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I also agree that they shouldn't be in there
RKC wrote: »
what do they even drop?

Fat Santas 12/11 to 12/26
LOOT TABLE 12/11 to 12/18: [loot table will change!]
Frosty Snowman Footsteps x 1 extra rare
Transparent Mask x 1 extra rare
Hidden Weapon Sheath x 1 extra rare
30% Item XP Boost (1 Day) x 1 extra rare
Tera Reward Loot Box 1 x 1 rare
Snowflake Bomb x 5 uncommon
30% EP Boost (1 hour) x 1 uncommon
Superior Noctenium Elixir x 1 uncommon
Golden Daric x 8 uncommon
Silver Siglo x 2 uncommon
Talked to eme about it. Should be working now
"Will EME be making region specific changes to keep 100% success rate additives?"

No. We will lose additives when we get that patch.
Nice I love the snowflake bombs
Thoughts on using them in events instead of in the cash shop?
In case you missed the link it's here: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/29913/player-council-applications-are-open#latest

They stop taking applications on Monday so if you're interested be sure to sign up!
YUMEKA wrote: »
Same, I got kicked because a mod said I was a weeb with no life. This discord is actually toxic and shame on you for trying to advertise it with a mere 600k FWC first place. Who would spend 100 hours just to get 600k
I'll ask eme if they'd be willing to add something to the prize pool so it's a bit more exciting. Thanks for the idea!

The owners of the popular Tera Battleground Discord are hosting a contest to celebrate the server merge. To participate you must be a member of their discord.
Super Special Battleground Discord Jackpot Event!
Hosted by the BG discord

The rank 1 with the highest amount of points by the end of the season from both servers will claim the prize.
This means if you are rank 1 for FWC on Kaiator but the Rank 1 in Velika is higher Velika's rank 1 will take the prize.

Once the current season is over, the highest score for each battleground will be given their prizes.
In order to participate you must have been a member of this discord for 15 days or more.

3 Battleground 3 chances to win!
  • Fraywind Canyon Overall Rank 1
  • Corsairs Stronghold Overall Rank 1
  • Skyring Solo Overall Rank 1

  • Highest Rank FWC: 600k
  • Highest Rank CS: 200k
  • Highest Rank 3s: 100k
  • Highest Healer Rank FWC: 200k


• Your server is irrelevant, this is highest rank OVERALL.
• You have to be in this discord for at least 15 days prior to end of season (idk the date) to participate.
• If you tie for rank 1, no one wins.
• If you're caught cheating/throwing/abusing 3rd party software, with verifiable proof, you're blacklisted from winning. (It has to be obvious as heck)

Good luck!
@T5N5JX9HRP Are you okay my dude
ElinUsagi wrote: »
StarSprite wrote: »
The last thread turned into a series of personal attacks and had derailed from the original message, I believe. Don't get baited and keep it constructive.
DL7MMWLJ3W wrote: »
More like if Elinusagi gets into your threads, you can smell that it'll get locked due to baiting people into straying the topic.

You can read the last thread about that and you will see how that thread was derailed by others since the first page and I posted until the 5th page.

Btw, the mastermind already confesed in that other thread, now it should be easier for EME to track those involved, thing that I doubt they will do.
Please stop flame baiting. If you have an issue with a player report them. Call outs and purposely derailing forum topics is against the forum rules p sure.

Let's just drop it and focus on the topic at hand.
The last thread turned into a series of personal attacks and had derailed from the original message, I believe. Don't get baited and keep it constructive.
Man some people just can't handle change
You're welcome. Can't do anything about the ones in the console section tho :c
ZingoPingo wrote: »
KTC said she may be taking a break from them. https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/28516/whats-the-next-art-contest#latest

But this might be in reference to just the art contest.

I think that was just for art contests.
A7GLPNDYPN wrote: »
KitTeaCup wrote: »
Hi there!

Have you created a support ticket for this?

I'll mention this to our team, but if we can get screenshots and examples, hopefully we can get to the root of it.


How do you think a person can take a screenshot of a buff not applying? The crit power buff is not working in open world and pit of petrax/ghillieglade its as simple as that, theres nothing that you can screenshot
Wouldn't you just screenshot the combat log to show that the "draconis rex affects your abilities" isn't listed? Then again I guess whining about the bug and our cm is easier than putting in minimal effort to report it properly.
There's no energetic version of the guardian mask
Confirmed on stream and in this thread. We will be getting the talent system. I've been collecting feedback and questions for eme and thought it'd be worthwhile to also start a conversation here about it, too.

The more popular questions I've gathered so far:
Will we be compensated for the time (years) we missed not having talents?
Will there be events to boost talent exp?
Will it be the exact same as KTera's?
How will we be able to obtain the reset potion that goes with talents?
Is this actually happening?
How will this work with Velik's Helper?
On today's stream Singlebear mentioned a name wipe running before the merge
I personally dont find the teach me how to play x class streams entertaining, outside of when there is a person going full meme. For me I find that well written guides are much more helpful, maybe with short videos or gifs to better demonstrate certain mechanics or combos. It's just easier to find specific information that way instead of trying to sort through a video looking for whatever it is I'm after.

What does a player interview about the specific class over stream have to offer that's better or different than some of the guides offered today? Maybe some updates because of class changes but most of the time they just go over the basics like gear. A more technical stream could be interesting but a lot of the community may not find them entertaining.

I do think maybe following a party through dungeons and talking to players who are actually running content could be interesting to at least watch.
Event is this week!
You dont need a ticket. DSU is a 1 entry dungeon (2 for elite) and can be found in the tempest reach region.
It's that blue dot. There are scrolls in the specialty merchant or merchant, I cant remember which, that will teleport you to the entrance.
I'm hosting another pvp tournament! This month it's Champion's Skyring. The prizes include one month elite, unity stoles, and quackerjack mount!

If you want to participate here is the discord with more information!

If you're not a discord user here is the form however being on discord does make organization easier.
This is the full list posted by eme.
I kinda scrolled through this without reading it all so sorry if already brought up but priest will eventually be able to reset backstep cd after using gs. I was playing around with it on the Korean test server today. Not quite the same as having two iframes to use one after the other but yeah
metagame wrote: »
StarSprite wrote: »
There should be a reasonable and sustainable way for players to earn a consumable
multiple ways already exist
They're not sustainable for some or we wouldn't have this thread! Feedback has been heard just needs some time. :heart:
Hi, player council member here

Just wanted to comment on some things.

Just because some people have plenty of noct or don't see a purpose for it doesn't mean eme should ignore the feedback from the players suffering from a shortage.

Not everyone has the time or desire to farm every event and they shouldn't have to. There should be a reasonable and sustainable way for players to earn a consumable, even if it's a luxury one. It doesn't matter how they plan on using it or how skilled they are at the game.

This doesn't mean taking something away from the game. It just means filling a hole to improve quality of life for people.

The feedback has been heard and it is something the player council has brought up with eme. Since the start of the thread a couple of things have already happened.

1. The price was lowered in the vg shop.
2. There's a crab event and noct drops as a reward.

I still think more changes could be made in the future but this is a good start. Change can be slow sometimes but at least in this area change is happening.

Thanks for being constructive with your feedback. It does help a lot when we talk to eme
Kathala wrote: »
I dunno if thos was called like this here but i lov the way of this "golden rose weapon skin" thos are ryly preety same as celestial spirit one or just imply as costume the frosts gear look i ryly like the way the frosts weapons look.

CROOOOW wrote: »
ay I don't comment here much, but I want to say that I love the current state of BG boxes, but I hate the jackpots. BGs feel a lot more rewarding when we get more enchanting boxes for wins and an actual decent amount for losses. However, the jackpots really need to be fixed. The shop is garbage right now, with almost everything in there being worthless for people who already have their dyads and mostly play PVP. EE's should be cheaper AND we should get more tokens/win. I also think there should be an option for full +9 people to buy something from the shop that they can sell/trade to others (e.g. the talent box we can get from grid).

Also, like others, I'd love to see the Bell shop come back. When it first went away, I didn't complain because I made a fortune off selling the Keybadges from the boxes. Nowadays, I can still make a decent amount selling talents from the boxes, but it really felt a lot nicer back in the day when I had some control over what I could get with the shop. 100% rng from the boxes is just not as nice of a system.

Bluehole is bringing the credit shop back. It was just announced in ktera so it'll be a while before it reaches our region unfortunately. :/
Pretty sure Valks can iframe plague with backstab
Dawnkee wrote: »
I've killed a few of those crabs at the outskirts and in Kaiator. They drop nothing so far. Do they have purpose?
It took a while of farming between bg queues but they did drop some stuff while hunting them. It seems really rare though. The drops I saw were

Simple Salt
Rejuv Pot
health pot
Gem Box
Noct (15)
Strong Bravery
strong cane
sup noct

and oddly enough there were times when the crabs would drop two things like simple salt and a bravery. Again, getting them to drop anything at all seems a bit rare.
If you stop by velika or velika outskirts where the mobs are you may spot a crab that isn't suppose to be there.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
StarSprite wrote: »
For those of you who dont keep up with the eme discord.

Could we get a full list of stuff you can get from strongboxes?

Thuking wrote: »
StarSprite wrote: »
The jackpot system doesn't allow a reward for losing. Eme would need bhs to change it if there's a strong enough argument for it.

I'd personally rather lower the overall prices instead of letting people have them for losing. The tokens should be what encourage people to try if they want it otherwise you'll get people afk in base farming them since they'll get one win or lose like they did with credits. They won't care that it will take longer to farm a decent amount.

yes eme need bhs to do anything while as gameforge has free reign to do what they want

For those of you who dont keep up with the eme discord.
KitTeaCup wrote: »
@CassandraTR As the newbie, I need a little more context.

Could you please specify what the fashion coupons were for and what shop updates do you mean?


Would you mind telling me why exactly are you hired as a CM without having any knowledge about this game whatsoever ? With all due respect, if you are hired to be a community manager of a game you oughta at least do your homework and actually know what you are talking about or have a little bit of background without going in blind and asking questions like these. You are aware that nobody, and I mean nobody will like you or respect you if you act oblivious like this instead of just sitting down prior and doing investigation about the game. Not only did you already prove that you have no idea what kind of game this is, but you have proven you have no idea what is plaguing the community that YOU ARE suppose to be hearing from. At least have some decency, Spacecats was eaten alive because he was oblivious and made fun of so many times, do you really, and I mean really want to go down the same path ? It doesent take long time to actually get to know this game, the things people are complaining about, or will you just be one of those *Oh wait, I am working as a voice of all the community, lemme just learn what this thing you are talking about is because I have no idea whatsoever what is it* because you are doing just that.
You have no excuses, and I mean really no excuses whatsoever to be asking for clarification of what a certain item in the game is. Sorry for being so blunt, but either take it as a criticism and do something about it or watch this community tear you open a new one
You seem upset my dude.

Relax, no one learns everything this game has to offer overnight or even within a week. It'll be okay. Just breathe :heart:
The crabs drop blue noct!
To add to the list of ways to get them I got a couple of refiners from the iod box. Not saying thats a reliable way to farm them though.

I agree that the vg cost is extremely high and should be adjusted to match EU. Why are they so high in the first place?
Desparity wrote: »
These times are lame, not everyone can play on the weekends. I hope EME will at least put it into battleground jackpot rotation in July along with CS/Fraywind. If it stays on weekends like this I'll literally never be able to try it which is a shame because it looks really fun.
Since EU also has it at a limited time slot I'm guessing the limited time slots came from BHS.

I agree that this isn't ideal. NA is a large region with a lot of different timezones to consider. If it stays a limited system there is always going to be a group of players left out.
That's for console
Christin wrote: »
Christin wrote: »
Mogly wrote: »
They wont get Xing, as it directly conflicts with European general law.
As explained in another thread, it doesn't necessarily conflict with the law. There are a number of games in EU (like Black Desert, Blade and Soul, EME's Closers, etc.) that do use that program. Gameforge may still decide not to go that path, of course.

All Korean based games that don't need to follow European law. Sure, they may update their terms to add in a bunch of garbage, but they don't have to follow any of it. You're just being ignorant and silly and pointing to stuff that you know can be ignored.
Uhh, I'm talking about the EU-published versions of those games, and they absolutely need to comply with EU law. EME also needs to comply with EU law as long as they offer products to EU natural persons (which they certainly do with games like Closers). It's absolutely applicable. That's why Gravity Interactive, who also publishes Korean games, completely pulled out of EU last month (in fear that they couldn't comply with GDPR). They wouldn't have done that if "they don't have to follow any of it." Pretending they don't have to comply with the law just because they're "Korean based games" would definitely make it illegal in the EU.

Christin wrote: »
Laemie wrote: »
So shes playing Tera on a Mac and shes using nvidia geforce cloud thingy to play. With this Xigncode, its not allowed anymore and she can nolonger play. Any of you using the same thing and having any solutions?

I recommend she contact EME in a ticket about this situation. This is something they may have to work with Nvidia to solve, but it's something they clearly have done before since PUBG is working there. Likely either EME or Nvidia has to change some options on their end to make this work again.

Why even give people hope and tell them to contact support? Do you think support is going to suddenly change the code to allow this cloud? Give it up already.
They certainly have proven they can. PUBG is also made by BHS, supported by EME, uses XIGNCODE3, and is one of the featured games on GeForce Now (the very cloud service that's being referred to). Plus, by its very nature, that cloud service is going to host all sorts of other games that also have various kinds of anti-cheat software like this; they just probably weren't prepared for it being added to TERA. So... yes? It's certainly at least worth asking.

I guess in your little world hackers don't exist, because "hacking is against the law". Oh, please.

I don't even know why I respond, because you always come back with the worst rebuttals just to prove some point that you simply don't understand. Just like you bringing PUBG into this when Tera is the lowest priority and PUBG is the highest. Telling people they might get the same as PUBG is just sad. PUBG isn't supported by EME, so you have that backwards. EME is supported/directed by BHS and that's it.

I'm trying to have a serious discussion here, and you're just pulling stuff from all over the place to distract everyone. It's dribble, and you're not helping the situation at all.

Grate bate mate

Trolling counterpoint in a thread where players are trying to present their case to eme about xigncode helps no one. Relax my dude. Getting the thread locked resolves nothing and helps no one lmao
The jackpot system doesn't allow a reward for losing. Eme would need bhs to change it if there's a strong enough argument for it.

I'd personally rather lower the overall prices instead of letting people have them for losing. The tokens should be what encourage people to try if they want it otherwise you'll get people afk in base farming them since they'll get one win or lose like they did with credits. They won't care that it will take longer to farm a decent amount.
Rida wrote: »
Why must they post important information away from the forums ;w;


I restarted my launcher and it did another download. After that I was able to get to server select after a bit of time on the loading screen.
Hanuishi wrote: »
StarSprite wrote: »
Cobaltdragon - Today at 12:34 PM
As a heads up, our Operations Team has stated that players should temporarily stop attempting to update their Launchers until we have complete our maintenance. Mentioning that anyone that's tried to patch so far might have to reset their EN manifest and get a full patch."

Did he say this on the forums? I can't find it.

Eme Discord

Cobaltdragon - Today at 12:34 PM
As a heads up, our Operations Team has stated that players should temporarily stop attempting to update their Launchers until we have complete our maintenance. Mentioning that anyone that's tried to patch so far might have to reset their EN manifest and get a full patch."
This thread has been really helpful so far for me to gather up feedback and pass it over to EME. It's been really clear and constructive. Singlebear made a comment today about the BG coins in the EME discord.


I'd like to be able to present them with a few ideas, no promises on what actually gets thrown in there though. I'd like to get a list of items and what you think it'd cost based off how many games you've played and tokens you earned.

Feedback I have so far, please say if I've missed something crucial:
The prices are too high
Having consumables is unoriginal and boring
There are no gold and silver talents.
There are no emeralds
There are no otherworldly shards
Losing games should still earn tokens

What I'm looking for now is lists of items players are looking to see and a price. Keep in mind when suggesting prices and items that unlike Dungeon Coins, BG coins can technically be earned 24/7.
This is for all servers!

This month I'm hosting a best of 3, single elimination Corsairs Stronghold event. If you're interested in participating here's the discord link that it will be organized out of!

Sign ups for the event ends June 21st so make a team and sign up soon! The winning team will get 1 month of elite and there are plans for more events in the future.
6LA3PFHPKC wrote: »
Yes, i am.
Should check to see which publisher you downloaded from. When tera was first released on steam it was only the eme/NA version. They had to remove the option to download for EU players at the request of Gameforge (Treeshark put a news post out at the time but it's probably gone now). There's a chance you started on the NA servers but are currently running the EU version of the game.

If it is the same version, there was a server merge a while back ago. A lot of inactive servers were merged together into what is now Fey Forest. I'd look for them there.
Were you guys in a dungeon or what were you doing when you disconnected?
xChase wrote: »
Bring the old system back. Its was fine with the bellicarium and killing spree credits. In fact, the shops are still there, just upgrade the itens

In the last ktera patch, the bellicarium credits are back >>>> https://essentialmana.com/news/5-31-18-patch-notes/. The question is: are we going to get that ? @SingleBear

Till this day I can't figure out why that system was replaced.
I don't recall what Bluehole's reasoning for the credit shop was, if they even gave one. The bg credit system was replaced by the rng box you get if you win/lose. The token system should be just a way to make things a bit more rewarding for the winners. The boxes as rewards are just so bad that it's easy for the token shop to outshine it.

We will be getting the rep shop patch like we get every ktera patch but I doubt it's coming soon. We're several months behind ktera and so it's just a matter of time before it gets here. I prefer the credit system, too but only if the weekly cap is raised.
I'd want the rabbit. This isn't a bad idea
And I'd just ditch the health potions and stuff, they're easier to get via the BG vanguards anyway. Not sure what to put to replace them, however.
Just tossing the idea out there but

Bgs used to give etching materials. What if etching mats replaced the pots and stuff? Also wondering about adding the different tiers of etching mats to help with t4 etching crafting.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Thuking wrote: »
Yes I agree with OP.

also gold or silver talent jackpot then everyone would be queing.

Maybe an increase in coins awarded to winners and a single coin as consolation prize for loser side?

Anyway, I dont think this coin system is a bad idea, it is similar to previous bg credits where you could chose what to spend your credits for.

By design, the jackpot reward system doesn't have a way to give a participation prize to the loser. Being perfectly honest, I personally prefer it that way. If you want the extra prize, work for it. I ended up with 42 tokens today with 19 games played and 16 of those being wins. Earning the tokens isn't really the issue here. I do agree there should be some adjustments in the shop.
There was a time many years ago when you were able to queue a full team vs another full team. It'd be nice to have that back, mostly to use for player run pvp events.

Would it be possible to get this option in a future build?
In the EnMasse Discord CobaltDragon announced that there would be a strongbox jackpot soon. He was looking for feedback and thought to cross post it here since not everyone checks discord and may have feedback to give.

As mentioned the feedback he's looking for is
  • Are any of these items not necessary?
  • Is there an item that you think should be on the list but isn't? (mes, costume...)

Please keep posts related to the topic above.
A 10v10 deathmatch event with guardian gear!

Best of 3, single elimination pvp event!

For players on Mount Tyrannas only.

  1. Only 2 of each class is allowed. Healers are limited to 3 total.
  2. Only guardian gear is allowed. You may use up to tier 3 etchings on weapon and armor but no jewelry etchings at all.
  3. Consumables are not allowed.

Event starts at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern) on May 18th and we will go up to 2 hours. Please show up on time. We'll allow a 10 minute window for anyone running late. Teams can replace missing members so long as the replacement abides by the rules above.

Prize: The winning team will get 10,000 Noctenium Infusions for each team member. Other rewards pending.

The deathmatches will take place in Allemantheia Outskirts. Location subject to change if there are problems with that area.

If you're interested in joining please fill out this google form.

Thanks to EmE I've acquired quite a few tradeable scarves. I also happen to have some purple wings that I'll be giving out to players who find and trade with me.


I'll start around 7pm pacific (10pm eastern) Saturday May 5th. Hints will be posted on the eme discord for anyone looking. I'll also stream my location at

Good luck!
vkobe wrote: »
how we get kamizuma avatar ? :3
Become a player council member.
Bring back hello kitty costumes tbh

I am a female console tera player c: but I have no mic! D:

I'm also physically mute IRL QQ so please dont ask me to speak because it's pretty triggering to me when people bring up my disability. :c
P2w but with how common the rubies are it's more like pay to be disappointed :c
ElinUsagi wrote: »
JasonTERA wrote: »
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Well, it is really ridiculous how some people make the pvp comunity even more small than it is already.

I still remember the "If EME/BHS change EQ battlegrounds to UNEQ that will bring tons of players back to the game".

Well, I am still waiting for those tons of players.


@ElinUsagi If you took this screenshot today, we finished our large and medium fwc g quest during last 3-4 hrs. There must be something wrong on your character, or the screenshot is a fake.

The screenshot is not fake but If is not thanks to your FWC Discord group I think this BG would not pop up at all outside the hours you play.

One year ago I used to have queves of 30 minutes outside peak hours (not to far from peak hours) but never this bad.

In the case of other people being able to pop while you're in queue, it's probably bugged for you. If it doesn't pop during the active bg time you should try to cancel it and then requeue. No idea why it's a thing.
I remember it being really fun in the past. Hope it can be brought back.
6R1MM01R3 wrote: »
Double item exp when?

Double Item XP
Saturday 2/17 at 3 a.m. PST until Monday 2/19 at 3 a.m. PST

ElinUsagi wrote: »
StarSprite wrote: »
Healing would be really boring. I like being able to dps on my priest. It's no change from the other content you solo grind like gg, iod, pit...

I think this content will only create bad habits on healers more than any other classes.

This kind of event should give points to healers for healing, keeping buffs, debuffing the enemies, ressurecting, cleansing more than their dps.

Tanks should get points for keeping agro, blocking/perfec blocking, enraging enemies, debuffing.

I know that is hard to get a good raid from random people but, common with this only bad habbits are created for the support/tank roles.
I mean after doing RKEM, HH, FWC, Skyring, and whatever else I end up doing I'm not sure I'd be too worried about "bad habits" LOL

This is really simple solo content and a healer isn't required for it. If I were to raid up with my guild I'd be alt tabbed while throwing estars and triple nem. I'm glad it's something engaging and can be challenging if you're trying to rank for kicks. It's a break for the usual healing and it's something I can do damage in while on my main. I dont miss out on gear exp because I had to swap to a dps.

I guess they could make healing be an option for people who are just completely incompetent though.
Healing would be really boring. I like being able to dps on my priest. It's no change from the other content you solo grind like gg, iod, pit...
Xristosx wrote: »
Those are some nice cool stats, shame we'll never see something even close to that in our region.


Catservant wrote: »
Lapomko wrote: »
I have the same problem from the EU and many players are leaving to eutera from this lag. Enmasse should consider moving away from both zayo/savvis.

IS there a third option? I think there is only the two. Which is part of the problem, really. If there is another option, does anyone know what company it is?
I doubt there is since we've only swapped between the two over the past few years. Unfortunately routing issues are really complicated and are not really under eme's control. All they can do is submit a ticket with the service provider and hope that corrects the issue. This is why it's important to submit diags. They cant really approach their provider saying "It's lagging" and leave it at that.

It is a pain to sort out lag and sometimes I'm not sure what can be done about it outside of maybe using a vpn. Look at NA, Comcast users suffer every night but that's outside of Eme's scope since it's an issue with an ISP.
They removed the credit system. You no longer earn credits from those factions.
The low key ads for a 3rd party program that is against the rules in this are interesting.
I would also like to afk at the docks for free boxes more than once a week. :+1:

I have so many that I dont use. It always seems weird when people ask for them. Too bad they're not tradeable
Xristosx wrote: »
What im talking about is the future of vanguards because it would be very short sighted to only think of January.
Spacecats wrote: »
Beyond this weekend, we're going to leave this event on for the remainder of the month (ending on January 30). Starting in February

They are looking beyond January. They're just also being a bit vague about what the future plans are. Maybe they'll take it as an opportunity to run the double gear xp, tera rewards, and other vg related events. It is clear that they dont intend to keep the 2x vg rewards up all the time anymore so not knocking your feedback about that, just pointing out it's being replaced with something.
They put a diamond jackpot in skyring so we got that going for us. Hyyypppeee
Skrux wrote: »
Naru2008 wrote: »
And yet no one learns.

No one learns that the way they do things will not get EME to take them seriously.

No one learns that there's not two sides. There's multiple, more than two.

No one learns (usually the same people over and over who are completely ignorant) that counterpoint (and others like myself) aren't EME White Knights, and they call them out for being so (which they should get banned for in the first place for call-outs).

It's threads like this that actually partially contribute to the death of the game, and honestly probably make EME staff not want to login to deal with the stupidity and toxicity found in this forum community. Geez. How many times must this be explained before anyone actually learns their lesson?

In my opinion, the post is justified. Eme has clearly given up on Tera PC and has dumped all of their eggs into the Tera console basket. RIP Tera PC.

If they had given up on Tera PC why did they put time into running the partnership/promotion?
Uptown wrote: »
I never said that I didn't think charging 50$ for a level 60 scroll wasn't a rip off; it's also pay-to-win in my opinion, and adding the $15 deal incentivised experienced players to purchase the pass for the sole purpose of re-selling the level 60 scroll on the trade broker as it has a better conversion ratio than gold:emp. You're aimlessly grabbing at straws to keep your 'counterpoints' going now. I'm out. pce

Your argument completely collapsed. At first it was "intended to take advantage of new/uninformed players" but now you're saying it "incentivised experienced players to purchase the pass for the sole purpose of re-selling". But if experienced players bought it to resell, they certainly weren't being "tricked" by the level 58 items you were complaining about originally. And if it's getting a "better conversion ratio than gold:emp" then doesn't that mean it actually does have value to people? But I thought you said "level 60 scrolls are worthless as people can easily level to 60 in a day"? So people think something worthless is a good broker investment? And now you're saying it's pay-to-win? If it's so worthless that it isn't even worth $15 (when it includes 15 days Elite), then what the heck are they winning...?

If you want some defensible "EME is greedy" complaints, how about these:

1) Cash shop prices have been increasing steadily.
2) Lootboxes don't have posted odds.
3) Lootboxes don't have failure caps.
4) Lootbox runner-up items are now mostly untradable, making it harder to get the item you want on the broker.
5) EME appears to be gradually phasing out account mounts.
6) The TERA Rewards Emporium, which is supposed to reward cash shop purchasers, has horribly out-dated rewards.

Don't just virtue signal to all the disgruntled people who will say everything and anything EME does is bad because EME is bad and they should feel bad. Make a real case. There's plenty to choose from.
I mean even if they were looking at reasonable things to complain about you could add to the list:

7) PvP Jackpot Rewards are terrible
8) Lack of communication and transparency when it comes to events not working out for w/e reason. (Santa event)
9) Endgame Dungeons not being profitable
10) Lack of pvp events/tourneys
11) Unannounced changes to dungeon loot. (Silver talent nerf)

But sure, go on. Set it off about a one day promotion that other than being poorly worded was not a bad deal. :)
Circuits is the CM for Closers but looks like she's stepping in to help out.

The eme staff is usually on vacation and inactive this time of year but it would be nice to have someone around to say when plans change and communicate with the players.
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The Level 60 Scroll normally costs 4995 EMP and includes no gear.
30-days of Elite normally costs $14.95 (although this is 15 days, so cut it in half).

So, the claim that "this would run you well over 5,500 EMP" is met even without counting the gear at all. It's 74% off the price of the scroll + Elite, with gear thrown in as a bonus.

The "high-end gear" is compared to the nothing you normally get with a scroll (so you can kill your bears with level 1 gear?). I think you're getting hung up over nothing, to be honest.

How's that EME [filtered] taste bud? make sure you cup the [filtered] too, eme shill dog
Oh gracious! How does your sister let you kiss her with that mouth? :scream:
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I think the only problem with getting a lv 60 scroll to play right away is that...you don't have any gold for the skills. Like, if you included in the pack an emerald or two, that sure helps.

When you use a level 60 scroll, you get all the level 60 skills automatically. And then if you do the FoA storyline, you should get enough gold for the skills at level 61 and on.

??? no you dont. Do you even play this game ?

Level 60 Scroll
Upon use, this character instantly levels up to level 60 and gains all applicable skills. Not usable by characters level 60 and higher. No gold is granted with this item.

What does have to do knowing or not what that item do with playing the game?

Oh, right, you only make post to attack EME or users that don't share your hatred against EME.

Since you just called me out for no reason, enjoy the report. Another among many ! :)
Yes, you learn all the level 60 skills when you use the scroll. I just tested to confirm.


Seriously, [filtered] you for accusing me of lying and not playing the game, [filtered].

Accusing? Asking a question is accusing?

question : noun
a sentence or phrase used to find out information:

accusing: adjective
(of an expression, gesture, or tone of voice) indicating a belief in someone's guilt or culpability.

Calm yourself down next time before posting :+1: dont think A PC member should be using that kind of language

Yikes, man. I mean, Counterpoint was right, you were wrong. Do you even play this game? LOL

On topic, I think the wording for the gear is odd/wrong for sure. I get they're trying to help move new players through the story quest but I would have phrased it differently. I think if they run an event/promotion like this again they should consider using gems and glyph boxes, at the very least. If they're trying to bring in new players would be nice to see a small boost given to them. You may get all your 60 skills but I'm not sure you have enough gold to buy the level 61 skills unless you are further into the story quest. I usually just run SA when I level so I've forgotten exactly how much gold you earn as you progress. :c
Going off one of the weekly streams we had recently, the next event will be for new years/eve. Seandynamite said something like "Be sure to be logged in before your timezone hits new years" or something. If I have time I'll dig around for it.
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Great instead of actually making x-mas events they send us useless cards..

they send some people useless cards not all of us. really nice way to promote elitism . those that got one and those that didn't. people are going to feel extra special now.
I wonder if player council members got cards?
I did not and none of the other council members have mentioned receiving one. On discord Discodolly mentioned they sent out like 600 cards. I think it's random who got them.
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can we have a list of the items in the boxes?


You can see it there
time to give people 100 meta tokens for 25$usd
"Metamorphic Emblem Chest x100"

Not sure how many are in a chest tho
Has PS4 Codes been given yet or no? I read somewhere they only sent Xbox codes so far.

Last post from @Denommenator on reddit said that they're waiting on Sony to activate the codes. That was a couple of hours ago
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StarSprite wrote: »
JXE5356AKE wrote: »

Do you feel that EME cares? What is your opinion of the state of pvp rn counterpoint.

It's well known pvp is in a [filtered] state. A lot of adjustments need to be made by bhs and eme for things to significantly improve. This has been brought up by Lucky and myself numerous times. Not sure the need to question counterpoint about it.

I'd agree it was somewhat off topic, I apologize. But it is interesting to see other opinions other than just the two PC members that pvp. As I'm sure you're very aware yourself, the PC isn't not a homogenous group that share the same ideas. It was also more as an example to "EME caring."
It's not really different pc opinions that get in the way anymore. We can agree that pvp tournaments should make a come back and that pvp rewards are lackluster at best. Like Counterpoint said there's office politics and man power that needs to be sorted out before any serious change can be made. The unfortunate truth is bhs doesn't seem interested in promoting pvp content at all even with other regions asking for more. We're not stuck with "does eme care" with this one. It's a "does bhs care" issue which is pretty frustrating on its own.
JXE5356AKE wrote: »

Do you feel that EME cares? What is your opinion of the state of pvp rn counterpoint.

It's well known pvp is in a [filtered] state. A lot of adjustments need to be made by bhs and eme for things to significantly improve. This has been brought up by Lucky and myself numerous times. Not sure the need to question counterpoint about it.
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vkobe wrote: »
mongo christmas :3

Fat Santas are sort of like Mongos, right? They're just fatter and... uh... redder. ;D
Does this mean theyll make a return? What about the tiny santas? Christmas event hype?
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whole thread about EU's events

eme swoops in: hey guys COSTUMES1!!!111 HAAh COSTUUUUMES!!!!

I love costumes
It's on the shop list but it's pretty far down. When the pc took an initial vote for shops, I think it was one of the lowest players voted for. It might get picked up once the first 3 are done but that won't be for a while.
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Removed a couple comments from this thread about removing the VG merchant. Please don't start rumors. Revamping a store doesn't mean it's being removed.

Well to be fair, that is EME's fault for sending that message about "updating" the federation bills store but then completely turning around and canning that idea just to close it. How can you blame anyone when you say with the word "update" to the VG shop to not be taken with a grain of salt?
Not sure how you can say the vg shop, something that you gain credits for by playing the game, is similar to the fed bill shop.

The only way to regularly gain fed bills was to log in every day. Its easier to relocate items to a system that already has ways to get more of that currency in the game (like fashion coupons which drop from bams and stuff) instead of wasting time to find a way to include yet another currency into the loot table.

To say eme is going to do away with all the shops is a childish overreaction.
Since the game isn't complete, they may not want to have people showing off an unfinished product. Would be nice to have the option to stream it though.
There is a technical test coming later this month, emails about it went out to a group of players pooled from beta sign ups. A much larger beta test is planned for next year.
That is really unlucky. :/

Given how garbage the chance rates are, it is probably best to find an emp buyer and then use the gold to buy one off the tb. It might be more of a hassle but at least you get what you want.
I'm not rich enough to be kami. :c
There are no plans for a server merge before the end of the year.
Tera EU actually made a madeshift Alice Dress. Granted it was just a blue colored parlor maid outfit but at least its better then the middle finger we got. It also proves Gameforge has some control over the games costume content.
That dress actually caused a lot of outrage because EU sorta misled the community about what dress it was. I dont think a poorly made knockoff is an improvement.

I really like the eu event and it'd be nice to see something like that set up here. Unfortunately I think eme is short staffed. They're already down a person since Halrath moved to a different game. Once they're able to fill in everything hopefully we'll be able to see an improvement.
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This is a much cooler thread than I thought it would be from the title. TY to everyone sharing their memories.

I miss reputation quests/credits, and achievements counting toward laurel from leveling quests and special events. The day they took those away I dropped two ranks!

I often wished for an update to the reputation system to make it relevant again. BUT...

I brought this up a long time ago before the gear revamp and asked if they couldn't put feedstock or something in those shops to update them. I guess it's just too old of a system to be updated. :c
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Code for one: Kagerfeline

Unsure when it expires.

I think it is expired already, I was unable to claim it. RIP :P

Can confirm its been shut off
Anuulx wrote: »
Are they just sending it to people who register to the forum?

The email is sent to players selected from beta sign up
Catservant wrote: »
What new code?

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