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I was looking forward to this today! I want my Babydoll Sucker Punch hair :D Haha any idea when it will be released?

You mean the double ponytail things? I usually don't like ponytail but that looks cool.

Yes :D That is the one!
I was looking forward to this today! I want my Babydoll Sucker Punch hair :D Haha any idea when it will be released?
Make this a thing please! Male brawlers deserve attention too :) I'd love to see artists give this a try!
Can my friend who wants to play Tera on his Xbox be able to play on Tempest Reach with me on PC?
I don't like the idea of it being random at all, and REALLY don't like the fact that they aren't in the character creator...how am I supposed to test the hair style with the right color? I want the Babydoll Sucker Punch hair...but it will need to be the right color of blonde, if I can never see it in the character creation..how can I know lol ._.
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
I wish we got points from healing :/ Also we don't get any extra points or bonus from being in a group..takes me forever to cap each day to the point where I don't even bother anymore.

Are you by any chance a healer? Because if you are a healer then you need to make some investments as in getting the second option for the weapon which costs 20k gold to be able to switch to dps whenever and also go and buy from the vanguard merchant some dps jewelries/etc plus get some back crit niveots ( inspect healers that you see at the top and you should get an idea about it ).

Healers right now and even with +0 frostmetal are doing really good when it comes about getting guardian points but you need to back crit and dps ( if you want to be nice with your tanks then also try to dispel stuns at bams whenever you can ).

Oh yes I am a Mystic :) Where do I get this weapon? Right now my main weapon is Stormcry..and it does decent damage. Sorry..I am a newbie lol.

I'll go see about getting the back crystals too! Thanks :D
If they bring out more classes, they should really make them for all races/genders. At least male brawler is coming out in a few weeks.
yup, got booted as well lol :(
I wish we got points from healing :/ Also we don't get any extra points or bonus from being in a group..takes me forever to cap each day to the point where I don't even bother anymore.
Arwen wrote: »
Expect the worst nerf yet to come, as on NA is patch 63 while on EU is patch 64 and there I'm already struggling with the [filtered] 5 mins vow and a 15 mins CD (6 mins CD with all the cdr's possible (included the superior noct)). Everytime I die and i know i did vow i'm wondering why the [filtered] I don't have res....
Worst nerf ever in this game in all the years I've been playing. GG Tera.

Yeah, this is ridiculous. It really had made playing mystic not fun at all...and when my group that I static with is learning content, we have to continuously start over now :/ They need to put it back how it was.
I tried them on and it shows my Elins entire butt..think I am gonna pass lol

Too bad tho, the front looks good!
Lapomko wrote: »
This is counterintuitive. If the kits would drop from mobs or acquired elsewhere the price of plates would go down too. Alot of people have access to crafting right now and are undercutting each other like a madman. The profits would still be really small and not worth it in the end. I can't even put 1 plate on TB and already some one is undercutting me few minutes later. Just too many people are trying to make money with crafting right now.

This brings up another point, we need more ways to make gold. Like Meier said, there is hardly any means to make gold in this game. I would prefer if the kits dropped but you had to actually farm it, not have them drop like candy. That is why I mentioned other things dropping too, beyond just the kits. Why not drop materials as I mentioned too, add costumes to be crafted...fix the crafting system. Crafting should be something that people have to invest quite a lot in..I was able to get it to master in one night, in like..an hour >.>

The only way to really make gold is to play a bunch of alts and do vanguard all day..which I don't think most feel is fun and ideal. Why are darics/plates the ONLY thing worth selling with weaponsmith right now? It's silly.

Hi ,

Looking to buy Thunderbolt or Hertz on Tempest Reach.
I agree with this. We need a few more ways to make gold like how we used to. Playing more than one character to make money is not very viable. I have no problem farming stuff though.
I was wondering if we could please be able to farm these Artisan refining kits off mobs? Also..materials in general, like the gems..it doesn't have to be a super high drop rate, but there is no way to farm them like in the old tera.

I got Weaponsmith to master craft and my BF got Alchemy to Master and with how much we spend on the kits, since there is no way to farm it...we usually break even, and with critting its only a VERY small profit. Makes crafting not worth it at all. If I could farm these kits myself I could at least make some profit.
I would like this as well :)
This event is killing the market too...can't make any profit off my Master Craft..makes me sad I leveled it and invested in getting the Gold Plate scroll
:( Can't even farm the Artisan Refining Kits..ugh.
Can you guys fix these Additives please? I don't want to toss them and I got a ton today. If they were supposed to be removed..they're not :open_mouth:
• What happened: This happens in Thametal Refinery and other dungeons. When my character dies and I get resurrected, while playing with the Xbox one controller my character will only run in one direction and I cannot make my character move any other direction. The only way to fix it is to jump multiple times, unplug the controller or keep forcing it to try to go a different way.
• Date and Time the bug was witnessed: 1/19/2018 7:17PM EST? Maybe slightly before or after.
• Reproduction Steps: Be in a dungeon, die, use self Resurrect or be Resurrected by someone else and then the bug occurs.
• Screenshot: No screen shot of it.

Additional details if applicable...

• Name of the character or characters that experienced the bug: Princess.Cesil
• Server the bug was experienced on Tempest Reach
• Name of the NPC that is bugged N/A
• Name of the quest that is bugged N/A
• Zone or area in game where the bug took place Thametal Refinery
• URL of the website where the bug is N/A
All good points OP! I also want to add -

There definitely needs to be something in the game that teaches folks how to use their skills and basic game play. Take for example..my group of friends and I just started playing. We been playing together for years playing many MMORPG, we do the top end game raids in FFXIV etc. The reason I mention this is because:

Our White Mage main from XIV rolled Priest in Tera..and I went Mystic (Plus I always play pet classes/support in MMO). We have 5 people for our static. One of the members in my group has been playing Tera consistently much longer than us so he suggested we have a Mystic and Priest for when we farm the Hard Mode dungeons. That being said, I noticed in the early dungeons (Thametal, Liliths etc) that I was having to heal..and my Priest friend was only using the small circle to heal, running up to people and healing them..then would just spam Divine Radiance. I hopped on my 60 Priest I had from back in 2013 and saw the Focus Heal skill. So when he came on the next day..I asked him why is he not using Focus Heal? He says , well it doesn't work, he hits it and nothing happens, he didn't realize he had to target people (he plays with a controller like me) and had NO idea how his basic skill worked.

So, yeah my raid group is filled with really good players...for him to try and try with with that skill and not get it..then doing that in dungeons lol I think its time this game got something to help or force teach newbies how to play the basics...
With how we have a limit on dungeon runs, the hat should drop every time, so we can ay least roll on it, or let us collect tokens so we can trade them in for a hat. I hate to run this as much as possible, the event end and I get nothing after it ends, I wouldn't really call it an event :/
I am also looking for that Demon outfit..I think that's what its called. castanica demon costume? Can't find that either T_T For my race it is 200k gold in game..I just rather buy it off the cash shop but its not there *sad*
Oh thank you :)
Most, if not all the things I see in the Dress Shop thing I CANT for the life of me find in the cash shop. If they actually remove things from the cash shop...why do that? Do they want to lose money? Lol

I am looking for the Silver Tiara and Boneshaker mount.
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