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Oh, so i can com back : o
this very trouble of low population forced me to move to another mmo. This and xigncode and left friends as result. I just cant spend so much time in lfg and im. It is annoying that instead of actually playing game i have to stay in city and flirt while waiting que to pop or someone to apply. Tera doesnt have that many things to do and the ones we have (iod for example) is just so boring and nonrewarding that i dont have wish even to stay in that zone.

The only thing that im worried is my name. If we could have second same but in any way colored or separated then i strongly agree for this. I disagree thay rp server not needed. People on ch are different and i dont want those elitists from tr and mt on our server. We have our own. Ch has another atmosphere and nothing will force me go from my beloved server to any other.
I want to see in daily deals personal portal to Tera ver. '15 and earlier.
But we have loot boxes! Cheer up!
@KillerPenguins so thin that its thick :lol:
Tera is interesting and beautiful.
Sadly we dont have publisher who knows his job as eme doeant play the game they rule. Events have *10 times more grind. Same with high end dungrons: 2 star dungeons are your bread and butter. 4-5 stars very poorly rewarded.
The queues nowadays are very long if youre not tank. I mean really long. Thanks to eme, their ridiculous management, indifference to players, xigncode and not fun filled with grind events - people just leave game.

Wanted to be positive but its impossible atm.
This is why i wrote in the other thread that i don't believe this words:

> @KitTeaCup said:
> Hi everyone!
> The feedback is greatly appreciated. I'm doing my best to make sure to visit and post in the forums as much as I can!
> The Forums, Discord and Twitter are very important to us. You'll be seeing a lot more of me - and I look forward to working with you all :)

This wasnt a personal reply post. It was reply to all eme that they lie so often and easily, that they so rarely follow their own promises (its about how they will listen to feedback))) that i have no faith and no trust to them.
And now i see that I was right.
Summer event soon gonna pass and yet nothing was done. Bravissimo.

Amused by indifference of cms and staff.
C'mon who looks at you? Especially when you use it as ground mount xD
> @voidy

> I love this game and manage a dying guild here and all we want to do is clear content but LFG takes forever when we have to fill a spot (which happens a lot now, since most of the guild quit), the broker sucks for just about anything you can think of, there's barely any point in getting online to deal with it, and if I were rich enough I'd just uproot the whole guild to TR. But I'm not, so instead I get burned out and play other stuff, and so does everyone else.

My story and why I stopped log in already a week or may be two.
I can't play some classes due to ping and locked to healer and dps. Big part of guild mates stopped playing (the reasons are different and fps drop after xigncode was one of the most often). Queue takes ages to find, IM even worse. There's simply nothing to log for. I'm not fan of grinding 7 days for one summer box with glasses, hat or scuba.
Just sometime hanging here and reading threads. But even this becomes pointless as I don't play Tera at all.
They already gave answer many times - they wont merge.

Ktera develops(or planning) to do cross lfg which will solve some troubles as they think.
So what actually about prices of boxes and event?

Your answer of @CobaltDragon doesn't help us with event sadly.
After one of you there will say that your responding in threads. Sure. But not about related stuff. And this is pretty usual practice from eme side same as redirecting people from discord to forums and back.
> @ReggieWarrhol said:
> I should have read the posts here before I got a loot box using the Claret tokens.
> I'm a popo what am I going to do with an untradeable female elf bathing suit? Not even a smart box, like wow that is so hard to do.
> Once again mEMe you've shown us all how little you actually care about this game.

So it cannot be even utilized?

Please can you fix event?? 150 tokens for non usable swimsuit or pair of glasses is not even funny. It's an insult!
We have this event once a year and this one time we can't have fun because
1 boxes are too expensive!(30/25) is normal price and it always way that kind of price!)
2 its a complete random loot. You may work to gather tokens and get only glasses or hat. We have PILES of them on brokerage. You're just flooding brokerage more and more.
3 the swimsuits (if you got lucky in previous point) are not matching race gender. What I'm going to do with female swimsuits? I don't need them. Yes I could sell probably. And here we go to next point.
4 as told they are not tradeable. So I work hard to get stuff that I will never use and can't sell??
It's a mockery.
Oh my god... :lol:
Run, run, run!
> @kubitoid said:
> Christin wrote: »
> Melyodis wrote: »
> @KitTeaCup PLZ its time to close this thread we will submit tickets if we have problems.
> Who are you to dictate when threads will be closed?
> i agree 439% but mistypaladin flooded topic with their crazy herecy so most likely itll be closed. sooner than later

Agree too. Thread stopped being constructive.
> @KitTeaCup said:
> Hi everyone!
> The feedback is greatly appreciated. I'm doing my best to make sure to visit and post in the forums as much as I can!
> The Forums, Discord and Twitter are very important to us. You'll be seeing a lot more of me - and I look forward to working with you all :)

I'm very sorry that I say this but: I don't believe you. Yes just I don't. Fed up with promises.

We heard this a loooot of times from everyone in eme who occasionally has some sort of relation to forums.
And this promise is just a fake way to make us shut up and believe that were so damn important.
90% of community is being threaten like a dogs and all of us pretty well know that no one from your company will regret if we just vanish into the twisting nether one day.
The only way to prove that you're not same is to keep promise.

P.s. And I also have no discord and other social stuff. And I'm not planning to register them just to read news from eme.
30 medalions will be ok
MistyTera eme already ended this talk. There is no "we" and no "tries to solve it". Try to understand that you just making air tremple and nothing more. And doing it long time almost alone here as I see. They already implemented it and trying to make it done to the end. I doubt you understand that there s literally no one of eme reads your arguments and digs this thread in order to understand- did they right or not?it was done already. This and their quite indifferent responses show well that they don't care of your storm here and strongly think that they are right.
You can post your issues here but its not a thread for personal issues. There is support on the site and there people solve their troubles. Every week community trying to get response about things that bother many players and yet we fail because eme doesn't care of community. You believe you will be successful?don't be so naive.
Pls don't act like we all here center of eme's universe.
I disagree with implementing this crap as I lost my friends but I also against such strong pushing of your view of things here as this thread stopped being constructive very long time ago. This was a good thread and it drowned in caps lock, posts without straight arguments and saint wrath of all who thinks that their opinion has some value to eme.
Tbh I wouldn't be surprised by anything. Eme is like wonderland - it can be literally all.
I gave up idea that I will get swimsuit this year.
have some gold, will buy from brokerage before they disappeared completely there due to lack of swimsuits. (thanks to eme)

1 boxes highly overpriced. There is nothing to comment. You must play the game to understand how tarded this price is. But eme doesn't. They don't spend their time even on their direct work in Tera. Silly to expect them to understand something about how unfair, stupid and lame rewarding the grind of cosmetics is.

2 contain a lot of random crap aka skuba or hats. I DO NOT need this TRASH eme. I can deal with this in my wardrobe or spend my time trying to sell it ONLY If YOU will PAY me for it with swimsuit. Take off your pink glasses and realize that none of players wants and prays to get this garbage.

3 swimsuit will be most likely completely another race gender. Thanks eme I should gring whole month to get 1-2 boxes of elin or female [filtered] while having only male chars!

Shove this event to your @ss eme.
Never thought event can come to such worthless state .

P.s. Eme buy brain or just stop the event. It shames you and its an insult to US.
That's your problem ^
Writing it here wont help you and wont change fact that it was implemented.
Be good pls and bring back server status page for those who left in game.
Roadmap page is a joke because they don't follow it and there's no point in looking there.
Eme almost never keeps their word.
I don't know what to say. They don't plan to change event? the DO IT YOURSELF. Don't pretend how you care of players, don't tell us stories how you "just put info there faster". Eme we are not kids and not imbeciles! We can understand that you don't get the needs of players and living in your tank. You do not realize that summer is time for fun and real stuff and instead of your half dead game with boring events, mats as rewards and grind fest. Instead of acting like scrooges you would better make event fun, with rewards that are obtainable without grinding all day by all alts and let people have some fun in game too. Because people don't live for your trash game with non rewarding stuff. Each of us can find another amazing game to play (btw after such start of event I did already. It was my last drop).
We are also humans eme and you pretend to be guys who don't realize that were enough smart to see your trickery and indifference to us. All your care of us is a MAJOR LIE. You do not understand that many people do not have trash soft aka discord and will never set it just for your humble and very important company. It's enough that we all have xigncode installed.
I wish you all in EME would see one thing : You bring us only regrets every time events starts.
150 tokens for ONE RANDOM item.

eme out of their mind, Tera already empty and summer festival was one small reason to bring people back, not scare them away with this nonsense.
lul and I thought of doing this event. So naive of me to hope it will be fair enough...
*walked away whistling*
Fiery escape if you use it right in time will remove need in iframe. One iframe is enough imo. Don't have any issues with this. Experience +knowledge of bosses.
True dat. But answering in some threads that grow into two or more threads imo is nessesary to not make people feel abandoned.
Run 2 star dungeons every day.
So good they did nice outfits for male :heart:
> @CobaltDragon said:
> BOBBYYYY wrote: »
> @CobaltDragon can you guys reply to any other threads regarding golden/silver/bluc nocs problems? we know you guys see them. its rude as hell to ignore tbh.
> I constantly send that feedback / suggestions forward to the appropriate Team, or on to Bluehole.
> Do you want a comment within each Thread, just saying " This has been passed along, Thanks ! " ?

Iirc we talked about it before, you started say it in many threads and people calmed down. But after,..something happened again.
Yeah sadly noticed i stopped play as much as I did. Not because of talents but all together: Xcode, talents, lame rewarding dungeons, absence of communication from eme, spikes, friends who left because of fps drop after xcode, empty lfg, empty queue, mats as rewards, not updated shops, removal of store, events in most awful dungeons instead of cool ones...many things. Trying to keep myself from leaving but it becomes hard :c before in hours when I play were much more ppl. And now its empty for whatever reasons.
And we who left also will not benefit from people who left.
I agree that the Refiner cost is way too high. Its ok only for those who do other stuff except high dungs.

The problem not in ways of obtaining but in price for those who have limited time.
Can you pls stop write caps/not caps??its hard to read.
I'm up for phoenix, buffalo bill and his 'brother' (don't remember name of second bear back slot).
I'm not gonna feed you with arguments like your mother. If your willing to see arguments go search on forums. There are some really interesting people to talk to in this thread so generally I couldn't care less about you and your wishes.

Come back when you will deal with your youths maximalism and will have personal experience in end game.
Ow ow I'm so sorry I hurt your tender feelings :lol: Are you even reading posts or something? I want to see the personal attack quote pls. Untill you dont point it to me all your reaction just proves to me that you prefer fight on forum than in 439+ dungs ^^
You need arguments? Run dungs lol and gather them! Weird that you still need arguements - did you even run something above 3 stars at least once? There are literally piles of argument from people in different threads as well. Get off you high horse and search for them yourself.

P.s. Pointless speak because you're just one of those guys who every patch saying how everything is fine and arguing with those who really run stuff and know the situation.
@metagame no one talks about everything. We want the to give at least SOMETHING. Try to enchant gear only from dungeons. Or at least run few times. Looks like we play different games.
Buff is nice and Imo nerf is reasonable. I disagree that braindead content should have almost same amount of gold as the high and hardest. And its not because I don't run 412 and sometimes visit 431. Its just unfair. Guy who washes cars shouldn't have same salary as head of corporation.
Yes I know now someone will say "but others do run them so they need!". They just want (!) easy money without any effort and this is how we have it now: run kc, spend 6 mins there and you have gold. Sorry mon but enchant gear, learn dungeons, learn to earn gold. And this has nothing to do about helping friends. If someone wants to help he will do it without any other thoughts about personal value.
Because then they need to work xD
No srsly they already have loads of promised and undone stuff.

P.s. And tbh the idea with mask for coins and boxes is wonderful!
@CassandraTR I wonder how easily you explain without even any idea what I do in game and how much time I have.
I have enough time to do 5 4-stars in the evening and something else day time as I work from home. I'm not fan of running kc rg and SF for any sake. I mean at all. The gold I get from another sources mostly. I don't remember my friends ask me join to KC or rg ever at all. Mostly they do when need to any 4-5 star (role can be different).
So yes again: I will wait for this update.
> @Zoknahal said:
> I dont understand really. I agree that doing event for materials that drop like candy from easy dungeons is kind of sad, but its like this everytime.
> New event/anniversary comes out > players complain that Event/Anniversary of year X was much better.
> Like, cant we all just enjoy the game for once without complaining about every single thing? Also, @Christin unless you actually uninstalled TERA due to XIGNCODE, then you have nothing to come back here anymore, unless you are secretly playing and only joining the "im gonna quit TERA because of XIGNCODE" bandwagon.
> Here is my personal thoughts about the stuff in the tokens:
> Temple Medallions
> - Replace all of the materials, with Metamorphic Tokens. This way it frees up space for more stuff in the token shop, and is basically the same.
> - Add Shape Changers
> - Add Fashion Coupon Boxes
> - Add Blue Nocteniums
> - (option) Add some exclusive cosmetics not yet in our region, but available in other regions (ahem... Black Eagle Warrior helmet) or bring back older retired cosmetics. (this is ofc, if the Sandy Loot Box does not contain such cosmetics already)
> - (option) Add entropic tokens or Gold/Silver Talents boxes
> Claret Medallions
> - Leave as it is
> - Probably add some cool fireworks, like the dragon ones
> - Speaking of dragon fireworks, add also the half day signs, cause its been YEARS since you guys removed them and havent put em back because of fear that stupid players will spam them again)

I'm your fan since today. And amazing ideas!
I understand that we always complain about all but is it worth to wait 1YEAR(!) for event that gets stuff that we have every single day 365 days a year? I don't think so. I would call it "total lack of fantasie".
I hope outfits will not be non tradable together with random race/gender. c:
I will just copy slightly edited my own post from thread about golden talents.

Make dungeons rewarding! Make 439+ rewarding. Let people really enjoy runs and gain something except tag "skilled".
People struggling to get talents to upgrade their gear and at the end they AGAIN have to farm IOD for different mats because high tier dungeons aren't rewarding enough. They give literally 1 item per WHOLE RUN that takes waay more time than KC where in five minutes you get piles of loot that you can convert to emblems.
You can spam 2 stars in your full stormcry and literally bathe in talents! So what for we actually need this gear? What for we need to do high tier dungeons? To show off that you will not insta die and you're skilled at iframing? Do we need stormcry to spam low lvl dungeons faster? For IOD? It's a BS!
Question to eme: Why the most boring and stupid content in game is much more rewarding than interesting, hard and demanding?
This trouble is only about incompetence of EME who barely play game. About their nonlogical events with raining gems, strongbox events, about their double vanguard removing and about the fact that they don't play game enough and have no idea about how lame rewarding all above 2 stars.

I will be very happy if changes that Ktera wants to implement will be done faster. I'm all up for this.
Idk how you guys but summer festival for mats... I have feeling that we will remember previous year with nostalgia same as we did about anniversary.
Random gender or race outfit when you open box :| just why?
Just make dungeons rewarding. Make 439+ rewarding. Let people really enjoy runs and gain something except tag "skilled".
People struggling to get talents to upgrade their gear and at the end they AGAIN have to farm IOD for different mats because high tier dungeons aren't rewarding enough.
You can spam 2 stars in your full stormcry and literally bathe in talents! So what for we actually need this gear? What for we need high tier dungeons? To show off that you will not insta due and you're skilled at iframing? For low lvl dungeons? For IOD? It's a BS!
Question to eme: Why the most boring and stupid content in game is more rewarding than interesting, hard and demanding?
I don't complain, I'm used to farming and selling overpriced plates. So bad I know! But this all only about incompetence of EME. About their nonlogical events with raining gems, strongbox events and about the fact that they don't play game enough and have no idea about how lame rewarding all above 2 stars.
This is our assumptions. Thanks for explanation and I really want details from EME.
Somewhere I wrote it.
We have only two deals per day and imo its a FAIL when they both are same.
Also I think that fashion coupon as an offer is an insult. We can farm tons of them. I mean thousands! And yet till today we seen only one rare outfit- cadet uniform. But we seen 3 or 4 time fashion coupons and two offers of sheep heads at the same time.
Srsly for this you removed our store EME?
Custom version? Wtf is that? Can we have an explanation? You're owning OUR computers with you weird buggy soft and you don't say what it does!!
Important that KTC is willing to learn and put effort. All arrogant and too high guys should be given to gulas.
> @xChase said:
> These ones
> - Nightfall weapon skin;
> - Nightfall weapon skin;
> - Nightfall weapon skin;
> - Emotes like settle;
> - Summer wraps

This and
Elleons silver noblesse,
Elleons gold noblesse,
Ready to rumble dyeable,
Accout mounts like lama, pigs
Cherry blossom skin.

I wonder how we should remember the list of what we had there? Isn't it logical to ask first and after delete store?

Deals should NOT be same like it happens now very often.
There should be third deal imo.
Another "why people play elins" thread type :lol:
Ktera plans crosslfg. It's the only way.
Eme said they will not merge. It's pointless to give them ideas. They even don't do the job that they promised (!) and you here discussing stuff that had NO as reply from beginning.
agree, IOD is again more than pointless. and according to people crying about even gold talents its a silly move - to disable double.
No pls. It's so nice to farm now and make gold on lazy ppl who don't see anything far than their nose.
Idk how stupid you should be to not give any comment to your action and allow this panic. Eme in my eyes dropped to state when I feel disgusted even think of them. Bold, not qualified and arrogant company. And idc if I get ban. They deserv this description imo.
I5 2400 8 gb everything works. Same fps, same gameplay (~95 on mid in dung, in open world more). The only crap with small delay while open bank/inventory/guild
@RandomElin when it's ping issues I have this delay different. But this one is always same. Like when you pay something for example and you get message "processing". Just shorter. My ping generally didn't change and i didn't have delay before update in such way. Yes in peak times it could occur but its lengh was always depending on how high ping I have- shorter, longer.. It's just too long for my usual ping but too same and short for spikes. That's why your theory about xigncode messing something most likely right. I didn't ever have such thing before in Tera.
Also I'm from EU and I don't play peak times.
But no one will do anything about it I guess. Take it or leave. :confounded:
Yes pretty much this about combat. And inventory/bank/guild feels more like delay. (im not sure i can express it good))) It's always the same delay and all those three windows never open immediately like they did before this update. Tho I have good fps and no any issues with net in any other games. Ofc its playable. Or i just got used to net cr@p in two years but delays annoying. If only someone could fix it...i need to open inventory and fast use something and I can't because its "thinking" :\. In some circumstances I can't wait rly. And I have not enough buttons even at two filled to brim panels to place there more stuff from my inventory.
Well, generally the performance of my Tera didn't change with this xihncode. But the spikes are different from what I had before. They are like freezes. And yes I also have delay when opening bank/guild/inventory. Before this $hitty soft everything was fine and spikes were just spikes.
Run dungs buy with new coins or buy in vg merchant
They wanted to sneak it in so ppl wouldn't notice it in update and launch their cheat tools. There comes eme and bans all. (that was their plan) Thread about this stuff also one day will fade away from first pages and this means further cheaters will have eye on them.(its their future plan)
The only question : If this $hitty software is able to send proper for bans info to eme or not?
P.s. I understand their wish to deal with cheaters but Still this feels very silly move because bypasses really on every corner and not so hard to use even for unskilled user while ppl leaving due to buggs and fps drops.
Why someone should point you something? Better to point it to eme then.

P.s. With love, against this soft.
That quest is tricky
you may get them in first run and may have after 8.
Idk what is the purpose of this but iirc it was so last two years and prob more.
I did this quest last time three days ago with 65 priest for laurel and got on 1 run. Before half year ago I did for another toon and got after 4 or 5 runs.
someone ban this FEY3TX9579 guy. No constructive dialog, only emotions and no any single proof.
inbe4 threads about memeslashers :lol:

memeslash was moooostly fixed server-side, like all the cheats would be if BHS were competent..

I mean that we all understand that threads "Cheaters on XX, for what we have Xcode" will appear quite soon ^^
Well tbh dungeons queue was bad before this patch too and now its just empty completely.
Rg KC and SF empty. KC is more empty as its more laggy than others. 3 stars also takes a lot of time to wait. And its not new dungeon came out. There were plenty of ppl spamming two stars at any times. Imo people have massive troubles with fps and game itself. Forums are a small part of community and most part doesn't know about this $hitty malware. This means that they couldn't stop play just because they are principal.
inbe4 threads about memeslashers :lol:
> @Christin said:
> Daily deals, empty store, 9 hour codes, Lumbertown "Lets mess with the players before giving rewards." event, giving free anniversary footsteps and halos as rewards when many of us bought or grinded long for those rewards, horrific social media updating, saying players don't deserve codes or timely streams, trying to get me to download a cheat program without telling me about it, and seeing just a general "We don't give a spit." in the streams over communication and planning are all great reasons to move on down the road for me. Why on Earth would I let anyone that I give money to treat me like that?

Pretty much this. Add there halved dressing room, not updates aces, not updated Tera rewards, not updated vanguard boxes with cruxes and stupid breaking economy events where diamonds drop like candies.
I hate eme and wish them 10 years if disluck. Some of my friends gone from Tera because their useless $hit program killed their fps.
Some of my friends left game today. FPS issues are very hard.
Smart dyad can be purchased. For me fine. Tho I think 15 coins for completely random etching is a bs. Max 7.
Don't have any issues. Same fps, same gameplay, same spikes at times.
Srsly guys nothing changed.
I wish it would be truth about active responses and news posting...
HP is just a limit.
You should learn to iframe not try to gather as much as possible.
Tiy cant facetank things in Tera. its not wow. And no matter which class has more HP.
it will be quest to RK with ~1200 meta emblems in it.
Red Refuge iirc separate story line.
srsly i have to sign up and have this useless for me discord just to get news?

vkobe wrote: »
depend of plastic, hard plastic is strong against bullet :3
depends on bullet lol :lol:

p.s i didnt derail this thread!

A plastic shield is a bad analogy, xigncode is more like defending from a sniper by standing in an open field and checking for muzzle flash.

Yes its def not best compare but hope possible to understand. your better ofc)

no man its for gameforge patch notes about their PoPs and elites.
this doesnt mean it will be nesesarily here too.

and our elite will not be updated. At least i wouldnt wait for this. WE have plenty of stuf f that needs rework and a nothing changed tho A YEAR already passed since previous speaks about it. So be sure you will have changing mount sometimes but rest gold boosts and stuff will remain there forever. They can fix game cant fix site and status page. What about yorue talking? What elite? xD
HeyTeacher wrote: »
DIONI wrote: »
@HeyTeacher serious question: do you think xigncode will solve anything?

you see, people like you are not giving it a chance. do you think letting people use proxies will solve anything to help further and process through this game? does it make them a better player from using it and breaking gameplay? okay then

Ifyou will defend with a plastic sheild from a sniper how do you think it will work? So why we dont give it a chance i wonder...>.>
btw i didnt find any file xhunter in any folder. no issues with starting also.
where is a trap? xD
Nice. EU opens up one more server and our servers need to be unite all in one.
idk what eme think they are doing... unbelieavable how one small companyin one year can drop game from normal state to complete unpopular stuff where a lot of players (who have no block) run to another publisher.
Not gonna even look at that screen.
Buying costumes depends only on mood and amount of money. That screen doesnt gives any choice. "Either buy now or get off".
Not gonna happen.
even more rng xD
at least we will have way to get something!
ty :)
Like Dressing room for example also :p
Didn't ever seen both diamonds and shards in PoP but quite often both seeing in gg. Doing with 6 chars every day.
Iod is a most lame rewarding thing now imo. Trn, lkn and guardians are best atm. Trn even better because 2 boss of lk with his jumps and refuse to move can make cry sometimes.
I'm more worried about warrior bug with awakening: No blade draw after cross parry. This is real bad thing.
I would suggest to forget about it for 7-9 months. With speed eme works on stuff and counting the amount of that stuff(Tera emporium, aces, dressing room etc) I think this is the minimum wait time till next try (not update but speaks and plans I mean) .
Sad but its true - eme very slow on updating and doing their job that doesn't include loot-boxes and their own money.
CH. Found one in 40 minutes.
Lol no I was asking seriously xD
Akaik in eastern wow corpses (bones) are censored. Was curious what this means in Tera))
About chat: I noticed as an rp-er (not e-rp-er!) that some common words filtered and you literally have no way to use them in any variation.
I thought its a personal bugg for me. Seems not : o
L3KAAEYFKH wrote: »
console are censored tot he max too, don't bother helping it survive it should die like all censored games should.

censored? in what sence?(didnt play on console)

D3WK449DPA wrote: »
Is what many doing : Moving to other mmo. Those who left are resistant to lags in a way.
It's naive to think that one more voicing will change something when yearS of such action didn't move us even a bit.
Study this problem deeply starting from forums old threads pls then find something interesting to do)

Well dude, you gave up i see np man. Others want the game to improve so we say whats wrong with the game. GL to you!

And i see naive young guy who barely knows the stuff hes talking about. Good luck to you too.
Is what many doing : Moving to other mmo. Those who left are resistant to lags in a way.
It's naive to think that one more voicing will change something when yearS of such action didn't move us even a bit.
Study this problem deeply starting from forums old threads pls then find something interesting to do)
So its not even permanent ? ^^
p,s found two more. only chocolate.
The community only doing that whining here. Most part already tired to speak about this usse. Do you really think it will take effect if we will whine once more tho it didnt help us for years? .. i wish i could be so positive as you)
But ofc i hope that one day nodes will be fine, servers stop hiccup if many players on and optimization will happen,
Everything is harder than we see it. Read some threads about lags on forums and relax. Better find a way to get over it))

And I can't say I want sharing edge with other warriors.
It's a normal state of things for Tera. It was always suffering from such issues and it cannot be completely removed. Zayo, savvis...all depends on how much it swallows, but it will anyway. Some part of players feels better with zayo, some with savvis.
Fps issues will most likely last for very long too because it needs rework. Game isn't optimized and will have dropping unless it will be done. But that needs BHS and they busy with other stuff.
Afking elins in highwatch will always exist. At least I'm calm for CH xD. e-rp will save the world
No need for guide to do this. Read and do. Takes a week max to get to diamond.
Not all @seandynamite >.>
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