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A download within a download? Downloadception.

I remember that everyone shat on TERA EU for doing the pay2win model and everyone here in TERA NA were soo grateful and boastful that we didnt do that at all. But look where we are right now

Well thats really sad to hear.

Is tera Crossplay. Meaning I can play my account on PC then to PS4. Been planning to play again but I want to play it on my PS4 since my Razer naga died and just want to try it on console.

@metagame said:
people are still uploading parses to moongourd on a daily basis

uhhhh meaning? so in short tera is still alive?

Im planning to play tera again. I left around 2018 and I want to play again. In steam its shows 500 players online but I know that not everyone is playing tera on steam. Soo i want to know if the game is still alive.

I think it got removed I remembered I only had 60GB space left then when I upgraded to the new client my space became 111 GB


Just updated my tera launcher to the lastest after a long long break from the game.

When I did that my tera is gone or I cant find it anywhere at all. Does it do that?

@allofspaceandtime said:

@Anung said:

@counterpoint said:
I'm not sure why, but this is old news/rumors from a few years ago that just recently resurfaced. Unfortunately, there's no new information to confirm any of the old info about this, so at this point we just don't know anything more or less than the same old leaked art, vague info about old plans, and speculation.

Yes, I know this is an old thing, but I guess they are making it relevant with the announcement of multiple mmos such as Crimson Desert, Path of Exile ... it doesn't hurt anyone to think that maybe "Blue Hole Studios or Krafton" is working in a Tera 2.

they don't need to work on a tera 2, they can keep working on tera 1 and make it better and save most of their money. if they wanted to, they could make tera the number 2 mmorpg out there....seems like wow will still be number 1 but I cant see why

Problem with this the optimization. Tera is running [filtered] on high end specs. They cannot fix that without breaking the game and putting it back together again. If they plan on doing that then just make a Tera 2.

Yeh I have to admit that is spot on. I dont know what the developers are doing with tera and as much as I love this game, having all classes and all races all max level with good gear but right now it is just soo bland to play the game.

Im sorry tera as much I love you and you will always be the game that made me game like hell but I cant do this anymore good bye. :(

Yah I stopped playing tera the moment they needed a freaking 30GB update. The enchantment system is just wack and the economy is just bad. In the end tera will always be the game of my games but now it's just in a sad state. I want to play again but maybe when I get better internet. 3rd world country internet is expensive and slow.

Now that looks cool.

Now they just need to optimize it and I will even consider dropping Destiny 2 for this.
what do they even drop?
Nopi wrote: »
Like @SageWindu said. Focus on Power and Endurance. The rest, as far as I've seen and read around, are very minimal buffs that could maybe make a noticeable difference if you spend all points on a single stat. For example, EP attack power is apparently a tiny modifier to the damage of a skill, so you'd have to toss a large amount of points in that single skill's EP AP to be able to see a difference you can really use. So I feel it's more of a min-max thing. The rest of the buffs seem more self explanatory.

This table by Ketoh and Co. gives more detailed info on what each thing does.

Oh thank you this is what Ive been trying to look for.
LOL RNG is RNG. It doesnt matter if less or more RNG, its still RNG. All MMO's have it. You have to get used to it. If you plan to go hardcore on an MMO prepare for the hurts.
By what I mean about that is does it really matter where I put my points into? What do you guys recommend per class on how to use the points properly?
I dont get this event. What does it give?
lol I have 15k fashion coupons. They even removed nice things from it and they are selling those. WOW eme WOW.
Its all temp items except when you reach 65. Trust me just throw them away.
reason is that some of us dont really need 30 day exp boost. I just leveled my elin brawler in 2 days and I just baught a 6 day exp boost which I just wasted gold on :/
My character: Sydnee
Sydnee's Server: Velika
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lol when spacecats was doing the stream, it made me excited to watch it but now I dont even want to watch it.

I wonder if EME cares or even knows that untill now the new mods are being overshadowed by tonka and spacecats.

Well as long as the paycheck rolls in what do the new mods care right?
LOL soo meaning its WTF right now XD
I am from SEA, been playing Tera NA for 5 years with 250-300 ping. I didn't use those proxy things because I didn't want to take the chance of getting banned. I got used to the 250-300 ping but for once in my time playing this game I want to know how it feels playing at low ping.
Im ready for elin brawler. Got her some nice costumes to go with it :)

Well I hope that we have account migration. EME is officially dead, people left because of bad decisions and BH wont even flinch because regardless of what servers we are in they will still get money.

Well as for me if no account migration Ill slowly migrate till my SEA tera catches up to my NA but that will be hard because its 5 years worth of progress. Good bye 300 ping for 5 years.
What the heck. Why they do that. Zerks were perfect. Now :(
God this game is really going downhill fast.
I actually got the mount because I wanted it. When I read that they removed it I was really sad. The token shop really isnt anything good. :(
When I use it on one character does the effect, affect every toon I have?
meaning no one really plays the game anymore. Nothing anyone can do right now.
I think this is the end for tera. No more servers to merge. Bad bad decisions. RIP TERA 2018
I used to play in EU but got region blocked by them, but I had 500 ping with them.
We dont have servers to actually merge. This means if the servers are empty its basically the end of TERA.
ive been playing tera for 5 years with 300 ping. I got used to it soo noo biggie
I have all the classes soo the leveling event is useless to me. What we really need is a double item exp or something.
You what tops all of your suggestion. Only one. Optimization.
It would have been great if they just made the event into bonus item exp.
^ What bring back CH server. It was an empty server. If you dont want lag play a single player game like skyrim then.
RKC wrote: »
Well heres the thing we only have 2 servers. That means no more server merges no more redemption at all anymore. If the population goes down right now eme and BH cant make anymore excuses why the game is at an all time low. This is their final chance if they fail tera will shut down now.

within a year from now, people will be asking for another server merge and another name wipe. it has happened everytime so far. if eme/bhs doesn't fix the problems that cause the players to leave in the first place, this will happen. if that happens, I imagine that eme/bhs reputation as a game developer and company wont be worth 2 cents. hopefully this got their attention and they will do whats needed to keep the players playing and spending money, and not on a new pay to win item ( or at least pay for convienatance) or costumes and mounts as many have complained about.

Whats to merge? What servers? We only have 2. One PVP and PVE we dont have any servers to merge anymore.
Well heres the thing we only have 2 servers. That means no more server merges no more redemption at all anymore. If the population goes down right now eme and BH cant make anymore excuses why the game is at an all time low. This is their final chance if they fail tera will shut down now.
Actually use it. It will make you more gold. Diamonds will always stay 10k and never goes down beyond that.
KXRC9JMW74 wrote: »
RKC wrote: »
woah people are getting mad at yellow canaries. What a truly sad day it is.

Now who's getting mad? I said it was sad. Learn to read.

Now your mad :)
woah people are getting mad at yellow canaries. What a truly sad day it is.
Woah I already made my names. You should have posted this earlier.
what does the fire effect do? Is it one time use? Can I pass it from toon to toon?
Actually I also want to see the explosions. :)
It didnt take long for me to reorganize everything. 5 years worth of things. Only took me 30 minutes no biggie.
Well the only issue I have with this is that prior to them announcing they will actually merge CH. I transferred 8 of my toons some of them apex and lost 5 glyph points.
Its because this is an Asian MMO. Asians prefer cute things more than sexy things. So please Muricans staph making this post, its been years you should know this by now.
Yah I felt stupid for transferring 8 of my 14 toons to TR thinking that CH will be completely left out of the transfer. I also lost most of my names for my toons and had to change them when I transferred to TR.
I heard that Blade and Soul is upgrading from Unreal 3 to 4 which can actually make that game more optimize. Why cant TERA do that. Seems that Bluehole has a thing with games that run in unreal 3 which is very obsolete this day and age.
No email at all.
LOl why would they. They want you to buy more EMP. More money for them.
:( Im sad now
What I didnt get that yet :(
RKC u welcome back in the guild if u want. Vogel here.

As for the Tr people , since i do and will do the dungeons for our guild in Ch right now . Who cares for other ppl and other servers. I know only guildys and friends , others are nothing at all, non existing.

Toxicity and poison threads are starting even before the merge!

Thanks man when the merge happens Ill apply again.
Anyway I like it when they merge CH, but I feel stupid for transferring 8 of my toons right now.
I would rather change my toons name rather then play on a server that is empty, a broken economy since no one is in it and last ITS AN EMPTY SERVER.
Why put more items on store while you can just put in weekly deals, it makes it more desirable and prevents EMP selling. WIN WIN for BH and EME.
LancerJiva wrote: »
> @RKC said:
> One of the reasons I left CH even when it was my first server that I played in NA for about 5 years is that the economy is really bad now. Everything is overpriced not a lot of thing you can buy in the broker that you would like, and even if you find one the prices is like x10 the normal price that it used to be.
> Low population servers are like that and it got me annoyed because I couldn't enjoy the game anymore.

I’ve been on CH for 5 years this October, and it definitely isn’t the same and will only get worse as the merge draws near. I took the initiative of taking a video of how inactive it is and sent it to @KitTeaCup on discord, so we will see how that goes.

mEME said that they will make CH a dumping ground for ALTS. I hated it when they said that. It felt disrespectful. It almost nearly made me turn away from the game.
OK can someone please explain to me what the talent system is?
One of the reasons I left CH even when it was my first server that I played in NA for about 5 years is that the economy is really bad now. Everything is overpriced not a lot of thing you can buy in the broker that you would like, and even if you find one the prices is like x10 the normal price that it used to be.

Low population servers are like that and it got me annoyed because I couldn't enjoy the game anymore.
Well really regardless I wish they would just merge every PVE servers into one. I dont want to loose all my bank tabs.
Well that sucks. I have like 1 extra bank tab and full wardrobe tabs they really helped. Well I cant complain because they giving 8 free toon slots on Tuesday its just that those bank and wardrobe tabs helped a lot. I have founders account and already have 8 character slots in every server plus they giving us 8 free ones soo its not all that bad.

All in all I have 14 toons which means I can transfer them all on tuesday. 8 of them already on TR.
Can I get my bank and Costume slots also to transfer.
I already left CH just waiting for the other 8 free character slots and Im officially out.

all in all 8 of my 14 toons are on TR. My last 6 are just waiting for tuesday to hit
EU is actually getting good. Its just a shame they are region blocked.
Well if they are overwhelmed right now that is their doing.
How about "Dont ignore CH".

Joke. I like velika but still.
As much as I love tera been playing it for 5 years straight. Im burned out. Im afraid that this patch wont fire me up anymore specially on what they did on the server transfer for CH and the cash shop and the economy of the game, its just a huge turn off. One side of me wants to believe this game is still strong but other side says let it go. :anguished:
BH doesn't care if NA tera dies. They have other servers other than NA that likes the game as it is and its future patches. NA servers is the most winy server ever not because the game is bad but because the demographic for NA players doesn't really fit well with the Asian MMO demography.

I have to admit Im from asia that plays on NA with 300 ping for 5 years straight. I have been on and off with tera, most of the time when I exhaust the current patch. I take breaks as to not burn out in the game and I just gear up enough for me to actually have fun with my 13 toons.

Lately yes the current state of NA TERA is at a downhill right now. The one that made it clear is that when servers merge it means low population and severs are currently empty making it feel like your playing alone. NA tera is a 6 year old game lots of new MMO's will always be more favored than a MMO that is 6 years old.
I find the new enchantment system better. Before I could only tier 2 +12 like 2 characters each patch but now I +9 frostmetal all of my 13 toons :)
For some odd reason BHS has a turn on for games that run in Unreal 3. PUBG.

Unreal 3 is really outdated and hard to manipulate in todays time.
I really hope it helps a little bit thats all. Plus I like it because it looks cleaner.
Its money. They know no matter how we scream, cry and pound the wall we still play and spend money on tera and for them that is enough.
RKC wrote: »
The only thing I really want TERA to have is optimization if they do that Ill be more less angry at them.

i feel that you may be mad for a very long time lol

Been angry for 5 years :)
The only thing I really want TERA to have is optimization if they do that Ill be more less angry at them.
This game even the community events and streams are just messed up right now. I think BH or EME is trying to kill this game on purpose. Last time my Girlfriend joined the valkyrie contest and they accused her for tracing her artwork, well she got angry and sent them a speed painting video of her working on it and they just said sorry and gave her crap consolation prize but the damage was done and my Girlfriend just abandoned this game because of that. Now they doing something again.
I dont know why they are doing what they are doing. Seems like publishers and Developers have this sickness that if they are doing soo good for a while they will something really bad. I dont mind that if its not intentional but lately TERA NA feels like they know its bad if they do it but they still do it. It feels that they intended to make these bad decisions happen. I dont know for what reasons.
Those temporary cosmetics are suppose to be an TERA EU tradition but lately NA has been doing it a lot. A few years back we had free winnable permanent cosmetics here in NA but as of lately they have been releasing temporary ones and just purged the store, an action that TERA EU likes to do but NA is doing now
They purged the store right now. Ether you look at the broker everyday and hope someone sells it overpriced or look at daily deals everyday and hope it goes on sale.
Auto potion pet? What the heck is that. EU sounds great now. If only I didnt have 500 ping in that. I would jump there right away.

Plus region locked us in the Philippines.
The reason I dont do PVP is not because TERA PVP sucks its just that I have 300 ping. I bet someone still good at TERA PVP even with 300 ping. Im just too lazy to practice :astonished:
Borsuc wrote: »
Equitas wrote: »
Oh, it's this thread again. Are people still pretending XIGNCODE3 has affected TERA? That's cute. It's very clear how self-aware you guys are. You know that your use of XC as an excuse holds no merit in itself, so you have to bring up the other issues with this game to build your case. I get that TERA is in a poor state, but can you people just stop pretending XC has anything to do with it?
Only if you stop pretending you have any facts backing your crap up when literally all you do is make claims. How about, you know, show those facts, if you want people to take you seriously. Basically, prove it.

Here's some facts:

Activity dropped down heavily after Xigncode.
I know quite a few people who quit over it (literally) compared to your "absolutely zero" claim (so it's factually wrong already, your credibility is zero).

The correlation is pretty logical. Thus, arguments from people who say it's due to Xigncode have simply more legs to stand on than yours do, at this point.

But now you claim it wasn't Xigncode but something else that's the reason for the recent downfall, and speak as if your arguments have much more basis due to some delusion and belittle others'. So where's those facts of yours? Prove it or shut up.

But you won't, because people like you even ignore steam charts, they ignore any and all facts because "they're not complete". Science doesn't work that way pal. It will never be complete and yet it's still science. Perfection is not required, but any fact is better than zero (yours).

XIGNCODE3 didnt affect me and I dont think it really affected anyone. I think that the ones complaining are just big coincidences and they had that problem way before XIGNCODE3 was even put. People are just making excuses right now just to bash on EME to hurt the game. Some left because they just saw people complaining to something that isnt a problem. I have to admit that the game right now is at its low point but using XIGNCODE3 as a reason is just stupid.

If you got affected by it that means ether you are cheating or you modded the hell out of the game that you broke it.
I have questions here. I have 13 toons. I have every class + 2 brawlers.

I play them all in rotation but recently Ive been playing my character that has awakening skills. Whats left is that the remaining ones are put on hold till awakening meaning I havent played them in months now.

Am I at risk of getting my remaining toons name stolen from me?
WOW since I started playing TERA first was on EU had like 500 ping. Then transferred to NA 300 ping and I got used to it now. People who complain about 300 ping really makes me cry because its been my whole tera life. :anguished:
I think people overacted to this xigncode thing. It hasnt affected me once. I think because people were very noisy on this that some people just outright listened to everyone else instead of finding out the truth.

In short people left because other people said so not because of xigncode.

This has affected the game more and eme added more little thing that upset people like wiping out the tera store which just broke the EMP to GOLD ratio in the game.

These past few month I think EME made bad decisions on their part which lead to this messy situation to the point that they had to think of a server merge.
Babbelsim wrote: »
It looks like Console is getting 5 free character slots and i wonder if PC is getting that same deal
Seeing as all the character slots magically all been sold on the broker as soon the server merge news came out :/

Uhhhh.... its to attract the low population of consoles players. Xbox and PS4 dont share the same servers(Correct me if Im wrong). PC only share the same region, and Server so its not a problem for us so no freebies needed unless for some miracle PC TERA's population goes down 90% like console then maybe EME will make it that we get freebies also just so they wont loose us.
My god this is scaring me more than I can take. My toons if one of them gets a name change I will throw a freaking chair.
#1 rule Dont touch my 13 toons ever. :angry:
The reapers and ninjas should be exclusive to elins since lore said so. I have no idea about the gunner and brawler seems that those classes lore are thrown out the window.

From what I remember, Reapers are suppose to be the elins military force and the ninjas are basically elin amazons that we just got in touch with.
If so Elins have the strongest military force in all of tera because they added the gunner and the brawler into the mix.

Ummmm Elin master race?
Did you know there are more Pydos in Western Countries. Seems the insecurities really hit them hard dont they. All the hate on Elins because they cant seem them than what they want. Sad Sad Sad.

Its just that they are quick to point fingers on whos who. They have no right to criticize anyone.
Those who hate elins are the one who are more insecure ones :)

Asians prefer cuteness over sexiness, we dont really see them in a sexual way. . Westerners are quick to tag who is a paydo and who is not while we asians just like them cuz they cute and never point fingers at each other.

Do the math people and rethink yourself.
Partyblast wrote: »
RKC wrote: »
Sooo what servers are you merging. This better not mess up my 13 toons or I will quit this game.

There are currently 20 available slots, 21 once Elin Brawler releases, you have no reason to worry about 13 characters unless they have a common name and you don't play as often as someone else. Really the only people who should worry are those who have 18+ characters per server.....they're going to have to downsize a bit but they at least have a few months to do so.

Its just that I have 13 toons. The one that I havent played in while are the classes that have no awakening. Im reviving them when they have it. Now enter server marge and they saying that toons that has less time than the other will get the name change. WTF.
Sooo what servers are you merging. This better not mess up my 13 toons or I will quit this game.
Man I love how the powerfist are almost bigger than her. I cannot wait.
leveling in tera is soo fast that it only takes 1-3 days to level. You will be leveling alone but late game you will be with others.
Just you guys wait until AIR is released by BHS and Tera gets put in maintenance mode.

I hear soo many people say this will close tera down. Doesnt work.
Im taking a break till awakening part 2. I find nothing worth grinding right now.
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