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Im a returning player... Im confused as to what you mean by CU
Hello I am looking for a guild that is friendly and active. I would prefer if it is anime, furry or 18+ oriented but none of this is required. I just want to make friends on TERA. :)
I may be interested if this other guild doesnt get back to me! :)
Bump the post
What time/time zone are you active during, and what guild/group size do you prefer?

I am in the Central Time Zone and would like a guild with a mid range amount of people I guess. I just know I want to make some friends on TERA.
Still looking!
I would like to give your guild a try! I will apply on my character Autumnkitty
The title says pretty much everything. I need to add the college is starting back up for me so my time on TERA will be somewhat limited. Also I am a returning player.
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