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Any class will do fine.
As has always been the case, player skill matters most.

I also highly recommend avoiding choosing based on current meta unless you plan on constantly swapping mains.
As always, pick whichever class you like. If you git gud with one, you’ll do well with it. If all you want is to be top dps or w/e, you’re going to be changing class every 3-6 months because of balance changes.

It’s the same as ever. Play what you want because a skilled player on a “bad” class will do better than someone just picking up the current top class.
ElinLove wrote: »
ElinLove wrote: »
My vote: 1 month. Because it will reach peak on October 16 probably (or what is the date people have been bitchin' here about?) and saying the game will die then, and after that there will be some two weeks of bitchin' hard on 1st, and then a handful of loudmouths after the 2nd, then we'll be back to asking for name wipe again and saying the game is P2W as always.
And population will be the same thing it's always been.

Very highly doubt. Things are very different now

Nah it's 3rd party "witch hunt" all over again.
For some reason I can think of mEME taking the chance to give some little bit of effort into it as well and at least managing ISPs that route better for further locations

There is one key difference. Third party witch hunt had no impact on proxy after about a day when people realized EME wasn't actually doing anything to it. This time devs have dropped support.
EME made a potentially illegal DMCA (since they targeted things not related in any way to Tera as well) against proxy devs.
They then threw fuel on the fire by saying they understand why people turned to proxy to help the game run and are "looking into providing some of the things 3rd party tools did".

All of this was done on a Friday.

Now people are waiting to see if EME is actually going to announce some plan to improve the game or just going to do nothing. So now the forums are full of people on both sides going "Muh ProXy" or "MuH tOS" while ignoring the fact that this was handled poorly regardless.
lcsgarcia wrote: »
It's so funny to see people speaking "learn how to play fair" when they play with 10 ping and who REALLY needed those programs play almost with 200 ping. Some skills and mechanics are impossible to play under these conditions and then those same people who say "now you will play fair" will complain about our cures/DPS/tanking in dungeons/BGs. Lack of empathy.

I definitely prefer that EME put an IP block and prevent Non-NA players to enter in this game than let us in but didn't give us a SIMPLE SUPPORT.

We won't be able to play...? Yes and that's sad, but it's better than being a customer and not receiving 100% of the product.

A lot of people in NA have ping issues too, so putting an IP block wouldn't even solve that problem.
M6KPMHHLR3 wrote: »
> @Solheim said:
> @Waitress I’d actually appreciate names of a few mmos that are like Tera if Tera isn’t one-of-a-kind anymore.
> I’ve seen too many people saying that but never naming any games.

Blade and Souls combat is nearly identical to Teras in terms of combat with key differences that i will list later

I tried BnS when it first came out in the States. I quit after an hour, it was just tab target with a few added steps, and I personally didn't enjoy it.

That's one of the things I've always liked about tera: no tab target.
Likely it will last until there's an official statement or until the 16th when the rest of 3rd party devs drop support
So much QQ in this post.

You all knew proxies were against the TOS.

You proxy users are now on the same playing field as everybody else now.

You need to time your rotations better now (like everyone else and not have a proxy hold your hand)

Accept it and move on.

The issue I have with this is that it's impossible to have a "level playing field" in a game as ping reliant as Tera. People have been asking for something to be implemented to the game to address the ping tax on certain skills/classes as well as the desyncs (lancer onslaught) that ping can cause, and nothing has been done. Proxy came about to address issues like this. Admittedly it's against ToS, but people just want "a level playing field" and EME/BHS made it clear year after year they weren't going to create one so people looked elsewhere. Yes, some people took it too far. Everyone I know who used proxy was only using it either to bypass the spyware they forced on us or to not have ping issues they would have had otherwise.
Can you imagine Tera if there had never been a need for proxy devs?
Also memeslash operates separately of proxy. So it’s still around even with proxy gone.
If you’re all referring to the comment caali made about inserting a script to sell gear/disband guilds and all that, that’s a fairly obvious joke.

Have you ever known anyone to make a serious statement followed by “:^)”? Additionally everything related to his proxy no longer functions for NA, he said he’s done with NA so where are you even getting that they’re planning on uploading malicious scripts outside of a joke?
@Waitress I’d actually appreciate names of a few mmos that are like Tera if Tera isn’t one-of-a-kind anymore.
I’ve seen too many people saying that but never naming any games.
EME issued DMCA takedowns against Caali's proxy, took down everything from his GitHub, and proxy/meter devs have said they're no longer supporting NA Tera starting with October 16 patch.
So people are upset that EME took this route to screw over players trying to compensate issues the game has with third party tools since BHS has shown no interest in doing so.

That's about as concise as I can get it.
I for one would like to see EME or even BHS work with the devs of some of these tools to take the more quality of life aspects of them and turn it into an official release of some kind.
This would, conveniently, also eliminate the potential for it to be used as more than a quality of life tool (ie hacking/cheating).

Many of us would like to see xigncode removed. Even if it's not harmful to anyone's system (which it may be), it causes most of us an increase in ping and a drop in fps which is detrimental to playing an action-combat based game well.
@TeraNuibe (not quoting because I'm on mobile)
I think people calling it p2w are referencing an argument from when this gear system came out that went something like: new system isn't p2w because it favors people who run a lot of content to maximize their success rates.
I'd have liked to see them replace the gold boost item on elite bar, personally. Replace something useless in all 65 content with something arguably worthwhile.

I don't think people are complaining because they now have an item xp boost. The complaint more stems from the fact that it's a pathetically weak "perk" for elite status and would have worked better with more uses, a power cd, or just as a 10-15% passive.
I'm displeased with the way it feels less like a "elite players get to make the most of this new item" and more of a lure to buy the better one for more money on top of your elite status.
It never ceases to amaze me that people will defend loot boxes.

But to the main topic: innerwear is becoming increasingly important since the stats on them just keep growing. The difference between 4 crit inners and 16 was large enough. But now that they go all the way to 28 crit, even 16 crit inners (which were bis when I started playing) are lacking. Obtaining any in game is pure luck since ghillie isn't even guaranteed to drop gf tokens. Then once you get 80, you're rolling through at least 4 tiers of innerwear which each has 5 types in the hope of getting the high tier ones (read: the ones least likely to drop).
So there's two layers of rng to getting them in game which seems ridiculous for something that clearly has impact on gameplay.

Add to that the only other way to get them is basically gambling, and I think it's fair to ask for some direct buy option. I personally wouldn't buy them, but putting loot box chase items directly for sale is a positive in my book.
> @Nilkemios said:
> This suggestion does nothing to solve the actual problems with Item XP, assuming they're serious.

This is pretty much my opinion as well.
I'll even take it a step further and say item xp isn't the problem with the current enchantment system. I think the problem (at least after getting sc) has more to do with either the long crafting times, the absurd material costs per attempt, or the distribution of the rarer materials.
> @SageWindu said:
> If anyone else is wondering at this point, yes, I am advocating for assorted buyable boosters (gold, item, mats, etc) in the cash shop. Because why the hell not at this point, right?

Why not just sell +9 sc in shop too, eh?
> @heartlesslady said:
> Really hope they are intelligent about their approach and do it after 2nd awakening. They’re gonna be a lot of returning players and they’re gonna be pissed if they lose their name and anything else involved in the merge.

This would be appreciated, I'd think. Do we have any idea on when second awakening is likely to arrive?
> @JXE5356AKE said:
> I really think EME needs to understand that this is burning people out really badly. Previously at least some players could alleviate burn out on a single class by playing alts, but this doubly punishes that. I understand the argument of not making events too worth it so players don't only play on events, but changing the fundamental gearing system is out of EME's hands, other than slight impact by increasing the supply of materials, which unfortunately they are stubborn about.

This is a good point. I know I can't really play on my alts because I'm not willing to spend the gold/mats to upgrade their gear much. I could run TR for the 300th time, but then I'm feeling even more burned out, which ruins the point of playing alts to avoid burnout.

Some past events have been silly with the rewards -- in both directions where it's either too good or not worth doing.
I personally dislike having masks (or any gear) as a leaderboard reward where it'll go to the people who need it the least since they're already the best.

That aside, I agree with changing their distribution. Because with them as a very rare drop in some dungeons and as leaderboard reward, they're unreasonably difficult to obtain (imo)
The problem is gear exp is the least difficult part of gearing in most people's view. Farming plates takes a while because talents don't drop in enough places/amounts, then refining them takes time where you just afk for 20-30 minutes at a time.

Add to that that max gear xp only gets you about 25-30% success rate.
Which is why many people (myself included) have gear xp of like 30000/3500. So adding a booster for gear xp might allow people to progress through twistshard or frost slightly faster, but those aren't really the problem.
I'm happy to see talents come here. Keep in mind, classes are already balanced around talents before we even had them.
The only way item xp boosters would be worth it is if item xp either didn't have a cap or if excess xp reduced material costs.
With an additional damage skill over original dragons. And from the looks of it, cash shop only.
Wtf is this p2w garbage?
Very much this. Attempting to get champion on my main and all I've really got left are PvP, HMs, super grindy ones (5k bosses), and one that literally can't be done currently (1.5k quests which requires rootstock/beach party quests to reach)
Talent system either needs to come to other regions or just be scrapped and have the needed talents added to skills like they did with slayer.
Ninja was in a good spot in Ktera, awful spot NA. And it's only getting worse when awakening/godsfall hits.

Additionally, all the content is there in-game. They just have to fully translate it and enable the system.

I might be an outlier, but I'd greatly prefer getting talent system and waiting 2-6 months for awakening than getting awakening now.

As has been stated, BHS obviously balances around talents. That balance effects us, but we don't get to see or utilize the reason behind those changes.

And let's not even mention that zerks post awakening are going to be "press f to top dps".
Personally I disagree with the premise of this post that "now there's a male class, prove it was a good idea" for two main reasons.
First: it's a low quality copypaste job.
Second: it's not a new class. Most people who already like brawler have one geared. And not many people want to restart the whole gearing process.

In addition to all of that, I personally think human males look terrible. Proportions are all wrong. If it was Amani brawlers, I might be interested.
But that's just it, isn't it? Everyone likes something different so just generalizing to "a male class" is incredibly disingenuous.
Smart dyads shouldn't be readily available.
Regular dyad structures already drop mainly from 4*+ dungeons.
And even with smart dyads, getting the optimal ones (two good effects) is still RNG.

Besides, if they added them to a shop it would be cash shop.
I'm aware. I stated there are like three femani players on all NA Tera.
I'd still like to see hairstyles for them, though I know it won't happen.
Only issue I have with this so far is that it sounds as though the non cash shop ones may not be permanently obtainable. Adding them to cash shop only as an evergreen item but not keeping the ingame variants the same would be a poor choice imo.

I also have a much larger complaint, but it's for BHS. Why no femani hairstyles?
We three femani players already get screwed on most costumes, why leave us out of this too? T.T
Good on the male character players to finally have access to one of the new classes.

Us poor femani fans, on the other hand...
(I'm also aware that a femani class wouldn't be profitable as there's just too few fans so we'll likely never see one)
I fail to see an issue. Yes, going from rubies---->diamonds is a loss, but diamonds are a rare drop anyway, so...
But ignoring diamonds for a little while, if you craft emeralds to enchant it's not much of a loss. I'll walk you through it.
First, you do guardian legion/ghillieglade to acquire rubies and sapphires.
Second, you sell some/all rubies to buy artisan crafting kits.
Third, you craft the remainder to emeralds.

Let's look at it another way.
I need an emerald to enchant. If I buy an emerald from a player, I can expect to pay 1150-1250g. But if I just upgrade 5 sapphires to an emerald, I'm only paying ~110g for it.

Yes, you could sell the 5 sapphires, but then you have to buy an emerald which will almost always be more expensive AND has no chance to crit.

tldr: gem crafting seems fine.
I like how my original post was just asking about the price discrepancy and it devolved into screaming p2w and such.

Honestly thread could just be closed, my question/issue/ concern was addressed in the first three-four responses
lol i wonder what the whiteknights will say to justify this as not p2w

I can tell you already.
"All of these are obtainable in game through crafting or drops"
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Solheim wrote: »
Agreed that this system is going to be bad for new players, no doubt on that. Depending on how it works out, I do like the possibility of having multiple bonuses to different skills. However, it won't accomplish the goal they're going for. As multiple people have already stated, there's still going to be one optimal setup for each class. Optimal stats, optimal skill bonuses, optimal crystals and etchings and glyphs, etc.

Yeah, after reading again that doc I see I will not be affected that much because better tiers of those talismans will drop on 4 and 5 star dungeons.

New players will be screwed because I wonder how much better is a guardian set without rerollable stats over a level 64 gear with their aditional stats.

I think there is nothing to conclude until it reach Korea and we can see how it works there.

Yeah. It's not really going to effect me at all.
"With the update, all players who have achieved Level 65 already will be provided with 8 talismans among A, B, C, D, and E, and 1 Skill Enhancement Talisman to match the current gearing."
So if you're already at 65, your stats won't change much. But you'll have to grind to get even better than what you already have. Again, if I'm reading this correctly, it's hardly going to affect people who are already at 65.
Agreed that this system is going to be bad for new players, no doubt on that. Depending on how it works out, I do like the possibility of having multiple bonuses to different skills. However, it won't accomplish the goal they're going for. As multiple people have already stated, there's still going to be one optimal setup for each class. Optimal stats, optimal skill bonuses, optimal crystals and etchings and glyphs, etc.
Might want to either fix your announcement page (price: 95 emp) or the actual store price (195 emp)
I honestly think people are overreacting.
You know, like they always do.

Let me be clear: I don't like the changes. I think things are fine as they are now.
Having read that whole dev notes page, basically everything except armor top line and weapon lines are just being added to base stats.

Once more: I don't like these changes and I hope they don't go through.
Ghillieglade portal reads 1 entry per day, 2 for elite now.
So the 2 entries is intended.
This is actually a good question, and I hadn't thought of it before now.
At this point, the lag and dc caused by savvis packet loss is a game feature.
There are two res passives. One is 1h, other is 24h.
Well, at least that's good.
So the new mounts have an auto res and a crit passive.
Was nothing learned from the dragon mount release?

And if these stack with old crit passive from dragons, then the damage increase for having all three (or four if Phoenix has two versions) compared to having none is going to be fairly significant.
Which mainly hurts new players and people who can't afford to drop 100$ on loot boxes.
Is that...a Phoenix?
Servers crash more in this game than any other I've played. Seems like at least once a week. In addition to that, there's the huge lag spikes every day the last week or so when fed bills go out.
So yeah, I guess not "all the time" but you know what I meant ._.
I've wanted boss weapon skins and pool/beach weapon skins for a while.
For boss weapons, I mean give weapon skins that look like weapons from old bosses. So valk gets imperator spear, zerk can have lilith's scythe, etc. Not sure if there's enough for a full set, just an idea I like.

Pool/beach is self explanatory. Give gunners a water gun. Warriors and slayers can have pool noodle swords. Priests get an umbrella.
Rest in pieces, TR.
Also rip my VS group.

On a more productive note, have we managed to figure out why the servers crash all the time?
Instead of giving every class a revamp, we could just nerf valk into the ground.

The other thing about valk is complete bs is that their pull works on you EVEN IF YOU I-FRAME
> @LesbianVi said:
> those players used tools on BGs right? as I said before, PVE wise none of us having problems, unless cheats on PVE to farm stuff and such, but PVP when ppl using them and knowing that gonna give them advantages and many even use those advantages to win, that is something else, how many threads ppl made and were pissed at cheats on BGs?
> I yet to see any of these players, or those DEV condemn that.

Should the developers of proxy condemn those exploits? Yes.
I disagree with the idea that its responsible use gives a massive advantage in BGs any more than I have with my stable 40ms ping. Once more, people who use it for 1-hit kills and walk through CS gates is another thing altogether.
But for people using it so things like archer rapid fire and gunner BF work properly, seems to not be an issue. Which is what the majority of proxy users used it for to my knowledge.
> @LesbianVi said:
> Reasonably create cheats and hacks, very nice. Game has problems but that doesn't make ruining a game, CS BG for example, reasonable.

With all due respect, this is a straw man. No one is arguing memeslashers and the like running around ruining BGs is ok.
As I understand it, the argument being made is that since the connection to servers is bad for so many people, they turned to proxy to fix it since BHS/EME did nothing to help. The recent update served more to bring funding and support for such mods, as people still want their ping reliant skills fixed one way or another.

Tldr: people aren't supporting blatant cheating. The vast majority of proxy/mod users were just trying to fix things BHS/EME refused to.
For clarity purposes, could you say what you've seen people doing?
TR is down on server status page now
Fresh install worked.
Ty to noble for your time.
GM can close this thread if they want
All. Same issue with TR, tried CH just to be sure. Currently letting it patch after a fresh install, will see if that helps at all.
No, it just refreshed the server list. No animation. I tried double clicking on server, and clicking server then enter server button.
It just does the same animation that pressing the refresh server list does
I logged out of a character on TR, was going to log in to FF. Got to server select screen, but picking a server and then pressing "enter server" just refreshes the server list. Tried running repair function, disabling all security software, running as admin, and nothing made a difference. If anyone has experienced this problem before, would appreciate a solution.
Thank you for your time
Fair enough. I honestly don't care so much about that, as it's not gamebreaking.
Walking through gates in CS or bypassing the top of a ladder is. Both of which I saw multiple times yesterday.
Over the last week, I've noticed a marked increase in hacks during battlegrounds -- from people teleporting uphill in fwc to people walking through gates in CS. These are the most extreme examples, obviously. But there are others (attack speed way too high, etc.).

So I have to ask, have other people been seeing this?
Who wants to play Rock, Paper, Scissors while we wait?

I choose rock and summon Duras.
Am I doing this right?
Servers unstable

> @LesbianVi said:
> No need to change GG at all, we don't need to make it p2w like other regions. Instead add GF tokens to BRHM like when it was around.

I like this idea. Mainly because I think there should be some reliable way to acquire GF tokens, and adding them to a mid-high tier dungeon is a good approach, as it requires a moderate amount of effort.
My only issue with ghillie is how rare goldfinger drops are. I'd be fine if they removed gems and MWA and just guaranteed 3-6 tokens each run personally.
I ran it 12 times this morning and didn't get a single token, and those tokens are the only reason I think it's worth running.
I agree that they could stand to chill out on the events. After summer festival is over, would be nice to have a month or so of no events. Just let things calm back down a little, let the market get burned down some. Let people who stockpile keys restock, let people who sell feed sell their supply and have it get used, etc.

Another issue that I see is that the default go-to reward for events is: feed, MWA, and SB.
Now, obviously all of these are nice items. The issue is that in order for people to perceive the event as worth doing, massive amounts have to be available -- which makes doing dungeons for feed and such pointless. It doesn't seem like a big deal at first, but it allows players to easily fully enchant their gear, and then they get bored. They stop running dungeons. They stop doing battlegrounds. They nearly stop playing and just wait for the next gear patch.

I'm not going to argue that events are necessarily bad and will always result in killing the patch. The issue is when you have a high concentration of events very close together. Just in the last 30 days, there's been a double drop, strongbox, crabs, mentor event, and summer festival. That's an insane amount of items being added into the game through events all at once.

Just my thoughts on the whole thing.
We people have no life.
And I need my daily dose of RNG mediated disappointment.
In fairness, server transfers aren't an issue they can fix. Needs work from BHS.
Made sure all drivers were up to date (apparently was missing one in my video card, so that might make a difference), but then was getting an error on attempting to launch, so trying a full reinstall of the game. With any luck this will work x.x
No change, sadly.
It is indeed a router that connects to a modem.
The in game symptoms are simple: ping over 2k, load times over 5 minutes, and fps under 1. And that was on my 9th attempt to enter the server, connection timed out the other 8 times. Internet is working fine for everything else though for whatever reason. Guess I'll try with the modem directly.
I know this was a large problem a while back where people were suffering heavy packet loss. I just finished building a new PC, and am having a hard time with Tera. Everything else is working just fine, but for whatever reason, I'm suffering 95-100% packet loss with Tera.
Since I know this was an issue a while ago for people, I was wondering if anyone has a fix for it, seeing as it is making the game literally unplayable atm. The PC itself is definitely capable of running Tera with no problems, seeing as it is better in every aspect than the one I was using before. The only difference that I can think of is that this one does not support wireless connections, so it's using ethernet. However, I used to use ethernet quite often on my old PC too and never encountered any issues with it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

For reference, this is what I'm seeing:

Source to Here This Node/Link
Hop RTT Lost/Sent = Pct Lost/Sent = Pct Address
0 DESKTOP- [You don't need my IP address]
0/ 100 = 0% |
1 0ms 0/ 100 = 0% 0/ 100 = 0%
98/ 100 = 98% |
2 16ms 98/ 100 = 98% 0/ 100 = 0%
0/ 100 = 0% |
3 10ms 98/ 100 = 98% 0/ 100 = 0% xe-7-0-8-sur04.grandrapids.mi.michigan.comcast.net []
0/ 100 = 0% |
4 14ms 98/ 100 = 98% 0/ 100 = 0% te-9-1-ur02.mtmorris.mi.michigan.comcast.net []
0/ 100 = 0% |
5 21ms 98/ 100 = 98% 0/ 100 = 0% be-33668-cr02.350ecermak.il.ibone.comcast.net []
1/ 100 = 1% |
6 21ms 99/ 100 = 99% 0/ 100 = 0% hu-0-10-0-1-pe04.350ecermak.il.ibone.comcast.net []
0/ 100 = 0% |
7 22ms 99/ 100 = 99% 0/ 100 = 0% chp-edge-01.inet.qwest.net []
0/ 100 = 0% |
8 22ms 99/ 100 = 99% 0/ 100 = 0% chp-brdr-03.inet.qwest.net []
0/ 100 = 0% |
9 21ms 99/ 100 = 99% 0/ 100 = 0%
0/ 100 = 0% |
10 23ms 99/ 100 = 99% 0/ 100 = 0% hr2-te-12-0-1.elkgrovech3.savvis.net []
0/ 100 = 0% |
11 22ms 99/ 100 = 99% 0/ 100 = 0%
0/ 100 = 0% |
12 22ms 99/ 100 = 99% 0/ 100 = 0%

Basically, Losing 98% at first hop, then 1% more along the way, resulting in basically nothing going through.
Off-TopicNeed a New Laptop 07/12/2017, 01:35 AM Solheim
I'm looking to get a new laptop since the one I've been using for two years finally died today.
I'm not very picky about features or specs. I'm just looking for something that can run Tera without bursting into flames.
Unfortunately, I'm in a pretty bad spot financially (student loans T_T) so cheaper is better.
Thank you in advance.
Any word on if this is going to be addressed during maint tomorrow?
Nothing said in patch notes, but not sure if anything would be said there.
Yeah, I transferred my priest and encountered some issues. Thankfully I can still play it, but none of my pet summons work. Thankfully all my pet bank was holding was some feed, alk, and gathered mats.
It's most likely the same routing issues that people have been struggling with for a month or two now. It's just steadily getting worse though.
I've been having the high ping issue for like an hour at the same time every night for a while, so I've just been sort of planning around that and using that time to get some stuff done around the house.
Today -- and I'm hoping only today -- I've had 1-5k ping for the last 3 hours.

Combine this with the fact that I've been seeing more people in game and on forums complaining about it, and the issue is clearly growing. Would be nice to get a report back from the team that was "looking into it".
I just started running a lknm for guild quest. Left after first boss because I was freezing for 1-4 seconds after every skill I used.
Been the first time in a while that I've had it this bad. Seems something extra is going on tonight.
Servers are back up.
A little laggy, but I got into game alright.
In my humble opinion, when designs are costing 50-60% as much as the finished +15, there may be an issue somewhere.
Whether that's design drop rates, material or feedstock scarcity, or the +15 RNG mountain, I do not know.

And while I agree that BiS should not be easy to get, the gap between it and the patch's mid-tier set shouldn't be so high that mid-tier feels woefully inadequate.

As the enchanting npc says, "the pinnacle is not for everyone." However with the game's current state, +15 is becoming increasingly necessary.

I don't pretend to know what the solution could be, but I don't agree with the notion that it's all just fine as is.
The 1.5 or whatever it is can be obtained through store though.
Ghost/Diamond boxes may contain dragon tokens. 60 of those = the non royal ghost/diamond version.

It's a lot of hoops to jump through, but that passive can be p2w'd, while grind can never in any circumstance net you the royal passive.
On TR, one of the Melditas spawned inside Bamarama ring so we couldn't really get to it.
Glad to see it wasn't just us getting trolled.
I enjoy tanking a lot, but I've stopped doing it for groups I don't know.
As others have said, most tanks now have guilds or friends to run with. I'd run more with randoms, but seems like every time I do dps keeps going when you need to reposition.

I would like eclipse back though, I tended to use it on high burst chars (zerk/warrior specifically).
See, here's the thing. They have the RIGHT to shut it down whenever. However, doing so seriously hurts them.
Mainly because repeated server outages make the company and the game look absolutely awful. No one wants to play, much less spend money on, a game that frequently and randomly goes down.
Honestly, I'd prefer stable servers moving forward as compensation.
I believe they are applying the hotfix.
I wouldn't know. If you don't get a response and your game keeps crashing, my advice would be to remove all of them and then re-add them one at a time.
Zoknahal wrote: »
I have no problems with that buff. It is RNG triggered, so is not like it will proc all the time. And this buff to me looks like it will only be useful in open world. Having to mount up in dungeons is such a hassle, that i would rather just walk. In the end, the choice of keeping or removing this buff will not be from EME, it will be from BHS.

To clarify, the passive has nothing to do with actually using the mount. You simply have to learn the mount skill, and you receive the passive. Meaning that even if you walk, as long as you COULD have used the mount, you still have the passive.
The dragons ate the TR hamster. EME then lost control of the dragons and hesitates to release them for fear they eat the other servers' hamsters as well.
And it's down again.
The RNG does make it unreliable, which is what I assume you're trying to get at.
I personally will have to see how these impact the game before making a decision one way or the other about them. If they don't really end up making too much of a difference, then fine I guess.

I do agree with the concerns expressed in this thread regarding a timely proc massively increasing damage just in time for a key skill, while a proc directly after said skill will be mainly wasted.
New Class New Vid :) 01/07/2016, 09:29 AM Solheim
It looks appealing.
And very over the top flashy effects animations type deal.
I like the idea, and the new appearances as well.

But despite all that, I simply can't get excited for it. Even in the video, still fps lag. So no optimization in sight.
And finally, fatally, it seems like new classes are taking priority over anything else. Like new, actually challenging dungeons, things you can't just learn a mechanic or two and breeze through.
Or even further expansion of the story and world. I won't complain about new classes being op, just going to state that I can't get excited for this one, because while the class may look good and appealing, the overall game is looking less and less so.
If the scroll is obtainable through such methods, many would have no issue with it. The problem is that such implementation is incredibly unlikely.
If we do get the scrolls though, I'm thinking it will be in some sort of event. Much like how the +12 scrolls come through buddy up.

It is an interesting idea and merits further thought, but I wouldn't hold out hope.
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