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people in game can't even speak english

Yeah I miss it like many others.
I feel bad for those that never seen or experienced the true Island of Dawn.

Discord has the same people saying nothing about nothing

@Maulclaw said:

@CornishRex said:

I'm not dense enough to be this upset over a matter of unresolved tickets. I've witnessed this company kill two of my favourite oldschool MMOs and the kind of crap they pulled on the market, including TERA. I'm afraid you're outright delusional in that regard.

I did follow the proper instructions to handle the whole GF account process, but still lost access to two of my accounts as a result. Support was unable to help in this matter as well by providing vague details and spitting the same robotic-like responses over the course of a few days. The forums were crawling with similar complaints.

I personally find EME's Support to be better ever since they overhauled it. I was never left on hold and most of my issues were resolved. Those that were not solved were explained by some degree, unlike Gameforge... which never even bothered to explain (or to provide any sort of refund whatsoever regardless of the date said items were purchased).

Why don't you go back to EU rather than work as product placement for a company that has nothing to do with these forums?

Yes it seems that Europe Tera isn't the mecca that they say it is since they spend so much time here on the NA they say is no good.

They took the dailys away, We now have 4 kill 100 mobs vanguards. Kinna like do this [filtered] and shut up you Idiots

Part of a quest
Old yes a few years maybe.

So how many got all the rewards and now are also getting the daily rewards too?

@PGLAN7DL7G said:
why doe ? its done we should remove it.

Because it's one thread with no anger and complaints in it.

Naw let's keep it for awhile. :)B)

People make more money very easy now. I remember when 20,000 gold was a lot of cash now you can get that in a couple hours.

Buh byeeee

This is a joke, right?

Demand your money back and learn never spend money for elin outfits

Yep no matter which one you pick you get the less desirable one.

@PP597W94LA said:
well do you think the player is an idiot?
really want to get information about the game.
it would have just looked at all the topics that the playerbase was creating and all the conversations it had on the forum.

now they just take and create a topic saying "The players council is working on collecting interview questions for EME and BHS. If you have any questions about the game, ask here! They will be delivered to the eme for review and then those approved will be answered. "

so all the discussions that the players create in this forum was useless?

because they are only interested in the opinion of the players now ....

As once said by a player council member
"there is no one at EME employed to communicate with us anymore. There's someone to make news posts and post patch notes (as one small part of their other job responsibilities), but there is no more community team at EME. I don't think it should be that way, but that's the case. So it's not "incompetence of an employee" -- there is no employee. People who were previously on the community team were moved to new roles."

UI needs to be reset by us then click apply and it works fine.

Grabs the popcorn and waits

Yet your here talking to nobody seeing EME employees don't visit the forums.

Elins stink like baby [filtered] anyway.

No maintenance today as far as I know.
There has been no announcement yet but you never know.

Damn Koreans and their damn games

So you want to play a game but only the way you want to play? Make a game

@counterpoint said:
They are aware of the issue and are working on it. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

They aren't even awake yet who you kidding.

I have this same problem

@nnhorizon said:
Cute, but a whole month late

Yeah seems it would of been better last month

There is no "they" here anymore :)

Only Elins will have a christmas in Tera so don't stick those damn trees in my way

You need the special bait for there.

Got them yesterday

Yeah I guess BearShoes is hitting on the eggnog a bit early.

Maintenance 12/10

We will be entering into a maintenance hotfix on 12/12 from 8am to 11am PST (approximately 3 hours). During this time, we will be releasing a hotfix, and as such no additional content will be added at this time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Buy a horse where they used to give one a few years ago or so

Why did you buy any?

So Tonka was the last EME employee to interact with players and have fun.

I was wondering why I got double drops in Vangarde

I hate elins and don't play any. I made a ninja once and deleted it quite quickly. Just couldn't stand to look at it

A 7 year old game will die sooner or later.

Just throw the keys away they aren't worth any thing

Vangaurd boxes are still giving "Crux" crystals even tho no one that goes to IOD used thgem since lvl 64

I,m still failing on Stormcry so what's the point again?

@MargaretRose said:

@39HATFDXLY said:
we all miss spacekatsu, does kitteacup play? lol

btw this thread is really old, but I really would love to see him play CM again or at least login, he was a fun person to be around

In that case, I'd like to see Tonka as CM again.

Tonka Tonka Tonka

go to your En Masse Entertainment folder the sub folders say Launcher and Tera. Open your Tera folder and "Client" folder should be in there.

Sure brings back memories of grinding for Alkahest, Feedstock, Enigmatic & Spellbind! Lot of crying back then too.

I haven't seen any new guide but any fish mongrel will tell you the new fish, where to get it, and what tier it is.

I think there are 2 different quest Kill Iron Thorn Orcans is from the farm and the Orcan loot piles is from the post down the road

@MargaretRose said:
Ty for sharing!

If it works for you no problem enjoy

WOW you got me to look at my email and I got one today with a code for a bunch of stuff

Sounds a lot like WOW hunter class.

Discord is just another "Global Chat" like in game same 6-7 people maybe 1 of 2 EME peeps stop in

I just made a elf gunner lvl 4 and got nothing

It might have automaticly downloaded


I never pressed this button


I never used the ""new"" launcher, no problems with the old one so why change and possibly get garbage

I looked but couldn't find any IRL pitures of any of Teras races except humans =) =) =)

Remember now "the longer the maintenance the more screw ups"

Send a ticket it's just another way EME is screwing Elites
Our money is nothing to them

It seems a bit useless to me.

Discord tells you nothing It's just another "global"

@StarSprite said:
On discord they said they are aware and are working on a fix.

When was that ? I only saw a (counsel) member say that yesterday I never saw an EME employee say that

No word from EME on the broken elite mount and the broken elite bar disappearing. It's like paying money for nothing.

Mine crashes quite often, already just now it crashed.

Since the begining of gaming

@Concepcion30 said:
That's why I never downloaded the new launcher, cause I suspected I'd have problems too. And what they were giving you to entice you was a bunch of junk anyways.

This is the same as I thought.
No problems with the old launcher seems too many peeps get problems with the new one

@Notepad806 said:

@RonLaw said:
No but I'd like to know where you are selling the angler tokens? They are only good to buy from token vendor not to sell or trade.
Correct me if i'm wrong but mine won't sell to anyone.

It was pretty clear what he was doing (although I can't confirm the old prices). He said a fish crate design cost 10 angler tokens and then you could sell the design to a merchant for 10 g. But apparently they've ninja-nerfed the price of the fish crate design to only sell to merchant for 10 silver.

That makes more sense

No but I'd like to know where you are selling the angler tokens? They are only good to buy from token vendor not to sell or trade.
Correct me if i'm wrong but mine won't sell to anyone.

@Petriech said:
what about the nerf to the price of fish crate designs to 10 silver instead of 10g that wasnt anywhere in patch notes and made my stack of angler tokens worthless

LMFAO 10 silver or 10 gold is crap either way. Not worth noting any where

Most people who posts these threads are losers with no friends online no guild or bad guild or can't play the game

@Alluren said:
anyone but me want to Barf when they see the Canaries??

I hate those things

I found the thread from last years seem Ellexem was the first to notice it LOL


Will there be a rootstock this year?
Seems it was in August last year.

No, not for me

You have to be Apex to see quests

Theirs discord has about 5 players and 1 eme employee at one time. There's more info here on the dead forums then on the deader discord.

@LancerJiva said:
It’s been on the drop since Tonka, Minea, Treeshark, and Harmonia all left.

This is true , those were the days when Tera was great.

@Fainall said:
It looks like it's going to happen here too, we now have a new merchant by the bank in Highwatch that sell stuff for magic gear.

He only sells 1 thing that the reg merchant doesn't sell

@castanicpriest said:
Give me a Baraka Ninja already..

Baraka No Jutsu!!!!

I think a castanic or elf ninja would be sweet.

I'm in favor of this

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