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Text changed from: Little Red Tokens can be exchanged for Red Riding Dress costumes and accessories.
To: Little Red Tokens can be exchanged for Red Riding Dress set accessories.
Swept under the rug


@Jeyzz98 said:
Exodor Enchantment Support Box Gives improved and dark feedstocks

Got any quantitative amounts to get a sense of how good or bad it is?

So has anyone tried opening the Exodor Enchantment Support Box yet?

I've seen another game try to bring out new functionality to their already existing store. When that got released, it was causing a lot of errors and spammed the servers with repeated calls - the game essentially DDOS'd itself. Since they were getting so many errors, it essentially slowed down all services to the point where the store stopped functioning for some people - if it can only handle so many requests at a time it starts to discard some requests if the rate is too high. Is it possible that the calendar is doing something similar?

So did it end up being double drop or no?

Topic. If you hover over the in-game UI for events, it specifies Increased Drop 100% for Antaroth's Abyss (7-person), not (Hard). I'm unable to find a party to find out through playing.

Right now I and a lot of other players are anticipating both a strongbox event and an enchanting event. Since they're being dead silent about this, it's making me anxious on which one occurs first. If the enchanting event happens before the strongbox event, then we're basically screwed due to upgrading with no feedstock. The uncertainty is driving me nuts.

Has anyone opened the exodor enchantment support box / knows whats inside?

My understanding was that the previous event npcs which were decently good were given from BHS, and this current event npc which is heavily criticized was set up by EME.

Items overpriced:

Card fragment random box (uncommon) - You would need to clear 17 CSN runs to afford one, and it's still rng if it's a decent / already redeemed card. Compare 100 tokens for this to 20 tokens EU got.

Card fragment random box (common) - ^

(Limited duration) Skill advancement tome III - You would gain 25x the exp from dungeons before you earn enough tokens to afford this

[+9 or below] 50% Weapon Enchanting Scroll (Suprerior) - Regular weapon feedstock is already mega cheap, but this is 150 tokens for not even a guarantee on enchanting. It's also for +9 or below only. The previous event's scrolls could get an upgrade going for under 4 scrolls, which totaled 20 tokens. If this was truly a casual event, this item should be super cheap considering casuals are the ones trying to still reach +10 gear.

[Event] XP Scroll II - At 80 tokens, you would reach almost max level before you can even afford this scroll and it would put a dent into your exp. Isn't this like less than 1% exp when trying to go from 69 > 70? It's not even worth buying at 1 token. The previous 2 months of events gave level 70 scrolls for only 20 tokens, which are essentially infinite exp.

Items that serve a niche and could cater to specific audiences, but still overpriced nonetheless:

Golden Rod (1 Hour) - You would realistically only fish 30 BAF within the hour if you were really good at fishing. It's still an insane amount of work to get it. 30 BAF is only worth 15k, which is an awful amount for an hour of hardcore playing (yes, catching BAF for an hour straight is hardcore and would require more effort than playing dungeons for an hour). It might serve a purpose for achievement hunting.

Pearl - ...

Pet: Neon Chupathingy Looter, Pet: Chupathingy Looter - I really hope you're not putting on such a price due to its autolooting capabilities. It should really be auto loot pets = double the legacy essence value, bank pets = quadruple the legacy essence value, and the cosmetic cuteness is just an added bonus for it to be considered an event. For this to be the poster boy of the event, it's underwhelming as heck.

Just keep doing it. AQ is only 2 variables - your colour and the boss' colour. You're going to need to do 4 variables for a single mech in CSN and it's such a crux to your progression in the current patch.

Stop facetanking the bleed

@Anung said:
Improved feedstocks are they way that EME makes money, dont expect to get 1 - 3 feedstock after completing each dungeon lmao.

Sure, but I'm more concerned with the ratio. You can have the same total number of feedstock being 1 per dungeon, but it should be something like 25% weapon feedstock, 75% armor feedstock. Right now it feels like 10% weapon feedstock, 90% armor feedstock. The difference is astounding. There's no defending that.

Topic, I thought it was just me but everyone says the same thing, and the broker prices reflect how bad it is. I'm at 2 improved weapon feedstock to 40+ improved weapon feedstock. Prior to the last update, the improved armor feedstock was hovering around 30-40k and weapon at 40-50k, and back then I saw a good number of weapon feedstock. As of now, improved armor feedstock hovers around 30-40k still, but the weapon feedstock skyrocketed ever since the update to 100-120k per feedstock.

Yes, weapon feedstock should be rarer, but not this bad. The drop rate should be a 1:3 ratio to reflect the 1 weapon : 3 armor piece ratio, but right now it feels like a 1:20 or something like that.

The new system is still bull. The odds are so skewed towards the lowest value that it's a joke. When they display it giving a range of 4-6, we would hope and expect the distribution to be roughly 33% for 4, 5, and 6. What we're getting is predatory rates that are probably like 90% +4, 9% +5, 1% +6.

My main gripe was that it was not announced even after the patch. "There are some changes in the game that we do not post in Forums nor in News like the materials used for enhancements" just makes it sound like it was a conscious decision not to include that in any notes, which is just awful transparency.

The other thing is that other upgrades get a more gradual change in rates over time, and it feels a lot more natural and acceptable when the changes go in. You would see magnitudes of double, maybe quadruple the ease. This is straight up 10 times easier.

Last patch we all complained about adventure coins, and at the root of it all what we really complained about was how limiting dungeon entries were. We get a new patch that makes adventure coins not that bad and we got an event for adventure coins. This would be a much welcome change if it weren't for the new weekly dungeon entries we get.

The new weekly dungeon entries is 5 per character, 10 for elite for the new dungeons. It's so severe that running the latest dungeons is even worse than last week. To get a sense of how bad it is, if you are not elite you cannot even run 1 of each of the new dungeons per day for the week. Adventure coins are no longer the problem, weekly dungeon entries are. The change only shifted the source of the problem but the problem still exists.

To make matters worse, these weekly dungeon counts are considerably more valuable than the equivalent coin value last patch. If you just start the dungeon and not even clear, your weekly dungeon count is already consumed. This has created a toxic environment where players are incredibly dis-incentivized to do learning runs for other players - if we take people to learn we may not clear and I am 1 less clear from my potential.

And to make it even worse, there are currently no items or consumables of any sort to alleviate the problem. With adventure coins being the bottle neck in the past, we could buy adventure coins to get more runs (I hate this but it's still something, and events could give us coins or reduce the entry cost to make things better). With the current weekly limit, we are not even sure if there is anything that can make things better.

The current system spreads dungeons out and assume every player wants to do every dungeon equally. This is not the case - someone who is catching up to this patch will want to do significantly more runs of AQ / CSNM. Someone who is full mythic will want more runs of FA.

Anyways ya, please either find some way to allow players more weekly dungeon entries or forward the feedback to BHS to change in a content patch.

It's 70 kjf

The event itself is something to look forward to. There's just one part I found really out of touch:

"You can also use your tokens to obtain a Forgeheart Jackpot box, or a Forgeheart Endgame box containing the most sought-after event items of all: a Guardian Mask, an Azart Equipment ticket, Fortified Dragon Silk Inner Armor, and a Level 70 Scroll!"

How is a Guardian mask (Beginner tier fodder mask, and onset mask was given free during the recent levelling event recently), Azart Equipment ticket (gear whose purpose is to get replaced as soon as possible) or Fortified Dragon Silk Inner Armor (I think this is like 3 years outdated innerwear?) considered "the most sought-after" event item?


It does its job for a mid-tier gear just fine, but I do think it should cap out at +10 to not mess with people so badly.

Good to know, thanks.

Topic. These keys were great and I'm no longer seeing them in my store. Has it appeared for anyone's store? I've seen the 5 keys for 450 credits in the store but it's a [filtered] awful rate and the store would be considered a downgrade to many if this was the only option left.

You wait for an event and hope it's good. We had the battleground event a month ago, and some people were able to get their belt and mask or at least 200ish tokens within a few days.

@kamizuma said:
think character names need to be at least 3 letters

Meant for with all other restrictions in place. A name like Pogohopper is not allowed anymore, but old names that had go in it prior to whenever this restriction kicked in remain intact.

Topic, try making a new character with go in it and you can't. Why is this filtered at all?

I just want the assurance/statement of whether or not we get this event again, and whether enchanting events are going to be very conservative or not. The entire life cycle of heroic oath didn't get a single enchant event as far as I'm aware.

Topic. From the weekly news post: "We’ve reduced the Adventure Coin entry cost for Akalath Quarantine during this dungeon highlight, but the drop rates remain the same."

The drops for this dungeon is abysmal. The main draw point for the dungeon is the equipment which already have a staggering amount of rng for them to be considered good, and this is on top of the bad drop rates. The eternal gear has replaced these equipment for a lot of people already. Some people just want to dismantle the equipment. The dungeon itself is no longer considered new. Many dungeon runs end up with players getting no loot whatsoever from the dungeon. The improved darkshard feedstock is desirable but only one person gets it, and it is already rare. The bulk of the reward comes from the vanguard reward.

With all of that said, why is the AQ dungeon highlight only a reduced coin cost with no drop rate increase? As far as I know I have seen this repeated like this, but has not had an increased drop rate yet. There is no need to be stingy on this anymore at this point of the patch.

There's also no reasonable way to get the cards outside of the Elin Festival Card exchange event. The reward for finally reaching one of the card tiers from experience is 1 single green card chest. The event itself, you can get 1 of those per day. Outside of that, there is no way to get the card chests. Once the event is gone, it's going to be a pretty dry mechanic.

Permanent, you're going to want to read this: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/32690/11-26-2019-letter-from-the-developers#latest

Bumping again because the message didn't seem to go clear. From an email today:

Through December 10, redeem the following code at account.enmasse.com to receive
10 Celestial Scales and 5 Metamorphic Emblem chests:

Again, no one wants metamorphic emblems.

@Rox or whoever does events

If you're talking about the exp scrolls from the celestial scales, I actually think the amount of exp you get is very generous when you consider the rate you get scales - though this will vary depending on your activity of course.

My only complaint is that every single exp scroll takes up its own inventory slot, and you have to use them one at a time with a cooldown in between.

I remember a donation stream they did where players could summon bosses into the server if they donated a certain amount. That raised quite a bit, and the best part was when someone summoned 10 Vergos stacked on top of each other. We had the whole server participate and a lot of people got their head achievement from it too.

Make the survey its own news post and push it to the launcher rather than a tiny blurb in the news page. It's clearly not going to reach as many eyes as it should otherwise.

With the new patch, metamorphic emblems are pretty much worthless aside from pet leveling fodder - they give materials that work with the old gear which this patch is trying to phase out. Please either update the metamorphic emblem store to be more relevant with the new progression system or have events / lootboxes give something else more relevant. The same also applies to gold / silver talents to an extent, and any upcoming strongbox key event should take the current progression into consideration as well.

Thanks for the clarification. The part about the tokens being removed and unusable for the upcoming event is kind of a shame, but I'm guessing it's due to some technical issues.

All I see updated was a post added to the calendar stating players need to spend their candies before the upcoming patch on Tuesday. The event only lasts for a single week, and I doubt they have time to add stuff to the store.


From the news page, http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/this-week-in-tera-october-7-13?utm_medium=launcher&utm_content=gumball&utm_campaign=news :
"Serena rewards you with Halloween Candy for your efforts, and you can trade your Halloween Candy for mounts, pets, costumes, and more."

The store does not sell any pets, please add them into the store.

73K5HJREXP wrote: »
funny how people like voidy always say they going to or have quit. like 20 posts saying that now yet they still comment. if u quit then leave, you whine for a good measure already why are you still coming back. u whine when issues happen, whine when friend go, whine when guild die because of no proxy. but i see this and others just saying go to eu not on na anymore yet still here commenting a storm? If u player that quit the leave. after 1 or 2 message no one care that you lose proxy for some months so shut up because you just create more difference between proxy player and proxy hater by whining.

again if u quit na completely or move to eu bye bye stop commenting here and complaining useless because you are no longer on na. we get ur proxy is gone and some might not play. does not mean cry cry same message and keep coming back because you not get enough attention or noitce.

It's passionate players like that who pushed the game in the right direction, referencing the moving forward post. If absolutely none of the quitters gave feedback, which EME asked for, then the perception would skew in a direction as if everything was perfect and nothing needed fixing. You should be thankful they still care about the game this much to the extent that they would fight for it to be better.
The new events are so bad that it's not worth doing them. One of the events ended up being do each battleground like 10 times each? I heard it was difficult as heck to even get it to pop up at all. Clearing those dungeons twice is also an issue as you gimp people who aren't even elite and need to reset to do them.

The event UI is obnoxiously bothering. It's just there and we can't hide it since it's too big. Same for the other new event UI for "logging in". HOW DOES A UI SAY "YOU HAVE NOT LOGGED IN TODAY" IF YOU HAVE TO BE LOGGED IN TO SEE IT? And ya even if it means complete a vanguard quest today, it's annoyingly frustrating that it keeps BLINKING NONSTOP until you complete a vanguard to the point that I'd need to hide it behind the hp bar until a dungeon is cleared.

To add, with the current gold talent prices at 120 gold each, the double enchant event doesn't feel like much of an event if you look at the gold talent prices. We were sitting at 60 gold each a month ago per gold talent, and if we had a double vanguard event then it would actually be cheaper to enchant in the past without the double enchant event than it currently does now. Also noteworthy that these were the prices in Kaiator before the double enchanting event was announced.

The prices on these talents were 10 gold each back when we had strongbox key events and double vanguard rewards were an ongoing thing. Perhaps they may have been too cheap then, but somewhere between that and the current 120 is a sweetspot for just-right, and I'd say we crossed it by miles.

I'd still like to point out that when double vanguards were removed, we were promised we would occasionally have triple vanguard rewards to balance things out. We still haven't had triple vanguards in forever, and I believe a month after they were removed they haven't been reinstated ever again. Double vanguards should have been the base reward, and triple vanguards should have been the event if you want to be consistent with how every other event is only +50% bonus.

Aren't silver plates also required to upgrade heroic oath +1 +2? Ya we're doomed.
Yikes, dug their own grave then. Can they still just explicitly tell them it's okay and pretend it's not there?
If you're used to clicking your hp/mp bar for the party options, it'll be changed to be some cogwheel icon found on the top right corner of your first party member.

Mini bams found in open world now have a boss hp bar similar to boss hp bars, but are still different. The debuff bar for them are really buggy... debilitate stacks applied on the boss without ever casting debilitate, debuff durations all displaying only 1 second.
Remove the dmca and re-allow Caali and other developers to do what they were doing before until an official mod platform is created. We don't have the patience for this long term solution to come.
Plot was always bad and everyone I knew just mashed F. Do not miss it at all and am glad they sped up levelling / slashed off a lot of content. Would be glad if they continue to deviate from rpg elements, such as removing cutscenes from dungeons. RRNM story quests are an example of [filtered] poor implementation, where I see people needing to run the dungeon 2+ times in order to complete the quest due to poor triggers. RKNM last boss is an example of terrible cutscene placement, where the cutscene trigger location can aggro the boss.
Honest feedback:
-Since it was showcasing old content, I think it would have made more sense for it to be a quick highlight, 30 seconds per class. If the highlight reel had to be repeated multiple times per class, then you aren't summarizing it in a catchier sense. Listing skill and passive names is meaningless without what they do.
-This is a sample of what I mean off the top of my head. A summary for berserker would be like: "The bread and butter is using Unleash to change to a double wielding axe mode. In this fast paced mode you only have access to 4 new offensive skills that deal a TON OF DAMAGE, like just an insane amount. On top of this, you get a new passive that allows you to move faster while charging skills and possibly spin more often with cyclone!" Quite frankly for this example, I just think it would be better to highlight "Unleash" rather than highlighting unleash with beast fury, rampage, sinister and dexter because at the core of it all, when you tell a player who has been away for a long time what Apex berserker is like, you just tell them you unleash and do a stupid amount of damage. The new passives were also actually entirely gameplay changing / defining, but because they were passives they were nonchalantly just brushed off to the side. imo, apex is not a list of new skills, it is a new playstyle change and showcasing old content should reflect that.
-I only say this because from my perspective, old players who know this for months find it silly to be explaining these skills as if they were new. New / returning players who have not seen this information before, if I were in their shoes I would just say, "so they just got stronger and flashier skills is all?" Anyways, basically tl;dr is, for a video of this format and is not new, summarize the core gameplay changes that come with apex skills, not a list of apex skill names and what they individually do.
-I did notice when you gave the highlights for the first apex skills, outdated information was used in the showcase. Unleash is changing from 24 seconds to 16 seconds with the upcoming patch, and divine protection got changed from 10 seconds to 5 seconds a while ago.

All of which you can ignore for the next showcase. On the opposite spectrum of it all, I think players can appreciate some extensively detailed information for the new apex skills next week. I think a showcase followed by a Q & A session for each class with the stream chat would be cool, but that would go against the flow of this new pre-recorded stream format. Not a fan of the pre-recorded stream, though. That makes more sense for Youtube, and you lose the community interaction side of a live stream.
tisnotme wrote: »
to prevent more major exploits from being abused.

but not all exploits
The ones who use the massive exploits aren't necessarily using their proxy

still doesn't mean their code isn't being used to exploit at all , nor does it mean that it hasn't opened the door for others that wouldn't usually be able to get to this point at achieving to exploit with out the devs proxy
and it's out of their hands to fix.
out of their hands ?
they are un capable to finish the mess they helped open ?
or their not allowed as officially they were never allowed but did it out of (apparently) the grace of their harts to help the community but now worried about crossing that same line to finalise it

and again right or wrong , the game was never ours to manipulate (repair improve or for other reasons) the codes to begin with

It's out of the proxy developers' hands to prevent others exploiting the game. They have no right to tell others they can't code what they want, they can only discourage it. Do you think they were the only ones in the world capable of coding?

I'm lost at what you're trying to get at. You're asking why the proxy devs didn't fix the holes and it's answered. What do you expect them to do about it? The original code was put on github for anyone to see and can be used as a base framework. You can't possibly expect them to come up with a way to make the code that everyone's gotten copies of to become obsolete.
tisnotme wrote: »
ifritcba wrote: »
metagame wrote: »
How is Skill Prediction cheating when it merely removes ping tax.
1) it's a bandaid to a problem that still exists ingame
2) it isn't supported by the producer of the game
3) there are developers that have taken "skill prediction" to an extreme level, allowing players to do things not possible on any ping

and those player who play the game with 250 ms or more like me in argentina?? you say we cant play because emme doesnt do anything , just lets south american player dont play the game and done

the ping problem you and I face still doesn't give you the right to modify their game
I agree its annoying with the lack of implementation from both the developers and publishers for us
but its still not a valid reason for any one to modify the game with out permission for personal use

and on a side not if the tera proxy devs are so addiment on doing this for the community then why couldn't/hadn't they fixed the holes in their proxy that they them selfs have admitted can be manipulated for exploits , doing it for the community they so want to help

They did. In the beginning, every developer had access to every opcode meaning they had much more capabilities. After a while they limited the number of opcodes to prevent more major exploits from being abused. The ones who use the massive exploits aren't necessarily using their proxy and it's out of their hands to fix.
Very curious, why is double drops not implemented in all ilvl 412 and 431 dungeons when the point of the event is to get people to reach ilvl 439 faster? LKNM and KD are featured but TRNM = the dungeon people actually run is not. This shouldn't be a time to promote less popular dungeons, it should be a time to get people to gear up faster doing what they're already doing. The 412's are an alright source of talents = the crippling factor for gearing to 439. The other real bottleneck is raw gold, which got nerfed heavily with the recent patch, and a vanguard gold boost would help for that.
Jerichow wrote: »
Oh OP.....


In Kaiator server, someone has an lfg up and is a solo party but is offline. "ssnm last boss healer" level 65. How is this possible, and can it be manually removed as it is really hard to ignore a last boss on lfg.
The boss isn't fat enough.
Harrowhold bonus loot got removed with the server merge.
metagame wrote: »
i checked nagas on both servers and found an empty channel in one go

Try basilisk, orisk, ovoliths. People want the golden talents to you know, fix the golden talent issue.
Context, harrowhold P4 20 man loot was very underwhelming, so EME at some point added in bonus loot for every raid member so it would be worth running. This was event-based in order to be implemented, but it was intended to be permanent loot. The server merge accidentally removed the loot, and it should be placed back again.

@seandynamite @KitTeaCup
Just putting this out there and this really is a band-aid fix, when they removed the double vanguard item rewards, they had promises of there being potentially 3x vanguard rewards, and that having that on every once in a while would be the balance for taking away permanent 2x rewards. I don't think we've had triple vanguard item rewards in a long time after the initial removal so... I'd say band aid fix and ask for triple item vanguard rewards for a while.
On the bright side,
This comes out 1 week after the awakening 2.0 patch. EU announced they'll get Awakening 2.0 in October, so we should expect to either get this in one or two months.

With this update we can exchange bg credits for talents. A win will give you enough credits for 45 of whatever talent and a loss will give you enough credits for 15 of whatever talent. That's a decent start...just wish we had it now.
Further information, when I logged on to another zerk I own, the first use of unleash had hotkeys from before, so this was correct. However, after I relogged that zerk the hotkeys got reset.

My understanding of how settings are saved is that when you log out of a character, it sends to the server all the settings information. The fact that my first time using unleash since the patch used my custom bindings, and then got reset when I logged out of the character seems to indicate that the issue lies somewhere in the part where it sends to the server all the settings information after logging out.
Is it at least more frequent in occurrence?
Just a side note, moving forward we only have two servers so there won't be any more leaderboard sniping.
Ya I did that, but it's vastly disorienting to muscle memory, and it really changes where you look at for cooldowns. If I only played berserker it wouldn't be an issue and I could get used to this quickly, but getting used to where to look for and where that corresponds to on the keyboard on one character and then having that be different on another character is going to interfere with playing any other class.
Made a thread on the bug forums but re-posting it here to give a PSA and to squeak the wheel to make sure it gets forwarded to BHS.

EU has the same issue apparently, so unless we get a hotfix we'll likely see this issue for a good month.

So for now we're going to have to either remap our entire layout so that a few skill slots have changed keybinds or we get used to the default hotkeys. My biggest gripe with the default hotkeys is that unbreakable is put on default to 3, whereas I naturally place it on my iframe key c since it acts as an iframe. The other gripe I have is that I like to finish unleash with a beast fury, and now if I mistime my beast fury it will use whatever skill is naturally bounded to my 2. Either way, I know this is just going to get a lot of the "just get used to the default keys" but etcetc.
• What happened: When you use the berserker skill unleashed, your keybinds are supposed to change to be unleashed skill only, and they will be saved at whatever position you had previously. However, if you relog right now the keybinds for unleashed skills will reset to their default key.

• Date and Time the bug was witnessed: First noticed 10pm pdt, Thursday Sept 13. This issue clearly came from this new patch.

• Reproduction Steps:
1) Log on to an apex berserker.
2) Cast unleash
3) Move the unleash skills or unbreakable into different hotkey slots
4) Optionally wait 4 or so minutes and unleash again to see that the unleash skills are still the same
5) Relog
6) Cast unleash
7) Notice that the unleash skills have been reset on hotkeys (Issue)

This is a massive QoL issue to anyone who does not use the default keys that needs to be looked over. It's like if you have thunderstrike bound to left mouse button, and then I tell you that you must use the esc key.
BHS' F you to alts. On the plus side, we can start accumulating xp on our HO gear.
Hi, I welcome you to join my guild on Mount Tyrannas, the pvp server. G > Search for guilds > search up "Probes addictive" and you can join right away. I actively look for new players and help them start out in this game. I will give you starter items and a power level if you can find me online, as well as advice if you ever ask.

The goal is to help you reach max level - 65 as fast as possible, and then you can figure things out from there. The game honestly starts at max level, and I see a lot of people quitting much before that so I'd like to help you with that. There will be a much higher emphasis on PvE over pvp as the game is more catered towards it. There is no pressure into staying in the guild, but you probably won't find any other guild that is trying to help new players as much.

discord.gg/pABS3ym for an up to date short guide on everything you'd need to know for levelling to help you transition to 65.
Relevant spreadsheet made by Miriam / Yurian [EU]
discord.gg/pABS3ym for information tailored to new players levelling 1-64 to prepare you to not be noobtrap still when you reach max level. You can ignore the freebies part though because it was made for a guild, but almost everything applies.
Mercival wrote: »
Yeah eme don't know how to not make people angry look I'm gonna start out by saying just a suggestion if you honestly give people option to keep thing that they want vs something new it will make them happy at least even if its not picked. The Valk naming was a prime example it was a choice that I liked the de facto k tera translation Lunar Dancer Valk and some third name you guys gave us as an option. Valk won but the fact that Lunar Dancer and Valk were close and you gave us a chance to give it that name that we got use to was awesome so wasn't even mad about it. Just give us the option is all we are asking for.

That was a bad example. The fan translation that people were going with was Lunar Dancer, and a lot of people liked it. The poll options they gave were Valkyrie vs Moon Dancer and other irrelevant names. Had they actually polled what the community wanted, we would have had Lunar Dancer instead.
Where is the Mount Tyrannas option?
Server: Mount Tyrannus


New to the game / are a returning player? Consider joining Probes Addictive (G > Search for guilds > search for probe) for a guild aimed at helping new / returning players. Tips / advice tailored to your needs and a power level to 22 if I'm around.
Since we can't post in the thread that voting thread I thought I'd ask here.
1. Can't we vote for the same submission 3 times in one vote?
2. Doesn't that form allow multiple submissions, allowing someone to vote infinitely many times for one piece?
How is the more relevant than ever? There are so many things killing Tera and this is as far off from that as it can get.
My experience with it is that

>In order to clear, I need to not be in an instance with a lot of randoms, because if even one of them is first timing it, we will not clear.
>Therefore in order to clear consistently, I need to move to another channel and not play as a team.
>If I'm not there near the start of the fire and wind one, or if I'm not there at the first 2 minutes of the ship one, I might as well not continue as it probably won't clear.
>Getting contribution is so slow that it's only worth doing the flying legion for the tokens.
>The only thing worth getting in the token shop is the flying skill books.
>The gap between getting the first and second skill book is so large while the upgraded boost is so small that it's only worth getting the first book. First skill book costs 10, second costs 150, third costs 400. First skill book gives -30% flight gauge consumption, second gives -40%, third gives -50%.
>If I complete the velika quest, and complete one mission, that will total up to 9 tokens. Any subsequent completed missions is only 2 tokens for the day.
>Therefore, the most effective thing to do is do the quest + search and destroy only. After completing one, turn in the quest and start up the quest on another character and repeat the process while waiting for the next search and destroy to come up. Do this until every alt has flying skill I.
>After that's done, there really is no motivation to do the flying missions ever again. Miscellaneous tab in the token shop is garbage, glyph boxes are too expensive compared to iod, etchings are way too expensive, and the flying mounts you can get are pretty bad.

tl;dr just get the first book on all alts playing it entirely solo on the search and destroy mission + velika quest. Nothing else is worth the effort.
I do recall that kTera had some double talent exp events so that is a thing. Considering people have said it is a really grindy thing and it seems NA doesn't want the insane Korean grind, that and in conjunction with the lost time we should have had for grinding talents, I think it's reasonable to ask for a permanent double talent exp placed in similar to how we used to have double vanguard rewards.
Phargo and trade broker x5
I liked the old gear progression where you could enter the end game dungeon in mid-tier gear, and approaching BiS was an option rather than something you were forced to do. I think what made it fun in the past was being able to get a character into the bare minimum requirements for a dungeon and then diving straight in with mid-tier gear, and appreciating the effect of gear as you get a new equipment piece. VSHM was clearable in misery, but I still wanted to go all out and gear up to clear it more efficiently. When I went from a misery chest to a VM chest, the difference in what I could tank was so noticeable, and it felt like the progression through gearing was meaningful. Now it's like, spend the entire patch just to earn a 1% defense increase that won't let you survive any differently?

I already hated how I went from being able to run VSHM on any character I wanted down to being able to run RKEM on only 5 characters that had weeks of effort poured into it already, down to only being able to run AAHM on 2 characters that had months of effort put into them. When a new endgame dungeon comes out, the focus should be on that rather than doing old content just to be able to run the new content. LFGs are dead for the 439 and 446 dungeons, and you need to grind through those just to be able to gear up to access AAHM now. That new 457 requirement just really kills it.
I don't mind that the shop was rescaled for dreadspire. That would have been getting 10 crafter's cures for killing 1 boss if it was not changed. What I do mind is that the prices were changed without notice and all pre-existing coins before got shafted, making any coins earned from previous dungeon highlights essentially worthless. A heads up telling us that these tokens would have been changed and the rationale for it would have been nice and transparent, giving us a warning we needed to make use of the tokens we earned.
In regards to a new lower tier dungeon, kTera just re-added channelworks as a 412 dungeon and velik's hold as a 431 dungeon.
It costs 6 elemental essences for an attempt to upgrade a weapon from +8 -> +9. 30 tokens for an essence means 180 tokens for a single attempt to upgrade the weapon. If you average 3 tokens per win, that's 60 wins required. That's going to take weeks to do, I'd say.

Meanwhile, RRHM you can get an essence every couple of runs on average. Should be able to afford an upgrade attempt from the dungeon's base reward in a couple day's worth of running.

The numbers really need to be looked over.
-Needs a dedicated aggro shout separated from fiery rage since it's aids to cast it in Harrowhold p2-4
-Needs to fix skill chains for axe counter
-Needs another charge of dodge roll or another charging skill purely for evasive smash
-Frontal blocking on flatten
I don't recall ever seeing punishing strikes give 3% though. That part I think was unchanged and they never touched zerk tank since release.
Also further, the UI says "Defeat xMedium monsters that are 5 level(s) higher than you."
>Not medium monsters, and 5 levels higher thing is untrue.
Title. Consequently, it's going to take more than 1000 bam kills to get the 1000 bam tier.

For example, your UI currently shows the 100, 200, 300, 400. When you finish the 100 tier reward, then the 500 tier reward starts but it starts at 0 for the kill count again. This means you'd have to kill more to start at the next tier.
As noted previously, RK9 hard mode does not have an additional reward for its first clear in the vanguard turnin. In KTera it was giving 4500 metamorphic tokens.

With the new patch, the broken prison dungeon does not give any additional rewards as well for its first clear of the day. Since it is a 4 star dungeon like RK9NM, I would suggest 1350 metamorphic tokens to be appropriate.

I believe that the additional rewards were something publishers could have control over, so it should be possible to set it. Please add in the additional rewards for the dungeon vanguards, especially for how underwhelming the rewards are for RK9EM.
Cheaper uncommon noctenium refiners would be much appreciated. These are currently the only way to earn blue noct in the game through the game itself other than events and boxes. They cost 700 (?) credits each, and only last 15 minutes. With the current RKEM, everyone in the party is expected to use a blue noct, and a few wipes can push the amount of blue nocts required to be quite a lot. They're also untradeable, so for someone who is not elite or not using a reputation boost this is incredibly expensive.
I believe it was supposed to give 4500 metamorphic emblems in kTera. Can we add metamorphic emblems to the vanguard rewards for RK9HM?

Source https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oNFyLfTcBLTAODN0WAeIcWpzhoKQY1d-9bgW40SedAs/edit#gid=2000953833 Vanguard quest tab
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