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Here are accurate descriptions for anyone wondering, may take awhile for it to be fixed (if ever).
Zoknahal wrote: »
100% gold quest booster and 100% rep booster are just relics of the past to me.

Hold up there buddy I wanna stop you right there.

Gold Boost yea, we don't hand in many quests and could probably do without the boost on those quests.

Rep Boost however applies to VG, not Legion Credits oddly enough but whatever, but VANGUARD CREDITS. Even if you want to say the VG Shop is useless it still is something people actually use, and it doubles the amount of credits you'd get from a VG hand-in.
TYoung11 wrote: »
The "100% Experience points" is for the EP/Talent system. The base is 10 points for bams, so the event gives 20 (which is pretty worthless imo...). It has nothing to do with item experience. Besides that, EME actually does do item experience events, it's all this week... That being said, I agree the gearing system is currently rubbish. The fact that low tier, boring/mind numbing, vanguards are the most profitable for farming is wrong in so many ways...

Each tier should be more, or at least equally rewarding.

>>>Talent/EP system info>>> https://docs.google.com/document/d/16wuje8nV7yYd0y2gq3oVFbjpR2Ulx4SQRWQQkK-LVrs/edit <<<

Yea no, you're wrong altogether LOL

Yes the event has an item exp addition to it but that isn't what the OP is asking for, he's asking about the double monster XP buff, which EME hasn't done in quite awhile.

Also this event didn't include a 100% EP buff at all, no region (except maybe KTera?) has hosted a 100% EP buff they have only given out boosters. The current event on EU is only a 30% buff.
tisnotme wrote: »
and its unachievable due to the nexus part being we don't have nexus anymore so this part cannot be completed

Excellent reading skills!

Unfortunately this is a BHS thing, and they haven't shown much interest in old content that they've discontinued, broken achievement chains being just the start. Agnitor and "Reputation is Everything" are most likely going to continue to be legacy, but thankfully they don't contribute towards the laurel system or else it would be an even bigger issue. Trust me I'm a completionist myself and it bothers me especially because I started right before the content was removed so I barely got any rep, so I really wish BHS would fix this as well, possibly including reworking some other content that was scrapped and forgotten like Guild Castles, unused portions of land etc etc.

Wishful thinking.
Thing is, this is just the same thing they pulled months ago and a few months before etc etc. This swap benefits a group of people but then ruins the connection for another group, eventually the complaints will become too much again and EME will once again swap back to Zayo and tip the connections again.

Nobody is winning in the long term as it currently stands.
P9ENREJL9A wrote: »
No More Wasted Backstabs is a cheat, its own name tells you what it does, if you fail your backstab it wont go to cooldown, that may friend is called a cheat.

Simply just reverts the stupid change BHS did which will pop your CD if the boss is within 5m of the wall or if your crosshair misses a target completely. It's not giving you any advantages really but I will agree this is questionable QoL.
P9ENREJL9A wrote: »
Astral TERA allows you to run content inaccesible by normal means (dungeons that are disabled in your region), that my friend is a hack/cheat.

Completely wrong, this doesn't let you run anything lol. Doesn't even move your character server-side, it's purely cosmetic.
P9ENREJL9A wrote: »
Enrage Notifier is a really dumb cheat but a cheat nonetheless because it notifies you about enraged phase with advance.

It isn't a cheat when it's well known knowledge that Enrages last 36 seconds and happens after 10% of non-enraged HP is burned. Didn't know that piece of information? Well congratulations now you do.
P9ENREJL9A wrote: »
True Ever Nostrum is a cheat that auto use your nostrum.

This module is more of a nuisance than a cheat lol, it's not hard to press your nostrum key whenever you want but for some reason people do forget so hey it helps, the downside however means good luck using any immunity res as using items will auto-cancel your immunity.
P9ENREJL9A wrote: »
CaaliLogger and CaaliStateTracker are the modules Caali uses to steal data from the servers and users pcs. Hacks in other words.

Tracks information on the servers yes, provides no benefit to you at all and doesn't change your or others gameplay so hardly a cheat. At this point Caali has a crap ton of information anyways as you've already stated he has his PServer running for tests, so anyway it's just a waiting game for BHS to take down the PServer.
P9ENREJL9A wrote: »
Library is a module that gives you access to characters id, items id, users id, something that has no meaning for normal players and this is likely used for hackers to bring harm to others.

A lot of IDs are already accessible via online resources, especially items which EME has promoted use of to assist in their fashion coupon shop revamp. IDs are always accessible but that isn't what this module is specifically for, it's also self explanatory as it's simply just a library of IDs to be used in other modules, which isn't needed at all to do harm onto others since the game offers much easier ways to go about that.
P9ENREJL9A wrote: »
Ping Compensator "increases your attack speed" that is a blatant cheat.

It's just another ping compensation guide, as self explanatory by the name. Which is exactly what Skill Prediction is, the widely-known module that assists in letting players with over 30ms enjoy this game and one of the core reasons people want Proxy (or an official variation done by BHS which would take months to do). Hardly gives you more attack speed.
P9ENREJL9A wrote: »
Monster Marker allows you to mark a kind of monster or certain objects in the game (like blue boxes or dungeon bosses spawned in open world) and this will give you info about their location when they are spawned in the game.

This module isn't able to provide you information about spawn locations of anything you add to it. It's a visual module that only works within your VISIBLE VICINITY, popping a marker on something that you'd already be able to see anyways, half-redundant.
P9ENREJL9A wrote: »
Skill resets, like its name imply it does what you read it does, a blatant cheat.

If you actually believe it resets your skills...I just can't....
What it does is just make the stupid reset message larger and easier to see so you don't need to squint at the top of your screen or stare at your skillbar, instead of looking at the boss that may or may not do a mechanic on you.
P9ENREJL9A wrote: »
Anti body block, like its name says, makes you like an ethereal being in and collision with other players will be removed. One more cheat.

This module only applies to party members, since this function already exists in-game, try going into a raid and then running into your raid members...o-wait you can't, same as any players within a safe zone (which is a common complaint for people dueling as body block actually assists in duels). Also most skills already inherently do this, except perhaps leaps which would the major issue. In my opinion it's stupid BHS allowed body blocking in parties but yes I can see how this is another case of questionable QoL but doesn't really make you a cheater.
P9ENREJL9A wrote: »
voidy wrote: »
voidy wrote: »
I'll return to my former statement: You have NO clue what you're talking about, at all. Every time you post, you make it more obvious that you're completely ignorant on this topic.
P9ENREJL9A wrote: »
hurr durr muh conspiracy, hurr

Thanks for quickly proving my point for me; have a good night!

You feel so triggered by this, I wonder why you defend them so pasionate. I may hit the nail on the head.


He developed a tool that allows him to get data from players pcs and tera servers around the world, allowing him to steal code and who knows what else with that. This is not conspiracy you can read about his private server stuff.

You can see here https://github.com/caali-hackerman/tera-proxy#popular-and-fully-compatible-modules a list of proxy modules he allows in his version. Some of them are QoLs but others are hacks/cheats. For example: No more wasted backstabs, Enrage notifier (for hard mode), Astral TERA, True everful nostrum, CaaliLogger, CaaliStateTracker, Library, Ping-compensation, Monster-marker, Skill-resets, No Drunk Screen, Anti Body Block and more. Yes, he supports cheats and hacks of his fork and other developers, he is a hacker.

The PServer isn't any secret, and voidy never denied the fact it's being worked on. It's just not currently publically available so there isn't anything to argue about on it, Caali has no paid services to access the server and he doesn't offer gear/advancement on it for cash.

Also your examples also further prove your ignorance on the topic, do you even know what those modules do? None of those listed examples are exploits and are pure QoL, just simplifying things easily done in-game and actually makes it easier for those who have sight issues or focusing in multiple locations, can't have that though now can we? A few of those modules actually don't do anything to the game in general or even work by themselves.
There are tons of features BHS removed from the new UI which simply don't make sense and considering it's been months without any fix I doubt they're going to fix them, the pet icon being one of them.

Hf right clicking your pet to access it's menu and hunger, welcome to this awful UI.
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
Then why not talk about the fact that NA had a whole week with double enchant up to +0SC while the dungeon rewards were improved and we will also get double vanguards much more frequently than until now?

EME hosting a random double VG "event" isn't even a pro point since it used to be a permanent feature on NA until it started going downhill. Also still lacking 100% keen mote drop on IoD after the removal of perm double VGs, seemsgreat.
Have a higher playtime than the other person with your name.
Can somebody give me a quick rundown of the talent system? Is it a replacement of things like glyphs or a straight addition? Pretty new to Tera, thanks!

It doesn't replace anything, it's in addition to. It's basically an extension of the exp system for level 65s, you earn this exp via VGs and as you gain levels you spend the points towards enhancement effects. If you've ever played Diablo 3 it's basically the Paragon System.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Some Players: EME give us talents, the game is balanced around that, we should have the same as K-Tera has.

EME: Ok, you will get talent system, get fun farming your talents.

Same Players: No way, don't do this to us, we should start from the top, it is too late to start farming talents, EME! What did you do this to us!?

Same drama over and over again. People ask for something to be added, we got that and people cries is too late or that they don't want it the same way as it should be.

Now with this talent system coming I don't see why we should not call TERA p2w if consumables to boost talent progression are added in cash shop.

Took you a day to post I'm surprised honestly thought you'd jump into this and post your usual crap sooner. It's been well known the power creep and balance changes would build up and ruin the game for other regions ever since it was decided that only Korea would have the Talent System. After a large amount of time has passed people gave up asking for this system because it was obvious the grind to catch up would be awful and a better way needed to be introduced, there were threads asking for important talents to become baseline as passives instead of just activating the talent system.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
People ask for something to be added, we got that and people cries is too late or that they don't want it the same way as it should be.

Do you really consider a system that's been delayed for near 3 years NOT too late? Of course people are going to complain when this system was brought over all that time ago, basically fully translated, and just not activated because "It's too buggy" even though Korea continued to use it and balance every version of the game around it, as well as adjusting it with regular class balances.
Took BHS three years of power creep from talents to realize they dun goof'd.

This is three years too late and I wouldn't be surprised if we were given the system with zero compensation because smart decisions.
howboutdah wrote: »
Euroko wrote: »
Eme should get rid of the title for the first season rewards instead of the mask.
There is no point that people that worked to get top pit scores should be shafted because other people are filthy cheaters.
Not to mention that people that did happen to work for a pit score without cheating only today got notified that mask is getting removed from the prize pool for pit.
The actual day that the season is suppose to end, it was changed.
It's actually obvious who is using the exploit. Literally just ban them. Problem solved.

I feel bad for all the legit players who GAVE eme their money to transfer to a server to score first place to only get jipped LOL

Transferring to get first place LUL

Yes I know most of the classes on MT get screwed over by cheaters, unsure about other servers, but that still doesn't make an excuse to transfer over. Reminds me of all the people who transferred just for DS server firsts....sigh
Gatokatzen wrote: »
I bet they just want Let tera rest in peace, cause they are working in a new Kind of tera, but with unreal engine 4. And a lot of things that people love, like open world, fornite style and minecraft build and farming mode.

BHS working with UE4 LUL.
RKC wrote: »
Auto potion pet? What the heck is that. EU sounds great now. If only I didnt have 500 ping in that. I would jump there right away.

Plus region locked us in the Philippines.

Auto-pot is going to be for every region, if that's what you're referring to on EU's greatness. Although I don't disagree that EU is doing better now in most aspects.

Also I can't wait for our amazing inaccurate bland patch notes.
Siii wrote: »
Is this a real server or just something being tossed around as an idea? If it’s real where do I sign up

its just wishful thinking. it will never happen. I would love to see it happen and then if they update any of it, they could include the new skills like we have now and flying mounts from the store.
just imagine the original island of dawn as the starting area again, being able to go to cs as level 30 again, having campfires again.

It is actually happening on JTera, but no it most likely won't happen here due to the resource costs. Also pick and choosing aspects is exactly the reason why Classic servers only run on nostalgia which quickly fades since it lacks features that were later introduced that make the game a bit "better". Picking and choosing features is also not a path that can be taken for Tera at all since the original development team from BHS is gone, BHS wouldn't put forth any resources for it (since it seems they barely put any effort into future content in the first place) and EmE has no development team themselves.

Tbh I don't know why BHS never kept campfires around as cosmetics :shrug:.
Even just putting Enigmatic gear items into the prize would be better, let people pick the rolls instead of giving out a poorly rolled set of gear.
After the event time, every single update will be applied to match the current system.
It's a sort of clever way to let people experience the old game again (whether you missed it or just feel nostalgic), but it's not really quite the same as what people are wanting in this thread: a permanent, maintained classic server. (If they did this same event approach here, I'm guessing it'd only cause people to keep asking for this permanent version even more.)

For most people it is just nostalgia and they'll quickly grow tired of it after realizing that just having a classic server around won't recreate the memories they miss.

However even just opening a temporary event classic server would cost a lot of resources that EmE can't spare, and it wouldn't change anything anyways since 4 months after it ends the topic of opening a classic server will arise again even if the hype from the first one died quickly. Nostalgia is very powerful and I've experienced this exact same scenario with another game which is why I question any requests for old-school variations of games since generally most people will go for the version with newer features and more QoL changes.
Thuking wrote: »
I made this thread so we can discuss and hopefully the higher ups can see how the community feels about the direction of where TERA is heading, There was a company called Jagex that had a really popular game called Runescape this is the game I originally played and they did an update that changed the core mechanics of the game and they didn't listen to their community and went ahead with it anyway even though everyone did not like it, they lost over half their playerbase. Now they actually listen to their community and make polls for updates to see if the playerbase will agree with what they are going to do etc and from doing that they seem to be doing good.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BHS has never cared about regions outside KR unless it's an idea that provides them with $$ (JP and their costumes). Honestly if our opinion actually mattered a lot of issues would have been resolved, or least an attempt would have been made, by EmE and BHS.
Christin wrote: »
Not all content should have to be for everyone, and this is for the elites that meet the requirements. What tf is the point of having super high tier gear if there isn't special content for it? You're all fine as long as the new content includes your ilvl, but as soon as it's over your ilvl out come the complaints. Your arguments are that they should not come out with better anything than you've already bought? You already bought the 2.0 mounts, thought you were kings of the world and that should be it?

Seeing as many of you demanded the server merges to be able to do dungeons, you should have no troubles earning the materials to max out your gear after the merge is complete. Plus, you will have all of your pals that were on other servers be able to help you. Suck it up buttercups.

Challenge = Good
Locking content behind an iLvl = Bad

Vanguards were bad enough since they were basically 80% of the reward from dungeons due to terrible loot and even though you were well able to complete them, your iLvl restricted you from earning them. Now we're locking content to almost BiS gear which requires more RNG than any amount of skill to acquire, gg.
Joquan wrote: »
Cons/What could be improved:
Role identity - In most missions, the goal involves killing monsters. Healer classes however do not receive contribution for buffing or healing other players in the mission zone.Tanks similarly don't receive contribution for holding aggro or buffing other players. Contribution is only earned by dealing damage. This provides a disincentive for healers to heal and tanks to tank and encourages them to selfishly focus on their damage output. Suggestion: reward contribution for healing damage done by the monsters and reward players for holding aggro for an extended period.

I think if there was going to be a change, holding aggro would be a tough way to go. In my experiences, When there are several tanks, it turns into a challenging shout spam in order to use the aggro weapon roll.

Healing would also be difficult since Mystics could just pop totem afk and heal people with ease, also this will probably annoy people who slay even more. Honestly it's not that hard to survive during the missions and this was a nice thing to be a dps healer in until they nerfed contribution due to DPS complaining they're not top spot :/
RKC wrote: »
Sooo what servers are you merging. This better not mess up my 13 toons or I will quit this game.

There are currently 20 available slots, 21 once Elin Brawler releases, you have no reason to worry about 13 characters unless they have a common name and you don't play as often as someone else. Really the only people who should worry are those who have 18+ characters per server.....they're going to have to downsize a bit but they at least have a few months to do so.
I agree with this thread entirely, the quantities of items such as golden/silver items to craft works poorly with the current system. However in response to the last post I really don't want to run an additional instance to craft something as interesting as that sounds.
Kirasaka wrote: »
Federation bill update never happened, they removed federation bills instead.
Fashion coupon update was 4 months late after the original promised release, only added 2 armours and 1 weapon skin for brawler which then vanished from the fashion coupon shop 2 weeks later and still are not back. For other classes it was much the same, just 1 or 2 new weapon skins on there. Very minimal update to the fashion coupon shop just so they could say 'we did it stop asking for it'

Rewards emporium update never happened, vanguard shop update never happened. Basically everything promised in October of last year has not happened. Oh and they removed the roadmap now so people cant complain that they arent keeping to their promises.

All this, the fashion coupon shop "update" was awful and they decided to call it "Phase 1" because they barely made the listed date on their roadmap. The Roadmap removal was with the web page update which also removed Server Status and made a massive mess of the class pages, all of which were also put into the low priority "when we have time" pile. Why do a sloppy website update and then toss the fixes into low priority? Why raise peoples hopes in thinking you actually care about in-game shops that desperately need adjustments and then toss it into low priority? I'm sure introducing more shops such as the Dungeon Delver and BG Tokens is a better idea which you'll probably abandon in a month and let that degrade as well.
Dreadspire should've had it's own token shop because it's clearly advertised as challenging content that not many will be able to take part in, so obviously the best idea was to screw over the people who were using the tokens from jackpot events and are unable to farm Dreadspire over and over for multiple tokens.

Also another reasoning behind this was so running Dreadspire didn't allow you to restock on consumables you spent since apparently we're still in 2006 and need to farm for days for a chance at progression (WoW prog was used as an argument by an EmE employee as to why DS shouldn't provide consumables at a decent rate).
Awhile back there was a stream highlight for each class which had a rather experienced player talk about the class, the general idea of how to glyph/rotation/build etc. Seeing as the game as changed since with awakening it would be nice to have this revisited, but EmE might grab some sponsored person who "played" Tera, yikes. Dungeon streams would also be nice where it was properly ran and mechanics possibly explained rather than GM god-mode with aggro lines on a dps in relentless niveots.

Of course the class streams would require someone actually wanting to go through the time to explain the class when there are other sources of information already out there and aren't presented in front of an audience. As for the dungeon streams you can always watch someone's personal stream and see them go through the content.
ReaperTime wrote: »
They are all abusing glitch in PoP, this ranking mean nothing

This is the Korean ranking, and they have talents to boost up their DPS, considering their numbers are much higher than some of the timers we're getting on NA they are doing it legitly. People on NA are cheating but eh solo content won't ever get looked at.
Nikitesla wrote: »
Occassionaly when doing ID Bams HB takes one for team gunner when the Bam attacks HB instead of the Gunner. I’m not accidently self destructing HB. But it seems like HB is taking it on the chin more than usual.

But...HB is literally invulnerable.....and he can't generate any aggro, aside from maybe the very very rare occasion because of BHS coding. He literally cannot die unless his timer expires or you explode him.
CornishRex wrote: »
> @Tpx said:
> > "Hey guys! There's a pit exploit!"
> > Next few hours. . .
> > 7s gap between previous rank 1 and current rank 1
> > thinking.jpg
> The warriors below are in heroic vow and parse on Moongourd pretty frequently
> MT btw :^)

The thing that makes it super fishy is that I'm seeing priests in meh gear get amazing results and when I do guardians against those same priests I outdps them pretty hard.
And if I ask them how they did it I always get the same old same old "lucky crits :)" while I saw some of them talking about the exploit in discord lol.

Yea this is just depressing, I was actually interested in these leaderboards since I like to push myself as a DPS priest. Yea it comes down to RNG a whole lot but once people who I've never seen before start getting times that look really odd all the motivation just drains away.

But hey what should have I expected, every leaderboard ever introduced into this game has been abused in some way and people always get away with it.
I agree 100% it's just a pain to have the boxes act like this.

Also I'm extremely happy these boxes still drop Instance Reset Scrolls that we can't do anything with......
There's a Mana Infusion buff coming to make Priests not go OOM in BGs lul

Doubt we'll get any lovin' in an equalized gear set, BHS hasn't ever properly designed equalized gear and completely ignored it when nerfing our heals for awakening.
TJKat wrote: »
I always thought the whole point of taking 5 seconds to change channels was to prevent people from using it to escape a fight when they were losing/about to die. Would removing that be convenient? Yes. Would it be abused? Yes.

What fight is there to escape in the open world now that's "abuse-able"? Anyways most areas have the stupid non-aggro mobs that "notice" you and keep you aggro-ed the full 15 seconds if you go into combat with anything.
Minazuki wrote: »
8am-11am thursday... arent most people suppose at their office/job site/school etc? who care maintain get extended while weekday work hour?

PST. The past year and a half (maybe longer?) it seems every time I look at discord during patches, sometimes a normal (if you call all the swaps from Tuesday to Thursday normal) maint still has the servers down around 5pm EST. Which if you're assuming the majority population is on a 9-3/5 schedule then this is pushing into their playtime constantly.

I understand extended maintenance occurs because things are unpredictable, but when your player base now has to expect every server downtime to take an extra 2-3 hours (or longer) it looks very unprofessional.
Might make priests slightly viable in slaying runs, still surprised BHS hasn't put a stop to it yet :^).
Lynxzer wrote: »
So to get the extra reward via parcel we need to wait for the quest to be over... and if the boss is dead in 15 minutes.. do i need to wait those 5 minutes left in the quest area until the timer runs out to get my parcel post?

... or can i go do other stuff and still get the extra reward via parcel?

You can go do other things, the only requirements are the points and Magnuut dying. Technically after you get the points you can leave and as long as Magnuut dies you'll get the reward (I've crashed mid-mission and didn't get back on but still got the reward even though I wasn't around for the end). I'm not promoting you ditching though, most of the time I only see Ch1 and sometimes 2 clear, less people = no rewards for everyone.
:shrug: Nobody had to rewrite EmE's entire patch note this time so I'm fine with this.

Stay tuned for the next big patch (probably second awakening) where EmE will somehow massively screw up and remove non-existing skills again....or just keep up with the Korean translated notes so you don't have to deal with the risk of misinformation.
Healer mains shouldn't be able to participate in profitable solo content, we should just stick to healbotting endgame dungeons since we clearly get more out of those....oh wait.

DPS Epeen took a hit in every region and every region complained because a healer outranked them, why should they suffer an ego loss and learn how to dodge attacks instead of facetanking? Better just nerf healers so they start healing again.
On MT it starts 20 minutes after the hour
kubitoid wrote: »
KitTeaCup wrote: »
(*) Xigncode. For security reasons, this is something we couldn't let you know ahead of time.
i beg a pardon but what does it ever suppose to mean???

It's great that "for security reasons" they couldn't inform us in decent time that they're introducing an invasive program. If nobody looked at the upcoming patch files and told the community they most likely would've never mentioned it at all, "for security reasons".
RKC wrote: »
As they said in Ktera its really buggy thats why we didnt put it in our region. Sadly we cant do anything about that. I dont really mind because tera is a team based when we do dungeons. If someone hits harder than me and makes runs faster go ahead I dont mind.

It was "buggy" years ago, however they're still touching the talent system so it's obviously still relevant and clearly affects the class balancing. Sure you may not mind people doing more DPS than you, but for a lot of ninja (for example) mains at endgame level are discouraged from the class because even if they put in the maximum amount of effort they simply cannot get close to Berserkers due to all their damage being in the talent system.

Also dungeons are balanced around them, even though people love to keep screaming the 23 power/endurance buff is too much (even though that's what the talents give).
SageWindu wrote: »
McOnosRep wrote: »
Yordan wrote: »
AMFKKM74E7 wrote: »
i think you're just bad at the game. don't worry we all had to start some where right?

Tell us your name and server, judging from the way you speak you surely have 1# spot in both aah and pop. You know, just to cross check your experience.

Would be nice to see this.

Of course everyone knows it won't happen but still....

I never quite understood this line of reasoning. Why do you need my stats to verify my claim of whether or not a mechanic is dildoes?

I've only cleared RR once and I can tell you that the only reason it appears to want you to have a 439 gear score is because everything has gobs of health. The bosses themselves were pretty bog-standard (expect the last one, like with his bleeding debuff that doesn't look like a debuff).

The reasoning behind wanting to know your stats is because if you haven't actually cleared the dungeon and you claim it's mechanics are "easy" then go on multiple topics about endgame instances claiming they don't need a loot buff or even something as basic as a talent compensation buff (since you know these dungeons are balanced around a stat system we don't have right?) why should your opinion matter on something you haven't actually done, and in some cases never intend to do?

As I said before it isn't perfect, and I'm also not saying everyone clearing endgame content feels it needs certain changes, but at least it will make topics about endgame dungeons only discussed between the people that it is relevant to; those who actively run it.
Tera has basically long retired the level system, it's now just a quick tutorial until you hit 65. You don't lose anything by out leveling your quests aside from the very minimal difficulty they may offer. Any rewards you were to earn from the quests would quickly be replaced by the next level anyways, regardless of how fast you advance.

This just screams "make leveling longer because muh immersion" even though out leveling doesn't ruin the immersion at all. WoW recently made zones scale with you (up to a point) and that slowed down the leveling process making alts more effort than many would want, but at least with that game there is a very giant map to explore with actual decent lore to follow. With Tera being heavily alt based at endgame (although some recent changes makes me question what BHS wants, then again they probably don't even know either) having it more difficult to level would annoy a lot of people.

Then again just make Avatar weapons scale too and maybe mobs scaling with you would make leveling faster since you could just sit at Oblivion Wood Devas until 65 afk-style.
KitTeaCup wrote: »
If you want to check on the servers being live - we make sure to update the banners in the forums, just like the yellow notification that's up there right now about Thursday's maintenance.

Yea a server status page is still useful for those times when the hamsters go on break and a server crashes, it's usefulness doesn't only apply to planned maintenances that you can post a notification for.
Yordan wrote: »
AMFKKM74E7 wrote: »
i think you're just bad at the game. don't worry we all had to start some where right?

Tell us your name and server, judging from the way you speak you surely have 1# spot in both aah and pop. You know, just to cross check your experience.

Honestly threads for any type of endgame changes should require clear page with name, at least then people can look it up on moongourd etc.
Sure there will still be trolls, and I'm not saying only people who don't clear the dungeon are against beneficial changes, but this will at least help a tiny bit in weeding out people who don't/never run endgame and think they should voice themselves on it.
I do like how events aren't having any official posting on the first two sources of information Tera players would look at when not online: Forums and EmE's Tera page.
Dvsv wrote: »
Nice, now they can make gunner/ninja/sorc/archer/whatever deal 100% more damage than zerker (already stupid and game breaking broken) and the dps gap will stay at 200% between top and low tier so that everyone reroll again ;)
That's the sole purpose of a game that lack real content since idk 2013-2014?
BHS rly think Tera's playerbase are idiots.
P.S: Iirc NOBODY asked for this awakened bs on NA/EU.

Yea, damage gap isn't going to be that big but nice over-exaggeration. Also in order to change up builds or add skills of course balance is going to be adjusted, BHS took that opportunity to change up the FoTM class order since perfect balance is near impossible and it brings some more cash their way as people reroll since they have to be the best. Tera isn't the only game to experience this and BHS isn't the only developer that uses this tactic.

No class balances are not the sole reason this game lacks content, it at least however does change some things up since content is slow enough as is.

P.S iirc NOBODY needs to ask for game changes from the NA/EU region because it's developed in Korea, and anyways things we ask for (such as the talent system or an alternative to it like changing the HP/Endurance of dungeons brought over) are often ignored, as are most of our bug reports.

On Topic: I'm eager to see the new skills, I basically have every class so I'll enjoy being able to experience all the new awakenings. Also a big lul to those few who kept trying to instill paranoia and fear into people that the second half of awakening is never going to be released, BHS may have issues but they're not stupid enough to create progression for half the classes and ignore the rest.
Norafin wrote: »
You can instantly cancel it on yourself by pressing the button twice. Happens to me when I think it didn't go off, press again and then I get the animation but no buff.

This, if you shut it off and you're not benefiting from the enhanced attack skills, you're also not benefiting from the crit/power buff.
Our opinion doesn't matter, BHS is gonna keep giving Mystics our Priest skills and leave us lying around being in general a poorer choice, especially in min/max situations.
Infinitee wrote: »
just use normal nocts if you have to, they are almost as good. yeah, that "50% effect increase" seems nice but all it's really doing is turning a 6% skill dmg boost into a 9%.

Blue Noct provides that skill bonus to every skill, regular noctenium only activates the enhanced modifers on certain skills.
Saabi wrote: »
This problem is gonna be even more infuriating when DSU comes out. Can't wait to run into the problem of my party running out of blue nocs and not being able to clear DSU ESPECIALLY when we are missing other things that increase dps that KOREA has. But whatever...

I understand the joke, but GL slaying CDS due to the bleed debuff, also HV only or get outta here.

Also CDS is already going to be hell on our region since we don't benefit from talents at all (KTera does and it still took them 2-ish months to just get one group to clear floor 10) and have no special consumables, also EmE probably won't even consider adding the Velik's Little Helper (which is just a basic talent compensation, doesn't even cover the skill bonuses) until a few months in because "content needs to be challenging". The least that can be done is having noctenium (and other consumables) readily available while running endgame content, something that EmE continues to ignore with all their "events".
Meant to be more challenging than every other region because memes.......
Equitas wrote: »
Those "30 second" times were from before the patch. The difficulty you're facing could be from a number of things. Are you attacking from the rear, or at least as often as you're able? Do you have the proper crystal setup? Was Gunner damage nerfed in this update? Was boss health buffed? Patch notes have been known to be incomplete, so something may have changed that wasn't announced.

They're not since all rankings are this patch only, I've hit that time just fine.
Meningitis wrote: »
The least En Masse could do is answer some questions in this massive thread full of concerns. Make an appearance. Show that you care about your customers. Make good on your promise to be transparent and honest with the community. Please tell us what good Xigncode3 will actually do for the game when there's already methods that render it pointless.

Unfortunately EmE has proven they lack the ability to properly communicate and perhaps don't even completely understand what they're even trying to actively prevent. They've had plenty of opportunities to work with the general community, as well as the modding, meter and proxy community, but have refused and just released a blanket statement and ignored everything else.

Now both BHS and EmE have decided to continue to implement a performance harming and near completely useless thing onto an already injured and poor performance game, and most likely would've done so without notification had there not been a leak or anyone actively looking at incoming patches.

I had actually been looking forward to this patch, even if it only lasted a month like most patches due to how interesting I find AAHM, but now I'm most likely not going to even bother opening the game, which also means not re-applying my elite.

I actually feel really bad for the set of players who don't pay attention to forums and aren't a part of the modding community since they won't be informed and won't have a way to prevent themselves from being harmed by this.
To save yourself the trouble, go to Essential Mana and look at the KR patch notes.

EmE will somehow awfully screw something up per usual.
Verdas was just removed with the last maint (yes I realize the original post was before) and the Amani Horn will apparently be allowed to be dropped next patch as it was also a common complaint in KTera when RR released.

I still don't understand why BHS forces items to be locked in your inventory when they aren't claimed after the quest ends, or after the content is removed (see: the letter you got for Demon's Wheel that still couldn't be dropped after DW was phased out).
This was already patched in Korea and will come to us when AA releases, for some reason BHS never patched this bug for the build and just left it in so yay us.
DWDE6GFGWH wrote: »
flarecde wrote: »
They made a comment a couple days ago, the answer was no.

Opening new threads probably won't change the answer. It just makes more locked threads.

And if you actually read, the answer from him was a no on the talent system. We are trying to get compensations, not the buggy talent system.

EmE won't read the alternatives people are suggesting, which includes a fix already looked into by Gameforge, they'd rather just state the same answer of "there are no plans to bring the talent system over" instead of actually communicating.

But yea incoming thread lock like everything else.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
tisnotme wrote: »
can you find a online game the same as tera with out the ping for OP ? as this is currently the game they seem to be wanting to play
and at no time did I see in their comment a complaint about the games ping ! merely a comment about how their mounts were acting as of late and feeling it might be a bug

You can read the post I quoted, first sentence before the coma, and the next sentence after the dot.

And If have to add more I don't think the mount issue is because the OP has high ping, because I have more than 10ms ping ᵃⁿᵈ no ᵗᵃˡᵉⁿᵗˢ (as the other user wrote in his post) like anyone else at NA servers (actually these last month I have been playing at +150ms) and I don't have any issues with any mounts or elite mount.

Except with Turbo Time which was enabled for today having high ping (200+) will cause this exact issue due to the low CD of the mount, not saying this is the OP's issue but it is an issue. It also doesn't always occur, and it certainly won't happen without Turbo Time since the CD goes back to normal.

OP if it is your ping and related to this event it should be fixed soon (whenever Turbo Time shuts off), if it still continues after the event ends then it is an actual problem and you should submit a ticket.
L3KAAEYFKH wrote: »
don't want anything from the censored console cash grab ported over to PC at all...

Can you stop spamming this, kthx. PC has all the censored elin outfits and have had them for years, it was all censored since the mentality of the american region was different from the asian regions back then (maybe even still now).
I believe in the stream the partnership was mentioned to be happening around their Anniversary, so we probably won't get news until later this month/closer to May.
The other half of Awakening is at least coming, honestly if you're fine with being not FoTM right now (aka not warrior/valk/zerk) then you're fine being a non-awakened DPS after patch. Dungeon balance without talents is the real issue, and due to power creep every region that doesn't act WILL suffer majorly since content will become near impossible after some time due to the damage gap, Cruel Dreadspire is already pushing that limit and I don't see it going well for us.
Dvsv wrote: »
ElinLove wrote: »
hmmm... Wasn't TERA LITERALLY dying back on the last days of paid subscription, before adding some cash shop stuff?

Some ppl here think that "back in the day" Tera was great and a very popular and profitable game but for some weird reason EME ditched everything for a free to play model lol.

Imho, it's just nostalgia ;)

Yea, just nostalgia. Vanilla Tera lacks so much QoL that people will instantly realize and start to hate/ask for it to be changed which would just beat the point of a vanilla server.

I feel the same way about Blizzard releasing vanilla WoW since it lacks so much QoL that the game worked through over the years, but somehow there seems to be big enough hype for it. Main issue with Tera is that we don't even have an active player base the size of the player base that wants vanilla WoW, so the amount of people who would play vanilla Tera would make it a very bad investment of time and money from BHS.
Babit wrote: »
The third and final glaring issue that I'm seeing a lot of posts about is the HM balancing situation. I'm not the most knowledgeable about release dates and I'm too lazy to look it all up. However I have a theory that may shine some light on the situation.

So it's common knowledge that RKEM & RMHM are pushing limits few of us have seen before. We got 10minute fights, multiple dps checks, less damage output and more boss stats than ever. People are seeing ktera love this while the vast majority of the NA lategame community is forced to slay RKEM and play nigh on perfectly to clear RMHM.

The differences between the region's being the talent system, annnnnd big surprise, awakening skills.

I feel like with the addition of awakening RKEM will be a breeze and RMHM will barely be harder than RMNM is now. As for right now there is no denying that there is a balance issue on the NA platform as far as these 2 dungeons go, but both are clearable if your party is performing decently in this patch.

As already mentioned your point here is invalid as KTera clear times were already way better than ours PRE-AWAKENING. You can't deny that the talent system is causing balancing issues for other regions just because RKEM and RMHM "will be a breeze" once we get awakening, considering that content wasn't even balanced for Awakening so no wonder it'll be easier.
TJKat wrote: »
I'd been thinking about the problem with non-Korean ninjas and their lack of talent. It occurred to me all they'd need to do to pull it out of the cellar is buff the focus skill. Either a)double to triple it's effect, or b)let it stack to 20-30 instead of 10. It would literally take modifying one skill to return ninjas to viability outside of Korea.

The thing is we don't know if publishers can modify skills themselves, and they most likely can't as it has never been done in the past and actually requires developer work.

We do however know that publishers CAN modify dungeon loot and apply existing buffs that BHS created to dungeons (such as the HH30 buff), however all EmE seems to be doing is pushing the fact they can't bring the talent system over instead of addressing these solutions the community is providing to them / asking to be done.

Instead of repeating yourself over and over how about actually reading and replying to the conversations being had? @seandynamite


Literally the only thing EME can do is give us a perma buff for the HM's like they did for HH30. They can't do anything else. I swear some of you can't read.

No plans is fine, we don't want the system itself since it's awful.

Best solution: BHS starts to rebalance dungeons in the build they give out to other regions to compensate the fact nobody has the talent system but them, probably won't happen

Another solution: EmE (as well as other regions) try to do something themselves such as adding extra loot and applying the HH buff (23 power/end that we got to make up for lack of talents during HH30) to RKEM/RMHM and all future dungeons. Adding loot and applying that buff are something that we know EmE can do as they buffed loot previously in the past (BRHM and SCHM, albeit the loot buff was a bit too much) and EU applied the buff to RMHM. The main issue with this solution however is it needs to be re-applied each build change they get from BHS, it would have to be something added to their checklist which from past experiences we know EmE isn't the best at keeping track of that checklist (signs in the merchant, reward points STILL missing from VG quests).

Locking the threads that talk about the talent system and the comparison to what EU has done in RMHM and then not giving any reply except something everyone already knows like "There are no plans still to bring the talent sytem to NA or EU." is only farther frustrating everyone within the conversation, and will lead back to us asking why EmE keeps going back on that open communication thing they wanted to do.
^ Report function does exist in the form of tickets however so you can still do that, forums won't be able to help much.

Also you can get through the CS Gates without any third party programs, it's just how poorly BHS coded this game.
VGPlayer wrote: »
For years I been complaining about stuff how they could tweak stuff and such. Nothing is wrong with RMHM and nor nothing should be change (PLEASE DON'T NINJA IT) with something stupid. The timer at the end is bit unbalance but it was made for awakening patch that gives extra damage to classes so after awakening patch everything will be perfect :D. Please keep this format of dungeons with upcoming content.

Please comment below how you fell about it. :D

Timer wasn't balanced for Awakening since Awakening didn't exist on it's re-release. It was designed for the talent system power creep that we don't have for whatever reason BHS wants to give this time.

The dungeon itself is nice I do admit, the scenery blows RK's metalfest out of the water. First two bosses are BAMs in the list that I dislike however and the second boss doesn't really have any special mechanics, feeding the tiny spider eggs just isn't that fun imo especially when there are times the spider just refuses to eat.

I would like to know what type of "format" this dungeon follows that you would like with upcoming content? Also EmE has no control over any new dungeons BHS makes, but you can preview the new dungeons already in KTera to see if they fit your style.
SageWindu wrote: »
Partyblast wrote: »
"Good" = Holding Aggro, providing all your support at appropriate times (depends on the tank), enraging at appropriate times (usually matches your support), Blocking/iframing heavy attacks (in advanced groups you'll actually facetank the minor attacks), Moving to block attacks to allow more dps from the DPS (example: the pushback on second boss in RK, you jump to the jump to block for the DPS so they dont have to iframe), providing a decent DPS output (once again depends on your class).

I know this will inevitably lead to the infamous "skilled v. unskilled" debate, but that to me is just the tank doing their job. Hell, if I'm being honest, I'm happy if the tank in question just knows how being a tank works.

Most of us know about the stigma surrounding brawlers. Hopefully that cleared up some once the men started throwing on the gauntlets.

Sadly there are a lot of tanks that just think the first point is all that matters, and while holding aggro and damage dealing should go hand in hand they might not even be putting out a decent amount of dps.

I also don't see how the class opening up to males changes anything...but sure.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Obs wrote: »
ElinUsagi wrote: »
hellno wrote: »
Its honestly pretty stupid we dont have it as all classes and content is 100% clearly balanced around talents. Pretty much all the "low tier" classes on NA have amazing talents in Ktera making them on par with all the other classes. For example Brawlers on Ktera do about 30% more damage than those on NA making them a very viable tank even in try hard runs. Here on NA you will never see a try hard run with a brawler simply because they are outclassed by lancer for min maxing party damage

Another example is Ninja. Ninja is currently the lowest DPS class in NA, but in Ktera before awakening they were the Top DPS because of their great talents on atonement.

The difference talents make is simply huge. You can notice the difference in how long it takes for Ktera to complete content compared to other regions. Ktera clears are usually 30% faster than other regions, which is simply stupid. There is no reason it should be this much longer for us for the same content.

Yet we have brawlers at MT clearing RKE and don't complain about lack of talents.

All the brawlers I know are complaining about the lack of talents.

The ones you know are not all the brawlers doing RKE and not all the brawlers at MT.

Except Obs is in the top guild of MT? To clarify, his guild mostly does endgame content (which is RKE btw) and has brawlers on MT that do said content. Nearly 80% of the endgame community is complaining about the lack of talents and the balance of the dungeons. Yes Brawlers are clearing RKE but did Hellno say clearing? No he said try hard runs, and not a whole lot of groups use Brawlers for try hard runs.
1) The system will not make an IMS group without a healer. You either entered manually from outside the dungeon with people on yours server or you are 100% lying.

2) The system looks for 1 healer, then 4 of anything else. It depends on what else is seeking on the other 4 servers. It can put 4 dps, or 4 lancers. It just depends on who is available.

3) At 65 there are not enough tanks. If you are a good tank, you will be wanted, trust me on that.


It will IMS match to people that are all tanks more often than not I will get a message saying " We are having trouble matching you would you like to match without a tank,dps,healer" if you click continue it will pull in whoever is in the matchmaking at that time. How do I know? Because I as a DPS have been put into groups with no healer and nothing but male brawlers.

[X] Doubt, that message is only when the system finds a healer and wants to know if you care if there's a tank or multiple tanks...anything that fills the queue.
SageWindu wrote: »
Hilltrot wrote: »
But to go after #3. Are there not enough tanks or are there not enough good tanks?

How can you get no healer with IM? When the healer backs out after being called.

Boy, this forum is toxic.

A lot of people say that "good" tanks are needed without really clarifying what "good" means in this context. Furthermore, the community at large doesn't like (or like to accommodate) a new player being new, asking questions, and so on; many people give the impression that one should know the proper information beforehand otherwise you're wasting literally everyone's time, including your own.

Do enjoy your stay! We have elin-shaped cookies in the back - have as many as you want! :)

"Good" = Holding Aggro, providing all your support at appropriate times (depends on the tank), enraging at appropriate times (usually matches your support), Blocking/iframing heavy attacks (in advanced groups you'll actually facetank the minor attacks), Moving to block attacks to allow more dps from the DPS (example: the pushback on second boss in RK, you jump to the jump to block for the DPS so they dont have to iframe), providing a decent DPS output (once again depends on your class).

This community is the same as about every MMO, just sayin'. It all depends who you run into. A lot of people have the mindset that they've learned on their own so they want to play with other people who have experience as well and have a smooth experience. Teaching or running with someone new or inexperienced can affect someones short time schedule when they themselves already know how to do the content. However you can also run into people who are more than happy to assist someone learning or new, given they're open to learning and aren't just going to stay silent and continue on their merry way.
> EU outpacing NA
> it's about events

Yeah, we have no events at all in NA. *sarcasm overflow*

I mean, they put our events on the launcher and above the chat. How can you even miss them?

Except if you actually read the post you would also realize that EU is actually trying to combat the imbalance of dungeons (at least RMHM, I hope it expands with the addition of the new dungeons) due to a lack of the talent system.

Event dungeons are also something very interesting to fill in the time between content patches that BHS releases, providing something inbetween patches so people don't just quit for months at a time and at least keep some form of life on the servers sounds like a good idea doesn't it? Certainly is better than EmE turning off an event that ran for YEARS just to bring it back periodically as tiny events.

But yea sure, this thread is complete click bait obviously, there isn't anything wrong at all. Yes EU does have some questionable p2w events, but then so does EmE recently with that lovely gem box being sold in the EMP Store. Also GG can be accessed just like NA, you purchase the scroll from the VG merchant, the only difference is that Tera Club doesn't get a free scroll like Elite does. Just because you actually have to use VG points (which surprise have no use at all on NA) doesn't make the event poor.

Also not mentioned was EU actually beefing up dungeon loot by providing their own custom shop (which they actually keep up-to-date and it doesn't take months like EmE and the FedBill/FC Shop) that rewards players more and makes doing things such as RKE more worth it.

And no, I won't give up my entire account + friendships + low 20ms ping that I have on NA just to start fresh on EU with no friends and ~150ms ping. Maybe, just maybe EmE will finally realize that some changes would be beneficial to their playerbase. I'm going to give it another week or so for the HH buff to come to RMHM for our region before I lose hope that it's a BHS build change and it's just EU actually listening and realizing there is an issue with BHS' choices in dealing with the talent system.
NikuroTega wrote: »
Too bad all classes aren't awakened :disappointed: leave it to BHS to halfass everything. At least the Talisman is comi...oh wait. :angry:

The other half is coming to Korean in the summer, we'll probably see it at the end of the year.
sieblu wrote: »
Did healers get totally [filtered] with this or am I reading something wrong? Essential Mana is saying basically all the healing is decreased....

Basically normal BHS, HP Pools are increasing as well as boss damage so let's nerf healing output. For the most part it isn't that bad since Priests now heal with shocking implosion during their party buff and mystics are basically brought to the current priest healing and if you combo it with totem you should be aight, plus exploding motes!

Yea it sucks but after being smacked with heal nerfs for so long it's expected, also some people feel if BHS nerfs healing they'll stop making soo many oneshot attacks but I don't see them changing that, especially with some classes having so many iframes. /shrug
I was actually referring to the world boss achievement world bosses.

As was I, they all respawn on decently short timers. The only one that cannot spawn without a server restart is Humedaras the ghost baraka.
lolwat wrote: »
Partyblast wrote: »
there are trolls that camp the spawn spots and kill the world boss right after maintenance just to grief players. then the wb doesn't spawn again until next maintenance, and they do it all over again. I feel like all world bosses should spawn so many times per day. yeah it might not mean as much as it used to be, but so much has already been removed from the game, theat they may as well let us be able to get these. I know they dropped it from 100 kills to only 1 kill each, but some of those once a week spawns are nearly impossible to get.

That's only one boss, the ghost baraka for Northern Arun, and really BHS should've had that fixed by now but like a bunch of other bugs they won't touch it.

As for the others they all respawn on a decently short timer, and in the cases of the loot WBs it's not to grief other players but to acquire the loot that drops. Achievements are still massively easier to get now compared to before.

Drops should be removed from all world bosses. The fact that it's easier now, doesn't mean it's easy-easy. As I said, I've been hunting 3 or 4 bosses for months now and haven't even seen them.

It's easy but it's not easy enough for you because they were made into legit WBs that have defense and give loot? The original intention of the WBs? You don't have to kill 100 of these bosses but they're still difficult because people keep sniping them from you, the same thing that would've happened during the 100 kill achievement times? Okay.

Adopt the technique that WB hunters use if you want the achievements, you'll have to camp the spawn areas. Easiest way would be to come online directly after a maintenance but of course you'll have to fight other people who also want the WB, but at least then you'll have a time of death which will let you camp within the respawn timer of the boss.
there are trolls that camp the spawn spots and kill the world boss right after maintenance just to grief players. then the wb doesn't spawn again until next maintenance, and they do it all over again. I feel like all world bosses should spawn so many times per day. yeah it might not mean as much as it used to be, but so much has already been removed from the game, theat they may as well let us be able to get these. I know they dropped it from 100 kills to only 1 kill each, but some of those once a week spawns are nearly impossible to get.

That's only one boss, the ghost baraka for Northern Arun, and really BHS should've had that fixed by now but like a bunch of other bugs they won't touch it.

As for the others they all respawn on a decently short timer, and in the cases of the loot WBs it's not to grief other players but to acquire the loot that drops. Achievements are still massively easier to get now compared to before.
Naru2008 wrote: »
If you guys want what EU has...go play it?.

Because having to start from scratch, dealing with a ping increase of 100+ on a VERY ping intensive game and promoting a population decline in a region is 100x more logical than asking the publisher of our region to assist in making the game enjoyable, helping maintain or increase the population, and combating a terrible choice by the developer by balancing around a system they refuse to release to other regions.

CS game play is mostly the same, just with the newer classes running around, but that's only if the queue pops. CS was locked to 65s only, which lowered the pool of people participating as you used to be able to get anyone from 30+ which honestly wasn't that bad even with skill differences. It also suffers the same way other BGs do and will really only pop during a highlighted day, this is the March BG Calendar.

PvP is still unbalanced for the most part when it comes to new classes, however there is a Valkyrie nerf coming which should make them less of a pain. Awakening changes to classes in the next month mostly do not apply to PvP at least currently so that shouldn't harm them too much. Someone else could probably provide a more detailed description on the PvP balance.

BHS "tried" to address performance issues, at least the patch notes said they did. Game still runs poorly, UI is still a major factor into poor FPS, BHS has just made a new game using the same engine so they obviously have no plans to fix anything.
Congrats on your math, the necro wasn't needed however.
As I said in the other thread that brought this up, unless it's a BHS build change there's a very small chance we'll get this but I do hope EmE decides to give it to us.

The power/endurance buff is the exact same buff we were given with HH30 to make up for the flat stat talents that KTera has, it doesn't make up for the skill talents but this at least makes the dungeons more bearable. If it is a BHS change I hope they've finally realized other regions are hurting without talents and a rebalance on dungeons will happen, or if it's just a EU-specific change they'll most likely apply this to the newer dungeons while EmE chooses to sit back and ignore us like they did with our requests to buff endgame loot to help make them bearable.
clfarron4 wrote: »
Any more word on the possibility of Talents being reconsidered or replacement buffs?

EU are about to implement a player buff for RMHM. The specific part is this:


Amusingly enough, this corresponds with the following Talents from KTERA that are accessible to all classes:
Ketoth wrote: »
ALL CLASSES - points included on classes breakdown
  • Increase power by 23 - 80 points
  • Increase Endurance by 23 - 70 points

I believe this has been done in recognition that dungeons are balanced around the KTERA Talent System, as I don't see any other reason why this would be implemented by Gameforge.

Same buff we got for HH during 30man I imagine, I approve although it does surprise me the same treatment wasn't added to at least RKHM, hopefully they continue to do it to future content since it just gets worse from here.

Hopefully this is just a build BHS is releasing to every region and not just EU specific, or maybe BHS is still on that whole "We don't balance around talents" stance which EmE will most likely follow.....
my suggestion for those wanting a particular name, is to get an xbox or ps4 and try your luck once it is officially released on them.

Makes sense, just grab a console just for the sole reason of acquiring a name you can't on PC, but because you're in a decent spot on PC you'll just hold that name on the console for eternity.

Anyways having a name wipe every few years should be fine, no point in having names just sit around even if they were to just be scooped back up by name sellers at least there will be a window of time where the names are moving around and have a chance to land on someone who will be active for awhile later.

But as mentioned previously, EmE hasn't made any public plans of a future name wipe so you're in the waiting boat with the rest of us.
Pages wrote: »
Also, you CONTINUE to ignore my response, which is that this mount should automatically be learned on every character. But, yeah, keep being condescending. Just because I didn't attend PAX 2012 doesn't mean I haven't been playing as long as other people.

The Regal Frost Lion is a skill book in your account item claim tab, it isn't automatically learned. But yes, it is a collector's edition perk, however I don't know anything about codes given out during PAX 2012 so who knows.

Either way, @OP contact support as @Pages suggested since you said you have the mount on multiple characters and can no longer find it, they can do more than we can here since it appears to be an account issue
Lol, how is a level 100 cap QoL? The only thing I agree with this thread is the ninja clone since it feels so weird that it has such a long CD for just a fun skill with no combat advantage (and before people cry it can fool people in PvP......please give me a solid example as to how).

Maybe the dye thing, but I don't really dye my costumes so I don't really know if there's an issue with the current system.
That's the snowman NPC Ambrr for the Wintera seasonal, it's a bug that has been around for awhile. The quest marker just doesn't go away when the NPC is turned off for whatever reason.
Rila wrote: »
it would be so easy and it would make devs so much money , just put apartments in velika simple.

Yea....heh....simple. In reality? Probably not.

Also yea if anything this would already hurt the image of the population since main cities already have a dwindling amount of players.
ElinLove wrote: »

Perhaps I should try to level by picking flowers and mining.

Reminds me about the story of Pacifist, the Baraka Priest who reached 65 (or was he during the Lv 60 days) only by gathering, non-kill quests, and crafting. His entire kills are only a handful of mandatory 1st levels so you can get out of Island of Dawn or some handful of moments he had to self defend against mobs


Yea this was pretty interesting, and according to the achievement SS he didn't actually kill anything, a true pacifist.
Naru2008 wrote: »
They'll be back soon, afaik.


Still don't understand why they removed the item because it's in a future update...why not wait until you actually release that update, especially with the long wait periods between things.
EA763X76FL wrote: »
OK thanks well it looks like there are no such console store items yet for Tera ..thanks for the reply

Console is still in it's beta stages so it'll still be awhile yet until you should spend money, going to have to wait until full release for that (no date has been set btw afaik).
It's because these are all things EU does on its own by modifying server files (which is why they get reverted in the next BHS patch each time). Gameforge doesn't share this with other regions. If it's something that BHS does or integrates in the base game, then other regions (KR, JP, NA, etc.) can get it, but most of these are done internally by Gameforge. (So, it isn't like NA is soloed out as the only region that doesn't have this; it's just that EU is the only region that has it.)

It seems to me that the solution would have to be either that Bluehole does this themselves (so all regions can get it), or (maybe?) BHS pays Gameforge to get the customizations and distributes it to other regions too, or EME gets their own people trained to be able to make these same kinds of changes themselves for this region.

They're done by GF but BHS still has a hand in it from what I understand, but it seems that when they decided to send SCEM to all the regions they didn't get the hype they wanted. Either way yes it would help if EmE had someone who was able to do it like Pathmos and his team on GF but with EmE's current state and all the attention on console I don't see anything like that happened....wew.
RNNT4FP55J wrote: »
Partyblast wrote: »
It's been known since it released on KTera that all animations are the same, including the death which is probably the most awkward animation on males, everything else is fine?

Love how fragile everyone who complains about this crap is, you finally got the ability to play a male because playing female is impossible because it somehow harms your male image irl and now the animations which literally don't have a gender now bother you....wow.

it's more about the fact it took 3 years to even make the lowest ammount of effort ever produced by developers of any game, ever.
and also most men play female chars, so duno what you're refering to with "impossible because it somehow harms your male image irl"
Why do you assume most ppl refused to play female brawler, because female?
Just because people complain about gender lock, doesn't mean they refuse to touch the class. If they like brawler, they'll play it anyway, even if they would have PREFERRED to play as male - and for 3 years they didn't have any other option.
I hope you understand that nothing would ever change, if no one said anything - no bugs would be fixed, no balance patches would be relased, because no one gave feedback.
If it was a feature that you could give your male char, female animation, that would be cool, but that's not the case. Devs were simply to lazy to make an effort. Defending it in the name of accidental diversity, just because it fits your narrative, is ridiculous.
It's stuff like this that makes the game look like an afterthought or school project, rather than a bilion dollar project - it's unprofessional, and ruin their image - it gives the impression they don't care about the game, and we can't expect much for future content - why invest in a game that even the devs don't take seriously?

Yea sucks it was such a sloppy copy paste and I would like all classes open to every race+gender but BHS has found the most profit in just creating female classes, and with a game this old and lacking population they don't want to put major effort into something that won't have great returns.

Delimon wrote: »
Third, what is wrong with wanting to play as a man when I am a man? I don't enjoy staring at fake tits and butt and especially not borderline [filtered].

I don't have security issues with my gender, I'm a man, end of the story. I act like a man and I want to role play as a man, not a damn female.

That's what I meant about men having issues with playing a female because they suddenly have to RP as their in-game gender which is opposite their own. I'm well aware most men play females and the class will be played regardless of gender if the person doesn't care about that. The OP of this thread seemed very offended that the male brawler was using female animations rather than the sloppyness of BHS.
Oh god more necromancers, the forums are gonna go on a banning spree again ._.
DL7MMWLJ3W wrote: »
The 3 hit ends up not being 3 hits even with making burning heart fireballs hitbox bigger. The smaller the enemy, the less hits it'll land. So just make it hit once and buff the damage 3 times. No need to look up anymore and no more hit detection rng.

So let's stop with the random information that doesn't keep track of the game properly.

Talents have nothing to do with the changes. The amount of hits lessen so the talent for lowering cooldown on Attunement got buffed to make it how it was before.

There was never a FPS issue with Burning Heart, that's your issue with your settings and which mods you aren't using.

/thread done.

Yes BHS was trying to combat the fact there were issues with Burning Heart not hitting all hits, they even did a patch earlier to try and fix that, except this patch was also due to FPS issues that they experienced on KTera.

This whole game is an FPS issue, so you can't flat out say it was an issue with settings or mods.
It was a FPS fix by BHS since players were actually having issues with multiple ninjas in a party using burning heart at the same time (because that class isn't actually dead with Talents), they figured giving 3x damage was enough and didn't consider crit rate /shrug
Just to 100% confirm... what server are you playing on?

If you are playing on the EU servers run by Gameforge, they have no calendar items. Only the NA servers run by EME have them.

That is EU (or at least not NA) since the names aren't as restricted, the global message by "miumy" show that since the name would have to be "Miumy" due to the way the system keeps names capitalized.

So OP, even though calendar items on NA really aren't that extreme and are fine to miss out on for the most part, don't sweat since you're not even on NA .-.
It's been known since it released on KTera that all animations are the same, including the death which is probably the most awkward animation on males, everything else is fine?

Love how fragile everyone who complains about this crap is, you finally got the ability to play a male because playing female is impossible because it somehow harms your male image irl and now the animations which literally don't have a gender now bother you....wow.
It's part of a change coming at a later time, so they will not be returning to the FC Store.

"Later time" It takes literal months to get any store update, you guys couldn't even provide the entire FC Store update at the announced time and just skated by with a Phase process, why remove the NPC scrolls now and give no information aside from it's coming soonTM?

Amazing job, totes, but it's as to be expected.
Zcopycat wrote: »
Is ninja actually getting stronger or just having the way that skill works altered? Ninja and sorcerer are the weakest classes - why isn't sorc getting the adjustments mentioned in the essential mana post linked previously? If you really want to balance classes, increase crit rate on ninja's burning heart / circle of steel and make sorc's meteor crit glyph let it always crit for the poor people with 300+ crit factor.

Also for the enchanting changes - as written it sounds like only items with talents will have those reduced (but darics and plates??) while all enchanting materials are increased. Is this how it is meant? Or for the base gear only...
We *really* do not need an increase on emeralds/diamonds required for enchanting and stormcry mats already are basically only acquired through metamorphics - copper clasps are so rare. Not to mention the whole halved vg thing hurts getting them from iod... Really FM mats should drop starting in 431 and SC in 439 and it greater quantity than they are right now - and yet the opposite, more mats required, is what's happening? I agree that something needs to be done about the inflation of gold talent prices, but an increase in required mats past guardian is so not necessary they're hard enough to get as it is. I'd prefer to see the drop rates of gold talents increased in dungeons to give more people motivation to run those instead of farming legion / iod solo being the optimal thing to do.

What EM Patch Note are you referring to? We're getting both patches 10/26, url="https://essentialmana.com/news/1123-patch-note/"]11/23[/url], and some of 12/07 from KTera. We had already received the buff portion of Guardian Legion when we got that system, most patches are frankenstiens of multiple KTera Patches.

Ninja Burning heart is just being altered, but in a way it's a buff since you no longer have to angle your camera a certain way to land all three ticks per Burning Heart, now you can just stare at the boss any way you want since it only ticks once per burst.

The enchanting as EmE failed to mention is only for Guardian and Twist.
Dzerk wrote: »
In EU tera they spin some wheel to get the choose your hair magic ticket. (RNG)
Each hair ticket is also 9,999 fashion coupons
So I'm wondering if the prices are different or the same.

I appreciate your reply @Selenya but since I hope this company takes a different and less money-hungry route I would like an official answer from one of the staff, verifying the information. This is obviously NOT EU Tera. @CobaltDragon

KTera has the coupons as cash shop only, EU decided to use the fashion coupons for them, NA has not mentioned how they will work so yes we do need an official response but I doubt we'll get one until you can just see in-game how they will work....yay EmE.
Viticks wrote: »
  • Removed set effects from accessories and gear.

This really pisses me off =/
Spend 300k on keytrap sets to my chars and know it was reduced to nothing...

As mentioned by @TOLOVERU it was adjusted on JTera and then KTera a few weeks ago so you've had a fair amount of time, also honestly it should've been expected they would adjust past sets so they weren't better than the new content...same thing happened with Hyderad and older healer acc to force healers to use crit sets. Why would BHS keep old gear as BiS?
Dialoonia wrote: »
In the end the heroes always wins. Just wait for the day where villians actually are the winner. Atleast for a content or two. The only point where you lose was the prologue story. In the end you got defeated (killed)

There is a theory that you the "hero" is dead after the events of prolouge IoD. Thus you are just dreaming all the stuff about arborea.

Arborea is a dream world afterall, created by Shara and Arun, makes sense.
CornishRex wrote: »
The person likely meant 100% keen mote that EU gets as a compensation for no double VGs. We still don't have that despite getting our vgs cut in half so you're more cucked on na than on eu.

The 100% mote drop was an EU regional change, not a compensation, just like the double VGs were basically a regional change for NA due to the length of it. It confuses me why people think just because EmE decided to 180 and make the double VG as a random event (which sucks btw just wanna add that even tho it's been said many times) that they'll change the mote drop to match?
6R1MM01R3 wrote: »
Partyblast wrote: »
Catservant wrote: »
I think a perm fiery halo would be better as an event reward, don't you? (as long as it could be chosen, not random)

Either way I would love it, as well as the blue fiery halo.

This is the only ID I could find with a translated name, the rest of the IDs aren't named yet however I could post them if this one doesn't work or is temp.

Both temp and perm blue fiery halo are in the game files.

Yes as I mentioned the IDs are there just not translated or given a description to differ between temp and perm, which is why I provided the only one with any name/description at all.
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