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Some people with that logic would rather not play the game at all. It just take longer or be patient is a dumb thing to say as even a rich fat hikimori whale without responsibilities or work has better things to do then be stuck leveling or grinding to get past a needlessly high metaphorical wall to get to the [filtered] they actually want/need

Lol okay then be a baby and want everything handed to you without having to work for it. You sound pathetic. PS it took me a week to hit level 70 with out ever doing caimens playing 5 hours a day. Oh and that was on a new character with no event running. If you can't get there then you are just being lazy.

Holy you just proved you full on ret*rded. Hell even pulled the full tard cliche of baby and wanting things handed bit..... you sound like the tard you are and a selfish dumb one at that.
_Oh hey look at me going full blown tard spending all me time grinding one game with the elite and/or level 10 rewards giving me that exp boost if im stupid enough to grind that out and to dumb as F to know the vast majority dont have exp boosts. If my tard [filtered] can do it then everyone else HAS to do it to cause Im a selfish [filtered] that dont know better_

Pfff you a joke don't even know the definition of the words you're using go back and graduate middle school. Even my little niece knows what the word work means or what hand outs are.... well I bet she knows the latter she ain't dumb like her brother but I digress... I'm not gonna bother replying more considering just how much immaturity you packed into one comment... plus you won't give a [filtered] anyway you too self centered

Hahaha jeez you broke his little brain with that, but yeah some people aren't smart enough here in the forums, they think you have to do everything as they say and no matter what you do, it's feels like if you were talking with a rock hahaha just like the other dumbo fromsector which is scared to reply to my comments about his stupid ideas.

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Please please share this around in game, discord, Skype, twitch, to your parents, your neighbours and even your dog

And make sure to talk about PvP suggestions in the last box

Hahaha yah, I made my suggestion for PvP already, I would like to see the battlegrounds alive once again and not depend on a group of discord to force the queues.

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buenas creo que yo soy el menos indicado para decir algo sobre tera tengo 8 meses de juego en tera ,me gusta el juego hasta antes de la actualizacion deje de jugar por el simple motivo que justo consegui el set HO que me costo muchisimo sacarlo pero disfrute mucho en poder tenerlo con lo cual estaba ilusionado con el juego ,justo ponen la nueva actualizacion gear nuevo ,dios que mal otra vez empezar ...
no se si jugare mas o no me pueden llamar perezoso o como quieran pero pienso que tera estaba genial antes del parche simplemente con ser lvl 70 y la isla fuera otro terreno de caza nuevas dg mas complicadas ,todo eso dedicado a poder subir le gear HO nuevos eventos simplemente esto seria suficiente para mi ,ahora cada uno piensa de una manera distinta.

tera SIEMPRE desde la beta fue asi , llega una actualizacion de set si no lo conseguis en los primeros dos meses ya despues de eso no tiene sentido. porque al aproximarse otro parche nerfean y ponen otro , el ciclo se repite. en el evento de encantamiento en una semana subi 4 lv70 y estan full HO , me gaste menos de 500k en subir a todos. pero a la isla voy con una zerker con sc+5 , pecho sc+0 y el resto frost .
La gente se acostumbro a estar OP con heroic y hacer todo en 1 min con bosses nerfeados y ahora en la isla como no hacen daño se quejan... tera en su comienzo era un desafio que cuando lo terminabas jugabas mejor ... ahora solo quieren todo mas facil , lo facil no te deja aprender y despues se quejan que los kickean de las party porque no se saben la rotacion de dps.

Se nota que eres una persona sin capacidad de disernir por tu cuenta, el problema de tera no es el set o como lo subes cerebro de alcachofa, el problema es como a copiado el estilo de black desert para el progreso de tu personaje, llenando el ciclo de rng donde no lo debe haber, sin mencionar que ahora el p2w es mas descarado en comparacion de 2012. La diferencia de esos tiempos "si es que los jugaste alguna vez porque no te lo creo" es que en esos inicios el juego era mas flexible en comunidad y el contenido era una novedad para todos, asi que es estupido que compares o digas algo como lo que mencionaste, pero ya me he dado cuenta que eres un individuo con una actitud infantil sin la capacidad de argumentar sobre las fallas de este juego y solo repites lo generico, lo simple, lo absurdo pero no respaldas tus palabras y atacas por atacar "tipico de alguien que llora por llorar y trata de verse bien asi mismo para la aceptacion de los demas o de aquellos que piensan igual", y para colmo en lugar de apollar las sugerencias con SENTIDO que la comunidad trata de ofrecer, promueves el contenido basura de este parche, he jugado black desert y se de lo que hablo y tambien se que este juego esta copiando todas las malas ideas de el, ya que si no te has enterado, hay gente de bdo detras del desarrollo de contenido en Krafton.

No niego que hay uno o dos que quieran todo a mesa servida porque esos nunca faltan "y ellos no son algo novedoso", pero repito, la mayoria no esta aqui quejandose para tener set gratis como tu lo haces ver, es el rng absurdo y el contenido y estilo grindy que bdo tiene y que no se adapta a Tera, este juego tuvo su epoca dorada y como todo en la vida tiene un fin, si te divierte comer basura, en hora buena mi querido cerebro de alcachofa, disfruta el contenido reciclado de otro juego que lo hace mejor, es tu problema y no el mio, pero deja de hablar basura o me vas a ver replicandote y haciendote quedar mal a todo lo que dices ya que soy muy buena para eso ;3.

Well keep in mind that there's also another half that is pretty happy with this patch since they can be p2w all the way to +15, so it's going to be a rough battle for you guys so good luck with that, I'm so done with this game at the point that I went back to Black Desert.

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And the new enchanting system is a pain in the [filtered] for casual player :v well done Krafton/BHS

well, tbh its not a new enchanting system. its the old one (before guardian gear update) but worse! we don't even have a way to keep the good rolls now, gear drop is low in an insulting level, same for materials (feedstock) and they even bring back the damage gear system from the good ol' times, with downgrade and stuff (at least it dont break and became useless o-o; )

this is how BHS/Krafton wants to adress the grind issue. Genius.

I'm pretty sure the break feature will be added with the accessories in the future, dont worry.

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feedstock in battlegrounds please, I think alot of people would enjoy it

Actually this is a great idea, but I don't know if they are willing to do something like that since it's not convenient for this publisher and their p2w boxes, it will ruin their business for sure, in any case if they add feedstock I'm pretty sure they are going to do something like Feedstock x1 for 2.000.000 Bellicarium Credits.

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i have 4 lv70 ho+3 ,4 lv68 sc9.. only fun with brawler sc+9 the new zone... just for a while.

Please, someone make a golden statue of this clown, hahahaha, he wants to be commemorated as the nerd of the year.

Nobody cares how many characters you have in lvl 70 with + 3HO, nobody asked you for this information and I don't know why you mention it LOOL, if you want to brag, do it with something that is really worth it, not with this, if I get down to your level I can also say that I have a character level 70 with HO +3 and full +9 disc - impreg pvp gear, "do you see how pointless it sounds, right?". I understand why many people are upset with the recent changes of the game, the grind is not something that everyone can enjoy, I think that adding this type of content "in Tera" only makes the game boring and lazy in terms of creativity, Tera should not be the cheap copy of Black desert, basically This makes the game to lose the unique personality it once had. Sooo, I recommend that you should stop being a [filtered] and accept that there are people who don't share your same obsession with Tera, if you have fun with the grind fest that is poorly designed, congratulations well done, but don't impose your opinion as if you were the owner of the community, good bye.

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This new patch has made me lose my desire to play even more. I did the new map quests up to the dungeon. It's grindy, the mobs swarm you endlessly, you can't fly or teleport to the outlying fishing areas without some extra thing. Now there are cards that you have to get for what? Extra stats? Meh. I worked SO hard to get HO and now we have something new. It doesn't seem as if you can get the new gear in blue without doing the dungeon, but you need the new gear in blue to really do the new dungeon right. Plus taking away caimen raids, so RIP leveling alts. Not really feeling it, and I am sure many other people aren't either.

I didn't know that they removed caiman raids lol

agree haha

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Interesting video until he practically starts crying over getting kicked from a few dungeons. Only alternative is to not allow kicking, so yeah.
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How hard is it to look up a dungeon guide?

Oh reading these comments just drove me nuts lol. Another ex player here that pops up from time to time to state very obvious things.
I too started at first beta, p2p, etc. Back then we didnt HAAAAAAAAAAAVE to read guides and THAT is the point!!!!!!!!!! lmao.

And as someone else said, this isn't just a Tera issue anymore.
I'd say it's more like a newer gamer generation thing where none of them want to explain anything. None of them want to get to know anyone, everyone wants to play solo and think that they're the only person that matters. Years ago, MMOs were about teamwork. No, not in the sense that you all already read some guide that someone else typed out for you telling you exactly what to do so you don't have to use even one brain cell. You just charged in and figured it out together how it works. Sure, maybe someone in group saw a video about it. But it was NEVER this mandatory thing that it is these days where if you admit that you didn't spend 3 weeks researching the ins and outs of every single dungeon in a game you're literally trying for the first time then you get yelled at and kicked. If that was the situation, I wouldn't have played for 4 years lol.

It doesnt even make sense anyway. If I'm going to a new store in town, I don't google the owner, their family, the etiquette-I just go shopping!!! and that's how playing MMOs used to be. and that's why they're dying now. Because people went from enjoying to play and learn together to getting visibly upset and shaken at even the idea of not only having to interact with someone but to even have to interact with someone who didn't study before downloading the game like they were apparently supposed to. I feel like this entire generation has no idea what it means to explore anymore. If they don't have a guide telling them which way to wipe their behind, they're just not gonna wipe to avoid "wasting time" doing it wrong lmao god

So yes, a lot of players are at fault too. Don't act innocent and like all newbies are supposed to impress you from the jump.
If people weren't rude to each other you'd have more players and that's that on that.

I liked your comment haha basically you told these two idiots the truth.

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Returning player...

Just wondering if I'm doing something wrong because I've q'ed for everything for hours and haven't gotten a single pop. Tried night time, evening, afternoon, etc.... is the population that bad/or are there just better options? I don't get it. Would like to gear up but can't find any way to.

Battlegrounds are tied to what the pvp comunity wants to play (for example; if they want to force shorehold, they will let you know what the people is queuing for),so if you want to know what they want to do each day, you have to join one of those pvp discords to see what is popping, which is a shame for this game but I don't blame the people for not playing pvp anymore, so yeah the bg comunity is very very small and dead, sometimes you see people queuing when they have good events that make worth the time or if they want to grind bellicarium credits to get mats for accessories, unfortunatelly if you want to get +9, it will be hard cuz besides that you are going to fail alot, if you want to grind materials efficiently you are limited by what the people wants to play, and about instance matching... low lvl dungeons are pretty ded because they are useless and not worth to play, some others like 450+ dungeons are alive, but since you can lvl up faster by doing caimans, people go there and dont que for dungeons, you can try to que as a healer or tank to see if it helps or just try to make a looking for group, good luck.

@McThicc said:
So you're saying that players who afk on ladders for one match deserve more mats than the people who are actually capable of clearing gvh.

Its double bc this weekend. Each win will yield you 664k credits. If they were 50k per, you'd yield 13 mats. You wouldn't even get that much if you were to loot entire floor of GVH on non double drop. You also don't have to consume your adventure coins queuing for BGs and there is no gear, level, or skill requirement to show up unlike GVH.

Seems like you are talking about cs and gridiron, shorehold is gear based and 3s is skill based, I don't know what are you talking about.

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@QueenNora said:
To be honest, I don't know why Tera became the cheap copy of Black Desert, it's something that doesn't fit the style of this game, the caiman grinding is extremely boring and I don't say it because I talk about the grind, I say it Because this is something that is not going well for this game, this is like doing something unnecessarily difficult because they feel like it.

Why TERA became a cheap copy of BDO?

Just look at the changes in BHS. They changed their name to Krafton (Kakao's "K" in their name).

It is not wonder why they are making things way too similar to BDO and expect to have the feature "your gear may go poof after failure" in the near future.

LMAO, well honestly I haven't checked who the hell is leading this game hahaha but thanks for letting me know this information, now everything makes sense, no wonder why the grind with lvls - sp - ep, afk fishing, downgrade with repairable mechanic, "WB"...

@UsagiFF said:
The main issue is there can't be PERMANENT changes because how devs have been changing things in the past year. However we can demand our Publisher to provide better rewards for PvP content that allows their comunity to catch up in gear, accesories, ep, advancement skills and character exp to veterans and have a more fair ground to be competitive in the game, making "PLAYER SKILLS" actually what gives you the edge and not "A WALL OF HEAVY GRIND AND RNG".

The only idea I get is flooding their support tickets with these demands and see if it works because so far forums are ignored from EME staff. These forums became more like a comunity forum handled by players at this point. On Discord they will ignore most of the people and will focus only on their regulars over there and hope to have luck to not met one troll that keeps flooding their chat and what you wrote gets sinked in the flood.

Player Council over there... its more like they only exist to pass EME voice on Discord to the forums and you will only see a couple of them active on Discord anyway.

At this point at how things are I wonder why they even keep these forums where they have shown us its not of their interest.

I understand what you say and it is really frustrating to see what once was a fun game, it became a grind and rng fest with P2W events, the worst of all is that nobody says anything.

That event of the 50 runs in grid and shorehold was good yeah, but I don't applaud them because it is something they do once every 100000 years .... What a frustration I feel with the administrators of this game...

As you all know, the battlegrounds have been suffering exponentially in these last patches, either due to lack of motivation of the players or because the rewards are really a waste of time, for this reason I ask the entire PvP community to make a petition demanding PERMANENT changes in daily rewards and items from the bellicarium store. If we don't demand changes, don't expect GMs to give the solution because they will not, remember that we are entitled to demand what is fair for us, since many of us spend money on the game and this company eats thanks to it.

To be honest, I don't know why Tera became the cheap copy of Black Desert, it's something that doesn't fit the style of this game, the caiman grinding is extremely boring and I don't say it because I talk about the grind, I say it Because this is something that is not going well for this game, this is like doing something unnecessarily difficult because they feel like it.

I agree with the idea of jewelry, we are not all interested in making high-end pve content, I think the idea of being able to make jewelry by grind of battlegrounds is magnificent. What they should also put are the golden talent and readjust the price of the plates since 200k + just for one is ridiculous.

What makes me want to leave the game is the terrible optimization that it has, the simple fact that tera is still using UE3 and not UE4 like other games (Blade & Soul) make me want to quit forever, and ofc, dont forget this new elite generation of the game that ruins the fun of dungeons with "dps meters" and all of those things...

But anyway, the only way that you can enjoy this game is if you have good friends playing the game and if you don't mind the graphic engine / optimization issues.
Because if he wants to finish his pvp gear for the reason that he has, it should not be your decision or mine or from anyone to say how far he should get, he is right to do it even if he just want to keep his gear in the bank.
Moolgogi wrote: »
I think it's absurd that players can be permanently banned from the game for being "toxic" in Global Chat (I'm usually not even being serious) but they won't do anything about actually toxic behavior in-game, like kicking people out of 3v3 for stupid reasons or cussing each other out in raid/party chat. Or hacking. Thanks, GM. Protect those kiddos.

When my account gets unbanned after a week I'll be sending all of my gold and tradeable items to a friend, since he's a cool guy. "Toxicity"... Yeah right, since you're the judge of "BM". I'm done! This is how you say goodbye to a tier 10 account! Thanks ANGELA

Keep in mind that we are in 2018, people are offended by anything and tend to take it very seriously, probably those kids(probably people lvl 30 or so) made a massive report and I think this game took it as if you were being serious with your insults, honestly Im with you, you were banned for a stupid reason.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Black Desert Online and skillpoints LOL, what else? afk fishing ??? HAHAHA
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You should tell people like U.F.C to stop injecting and cheating, because of people like him those who use proxy like me will have to leave for EU or stop playing.[/quo, now ppl in Kaiator server is the problem, if you play pvp ofc
Narukko wrote: »
Guys ignore elin usagi or whatever. He prob wants to be in that lame meme council. Boring af but good thing to laugh at on meme's discord

Thanks for letting me know, I was tempted to reply him.
Remove Rally with those stupid vm boxes, remove CU and bring back alliance with pvp updates or just merge dead servers and problem solved c:
Now I'm not sure if it's a good idea to use elite now :confused:
I don't exactly know but maybe they will bring something good for some classes with the ninja patch <3
Nothing :(
Any buffs on Warrior? 02/16/2016, 07:32 AM QueenNora
Warriors are okay, just learn how to use it it's pretty fun <3
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