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So it doesn't look like you need to complete a vanguard request, you only need to log in to get the daily prize.

Maybe gloves and shoes? Just a guess.

Wow that seems totally unfair. I just assumed it closed when it was supposed to. I hope they reopen the event so we can get the last reward.

Yeah this is annoying, I just logged in and was about to complete my vanguard when it disappeared on me. I guess it's "our fault" because we didn't read all the fine print in the messages.

@RonLaw said:
No but I'd like to know where you are selling the angler tokens? They are only good to buy from token vendor not to sell or trade.
Correct me if i'm wrong but mine won't sell to anyone.

It was pretty clear what he was doing (although I can't confirm the old prices). He said a fish crate design cost 10 angler tokens and then you could sell the design to a merchant for 10 g. But apparently they've ninja-nerfed the price of the fish crate design to only sell to merchant for 10 silver.

I think it's a very low % chance to convert. I haven't tried it personally though. Feels like it could be a gold sink.

Vault of Kaprima was the relaunched dungeon that took away the first fimbrilisk boss and only had the crab then lancer then Kaprima.

The description I linked in the first post is so confusing to me because the bosses they describe seem like Tera monsters (Fangspawn, Devan, etc...). But I can't find reference to the boss names Vinetooth, Telith, Datro anywhere else. Perhaps they're describing a dungeon that was in the beta release or when the level cap was <60 that got removed a long long time ago before I started playing.

Oh well, if anyone can share this post with some OG players on their discords then maybe someone will remember that old dungeon. Thanks!

For some reason I can only accept and turn in 9 daily green quests (in Elenea and Tria areas). I could have sworn I was able to do 10 as of last week and the window still says 9/10. But after I've done 9, the NPC's no longer have quests available. Anyone else have the same issue?

I found a description of the old dungeon Fane of Kaprima here (https://tera.fandom.com/wiki/Fane_of_Kaprima) but the description doesn't sound anything like the FoK I used to play (or whenever it was rebranded as VoK). I remember FoK as having a fimbrilisk, a crab, the lancer dude, then Kaprima.

Does anyone know which dungeon that page is referring to? Could it be from a different game? Thanks!

voidy wrote: »

((spoilers: HOT TAKE below, don't forget to COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE AND HIT THAT BELL for more updates)).

I kinda want to subscribe but don't know how. plz post ur tweetch..

Nice take and 100% in agreement. I've been around a long time and this is just how it is. Both EME and the community have this love-hate relationship.

Cutechan wrote: »

Where can I fish them?

Each fishing spot has their own type of BAF. Queen Salmon are found in Celsian Lake (the one near Bleakrock village).
I haven't tried the Golden Shark yet but I've caught multiple Queen Salmon, Fairy Snakeheads, and Giant Blues (probably 15 BAF in total) using the EMP bait. I failed the first two times I tried to reel one in but then got the hang of it and haven't failed a single one since those first two attempts. Some players must be really good at it because the rate of people catching them on KT server shortly after patch was impressive.

My only suggestion is to be patient and do your best to not press F too long to overshoot the box because if you do, you have to wait for the reel to unravel back to the box and that usually wastes a lot of time. While the fish is not pulling, you need to be reeling in along with the box consistently to make a bit of progress each time.

Or wait until there's a script for it! JK JK pliss don't ban!!1! <3 <3
Nah it was 3x threat and 1x focused. But maybe he's referring to 4x threat vyrsks...
KXRC9JMW74 wrote: »
No response from EME means they don't care.

It's not that they don't care, it's just that if they respond, they will get pooped on. If they don't respond, they get pooped on. They have to carefully craft their responses for the forums because if they don't, they sound silly or weak or out-of-touch. It's better this way compared to having a product manager that just responds to every comment addressed at him/her with pure emotion like the way Trump does.

But honestly, I hear a lot of complaining about the grind being so hard, lack of ways to get talents, stuff costs too much on broker. I say suck it up and embrace the simplicity of the game compared to how it was in the past with having to farm VM gear through RNG drops. Nowadays, even the casuals can get VM Stormcry with ease. It's a Korean MMO, it's supposed to be grindy. If you don't like it, move on. I'm all for making things better for the player base but gearing up is already too easy.

Good luck and happy gaming! =)
Here's the thing, one EME employee has said that he doesn't plan on having strongbox events any more. I think there's the possibility that we still might get a strongbox event or two down the road but obviously there's no guarantee. In the meantime, I will hoard my keys until I quit or we have an event.

I think their mistake was "announcing" it though. Otherwise they could have just not had any event for the next few months or so and well, we'd have nothing to complain about really because we'd have hope that the next one is coming soon...

Another thing people like to ask about is double/triple drop event. For all we know, Singlebear might have decided never to give us a global double drop again but at least he hasn't come out and said this officially.
Doesnt seem too much rewarding for both sides now.

I think it's only rewarding for the person leveling because they get the XP boost plus the instant level boosts every 10 levels as well as the mount and pet at the beginning. The reward for the mentor sucks M&Ms.
I wish they'd just bring back Nexus where the only thing that mattered was being one of the 90 players in that node to get the quest, then you could just AFK while others killed the mobs/bams =)
I think it's coming end of April. Today we're getting the 10/26 patch from KTera so we're 4 months behind them.
Pretty simple lesson here. Don't start events in the middle of the night unless you have someone monitoring.
Is that Talisman thing really talents, confirmed? That's exciting!
Code is not working as of right now, at least for me.

"This code has reached it's redemption limit."

Same for me. Didn't work for my main account but worked for my alt account. Oh well...there's always next week!
Ammutseba wrote: »
I have to agree. Given the RNG nature of the drops in GG, having 4 runs for elite and 2 for non-elite seemed good. I guess now that GG is actually worth running they had to reduce the number of runs per day. It would be nice if they added goldfinger tokens and additional mats to Pit of Petrax though.

Agreed, Petrax drops are often super pitiful ... one ruby? come on....but I guess that's why elite has 4 entries and it takes less than a minute to do.

I feel like GF token drop rate was buffed in GG though, been getting them almost every run.
Shikine wrote: »
This is the fed bill store update promised for November :joy:

Aha I wish I could give you Tera forum gold!
And what is more important is that elites always had double runs to GG before this bugg occurred! This wasn't changed just now.
It was this way always.

I really think they should have kept it at elites having 4 runs per day and non-elite 2 runs.

Rathgar wrote: »
It was good while it last for non elites

Agreed, thank goodness we had the two entries per day during triple drop whether you were elite or not.
Yup, and in 1 hour then that guy can say "we've been waiting over 2 hours past the ETA!" =)
We've been waiting only 1 hour past the ETA.
9RA7AY6NK7 wrote: »


How do I subscribe though?

Unfortunately this is, and always will be, the current meta of IMS. Good tanks don't want to queue and get stuck with bad DPS or mEME healers. They will mostly join the numerous LFG LF> T runs. Bad tanks are often scared to IMS because they don't want to get yelled at.

But how to fix this issue? For sure you're right that tanks are less appealing than DPS but at least it's way better than it used to be.
It's like 5000x easier to hold aggro now than it was back eclipse pots were the norm. And Brawler is literally a faceroll tank that requires very little skill to play at an acceptable level.

What would be really sweet is if there was some in-game window where you could see all the parties currently queuing for a dungeon and so you'd know whether some parties were missing DPS or some were missing healers, etc. Same with for BGs. Then basically you'd have an idea of how long your DPS queue would actually take. And this way maybe they could add some extra incentive for people to queue as the role that's most needed at the moment. Like if 5 parties for TRNM were just waiting for a tank, they could offer some additional vanguard reward if you queued in. Of course this would lead to lots of other problems / exploits or whatever but it's just a thought.

Bottom line, if you want to get into a lot of runs, roll a Brawler and never have to worry about queue times again! It's quite magical! =)

Where did you see all that other stuff?

They're referring to the KTera winter update that's happening over the next ~6 months in Korea.
Mieax wrote: »
I think there isnt an extreme version of RK9, i've been seeing alot of people puting RK9EM when its says for the dungeon is hardmode......
it just seems hella misleading. xD
Also if anyone doesnt know what a extreme mode is.. i suggest to google SCEM.

For HM and EM, the difference is only the last boss. In RKHM dungeon, on last boss there is a mechanic at 95% HP where if you deactivate the shield using some pillars then the boss will go into extreme mode. If you break the shield normally then the boss will simply be the hard mode version.

The loot tables should be different for the RK-9 HM and EM.

That post I linked to wasn't on twitter.

Yeah I had seen that post as well but it was buried inside an inactive thread. Not sure why they didn't think it was necessary to make a forum announcement post or put the message at top of forums =(
Tiarize wrote: »
Anybody know if there will be a server xp boost during the leveling event? Trying to get my boyfriend interested in Tera, hoping he can grind to 65 during this.

Don't think there will be an XP boost because it wasn't announced. But he can get a decent XP boost by using the buddy-up system. You generate the code and he uses it on his new Tera account.
I doubt they will update elite for a while since they just updated it recently.

The extra dungeon runs and* reset scrolls are good to push you to run more dungeons for gear XP.

The travel journal is really useful for world bams and/or [filtered] spots.

The free everful nostrum (battle potion?) is really useful for when you're learning HH and wipe every 3-4 minutes...
They tweeted that it will begin at 8 am PST

I imagine the servers will be down for ~3 hours for this patch.

Normally they have a forum announcement or a message at the top of the forums page but not this time. Oh well, at least now we know.
I use the fine pilka/cobala/gobalooooo 's to make spellcatch bijous to hoard dismantle into entropics
Just buy 500x artisan tools / copper clasps / pansophic ashes right now, you will need them =)
You will need plenty of them when you start enchanting Stormcry gear. You need extraordinary amounts of artisan tools, copper clasps, and pansophic ashes which cost many metamorphic tokens per piece.

Otherwise, you can just use them to get the feedstock/MWA and stack that instead. Those items get dismantled back into the same number of tokens.
I'm 99.99% sure that there will be a maintenance on Thursday as well to implement the new patch. Today's maintenance is just the regular Tuesday morning maintenance.

And about Thursday maintenance, my guess is they will start "early" at 7 am PST and it will hopefully be done by 11 am PST.
Philore wrote: »
bring back gold to gillie. we can only due 2 a day anyway. maybe the pit also limited to 4 a day.
BTW Y is gillie not a vanguard? it is a solo dungeon?

Nah it's totally a vanguard! Heard it gives elemental essenses too! You just need ilvl 460 to unlock it ;-) huehue
StarSprite wrote: »
If you purchased them from the token shop, they're currently bugged.

Which token shop are they obtained from?
I wish it was on Sunday like alliance conflict used to be.
Spacecats wrote: »

Good thinking, but these events were actually set up post-daylight savings. We're still looking into why they ended earlier than expected.

It would probably help to first look into why it started earlier than expected.
Rathgar wrote: »
I've beaten Pit of Pietrax a handful of times and received no item at all. If the timer effects the drop rate at all, the last time it happened (no drops that is) I was pretty flawless. I didn't even get hit and he died as the last add set spawned because ICB glitched UOHS.

I've completed Pit of Petrax probably 400 times since the new gearing patch and I've never received no item at all. The minimum drop is always 1 ruby and I curse Petrax every time he does this to me. It might be that you're not looking close enough. Only speaking from my experience though.
Yes, just hover your mouse over that small question mark beside the 61% success chance and it will tell you how much chance you are getting from base (probably 30%), item XP (probably 30%) and Tera rewards bonus (probably 1%).

For Frostmetal, the maximum success chance from item XP is 30%. For Stormcry, it is 15%.
Meowmew wrote: »

This. I could do RMN on all my alts when we were in that patch, and RMH on most my alts. I love playing alts. But the ilvl requirements this patch are so much higher, it's so frustrating. I can only do RKN on 5 characters, which seems like "a lot", but I have every class at 65 and miss playing them. Especially since RK9 is genuinely fun so I'd love to run it. Right now I'm focusing on trying to get ilvl for HM on my main three (I'm at 447, 445, and 443 currently) and it's so expensive and annoying, especially as a heal main. Totally agree with you.

Well thankfully since we have another ~3 weeks before RKH comes out, you might be able to get all 5 of those chars to ilvl 446 xD.... /s

RMN/RMH isn't coming until like Jan/Feb for NA so by then you might have 10 chars at 446. KTera got it on Oct 26.
FYI, the Tera EU patch notes have revealed that while you can't race change from castanic/elf to elin right away, they will enable that option sometime in 2018. Tera EU gets their patch next week btw.

They also mention that one of the primary rewards for their gunner leveling event is a free set of Frostmetal gear. Hopefully EME will have something similar.

More info (including patch notes for EU) found here:
dragonmu12 wrote: »
Tera eu Getting the patch next Wekk -_-

Yup, a full two weeks before we get it. They're also having a leveling event where you get free gunner frostmetal gear. I'm sure we'll have that too though.
I think people are still confusing max item XP with being 100% success rate for enchant/upgrade. Also, triple max item XP is no different than single max item XP.

I'm really curious to see photos or videos of someone with 100% success enchant rate and failing.
Spacecats wrote: »
It's confirmed that race changes will NOT be allowed. I want to say this was addressed during the Twitch stream on Oct 20 (we also addressed being able to only make Elin Gunners for a limited time - that's not the case. You'll have all the time you need to create one) but I could be wrong about the date.

In any case - to have an Elin Gunner you have to create a new character.

Thanks for the update and reminder for those of us that missed the stream.

Could you please address whether EME will be giving us a character slot or increasing the number of characters per server?
natia wrote: »

Ah yes, my mistake. I was thinking about the fwc non-eq ilvl. My point still stands however, I believe 446 is still full stormcry iirc. Frostmetal is definitely a pain to enchant if you want to play on alts. For the 2 "new" dunegons, especially for RMHM, is having full stormcry really necessary?

I think you need stormcry wep/chest and one of boots/gloves to get 446 (with the other as +7 frostmetal). Anyone can still run the dungeon and pick up drops if you clear even if you're not 446 but you just don't get the vanguard daily.

I think there's only one new dungeon coming which is RKH.

BP is coming back in December but that will be a high tier (ilvl 439 to get vanguard).
natia wrote: »
Any chance the ilvl of RKHM won't be 449? Previous patches we could do everything in mid tier (which is I guess frostmetal this patch). Heck, I've done VSHM in a guile and misery valk last patch. Why is it now that we need +4 Stormcry?

What about RMHM which is also ilvl 449? Can't use the "its a hard dungeon with lots of new mechs" excuse here. Having such an absurdly high ilvl just means people can only run these hms on one character. Who's rich enough to get their alts in full +4 stormcry?? I've had to abandon my beloved healers this patch since it was getting too expensive to gear them both up (plus I am adamant about healers requiring no gear, forcing us to gear healers in stormcry is ridiculous). Now, sure I grind and grind and grind, get one character to 449. Hooray I can run 2 dungeons on one character only. Thanks for limiting the gameplay to the already lacking "endgame".

I'm 99.9% sure the ilvl for RKH will be 446 since that's what it was in KTera. I haven't read through the whole post or watched the videos though so if EME confirmed 449 then I stand corrected.
Working for me too. So the problem just got magically "fixed" ? Anyone have communication from EME about this?
For me it is only affecting the login screen and not the game server. My workaround is to login to launcher with a VPN then I close the VPN and click "Play". It seems to work fine on two different computers.

There are a number of free VPN's out there that are super easy to set up, just need to download the software and make an account. And you can try to cycle your VPN through different regions until you find one that works for login.

PS, I'm from eastern canada and when I connect to the "USA East" through my VPN it works.
6R1MM01R3 wrote: »
Yeah stormcry should last more months, then be eligible for upgrade in the next tier whenever it comes. I think it would be like +9 sc into +4 of the new top tier, +7 sc into +2 new top, +5 sc to +0 new top and so on.

I feel like it'll just be +9 stormcry can upgrade to the next level tier. Of course when new tier comes out, they'll make stormcry much easier to enchant/upgrade.
Gozor wrote: »
I am just happy that they extended it beyond 8. I have maxed it out once since then. What do they call people like me?

Filthy casual? =) Just kidding!

I actually have tick marks on a piece of paper by my computer to count for me so I don't forget. It'll do for now.
I'm sure that Elin gunner will come with a new character slot and an increase to max number of characters per server. And there will probably be a leveling event associated with it as well.
Fey Forest also crashed.
No enchanting mats, no frostmetal/stormcry boxes. It's just cosmetics and some pets and some lame consummables.

Also no KD/LK farm for catalysts either. Only RK/TRN/TRH. And IODs and BGs.

I'll do potion shack for a week then judge whether it's worth to farm or not.
natia wrote: »
The grind for gear on alts would be fine... if they remove or lower ilvl requirements for vanguard. People like to play on multiple characters and be rewarded for their time. Especially now, when enchanting is gold heavy. I dont need alts in maxed out gear, I just want the vanguard!

This is the most frustrating thing. I have two lancers, one with 446 and one with 432. I can run RK on both and properly hold aggro but I can only get the vanguard rewards (and subsequent gear XP) on one of them. It makes me have to run the lower tier content so many times to bring up the gear XP.
I pressed F5 so many times the other F keys are getting jealous.
DIONI wrote: »
At least 1 more hour, its kinda normal every patch.

I definitely don't mind if the patch is 1 hour late if it means they're sorting out bugs and creating some "known issues" post.

What really grinds my gears is the lack of communication. Normally we'd get a GM posting somewhere or some general announcement telling us about the maintenance extension. It sucks that nobody has done that yet.
hahloli wrote: »

Where do you see it says 15 minutes?


Just a hunch...

But my pal Vergos will save me some Baraka ribs if I ask him nicely..
Well since there's no announcement post about the maintenance being extended, I'm sure it'll be up in the next 15 minutes.

*checks main page*...

Yup, 15 minutes! Or I'll eat Vergos' leftovers.
It's ok they will only be 1 minute late!

Edit: ok 2 minutes late.

Edit2: ok umm...3 minutes?

Edit3: [filtered]...
welp, EME took pity on us and gave in to our demands! MWA will be 1:1. Rest of the shop info is here:


Someplace, somewhere, a GM said you'd be able to sell ID scrolls back to the merchants for gold. Not sure for how much though.

They've done a similar thing already when charms/campfires were phased out of the game, you could sell them back to the merchant for most (if not all) of their original cost.
They won't confirm anything guys. They specifically said that the item shop prices will be posted in the patch notes during maintenance. It's possible that the item shop prices we saw in stream today are not the final ones. They are holding their cards close to their chest this time so that nobody has an unfair advantage.
I get the feeling that the "incorrect prices" in the new exchange shop can be fixed by EME right? Cause I assume they will adjust the price of things to better reflect our economy in NA.

But if I converted a DW+15 piece and it only gave me the Oblit+12 item conversion, I would be pretty sad and upset. I'll probably wait a day or two until other people have reported if things are working properly or not. Thanks for the heads up about this!
What I miss is Alliance!!! and the best part was that conflict was on Sunday evening and I could actually make it (almost) almost every week. Now CU is at 9pm (my time) on Saturday which is much less convenient.

Edit. I confused crusades with alliance content..
RKC wrote: »
Does that mean they will make Alkahest really hard to farm like in Vanila Tera EU back then.

Back in the early vanilla days we used to be able to buy MWA from a shop for ~30g each but then it got taken away and had to be farmed.

After the patch hits, you'll still be able to enchant your old gear (misery/deathwrack/etc...) with mwa and feedstock and then eventually convert it to the "new" gear. The new gear (low/mid/high/top) requires new materials to upgrade it which you get from playing content and exchanging your old mats to new mats.

I think you should still focus on gearing during this patch because the changes aren't coming until probable end of sept. to beginning of oct. and if you want to run any worthwhile content right now, it's recommended you have at least misery +12 for your "important" gear pieces.
It's hilarious bugs like these that convince me that EME staff don't even test out the patches before releasing them =)
Yup! This is pretty funny!

Here's the forum post where ex-GM Noesis admitted they screwed up and used the wrong item for the warrior leveling event:

Hopefully support can generate you a new weapon, maybe you'll be lucky and they'll give you a Guile!!!!! weapon instead which is a huge upgrade to the Slaughter set ;-)
What sucks is that we complain and we complain, this is broken, that's broken, boo to EME, you suck, they suck, I'm jealous/envious, GG GG GG GG... but yet the majority of us still log in day after day after day to play this game and get our hearts broken by RNG.

I honestly think that just a bit more communication from GM's about this kind of stuff would make things a whole lot better but really, who am I kidding? Our community is never satisfied and we'll inevitably find something to gripe about no matter what happens...

The bottom line is that for those that are on the game 12-15 hours a day, you will get rewarded because you'll make it to (almost) every single event whereas the rest of us filthy casuals get the shaft.

But what can you do? EME's not gonna change.
LesbianVi wrote: »
well EME was never releasing news when it needs to be released, they are better now still, announcements and news are a hot mess.

Agreed. EU got the Demoros Roulette patch today but looks like we'll get it next Tuesday, Sept. 12. Was hoping to get that and the popo slayer roll distance buff today but it doesn't look that way.
JasonTERA wrote: »
Let me clarify my question here again.

1. GM said any 3rd party program which affect TERA gamepley (i'm not talking about stream) is not allowed
2. GM said cheating with 3rd party program = permanent ban
3. Some people who was using the 3rd party program that has been issued got permanently banned, but some people got only temporarily banned.

Therefore, people who got temporary ban was not cheating? I know it sounds like stupid, but this is why I am asking GMs to clarify their regulations.
Why did those people got only temporary ban even if they obviously used 3rd party program?

I think you have reasonable questions but I don't think you will be getting any response from the GMs about them. However, you might want to join the official EME discord and perhaps you can find your answer there.

This might be completely wrong but it feels like the timeline will be:

Sept 5 or 12 - new dungeon Demoro's Roulette
Oct 3 or 10 - KDHM/FINM/FIHM added, BRHM and AIHM removed
Early to mid December - New gearing system and Cyrux research / RK-9 hangar added.
Mid December - Elin gunner ???
N3PF5NGPD6 wrote: »

They could also add in-game and official skill predictors while they'r at it but it take much work and money and BHS too lazy and greedy lmaooo

Agreed. We'll see at least 3 more female gender-locked FotM classes or the end of Tera development before optimization arrives! =)
Dialoonia wrote: »

I saw that too. 2018 is a long ways away but it's nice to see it's on the horizon!
They should've left out RG and brought back KG with revamp for lvl 65...I'm still hoping they do someday!
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