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Will this cure my crippling depression?
Tera uses a linear gear progression system. At level 65, you will get 'Guardian' gear after completing a few main story quests at 65. Then you will need to enchant it to +9 to convert it onto the next tier which would be Twisthard. Repeat the process to get to the next tier which is Frostmetal. One more time and you reached our highest current gear atm called Stormcry.

So its Guardian > Twisthard > Frostmetal > Stormcry.
-In paint make sure you "save as" bmp file and have 64x64 size.
-If you have played Tera thru the client, then at some point switched to steam, there's now two Tera folders now created on your computer. One in your program files and one in your steam folder.

-Bonus: Whatever emblem you make, lower the brightness by 50%, then save it. It will show up better in game when the emblem is above your head for everybody to see.
Meanwhile, at Kupo Guild...
God damit.

A class that can stun during a KD 100% of the time gives me conniptions.
@Needle-Nose Ned Who are you!?
Syndrica wrote: »
Happened to me once too - CS mid-game (and no, I didnt not afk).

Double negative so you DID afk! :<
But on a serious note, what aeee98 said.
Before anyone mentions what Dps class to try, what is your ping in game as this can effect what class you play.
It's your own fault for not paying attention. Last time what happened to me, I listed an item with 1-2 less 0's behind it and lost a lot of gold. I put in a ticket and they said they can do nothing about it. I presume the same applies for if you buy the wrong item.
You will almost always sometimes maybe not or will pass thru a boss if your ping is higher than 120+
Good thing about join in progress is even if you join a game and win or lose 1 minute later, you can insta que again right after the match with no cooldowns.
Now I have to record a first person mode aka Control+Z x2'd
I've done this before and I'll do it again. Draw me pls.

PvP DiscussionScan in GvG? 10/27/2017, 02:31 PM SoyKupo
It's because you can GvG someone forever now as long if you have the guild funds to back it up. Back then you had 24 hours(?) when you gdec'd someone so a scan was pretty much needed to get w/e you can within those 24 hours, unless they surrendered. Now, you may have no scans, but you have forever to find them as long as you can provide guild funds and/or they don't surrender.
How dare you ridicule my "double CDR roll on weapon with tier 4 energetics on weapon and gloves and chest rolled to shout cd reduction so I can shout mean things at the boss every 7s" play style.
I am Kupo and I approve of this thread.

I'm a bush. Fear me.

Name: Kupo
Server: Mount Tyrannas
Category: Funniest
That means you would have had to have all your alts in +14 ambush gear. A huge difference from a simple misery weapon/belt and guile armor last patch.
On a sorc that was last in +12 misery weapon/belt and +12 guile transferring over to the new gear with no enchantments, I'm not getting 2-4 shot and I was the one with aggro 80% of the time.
Off-TopicPotato Salad 10/10/2017, 06:55 PM SoyKupo
And a salad
Drop Lockdown Blow glyph and put it on either Spring Attack mana glyph or Shield Counter mana glyph. Lockdown Blow doesn't do enough damage so it's fine unglyphing that if you're having serious mana issues.

Box died 5x before dieing.
RIP Hamsters. Please don't forget to feed them.
Kensama wrote: »
Not to mention $100 for a fiery halo is a complete joke. I still have loads in my item claim from some event 4-5 years ago.

It may not be permanent, but its good for 260 days.
I drew a spider.
Giga is ping reliant. I confirmed this thru my own salt and tears.
Two that come up to my mind.
Wait is that Kupo Guild doing that? :o
Floww wrote: »
This thread is one good meme, thanks nips

ObIivion wrote: »
Real descriptive guide but at the end when you explain the suggested gear rolls, why are you going for attack speed? I'm a noob but if I recall that'd only be for your common/basic attacks? I normally focus on Crit factor for crit heals on my mystic but I'm trying to switch over to Priest for more effective healing (better support).

Also some other questions would be does Power increase your healing? What last tier sets should I be focusing on as a Priest, and if you know, for a mystic?

Very helpful guide, thanks much.

Aurist (Tempest Reach)~

In regards to your your attack speed question. You're probably thinking of speed charms from back then. Those only effect basic attacks.
What's even more funny is since we can't kill anything below level 64 now, makes no point in making that area a safe zone.
You probably used warp barrier right before meteor
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Blerg wrote: »
Blerg wrote: »
aeee98 wrote: »
It is usually at around 8.00 From just crystals and Prime Battle solution.

It is not worth giving up crit chance for crit damage because the roll percentage is too low. The only reason why Zerker uses 0.3 Crit Power is because Thunderstrike's CD is so low you basically have it up every other skill.

While I appreciate your comment. I am curious to what your crit power line reads. What are your numbers?

This may or may not be my own road to self discovery in seeing the math for my own eyes. That perpahs I would roll or go towards more crit factor and attack. However, at this time I am only interested in Crit power lines.

You don't need to be on a road to self discovery. People with damage meters already min-maxed every class, just read a guide. Even without a dps meter, its easy to do your own math and determine that crit power rolls on jewelry are trash.

While I appreciate your comment about dps meters, and your opinion on crit power. I am more interested in knowing where your crit power is at and how you achieved your crit power line to what ever number it is.

I do not use a dps meter at that. I do not care for those that do either. I prefer doing research versus looking at someone elses idealogy. Thank you again. Please stay in guideline to the first post.

Ideology is not the word you're looking for, but ok lol.

Anyway, Catatonic posted the numbers for every correctly-rolled dps class gear set, except for dyads, which add another .2ish total, and Berserkers, who have nothing better to roll than a 0.3 crit line on VM. Someone else posted tank numbrs. /thread

Ok...in a perfect world perhaps EVERY player that has those classes "MIGHT" have that. The fact is it's not a perfect world, and players themselves are not perfect.

And here in lays another side comment to what you have said which allows me to add the following.

Every player has his or her personal playing style. If each player duplicated the EXACT same thing another player has..well..there you have a perfect example of how games can generally get boring and break.

Perhaps earlier I was not clear.

I shall be more specific.

You, Sir. What are your numbers.

I don't care what the common statements or theories are. "Each player of this class would have (this) or (that).

I'm not one of those copy cat players. I like being unique and not copy someone elses work.

Again Sir, how about it? What is your crit line reading. What class? What Crit Power additions to you have? YOU Sir, Not "what everyone else should have." This is not a debate. This is a request. If you can't do it. Don't post. Thanks.

If you want to be unique then this thread is useless, just keep doing the things your way becuase you won't listen to others advise here.

Everyone has told you about crit power you should know and you only keep bumping your own thread for nothing.

You want to be original?

You won't listen to others?

You don't want to be called a copy cat?

Then don't ask on forums and do things in your in-game experiences.

All he wants to see is your crit power like how me and catatonic posted for his own purposes :<
My Lancer:

Base 2
Focused Niveot Dyad: 1.88
Wrathful Niveot Dyad: 1.66

Total: 5.54

Elite Everful Nostrum: 1.42
Total: 6.96
Giga is ping reliant.
Lower ping = 8+ pulls.
Higher ping = 1-2 pulls.
Be dumb like me and


Slaughter gear before Guile was out.
1. Turn IoD into a PvP zone. >
2. Give IoD better rewards so more people have more reasons to be there.
3. Leaderboards for BG's and GvG's (and PvE) >
4. Prizes for top ranks each month.
5. Give us something farm outside so people can PvP out of towns/safe zones.
6. Rework/expand outlaw system.
7. Host tournaments every 2-4 months instead of every 1.5 - 2 years.
8. Random open world events that is either PvP focused, or can incentivise PvP if it will gain you the upper hand.

Just a few ideas.
I have like 30 flaming halo's that are about to expire
Yes. But be prepared to eat 20k+ dmg thru your shield.
I'm sorry. I want the fodder to enchant for my alts.
Right click them and explore a world that understands you kupo!



"Body is 10 characters too short."
Make a Tealer... Or a Hank?
If I die as a tank, it's the DPS's fault for not killing the boss fast enough.
I-ce what we did here
He sounds like me when I randomly join a raid that isn't mine and then all of a sudden we kick someone. Then that person whispers me asking why I kicked them and starts blaming me for kicking them when it's not even my raid only because my name is 4 letters and the easiest to remember to whisper to.
Make sure your weapon rolls have..

Top line: Enraged damage
Bottom lines: Enraged damage, 6% damage, (behind damage/attack speed/cool down reduction)

Make sure your weapon crystals are..


Make sure you pop the Prime Battle Solution consumable a.k.a Everful Nostrum.

Everything else after this is stacking power/crit, proper glyphs, and learning how to zerker with skills.
Guild name.
Sorry, I stopped yolo queing into dungeons.
Pls fear meh
Hahahaha, here you go. Just because we're from the same server

I love you.
Draw me pls
I made my own rotation of the unknown that works with no mp pots and no healer spamming mana for you. IMS approved.

Until you actually die.
First two are right.
Enraged monster applies to everything. If you do X amount of % dmg in an X amount of time, the monster will enrage.
Bosses also include Bam's.

One way to tell as well it to look at your compass(top right). Minion's are the smallest dot, normal mobs medium sized, and bosses/bam's are the biggest ones.
My hat is too big.
Everyone I have a solution to this. Just join Kupo Guild so I'm no longer alone pls. Ty.
I'm sorry I stopped queing for random dungeons

Fear me

Nope cause too lazy to make trap videos. Content too easy for me to record atm. Although I do have soo many ideas in my head I wish to put in video form. I just need to know how to sony vegas better.


If I remember, I was not buffed at the time. In that screen I only had 10 stacks of hold the line, charms, guardian shout, and power shrine you find at trading post. I forgot to pop my brooch at the time of SS too so it's missing 40+ power in the picture. I know for sure I can get over 400 power without the power shrine if I had priest buffs, estars, [filtered] wrath, and popping my brooch, along with all the other buffs I mentioned excluding that power shrine. I sit around 41 crit, 250(?) power unbuffed.

My shield counter hits for average of 1m per hit and my SF lance does not have double enraged on it. Also energetic etchings.

Also I don't follow the meta. I have an unbuffed 32 crit, 200 power zerker as an alt and sorc/reaper around those same stats. When I join a party that knows how to debuff, like 2 out of 298759308274 thunder strikes will crit for nearly 9m with a slaughter axe. Otherwise 120k white TS for days :)
Giga > Wallop
ratedX wrote: »
For Max DPS -
Follow Class guides that are currently out (Rotation definitely will change after Revamp)
For personal play -
To each their own, Just enjoy the game and do as you please.


What ratedX said
Glyph the 35% chance no MP from debilitate and realize how much it actually helps you.
What!? You can Counter > SA!? :o
I'm a nomad. I live on Mountain-chan. A friend used to live here.

You know there's something wrong when you steal aggro from a brawler, as a zerker, in dstance, just standing next to the boss. That has happened to me about 5 times when I que with a brawler who has no idea how to play/talk.
Back then, +9 sleeper gear was the 2nd best gear to have and everyone only had like +10 attack speed.
FoK 4 years ago

Why isn't the video working :<
Oh you don't need the bracket thing anymore
Giga > Wallop for PvP
Kamizuma I expect to see a post like this again when we get our 1 year "+15" anniversary.
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aepha on 12/13/2015, 02:39 PM - view
You do realize people farm these dailies for enchanting materials..? There are only five channels, which means only 25 people can do the dailies at once. PVP makes it fun - to an extent. When you can't even finish your dailies because you have to continuously PK kill stealers, it becomes tedious and annoying. If BAM dailies aren't going to be made worth the time, there need to be more channels in Arx Umbra.

I suggest you try a server that doesn't have OWPvP.. Hell there's barely any left on the PvP servers as it is.
Wait so all this time I just angrily flail around and that's wrong? :<
ES Build rotation on a level 60 white axe.

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Tank : http://teratoday.com/glyphcalc#la65:a012:b3:c0:d01:e01:i05:l2:n0:s0:v0:y6

DPS Tank : http://teratoday.com/glyphcalc#la65:a012:b3:c0:d0:e012:m34:n0:o0:s0:v0

Troll Tank : http://teratoday.com/glyphcalc#la65:a012:b3:c0:d1:e12:i05:l2:m34:n0:v0:y6
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