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what events? (lately didnt follow) except Strongbox lottery once more
Ive found the only reason why high lvl boxes are less good (not bad but less good) than for other introduced classes before - they're checking if its really worth to make male version of classes. If they put good rewards people will lvl chats just to get those. While the task from above to understand whether it has some sense to unlock or its pointless.
But this what I think, just an opinion)
8 chars in two days - nothing. didnt get even one.
If player has no skill and wish to be better no matter what he choose.
Agree to buy just no rng in any way pls.
I wish we could trade them! I would give all my dyes to you all! :unamused:
oh will know then :smile:

somewhere before i seen this link.
i dont know if this is truth or not. before i was looking it during maintance and it didnt mistake.
Low tier dung + guardian. The rest not worth.
Traverse cut in def stance! :relieved:
Iod in general now not rewarding and empty.
> @Equitas said:
> "halved" "destroyed"

yes. For me exactly. And for many new players who need to kill 20 mid bams to get one completely random glyph.
When the lootboxes will be restricted.
Vg were halved because community wished to have events. But community didnt think that eme will act like that demon in old "wishmaster" film and will destroy our regular and fair system of getting glyphs, tokens, scales and enchantment boxes.

sad that this event is a trickery once more. But i cant say im surprised
But we have lootboxes and costumes!
Ofc.. If its nit about b00bs or elins why make it?
i really hoped we will have it :heartbreak:
Male castanic gunner pls : 3
I dont feel like i will continue after talismans. I srsly hope ktera community will infuence them because this update is too much for me. It will be point of not-return.
And stormcry as a possible reward too. Also low. Why not ? With such 100% p2w events its ok.
But new players still have loot boxes and events aka gem-crate so why bother?
clfarron4 wrote: »
2) it makes the entire gearing process harder for newer players, a backwards step from what the whole point of the current gearing system is supposed to do.

They dont care about new players. Only about those who buy their stuff. Or why would happen such a stupid change to glyphs on IOD.
not gonna spend any money of random loot boxes and vouchers for hairstyles.

If we could choose i would definitely buy 4 or 5
loot boxes v 2.0
Idk rly why crates and tokens?? Why they nerfed them? Bevause guardian??
Do you know how much people have bad nets or bad pc and cant do them?? You made life harder for many people.
Pull is annoying af.
First always asking nit to pull. If it doesnt work i leave.
Had runs when priests did it for fun and even more after you ask not to. Only mor0nic people can pull tank to the dpsers...
Had runs when i asked healer not to pull me at all and he put all his effort not to heal me after for that till the end of dung. Gladly im skilled on all of them and have valkyon pots. But the names of such people arent forgotten.

Only doing so: warn and leave.
Can we also have enchanting boxes and tokens back from IOD that you nerfed.
With iod we had mats and glyphs which we dont get in their so-called events.
its hard for new players and bad for old. Idk who ever came with idea that removing iod enchanting crates and tokens needed in the middle of the patch when many people leaving Tera till better time. But he definitely had something wrong with his head and didnt think that some people will drop idea of gearing their alts. Instead they will go another game.
and they didnt include tokens and crates in vg or events. So basically this is nerf of rewards when we have nothing else yo do but gear alts.
this is the second worst decision except removing permanent ccb.
I agree with you in all.
Its true we asked for events. Hell, begged! But not for price of double vgs definitely.
IOD rewards are a joke imo. Not worth without double
There was a smart dyad structure in that event. We will not get it? Please add somewhere!
Tbh scared me too... Dont leave pls : 3
Lol :lol:
one cannot live without new reason to complain.
I mentioned that i my post.
Is why i posted it here - guys really worked on that and now due to silly rule their job may just die in dephs of same threads of forums despite the actual state of not very active thread.
my purpose was to keep it alive.
Such bugs happen with dungs often. I usually re-que after 7 mins of waiting.
I want to remind that we had a wonderful thread with list of weapon skins. People spent time gathering information, making pic and posting. Very good thread that was closed due to silly forum rule so we have to create new and new and new just because it wasnt very active. Idk why its better to have 100500 same threads on forum and make search harder instead of keeping thread where all info will be.


i hope that the work of people wasnt in vain.
Id pay for double vgs to come back .
We complain not without reason. First we find something really useful and valuable and next eme guts completely what we like and offers something else wrapped in "moar rewards" paper.
Do not touch what was working fine itself and there will be no complains.
Many of us know how 'events' here work - half working, half not working. This is why it cant and never be better than double vgs that we had. This is why we ask for events - better it will be one, but planned, good, rewarding and not buggy, not laggy event, than many others that doesnt work/not rewarding.
Its a bad strategy - to do many things. Usually it gives no result at all.
Players asked for events but they never mentioned that they agree vgs to be gutted in order to have half working events. Sadly no one asks players. So we have what we have - game again not rewarding and boring.
But ye...we now have some 'events'.
And lootboxes ofc.
i agree on dye!
and first of all i want to see normal rich black color for castanic males. and silver pls.


PLEASE make candies and chocolate DESTROYABLE! Instead of this feature we get increased amount of those things.

p.s im aware that those choco 14 feb gift.
Lol i just thought today: why i did it with five chars till 100:D
Three chars till 100 included - braveries, feasts, one mantle. No single dyad.
i wish i could give you my stuff to have one dyad..
Blood DK suits more.
5 lvls higher?? Which is that? o-o
Good idea. And add smart dyads to any shop.
@Pages forgot about contagion...true.
but 5% debuff for boss isnt a reason for me to kick priest. Idc about dmg nerds.

People should learn to be a human first and after their elins.
This wish of players here is covered with moss already.
welcome to our club :lol:
Have to agree with @CornishRex
i barely play priest but still aware from different people that it was infairly underpowered. In groups in IM many times i argued and declined kicks of priests initiated by mystic lovers. You know what? Stop derping and make two more piece of jewelry that you can use depending on healer.
Mystic is cool but its unfair that priest always in the @ss.
Better first unlock for males the ones we have.
Tbh i dont feel mystics were nerfed. Vow was just a very pleasant and valueable perk for group. Since this change ppl will have to be more attentive, learn class and mechs where before they could think that vow will carry them.
Double post
@Furappi may because you really learn your class or just a human who thinks of what hea doing. In my practice i heard a lit of whines from new players about kicks in manner "i was just learning". And becayse servers arent currently very populated i even heard opposite opinions about reasons of kicks from people who were in same grp with those who complained. I dont say all players like that. In upper post i wrote about it.
And no tokens tripled :(
> @Furappi said:
> StitchedSoul wrote: »
> Kumas is cancer for low lvl. New players spam it without any understanding how actually tera out of kumas works. They dont learn their skills, neither any game mechanics. And after all those guys come to IM and complain that they get kick from every dungeon. Well what do they expect if they have no idea how to do their role? Dps can be carried but nothing is worse than clueless tank or healer.
> just remove it for new players. Make it available for those who have at least one 65. Or make it for 65 only so people could get their achievements at last,
> Thats too harsh, like Gelos said, its a fun bg theres no need to take away from new players they could atleast increase the xp reward from dungeons so we dont have to grind on kumas royale too much

do you really believe if they make such change someone will grind it less? Lol
my point is that new players upon reaching 65 shoukd know at least basic things about dungeons and their class. Ive met plenty of crying new players complaining that they were kicked because "they were learnimg". At this point party doesnt demant a lot except holding agro and healing/ cleanse, which means thst most part (not all ofc) just didnt that very minimum of their role. At 65 you should learn specific dung mechanics, but have to know minimum about your class. KR is a fun i dont argue with this but brainless grind. And new players dont gwt any skill doing it.
Kumas is cancer for low lvl. New players spam it without any understanding how actually tera out of kumas works. They dont learn their skills, neither any game mechanics. And after all those guys come to IM and complain that they get kick from every dungeon. Well what do they expect if they have no idea how to do their role? Dps can be carried but nothing is worse than clueless tank or healer.

just remove it for new players. Make it available for those who have at least one 65. Or make it for 65 only so people could get their achievements at last,
I so much like when we get responses :blush: thanks @CobaltDragon
Soon will be half year how we asked for this - since beginning of patch. The only way is to count i guess
I stopped waiting for fc update. Practice showed you cant believe words in world of eme.

free stuff want those who support such "events" as they get additional rewards(artisan kits for example). People who want double vanguard back instead of this mess with events are steady and willing to work constantly and every day for their rewards to avoid rng feast where "notfreestuff lovers" taking advance by luck.
Offtop: i suggest you also look guild bank permissions (if you have gbank) and allow it only to you (optionally to friends you can really trust). Dont expect people to be honest.
1 create lack of stuff
2 wait
3 add 50% back
4 make "we give even more rewards!" sauce
@ShadowOfLight i know about 1.5 dragon but not interested in it a bit less than completely.
glyphs are more important:D
Lvl warr tank.
its will be surprise that you can que as tank but... You cannot tank because your stance and skills not learned till 52!
whoever did this should suffer.
> @ShadowOfLight said:
> StitchedSoul wrote: »
> Yeah...wanted to lvl one more tank and decided to not do it, because it will need to do two (20 bams) mid tier vanguards to get ONE RANDOM glyph.
> poor new players...
> tbh this probably the worst reason alone to be mad at VG nerfs but to each their own I guess.

"worst" is a subjective definition, same as "best". It depends only on needs of players.
i have tonns of nocts, i have acc wide dragons. For me glyohs for chats are way more important than tier 8 emporiium that also not far.
so yes youre right - to each their own.
and i ber new players will first struggle with glyphs, rather than scales or nocts.
Price isnt that big trouble like rng. Big price is anyway better than rng drop from dungeons (hello good luck) or strongbox event fir blue whales. Agree on 50k.
Yeah...wanted to lvl one more tank and decided to not do it, because it will need to do two (20 bams) mid tier vanguards to get ONE RANDOM glyph.

poor new players...
Soon we will all thank eme for giving us our regular things as present in events because normal was returned to nonsence.
its like to put price 150% then wrap this all in "gift paper" and say "-50% discount!".
idk for me its a trickery just to not do any effort.
Thanks a lot !! :blush:
Can we get one response about this issue? We talking about this on forums already few months and yet NOONE answered us in any of our threads even on any other topic!
This is blatant disrespecting inorance of playerbase.
Agree with @ElinLove would be less raging on forums if we would get response as it was mentioned. Because it looks like were writing into the nether and eme is ephemeral substance.
Brilliant... To cut rewards without giving anything instead. Events? I srsly dont think eme's rng events can replace steady way of obtaining stuff.
idk why they always touch something that already works fine instead of fixing something that broken.
Smart dyads are a pain for many players but eme never even responded to us.
Players gave many suggestions about them but yet the situation on the same stage and events like TRn cannot solve this too due to evil rng and low drop rayes.
so i guess we have to fuse 400 more normal to get whatvwe need.
Group has yo wait 2 mins true. But healers mystics staying mostly nit in combat and through them player can be kicked.
i fought this a lot and i will continue. This is dishonest way to kick no matter how bad player was. Wait till the end and then kick. Mystics cant pull other players also, so basically such kick harms group.
So what do you want from me?
Why i insisted? becasue you said large. Thats why i asked what is large. If you cant say any number with any single arguement that contains at least any counts its all a far sight from a dental floss for me.
no need to rage so much over everything. its not good for health
Well, one more reason to have friends for those [filtered] not enough skilled
I dont know what surprises me more - that you think i dont know whats moongoud and never seen it or that you assume 70% percentage without any counts even.
its pointless speak for me as still all your numvers arent proved by any count so i stay at my point - it can be a very usefull site but we cannot assume any numbers of players by upliaded data there.
it wont hurt you either to think sometimes that your view of whole picture contains only a fragment.
Doesnt seem too much rewarding for both sides now.
Ah...again you. Something new you can say except trying to give your own words about "filthy cheaters" as mine future words?
Large part? Who ever counted this?
all i see are unproved words about that part and about how good and valueable that site is. It lacks one thimg : the definition of what is "large" part. 40%? 60%? 80%?.
Moongourd?? That side project that shows only those who have dmg- meter? Lol that cannot be count as any valueable source to prove anything except numbers in dmg.
This all sounds so sad... :(
And there is no any hope left that our Tera will be again interesting and full of people ? Everything is so bad
Another one nail in our coffin.
worse idea ever!

with the state we have we can be sure of what we have and will have as rewards. Events are pure rng and it will lead to even huge depth as someone will be more lucky and some not. This becomes pathetic - instead of working for rewards we will have to pray the rng god?? Lol??

ps. Some of my friends left tera this month. This will lead yo even bigger loss as we will have no motivation to do something except e.r.ping and afking.
I didnt ask anything lol
Best way to make people watch stream is to make it interesting, not mess with codes)
Well first time i must admit i like this particular elin in this outfit :)
I mean they said the didnt extend because they forgot. But some ppl could open boxes and get nothing from jackpots as it wasnt extended. Means they lost their keys in vain? Or i dont get something i guess
Idc about suits but wanna say thanks to eme for fast maitance !! <3
And ppl lost keys ?
Not all people want yo help others and spend their time with new players. And all that this runs will come to is : do it faster you n00b!
Idk about you guys but fir me its very hard to look at their roadmap serious. They say update but deleting fed.bills (its not about how right/wrong it was) , moving FC store...
i srsly cant take it as any official plan.
when it will happen, and when i will see that eme really not just promisses but takes action then i will believe. Untill then i have no faith in this company.

p.s. We were promised us many things since june '17 and still 90% of them in "promisses" stage.
If they will stop the servers will crash.
Because implement needs to work and they dont want. Also they dont care about regions.
Just seem a few minutes ago guy won 8 smart dyads. The name can only in pm.
but dueing day i see it first time.
Not everything was bad.
But the world doesnt die even when billions of people die. I think its not gonna be worse.
Or make it not sell-able :)
Discouraging and saying how it is arent same things.

to op: game is playable and interesting if you dont fix yourself only on it. The gameplay now includes much more grind than it was before. You need either grind a lot or have loads of gold. But enchanting for mid tier equip is much more easy now. Yes Tera isnt in best place with events and updating of shops and stuff now, but as long as you have friends around its gonna be cool and interesting anyway!)
Count ne in i agree we need normal way to get the for FIXED price.
not low chance in rng event where people who arent lucky get only two for 60+ runs, not p2w events, but real way to get them.
Noooooo D:
But seriously i wish better place for Spacecats with interesting tasks and team around.
im sorry if i ever offended you in my posts!
> @Noobsloth said:
> StitchedSoul wrote: »
> Whines of a lazy boy who wants everything on a silver plate.
> Lol you've done nothing in this conversation but name calling and attempt to derail the conversation.
> I'm not whining, this thread is a suggestion to add something to the event enabling others to participate. With the option of getting keys from sea chests being removed the keys are not obtainable in f2p friendly manner.
> Whining and suggesting options to improve an event are two very different things.

name calling?you must have belong to those not rare category of people who like little girls sees name calling and toxicity in everything.
you can grab a medal now and be proud that you gave suggestion. Need applause?
Whines of a lazy boy who wants everything on a silver plate.
Do you even read sometimes?
You got responses that you dont need a year to pick keys from starting 2 tier that is very easy and fast to obtain.
"not friendly to f2p" is not equivalent of "not existing for f2p".
you dont need to have high tiers to get keys either. they are obtainable from low tiers too just in another amounts but frequently. from 4 iirc (if not even 2). and tier 4 is possible to farm in less than 4 months if you really want to. That wont give a pile of keys ofc. But i doubt that if they would exist in dungeons that would be about 2-3 star dungeons that main part of players F2P does and ofc not in that amounts that will let you stock up 100+

Not surprised :-1:
> @ElinUsagi said:
> Probably you are right.
> Rewards on events shouldnt be this big, it lead us to think is not but a cash grab, it demotivate us from participate in ti, it make us think the chances to get a prize will be so low that even 1k keys wont be enought.
> And for me it is even worst because the prizes are only in-game materials and no mounts, accesories or costumes inside them.
> :c

exactly. I understand that they wanted to attract players to buy keys to have our money but people neither stupid nor suffer from memory lack : we all know how big rng is and how low chances are especially when it comes to "win your dragon now!!" events.
imo they just killed their own profit by such rewards as they just will scare away.
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