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Naru2008 wrote: »
If you've 'left' why are you still here antagonizing the community and targeting people like Counterpoint and others? Take your antagonistic attitude and actually 'leave' rather than group yourself with the amount of people who have said "I quit" then linger on the forums and doing nothing but complaining or attacking other people. You're likely to find yourself either jailed or banned if you keep on this route.

Very disrespectful, and you come off as rude. We have enough toxicity around here. Please don't add to it.

@Naru2008 Jail me? how would that work? :lol: maybe you meant IP ban. That would make more sense. They can go ahead and ban me if they really want too. I don`t care. This place is a zoo. However I do agree that I have already said what I wanted to say. And.. honestly replying to every parrot like yourself is amusing but it is infact getting old, even for me. Squash one roach, and others come out. Each more blind and sanctimonious then the next. Its pointless and its endless. So Its settled then. I agree with you and your timing happened to be excellent. We`ll see what happens after the 16th. Thank you for your input. I appreciate it. No jokes.
FODOKCH wrote: »
To play with warrior class, its impossible to do AAHM, without proxy i lose 37,5% of DPS, 37,5%!!! Im not crying because the proxy, im crying because im not going to do any DG 5 stars, because DG 5 stars need time to kill the boss, AAHM u have 10 min to burn the boss, I am SC+9 full and without proxy, i do the same dps as FM+9 full, but the dg is 453, imagine do any dg now 5Stars + going like FM, its impossible, without proxy we have few PRO players to clear these new dgs that are coming and probably u wont find a nice party to finish, now without proxy the only DG that i can do is MAX 4 stars with a lot of problems like lag spikes ( RM sucks with it).

@FODOKCH You pinged the wrong person tho :lol: I agree that people do need proxies. Its the only thing that will save the game.

73K5HJREXP wrote: »
I rarely type in forum until the proxy mess. I am someone who watched this whole thing from the start and made a decision what I support from all the things I read and response.

Your reasons and opinions are inconsequential, and they are not my concern. If you are naive enough to play along with what you set out for yourself, then thats on you.
73K5HJREXP wrote: »
Never defend counterpoint before this once before this so I do not know what fangirl means.
I just think it is hilarious how you are actiing and that 100% you giving other proxy users bad representation.

Then your not very bright. I won`t address you mentioning him, as he asked me not to keep involving him. I obliged that request for the time being, unless he gives me a reason to do otherwise. For now this is fine. Overall my talk was with him not with you, your just the little sheep that tagged along. Thats about that. Tho its your assumptions that amused me the most. First you assumed I have a grudge, which I don`t. This is all a result of boredom and amusement. Keep reading, i`ll address your second mistake.
73K5HJREXP wrote: »
Again i do not speak english and I play from different country with 160 ms but NEVER NEEDED TO USE PROXY! I have full +9 stormcry gear today and I have never whined. Do I do lower than top 1% DPS in dungeon? Yes I do but I can still hit almost 3mil on good setup anyway and that is clearable.

I am an actual player who plays from a different country but I am not whining that proxy is removed?I have had opinion of proxy before but I also read lot and lot of forum post as a final decision. IS that not the main goal for proxy? For 150+ms player to play? But I made a decision from how people like you act in the community post and decided at the end I do not want to be or act like someone that whine and cry.

You are assuming that i`m a proxy user. Are you sure about that? it seems like your not used to using your head, so let me help you. If I was using a proxy, I could have easily admitted to it by now, and I could have also used it to prove other points ive made. However I have done no such thing. No here, and not anywhere else. Also every opinion I have ever mentioned in the entire forums about these subjects, have often been from an observatory standpoint. Like it or not I never used a proxy, and I have also expressed my negative opinions about cheaters several times over, in various places. Tho I will admit that I did use a DPS meter tho. They can ban me for that if they want too.

Also.. on a side note, so you have +9 SC which you got today and you can do almost 3mil?! wow i`m sooooo impressed! you are truly Veliks champion! carry me Senpai! :love: or.. not :lol: putting all jokes aside, you.. seem to talk about your in game performance as if it was some kind of trophy. If thats the case then I feel sorry for you on a number of levels. Yeah content can be cleared without a proxy. Even someone like you can do it. Isn't that fantastic? tho some people have higher ping then yours. Some people have more then 160 ms. Some people even have over 200. People with that kind of ping can`t really enjoy the game properly. So... yeah if your dumb enough to accept playing with your conditions, that's entirely on you.
73K5HJREXP wrote: »
End of the mess I can feel for high ping player who need proxy but if it comes to not having proxy that cause a good chunk of people with your attitude stark to leave and cry to EU, I will be more than happy to not support proxy on NA. This is your attitude when toy is removed from the game? Insult try to find post 1 year ago and more crying.

Ah more incorrect assumptions. Why am I not surprised. I get that your not an English speaker but please learn read between the lines, to some extent. I did not leave NA because of the proxy itself. I left because my friends left, an entire guild infact. Most of them are Asian and their ping was too high. So when EME stopped the proxy, they lost those players. If you insist on responding to me, please make sure to apply abit common sense, @73K5HJREXP
73K5HJREXP wrote: »
Stop going at counterpoint.

Man can do whatever he wants. If counterpoint want to invest time helping new players and answering questions so be it. You can also do what you want and waste your own time going after someone else.

to bring up a post more than a year ago severely implies to me that you have some form of actual grudge or hate towards the guy. again you say it is act of boredom and probably true. but just makes you seem hypocritical and desperate.

Also yes you can whatever you want. But you still look like a total idiot.

You said you went to EU? Good. Do not come back because you will whine and find other problems you would not like anyways. Stop typing on forums and giving other actual proxy player still willing to play on NA a bad image, as being a toxic resentful [filtered] who is throwing insults on anyone that could be possibly associated with EME with the thinnest threads. If you really were bored you would go grind on eu like you said lol. not going back 14 months ago just to re attack someone randomly. @Starkhoe

We`ll i`ll be! :open_mouth: I didn't know he had dumbass fangirls like you, kneeling on all four like that! now that's devotion! I love it. i`ll buy you more Vaseline for your birthday. keep it up baby girl! I gave you a like! :joy:
Superp117 wrote: »
You had a point, at some point, now youre coming off as antagonistic.

@Superp117 you are half correct. I did make my point elsewhere, but I don`t think that i`m displaying actual animosity. Its just harmless smack talk and its not really personal. Just an act of boredom. Only a fool would think too much into this. Besides. You are thinking in linear terms, public perception. The people whose opinion does matter to me have left NA because of whats been going on here. They weren't even cheaters, just people that suffered from a high ping tax. And now we all have to start from scratch on EU just because EME decided to suddenly pretend to care about proxies and their TOS, after years of silently benefiting from third party software. So excuse me for lacking sympathy towards any of their advocates, and all the hypocrites that follow.

I`m.. not sure if you ever read some of my posts, but for me this place is like watching a TV show. And until EME fixes what they did wrong, I wouldn't care even if I came off as pure evil, or even if I got banned from the forums.
Somehow you made it even more creepy. Could you please just leave me out of this?

Oh your one to talk :lol: your someone that has his lips so far up in EMEs keister, some people might even mistake you for someone that actually gets paid for something. Which isn't true because you don`t get paid and money can`t buy what you are. Your like a wannabe employee on steroids man. Its great! I hope the perks are worth it! so believe me when I tell you that id rather come off as "creepy", then be what you are :lol: the funniest part tho, you didn't have a say in this to begin with :+1: Don`t worry. there's no need to reply to this. You have no further use. I wont reply if you wont.
metagame wrote: »
Starkhoe wrote: »
or Tera NA will die much sooner then it would have otherwise.
-the millionth person to claim this

The millionth person? well aren't we optimistic:lol: tho sure. I get it. I`m overstating. That must be it. Obviously EME are negotiating with Calli and all those other third parties because things are going great! the population must be healthier then ever!
Honestly, I find your calling me out like this for a statement made 14 months ago kind of creepy. I don't need to be used as some weird pawn in this childish "look at how powerful we are for making EME kneel" posturing, and you could have made your point just as well without it. I hope that they develop an actual solution that addresses the problem one way or another. That's all I want to worry about right now.

@counterpoint you are thinking too much into this. I simply have a good memory and I was bored. So in order to pass my time I felt like using you as an example in the current subject. I didn't call you a "pawn" but if you insist sure, why not. I could play along. You are one of the more clever fellows here after all, and you are a council member. So if I would continue with what you suggested, then, in a way, you do kind of represent something. So you wouldn't just be "a pawn", you would be a good one. Some people here do in fact look at you for answers and sometimes even technical support. Quite a disposition if you ask me, all things considered. So... yeah showing people that you were wrong and that EME was wrong, does make a statement. Thats poetic. I`m impressed. Thanks! :lol:

Seriously tho, you were right about one thing. This problem will be addressed one way or another, and EME is responsible for this. They will either fix this problem, or Tera NA will die much sooner then it would have otherwise.
Ok so in regards to their statement about allowing proxies, I have a few things to say.

1) To all the sanctimonious sheep that argued with me over this subject, and boasted how their precious EME will "take care" of proxies and get rid of them, the only thing I have to say is... ha ha! I told you so, you dumb mother... what, who did you think was more important? the casual carries or the invested carriers? the weekly and monthly spenders or the beneficiary talkers sitting on their "anti proxy high horse"? EME are doing the only thing they can. And that is to cater to the golden goose, so their game won`t die. It is that simple. It is as I have said along time ago: when all is said and done, even the smart ones and the people who are truly helpful cannot change this level of powerlessness at the face of the possible consequences of taking action against proxies. Isn't that right, Counterpoint? ;)

2) I`m glad to see that EME is leaning twoards "options 2" in my suggestion thread. It is the most cost effective solution. I`m glad you are doing your best to prevent Tera NA from becoming Tera Chicago. On a side note though, I am aware that there are other issues and I think that you shouldn't have done this in the first place. You should have left things the way that there were, as right now nobody in their right mind would actually trust you, as you are truly unreliable. But I don`t really care about that, being as I kept bothering with this game purely for my friends. Everything else is meaningless.

3) To express my own support with this decision, I can confirm that myself, as well as the entire guild I was in, will return to NA if you allow proxies back.Some of them are quite the spenders :+1: Thank you for attempting to redeem yourselves. Now lets see if you can actually do it!
Kira98 wrote: »

Come EU, with 200ms you can play better than NA. No fps drop, no lag, no lag spike lag. Goood events and a lot things really good :3

Already there ;)
Gatokatzen wrote: »

Seems like the best solution is looking for the future, there is going to be a New Harry Potter MMORPG similar to Tera. Could be a hard hit if starts as f2p

"404 Not Found"
Maxmilian wrote: »
you have accosted her for being a "leftist" for posting an article about the unfair treatment of professional women in video games, while she exists as a PROFESSIONAL WOMAN IN VIDEO GAMES.
How many more people just like you do you think harass her on a daily basis for being female? How many people just like you, think using ad hominem arguments and personally attacking her contributes to the discourse regarding her culpability for her actions and competence as a CM?

I love white knight logic. Problem is tho, I don`t think anyone here cares about her gender. You seem to be talking about it more then anyone else. Second, that comment she left to that guy was far from being professional. People get fried for talking like she did. KitTeaCups unprofessional approach can be seen in many places throughout this forum. How she plays games is not on question, its her incompetence as a CM that poses a relevant problem. She is a reckless and disrespectful employ. EME should replace her.
Maxmilian wrote: »
Let me answer you: A lot. This is why your threads get locked, this is why you people get banned. You're poorly adjusted, have bad social skills and youre incapable of reason or any degree of discourse without personally attacking or insulting the other party. You contribute nothing to discussions, you probably dont even care about KTC or her performance, youre just here to push whatever weird agenda you have. Now [filtered] off.

Poorly adjusted people often come out as starved being attention, often spewing every possible argument to push their own agenda forwards, via mock idealism and two cent morality plays using pop-culture references over conversational subjects, in hopes of evoking sympathy within their own irrational approach. Which one do you think you came off as? a well adjusted person with strong social skills? :lol I might not be a psychologist, but my agenda is to avoid having to start from scratch on EU. In order to promote this agenda, I have created my own discussion over the subject. And it seems to me like getting KitTeaCup fired serves that agenda to a minute extent. Which is why I have stated earlier that I hope she gets replaced.
When I first saw how incompetent she is I just wondered how did she even get the job in the first place. Connection? Or just nobody applied? Legit anyone could've done a better job.

I don`t know who she is, I don`t want to know, and I don't care how she got the job. People here said that shes some kind of gamer, but obviously not one that plays Tera. For all that I know, she might have even been hired purely based on her performance being on all four. You know what I mean. Doesn't matter. I simply hope they replace her.
I have already made suggestions elsewhere. As for KitTeaCup, the only way to help her is to replace her with someone more capable. Maybe replace her with someone that actually plays the game. EME, if you assist on keeping her, i`m sure that you can find something for her to do. Surely there are some papers which need filling somewhere. Bringing things from the basement, refilling coffee mugs etc.
Saabi wrote: »
I'm not gonna sit here and argue with you about this. There's more evidence proving me right, right now. So go ahead, your flame bait is not about to work here.

Let the haters hate. The future will not change unless they change.
Saabi wrote: »
Most people only use just sp for dps though.. So I don't follow.. The only other thing people use is macros and that does not require proxy, that's the only thing that comes to mind. The exploiters are the minority.

@Saabi I think that the majority of people only used proxies in order to play the game as it was meant to be played. The majority of players are not cheaters, and I tend to believe that the ones that made the proxies meant for the public use, only did so in an effort to help out players which suffered from ping issues, as well as other issues. I believe that the proxies were meant to be as helpful tools, tools for handling the inherit issues that come up when dealing with an old game like this one. A game whose own creators did not bother to fix. The same thing goes for DPS meters imo. A DPS meter is meant for personal use, so that people will be able to test themselves out, and experiment with different builds, possibly even sharing those builds. Its true that a person can say: "yeah but you can calculate your dps with the system menu!". Yeah right, as if someones really going to do that. Show me that one "genius" that does the math by themselves, after single fight, and in that fashion :lol: The meters are NOT meant for belittling players. Thats the one thing alot of people abused.
Christin wrote: »
you created a thread to tell them an option is to come up with their own program

You misunderstand my intention. I have assembled a discussion over what I believe are the only possible solutions, so that people will be able to debate them all under one compact thread which (hopefully) addresses only these issues, as a whole. See, the original one EME made has people gunning at all these options as well. But that one felt to me like it was all over the place. In addition, their thread led comments to become more erratic in their nature, due to the limitations of the context itself. This thread is for people like you wish to speak their minds, without someone attempting to "get rid" of them, just because they have an opinion about these subjects. And, yes, I know that there are several threads around these subjects already. I don`t really care. This is my version of this, and i`m fine with it lol

On a side note. I have no real intention of debating someone here myself, as I have already said what I think. People either get it, or they don't. Besides. I already mentioned that the technicalities around how to make these suggestions happen don't interest me even abit. I don`t care about all the "cant", "wont", "how", "why". Thats not my concern. I still believe that if one of these 3 options is not implemented, then the 16th will be the beginning of the end. I don`t really care if someone agrees with me or not :lol:
buffons wrote: »
Even assuming they implement any sort of solutions that satisfies players and makes some of them come back, then what? How long until the next screwup? how many people will their next inevitable screw up [filtered] off? How will many will then ban/censor/cover up next time? there is such a thing as using up all your good will.

No game is perfect. Especially not this one. People will always nitpick over something idiotic. However these issues are the most pressing currently, and addressing them properly will go a long way. They have no choice either way, this isn't about having a good will. However look at the bright side. Its the point of no return anyhow, so perhaps if they fix these current issues, they might get inspired to finally address the customization issues someday. Who knows really.
KitTeaCup wrote: »
Hi TERA Players,

The TERA PC team is working on something to share by early next week. Per Denommenator's forum post (also quoted at the start of this thread), we ask for your patience.

We want to be sure that we provide you meaningful updates, so this post is to serve for the purpose to let you know we are not ignoring you. We have certainly heard you on "we don't want to just be told we are being heard, we want action". That's fair. But it also takes a little bit of time.

Right now, we are working with Bluehole to determine what we can implement alongside our current roadmap. We want to share with you more than a "yes, we'll do XYZ", but a "yes, we'll do XYZ, here is when".

I know it's hard when you can't see the work we are doing, that you only have what communication we do here or on the Discord to rely on. Like Denommenator's post said, we do hear you, and ask for patience while we work through your feedback and with Bluehole.

We'll be providing another response by early next week.

Thank you,
The TERA PC Team

Everything worth while takes time. I just hope you get this right. How many chances you do you think you guys will get for this? tick tock :lol:
Zoknahal wrote: »
Guess what! They activated the Halloween event, and didnt even announced it. Same was for Rootstock, activated and announce it a day after

Way to go EME.

Off to a good start! :lol:
RDMichie wrote: »
All i can do right now is wait and see that EME will do

That is the only part which matters. Whatever reasons exist to contradict the possibility for my ideas to happen, will not change the turn of events which will happen if they don't get implemented. Besides. This is beyond the point of bringing up arguments or examples. Its a do or don't kinda thing. You said your a game developer. Well then I hope your smarter then EME. Not a hard feat, as far as I can tell :lol:

HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
I had such a laugh at the third option...

Good sense of humour!

My sense of humor does not come close to EMEs imo. They should write a book on how to kill games :expressionless: That being said tho I never said that my suggestions will happen. These are simply the last lines of the rope. Either one of which will be done, or Tera NA will die.
why couldn't eme just get a copy of the proxy program and have someone go through it to make sure its safe and all, and then implement it as their own. I suggested this last year, when we had this same fiasco going on.

I have no idea. Though it would be better for them to make one of their own. They can do it or they can hire someone to do it. They could pay him using the money they would get from all the returning players lol
Cezzare wrote: »
Number 1 might take time, but I guess it's the best scenario. 2 is unlikely but I guess it could be some alternative, maybe including a "copy" of the proxy system in Tera's client. Number 3 is the less likely, mostly because GF might actually want you to buy stuff again instead of coming there, with all your NA stuff, it's either that or the fee for that service will be quite high.

Which option could be done over the other, it not relevant. They are the ones to sort that out. I couldn't care less how it gets done, and I would pay to move my soon to be deleted charters. But if one of these options is not implemented then the 16th will be the real beginning of the end for this game.
The discussion is aimed mostly at EME. However player feedback will be appreciated. After reading the forums, as well as being someone that used to play Tera NA for quite some time,I will present what in my personal opinion are the only solution possible to fix this current situation. Keep in mind that the technical difficulties around making these ideas happen, as well as whatever other legal considerations might come to pass, are elements which I simply don`t care about. I`m not tech support, i`m not a lawyer, and i`m no were near being bored enough to Google every aspect of the technicalities around implementing my ideas. So please keep in mind that these ideas are merely presented from a players standpoint. I don`t care how its done, as long as it gets done. EME, if you can this done that would be great! and by doing so I believe that you will extend this games already dwindling lifespan.

1) Provide your own solution:
Create an official proxy and DPS meter. Doing this will solve the current situation, but if your product out does the ones that were made by independent sources. I mentioned that last part because slacking in this area will only give people a reason to stick with third party software. Lets face it, Xigncode3 did not stop cheaters, nor has it stopped other third party software. EME you stopped the proxies independently, not Xigncode3. That alone proves that even you realize that "thing" is useless. At this point gold scammers are the least of your problems. Why not attempt to restore faith in the community, by giving people something official they can trust, something you will have control over. BHS/EME, whoever is responsible for these poor decisions, you gave people a reason to reach to outside sources. Make no mistake.. thats on you. But you can still redeem yourselves. If you do this, I believe that most people that left for EU will come back to NA.

2) Accept the lesser evil:
Change the TOS, or whatever else stands in the way, in order to allow proxies and DPS meters to work in Tera NA. And, no, i`m not going to use the "cheaters will keep cheating" speech, or whatever other human factors and opinions comes into play, being as i`m pretty sure that things like that don`t matter to you as much as money does. After all money is the pipeline, and you live off statistics. So here is a simple equation for you: find a way to measure the amount of people using proxies/meter V.S the amount of people using proxies/meters for cheating. Which one of those two has generated more money for you? if you think about it, you already have a reputation for not being big on communication and transparency. So why not just.. do what you always do. You have been benefiting from proxies for years, what good has breaking the silence on that did for you? the people that throw the most money on this game are not the casuals ones anyway. You know what I mean.

3) Sailing grace:
If you are unable to apply solutions 1 and 2, then the only way for you to prove to the community that your not as out of touch as everyone says you are, would be for you to find a way to make it possible for account transfers into Tera EU. Don`t be a sore loser, show people that you are not a publisher that spits in peoples faces. People have put up with a lot of garbage just for the sake of playing this game, and nobody really likes starting from scratch. Give people a choice to pick where they want to be.

And on a final note: EME, these might be suggestions, but I believe that failure to implement at least one of these ideas into the game, will have long term consequences for the playerbase. These imo are the only working solutions. If you cant do this, then I believe Tera NA will see its final years (and i`m being very generous on that assessment). And these final years (2 in my opinion) will happen under your wing. Your reputation is already not that great. Think about it...
Shinku89 wrote: »
^ yeah they deleted the one comment that was important to me in here but they didn't delete my stupid arguments with other people in here.

Don`t you see what they are doing? my original reply addressed the topic, and I had like 20 "likes" and I also mentioned leaving NA. Your original reply had around 16 "likes". See for them its much easier to discredit you and leave the fights you had in here, making you come out like an irrational person, instead of leaving comments like yours for all to see. You made them look bad, so did I, so they made us go poof. Tho this time around deleting comments isn't going to cut it. Not that it ever did. The end is coming for this game, its just a matter of time now.

That`s what cowards do. They Hide.
Shinku89 wrote: »
lol I just noticed they deleted my first comment in here (the relevant comment to this topic) about me leaving the game after 5 years playing, I didn't offend anyone in that comment, just stating my opinion about their decision...
They are basically silencing people who explained why proxy helped them with their ping issue and how much significant it is to people that have high ping (I got more than 15 likes in that comment as well).

Their lack of response to this topic and the fact they're deleting specific comments basically tells you what they think about this whole issue. They don't care and they won't change anything about it.

However they seemed to have left some of the arguments you had in here. They did the same to me. Rather convenient, wouldn't you say lol
Christin wrote: »
IKR. Moving to EU is sure tempting, but there is no way I'd be able to invest the time or cash I did with NA. Plus, they'd probably get Xing as soon as I installed the game.

Do they have the big Black Friday sales that NA had?

I suppose everyone bets on a dying horse at least once in their lifetime. I get it. Then again, you already know how this race is going to end. Since you mentioned cash, I think that you should consider this as a turning point: you can either restart as a smart investor, or keep sponsoring NA`s funeral. To be frank, we were probably not friends in-game, so I don`t really care what you do. However, as one player to another, just look at this place. Its a bad joke. You can either laugh about it as someones whose stuck here, or laugh about it as someone whose sees just how funny it really is.

If you wanna know more about EU - go play it! lol
Liam, I really like your approach towards gaming, and I appreciate you trying to give a compelling story here to try to get your point a cross, invoking empathy through personal experience, giving a humane background to this subject. If this is how you really feel then you have done a good job in voicing it, and I can understand that for a casual player stuff like proxies and meters might not seem all that necessary, just for the sake of playing this game.

However, proxies are what kept many of the endgame players around because they wanted to play the game in the way it was meant to be played. As for DPS meters, they were a very useful tool for people who cared about improving their DPS. After all, whats the point of obtaining good gear, if you cant even measure the difference yourself and experiment with different builds.

This is a very good post. Seemingly naive. But good. I gave you a *like* !
Thuking wrote: »
Well said, Im glad I made the move to EU earlier during ambush patch so I didn't invest all my time on NA servers so switching isn't hard for me though, a lot of friends are having to start from scratch so some are not even going to bother playing.

Thank you, @Thuking . Unfortunately for me it took much longer, being as the guild I was in only left to EU recently. I had stopped taking this game seriously along time ago because, well, just look at it lol. However being with friends is what kept me around, and many of the people I hung out with used proxies purely to avoid the ping tax. Not to mention that anyone that cares about improving their DPS uses a meter, right. So its easy to understand how these events transpired. Hell, i`ll bet that even the brown noses and some of the council members used proxies and meters, these hypocrites. So yeah it is what it is. The only reason i`m still using these forums is because this place is like a sitcom. It amuses me.
The tenacity of the masochists playing NA is almost as impressive as the staffs ability to avoid addressing this issue. Truly a power struggle on that one. So I estimate that it will take a month or two to die down after October 16, when the normal proxies and meters shut down, and the migrations to EU will come to a slow state of flux. By that point a large portion of the NA player base would have already settled in EU. This will probably cause a great deal of discomfort in EU, as their overall community has a different mindset then the NA community. Plus lets face it, nobody really wants to get flooded by BRs, and many of the NA players have grown accustom to EMEs incompetence, and they will bring that attitude over to EU. This will probably not be viewed kindly, neither by the EU community, or by the Gameforge staff. Which to my understanding, are more trigger happy then EME. I wouldn't be surprised if many NA players will get banned there over things they would not get banned here. But I digress...

Overall I give it around a half a year before Tera NA turns into Tera CH (as in Chicago). After that, I give NA something like 1-2 years before it dies out entirely. My suggestion: leave NA now, start fresh in EU. And if anyone asks you where your from, lie about it. If anything, ddmitting to playing along with EMEs nonsense is embarrassing by all accounts. You will probably make more friends this way. So I say, let the vultures and sheep continue to run circles in their graveyard. Eventually they will have no one else around but each other. And if these forums are any indication to how people get along, then that is a truly disturbing image. A foolish and slow end, for foolish and slow people. Seems fitting.
Jerichow wrote: »
And now we have people like @ElinUsagi , @Starkhoe , @Equitas and a few others that have contributed pages of attacks against each other, that does absolutely nothing to contribute to the topic at hand... So yeah... thanks for derailing the thread with your petty and childish ego trips... Keep giving EME more reason to discredit the forum community why don't you?

Well someone on a high horse lol well dear @Jerichow the people you mentioned, including myself, have in fact been talking about this topic. For someone that claims to follow this thread, you seemed to have overlooked afew things. For example in terms of who "attacked" who, I haven't even spoken with Equitas on this thread. The person I attacked was someone else entirely. Forgot who it was tho and i`m too lazy to check. He wasn't interesting enough for me to remember. Tho since your the so called "expert" on how this thread is suppose to work, then by all means, go ahead and look for him, if it matters this much to you. I did however address ElinUsagi. That was correct. Tho alas, it was a quick engagement and it was more of an exchange of opinions, then it was an "attack".

Anyway. I don`t like wasting time on wannabe "objective people" like yourself, which are so desperate for someone to give them something new to parrot. People like you suck the fun out of everything. Tho sure. Since you asked, i`ll address your concern this one time. To be perfectly honest with you, I only reply here for my own amusement. I actually left Tera NA, along with the guild I was in. I`m sticking around for sheer amusement. So you see, I don`t care if my comments or other peoples comments makes the thread seem a certain way, and I do not take anything or anyone here too seriously. Not you, not them, and especially not EME. However, since you asked, fact is I wouldn't be able to derail this subject even if I wanted too. And neither would the other people you mentioned. This topic is bigger then us. You see? its all good. Don't sweat it, millennial power ranger. This thread isn't going anywhere and EME cannot ignore this subject, even if they wanted too.
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It's how it's been since day one. Someone simply points out that (once in a blue moon) EME has a valid point, and all of a sudden every single person who's anti-white-knight comes around and you see nothing but "FILTHY WHITE KNIGHTS, SCUM, SCUM, ALL OF YOU" or some extent of that.

I see. So you are used to that common trend where people listen to your side of the story. Very well. Go on. Please tell me how my point of view violates the terms of service, and how I as an individual have emplored people to break the rules. Go on ;) think well tho, as you only get one shot to differentiate yourself from the sheep. I will listen to reason, if you have that within you. You are attempting to play under community rules, that will not work with me. These are ants watching a TV program, as far as im concerned. If you want me to listen to you, you better have something really good up your sleeves. Something better then the ones that spewed politically correct garbage, before you. So go on. Impress me if you want to talk to me as an equal, or forever hold your peace. Tho please do not assume what I think, as it is much easier to ask me. Mind reading is beyond your reach.
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I love how you're all quick to judge those of us with logic and a little thing common sense as 'white knights'. Lol get off your high horses and chill.

My friend are you sure you wish to assume my thought process?
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I already answered you, supporting devs that make cheats is also an offense and its worst if you support them even when you know that what they are doing is illegal. Ignorance will only help you to get a lesser punishment but if you are aware that what they are doing is actually against the rules then you are not better than them.

You made me that same question in another thread and I answered you. I won't reapeat myslelf about that every time and if my answer was deleted for whatever reason for some mod I wont bother to make it again.

Sorry I edited my reply incorrectly. So your just another white knight. I see. Thank you. That will be all ^^
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Starkhoe wrote: »
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Starkhoe wrote: »
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Yet they are the same devs who made memeslash and leaked into the comunity and later playing dumb. They are just criminals, nothing else.

You sound so naive. Anyway I dont care. So your basically against all proxy users? have fu I suppose lol
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Starkhoe wrote: »
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Yet they are the same devs who made memeslash and leaked into the comunity and later playing dumb. They are just criminals, nothing else.

You still didnt answer my question. Do you feel like all proxy users are cheaters? don`t worry. I will not attempt to confront you. I`m simply interested in your opinion. [/quote

You sound so naive. Anyway I dont care. So your basically against all proxy users? have fu I suppose lol
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Starkhoe wrote: »
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Yet they are the same devs who made memeslash and leaked into the comunity and later playing dumb. They are just criminals, nothing else.

You still didnt answer my question. Do you feel like all proxy users are cheaters? don`t worry. I will not attempt to confront you. I`m simply interested in your opinion.

I already answered you, supporting devs that make cheats is also an offense and its worst if you support them even when you know that what they are doing is illegal. Ignorance will only help you to get a lesser punishment but if you are aware that what they are doing is actually against the rules then you are not better than them.

You sound so naive. Anyway I dont care. So your basically against all proxy users?
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Yet they are the same devs who made memeslash and leaked into the comunity and later playing dumb. They are just criminals, nothing else.

You still didnt answer my question. Do you feel like all proxy users are cheaters? don`t worry. I will not attempt to confront you. I`m simply interested in your opinion.
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Stark, there is no difference between a proxy user. Who proxies to compensate for their ping and someone who proxies to get a advantage in the game. None, what so ever. as both are still breaking what is already busted up game. my other point is is people here complaining for change and such but know its never coming. so why stay? people keep trying to give suggestions to fix Tera, to save it to let 3rd party programmers coincide peacefully with the game but any person worth their money knows That's never going to happen. first of all let me address the idea of "letting 3rd party programmers work in Enmasse to help better the game." first of all, why do you think that would be a good idea? these are people who are already selling their services to people in the game.

to help make proxies game breaking techniques etc and selling them off for their own gain. As I pointed out earlier road to hell paved with good intentions. If Enmasse did this they'd be hiring unprofessional, unloyal, unaligned hackers exploiters and people who break the game letting them into their company having them work for them getting to know an learn their code and then possibly having that come back later to bite them in the [filtered]. they probably wouldn't actually be getting paid to do this. Because there is no way in hell BHS would allow this to happen and pay these people for exploiting the game they said they wouldn't exploit. if they gave that that out and someone came back and used it against them? or sold that information off to people to exploit the game more? very bad things.

2nd issue servers are absolute garbage.

this would require money to be spent and places to be rented money. which bhs is not going to spend their money to make it so South American, Eu, etc players have a better ping when for EU players they can play on game forge etc. this is never oging ot happen Because..its not necessary and while it would allow for better game play i sincerely doubt they care whether or not you can play the game smoothly or not. in the end its about money and so long as you keep spending complain as you might they do not care.

3rd issue fixing the game!

..This is never going to happen games been broken for years. not getting fixed ever

Im really sorry but your too stupid to respond to any further. good day ^^
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... played longer than me? I don't think so. and here's the thing BHS is never going to provide a solution ever.. it has been 6 damn years and there's never been a solution for a lot of bugs and glitches and things in game why do you think that will happen now? you guys are complaining for something to change advocating for things. things that will never happen things that will never get fixed. so why bother? you have done all you can you've whined, you've petitioned, you've voted you constantly try to talk to Gms and nothing is changing. the game will not change or get fixed or become better in any way there is no hope for this at this point so at this point people say they'll quit if that's the case actually quit if enough of ya actually quit the game dev's will be forced to change or fix something but making a huge rant over 30 pages long isn't going to get results XD

You seem to be accstume to arguing with people that listen to your dumb [filtered]. Also, you are assuming quite a few things on my behalf, so allow me to return the favor. Way that I see it, you are a spoon feed crybaby. I have not petitioned anything, and your cleary not smart enough to figure out what im thinking. Do yourself a favor, bask in the glory of what little you can, for when the time comes, nobody will be left to carry you ;) tho your right, 30 pages isnt enough to express jsut how stupid you really are.
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Yes, you're right in everything besides one thing - those people will never have the chance to shine because they are too used to people who use those dps meters carrying them anyways.

Killing proxies and DPS meters will be the death of this game, come October 16th. Let the sheep hurd themselves into oblivion. Who cares.
BlueKoR wrote: »
... played longer than me? I don't think so. and here's the thing BHS is never going to provide a solution ever.. it has been 6 damn years and there's never been a solution for a lot of bugs and glitches and things in game why do you think that will happen now? you guys are complaining for something to change advocating for things. things that will never happen things that will never get fixed. so why bother? you have done all you can you've whined, you've petitioned, you've voted you constantly try to talk to Gms and nothing is changing. the game will not change or get fixed or become better in any way there is no hope for this at this point so at this point people say they'll quit if that's the case actually quit if enough of ya actually quit the game dev's will be forced to change or fix something but making a huge rant over 30 pages long isn't going to get results XD

I gave you a like out of pity.
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Who stays exactly? This, THIS, is the sealing deal of lots of players in tera NA. Including me. Just because I lurk in this forum doesn't mean I play it. I haven't opened the launcher for several days, and not going to either.

And you are, I am assuming, a high latency player which feels like they can no longer enjoy the game, knowing of how unequal it is for people that don`t use proxies. If your a cheater thats a different story, but if you are not, then this basically mean that you only used a proxy so that you will be able to enjoy your classes, they way that they are meant to be played - the way that the developers themselves wanted them to be played.

Proxies are no the enemy, they were the salvation for people that wanted to play decently. And if you read abit about the proxy communities, you will notice that they do not advocate cheating and that they ban known scripters.The people that made the proxies just wanted a more fair leveling filed for people whose ping was so high, they knew they were unable to measure themselves again snowflake Chicago heroes. As you have stated yourself previously, you have left NA Tera supposedly forthat reason alone. Meaning, you didnt feel like you wanted to cheat, you just wanted to experience the game fairly, and you knew that was not possible with your current ping. You are just one of many.

I think that people like this BlueKoR are happy because finally the bottom feeders get a chance to shine. Tho it is most likely that they will still end up being copy cats, and will not come up with original stuff on their own.
BlueKoR wrote: »
my other point here is you guys agreed to the terms of Service! YOU GUYS SAID I WILL NOT USE PROXY OR THIRD PARTY PROGRAMS While playing your game! Yet here ya are now complaining its being removed. honestly what will happen if proxy goes away? THE TERA COMMUNITY WILL TANK MASS HYSTERIA WILL ENSUE GAME WILL DIE GG NOOO REEEE. and yet the game somehow survived free to play through whatever else without those tools. people who were still here with bad ping suffered through it without proxy and they played without whining about how their ping was too high or their being no Dps counter like Moongourd.

First off, you need to chillax, boy. I have been playing longer then you most likely, and theres no need for caps and as I have personally have not used proxies. Nor have I complained about that, so keep your version straight. Take a breather. Second, do you really not understand people with high ping needs? I am not advocating cheats, I am against them probobly more then you, if you were to read my older posts. I am however saying that proxies kept the game alive. Without DPS meters, there's not room to experiment, no real need to get higher gear. Can you not see how proxies benefited this game? again, people that use proxies to cheat should be banned. But dont you think that many of these problems would go away, fi only BHS provided an official solution?
BlueKoR wrote: »
moot point? again i made the point of saying what is the difference between proxy users who use the proxy to get a stable ping and those who abuse it to get an advantage? Both break the terms of agreement both are exploiting the game in the same manner.

You still have not answered my question. You have one last try. I`ll simplify this for you. Do you as a player feel like all proxies should be eliminated?
BlueKoR wrote: »
the element that kept veterans going? wasn't proxy it was because Tera was once good enjoyable and competitive now its dead, bland repeated content consistently maxed to hell with proxy and macroer's people who exploit cs more than it ever was before etc. and to answer your question almost all the veterans from the strike force days are gone. XD

Please quote me the next time your commenting, as it is hard for me to keep track. Tho you have made another moot point, I am unable to respond seriously. However for the sake of conversation, do you fee like every person that used a proxy did so with the intention of cheating? I know many people that only used proxy because of their low ping, and not because they wanted to cheat. Are you sure it is wise to throw everyone in the same basket?
BlueKoR wrote: »
you would probably know by looking at whose dying the most or not doing mechanics correctly or by looking at how they do their rotation or how they rolled their gear!

Its hard for me to follow your comments if you do not quote me. Tho sure. Humm. That is a moot point. please try again.
BlueKoR wrote: »
no im quite stable and my point is you clicked yes to agree to their services and you're playing the game they own key word here they own the game. you don't unfair or not doesn't matter you hit yes to the services so suck it up.

Tho how does that work when EME themselves have been taking this up the antsy for years, without doing anything? if anything, its on them for not taking action earlier, allowing things to reach this point. By the time October 16th hits, the date of which DPS meters and proxies stop working, everyone with sense will have either found a better game, or have left to Tera EU. It is known that most hackers/cheater use their own proxies, so EME is basically attempting to punish everyone as a whole. But is that really such a good idea? to kill the element which have kept the veterans going?
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Players on EU are complaining about NA refuugees because of their hacks, it is only a matter or time GF takes action against those cheaters.

I`m not surprised. The EU community is softer and more spoiled in terms of expenses, their game runs differently. However, I feel compelled to asked out of sheer curiosity. ElinUsagi. Ignore what other people say in your reply to me, please. I would like to know how do you feel about the use of third party software? do you feel like every person that uses a proxy does so for the intention of cheating?
You know what? I agree with you that EME doesn't care. However what you are doing right now is useless, and its darn right stupid. You will understand soon enough. And, no, I don`t care enough to look up whatever Discord channel you pulled those numbers from. For all that I know, you could have pulled those numbers off of an entire channels history, which might have been going on for years. I said that what your doing is stupid because your not doing anything about it. People like you are all talk.

You want to make a stand? quit the game. Cancel your subscription. Don`t be one of those Highwatch sheep that keep saying: "yeah we only log in for rewards", don`t be one of those idiots that still contribute to the statistics. Stop logging in. Go play something else. Go play EU. And if you insist on using the forums to leave negative feedback so that other players will know that this place is garbage, then at the very try to make it seem like your not just a one liner, meme seeking, attention [filtered].
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This is the thread from the News & Announcements area. Please be kind, respectful and if you want to add constructive feedback, it's welcome. Disciplinary action will be taken if any player uses foul language, attacks EME employees or other players. Statement from Denommentor:

If you want to talk about respect start with an actual conversation, instead of a copy pasted reply made by someone else. Why don`t you get one of your drones to Stream about it, and see what people have to say in real time. Not that you would care, but it would leave a better impression then this, considering how big this subject actually is. This game is not known for transparency and getting things done, ok? so please stop making it seem like you care about anything other then cash. "Respect". Don`t make me laugh. You shouldn't talk about things you haven't earned. Take a look around. Even the player council you appointed yourself, or should I say, the remaining ones you didn't drive away yet, isn't really trying to defend you.

Dear all TERA Players,
KitTeaCup wrote: »
We have recently issued some standard takedown requests to platforms around the internet where we found communities actively working in violation of our Terms of Service. En Masse Entertainment has maintained a firm stance against 3rd Party programs or mods that violate our Terms of Service.

Yeah recently. As in, after all these years of silently accepting third party programs, while benefiting from the fact that proxies and meters have kept a lot of people playing, only - now - have you decided to taken action, for some kind of reason. A "firm stance" indeed lol.
KitTeaCup wrote: »
We understand your frustration and regret that this may have disrupted gameplay for some players. We took this action in an effort to protect the experience for those who play the game fairly and engage in the community positively.

Ok first off, stop making it sound like something its not. The only ones you are really trying to "protect" is yourselves and your trying to avoid having to deal with your masters (BHS). First they told you to shove "Xigncode3" into the game. It wasn't really your choice granted, but that failed miserably. As you probably knew it would because Xigncode3 doesn't really stop proxies and meters. And now "all of a sudden", seemingly out of the blue, right before the second apex, you pull this stunt independently while knowing its going to hurt your player base. I don`t know why you have waited for so long to do this, but I can take a guess. And my guess is that this is because of the server merges (NA had one, and EU is going to have one). The situation made your overlords take a gander at us (NA). And then they then took a gander at you (EME). I think that they didn't like what they were seeing (not community wise, and not how you handle things). Or, to be more exact, I think that your babysitters probably want to first wrap things up in Tera NA, before taking a look at their other investments. After all... proxies and meters work just fine in EU, and in K-Tera as well (lolz ikr).

This hypothesis is why I am saying that you should just... I dunno... go back to making coffee, or whatever it is you do.
KitTeaCup wrote: »
The current situation does not justify abusive or toxic behavior directed at our employees or other players. Threads that are not constructive or violate our code of conduct will be closed or deleted. Disciplinary action will be taken against those players that display this behavior.

Actually the current situation does warrant quite a few controversial comments. Like mine for example. You are welcome to take "disciplinary action" if you want too. I don`t really care at this point.
KitTeaCup wrote: »
We love you TERA players and we understand that you’re upset about this. We will investigate solutions that provide some of the benefits that these 3rd Party Services offered in a form that doesn't violate our terms of service. Please be patient with us while we see what we can come up with.

I don`t believe you. You haven't done anything about this for years. So excuse for me for saying that I think every single line in there is BS.
Babbelsim wrote: »
I really hope this company goes bankrupt, after today that's going to a very close possibility.

And i dont give a [filtered] if this isn't constructive feedback this is how i feel about you EME right now so suck it up and walk the path you laid before yourself...

Things are so bad, that even the council sheep aren't touching this lol
Well this is an impressive pile of horse sh*t isn't it. You want some constructive feedback? sure: stop killing your already half dead game, you idiots lol
Remember when dungeons used to be hard. Remember when pvp was fun, and mixed with pve (aka, alliance). Remember when people didn't use meters and proxies. Remember when leveling was fun. Remember when positive social interaction was promoted, instead of being downsized if favor of mega toxic pseudo parade raids like HH. Remember when gear dropped in dungeons, so you could gear alts properly so you could actually use them everywhere and switch between mains, if you wanted too. Remember when tanking required skill. Remember when healers were healers. Remember Nexus. Remember when "Blast From the Past" gave max level characters a reason to help out newcomers. Remember when people played slayers. Remember Tonka. Remember when 10k was alot of gold. Remember when you could summon BAMs. Remember eclipse potions. Remember when reaching level 60 felt like an accomplishment. Remember when they used to work on balance, instead of popping out OP "toy-dps" for scrubs every time a different game did the same thing. Remember solo instances.

Remember when the game was fun. Remember when we had a lot of servers.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
I will pretty much spend only on Elite because there is not many things worth right now and many costumes, pets, mounts... keps being sold on Loot boxes only, making you to spend a thousand dollars on them and not get the great prize because there is not a cap for failures.

I too have Elite, and several vouchers just sitting around collecting dust. Though I didn't use real money to get those. This game isn't worth my money imo, and its easy to make gold. However I do agree with you. Thats basically the only thing that would be worth buying. I actually know a few people that spent thousand dollars on this game`s RNG cancer, the poor idiots, and all they ever really got in return to their investments, was sheer aggravation and a handful of extra mounts. And, unfortunately for them, the in game inflation is so messed up that ended up having to cut down on the prices of the ones they wanted to sell. Stuff like that sometimes make me wonder whose more adept at being an addict or an advocate of desperation: EME or the community. Its a close call, isn't it.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
If a costume gets to be for sale in a direct way I will buy it but if they keep being in loot boxes then I will just forget about it. I really like it the Attack on Titan and Heavenly costumes way to be sold and hope for more costumes to be like that.

Ah but if they sold costumes directly, then they wouldn't be able to scam folk anymore. And they can`t have that, now can they. The only places I buy from are either the broker, or from friends selling at a reasonable price. I will give them credit on the Heavenly costume though, as it is one of the better ones they made recently. I don`t like the new wings though. Would have been nicer if those had some kind of animation, instead of looking like two sticks of fluff.
Waitress wrote: »
I know the GMs will say something different and that's fine, that's their job to. Because bad news creates panic and they want their current playerbase to feel safe enough to continue spending. Because if people realize how bad things really are, they'll stop spending which will really speed up the dying process. Your spending is the games blood pumping through it's veins.

Actually, if you consider the lack of transparency and how things seems to work here, id say that the GMs don`t even have to bother faking that everything is "ok". Seems to me like people stopped taking them seriously anyway. Myself included. And in my opinion this whole merge is just a way to hurdle in all the sheep together, and milk whats left of the suckers that still actively pay for stuff in this game. In fact it wasn't so long ago that the server transfer thingy malfunctioned, and people were not able to leave dying servers. Then it got fixed and people paid up for server transfers. So technically that's even more money some people threw down the drain, due to the nature merge itself. Not mention that some people might have left their old servers for a reason, either community or economy wise. Hey it happens. So yeah I get that they have to do this merge. But at this point? the only thing that`s really pumping here is BS.
Waitress wrote: »
Realistically, is it wise to continue spending?

Nobody's going to bet on a dead horse, and I think people should just learn to adjust to everything that comes with that. And, to the poor schmucks that wasted tons of real life money, money they will never get back, all I have to say is... too bad lol. Enjoy what you can, for as long as you can. That`s all anyone can do.
Equitas wrote: »
I didn't realize that the prerequisite for addressing someone was being angry. I wasn't aware that addressing someone was the same thing as going at them "with a passion". I'm not one of these braindead weebs who only speak in keyboard faceroll.

It was just the wording I went with. Someone else, might have said something else. I don`t ponder too much about the logic or full rational of that nickname, nor do I care how other people express themselves, or even what they think. This forum is tacky. All I ever really see around here is a bunch of people using that old excuse of "voicing their opinions", when in reality, in most cases it just seems like a pissing content. People arguing to have that last word, the best Meme, the best comeback, the best openly displayed rational, or whatever other stupid trend people choose to go with. As I said before, I just don`t know you well enough to say weather or not you`re a rational person, or if you`re someone that relishes arguments, for the sake of arguing. After all, you seem to be quite opinionated, and most of you`re communication with people here seem aggressive. Which is fine and most of the people I seen you communicate with don`t seem like they are you`re friends. Again, this is simply how it looks from the side, from my own prospective. I`m saying that because, well, I don`t know about you, but I come to this place purely for cheap and free entertainment, read patch notes, and to take occasional jabs at the often ridicules turns this game keeps taking. Why else would anyone be here.

Look. Believe it or not, id like to think that you`re not a "braindead weeb who speaks in facerolls". Whlie its true that I might have given you a nickname you felt was out of place, I did in fact agree with you. Both here, and in some other places. Hell id even go as far as saying that I think its up to the players to call out council pets and put them in their place, just like they do to EME. Because if the players don't, then who will. See, some of the points that Money Bags made were actually quite valid for someone like him. Its like seeing Uncle Scrooge taking a stand for all the other Uncle Scrooge`s out there. Its fantastic imo, funny to watch. However, what he might not have pointed out, is the hypothetical situation of what happens if the game just up and dies, and how would that effect him. In my opinion that`s the scenario he is much more concerned about, as that might actually happen. And if that happens and he looses backing space, names and characters, his account might drop in value because of this. You know what I mean. Its kind of like basic marketing, in a sense. Selling you`re stock at the right time before it plummets. Obviously he wouldn't be able to admit to any of this openly, and its just a theory, right. I`m not saying he`s a scammer. But I am saying that he`s probably not that far from it. So I have no sympathy towards him.
Equitas wrote: »
I understand that you're used to dealing with angsty weebs who don't know how to think for themselves, and who faceroll their keyboards in anger at anything that doesn't align with their misguided views, but I'm not that guy. I feel like that should have made itself obvious by now. I'm not "angry". I don't go at anyone "with a passion". Me replying to someone doesn't mean either of these things.

I`m used to dealing with all sorts of people, and I try not to take anyone too seriously. I don`t take myself very seriously either. If you`re not that type of guy, then i`m glad to hear that. After all nothing is ever truly obvious when it comes to strangers you meet on the internet. A person actual circumstances and current state of mind are things best left seen overtime, and in various situations. The fact that a person can sit down and compose a reply at their leisure and absolute comfort, makes it hard to say whos who. One moment you could be talking to someone that appears calm and rational, the next thing you know, you could see that very same person going nuts over trivial things. It happens.
Equitas wrote: »

Yeah "angry". Its just a vibe you put out I guess. Just my opinion, you don`t have to agree me with of course. I don`t really know you. Tho you have to admit, you keep coming at him with a passion, so that kind of rules out giving you nickname like "Kamiz`s fan". And I... can`t really say that I understand why you even talk to him. As much as I enjoy seeing you two go at it, its really quite pointless. I mean look, you told him " You don't PvE. You don't PvP", right? I am led to believe that this is true about him, so that settles it imo. We keep at it? I mean if Money Bags were to argue with me over content, or even in general, id just laugh. All I see is some rich dude complaining about possibly losing his stuff. #Tragedy. #Having.A.Full.Life. Cry me a river, right. So that`s that.
kubitoid wrote: »
ps - tbh im against personal attacks on forums in any form but i upvote that equitas person every time they throw stuff and watnot at kamizuma pls keep it up

I concur. I enjoy seeing the angry fellow go toe to toe with money bags. Thats the server merge spirit!

I`d like to believe that even a game like this can still redeem itself to some extent. This could only happen if they would understand that the more limits they set up for players, the more they force these ridicules enchanting costs and XP requirements, the more that people will be less inclined to play Tera. See, it might not have been said openly, but this direction would in fact force people to stop investing in alts, due to these unrealistic demands. In my opinion this is taking things in the wrong direction, as alts are at the core of people`s income. The economy is already broken, why make things worse.

I`m sure that someone out there might think to themselves something in the lines of: "its a grinding game. If you don`t like it you can leave!". I`m sure that some people out there might feel that way, as well. Which is fine. However, this is not K-Tera. The current populous has a different mindset. I think we do have quite a few spoon fed sheep that mindlessly accept everything they are given, but the game itself is much deader in this region. Do I really need to stress why stopping people from physically entering a dungeon is a bad idea? lol after all... merging the servers, while being a step at the right direction, is also a step toward admitting they are running out of options. That`s not something they wanted to do.

Think about it for a sec, BHS/EME. People have accepted alot of BS in this game: They accepted Xigncode3 (by accepted, i mean bypassed), they accepted the lack of transparency (by accepted I mean, they don`t take you seriously. I share that notion aswell), they accepted the poor optimization and horrible lag (by accepted I mean, went around it). People have even went as far as accepting the fact that endgame rewards are just awful. Think about it - people with Oath gear shouldn't be in a position where they have to grind Legion and Island of Dawn. They didn't obtain Oath gear for that intention! use you`re heads for a change! however.. that being said... these are things that people have learned to live with, since they are still here. Thats how much people enjoy the game play itself. Thats Tera`s only redeeming quality.

But these future updates.. the needless mounts, the insane costs of everything, the continuous lack of content, killing off pvp? i`m not an expert on gaming, but I firmly believe that if someone would have written a book about "how to alienate casual players and veterans alike, and milk dying games at the slowest rate possible", then this would be their source martial.
I don`t know how well ninja would work on console or if its fun to play like that, so I can`t really say. In fact I think that consoles are a not good a platform for something like Tera, in general. That`s just my opinion though. Well since you asked, I personally don`t have any issues with ninja. Its just like all the other classes, if you get good at it, you will do good dps and nobody will ever complain. Its viable for all content. Ive seen alot of people express concerns about the lower end dps, but honestly I think that people should play classes they enjoy playing. I mean if you`re going to spends hours on playing a class, it might aswell be something that will keep you sane through the grinds.

Besides. I don`t know much about what Tera is like on console, but if its anything like it is on PC, then I don`t think you have to worry so much. If you`re good then chances are that you will out dps most players, regardless of what class they are playing. Like on PC zerks are op af right now, like Jesus Christ. But its not like you get to see godlike dps in every single instance you do. Most players are okay but not like "TEACH ME SENPAI" kinda good. Maybe on console its different, I dunno.
RandomElin wrote: »
Actually, you're just guessing at this point. You have no way of knowing what EME is doing about this. For all you know, they could be in the process of figuring out how to get it off of their servers. Point is I don't know what's up with EME on this, and it sure sounds like you don't either.

You`re so stiff yikes lol yeah i`m guessing. That`s what people do when the staff ignores them lol
RandomElin wrote: »
That is not a good example of what you are talking about. I don't believe there is one comment from an EME employee in that thread so far.

The other was from before the fallout had really picked up. That is what I'm referring to. Since the fallout had really kicked into full gear, EME seems to have effectively vanished (save for that one short, rushed looking post that had nothing to do with the fallout) as far as these forums are concerned. I find it had to believe that they are afraid to show their face on the forums. Just what is EME doing?

Yeah they didn't make that thread and they didn't reply in it either. Don`t just read text as it is and parrot information, think about what you`re reading and everything around it. BHS/EME have a very bad attitude. That was my point, and I will not explain it a second time lol

I don`t know what EME is doing, I only know what they are not doing. Their not removing XIGNCODE and their not stopping cheaters.
RandomElin wrote: »
What replies to the xigncode fallout are you refering to that were made by EME employees? I mean replies from after all chaos started breaking lose after xigncode was pushed out. I haven't seen one. Its almost like EME has become missing in action since the fallout started. I only recall one post by an EME employee in this time frame and it was about loading screens, was short, and appeared rushed. It makes me wonder if something is going on behind the scenes on this. I really don't know what is up with EME, though.

I was talking in general about their overall attitude in all manner of things, not just this incident. But sure i`ll be specific. See i`m not going to link you every single reply they ever made in the entire forum because just to further prove a point, because that would take me hours and I don`t care enough about this to do something like that. That would be insane. But here is a good example to what i`m talking about. That comment was posted after they closed the original thread about XIGNCODE.

Read that and tell me if you feel like you`re in capable hands in here lol
RandomElin wrote: »
It's actually already a known that it is driving some players away. The question is, how many will it drive away. Based upon reports I've seen, it sounds like TERA NA really isn't in that great of a state after xigncode. As such, it sounds like you are underestimating the effect. Just because someone can bypass xigncode in a manner that may very well ultimately get them banned does not mean that it is the approach they will choose. Especially when there are still xigncode-free tera servers like the TERA EU servers. Furthermore, it looks like the TERA EU servers will stay xigncode-free. If you are not a "cheater", there isn't really much incentive to bypass xigncode, stay, and maybe get banned when you could instead just go to TERA EU. After all, its not like EME has code out and endorsed bypassing xigncode.

You are correct in saying that Tera NA is not in a good shape, population wise. Though in terms of a mass exodus, a few hundred players (and i`m being very generous about that estimated number) are simply not enough. I mean, yeah, some threads have even began looking like a "who has a cooler desktop competition", its quite fantastic how many well placed arguments people have shown without getting any official response from EME. But be that as it may, i`m afraid that you would need at least a couple of thousands of deserters to start making a real dent in their profits, enough to put the game at a real position of risk and force BHS`s hand into removing this malware. This is not about underestimating what can be done in theory, this is about pure statistics combating an issue practically. I have seen many controversies come and go in this place, but only a handful of changes have actually been done by BHS. And most of those changes didn't happen because the community as a whole "made" them happen, or even wanted these changes in the first place. Which is why i`m saying that sheep mentality is op, and BHS/EME knows it. Think about it, if I was wrong about this, then BHS/EME would be WAY more transparent. Not because they would want too, but because they would have no choice. You don`t have to take my word for any of this, just look around and read the replies posted even by the EME staff members themselves. Read those and you tell me if these people sound concerned about the well being of the game itself, or even concerned about the community itself. Some replies are even so blatantly offensive and smug, they make as much sense as a [filtered] kid swallowing a fork. I can`t even believe someone actually hired some of these people.

Yeah I heard about how things are in Tera EU. However that option is simply not appealing enough. Or, not for me at least. Apart from having to start from scratch, which would be quite the hassle, I don`t think that Tera EU is some magical place without any problems of its own. If push came to shove, id rather just quit Tera altogether. As for them banning everyone that bypass this malware, id like to see them make the mistake of terminating every single account that chooses to use a bypass. That`s like saying that they will get rid of every single person that uses side clients or meters. see now THAT scenario would be a REAL self inflicted exodus.
What you're suggesting isn't going to happen. And if you ask me, I think that the sheep mentality that keeps the game afloat, is also what keeps preventing it from getting the players to cause real change. There will not be a massive exodus, only a handful of paranoid deserters. People will prefer to simply bypass the malware instead of leaving. For the time being there is only a temporary uproar players are attempting to address with screenshots and examples from their own system, or more Google vomits without any official response to address them. In other words: no real change. Not one that I can see so, at least. Talk is cheap. And people sure love to talk and BHS/EME dont like addressing people. Meaning, even if you`re idea was good, it wouldn't happen.
Enough with the brown noses and privileged puppets. Nobody cares about what lackeys have to say. BHS/EME/Whoever official, as someone from the potato nation which no longer cares if they get banned or not, give up you`re official response, and make it a good one.
PhantomV wrote: »
Well thanks for the lengthy and well thought out reply. No, I am not a millionaire, I make okay money. I only made that comparison because fast food workers get paid way too much for doing a do-nothing job that can be automated, and are still asking for more, which I am against. Why do they get an increase yet I still sit at my current salary.. doing a more difficult task. maybe not the best comparison, but the only one I could think of at the time.

Actually it wasn't that thought out, but you`re welcome. You`re topic interested me. I was simply trying to point out things which are common sense. Ive noticed that alot of people here jumped on you without attempting to see what you`re trying to say. And you admitting that you did not use the correct choice of analogies, speaks well of you`re intentions. I`m sure that you already know how quickly people go for Meme-culture types of replies and one liners, which mean nothing, instead of explaining what they actually mean. In other words, ive noticed that people are trying to "beat you", instead of having an actual discussion. This is a common phenomena, and I personally do not believe that issues that you have raised should be resolved in conflict. In any event, past is past, and one can always start anew.
PhantomV wrote: »
Second, I hear what you're saying, but to some people, fun is to make lots of money in game. Not everyone defines what is a hobby the same, or how to play the game the same. I find enjoyment in seeing a bank full of money, free to buy whatever I want. I just think that the money you get from soloing is way disproportionate to how much you get for doing dungeons. Going by my bad comparison, I feel like you should be rewarded for skill and talent or whatever you want to call it, more than brainless work. The higher tier it goes the more reward you get. It used to be how games worked didn't it? You can solo grind all day but unless you could participate in mvps, raids, wars, you didnt really have good gear. (As far as the xp arguement goes, a person can technically just solo all day, make good money, and buy the gear off broker or buy mats when needed. Not sure how viable that is?)

As I said before, I agreed with you that the solo content is quite profitable. Though I will point out that the XP becomes a real factor once you start getting to +8 and above. I mean, yes, technically a person can grind nonsense and get as much XP as they want, if they don't mind spending alot more hours of doing the same repetitive garbage. Not to mention, that IOD + Legion + Ghilli + Pit is soul crushing. I can`t speak for others, but when i log in I don't feel like doing that sorta stuff, I want to participate in actual dungeons, and enjoy the illusion that i`m playing a game whos developers actually care about their players. I`m being sarcastic of course, I know that Tera NA is nothing more then an experimental trash can for BHS for milking money. Which is one of the many reasons why I don't take this game seriously.
PhantomV wrote: »
I have no problem with the people who have a life and just want to relax and grind a little solo. Thats okay. But they can easily do that on a main with increased vanguards and other things, account bound... would make their life easier also. Dont have to gear up other things.. They have the choice to do them on alts as well if they wish. If they really have not a lot of time, they wouldnt be able to do it on like 8 chars anyway. For someone like me who has about 4 or 5 hours a day to play, once Im done with all my solo things and dungeons, I'm forced to play on alts for an hour or two, or else I get nothing, and I don't remember many games that made alt play a necessity to be ahead of the curve

Way I see it, as someone that has a battalion of fully geared chars, which are skilled in all relevant dungeons, honestly I simply see no use in drawing all these comperasments. As I said before, you`re right about solo content being more profitable and creating a situation where more people with SC are simply not that reliable. However, I still stand by what i said about how the current patch is better then the older ones, in the prospective that more people are able to obtain endgame gear these days. It does add to the numbers, which are you might already know, are lacking quite a bit. 1/10 healers are god awful, 1/10 tanks don't know how aggro works. But the solo content is now what caused this phenomena, it is the gaming culture in general that brought this to life. Personally, i`m not an elitist, I only want basic functionality from players. And yes, the XP argument is still a valid one. Grinding solo content is alot slower.
Meanwhile, as someone from the potato PC nation, im still waiting for an official reply about all the things that people have been raising here. XIGNCODE did not stop gold spammers, it did not stop cheaters, it did not improve game performance (it only made it worse), and I have yet to see a single proven positive attribute for having XIGNCODE in Tera. Nobody wants it. If anything from what I can see the only thing that XIGNCODE has done, is to push people to go outta their way and resort to none official solutions just in order to play the game.

BHS, you like waving policy and preach against third party software, yet you implement one yourselves? you claim to want to hear what people have to say, yet you can`t even bother to open an official thread on you're own accord? EME, how long before you run out of excuses and smug one liners, and give the people something they actually want?
PhantomV wrote: »
Tera doing dungeons = Working a real job
Tera solo = Working at McDonalds

Flippin burgers and being lazy and useless shouldn't allow you equal or better rewards.

I kind of have a problem with that attitude. For starters: actual jobs pay money. Even the so called "lazy burger flippers" as you called them are in fact making more money then you ever did in Tera, and they can in fact save up to buy EMP and obtain a full +9 SC set, and beyond. Would that make them good players? so called "equals"? nobody knows the answer to that because gaming talent is not limited to a persons paycheck. Neither is their intelligence btw. However doing that would certainly save them the trouble of grinding IOD and dungeons alike. And, no, I don`t work at McDonalds, but I think that every job respects its owners. I`m just trying to put that in prospective because it should be said. What you`re talking about, while perhaps not by intention, comes out as life "real life elitism" in a sense. And while that has nothing to do with the game, I kinda doubt that you`re some white collar millionaire. Just something to think about. You don`t have to reply to that.

Second, I don`t know about you, but when I log into Tera i don`t come here to do "work", I come here as a pass time. A hobby. And I feel very sorry for people that treat this game otherwise. Look around you, nothing about this game even hints that it should be taken seriously. I get what you`re trying to say: you`re trying to say that the way that Tera is built these days does not encourage people to do dungeons because the solo content offers quicker payoffs. Correct me if I was wrong about that being you`re bottom line. But if that`s the case, then that statement is only partially correct. Yes the solo content does offer better income then dungeons. Imo those are pennies, but you`re right about that. However, for many people time is of the essence. People with jobs, families and a life don`t have all day to grind solo content for XP because they can`t play all day, and the XP from the solo content just isn't enough. And the same principle can be applied if you`re want to use the BG argument over actual endgame mats. Yes, you can get BiS mats from BGs. But, depending on the hour, those can take around 40m to get into on a good day, and you need to win for it to be worth you`re while. In other words, thats alot of time that gets wasted doing, what. Id rather use that time to play with my statics, instead of running after the lag feast that is Legion, or whatever else.

My point being: yes solo content makes you rich and its mindless, you`re right about that. But if a person has a life, then all that gold is worthless without XP. Dungeons give better XP. Besides. Overall the way that Tera works right now makes life easier. It doesn't mean it has to be a bad thing. I`m happy that everyone has more options now. Not everything has to be a contest. More geared players = more people to play with. Including solo players btw, which also have statics and many of which run all endgame content. And, no, i`m not "attacking you". I`m just saying that perhaps you should put some things in prospective, thats all. I mean.. really. Who cares about how other people spend their time. Use yours productively.
Speaking as a member of the potato nation PC: major FPS drops, a lot more then the usual ones. Ping going nuts. Client freezing, crashes, some new glitches here and there. A bunch of my friends stopped playing. Oh right. Silly me. BHS doesn't care about things like that. I suppose you want me to address the things which are suppose to be official and "relevant" to XIGNCODE in specific. The reason why its suppose to be here, right.

Since the implantation of this useless malware, I keep seeing more gold scammers. I`m no where near being a psychologist but to me they seem to be quite happy and content with the current state of affairs. Oh right XIGNCODE isn't really against those, I forgot. Something else then. Well I have seen a few hackers here and there parading around glitching in and outta stuff, one shotting things they are not suppose too. I don`t know how those cheats are suppose to be called, but I call them "a prime example to why XIGNCODE is useless". In fact, since doing dungeons is quite an endeavor with all these constant lags, I have gotten bored enough to even take some time to talk with some of these people. And while I was reporting them, they did not seem to express any concern about XIGNCODE. Though if i had to guess, id say that it lags them aswell.

I realize that some people have super computers and good enough ping to support this malware. But I don`t. In fact I don`t care if other peoples stuff remains unaffected. See Ive seen people here go through so much trouble to prove that XIGNCODE is garbage, and all the strain on the PC and stuff that it does. Many well placed arguments and a battalion of Google vomits. But... if people want to talk about facts, then lets talk about about a fact which does not require Goolge or being a computer wiz: look at all the trouble people are going through just because of this so called "improvement". Nobody wants XIGNCODE. Literally. In fact this is so ridicules, that his has got to be maybe the first subject ive ever seen here that everyone agrees on lol
I`m still waiting for them to provide proof to what ive said in my previous comment here. Show me something good that came out of this. This is for the staff. Show me physical evidence that XIGNCODE has changed Tera for the better. Because from what I have seen so far the performance only got worse, with absolutely no payoff from having this malware. I`m not asking for company secrets, id even be happy with a simple official statistic which regards Tera NA exclusively (because this is what i`m playing) that shows a decline in cheaters plus something that shows me that the game works better because of XIGNCODE. If you don`t have such proof yet, that`s fine. I`ll wait.

Also i`m sorry but i`m still not seeing a discussion here. Not a real one a least. All I can see are alot of complaints and Counterpoint talking instead of the staff. Great. You know what? good for him. I hope they pay him one day because dayyym son all that free work. But with all due respect, everything said here can be Googled. That`s not good enough imo. And, no, I don` t care about what happens in BDO or Closers. I`m asking for some kind of minimal degree of transparency from someone. You people (EME staff) claim you wanna hear what people say and showing good intentions? that's cute but fact is you didn't even open this thread. This was open via a regular user`s initiative because you closed the popular one saying "we didn't like where this was going". Yeah? well that`s something we have in common EME because you`re still not baring the burden of proof, and I don`t like having malware on my PC. What, you don`t like "negative criticism"? honestly I don`t think anyone does. But i`m not the one shoving useless malware down peoples throat.

I say enough nonsense. No more lackeys. Give proof. Irrefutable proof that even the most casual of players can understand. If you can`t do that then i`m sorry but you really are as incompetent as everyone says you are.
Omg so much BS in one reply, I don`t even know what to say to this lol I

They want a discussion? why don`t they start with showing some proof that this XIGNCODE is worth spit. I don`t care about software comparability issues because I don`t cheat. Show me something good that came out of this. Not in other games, in Tera. That would be a good place to start, wouldn't you say?

And another thing. This person said: "I think that makes for a playing experience that is more fun. So, I’m behind this change because it's to improve everyone's experience overall.". Oh really? more fun for who? why are you making it sound like you play the game? is that suppose to make you sound relatable? its not working and even I could vomit a better forced "response" then that. And whats with this "I look forward to hearing what you have to say" crap. No you`re not. If you really wanted to hear what people have to say you wouldn't have closed that thread, and you and your team would have taken turns in between coffee breaks to respond to people, instead of shutting them up. If this is the best reply you could have come up with, then honestly I think you should have simply closed that thread without saying anything. Wouldn't be the first time, i`ll bet.

I doubt anyone is buying this official pitch. And if someone does, I feel sorry for them. XIGNCODE is worthless. It causes more problems then it solves. No wait. Correction: it has to solve something before I can reference it. See id like to be nicer about this, i`m not usually this vulgar. But i`m sorry but you`re so called "improvement" is screwing me over, and i`ll bet i`m not the only one.
HeyTeacher wrote: »
i'm pretty sure they'll figure out a way to counter that bypass. as long as Xigncode keeps updating to its latest and hopefully it can detect players from messing with the config files or trying to mod their TERA game files.

I`m not an expert on this subject but I do know that the name "XIGNCODE" does not inspire awe in any kind of community. You don`t have to take my word for it, you can do a quick Google search on the subject, or even ask around. I trust that you will find that Its not exactly Skynet. It will not put a stop to third party software, it will not put a stop to gold scammers, and it will not put a stop to cheaters. It wont even put a dent in any of these phenomena. Again, don`t take my word for it. Read up on it.

Don`t get me wrong, i`m against cheating of any kind and I understand that this move is supposedly meant to counter stuff like that. And I will also add that naturally even the people using side clients and meters put themselves at risk willingly, and i`m pretty sure that in the worse case scenario BHS or EME would be the least of their concerns. It should be said. But... thinking that XIGNCODE will do anything other then give people something to laugh about, is just wishful thinking.
I understand that its likely that Tera simply doesn't pull in enough money to invest in optimizing it. I`m sure that there are more technical reasons but those reasons don't matter to players because they just want to play. Like me. I just wanna play and I don`t care about their technical difficulties or whatever backstory comes with that. Hell i`m not even that picky as to how a game looks, either. What I care about is how something actually plays. And ive played some DOS games that run better then this BS.
Christin wrote: »
Plus, there is really nothing they can say to make this any better. Just get your accounts/alts ready for retirement and play something else.

Alot of people already play other games including myself, and I don`t take this one very seriously because just look at this BS lol however, ive heard that XIGNCODE has already been bypassed yesterday, both for regular users and for people that use side clients. So perhaps people don`t need to goto an early retirement just yet. Like really what are they gonna do? ban everyone that's doing them a favor by going out of their way to keep playing? that's sort of action would be ludicrous and i`m sure that they know that they can`t afford to do something like that. This isn't WoW or BDO, they don't have the numbers or player base to afford touching that hornet nest. In my opinion that`s also why they don`t care about side clients all that much either. Beggars can`t be choosers.
Equitas wrote: »
It has nothing to do with "hyped paranoia". The official developer's website has it stylized as "XIGNCODE3".

That`s not the only thing I wrote and I was being sarcastic about how people are freaking over something they will most likely play along with anyway. But you`re right. I`m glad you can read.

* After edit. I wrote more but it didn't save my draft properly *

Remember back when EME made all that noise over people using third party software, and released that security update? well i`m not a tech expert and I could be wrong, but isn't XIGNCODE also considered as third party software of some kind? if what I said is correct then wouldn't that be hypocrisy at its finest? my point being, is that this whole thing is ridicules. And I genuinely don`t understand how people keep being supersized that this sorta stuff keeps happening. I come here for the show. I admit it. But I can see that many of the people commenting do that with a straight face, and Google vomit every little detail they can to present some kind of argument that`s not going to matter because XIGNCODE is going to happen anyway. If people are bothered by this so much then they should just uninstall this game, or attempt a boycott (which will fail because sheep mentality op and god forbid anyone disturbs the grinds, right). And if people insist on staying here and want to bypass it, that's exactly what they are going to do. Then they can continue having these arguments in here, within the comforts of their side clients.

Besides. People wanna cry conspiracy? go ahead. Do it. Who knows, maybe its true and XIGNCODE3 is nothing more then a data collecting scam for profit. Id believe its possible because the same thing happens on Facebook. But the practical problem with that argument is that they probably agreed to this, and signed it themselves. Then there is no point. Cry wolf day all day, but according to that theory they're already infected. There is no point. I keep seeing people here try to "beat" each other in everything, much like happens in the game itself. I find that as being hilarious and that`s the point where blame gets tossed around.

Here is an example to why that is ineffective: Ive seen people here blame the player council or the EME staff for just about everything, when most of them just spew one liners and emotes every once and a while. My point being, those people are not the cause of the problem, and they clearly only concern themselves with things which bother --them--. Same goes for the EME staff. Do the staff seem like nice and interesting people, or even people that actually play the game? no. They don`t imo. I wouldn't hang with those guys even if they paid me. But despite my own opinion, I belive that they are just doing their job. This whole XIGNCODE is not their fault either. For all we know this whole XIGNCODE was something that even EME raised concerns about, but their not allowed to voice that opinion in here. In other words: who tosses blame on the servants, instead of on placing it on their master? its common sense. In fact, the only person I feel bad for in this entire forum, is Counterpoint. I`m not saying I agree with him on everything and he seems bias as hell. Like omg I realize that there are things he probably can`t say openly but Jesus Christ. That being said though, I feel that he might be one of the few people that genuinely tries to help people and make the game better, and he is not stupid. Kudos on that.

What i`m trying to say is.. people need to get a grip, put things in prospective, realize we have no real say in anything, and stop being paranoid.
Equitas wrote: »
It has nothing to do with "hyped paranoia". The official developer's website has it stylized as "XIGNCODE3".

That`s not the only thing I wrote and I was being sarcastic. But you`re right. I`m glad you can read.
Equitas wrote: »
It has nothing to do with "hyped paranoia". The official developer's website has it stylized as "XIGNCODE3".

That`s not the only thing I wrote but you`re right. I know that and I`m glad you can read.

I used caps because I was being sarcastic about how everyone is making such a big deal out of something they will mostly likely play along with, in some way or another. This is going to happen and fact of the matter is, If people object to this thing so strongly, then by all means they should spare themselves the aggravation and uninstall Tera today, or attempt some organized boycott (which would fail) or whatever. Or if they insist on staying, as was mentioned here a few times, they can find ways to bypass it and continue to argue over the subject in the comforts of their side clients.

In fact, ill add to that, that I genuinely don`t understand why people keep being surprised by these things. Remember back when EME made all that noise and "security update) over people using third party software? well i`m not a tech expert and I could be wrong, but isn't XIGNCODE3 considered as third party software? that's hilarious and I don`t understand why people can respond with a straight face. This whole thing is a bad joke. That`s why I post here and that's why I keep reading this whole thing. Seeing people go overboard and "tryhard" to "beat" everyone is just as funny to see in here, as it is in the game itself. I find that to be ironic, like a social experiment on steroids.
Actually, the mods are looking at this thread

That's fantastic. I`m glad they were able to find some free time in between their lunches. Then surely they know that this will just end up being a game of cat and mouse. Same story with every annual junk that happens. People freak out for a week or two, then it all dies off and fades into oblivion. We both know how this will go, right. They put in Xigncode, then someone stops it from working or makes a bypass. They (BHS) update Xigncode to combat this, then the opposing side does the same. Then come the scapegoats, then comes resentment, then hollow policies get thrown around as if those matter to anyone, and that whole shindig is going to last for about.. ermm.. id say until Ghilliglade has triple drop, and then everyone goes back to their meaningless silent resentment, and the staff can go back to eating their sandwiches in peace.

My point being, is that soon or later it will all become some kind of routine nobodies gonna care about anyway. Talk is cheap. If this bothers people that much, then they should uninstall Tera. I`m considering doing that myself. If the ping continues to drop and the FPS become unbearable because they wanna play rent-a-cop, then i`ll go play something else. Its that simple and none of this would be personal. This is a free product and the staff are tools of service imo. Nothing more, nothing less. People need to get a grip. Ive said this before, this is reality: if people don`t want their data collected by companies, then stop using the internet or something.
Hey BHS here`s a thought: You wanna install some BS in our game? then maybe instead of playing a two cent rent-a-cop with yourselves, just give us better optimization instead of this crap.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Or they are going to play Bless than also uses Xingcode... oh wait!

You know whats really funny? this paranoia is hysterical, but whats even funnier is that i`ll bet most people will still keep on playing even if they flat out said something in the lines of:

BHS/EME: "Xigncode collects you`re personal information. And whats more, we sell this information to further sponsor more maps in Pubg. You want more controversy? no problem. Not only did we tell you openly about Xigncode two days before it came out here, you know, just to mess with you and make it seem like our forums are lively, but not only that.. you know that so called leak of information? yeah that was just to give more people a reason to use side clients. You know because we are cheap and getting players to solve our problems for us lets us go back to working on games we actually care about. How else would we expose newcomers to these things. It just makes life easier. Oh right. You probably have many more complaints about lack of content and optimization issues, not to mention questions about the lack of transparency.

Well you know what? if want answers, then start paying up. You`re not Tera EU, you`re Tera NA, you are the cheap ones. We don`t really have a reason to invest in you. In fact this is such a masochistic community, that you probably think we actually pay attention to this place. Of course we don`t. Thats why we send volunteer lackeys to talk for us. Don`t you see? you are THAT insignificant, that we won`t even bother with you ourselves. So go ahead, cry wolf and keep taking it up the antsy like you always do. Oh right. And don`t forget about buying those cosmetics and worthless mounts without buffs we keep putting out! you wanted a flying suit, well you got it!"

I am being sarcastic of course, they never said something like this. But even if they did, I think the people which are addicted to this game, will keep playing it. Yes, even the ones that are complaining. Besides. If newcomers keep making noise about this subject, they will just silence this after a while, like they do with many other subjects
MistyTera wrote: »
I saw nothing of the sort, but the XIGNCODE only scans for hacking programs running and processes in Tera. That's it! It doesn't read your personal information.

If people are worried about information gathering and being monitored, then they shouldn't go online and sign user agreement protocols or submit reports. This kinda stuff is always going to happen somewhere, somehow. If these things were a virus, id say that most people are already infected. In fact doesn't Tera run via Steam? is that suppose to be "innocent"? I doubt it. But I think that whats really on many peoples minds is weather or not their side clients and DPS meters will still be functional, and weather or not their computers will be red flagged by unrelated apps or modifications, which have nothing to do with Tera itself.

The likely answers to this whole thing is: yes.

1) Will some people be red flagged without a reason? yeah that's probably gonna happen.

2) Will that red flagging process be sorted out fairly by any of the companies involved? nope. Its probably automated.

3) Will Xigncode lag people with potato PCs? most likely. But it probably wont be so different form the normal lag they are already used too. Like instead of the usual 5 dcs in RKEM it will become 7, or something.

4) Will peoples data be sold somewhere? I don`t know but if I had to guess id say its already been sold.

5) Will peoples side clients and meters keep working? yeah definitely. Xigncode seems like garbage.

Maybe i`m wrong about all of this. Who knows really. But hey worse case this game just dies and everyone moves on to another game. Maybe to something like BDO which also uses Xigncode lol
UberMedic7 wrote: »
What i do care about is having my account intact, meaning that i dont want to get falsely banned because i had some overlay on or something. [filtered] anti-cheats are everywhere these days, the best you can ask for is to not hog all your resources and not get you banned for no reason, because really, who cares about "cheaters" in Tera?

I often like to think that when some software issue comes up, it won`t be long before it will be solved by some sort of update. And if EME or BHS ends up being the ones that address this issue properly, that would be fantastic.
UberMedic7 wrote: »
No, its nothing like that, there are solid, honest to god facts that this "anti-cheat" is not effective, its resource heavy and it literally spies on you, and no this is isnt an elaborate scheme of the community to [filtered] about EME and its tactics its about something that is honestly horrible. But go ahead, try to convince me otherwise, tell me that all this is all in my head and im a stupid EME hater and i have no idea about a software that is more shady than actual shady software.

You`re probably right. This thing isn't going to revolutionize online security, or fix the many MANY issues that this game has. This stinks of desperation on their part. But.. its.. not going away. You know that, right? that Tipanni person suggested doing a petition against this, getting 1000 players to stop using Elite for a month, and effect things on a more practical level. That idea wouldn't work because sheep are sheep and they are magnetized to their grinds. But it would be neat if that happened on a grand scale. Might have worked if it kept on for a very long time, and with alot more people.

The thing I wanna tell you though, that this is meaningless. I don`t like the idea of having this malware (is it what it is) around either. Its a desperate attempt at stopping something that's probably never going to stop. And for all you know, all the data collected could be sold to commercial entities for side money, much like happens on Facebook. There is a market for everything, even generalized statistic data alone. These things are probably not even reviewed by actual people, but by bots or some kind of analytical program.

My point being though.. I don`t think you`re a blind hater. Far from it. But you are mistaken if you think that commenting here makes a difference. I comment in these places when i`m bored, not because I think my words matter to anyone.
They did seem to announce it officially. You know... two days before the patch comes out. Classy move EME. Such douchbagary, my god lol

Anyway. Here is my two cents. I`m not an expert on these things, but i`m pretty sure alot of games implement stuff like this XIGNCODE (with caps, because hyped paranoia, right?). Gotta put these things in some kind of prospective. I mean as far as data collection goes, every person with social media apps is basically a walking magnet for third party companies. If fact its likely that every time a person logs in (to anything), chances are that they are being monitored already. Not to mention all the times people just willing submit their data, even by registry entries alone. There are so many examples for this kinda stuff, I wouldn't even know where to start.

So whats a person to do? what are the real options out there? become super paranoid for life and stop using the internet altogether? maybe go full Linux and invest a fortune on creating the most elaborate secure network money can buy? spend thousands of dollars to hire professionals to erase you`re entire online existence for a measly five minutes, before you turn on you`re cell phone and then the whole thing has to start all over again? (because data collection op). Of course not. I`m being sarcastic. People are not going to do that because that would be stupid, paranoid and insane.

In fact, lets also look at this from a another angle as well. Lets be practical. You got something to hide? yeah. You probably do. But I really doubt that EME or Wellbia care about you`re porn. In fact, i`m not expert but if I had to guess... i`d say they probably don`t even care about most third party software all that much. I think that they are implementing this XIGNCODE3 junk for something more specific. The one thing I will mention though, is that I hope that the potato PC nation can still keep playing. This game already runs like a bad joke, so please don`t make things worse.
The basilisks aren't the only BAMs you can farm. So that's that, right.

I will however address something said which I don`t agree with at all. You said: "at least make it somewhat challenging for them". That was you referencing that you want those BAMs to become "equalized" per gear (not just per tier), meaning making them harder to kill for people that have Stormcry. I guess that according to you're logic people with Frostmetal are in the "safe zone" huh. This is ridicules lol

You talk about people being selfish and hogging channels, yet you're suggesting that OP people should suffer longer grinds. That is hypocrisy. Entitlement. Speaking of which, hey wouldn't it be funny if you get Stormcry, and you end up doing what everyone else is doing? what are the odds of that I wonder..
I strongly suspect they'll be able to give missing time back, but first have to fix the issue.

I hope so. I tend to believe in you're intentions, however I am rather skeptic when it comes to them. It wasn't so long ago that they messed up about these things, when they practically erased a newly purchased voucher I got, which were 90 days that went down the drain, after some more so called "updates". I have provided more then enough evidence for all the actions which have transpired, and have never gotten a response. That one is one them, and it was one of their many actions which have led me to believe that they run a two cent little shtick here. However, i`m not one to make a fuss over nonsense considering all the years ive been playing. I have seen their ups and down, have been more then understanding about it, and gold is no object to those with the correct insight to implement proper managing about these matters. However, I do draw the line about not being able to log into the game. That is something I am unable to overlook, despite my best intentions.

P.S: Ive seen how you constantly attention to convey issues which most people choose to overlook. And to that I salute you. Hell, I think they should even pay you, for all the free service you seem to give. Which is also why I should tell you that, out of nowhere, suddenly their launcher started working properly, after hours of tempering on my side of things. Very particular indeed.
Nothing helps. I deleted everything, but now I can not install again. The same message ...

The exact same thing happened to me, right after I used an Elite Voucher. I tried everything, messed with net settings, and followed every instruction I could find. Now i`m losing days on my voucher (not to mention log-in buffs), and can no longer log into this game. Ive even tried downloading the Steam version, just to give it a try. Still didn`t work. Can we get some staff on this or what. This is some real BS. I sent a ticket and waiting for a reply. If they can`t solve this, then I don`t know what to say. Perhaps its time to play something else, maybe something more functional for a change.
Wow you're like a conspiracy theorist on steroids. I love it. There is one problem though. What you said can apply to almost anything. In fact, in a way, the only so called "final solution" to all of this, would be to either stop people from using applications like Discord (not going to happen because people love free stuff), or even take it one step further, shutting down the entire internet (if that's even possible). Those are theoretically the only way to truly surf online safely.

I mean Discord is just one entity right. What about Facebook? Twitter? The Cloud? Youtube? they all have BS policies and manipulative ways of collecting and selling personal information to whichever third parties pay the most. Everyone with two cents knows that, yet practically everyone uses those, while being fully aware that they are most likely being exploited and having their data collected to build up whatever next business model is gonna become the more dominant one on the market. My point being, you can`t stop the corruption and you can`t stop people from jumping head first into seemingly profitable "free" models. Because like it or not when it comes to these things, everyone is going to get used in some way. Literally, everyone logging into anything puts them at some kind of risk. Officially and unofficially as one. Even downsizing you're online data manually, still means you're connected to the internet. Social security numbers, public records, you're own bank accounts, and thats not even the tip of iceberg of what actually gets documented by you, without you're knowledge via policies imposed on the general public by so many entities, I doubt anyone here would even be able to name all of them.

Look, i`m not saying that you're wrong or paranoid, you have presented some facts I won`t attempt to argue over. In fact, I hate arguing in these matters because there's always gonna be someone out there that does these things for a living (or simply has no life at all), and that person could present information I wasn't even aware of. Its a lose lose battle, just by getting into it. Thats how bad things really are imo. I understand that you are trying to raise awareness over a subject that you feel strongly about. However surely you realize that you can`t beat the machine. Especially not in a place like this. Because in Tera in specific, id say that only a handful of people even want to be aware of these things. Most people just get by.
PvE DiscussionNinja's 03/01/2018, 11:37 AM Starkhoe
I play a ninja and I run all the current endgame content. Never felt like its actually "weak", and nobody ever complained about my dps either. It simply requires abit more effort and being spot on with you're timing and rotations. Yes, some classes are generally stronger. Of course. But that shouldn't pull you away from playing a class that's loads of fun, and very strong in capable hands. There are no bad classes, just bad players. I don`t consider myself an expert but that`s my two cents.
Good. I hope it stays dead!
What nonsense. The pull is great in capable hands. Staying in a dungeon with a troll priest is on you. Next time just drop out of the dungeon, or even submit a report about that person (not to mention vote kicking them). Those options are much more useful then making a thread about that one skill, and asking it to be removed. Whats wrong with you lol
This post would be so much better if you were an actual staff member, and knew about their inner workings. Replacing employees happens all the time, and you do realize that even if a publishing company (not the game developers) drops cretin projects, or puts less investment in it, it could be in favor of something much more profitable.

Like, If you ask me.. as far as BHS (the game devs) is concerned, they probably think of Tera NA/EU as being just a dumping ground for various business models and experiments that EME got stuck with having to present. BHS has games like "Playerunknown's battlegrounds" which rigs in alot more players and money. If you were them, could you really blame EME or BHS for not caring all that much about a game like Tera, whos most vibrant and loyal players base probably reside in Korea. See people won`t admit this, and neither would a company, but I think that we are playing the "lazy version". We have a lazy mentality. And if we are lazy, then they can afford to be lazy too. Its a cycle. Which is why there will not be a revolution anytime soon. Trash events? scams? failure in communication and management? outdated optimizations? cringy staff members? sure. Its all here. Same as you.
This is what RNG is like. I have heard stories of people spending ridiculously insane amounts of EMP over RNG boxes, only to face equally disappointing results. When it comes to SC gear, instead of trying to do the actual math (which is technically 50/50 either way), the practical assumption should be to always assume that its going to take you at least 5-10 tries each time you try to enchant something, regardless of anything. And if it takes more then that then you should take it as a sign that the game just hates you, and you should start investing in something else. Even in a different game, who knows.

The system works just fine though. Its not a good system imo but the way things are now, is actually a lot better then it used to be. You should try to think about the amount of percent you have left, as being just a tease. Don`t take these things seriously.
You don`t sound like you're asking for help or advise, you are talking in general. I`m bored so I will reply in the same manner.

A `good` tank holds aggro without becoming a liability to the party, performs all the tank utilities properly while tanking (debuffing + timing enraging), positions bosses properly, handles mobs well, adapts and responds to various situations that could come up, knows the mechanics of the dungeon he is doing, and does good damage (the kind that helps breaking shields) in the process, while distinguishing between when he can afford to get hit for the sake of doing more DPS, and between when he cannot afford to do that. In short: someone that's always willing to learn, improve, communicate and adapt. Someone that understands the concept of tanking in general, the concept of teamplay itself, and knows how to preform well regardless of what gear they have, and regardless of the party's composition. Self sufficiency without the salt. Thats a good tank in my opinion.
You can never know what kind of person is sitting on the other side of the screen. Therefore there's a fine line between constructive criticism, gloating over you're own performance, belittling someone, and between genuinely wanting to help them out. The best way to help someone, is not to come across as being condescending. Which is why if you do choose to give them advice, you should do so respectfully, without making it seems like you're "gods gift to Tera".

How? try to think of yourself, and how you would like to be treated if you were in their position. The key to helping someone, is attempting to understand where they come from. Which is why before you choose to say anything, you can start by inspecting them. Look for signs of something that indicates what might be the possible cause to their low performance. This can range to anything from wrong crystals, wrong rolls, wrong etchings, what guild they are in (if any), and basically anything that shows you what you are dealing with. After you do that, you should have enough basic information to deduce a good direction for them to take (this is also something you can do at the beginning of the dungeon itself). Then you can approach them politely, and explain to them calmly that you wish to give them some pointers. Because if you just say "git gud omg use double pounding" or something like that, without providing an explanation, then you are probably just pissing them off. You always need to remember that if you come off too strong about this subject, then some players might misinterpret you're intentions to help them. How you come across will determine if they will want to listen to you (emphasis on the word "want").

I`m not saying there is not a limit to this, some people are willfully dense, and some players are just plain, well.. stupid. It happens. These are things which are not in you're control, and you can`t force someone to listen to you. All you can ever do, is try. If you ask me, the best way to go about this, is to indulge in a brief and friendly conversation before you start playing. Even something as simple as starting off the dungeon with a few jokes and showing others that you are friendly, can set the tone for the entire thing. This is good because it can open the lines of communication between everyone, and you might be able to see what kind of people you are playing with. Just my two cents. I hope this helped someone.
If they even bother responding to this, they will likely give you some official posturing or some one liners about how its "wrong", and how they are "actively" doing something against it. When in reality, until they make an official proxy of their own (or whatever else to fix ping issues), they can`t do much against it. Ive said this in other places, it is more the likely that they "have" to address these issues when "pesky" good Samaritans point them out (I have complained about it as well), but they cant afford to kill something that effects their playerbase to such an extent. Oh sure, there will be people out there that will support whatever they say, and vomit responses for them. "Justifications, reasons, excuses" whatever. Thats great but I don`t care about that, or about other peoples opinions around this subject. That is not my concern, I am not tech support. I dunno who started the whole thing, but the way I see it, these proxies exists because BHS failed to deliver on a great many things. They made their own virus by not fixing things they should have, and by neglecting the needs of the community. And proxies are just one of the evils around.

Don`t get me wrong I strongly object to any proxy or cheat, probably more then most people do being as I don`t think any player should resort to that. However, while I can understand the possible technical limits which would involve such an undertaking, I honestly don`t care much about them. Thats not my problem. And my opinion is the same as it has always been. Talk is cheap. They should either provide alternative solutions to existing problems, or find a way to stop all players from using them, or just go back to keeping in total silence about it this subject and keep showing everyone that their hands are tied. Let me guess: "you're wrong EME has this under control!". No they don`t. Spare me the circumstance, proving i`m wrong does not require words, nor opinions or meaningless platitudes I don`t care about. Proving me wrong requires actions. Anything else is just a bad joke ive heard many times over.
You're generally correct about scum acting as scum, though if you are going to attempt to raise awareness of obvious issues, wouldn't it be more effective to point out how blocking someone doesn't prevent them from mailing you, or harassing you on multiple accounts? that would be a better issue to tackle. Also, I would like to address some of the other things you mentioned.
I've never seen such an unwelcoming and toxic community ever since league. What's even more interesting is apparently this game doesn't care enough to even offer a report section. Toxicity is therefore encouraged as there are 0 repercussions. The fact that elitists exist in such large numbers and toxicity like this vvvvv is allowed is terrible. What's even worse is that these players are in fact protected as I am obliged to block out their names. I'm Aoshikai.

Pardon me for saying this, but have you been playing under a rock, Aoshikai? I`m saying this in accordance to you're own logic. I mean, did you go on League`s forums and submitted threads about toxicity? probably not. P.S: there is an option to report players. If you submit a full documentation of the event via the website itself (through the tech support), its more likely to get addressed.
There are several things I would actually like to note

3) There are plenty of online guides you can read to better inform yourself on all the changes (also answers 4).
5) The bright side is that good players don`t complain so much over game play, and sane players don't make a fuss over IMs (as being there, is on them) and low level dungeons. So to that end, I believe that those guys are probably not that far off from you're level of playing.
Apparently these people automatically assume that the player is supposed to automatically and immediately know everything about the dungeon and the fine math of the game before even playing it. It's a sickening and terrible and toxic assumption, and I've met a large amount of these toxic players (specifically in Ravenous Gorge, as these players can get away with it more because its smaller).

I understand why you got offended. The way that those guys behaved was unsightly and they are clearly lacking in common sense. You would win the moral argument, hands off. There is no excuse for how they behaved. However, in the same context, it also says a few things about you. Perhaps instead of hoping someone will teach you, then why don`t you teach yourself. Going into a dungeon without reading up or any prior knowledge about it (or about your class) is on you. Not doing that makes you come off as seeming entitled, and you did kind of provoke them with some of you're comments. I mean, if someone gets carried, which isn't a big deal, its much better to admit to it or to just stay silent. My point being.. those guys acted prideful, but so did you.
It's depressing that there are no veteran members that politely tell you these things AT ALL, as they either just stay silent and carry you (which does nothing for you in the long run, give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for life) or flame you without actually telling you . . . anything.

I don`t consider myself as being a veteran, but I do know a thing or two about this game, and about gaming in general. So I will give you some advice on what I think you should do. First off, I think you need to change you're attitude because the way that you are going about this, is wrong. I mean, even posting on the forum about this, wasn't a bright move imo. Anyway. So here`s how this goes: start by doing some online research, and NOT dismiss ALL the results you find, and give those a closer look. I mean, you said some guides were "outdated". Thats fair. Though if you're a returning player, then why are you nitpicking over nonsense? any information can be useful. Perhaps min-maxing won`t be an option for you at this point in time, but then again, that's not suppose to be you're objective, right? take what you can, and use what you can. Some of the online guides might not be up to date, I agree on that, but they are certainly not useless. One could argue about the validity and effectiveness of some of the guides, and many of them seem copy pasted. But no one can argue over the fact that is better to start from something, instead of starting from scratch. What you seem to have, is a "hand held mentality". My point being, is that I think you should shake that outta you're system.

The second point id like to bring up about this subject, is the process of trail and error. You said: "give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for life". Cliches are nice, but what if the person that teaches you does it wrong? without any prior relevant information you would not being able to cross reference anything, which means that you would have no way of knowing if the teaching is correct, or even if the method itself was done in a way that actually fits you. Why become a burden and liability to the people around you, why be a bottom feeder, when you have access to all the tool to become self sufficient? raging over obvious issues doesn't make a difference. Don`t expect a hail Mary over noticing obvious things. Don`t become one of those people. If something bothers you, then do something about it.
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