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That was by far the best event I've seen in years.

It's really sad that this is what people consider "events" now, let alone a good one.

If you have some good idea on good events, let us know and share your thoughts !

You miss my point. Decreasing the soul crushing failure rate of enchanting for a day is NOT an "event".

@Ear said:
That was by far the best event I've seen in years.

It's really sad that this is what people consider "events" now, let alone a good one.

Forbidden Arena is on the list now. Could they maybe add Velik's Hold. It's the only level 65+ dungeon that doesn't drop chupatokens, and it's going to be a highlight dungeon this weekend.

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I'll give them credit for finally making it reasonable. It just took more than a year for them to do it.

TBH, I think they took it too far the other way. It's now ridiculously easy. Even playing casually, it shouldn't be a problem to go from 1-70 in less than a week. I wish they'd find a middle ground.

Please make the tokens bankable. So many of mine are going to waste. It's not just from accidentally logging on to the wrong character first each day, but if you accidentally stay logged on to the wrong character when the daily reset on the tokens happens.

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Saying things like "Forgotten" makes it seem like it was supposed to be in it.

When only 2 of the level 65+ dungeons were left out of this, 'forgotten' does seem appropriate.

Guys, the anniversary event is obviously opening hundreds of the new dragon loot box from the store.

I hope they add some other ways to get these tokens. Making them 100% dungeon-centric when they've just taken away most of the dungeons is pretty annoying.

It's unbankable and delivered to the first character you log in with. That's one gone to waste.

There are no login rewards anymore; the calendar is gone, and probably never coming back.

You need to be lvl 65 to do Island of Dawn. I think other BAMs drop them - like the Basilisks near Cresentia - but at a much lesser rate.

TBH, there is no realistic way for a new player to get their hands on a usable amount of fashion coupons before level 65. And even after that, it will be slow going.

They could at least get rid of all the duplicate PUBG items. How long has it been since that event?

And couldn't they farm out updating the dressing room to someone? @counterpoint , didn't you say that you, personally, did at least some of the work for the fashion coupon update? Couldn't they do something similar to get the dressing room updated? Now would be the time; a lot of people have a lot of free time on their hands.

And speaking of fashion coupons... I realize this is going straight to the never-going-to-happen pile, but since the calendar and it's bug are gone and probably never coming back, can we get permanent fashion coupon items again?

There was a playtime event this past weekend too. It was very well communicated /sarcasm

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achievements have something called seasons. The system will remember that you used to have a champion laurel before.

I have earned a champion laurel at least 6 times, yet have NEVER gotten credit for it at the end of the season because of how these achievement changes are timed.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about the rollback - that part makes sense - it's the timing of it that gets to me. I fully expect them to end this achievement season in the next week or two. They should have ended the season Monday, or Tuesday BEFORE maintenance.

What frustrates me is that they always seem to do these big achievement shake ups shortly BEFORE the end of a season. You put in all this work to get a laurel, only to have it rolled back a rank (or two this time!) right in time for end of season.

Any way of obtaining Strong Braveries (and Strong Canephores) was removed over a year ago.

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So it seems EME learned nothing from their previous iterations of this - I forget what the last "Spell!" event was (AoT crossover?), but it had the same issue. Back then it was E's, if memory serves. "The more things change", am I right?

In the last letter event, couldn't you exchange your excess letters for ones you needed in a 4:1 ratio (and didn't they only add that after enough people complained about having dozens of every letter but 'E')? 100:1 is a colossal step backwards.

Wow. Nice of this to come out AFTER the THREE WEEK long event. Had I known this in advance, I might have put in some effort into it. As it was, I couldn't be bothered. Yet another botched event by EME. How very disappointing.

Right after disconnecting, my computer completely crashed, now I can't even get the launcher to start.

That's funny because - as I mentioned - at three separate points, right up until I used it the description said it came with auto-looting.

When are the nonsensical chat and naming censors getting removed?

So I got my Apex Dragonette today. When you look at it in the dressing room, it says it comes with auto-looting. When you mouse over it in the token shop, it says it comes with auto-looting. After you've purchased it and mouse over the skill book, it says it comes with auto-looting. After you've used the skill book and check your pet/companion menu, it comes with special storage.

Where's my auto-looting? I specifically gave it to a character that needed an auto-loot pet; who already had more than enough storage.

ps. can we please, please get the censor removed? I was going to rename my new pet Baby.Dragon, but forgot that "go" is a censored letter combination in names.

Any ETA on the easier, more player friendly gear system that got mentioned around when the Exodor patch came out?

The exclusivity of +15 isn't even the issue; the other day I failed 20 times to get some Azart gloves to +1.

Aren't these just the biweekly double drop dungeons?

There's a new valkyrie-only quest in the game that "updates" the lore.

A valkyrie saves an Elin from zombie popos just before she passes out. When she comes to, there's a runeglaive beside her and a note to the effect of "may it serve you well".

Is it good lore? No. But I've long since given up on expecting any effort from anyone involved in the production of this game.

Just wanted to mention this doesn`t only apply to characters, but pets/companions too. I tried to shorten my dragonette's name to Drago, and it replaced 'go' with random characters.

@RonLaw said:
UI needs to be reset by us then click apply and it works fine.

Does this keep your party members' hp/mp bars in place? I've gotten everything else to stay where it belongs by staying logged in to one character long enough, but my party members' icons still reset every time I log out or change characters.

@counterpoint Have you let EME know about this yet? If you already have, maybe suggest they let their support people know too, since I just got another email wherein they seem pretty oblivious.

They're in the fashion coupon shop. Speaking of which, there's almost nothing Elin valkyries can equip from the FC shop. Most leather costumes can't be equipped by valkyries, and the valkyrie-specific costumes are castanic only.

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It's a known issue in this patch that all regions got and BHS hasn't fixed yet. In more recent K-TERA versions there were apparently some improvements to this, but these improvements weren't ported back. I don't think there is anything support can do about it either -- it's a bug.

You might want to let EME know this. Since customer support got back to me saying there was no problem on their end.

Well, as a follow-up, I guess I do have to contact support because I can't put my UI back myself even if I want to. Switching between servers, I noticed a several elements continued to move, so I tried to manually move a couple things around. I switched back and forth between servers again, and the elements I moved had reset again.

Several parts of my UI got moved with this update. In addition, all of my custom chat tabs are gone, and any changes I made to the text colors got reset. Is this something support can fix, or am I stuck changing everything back myself?

@Anung said:
With the new dungeon, you will get an item to prevent the downgrade.

I dunno, EU patch notes say the enchantment scrolls will provide "the same rate of success and potential results (success, no change, level loss, damage) as a regular enchantment attempt with feedstock". Our patch notes don't say anything about it at all. Where did you find it says it will prevent downgrade? Sounds like it's just a normal enchant attempt with a special all-in-one material.

I got the day 1 rewards twice. But only on Kaiator. I got day 1 and day 2 rewards on Velika. I guess 50 health potions is better than 2 fireworks, but still.

Yes, I DO expect EME to have the desire to keep customers here happy. Unhappy customers leave. Guilt nothing, when enough customers leave, they lose their jobs.

I've seen you try to be a lot more impartial lately, but that entire post is just a load of made-up excuses to defend poor decisions. Your whole post can be summed up as, "EME doesn't care about their customers and has chosen to be irrelevant, so telling them not to be irrelevant is counterproductive."

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and you gotta win Wintera 100x to get a mask hider...
unless they buffed the rate which I doubt

They need to remove 3 zeros from the cost of transparent masks and hidden weapon sheaths. I don't know why EME insists on punishing us.

@counterpoint said:
Honestly, there's no one at EME paid to "adapt the game to our region."

Thank you for summing up the problem with EME so well.

That's just the one that came to mind since it regularly comes up for me. But I've had some really strange words get filtered over the years. I wish I could remember which words they were, but I do remember once having a euphemism for some crude term get censored, yet the actual crude term itself wasn't.

@counterpoint said:
EME top management seemingly decided they won't volunteer to re-do BHS's job for free anymore,

Adapting the game to our region is NOT re-doing BHS' job for free. It's doing the job they're paid to do. If all they're going to do is regurgitate the content BHS sends them, why does EME even exist at this point?

Wait, so the already terrible selection of stuff you can get from santa dolls was originally supposed to be even worse?

And why are transparent masks and hidden weapon sheathes so expensive? These are items that should be given away FREE to every new character created. Even KTera made them super easy to get, why are they treated like some exclusive super premium item in NA? Especially the masks. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's spent a decent amount of time in character creation who's efforts are now wasted because my characters' faces are covered up by some ugly stat-mask.

I'm a little curious when have we NOT had a chat filter? I don't know if it's suddenly gotten stricter, but I've been getting messages filtered for silly things for years now. Like, go type "Awww" in chat (no quotes), and you're apparently violating the rules of conduct. That one specifically I can testify has been filtered from chat for years.

Guys, I was being facetious. I don't expect any kind of compensation for the fact I already have 500 EP (and 320-ish on the other server), and I think it's silly that you guys do. Of all the problems with this game, THIS is the one you choose to get outraged about?

As for giving new players 300 EP all at once and overwhelming them, you are given 7 EP resets for free, and you can buy more for dragon scales.

Not surprising. They did the same with pets. I still have 20 or 30 pets sitting in my bank because I refuse to buy slots to use pets I've been using for years.

You think EME - the company that won't let us have signs because of what some people might type on them - WOULDN'T intentionally censor chat in their M rated game?

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what hurt me to upload those 300 ep and the new ones have it as if nothing ...
The good thing would be if they have those 300 points but those who have 300 are already given the 200 since it cost us a lot to acquire those points and today I still do not reach the maximum.

So, basically, you're whining that since you already have 300 EP, you should be given an additional 200 EP? Because you worked hard for that 300 EP and it's not fair new players are being given it for free? How about those of us who already have 500 EP? What should we get? We worked hard too, didn't we?

The problem is the wording. The post sounds like EVERYONE is being given 300 ep regardless of where you're at now.

It's not even that it's Elin-only costumes, it's really just a single costume in 3 different colors. Even the consumables are trash because they're temporary.

And no, I wasn't talking about Wintera. I haven't even looked at that yet this year.

Please add transparent masks and hidden weapon sheaths for 1 santa doll each. Even KTera practically gave them away (do they still?)

The tweet about Yule War says we can earn "great rewards". Where are they? The shop for these overly-complicated to acquire tokens is full of garbage, where do we get the "great rewards"?

We HAVE open world content. There are a butt-load of quests you could be doing to take you all over the world. The problem is, they're completely irrelevant. As soon as you hit level 20, you pretty much never have to leave a city again since the rewards you get from quests are negligible.

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our CM is no where to be found

There is no CM anymore since there is no Community Team anymore. They literally have no one on staff for interacting with the players. @Counterpoint has summed this up for us several times now. No one will come here to say 'hi' because they've let things deteriorate so badly they know they will be lynched immediately if they post here. I'm sure they blame the players for this, but it's a situation of their own making, and TBH, at this point, I'm not sure there's any way to fix it anymore.

@Melyodis said:
a few patches now this has been taking place

This has been going on for a LOT more than a "few" patches. This started right after Arsenal when they told some people details about the patch ahead of time, who then proceeded to exploit the [filtered] out of that info. Since then, no one gets patch notes until maintenance is underway. This is a deliberate choice on EME's part since they DO seem to have the patch notes up on the forum at least a day ahead of time, but leave them invisible so no one can see them.

But you're absolutely right, EME should be ashamed that their players have to go to Gameforge to get info about their game in a timely manner.

Then that's strange. I know I logged in every day during the event, and in the afternoon too so it's not a server time vs local time issue. Plus, I'm still getting the chests and keys today even though the calendar portion is gone.

Did anyone get the 5 scales for the last day? I know I logged in every day, but only got to day 27. Granted, 5 scales wasn't really a big deal in this event, but still it would be nice if EME could figure out how to end an event on time.

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you can also get free mounts through achievements like sparky and the black panther mounts are easy to get and also lumbertown sells the other horse mounts in the stable.

From what I've heard, the quests to get the black panther are tedious. The temp Sparky lasts less than a month, and from my memories the permanent one is through more achievements. Just because you can get some slow mounts by working for them doesn't negate the fact that Tera's mounts are ridiculously expensive and simply not worth the cash. You get a free flying mount, but it's not that great looking and people like to have different mounts.

The easiest way to get a mount is to fish on more than one account and save up gold. Depending on how many accounts you have (you can log into 5 through the launcher) it may take you a few weeks or so. Really, unless you have cash to burn or love running dungeons, it's probably best to move on. I mean what's the point in buying a mount or cosmetics for a game you're just afk fishing in anyways? You can also do Vanguards, but those really only give good gold if you have some alts to farm those with.

sparky is listed as a tempory mount but it doesn't go away. ive had mine for years. the black panther is a little tedious, but they are free, and Sheldon only costs like 10k gold

Maybe if you leave it in your bar, but mine went away, so not sure how that works. Either way, they are seriously slow mounts and not much better than the free horse mount already given. I surely wouldn't put them up to justify the horrific prices EME asks for mounts in the shop. You have to pay thirty bucks just to get a flying mount. You can play a lot of other games out there with a longer lifespan left to them and get more for $30 than you can here. That's for sure.

There are two achievements that give Sparky, one is temp one is permanent.

the sparky mounts I have were the ones where you go to every city and town and the monuments and I have had them for years now

Which is how you get the permanent one. Christin likely only got the temp one you get for picking up 500 uncommon, 300 rare, and 100 superior drops.

Considering the day/date listed for maintenance is regularly wrong or otherwise in contradiction with itself, I'm not sure eggnong has anything to do with it.

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and also lumbertown sells the other horse mounts in the stable.

Wait, what?? When did this happen?

This was years ago. It actually used to be a low-level sidequest.

I know it used to be a low-level side quest, but I thought they got rid of it (and the ability to get the other mounts) a long time ago. I thought we were all stuck with Bay Gelding to start now.

@allofspaceandtime said:
and also lumbertown sells the other horse mounts in the stable.

Wait, what?? When did this happen?

It's not just EME - or even video games for that matter - but a lot of businesses in a lot of different industries seem to be going with the "get as much money from our CURRENT consumer base as possible" model. On the surface, this may seem like the way to go, but it's very short-term focused. Long term it does nothing to grow the consumer base, rather it just keeps making it smaller. It becomes a vicious cycle of using a shrinking consumer base to justify unsavoury business practices that drive more consumers away and further shrink the consumer base. TBH, I think we're to the point where "voting with your wallet" doesn't work anymore, it only further justifies gouging us even more.

You know, the simplest solution to the metamorphic emblem issue would be to add things relevant to the current patch to the meta shop.

The other thing that needs to go is dyad niveot structures. Completely useless in the current patch.

In Highwatch, he's near the vanguard crystal merchant. There's usually a crowd around him, so you should find him from there.

I hope they get added to ALL vanguard quests, not just lower level dungeon quests.

So, are they posting these things and keeping them hidden, then un-hiding them a day later? Because that post is dated the 25th but it wasn't there yesterday, or even this morning. The same thing happened with the last set of patch notes; it was dated the day before the patch, but didn't actually show up in the forums until after the patch was underway.

I ask because when you mark all topics as viewed it marks these hidden posts too so when they actually do become viewable, they the new post icon beside them and get overlooked.

If it's really the boxes you're after the 1000 EMP purchase nets you the most. 4 x 1000 EMP = 12 boxes.

I'd assume they're set up this way to encourage people to buy smaller EMP lots since you get less extra EMP that way. Who cares if you get more loot boxes with an abysmally small chance to get something that's actually worth something.

Right after last maintenance myself and several people I was playing with noticed some massive ping spikes. I was peaking at 500ms or more when I'm normally always under 100ms. I think it's gotten better since then, but I still get the occasional spike, usually in the middle of a one-shot mechanic.

@counterpoint said:
So it's not "incompetence of an employee" -- there is no employee.

You can still argue employee incompetence since someone made the incompetent decision to scrap the community team.

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I really do think they need to have male versions of everything but valkyries. Valkyries in mythology were always women so that does make sense and it would be odd to have male valkyries.

...it would hold more weight if TERA took place on Earth and thus would have Earth's "rules"

It would hold more weight if gunner didn't already spit in the face of the game's mythology; there should only be High Elf gunners.

Well, you might just get your wish, because after valk, there won't be any classes left to Elinify.

If I recall, I found someone who could agro them without killing them, then just got in the way when the Noruk attacked them.

@Christin said:
We'll just hang out until Krafton gets desperate enough to let us level up with fun stuff.

^^ This.

I wish these scales were a relevant alternative to caimans - I would much rather be running dungeons than hunting caimans - but they're not. And, heaven forbid, you might want to buy one, or even both of the mounts.

@Fainall said:
But that is ONLY if real caimens spawn portals...as I said earlier that is NOT a guarantee. I farmed for two hours on an alt earlier this week and got nothing. We had 3 spawn...all fakes. Two hours and NO exp.

Just killing the BAMs while hunting caimans gets you more xp than these scrolls do. One decent pull will net you 10-15 times more xp than one of those scrolls. That's with no elite, or any other xp buffs.

@Concepcion30 said:
from what I'm hearing in this post, it will be impossible to get from 65 to 68 with the log-in scales alone?

Log-in scales won't even get you from 65 to 66.

@JRHY7R47MP said:
You are all just a bunch of lazy people, farming some dungeons to get scales + caiman for one hour (with elite) is enough to lvl a lot in a day and lvling doesn't really get annoying till you start doing it with alts but if you get bored or annoyed on your main character... well you won't be able to handle what you've to do after because when you start needing to farm for your gear then gold and materials just to try and fail really often in any part you're enchanting is when the game start getting stressing and "hard". The spawn rate of the portals being too low was understandable when people was complaining but this event scroll is just good enough to help anyone lvl faster, just stop being so lazy because as i said it just get harder and not easier after reaching 70.

This has nothing to do with being lazy. You do realize some of us DO have characters at level 70 and know very well what the end-game grind is like? Why farm some dungeons for scales + caimans for one hour, when you could just farm caimans for 2 hours and be much further ahead?

No, the scrolls really are that bad. The whole point is to help people get to level 68, right? Level 67 - 68 alone is 24 billion xp; that's equal to 600 of these xp scrolls. Even using 20 at a time is a drop int he bucket. They're a fine little extra if you're running dungeons with the mindset that you'll get there eventually, but if you're trying to level at all quickly, you're hunting caimans since even with these scrolls as a bonus, caimans are still much, much faster. In 2 hours yesterday, I got more xp hunting caimans than I would have with 2 days worth of xp scrolls from scales.

Doesn't look like you get 1000 EMP for logging in today. Wording sounds more like you'll get a total of 1000EMP if you log in every day between Nov. 9 and Nov. 28. I definitely didn't get 1000 EMP today, but it was more than 30EMP. Should work out to about 400EMP today?

But you did.... because why make a dyeable accessory when you can sell multiple versions in different colors.

@BlackHeartNoire said:
we have quite a few different sets of wings on the game

You've actually answered your own question with this sentence.

@Fainall said:
Well if I can't even get it to +1 after 8 tries....yeah I don't really feel like trying again. Or grinding for mats. You have to have a little bit of success once in a while to have the desire to keep going.

I hate to break it to you, but you are not EME's target audience. They're focused on gambling addicts and people with more money than brains. People who will just keep throwing money at them no matter how bad they make the odds. The people who play the game to have fun are just along for the ride.

Could we get Mystery Market Coins added to the Vanguard Requests for dungeons above AAN? It seems weird that you can only get them from ilvl 435-445 dungeons, and the only dungeons you can get them from above that are GLSH and Bahaar.

Okay, now that I've gone and looked at the map, why can't you get there with the portals? I've done it with no issue. You just use the North portal on Kerozen Isle.

What I love is that he says he's leaving NA because we're lazy and want everything handed to us.... to go to an easier, less grindy version of Tera. Who among us is lazy and wants to be given everything more easily?

Have you tried flying to it?

This has been an issue for years, but I think it's become more noticeable on Exodor because the mobs are so much tougher than the ones quests normally ask us to kill way too many of. I'm wondering if it has something to do with killing multiple mobs at the same time and the game misses counting some of them? That seems to be when I notice it happens the most.

And yes, the "get item X by killing mob Y" quests are the worst. They should be turning to drop rate on those up to 100%. Whether it be some tough-as-nails mob you have to kill one at a time, or something so weak it can't even hurt you, having to kill 2, 3, 4, 8 mobs to get one of the item you need to drop is not a good gameplay experience.

@Fainall said:
This gear was supposed to be easier to enchant, that was the whole point.

Are you really surprised? If you'll recall, the Arsenal patch was supposed to eliminate the RNG in favour of making everything cost more gold/mats. Look how that worked out.

What do you mean? They're allowing proxy. Problem solved. Duh.

@counterpoint said:

@Tat2GaGa said:
10. Mobs = If you are 10 levels over then mobs should not even remotely look your way.

Well, at +10 levels you can just instantly kill them anyway. I don't have a problem with the suggestion, but I also don't see a big need to change it either.

This is one of the only suggestions I like. Yes, they're easy to kill, but they're annoying when you're in a hurry and don't want to fight. They can still get you stuck in combat (much slower movement). They can still cancel your gathering. They can still knock you off your mount (including while flying). It would be a nice QoL change.

No, I noticed that too. The quest says to kill the orcans, but it's the loot piles that have the quest icon next to the name, and give you the necessary quest items.

TBH, I have pretty low expectations for EME's quality control. All the typos in the level 66-70 quests make my eyes bleed, and so far this new content hasn't been any better.

I think running the leveling event at the same time as the enchanting event was ill advised. I'm sure I'm not the only one who found themselves having to choose between leveling a character or upgrading gear. With that in mind, it would be nice if EME would consider extending the leveling event by a week.


You are completely missing the point; you shouldn't NEED to read a guide before playing the game. Why are you even playing an MMO? Why aren't you playing a single player game where you won't have to worry about someone else's lack of perfection slowing you down? You accuse people who refuse to look up a guide of being entitled? Your expectation that people study before running a dungeon so that they will measure up to whatever arbitrary minimum standards you've dreamed up is the very height of entitlement. YOU are the entitled one for expecting everyone to treat the game like a job. The people playing the game to have fun and relax are the ones who are doing it right.

@Fainall said:
The que popped, I went in instantly. One person loaded in right beside me, the other person was already 3 rooms ahead having killed everything. Cause why would you want to wait for the rest of your party right? They don't deserve that exp from the first few mobs. As long as you can run ahead and solo everything who cares about the other people in your party. /endsarcasm

What blows me away is that this behavior is bad for the person in a rush too. You get, what? A 400% boost to xp when the full party is IN the dungeon. In leveling dungeons, the xp you get from mobs IS significant, so it makes no sense to rush ahead like that.

That and the lancer from Ravenous Gorge was just terrible in general. If they couldn't code an competent AI for a simple dungeon like that, do you really think they could make one that can do multiple harder dungeons?

I took a screenshot of the UI and my settings on one server to copy them to the other.

@Christin said:
I like candy canon, but 500 times is kind of a lot. You'll most likely have to buy a new mouse when you're done, so might as well just spend the 5 bucks if you want it that badly.

I think you answered your own question here.

With your estimated average of 500 runs to get 2.5k candies, that's only 1 1/2 - 2 hours per day, every day, for the entire month. No problem, right? If that seems unreasonable, you're obviously not a "hardcore" or "dedicated" enough player to have nice things. /sarcasm.

@counterpoint said:
The hard turn from leveling content to endgame and community expectations therein has been a constant problem with this game that's partly on the developers and partly on the veteran player community.

And since that video got made, leveling has only gotten worse. Sure, they may have tightened up and streamlined the story, but leveling to 65 has become the most boring, and pointless process imaginable. People used to joke that leveling to 65 was the tutorial, but now it isn't even that. It wasn't the best learning process before, but now you learn nothing. Nothing lives long enough for you to actually try your skills and see how they work. Nothing really hurts you - self damaging skill will hurt you a lot more than mobs will - so you never learn to move or position yourself. The sheer number of people you see running 65+ content with no green crystals because they never learn what a crystalbind is or what it's for is astounding.

Sure, some of the blame lies on the veteran community's "you should already know" attitude, but the lion's share of the blame rests with the developer who has brought the leveling process to the point where they might as well start players at level 65 with all their skills and gear because the current leveling process won't leave you any more prepared for level 65+ content.

@Ballistixz said:
This is why remakes, such as RE2 remake or the FF7 remake is so hyped and popular right now. Even from a business perspective it makes no sense NOT to do it.

Like counterpoint said, comparing Tera to FF7 or RE2 is folly. It's not even comparing apples to oranges, it's like comparing bananas to marmite. Tera was never popular enough to make a remaster - much less a remake - profitable. I too, would not invest in your company.

@counterpoint said:
The tiny minority who spend "thousands or hundreds of $$" on outfits and other items are all that pay to keep the game running.

TBH, EME did this to themselves. A string of poor business decisions lead to the alienation of the game's casual spenders. I used to have elite, and I used to buy myself 2000 EMP two or three times a year to get something nice for my characters. I haven't spent a penny on this game in probably two years. Since then, they've just doubled down over and over again on their strategy to exploit the addictive spending habits of the whales who are still playing, and further and further alienating anyone who might want to spend a little here and there.

And before you get into 'EME and BHS are carefully watching the metrics, and this is working, so stay the course', allow me to take a clip from another topic...

@counterpoint said:
Original EME was an office of 50+ people just working on TERA PC. Now the entire EME team working on TERA PC is about 3 people (with some shared resources for all EME games).

A 94+% downsizing is obviously a sign that this business model is working great.

@counterpoint said:
it doesn't say much that I'm doing better than a team that no longer exists.

On the contrary. I think it says a lot that they no longer have a community team, and have dumped all that on a volunteer.

@Fainall said:
I am not sure sitting at your comp doing 75 dungeons over 3 weeks to get a mount is actually something to brag about.


Sugar coating it with words like "hardest of the hardcore" and "most dedicated" players doesn't suddenly make it an admirable achievement. "Saddest of the sad" and "most addicted" players seems more appropriate.

The difference between not getting all the level 65 stuff retroactively and not getting the level 66 stuff retroactively is that the stuff you get up to level 65 is either garbage and/or can be acquired in game. The Unity Stole on the other hand is something that is in constant demand with no way to get it except for events and this event excludes any character that's already level 66 or higher. Even people who do nothing but fish should have all their characters to level 66 by now.

You guys are forgetting who EME seems considers the target audience for this game: no-lifers who swipe. The rest of us are just here at their sufferance.

But I agree with the sentiment here; making it hard is one thing, making it virtually impossible is another. This doesn't inspire me to buy coins in the cash shop, or to start buying Elite again, it inspires me to not play.

@Lapomko said:

@TJKat said:
Need, no - most gunner attacks fall in the 20m - 30m range. But being closer helps; if the boss turns, it's a lot farther to run to get back behind him if you're at your maximum range, and gunners have a pretty slow combat speed.

By doing that you lose dps as gunner when the boss turns so makes no sense to not be in melee range.

That's basically what I said. I usually park between 5m and 15m away depending on the boss, but if you find yourself out of position and farther away, you can still be effective as long as you're still behind the boss. You don't NEED to be in melee range, but being closer helps.

Need, no - most gunner attacks fall in the 20m - 30m range. But being closer helps; if the boss turns, it's a lot farther to run to get back behind him if you're at your maximum range, and gunners have a pretty slow combat speed.

I don't think they meant tank as in the role they play in a party, rather that they carry a big gun and can soak up a lot of damage and just keep going. In my experience, gunners don't need a lot of attention from healers.

If you're looking for "safe" gunners are ranged, can fire while moving, wear heavy armour (don't know if that actually matters anymore), have their own personal healer, and a turret that can take agro if you need to get away from something.

Yes. I used to run it on a much worse laptop at preset 1. 6000 series i7 and a geforce 430m. It didn't run good, but it was playable.

Right now, I have a similar setup to you (less CPU, more GPU) and it handles max settings mostly just fine. I crash in crowded portions of Velika and Highwatch, but as long as I don't hang out in Freedom Plaza, or next to the crowded broker in Highwatch, no problems.

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