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When they have event with "good rewards" people farm them so much that the rewards become useless, and people complain that the events are broken. When they have events with "bad rewards" people complain that the events are no good and not worth farming.

So, let's be clear: what are "good rewards" that won't be farmed to uselessness over the course of an event -- that will make everyone want to participate, but people who miss out not be permanently screwed by a messed up economy?

I mean, I don't entirely disagree with what you're saying, but we need to go past rhetoric and actually be clear about what we want.

(And, aside, people should not be misled when other publishers advertise events where they make it seem like you could earn big prizes like dragons, but it's really just a lottery with 0.1% chance or less. Realistically, publishers are not going to give away new headlining cash shop items when they're brand new in any sort of meaningful quantity; it's just bait. "You could win...")

Late to the party, but why do people STILL using this same excuse ?
1 word: Untradeable. There're so many thing you can put in as reward without messing up the economy, like personal alk, bound spellbind, 30-days cosmetic (long enough to make people feel like it's worth doing, short enough to not let them sleep on it, however those need to be some popular ones not ugly stuffs), discontinued mounts, 1-day elite,... For the general population, aim for progression reward, for high end player base, aim for quality of life.

It's also not only about the reward, it's also how you manage event. If you put a great reward for an 1-time event of course people who missed it are gonna get mad. There're a few ways around this I can think of:
1. Event circling. Just like power hours. Make schedule for 1 month ahead with different reward every weeks, and circle them every 1 2 months so if you missed something, you don't have to wait another year to get it again.
2. Giving out rewards that can accumulate from one event to another. We have way too many token shops in game, just use 1 of them as reward store (which gets updated every months). That way you will never miss anything, only get it faster or slower. It's the same as the Tera reward system with Imperium, however not everyone can use the Imperium so you can't just give our reward credits for every events.

I'm scheduled to get severely sick on the 11th so I don't really care. Good luck to all the good citizens with a job or school. You all have approximate 6-8h to get to 65 with buffed dungeons and unstable server if you still want to get up in time for Wednesday.
voidy wrote: »
Changes to focus are dumb as [filtered]. The dungeons themselves should be changed if it's literally impossible to not get hit because of certain mechanics. Don't take out the one challenging aspect of ninjas. It a pushback mechanic or etc. registers as a hit, then making it not register as a hit seems like the smarter thing to do than making the class rewarding even if you facetank.

And getting knocked down... really? I could see it for tank's hold the line since tanks get assaulted by a wide range of attacks, but ninjas are behind the boss. Between this change, and brawler's change to growing fury, it really seems like the only way to make new classes appealing is to dumb them down severely.

Even fall dmg takes away focus stacks, it's pretty obvious that BHS's dev currently can't separate unavoidable mechanic dmg with normal attack dmg or neutral dmg that doesn't put you into combat. It would make more sense to just take 1 or 2 stacks for each hit too, however BHS couldn't seem to do this either (as it was suggested for lancer's stacks before but got crossed out right away, probably because of some dumb coding).
Good job FF.
11 more clears to go. You guys got it.
I took a look at the shortened title from Forum home and read "We did it, Fey Forest cleared...." and thought it's about their 1st clear in HH ever.
I'll just see myself out then.
Guys, this is turning into a fight of conflicting PERSONAL opinions. There's no point arguing about what's the meaning of balance or what not, since even the very definition of balance is different from genre to genre, from time to time. If we're to talk about idea for perfect MMO we should get a new topic rather than hijacking this one. And if we're to come up with a suggestion for BHS, let's keep the "why you should listen to me" part short and simple.
It's not your fault if your tank takes every attack possible as a masochist. Tera is unlike other mmo due to the fact that almost everything can be avoided/blocked, you have no excuse to take hits.
This is why you don't take thing seriously on the internet.
I'm expecting an upcoming speech title "FREE - definition versus its daily use - a research from Cambridge linguistic department".
xEmptiness wrote: »

Not really. Assuming right now all classes in Ktera are balanced with unbalanced talents for each, if they rebalance talents for all classes (or remove talents all together) plus rebalance all classes after that based on the power scale, then all Tera version would be balanced.

Easy version:
In Ktera: warrior power scale = 5 + 1( from talents); slayer power scale = 2 + 4 (from talents)
~> In NA: warrior = 5; slayer = 2
If Ktera rebalance talents: warrior = 5 + 1; slayer = 2 + 1 (nerf slayer's talents)
and rebalance classes afterward: warrior = 5 + 1; slayer = 5 + 1 (buff slayer)
~> In NA: warrior = 5 = slayer, in Ktera warrior = 5 + 1 = slayer, both are balanced.

Of course they to do this would have to put the 2 balance patches together for ALL classes to avoid player aggro, thus it's a lots of work that needed to be done all at once. Moreover, rebalancing all classes will eliminate their current strategy of circling FoTM classes, and BHS will be quite hesitate about that.
Never had something like this before, but it happened to me during my last HH on archer. I had to cut short rapidfire to iframe, after that it kept randomly spamming my rapidfire. As I said I've never experienced this before, nor I use controller. Some random bugs I assume. Not a big deal for me since I haven't encountered it again.
Archer, hand-on. No specific chain, no decision making on the spot, memebolt 100% crit every 20s, >90% crit for all other main dps skills even when under-geared, constant dps thus can make the best use of dragon proc unlike other burst classes.
Because you can post in global WTS +15 [filtered] 3% perfectly rolled with etching IV.
arg. im left handed huehuehuehue

There're left hand version of those mice.
Why everyone's feeding that obvious troll ? Literally everything he said have hints of blatant false info to bait ppl into pointing it out, and all he did in turn was repeating unrelated points and poking at words without putting up any solid statements. You were basically trying to explain to someone who constantly shouting "you're wrong and it's as obvious as the Earth is round, now listen to this speech why the Earth is round and I dare you to say I was wrong about that".
You used to be able to cast Titanic Wrath onto your Thralls, now your thralls just automatically benefit from your aura.
They also got benefit from estar and shakan. However seeing their dmg have fallen off quite a lot rarely anyone use them anymore.
I used to test if a priest can be my friend or not depend on if he would shakan my ToW or just ignore it. Just saying.
Thrall has their own stats regardless of your own stats. You can buff your thralls after they're summoned, but brooch won't work on them.
Cleansing brooch does what it says, cleanse you from all debuffs you currently have. It does not stop you from getting debuffed again for a set duration after use, and some debuffs cannot be cleansed.
Slayer has the strongest burst over every other classes while in ICB (at maximum modifier it easily outdpses warrior in DG), and in all speedruns boss die too fast their dps got pumped a lot more than it actually is. If you want to see their corrected dps, check longer fight like HH. Their dps is inconsistent, if you got lucky (with UOHS modifier and with party dps timing when the boss die right after 2nd ICB ends) then you can pull off some amazing numbers, but usually it's not the case, thus there're a lot more instance where slayer falls behind in dps.
What they need isn't a dmg buff (which won't do much usually, but can be quite broken if you're lucky) but cd buff in order to keep up their dps outside of ICB. That's what the talent in Ktera gives slayer and makes them on pair with other classes. Saabi also runs double energetic IV iirc.
Imo Lethal Strike is only viable in slaying run, and only as filler when both TS and cyclone are on cd. It has lower base dmg with no overcharge plus longer animation lock. It also burns your hp much faster and makes it a pain for healer to keep an eye on your hp. IoD farming is another story since you can fully control your hp, and it's rather awkward to use cyclone when soloing bam.

IMO the main purpose of this test server is to check if there're any bug with whatever spacecats/EME wanna do with their next events, and not to test changes to the game itself. In other words this server would have event-like stuffs happening everyday and EME would like you to check if there's anything breaking from those (ex: falling thru velika floor after getting hit by spikes spawning in some locations, getting stuck from spamming certain skills during URF...). There won't be any change to core game from those tests (like boss glitching, leash doesn't work,...), thus there's no reason to cater some unrelated requests like need more costumes or better gears.
Remember you're not here to test what it feels like to have full behemoth +15, you're here to test the possible future events without EME destroying the the real server (economically or technically).
Not sure why copying character from official server to test server wasn't possible. It was the same with previous canyon clashes or skyring slam. Probably technical issue.
If that's the case pretty sure EME will have some compensations (in term of giving the bonus to all new Valkies reached 65 instead of only ones who made a name reservation).
YOI wrote: »
I was just stating an opinion. I didn't know just because you knew a person your opinion of them is invalid?
And I also didn't know defending someone was solid proof that they did something wrong?
But not trying to pick a fight here. Just stating.

It has nothing to do with friend or not. It's more because you're trying to defend someone without knowing the whole story.
The video has been posted here for quite a long time before it got set to private, and many people here have already seen it, thus leading to the current talk. You, however, came late, saw nothing and automatically assume it's false accuses. It's like saying a murder didn't kill anyone because you didn't personally see it and all evidence has been removed. Eye-witness does count as solid evidence in a real trial (eventhough pretty sure we won't reach that, but it's just common sense).

Moreover because of your excessive replies (of the same things - basically "I didn't see it, what's the proof" again and again), the topic derailed from "is using 3rd parties software acceptable, and in what case" into "is Bernkastel guilty ?", which nobody cares.
TFW your friend got too heated up trying to defend you just to get bystander provoked by the attitude and gave solid proof despite didn't want to in the first place.
Personally I have nothing against anyone or the use of packet injector in general. It's the same with dps meter, if people abuse it to insult other, it is against ToS, otherwise nobody cares.
You're free to call your pole dancer however you like, nobody would bother to be honest (Unless you're hardcore erper who needs the exact name and mood to get it on). I'm calling the new class pole dancer, and will lfg with that name personally.
If you get 80% more dmg from using slaying crystal, your crystals setup is wrong. End of story.
Search moongound for top dps slaying before acting like you discovered America. It's nothing new, people just don't bother to do it. The so called "real hard mode" you said Tera should have had already been here before you even started playing, BHS just wants to casualize Tera and made all contents easier, that's all.
@Spacecats to answer this question.
However I think you're supposed to get the free character slot as long as you reserve a name, since it doesn't make sense to get extra character slot AFTER you've already create it (or reach 65). Don't quote me since I don't participate in this event, already maxed out.
Ginjitsu wrote: »
You get a free pet, +12 scroll, 10 friendly triple charms and 10 friendly candles!

Not worth since you will have to stop playing on that same account for 30 days (unless you're gonna take a break in the first place).

The circle continues.
Sympythy wrote: »
Has anyone found any strategic way to utilize the new glyph for the gunner's HB-7 that doubles crit factor for only 1 second? The skill animation lasts longer than the glyph...

Example: time bomb > mana missile > HB before the missiles hit > cancel animation into burstfire or bombardment > summon HB > burstfire. Its use is rather limited save for slaying run where you don't want your HB to heal you.
Exactly what I mean, EME put themselves into emergency situation when there're no reason to do that.
The ninja patch this week was expected to be arrived next week or the week after (based on ktera schedule), there's no need to release it right now and push the release of new class forward, and there will be 2 buffering weeks for the community to make their name choice and EME has more time to test/change/do whatever they want for the perfect new class release. Win - win. Instead they pushed it for no reason and shot themselves in the foot (theirs, and ours).
Not sure why EME didn't take the time to do this step by step properly. We as players got to suggest our best names, then vote for what we have picked, and EME would have even more time to test the next patch for bugs (considering all they would have to do is a simple replace command, the remaining time should be dedicated for testing).
We didn't expect EME to bring out new patch sooner anyway, why force yourself into a rushed situation ? (unless it's because of Revelation Online OBT on March 2nd, which I don't think is a problem since every other mmo would lose part of their population for it, and will regain them back after a week or two after they ran out of thing to do in RO - as what I have experienced).
I don't know about this. Paragon, as a class name, is just totally unrelated.
It doesn't help with explaining what kind of class she is, it doesn't go well with the simple-and-straight-to-the-point names of other classes, it's unusable as a stand-alone noun (paragon of what ?). Tons of other better choices and they picked a strange word that has nothing to do with the class.
I think cast speed refers to the short animation before you start shooting rather than your burst fire speed.
Noesis already said they're trying to fix the issue, just chill out for tonight and enjoy your new ninja patch.
I would rather EME does well ingame rather than focusing on another PR page for the next update.

New structure outside of Velika.

A Colosseum where you pit slaves in idonea gear into fights with wild popo.
It looks like a great place for 20v20 GvG though.
In other regions ccb costs a few k at least, we already got catered with the free ccb here.
Dying must be punishing a lot more than just losing dps
Leveling is obsoleted in Tera. Many classes have their playstyles changed completely at max level, so it's not about learning your class before hitting endgame. At best you can only get familiar with the basic movesets of certain types of bams.
It was short coming of BHS to streamline leveling and make Tera progression a straight line instead of expanding horizontal, but since it's almost a decade old there're too many limit with the old system which they can't change. Best they can do is implement all of these feedbacks and ideas into their next game in development.
vkobe wrote: »
nothing beat 6x shandra in lumbertown B)
Puddle, man, puddleeeeeeeeeee.
I saw this hilarious mystic died to puddle, waited until it went out, rez, instantly died right after to another darkan's puddle, waited until it went out again, goddess, run out buff and vow, died to ANOTHER darkan's puddle while in animation lock. It's gonna traumatize him for life. Cuckle warming moment right there.
Can't do much with the whole server claiming catalyst and using the shack.
Just do it tomorrow or something, you have another week to use them all.
Thank you for the fun. X4 Darkans on the same spot is the best idea ever.
Let the bodies hit the floor.
It's a lot more interesting this way than watching ppl mindlessly spam skills on some bosses. It's how world raid bosses should be.
That, or spacecats can just fill the whole area with spikes and bombs like he did when he just got hired, pretty hilarious and challenging to be honest.
Vergo phase 4, Velika outskirt. The world shall burn.
That's basically the reason. The event was planned in advance so that each day would be a different experience (different times within the range, different legendary mobs, etc.), and they're also changing the loot tables to do things like remove motes. And as a result some of the changes go over very poorly. In any case, hopefully they have time to take the feedback into consideration for future days. But even with feedback, it's not always trivial to turn around and change the next day's programming across all servers on a dime; you basically have to look at what you were already programmed to do and see how you can tweak it quickly. Yesterday's mobs were an experiment in doing something different, but it didn't mean they could instantly change the whole rest of the event. Today it looks like they focused on tweaking the loot, to mixed results.

This is how I imagine EME trying to figure out how the game works after years.
@ToxicDemise : Spacecats already clarify mongo is only meant to complement kyra's event. They're indeed hunted for strong bravery and strong canephora pots, catalyst is just some kinds of common jackpot. Also drop rate is usually coded in certain way so that it won't be affected by the number of items in the pool.
Ex, you have 3 pools: 10% - 40% - 50%; in 10% pool you have catalyst, in 40% pool you have strong pots (so 20% for each type), in 50% pool you have motes (25% each type). Replacing motes with 3 other items will only affect the 50% pool (so you would have 17% for each type) while leaving other rate unchanged. It's coded this way so that developer can control the drop rate of rare item individually, instead of stuffing thousand of other things inside the same pool to make them rare.

Other than that, yea, EME has been quite good at pissing off their players tonight.
IMO main perks of elite includes, but not limited to, no broker fees, double dungeon entries, double credit, unlimited nostrum and atlas/journal (in no particular order), of which double dungeon entries would be the most beneficial with the currently limited specific reset scrolls. If you don't play a lot daily but still don't want to fall behind, selling emp to gear up would be much faster, but if you do spend a good amount of time in game then having elite sub would be more convenient.
You can always do both.
Theoretically it's really easy to setup such bots. You don't even need injector if you have multiple computers, just any simple auto keys works.
However it's rarely worth the effort since mongo doesn't drop catalyst that often, and all other rewards are untradable. Some ppl might set them up to farm strong bravery/strong canephora for their own use, but it won't affect the market. You're, of course, free to report them with video proof.
I recommend reading this topic

Pretty entertaining while still hold true for the most parts. Essentially it's "what do you expect from one class", but you can deduce your own conclusion "what should I do to be that pro person".
Are you sure you weren't in a slow-mo state while having that experience ? Like when you don't have adrenaline rushing to your heart that makes you feel so fast and snappy you had to reply to each and every posts in this thread one at a time ?
Just go grab a beer and chill man, it's nothing to fuss over.
Also good luck with your video recording. If you by chance caught your so-called "hacker", I would love to know his name so I can buy that "hack" to spice up my Tera experience too. Cheer.
Spacecats wrote: »
Hey all, just wanted to briefly comment that we're keeping an eye on your feedback over the weekend and we appreciate your thoughts on the event. I also wanted to mention that there have been multiple threads about Mongo feedback, and I've merged them all into a single thread to keep the forums more organized. If you want to contribute with your own feedback (positive or negative) please leave it here for the TERA team to consider.


Friendly reminder that deleting threads isn't the same as "merging".
Because you deleted the other thread I'll make it simple here:
1. Do not over-advertise your events. Purposefully over-hyping then under-delivery has a very bad effect to your reputation as a company. You would be effectively provoking people who couldn't take part in and mocking people who actually took part in. It's a lose - lose.
2. Do not try to control damage by deleting/hiding complains. If people complain just for the sake of complaining, they don't care since they can complain even more because of your action, and if people complain to suggest better solutions, they would lose their motivation to do it next time.
3. Be transparent as much as you can. Tera isn't such a new game that everyone who appears on the forum are newcomers who hop on here just to check out your facade and decide whether they would stay or not. Let us know your problems so we can work it out, stop blockading in your office and throw out whatever you feel like ignorantly.
It's EME's way of making it fair for EU player :^)

To be honest none of this would be an issue if in the first place they didn't advertise it like one of those broken rewarding previous Mongo events just for the sake of exposure. Just be casual and friendly "Hey we're gonna have a small event where you can roam around hunting mongos for strong bravery pots and occasionally catalysts while waiting for your reset cd, because we don't think we have other ways to add those into the game. Let's all have fun".

Instead, they made a huge and amazingly hyped advertisement page with all the gimmicks and details like how some mongos are this and some are that (because THOSE are what EME's actually good at - role playing) just to invite enmity from everyone who can't take part in; and then delivered a low blow to everyone who can actually take part in. One move to rule them all, Sauron must be so proud of you guys.
Why does this thread got unpinned and dropped all the way here when we still haven't heard any reply from EME yet ?
Boxes has fixed spawn location in some maps, thus you can rotate around those same location for hours to farm tons of blue boxes. This was how people abused Kyra event before, thus EME axe'd it.
You simply haven't meet any good warrior tank. It's not as good at supporting like lancer and dps might not be as high as brawler, but warrior still has no problem with aggro excepting the first 10s where both warrior and brawler have trouble because of how bursty dps have become, and they don't have 5s max aggro shout with 10s cd like lancer. Easiest solution would be enraging after building up some aggro lead and not right at the very start of the battle, which I rarely see any pug tank do.
The duration you can chain next skill for faster cast scales down with higher attack speed, thus you will get even less time to chain.
I remember reading that before. It was how BHS faked the physic interaction in Tera without having a physic engine, thus it was based on fixed delays after server received your input (as in, from the input until < X ms, the skill will interact with target in this range, but after X ms passed, the skill will interact with target in another range). It was in the core coding for almost everything in Tera, so they can't just fix them all together without recoding everything. If too many people complain about one skill and it became a big problem then they might decide to recode that skill alone (like teleport rubberbanding).

I still think they can easily fix some chaining problems by extending the period allowed (ie, warrior blade draw chaining after block).
Thanks for the translation.

Yosha updated his chart.
Vm7 - vm8 (unbuffed) is 7.5%, the same as vm8 (buffed) - vm9.
Goldfinger token is rather irrelevant now, but still a good move. If they make dragon scale bankable it would be a much welcome change though.
Farming IoD and ace dungeon would be your best bet if you have multiple atls.
TWMagimay wrote: »
I'd say this is the definition of wanting free [filtered]: "Having a stable source of bravery without farming". When you were farming those old braveries, you were, well, farming -them-. Not the new ones. I said earlier what I want(guess you missed it). I want them to simply replace the old braveries with the new ones in all sources. It's kind of what happens with everything that gets an upgrade. They don't convert your old vm mats into new ones, they give you the basically same ways to farm the new ones.

Then you should have simply said "Can you replace the weekly bonus bravery pots to the new ones ?". Pure and simple. This is a suggestion, not a debate, you don't have to try to look smart "I'll lead them to my answer even without saying it directly".
If you want a "reliable" way to obtain the new pots, it's 10 scales in the shop, always there. Smart suggestion indeed.
If you used "reliable" but meant "easy and cheap", it is not far from asking for free [filtered].
Now pick your poison.
At least converting would take care of old items stacking up and it's all something people earned while playing the game in the past. No where near your idea of "reliable", thank you.
Fair enough. I forgot nowadays you can just cry to EME and they will give you everything for free. Such a waste of time trying to figure out how to fix a problem.
We need more goldsink because it would make things easier for new players to get access to endgame.
Imagine if we don't have goldsink, with a big chunk of gold being generated everyday the price would be driven up gradually, thus making it harder for new players since they don't have lots of gold saved up. It also helps returning players, since your saved assets won't become worthless after taking a break, which ultimately makes them less likely to invest into the game (both time and money). Pushing it too much and the game will just turn into a grinding [filtered], where you either have to grind every single day to stay afloat or sell EMP.

The logic "if you don't play the game gtfo" can't apply for mmo, since you need to maintain a good population above everything else. It's also the main reason we have sales, events, give aways,... to attract more people into the game. If you want better rewards, try something with specific uses like noc or consumable, rather than gold which has a very big influence range.
It's rather rare to see HT miss point blank in PvE though. You can desync to the front and get hit, but you would still hit the bosses most of the time because of their huge hit box.
Try lowering your camera so that the cursor doesn't point straight into the ground.
Try smoke aggressor before popping DG then.
Warrior is totally balanced :^)
You guys are talking as if you're all the top tier players in Tera who actually cares about min-maxing when pugging. Aside from InFRaReD28 none of you even has any proof of being qualified to talk about this. Get in game and do a high score run with him, if you can easily beat his dps then we can keep going. Acting all high and mighty as if you're at the top of the food chain while pulling other's static, I don't even know what to say.

As far as I've experienced, rarely when lfg there's someone who can do more than 2mps regardless of class, it's only possible with specific parties doing high score runs. For common runs, as long as it's smooth nobody cares, play whatever classes you enjoy the most.
Dragoon would relate more to mounted cavalry with quick thrusting attack rather than slow and flowy cleaving one. It does sounds pretty cool though.
TWMagimay wrote: »
Deluso wrote: »
Now the items has been made and released. So what we need right now is a solution to exchange the old Bravery and Canephora for the new ones.

No, we don't. What we need are reliable ways to obtain the new potion.

We have a very stable source of old bravery coming from weekly bonus, plus many people still have tons of old bravery pots stacking up, so converting old bravery pots into new ones would be much more optimal.

Most of all, we didn't ask for this change because we want stronger bravery, but we want to be able to have bravery up all the time, which requires 1.Having a stable source of bravery without farming and 2.30m cd change. Half of the solution is already here the whole time, we don't need to fix what isn't broken.
Did you got tickled too much you ignored my whole post just to reply to the 1st sentence ? I wasn't saying anything about your diagnostic being necessary or not, I was talking about how EME doesn't seem to do anything despite all the so-called effort you claimed they had put into solving the problems. They didn't even dare to announce that it's beyond their ability.

Yes, I do believe that there're times when causing things to burn more is a better strategy to attract attention. Remember FIHM patches ? EME refused to disclosure that they couldn't do anything, to the point just completely ignored it in the 2016 producer's letter. We burned the old forum and boycott the game until they had to admit their incompetence, with the promise of transparency for future issues. After that was a long period of peace where EME and their players went hand in hand trying to make better change to the game. It worked, but not until so many people had already left the game because there wasn't a fire big enough to make EME realized it's not because Tera's losing popularity, but because of their administration. History is repeating itself here.
Just think of counterpoint as Windows' diagnostic tool:
Your computer got a problem, you told Windows about it, diagnostic tool popped up asking some questions, then processed to turn in a detail report log about the problem.
Great job ! Now where's the solution ? "01000024848 error"
Ok this might be useful for a developer trying to fix this, but how about a solution for me as a common user ? "We have sent a report to Microsoft"
Well this might take a while, but next time windows update it should be fixed right ? "..."
~After 18467589 patches/updates later~
Hello, what about the fix for my problem submitted 5 years ago ? "01000024848 error"
... Yea I'm buying a new Mac. Thank you for being so helpful at shielding your employer.
Conflate weapon is as good as ambush and since it's tier 9 it's a lot cheaper to get/enchant.
Conflate belt is as strong as behemoth belt and conflate gloves +12 is better than +15 ambush gloves (as healer).
You still need guile chest for the PvE rolls, however mix and match isn't a problem with healer since full set bonus is nowhere as good compare to the huge defend from conflate gear. The only caught is that conflates cost more to craft compare to guile which is free (but still a lot cheaper than ambush), however it's almost free to perfectly reroll and +12.

Go with 4 conflates + guile chest, or 3 conflates + 2 guiles (chest and boots /or belt). Later if you decide you need to progress gear, replace guile chest for +15 imp or ambush (only if you have the gold to spare, and it's better to just buy it instead of making one, both time and money wise). Get at least etching energetic II on gloves and weapon. Endurance etching on boots and chest are optional.

For accessories, if you still have the river rings or pinacle earings from previous patches, stick with them. If you don't, get double crit set. Don't bother with quickcarve, your res with noctenium is like 2s, getting it down to 1.8s won't help much but cleansing yourself when you made a mistake can help prevent a wipe; also you will be constantly in combat so you can't swap brooch anyway.
Making a consumable into currency, programming wise, would be quite bothersome if you start from scratch. However we already had the system to trade one (or a few items) for another. Just use the current noctenium converter as base and replace input/output items and we're done.
EME really needs to bring 1 or 2 programmers from BHS over here to take care of region exclusive changes.
They should have left it bankable.
Using native name only works if there's no equivalent meaning word in English/ or when the term is a lot more popular even in the west. For example, ninja, samurai, nunchaku,... The equivalence of guandao in the west is glaive, so there's no reason to make things complicated by bringing in some unknown foreign name.
It doesn't matter what they're called in the eastern version of the game, but the main point of localization is to bring the game closer to the intended market's culture. That's why it's called localization, not translation.

If you call this boss RNG you mustn't have been here during FIHM. Lachelith has really obvious tells, so all you have to do is get familiar with the boss and just stay out of the way instead of blowing iframe everytime.

Tips to people who are having trouble with unblockable moves: many of lancer's skills move you around quite a bit, so use them to get out of the way instead of just walking or wasting RE on backstep. Shield barrage, lockdown blow, 1st auto attack, etc. Some of those methods aren't available for all races *cough*baraka*cough*, so use your own experience. Brawler also has quite a few movement skills like auto attack, rhk, piledriver,...
It's best if you can hit the boss while using those skills to get out of harm way, but it's not a must.
Haven't check in game yet, but can't you just use the 1h cd bravery first, then use the 30m cd while waiting for the old one to go off cd ?
Sorry my bad, the option I mentioned was a mod. Please disregard my previous comment.
There's an option in the setting that let you display the edge under boss's hp bar.
At work atm so I can't screenshot it however.
Dirty Bubble won the skyring tournament last time with baraka lancer, what are you talking about. Kappa.
Worth for some classes like warrior, lancer and not for some others like healers, gunner, ninja, zerk...
You can just count your noc usage then calculate if it's worth or not, however the 700vg credit cost would be a deal breaker for most ppl already. Still it's a good buff for score run (yes, for moongound, not for crusade) and HH.
Catatonic wrote: »
Stuns have never been 100% chance.

Were you posting this using Internet Explorer ? It comes a few years later than intended.
Ketoth wrote: »
If i remember well, giga is coded as a stun.
So any skill that make you stun resist will make giga fail

Actually it's a legit bug. Leash and giga sometimes just get resisted even if the target has no stun immunity.
Personally I think it's because of the casualization era. We're no longer struggling to clear a dungeon, thus our focus is shifted somewhere else.

As clearing dungeons is easier, everyone compete by doing as much dps as possible, thus the more supports they have the better. Double healers means as a dps you don't have to worry about running around doing mechanic (or just ignore them with the use of kaia), freely taking hits to maximize dps, free dps boost from crit aura and estar and hurricane all together, getting up faster after death, etc. It's annoying for healers since we're no longer acknowledged, but godsend for dps (and tank, which was reduced to mere front dps) because they can enlarge their epeen by placing somewhere on moongound.

It's true even for trap runs but in another sense, since there're no wipe mechanic that requires dps check anymore (in order to lure more casual players into endgame dungeons) double healers can carry the run much easier than solo heal.

Just look at HH, the only dungeons that majority of the player base is still struggling with. There's no extra room for support roles, since you're required to pull your own weight in order to clear. There're tons of wipe mechanic with dps check. People cannot ignore mechanic to maximize dps, since it might wipe your whole raid. All of those elements used to be in a lot of old endgame dungeons, but no longer here.

Too bad we cant do nothing about it, since it's how BHS has decided to lead the game.
You can if you have a full group of friends who would be willing to carry you and feed you vm9 mats, and probably all the enchanting mats since you even have to think about "investing in guile". You might as well ask them to make vm9 +15 then lib for you, that would be much more efficient method.
Basically, NO.

If you're only play casually, get guile 2.0 then stay there for the rest of next patch. Don't bother with vm9.
Only if you buy the weapon from someone else or you lib it to buy etching IV. The increase is pretty small (2%).
Of course if you only have +12 ambush (armor, for example) and don't intend to +15, it's always worth to make them into behemoth. I went this route for most of my toons (+15 ambush weapon, +12 behemoth for the rest).
And if you're a lancer, rerolling both earings to +6 endurance would increase your armor a lot more than converting to behemoth. Heck, I even cheap out on my lancer by glyphing grounding shout (21 endurance) so I don't have to +15 my chest, and I'm still as tanky as other +15 tank no less.
So now I should be apologizing for having you misunderstand my post now despite you're the one who started this useless convo ?
And I have to go through every single posts before I can write down my opinion about the original topic ?
Sorry I didn't know that a special snowflake like your would somehow read my post and misunderstand it and take your time to skim through my post to point out all the little detail that's not to your liking, all in order to realize that in the end you just simply had no idea what I talked about. Yes, I've been wasting time trying to educate ppl, but who am I kidding, you special snowflake are clearly out of my league.

Have fun enjoying your victory. And sorry if you scratched your fingernail while replying to me all this time.
They should have done this the other way (through mail after clears).
It's the most fool-proof method, despite being troublesome at first (setting up scripts, but I'm pretty sure they've already done this before)
I never said anything about p2w. Ever. My statement was "EME/BHS is leading the game wherever they want without concerning our opinions". Now do you still want me to explain why "reset scrolls are easier to get with emp than VG" is a good example of the above statement ? You're not that obvious aren't you ?

It's only until this very post that I actually know that you didn't even understand my statement. This is why I don't want to waste time arguing with people who can't bring forth their statement and only focus on pointing fault on others's. Most of the time it's either they just want to lower others's value (in order to appear higher), or just plainly misunderstand and forcing a wrong statement onto someone else to justify their claim.
Too many ppl already voiced on how this isn't gonna work as it is, so I'll skip that and try to suggest some ideas instead:

1. Expand the event to more dungeons. Nobody wants to farm 1 dungeon again and again and again. If you're trying to gate the amount of feedstocks by dungeon entries (and reset scroll cd), don't bother. It's not the same case as mongo where people hardly do anything but still earn a huge amount of profit, here they have to actually run the dungeons, and the event should amplify their effort/profit rate properly. Should have roughly 3 low tier dungeons, 2 mid and 1-2 high.

2. Proper rewards for said dungeons. Pretty simple, low tier = T9 fs, mid tier = T10 fs, high tier = T11 fs. 50 fs for each run might be on the lower side, but acceptable. We're already at the end of a gear patch, shouldn't have any problem with flushing more enchanting mat into the market since their value with be halved by next patch anyway. In the first place, the main reason we need this kind of event was to adjust the market anyway, why backed away just because someone said it's gonna affect the market ?

3. Considering adding extra ambush mats. Same reason, we're approaching a new gear patch in a few months, and the info regarding new gears has already out. It won't affect next patch progression much if people are starting to clad in full ambush now, since they're gonna get replaced soon.

4. PvP got nothing interesting ? If the main point of the event is to supply the market with feedstock then it shouldn't be limited to PvE only. I know PvP already got jackpot power hours for a while, but it was there as an attempt to pull more people into bg. If there's a PvE event going on then nobody would bother with bg for the whole weekend again. Adding guaranteed 50 T11 fs onto all current jackpots would work nicely. Jackpot only applies for winning side so it's less likely ppl can exploit this with multi clients.

5. Open world bam is always fun, but is purely optional. If you decide to do one, at least put in some proper reward like 10 fs each easy bams summoned, and 20 for bosses. A total of 200 - 300 tier 10 fs throughout 30-45m of the outdoor activity would be best since it would roughly x1 to x1.5 the time/profit rate for dungeons (because it's not happening all weekend ).

For now there can only be this many suggestions considering we as players have no idea what EME can and can't do, what is allowed/not allowed coming from BHS side. In the future it would greatly help if you guys become more transparent about those issues, so we can give better suggestions that actually works. Stop relying on your PC to explain to ppl, because some of them obviously have no idea how to explain/or how the game works. You recruit them, not as professional data analysis or customer service, but as "players who had achievements /connections /understanding in game" so please use them accordingly. Think of them more like testers rather than game designers.
I feel like a waste of time trying to have a talk with you. When people are talking figuratively and you take it at face value, there's no point trying to explain anymore.
If you're quoting my post just to nitpicking words and examples while still having the same opinion as mine (as you said yourself, I can't find it anywhere however), you're just trying to find faults to further expand your superior complex. It's not how a discussion works, where someone voice his opinions with examples, and the other guy just trying to say "You're wrong" without actually having any opinion of his own.

If you want to argue, try to come up with a proper explanation of why you think the statement "EME/BHS is leading the game wherever they want without concerning our opinions" is wrong, and not just "you're wrong" or "your example is wrong".
TWMagimay wrote: »

Does people these days can only see what's in front of them and nit picking small details/wording in posts to satisfy their superior complex ? The very first thing in my post was to emphasize on the way we're heading further in the future and not the minor details which you just brushed as nothing important but in fact were the very blocks being used to build into that grim future.

Who cares if dragon are p2w or not, whoever needs them would still buy them. Who cares if reset scrolls are harder to get in game than emp shop or not, most ppl don't even need them. Who cares that there wasn't any topic about fed bills/fashion store or not, nobody even touch those shop unless for big head or confident pot. Every single opinions regarding every single topics in this world are subject to one's point of view. They're just there to brought up the issue that EME/BHS has been and will keep pushing the game into whatever direction they want without concerning about our opinions, period.

For the pass year, except for the black friday vote, the only time I've seen EME actually took notice of their players was when Spacecats discussed possible changes in the fed bills topic. "Discuss", and not just make changes however they like on whims. Other time it's simply "let's do something because we need to look like we're not dead" and we got random sales, or "I feel like doing it" and we got random streaming events, or "we must do something because ppl are raging" and we got band aid fixes like bg jackpots or reset drop weekend, etc.

Just look at this
Perfect example or "ppl are complaining about something so we need to do something, and let's not ask whoever seems to know about the game for their opinion because we don't care, anything is fine really".

Thank you Loriri.
Watched the stream last night, the new dungeon seems pretty legit.
Kind of weird seeing Lakan being a sword and shield kind of guy. I always thought he would be more of a caster type.
@Yamazuki : Not sure if you're just trying to troll by quoting word by word, but it's rather obvious that I mean "healh pot is a must until your healer is available again, and if he can't then it's useless". I like how you love to just take some of my sentences out as if I said those without adding a bunch of situations where they're applied for specifically. Adult human beings don't add every single details whenever you tried to explain small things when talking to each other, because we're capable of reminding ourselves of the current state of the conversation. Only explaining to babies requires that much attention.
And yea, if you're that obvious to normal use of sarcasm then you might really need me to explain like that.

If you claim to dismiss my reason to my suggestion and not the suggestion itself, then how about provide YOUR reason to how my suggestion is correct (but MY reason is wrong) ? Stop trying to play with words when you can't make a solid counter argument, it's like kid fight.

@ other guys who said it's possible to do dungeon without healers: sure, now go and do it for every single dungeons in the game then. We're talking about common use of pot vs healer, not your once in a life time situation when you're bored and decide you want to do something special.
Context. I said health potion are a must in case of emergency (without healer). If your healer's dead then it doesn't matter anyway.

No I didn't just said I need pot to heal more. I said heal more with much bigger cd, so that it actually works within the action combat mechanic of Tera. If you add it to the game, make it work with the game, otherwise don't bother adding it.

And your definition of hardcore is clearly different than mine, with mine being "[filtered] who think he's better than other ppl by showing off his knowledge and has to dismiss each and every suggestions as "making the game easier" so that he appears cooler". Yes, that's the hardcore I'm talking about. Someone really really need to learn to discern when a sarcasm is used.
Depend on what you want to make out of feb bills.
If you want it to be some daily reward for logging in, put in a rng box with lame daily reward like elite box.
If you want it to be something to signify how long you've been in the game/ how much you involved with the game, put in a statutory reward like exclusive mount/pet/title/cosmetic which cost 1k+ bills, untradeable.

Legacy fun stuffs like dragon firework or stackable size changer won't [filtered] off anyone (unless you're in Highwatch when someone spam 20 of those fireworks around, but come on that was the very definition of fun).

Discontinued mounts/pets/costumes/weapon skins. Yes, someone might flip the table, but satisfying a big player base is much more important than catering for some selfish asses holding onto a few rare stuffs. We'll be sure to white knight you if those asses decided to make a mess on the forum. However don't touch achievement related stuffs, since whoever got those mounts/hats/masks clearly didn't do it by themselves, and they would no doubt bring an army with them onto the forum. You'll be on your own.

Untradeable consumable. VERY good way to spend thousands of bills without kicking someones in their sacks. 7/30 days unlimited use nostrum, 30m cd bravery, 75% hp/mp pots,... along with whatever we already have. Heck, lets just bring EU's accelerated pot here (unusable in dungeon or while in GvG) so we can have fun messing up in VO.

Anyway this is not something EME can and should be deciding alone since it affects a lot of ppl. It is always better to discuss more and do less than making change on your own discretion without communication.
Yamazuki wrote: »
You're mistaking a necessity for a want. Something that is necessary means it would be impossible without it. You don't need potions, you just want them. Potions that instantly heal you to full serve no purpose other than to make up for failure that would possibly result in a wipe, however, if your group didn't make the mistake that got you to that situation you wouldn't feel like you "need" the potions in the first place. You might as well be asking they make the game easier as that's what reliable potions do.

If your healer isn't reliable (lets always blame the healer I guess...) then find another one. If you have a solo heal Priest, position like you have one, if there's a Mystic pay attention to motes, they work even if the Mystic dies.

If you're soloing, open world drops healing motes, potions aren't necessary there.

So according to your definition, having a healer in a dungeon run is totally a want and not a necessity right ? It's totally possible to run a dungeon without healer after all, right ?

Nobody said anything about need or no need or whatever you're talking about. It's simply "if you put something in a game, make it work with the game". There's no need to show your amazing hardcore-ness "you're all scrub and your complain are scraps, stop asking to make the game easier you filthy casual, be a pro like me and listen to my advice"
If you're checking my post word by word of course you can't see it.
The act of comparing this with dragon issue is a sarcasm, clear enough for you ?
It's the trend, not the details.
First, cash shop dragon is extremely easier to get with emp than in game dragon. The excuse: "It's endgame blah blah... you don't need it"
Then, reset scroll is extremely easier to get with emp than in game reset. The excuse: "it's just a small thing, and we already have something like this - look above"
Next, just add a bunch of "convenient consumables" both in emp store and "acquirable in-game", and this will become a perfect stage to add another dragon/phoenix/hydrath/... without ppl being able to say anything, "because we already have something like this before". I've notice that people stopped asking for fashion coupon/ fed bills store to be updated, simply because it has been ignored for a long time. Precedent is always the best excuse.

Moreover, EME are trying to apply this as a fix to an in-game issue instead of fixing the problem, and that's not exactly the best way to do it. Feedstock problem in-game ? Here, emp feedstock box (and overpriced in-game feedstock box which nobody would buy). Spellbind/enchanting mat/consumable ? Same easy "fix".

Not to mention there're other in-game problems. Yes they can say "we're working on them separately", and this fix is only for this issue, but people can clearly see how EME intend to deal with those (ignore, or more band aid events) and drop it (or the game) for their mental health.
So I have to add /s so that people can understand it's sarcasm now ?
Yamazuki wrote: »
LesbianVi wrote: »
14K for lvl 65 is nothing, a slap from a high tier BAM does way more. I don't want it to fully heal me, but for soloing specially it needs to have lower CD. we get many of them, so lower CD would solve the problem.

BAMs attack relatively slow, and are just as telegraphed as bosses are. Dying to them comes from inexperience, and consumables to make up for mistakes generally is bad for games, this isn't a tab target game where you sit there mashing buttons and spamming potions to never fail encounters. Not sure how people can say they like Tera for combat but then want potions to ensure they never die unless they're one shot. Other than in towns, for achievements, I've never used hp/mp pots. There are healers, if they don't do their job, then the group should be punished. In the case of solo content, everything solo wise attacks fairly slow when you have experience in addition to there being multiple ways of stopping them anyways. You can stun, stagger, sleep, block, knockdown BAMs out of attacks depending on class.

Too bad, the new hp pot clearly follow tab target standard - low heal and low cd. In tab target where you can't avoid attack, it's mean to be a source of stable healing while your healer isn't available (resing ppl, buffing, doing mechanic...). You're not in instant danger of dying when you decide to use a pot (if you're, for example when your healer is dead, then using pot or not doesn't matter anyway)

In action combat game, you can avoid all attack when needed, and the only reason to use pot is for emergency where you're going to die to unavoidable attack and you can't rely on your healer. You absolutely need a bigger heal with a much longer cd so you can actually survive the unavoidable attack and kite around until your healer is up.

To be honest the old pots work wonder design-wise, but for the excuse of "taking gold out of the system" and the main purpose of removing contents (alchemy) so BHS can fit in more recycle contents into the game, it has to go.
EMP pots and bg pots didn't have to suffer the same fate because they're not related to alchemy. Pure and simple.
Yamazuki wrote: »

What is next? Designs available only in EMP shop too?
"In-game, these scrolls are also available from the Vanguard Quartermaster:" rather contradicting statement there.

"We intended to make dragon mount available by in-game mean".
PC and EME are totally in-sync there.
It's not p2w if you can get it in-game, the only tiny bitty difference is how long/how much effort it takes.
voidy wrote: »
Why not cap the kill count? Like, cap it at 20 kills. So if you get 2 people, you need 20 kills. If you get 3 people, you need 20 kills. If you get 4 people, you need 20 kills. If you get 5 people, you need 20 kills. This way people who want to solo still have their low kill count, and people who group aren't discouraged from inviting more people who want to group. Or just keep it at 10 no matter how many people you have, to actually reward players for working together in a multiplayer game wow what a concept

IoD is meant to be solo content, so it's not a good idea to outright add benefits to grouping. x2 bams for x5 reward is still pretty big, and would be exploited without question. We want to make it balanced time/reward wise, soloing would yield the same result as grouping, you can choose to either do it alone and not have to wait for anyone, or take your time to wait for more ppl and do it a bit faster.

To be honest I would prefer if there's some kind of open world group hunting vanguard instead. Killing 10 bosses (dungeon boss without the mechanic) as a group of 5 for 1 vanguard with slightly better reward than solo. Before TAR was a thing, people usually group up and do 10 Bams vanguard x3 in 65 zone, and it was pretty fun. The point is to have other choices rather than being forced into just 1 option.
So just because some people multiboxed the TAR quest BHS seriously decided to screw over everyone (healers especially)? No matter the reason its mindbogglingly stupid to punish people for grouping in an MMO.

Yes, we had that talk since the first implement of IoD.
No, BHS won't change it. EME can do it, but they're too scared to go against their master. GF can do whatever they want to Tera EU, same with other publisher from other regions, simply because they bought the game from BHS. EME, on other hand, is just a branch.
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