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@CornishRex alright babe
We had already few such threads. Use search. Long before holiday eme told that they do not plan to do it. After that no one wrote anything.
@CornishRex ok. Something else?
Sweet i have already champion laurel.

but last month i constanly hear complain from,ppl who stalking them.

btw. If someone already killing him and invites you then you dont get an ach. Get it? You have to find it and start kill to have an ach.

p.s. Dont think that all ppl thinking only of themself.
Sweet i have already champion laurel but i constantly hear complains from other ppl.
13 runs - 1 dyad, 2 essences, 2 nocts.

Its fine event for those who are okay with luck.
For common people its literally discouraging.
So yes... to wait one month to have chance to do Imperfect crystals is a veeeery long time. The permaccb should have been removed becasue of that 10 points of achs.
Now many people struggle to do Rule Arun and Rule Shara (together btw more than 100 ach points) and cant do it for months(!) because its impossible to find any rare. And it ok for everyone who thought ccb is a trouble.

srsly i dont get how this system works.
Two more runs: titans earth
Then why some people dont get anything while another have dyads?

my point is that this is not a big improvement from what we had before. I would say its barely possible to notice.
@CobaltDragon @Denommenator @Spacecats please can someone look the reward and make them more...rewarding? I remember quite well that we talked about this during previous event. And Eme promissed that they will be adjusted according to that event and optimised so event wll be actually rewarding not just blind grind to have ONE reward for FIVE people. Yet we all at the same place. In the middle(!) of the patch many of us STILL struggle to have set of dyads for characters becasue of pure and stupid RNG of thsi fusing system. Can we have one event a bit moer rich than "enough for one breath before you die" please?
thanks for the code!
> @counterpoint said:
> As if I have any ability to "work to fix it." There are a lot of things I would fix if I could. I'm just trying to let people know what I understand the underlying issue with this is so there's no big mystery.
Same as before: titans junk.
impossible to get dyad or hat.

nothing learned from previous event and all words about adjust rewards from eme were just plain lies.
sadly i actually believed that they will improve. So naive.
well not more anyway.
World is imperfect and everything has issues. But one will work to fix it and make players happy while another will regularly speak why it was bad.
I remember we were told that rewards will be adjusted and we again there...
idk how eme always forgets what they say
And ots hard to do Rule Arun and Rule Shara.
Have to look what youre buying out. This stuff works in real life too. And many of those smart guys even do it legally. I agree its frustrating to victim, cruel and infair but world isnt perfect. Many people live on the rich soil called "trust" and "not attentive" using it. People can set any price to stuff they have.

Thanks for the topic to op, good way to save some people from this trap! :+1:
Motes are additional healing if healer dies and has no ress or disconnected.

op your trouble is only your own incompetence in class.
Id be happy if someone explain how this drop works. Someone from eme.
*very scared*
4am after 12 am. Is what hes speaking about. Its 4am already for him but event not on.
You guys gross :lol:
triple the triple drop and triple the time for it.
Btw there up Counterpoint explained about time. Originally 12am is 0.00. 12 midday is 12pm.
> @tisnotme said:
> StitchedSoul wrote: »
> >Beginning Friday, January 5 at 12 a.m. PST
> 12 am is 0.00 of friday and already was for pst, no?
> 12am is midday not midnite its only 2an atn wait another 10hrs pplz

oke ty. Times zones in us as for eu player are a mess for me.
> @HAAYAAKD43 said:
> StitchedSoul wrote: »
> >Beginning Friday, January 5 at 12 a.m. PST
> 12 am is 0.00 of friday and already was for pst, no?
> who picks that randoma$$ time anyways?! its just like the 3 hour cbb..
> just do it maintenance time ffs.
> the times and duration of this event is pretty ridiculous.

agree, why not to make it since reset of vanguards for example? At least not in the middle of the night.
But the thing is that our complain more likely wont change anything.
why would they reset???
dont do it before event start!
also tried to do some achs there and gave up, got champ without it. que is eternal
>Beginning Friday, January 5 at 12 a.m. PST
12 am is 0.00 of friday and already was for pst, no?
@7D6HAXWL3X your best part dropped by the leg of your father,. Do you get rewarded for being such t/wat?
Crit rate amd crit power arent same things either.
Get over it, its normal way of things :lol:
I respect all who took his time and wrote their opinions, really many cool thoughts. But so sad to understand that they will never come true. Tera either staying or moving back. Even the things that seriously need to be reworked in first place (say hello to vg shop, aces, fc and bg!) loooong time stay in oblivion.
sorry to ruin hopes.
-little upset-

@CassandraTR :+1:
Old i5-2400 runs for me at 65 fps on maximum. Didnt change any settings in files, neither in game except real time optimization and cu.
I had but it was totally the trouble of my provider - his route was going through dead spot in Los Angeles that rised my ping to 580. Finished after three days and all 2 Jan i had fine connection.
Are you kidding? Who cares you lost some rewards? Who cares we actually need them?

Tho id be happy to have compensation myself.
Its reminds of lvling event when we got enchantment scroll for VM.
So called bad wording is a firm move of eme. This isnt first time and isnt last. Learn that everything written by them should be taken vice versa and you will be ok. Stop waiting something from them, its pointless. Eme have no reason to give us something useful. EVERYTHING they do theyre dping for their own money.
Elinusagi i didnt ask your opinion.
We will pretend that you opened me a lot of new by this your statement or you just understand that "everywhere so" is not equivalent of "its right this way".? Its so hard to get full idea that i dont like this whole system of judging people without giving them chance to say something?
Not rewarding for such effort and not that easy for most part of players.
The trouble is that people who are suddebly banned have no right to say something in their defense and cant know what fly biten eme and for what reason he/she was banned.

when youre blamed in real life you can get advocate or one who will defend you and at least will try to make the result fair. Here we facing that eme is a judge and advocat and that who blames. And ANY player isnt safe because he can easily become same outcast without explaining.
I agree that people should know details who were banned. It doesnt add eme respect among community. So if eme for whatever reasons decided to ban someone (may be they have personal troubles between user and eme or just for fun or for real using third party tools) people just have to nod and go away??
This isnt a manner of company that sure in itself and has knowledge of politeness and respect to people (doesnt matter theyre hackers or not).
All this situation leads to even more hostility from people. Even from those who have no idea what third party is.
Now it means such crap can happen with every of us and we will just be dropped out like garbage without explanation. More reason to look behind because we will be judged like witches i, middle ages - without being allowed to say a word.
- we ban you! You did bad thing!
- what i did, i was just ...
- no, we know that you did BAD thing!
- but what thing??
- oh its very bad thing! We know it from a good source!
- but...
- no! *ban*

basically this.
i know that eme doesnt ever give explanation on things, but how were supposed to trust and play calm when we actually dont know if its mistake and incompetence of staff or true third party user?
personally i have no sure in any side. But this thread doesnt add wish to play tera either
Rarely see emeralds in 431. Once in two weeks. Almost like holiday feels...
all i enchanted i did only from crafting rubys from Gg.
drop rate of emeralds and their amount in 431 is nonsence.
Im even afraid to think now to go there in full scry since this happens.
I feel sorry for @eme-circuits - to get pulled into our xmas $hitstorm about total absence of events and communication, read all our whines and salt just because another part eme is indifferent to whats going on and has vacation without actually doing job (which reward is vacation) is not wonderful.

I promiss to be good to her c:
Trolling 80 lvl
Pit of petrax and Gg needed into this event too.
as a compensation for a week of begging, crying, frustrating mood and stress.
you guys dont know how su/x is it to be left out od holiday when all regions of game have it.
Lets close all cinemas because someone afraids of terrorists. Same logic,
Usagi came...
close thread guys, the film is over.
I agree. Doing gg a lot a day, more 16 times and seeing that dropps changed for all gems.
No @counterpoint im not bored. And not soon will be. I wasnt bored with another game for around 10 years. Im rp-er and always will find what to do, So i have 8 more to play to get bored. People are bored if you read what i wrote. And i heard this many time from diff players last two weeks.
And no im not wrapping this all into "tera is dying". If you dont see whats happening then im very sorry over you and have nothing else to say.
Seems im wrong and we have amazing, wonderful and interesting events involving gameolay, nice population, life is going and cities are full of players, the zones are full too, full lfg and people are joining our region and joining. Eu and ru is meh in compare! Hurray!
@Bartholomeus thanks you for a pic a lot :heart:
Well i dont know about corporative im not living in us so i can only believe i guess)) but my statements are not made by imagination. Im playing this game every day, a lot, and i do all content except bg and rkhm. All i say is my experience. People are extremely bored.
This is all good and logical but the point you didnt get counterpontt - the events are a very big art of tera. And this big part suffering since beginning of patch.

you logged to game in past midnight weekend in time before christmas when ppl are mostly free and think that 60+45+some in the other places isnt dead?? I say it again: this is what you see in the time that close to peak times of na (as we know ppl stay longer on weekends) and in holiday time when ppl are free! Srsly you dont get? And now divide it on 2 and you will see how normal is it.

not the one event attracting people to game. Atttitude of all this command and systematic failures are the problem. Everu picture contains many colors. And this is what you dont understand - every event and every move matters a lot. Its reputation of company that guys in eme loosing and loosing since beginninh.
> @counterpoint said:
> allofspaceandtime wrote: »
> last years was way better for the people buying the gifts.
> I'd say it's a draw on that front. The gym uniform was pretty boring IMO (it wasn't even a remodel of the rare version), and the 20-gift prize was a color-swap of the 10-gift mount rather than Elite (which can offset the price of the gifts). Also, this year the prize pool is a bit more valuable than last year (which granted, is better for the receiver). All in all... I'd say it's about even on the whole, but it obviously depends on the person.

Guys...do you really think it matters that much things aka remodel?? Wake up - many even havent money to pay elite, or they have no credit cards!
Also a very important moment that prices evrn for adults are -slightly- very high! And another moment that with dead servers, without population there no people to show this this all your -not boring stuff- off to and no people to give those gifts to.
Log to game and look how much population tera has now.i suggest you take a calming pill before - ITS DEAD, at any time maximum 30 ppl, empty as the desert! At least in terms of ch. And from those 30 only 15 not afking.
But yeah...wallet event and the color of form is very important.
When you all in eme will understand that your events are FAIL since agron.
I would phrase it like: can we have event without paying cash, getting nocts, ccb and pots but with actually play game involved, some usefull reqards with normal chance of getting them? Better if it will not be "GET YOUR PHOENIX MOUNT NOW!!" with ccb as result.
Chill guys...shut game and do something interesting. Tera isnt worth to spend any time on Christmas this year. Meet friends, family, girlfriends and boyfriends. Its not worth whining. Even if they make one it will be again ccb or pots or nocts.
Can it be connected to this?
But you have gold boxes!
This is the most irritating.
thsnks god naturally i play only male chars. At least i feel good that i dont support this rotten worthless company that unable to make game fun without sales of cra/p.
At this point i truly think they are intentionally driving people away. I dont know for what sake but its so. May be for ps4? Tera na boring and discourading af. A lot of buggs not adding fun. No events - no tera na. All because if you have job you have to do it. No ppl to do job? Then give it to another publisher or hire ppl dam/n it!!. But do your stuff!
there is no excuse for fact that we got only one battleground even in this month for xmas.
another regions are bathing in attention while we threatened like garbage.
Gold box is our event.
and no one cares you will have no cash yo eat for. Your troubles
the more boxes you buy the more xmas you feel!
And now when we all said our thanks for ccb we can go and buy some more stuff as we have new "event" going.
This is also important thing to fix - our events are discouraging, almost non existing.
> @counterpoint said:
> LesbianVi wrote: »
> Where is @Halrath? I miss him :confused: He always sent me off map and summon stuff on my head or shut me up from global :(
> He's now the Project Manager on AVA.

So we can pack and uninstall tera i guess. Before we had crystalbind events and now we will have none. I cant believe our world was just dropped to trash can with us together and noone will help us to make events fun. No i mean noone will help us make any events at all.

P.s.good luck to Halrath \o
There shouldnt leave anything but cuteness and shop events
Skyrocketing prices and elins. Nothing new.
No xmas events and fun for common non-elin player.
Till now all we had is battleground spam as event so far.
Specially dug out this thread to say thanks to eme for warnings! : 3
Its more than real if you play game. Every day, for ome hours. if you have friends tanks and/or healers
Tera na lived from events last year.and now when gearing alts is extremely discouraging because expensive those 600-700 gold isnt enough. Have to deal with non geared ppl and que which is very time consuming.
I have grated 5 chars since beginning. Two have frost 0, one frost 6, one storm 0, main storm 7.
Didnt pay a coin. Ognly did by running duns and gold/my gems.
Thanks great!
Amazing news eme! Good job!
:heart: :heart:
Ssg achs are different now, it wont require 50 runs.
Yeah also was wondering who came up with idea to put it. Plasmsa costs 2k -3k gold on my server
Can someone find any info on male haircuts (elf, castanic,human at least?)? Not everyone playes female chars.
At this point if you do all possible except: special tab, trhm achs, kumas (need only one there), corsairs stronghold, tuwangi chieftain, lilith herself timed killing then you will get champion as it was enough for me. I dont count any possible achievememts on rkhm and broken prison.
Its a job Vi to fish out on forums what is usefull and use it if they haven't ideas themself. People in banks working by calling and reminding that someone needs to pay bank. I nightly doubt they always meet good tone on the other side. Somehow they do it and spit on tone. If someone wants they will do it.
And we didn't sign any documents to fit it. Don't like such work and such community?change job.
After some words of Counterpoint feels better.
Thank for support. : 3
That's not first time that new outfits or stuff isn't there. Usually ppl say and they add them. Wait bit.

Also we lack half of things that have to be there. I hope @counterpoint sent his info and we will get all back.
KD should be removed. Its enough that we have KC for more than a year. Instead we could have SS (to fix the lore at last that has no sense with this manner of removing dungeons) or BR or any other interesting (!) and not boring dungeon. At this point I only hear "que everywhere but not KD its boring af". Whoever came with idea we lack this laggy place should come out of his cave and play game at least one week. its very boring long and lame rewarding for time you spend there without any scry guys.

Back to topic. Silver talents are an issue. You can't upgrade one or two alts without pain and piles of gold to 439 because you need jewelry set to be upgraded. Enthropic emblems aren't a way. Price very high and they are rare. Evert dungeon run drops maximum 2 for me. That's way too small for 6-7 things to be upgraded with (letsadmit full) 60% of success.
Congratulations to all who won rewards! Cheers to all who didn't - luck will be on your side don't doubt!
Vi im happy for you srsly :lol:

Wanted to say many thanks to EME for fast move of our things! Did not expected and was pleasantly surprised! Nothing seems misses :heart: Thanks!
Tone? TONE??
Eme are kids to be offended on our tone that they caused themself by their constant indifference, ccb and pots, silent mode without answer?

Vi it is their job. And if they feel so stressed about our tone then hire another people who will deal with our tone by actions, not blatant silence like offended demotivated girls, who will shut us up with their iron hands with cool events and solved troubles, elite peeks, bugs, vanguard shop, fashion coupon, friendship circle shop, pvp rewards, dungeon rewards aka meta tokens and by other stuff.
On a forum where some people can't even write in positive way heir positive thoughts due to language issue (me ofc)s, where people meet people from completely different countries in the world its irrelevant to count tones.
The point of this is that some people can be new to game. But such ppl always very visible no matter if they brawler or any other class. I never touch those, just give few tip at the end in friendly manner.
But im strict to those who certainly know where they were queueing, have twistshard and above gear which means they were in 2 star dungeons and already should have idea about their role, have no proper crystals and failing to meet simple requirements as using all skills to keep agro, manage dmg and good positioning. It is important for me that tank use ALL his skills because i am an archer and for me no such thing as agro. Only a fact that every second it can become mine. This is VERY irritating when boss in 4 star dungs rush at you. And this is why tank has to use skill before - to be sure boss will keep hit him only. I don't see any excuse for this except hard spikes/lags. Tank is a very important role, so be good and fit it.
When you do two runs a day such tank isn't a problem, but there plenty of them and ppl have no nerve system to babysit and be patient to tank in each such run (of course I mean all requirements I wrote above. This isn't about purely new players !)
If people want respect then pay respect to others and do your role.
They don't cry because they don't struggle to keep at least something valuable/interesting/fun. Because they have what to do and where to run. When crew only removes things without giving at least (!) not worse, fails many times in row to do non ccb+pots events, not communicating, not valuing opinions of those for whom they actually working for, but just drops excuses then people become more and more angry.
I agree our community not sugar at all, at this point it is very toxic agtessive and mean (me included) but it is influenced by a global things as all society. Remove our ordinary things like clubs/books/shower and oven and we will fast go back to middle age. With Tera happens quite same. People are TIRED from being threated with indifference!

Also I want to point that opinion of those who rarely afking in cities or comes for an hour every day can be extremely different from those who run hard modes and really want to achieve something OR just have fun. This is not a point to anyone but before shouting how everything is fina make yourself actually okay game and then we will speak.
Counterpoint worse part of this is that "temporary" for eme always means "permanent". The things being fixed so long time (yes bhs and other -reasons- and all...someone gave good example of time work was done here and eu) that there is no hope for any action in nearby half year from eme.
The only positive (and major btw!) is that now wasn't left anything valuable in elite and I can stop pay it without inner doubts that I loose something.
Fee isn't a case either - no events no loot. And 500 gold for drop plates on brokerage I can find.
Nostrum? we have them like dirt.
Boosts for lvling? At this point I don't see sense in lvling something - our servers are dead and end game is almost nonexistent for guys who haven't personal tank.
Mount isn't a case too I have in all chars better and players have their brown horse. If this matter in not proud I could use brown horse either.
Atlas? Is good feature. But for? Afking in highwatch because lfg was dead and event contains only bg.
Crystalbinds I can find myself even better - for 12 hr. Already using btw.
Double run to dungeons? Que is very long to have more than 2 runs each dung due to lack of ppl. Scrolls can be found in merchant.

So i guess no complains, good that it sorted and my doubts disappeared. I have 15more $ for myself, not very much but better than nothing i guess))) Once the points will change (for me fee and ccb were main) and we will get decent events I'll start pay again. And now thanks and arevoir.

P.s. sad we can't stop sub now to freeze the rest days. I would like that.
Lets change all world for bunch of people.
Brilliant logic.
Lel :p
/cast popcorn

Totaly expected and this all was main reason of my very negative posts to eme side in thread about Tikat. Feels sad and angry tho that i was right.
So basically from all elite perks left only fee and double enter to dungeon that we can't acess due to dead servers.
Nice work eme. Go on with that and change the ones for 1 hour, delete fee because someone gonna use elite to set up their stuff on brokerage using one day elite and all we will have to do just shut down pc or move to other regions Ktera Eu and Ru.
I was right when picked some : 3
clearly any update is not what we expect.
No words :lol: Circus hard mode.
Counterpoint and here we get main price much easier? I don't think so. Enough to read threads that ppl create named "write here your rewards". there people have to pay money to get letters while here we don't get chance even for this. But this event is definitely better than afking in highwatch because que is dead, lfg is dead and pvp is (almost) dead except wintera that you can't do all day long like robot.
or eme had better ideas for events? Show them to us.
I don't hide that I will write my ticket to support about what I think of this change.
At this point, when we have no events, not much things to sell after events (except ccb and pots that we got last events)I even think to stop elite for self because no fee for selling items from events and ccb were two main things why I payed it. 12 hr ccb anyway will be better.
wish you all good luck in proving right thing to eme, but in done for now)
I like the idea of this event - run dungeons for such rewards that you actually see is amazing idea! Wings, silver talents, mounts... It could be there some Xmas outfits if eme could make for us same. that could actually bring people to 4 star dungs. That situation we have now with finding group isn't easy. Ppl would have more motivation to run them! Or make it like Kyra - 3 star gives a small box of letters and 4 star big one.
It was explained so many times here...yet we again at same point about laziness.
It seems that they have an interesting event with letters :astonished: i didn't yet understand if its for real money but seems not.
can someone who knows English better explain?? I mean the one with darkan wings event.
No idea. Did 5 for quest at 433 as archer and it fine. At that point I didn't have even few glyphs.
The thing is that Thursday comes after Tuesday within a day. They warn about Thursday true! But it appears usually on Wednesday. And we have to have to afk during time I mentioned a day before warning comes.

Or lets have first Thursday. Also fine for me :lol:
This act against alts using elite ccb from one day elite is disgusting either.
It only makes eme look like scrooge.
ask programmist to make timer: no elite no ccb.
But yes, that requires some work..
And if the reason in alts and one day elite then I do not understand this thing with hiding behind achievement. from the beginning the reason was achievement.
Hello and welcome!)
Have no Xbox so only can help with PC. Playing on Celestial Hills server :smile:
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