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Happened again today
KXRC9JMW74 wrote: »

Thanks for posting this :)
XHGJW4LMY6 wrote: »
Make note of the trigger skill then go to skill tray 2 and you will see that F1 is the same as what is trigger in skill tray 1. Drag the desired skill to F1 then go back to skill tray 1, click the left or right bumper to refresh the controller UI and it should have the skill that you dragged to F1 of skill tray 2.

Thanks I was going crazy
Both last night and the time before when I played, the sound started really messing up after about a few hrs (last night was better, a few hrs, but the time before that was worse) and I had to shut down Tera

My mouse even started lagging really bad
So I've been gone from Tera for a long time, and I come back to find the UI finally revamped!

Along with the controller buttons and hotbar

So my question is, what is this main 3 and how do I map a skill there? 'cause I tried putting a skill in every slot but nothing ends up in this "main 3".
I assumed there'd be a slot in the middle for it, like where 1 and 2 are, but nope
Dang it, I figured I missed it, oh well, at least I had a spare slot. Thanks
I've been playing with controller on PC for years, even a priest/mystic, and had little issue, although I found the console to be easier
I just returned after a very long hiatus, I had no idea the brawler was released already! I'll most likely will be playing again thanks to the new UI revamp (Thanks guys)

Was there an event for a new slot? Did I miss it? 'cause I don''t see anything in my mail when I logged into my main
Most matches anyway
I've been experiencing unplayable issues in round 1 all day. Sometimes they last the whole first round, sometimes about a minute, but I can't even see anything to play it's so choppy.

Console: ps4
They're working just fine for me. In char creation?
So it's been a very long time since I played Tera, and I can't remember if there's a setting for you to see the cooldown of each skill you use, like on the PC

Some of them do it, like it shows the icon on the screen, but I want to know if there's a setting that I can see an icon for the CD for all the skills that have it
I'd love to get Jounin! I know I won't be getting CE, but if I could get Jounin, I'll be happpppppy!
I tried to hard get the lvl 65 title on PC but couldn't, now's my chance
Found out the time...It's 10 AM EST
Vinyltails wrote: »
Classes always come out after the maint on the day. Maints are usually at the same time as they always are and are "meant" to last maybe 2hours or so.

Thanks for that...real helpful..
First of all, what time EST does the ninja come out tuesday?

Second, I'm concerned about the title event, again. On PC, on almost EVERY new class day, we had a title event, and EVERY time, we had crashes and other technical difficulties

Yes, I will admit, I have a huge competitive streak, so I would love to get the Jounen title (I think that's the lvl 65 in 24 hr one, ain't no way I'm getting the allstar one LOL)

So, I'm very concerned :/ I'll admit, I haven't played Tera in a long time (Mainly 'cause the last two times I tried to play, it would never load for me), so I don't know if they've fixed some of the crashing issues.
Is this a thing yet? 'cause it would be extremely handy, especially with the new stuff in the store
YFM4RCDACR wrote: »
I was soo excited to see Ninja and Gunner weapons added to fashion coupons. I hopped off my alt and deleted it thinking I was going to get to play a Ninja tonight. Should of checked the forums first lol

Wait they are??

I have hope now for the close future
Because they're strong independent women who don't need no man
Sounds like a user error to me...
IDK if I'm the only one here but I love the UI, so much more than PC. PC was just a cluttered mess
Yeah, no thank you.I have other things to spend my hard-earned money on then something like that
I prefer mystic cause IMO they're more fun to play as

Though a lot more difficult to handle, you need to constantly be on your toes, moreso I feel than with priest. Don't get me wrong, you do with priest as well, but a good mystic leaves motes everywhere around the boss. A mote could be a life/death situation, whereas maybe you have to res someone and the tank is about to die
This is QUITE the nuisance. I hate that it just automatically goes to the top-most server on the list

@CobaltDragon could you maybe suggest that they do something about this? I'd love to be able to pick my own server when I connect
Kage0okami wrote: »
76GK96YFDL wrote: »
When I played Tera on pc that’s how it was. And now it’s so inconsistent cause everyone refers to you as the hero of the island of dawn in the beginning . Why did they change it ???
The new area you start off at now is still technically an Island as well lol. But yea I always thought that was funny when the NPCs always mention you from the Island. But the new area is kind of better than the old Island of Dawn imo, as it's now more of a story and doesn't feel like it drags on as Island of Dawn did.

if you read the story to the quest the guy that gets you in says you can't be where you was on paper because he is frying to find the spy/traitor that controlled the beast. he forges your paperwork to resemble what the old story had you do


Also, don't get me started on the old IoD. Oh how I still miss it :'(
I love Castanics and would play them more if they...covered more.

I think the only style of clothes that has a covering outfit is the cloth..

And no I don't mean Tera store outfits
I'd LOVE to know this too
If you don't like it, don't buy one, it's that simple

I for one was OVERJOYED to get the names I adore/wanted because I was there on day 1 of launch

That, for me personally, makes it all worth it to me (And getting to play on day 1 of course)
I would have LOVED if the mount was account-bound!

At least server-bound
They might have no tested them

I hope we get them soon! Can't wait to make my Ninja
TLX wrote: »
AyuChii wrote: »
I am waiting ^ ^
No ninja or male brawler at the launch. What class you will play instead?

Didn't read and can't delete my comment xD
That's why I always try a class/see if I'm happy with the character's looks before I bind anything
When I first healed a dg I felt awesome afterwards!

That feeling dies off though after dgs of ungrateful people
Thanks so much!
I was looking for the option in the store last night, and I didn't seem to see it

Accidentally pressed purchased on something that I didn't have enough for, and it didn't give me the option to buy more

Is there a way to buy EMP in store or in the console store or do I have to go through the store on PC? cause I'm not sure if I can 'cause the account on my console isn't connected with my own email
Mushmellow wrote: »
Being a console main. I have to say keyboard and mouse is superior in pretty much all situations. But that doesnt mean controller doesnt work

I like to think I've done pretty good healing, and I've used a controller since I started on PC
Nemmar wrote: »
That was nice of you to share. Thanks!

I'm just worried if i can't do the required dungeons if i level past their bracket. Is it possible to still go in them when you hit max level and solo them for the trophy i wonder?

It's like that for PC
KL4EW5HYYK wrote: »
There is 4 on ps4 now. They are probably still getting all the servers up and running, and making sure they are running properly. I'd be surprised If the game didn't launch by next sunday.

That'd be an awesome surprise on April Fools!
I REALLY hope ninja is in at release!!
Also, you can server-hop and make new ones

That's what I used to do

I get excited over the small things lol
I read earlier that people might think that it'll release in April

I REALLY hope that's true, I can't WAIT to play more
Elin ninja

reason: I love DPS classes, and melee, and the ninja is SUPER fun to play IMO

Even if it wasn't race-locked, I'd still pick elin, because lolis

Can't wait to play it on my ps4
I found the warrior to be way fun on console!
I kinda wish as well that you could turn off some chains/put in a different skill like you can on PC
M6LADMG4R3 wrote: »
"Turkey in the sky with diamonds"


Have you tried "Unstuck"?
I really hope it's soon if this OBT goes well, I'm dying to play the ninja on ps4!

was really disappointed we didn't get her in it
I have my own question about it. Will we only get the halo if we participate in BOTH stress tests?

Or will we get two if we only participate in one? How does that work?
I'm actually pretty hyped for this halo. Yay for something I'll actually use =D
Eh, IMO I don't think it'd be too fair to have our characters transferred over. I think some would be too OP for the newbies to the game

I wouldn't mind my Founder status transferred though, maybe my account-dragon mount too
It was a smashing success 'cause we wanted to smash our controller/console
No ones likes Anya

I highly doubt it though
Now every level or two I have to restart Tera
Tenshi1 wrote: »
Same as pretty much everyone else, lots of crashing. And now can't use the Teleportal in Crescentia for some reason.

When I tried to use the TP scroll yesterday, it was stuck at loading of 0

Oh wow thats really bad, This honestly feels a bit rougher than the technical beta abit due to the sheer amount of players. with no channels at all.

You're telling me, I can hardly complete my questing 'cause of all the players doing the same ones
Yeah the whole server thing confused me too
So much for waking up thinking it had improved.

For me, it very much went downhill

Gonna hafta manually restarty it.

Good job.
So many more people were able to (try) get in and play, so there was bound to be way more crashing this time around
Same as pretty much everyone else, lots of crashing. And now can't use the Teleportal in Crescentia for some reason.

When I tried to use the TP scroll yesterday, it was stuck at loading of 0
VoidBlue wrote: »
Hopefully this has given them lots of data to help ensure launch is smooth as butter.

One can only hope
Last day of OB...I woulda thought maybe it'd be better today

I just had to restart Tera practically 3 times in a row
Oh, one more thing I forgot to report.

Sometimes the red asterisk above a turn-in NPC's head does not appear, so if I didn't already know the quest, I'd be really confused cause I wouldn't see a turn-in
There's a whole bunch of bugs in the game thus far.

They shoulda had them fixed but since a whole new slue of people are getting to play it, new ones have arisen
It saves automatically just like any other MMO
Game completely froze for the first time on me. No sound, no other people running around, everything frozen
was dancing at the camp after defeating the giant predator lol
I froze just now when I tried to set the camera distance
Just those 3 ugly masks are transferring over
Beta it's gonna be a while before they release the game

Hah ha
I got the formal dress box a bit ago and the monocule was in it
Switching to a zerk, I see now. This should really be fixed, as I was charging an attack but couldn't block
Agree. My tv volume is on 1 and the title still sounds like it's on 10
Crashed randomly heading towards Blood Run

A bunch of people questing there too
It might be for full release already, but thought I'd suggest it
Okay, so I know I'm not the only one who loves getting achievements/trophies (I dunno why I just feel accomplished when I get a trophy or achievement lol), so I suggest that whenever we get an in-game achievement, we also get one on the console!

Like, for instance, on the PS4, you can go to the trophy page and there's the list of your games and you can see that status and stuff. I would love to see like "First Steps in a New World" and stuff on a Tera section of your trophy page

I have to admit, I was actually looking forward to that being a thing lol
Just made it to Crescentia. Game froze as soon as I pressed R3 to mount
Valkyon Federation HQ is extremely echoey
You hear all kinds of background noise and echo in the cutscenes there
When at the flight manager trying to pick a destination, the window closes when someone else is getting on a flight
Froze in Velika, though I expected it
First problem: game freezes as soon as I get into the Temple of the Tree
Some classes, after the higher levels, you get glyphs that you can charge up stuff as you move

Restarted the app, got back in, but the game crashed after I defeated almost all of those mini thralls and my PS4 asked me to send a report in
At this point I'm glad the OB is just the weekend and after sunday they can work on it a lot more before release
Just got disconnected 3 times after finishing the Sap Jar quest on Stepstone. Logs me out and I have to refresh the servers for them to come back up, then try going to it again and get disconnected again
Can't wait to play ninja on console!
:s idk what I'll do without it now that I've played it! :'(

Right?? The FPS is so high compared to PC! And I love what they did with the quest givers when you go up to them to get the quest

Well, I was REALLY hoping

Thanks for the extra confirmation though :>
This is what happened after about a minute of pressing Start
I gave up and went to Bloodborn xD
PS4 NA stuck on server select
@CobaltDragon thanks for the update! Will you let us know when you restart it?
lolwat wrote: »
We were trying to avoid it, but we're going to now go the route of doing a full PS4 NA restart.

As in a rollback?
No, simply bring the Servers down in a "Maintenance" then we'll bring them back Online.

How long do you think that should take?
Tenshi1 wrote: »
I'm tempted to take my frustration out on Bloodborne but I'm afraid it'll just make it worse ZS

i've been doing bloodborne while waiting for the fixes it's a good thing to do to keep your self occupied .

i pllayed Dark Souls before and it drove me crazy. I simply got BB cause it was free on Plus (And I was excited about it for some reason)
I'm tempted to take my frustration out on Bloodborne but I'm afraid it'll just make it worse ZS
AKS666 wrote: »
Choosing character right now. :)

You suck XD
Gettin that error again
It connected me this time

But froze after I selected the server
Monttu wrote: »
> @Tenshi1 said:
> Did ANYONE pay attention to my "Please do not feed the trolls" post?
> :eyeroll:

The one above you or someone before?

It's at the top of page 15
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