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Open for one full body in the style above! One char only. Simple bg included. USD only. Starting at $50 (+more for extra details).
PM me on discord if you'd like a slot!
beep boop updates once in 100 years
My queen....perfect art is perfect <3
Couple chibi v1 i finished a while ago uwu

And a fullbody of someone's DnD char!
Omg your work is beautiful!! ;A; can't wait to see your rendition of tera chars <3
I think you don't have to worry about that because as soon as the merge hits, their char with the same name on the other server would get a _1 after it and they would be prompted to do name change again. If you delete your char with the original name, their char would still have the _1 behind it.
Of course, I'm not 100% sure if this is how it works, but it seems the most logical in my mind. Also, I have names from when HW was a server and those characters are now on FF with _#_####### behind their name. I would imagine people have already deleted and claimed those names already since HW became FF meaning I would've had no way of obtaining them just because someone else deleted the original.

For a clearer example:
You have Bob on AV and someone has Bob on TR.
Your char has 100 days playtime and theirs has 50.
After the merge, the AV Bob remains as Bob and TR Bob becomes Bob_1.
You rename Bob to Joe, but the other's char is now named Bob_1 so there wouldn't be a chance of them getting the name unless you don't claim it before them.

Hope this helps? ^^
Chibi v1 commission finished!
Ayy I'm re-opening with 1 gold slot and 2 paypal slots! DM me on discord~
Beautiful art - I love the shading!!
May I ask what server you're accepting gold on? uwu
Recent commissions+gifts done~

Click for fullsize! v
My entry for the loading screen contest ;w; the old version might appear in game, but here's the most recently edited one!

Also a headshot commission for @Margarethe I finished recently!

Waiting list for August batch is open! If you're looking for a pixel or chibi, I might be able to fit you in now! (Also prices adjusted with most recent emp rate)
Two recent pieces done~ one for a secret easter, one as a commission!

10% discount still active for paypal commissioners~

10% off everything until May 1
Latest works~

Non-tera related work!
ok now if it closes again at least my comment is here
> @Mwu said:
> These are awesome, do they take forever to make? I tried animating a chibi once and gave up. xD

Not at all haha. It's just cell shading! Animating-wise idk what better method there is so I usually just copy and paste the previous color layer and recolor the parts I need to change!
Good luck with your animation it is a very difficult process ;u;
Grua wrote: »
best girlfriend AND artist? two in one <3

NANI U DOING HERE ;w; hi i love u

RECENT COMMISSIONS DONE ill just post with this acc since its a pain to switch........
mewsu wrote: »
★ took a break from my big commissions to finish a tiny one, with some small buns for muh lovely @Oppabo ~(^・ω・^✿)

dont worry theyre just having fun.....

and omg why are u charging so much dont u know u can like draw that in 5 mins DONT EVEN TELL ME YOU DID IT IN MORE THAN 2 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HOLY (Myca here)---- THOSE LOOK SO AMAZING I'm blessed to have been drawn by you ;A; THE GLOVE DETAILS OMG AKLHFDSLKGH i dont deserve such nice art ;w;;ww;;w;w;w; thank you so much omg
Hi GMs can I have my thread back too? QQ
REALIZED MY FRIEND REQUESTS WERE OFF ON DISCORD LMAO RIP - now u can actually dm me for commissions
also changed prices ya ok bye
Weew finished a bunch of stuff recently~
Secret valentine for nimu nimu nii~

Commission for a guildie
omg beautiful here's some elins if you'd like to draw ;w; (the red haired one is a boy~)
OMG I WANT but i cant find you on discord ;A; could you pm me @ Miku#5220
Heres my mystic if you want ^^
Finished commission for sushi!! Thanks for letting me draw the pop star costume it was a fun challenge ;w;

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ wasn't even a warning I'd just rather see them produce their own art but if that's how they're gonna act...is it that hard to make your own eyes/limbs/poses?
Hi, I'm sure what people rather have is art that is your own without using someone else's bases.
Not to mention the fact that the original creator only gives permission for personal and non-commercial use. Sure, tera gold is fake currency, but it is easily convertible to real life money, and you also taking payment in emp/elite vouchers is using it for direct "commercial" purposes.
What I'm trying to say is that the way you do the hair/costumes/accessories is already well done, it's just a shame that there even is a base involved.
anyone watched houseki no kuni? ;o; gonna start watching it soon, but here's a diamond pixel~
mewsu wrote: »
*loves miku's art* (=♡ ᆺ ♡=)

loves u <3 <3
WAPNFWA67P wrote: »
These pixels are so damn cute * Q*)/ <3 but I have no money T_T

aaa thank you sm ;w; your comment means a lot already <3
Weeew so after years I figured I'd try my hands at pixels again! Will be adding these for 40k or 6USD ^^ (more details, more $$)
Tbh I've been looking for the perfect oppotrunity to use that meme so no, thank YOU for making it happen ;)
Mondhase wrote: »
PrincessV wrote: »
and the cherry on top is ppl actually have the ballz to ask for money for shits like that HOLY, F, [filtered] LMAO!!!!!!!!!
wow. i wouldn't even want one even if it's free. idk
i've been searching for a decent TERA commissioner for a loooooong time now and things just seem to get worse and worse.
like 100$ for a [filtered] quality drawing? how about NO.
i wouldn't mind paying someone like Sakimichan 200$ for a commission, or WLOP.
these? i don't even have a word for these. horrendous is the closest. horrendous gold diggers calling their shits "art".

ps, by "some", i meant "all". almost. keep up the good work diggers, cheers!

I've actually seen some pretty good artists on here. But holy. 200$ for a commission, I'll take that and I can actually draw decently. :^)

I'm sure even it's "decent" its still not good for our PrincessV
mewsu wrote: »
o-oh but if it burns your eyes so much then how about no lookie in here anymore? go try commission sakimichan see if she'll give you a rough sketch even for $200

He* and for a small doodle? i'm sure he would

thanks, we will
omg it's purlilly senpai i've been following you on instagram for forever ;AAAA;
sending pm your way!!
Tandria wrote: »
Thanks. I rather like it.

If I might be permitted a newbie (freshly minted level 65) question both your guide and at least one other have a mystery icon in the rotation.

Specifically, there's a cupcake in the rotation. Or perhaps a bran muffin.

The cupcake occurs in your hotbar recommendation directly underneath mana barrier and to the left of mana siphon.

I believe the icon to the left of the cupcake is a brooch but I'm far from certain because a more recognizable brooch is in the northeast of the hotbar. Is there a point where I will get two broochs? Or am I simply misidentifying the icon?

Brooch(s) aside, what's the cupcake?

Oh uh. That's a root beer. Highly recommended as it boosts your atk speed by 10% for 10 seconds owo
They got rid of double brooching so the one you're looking at besides the root beer is called "Marrow Brooch" and is currently only obtainable from HH p4.
Ferria wrote: »
Oppabo wrote: »
Woo contest over! Congrats to all the winners ;w; Here's mine!!

This is really creative!

Thank you, thank you!!

Hello friends, it's me with an update - I removed the AV gold option (sorry friends) and am prioritizing paypal commissions! I might take payment on CH for a limited time as well, please PM or discord me about that!

Latest commission for a guildie:
Woo contest over! Congrats to all the winners ;w; Here's mine!!
Pretty screenshots! Ctrl+z will take away the ui for future screenshot taking ;)
I love being able to give presents even if it's something small ;w;
Chibi v1 couple commission done for a guildie!! (closed for now until i finish this loading screen Orz) (bdo chars)
Hi I've been MIA cus of school and rl stuff but here's my latest work for a secret santa I participated in! It's not tera-related tho >: It's Alucard from the game Castlevania ;w;
2000 more words of my essay and I'll finally be able to finish commissions~
^ apologizing like that doesnt change the fact I don't want to take your commissions. Apologizing doesnt erase your past actions. I think its best to get off forums completely at this point.
Yeah no. Dont try to justify yourself by saying you wanted to "help her for success" because no one asked for your opinion and she was and always has been successful without your input.

But uh...great? Now that you understand that, then you should also learn to stop replying at this point. And especially on MY thread.
Sure I can, but not for someone like you.

It's at my own discretion who I accept and don't accept to commission, and I'm rejecting yours as nicely as I can. Have a good day.
Bruh get off my thread, you're not welcome. I'm not sure if you're trying to start something again and is doing it on my thread, but I dont need your money.
Yaaaaaaa size of digital art = size of traditional art = Vi should charge less!!!11!!one!!1 /s
How did we get from Brenda Behr to... "Di Designs"???

Also "humility" must mean "lulupon lower your prices you're so greedy" - stop interpreting the meaning of other artists and manipulating their words for your own purposes.

ALSO: #getluluponintoafineartmuseum2k17??
I love when "research" comes in the form of "i googled this so it must be true"
oh yES, it's all so clear to me now! Now I know how to properly appreciate art because someone commenting on digital, commissioned art in a non-business-related setting is comparing it to an entirely different world. /s

I'm sure if lulupon's art and "business" was anything like that fine art artist's business, she would consider your points (although that's doubtful considering how rude you were to begin with), but since the medium, intention, and purpose are completely different, why are you still using standards of "traditional art" (i.e. what curators would probably put up in art galleries (don't get me started on the power politics inherent in galleries first of all)) to a humble shop on the forums of a game that is slowing dying???

investigate the world of digital art and commissions before coming back to this thread kk thx bye.
>tells people to walk away
>doesnt walk away themselves

No one wants your advice. Go away.
Are you really trying to say no ones buying from her? Do you see how many finished works she posted and how many people are on her waiting list right now? And stop comparing the shops on TERA FORUMS to real life graphic designers or what-not. "Graphic designers do it all the time" means oh lulupon will do the same? Do YOU know how the real world works? Not everyone is the same and so greedy and manipulative as you think.

How many times do we have to say this? You gave your two cents and the fact that you have to continouslly try to defend it is why you're making people hate you. Arrogance. Do you know this word? Search it up.

No one cares about what you do on tera, no one cares about your two cents. Maybe we did in the beginning but no one cares about what you have to say anymore so stop trying to defend yourself and LEAVE. That's the only extent to which we care about: leave and stop replying to this closed thread.
This guy is, no matter how many times you comment, going to continouslly defend himself with the same couple of points without even reading what anyone else is saying. All he sees is that we're "insulting" him, but he doesnt even take the time to consider what we're saying.

Like really, whats the point anymore? Someone with a grade 2 level reading and writing comprehension just isnt going to understand whatever points we bring up about the real world and online art industry. Since he insists on being stuck so much on art on a canvas and projecting that same logic onto digital art. Its hard not to insult someone so blatantly ignorant and blindly shoves his opinion down our throats saying we're the ones making him angry.

Like dude. Can you actually that writes something that addresses everything we've brought up while still defending your logic? No. Because a) you're not actually reading what we're saying and b) you cannot possibly still believe in what you believe in if you opened your [filtered] eyes and considered our points.
Squishbear wrote: »

Commission done for @oppabo
Thank u for commissioning! ♥

!! Ahh its ao cute thank you so much ;w;
Jeez, why bring dogs into this wtf. Just shows how little you're understanding our logic when you claim we're getting on your nerves.
Just because you have an opinion does NOT mean we have to accept it (like the way you're not accepting ours, maybe?).
No. Because there's no logic other than you trying to impose your own beliefs onto other people. It would be another story if Vi wronged you or whatever, and thats a convo you have in pms. But she didnt so whats your beef dude?

You waste your money thats YOUR FAULT. Its not the artists fault and its certainly not Vi's if you feel personally wronged. Dont like the finished piece? Talk to the commissioner. Im sure they would be willing to change something if you reason with them WELL (and i emphasize well). I dont know why youre taking it out on Vi when 1) you've never commissioned from her and 2) nowhere did she indicate that the final piece is finished and she will never touch it again. Sorry if you've experienced some [filtered] artist who didnt listen to your request? How is that Vi's fault?

Let other buyers be the judge of their money. You're not their mom.
So theres standards...but theyre not standards that have to follow the law like minimum wage? Which is actually charging by the hour. Sorry? What? (Maybe look into the prices of dentists, yeah?)
You're not a law-maker so theres no reason for you to come to this thread and impose your opinions by calling them standards and regulations.
We can reply if we want. It's not your post. This world isn't about you or your standards. And im going to reply until you shut up or @Spacecats comes and closes this thread. Yes, we work for our own benefit. Isn't that what work is about?

Is it wrong to her pride in her work so she prices the way she does? By your logic, you're telling her to have less pride in her work by making them cheaper.

Just stop assuming [filtered] you dont know already. She's obviously not going to post the image in full on forums so you'll never really know what size/resolution the final piece is.

Then GO get a street artist do it. Go get someone else to do whatever your standards are. Get the f off this thread already, holy. No one needs you to clarify anything. We all understand right and well what you're trying to say and we're not here to stand for it. You don't need to explain anything. You were rude from the very first post. There's a right way to "give her something to consider "and let me tell you, you did not do it right.

Do you not understand that? Leave. Go. Conversation over.
And your standards of what's acceptable = industry's standards? If an industry even exists, that is. There's no "business" here in any legal sense, so stop making it seem like there is. You're legit making it sound as if there's some law that requires her to do X, Y, and Z, and that these laws are somehow determined by you and your flawed logic.

If you get ripped-off, that's not the artists' fault but a fault in your own sense of judgement. And from what you've been commenting here, it doesn't seem like you have much of one to begin with.

Get your comments and your opinions out of here. Can't you see no one likes your attitude? If you have so much time tell that to artists who charge 300$ for a head shot. Ever been to deviantart? You'll have fun there. Self-entitled troll.
The difference here is that anime posters are mass produced with the same artwork printed over and over again. What commissions and the artists on forums are selling are is called custom art. It's the same as a custom car or a custom house. Time and effort for photos =/= time and effort in drawing the piece, price of anime poster =/= price of custom art. Do you get it now? Go ask anyone to draw your personal design of a character and they'll charge you way differently than if you were to buy a canvas or a poster of art they've already previously produced. If you want higher resolution, just ask. It has no bearing on the final price of the piece.

Get over yourself, at least try to learn about the kind of stuff you claim to know so much about.
Uh. Do you see the way you're typing? With the things you say, you're 110% criticizing her artwork, telling her art and time and effort isn't worth "much" is the biggest insult you can ever tell an artist. You're making it worse by defending yourself. Not to mention how much of a complete fool you're making yourself out to be. You seriously can't compare video game-making to custom art of your own character. It's up to the spender to know at their own discretion when they've "spends a hole" for themselves. I'm sure the buyers are responsible enough to know how to spend their own money.

But in case you're still confused: I'm sorry we live in a capitalist system where people make profit. Ever heard of surplus value? Instead of criticizing one artists' price, I think you're better off critiquing the entire capitalist system. I get it, you want to stand up for the "little people" but [b]no one's asking you to[/b] so stop trying to justify yourself. It's pathetic. If you have something to tell every artist who overcharges, Tera forums isn't the place. Shouldn't you be writing angry complaints to wal-mart or sweat-shop workers being exploited by the big greedy corporations? No. You're sitting on your [filtered] on some forums for some game criticizing an industry through a single artist that you have no idea about.

You can call it "greed," but it's legit someome just trying to support themselves doing something they love.

I'm not sure why I'm repeating this when everyone else above me has mentioned it, but if it's not a product you like , [i]don't buy it and [filtered] move on [/i ]. It's the same when you go to a store. Also, where's your long-winded email to EA about what they're doing right now?

But I'm sure you like being self-righteous so inevitability, you'll want to reply and have the last word. Also newsflash: "this is just my opinion" is the worse excuse ever when 1) there's a difference between creative criticizm and whatever the [filtered] you're spewing is and 2) you can't seem to respect the opinions of others and of the original creator of the art work, so why should we respect you?

I'm sorry (but I'm not), but wow is it hard to talk to someone who's so ignorant about society.

And could some GM please delete all these unncessary posts hiding Vi's work?
I feel like no matter what anyone replies with you're just going to make the same argument. If you want to take shortcuts with your art, you go ahead and do so. I hate being the white knight but I can't stand it when people assume the amount of effort someone puts into their artwork. "Don't tell me it took you more than 3 hours on your few colored pieces" - what kind of [filtered] is that? Are you the artist? No. Don't assume from whatever personal experience you have that everyone draws and paints the same.

You know what you lack in your understanding of art for it to be so cheap? Love. Lulupon puts effort into her pieces without shortcuts because a) she respects herself as an artist and b) she respects her customers' desire of wanting a nice, polished piece.

Does it look like anyone else is bothered by her prices? No. So why are you? Are you really trying to put a price on other people's time and effort? Just step off, guy.

I'd love to see you tell professional artists to use "shortcuts" and therefore charge less for their work.
now that I have money on AV...patiently waits for u to re-open *-*
Finished gif work~ low quality cus...reasons
Shiba censor!!
chibi commission for Oppabo
Full size has been sent to PM

10/10 omg i can't recommend enough!! super fast and nice <3 <3 <3
lulupon wrote: »
ahh look at those two in the wip! super adorable art >3<~

Ahh thank you so much ;A;

One more day until the sale is over~ one slot left too. Waitlist is available!
PM'd on tumblr :') your art is amazeballs <3 can send form through forums PM if you'd like!
Hihi id love to take that spot!! Could i update with reference once i get on my pc?
Aa also i think the portrait isnt showing (or my phones broken)
ALSO wondering if you took couple requests? Thanks!! ;w;

♥ Server and IGN: Lin (AV)
♥ Pictures of character/references: soontm
♥ Expression (Do you want happy, wink, sad/crying or shy expression): up to you >w<
♥ Gold or Paypal payment: gold!
Bump with new WIP!

Because I'm desperate for money Chibi's price has been changed to 20k (+10 for extra char) permanently

In addition, headshots, chibi v2, and full-body will be half-off for this weekend only! Limited slots available so PM me asap~ (still accepting wishlist stuff too)
Commission done for someone off discord (their bdo characters) !!
You underprice yourself in game!! (considering emp is 1:35-40ish rn ;w;) awesome work <3
omg I remember buying an icon from you and I was wondering when you'd open commissions again!! I gotta muster up money on TR !!
Emergency opening on TR! Chibi v1 and headshot ONLY
Buy one for 40k ea or 2 for 70k!!
I found them all for you!~
Scariest: 61eyoib.png
Funniest: KeSAfkd.jpg
Dramatic: YjyiPee.jpg
Cutest: 20171028012444_2.png
Halloweeny: 22712171_1487035041389733_1571312921520537595_o.png?width=834&height=470
Feenox wrote: »
can i join

sure, fill out a form :^)
Hi all, officer of Amatiramisu, sister guild of Amaterasu, here.

What to be part of the top-guild experience but not confident enough to trial? Want to enjoy the ultimate end-game experience but still need a stepping stone to reach it? Tired of dead discords without enough [filtered]? Well, Tiramisu is right for you (excuse the cheesy recruitment intro)!

If you think you're interested, take a look at our document, fill out a form, and apply in game - it's that simple!

@iCandyKillz t-the rules say only one char in the screenshot ono but your outfits are super cute together~
"Engulfed by darkness."
Name: Deere
Server: MT
Category: Scariest

hihi! Adjusted pricing and added another style for those willing to spend big $$ xD

here's another cheeb

Hihi. Dere from MT's gf here to post a guide we made on a whim (its still a WIP).

Just a google doc's link cus I'm too lazy to format it all for forums. Enjoy!

Frostea wrote: »
dad! my zerk! :^)


Updated styles, prices, and wishlist! Please take your time to take a look ^^
PM me for any questions/concerns/requests!

Added another chibi style:
lulupon wrote: »
Oppabo wrote: »
lulupon wrote: »
hello!! here are some of my elins :3

· lancer: https://imgur.com/a/Q8Rlj
· mystic: https://imgur.com/a/FbLLQ
· priest: https://imgur.com/a/ysoGy
· sorc: https://imgur.com/a/Ks0i6
aaaa qt - will add skin tone when i get home ;w; excuse my messy lining LOL

omg this is SO adorable!!! ♥ ♥ :3 i can't wait it's lovely, thank you so much uwaa

And by add skin tone i mean make digital LOL enjoy~
lulupon wrote: »
hello!! here are some of my elins :3

· lancer: https://imgur.com/a/Q8Rlj
· mystic: https://imgur.com/a/FbLLQ
· priest: https://imgur.com/a/ysoGy
· sorc: https://imgur.com/a/Ks0i6
aaaa qt - will add skin tone when i get home ;w; excuse my messy lining LOL
^ title (tbh it sounds really misleading)
been doing too much work so i need some cute elins to draw as a stress reliever
WIP sketch
Zethya wrote: »
Shaded bust couple commission, the commissioner was not on FF so she asked this commission via DeviantArt ♥
i forgot to ask her about her forum name sjkdkask //slaps but hey ut-a if you are watching this, ty so much! and for allowing me to draw a male Elin ♥

aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAA its absolutely amazing and 10/10 would recommend pls shower zethya with love and gratitude omg i cant even put into words how much i love it ;w; thanks so much again!!!!
Firian wrote: »
hey XP I'm still unsure of what I'd want on chibis, but... would you be okay doing "half tera" half fanart? I kinda wanted to comission someone for my default female character Aselia and some canon videogame guy with whom she spent an awful lot of time while I was playing (unintended, I would have shipped her better with the main or the silly guy if that was the point XD), as in tons of side conversations with him popping up almost every mission

Oh of course! Any art of any character is fine with me ^^ I haven't drawn chibi couples in a long time but I'd be happy to try~! Also were you inquiring about the CH spot by any chance? I actually found the money another way so ^^; but I'm going to keep those prices for now with MT/AV/Paypal ^^;
Emergency CH commission! (gold only or paypal)

2 chibis for 70k (or 3 for 90k!!!) OR 1 full-body for 70k! +20k for extra character (full body only)
(will need payment upfront)

officially moved to mt but will still keep payment options open on AV! gonna do one last bump before school starts~
Naizilla wrote: »
Oppabo wrote: »
bump with my loading screen contest entry xD
So cute! I love the layout you did for this. The composition is so lovely!

Aw thanks so much x3
bump with my loading screen contest entry xD
update on wishlist:
will sell art for keys :^)
I fking spoil this kid too much. Full body!
weee more half-bodies (ispoilmiketoomuch)
Another one for my friend! Will work on the free one asap ^^
wtb model for one free headshot :^) post your chars pls!!
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