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It doesnt matter no matter how u look at it is solo you gain solo pts if you wont heal everyone you wont get points as quick as dps would I finished my dps within what 20-30min? not even that and my mystic didnt even get hlaf bar after 1 quest so I went on another dps these quests are points based on how much you help others if you dont you dont gain so I dont understand how this is unfair...
Okay so, there was nowhere any information of additional mechanics for this dungeon .... why?
Just went dpsed first boss to 30% and new mech appears XD

Nicely trolled :cold_sweat:
We have some increase for being elite, but I do not understand why isn't it instant craft .... ._. guess we have to keep afking in HW crating ... geegee
Mieax wrote: »
I think there isnt an extreme version of RK9, i've been seeing alot of people puting RK9EM when its says for the dungeon is hardmode......
it just seems hella misleading. xD
Also if anyone doesnt know what a extreme mode is.. i suggest to google SCEM.

Extreme mode is triggered inside of RK9HM when he does first shield he will spawn adds around room if you interact with them you will trigger Extreme mode if you do not it will stay as RK9HM and not RK9EM.
tbh istead of taking out this achievement they should add the points into the perfect crystals instead so 60 pts and increase the deaths required for this ach

1.) it will work with elite status perma CCB
2.) everyone will be happy
same here, having this dumb thing happen to me 3rd time .... ._.
Only AV is down
yep again :D .....
Title says it
Title says it

The reaper is coming for you...

Name: Lesiru
Server: Ascension Valley
Category: Most Dramatic
No need really for content.
Brawler = More DPS like to help your dps with dps, good for learning runs.
Lancer = DPS support if ur exped af ur doing a half the dps that the dps in ur pt does.
Would depend on your preferences of the DPS and how skilled you are, I'm going with Valkyrie and Sorc since I do like the play style and Suits it. Dont choose DPS or tank depending on patch stick to one master it do dg the end.
Anyone got somethin to drink to the potato salat?
Are you joking? AV isn't even half populated as MT how the heck did it crash and MT hasn't.... ._.
Yeah guys, I understand your points but I want to bring this tho light that there are still many ppl wanting DS.
You havent seen AV bro, we are dead for way longer than CH is. Wish the damn merge finally happed and CH/ AV/ TR got together.
Hello, as said, I have made forum post about rootstock which I gretly appreciate to be answered both by players and EME included. So as title says, my rootstock go answered however I still have in mind "Dreadspire" be it uppers or lowers I want answer on this dungeon. I know that KTera didn't have it. That's fine by me what I'm asking for is Does EME have any information about this dungeon if it will appear or what is the reason we still havent gotten it? Its been over year and I would finally like to try DSU as I came back to the game at the end of SF patch with DS. I really liked it, to be honest felt like my most favourite in lowers so, if there is any information EME could provide to us whats going on I would be happy for any news.
idc if its month or w.e I just want to be told it happens now till this time to FINALLY get the freaking date

I dont want to discover we wont get any this year.... -.-
Yeah, its nice saying "few days" but when is that would be appreciated I waited too long, same goes for many more people.
So hi, when will this appear? EU already had it and will have again or something. Where is ours? Like you forgot? Or what? I been waiting for this for whole year again and nothing's happening so would appreciate some info. ty.
imo the only good point of making vm8 gear is either alt weapon, because stronger alt = easier farming, or making healer weapon since I see few people roaming around with starfall scepters / staffs and are having high heals, so those weapons wouldnt really be affected THAT much as DPS weapons
The only input I'll have is that if NA tera get the same patch as Ktera then playing priest would be bad. I don't really wanna throw it to garbage.

Mystics on Ktera got power but or some sorta thing that is same as ES on priest which I think is crap. Priest and mystics are suppose to be 2 different healers, and not nerf one and combine to the other one.

If mystics keep getting but for this reason I'd say buff priest a little too. I been sick since last time Manglemire was around on my server only Mystics were asked for parties no one wanted priests so.... if the buff for mystic makes them more stronger then bye bye priests was fun.
Thank you guys, I didnt know as I was on trip away so I didnt play for while. Once again appreciate the info. :)
> @TheNobleNoble said:
> You missed alot of announcements

You didnt tell me anything new, asked nicely and get sarcastic reply ...gg :/

All I wanna know is what happened if possible thread where it is in or something... -.-
Hi I wanted to buy Foodie weapon skin from store but no matter how I look at it ... many of them are gone? o-o Have I missed some announcement?
Many said their oponion. Yes, lancer better for party buff / debuff, while brawler all you have to do it look on skill cd and hold growing fury.

Tbh in my personal point of view look at your ping / fps can it hold lancer? Lets be real with this if your ping is high af how will you be able to react fast enough for boss? answer = impossible. I know someone that would love to tank on lancer anytime I asked but due to high ping (the skill reaction isnt as fast as it should be with high ping) he is forced to use brawler. I'm not saying Lancer or Brawler are bad classes but I personally prefer to use brawler over lancer. People these days aren't looking for lancer with million buffs but for tank that is "skilled". Try to run some dungeon and see if the class is suited for your gameplay. Even low tier dg will do, just see how compatible you are with the class if you cast your skills fast if you react fast enough and so on.

Alive tank (for whole boss fight) = good tank. If you hold aggro be it lancer or brawler your dps will love you. what lancer has the extra buffs is his own advantage but imo Lancer requires good ping fast reaction time, if you do not have these then dont waste your time gearing it. Brawler is more ping friendly with its GF.

Despite what I said you should gear both of them, if you won't use lancer / brawler one of them for high tier dg's at least you'll have character geared up for grinding vg's. :)

Well good luck
Yeah but when that comes, they also weaken reaper a lot. Several skills no longer get buffs from noctenium, whipsaw no longer gets the damage buff from it's glyph when used on players (only on monsters), etc. It's more a nerf for Reaper than a buff.

Agreed, everyone goes and yells "op class" " broken needs nerf" when the class is pre much nerfed okay we get attack speed which is nice O_O gonna love it but it wont be for long, cause we all know it will be nerfed as soon as it gets released. Many skill dmg isnt what it used to be but no ppl see 1 boost for reaper "OP BROKEN NERF IT" like wtf there are other classes look on valky or sorc or any other. Experienced player on the class makes the class look broken means they should nerf it? pfffft
I'm just unhappy with reaper scythes all the weapons are all "glowy" with the snowflake effect showing properly but only reaper's is such a BAD shade -.- :/ but appreciate the news from you Idi0ticGenius :)

Which server are you on. What guild are you in, and last question for now but not least do you have any friends willing to run with you?

My sub main is either mystic or priest so I get your point of people not wanting to run with noob / rookie healer, since if you are new and somehow pass 1st and 2nd boss be it even in Normal mode last even if people say hes easy it is not "that" easy for healers. Since you ressurection grants you nice purple ring followed with claw attack.

What I suggest doing: 1.) Tell us your server. Some are dead so its hard to even find good LFG.
2.) What comes after LFG? Answer clear GUILD. No one really want to play with noobs that takes your time and you gain nothing however this is what guild is here for. If your in small guild that does small gquests like constantly cw/kc/ab maximum of br then you won't really move from the position you are in. I'm not saying to leave your guild, if you are sattisfated stay in, however what I'm pointing is FREINDS+GUILD if the people you run even easier stuff like BR are in different guild and willing to take you for learning run ask them.
3.) Option -> Very lot of people do this and it will still be used for learning runs. If you are mystic and are trying LFG then ask for these party members Priest / MYSTIC (YOU)/ DPS/DPS/ Tank so basically type: VSNM N D/T/P. Having at least experienced priest who did the dungeon before will raise the % of clearing it without wipes if lucky no wipes and will ensure the people wont worry about wasting their time.

In my opinion as I play both healer classes, mystic for this dungeon is much harder than priest, but that is my point of view.

Since your mystic and newbie for DW gear as Healer ALWAYS prioritise your ARMOR never your weapon! This is golden rule! What will your heales be there for if you had DW scepter but everything one shotted you since your armor will be bad? No point.
DPS always goes for weapon, healers and tanks for armor. Once you have armor I'd say go make whatever.

That is my input of what you said purely MY opinion and MY suggestion. Good luck hope you'll get some clears and learn NM/HM's :)
Dude do you actually know that u can craft misery? :3 maybe the seller was offering u misery piece (crafted +12'ed) and then etched with IV. Also as other said no one hacked anything simply liberating ur gear trading it having it etched isnt any magic or hack simply expensive way how to get the etch you want -.-
yeah agree.... Kinda wish my Rm runs would have had the pts to lvl it D: would already been next tier if it did have at least 40 pt and not none
BRNM drops the full circlet (not focused one just basic)
Bannable because I want to icrease distance of camera to save my eyes. Guess with no response from eme makes this easier the time to move to EU version or other game has come:....
Why do people think changing FOV is bannable offense?
Its not even a cheat, hack, or exploit.

Why? Because I do not want my [filtered] banned, I will think it wont while it might and the next day I will find out Im banned, spend too much money and time on this game to let this happen for MERE FOV. Therefor I was official answer.
wont do a thing, if you look at forum threads which do not have any importance right now get answered and ours which matter with valid points deleted / blocked / ignored
Halrath wrote: »
My question is- did EME turn the servers down because of a sale on TERA Store?

No. The sales are not related to the servers. The maintenance is unrelated.

Yeah it is not. I had my eyes on the arin costume. Guess what I wont get it. Why? Your game just became unplayable and no response to threads which have VALID point and aren't seeking any angry discussion just peaceful one, are deleted/ locked/ ignored. Good job.
Ziomicio wrote: »
A book titled: "How to ruin your company's hard earned reputation about customer care with just one post" XD

Seriously a complete and total lack of regard for feedback, first removing the downvotes from forums (anyone remembers the FIHM fiasco?) and now they post this stuff in completely closed topics which we can't even reply to and they go around closing topics which talk about it. It seems they're on lunchbreak at the moment but when they get back this topic will probably be closed for reasons unknown.

I'll save the GMs time and give u their robot-like answer: "By ToS any modifications to the client are bannable". But if you want my 2 cents if they get to banning people who change FoV they might as well shut down the game.

I do not want to get banned for increasing my view due to some stupid reason. Yeah midding is against ToS, but it HELPS your gameplay.

EME will you ban us all for trying to play your game? This isnt hack or whatever. Why not ban for recharging I think thats the most wise move....
Like it says. I know Noesis said to uninstall all, the people I know of did so, however there goes my question about FoV (Field of Vision/View). Tera has this very low (60 only) personally I had this, but I did what noesis said I took it down, but as of right now. I would like to quit, unless eme hears my voice and voice of my friends who I speak alongside also. FoV does not affect anything. I know you want to have pure game, no modding. Let's be realistic. I'm a healer I main reaper but I also main priest. FoV in my case was only used so I could see my party and could have further view, which greatly increases my experience in game.

This small "tweak" is what makes me play. I purely cannot play with 60 which tera has as basic. Do not take me wrong that I'm speaking for all mods or dps meter, those threads already appeared and were ignored. I would like this to get into attention though.

Today I tried to solo heal RMNM with the usual FoV which tera has result was..... cancer..... nothing more....

EME please make this not bannable this is the only thing that many players use and by many I mean MASS of them. DPS meter be it, we could live without it, but fov which we have now, some may have been used to it, but it literally kills my eyes. I'm a long time playing player and this takes huge impact on eyes.

Honestly... I would like to keep on playing I really wish to but if the fov doesnt at least get doubled, I'm taking my wallet to EU, or some other game.
Thanks for the time for reading this.
AV is dead, the fast that Spacecates goes online to AV to spawn something doesnt mean the community is alive. The fact that there is only 1 raid to clear HH doesnt mean the WHOLE server is alive. If you were there to actually run some dungeon you would understand. For example now, that the Kyra thing is on Tanks are nearly as rare as blue diamond in world in AV, you get into group with skilled tank and have 4min run you are insanely lucky. I'm not saying that the other tanks that are there arent good, but those are alts that people make, because most of the skilled ones already left to other servers........ Q-Q
You asked and you doubt people that gave you the answer? Shows how grateful you are...

I kid, I kid. But yes, you can. Unlike the pve Manor, pvp jewels can be equip both rings.

Welp.....sorry for doubting :waving: , but I wont buy the resizing kit nor the blubred jewelery itself but PvP for them which isn't that amazingly easy to get time-wise. So yeah, I ask politely like idiot few times to be 100% sure, not to screw up on something that takes for me forever since I have limited time playing right now >_<
Are you sure I can equip 2 of resized blubred (crit) rings? I seriously do NOT want to waste my mats later to find out I cant equip them....
Hi, I would like to ask is it possible to equip 2x resized Blubred ring? I do not really need the resized on earring so I would like to resize the rings only + necklate (necklate already been resized), however I'm unsure if 2 resized rings of the same character can be equipped (Blubred crit rings). I know you can equip 2 of the same quality rings Blubred + Blubred to have double crit rings, however I'm unsure if u can equip 2x resized blubred, anyone has any info? Because I would not like to waste my material and then find out I cannot equip it.
GG we finished DFHM and then dced at least we finished XD
All servers are down.... >_<
._. srsly.......
Okay, so we made raid, accepted the quest and the BAM is where? 1 minute passed? No global announcement....
Prob normal weekly maint, chill, get some coffee or w.e you drink :V wait some time if doesnt go up anytime sooner than they crashed if its down for max 2hrs it was maint the end no need to fuss about it
Aaaaah, so it works like that. Oh also can one person get only one gift or multiple? Like does it count toward his gifting if I recieve like 2 gifts or 1 gift per person? I wouldnt want him to lose rewards so... and thank you so much for answers I was dweeb and dint really get it lol xD
Okaaay this ain't one of the complains, but a dumbass question. XD lmao. Uh so my friend is abt to buy stack of 5 gift boxes twice or once I dont know really. What I wanna know is he want to get the prize for sending 5 gift boxes to friends cuz ya know we been runnin' dgs togetha for some time and etc. He wanna know how to "gift" those boxes to me and my other guildie so he'll get the prize for gifting 5 boxes. Because from what I understand is that if you buy the boxes, and then open it yourself you dont get the santa hat or the costume or the other costume. How does this gifting exactly work? 0.0
Okay guys, thank you a lots :)
I'm asking abt guile +12 only, my mystic has good accesor.+inner just need to know the gear
Hi, I have main with mixed Imperator and Guile so idk and my alts arent geared up yet (not enough of feed) lmao, so I was gonna ask whats the item lvl of char with full +12 guile?
IMO, idc tbh, I only queved for FWC when I was bored and wanted some pvp, however I do not like the fact that lot of people stopped queving for it as the only non-equalized BG got equalized.... so that's my only whining lmao, if we had double the pts for it all the time and not only for weekend it would make the people queve far often which is IMO again far better, not really the points but well the queves would be faster than 3hrs...
goddness does it matter if we have it 1 week sooner or later? D: whining for nothing here, seriously it won't help anyone nor make EME put the patch sooner... -.-"
vkobe wrote: »
AbstractCH wrote: »
This event we just had is gonna break the economy even more. Hooray.

ye purple wing price drop 40000 to 1000 golds :3

where did it drop to 1k :O which server? on AV when I checked the latest its at least 20k
Fulzoid wrote: »
Maatkara wrote: »
Linaq wrote: »
hp bar for thralls will be green :D no more thinking that someone is dying

Or worse, thinking it's your thrall dying only to find out it was the tank.

Thrall of protection is better than most tank anyway :+1:

hahahah +1 to dis, but only for some tanks xD not saying all are bad lmao
Currently most op is Sorc, but then again for newbie it would be easier to play ninja, however it all depends as when the ninja came I didn't abandon my reaper nor when Sorc got buffed, I just do not see why should I swap each time the other class is buffed/gets more op, I like mine and that's it. IMO if you are coming back after 2 years like I did half a year ago from my 3 year vacation from tera xD you should try ninja to get familiar with game and after you run some dungeons try some classes gameplay and decide on your main, it is hard to tell you this and that when in the end it is your decision good luck and have fun playing.

for me the most op classes now (as I see it)
PvE -> Sorc, Ninja
PvP -> Reaper
ExClip wrote: »
Spikes, lag and now this



More than 10 days of this [filtered]. Cmon

I got the same crap, friend of mine also .... WTH
wtf is going on finally decent BG we are WINNING and this happens.... now my launcher is screwed
BearShoes wrote: »
We're checkin' it out now, everyone. I mean, we were checkin' it out before, but we are ALSO checkin' it out now.

let us know when they up...
AV here too was in lk >.<
FWC is the only real pvp, keep it the way it is +1 to this.
This is such failure, you aren't making anyone "happy" but furious and angry. Even with this many complains you still didn't get that what you putting in the game will be totally useless to those who actually have a life and RNG god hates them, and as I know you the % of dropping the drago will be like 1% in each box. WTG EME.... -.-
Only thing which was nice playing, not only dgs on AV, I hate kumas why the heck did you even add it? And when it was added its for everyone now they gonna screw up even FWC. Way to go EME this game is dying.

ExClip wrote: »
I've completed all Tours of Duty achievements on my reaper. Best way is to go to http://teradatabase.net/en/ and enter the name of the quest from the achievement. There you can see if said quest belongs to a chain, its usually written as Previous quest in the chain.

It looks like this for instance

So click the previous quest, Murder of Crows in the example, its quite possible you have to go back a few quests until you stop seeing the line previous quest in chain, so that's where you need to start. Hopefully that was clear enough and explains it.

yes, I did like you said I mean before you answered lol, I was googling these quests and trying to find the quests which were previous in chain, however some NPCs as I read were removed which were required for the quest (sorry don't remember which one now, will check this when I get more time). As for now I'm already Champion in laureal, however it bugs me a lot to see the tours of duty uncompleted and some quests which I clicked previous quest in chain->previous quest in chain->previous quest in chain->previous quest in chain and so on (some of them are quite complex o.o) lead me to red (main storyline quest) I will look into this again when I have time again and write here, but traveling atm so can't play >u<
Hi, I would like to ask ppl who played reaper or who know what to do or some suggestion idc really anything I can try would help. So to my question, as I said in title "reaper achievements" some of the achievements in the "tours of duty" are chain quests. (What a chain quest is? = Chain quest is a quest which you cannot complete unless you completed the previous one, to simplify just completing quests from NPC's or story quest that are given to you.) SOOOOO my problem comes in these chain quests which need the main story line quest completed, however I play reaper.... you know... I start at lvl 50.... I can't complete story line quest for lvl 49 or lesser which I didn't have access to O.o..... so how do I finish those tours of duty quests when I don't have access to the main story line (red) quest since I started only from lvl 50?? I'll appreciate any info T-T
uh..... so it doesn't appear as one of prizes like the other recipes only RNG from box huh >.< .... okay thanks I thought that it'll appear as one of mains prizes too =/
Hi, I would like to know how can I get this recipe "Traditional Bleakfields BBQ." I got 2 other type of recipes from pigling rodeo after getting rank 1 it appeared as one of the prizes, however no matter how many times I do the pigling rodeo this one doesn't want to appear.... so could anyone how has any information or already got it tell me how I can exactly get it? I would appreciate any help, thanks.
idk how others but I think the best are: Lance, Gun and Fists cause they have the most space to have the weapon skin on like the gun its big so it has really pretty design same for fists and lance really nice, tho I only like the silver version of it lol xD

I main reaper so .... the weapon silver version of the scythles is just OwO <3
but tbh priest and mystic got the weap skins interesting too

IMO the worst weap skin has always sorcerer such small disc so... nothing much to see (dont hate me for this its just IMO)

I'd appreciate if the mongo dot would be um for example purple? or some other visible color expect orange.... because some of the passive mobs are also orange dot.... I hated this a LOT when I was flying on lion thru Spring Valley over those noruks.... thought at first so many rares are there.... when I came down was like uuuh >.<
Eiiji wrote: »
I like how people saying they were afk in raids while all other people in raids were farming their asses off, it must feel so good to be a d*ckhead for them.

agree 100%

was mostly in bastion for mwa to +15 my VM7 so I dont have much of clouds and other stuff, but I like the comment of the dude who got 202 smart dyads afking in spring valley or tulufan way to go .... -.-
Stayls wrote: »
Ninja>Brawler>Reaper>Gunner actually. And with the patch revamp for Sorc, they are 5th.

idk if this is for PVP but if yes then, where is warrior? I play reaper and I was killed by one skilled warrior who stunned me all the time, also I disagree with what the other guys said reaper killing everyone? nerf them? pffft surely they are strong in PvP if you are experienced but for sure they cannot overkill the whole team -.- dude think =/ .... you just met someone who knows how to PvP on reaper so you are whining .... srlsy any class can be great PvPer if you actually know how to play it ......

Nabihah wrote: »
Please let there be 10 channels.

support this
2hrs they say but may take lesser just check the server status Jinxy gave you link to from while to while
Yamazuki wrote: »
If it's so easy to keep a boss from turning around, then make a tank yourself?

I don't think you get what OP was talking about. He is saying that the tanks (at least what I see also) recently go behind the BAMs instead of tanking in front.

Not trying to hijack your post, but I myself had experience with such tanks a LOT in the weekend due to the triple drop in DSL, the first bosses are easy and don't turn around, yet the brawler went to behind to get higher dmg himself and due to that it took us longer to DPS the thing down. -.-
Hi, I was just going around and I found all the achievements in this dg expect the last achievement of "To Serve Man" -> Read beast keeper Journal anyone know where it is?
Hi, still don't get this a 'bit' (lol) so asking.... erm I kind of get how to get the green glyphs to change my normal into let's say 'boosted' green, but how do I get the blue ones? Like when I purchase the glyph token from VG quartermaster he offers only the greenish ones I need 2 type of blues, if I use my Shadecore tokens to buy glyph boxes (which have random drop and they never drop what I want D: ) would that be the only choice how to get blue aka rare glyphs?
Yo, I'm having holidays and today was terribly bored so I surfed like all channels existing in every map I visited today and when thru it when LOT of ppl were sleeping (I'm from EU so was ez before lunch playing) welp anyway back to what I wanted.... went around like crazy and didn't find even one idk their spawn time, but apparently its very big and the population of Mongos very smaaaaaaall compared to all players hunting them I get SC you said they shall grow in population but additional 100 mongos compared to 1k players hunting at the same time is ... meh ... kinda sad (I just said that as example), I'm one of grinding ppl and really found none after 'few' hrs of exploring hahahaha
Okay, I just wanted to know how to make the toy, thats all, I'm not gonna troll not interested, just need it for achievement. ;)
my first roll was White wings (current price approx 22k g on tb ) then lots of worthless stuff within 5k like glasses, hats, bags or whatever those are then another wings, this time Black one (current price approx 20k g on tb)..... so IMO I'm not doing THAT bad as I expected xD
Hi everyone, I'd like to ask how do I get this thing? You can get it from the recent event Festival of Sun in Bastion, however after completing the red quests yesterday I got it summoned my tank xD it got destroyed and the item left my inventory after summon. I need to summon this thing 6x more so how do I get it again? I did complete all red quests today in Bastion and I didn't get it... :( I got some stuff which says "Used to make toys" so I assume I can create it, but I don't get how do I do this (if this is the way how to make/get another tank toy) Can you help me pls? :open_mouth:
Okay, so I'm not alone for that I'm glad, but this is just uuuuh..... don't want to swear, but ..... [filtered] this all.... the new BG is funny, but I have NO interest in grinding only that to get my SF .... -.-
Hi everyone, is anything up with battlegrounds? Because I've been queving for about 2-3hrs for 1 corsair and nothing, then try FWC for hr queve nothing, Kumas Royale and got in instantly the next try I did queve for Kumas Royale and again hr and nothing??? Anything up? I bet there is enough of ppl for it when I queved in larger parties for CS even then it didnt help us....
Well, I'm returning player as well, but I've been playing for around 3-4 months now (after 3yrs of break haha), and IMO go with ninja I have lvl 65 ninja and its easy dps (again only IMO), but I do not play for ninja, but reaper (pretty easy as well). Long story short, after you get your char to 65, go do Channelworks or Kalvian Challenge or quest on IoD to get t8 gear. (Note: IoD quest give you full t8 gear, while CW and KC only drop the pieces of the gear, but I think you could get full set in 1-2 runs, also these DG's I mentioned are very easy even thru instance matching, but quest on IoD, just if you aren't sure you could solo those BAM's ask your friends in guild to give you hand). Hope it helps a bit =)
Thanks all for replies, yes I know it is time consumable and BAMs should not be any problem I'm lvl 65 with full t9 gear, moreover I'm going with friend, we have ... well at least I have 3-4 mounts speed 280, but panther looks nice :chuffed: haha
Yeah, I got it thank you a lot. :)
Hi everyone, I would like to ask about something that I could not find any answer to on net, so the players that did this quest would be mostly appreciated to give them the answer or the players that at least have the idea what to do.
I found out that you can get this mount by doing multiple quests which require reputation credits, but honestly I have no idea how to get the dailies from Invalesco for example, like I have "Hands of Velika" and "jax trust" dailies green quests how do I get the quests for this? Any help is appreciated.
Hi, still new to this, so found this thingy called "Quick marking" I find it pretty good, but I dunno how properly use it so need some advices. I know that pressing ctrl+1/2/3 can give me indicator above the target's head, however only 3 colors I heard you can use same color for multiple targets how do I do it? Also when I finally put the indicator above their heads how do I take it down? (So it wont show up anymore)
Hello, I'm still not really of pro, but rather newbie and I would like to ask those experienced players with classes reaper and gunner to advice me. :) Bother of these classes focus on PvE as .... still bad at PvP haha .... Reaper and gunner have full schizma set enchanted to +12 but their weapon is not schizma but dread which is also enchanted to +12 ....
Reaper is going to master Etching and Gunner is for Alchemy
I know the basic, but I still want to hear more information so if you know and would like to answer I would be glad.
1.) PvE crystals for both classes which are the best?
2.) PvP crystals for both classes? Still not bad at PvP but would like to PvP later...
3.) How goes the set of gears? One player not so long ago showed me guide, but Im still kinda clueless... haha like tier7 shizma, tier 8 dread what is lvl 9? And so on? Do I have to craft higher tiered gear or I can gain it somehow? Since Reaper and Gunner have different proffesion than weapon or armor crafting so....
4.) What is the most useful for crafting at etch and alchemy... I know that basic goal for etch master should be perma etching but what for alchemy master potions??
Thanks in advance for your opinions!
I was busy so I missed the enchant T-T well my dread weapon is at least +10 (still better than nothing)
I mostly do only corsair to get better at PvP so later I would try other PvP stuff and would not be so noobish xD also what is that Veliks Opportunity scroll for? What do I do there?
Okies so I got my dread weapon and full set as well but only dread is enchanted to +10 (I did not get more items to enchant it while event was on :(((( ) will have to enchant it later normally >.> Im also getting used to dungeon bosses attacks so it gets easier and so on buuut I wanna ask best way to earn money? Like I do vanguard to earn some but after 2-3 dungeons and some general all tthee gold dissappears and vanguard offers only 3-6 gold ...... and I would like to save my gathered items such as scarabs (since I want to be etch master I need them xD) .... any tips on free way for money?
Im not sure about crafting my potions, When I farm Bams i get TTite lot of mana potions and some healing so no worries for that. I would like to know how can I delete saved equipment like that thing in your profile that small save thingy I would like to save my PvP crystals and switch for PvE later just by changing those tabs, but Im not exactly sure how does it work.... =(
Also when does server reset? Like all things when do reset? Since I have no idea I missed today kinda lot of things from vanguard .... T-T was online from morning till noon since I had some work to do later and when I returned everything reset but I had to go off!!!! >.< ..... -.-'

Also I did not yet thank you.... THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH you re the 1st who helped me so much *tears of joy* lol
Oky got it, I do get lot of mana potions and my healing from my skill is ok for me so I think I dont really need alchemy..... eh well Im not so free to lvl up my other char (lvl 51 mystic) to max so I could farm vanguard pts daaily xD hardly doing it on my reaper lol
Okaaay... so I did veeeery lot of things today lol xD
Went to all possible dungeons =3 got weapon and gloves to +12 boots and armor +11 (tomorrow will get it to +12) easily ;D
Also I got lucky in corsair and won 2or 3 matches out of 5 (and finally got a little hang of it but still bad as I have 0 experience with PvP .... welll now I got some )

I also got next set equipment of: armour and belt soon I ll have weapon (hopefully I ll get enough of items to enchant it for +12 while triple enchant event is on so i ll have strong and easy weapon ready, :D )

1.) Which is better to focus on etching or alchemy? I heard i saw it somewhere that you can master only one so which would be better for me?
2.) Also if I chose one of the above to master and what I menntioned earlier that if you master 1 u cant the other would that mean i couldnt craft some low tier goodies if like artists ertching engraving if I chose to master alchemy?
3.) Whats easy way to get masterwork alkahest? I know vanguard credits 200 for 16 mst alk and I heard that in dreadspire lvl 22+ they appear but are there other ways to get them?
Okay, So I took ss of my char:
I got innerwear also belt and brooch (will ss all when I get on PC at the evening) i have full shisma but Im under 390 also my guildmate helped me to pick my accessories (that egtock you mentioned for crit boost)
Okay, I somehow finished the quest and now I got this quest and to do this: " Kalvian's Dreadnaught" but it requires 390 equipment lvl and I have gotten only 387 with full shisma gear.... what should I do? :(((

PS: I'll ss my vanguard for you tomorrow :)
Indeed it shoulf work as that but I did the same dungeon 3x already and still Im unavle to finish it or rather the quest still wants me to go kill that monster while I went there killed him and still havve that quest unfinished
Cincierta on 04/26/2016, 12:17 PM - view

@Shiro: it's common for the bams on IoD to drop nothing, save for the occasional lootbox or Semi-Enigmatic Scroll (I blame BHS for nerfing loot-pinata bams because of other regions bot problems). The main focus is for vanguards there, and if you haven't gotten them, the handful of achievements by completing the quest chain and visiting certain spots.

Uh, well I did not yet finish my quest chain with dougal as he gave me to do dungeon where I have to give final boss my finishing blow which is very hard when I did that dungeon only twice and try being in my shoes going with 4other ppl who you dont know to dungeon and asking them to let you make the finishing blow when you re total newbie lololol no offence but for now Im not very skilled :,D lol

Somehow I have gotten my last piece of schizma gear so now I only need to enchant it to lvl 12 as all went to lvl 9 only =x
Kirine on 04/26/2016, 08:23 AM - view
Every day at 4 am PDT the dailies reset (vanguard, daily dungeon entry)
4 pm the daily boxes and gifts and federation bills reset.

Yes I know that they reset, but Im stuck with 8 vanguard quests :( 2 of which appear randomly (green) some PVP matches quests and some normal dungeons ://
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