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I was actually referring to the world boss achievement world bosses.

As was I, they all respawn on decently short timers. The only one that cannot spawn without a server restart is Humedaras the ghost baraka.
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there are trolls that camp the spawn spots and kill the world boss right after maintenance just to grief players. then the wb doesn't spawn again until next maintenance, and they do it all over again. I feel like all world bosses should spawn so many times per day. yeah it might not mean as much as it used to be, but so much has already been removed from the game, theat they may as well let us be able to get these. I know they dropped it from 100 kills to only 1 kill each, but some of those once a week spawns are nearly impossible to get.

That's only one boss, the ghost baraka for Northern Arun, and really BHS should've had that fixed by now but like a bunch of other bugs they won't touch it.

As for the others they all respawn on a decently short timer, and in the cases of the loot WBs it's not to grief other players but to acquire the loot that drops. Achievements are still massively easier to get now compared to before.

Drops should be removed from all world bosses. The fact that it's easier now, doesn't mean it's easy-easy. As I said, I've been hunting 3 or 4 bosses for months now and haven't even seen them.

It's easy but it's not easy enough for you because they were made into legit WBs that have defense and give loot? The original intention of the WBs? You don't have to kill 100 of these bosses but they're still difficult because people keep sniping them from you, the same thing that would've happened during the 100 kill achievement times? Okay.

Adopt the technique that WB hunters use if you want the achievements, you'll have to camp the spawn areas. Easiest way would be to come online directly after a maintenance but of course you'll have to fight other people who also want the WB, but at least then you'll have a time of death which will let you camp within the respawn timer of the boss.
there are trolls that camp the spawn spots and kill the world boss right after maintenance just to grief players. then the wb doesn't spawn again until next maintenance, and they do it all over again. I feel like all world bosses should spawn so many times per day. yeah it might not mean as much as it used to be, but so much has already been removed from the game, theat they may as well let us be able to get these. I know they dropped it from 100 kills to only 1 kill each, but some of those once a week spawns are nearly impossible to get.

That's only one boss, the ghost baraka for Northern Arun, and really BHS should've had that fixed by now but like a bunch of other bugs they won't touch it.

As for the others they all respawn on a decently short timer, and in the cases of the loot WBs it's not to grief other players but to acquire the loot that drops. Achievements are still massively easier to get now compared to before.
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If you guys want what EU has...go play it?.

Because having to start from scratch, dealing with a ping increase of 100+ on a VERY ping intensive game and promoting a population decline in a region is 100x more logical than asking the publisher of our region to assist in making the game enjoyable, helping maintain or increase the population, and combating a terrible choice by the developer by balancing around a system they refuse to release to other regions.

CS game play is mostly the same, just with the newer classes running around, but that's only if the queue pops. CS was locked to 65s only, which lowered the pool of people participating as you used to be able to get anyone from 30+ which honestly wasn't that bad even with skill differences. It also suffers the same way other BGs do and will really only pop during a highlighted day, this is the March BG Calendar.

PvP is still unbalanced for the most part when it comes to new classes, however there is a Valkyrie nerf coming which should make them less of a pain. Awakening changes to classes in the next month mostly do not apply to PvP at least currently so that shouldn't harm them too much. Someone else could probably provide a more detailed description on the PvP balance.

BHS "tried" to address performance issues, at least the patch notes said they did. Game still runs poorly, UI is still a major factor into poor FPS, BHS has just made a new game using the same engine so they obviously have no plans to fix anything.
Congrats on your math, the necro wasn't needed however.
As I said in the other thread that brought this up, unless it's a BHS build change there's a very small chance we'll get this but I do hope EmE decides to give it to us.

The power/endurance buff is the exact same buff we were given with HH30 to make up for the flat stat talents that KTera has, it doesn't make up for the skill talents but this at least makes the dungeons more bearable. If it is a BHS change I hope they've finally realized other regions are hurting without talents and a rebalance on dungeons will happen, or if it's just a EU-specific change they'll most likely apply this to the newer dungeons while EmE chooses to sit back and ignore us like they did with our requests to buff endgame loot to help make them bearable.
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Any more word on the possibility of Talents being reconsidered or replacement buffs?

EU are about to implement a player buff for RMHM. The specific part is this:


Amusingly enough, this corresponds with the following Talents from KTERA that are accessible to all classes:
Ketoth wrote: »
ALL CLASSES - points included on classes breakdown
  • Increase power by 23 - 80 points
  • Increase Endurance by 23 - 70 points

I believe this has been done in recognition that dungeons are balanced around the KTERA Talent System, as I don't see any other reason why this would be implemented by Gameforge.

Same buff we got for HH during 30man I imagine, I approve although it does surprise me the same treatment wasn't added to at least RKHM, hopefully they continue to do it to future content since it just gets worse from here.

Hopefully this is just a build BHS is releasing to every region and not just EU specific, or maybe BHS is still on that whole "We don't balance around talents" stance which EmE will most likely follow.....
my suggestion for those wanting a particular name, is to get an xbox or ps4 and try your luck once it is officially released on them.

Makes sense, just grab a console just for the sole reason of acquiring a name you can't on PC, but because you're in a decent spot on PC you'll just hold that name on the console for eternity.

Anyways having a name wipe every few years should be fine, no point in having names just sit around even if they were to just be scooped back up by name sellers at least there will be a window of time where the names are moving around and have a chance to land on someone who will be active for awhile later.

But as mentioned previously, EmE hasn't made any public plans of a future name wipe so you're in the waiting boat with the rest of us.
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Also, you CONTINUE to ignore my response, which is that this mount should automatically be learned on every character. But, yeah, keep being condescending. Just because I didn't attend PAX 2012 doesn't mean I haven't been playing as long as other people.

The Regal Frost Lion is a skill book in your account item claim tab, it isn't automatically learned. But yes, it is a collector's edition perk, however I don't know anything about codes given out during PAX 2012 so who knows.

Either way, @OP contact support as @Pages suggested since you said you have the mount on multiple characters and can no longer find it, they can do more than we can here since it appears to be an account issue
Lol, how is a level 100 cap QoL? The only thing I agree with this thread is the ninja clone since it feels so weird that it has such a long CD for just a fun skill with no combat advantage (and before people cry it can fool people in PvP......please give me a solid example as to how).

Maybe the dye thing, but I don't really dye my costumes so I don't really know if there's an issue with the current system.
That's the snowman NPC Ambrr for the Wintera seasonal, it's a bug that has been around for awhile. The quest marker just doesn't go away when the NPC is turned off for whatever reason.
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it would be so easy and it would make devs so much money , just put apartments in velika simple.

Yea....heh....simple. In reality? Probably not.

Also yea if anything this would already hurt the image of the population since main cities already have a dwindling amount of players.
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Perhaps I should try to level by picking flowers and mining.

Reminds me about the story of Pacifist, the Baraka Priest who reached 65 (or was he during the Lv 60 days) only by gathering, non-kill quests, and crafting. His entire kills are only a handful of mandatory 1st levels so you can get out of Island of Dawn or some handful of moments he had to self defend against mobs


Yea this was pretty interesting, and according to the achievement SS he didn't actually kill anything, a true pacifist.
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They'll be back soon, afaik.


Still don't understand why they removed the item because it's in a future update...why not wait until you actually release that update, especially with the long wait periods between things.
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OK thanks well it looks like there are no such console store items yet for Tera ..thanks for the reply

Console is still in it's beta stages so it'll still be awhile yet until you should spend money, going to have to wait until full release for that (no date has been set btw afaik).
It's because these are all things EU does on its own by modifying server files (which is why they get reverted in the next BHS patch each time). Gameforge doesn't share this with other regions. If it's something that BHS does or integrates in the base game, then other regions (KR, JP, NA, etc.) can get it, but most of these are done internally by Gameforge. (So, it isn't like NA is soloed out as the only region that doesn't have this; it's just that EU is the only region that has it.)

It seems to me that the solution would have to be either that Bluehole does this themselves (so all regions can get it), or (maybe?) BHS pays Gameforge to get the customizations and distributes it to other regions too, or EME gets their own people trained to be able to make these same kinds of changes themselves for this region.

They're done by GF but BHS still has a hand in it from what I understand, but it seems that when they decided to send SCEM to all the regions they didn't get the hype they wanted. Either way yes it would help if EmE had someone who was able to do it like Pathmos and his team on GF but with EmE's current state and all the attention on console I don't see anything like that happened....wew.
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It's been known since it released on KTera that all animations are the same, including the death which is probably the most awkward animation on males, everything else is fine?

Love how fragile everyone who complains about this crap is, you finally got the ability to play a male because playing female is impossible because it somehow harms your male image irl and now the animations which literally don't have a gender now bother you....wow.

it's more about the fact it took 3 years to even make the lowest ammount of effort ever produced by developers of any game, ever.
and also most men play female chars, so duno what you're refering to with "impossible because it somehow harms your male image irl"
Why do you assume most ppl refused to play female brawler, because female?
Just because people complain about gender lock, doesn't mean they refuse to touch the class. If they like brawler, they'll play it anyway, even if they would have PREFERRED to play as male - and for 3 years they didn't have any other option.
I hope you understand that nothing would ever change, if no one said anything - no bugs would be fixed, no balance patches would be relased, because no one gave feedback.
If it was a feature that you could give your male char, female animation, that would be cool, but that's not the case. Devs were simply to lazy to make an effort. Defending it in the name of accidental diversity, just because it fits your narrative, is ridiculous.
It's stuff like this that makes the game look like an afterthought or school project, rather than a bilion dollar project - it's unprofessional, and ruin their image - it gives the impression they don't care about the game, and we can't expect much for future content - why invest in a game that even the devs don't take seriously?

Yea sucks it was such a sloppy copy paste and I would like all classes open to every race+gender but BHS has found the most profit in just creating female classes, and with a game this old and lacking population they don't want to put major effort into something that won't have great returns.

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Third, what is wrong with wanting to play as a man when I am a man? I don't enjoy staring at fake tits and butt and especially not borderline [filtered].

I don't have security issues with my gender, I'm a man, end of the story. I act like a man and I want to role play as a man, not a damn female.

That's what I meant about men having issues with playing a female because they suddenly have to RP as their in-game gender which is opposite their own. I'm well aware most men play females and the class will be played regardless of gender if the person doesn't care about that. The OP of this thread seemed very offended that the male brawler was using female animations rather than the sloppyness of BHS.
Oh god more necromancers, the forums are gonna go on a banning spree again ._.
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The 3 hit ends up not being 3 hits even with making burning heart fireballs hitbox bigger. The smaller the enemy, the less hits it'll land. So just make it hit once and buff the damage 3 times. No need to look up anymore and no more hit detection rng.

So let's stop with the random information that doesn't keep track of the game properly.

Talents have nothing to do with the changes. The amount of hits lessen so the talent for lowering cooldown on Attunement got buffed to make it how it was before.

There was never a FPS issue with Burning Heart, that's your issue with your settings and which mods you aren't using.

/thread done.

Yes BHS was trying to combat the fact there were issues with Burning Heart not hitting all hits, they even did a patch earlier to try and fix that, except this patch was also due to FPS issues that they experienced on KTera.

This whole game is an FPS issue, so you can't flat out say it was an issue with settings or mods.
It was a FPS fix by BHS since players were actually having issues with multiple ninjas in a party using burning heart at the same time (because that class isn't actually dead with Talents), they figured giving 3x damage was enough and didn't consider crit rate /shrug
Just to 100% confirm... what server are you playing on?

If you are playing on the EU servers run by Gameforge, they have no calendar items. Only the NA servers run by EME have them.

That is EU (or at least not NA) since the names aren't as restricted, the global message by "miumy" show that since the name would have to be "Miumy" due to the way the system keeps names capitalized.

So OP, even though calendar items on NA really aren't that extreme and are fine to miss out on for the most part, don't sweat since you're not even on NA .-.
It's been known since it released on KTera that all animations are the same, including the death which is probably the most awkward animation on males, everything else is fine?

Love how fragile everyone who complains about this crap is, you finally got the ability to play a male because playing female is impossible because it somehow harms your male image irl and now the animations which literally don't have a gender now bother you....wow.
It's part of a change coming at a later time, so they will not be returning to the FC Store.

"Later time" It takes literal months to get any store update, you guys couldn't even provide the entire FC Store update at the announced time and just skated by with a Phase process, why remove the NPC scrolls now and give no information aside from it's coming soonTM?

Amazing job, totes, but it's as to be expected.
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Is ninja actually getting stronger or just having the way that skill works altered? Ninja and sorcerer are the weakest classes - why isn't sorc getting the adjustments mentioned in the essential mana post linked previously? If you really want to balance classes, increase crit rate on ninja's burning heart / circle of steel and make sorc's meteor crit glyph let it always crit for the poor people with 300+ crit factor.

Also for the enchanting changes - as written it sounds like only items with talents will have those reduced (but darics and plates??) while all enchanting materials are increased. Is this how it is meant? Or for the base gear only...
We *really* do not need an increase on emeralds/diamonds required for enchanting and stormcry mats already are basically only acquired through metamorphics - copper clasps are so rare. Not to mention the whole halved vg thing hurts getting them from iod... Really FM mats should drop starting in 431 and SC in 439 and it greater quantity than they are right now - and yet the opposite, more mats required, is what's happening? I agree that something needs to be done about the inflation of gold talent prices, but an increase in required mats past guardian is so not necessary they're hard enough to get as it is. I'd prefer to see the drop rates of gold talents increased in dungeons to give more people motivation to run those instead of farming legion / iod solo being the optimal thing to do.

What EM Patch Note are you referring to? We're getting both patches 10/26, url="https://essentialmana.com/news/1123-patch-note/"]11/23[/url], and some of 12/07 from KTera. We had already received the buff portion of Guardian Legion when we got that system, most patches are frankenstiens of multiple KTera Patches.

Ninja Burning heart is just being altered, but in a way it's a buff since you no longer have to angle your camera a certain way to land all three ticks per Burning Heart, now you can just stare at the boss any way you want since it only ticks once per burst.

The enchanting as EmE failed to mention is only for Guardian and Twist.
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In EU tera they spin some wheel to get the choose your hair magic ticket. (RNG)
Each hair ticket is also 9,999 fashion coupons
So I'm wondering if the prices are different or the same.

I appreciate your reply @Selenya but since I hope this company takes a different and less money-hungry route I would like an official answer from one of the staff, verifying the information. This is obviously NOT EU Tera. @CobaltDragon

KTera has the coupons as cash shop only, EU decided to use the fashion coupons for them, NA has not mentioned how they will work so yes we do need an official response but I doubt we'll get one until you can just see in-game how they will work....yay EmE.
Viticks wrote: »
  • Removed set effects from accessories and gear.

This really pisses me off =/
Spend 300k on keytrap sets to my chars and know it was reduced to nothing...

As mentioned by @TOLOVERU it was adjusted on JTera and then KTera a few weeks ago so you've had a fair amount of time, also honestly it should've been expected they would adjust past sets so they weren't better than the new content...same thing happened with Hyderad and older healer acc to force healers to use crit sets. Why would BHS keep old gear as BiS?
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In the end the heroes always wins. Just wait for the day where villians actually are the winner. Atleast for a content or two. The only point where you lose was the prologue story. In the end you got defeated (killed)

There is a theory that you the "hero" is dead after the events of prolouge IoD. Thus you are just dreaming all the stuff about arborea.

Arborea is a dream world afterall, created by Shara and Arun, makes sense.
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The person likely meant 100% keen mote that EU gets as a compensation for no double VGs. We still don't have that despite getting our vgs cut in half so you're more cucked on na than on eu.

The 100% mote drop was an EU regional change, not a compensation, just like the double VGs were basically a regional change for NA due to the length of it. It confuses me why people think just because EmE decided to 180 and make the double VG as a random event (which sucks btw just wanna add that even tho it's been said many times) that they'll change the mote drop to match?
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I think a perm fiery halo would be better as an event reward, don't you? (as long as it could be chosen, not random)

Either way I would love it, as well as the blue fiery halo.

This is the only ID I could find with a translated name, the rest of the IDs aren't named yet however I could post them if this one doesn't work or is temp.

Both temp and perm blue fiery halo are in the game files.

Yes as I mentioned the IDs are there just not translated or given a description to differ between temp and perm, which is why I provided the only one with any name/description at all.
The whole chain system is bad. There's a delay on the prompt to use the next skill, some classes just have awful built-in chains that you shouldn't do and are unable to change. It is MUCH faster and smoother to just press the next skill you're going to be using instead of using the chain system.

I personally have changed my chain key off of spacebar because I like to use that key to jump and I've only ever used the chain system twice, to retaliate after being KD'd (which in PvP it's probably better to have it bound and press the skill itself rather than rely on the chain) and back when Priests had 5 buffs and I was lazy to press all the buttons at the start of a fight so I made a chain to go from one buff to the last and just had the essential buffs ready for after a res.

Now unless that system was reworked for console (which I doubt) it would be better to ignore this system altogether. Considering some PC players, and decent ones at that, use a controller you should be fine manually using the skills.
Are you sure your Assault Stance is dropping after you use evasive roll? There has been a known bug for probably over a year of Stances (both on Warrior and other classes) turning off yet still appearing on after teleporting, it's best to always check your stats before starting a fight just in case the bug hits you.
Here is our resident translator god Loriri's wall'o'text of the whole quest.

I'd quote it but again it's a very large wall of text and there are some other posts in that thread .-. Also this story may or may not change when it gets translated for our region, but it'll still involve dragons and Velik getting roasted.
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I just like to point out the a fact that nobody seems to mention, that is the reason the vanguard reward was halved is because the number of daily vanguards doubled from 8 to 16. Now i don't agree with this idea because that means all they did was make you do more work for the same rewards. Also agree with you about ps4/xbox they may draw in some new players but most will likely have come from pc making the pc version lose population.

*facepalm* That's not even close to the reason, and that applied to all regions where the double VG was a NA specific perm "event" which as mentioned above was removed just to give it back to us as a fun mix-up >.>
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Norafin wrote: »
Now if only someone had made a training run or the que would pop in ever...

all pvp players wanna do is kill lesser geared players with high ping. ( u actually want to pk lowbies but u cant, HA!)

and being a pvp only player is your choice. you chose not to take part in pve events.

I'm assuming you quoted the wrong person since what Norafin said had nothing to do with PvP. Not all PvPers want to kill lesser geared players, probably the ones that want the 65 restriction removed but eh. It would be fantastic if gearing opportunity was split for both sides of play since you do still need gear to PvP, there isn't a reason why you should block pvpers out of content.
Catservant wrote: »
I think a perm fiery halo would be better as an event reward, don't you? (as long as it could be chosen, not random)

Either way I would love it, as well as the blue fiery halo.

This is the only ID I could find with a translated name, the rest of the IDs aren't named yet however I could post them if this one doesn't work or is temp.
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It is quite pathetic that still some keep making forum threads comparing EU's content with NA's content. If those like more the EU's content, why don't they just play the TERA EU instead to make non useful EU comparisons threads on this forum.

Because high ping and restarting from scratch?

Yes it's stupid to keep comparing everything EU does to NA but same was done a few years back afaik when EU had a bad image. People would like some more interesting content to keep things going between patch cycles as we wait the long process from Korea and EU has been able to do that with creating custom extreme modes of dungeons, while here on NA we have our VG rewards halved and return to us in "events" Hrm....
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Also, you seem to be unaware but the brawlers/lancers have the lowest gain bonus for contribution points out of everyone while they do so much in return for other players when tanking/providing back crits/debuffs for other classes and trust me that you need to work hard as a tank to get the quests done ( i am already seeing less tanks around by the way and it is no wonder since the other classes get more points for less gear and less effort ).

And i can understand that bots should be destroyed on sight because they can ruin games in so many ways ( BNS left me speechless ) but then again why do i get hit almost as hard with +7stormcry armor compared to a bot with +0 guardian?

Lancers actually have a decent contribution bonus, played right they can be right under DPS Healers (especially if played in back-crit setup, which of course spins the boss around and can cause issues, but some bosses aren't even tanked anyways so people would be used to it).

As mentioned previously most of the attacks are HP % based meaning you'll take roughly the same damage regardless of your armor, more so if you have more hp modifiers on your gear. The Blue Legion Mission bosses have really easy to dodge attacks (aside from the fireballs during the Bastion Mission which can go in random areas), much more easier than the Crab's attacks imo. I usually just spam the two Blue missions, swapping to the next channel when the current channel is finished and I find it much quicker and less painful then doing the green missions.
The problem was Zerk Tank was a sloppy bandaid to the lack of tanks pre-Brawler release at 65. It wasn't really well thought out to put a class that has most of it's damage output in charge skills in FRONT of the boss where you're required to block. On top of that Berserker is probably the squishiest heavy armor class, and it's base endurance even makes the leather armoured warrior laugh at it due to Dstance providing an endurance buff. The only good thing that came out of that bandaid was the evasive roll and overwhelm, and maybe the insane aggro generation of i-stance allowing for assistance in very specific situations or an emergency sub tank in HH.

With Brawler release providing another tank to the pool BHS has no reason to really touch Berserker's tank stance, Awakening proves it focusing fully on the DPS output and even making Berserk a skill that only provides back damage which would be useless for tanking since you'd drop all your back damage lines. As for tanking you mentioned the basics for tanking, providing an endurance debuff in line with other tanks as well as an enrage however Berserkers need a major overhaul of how they would attack while tanking and possibly even a frontal block on a damage skill to improve their DPS as you mentioned it severely lacks in comparison to other tanks/classes.

Sadly as fun as Zerk tank could be I don't believe BHS will be looking at it anymore.
HAAYAAKD43 wrote: »
Zoknahal wrote: »
Teekz wrote: »
@Zoknahal how about you leave my daily & rep bonuses alone just cause you don't need them does not mean they do not help people who are smart enough to find a use for them. Only reason I pay for elite honestly, and for a mount elite should NOT be a flight suit or Dragon/Phoenix.

The only reason why someone would farm the old dailies, would be for the hats to be honest, hats that you can currently get through the fashion coupons, ever since they were introduced into the Federation Bill shop, and now since its going out of business, you can get them through the Fashion Coupons for the time being.

If you however are after the Black Panther mount, then elite would make it a lot faster to get because you need a specific item from each reputation vendor. But currently, its a 275 mount, and being realistic, with flying mounts around, and one you can get for free at lvl 65, no one would be interested in a ground mount with a 275 speed, only for the looks and maybe earning yourself some legacy item, which again, is not anymore, since the actual legacy version of that mount, had a 280 speed. I honestly do not see any use for the old jewelry that the old reputation merchants sell.

Elite has to have something attractive for players that wish to pay for it. Having outdated benefits that only work with outdated content, is not attractive for players seeking a QoL benefit for end game, such as doubling the rewards for Vanguards for being elite. In the long run, speaking from a business standpoint, EME would make more money by making elite more attractive to this specific part of the playerbase, rather than keeping it the way it is, and constantly getting threads like this to implore for a change on Elite.

FWIW I have been conducting user interviews and research on how I could better make Elite useful by focusing on multiple player types (such as brand new players, leveling players, PvP players, dungeon players, etc...) and coming up with lists of things that focus on each player type. Unfortunately, many of the things are tied to what I can get from existing items/buffs (requesting new features/items takes quite a bit of time) but I will be looking to do a relaunch of TERA Elite Status soon. In the meantime, I think the consumables box and elite gift box probably can use some updating, along with a new mount. Mount changes are relatively easy, though I'll dispel that we will be giving dragons or phoenix (or flight suits for that matter - that has multiple requirements and makes it really difficult to give out) but there's a plethora of other mounts. And I agree with an earlier post, they need refreshes more often than they are getting now.

i think almost everyone would LOVe toe go-kart mount..and i think it suits eing the elite mount becaus eu can only ever ge [filtered] rarely at certain events...but those events were long ago, it made everyone very happy..GO KART mounts would be an excellent choice! maybe starting form March already?

The thing with Go-karts is that they're only permanent on the Korean version of the game since It's from a Nexon game, so acquiring them in a permanent sense here would be more difficult. However EU just got the Maplestory slimes and mushrooms available as a pet in their version where it also used to only be a KR thing due to Nexon, as well as some pets which I believe were only in JTera, EmE would have to work with Nexon/BHS I imagine to have any of those exclusives over in our region.
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rkem i think

Is there a reason you bumped three nearly two year old threads when there hasn't even been a mention of a drop event?

I miss when threads a month old got locked, always happened on the old forums not sure if it was automatic or we had some decent forum mods.
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Pages wrote: »
I agree with everything said above. No one--not even KTERA--wants this system, we only want the bonuses to every class it gave. Mostly, we want these bonuses because they make the classes feel "complete." Classes like Ninja are practically unplayable on regions other than KTERA because we lack the Attunement/Burning Heart glyph.

Of course, BHS will never acknowledge this because they don't care. They'll continue balancing around talents and we'll continue playing NA TERA like everything's fine. Longer clear times and higher difficulty for the same content.

what class do you main cause i know ninja that can out dps you. Ninja unplayable really. stop over reacting let wait and see the test server feedback. same way we behaved for the gear revamp.

The Talent System has nothing to do with the test server? What good would feedback about talismans help for an already established system that has been around for 2 years? Did you even read the topic before posting?

Yes Ninja isn't unplayable and is able to clear endgame dungeons as with all classes but they are no where near the high end in terms of DPS, whereas on KTera they can still compete with Awakened classes. Sure you know a ninja that may be able to outdps people, obviously because everyone plays at different skill levels, however when it comes to measuring dps of all the classes they fall short without the talents that make Attunement basically 0 CD.
McOnosRep wrote: »
Mnn if the balancing is never going to happen, perhaps they could instead boost dungeon drops and vanguards to compensate - two things we know EME can do....

Hah no they'd rather remove the VG reward system we had for years and return it as "fun" little time limited events. Honestly it would be great if we had some regional changes to make the longer fights worth it but when it comes to that we're just shouting into an empty room.

I can just see it eventually the power creep with talents and balancing will reach the point where BHS will design some enrage timer that will be needlessly difficult for our region maybe even impossible, maybe then they'll realize they dun goof'd.
Healers always get shafted but where are we losing HP%? Yes we are losing healing/endurance depending on what you rolled which sucks but tbh I've come to expect that from DPS, along with the heal nerf on most of the skills come Awakening, but hey Priest now heals by just breathing ay? :|

The endurance line from gloves are being placed onto the chest piece, endurance and healing from rings are lost however some of the skill bonuses look like they'll help out, we still have yet to see how things play out with the test server. I'm still unsure where you see we'll be losing 5.5% HP, and even if we're losing it so are tanks and DPS and honestly we need the HP pool to go down a bit to make up for our healing nerfs.
The Talent System sucks, plain and simple. It's a terrible grind that is loved over in the east but not here in NA, and it puts an even larger gap between newer players, players who take a break during the dead 3-4 months waiting for the next content, and players who just grind.

What would've been amazing was BHS sticking to their word and not balancing the game around the Talent System however they decided to do so, resulting in a massive damage difference between KR and every other region which leads to long and annoying boss fights. An example would be RKEM on KTera is cleared ~5 minutes without slaying while on NA it's ~7 minutes with slaying (just examples I'm not entirely sure of the average clear times).

Really the only way to fix it would be for BHS to entirely remove the system altogether, which probably won't happen. Or make some of the heavy impacting talents into passive skills which can be distributed to other regions, which sadly also probably won't happen. You honestly do not want this system, but you want the enhancements it gives because without those the game isn't balanced for our regions.
Nice feedback, but Eme once again has nothing to do with this and will put out whatever big daddy BHS decides, or rather, what it does not decide, regardless of the proposal or not. In fact, I highly doubt this will even be brought up to subject of talk

EME has decided to skip the entire reintroduction of dungeon patches before (KDHM and FI/FIHM in the last 6 months.) They have what looks like full discretion over console. I don't see how they can't pass this feedback on (wishful thinking, I know.)

They probably have a lot of control over console, but every region skipped the reintroduction of those dungeons. EU had FI return as an event dungeon since they've been working on those types of things to fill in time between patches.
While Gameforge actually logged on their characters and took screenshots, EME just decided to once again half [filtered] everything and steal a video from a youtube of someone showcasing the hair styles :+1:

What you have stated is not what occurred. The uploaded Youtube Videos showing the new Hair Styles were created and uploaded by us.
I stand corrected. After getting more information on this, I did find out that we asked Nexon to share their videos with us, which they agreed to do. Sorry for the prior misinformation.

Wow, I....wow.
Doubtful that anything we say will even sway BHS in their decisions, but they are hosting a PTR on KTera since they are also upset about this system and how it's also massively negative for new players.

Also when you reach T4 Talismans you won't really be using the current lines we have now it'll mostly be pure skill changing lines unless you need CDR or ASpeed (both of which are nerfed btw) instead. They wouldn't just add these lines to our existing setup because they want to combat the power creep (that Talents also contributed to >.>) and adding skill changing lines on top of weapon lines and non-nerfed CDR and ASpeed is creating more of a power creep rather than fighting it.
Male Brawler does have the same animations as Female Brawler yes, even the death animation.

However BHS makes more money and spends less time creating female classes, this was released possibly as another test to see if it's worth creating male classes, now that it's finally reaching every region they can look at how it played out and decide if they want to continue with males or scrap that idea altogether. It's up to the consumers now.
ElinLove wrote: »
Would be interesting to have some more dungeon mechanics where the pull can be useful (also some cage mechanics still make great use of it, if for any reason the player is far from it, from some other mechanic or whatever reason, Priest can pull inside from what, 20m wasn't it?)

Cage mechanics make the pull amazing, also during the Imperator fight you could use pull to glitch out an attack so...kind of a mechanic right? :^)
Margarethe wrote: »
Unsure if this was mentioned before in this thread.
However, EME will never be able to fully endorse the use of the DPS meter due to ToS.
The desired reply of "It's fine, you can use it." from EME will never be achieved.

They will whenever the meter BHS puts into the base game releases ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
MistyTera wrote: »
So now you know why EME/BHS forbids the use of DPS meters.

Except your wrong, BHS allows meter usage and are allowing other regions to implement their own to combat the exact stupidity you're spewing out in long painful to read posts. EmE pulls the whole "don't be a [filtered] and harass people with it" stance, even after the whole third-party fiasco. They even allow you to report people using it: just see that valk that got banned for doing 11m/s in KC, the meter was posted by SOMEONE NOT BANNED and it instigated the investigation, however the ban was not because they used meter.
tisnotme wrote: »
Xristosx wrote: »
unless theres a mysterious unlikely patch this week.
guessing you haven't read the top of the screen lately then , its on all pages
There will be a TERA PC Maintenance on Thursday (2/22) from 8-11 a.m. PST
been up there a few days now too

Weekly Maint =/= Patch

As of the past month or so Maint has been pushed from Tuesday to Thursday and EmE posts that message at the top of forums to inform people of it.
Xristosx wrote: »
Actually Feb. 31st. Get it right.


Only 28 days in this month this year. :#

Xristosx wrote: »
I think everyone just needs to be patient, EME has a development roadmap that they say whats coming out. They promised january so it'll be out in january.

that image was photoshopped

Thx Capt. Obvious
@Vanellope "We" in the sense of the playerbase for every region, I'm sure something can be said about every skill that people find annoying about it and would like it changed/removed/made invisible.

It's not like you have a say either, even if you learned Korean and talked to the developers.
Priest pull actually has it's uses and come awakening the iframe on it becomes a lot more usable instead of the fraction of a second it is now, I'm sorry you've encountered a troll priest but if we're going to start changing skills due to how annoying they are to certain people we'd never stop.
The grind feels less tiresome because we're given highlighted weekends to grind since that's the only time VG rewards are offered, killing off any of the already low activity in any endgame dungeons.

I'm so glad that if someone is unable to farm during the limited event times given that they basically have nerfed rewards, whereas before you could farm anytime and would benefit from a regional change we had.

Also only EU is offered the 100% keen mote drop rate and it wasn't simply because they didn't have constant double VGs, it's just one of the regional changes they have.
Kirely wrote: »
Ketoth wrote: »
Using the normal noctenium will increase the lag
Reason: it need update your noctenium count everytime you use a skill. From some testing i did : having less items in your inventory reduce this type of lag.

You wont see this lag with blue noc.

Well, i just tried with blue nocts and that's the graph of my net:


Mid part is when i started to spam skills with blue nocts

It happens the same with the nocteniums in battleground

Also wanna add that i tried also with inventory totally empty and both normal and blue nocts, still getting lag spikes

The only solution is to not have ANY noct in your inventory and use blue/gold noct. Even if you have the blue/gold noct buff the game still opens your inventory to look at the noct stack if you have one to look at, continuing to cause lag.

Thanks BHS!
Catservant wrote: »
JasonTERA wrote: »
jut FYI, both you and your friend do not need to kill the last boss together in order to get friendship. One can stay at the entrance(in the dungeon), the other one goes clear the dungeon. Both will still get the friendship points.

Interesting...Does anyone know if it also will count toward ach for clears?

Achievements require you to near the boss as the fight begins and as the fight ends, this is one of the contributing factors to why title achievements sometimes don't match with your clear count for endgame dungeons because you may have dc'd at the start of the fight but were there for the rest of it. Other times it's just the achievement not registering the clear for some reason aside from BHS coding at it's finest :+1: .
CornishRex wrote: »
Pages wrote: »
Vanguard Rewards weren't nerfed. You used to get double tokens and double boxes (24 tokens/2 enchanting crates). 12 tokens and 1 enchanting crate is what every region gets for these Vanguards, but NA had a double vanguard event for a really long time so everyone just forgot that it was an event and thought it was normal.

I think it's fine how it is now, I just wish we had 100% Keening Dawn mote like EU.

When something runs constantly for almost 3 years you can't really call it an event.
It was a balance change done for the region we're in to fit the needs of this specific region. EU has tradeable essences for example and the 100% keen mote, I don't see them calling it an event, just a balance change done by their publisher because they think their customers/players will like it.
Now it was nerfed for no reason whatsoever and is being brought back as an """event"""", which is just [filtered] imo.

This. The double VG rewards was our region specific change to ease the Korean style grind and was applied back when we had severe feedstock issues, now that has been removed and as always there has been silence on loot changes in dungeons and no mention of when the VG shop will be updated, as well as very slow progress on updates to any other shops such as the Rewards Emporium and the Fashion Coupons (scheduled for this month, most likely releasing last minute, let's hope it works).
Complaining about complaints :+1:
Preeest wrote: »
( let me just add im not talking about when we get server wide lag, tera staff ended that and im pretty sure we wont be seeing that in the future.)

Also they ended the current lag caused by the event, but there will always be lag issues and we will definitely see it in the future since this is an online game, especially given BHS' track record and the fact EmE's hamsters aren't fed enough or were fed too much and are just too fat to spin the wheel.
CNEXX7P76C wrote: »
thats why I hate this "community" bunch of cheaters, that includes the hackers and people using Proxies(not VPNS)/Injectors.
Always ruining everything for everyone, Cant wait fr the console version.

BHS designs an event system that causes god awful lag and delay after it runs for a short amount of time, this system is also not tested on BOTH NA and EU servers before running it for the public but yes it's the community's fault.

Hope you enjoy your god awful console port with it's 0 FPS!

Wew yea, the kill count certainly is something.
AxeI wrote: »
Sadly this game takes any chance they can to shove people Elins down our throats. And it has turn into a bigger nuisance with the new loading screens.

First off the loading screens are because they just did a contest for the ELIN gunner release, of course there's going to be Elins on it and those artists deserve to have their work displayed.

The game isn't "shoving" Elins down your throat it just feels that way to you because you always see it due to the marke. Why do you always see it? Well that's because it's the most popular race whether it's due to looks or class advantages. NA originally marketed Castanic Female by having Jelena as the front for everything, the icon for the launcher is still that, but the community veered more towards Elins so it's logical that they aim more towards that race as it's their largest audience.
You don't need healing though, stop facetanking everything and you're good.
Holy sweet hell I can't even read this thread just the topic name makes me want to slam my head into a wall x.x
do you really believe if they make such change someone will grind it less? Lol
my point is that new players upon reaching 65 shoukd know at least basic things about dungeons and their class. Ive met plenty of crying new players complaining that they were kicked because "they were learnimg". At this point party doesnt demant a lot except holding agro and healing/ cleanse, which means thst most part (not all ofc) just didnt that very minimum of their role. At 65 you should learn specific dung mechanics, but have to know minimum about your class. KR is a fun i dont argue with this but brainless grind. And new players dont gwt any skill doing it.

Your point is moot because reaching endgame with little to no knowledge about dungeons or your class has always been a thing, way before the original Kumas and this Kumas existed. That's half on the player and half on the game with the leveling process being so quick (which is amazing for alts but crappy for new players) and dungeons not providing information and requiring little effort.
Penari wrote: »
With any luck... once they finish the console port the staff may have more time to address the community again and respond to posts more often. The console port has taken alot of their attention away from PC players i'd assume.

Even if they can respond to posts more often with the Console release finished EmE are not developers and don't have a say in what will happen with class availability. Sure they can pass on the request to BHS but when it comes to classes I believe BHS looks more at sales than anything, else with all of NA's complaints alone we'd have less female restricted classes (even though male outfits probably barely make a profit compared to female outfits).
Digivolve wrote: »
Xristosx wrote: »
No, Cooperative content doesn't give you the right to be a massive C.
When pvp on a PvP server is enabled everywhere except places where there are actually people :/

An event designed to help people gain gear exp so they can gear, also an event where you earn rewards based on contribution towards the mobs/bosses.

Sure enable pvp when they do a guardian mission arena where it's a LMS :+1:
They currently don't have a Tera CM to host said streams, same thing happened with the gaps between Tonka-Danicia and Danicia-Spacecats. Chill m8 they'll stream soontm
clfarron4 wrote: »

The first thing that strikes me is there are listed rewards which I'm not even sure are being applied. These are:
1) Daily Bonus Quest Increase: What is it? and What does it apply to?
2) Valkyon Responses from IMS: It's a listed reward, and it doesn't get rewarded anymore. You used to get "Valkyon Response" boxes for completing a dungeon with IMS. I remember that I did used to get Valkyon Response IVs from IMS when completing level 65 dungeons, but I don't remember when the last time I got one was.
3) Monthly Account Rewards: As far as I'm aware, we don't get a "monthly reward".

Then there's the stuff that looks good until you realise how it works:
4) Quester's Gold Boost: This applies only to Story and Area Quests. Doesn't apply to VGs, making it practically useless for a level 65 player.
5) Gold Hunter Boost: I'm not sure there are any monsters/npcs in game that you would kill on a regular basis that drops gold any more. Last one I remember was the gold box in Bathsymal Rise, and that gold drop got nerfed to the point where using a Gold Boost was pointless.
6) Reputation Boost: Unless this applies to Guardian Missions and the rewards, this died a death when Bellacarium and Killing Spree credits were killed off.

As someone that mostly (but not always) runs PvE content, the dungeon entries, nostrums and Crystalbind are the bits that matter to me, because they're part and parcel of what I use. For PvP players that mostly run BGs on the other hand, these three items are pretty useless, and I know a few players in this situation that don't subscribe to Elite status because of these. I don't know about people that like to hang out in VO or PvP during Open World events, so I won't comment.

Crafting Speed is, well crafting speed. Less time crafting means more time to [filtered] kill stuff.

I am having a load of fun on my Gunner bombing around in BGs though, so I might end up in the same position as many of the PvP players in BGs, where I'd actually be better off without it because it wouldn't benefit me.

Are EME considering making tweaks to Elite Status?

1) This was back when we had faction daily quests, Non-Elite are only allowed to do 10 quests while Elite members can do 20. This hasn't been useful since FoA release as there aren't enough BG dailies to even hit 10, all the factions are level 60 and never updated, and the only 65 factions are Vanguard + Guardian Legion which both don't use daily quests.

2) I kinda miss Valkyon Responses since they were at least something for whenever you did IMS, but they were removed shortly after Alliance removal.

3) Elite used to get a monthly reward which people would always complain about, especially if it was a bag of diamonds heh.

4) Yeap, sadly gold boost doesn't apply to VG quests, only normal/daily quests (which once again aren't really done unless you're bored)

5) To combat Korean bots all the gold was removed from loot, great idea to keep this in play :+1:

6) Reputation Boost is actually one of the useful Elite perks, this applies to Vanguard rewards and you earn double the listed VG credits, however it doesn't apply to Guardian Legion.

As for your spreadsheet there are a few things I want to point out:
As mentioned the Rep Boost is useful
The craft speed is useful (before someone comments yes EU has 99% but honestly either one is fine for me)
Elite NEVER gave double VG rewards or quest limit (we always had a 2x VG reward event which EmE recently turned off and the quest limit has been the same for all Elite/Non-Elite players, 8 (total, differing between pve/pvp/misc) at the start then 16) and
The reward system isn't really specific to Elite except for the fact that purchasing elite with your own cash will give you points/credits but that's because you're giving EmE cash just like purchasing EMP.

Overall yea Elite is sort of losing it's charm but it's just another item tossed into a pile of things that need touching up.
McOnosRep wrote: »
Yeah this is even worse that I feared.

Not only are we overall getting FAR less than before, now with "events" I have had several friends and guildies tell me they have decided its not worth playing on non-event days. So now on non-event days we have far less people about and LFGs

One of the major issue with NA TERA was that events were so OP it wasn't worth doing dungeons, so EME solution is to make it so that we have the same issue with dungeon vanguards????

This approach really makes no sense whatsoever...

Because it isn't worth playing on non-event days now. Previously we had these "events" on naturally and due to that turning it off was basically a nerf to the game as nothing has been done about dungeon drops or in-game shops.

But hey this is all fun and hype because it's an "event" :+1:
There's only really 2 markers sadly, and that's the 3 and 8 VG completion reward. Aside from those two you can't really tell how many past 8 you've done unless you have manually kept count, it's Tuesday and you have the 16 weekly VG reward count still, or until you've hit 16 and capped out that day.
Norafin wrote: »
Hm, I just noticed that the powerlinks for both Metamorphic Blast and Shocking Implosion get consomed upon their first use, is this normal? I mean for SI it doesn't matter, but for MB it does.
Doesn't happen for Final Reprisal.

Most powerlinks only work for the first use, Final Reprisal most likely doesn't due to it's ability to reset. Either way you usually use MB more for chaining into FR than for the damage boost (but popping it after TN is always welcome) and come awakening it'll be used for it's crit buff :+1:
Catservant wrote: »
Bankaidz wrote: »
I stopped with this game, the guys left open for over 40 minutes where they had people who ran more than 400k rewards credits, ended the brokerage.

Read this 6 times, still can't figure out what you are trying to communicate. I assume the "guys" are EME? Left what open for 40 minutes? And I would think I would recall a scandal involving people earning 400k Reward credits, but I don't. (Doesn't mean it didn't happen, just saying I have absolutely no clue what you are talking about) Can you give me a time frame when this happened? Or do you mean a different currency than Reward credits? Not that I recall this happening with any other currency either... :/

Does this ring a bell for anyone else out there? I admit to being intensely curious as to what this person could possibly be referencing.

The code was able to be entered over and over for a little while, I don't believe it was as long as 40 minutes though. Depending on how fast you were you could've made a decent amount of credits but I doubt 400k worth, either way the credit shop is useless without rank 8/10 and even then it's still useless as it's content they've added and forgotten.
Ves1978 wrote: »
if it's gonna make people less sad, this event is a disaster, FIHM drops DW mats, FINM drops ambush mats...

From the streams I saw they also had the old jewelry/brooch loot (as advertised) as well as some other things, also it allows people to experience FIHM again as we sadly skipped it due to the patch compacting. DW Mats also allow people to save meta tokens so they can more easily make SC gear. Doesn't really seem like a disaster to me.
Neither here nor there, but this used to be the rule when Minea and all were the mods here too, because technically it's in violation of the EULA (clause 2f). Minea's way was "if it's against the EULA, you can't post it on the forum." I guess whoever the new moderators are follow the previous interpretation of the rules. (Whether this should be against the rules or not is another story...)

While .ini edits are basically one of the best ways to improve performance on this god awful lack of optimization, sadly there are issues like this of course.

However another alternative they could've done was just edit the post to remove the forum violation as they did but also keep it open since that person STILL didn't receive an answer and they will STILL have issues.
Rise thread, RISEEE! A Necromancer has called you back to life!
Chandeliwr wrote: »
Now hahahah I would LOVE to see these people getting 8 boxes every mission and making top 5. Either lying or...lying.

I'm sorry you're unable to DPS efficiently so you resort calling others liars. I love to dps priest and I even do a fair bit of contribution in tryhard endgame dungeon runs although obviously not nearly as close as a dps or the old dps mystic but enough to show I know my rotation and glyph setup.

Want some pictures of me getting first place, sure:
unknown.png - I admit the others here probably weren't that geared
unknown.png - I actually arrived late to this mission they were already on the boss around 70%
unknown.png - A tie but still first nonetheless.

These are just a few pictures I took to share with a friend, if you want I can happily provide you with a few more once I do my missions tonight.
phantazum wrote: »
Good for you, you are happy receiving a reward for half your work while dps get rewarded for 100%.
"I play a healer and I think healing would be boring"
Yet you play a healer? You are about as moronic as the people who created this event.

As for your selective reading, both CornishRex and I specifically stated that healing these GUARDIAN MISSIONS would be boring as there isn't anything special about them.
Healer DPS is fine for this event, and honestly it would be a bore to heal as the boss mechanics are extremely easy to dodge or recover naturally from, also just spamming my healing skills on people with full HP just to get contribution sounds awful when instead I could be DPSing and burning the boss down quicker.
L5A3HKWKNM wrote: »
the supports are more cucked as their dps arent really dat high.

This is untrue as Priests and Mystics have had an open world BAM damage buff for awhile now, and it was just increased by 20% this patch. They also gain more contribution points per damage compared to some DPS classes (BHS is continuing to rework the contribution scores so it will change in future patches). It is currently extremely easy to complete your 40 boxes as a dps healer, and aside from a random healing circle or Thrall of Life healing nearby people all DPS/Tanks should be able to survive the mechanics themselves, it is part of the game to learn boss mechanics so you can better deal with them. Even if you do die the resurrect point isn't that far off anyways, so you can always quickly get back into the fray.

Now if BHS designed this event with actual support mechanics in mind this would be a different story, but that itself would also come with it's own issues seeing as how limited healing contribution could be. Anyways that isn't really the case though.
The maps look the exact same o.o

But if anything you might be talking about the size restriction based on how many guilds attend CU, fewer guilds smaller space. It was something we should've had awhile back but thankfully it never came over, although with the last patch it might've iunno, those images still look the same to me.
This weekend is a highlight event for Broken Prison.

Lose double VG for everything and get a highlight event for one thing instead a+
Margarethe wrote: »
CornishRex wrote: »
Arwen wrote: »
Expect the worst nerf yet to come, as on NA is patch 63 while on EU is patch 64 and there I'm already struggling with the [filtered] 5 mins vow and a 15 mins CD (6 mins CD with all the cdr's possible (included the superior noct)). Everytime I die and i know i did vow i'm wondering why the [filtered] I don't have res....
Worst nerf ever in this game in all the years I've been playing. GG Tera.

Yeah, this is ridiculous. It really had made playing mystic not fun at all...and when my group that I static with is learning content, we have to continuously start over now :/ They need to put it back how it was.

It's almost as if mystics are supposed to be the harder healer to play with a bigger reward to the party or something...

According to what I read in another thread previously, the cooldown is supposed to be lowered by the talent system, making the actual effect time longer than the cooldown.

Otherwise, tank/dps' will learn with a priest and later switch to a mystic.

Vow only has a reset talent, which has a chance to proc when someone reses with vow.
metagame wrote: »
no, it's not. no other version of the game has its players complaining about their vg rewards, and if any do it's because they compare it to ours

No other version is complaining about their VG rewards because they all have regional changes such as dungeon loot to keep things moving, EmE has completely avoided every topic about dungeon loot and are taking months to work on in-game shops. Instead they remove something that has been ongoing for over a year just so they can play around and return it to us as "fun events"....
Male Brawler is still the same brawler with all the same animations and skills and skill effects just.....male human. Yes male human with even the sexy death animation. Doesn't really need a promo page please stop promoting them to do promo pages for every little patch that happens, maybe then we'll get them earlier instead of the troll last day possible they've been doing >.>
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
I have seen a priest being 1st at guardians yesterday doing dps with back crits and stuff even though some of the other players there were known PvErs clearing HMs and such ... So it is possible to be at the top with priest as well?

Yes it's really easy to be in the top spots as a healer due to our open world BAM damage boost, you just need to be familiar with the dps playstyle and, as everyone should be, familiar with the boss so you don't need to heal very often (that means dodge things you know will either hit a lot or delay your own damage output, which should be what DPS are doing anyways).

I hold top spots during missions on both my priest and mystic however I also clear endgame content so take that however you want.
Ray676 wrote: »
literally turned february a couple hours ago. sit your little elin butt down

You'd think an "event" that starts on February 1st would've been planned and posted before February 1st.
papy10k wrote: »
who matters, pvp is dead. you gonna get mad because someone is doing more dps than you ? lmao pve stuff i guess
In before people only read the first sentence of your post and start flaming.

Only took a few hours.
ElinLove wrote: »
Melyodis wrote: »
If you soulbound dyads to let say stormcry weapon like i did and lets say you sold it like i did if you kept the old dyads in bank you can just put them back on when you get back a stormcry weapon which i find is very convenient as the names are the same you bind to before.

hhhmmm is it tho? As far as I know it binds to the weapon itself, which has an unique ID code, your own weapon's ID code.
Same with costumes, they don't bind to your name, they bind to your character ID. Bank costume, delete character, create another same race one with same name, retrieve from bank = junk. In other hand name change = still works (and even the "Soulbound to " changes to new name)

Well, you did it in the end, so test it out if you may, and let's see the results.

Dyad binding is different than regular soulbinding, it binds to the item name meaning if you play 7 priests and they all carry a stormcry staff you can just bank one set of dyads between all of them and they'll go into each weapon.
Tfw people have been used to a bug for so long they complain when it goes back to it's half-intended function.
Arwen wrote: »
Expect the worst nerf yet to come, as on NA is patch 63 while on EU is patch 64 and there I'm already struggling with the [filtered] 5 mins vow and a 15 mins CD (6 mins CD with all the cdr's possible (included the superior noct)). Everytime I die and i know i did vow i'm wondering why the [filtered] I don't have res....
Worst nerf ever in this game in all the years I've been playing. GG Tera.

We already have the Vow nerf....we're on the same patch as EU....also superior noct doesn't decrease cooldowns, but yea the vow change sucks but I think it gets bumped up to a 10 minute duration around/after the awakening update rip
VirtualON wrote: »
So one year ago we had 2.5 months gap between Ktera and the world. And now it increased to 4-5 months again. No wonder this poor game is dying.

Before that Ktera was 6 months ahead so.....it fluctuates depending on how builds are bundled, and it's the same for any game that isn't published in North America or whatever region you play on/reside in. Builds take time to transfer out of the main region they're developed in.
Honestly don't know why you expected BHS to actually give healers points for ykno....healing. It's always been the same for almost every event released it's all damage based contribution, thankfully healers have a damage buff towards open world BAMs so we're not completely screwed. I always enjoy DPS priesting so it's nothing new to me, holding top spot in most of the missions I go to and got my 40 boxes in little to no time :+1: .
> @counterpoint said:
> Kreuziger wrote: »
> IF Eme change it, I wonder ¡what is the point of having Elite status?
> I don't think this change will have any impact on Elite, as vanguard rep/gold/etc. were never doubled by Elite (although some people have requested it from time to time).

There's no point in having the extra VG quests that elite gives every day if the rewards are not worth grinding for, I think that's what he means.

Elite doesn't provide extra VG quests, unless you're referring to the extra dungeon entries which result in more dungeon vanguards?
FIHM truly is forsaken, rip.
LXM6H9H4JH wrote: »
Partyblast wrote: »
It's just an error on formatting from EmE's part, the buff is for the class in general and applies to all skills not just those, especially considering Vow doesn't do damage xd

To add to this, the Gameforge Patch Notes list them out as distinct items, not linked to either skill.

On a semi-related note, the EU patch notes also have Titanic Favor and Arun's Cleansing Touch as affected by the range change for Mystic, not Titanic Favor and Sharan Bolt, as the EME ones currently do.

The Sharan Bolt in particular is making me boggle. If they are fixing Volley of Curses, sure, that would make sense, since that also seems to be suffering from the lock-on mess, but the basic click attack?

Yea just a format issue, they didn't hit enter to go to the next bullet point and left it under the last skill.

But lol I didn't notice the Sharan Bolt instead of Cleansing Touch haha, honestly it's to be expected that EmE's notes are going to have issues since it happens every patch :shrug:.

Here's the KTera Translated Patch Note for what we just got, some things can be ignored of course as we don't have the talent system active, and we may have already had the dungeon loot changes which was all the hoo-ha last month, but either way it's probably in effect now.
Sylous wrote: »
Reads to me that the skills themselves deal 20% extra damage, that's it.
JasonTERA wrote: »
20% buffs are only for priest and mystic themselves(when they attack monsters), according to KTERA patch note.

It's just an error on formatting from EmE's part, the buff is for the class in general and applies to all skills not just those, especially considering Vow doesn't do damage xd
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The only issue with Partyblast's post is that this is from Korea's Patch Notes. According to @seandynamite on stream from Friday, he said he believed they would leave it like the Elin Gunner, and that they wouldn't let you swap anything around. I'm assuming this is a Publisher decision. Yes it's possible, but it sounds like EME doesn't plan on allowing it.

So EmE will only make regional changes to harm their profit from lack of gender/race/name changes and disallow the player base to swap their brawlers but drag their feet in making regional changes to help the player base such as shop changes or even improving loot, okay then. He also referenced the "Guardian Legion" content as a fancy new GM tool before so :shrug:.
Jerichow wrote: »
I don't think it'll happen - not only because of costuming issues, but also because of name issues. I wouldn't be able to gender-swap my brawler to male without the name being entirely off.

"Seira" is not a male name.

Name change vouchers exist, that is an awful argument as to why we shouldn't be allowed to gender change just because you picked a "female" name.
According to our amazing translator Loriri, you can gender/race change existing Brawlers.

Patch Note
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I would rather have the 90% drop rate on Keening Dawn Motes(Like EU has had for over a year(?)) than the double Vanguard Credits and BAM tokens.

Quality of Life > Extra couple days to get Rare Glyphs/Etchings
My opinion on the is firm af boi

Totes QoL on solo content and screw over group content :+1: >.>
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Taldek wrote: »
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Partyblast wrote: »
Aluh wrote: »
I might be wrong , but iirc they do RKEM without having to slay while we do.

Naw you're right, the bosses are all designed around the damage output of a player with talents, and so are all class balances (healer res nerf, arush nerf etc etc). Honestly there wouldn't be such a fuss if other regions weren't screwed over because BHS decided a system was too "buggy" but continues to use it anyways.

The system is trash and I doubt anyone really REALLY wants it for the grind aspect but we simply want it because the scaling of the game is going off of something we're not able to use and it's making boss fights artificially longer making us use more consumables and punishing us harder if we make a mistake. All the while our region gets little to no regional changes making these dungeons not worth running so everyone and their mother is either afk or in low tier dungeons.

If they brings talent system to our region then it needs some changes first.

The talent system needs a cap and that must be on a level that new players can catch to other players in a fair ammount of time and not months and hundreds of hours of playing the game.

The talent system makes you focus most of your efforts on a single character, rather than allowing you to make progress to the top with all the classes you may like to play and master.

Add a perma x3/x4 talent xp rate, like double vanguards. Talent points are server bound anyway. If you grind out 50 points on one character, youll have 50 points for all your characters.

So far I know each point invested levels up a Talent and each point invested is permanent which means you can't exactly move it around like we can with Glyphs, so that makes hard to invest on several characters.

I haven't looked on talents for almost 2 years so I am not sure how does that work.

As Taldek said there is a reset potion, also you don't get 50 points in total you get it per character on that server. It promotes more alts so why would it limit point spending to one character?
Aluh wrote: »
I might be wrong , but iirc they do RKEM without having to slay while we do.

Naw you're right, the bosses are all designed around the damage output of a player with talents, and so are all class balances (healer res nerf, arush nerf etc etc). Honestly there wouldn't be such a fuss if other regions weren't screwed over because BHS decided a system was too "buggy" but continues to use it anyways.

The system is trash and I doubt anyone really REALLY wants it for the grind aspect but we simply want it because the scaling of the game is going off of something we're not able to use and it's making boss fights artificially longer making us use more consumables and punishing us harder if we make a mistake. All the while our region gets little to no regional changes making these dungeons not worth running so everyone and their mother is either afk or in low tier dungeons.
The achievement was actually originally a part of Encounters and Exploration under Miscellaneous when they first released the little items in dungeons for you to find while exploring.

But regardless this is how BHS has set it up (and both BHS and EmE aren't exactly masters of consistency), considering it was retired previously so maybe they just left it in special as less work overall to do, same goes with the other original Miscellaneous achievements such as the RG achievement where you find an oddly coloured egg in Nimistrix's nest.
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