy teleport book from the broker, if u want to save space.
tadaaaa wrote: »
I just found out the weirdest thing. I used my brother's keyboard on my P.C and E key doesn't work while holding down the W+D or S+D keys. It's not just in game. So i went to my brother's P.C and found out that the E key also doesn't work there while holding down the W+D or S+D keys.

It's not even a game problem, the E key will just not work if you're holding down the W+D or S+D keys. I thought it was the game then i thought it was the keyboard, but it's neither of them.

Can any of you try and type W+D+E or S+D+E at the same time and tell me if you're able to?

Mine also doesnt work. In game and in notepad.
Its not just s+d+e and w+d+e too, s+a+q and w+a+q also doesnt work.
I think its a keyboard thing. Cant press 3 buttons close together at certain side at the same time.
For example: x+z+s and z+x+a doesnt work, but z+x+d and x+z+c works.

So its a keyboard thing. Its not the game.
No dyeable version.. i want pink hanbok..
Too bad poi doesnt work in highwatch.. :D
Hahaha, and popori pet doesnt even have tshirt. And they still have to be inventory pet.
KitTeaCup wrote: »
What exactly are you looking for in codes? How do you want to interact with EME so that you feel like there's a relationship here?

Gifts are great, but I'd like a little more meaning other than screaming "FREE STUFF" and throwing it in the air without a care.

I'd prefer to have meaning and reason for doing those types of things. Is that unrealistic?

Spacecat used to do raffle using hangman game where he will ask something related to Tera. Those codes are for the viewers that wins the game, sent to their twitch private message, and can only be claimed once. A little something for players that not only watch the stream, plays the game, but also explore the game content.

He also used to give out a weekly stream code. Because people have been asking for a giveaway for promotional purposes, u know, like the one in those gaming websites where they put up articles about mmorpg new update/ content, and at the end of the article they offer new /returning players some redeemable codes. Streamers can also use these codes too, because it can be redeemed by many people. I think the intention at the time was to target larger audience outside of the official broadcast, because people shared it widely in the social media and even if some of them didn't watched the stream due to their own personal reason, they could still get on the hype train.

Ultimately, those codes are just stuff that EME wanted to promote, either for incoming content, sales, or even yearly celebration.
For example like, its chinese new year, and u guys have those asian silk dresses, so u host a hangman game, but only 3 person have the chance to win. And then at end of the stream, u thanked those who were watching, and give them a promotional code of Tera reward credit box, a 7- days temp ramen noodle hat, and a 7-days temp mount of chinese dragon.. or something like that.
Human form or alien monster form?
First post doesn't even explain anything. All i see is screenshots of consumables from this region, that region... Is there an official post or article about this changes? I don't even understand what is getting removed. Are they removing/ replacing those consumables from our inventory? Or just the means to get them. And what is this about balance?

Back then when we asked Spacecat to make changes to the bravery pot, he said they couldn't even find the bloody thing item ID, or something. They had to make a new one.

I vote for Jax Landing.
Trade broker have rarity filter function.
People can easily level up to 65.
U can take your sweet time to level up, but they allow bracket pvp like u suggested, u gonna cry.
U ran out of mana?
Backstab stun 100-0 is not good for closing gap when duel?
Most FC armor is dyeable but no weapon is dyeable. Not even in cash shop.
Maybe soon... tm.
When u crit all day long. If u see more white number than yellow, something is wrong.
Yes, really.
Sometimes they even told u to go play tera eu. Just ignore them by putting them in ignore list.
Oh, I got a fisherman's tale to tell.

I am a Baraka. Used to squat in Allemantheia when our people got separated from our homeland by the Great Storm of Northern Arun. When I was in Allemantheia, I got tired of listening to those High Elves boasting about their capital city, being built high on top of an oasis, floating and glistening over it. So I immediately volunteered when the Valkyon Federation was mustering for an expedition, to break through the Great Storm. I was there when we were finally reunited with our homeland. And they don't call the Baraka's capital city, Highwatch, for no reason. Those long-eared can't brag about their tall towers anymore.

After the expedition, I spend my days in Highwatch by meditating. Just like the rest of our stony and monkish brethren. I spent a lot of time near the Highwatch's pond. Its funny how one could find some trash on the shallow bottom of that pond. Not that we Baraka have much things to throw away anyway. Its usually just papers and books. Just the other day, I found a volume of 'The World's Greatest Joke'. And a letter by an unknown writer, talking about the only reason why Elleon is so passionate about sword swashbuckling, is because he's actually bad at math. Hah! That letter must be written by Jelena. That sassy lass. Only she would've written such a thing. If I'm not a stony monk-like person, I would've definitely tried my luck with that broad.

At any case, what truly caught my eyes was another piece of paper. A Fishing License. Curious how I found it there, for there is no fishery anywhere in Northern Arun. But I do know there is a Popori fisherman in Highwatch, that goes by the name of Waining. I asked him about it, and he told me that the Valkyon Federation is promoting fishing among the Vanguards. Supplies for the front lines, something like that. Army marches with their stomach, so they say. The Fishing License must have been dropped by one of them rookie Vanguards. Bored of meditating, I decided to join this new adventure. I mean, its not that different from meditating, really. Except I'll be earning some rewards. Stone man gotta pay bills too, you know.

So I followed Waining's instructions, and was taken among the fisheries that are available within the Valkyon's territory. I finally decided to settle down near the Lake of Tears fishery. It's near Pora Elinu, capital city of the Elinkind. Fishing while looking at those cute girls swinging their tails around would surely gives me some tingling sensation in my two rocks, I mean, helps with my meditation. Its not a bad choice, if I say so myself.

As expected, when you are a veteran and member of Valkyon's Vanguard, there're bound to be a quest or two just for you. In my case, a Popori named Paparong asked for my help. At first, he asked for Fish Fritter. Then he asked if I could catch some Freshwater Eels. He told me that his old bones is too much to go fishing by himself. I helped him, because I'm a good Valkyon citizen and a honorable Vanguard member. And of course, I like the reward too. But then, he upped the level of his request. Apparently he had been bragging to his kids about how he been catching those fishes by himself. He went as far as telling his kids that he can catch the legendary fish in that lake. A Big-Asz Fish, called the Fairy Snakehead.

I took up the quest because the reward is good. But the Fairy Snakehead is a legendary fish for many reasons. Its hard to find, and even harder to catch. After trying so hard and exhausted all of energy alone, I decided to get a help. I noticed that most fishermen are Popori. It must be some sort of innate ability that my people does not posses. So I called on my Popori friend, Fois Gra. I offered to split the reward, and the Popori agreed. Two is better than one. And we would be working together again, just like the old times, when we were both active in the Vanguard's war against the Archdevan.

For days, we hunted this elusive creature. We used high tier fishing rod, high quality bait, even wearing Angler's Whisker to improve our chances. But that Big-Asz Fish was just not biting. Fois Gra was about to lose it. He said, "I'm tired of eating Fish Salad all day everyday. Maybe we should just call it quit. Cut our losses." But I looked at Fois Gra, and I can see that the fishes somewhat gathered near his fishing spot. I've caught more fishes when he is around me than when I'm alone. Though catching more fishes is not our goal, its the Big-Asz Fish that we after! There must be something that we missed here.

"We used the most fresh and high quality baits. We had caught practically all kind of fish in this lake. Maybe the legendary fish is just that. Legend. It doesn't exist." Said Fois Gra. "I'm sorry, friend. Maybe Paparong was just pulling your legs. He is a Popori, you know." Fois Gra stood up and prepared to call it for the day. I was in a deep thought, and faintly remembered that Popori used to have a secret role back during the times of Valkyon's expedition. A desperate situation require a desperate measure. Suddenly I felt like I have pieced the puzzle together. "Perhaps what we need is a fresher, and higher quality bait." I said. "Oh, you have an idea?" Fois Gra asked. I smiled at him and sagely replied, "Indeed I do."

The very next day, I delivered the Fairy Snakehead to Paparong. He was extremely surprised to see the legendary, elusive, Big-Asz Fish, with his own two eyes. He probably never had in his wildest dream to be able to lay hand on such exotic creature. As I received my reward, I said to Paparong, "I know why you like to boast about your fishing skills, but afraid to go near the waters." Paparong looked at me, attempting to hide his emotion. "I don't know what you are talking about." And we both departed on our own way as our business was concluded.

I took on another quest. This time its at Seren's Lake fishery. An Elin asked for an Octopus Garden Salad. Which led me to a Lake Fairy with a sweet tooth, asking help to deal with a terrorizing tentacled monster, a Golden Octopus. Its another Big-Asz Fish, so I sent out a message to all of my Popori friends. Louise Keethan and Bradmane replied back to my message, ready to help a friend, they said. For a suitable cut from the reward, of course. I responded back to their message, with a smiley emoji, and told them that I will give them the biggest cut they'll ever get in their life. Of that, I did not lie.

As I waited for their arrival, I remembered fondly when I was back at the Muricai Fishery. A Castanic sorcerer I met there, greeted me and said, "Popori is more than just friend, they are fisherman's best friend." I thought she was just a crazy sorcerer. Who knew it were actually words of wisdom. For a Baraka like me, this journey of mine have been fruitful, and enlightening indeed.

Server : Velika
IGN : Gigamo
Yes. Personally i think the sorcerer apex progression is the trickiest among other classes.
Other classes accumulate runes, edge, willpower and what not, but sorc accumulate only 3 things. 3 elements to be precise. Arcane, flame, and frost. U can only fuse 2 of the elements outside of Mana Boost. Its tricky because sorcerer doesn't have this elemental stuff prior apex.
From these combinations, u can get 3 big attack.

Flame + Frost = Prime Flame
Arcane + Flame = Arcane Storm
Frost + Arcane = Iceberg

For the sorcerer's nuke, u need all 3 elements to fuse and gain Element Zero. Which allow u to use your biggest attack, Implosion.
For simple rotation, Mana Boost > Arcane Pulse (arcane) > Ice Lance (frost) > Meteor Strike (flame) > Fusion (element zero) > Implosion

I don't recommend u testing rotations when fighting khemadia though. But the best place to test the new apex rotation is during Mystel's dream sequence, due to the apex skill low cooldown at that place. So you should definitely test it, before u teleport and fight khemadia for the second time... He can still be defeated with normal rotation (without the new apex skills), provided that you are using proper rotation to begin with, so don't worry if u already past the dream sequence. Just use all your high grade/superior consumable stuff, don't be stingy. CCB, bravery potion, nostrum, noctenium, and all that, and u'll be just fine.
Merry Christmas everyone.
Sorry no pic. I'm on the adult side of the party...
Ghilie triple drop too plzu!!
Calm down.
Those things are bankable, and lots of quest can be disregarded until u feel like doing it.
In a way, it was indeed eme/bhs mistake for making that quest available to u before level 65.
But u can just bank those stuff, ignore the quest for a while and go ahead to level up to 65. Nowadays people can level up to 65 in a day..
Fresh reinstall?
Same here. It doesnt show that it hits the target.
It almost threw me off balance at first coz.. after fusion, comes implosion.
For several times, i thought i missed the attack, or maybe BHS changed it to be like the iceberg fusion. U know, that big ice attack that goes to the side or back instead heading forward straight to the boss? Hmmm...
What suggestions u want to add to the list?
I see some of suggestions in there are similar to what we been asking for in here.
Popori brawler... soon (tm).
I don't get it. What so good about that event?
Buy/ convert your old gear if u can.
And go see Dougal to get your new gear.
Because like everyone who plays with rng, the next try "might" bring it back up, lol.

That is if only u have the rare scroll that doesn't downgrade..
Then there is a hope for mr "might".
2 pieces and each got downgraded twice.
Why would u continue on when one piece already got downgraded once?
That is just.. weird..
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