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Sure, there are lots of airheads in NA that will meme their way up with the signs and troll with the fireworks, but only for the first few days. If left alone, these people will soon stop.

Sorry Zoknahal but I have to disagree there. There are signs left over in people's inventories from years back, and we still see them used in borderline ways to meme and tease others. Reintroducing them to thousands of players wouldn't just cause a one-time surge of support tickets. It would cause a huge surge followed by a continuous trickle of contacts, permanently increasing workload. I WANT TO BELIEVE, but in the world of MMOs the trolls will never get bored of trolling, harassment will always be a factor, and the analytics we use to measure our support process agree with that.

You still see them used in borderline ways to "meme and tease others" (Honestly why would you even state it this way? There's nothing wrong with jokes and teasing from friends, it's straight up harassment you should consider and prevent, not harmless jokes which you can find in any aspect of the game that involves text) BECAUSE people can't get it out of their systems in one massive wave. Sometimes it's because the signs are still left in the merchant after a patch is released (because everything is always tested and checked amirite?) and then some people finally get the ability to use these items which are only removed in NA. What makes this region so vulnerable compared to other regions?
All 3 of the people who want male gunners will be thrilled!

This basically, and what ElinLove + Counterpoint said. The reason these classes are locked for females only is because of the $$, if you want more male classes you need to prove to them that the risk they took in opening Brawler up to Male Human (even though literally everything is a copy+paste, including the "draw me like a french girl" death animation) was worth it and that opening up more classes to males is okay to do financially.
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Sorcerer (as well as a few other classes) had a revamp awhile back, changing around some skills and their effects. Overchannel was basically changed into a skill called "Mana Boost" which now provides an attack speed buff as well as changing how some of your skills work.

Other changes:
Magma Bomb was converted into Lightning Strike, now a decent part of the Sorcerer rotation with it's reset glyph
Ice Needle was converted into Frost Sphere (I think that's the name)
Burst of Celerity is now a passive attack speed boost
Arcane Pulse had it's graphics changed and now fires two pulses (four while under Mana Boost)
Fireblast was renamed to Meteor Strike and had it's graphics updated, now includes multiple smaller strikes under Mana Boost.

I just got to lv 32 and got my Mana Boost, but for some reason the Meteor Strike doesnt change at all under Mana Boost, am i missing something?

Sorry my perspective was from 65, later on you'll learn a higher level mana boost which will change Arcane Pulse and Meteor Strike, until then it's only an attack speed and damage buff.
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I don't understand, if the dungeon is easy then you should carry if the dungeon needs all party members to know mechanics then the dungeon is not easy, again remove RG and bring back CW. Less headache more fun.

While it isn't as easy as CW, RG is still able to be classified as a low tier. Also unlike CW it actually tries to teach players some mechanics, the shield buff that needs to be removed by a healer at the start of each fight tries to show that there will be mechanics that you need to plague, among other mechanics in the dungeon. Just actually finding someone who both knows the same language as you and is actually willing to speak/listen is a rare sight in IMS. I used to actually put effort into helping people but the more people you meet who refuse to even acknowledge anything except what they're already doing just drains away any willpower to keep trying and you eventually just end up staying silent and carrying them, or becoming toxic and spewing out some nasty words.
Sorcerer (as well as a few other classes) had a revamp awhile back, changing around some skills and their effects. Overchannel was basically changed into a skill called "Mana Boost" which now provides an attack speed buff as well as changing how some of your skills work.

Other changes:
Magma Bomb was converted into Lightning Strike, now a decent part of the Sorcerer rotation with it's reset glyph
Ice Needle was converted into Frost Sphere (I think that's the name)
Burst of Celerity is now a passive attack speed boost
Arcane Pulse had it's graphics changed and now fires two pulses (four while under Mana Boost)
Fireblast was renamed to Meteor Strike and had it's graphics updated, now includes multiple smaller strikes under Mana Boost.
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The amount of packets you can send has been limited so memeslash isn't as effective as before, plus it became more detectable afaik.
Not saying you can't oneshot in pvp, which you still can.

Also technically speaking only valks and priests could memeslash. And old sorc voidpulse.

Any piercing projectile afaik, that's why in that video the archer's slow trap hit multiple times, but obviously did very little damage because it's not a damage skill.
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i have a feeling they can do more than what you
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people use for kill this wbam . drop items for stormcry . diamond . etching IV box . they just stay afk and get a notificacion of channel and location when boss respanw -
Tempest Kanash (Fyrmount)
Divine Reaver (Serpentis Isle)
Nyxarras (Sienna Canyon)
Linyphi (Vale of Spires)
Yunaras Snaggletooth (Plain of the Damned)
Betsael (Amena Quatla)

You're being pretty hopeful if you think that the mod is capable of doing that. The only thing it can do is tell if you a WBAM is loaded in your client. You'd have to be in the same channel and vicinity of the boss for it even say anything. Essentially the same if you were to have a secondary monitor with tera on it and afk while doing other stuff. Any dev can go on github and easily verify that

i think they can do more than you think or are using something else, It's pretty amazing how people find these Bosses and other BAMs during events so fast without seeming to look for them at all.

I can tell you that, I have a google doc which notifies me when it has surpassed a certain amount of time which is the earliest time for the wbam to spawn. However, it is not a hack and it is nothing unethical.

So if you find it unfair that people have advantage over you, kill a wbam and save the time you killed it to have the advantage over everyone else. That's pretty much how the monopoly works.

Google Docs are third party how very unethical of you :^)

But yea, I still find the loot WBs just fine .-. Yay more complaints and over-exaggeration about exploits, better just remove the game.
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Please reconsider the whole "gut the rewards back to x1 so I (SC) can have fun with x3 when it pleases me (SC)".

First, given the large number of time zones your player base is scattered over, inevitably there will be people who cannot participate in the "fun" times you envision. Since there are some people (according to their forum posts) who cannot play on certain days of the week (Tuesday, or Thursday, or Saturday, or whatever), as well as those for whom certain times of day won't work for them (due to work scheds or time zones), hopscotching the "fun stuff" will usually leave some people out. Having a reliable, reasonable reward for what has become a staple for the new enchant/upgrade scheme would have a more equitable outcome.

Secondly, there is that other issue--EME's notorious communications deficit. If past performance is any predictor, the lack of notice for when things are going to happen in game (always inadvertent, probably due to overtasked staff) would mean that a large number of people would not even know when the "fun" will begin, has begun or is already over. NOTE: Notice given on Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Reddit, discord, around the EME water cooler, or in a cell call to your bestie in Portland does NOT count as sufficient notice--if it is not on the news/announcement page on the website, it did not happen

Also adding on the fact EmE has issues launching events, either they don't fully turn on or end earlier than planned. This past event is an example with triple VG turning on and double drop in Pit turning on but double drop in Ghillie was hours delayed due to an issue with the launch (and the fact it launched at midnight meaning nobody was around to fix it) and then as the event ended the 2x was not reapplied. If EmE had a better track record this new "fun" idea would be better accepted but changing the perm 2x VG rewards into 1x just so they can have some "fun" and "mix it up" sounds like an awful idea, especially with the VG Reward shop not even being listed on the roadmap as a possible update and even then it will take them months to work on after the current listed changes have been completed. Not to mention the metamorphic token rewards took longer than they should've to be added and reward points ALWAYS being forgotten when added, if they can't remember their own "loyalty" system then they'll quickly forget about this new idea and constantly have issues with it.
Guardian Missions came with the priest/brawler/mystic/slayer (talent passives) class balances which are scheduled for this month (although probably the end of it just like our fancy November patch haha so fun)

Then we skip any content update for Feb in favour of two events (hmm) and a cash item release also a fashion coupon store update which who knows what EmE will surprise us with next!

Male Brawler was released after RMHM's rerelease and it hasn't been removed from KTera yet so they won't be pulling a FIHM on us don't worry, it'll arrive in March (probably the end of it again because haha)
You can list any item for any price you want, the item name AND icon are both different so it isn't a scam or trick in any way. You can clearly look at the item description and see what you are purchasing.

An Item scam is when you use two very similar items to trick someone into paying a lot of money for something near worthless, in this case the only thing similar is the fact a diamond ticket has the word "diamond", just pay attention to what you buy.
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In KTera, clearing RKEM gives player 4500 Metamorphic Token, but in our version, we get 0 tokens for clearing the dungeon, which is worse than every single dungeons out there.
Is that what they get now, or is that what they got when they were on the same patch several months ago?

That's been the reward since it was released afaik, also came on release with the EU patch.
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on mine the reward for jan 1st is a 3 day duckie footsteps

This. and it should be the same for everyone.

well no , not necessarily !
the gifts may be of the same time period suited for NA
as its 11:20am here Jan 1st already
and yesterday (which I could only clam today) I got 2 strong canephoras
todays was a dyad
tomorrow its ducks in my calendar
then a heart candy . drag scale then nocts

Well my calendar isn't letting me do that. It's just sitting there on the first's slot, and giving me a notification to claim something, but nothing is allowing me to claim anything.

Also, I see no Dyad for today's reward, so wondering where Dyad is coming to play.

For NA, the 31st reward is a dyad however it's glitched and not showing but TOMORROW Jan 1st, you can claim the reward and it'll auto accept your missing reward from the 31st

For Aus (or anyone significantly ahead in time) they weren't able to claim the 30th's reward of a Cane (since it was the 31st for them) and they claimed a dyad today (because it's the 1st for them) as well as the Cane from before.
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The current item level requirement is fine and quite okey. I personally am agreed with its requirement because I feel that request to the players to do some work in order to unlock its vanguard quest.

Yet, this is another among many complain and requests to make the game easier. The content is okey and it is not meant to be easy gearing in short of period of time and those that gave gotten endgame gear in some short time, it is because they worked a lot in the game and with their toons.

Happy New Year.

Okay, ignoring the fact that the VG rewards suck anyways and doing any other dungeon VG is better.

How is this a complaint to make the game easier? Completing Pit of Petrax at a lower iLvl than the current requirement is showing that you're putting work into your characters since you're able to complete a "tougher" dungeon than what you should be able to complete.

A complaint to make the game easier would be saying Pit is way too hard and should be nerfed because I can't kill it in my level 60 Oculus gear also I'd like it to have a 100% chance to drop 6 diamonds everytime I clear it.
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they need to add cleansing brooch into VG, why would anyone go for quatrefoil brooch on heal when its meant for dps/tanks, just cause it can also cleanse doesnt mean it was designed for debuff cleanse.

Yes they do need to add the Cleansing Brooch into the VG shop but also allow it to upgrade into a Quatrefoil. QF Brooch isn't just meant for Tanks/DPS, it's basically a power brooch so it is able to roll the increased healing line, as well as popping it for the increased Aspeed helps with resing people.
No other region ever ran the event either after the build that broke it either, so I guess it's abandoned, sadly.
EU ran the event fine around the time of our anniversary where the event "broke" on NA. This is just a random video I found with a quick google

KTera continues to run this event, just going to a KTera stream 13 days ago you can see the players participating in the event which seems to be running fine

Once again a shame it's "abandoned" but don't say no other region has ran this event.
It's "broken" on our server (and ours alone) and probably got kicked into the corner like Dreamstorm was. Shame too since the event was actually interesting from what the questions are.
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one day enmasse will update loot drops
afk til then'

honestly though how hard is it to throw in like 100 gold/20 silver talents, a bunch of extra artisantools/copperclasps/panasophicashes, and maybe a diamond to roll for every run
same goes for harrowhold lol

They have to think about it for weeks about how it'll affect the economy and then give up and just host an unscheduled BAM event giving those lucky individuals who weren't bored with the endgame all the materials they need.
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I believe that "the blast from the past" had been removed since the rewards for LV65 (or 60) were not worth at all so that they became less interested in it.

Well, this thing was great for new players and TERA itself, but if dev's have a plan to bring it back, they must add some USUFUL REWARDS for the people who participate. Otherwise, it will be dead again.

Well it was introduced as a level 60 system, so the rewards (except for Semis really) were bad at 65. With the new system change all the rewards would have to be updated anyways. That plus working out the skill issues, such as Zerks literally committing [filtered] due to overcharge or Priests being able to just pop kaias and watch their party never die, and making the Time Travel gear actually do something since it was always out performed by a low level with an avatar weapon.

The system was an amazing system in my opinion and it helped low level queues pop quicker. Back then so many people complained that dungeons were just rushed and they couldn't do the story quests, but now people complain the queues don't pop while also crying that the dungeons are rushed and they can't do story quests.....sooo :shrug: 1 issue is better than 2.

Sadly EmE themselves cannot bring this system back, perhaps they can suggest it to BHS but that involves them updating and bringing back that system so the chances of it returning are small.
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why no one talks about bgs rewards, those are USELESS AS [filtered].

People do complain that the BGs have lackluster rewards, however this isn't the thread to do so on. Create one of your own expressing your concerns and suggestions to fix it, maybe you'll have luck but it'll probably just be ignored by EmE like all the others.
The talent system is interesting but mostly just exhausting and will hurt new players more than the current game. It's an unending system that you continuously grind, any new player to the game will never catch up to people who have been playing and it will discourage them from continuing on as they'll never be able to compete in DPS.

Yes Ktera keeps balancing around that system (even if they said they don't but still gave Ktera players free talent points while testing Awakening Skills....) and it sadly affects our server with annoying clear times, but I could do without a system that will always put new players behind and make me feel like I can't catch up if I take a small break away.
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As it stands right now:

- Priest is the better Healer.
- Mystic is the better everything else.
- Priest is easy to use and learn.
- Mystic is complicated AF and learning it only gets you so far.

With the upcoming buffs:

- Priest is still the better healer.
- Mystic is the better debuff/damage support.
- Priest now has a viable crit. buff so people can stop complaining.
- Priest is still easy to learn but limited in potential.
- Mystic is still complicated but retains most versatility in the game.

The buff is a massive STHU to people saying the Priest is terrible. It never was, just people's attitudes.

Yea no, as it stands Mystics are the better healer and everything else and are insanely easy to play. Only thing difficult about them is jaunt compared to backstep but that's still not hard. Awakening doesn't really change things, Priests don't become amazing tier they just get a minor increase while Mystics still carry the advantage of being able to sit afk and complete the same job.

As it currently stands (remember BHS is probably going to continue rebalancing awakening skills until after the second wave is released) Priests provide extra power and crit with a skill that will only be available for enrages/burn phases and it's still less crit than what a mystic provides for the entire fight. We also provide a little more DR and kaias uptime which allows our team to play a bit more recklessly but disables us from running with slaying parties since two (three if we dps) of our buffs heal (Shakan is the sole survivor of the original 5 buffs having all their properties, and the DR bolt heals, if we try to dps while in Judgement we'll also heal with Shocking so wew)

Mystics now provide more power with nearly 100% uptime since ToV is on a decent CD. Wrath now provides crit power to go hand in hand with the crit aura, Wrath also deals a fair bit of damage itself along with King Thrall being able to provide more dps. All while still being able to sit off to the side staring at the party, not even having to rebuff anyone who dies or even resing the first two given they had vow.
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Inb4 unannounce bam spawn event some point on Christmas (like when servers roll over to the next day shown by calendar) like they did that 1 time on new years.

But im not holding out

They did say something on their last stream about hosting an event for New Years (ykno when most people will be busy with family and friends), but aside from that nothing else....yay.
I've been able to fully gear my character as well as get a few pieces for an alt or two each patch and I haven't spent any money. My elite is even purchased ingame.

If the every 6 months thing is what's bothering you, fear not friend because Stormcry is BiS for probably a year since it's just releasing in Ktera this upcoming summer.
Why was there a line including the fact they "removed" Quarter-Day signs from the merchant when our region doesn't normally have them (except for the few times EmE messes up and leaves them in), yet don't mention a "bug fix" by BHS which involves making Empower/Quickcarve/Quatrefoil/Marrow brooch all share a CD to fix double brooching? Are they reassuring us that the signs won't be in the merchant and nobody has to rush online to grab them within the first 15 minutes, but not mentioning an actual game mechanic change / game bug fix?
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@Spacecats you just ruined all elite - elite player can die 24 times per day and must use ccb every death. Is it your solution? If yes, then "thx"

There is a difference between "Crystalbind" which expires after protecting a crystal and "Complete Crystalbind" which remains for the full duration regardless of how many crystals it protects. This change may be awful and the whole elite "update" wasn't well thought out at all but don't go around providing false information.

However when this change does happen tomorrow and they use CBs instead of CCBs, well then they just massively screwed up on a whole new level.
Catservant wrote: »

Oh but you CAN run out. Because everything with the word "veteran" in it ends when a crystal would have broken.

So, say I'm learning a dungeon. If I die a LOT, I could easily go through all 24. in one day.

Veteran actually just represents it's untradeable status, it was the same wording used on Instance Reset Scrolls.

I just checked in game. Veteren's CCB (I have two versions in bank of Veteren's COMPLETE Crystal Bind) expire when the crystal would have. It says so, on the tooltip, anyway.

Tooltips are very inconsistent on many things, and reporting them doesn't usually get it fixed sadly. :shrug:
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@Spacecats you just ruined all elite - elite player can die 24 times per day and must use ccb every death. Is it your solution? If yes, then "thx"

There is a difference between "Crystalbind" which expires after protecting a crystal and "Complete Crystalbind" which remains for the full duration regardless of how many crystals it protects. This change may be awful and the whole elite "update" wasn't well thought out at all but don't go around providing false information.

However when this change does happen tomorrow and they use CBs instead of CCBs, well then they just massively screwed up on a whole new level.
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this is a terrible solution imo. manually using ccbs on every single one of my characters is the annoying part, the "free" ccb is negligible because they're already given out like candy.

The crystalbinds we're adding to the Elite bar will require players to use one every 3 hours. You'll need to click it less often than an Everful Nostrum and it won't take up space in your inventory.

Every 3 hours when for the past month+ people were used to never having to remember at all. Also not as good as every 12 hours which is already massively plentiful in the game.....
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Yes but then reduce your rewards by half. EU get only a half of NAs IoD rewards

From what I've heard ever since the gear update, EU's IoD has had the same rewards as us. I could be wrong however.
While I'm all for being able to acquire those achievements for people who want them (they're required to have Champion in "Progression", and I understand the feeling of just wanting that whole category complete) I find this change ridiculous.

Ignoring the fact that the CCBs given on our elite bar will be 3 hour versions instead of a 12 hour..(like, why?) You've made everyone with elite comfortable with just playing and not worrying about crystal breakage, now because we've had perm ccb for a month+ there will be plenty of people forgetting to pop CCB again and losing crystals. Sure the prices aren't all too high but this just feels like a pointless change that may or may not be used to show EmE is still "updating" Elite Status. >.>

The trend of "updating" something by removing it entirely is starting to show.
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Remember our test/Event server, Wonderholme? No? Ok then

That wasn't even an event server, that was just a test server to see if a different routing would work for the main servers due to the ongoing issues they keep having.

This is an actual event server with incentives to play on it WHILE also releasing a decent event to both that server and the main servers. I know plenty of people who keep longing for DSU to come back, and this is exactly that plus some extra.
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I have 10 clears in HM, but I'm at 0/77 for title. Any one else have this issue?

Never mind, someone just told me it only counts EM clears. >u<

Yea it's the "hard mode" of hard mode, which in my opinion is nice to work on towards the title especially considering it's only really one mechanic change. However I also agree that the title is pretty "meh" and trying way too hard to make a joke, the 9 in the boss name signifies the 9th model of the RK bot, not a dog reference.

Also the fact RK-9 isn't called "Nightmare RK-9" and instead called the dungeon name (hard) is really breaking consistency and just looks awful.
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This is why NA needs to bring in priest's triple nem crit resist debuff talent from Ktera. Why they refuse to bring the talent system to other regions, yet balance around it is....

and I say the word balance very loosely

That alone won't even work because Mystics cried about it and got their own crit resist debuff talent which is easier to apply than the TN one because reasons....

Can't wait for the awakening to fully release to show how balance is even more screwed.
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This coming weekend.
Strong correction*

It is NOT double/triple drops. It is double/triple CHANCE to drop only CERTAIN items.

Judging by the quality of the last two events we've had in Kyra's and this joke of a Dungeon Highlight, I wouldn't get your hopes up for this one either. I think EmE are going for the trifecta of garbage events.

And with an attitude like this is it ever a wonder that sometimes it just doesn't seem like EME even cares about trying to make people happy with these events?

They do an event, someone cries.

They do another kind of event, someone trashes EME for not doing it right.

They do another kind of event, people continue to rip on EME despite it being a decent event and produces some extra materials.

I mean seriously, people whine when there are no events because "not enough materials" and then they whine when EME does a special GM event and showers people with loot, and then they whine when EME does an event everyone can participate in at their own discretion. It's never enough for some of you people, I swear....

Of course there will be whiners for everything EmE does, it happens to any publisher/developer or to anyone in the world, there will always be someone unhappy with something.

The majority of the unhappiness for EmE's events though are because they're always on the extremes. Events shouldn't "shower people with loot" to the extreme of the Teramon go event but they also shouldn't be bone dry.

EmE also seems to be changing how they host an event every time, which in theory is nice to change things up but in reality the way they're doing it isn't. Dungeon highlights in the past (see: Demon's Wheel recently) provided everyone in the party with a reward via parcel while this event provides ONE person a reward unless it's Noctenium due to it being a loot drop (Yes I know EmE has addressed this problem and due to recent events with chat they're rehosting the event and fixing how rewards work).

Double/Triple/X drop events in the past have been what the event name describes, however it was stated on stream that they changed the way this event will work and it will be a Double/Triple/X CHANCE event which while it increases rare loot chances, it'll have the same amount of drops as usual so as my friend put it "We get less drops overall and it's just worse".

So glad we have a month of reveals instead of actual content +1
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Might as well add lootboxes for elemental essence, so people can sit their and swipe their credit cards until they have +9 Stormcry.

there is a HUGE difference from getting the mats for swiping compared to what OP is suggesting. What OP suggests is you still have to run all the hard dungeons for the mats you just get to skip the easy daily grind people with time do (SCNM, LKHM, etc)

Nah. Swiping my credit card all day takes too much time. I have more important things to do. Just put the entire Stormcry +9 set on the EME store with superior etchings and dyads too. Throw in the entire entropy accessories with etchings in the EME store too cause accessories takes too long to enchant as well.

Sure let's do that, $$ for EmE + endgame gear for anyone who wants and can afford it, win/win. I don't even swipe and I agree, let's do this....we might even get stable servers then xd.
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At the end of the day, you shouldn't be able to buy best in slot gear from the cash shop. You can get every material needed to enchant except for Elemental Essence/Otherworldy Shard (for Stormcry enchanting & Daylight -> Entropy upgrading) which means you can effectively "p2w" up to Stormcry +7 and full Daylight jewelry, which is enough to run any content in the game and all future content that has been announced on KTERA so far (this puts you at an ilvl of 451).

If they add Elemental Essence/Otherworldy Shard to the EMP store, it'd be pretty disappointing to all of the players that worked to get those items, as they're for the best of the best gear and not necessary to play the game.

To be fair the request is for Item EXP to be bought from the emp store, not the materials themselves meaning they would still need to be farmed. This would just allow people to P2W a higher success rate and then purchase materials from groups selling if they so choose to.
I never understood why this skill that has no PvE use and very little PvP use has such a long CD and no glyphs to even assist in that, it's a pretty fun skill and would be nice to see the CD lowered massively or removed entirely :3
Patch has been out two weeks now and we're still missing a reward points reward on our dungeon vanguards. I understand that this system is NA only but honestly forgetting to add in a way to acquire points every patch? Plus having the shop be rather outdated or selling 40 Meta Tokens for 750 credits, it really feels like this system was just put in and forgotten. Yes I know in-game shops are going to be reworked one at a time, but until then it would be nice if we could at least level our reward tier as we play and not have this system ignored every build change.
You realise the exp values are so high because Entropy and Stormcry Belt are the highest level that those items will go to at this moment, Empowered brooch also requires that same exp value to be upgraded to Quatrefoil and I believe that's the exp value for going from +8 to +9 Stormcry. Yes it looks absurd (and in the brooches case I would agree since this whole brooch system is stupid, removing cleansing and quickcarves >.>) but once you upgrade you're done, so that's why they suffer such a higher exp value for upgrading.
I recall reading a post on forums here that they'll be looking into Elite Status sometime soon, hopefully they actually do something in a decent amount of time and it's not another "soontm"
Either way if we don't have the update now it is an update that was applied to KTera and will most likely come to us next month with the Elin Gunner. KTera patch notes called it a bug-fix ^^
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@Discolips --I think that they will reset Dougal to give the "Fresh Arms--and Legs" quest to all 65s, even if they took it before. That would give you the new starter set of gear to work up from

In the KTERA 7/13 patch notes it says Returning Players will receive the Mid-tier weapon,Chest,Hand,Foot & Belt.Plus the Low-tier accessory set.
What happened to that If Guardian is the new Low-tier Idoneal?
I was looking forward to those KTERA Returning Heroes Support to get me back in the game quickly.

That may be the Returning Hero box that you get if you're offline for a month+, only claimable on one character. The "Fresh Arms--and Legs" quest is a quest that's for every character, you basically acquire it when you first hit 65 and it rewards you with your starter set (which used to be Idoneal, and now it'll be Guardian)

If you haven't logged on in a long time then you'll be greeted with the Returning Heroes page, but if you've come back recently and already acquired the current package then you're out of luck :/
The teleportals aren't even supposed to be on the dungeon floor, they were originally placed BELOW the boss rooms for Fulminar and the Fish because when you got pushed back there was a chance at being thrown out of the map to the bottom, so instead of fixing it they stupidly put a teleportal down there (which people were later able to abuse) and now it seems to be glitched and popped up at the top (which allows them to be abused more).
JXE5356AKE wrote: »
6R1MM01R3 wrote: »
JXE5356AKE wrote: »
I am down to remove the valk skill as a nerf to the class.

Sorcerer's arcane pulse, Priest's vortex, Gunner's arcane barrage can also make use of that exploit so should they get those skills removed too? Don't be silly.

It was a joke, but I personally haven't see people killing CU towers or solo-ing Vergos with a priest or sorc cx

Only because Dreamslash has the lowest CD out of all the skills due to Ragnarok and the fact it'll auto fill the whole bar, remove that and people will fall back onto other skills that do less damage (Vortex) or have a longer CD (Arcane Pulse). The exploit works on every projectile and it's been around for years without a fix, this "security update" was useless.
Welp, EmE has basically forgotten about the rewards shop, I mean we went a whole patch without reward points and it's not something they think to check when applying a new patch (see Manglemire VG rewards). Not to mention outdated innerwear and the fact these ghosts mounts were just left as noble versions, it was only a matter of time before they became flight enabled, just instead of adding it into the store they chose to release it in the EMP store.

Also to be fair BHS just released these in their region as a cash shop item, so it's going to go to all other regions in the same fashion.

I'm really glad Priests get contagion at level 65, shame it only does what Divine Intervention does.
Why did you necro this thread by posting your last message two more times?.....
marklol wrote: »

That's a nice chat bot you are using to tell yourself when enrage is up.

Enjoy your ban! :)

Because that's the harmful thing that's happening, yup. Ohno I know when enrage is up ban me, but ignore the massive amount of hits from 1 skill.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
TWMagimay wrote: »
ElinUsagi wrote: »
TWMagimay wrote: »
LesbianVi wrote: »
But at the end when they got to 65, those two items have no real value to new players, returning players, that is what I am saying.

Does anything on that list have any real value to anyone? Besides the fragments, those are OK.

Not because it has no value for you doesn't mean it has no value for others.

""""Explain to me the value of a cape that's 1k EMP""" and even before the event was going for ~6k(if going at all). Or the value of a brooch I haven't even seen in a very long time but is basically a lvl 65 non-tradeable Flawless Brooch(tera database even says its base line is aggro but I'm assuming that's a mistake) Just received confirmation: You do get aggro base line brooch. Such value, much wow. The values of the scroll and the mount have already been discussed and deemed "not really there" by more people than just me. Which leaves the reset scrolls. Is that where the true value of the event lies?

Ok, now that you show that you even cant understand value as it is and you yourselft pointed the value on some of those things.

A cape that values 1k EMP and you yourself are being countered by your own argument, a brooch for reaching lvl 65 that you wont get until you run a lvl 65 dungeon, a mount that is better than the free one you get from lvl 65 quest and the +12 scroll for VM8 gear.

Now again if those things doesnt have value for you that doesnt mean that doesnt have value at all or for others.

Now read your own post so you can see how did you know already that those have value.

A cape that is valued for 1k EMP in the store doesn't mean it's actually worth that. It currently sells for 4k on the broker and that's if someone buys it, which looking at recent history doesn't look promising.

A brooch which will have a negative impact on you if you're a DPS or healer due to the base aggro roll which, if given a newer tank, make your dungeon runs a disaster.

A +12 scroll for a old VM gear, which if we're talking about a new player they would have no use for and probably actually be mislead into spending time and money crafting it. As for anyone creating an alt they may have old material lying around and it might be useful but most people wouldn't bother especially considering Misery +12 is better than Ambush +12 and much easier to acquire.

A mount that is slightly better than the quest mount, minimal value but a value nonetheless. Enough Circlet Fragments to purchase a blue circlet and Reset Scrolls which may carry some value, so literally three (maybe four if the cape sells or looks good to someone) things that are useful to a new player, and if it's an alt you probably have easy access to reset scrolls and already have extra circlet fragments lying around or know it's easy to acquire in a dungeon, leaving the mount which you may also have access to a better looking one.
It's an extreme event dungeon, and isn't impossible to clear. Anyone familiar with pre-nerf SCHM just has to learn to deal with the newer mechanics, and it's perfectly reasonable to learn even if you don't have previous experience. While EU has their own special CDR potions and power potions they also use those in other content that we clear just fine without such as HH. Continue trying, maybe alternating group compositions, today was only the second day out of the two weeks you have to run it.
Thralls haven't been affected by auras for awhile, and they can no longer receive buffs because they're technically not a part of your party. You can test it by trying to put Shakan on a thrall, the swords animation will no longer appear, used to be fun buffing Wraths too :c

But yea considering thralls now scale off of your ilvl it would be really interesting to see what a high tiered mystic's thrall can do now, and if Wrath is even relevant in dungeons anymore. If so, inb4 Wrath destroys people in pvp again.
tbh i dont see why ppl complaining about the loot in vshm. i dont think rmhm dropped etching boxes nor goddess gemstones at anytime. u still get 1-3 talismans per run. and its not hard... may take longer than rmhm cuz bosses have more endurance, but and what? not every event should be like the broken crab event where a mystic / gunner just afk with the bot / thrall and get 100k+ fs per day, or a vhnm event where ppl get talismans from it, its like rewarding hankies in lknm back in the days.... i personally see this vs event pretty fair. since they added aihm and brhm to the list too. and the rewards were amazing too. 1k fs + 1k noc per clear... it cant be better. its like rewarding that in rmhm in the old patch. how can u even complain about that?! insaciable!

RMHM had a chance to drop Goddess' Gemstones, same rate as VSHM. That rate is EXTREMELY RARE and even during the multiple double and triple drop events that happened I've yet to see one drop. Etching boxes however didn't drop from RMHM since they didn't exist on it's release, but still that drop rate is rare anyways. RMHM also had something going for it on loot, the VM materials weren't basically handed out at the beginning of the patch and it also dropped loot boxes which were able to be sold to provide a profit.

The mentor event was a great concept yes, however solo queuing into this patch's current hard mode and expecting a decent clear is near insane. I did three IMS VSHMs but they were all sync queued with friends, which yes involved dropping in order to eventually match with eachother and make it clear-able, seeing as the other people in the party were pretty much rugs and didn't seem intent on learning the actual mechanics. Overall this event didn't help VSHM at all due to it's poor execution and once again reminded me why I never touch IMS, not to mention the amount of people who were probably kicked and then coming and complaining that this game is toxic, even if it was their fault.

Voidy's post basically covers this thread.
Tbh I've been seeing people asking for VSHM loot to be buffed for awhile and not for EmE to keep hosting events, yet EmE hosts events which don't involve or give incentive to VSHM (Don't even argue that the mentor event promoted VSHM, solo queue for an endgame hard mode is the worst idea ever) yet brings in items that later is used as a counter argument against buffing VSHM loot.

In the end VSHM is still meh to run and everyday the amount of people running it dwindles smaller and smaller, either people have their title/VM9 or have given up on this patch since it was killed even before HM released.
Tfw this event is a perfect chance to help people but then the poor design was used for an endgame dungeon ha. IMS is avoided because people who don't bother to even attempt and learn a proper rotation or setup flood it, now in order to actually get a reward from the endgame dungeon we have to SOLO queue it? Yeah no, this event might work for BRNM (not even HM because once again you get people who don't even try) but VS sigh.

I'm all for helping people but I don't care to spend my limited time helping people who don't even want to try, which is exactly what NA IMS has been for years.
JasonTERA wrote: »
ZeRoHouR95 wrote: »

1 stack = circle
2 stacks = Pizza>circle
3 stacks = Pizza > Pizza > circle
4 stacks = All of them expect the last one, that means if you missed the first hit, and got the last 4, you will die.

I do not know why this stupid rumor still exist. But yes, in most case you have a chance to get killed when you have 1 stack and take pizza. However, look at this video.
14:15, The warrior in streamer's party had 1 stack, and took the pizza (warrior is in back right side of the boss), removed the stack and survived. However, the warrior took another pizza slice and died. The order was Inner circle > Pizza(warrior took) > Pizza (warrior died) > Outer circle

Also, see this
1:28:10, the streamer got 3 stacks, and took Circle > Pizza > Circle

Therefore, the rumor that people have to take "Circle" when they have 1 stack is NOT an intended mechanic.

Not time stamping the links aaaaa

Anyways, it may not be an intended mechanic but it seems that if you take your LAST stack on a circle it won't deal curse damage + normal damage where if you end on a pizza slice there's a CHANCE for it to deal two hits. The first video the warrior only had one stack and took two hits so of course he died since he wasn't healed up he couldn't survive a full blast, the second video the streamer ended on a circle and it didn't glitch and deal two hits.

Whether it's a glitch or mechanic that BHS decided to be sneaky about it is a workaround that people can do. Also the glitch isn't the fact it's a crit it's just the fact that when you get rid of your last stack you take the reduced damage from removing it (of course) but the game for some reason thinks you also don't have the curse and deals a second hit (crit or not) of FULL damage.
Increase difficulty, decrease rewards. OP strats. :^)
Spacecats wrote: »
There's been some concern both here and in Discord that etching boxes and Vergos's Chests don't drop in the new HH.

Phases 1-3 have Superior Etching Boxes (etching IV). Phase 3 drops Vergos's Silver Chest. Phase 4 drops Vergos's Gold Chest. These are different boxes from the original Harrowhold. There are no more Copper Chests.

The concern is more about etching boxes not dropping in Phases 3 and 4 BATTLE PACKS like they did during 30man. The boxes that drop during phases 1-3 are randomly distributed throughout the raid while the battle packs ensured everyone got some.
A correction would be that those are the battlepack's loot from all four phases, designs are still in the loot table. Phases 1 and 2 still drops belts and 9.5 Glove/Boot Materials, with 3 and 4 dropping Armor/Weapon Materials and 2,3,4 dropping Vergos' Copper/Iron/Gold chests. Phase 4 also still drops Vergos' Head to make a Marrow Brooch, along with a small chance to drop a royal dragon and the 2nd best innerwear (since the latest innerwear wasn't released at the time of this loot change)

Etching boxes still drop from all phases afaik, you're just not given guaranteed boxes from P3 and 4 battlepacks, but they also have a small chance from dropping in VS (not really a high enough chance to be worth mentioning, but eh). I really doubt anything will be changed about the drop rates or even the battlepacks themselves but it would be nice if the boxes were reintroduced into P3 and 4. I personally have enough etchings and etch boxes to last me the next few VMs but I also realise people decided to sell theirs and eventually the supply will dwindle due to the lower amount of boxes dropping.

Also why would you even bring up the etching crafting that hasn't even been introduced to Ktera.....!?
Serin9X wrote: »
Actually no. I took great care to be on a PvE server in the first place. I did that on purpose and I feel I've explained that pretty well.
Serin9X wrote: »
So now all my characters and all my stuff and all my purchases for space and character slots and what have you are on a server I would NEVER have rolled on to begin with because I hate open world PvP... even at max level.

You explained that you don't like open world PvP, the fact still stands that it doesn't bother you unless you actively look for it since you don't even have to worry about it while leveling.
That feel when people continuously complain about being on a PVP65 server and you've played on a PVP server your whole TERA career and you've never had issues.

Honestly the only issues that happened were when you were leveling and some 65 who has self esteem issues needed to run around and kill low levels, however that isn't an issue anymore considering it's locked to level 65s now. Even if you stand in PVP centered areas like Velika Outskirts the chances of you being abused is low, and you really shouldn't be out there anyways unless you wanted to PVP in some sense. If someone flags on you while you're outdoors then either take the death or just kite away, there isn't much to do in the open world anyways that you would be bothered while doing.
All My Life is now a legacy achievement because of the Nexus portion basically, it's sad but not much to do about it.
Hrm, I'm not entirely sure what's happening but I appear to still be having this problem. I usually log on around 7-8pm EDT and claim my elite boxes, yet it seems that the elite bar only resets every other day for me. Today I was able to log on briefly around 8am EDT and the bar wasn't reset at all even though the change made reset at 4am EDT.

Ah well at least the item claim boxes are still coming through.
Real Money Traders spamming in-game causing attention spam in forums. Looks like what they're doing is working since there's a new thread every day.
Perhaps since this armor is in a discontinued shop it can now be placed in the fashion coupon store? Wishful thinking...
Palomina wrote: »
I don't get why you guys are so against talismans as drop. There are newbies in this game like me who cannot run vshm right now and its not like every TSNM run is going to guarantee a talisman.

People are against it because with talismans dropping in other dungeons aside from the current hardest dungeon VSHM, it makes said dungeon not even worth running, especially given the fact that the only reason to run VSHM is for VM materials due to it not dropping anything else.

If you're a newbie to this game and cannot run VSHM then acquiring best in slot VM9 gear shouldn't be a priority, you should be focused on clearing content and learning your class more right now and THEN work on clearing VSHM to acquire talismans to craft your gear. I'm not saying I don't want you to ever acquire the gear, heck more people with gear + skill to do the endgame dungeons would result in more groups running it, I'm just saying it's a process and this event will just enable people to acquire the gear without putting in the effort as well as killing this patch's endgame even more.
This is an odd glitch but it usually happens if you're using TN right before dying. It's the game thinking you're still pressing the triple nemesis key much like there's a glitch where it still thinks you're pressing a movement key and when you res up you just keep running in that direction until you re-press the movement key. Just re-use TN and it should fix it.

Now if this glitch is happening without death/stagger involved at all then welp, what I just said was useless and I apologize.
tbh I'd actually like if eme removed at least the talismans from the pool because this event would totally erase any reason to run vshm

Just remove all the VM materials from this jackpot event. Multiple threads have been posted saying VSHM isn't worth running and it's amazing you put a noctenium reward in the jackpot however just allowing for the chance at a VM mat, at A TALISMAN to drop in an easier and more rewarding dungeon is just firing an extra bullet into VSHM to make sure it's dead.
I was actually going to make a thread about this sometime soon. In my opinion, "Dragonbane" and "Velik's Champion" should both shine this patch, seeing as "Dragonbane" was a challenging title to acquire and is still relevant with Harrowhold returning as a 20-man dungeon. "Witness to History" wasn't a difficult title to acquire, it was only blocked by the fact you could only run it twice a day. It was a nice shiny title to have at the time but not the patch after it when "Forsaken" lost it's shine and definitely not every patch afterwards.

I would also say that perhaps old dungeon clear titles such as "Shandra Maniac" and other difficult HM multi-clear titles should become gold like the newer ones, since at the time they represented the hardest dungeon yet they're coloured white like any other basic title.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
toufu wrote: »
Spending double the time for doing the "top tier dungeons" than the previous patch for the same kind of rewards in present time is obvious something that will upset anyone but I think nerfs will come in a point in this season to those dungeons as we had on SSHM and DFHM seasons. Lets see what happens in the future but for now this topic about ways to get nocs are quite interesting and I hope there would be enought feedback to CM take it into account for future changes.

The only nerf that happened was a HP nerf for the dungeons, including VSHM, which we may have already had seeing as we have the updated loot. There have been no other nerfs or changes on Ktera since and seeing how this patch over there has about ran it's course I don't see any changes coming until they're no longer considered end-game.
66ECX7NAN7 wrote: »
If you do VSHM 4-8 times a day, you can do it without noctenium.

I can also do it without using nostrum, I can also do it without using 2 of the skills I usually use, but I'm not playing VSHM Challenge mode I'm running the dungeon for clears. If you want to clear VSHM 4-8 times a day with a party that doesn't want to clear in a decent time then more power to you.

Fact is BHS decided to make all these dungeons have a super buffed endurance which is making noctenium even more of a requirement if you want to keep your sanity yet they aren't introducing a proper way to maintain a noctenium supply which is what we're asking for from EmE. They previously changed BRHM and SCHM to drop noctenium/bravery boxes (albeit a super overpowered buff which cause problems for them later from BHS) and perhaps they could change VSHM's current loot to give a little bit more, seeing as EU has done it maybe if they don't go super OP drops we could get a noct box or two for the party (as in everyone gets a box or two, not a box or two to be shared) to help ease the costs.
See: Multiple threads and posts about lack of Noctenium Infusions, VSHM's lack of profit and the few people who literally say on every post that has to do with endgame content that we all just want "hand-outs"
There is the Pit of Petrax for noct. I mean, sure, it's only 30-40 per clear, but that's better than nothing.

Suggesting another dungeon for rewards does not in anyway help the fact VSHM isn't worth running in any way. My group who usually farms out the shiny patch title barely plays this dungeon for the new one now due to server lag being a never ending and annoying mechanic and the fact the dungeon eats up so much and gives little in return.
They were referring to the duration of the iframe, which under arush + root beer is terribly short and can barely be considered an iframe.

and to jump backwards just don't hold and movement key or hold S .-.
Ambush and Behemoth weapons have been buffed, there were no changes to the armor on Ktera so I doubt that'll change here. Misery has no reason to be buffed seeing as it's the current mid-tier.

Also expecting patch notes to include things....heh.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Making scales bankeable would help those who want to get more strong pots also.

Dragons from scales can't even compare with cash shop dragons because if lucky you will get a 1.5 crit dragon but most of times you will get a dragon mount without that buff and worse, the dragon is not tradeable so nothing to take a great advantage here.

Every dragon you earn from the scales, whether it's lucky RNG or the 100% one you get after farming 400 scales, has the 1.5x crit passive. The only regular dragons without a passive you get are the account bound ones from the cash shop.
LesbianVi wrote: »
Dragon scales won't be bankable, shouldn't be bankable, why? 1st, farming bots, 2. This new system will give you a Dragon after completing the required mats, it is not RNG anymore, if it was older system, yeah dragon scales should be bankable. About fragments many said they need to be bankable and most likely soon they will be. So if you are asking for Dragon Scales for a system that has no RNG and gives a dragon to you to be bankable is crying for hand outs, because after Fragments become bankable all you need to do is gather 10 dragon scale which is easier on NA with just doing BGs and then bank the Fragment, if it is hard and consuming for you, then there is nothing to discuss.

PS: you can't compare dragon scales with golden fingers. If you think about them you understand that this new system has no RNG, it has a dragon reward in the end while GF tokens has a very nasty RNG. You can't compare these two when has a certain reward and the other is based on a stupid RNG.

Personally I opened more than 100 boxes, one +16 crit, two +10 power, one +8 power, one +12 crit. if GF tokens had better RNG, yep they shouldn't have been bankable, but they are crap. Don't compare these two, think about how the system works then jump to a conclusion. Forums become request for hands out recently and barely can see constructive threads anymore.

1) Easier to "farm bot" Ghillie than it is to any 5-man dungeon or BG.

2) It's not RNG yes, but the dragon in the end isn't tradeable only bankable. It's just cluttering to have dragon scales sitting on every character you play, and even more annoying to have dragon scales sitting on a character you barely play but you still EARNED those scales. Every scale you acquire and would put in your bank is a scale you earned, you're just no longer artificially delayed on acquiring the end reward.

and yes, you can compare Dragon Scales to Goldfinger Tokens because they both give you a reward. Just because you acquired an innerwear you personally don't want doesn't mean you completely lose out since it's tradeable and you can sell it. I personally opened more than 100 boxes and have acquired plenty of Basic/Signature innerwears (the top tier superior versions), and since Goldfingers were made bankable I could take the ones I had left sitting on old characters and make even more $$.

Also lul, a system which transfers our own items from one character to another is being called a "hand-out".......
You should probably take a closer look at your skills...

Axe Block says so right on it's description that while in Intimidation you block 60% more incoming damage, which is even though it's not the full block value of a Lancer's shield, it's enough.

I was hoping this thread would've covered more valid reasons as to why the zerk tank needs a buff, such as the fact it has no enrage skill making fights last longer, and that it has no extra appeal to it. All of the other tanks have some skill which auto blocks and/or reduces incoming damage, Lancers have buffs they can provide to their group as well as being rewarded on perfect blocks, Warriors can deal a fair amount of damage (and if any rumors are true the update coming to Ktera soon will allow them to buff their group), and Brawlers just auto block on every hit as well as being rewarded on perfect blocks.

All this said though Zerk tanking was a sad attempt to try and bring more life to the tanking role at 65, I really doubt it'll be significantly changed anytime soon.
Afaik the shops are still even open on Ktera, however you still can't earn credits. It'll probably just be another forgotten system left in place but never touched again, like all the other reputation shops.
Most of the resists are because you missed the timer, it only lasts 2 seconds and it's another mechanic that BHS only took into account their own region with a sub 10 ping.

However considering one of the runs I had where I landed the sleep properly (teammates even saw it land on time, although we all could've been lagging due to these amazing servers) and he resisted it and continued to use his wipe mechanic which wiped everyone but didn't even touch me I believe it's just another bug in this game full of bugs.
Yea to be honest the enchanting on this game isn't all too bad. Sure you'll get really bad streaks and sometimes +15ing can take 200+ attempts, but it beats having your weapon degrade/break or your enchantment level decrease/reset completely on a failure without some sort of fail-safe item (which would most likely be cash shop only).
Lakan's Treasure Chest, along with the Seal (tradeable material), was originally dropping in VSHM until they changed the loot to drop 2x Banners/Talismans/Badges. We skipped directly to the 2x mat drop which tbh is better since most people just complain VM is so hard to get.
"Velik's Champion" is an amazing shiny title imo. "Godslayer" is also an older title as well so making the new one shiny would be bleh

Ah well what matters more is the fact "Shandra Maniac" is white and not gold and "Witness to History" STILL SHINES LIKE WHY? Dragonbane doesn't even shine anymore because of 20man releasing yet this title still does. Please turn the shine off of this title since it's not really a relevant achievement anymore (and it wasn't really one at the time but it was nice to have)
Ravenous (yellow title from RG) is a reused title since there was a Ravenous title before, however it was white and from a quest (I believe?)
VirtualON wrote: »
According to EU's patch note, tomorrow patch will include Ktera patches up to 23rd of March, which means VSHM will drop 2 Talismans, 2 Banners and 2 Badges ever run.

No according to EU's patch notes, tomorrow's patch (V56) includes updates all the way to the 23rd of February, while the patch in July (V57) includes updates all the way to the 23rd of March

Patch Notes

Picture of the bottom Note Section

While starting off with 2 badges for the HM and 1 talisman with a chance at 2 would be nice, we'll only have the loot table on patch for a month before we get the 2x every mat (save for the trade able being removed from the loot table) which is even better anyways so oh well.
I thought the original complaint was that Elite used to be able to reset twice (so in the case of VHNM you have 4 runs, reset for 4 more with the normal reset scroll which is now labeled "Beta", and then reset once more with an elite scroll for a total of 12 runs on one character before running into the CD block) but since you mentioned it resetting VS I'm wondering what you're getting at? As everyone else mentioned "Elite Instance Reset Scroll" has worked for recently released dungeons due to a system change making our region closer to Ktera.
Xeiryl wrote: »
Partyblast wrote: »
This is true and isn't related to the talent system at all. Mystics do receive a crit reduction talent on VoC since Ktera mystics were complaining they weren't needed due to the priest's talent, they then received these buffs making VoC and TN equal in strength (however VoC still wins in length and the fact it doesn't put you in combat) and making Crit Aura equal to Estars (except you never need to reapply it or worry the boss will iframe the hit)

Since we receive all class changes not related to talents we'll most likely get these changes, however BHS is planning a summer class balance and are recruiting some testers for it now, maybe Priests will see something come from that.

the buff itself is independent of talents, if that's what you mean - i was stating that one of the root causes for it was the priest talent which gave them the advantage of crit support as well as buffs and superior power/attack speed from estars. i don't recall ever hearing about a voc talent, much less one involving crit reduction.

i'm resting my hopes on that balance as well, haha

The VoC talent was added a bit before, it was included with even more QoL changes for Mystic
This is true and isn't related to the talent system at all. Mystics do receive a crit reduction talent on VoC since Ktera mystics were complaining they weren't needed due to the priest's talent, they then received these buffs making VoC and TN equal in strength (however VoC still wins in length and the fact it doesn't put you in combat) and making Crit Aura equal to Estars (except you never need to reapply it or worry the boss will iframe the hit)
Yea the healing lines were re-added to jewelry last patch with the resizing kits. Healers have basically been sitting in 3-5 patch old jewelry since BHS scrapped the healing and aggro sets awhile back. It's nice that we finally get something worth upgrading to where DPS have had progression for every patch.
One day this person will stop making these threads *sigh*
This thread should probably be in the bug report section of the forums, but we all know that section doesn't really get viewed. Most of the glitches/exploits that will be posted here (if any) have already been mentioned to EmE/BHS and nothing has been done about it, and BR has been around for awhile and also re-released with the exact same bug.

Also that BR glitch was made by BHS themselves because Fulminar/Fish's water mechanics literally pushed players off of the map, so instead of repairing that mechanic and preventing it from pushing people off they put a quick fix of a teleportal down on the bottom of the map for both arenas.
Can't wait for the majority of the Tera community be banned for third party Discord use :^)
Grievuuz wrote: »
Sedenna wrote: »
VSNM is crap with crap mechanics and is sure is NOT "nm". Last boss is super hard like every patch have a crap mechanic hard dungeon.
I am sick of those dungeons where you have half seconds to i-frame and everything is 1 shot there is no "take dmg" anymore all is wipe and 1 shot but Tera is obsessed with this tipe of dungeons.
Ohhh i forgot to mention.....The DROP SUCKS for the time, wipe, consumables you spend there.

I absolutely disagree with Veldeg being super hard on normal. You get used to it very quickly.
lily89 wrote: »
I agree with grievuuz . I cleared 2 runs on my 1st day with a good team only take us 20 min to clear vsnm each run .

Veldeg is in VHNM/HM not VSNM ._.

But yea VS is this patch's difficult dungeon it should be hard, sure oneshot mechanics are stupid but that's just BHS' way apparently. Even so Lakan doesn't have that many oneshot mechanics given your party moves accordingly and doesn't murder eachother, these mechanics are just a rip from HH.
Vix wrote: »

I played from 12:30pm to 9pm. 8 1/2 hours. Total anniversary tokens earned: ZERO

@Spacecats you guys should be honest with the players and tell everyone that only players that are able to complete the highest tier dungeon are valued as customers and will be allowed to participate in your "anniversary." Only the best geared players will be able to get tokens. The rest of us will watch the richest players get more while we get nothing.

DFHM is the only dungeon dropping these tokens and it's not even close to a high tier dungeon, you literally need no gear to acquire these tokens however this system is still not well thought out as mentioned in other posts. 600 token prices when it's near impossible to gather that many, only one BG and Dungeon are highlighted per week and even then the "jackpot" rewards in those dungeons are also poorly distributed. -10/10 Event
So is this what we should expect for all the future dungeon highlights? Jackpots that are "a chance" and when they do drop they're not even party wide? Feedstock, even if you drop a pile for every member, gets distributed in such a way that someone may get two piles while another gets nothing. These loot boxes are rolled on so once again even if you drop one for every member someone is going to get screwed and another will walk away with multiple prizes. Also using old VM crafting materials wew.....

If the prizes aren't going to be distributed via mail like previous jackpot events can they at least be a party-wide loot so someone doesn't get the short end of the stick and in the end the run was a waste?
9LWPWJK9D9 wrote: »
there's not even a discussion allowed, i want to build my char this way and i want to argue about it that this is better BUT YOU CANT DO THAT
cos retards with dps meter already has statistics to show that your way SUCKS LMAO.

there wont even be a discussion as to how to build your character cos most things has already been proven.

now you pick a class, you have to gear up this way, and do this rotatation for maximum dps, if not someone else will notice that you suck.

Yes the statistics are already there telling you that you're wasting your time attempting something that has already been proven to be bad? How is this harmful in any way? It's not the playerbase's fault that this game only has a limited amount of viable builds/rotations. Feel free to continue attempting your alternative build but if you're going to test something that's already been tested and proven to be a poor decision then of course people are going to notice and tell you you're wasting your time.
9LWPWJK9D9 wrote: »
if a dungeon is hard to do because of too many bad player or bad dps, let bhs nerf it instead, we dont need dps meter to "help"

DPS meter really is more damaging than helping.

Yes let's just keep everyone playing at a lower standard and in-turn lower the difficulty of the game because we don't want to use a tool that's beneficial to improving ourselves. Let's also wait for a developer to make changes to the game to suit us because I'm sure they will, oh-wait.
Madnero wrote: »
Literally 2 raids in HH and TR just cant handle it while u see MT having 4-5 at once and having maybe some minor lags?

Our raids also have the exact same thing happen it's not just "minor lags", the servers have been freezing like this in HH since it was released but whenever someone tries to talk about lag on forums it's apparently our whole raid's ISP issue ^^
I don't wanna sound ungrateful, so please don't interpret what I'll say in this way.
I'm super hyped for the new class and all the things we are unlocking by watching the stream (I've been watching all 4 hours so far, I'll probably watch till the end today and all the 5 hours tomorrow)

But I honestly think is pretty much useless to get all this bonuses by the 22nd of april. Specially the leveling bonuses. I'm not gonna say everyone, maybe not even most people, but a LOT of people will be leveling from day 1. A lot of people will get to 65 by that weekend if not after day 1 or 2. So it feels like a waste to "award us" with something we won't be using by then. Please reconsider an exp bonus event for the release day.
I also think is a better idea to give the dungeon bonuses on the weekend of release as well. So hopefully you guys can reconsider this rewards for the weekend of the 15th of april instead of the 22nd.

Thanks for reading or if you take this into consideration♥! I apreciate all you guys do for the comunity anyways.

Having the exp boost event apply on release would be great especially considering Ninja and Gunner release also had double exp on release (since they were released during anniversary, which we're falling three weeks short of). As for dungeon rewards either weekend is fine since I believe we'll be moving on to the new dungeons very soon anyways(?) o:
Just bring back server firsts, then you won't need a time limit and nobody can ask for an extension np.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Get a better ISP, that will solve most of your problems.

I'm sure that when 30 people all experience the same freeze while doing HH every week it's all because of our individual ISPs. It's not even HH anymore that will randomly spike and freeze I (as well as my whole group) experience it in RMHM etc. I'll admit my ISP is currently providing me a terrible connection to mostly everything but if my whole group is experiencing the same issues at the same time, switching my ISP won't help.
fourcelutness VIII gave you 20 power
pretty sure fine forceful niveot gives you 20 power. but yes. forceful is [filtered] on valkrie.

Sigh, Kimimishan said right on their post that the +10 power was just an example to show how the damage increase works and diminishes the more power you have.

As said previously, since you're mainly building power (due to your highest damaging skills having a 100% critrate) on the Valkyrie you'll have wayy too much power for a forceful to be useful, it'll be best to use a pounding for the flat damage increase.
I heard it messes with mystics crit skill
that's why I don't want the passive dragon, I went with account bound.

It previously turned the crit skill off when you RODE it since the speed aura counted as you using Aura of the Swift for some reason, and since Crit Aura and Swift Aura can't be on at the same time it would shut crit off. This has since been fixed afaik.

As for the critpower passive not working does it proc outside of dungeons or is it just not working for you in general?
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