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All good points OP! I also want to add -

There definitely needs to be something in the game that teaches folks how to use their skills and basic game play. Take for example..my group of friends and I just started playing. We been playing together for years playing many MMORPG, we do the top end game raids in FFXIV etc. The reason I mention this is because:

Our White Mage main from XIV rolled Priest in Tera..and I went Mystic (Plus I always play pet classes/support in MMO). We have 5 people for our static. One of the members in my group has been playing Tera consistently much longer than us so he suggested we have a Mystic and Priest for when we farm the Hard Mode dungeons. That being said, I noticed in the early dungeons (Thametal, Liliths etc) that I was having to heal..and my Priest friend was only using the small circle to heal, running up to people and healing them..then would just spam Divine Radiance. I hopped on my 60 Priest I had from back in 2013 and saw the Focus Heal skill. So when he came on the next day..I asked him why is he not using Focus Heal? He says , well it doesn't work, he hits it and nothing happens, he didn't realize he had to target people (he plays with a controller like me) and had NO idea how his basic skill worked.

So, yeah my raid group is filled with really good players...for him to try and try with with that skill and not get it..then doing that in dungeons lol I think its time this game got something to help or force teach newbies how to play the basics...
With how we have a limit on dungeon runs, the hat should drop every time, so we can ay least roll on it, or let us collect tokens so we can trade them in for a hat. I hate to run this as much as possible, the event end and I get nothing after it ends, I wouldn't really call it an event :/
I am also looking for that Demon outfit..I think that's what its called. castanica demon costume? Can't find that either T_T For my race it is 200k gold in game..I just rather buy it off the cash shop but its not there *sad*
Oh thank you :)
Most, if not all the things I see in the Dress Shop thing I CANT for the life of me find in the cash shop. If they actually remove things from the cash shop...why do that? Do they want to lose money? Lol

I am looking for the Silver Tiara and Boneshaker mount.
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