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"Server Transfer has been disabled due to an issue specific to this build. Bluehole has determined the root cause of this issue and will be delivering a hotfix to us shortly."

@MatrixOfLeaders said:
If you do not use injectors, proxies and scripts, your DPS will ALWAYS be inferior.

This is why I retired from Tera after 6 years. I do not enjoy playing endgame dungeons with a bunch of cheaters. Most of these people also brag in Discord openly about how their scripts work so well to boost their DPS in the guild..

I strongly recommend playing Tera casually because of this issue. Just log on, play a few dungeons that don't require Stormcry gears and have fun!

Explore the world of Tera with your flying mount! Tera has always been a beautiful game!

injector/proxy/scripts does not equal more dps lol. scripts don't make you have better gear, scripts don't make you a more skilled and better player, scripts don't give you boss/dungeon knowledge

ur just flat out wrong XD

Why do you think Tera releases bare minimum "content" a new dungeon twice a year at most. And recycled old dungeons that a literally HP sponges. This game lacks stuff to do and is just cash shop priority at this point. Feels bad to see this game forever be a hot laggy mess.
that reaper skin looks so half assed, imagine paying money for this game XD
The newest dungeon we have received should get some attention in the double drop weekends. Seeing how Bahaar gets to be there every weekend, it would make sense that both of the two newest dungeons should get some Double Drop attention. Especially since it's costs is ridiculously high at 290 coins per entry... It makes sense so I am asking you to make the change.
Your normal Jewelry Etchings are now very scarce on the brokerage because of the only supply of getting Titan's Earth and Storm is through gathering ores, and at a very low chance you might get a Titan's Truce or Temper(Need 3 of this to make a Earth/Storm)

Basically Jewelry etchings are going to go extinct within a short period of time. The previous ways to get them was they dropped from dungeon boss, Pit of Petrax, and through metamorphic emblems at 500 emblems per. There was probably a few other ways but I don't remember them off the top of my head.

Can you please at a way to get these items that isn't 5 hours of gathering for one or two Titan's Earth? A simple solution is to just add them back to Metamorphic Emblem shop for 500 emblems per Titan's Earth/Storm. Ridiculous that they were even removed, when they are no longer on any drop table or lootable anymore.
This seems like such a hassle to get a little more power...

Most people already have reached the power ceiling.

there is no power cap
Lilienette wrote: »
Oh yeah, and the elitist types kick you for not having full enchant. Thought I should mention that.

nothing elitist about kicking the guardian gear players that die in 1 Ability from anyone with even +3 Pvp gear.
I imagine somewhat alive at peak hours, but fuller of noobs and pve gear. No matter, special occasion hopefully no one is kick happy this month haha xd
I was hoping for an exp event for those of us at 65+. At least this year's anniversary on paper looks way way better than the previous two years.
For Ninja specifically, 90% of the weapon skins are not there. And for Elin, there's so many costumes that are not shown at all.

Plus we have stupid stuff like this: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/501123231420252173/569295413664940040/unknown.png
We don't need a single costume to be shown over a dozen times...
I'd rather have gold
Also while you're at it, make a level 70 scroll right ? :joy:

First they'd have to add a Lvl 65 scroll
Sometimes in 2027.

We are delighted to announce that we have reached our final conclusion regarding the reset scrolls prices in our region but there are still a few minor tweaks to do so we will have to post pone this one until sometimes later.

On a different subject and yet amusing but somehow related to the prices for reset scrolls and enchanting in our region.



Today I needed almost 15 tries ( around 70k per try ) to get my staff from +7 up to +9 ..

That's just unlucky not really anything special
CrowndTERA wrote: »
Hi, it's standard nocts :/
Yes i'm on EU. Can i transfert with Event items !?

This is the NA forums and site. you want Gameforge as a Tera publisher. try googleing Gameforge tera :p
30-50% discount rate please. Literally no other source of Strongbox Keys because of your own incompetence. I mean that in the most constructive way possible. Being: No Weekly streams to give Reward Points and Reward Credits for community interaction(Incentive). And still no revamped Reward Emporium shop.

So in my own opinion you owe us. In some form or another, do something meaningful for OUR benefit. And I'm not talking about the Topic of this thread I mean somewhere else. xdxdxdxd Happy Easter
Ascension: Infinite Realm.

10 FPS: The Game
Because it would take several months for the economy to "fix itself"
Rather than just a 18 hour rollback. Use your brain mate
ur just upset. take a break to calmdown
Gatokatzen wrote: »
> @azevossler said:
> Gatokatzen wrote: »
> PvP: Reaper >Valkyrie> Slayer
> If you can master a Reaper full, is game over for all the rest. For pvp.
> If you want Pve both Valk and Reaper are semi good
> Slayer is the priest of dps for pve. Almost zero damage.
> Slayer is that bad atm?

Not at all, for pvp 3 classes are very good. 1vs1, Reason to people blame valk is because Gunner, sorc archer, berserker are OP in pvp now due to extreme damage and almost zero cooldowns specially zerk.

But slayer for PVE isnt good at all. Among the classes that you mentioned. You need to farming talents, spend a lot of time to balance that damage in PVE.
While other 2 classes dont depend of that.

I'm telling you that slayer isn't bad in pve at all. Do you even play the game at a high level? Slayers are good
azevossler wrote: »
Gatokatzen wrote: »
PvP: Reaper >Valkyrie> Slayer
If you can master a Reaper full, is game over for all the rest. For pvp.

If you want Pve both Valk and Reaper are semi good
Slayer is the priest of dps for pve. Almost zero damage.

Slayer is that bad atm?

He's wrong. Slayer and Reaper are equal for PvP. And Valk is a dead class with all the pvp nerfs it got.

As for PvE they are all nearly equal with Talents and played well.
Still active, +9 sc is still good, can get better with HO gear and ethereal jewelry. new event soon too
Digivolve wrote: »
I wouldn't go changing the system because of trash-minded members of the community.

If you have proof of what you're saying, I'd send it over to support or GMs on discord and ask for appropriate disciplinary measures taken against that kind of players.

Kicking in Battlegrounds isn't against the rules. op is either extremely bad, cheats, or doesn't ever listen to what the raid says.

I guess this because I'm average player. +7, but i never get kicked. Because I don't do any of the above things. Like I already typed, you getting kicked in battlegrounds for any reason isn't against the rules.
dude, sorc presses like 8 buttons. where are you getting complex rotation from?
we don't have a community manager anymore
gold talents are 74g today :) totally not a big issue that needs addressed. haha :)
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
Ray676 wrote: »
Slowly going up in price. Was 50g each before the shorehold patch, now it's 70g each. Slowly going up and up and not going down at any point in the day.

You know it's a problem when Silver Talents are cheaper the Gold ones.

Silly to remove Golden Talents from Bellacarium credits shop. Also even more silly to remove Item XP from Battlegrounds vanguards, we still need Item XP to upgrade jewelry...

Unneeded changes create too many problems.

They also removed the battleground coins while the dungeons coins are still there so yet another loss from the PvP side of the game.
Christin wrote: »
Everything is going up in price, but I'm pretty sure they are doing it on purpose. I haven't even bothered to farm lately, because the prices of everything is getting extreme. I feel sorry for new players as they have no hope. By the time you save up for anything, it has double or tripled in price. Not sure why you guys think talents are somehow supposed to be immune from the price spikes. Just a few days ago there were 15 pages of talents. That would tell me that there are still a lot in game. Now, there are 6 pages, but if you wait until a weekend, amounts for sale will go up again.

It might have some sense considering the EMP based golden talents boxes and even the normal golden talents that can be opened with strongbox keys which are mostly acquired with yet even more EMP.

And i would not mind that overall but the issue is that there is a visible lack of golden talents in the game at the moment and it is so much harder to upgrade/enchanting anything ( i wanted to enchant some alts and make them better but it is incredibly expensive when having to spend 400k up 500k or even more depending on luck to enchant from +5Storm up to +7Storm.. and i would buy the weapon straight forward but i am already at +5storm on alt and i have already invested a lot ).

Because Battle Ground and Dungeon Delver Coins are for events. Everyone knows they are only active during Event weekends.

Everyone except you it seems. Battleground coins were an everyday thing for several months now. only dungeon ones are weekend
Christin wrote: »
Everything is going up in price, but I'm pretty sure they are doing it on purpose. I haven't even bothered to farm lately, because the prices of everything is getting extreme. I feel sorry for new players as they have no hope. By the time you save up for anything, it has double or tripled in price. Not sure why you guys think talents are somehow supposed to be immune from the price spikes. Just a few days ago there were 15 pages of talents. That would tell me that there are still a lot in game. Now, there are 6 pages, but if you wait until a weekend, amounts for sale will go up again.

I literally said why the price is spiking and continuing to go up. Pvp BC shop removed golden talents(and other stuff) Another reason is that you only get 1 Battleground enchanting material box per vanguard now. Compared to pre-patch getting 4 for a loss and 7 for a win in CS. One higher for fwc.

Which after spamming pvp for a few hours you would have a good amount of material boxes which would net you many Golden talents to use for crafting. Along with other materials and silver talents.

Not to mention it's been almost a week and there is still no Battleground Coins added back to pvp vanguards
Slowly going up in price. Was 50g each before the shorehold patch, now it's 70g each. Slowly going up and up and not going down at any point in the day.

You know it's a problem when Silver Talents are cheaper the Gold ones.

Silly to remove Golden Talents from Bellacarium credits shop. Also even more silly to remove Item XP from Battlegrounds vanguards, we still need Item XP to upgrade jewelry...

Unneeded changes create too many problems.
And have some idiot raid leader spam a paragraph 20 times blocking my entire screen? No thanks, it's fine where it is.
You get like 6 potion pets for free. Dedicate one of those to the "afk" name.
If you're not a competitive pvper then why do you care about CU? Just pve the towers or stop at +6
HO gear is better for open world pvp, being able to wear crystals is a better option
1.) valks aren't op anymore, they've been nerfed several times and now they at the bottom of the dumpster
2.)ninja got their perma stagger removed for obvious reason, because it's overpowered. Other than that your class didnt get any nerf note worthy.
3.) if you are getting SOLO'D by a healer you just suck at pvp, which brings me to number 4 reason
4.) git good noob
CornishRex wrote: »
What possesses bhs/eme to always do the opposite of what their players want?

because your [filtered] to them is free use
because yall google translate translations are trash, not to mention it sounds stupid to say "Shore Hold"

we already have corsairs strong HOLD. no need to make it repetitive
6EL4RYR46F wrote: »
well I'm a new player coming in and what i find hard is that there is no pvp until your max. and yes it only takes a couple days not even to reach level 65. but getting maxed out gears takes much muuuuuch longer then a day or 2. gonna be weeks or months before being able to really be a challenge towards any other players. Until then you will just be getting destroyed in pvp which seems kinda dumb to me. It's pushing away a lot of new players coming in, trust me. I understand the reasons they took the pvp off for players below 65. It all makes sense to me. But level brackets will prevent people like "mudkip" from doing the horrible deeds they did. You wouldn't have people like mudkip anymore because they can't just sit and camp for you because they would be unable to attack such low levels. Even if you're a level 50 getting destroyed by a 59, then who cares just go to a different town and do different quests until you hit 60+. There might still be people trying to pk like the old days if brackets were set up like this but it wouldn't be anywhere near as bad as it was in this video up above. The brackets would prevent a lot of that bs in the past. You guys wonder why the game is dead already? well because the pvp sucks and a lot of other issues as well. but pvp is a HUGE thing in mmo's for many players. so this is a reason why your servers are dead. you can't just make a game like Tera and take the pvp away like that until your max level. It's ruining something so great. Make the pvp with brackets done the right way! and new people like me coming in (experienced player that is fun to play with) will enjoy it much more. And I'm not a shi* player like mudkip. The server might have did a good job getting rid of people like mudkip but the server also just pushed away all the other honorable talent/players that played as well because the game went from fun/challenging to kinda just dumb. making pvp change so drastically like that. I believe there's a lot of steps to look at when it comes to this bracket thing. To give the game a better pvp feel and to keep those nasty high level pkers out!

you get equalized gear in battlegrounds(pvp) for CS
In fwc you get eq gear as well but it sucks compared to high enchanted stormcry and heroic oath

FWC is getting deleted on the 16th for a completely new and better battleground that is 7v7 instead of 15v15. also with equalized gear and new PVP only gear that you can enchant with materials you get from PVPing in battlegrounds.
Vy1Vivi wrote: »
I don't know why some of you are acting as if pvp enabled between level brackets hasn't been suggested before. Its been suggested numerous times, but for BHS it was just easier for them to disable it outright until you hit level 65. And as to the question of WHY they did it, well its obvious. The griefing of low-level players. You see it all the time in PvP servers. I remember when I first played when it went free to play it happened too - camping at lumbertown bridge, griefing out in the open-world while you were leveling, etc. The game back then was more populated however so you would see pvp between equal levels more frequently. Nowadays with the open world dead you wouldn't really have much of that anyway.

And you know what else disappoints me? This:
kamizuma wrote: »
6EL4RYR46F wrote: »
How was the pvp for lowbies before? were level 65 able to attack a low level? or were there different level brackets for pvp?

this is what happened
Not just this video, but did you read the comments and reaction to it? The community is toxic, and just mmo communities in general that venerate griefing scumbags like the person responsible for this video. So yeah, I think it was best overall that they disabled pvp for 65 and below. This game is already harsh enough for new players as it is with fewer and fewer new players actually staying, and the last thing it needs is for scum like 'mudkip' or whatever they were.

It'd drive off the rest of the new player population and the game would really be screwed. It doesn't take long to level to 65 anyway, and even then once you reach 65 you'd just be fodder for geared players in your guardian/twist-shard/frostmetal/base storm cry gear regardless.

new players that refuse to learn don't deserve sympathy mate. they get to 65 gear to 439 or 446 MAYBE then be ignorant trapping other players in dungeons. good riddance hope they stay gone

also every 'community' has 'toxic' people, the remedy is simple thing called a block button

new players need to get their [filtered] in gear or just leave to a game the panders to toddlers like maplestory or league
LancerJiva wrote: »
> @Ray676 said:
> it's the same as the other shops. 2 token for normal, and 4 for relentless

Why do I see very few relentless on the broker and no Swift IV etchings for healers ?

because the tiny tiny hp that you get from relentless is near worthless. IV etching is for the damage stat, and because Swift III is plenty for healers and cost so much less than making a IV
mongos like the first time they existed = actual good rewards

also month long x2 drop for all dungeons and 2x vg. with gghilie on weekends or something.

a anni token shop with costumes/mounts/crit power mounts/valueable items in it. anni tokens should come from dungeon/pvp bgs/mongos/daily logion/log in event.

bam spawn events that give parcel for hitting the boss are nice(because laggy dog game) but past bam events had sucky rewards

mongos need to come back, prices were so nice when mongos first happened. talents cost way to much compared to literally every other region, because other regions have ways to get them that arent so limited. month long mongo event that give talents would be a decent band aid fix

none of the past anniversary items should be made available. ruins their exclusiveness

I also believe none of this is possible with our current tera team. I have no hope for them. Everyone knows the reason
it's the same as the other shops. 2 token for normal, and 4 for relentless
Dungeons arent the only income source there is.

Crafting and pvp exist. Crafting being a bigger money maker.

gaurdian legion literal waste of time, you can make more money spamming battlegrounds while having unique interactions facing different players. instead of just doing a basic pve rotation 200 times to make barely 10k in gems. i haven't touched guardian missions yet and i'm almost full HO from scratch

use the money you have to invest in crafting and multiply your gold very easily, gold and silver darics/plates are obvious but there are other things to craft that sell really well.

446 and above are more rewarding. you shouldnt be doing lower iLvl dungeons if you can do high ones. unless 3 reason, 1.) bored af. 2.)helping friends or noobs. 3.)achivements

other than that the gold rewards for the dungeons are for people who are that item level. A 446 or above doing 431s complaining about lack of rewards imo is probably someone who needs a dunce cap a nd to be sat in a corner
restart your computer
controller sucks mate, just use a keyboard
Please do another triple drop for new years eve and new years day. I need more Devil's claw without the 30 minute wait time to form an LFG
ElinLove wrote: »
Werid wrote: »
Today it happened again in another alt. This game is everytime more and more toxic.
The producedure as you see in pictures works as it follows. Someone says you are pve wheter or not and the others just follow the kick without even inspect you.-As seen in the screenshot-
Where do you see the pve crystals in here?- it was attacking round as a zerk-
Sometimes they just kick you for being an unknown name. And then you have to deal with 9 minutes of cooldown.

If they're kicking you in supposed PVE crystals in CS ATTACK ROUND, it proves either CS changed balancing and rules so much I wouldn't know how to play it anymore, OR, the playerbase has tanked so much in actual brain capacity, that they don't even know what is the actual point of the BG.

When I used to do it (and win, a lot may I add), in attack round, you would need tops 4 people in full PVP setup, those were the guards around the people who went destroying gates or crystal, the other 16 were mixed: defense crystals PVP, attack crystals PVE (as in armor the HP thingy, weapon and rings/earrings the PVE stuff), since gates and crystal were considered per game code monsters. Front attack increase and crit stuff mostly, unless you manage back hits on gate and such, which DID have a back.

By the way, isn't CS fully EQ regardless of your gear, just keeps your crystals and swap all else?

I wouldn't doubt tho that nowadays people only went for kills and didn't even know what the F&*&¨¨% is that stone inside the castle.

Gates are not monsters lmao
If you're in eq gear in FWC you are a free kill to pretty much anyone with a tiny bit a gear. And especially free to people +9 or with HO.

I can kill any EQ gear player in a single stun combo. 3 seconds and you're dead. That's why you get kicked.

Crafting is profitable if you don't buy crafter cures or use the free untradeable ones from pvp tokens and dungeon delver coins. I only buy crafter cures when I plan to use what I craft on myself.
Bought some expecting them to be tradeable to share with my buddy, but they are completetly untradeable... Like, everything else in the EMP store is tradeable, why are baits an exception? Doesn't make much sense seeing how EMP buying/selling is such a big thing, so people who don't know are going to scam themselves.

"+100% experience points for killing monsters"

it's almost been an actual century since the last increased exp event

vanguard exp event doesn't count. since vanguard exp is super [filtered]
eq gear = paper
1 cc = u die

also brooch dont work
You aren't entitled to instant gratification with upgrading gear. Work your way up, everyone else with the best gear did, therefore you are able to.
JXG4WWHCMA wrote: »
that channel is pure bs, they make a "review video" on every mmo game and they just play like 30 minutes of it. just like thelazypeon pure bs.

Lazypeon plays the mmo's for a couple hours, there's also not "reviews" they're first impressions.
Why would I care about what MMOByte has to say about anything related to MMOs. Let alone Tera. Clueless youtube channel that just baits views and half asses any kind of description within the video
Maddhawk wrote: »
Problem is people do not have the patience to help new and returning players learn the harder dungeons starting at 439 and up. That leaves people like me, [filtered] in the [filtered].

There is no problem there. It's your own responsibility to know the dungeon when you enter it. Since there is a plethora of dungeon guides with a quick google search or youtube search.
KitTeaCup wrote: »
Thanks for the feedback!

I'll make sure to update the banner every time we're live so people can tune in! :)

It's against Twitch terms of service to embed your stream like this. Since it's basically viewbotting.
ZingoPingo wrote: »
Nilkemios wrote: »
I'm just some jagoff that still comes back here for some reason.

This negates your whole post. Quit if you wanna prove a point.

Random people quitting doesn't stop people with deep wallets from spending a couple grand during every other loot box release.
So the twitter post was useless? Why can't you just be consistent at least once this year..
Of course it's a guaranteed win when the other team full of single digit IQ players. In the first clip RL was completely empty.. No dead bodies, just nobody went for defending it. That's their team's fault 100%

The problem with PvP balance is that their are bad players. Doing a combo in PvP is as simple as bread and butter. Exactly the same simplicity as PvE. The only learning curve is playing against other players of different skill levels and different classes, and not just some AI boss that does the same predictable garbage over and over..
I really don't like any of the choices for the names of the new servers. I think they should merge what they are going to merge and keep the name of each server whichever was the most popular and most populated.

I agree. Keep TR and MT, there's no need to rename them, especially since they existed since the game came out.
Rip original server names. Kind of infuriating
Put half of CH in Pvp server and the other half in Pve. Easy fix
What a joke of a publisher team.

Do you honestly go out your way to make the playerbase unhappy?
-Most events are cash shop events deemed as "sales". Wow I love saving 10 cents on a loot box I wont get anything out of a vast majority of the time.
-All other events that aren't emp store related blow hard and have terrible rewards
-We as a playerbase and forum tell you to change the rewards or the ratios because they overall just suck. And you give us the same bull everytime. "We'll take a look at it and collect feedback" Then into the trashcan our posts and comments go.

-And the worst part of all is how cringey most of you staff members are in Discord, especially a certain someone who likes making too many crab "jokes". Y'all should have gotten bullied in high school more, maybe you would have been an overall better person.
KitTeaCup wrote: »
It's Lancer month everyone! Here at En Masse, we take these months very seriously, and we level up the same classes with you.

Enmasse hasn't taken anything in this game seriously for over a year now. Especially you. Worst CM I've seen in any community, gaming or non-gaming.
RTWLDEK93P wrote: »
Philippines here (date posted 07-09-2018) am I way too late to join this game? since there's no new coming interesting new mmorpg these pass years... anyway which "download site" I could play this "safe" without being "blocked"? directly from "En Masse" or from "Steam"?

just download the game and play it noob
L5C4XF4RNY wrote: »
Sound like another thing they just dont want to let americans have in their game honestly. Iv seen way too much stuff that ktera has that they say they will not put in the western version for me to believe this isnt a racist issue. Which means i dont understand why americans keep supporting their game. (Buying shish) you could play it and not give them money. They treat the entire NA version like [filtered]. I dont see how nobody else notices this. With as much money as they make all of their Tera versions and Games in general shoukd be in prestiege condistion with all the same content. And if they cant get the same content then make something in equal to the content they say they "cant" put in the western version. As much as i see complained about this game im suprised so many people still play it and allow them to take their money only to make KTera better. And leave NATera as [filtered].

You're so amazingly ignorant. Holy [filtered] man
TR is most active
Reason number 1: The event is not announced literally anywhere.

Still feels like Tera has no CM :^) or staff to be honest.
voidy wrote: »
Depends on your definition of it. If you think being able to buy endgame gear with real money is pay to win, then tera is a pay to win game by your standards since you can do that now. Just sell EMP, take that gold, and buy equipment from a quitting player. I see it all the time. People who have no dungeons under their belt but magically have the best gear possible and don't know how to use it because they p2w'd their gear in like a day. Since so many elements of gear progression can be sped along with raw gold nowadays, and raw gold can be easily purchased in legitimate ways, a strong case can be made that this game has lost a lot of integrity in that regard.

Up to your definition though. Imo it's p2w where gearing is concerned, but not nearly as bad as other games like bdo, especially since it's easy to weed these people out and avoid them like the plague.

Nobody is paying 280~ ish dollars for a +9 wep right off the bat unless they are some spoiled rich kid. People who already have a maxed character have a gold income and buy finished or nearly finished gear to speed up the process of gearing and jump right into end game dungeons. They aren't 'magically' getting anything. They worked for it, one way or another. Earned.

Every mmo is p2w in someway. With very few exceptions, like PoE.
I have 17 slots right now, I'm fairly certain it's not the max. What is the max though?
ElinLove wrote: »
I suspect those daily deals have made the EMP dealers more lively around the game, have they? Well it's a win-win situation for everyone, unless rates skyrocket stupidly.

like they haven't already? 70 usd?? I could see that price if they were account bound.

ur just cheap
Valks can't dodge plague. Literally impossible
There's someone in my guild who plays Valk Pvp at 260ms avg. And get's several kills per FWC/CS game. Sometimes double digits.

Legit git gud
Dyeable Cowgirl outfit yeehaw
Have you tried reading the patch notes? The answer is there
Nobody is forcing you to play a sh*t ton of alts. I play 1 character, 2 characters technically. My main archer that can do all content. And my Sorc that I only play to do CS, and sometimes if I'm not lazy to do some IoD. I make enough gold to be happy and progress.

And your whole idea of limited what players can do is why games die. Account bound entries and VGs is pretty much a Stamina system that other dead games have. Because at that point it doesn't matter how many alts you have, eventually logging on would be worthless. Not to mention people invested very many hours making, leveling, and gearing their alts. Probably more time invested into this game than OP
:^) Please i have 10 dollar
TechGuy wrote: »
and as expected, something tells me that the first ppl to whine about this are the proxy users.. figures, you know, not having the proxy hack is not the end of the world, we used to clear content without script guides and stupid [filtered] like that soo... we will be fine, and if you dont like it.. well you can always go play something else, we wont miss you.

Maybe, but u dont play with 250+ms. Proxy helps a little with that.

Proxy literally does nothing to your effect your ping
Can't say any kind of swear words or your entire message doesn't go through, yet the game's rating is M. It's so bad.
GL isn't fun until they add the kelsaik reskin
copy paste game very easy
Any class if you buy potions
KitTeaCup wrote: »
Absolutely! Will do that for next month :) This is our first month with this format, so we're learning already!

Do Archer next month please
Make winning a battleground give 1 token regardless then change all the prices in the shop to 1 token. Except ele essence make it 2 or 3.

I don't think anyone should complain about this if you were to change it like I have described.
stormcry would have been a nicer reward
The worst part is that some of them, are bots.
Usually when u arrive to a basilisk, IF there is ppl hiting it, then, you go to another.
This guys come fliying, hit it anyways (And 1shoot em) even if it count it to me and not for him. And fly again.
That seems a lot like a macro.

the bams have like 11m hp. it's so easy to one shot lol nobody bots in tera other than gold sellers
Me too, give us the old jackpot system back this [filtered] blows. @seandynamite @CobaltDragon
with the new Dungeon Highlights and Battleground Jackpots. Each weekend is either PVP or PVE. So this weekend we can only get the new "event coins" from battlegrounds pvp. And there is no options to do any PvE content for "event coins"

It's bad event design in my opinion. And it should probably be changed to host both PvE and PvP content in a single weekend for the new event rewards. Because I personally don't want to PvP only for 3 days straight just to acquire the new "event coins".

not to mention the new Vanguard Request Weekly Events are super garbage lmao
"Dungeon Highlights and Battleground Bonus Reward Items
The Anniversary Dungeon Highlights and BG VG Bonus Item weekend events are over, BUT I have a couple changes to announce on the 31st about the REVISED Dungeon Highlights and BG VG Bonus Item weekend events. Check the News Post about new events starting in June and always remember to check the in-game calendar’s event panel for upcoming Dungeon Highlights, BG Vanguard Bonus Events and everything else."

^ this. post it soon tm pls.
3 Pages of Golden talents, sometimes there is only one page.

Either people don't have them to sell or they are waiting for the new gear upgrade coming in June.

We need a strongbox event. Or some kind of event that gives us more talents, both silver and golden.
If you are to go the strongbox event route. We need an event for strongbox keys. Since there is no way to get new keys(Besides having high ranked Reward Tier to get credits) Since there is no twitch codes anymore.

Just my personal take on an event to get strongbox keys would be: 1 or 2 Strongbox Keys for completing a dungeon above 431 item level. Could be 2 Keys for 446 Dungeons. As a vanguard request reward. Similar to how T E R A letters are right now and the past weekends. So it would be limited to one Key per day per dungeon.
The more you complete each individual dungeon, the more keys you would get. Forcing players to also learn dungeons if they haven't already if they wanted keys.

Since last time you tried to do a strongbox key events you messed pretty bad. I think my idea works pretty well.
There is already plenty of gold inflation and we don't need more.


also dislike it because it's p2w and cashgrabby
I checked the site and the news section on the forums. Where are the details?
I also noticed that they were completely removed from the Anniversary calendar page. what gives?
Talking specifically about "Rebel’s Hideout" Normal Mode and Hard Mode. According to educated guess time frames we should have received them this week or early next week.
When are you planning to release the new dungeons? Or is all of May just dedicated to the already occurring events?
https://essentialmana.com/news/142018-patch-note/ - This is what I'm referring to.
The simple arguement that not all of us who play on NA server are in the same timezone and/or cannot participate because of work, etc. So those same people will more than likely not be able to get the exclusive 6th Anniversary Scarf like everyone else.
Also I didn't think I would ever need to mention this, but in all previous years of Tera Anniversaries. The big item that you could obtain that year was obtainable through actually playing the game. Not forced hide-and-seek.
In my eyes this game, specifically the NA enmasse version, has been in a downward slope for the past multiple months. And I'm beginning to question if I actually want to continue to put up with the constant annoyances that you throw in my direction. I just want to play the game and participate in events without going out of my way to do or get something. So please, I'm begging here. Let the 6th Anni Scarf be obtainable without talking to an EME employee.



lmao what a noob xddd
State of the game?

Pros: The playability of the game is great. Arsenal patch is great. It is so easy to gear up to playable level, and it is so easy to make gold. It's far better than the old +15 awakening system. PVP is at least active every day, which is great. There are still new players coming, and even more now that console players see the PC version. Guardian Legion is fantastic (if not monotonous.) I still love the game. BHS cancelled talismans (yay!) and Awakening comes soon.

Cons: We have no CM, and that kills the relationship. There is almost no communication. There is still dead content and dead in game chops, 7 months after they said they would change them. EME nerfed VGs into the ground and give it back once a month for a week as a "prize". Many of the "events" are pretty terrible. There is no thought for balance or the time length of RM/RMH. We have p2w events and sales every few weeks, but the in game events are pretty meh (some have been great, some are just... there.) EU is outshining us by a long shot, and it seems EME only has time to focus on console. KTera keeps balancing around talents, and we might not even be able to clear the new dreadspire on Day 1 unless you are in full +9 with t4 etchings and a guild group, because the bosses have 10 billion hp (no joke.)

TL;DR: If you haven't played in a while or if you are a pretty casual 1-3 days a week player, you're going to like it. If Tera is your main online game, there is a lot of things to be frustrated and upset about, even if there are some things that are going well.

why are we posting in a year old thread btw
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