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Putting more P2W boxes wont help at all.... i hate p2w people in this game...... get ur talents by FARMING and stop CRYING.
Well.... merge only made things worse... i didnt wanted this. Now FPS dies in all cities and places and lag is terrible. PLEASE mEME bring back CH Server!
I got stucked in server selection screen.... wont let me in... whats going on?
Are the rally times going to get fixed with today maint?????? This new times is too bad.....
One thing u might wanna know. Grab something like an i5 + 8gbs of ram and get a good video card, keep in mind tera is a very cpu intensive game more than gpu. I own a 8700k + 16gbs ram + 1080 and tera still lags or have fps drops. Building a pc for tera (the worst optimized game ever cuz of old graphic engine) is kinda complicated if u dont want lag or freezes. And u might wanna wait for the 2000 series maybe the 1000 will come down prices and u might get a better price or even get a 2000 series card for the same money. And one IMPORTANT thing dont get cases wich has the airflow restricted in the front most glass cases are all full covered in the front BAD IDEA! get something with a 2x140mm in the front or 3x120mm coolers but that is not restricted by full panels. If u want an exelent case take the Phanteks Enthoo Pro M wich has a glass panel version and its great, front meshed with 2x140 or 3x120 and support for any water or air cooler in the market. Regarding to the processor if u can reach the i5 8600k would be a better pick but depends on ur budget.
Hope this tips helps.
LOL! People asking for alliance masks... hahha please dont put them in the store. Those were for people who did pvp in alliance. Better put alliance back EME!
And add to this the nerf to the Brilliant enchanting bag..... i havent got a single otherworlthy shard since they lowered the reward from iod bams. Opened over 100+ bags and didnt get ANY shard. They must have changed something cuz i used to get at least 1 or 2 shards every 10 or 15 bags i opened. Seems they love to nerf things and dont say anything.
P2W chistmas.
Tera is alive thx to pedos and elin virgin lovers so they will keep doing this. I just wish they put an option to disable the loading screens cuz i think they are all ugly and i dont like them at all, i have enough with the elin gunner s-thit already.
Soon TM.... They are busy with elin shitunner and crap footstep [filtered]..... remember they have to keep pedos happy.
They keep wasting time on crap content like this...... and nothing to make the endgame better......
Everything is about keeping the pedos happy.... so why bother.....
CH Best server ever!
WTB Sorce awakening!!!!
Tera is a pc game... get a pc problem solved.
Keep dreaming dude. Tera became like this cuz of noobs that dont want to work hard for something. Nowdays people want all for free and fast.
People been complaning about this and constant DCs all the time and eme did of course... NOTHING. Keep dreaming if u want them to do something.
Easy: tera is full of pedos... keep pedos happy is their goal.
Sethryan wrote: »
Good thing is to store ALL old tokens. Glad i even got molten tokens from olf T4 steadfast gear till newer tokens. Never discard any token.

And how are you supposed to store all the old tokens as a new player?

Well eme decided to make them useless..... and this is why i save all mats and tokens. If eme dont delete them from my bank i wont discard anything and this is the reason.
Cuz tera has enough elins! No more elins!
I did a post in forums too about this, i am on CH server and not a single answer from eme.... they dont give a [filtered] about people. I am tired of writing things here and never get a solution.
I cant do ANYTHING that i get dc all the fcking time.
Wait.... u want them (admins) to do something smart? I guess ur in the wrong game....
Really who the [filtered] cares about this.... fix the dam dcs and bugs! stop adding shi-t for pedos......
I got very good drop from pit. Few diamonds, acc designs, sapphires... maybe some people are just unlucky.
Good thing is to store ALL old tokens. Glad i even got molten tokens from olf T4 steadfast gear till newer tokens. Never discard any token.
Still same dcs.... eme ur not going to do anything?
Winablew wrote: »

This seems a bit OP.
It so reminds me my troubles in May June! That time I wrote support and provider and nowhere trouble was found. For me it was like dct on final boss of cw every time when I run it. Whole run took about 15 mins.
Since then I didn't get what was that. Someone told me chill it will unbugg itself and every time it did after a week while started exact after previous maintance. I was told maintance is just a checkpoint nothing else but for me it wasn't "just".
All I can say is only wait next maintance.

Yep nothing i cant do now. Lets hope this maint fix it. Its really annoying that u are in GG or Pit and i have to kill it a second time cuz a dc... or get 3 dcs in a single TRN run.
pikpatsou wrote: »
Maybe a bad routing is stayed cached in your DNS, from the previous nodes' redirections.

Try to do the following, in order to renew IP and clear the DNS cache.

1) In the "run" window, type cmd

2) in the cmd window, type ipconfig / release

3) type ipconfig / renew

4) type ipconfig / flushdns

Then close the cmd window, by pressing "X" window mark or by typing Exit

Thx but didnt work. Still the same dcs.
Lapomko wrote: »
I had the same issue with a computer with intel network adapter. The network adapter would disconnect all the time while playing tera most of the time after i enter the character selection screen or enter a dungeon. How the game handles the networking code caues certain network adapter to crash at certain events.

Why u say that? If this issue happens in any other game or even browsing in the web i d say ur right, but i have realtek network adaprter.
LesbianVi wrote: »
Sethryan wrote: »
LesbianVi wrote: »
Update your drivers and see if it helps.

Its not a driver issue. Did a clean reinstall of all the nvidia drivers deleting all win stored drivers.
Games like Shadow of War runs in ultra with no issues at all no lag nothing.

Oh, Mine was my ATI Driver, that is why I mentioned it. Ran Diag, both Tera and Windows?

As i said this started to happen once eme decided to apply the "chat fix", i am sure my pc is perfectly fine did all checking i could.
LesbianVi wrote: »
Update your drivers and see if it helps.

Its not a driver issue. Did a clean reinstall of all the nvidia drivers deleting all win stored drivers.
Games like Shadow of War runs in ultra with no issues at all no lag nothing.
Wonder if anyone else is having this issue since last "maint" i cant do anything cuz i dc in the middle of everything i try to do....
My net works perfect i can do or play any other online games without any lag or issues. And its not a ping issue cuz its stable at 150-180.
It just gets frozen and RIP.... i need to kill tera game cuz i can even connect again if not.
So. Basically eme is forcing people to do again another outdated class just cuz its an elin?......
Yeah... another crap dps class for ped-o people that will need carry in many dung.... nice.
I am sure they will put it back with "Hyper Mega Ressurected Nighmare Epic Legendary Dakurion" in some other dung with some reskin.
They are so creative when it comes to content.....
i am just going to leave this here and leave.......
"Server issues: Finally, even though we might not like it, sometimes server issues do occur. En Masse Entertainment has 24/7 server monitoring , and we respond to any issues """""immediately"""""" when they happen. We post to the TERA forums as soon as possible about server outages or maintenance, so be sure to check there if you're experiencing problems."
U really think these skins will be in FC store? keep dreeming dude..... they will be emp items. If they were FC items = no profit = not worth it for them.
All servers are fuckedddd..... I cant play i get constant freezes and dc every 20 min.... been like this the entire day. Since the "migration".
YRCE9AAGX6 wrote: »
This lack of respect with the players kills me

Respect? They dont know that word...... or not even what it is.
I really dont think this is a country related issue..... must be tera servers.
I am from argentina too. Could log in into ticket seccion. But still nothing on launcher
I cant even log in into the web page....
Same thing here i cant log in.
So much emotion for another gunner [filtered] dps class.......
Fix the f...... lag and people will play. Bring back Nexus and stop taking away content like they did with alliance.
All tera is laggin like hell..... i had 1000+ ms spikes cant do a single dung..... and its not my side problem.
P2W patch... simple as that. Sell EMP=Gold = p2w. End of the story. Eme wants people to buy emp this patch is for that.
Why the hell u want that [filtered].. stops asking for crap elite perks.
Yeah? Try enchant stormcry and then we see if u get RNG.....
55k FC and couting.... what i am going to do with them!!!
Clearly u dont get why this "revamp" is better for Eme. EMP = Gold = more money for them. P2w players are happy now. I find it mostly a crap revamp. Now people that wants cosmetics will buy EMP to get them, thats what eme wanted.
> @meowmeowmoo said:
> KarmaTheAlligator wrote: »
> meowmeowmoo wrote: »
> VirtualON wrote: »
> Is this a troll thread?????
> no im just curious cause im missing some mat to get +8 idk where to get ?
> Right now only HH, I think. It'll also be available from RK-9 HM when that shows up.
> but i am only pvp player how i get then i dont like dungeon

Only PvP player with enough mats to +9 gear already :thinking:

P2W as f........ dont like dung.... he plays a game that requires dungs.... and ask p2w everything LOOOL
Wow..... Such a p2w post...... This post should be deleted. Ask for Top Gear Smart box next time.......
Eme likes to kill their own events with other mini events.... nothing new....
"Event" Broken AF!
Put some fans to the hamsters cuz they are too overheated!
Solution should be optional such as the Charms were in their moment.
I am sure EME will give us the last argon loot box we miss with the crash during last argon!
RIP Just in the last Argon!
Again..... really? Game is dead for those who log in to speak in global chat and do nothing till they get bored. Just do friends and run dungs or something with them and u will see game is not dead. But its true that EME is killing content after content with each patch, good example is valk, that stupid lvl 65 in 1 day made people to burn content in 24 hours and thats stupid. But looks that tera stuff isnt smart enought to make good decisions, putting new useless content and forgetting about what people what really wants. Again this is just about them getting money not people having fun playing. Stop with this [filtered] "dead" posts get in the game and see it urself.
Tera is not a console game. If u have money for a ps4 then u can buy a pc for tera......
OMG NO! OK eme please now put 100% chance to enchant and no feed o spellbind needed for rolls! Tera is so hard!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sarcasm off)
Well. As as i said b4 eme only cares about money so give them money and they will pay attention to what ur saying here. VG menu ruined all they cutted all story quests to make it easy as [filtered]. Dont be surprise that hole story quest removal could coming soon... no one knows what other stupid change will come..... People cry in the forum like babies when rewards are not "worth it" cuz they want easy things. Tera is no loger what it was when i started playing back in 2012 or so.
LesbianVi wrote: »
End game in Tera, get to 65 asap.

Get low gear set asap

Get to forums asap

make threads asap

ask for more rewards and vm mats and enchanting mats asap

Say LesbianVi is bad asap to push your thread asap

then afk in HW and after couple of weeks in the patch get bored and ask for next gear patch to come sooner.

then after that gear patch repeat all that crap I just told you.

I think i love u! Is it ok? Best comment ever!
Well players get "frustrated" if isnt easy to get all... its normal that players cry all the time at rewards. Everyone wants +15 gear with no effort. Then they get bored once they have it. And the worse part is that eme makes things even easier in every patch! All story quests are useless, avatar wep made quest rewards useless, kumas made lvling useless, no lvl 65 que in cs made cs useless, so many useless and crap changes to make game easy. But of course its all about putting costumes and mounts so people buy emp and make EME rich. EME is nothing without players, they should stop buying emp to teach eme to do what players like not what they like to earn more money.
Offline players in BGs should be autokicked once certain time has passed and reque automatically. They allways ruin some matches.
Here u have some more i took screens.... Reported them like 100 times they are still arround.
Really! Stop it allready with elins they are CANCER!
Eme will do nothing to fix lag and these issues. They dont mind as long as people keep buying EMP. If people dont buy anymore emp they will do something. As long as they keep getting people money they dont care.
"Console" whats that! This game is a pc game!
Well stop burning the content so fast then and play to enjoy the game, not as a race to get the latest gear. If u had friends u shouldnt be bored.
I wonder if it has been buffed or not.... given that still has lower stats than misery. Or it will be fixed in the second part of the bug patch?
Maintenance breaks the server every tuesday please stop doing it! Instead of fixing they break every time something new...... Better leave the servers without maintenance..... they work better.
They never care about players why dont u see that..... they care about the money u put in EMP. Every update ruins more the game and does it every time easier so people wont get frustrated and spend real money. Wake up..... tera is about MONEY as allways.
Why do u think they removed ally cuz no money there and to update that content was a waste of time for them if no money return.
Keep up the complain but its useless.... only way to make they wake ups is for players to STOP using real money and when they see nobody likes an update they will do what players want, cuz i think game developers should have in mind what players wants.... not what it represents more money for them.
Doing posts like this one wont help so why do u do it? WAIT till they fix it. Go do something else in the meantime.
I bet u also want all ambush set +15 for compensation huh? Stops asking for events to make gearing so dam easy,,,,, I wish to see nowdays players back in the 2012 when leveling was a hard pain in the [filtered] with no events or stupid vanguard quests...... everything is so easy now and people still asks for more...
Same problem here!
WTF is going on now???? i lost 4 runs allready cuz of constant kick...... and people cant wait people that dc.... FIX this [filtered].
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