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From my experience, you're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't. >u<

Traps happen, push threw and shrug it off.
There are all sorts of texture issues in this game, even in dungeons there is always at least one texture that looks degraded in quality far more than everything else present.
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It has always been 10am PST or 12 noon. Lmao, why would you start an event where everyone would be asleep hello? Also you can say the same, coz you would have the time period from dungeons reset til 10am or 12noon. It would always be 4sets of runs

So yeah, no that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

If everyone would be asleep at that hour then why people cry for compensation? Hello?

Because this is the first time people did it at midnight, and nontheless eme screwed up, and wasted people's runs. Resetting today's run didn't solve that issue. Stop being stupid you av nobody

Some one is triggered easily.
Pit is only dropping 3-5 items per run.

This is more like 0.5x drop increase instead of the x3 we are used to.
Being a game so many people pay to play/win, that should not be how they deal with that issue. It is shockingly unprofessional.

This makes me want to cancel my elite and never put another penny in to this game again.
Hello, I play on AV.

The healer I normally run with got a weird bug, and can't log their main. It says it is online all the time.

Is the only fix for this really waiting until after maint? That means I can't run anything until the 4th and our guild eont get to take part in CU.

AV is just too dead to be leaving active players locked out for days at a time.

I had planned to buy some people some golden gift boxes on payday. But they wont be able to log on to get their gifts. At least I get to save 200$ I suppose.

Could you guys just fix your game or force log them out? Instead of making our guild miss CU, and my static miss farm time?

Thank you in advanced.

I have 10 clears in HM, but I'm at 0/77 for title. Any one else have this issue?
They did a name wipe a few years back.

Any account that had not been logged in 1 year+ got their name changed to 'origionalname_1'.

Emails were sent out to all well in advanced amd I belive a second norice was sent our in the days prior to the wipe.

Including lvl1 name holders would help to cut down on name hoarders that still are still active in the slightest.
There is Blade and Soul, Black Desert Online, and Revelations online that I know of, but, they pale in comparison still.
Thank you for the correction. :3
Non-Troll comment.

Though the OP said it, very poorly, and inaccurately.

BHS has stepped away from Tera not long after Fate of Arun failed to bring in the player numbers and whales they aimed to obtain (This game has been in cash out mode for over a year now). They have/had no intention of correcting optimization for Tera, it would be a sizable investment. In a game that, though they were the second highest grosing MMO in NA at one point, they decided to put their man power into other titles. (Bad biz move IMO. I bet if BHS put more time and money into Tera, this game could have been a big big thing, like WoW big. Dis combat system doe, I can't play tab target after this...)

It is a well known fact a portion of this games coding was ripped off from BNS thanks to some lazy employees at BHS who previously worked on the title. (Ncsoft successfully sued BHS over this) They would need to rewrite a good portion of the game to correct optimization, that's a 'very' expensive process.
Since they gave up on Tera so long ago now, don't expect the optimization to ' 'ever' ' be corrected. Just enjoy the game the best you can before they take it offline in a few years.
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3 more hours added. 2 AM, farm up and stop crying again. EME, close this. You did fine this weekend and you did good for fixing that.

PS: No need to reset dungeons, many did it already and it is player's fault that didn't wait couple of minutes for EME's reaction.

Most people didn't realize it was shut off early until it was too late and lost a run.
Can we get the solo instances reset for those who wasted their GG and/or pit runs?

P.S DD was down on the over world 2 hours earlier as well... Did you guys even bother actually checking that?
DD is back on in game, can we please have an accurate end time for this extension?
What the heck En masses.

Get your [filtered] together already.
There is a very serious exploit being dealt with at the moment, I'm sorry you have poor timing.

Peace out.

LesbianVi wrote: »
just like Death achievement, this one needs to go too, cause it is stupid.

I hate achievements for failing, they are not achievements if you fail lol

I think this needs to be posted again.

Though there was a couple old fail achievements you had to fail spectacularly for, like the second boss AIHM or second boss TSHM ones. You had to actually work to fail that hard. I thought it was kind of fun. >u<

But the basic death and xtal breach achives really do need to go.
In the past, not 'everything' could be obtained in the cash shop for top slot gear, you still had to grind out the top HM of that patch.

Sure, you could pay people to carry you, but, you can also pay to get exp carried by that logic.

Tera is one of the easier games to gear up in I hear, why are you even complaining about having to put in what little effort is asked of you to obtain your gear and enchant level.
We miss you, both of you. <3

Stay well.

Yeah, like give us back Alchemy and Dedicated Crafters Scrolls.

If it became a part of elite rewards that would be acceptable too.

But Alchemy is still worthless, gathering is worthless, crafting of all sorts will be useless once the demand for plate goes down, which wont take long I'd imagine. Pls give us back crafting.

This is not why Alk is worthless.

It was some Mongo event apparently, I quit as well and came back to it being 10g ea from 100g ea in March. I lost so much, but, excrement happens I suppose.

I know the feel bro, I had 20-30k of each kind...
Nice theory, but market shifts like this are generally player orchestrated.

When we are going onto a new patch market manipulation peaks. If you keep tabs on these items the seeding and hiking becomes super obvious. Though with this patch ushering in a new gear system and we are saying good bye to our current enchant mats, I can't say hording them is the best option, can't say it's not either.

Years ago just before a new patch, some players scrambled over each other hoarding MES thanks to speculation and rumors similar to what is happening now, some buying them as high as 350g ea. 2 weeks later after the patch dropped, they were down to I think 50g or 70g ea.
People are always going to claim to have 'insider' information. 9/10, they are either talking out their booty, or pushing false information to influence pricing. I wouldn't worry about it too much, the conversion is 'hopefully' intended to recycle left over enchant mats giving a modest or fair return based on the volume available on each server, which I can imagine is impossible to gauge.

Not to say Eme didn't drop the ball.

Enmasse recently has been far too generous with enchant and re-roll mats. When I left the game last Sept Premium Alk was worth 100g ea, give or take, when I came back they were 10g ea. With the +15 system and VM equipment being much easier to obtain and 15 than in the past I can understand why they flooded the servers.

Anti stun also stops giga.

Eg, priest pops gaurdian sanctuary-> catches a lancers giga ->LOL's cause stun immunity cancels the multi pull.
Only thing P2W in game currently are the 2.0 crit dragon mounts. Costumes give no advantage. It's just a visual, it's not P2W if you buy EMP to play dress up, it's P2LC (Pay to look cool)

There is a burd with a self res buff coming soon as well, also P2W.

The reason these are pay to win is because:

-It gives a substantial advantage in combat.
-Not obtainable in game, Cash shop loot box only
-RNG so bad on the loot boxes people who crack loot boxes to sell the items for profit(P2W) are forced to sell it at half a million gold making it unobtainable for a good chunk of the population. (100$ EMP might yield one, if you're lucky)

IMO P2W is when you sell EMP for gold to improve your performance/gear.

The only thing you can not get in game that comes with elite status is dungeon cool down time reduction for under 65, and double runs for end game content, as well as the elite loot box, which has a very low chance of yielding a P2W gather/storage pet, and gives at best 5 premium alks per day, not a notable advantage.

Elite status is more just to make your life in game easier and save you a bit of silver on mechant items you would other wise have to purchase if you do not pay subscription, or buy vouchers off P2W players.
I always wish my character could look like they got TP'ed for Halloween, said no one ever.

*Does any one else find it weird that a outfit made of thin bandages managed to cover more on the female characters that 90% of the outfits in game currently?
Drakan is not above the Queen.

She's the misguided creation of Manahan, the young Zues of the Teraverse.
Drakan is is just a Democron Lakan pumped full of blood magic.

If anything I'd say Lakan should be above the queen as he is one of the original 12 of Tera's pantheon.

If only he was not so much of an easier fight than her Majesty.
Usually when the server crashes special spawns disappear.

They are not programmed like other things on the over world.
Did you guys spawn the Rally boss before any one even logged back in or something?

More than half of all raids were still offline when the boss reached 0...


Stoopid sexi enlils.
/)^3^/) ";.
O deng, Rally blew up the game.

Send moar halp!
Send help.
Depends, do you prefer automatic or manual?

I'm gonna try to be unbiased here, but, I promise nothing.

Brawlers are your automatics, you can roll threw fights with auto block if you know how to maintain fury. They dump out huge damage rather easily, pretty cut and dry.

Lancers are manual, you have to time just about e v e r y thing you do and memorize even basic attack patterns on every boss to avoid turtleing or eating too many hits. Lancer damage is a joke, but, if you time out buffs right you can cut fight times down greatly. Lancer buffs are an insane boost, but you also need your party to be on their A game to see it's full benefit. If a DPS does not notice they are up, they can't take full advantage.

I'd say pick a tank class based on your own reaction times. If you have hair finger response and strong muscle memory, and don't mind hitting like a wet kitten with the AIDS, lancer is for you.

If you played this game a few years back, mystic was for PVP and pro PVE parties, and priests home was deep in PVE. You could mystic your buns off and would have not been able to keep a less than perfect party afloat. These ideas seemed to have passed down to tanks. Lancers for pro parties, and brewlars for parties that need their raw DPS.
Alrighty, in the meantime I suppose I should try the ol' unin/reinstall.
I have submitted a ticket, but those take weeks to be answered.
I'm not able to log into my account.

I'm connected to the internet, I'm not sure why I'm getting this error.


I closed the client, now it wont let me into any server, I don't think it's just AV this time. >o<
We realize Ambush is the older set and on par with misery + 1 line. Not every one upgrades every patch, and some prefer to use a previous generations VM to lessen to grind for themselves. (We have lives outside Tera) Every patch since lvl 65 previous VM's have been easily farmable. [filtered], you can still craft Dream Keeper gear if you wanted to.

I wish to obtain an ambush chest to complete the set, the powders being stuck in a sparcely run dungeon that was buffed to the point of just being pure cancer to run, that's if you can get a party. I do plan to craft a VM9 weapon once VSHM is finally here, I dislike using mid teir gear because of the speed I lose, speed is king for my class. >o<
Lilith chests almost 1k each on AV GG Eme...
The lag has gotten better since the week end, but, last night I ran DFHM. I felt like I was playing from over seas, it was not just lag spikes, but constant ping jumping causing the raid's screen to freeze. This was annoying up doable until the last boss, when we would all lag freeze at the same time during a one shot mechanic. It was awful.

After that DFHM run, I did VHNM, and there was next to no lag. Why is DFHM in particular so unplayably laggy?
Wait, no more BG credits? Box not a token?

So Battle ground rewards are going to be strictly RNG?

INC 1-3 hour que times.
I'd say the thing causing the majority of veterans to leave is the current state of end game. When it was P2P the game was released unfinished with little at end game, we seem to have come back to that issue. When it went F2P they started packing in the end game content, and oh boy it was truly glorious!

We got the truly epic Argon War line. (Guess we will never find out who the [filtered] Manahan is though, kasjfhskdjhf) With it came a much fuller batch of end game content, we got raids, much harder 5man content, Alliance, GVG, Nexus, yearly Sky Ring and FWC competitions, the crafting system was spectacular, even gathering could be a fun group activity back then. Alliance is what really tipped the scales on this game in NA though, it brought so much with it, even offering worthwhile grind for PVE players.

Then they took it all away. qq
We did get Dream Storm briefly, which was mega unpopular. Then for a while we had sky castles and crusades, which was pretty neat at first, but got old pretty quick. One reason we are experiencing such a lack of things to do in NA recently is the missing Talent system. Going forward, until that system is brought here, or removed in K-tera, we will be missing a large chunk of end game grind, and always have a greater imbalance between classes.

We have lost far more than we have gained at end game in Tera over the years, this, is the real reason the game is so close to death. Them going ban crazy is not doing them any favors right now, but the real issue is the lack of poops given about the NA player base over at ButtHole Studios.
Eme banning him on the forums seems to be the straw that broke the back of our favorite camel. For years Yosha has selflessly done great things for the community, we really will be lost with out a Yosha going forward.

Going forward, we better [filtered] well see Eme paying one of their employees to do the work Yosha has has been doing for free.

If Tera keeps going down this path it's on, this game wont be online in NA much longer.
AV, is my server.
Are we getting a fix for this soon, or do I have to spend gold on the broker to buy one? If I do will I be reimbursed?
Logged into another server to check, still no character slot.

I took today off to level with some friends, thanks eme.
As title says, I've closed and reopened my client and launcher, the slot has still not arrived in my item claim.
When the put up the walls I was super disappointed, there was a lot of neat things to see, where you were not supposed to be.

The fully finished Baldera, it even once had NPC's in the town, and one used to sell a teleport scroll for the abandoned city, those weere removed long before the walls went up though. (It was the original Baraka City, instead of opening it they gave us High Watch)
The Soup Pot next to Tria.
The half finished abandoned Argonea.
The valley with 'under construction' written in ginormous Korean characters.
The path to the flat land.
The unfinished Agron over world dungeon you could jump off map and hop to.
The entrence to the abandoned Zulfikar underground, or from Pathfinder to Zulfikar.
Valika wilds (the entry for it was to be in the cave from Valika to Popolion, but when the put up the walls they added two additional layers keeping you from getting anywhere near the plugged exit.)
The desert with nothing but a pile of cowbones.

And my personal favorite, when you would go somewhere super glitchy and could see people on another continent from a totally different part of the world, like the space next to Seeliwood, or the gorge between North and South Shara with bams from Argonia scattered on the hill side. You could even fight and kill them, and the person where the bam actually was, could see it fighting, but could not see you at all. It was like, ghost mode. When I was bored I'd go to the area next to Seeliwood and mess with people leveling near Elenea, never in a mean way though.

While it is kinda disappointing I can't go exploring where I don't belong any more, I can understand the stress it must put on their servers to load a player into those incomplete and abandoned maps. Not to say I did not try, they did an exceptionally good job of walling off everything, leaving very few holes if any to slip threw.

A lot of people have asked over the years when those area's might be finished and opened. The answer to that is; never. It is far more cost effective to create entirely new areas than it is to fix and rework existing maps.
OH, maybe it was the new computer thing after all. I would do 7 accounts almost bidaily on my old PC.

At least I found this handy bypass, TY facebook log in. >o<

I am able to by pass the error by using facebook to log into the accounts. This is highly inconvenient.....
I am getting the 'user authentication error'. I had 5 clients open last night on a new computer. It would not let me load my other client in, I figured the computer was unfamiliar to Tera for the most part. Now I am unable to log into any account with out getting the authentication failure.

Now I am not even able to change my password, what on earth is going on.
Any multiplayer online game is like that, suck it up and learn, or stick to single player.
I'll give that a try, I did just upgrade to 10 a few days ago.

Thanks for your halp. :chuffed:
I was in the game, moved from one town to another, and mounted.
I went to the Rootstock grounds, and could not dismount. So I relogged, and had to restart the launcher.
Now the launcher keeps giving me a load circle on the log in screen, then crashing.
I agree, bring back the sexi Enlils!
That's how the aggro system has 'always' been, in every dungeon. At least sense I started playing just before the WH patch 3 years ago.

Except now, if some one dies and some on touches the boss or heals before you can re-secure the aggro, it only takes a few seconds to take it back, or just the cheese shout if you're a brawler.

The 100% aggro switch on a party members death doesn't bother me too much unless some one is acting out the one hit song Chumba Wumba ever made. Then it can get pretty annoying, and I start really hoping the healer leaves them on the ground.

Back in the day, if some one held the 100% mark (which is what the first one to touch the boss or use a skill that generate AOE aggro gets after a party death) you had to bust your [filtered] if you had any hopes of grabbing it back in less than 5 seconds, more if some scarredy cat want's to run arena wide circles with the boss. If the person who got the aggro after death kept hitting big crits before you get it back or slightly after, it took AGES and every mana pot under the sun to get it back.

This is one of the things that has me convinced aggro works on a percentage basis.
Freeholds has never been held at the same time every year. The first year it came out it was released in autumn, and ended mid winter. The second year it made an appearance in spring time I believe, and last year it took place in the summer time.

I am confident they will bring Rootstock back, as for when, your guess is as good as mine.
Figured as much. Thanks :pleased:
Hi. I didn't see it asked already. I just want to clarify something.

If you have 4 inventory pets already, 4 tabs unlocked, will using a 5th inventory pet add a 5th tab?
As the title says.

vkobe on 04/07/2016, 01:31 AM - view
they are not prophet, before we fear this situation coming with reaper and +15 stuff

when bhs announced +15 stuff people started to worry about tera

and so many people was angry against reaper

+15 did ruin the game for a lot of people. Like 'a LOT' of people. I'd be over joyed if they announced they are returning to the +12 system and doing away with +15 for future patches.

When +15 was introduced Tera was started on an exponential decline in quality, content, player relations and overall awesomeness. This game is just not what it used to be, I stay gripping onto hope that things will improve

As for reaper~ People where angry with it because it started you off a tip toe from end game, which lead to far too many new players hitting 40 and making a reaper just to do end game faster. The majority or reapers at the time not only had no clue how to reaper, but no clue how to play this game or how anything worked. It brought on a fair amount of cancer, and people were not overly thrilled about it's game breaking DPS that shoved some original classes such as archers and sorcs to the back burner. (where they remain to this day) Oh, and the Elin only thing is what seemed to ruffle the most feathers.
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Geletron on 04/06/2016, 09:16 PM - view
We are going to have new forums. We signed a deal with a forums developer in January and have completed the first phase of integration with our existing account system. Right now we are testing the forums with a different title we publish before opening them up to the TERA community.

I don't have an exact date on when we will roll them out for everyone, but I would like to get everyone on the new system before this summer.

The forums was barely mentioned on this thread, and the Enmasse response to it is just something about the forums change?

If it was not for my love and devotion to this game that I just can't find a replacement for, I'd have canceled my Elite yesterday. Along with a large chunk of what player base has remained here.

But, the forums is what Eme is talking about?

I, I literally can't even right now.
This 'hyped update' is nothing but an underhanded marketing ploy.

They call it 'loyalty' rewards. We all know what it really is though.

Credit card warrior rewards.

[filtered] you Enmasse.

Just, [filtered] you.
It's a reward system for P2W players is what it is.

If 3 years, gear from 'every' VM line, and 400 days of play time on one account, with elite status for most of that time, AND a fair amount of EMP purchased is only worth T6, this system rewards credit card warriors, not loyal players.
Where does it tell you how to increase your Teir?
I'm talking about the old days. When holding aggro was actually a challanging.

Either way, I'm still gonna eat everything that does sub 20% at full health if there is a dank DPS threatening my threat. It's how I've played for 3 years, old habits die hard man.
If being 'skilled' on lancer means ever taking the smallest amount of damage, then what is the point of heavy armor and such high defence?

Forgive my old timer statement, but back in my day being skilled meant you where really hard to rip aggro off of. Before brawlers sometimes you had to go full ham, which meant knowing what you could, or should not eat with your face, and what you could 'tank' with out dieing or being too close to death.

Really if being skilled as a tank in this game now means never getting hit, I'll be a proud [filtered]ter for the remaining time this game is online.
Tonka was a great caster, he memorized every one's name and made effort to say it properly. He called almost every notable move. It was almost as entertaining listening to him describe the fights as it was watching them. The new team, I don't think they have what it takes. Tonka was an irreplaceable asset to their company.

I can only imagine their profits, after he left, declined exponentially.

Lets just hope Eme crashes and burns in the mobile market so they start paying attention to Tera, and this community again.
I can't wait till the mobile game market implodes.
It's like every game company under the sun is ditching real games to try and get their claws on the next 'Angry Bird" franchise.
I'll let you in on something.


Thing is, you gotta pay the cash to buy the mats. Then pay the cash to buy the fodder. Then pay the cash to get the alks. Then pay the cash to get your dyads.

Haye to break it to you, but if you wanna stright up obtain +15 gear threw your wallet you're looking at much MUVH than 500 USD for a star fall set.

Don't like not being able to get best in game for no effort and a few hundred dollars, I recommend arch age. Or some other cash shop nightmare like that.
Lot has always been a dead server, for as long as I can remember.

Also the current patch, and staff changes has driven a lot of people to other games.

Half my guild quit. Honestly if I was not as invested as I am in tera I would likely be playing black desert and blade and soul with the friends who left tera.
Brawler is best class. It's a tank, and does higher damage than the actual DPS.
Travy on 03/01/2016, 10:00 AM - view
Why'd this guy have to go :(.

Come back to us Tonka. QQ

At least teach these new guys your mystical CM ways.
HY- oh


Denommenator on 02/29/2016, 08:52 PM - view
It was a chance to drop in K-TERA as well.

The GM's used to know the difference between NA and K-Tera. We in the west do not have the tolerance for the kind of grind they do (nor do we have the bonuses from internet cafes), we have always been given a bit of a break compared to the K-Tera grind.

Like I said, you guys are 'way' too far out of touch with the community.
Welp, a few of my friends just pretty much quit the game after seeing these notes. What happened to you Tera, before +15 you were so great. Since that wretched addition the game has been falling into a pit of RNG hell.

Additionally, after Tonka left Eme seems to have lost all touch with the community.
Please, just stop already. Pay attention to the community, and put some real thought into things.

Sincerely, a bummed out lancer.
Back in the day, when FoKHM was end game, DPS would have to tone down their damage output, back then pulling aggro could be deadly.

However, back then holding aggro was challenging. Now, it does not even matter. Even a lancer with their absurdly low DPS can hold with very little effort. If a brawler is tanking, the DPS would be hard pressed to surpass their tanks damage output any ways, so again, no need to worry about aggro.

So, no, there is simply no way to pull 'too much DPS' these days.
My advice is abandon what you're used to, and start learning to play this game. It will never be as easy as a simple tab target game like WoW.

Priest is the lowest DPS in game, they are kind of painful to lvl. Once you hit 20 just spam que dungeons.
Why 'mob' stopper? FI does not have many mobs in it at all. Further more, what does anything in FI have to do with candy? (Everlastiong gobstopper). Did any one even make a gram of effort on this one?

Please Eme, tell me:

- How that title relates to this dungeon?

- Who makes these titles up, and why are they getting paid?

- Who green lights these terrible titles and names, and why are they getting paid?

Honestly, you guys could get the community to pick these things 'for free' and it would be 1000x better. Just, go fire these people, they are not good at their job.

Here is what I would pick for the FI shinny title;

- Ghost Buster (Should get around the Ghostbusters copyright being two separate words and dropping the 's')

- Spooky

- Scary

- Ghostly ( or Ghastly)

Heck, even these cheesy sounding ideas are miles better than ' Everlasting Mob Stopper'.

- Phantom Flogger

- Creep Cruncher

- 3spooky5me

Please Eme, pick one of these and change the shinny title. For the love of cheese.
I don't think OP is capable of understanding what every one is telling him. Just walk away guys, you can't argue with a daft person, it just turns into endless circle arguments.

This guy will probably quit the game soon any way.
What's keeping me from buying EMP? Well the exchange rate of Canadian currency for starters, coupled with nit wanting anything from the cash shop currently.

Why no one is selling EMP is simple ecomonics. During dead periods where players have to wait extended periods of time for heir gear the p2w's are not paying cause there is nothing to win at the time.

Once FIHM is released EMP will quickly fall to a more comfortable leaving 1:20 ratio, maybe more being as starfall will be very good gear for a very long time.
I don't give a flying seal weather or not there is something useful in the bg merchant atm. I'm just glad it's actually popping again.
I'm not glad for what FWC has become however, it's a cluster seal of road fights now. Pyres mean nothing any more, most geared team = win, period.
The etching market is broken and in need of an intervention of sorts.

With the pricey materials going down, secondary materials will 'temporarily' rise in cost, due largely to supply vs demand, and party in part to price gouging.

Once titans ease and ember becomes more readily available the oil and dendrite market will quickly stabilize as players begin to craft them more and more.

For this to happen we need Eme to return the titans drop rate and farmability to what it was in the generation patch.

The big problem once they finally get the titans rolling again will be the designs, assuming they will forget to make them available again.

Normally I'd assume they would amend the etching issues fully, but as of late, I don't even know of its sage to assume they will ever make titans accessible, or the drop of etching designs existent, at all. You're breaking my heart Eme, and my bank.
The debut from stand up is not cleanable.
Maioris on 02/02/2016, 03:04 PM - view

Those dungeons have only additional drop to please the community.
FIHM has 100% drop, none of other instances deserve it.

At lease they gave u some chance to get it by running normal instances every day. If it drop in every single run... people would be geared by the end of february in full sets = gg FIHM.


I feel so sorry for EME, people are just so lazy... enjoy playing game u morons... i reccoment shuting down this forum for 2 weeks. Maybe game will become more active cause of those mouning, demanding, lazy players.

I don't think any one expected an thing close to 100% but we did expect it to be farmable with an average of 1 to 5 runs concidering how many people will be collecting them as bank decorations.
Fi- 8 runs - 0 hearts
Kdhm- 0/0
Schm- 6 runs - 0 hearts

First the delayed release of the rest of this patch.
Then the announcement that we won't be getting g the talent system.
Then they finally make titans farm able again and tries to pass off the miniscule drop rate as an event.
Then to top it all off, they make hearts a luxury drop, totally non farmable at those rates.

This is starting to feel like a round of slaps to the face of the player base.
How can you even call this an event with such ridiculously low drop rates. This is how the drops for these items should have been over the past few months.

This isn't an event, this is a sorry excuse for a promotion to draw people back from Blade and Soul.
Damn, March...

At least once, or better yet, every week end!
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I'm up to 917 semis on my new ring, and it's still not perfect. QQ

Challanging shout only draws aggro when glyphed. If you read to tool tip, the shouts main purpose is to decrease the parties aggro. You defiantly want to use that off CD.
It is important to keep in mind as a tank you are essentially a front DPS class, and as you are handed aggro on a silver plater you are now expected to pull weight on the whole damage thing. That and, you hold better with damage over aggro, however if you do a full damage set, if for what ever reason you lose aggro it is much more difficult to pull it back. Which is really no issue once you are comfortable with a particular fight. I would a out aggro lines on gear in favor of attack regardless as a single threat crux can make it much easier to pull back.

For this patch I'm doing:

Weapon crystals:

Armour crystals:
Hardy x3

Keen x4

Energetic iii X2

My rolls are currently:
Crit rate
Over all damage
Attack speed
More attack speed
Enraged damage

Chest rolls are:
Overall damage
Max hp
Enraged damage
Spring attack damage for the skill line

For jewelry I have edgetock x2, and corvette x3.
The thing about infuriate is; it resets the aggro table. For example if you enrage at the start of the fight. The first person to touch the boss gains the 100% mark on the table. Switching stances to infuriate is incredibly helpful to dps, yes, but you should let your tank know when your about to do it so they can get ready to shout and go ham for a few rotations. Or even just wait one second before you hit the boss after you cast infuriate.
Even worse the player base dosent have manners any more. I remember during WH people would respectfully pass on cubes for those who only needed them to make NF. Now it's concidering selfish and unreasonable to even request people who don't have hearts pass on untradable mats.
I would imagin zerk would be more of a challenge to tank with. I think I might take that up myself.

Though now that tanking is another form of DPS parties are going to gravitate toward brawler cause of the insane output. Zerks however would probably have better DPS output than Lancer in defence stance, but that's just me assuming things.
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That's a bad mentality, no other mmo makes you right this hard for aggro and Tera in the past was never this bad so I'm glad this aggro update is bringing back how Tera used to be.

When you're in a pve instance I don't want to keep fighting my fellow teammates for aggro, this is pve not pvp aggro.

Aggro was never easy to hold in this game. In fact during the WH patch it was way harder than the last patch even.
Which I'll admit, was not always great. Starting out as a Lancer was unforgiving and you needed a thick skin not to write off the class.
But for thous who stuck with it, it was the constant challenge that kept us swinging the shield.
Maybe kinda am alone on that thought, but I'm entitled to my own opinion on it.
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