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cOmPaNiOn adVenTUres jusT PROMoTe mOre LaZIneSS

@AlbedoBloodfallen said:

Grow up.** These companies are nice enough** to provde you with a free game that you [filtered] on and then expect them to conform to your demands. No wonderdevs dislike youentitled players. Youre all asking for free handouts. Stop bullsi**ing everyone.

Everyone can just leave this thread now.

This guy tells others to "Grow up" ... and right after that, proceeds to say "these companies are NICE ENOUGH to provide you with a free game"
that sentiment right there, tells you a lot about this person.

Nice enough ... ehehe hehehee .. a company .. nice enough ...


1 ) Its not Valentine. I know its a recycled event, but give a little care and rename it.

2 ) the monster sizes are " small, normal, medium ". Reflect that in your quest UI. Everything there says BAM.

This, and MANY ... MANY other consistent mistakes, mishandling of situations, miscommunications etc gives players the image that you dont give two sh**ts.
Like going to buy milk, and the cartons are just all over the floor and you gotta pick them up to buy them.

You didnt make Tera, but if you dont care about it enough to sell it, how you gonna expect us to care ?

Out of curiosity is there such a thing as client side model editing mods? And if So I assume it's possible to get banned for it.

If you're on tera toolbox = Unicast

If you're on tera proxy = Elin Magic

both do the same things. Some options in Unicast is paid only, and everything in Elin Magic is free.
they're client side only, you won't get banned for it.

some gonna say 'welllll teeechhhhnicallllyyy you shuoldnttt beeecaaussse T . O . S youuu knooooww, and its baaaaaddd you knoooww"
but fukkit, doesnt hurt anybody, and games already almost empty thanks to mEMEs multitude of misteps... so do what makes you happy.

When i came back to tera after a few years thats what i thought too...
turns out it never had those options in character creation,
only thigh/height/bust changers after you've created.

This video was uploaded April 1st 2011.
Video doesn't show any sliders for height, bust, butt, hips, etc.

Tera was released in South Korea on 25 January 2011, in North America on 1 May 2012.

why doe ? its done we should remove it.

FA , CSN , CSHM doesnt have 99 neo res.

The rest ? feels a bit high. but its all good.
been on this game over five years. you know what i hate most ? spending 3 hrs wiping and walking away with nothing.

at the end of the day, its a game. for fun and frolic.
so yeah, good on the new ones for getting lots of neo resses.

gear still can lose levels.
gear can't break.

@noctred said:
Yeah, the lack of any real communication regarding this issue on twitter, reddit, their own forums, their own website, or their own discord is kinda nutty.

^ basically what this guy said.

You said they were 1) aware of the issue and 2) did a maintainence to fix this issue.

Any proof in the form of official statements from the company that those points are true ?

in every mmo i played, whenever server throws a tantrum, the community would get so riled up,
and everybody would flock the forums.

a few days ago when this krap started happening,
i kept checking back to see if things are popping off in the forums.
the forum was silent.

you know your game is in a bad state when people just go "oh well, server is sheet, moving on"

So yeah, Im glad people are making "Fix your server" posts.

and on that note EME, fix your servers.

in every mmo i played, whenever server throws a tantrum, the community would get so riled up,
and everybody would flock the forums.

a few days ago when this krap started happening,
i kept checking back to see if things are popping off in the forums.
the forum was silent.

you know your game is in a bad state when people just go "oh well, server is sheet, moving on"

So yeah, Im glad people are making "Fix your server" posts.

and on that note EME, fix your servers.

same here. crahed, disconnected, now cant get back in.

Playing from Oceanic region, experiencing lag atm.

yesterday and most other days its about 190-200ping. Today, before and after the server restarted, its 290.

@MargaretRose said:
Any ETA for the x64 update?


@TJKat said:
Aren't these just the biweekly double drop dungeons?

I think so. But the wording is different so i got curious.


Starting Friday, November 22 at 4 a.m. PST through Monday, November 25 at 4 a.m., the following instanced dungeons will offer increased drops upon completion

that one i know is increased drops.

"Enter select dungeons, with reduced Adventure Coin entry costs, and complete them to earn additional rewards:"

Earn rewards that are outside of the dungeon's loot-table, or more of what already drops ?

After update, UI got reset, all private channels gone and the ping is worse.

if EME was listening to the forums, which apparently they're not, i would likely make a post thats more civil.
something thats less whiny and more constructive. but whats the use of being constructive then the people in charge aren't listening.

Outside of events, does extreme mode have "better" drops ?

'Better' can mean, better chances at getting mask,
maybe 'better' is 'more drops',
or 'higher percentage at dropping better materials'.



i play from oceanic region, and my ping never goes below 220. You don't need 50ms for -most- of the dungeons, but you do need stability. But that is a given in any mmo, no connection stability means no mmos.

You should be using skill-prediction, it emulates client-side skills. Its not perfect, ping will still be an issue in terms of dps, but its tons better than if you were to pay for a tunneling service like WTFast.


now as for dodging skills like Argog's 30% AOE, there are always visual tells.
For Argog on my warrior and my 220ping, i wait for the ground ripple, and i use DeathFromAbove the second i see it.
This works 100% of the time, because i know my class very well, i know exactly at what point of the animation DFA works and doesn't work.

If i were to swtich to my alt-Archer and i used her 'Dodge-jump' (cant remember the name) i get it wrong 80% of the time because, i know [filtered] about that class.

There will be a handful of dungeons where your ping will be an issue and red-refuge is FARRRR from being one of them.

@counterpoint said:
They are aware of the issue and are working on it. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

kay thanks.

I can get into the game, but once i do, its a dead world. no npcs, no players, my HP is zero, i cant use any skills.
I can't even log out, i have to crash the game.

the other times i try it, i only get as far as the character selection, and ill be stuck there. no way to exit, and will have to again force-crash the game.

any idea whats wrong ?

im getting this too .............

i dont know anymore.

dont know. but i found this reddit thread.

If all they're going to do is regurgitate the content BHS sends them, why does EME even exist at this point?

yeap. and like so many posts before this , they keep making one bad decision after another.
for example , this elin outfit thing. its clear as day ...

every management knows that favoritism exists. can't be helped.
but when you rub it in peoples faces, thats when trouble comes in.

everybody knows elins are the main race. so yes, by all means give them an outfit in multiple colors, and an elin only outfit box.
but then you must also give everyone else something . something ugly and cheap maybe ? a barely-there attempt at appeasement is at least something.

one bad decision after another.

right ? i get it. elins are by far the most used class. there are already far more costumes for elins than any other. but on top of that you only release elin costumes for a christmas event ? man , tis the season to be a lolicon.

So lemme guess, En Masses has zero control over this too right ?

what's in patch 88 ?

I understand that Gunners use magic amplification.

I have a gauntlet that i can use.

  • Magic Amp top roll.
  • Magic Crit power +0.02 (purple)
  • Magic Crit power +0.03 (purple)

My question is, are the two Magic crit power rolls exceptional, good, just alright, bad or downright useless ?


thanks !

i don't usually fish, but was giving it a go for the past few days, and everytime i leave it alone, and come back, the fishmonger changed his list.

thats because its technically "increased drops".

vague isn't it... what increased ?
percentage perhaps ... by how much ? 0.3% maybe ?

marketing gonna market


That was very helpful, thank you.

In a previous mmo, i did similar box hunts with a couple of close friends.
we would go seperate channels, and if someone finds a box, we converge.
most importantly, we would also share drops, meaning if im a warr, and someone else got a twinsword,
it would go to me.

it was a great system, because instead of 1 chance , every kill would give everyone 3 chances
of getting the item they want.

i've never joined a box hunt in tera, but seeing as how an item could cost 3mill, i don't see
how the sharing aspect of it would be upheld by strangers.

how does tera box hunt usually work ?

@MargaretRose said:
That's because the new patch sucks [filtered] and swallows!
Seriously, never saw anything bad like this in almost 6 years.

Yup. The decision making on en-masse side is questionable too.
For example, the new/old dungeon Forsaken island 'Hard' is, in actually Extreme mode. No resurrections allowed. (untill last boss %35)

This is fine, for an active game full of players willing to learn and teach and experiment and spend hours on a dungeon.
But knowing the game is lacking players, what did they do ? Release normal mode and Extreme.

would have been better if it was Hard mode and Extreme.
Obviously that dungeon is not off limits, but because the learning curve is so steep, it is relegated to only those with tight knit group willing to teach/learn and the few willing to spend hours learning an old dungeon.

But this is not your player-base right now. You're bleeding players and you want the few, new or staying players to keep learning/trying new dungeons. So why release normal mode, where you learn practically nothing, then suddenly extreme mode with no resurrections ?

Again, i'm not saying the dungeon is un-doable, this is just one of the many examples of how en-masse doesn't really understand the current state of their game. Just really bad decision making back to back.

LiamDahvis wrote: »
PGLAN7DL7G wrote: »
Its something that shouldve been in tera years ago , but im glad its on its way. better late than never ,,,
anyone know when it'll get here ? Or is it already here and im not aware of it.


Years ago...When Guardians are a recent thing....? *Slow blink* Also those patch notes are K-tera and we are about 4-6 months behind them. So it will probably be the January update.

training rooms.. yes. years ago..

ignore the 'guardians' part. the main idea here is a training dummy.

like the upcoming "adventure token" system .. the idea isnt "adventure tokens" its a stamina system. im sure you get the jist =]
Its something that shouldve been in tera years ago , but im glad its on its way. better late than never ,,,
anyone know when it'll get here ? Or is it already here and im not aware of it.


Yberion wrote: »
Let us be in control of whether we want better fps in crowded zones or just good graphics while we fish or whatever..


The biggest problem i have with their optimization is that its extremely unreliable when it comes to resetting my settings back to what it was. Half of the time it works , but the other half of the time, my graphics will stay crappy until i manually adjust it again.

I don't do big PVP events. Biggest group event i do is that gutrends thing and flying, and i don't have a problem with fps in any of these.
and even if my fps dips, let that be my choice, maybe i prefer pretty graphics.
thought i was reddit tab for a while there, was desperately looking for upvote button.

i'll upvote with this <3
metagame wrote: »
the 'tuna' would be stuck on your account

if you took the 'tuna' and made it into something, that thing could be given to someone else

Mmmm ... if the 'tuna' would be stuck to you accnt, that would mean we can't share chores, means the person doing the cooking needs to do the fishing ... thanks.
tisnotme wrote: »
But if its account bound it's still not shareable with others just shareable with all your own alts on your account

i took it that Nyanta was only referring to "things like bait/fishing rod" . Which is fine. I'm more worried about the products you acquire from fishing.

For example, right now between the two of us (my friend and i) i'm the designated Golden Talents crafter. She would pass me talents, and i would give her darics/plates. I would pass her rubies and saphire and she would make me emeralds and diamonds.

So i imagine bait/fishing rod is like 'artisan refining kit'. While that can be traded, it won't make much of a difference if it can't.

But lets say for example, i catch Tuna. and Tuna can be cooked into a dish. It would be great if Tuna can be passed on to her, just like how i can pass things i've gathered to someone else for crafting.
Nyanta1177 wrote: »
Nothing in fishing is really character bound, account bound yes, but not character bound, so things like bait/fishing rod can be banked to move to other alts

cooking, is just basically making consumables which are mainly all tradeable/sellable

that would be great if nothing is character bound. our worry is that some rare fish might be character bound and we wont be able to trade it.
Fishing isn't here yet, but i'm hoping someone knows something about it.

Me and a friend are going to start two new chars, and in the interest of time, we're going to divvy the chores.
One does cooking, while the other fish.

What i'm worried about is, if fishing would produce character bound items. Then we'd both need to take up fishing.
Has anyone else had this problem ?

When i set the HP bar to size 50 and click apply, it will go down to that tiny size,
but when you click OK, it pops back to a larger size.

i tested it out with a few methods,
one of them is to resize it -> click apply but don't close options window -> quit instantly so that the options gets saved on server side.
That didn't work either.

I found that it remains stable and doesnt change at around size 65-70 and anything else above that, so that tells me theres nothing wrong with the files not saving.

If anyone else has had this problem and fixed it, tell me.
k thx.

that avatar with fingers pointing goes well with the reply.
I only have two classes right now. Warr and Gunner. I think Elins can't be valkyries and thats all ?
TJKat wrote: »
It would be nice if they took them out of the game because the prevent server transfers too (took me a while to figure out they were the problem) so you can only throw them away (or use them, I guess) to transfer. Yet you still get 200 of them in a parcel post at around level 63.

They prevent server transfer ? lols weird... In other games i played, there were items that cannot be brought over to other servers, but mainly because it would've been too overpowered or gamebreaking ... Alliance nocs aren't either of these, some people just throw them away.
Meningitis wrote: »
you can use them in uncomond/ rare /superior recipe from caiman stachs, guardian misions or vg credits npc
This doesn't answer their question in the slightest. They know what noct does.

OP, I doubt they'll be made bankable in the future. There's been no signs of them planning to do so that I've seen. I don't know why it's not bankable, though. It's probably just a relic of the past where alliance content gave out those nocts specifically and they never bothered to change it.

Thanks Meningitis XD

I'm more curious than anything as to why this one particular noctenium can't be banked. Noctenium-lag is a thing, but i doubt it affects me.
Guess its staying there for a bit. Cheers !
Haven't played tera in a while, can't remember how far behind KR we are in patches,
but will Alliance Noctenium Infusion be bank-able in future patches ?

I'm not sure why this particular infusion can't be banked, while others can. It does the same thing as the others.
Meningitis wrote: »
Entitled much?
This post defines the younger generation...
You know what? No. No it doesn't. This game may be f2p, but there's also premium membership. This game is a service, and if I'm paying a company money to use the service, I expect it to be up and running because it's existing on my dime. Compensation for unexpected downtime is nigh universal in any other service of this type (even mobile games give compensation for downtime). You could argue that f2p players don't need or deserve it, but paying customers should absolutely be considered in the least.

Yup. Problem with a lot of people is , weather they realise it or not, they 'feel bad for the company'. A lot of people i know who are apple fanboys speak of the company like a person. Saying things like "dont pick on apple" or "apple is trying to do their best for their customers". I see similar sentiments from gamers.

Being an entitled child is when your parents love you and you don't see it. They give, and work so hard, and all you can do is demand more. That relationship is totally one sided, thats not how its like with a business.
You can feel bad for individuals in that company, like if Mcdonalds was crappy, and someone screams at the cashier... thats a dumb thing to do.
But the company as a whole, is a corporate machine. EnMasses, Blizzard, Apple, or whatever company you want to put there, is not your friend ...

I don't blame these people tho, they made Tera their home, and EnMasse is the guardian of this home. Thats probably why people like Matrixofleaders see players like Maximilian as 'entitled'. To Maximilian, the Tera/EnMasses relatonship is business transaction, but to Matrix, its something more.





Ah i see now, my bad. DD and battleground coins look alike. I mistook them both to be the same things. thanks guys !

metagame wrote: »
can you explain what items you believe are "aimed at those who pvp"? because nearly everything in both shops (the contents of both coins are also nearly identical too) are useful in both pve and pvp.

You get more DD coins if you pvp. which means you get smart dyad structures easier/faster, giving you better dyads. you get more superior nocteniums, more canephora ptions, etching boxes etc. there are other ways to get these items, but having DD coins give you more access to them. especially dyad structures.

i didnt mean the items are meant for pvpers, i meant you get more access to dungeon delver coins and thus more access to really beneficial items if you pvp.
TYoung11 wrote: »
Uh...you do realize there are two different coin sets. One comes from PvP and the other from PvE. The coins are tied to "events," so they mostly just come from the highlighted dungeon or battleground. Otherwise, HH is the best source of dungeon delver coins.

Is Harrowhold pvp ? But thats what i mean when i said its primarily for pvp .. you can secondarily get it in pve, but less so and in less amounts .

Am i wrong , can you get them in equal amounts weather or not you do pvp/pve per week ? i really don't know , i just came back. but so far it feels like its primarily pvp.
I just came back bout 2-3 weeks or so back... and i noticed theres a lot of really beneficial items in the dungeon delver shop, and they seem to be only aimed at those who pvp. ( these coins do appear in pve dungeons, but not nearly as often, and the pve dungeons don't give as many )

But i cant get those cos i can't pvp. I have 220 ping, and im just bait out there... its also not fair for me to just pop in and 'poke around' while others carry me.
is tera moving more towards pvp now ?
Pwhoops wrote: »
When you right click on the pet it opens up the pet UI, then under/above the pet's name (can't remember) you can see the health/hunger.

Yup... In the old UI, i didn't have to click on my pet to see if it was hungry.

Do you know if there are mods to bring it back ? I tried one or two mods that brought back an old ui, but it didnt have the pet hunger bar.

One day I noticed my pet not looting, and it occurred to me that I hadn't fed it in a while cause I couldn't see the hunger bar. Out of sight, out of mind. Now I just keep feeding it randomly so that won't happen.

lols yeah. same thing happened to me. not a big deal , but it was a feature i liked and im asking around to see if theres anything that can bring it back. Gimme a tell if you find anything ?
In the old UI, i didn't have to click on my pet to see if it was hungry. A little pet icon would appear on your HP bar when you summon a pet, and if that pet has a hunger bar, that icon will also have one.

New UI doesnt have this, any way to bring it back ?
When the party leader shouts a notice, a big party notice pops up. Is there a way to move this notice ?
tisnotme wrote: »
SEA server ??????
you mean the server in Thailand with the game play in that language (but apparently open to all and maybe soon getting the English files added)
that's as close as ive heard we're getting to an SEA server

Not entirely sure what you're talking about, because when you said "you mean the server in Thailand with the game play in that language (but apparently open to all and maybe soon getting the English files added)" it sounds like the game has ALREADY been released, and is just getting an english patch.

But as far as i know no such Tera (Tera with Thai language as you put it) exists. But there is a tera that is opening in November with a thai distribution company with two other games under its care, one completely english, and the other with thai and english.
Jerichow wrote: »
We may get a ping compensator, but ...
metagame wrote: »
1) the idea was brought ....

Thanks ! And jerichow , thats a good point about SEA. I said before that its the same ping for me, to NA or SEA, but if there was a ping compensator for SEA, then thats excellent news ! I used to pay for WTFast and Battleping, but this ping compensator sounds like a much better program.

Hi guys,

I just came back to Tera after a 2 year absence from the game, and i very recently discovered a thing that compensates for your ping ? Never even knew such things existed till a few days ago, and that i do, im pretty excited.
I heard about DMCA takedowns which probably took away this ping compensator, BUT i also heard that en-masse is working on their own ping compensator ?
No real sources, i just overheard some people talking about this on global chat ...

SEA is opening, so any SEA players would probably leave NA for that if they want better ping ... for me tho, SEA or NA makes no real difference in ping.
I play from NZ and i get about 220ping constant, its pretty frustrating, and something like this would be extremely helpful.

So my question is, whats the real scoop , realistically, any chance of a ping compensator ?
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