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This shounds familiar :thonking:
I don't think my already shattered heart can handle more of this D:
Just bring the guilded Age event back pls :<
@papy10k Because Unity and Bruiseweave stoles are majestic af items and you are not allowed to touch them if your hands are not sacred enough.
I had to miss that month too...
I’d just like a version of the guilded age event back so I can get one after all this time. I remember them giving it away on different events, sadly it’s always been behind rng walls and my RNG is laughable bad.
@Breetizm y u do this :’(
Please have mercy :( my rng sucks
@Spacecats ty for that but does that mean you will release them??? :’D
Hi, I’m Sen
You might remember me from my days at failing on “that tank ain’t right” or from my numerous mispelling misadventures, or how I’m most commonly known “that [filtered] trap over there”. I come today to ask you to unite me and fight the tyranny that’s keeping the poor Unity and Bruiseweave stoles from making someone fashionable.
Together, we can form a rebellion that will free the stoles from the evil hands that keep hostage.
There are thousands of fashion hungry kids who with your support can die of hunger, but with an a e s t e t i c af stole, so it was totally worth.
Please help me and my stoopid costume obsession get one of those glamorous scarfs for my characters. It’s the American way.
Pls :(
@Spacecats can we get the stoles on the fed bill shop until you delete them? I have a ton of fed bills and a lot more fashion coupons so at least i wanna get something good out of it before it goes away.
Pretty please with cherry on top
Bye Felicia!
I think you meant 420 emp :^)
I told my mum about my big game numbers and, well, I don't have a family anymore :(
Why is there no fun social life and good jobs on the emp store?
I want one :/
@feminzii will you be my friend? I wanna try that fun social life I keep hearing about, although I might need to find a good job too :/
I'm so lonely....
Why is there no Unity Stole on the EMP Store?
Tera's model has always been pay to look Dank. In the past you could use EMP to get Dank Stoles and other necessary Items to look fashionable. But this Patch it has completely wiped out the possibility of people with no life to compete with the people with fun good jobs and social life that just spend all day winning.

Adding Unity Stole and Bruisewave Stoles would be a great way to help the busy people dank up. You still have to coordinate the rest of your outfit, but you dont have to spend all the time whining about the lack of stoles. It is a great way to even the playing field and not making it p2w.

EME should add the Unity Stole and Bruisewave Stoles to the cash shop in multiple tiers. Like depending on tiers you buy they give you a percent Dankness to coordinate your outfit. You can have tiers like 10%=meh, 20%=oh my, 50%=looking smexy, etc
or could we make it so it drops for everyone?
We've been running it since last night and we haven't seen a single one of them. Maybe swap the drop rate from the candy cane thing, please?
We can make it optional. Like, put them on the Fed Bill store since some people say it looks awful and they have heaps of the things, but for whatever reason I just can't seem to get one. This will make it so for the people who want it, can just go buy it. Make it expensive if you want but don't go overboard please.

Just make me happy for this once EME. Pretty please with a cherry on top... or riot.
Halrath wrote: »
Karouselle wrote: »

No one has said anything about stoles except the OP, who is just trying to whip things up.

I'm rioting so hard right now man, you don't even know! :y
It's a revolution man. No amount of pepsis can stop us!
AV seems fine to me. Most of the people I see claiming it to be dead are people who can't get a HH carry because they clearly lack something, Don't expect people to carry you. Move servers if the one you are on doesn't want to carry you or thinks of you as a walking meme. @Nootiful Doesn't speak for AV and we don't even acknowledge his input.
What does queuing have to do with a particular server being dead? I thought queuing was across servers.
missioDei wrote: »
Most people I know that get them during events like the boxes or mongos and the like don't even want them, and on top of it they get 2 or 3 of them during the events.
Meanwhile I can farm those all day and not get a single stole like that's really a slap to the face since they aren't tradeable. I'd pay 1k fed bills for a unity stole absolutely.

^ This. So much of this.
expensive like 1k fed bills each or so
Maybe make 'em expensive and keep them non-trade-able so people wont complain about them losing value an whatnot.
Ignore your conscience. I want to be scammed. Plz.
cash me outside (Crescentia) how bow dah.
aeee98 wrote: »
as much as I agree that lag is unacceptable in any case, this is blatant whining lol.

IT IS. And ok, lets not get the Unity stole then. Give us the Bruiseweave Stole in the same manner the Unity stole was distributed on the Guilded Age event. No RNG walls.
I don't think you got the post so imma put it in simpler words.
I would like to get this back just the way it was http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/celebrate-the-guilded-age.
I don't care that they made events where it was behind stupid RNG walls.
This http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/celebrate-the-guilded-age is what i want
i would like http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/celebrate-the-guilded-age to come back without the rewards being different.
http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/celebrate-the-guilded-age is what it would be nice to get back.
it'd be nice to have http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/celebrate-the-guilded-age back before tera dies.
I mean, This lag is making people leave so might as well get http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/celebrate-the-guilded-age back.
I'm sure there is more than just one person who wants http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/celebrate-the-guilded-age back.
Lag is rampant, AV is apparently ded, I can't play from 7pm to 10pm-ish. Can we get this event going until the lag is fixed?http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/celebrate-the-guilded-age
I don't care if it takes forever to get fixed, or that it doesn't help the problem at all, or that we just got "compensation". I just want to have that fking thing before everyone leaves Tera because they can't play. I don't care that they "gave" it away recently. It was behind a stupid RNG wall.
Inuku wrote: »
Seniro wrote: »
I am more surprised you guys did a Triple Drop event during this kind of BS. Instead of waiting for everything to calm down and then doing the event, a lot of players lost runs and some couldnt even log into the game.

No, no. This is not EME's fault, the server host area is being attacked It has nothing to do with Tera or EME

The problems themselves aren't their fault, sure, but the timing of the event was [filtered] for a lot of people, and that is their fault.

I agree with that, but I meant that this particular problem (the DDOS attack) is not EME's fault. I've been personally screwed over by bad timings on their events and my job so I understand and agree with you guys. I'm just saying that this time is not their fault.
I am more surprised you guys did a Triple Drop event during this kind of BS. Instead of waiting for everything to calm down and then doing the event, a lot of players lost runs and some couldnt even log into the game.

No, no. This is not EME's fault, the server host area is being attacked It has nothing to do with Tera or EME
metagame wrote: »
i feel like they really missed their opportunity with the guild update, though

This. I was hoping they would do it with the patch release

I'm not sure if they saw this. I'll repost it tomorrow if that is ok because I think this a great idea
Maybe this should've been posted on monday because i dont think there is anyone on EME HQ rn
I'm currently moving the TERA folder to a separate HDD. Hopefully 100gb is enough for the launcher.
I'm having so much fun farming for my non existent iron dragon. YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY
Entering the game after patch, then logging out then try to log in and the launcher saying that there is not enough disk space to update. Now that is real fun, thanks EME!
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Spacecats wrote: »
Srosa wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
They're dropped by rare, golden scarabs.

Something affected the spawn rate to the point that after the first twelve hours of the event they became extremely rare. Ultimately I gave up farming beetles.
This. I farmed for hours on multiple servers, alone and in raids and nothing. It's really frustrating seeing everyone with 1 for each alt and knowing that because I have a job I couldn't get mine
Same here, Spacecats said that it was the same as it was before but I've asked global several times and noone has gotten one since the nerf. I even went at it for more than 6 hours and nothing.

I am one of those people who missed out on the crazy loot stuff. Honestly, I couldn't care less about the innerwear I just wanted my [filtered] scarf. I waited a whole year to get it and I even rushed home from work only to find out that EME nerfed them and now is almost impossible to get one. I don't know if they removed it from the loot table or just made it so is no longer shared because we've been at it for almost 4 hours now and we haven't gotten any but yeah, I am pretty annoyed at EME right now.
Hot out of work and now its gone :/
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