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at thailand server u will get free 3 superior noct
i hope at NA will give use blue noct too
Xerses wrote: »
tbh it's not really a big deal anymore. we all know it's still there...you're not exposing anything. it's just that it's a pain to the people who only use certain tools to help with ping when they constantly keep changing op codes.

for me if someone use a normal sp is ok
because its for to help other player outside NA for can play tera na
but for meme slash i dont like it
papy10k wrote: »
archers can memeslash too ?

nah maybe yes look at that video
the radiant arrow is like ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssttttttttttt
Xerses wrote: »
the best way to get rid of memeslash is to stop giving it any publicity or spotlight. the people using memeslash only make it harder for everyone else who want to play the game without ping tax. please go away

so do you mean . keep it secret , dont post in to public and we still can use meme slash ?????

soo its still threeee the MMMMM
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