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ElinLove and ElinUsagi in one thread........... Close it before lay even more eggs
Unlucky reroll to valk and problem is gone:)
azuriela still mad cuz bad... yikes
stay salty bad kid
stay mad kid, make ur own sync to beat the another one ;) oh wait.... ur 2bad
people that dont play bgs dare to talk about it, yikes
Unlucky, I just do my stormcry +7 within 3 attempts without full item exp :)
RIP METERS!!11!11!!!11!!!!
@Spacecats @Halrath @Denommenator @CobaltDragon HULLO ANY ANSWER? >:C
Hi!! can we know why there will be maintenance tomorrow and what is going to happen during these 2 hours? "The TERA servers will require maintenance starting at 8:00 a.m. PDT on Thursday, August 10, 2017. Estimated downtime is approximately two hours."
I opened 3 lootboxes and got mine summer wrap thingy o3o
and everything happening since last maintenance B)
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