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I'm an exotic from Europe where guns are not allowed for citizens (except sports) and we don't have to fear active shooters. So handling a gun is quite unnecessary here.

I was in the US this year (Boston, NYC), so I probably can compare the actual prices. Having a meal with friends goes for $20, going to a bar will be $10-$20 per cocktail. I'm a quite moderate drinker, so 2 cocktails will be enough for me. So going out with friends will be $40 just for the evening, I'm not even talking about going to a club. I live in Germany, Munich and the prices ramp up. Lunch is for rather $30 and even parking comes with $20-30 (depends on hours).

Going to a Bowling Hall is without meal, but will also be $10-20 per person per hour (depends on how many firends). Some softdrinks do not cost much, but at the end of the evening the same amount will be spent. Btw, I'm paying $90 per month for a gym (yes, it's quite luxurious :-).

I don't know how you may regard playing an MMO as a passive hobby. I'd call watching Netflix/Amazon Prime series as a passive hobby - and a lot of people do that.

Perhaps there's an experience difference between the two of us. I had a lot of hobbies in my life, ranging from archery over cooking to playing some music. There are only a few hobbies that yield a real "benefit". Cooking enables me to show of to my friends, my fishing yields the freshest fish.
However, MMOs in general yield an interesting social component I have learned in the past, though it was not Tera. In applications, putting in e.g. "football capitan" is one very strong point. Unfortunately, we all can't be football team leaders. But in MMOs, we can experience being a leader of a group. I learned quite some skills when leading a 40 man raid back in my old MMO days. And this is a benefit that did effect my career more than cycling, martial arts or freeclimbing, even I did e.g. all these 3 for years.

I started playing an idle game on iOS. So whenever I have a little waiting time during the workday, I click on it. The ingame shop is quite optimistic. Monthly substription up to 28€, single payments up to 100€. I'm not paying this as this is an "idle game" (per definition).

Let's turn this around. Every game is something you do for relaxing in your free time. And everything does cost money, even when playing basketball you need shoes or pay a club to play indoors. Now compare how much you're willing to spend for your free time.

For me, Tera is still one of my cheapest hobbies. Even hiking does cost more (smartphone app, equipment, hotel, transfer, etc.). When I was shooting firearms, costs did explode due to ammo prices. Even meeting friends, having dinner and some drinks in a bar is going fast up for just one evening.

The trick is to look at the own budget and compare your recreational spendings. It's up to you, if Tera is worth it.
Because unlike other games, in Tera you can farm gold and still get EMP. We still can buy shop items from other players.

Oh, run a trace route to see where the problem lies. That should be the first thing to do.

  1. make sure your proxy/ISP is not blocking Tera (e.g. trying to play at workplace)
  2. check router if Tera ports are still open
  3. try repair option
  4. ask your ISP if they messed with your line
  5. wait some hours and try later before
  6. reinstall game (may be faster than forum troubleshooting)
  1. Try repair option
  2. Uninstall everythign and reinstall

Option 2 sounds bad but troubleshooting oftens takes way longer than the usual install routine.

As said, a proxy is a server that helps you route your connection. You are in (e.g.) Australia and have this bad ping to the Tera US-Server in Chicago. There's no helping it, there are no magical programs that can solve this problem.

However, your ISP and the backbone may route you either via US West Coast to Chicago or via Hongkong-Europe to Chicago.
VPN programs like mentioned before are "tolerated" by EnMasse as long as you don't inject packets, blabla and so on - you know the stuff.
Keep to clean VPN routing and you'll be fine. These can't work wonders and reduce your ping to 80ms, but stabilize your ping to ... 200ms (?). Ask other oceanic players.

I have the same problem here. I started reading Essential Mana for starters. Goind into patch notes later on.

As the publisher is working with several payment systems, you should not wait but contact the payment service line. Have your info ready (which payment service/company you used, etc.).

If you open your Inventory (press I), you can find a button at the bottem left for enchanting/upgrading. Put in your armor/weapon and the system will tell you what you need.

Nicht, dass ich wüsste. Wir sind ein komisches Volk, das auf den US Servern in Chicago spielt. Tera DE hat einen anderen Publisher, Gameforge. Dort bekommt man einen deutschen Client und die anderen Spieler reden auch deutsch.

Nice! I'm working in the IT indistry and we urgently need new tech like augmented reality.

Keep in mind to do the traceroute when you experiance this high ping. There's no use in having a high ping at 8pm prime time and doing a traceroute at 3am when the whole town is asleep.
I paused Tera for ~2 years and learned a lot about servers, network, etc.

Perhaps you should play something in parallel like me. I'm playing Skyrim and if I feel like having the best set, I open up the console and 2 sec later I have my godlike one-shot weapon. This is fun. However, after some time, there's no challenge anymore. New stuff is only adding mods.

It's easier to change your point of view than changing Tera.

Depends how much players you can interact with. Myself, I can't play with more than ~10 people per day. Running a dungeon, chatting.

I mean, everyone of us knows how the chat looks like when a new MMORPG comes out. You have the chat flooding and in the end you turn it off. If you need this amount of people, Tera might not be the right choice.

(Returning player myself)
I believe it would be best to aks ingame people to play with. Especially when new player, you'll find guilds easily to test out. Keep in mind we have players from all over, so choose someone from your timezone.
You can still do quests while waiting in dungeon queue. In the end, most of us have played every class. So getting to lvl 70 is not the goal but to try out everything and have a fun time.

> EU outpacing NA
> it's about events

Yeah, we have no events at all in NA. *sarcasm overflow*

I mean, they put our events on the launcher and above the chat. How can you even miss them?
Depends on priority case.

Tickets about monetarian problems (e.g. customer bought EMP but didn't receive them) are faster.

Tickets about "Plz gib free SC+9 and plz ban player XY he called me an idiot" have a longer wait time.

In general, tickets should NOT be used to ask question. This is what the forums are for.
Ok ... I've been click baited

clicked on the easter event link above
read about cool eggs you can get from cash shop or dungeon
dungeon is GG where you have to pay to get in (Tera EU)

No, thanks. Not gonna click on the rest or even a bit jealous
They are sold in the cash shop. https://store.enmasse.com/tera/item/npctravelerins/travelers-insurance

If I were in charge of this game, I'd say it's idiotic to put things in the free fashion coupon what could have been sold for money. But this may be a bit too realistic.
>old level up scrolls
Just how old is that ....?

These scrolls were meant to boost the community who was crying for faster level up. Nowadays, you level up from 1-65 in 2-3 workdays. Even if you don't run Kumasylum, don't use XP boosters/buddy-up, you still cant get the 400%XP buff in dungeons. In my opinion, we're already leveling too fast.

Perhaps I should try to level by picking flowers and mining.
Ran on 3 characters, 2 diamonds. Apparently I'm lucky.

Oh, and I have over 40 lvl65 characters. As I'm playing since 2013, does that make me an addict?
Nice post. I was tempted to make one myself. I can only add that I know how Sales is operating and they didn't make males for laughs and giggles. Sales has made a forecast on the expected revenue and that's why we now have male specific shop itmes. So if you want male classes in the future, call your friends and go shopping.

And btw: $7 for a costume is good price
You have 2 free character slots per account to try it out. As usual, tanks are harder to play as you have to lead the party, know the attack patterns of the boss monsters and are even ping reliant (lancer), you should try a damage dealer first. In Tera we call them "DPS".

You can roughly go with the difficulty rating the game offers. This means, the archer is the easiest DPS while a sorcerer/warrior might be the most difficult.

For the second slot, you should try playing a healer as you mentioned it first. Both mystic and priest are viable healers and the difference is only visible in endgame/when you hit lvl65. Unlike in other MMOs, a healer provides not only healing but strongly supports the whole team. For this, you have to know the basics of other classes and roughly the mechanics. I'd recommend a mystic as throwing healing motes is quite fun if you're used to traditional healing until now.
Habe früher wow gespielt , kenne Tera erst seit kurzem , hat jemand von euch beides schon mal gespielt und kann mir sagen wo genau der Unterschied ist zwischen den beiden ?

Gibt’s eigentlich Charakter Guides in deutscher Sprache ? Bezüglich kampf Rotation z.b. Usw..
WoW ist der Platzhirsch. Es gibt dort regelmäßige Erweiterungen, patches, eine große Communit, support, usw. Dafür drückt man eine monatliche Gebühr ab.
Tera ist ein Nischenprodukt. Die Zielgruppe sind Arbeitstätige, die zufrieden sind mit 10 Leuten in der Gilde. Der Focus liegt auch mehr auf Ästhetik, sprich den Kostümen usw. Tera ist free to play und man kann (theoretisch) alles erreichen, ohne auch nur einen Cent zu zahlen.
Meiner Meinung nach sollte man beides probieren und dann für sich selbst entscheiden, was passt.

Persönlich kenne ich keine deutschen Guides, aber ich lese auch nichts deutsches bzgl. Tera. Im Normalfall wende ich mich an Essentialmana. Die guides dort sind auf english und meist veraltet, aber sobald man die Grundidee einer Klasse hat, braucht man eh keinen aktuellen Guide mehr.
Ich gebe einfach mal ein Beispiel: Ich spiele eine Priesterin und möchte maximalen Schaden machen. Dazu sehe ich mir meinen damage meter (ich hab keinen, ist ja nur theoretisch) an und kann nun bestimmen, wie ich meine Ausrüstung setzen muss um mit meinem besten skill auf 100% crit zu kommen. Rotationen sind immer eine Abfolge aus den besten skills in die man Lückenfüller einbaut. Da eh kein Boss stur auf der Stelle stehen bleibt, ist jede Rotation theoretisch. Sprich, ja nach Boss kann es besser sein, wenn ich die Rotation nicht stur durchfahre. Und das nennt sich dann Erfahrung.
Right now Tera is back to its old self. Means: Personal skill + Experience >> class

This means, you are able to buy yourself into the higher Tiers but it's worthless without the knowledge and experience. There are no overpowered classes right now. There's no class you can faceroll and be the highest contributing DPS.

Like before, some classes are ping reliant (archer, lancer), some classes don't have fix rotations (sorcerer), some are entry level (spacebar reaper). If you're good with gunner, you should go with it. There's no use learning a class you don't have the motivation to play.

I did a race change once and as in the official Tera support stated, they converted all my costumes to the new race so I could wear them.

I don't know what's with the march 30 deadline though.
Now, that's impressive. There's even the Rainbow, Kitty and the Huntress. I think we had for a very limited time the quackerjack/duckerberg in NA.
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
A roadmap can never be trusted. It's like a 20 day weather forecast where you expect sunshine and get a blizzard.

Except that the sunshine and blizzard are both a natural phenomenon so it is hard to come up with a forecast.. But the fashion/ace/vanguard shops updates rely on humans? And we even were told that the GM tool can tweak around those changes without a maintenance needed so at the very least Spacecats could do so much until now...
A rollout is not done automatically, there are several processes involved in this. So if you think that humans work exactly like planned or this is an automated, self-healing process, you're unfortunately wrong. So even if the feature/product is done, there are lot more problems to tackle.

I was working in dev and process management and there are always (!) problems you have never heard of before. And there are hundred reasons to NOT release something than releasing a half-baked useless product.
If anybody of you would be working in a company with a dev dept in it, you would know how to read roadmaps. Instead you should be glad to see a roadmap at all. I'm not even showing the roadmap to my customers nor talking about it ...

For those who have never heard of a roadmap: this is a rough forecast by the development department when they will be able to release a product/feature/whatever. A roadmap can never be trusted. It's like a 20 day weather forecast where you expect sunshine and get a blizzard.
I'm not sure if you're the type to sit down and read lore. This is an MMO and you get to know the lore as you play the game. The main driver is that you participate in the story and get to learn the lore little by little. There are also funny, surprising or weird moments in the Tera story. If I were new to Tera, I'd take my time and do all quests, read them and enjoy the journey.
In general, the term "worth buying" is hard to understand. Some people buy to just make gold out of it and selling it after the event for a higher price. Some buy because they want to have it. And so on.

Usually, I recommend to play some more to see if Tera is the MMO for you. If you invest 50€/$ in weird stuff and then hate Tera, none is helped. Usually people level to 65 and then start buying bank expansions, character slots or a nice mount/costume.
Sometimes I wonder what an event would be if there would be no gold profit at all in it. Everybody's in the forums is only talking about gain and raging about the loss of possible assets.

We once had an event where guilds greeted new players on Island of Dawn (when it was the starting area) and this was fun. And there was no gold involved in this, players/guilds participated in the preparations and were highly motivated and anticipated it. I somehow wish for something like this once in a while again and not filling my own pockets through events.

Perhaps I'm also playing Tera too long because I don't feel any loss if I don't get 20 free keys or 5 free mantles as I just see them as gold assets.
Good luck with your work. I hold a PhD in natural sciences and I often talk about (e.g. to new employees) how MMOs positively influenced my soft skills. When I was younger, you had an advantage when you listed e.g. "leader of a sports team" in your CV. I hope for the future, you will have the same advantage when you list "guild master in Tera". By now, none applicant ever talked about playing an MMO during an interview ;-) but I will vouch for the first one I hear talking about it.
Vinyltails wrote: »
Raids farming sickly IoD bams...Sickly bams die stupidly fast and Raid gives credit for everyone
As said, press Y and join a raid on IoD. 500 is not hard at all. Still, unlucky to get cut down to one target only.
> @Darkstarraven said:
> At the very least, a class that isnt gender locked to FM, since literally every new class is just that

Okay, i didn’t express it in detail. New classes are made female (not genderlocked) because of monetarian reasons. Perhaps the whole dev team, the management and every single last BHS/EME employees want male classes next - if margin/turnover statistics say that females make the most impact, we still will have female classes. I often say in forums that people should do “male costumes buying events “ but I yet have to see them.

I’m glad we have a male brawler as it was originally planned with Rhodos.
> Male-class only
I wish people would give some thought about how the world works
As said, if you use it to post DPS numbers and harass others, you are to be actioned.

Keep in mind that DPS numbers are difficult to read. If you sap away all healing capacity, can‘t follow mechanics or just reach for the aoe damage, your DPS number is useless.
DPS who save the healers are far more important. DPS who e.g. Spore away the adds are the same important as the highest DPS player. Etc.

You also will have a huge difference between gear Tiers. Comparing twist to sc is absolutely useless. Etc.
Tera has (probably) the fastest leveling among all MMOs. I recently leveled five more to 65, everyone taking roughly 3-4 days. So you’re saying that leveling up with Kumas Royale and not getting XP for one loss is still too slow. You want more XP.

Can‘t help you with this then. Buy a lvl 60 scroll. Make an illegal trade and buy a lvl65 from eBay. These would be the other only options to go faster.
Same problem here, but it occurres in dungeons. I meet incompetent DPS, healers or tanks. Requesting to gift me free +9 SC, because I don’t get anything else.
Rhetorics aside, it also happens to the enemy team and you get a free win sometimes. But you didn’t thought of that as a compensation?
I didn't chose priest to dash out the most damage. Of course I tried a Guardian mission and did some damage. However, seeing the others (even strangers) taking damage and die is not what a healer likes at heart. And all I do is continuing doing damage.

I'm not going in this as healer anymore. It thwarts the basic idea of a healer. This is not Ghilliglade, where you're alone on a solo mission. You have people around you, dying. Oh well, I'm getting sentimental. Well, that's my personal opinion in this.

The unfortunate factor I see is that we have a mass load of BAM event experience. Guardians are nothing else than we had for years. And guess what - all the BAM events played out nicely. People gathering for raids, using the holy trinity (tank, dps, healer), working together. Even sharing information about BAMs and so on. Now, of course this does not work for a 4 min guardian encounter. Oh well, just my personal opinion. Perhaps every other healer besides me likes to do damage.
I don't. The last person I was talking about lag with was from SEA. So ... are you perhaps
- playing from SEA
- playing on wifi/3G
- sharing your ISP with other people streaming or jamming the whole pipe (e.g. torrenting)
- (pointing to dxdiag) you know the rest

Still here.
This is how the world works: BHS/EnMasse is not some welfare organization with endless supply of money. Strategic development of the game is one vital factor in the business. Now imagine I gather 30 friends and we cry in the forums to have a Baraka ballett dancer. BHS realeases a Baraka ballet dancer. No one would play this class. Was this a good idea to listen to the community? Surely not.

Decisions in business are based on facts, data, numbers. If the margin and turnover for females is x times higher than for male ones, it's simple. Don't bring out any more male classes.

Want to change it? There are lost of ideas out there. Organize a "male buying event". Bring your squad and buy more male costumes than females in a certain time frame. Go and organize a crowd funding for a male class. Get in touch with an EnMasse/BHS rep and make a deal.

Just coming to the forums and yelling what you want is nice. But someone from EnMasse/BHS listening to 30 persons is just idiotic. There are so many examples in the past where BHS/EnMasse listened to the community and with bad luck it went awry. Keep in mind that the forums only represent a minority. The majority is just playing the game, not bothering showing up here.
You may correct me, but Popori are made from wild animals by Elins (NA/EU version. Also in KTera?).

Why are Popori not mass produced then? One would domesticate them like e.g. wild deers in a certain area with close control to have a mass production running. Even if that is too complicated, you just force replicate/clone the wild animals.
You then train them in warfare and have a nearly unlimited amount of cannon fodder. Here we go with the Clone Wars.
• What happened: I was running Ravenous Gorge as Damagedealer. I clearly saw our priest debuffing (using plague of exhaustion) on all bosses. I even saw the plague icon on the bosses, but the boss still had his "shield icon"
• Date and Time the bug was witnessed: e.g. 3rd feb 2018, 1700h CET. Happens VERY RARELY (e.g. 2 in 100 runs)
• Reproduction Steps: Apparently only occurs for dps players
• Screenshot: trying to get one

DO NOT BLAME HEALERS. The boss is debuffed and as far as I can see, you do proper damage. Regression (mystics) and plague of exhaustion (priests) do work as intended.
Perhaps someone here has never played a Tera healer. Healing is not about dashing out high healing numbers but also support, foresight and compensating for the team.

Ever run with a good healer e.g. Kalivans? The healers runs around with spores and kills all the adds. The healer leashes people out of the swimming pool. The healer restores mana for the sorcs. This list is endless.

So, in Guardian the healer has to be in a party/raid. Healing non-members is not contribution. Resurrection is not even worth it (like it was in the BAM events). Every support like filling mana, Kaias or buffing is counterproductive as you want your team mates to take damage/filling mana doesn't pay as it is not healing.

Change it? Just put everyone in the same raid inside the zone.
Put up a collective target (e.g. no single contribution but a group one).
Move the respawn point away, make it a penalty - so people will not play like it's BnS.
And so on. It's not like we have lots of EXPERIENCE from previous BAM events ....
BnS style. Everyone hits as brainless as can.

As already said, healers are not included in this, unfortunately. Well, I have no problem using one of my dps-characters, though playing healer would be nice here.
Skrux wrote: »
Questions pulled from CBC "7 signs of a failing business"

You know, your knowledge and wisdom is worth a fortune. In my former workplace, the management spent over 1 million Euro (I think it was 1.5) to have some of these questions answered. The survey was something like "Do you understand the strategy of our company?".
You should really check in with all blue chips and offer them answers for only 5 million. Something you can do in 5 min on a single sheet of paper.

The best and easiest gear comes from the tokens. You have daily quests and get tokens from it. Press H to access the list.

The low level crystals are quite useless later on, discard them.

Titanic Favor is a lock on spell. You press once to activate it (see the aiming cross change), then hover over your allies ( they will turn green), then press again to execute the spell. Keep in mind that your only task so far is keeping everyone alive, no one is expecting you to do damage.
Just be sure you don’t have classes that overlap. So two tanks or two healers would be unfortunate
You won't see the effect because it will be smaller than the background noise. We are all bound to our ISPs and the following carriers. We are bound to the spikes when we play at 8pm and the ISP is bundling us up with thousands of other users in our town area. To same goes for the carriers.
I had this problem once and as far as I remember .. the launcher is somehow connected to Internet Explorer.. (?).
Besides that, I'm from Europe. So I was routed to a wrong node also. I could fix it by manually putting the correct login IP into the hosts file. Uhm .. that was very long ago.
As this is in the event this weekend, I've tried Petrax with fresh Guardian gear. It's quite tricky, possible, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Petrax attack speed
As a normal high level BAM, his attack speed is quite fast. So if you've never encountered a Fangspawn, you'll get hit a lot. I played a Ninja (cloth) and the best way is to run away and directly pass through him (evasion) or past him (just running).

Break 1 - Archers (75%)
This is where you refill your health. Use your self-healing skill (except the poor sorcerers). Stand still, until they target you (big orange targeting line on the floor), then move.

Break 2 - Priests (50%)
Now this is a real break. No one will shoot you and you should refill your HP.

Chaos - everyone wants to kick your gluteus maximus (25%)
Pick priests as primary targets. More evade than damage. Always run away. The boss will trip sometimes by himself. Don't attack him, focus on the priests and archers.

Friendly NPCs
They don't do any damage. They are only useful to knock down the enemy. So always run away from the enemy and lure the enemy through your friendly NPCs for a knock down.

Priority targets
As in PvP, your first target are the priests. They will heal their team mates, so there's no need in attacking the zerkers or sorcerers at all.

The worst combo is when they knock you down and then have their sorcerers nuke you. So keep circling and running away. Pick one target at a time and focus on it. Doing area damage looks great, but it's useless in this situation.

Right under the boss there's a table. When I was doing this quest long time ago, you could jump on it and the enemy will give you a break. They will turn to the other NPCs and you can pop a potion. Not sure if it still works.

Be safe
This is a long battle. Don't expect to be done in 1 min. Keeping yourself save is the top priority. Run away in circles until your health potion is available again. Use your self-healing skill (except for sorcs, which don't have one).
Did you know that a gunner can heal others by placing them between their healbot and themselves, letting them heal? Now here's the question: can a gunner go PvP as a healer?

We priests do so little damage, I don't see the fun in that. Usually the "fun" comes from something where you excel in, where you shine, where you are unique. We priests have a "Oh [filtered] I'm under attack"-button. We priests are able to run away, heal others and heal ourselves. This is why we priests are always priority targets. The fun is when there are several people trying to kill you and you still survive and your teammates kill your attackers off one by one.
- die
- type /reset

It's a little sad that new players can't beat a Fangspawn. Teras' concept is to engage Fangspawns all the way during leveling up. Besides that, the lower level ones are really slow and the high level ones are as fast as Petrax - just the concept of training. By hitting lvl65, one should have killed enough Fangspawns to know the mechanics, the ability of ones' own class and how to kill it.

Every class can solo kill a BAM, even without using a single evasive maneuver. When I was teaching new players to fight a BAM, there is a very simple and easy method to do so. Circle the BAM until it stops and executes an attack. This is when you get to do one hit. By the time, you will get to do more hits and even change this primitive circling to head on evading and backcritting.

If you run in without knowledge about mechanics and think that you should dash out 100% damage, you're doing it wrong. This is also why Youtube Videos don't help at all, because it seems like dashing out a lot of damage helps. Keep in mind that Youtube videos are posted by experienced players at their best. Petrax doesn't need to be killed in 2 min.

So, if you are not familiar with BAMs, level another character going thru the normal route and fight BAMs. It's fun to learn (because you'll see the success fast) and very helpful for the lvl65 dungeons. Mastering movement is the basic skill in every MMO.
They dare! This calls for a RIOT!!!1111

Oh wait, servers are up ....
Usually returning players only transfer one character, stuffing them with diamonds, the 50k and so on.

If you don't have at least 150k on your already existing characters, you may want to change your mind. The transfer is 2500 EMP which can be converted to ingame gold. The essence is, you may also convert the 2500 EMP on the new server and create gold there.
p2w = I'm the worst gamer and kill you nevertheless because credit card

As said, you will get everything without putting in your credit card. Stuffing money into Tera will -not- make you stronger than a free-to-play player. Besides that, "endgame gear" is not meant to be farmed in one day. That's why it's called "endgame-gear", and this is in every F2P MMO (in P2W you buy your gear in the cash shop and be the hero in 5 min).
It's the most simple equalized BG and very good for beginners. You can learn the basics like targeting, evasion, firing range, ballistic trajectory, skill cooldowns, etc.
can anyone tell me what a pallialith is? its an achievement, but i dont really recall seeing something called that in the kumas bg before
For this achievement, you only have to have teammates to pick them up; it counts per team. So basically, if you're playing enough games, you'll get this achievement nearly automatically.
vkobe wrote: »
kuma royal was nice when we could play with lowbie, but enmasse killed it :)
As far as I remember, Kumasylum was introduced very early with the all-time Corsairs problem:

Of course telling the community that -both- teams has newbie players didn't calm down the community.
Also telling the community that newbie players can learn from the veterans and develop into experienced players didn't mean anything.

Given the rage before splitting up BGs and after, they apparently made the right choice. I don't see anyone *raging* that KR doesn't pop up. However, you can easily imagine people raging that they have newbie players in their team.

Nevertheless I support this idea - again. KR is the most equalized BG (I even remember the community crying for an equalized BG and thus KR was born, substituting Kumasylum) and Tera experience may not matter that much. It should be possible to mix new and old players.
Just started playing again for the Elin Level Event. As said, winning Kumas Royale is a fast way to level up, given your win/loss ratio. Surprisingly, my ratio was higher than 50%, so I leveled up in .. 3-4 (?) days. Anyways, that was so fast that I leveled another Elin Gunner, also roughly 3-5 days. I should add that didn't play the whole day.
Ah, coming back after roughly a year and the "Tera is dying" threads are still here. Feels nostalgic.
Of course I can't play with v55. After going throuth the usual support page tipps (dns flush and stuff like that), i changed my DNS to google. And now I'm surprised: routing IPs via google did well and brought me on a good node. Seems like my ISP's DNS has a weird routing (?), even when going normal routing the normal way via London, crossing the pond and going into Zayo.

So for everyone with problems: just follow the usual support page tipps. There's nothing else to do while waiting for the ticket.
We are recently on patch v56. Some days ago I was automatically patched back to v55. Of course I checked my hosts file for entries but it's empty. Also checked several factors that may incluence my network connections (firewall, antivirus, port 10001 open). Well, but they could not cause me to patch back to v55. The day before yesterday I had luck and got patched to v56 again and could normally login. But upon logging in the next time, I was again patched back to v55.

Apparently I'm the only one with that problem, weird. I wrote to support; right now I can't imagine anything other than hitting a bad CDN node. If any of you has a alternatice solution, I'd appreciate it.
>posting egoshooter

Yeah, I also prefer chocolate over the color yellow.
"k" is the abbrevation for the prefix "kilo", which means "1000". So 50k = 50.000

Keep in mind that Tera is quite old and we are now juggling these large sums around. In the beginning, Silver and Bronze had their reasons to be there. Just have a look at e.g. BnS, where you work yourself to death for some copper coins in the beginning.
>rant about lag
>nobody is posting tracert

Yeah, it's totally like carrying a smartphone and claiming that you didn't take a photo of the UFO that just flew by. But it was there!!
See, there are really server problems. But as long as you are not able to work with a simple tracert (smartphone), it's very difficult/impossible to help you. And to have a ping of 17635 ms, I'd rather look into your household. Because this is a complete blockage (17 seconds!) of the pipeline and in most cases caused by someone in your household downloading/streaming/torrenting.
What kind of rant is that? First you complain that rally is placed at a bad time (like a lot of people did when it was directly after maintenance). This is why it was changed to random. And now you complain that people are able to partiicpate? Or that your "guild schedule" (<- this means you recognized that it's not placed after the maintenance anymore) doesn't work anymore?

Oh man~
You might not be aware of this but this is how the world works. Everyone is offering "limited editions" or whatever and trying to keep things rare.

You might want to play Tera for a while and after you met the 40th Valkyrie with this costume, you might not want to have it anymore. This also is a part of the psychology behind this.

As this was a free permanent gift, chances are good that there could be a very similar costume in the future. If we look at the different free permanent gifts that came with the release of each class (e.g. reaper loli dress, Brawler Moon mount or weapons), you should wait a bit.
A lot of europeans are playing on the US servers as the ping is not the only decisive factor. Apparently many people from the EU prefer playing with a higher ping than playing under Gameforge.

Tera is quite complex and the best you could do is find a nice guild to help you get started.
Baraka ballett dancer. Baraka dual Derringer.

I'll repeat my old idea again; make a costume which mimicks a male. People can buy it for a low price and should be able to use a male voice and male head with it. I mean, the gunner has no special female moves at all. She's just dragging her big [filtered] gun along and that's all. Just put a male appearance over it.

Other MMOs often use male specific classes which requires a lot of strength, brutality and less brains. B) So I recommend something like double warhammer, some jackhammer or giant drills (all those toys males usually play with).
JasonTERA wrote: »
In addition, in your screenshot, I do not see your triple nemesis (endurance debuff on boss), and Energy Star on your buff status. It seems pretty like you did not do your job, tbh.
Naw, this is a DPS priest. TN and ES is totally overrated and not contributing to the priest's DPS but to other players. So why throw a TN/ES?

Also I have to defend that he didn't heal. The longer the others are dead, the more DPS you can do while they're dead. Keep in mind that these are hackers, which justifies any means.
This one is an underrated feature, most of us don't notice. In other MMOs, the leveling gear is the same for all classes. Or you look like a clown or parrot. In Tera, they gave us really good fashioned gear, changing with new gear. Well, until we hit endlevel where they want us to buy costumes B) or earn fashion coupons.
It's not like duoing CW, KC, ABNM is fun nor yields much value ...
I mean, if you're going in there with +15 gear, you're overgeared and just trash everything from the boss. If you're in Slaughter and want to get Guile, that's a [filtered] of more time you spend than running a regular run. As soon as these "exploiters" (if that really works) come to their senses, they'll stop it. The only thing is that they will like how you will get upset in chat. So, save your breath for more important things.
iNjza wrote: »
nothing obvious in the game, no tutorials
That's one big flaw in Tera. Everything changes so fast, a lot of people gave up updating informations. They even removed the small crafting quests on IoD and Velika. In tera, the best way to get informations is talking to other players.

Unlike WoW, you can gather everything in Tera. Do this to level up all of your 3 gather skills (press "P" for your character sheet and move to the tab "gathering" to see your progress). There's an achievement/free extra bag row in this. You'll also need 50 pieces of each 3 raw materials to get another free bag row (free in sense of "not spending money for the cash shop").

You can basically learn every profession to a certain degree, but specialize only in one. As Shikine said, Tera crafting is quite dead. While other MMOs strongly support crafting, Tera development more focuses on new classes, new/revamped dungeons. I expereienced the last crafting revamp we had and it was good. However, Tera development didn't cater to crafting and even killed it themself. E.g. we now have Avatar weapons and free leveling gear. Back then, Black- and Armorsmithes were provinding the market for this. The same goes for the Elite potions, which killed the Alchemists. And so on.

My guess is that we will have another revamp within the next 1-2 years, when they see that games like BDO can bind people by simply letting them fish (timesink) or all side processes for crafting. Crafting even binds longer than any Tera instance could. So, I have all profession covered to go autarkic into the next crafting revamp.
As you havent't played for a very long time, move carefully like a new player. Tera has changed a lot and even old content has been recycled. Meanwhile, the Tera homepage has undergone several improvements and in my opinion, it's somehow reliable as information source. Keep in mind that Tera changes much faster than most Tera-related sites can keep up. So if you find information e.g. 1 year old, it's outdated. Most of the important information is flowing between players only, so asking, talking helps you more than trying to collect from the internet.
ali3ro wrote: »
no point in staying.
Then stay away. If you can't go with their monetarization concept, leave Tera. Other games make their money by throwing out legendary weapons in their cash shop, also soulbound to one single character. Try asking them if they transfer the weapon to another character.

- 3 weeks for a ticket
Basically because of you. Come to the forums, ask your question here. We all could've told you that it's useless to change something about monetarization. Restoring paid items, taking your costumes with you in a name change and so on; no problem.
You can buy circle fragments from the battleground manager.
Ah, this is because the "community" was .. crying/directing in a thread that the "black" label costume is not black. I hope these guys who voted for a black costume now show up in this thread and convice you that the new look is better.

Whatever Tera changes are, you can't make it good for everyone.
^ See this.

Why come to the forums instead of helping us all and make screenshots or film it and submit to EME? Apparently, crying in the forums must be more fun than reporting them and helping us all.
As in WoW, the tank usually leads the way and sets the speed. Also the tank has to be familiar with the mechanics; there are some boss attacks that even the tank must not block but evade. As DPS (WoW call their damagedealer "DD" while Tera call their damagedealer "DPS") you can just hop in and be free of this burden.

I'd recommend starting with an archer, as this is one of the easiest class to start Tera. You get to experience the "true action combat", which means that there's no tab-target in Tera like in WoW. After the rework, the archer now deals a good pack of damage and is also still easy to play with the easier rotation. Of course like any other MMO class, you have to train to drive your full damage output to the maximum, we don't have faceroll classes here.
Now, that's interesting. In this case, it seems your account is messed up at EME's side and you should write a ticket. Make sure to give them the same informations, so they don't search on your browser side like I did.

Edit: Just saw that you already submitted a ticket.
That's Thug LIfe, I guess.
People are stupid (not directed at you). This happened in WoW, years ago when DPS meter was newly introduced

"Player X is not making damage! Kick him! See this!"
*posting DPS meter*
*Player X was kicked*
-> Player X was the healer

In Tera as in other holy trinity MMOs, you're not the best if you have the highest DPS. But implementing a DPS meter let's people chase for the highest DPS possible. Highest DPS can also mean not caring for mechanics (not destroying blood crystals because my DPS would drop) as well as hogging a lot of healing capacity (why should I move out of the danger zone) or simply AoEing instead of focusing.

Tera has no enrage timer like WoW bosses have. So there's no need to calculate minimum DPS to pass the dungeon. In Tera it doesn't matter if you clear the dungeon in 5 min or 6 min.
Hm, in that case I would clear my whole (Tera) history, the saved password for the Tera site and all cookies (the history might be unnecessary) and try again. As you can log into the game, you are not banned or something, so my guess is that everything is ok on EME side.

Perhaps it's a browser security issue. Have you ever bought something before?
Perhaps you should all have a statistic about yourself to see how much you're a solo player. Because everything you do alone is solo content. Just imagine a 3D shooter game where you get 15 sec for buying weapons and immediately start the group game. This is without solo content.

- buying/sellng is done alone
- IoD is done alone, don't tell me you wait 5-60min until your buddy logs in to do IoD
- crafting
- events (e.g. caiman/santa hunt)
- the most people leveling apparently (unfortunately) is done alone
- all supporting processes like farming gold, enchanting, skill training (e.g. rotation, movement)
- and many more (e.g. taking photos, achievements, exploring Baldera, hunting Skywhales, looking for new clothes, whatever)

So the question is NOT IF you are a solo player but to what degree. This is why every MMO has some sort of solo content.

Personally, I'm a pure solo player. I don't hate people, but I log in only 1h per day (if at all) and can't afford waiting for other people neither do I expect it from other people. This is why I'm good with IMS, the solo BG queue and the whole Tera concept at the moment. However, I won't encourage putting in more solo content, because an MMO still is a social game.
> people still confusing fps drop and lag

Sorry, whenever I see a "I HAVE LAAG" thread, I'm not sure if I can take this serious. The next one for sure claims that wifi doesn't influence lag, the other will say that he can simultaneously download/stream or having the rest of his houshold stream/torrenting.

Come on, tracking and eleminating lag is not a rocket science. But crying here on the forums doesn't help you if the problem is on YOUR end. So take some time, sit down and learn how to deal with the problem. Get your own internet pieplie, stop playing wifi (there are LAN connections over your houshold power lines), learn to read tracert, kick your ISP for bundling you with others.
I can't answer this one, but can you describe what animation is buggy? At least I'll know what you're talking of.
I think we have a turtle. Not sure if it's a tortoise tho. I can't differentiate them even in real.
Keep in mind that Tera has 2 logins. One is for the forums, one is for the homepage, website shop and so on. So, check if you're really logged in (upper right corner). Did that help?
When I bought the EU founders code years ago, it was able to buy it digitally. However, the problem is that you have to trust your seller, that he really is sending a code that had not been used before. As the Tera hardcopies are not produced anymore, there are no "new" hardcopies anymore but only resold ones circulating. This makes it very ard to distinguish between a used code and a fresh code. In case you get the whole sealed box, you can be sure to have a new code.

So I'd spend some more and pay the postage. As for where to find, you need to look at the more "unofficial" pages where you can buy from WoW goldsellers and so on. However, I'd recommend to buy from a reliable platform (e.g. amazon) and pay the additional postage.
Imagine how nice it would be if people would just enjoy the game like they did years ago.

Nowadays, every little mistake ("Samuel says IoD in his video cutscene!") apparently is a reason to come to the forums to sulk. I mean, it's everyone's own time they spend sulking, but it's not like we have massive problems like other MMOs (e.g. Bots'n'Spam).
IMO the difference between Mystic and Priest is far lower than the skill of the player.
I guess you start kicking every other living being for calling something a "Coconut". Because it's not a "nut" but a "drupe".

I didn't even know the difference between a dragon and a wyvern until now. Given that our ingame mount indeed is crawling on four extremities, it doesn't make it easier to distinguish. However, it would have been nice to have it named "Wyvern" perhaps, but in the end, it doesn't really matter. Just like the coconut.
9LWPWJK9D9 wrote: »
god so many alt accounts from eme staff or brainwashed players

If you look at my posting times, you'll see that I'm always posting at EU times. All EME employees are located at Seattle, NA times. No cookie for you, Sherlock.
Why would you do Giants, Hydras and Nagas in Slaughter? Well, of course it's everyone's own decision on the farming speed, but investing a little time to get Guile is far easier to do the IoD Vanguards. Regardless of itemlevel.
This is because there are people sending in nonsense tickets and as they are "customers", the are seriously processed. I saw some examples, this is like

- player x made no damage in kumasylum
- player x rolled on my item
- player x said "idiot" to me
- when is the release of the next class?
- the servers are down (during maintenance)
- please gift me +15 gear
- how do I unequip crystals
- I'm sure player x cheated! Look at his DPS, I attached a screenshot from my DPSmeter
- my pet doesn't loot anymore, it did before
- I accidentally deleted lvl15 gear, please restore it
- nerf class x plz

This list is endless. Also, this is one of the reasons why we don't have live chat anymore. People were logging into live chat just "to chat with someone from EME". Whenever you see a GM in /global, look carefully for the reactions. These reactions are also what you usually get as nonsense tickets.
1. select a server (PvE/PvP65)
2. select any class you like. Do not go "what is the most needed"
3. just play. The game is quite streamlined and easy entry.
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