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I did a quick Google search and found a few ways to unofficially turn down some sounds. One of the methods is explained in a Steam guide. But I won't link anything here because I don't know how the current Tera team handles talking about client ini edits. Back then it was ok to talk about the so called "Optimization Guide" that recommended editing that same file, but I don't know how it goes now with the moderators, so let's play it safe.

Basically, look around the Internet, study the methods and apply them if you feel sure about them. I myself did my own editing back when I played and managed to get rid of player and NPC voices. It was a much better gaming experience for me, at least.

Since new content trickles down from the Korean main version of the game, we'd need to study how it was accepted over there. From there, we'd need to see what EME did to Westernize it and what they could have done better to allow more people to either get into the content, or to make the old content more manageable to new people to motivate them to keep playing.

Correct me if I'm wrong since I'm not playing and just observing things from the outside, but from what I see, Tera's active community faces a large gap between people stuck with the old content's long grind (people at level 65 or close to it and low item level), and those players who can do the new content. Efficiently bridging that gap through content that does not make it too easy but doesn't seem way too grindy either, would be a good middle ground solution/patch to follow, if this is the case. Again, correct me if I'm wrong.

In general, (not only this game) this usually involves contracts that sometimes bring headaches to the dev teams when other updates and changes are made. So other than places like Japan, where the revenue for having a famous figure (usually an Idol or someone from the anime world) voice a video game character will be much more than the hurdles needed to get it done and maintain it through game AND contract updates, this practice is not too profitable in the West.

Lastly, other than those who are into anime, the general Westerner population would prefer simply "good" voice acting, usually in English, even in Eastern games. At least that's what I've been getting from my experiences talking about these issues in other forums. So having a famous Eastern VA won't be much of a sell point around here, though I would have personally liked such an option.

@donutsenpai said:
am also very curious about the green book and a free iron dragon mount

@Yuxibr said:
What is this green book for mount? Where do i get it?

This is a very old thread. Stuff that may have been available back then may not be around in current versions. This thread should be moved on from or locked to avoid confusion. Making a new thread about it could have been preferred.

I feel this thread should be moved on from, because I don't see any side really trying to understand the other side, much less trying to bargain a compromise of any sort. Those wanting to be efficient keep saying that the other side is lazy and only wants to be carried, even when told nobody has ever asked for a carry here. Those not wanting to read guides also fail to understand that the World does not spin just for them, and in a multiplayer environment, some compromises have to be made to accommodate everyone, and that self discovery and exploring may not be the best thing to do in a PuG as not everyone is sitting on the same page.

So really, I can only say what we have been saying. You want super efficient runs? Get a static. You want to explore and tackle the dungeon like it is a first time single player game? Get a static. Want to pug? You should be prepared for anything in there, and whatever you get, just take a deep breath and decide if it's best to stay or leave. In all instances, the least worth thing to do is to argue and fight in a place nobody will take you seriously.

As for the kicking itself, it's there to be used, and it's not only to kick people for foul behavior. It's there to also quickly deal with disagreements and it's the final statement saying someone doesn't want to play with you. So yeah, as far as I understand (me being currently on the sidelines), it's still not a reportable offense to kick someone for being new. It's not a reportable offense to even kick someone because the kicker didn't like something about the other player, even if it is something as silly as the race of the avatar (there was quite some anti elin xenophobia out there when I was active..), or whatever else. So yeah, someone underperforming in the eyes of another can be grounds for kicking. Another option is for them to leave the group if their opinion is outnumbered.

On the flip side, if youtubers like mmobyte want to say they were kicked from a leveling dungeon for being new, and they honestly believe that's really what happened, nobody has any reason to bark at him for it. It's his opinion and his watchers will see his statement and decide what to do with it. I doubt Tera will die because of his video, anyway.

@StixByte Hello. Mind posting, if you remember, which dungeons you were kicked from? If you don't remember the names, at least can you tell if they were pre-65 or post 65? I ask because people who have been around for awhile most likely see level 65 dungeons as part of the main end game grind, while anything below it is considered the actual leveling and anything above being min maxing. Newbies and long returning players on the other hand would see levels 65-70 as an extension of the actual leveling, despite the exp differences they have. And thus for these people, getting kicked from a level 65 dungeon would count as getting kicked from a "leveling" dungeon.

@CornishRex I've also just read something I didn't know. Most leveling dungeons in Tera now have solo story versions at least up to Manaya's Core. I'm starting to believe the video poster mistook any level 65 dungeon as a "leveling" dungeon, or something more sinister. Guess someone should ask him exactly which dungeon he was kicked from.

One thing I see from the end game structure is that veterans and rookies do the same dungeons. Rookies need them to progress, obvious, but veterans do them because they also get resources from them aside what they get from their gear range dungeons. This mixing, in theory, would have been a good way to have newbies and veterans working together and knowing each other. But due to the nature the community has turned into, this is where most of the toxic behavior happens.

So, what if the system is reworked in a way veterans have no need to do lower end dungeons at all? What if instead, veterans get a different kind of reward (cosmetics? custom titles? mentor status?) for doing these low end dungeons with newbies without having to worry about their own progression? This may keep veterans who don't want to mingle with newer, lower geared players doing their own stuff unaffected, while also rewarding veterans willing to help these players grow.

Now, I'm retired. I don't play anymore. So if the devs are already doing something in this direction, please let it be known here, and let also be known if such a direction is viable or if something can be done without wasting too many dev resources. Because in the end, any ideas posted here would require dev resources if they are implemented.

As for leveling duneons and people being kicked from them, is that common nowadays? I've never been kicked from any 20-64 dungeon, nor from any starter 65 place. Though I used to be helpful by already knowing them and even giving tips if others were struggling. Then again, at least in my time, it was very uncommon to see a kick at all, even through wipes. So is the community being yet even more toxic? Or are these actually isolated cases blown out of proportion for the sake of an argument?

Quick answer, depends on the creator of the lore. While fantasy worlds have a set of things (some call them rules) that are similar in between, not every world will share everything. So while in one world, using magic may change someone's appearance, in other world, it doesn't. At least in Tera lore, your character isn't changed in any permanent way for using magic.

My conclusion is still the same as a few years back. Both the dev and the players can do more if they want the game to get new, staying members. MMOs were to be done in a group, but companies saw that they could get some money from single-player-gaming minded people, and thus there's solo content. The problem with me is that the solo part of the game is incomplete and requires party play to gear up to reach the rest. I assume this is intended in order to try and eventually convince solo players to start playing in parties as well. But the whole placing on where solo and party content is have pretty much blurred the lines and confused the sense of the game, making the whole experience a roller coaster of content you MUST do to progress but some is solo and some is party. Many MMOs are like this so this isn't a Tera only problem.

The particular problem with Tera is when people have to do the party sections of the game and they are both used to easy pre-65 content and the lack of in game instructions. Then they meet with people who already know the content and want to be done with it quickly. A dedicated new player can and will find ample success in this game right now. But not everyone joining the game at this age is willing to do more than what the game itself tells them to do. And because people are people, some veterans will get tired and become toxic towards the non dedicated, and will rue the day they were forced into an IMS with a "lazy" player.

In the end, if you want to eliminate 95% of the toxic behavior and salt in this game, shut down IMS. If you want to eliminate 100% of it, shut down the game.

An account bound version of this one popped up for me as an Elite purchase on the 'featured items' window more than a year ago. So while you are trying to get it through drops, keep checking that window. No idea if these offers will show up again, but don't lose hope.

EME is spread thin as it is with having to maintain PC and console servers with a very reduced staff. Don't know how they would pull this one. But yeah, having a level 20 basilik on shotting you again, and it taking 15 minutes to die would be a returning dream come true for me.

10/10 would get flattened by level 20 basiliks again...

This thread.... How big you have become in such short time. So much controversy too.... for something so easily solved by the small tips some of us have scattered around these forums for years....

Seek like-minded people before diving in!

This has been a rule of logic since the ancient times of gaming. If you hate a certain gamer demographic, you are making it excessively difficult for yourself by risking playing a game with people you don't want to have near you. Instance matching, as proved so many times, only accepts the patient, forgiving people who can take a a noob triggered wipe and continue on with a straight face. Anyone else will just be granted a headache and a sore evening from it. It's just how it goes when games get older and the gaps between newbies and older players get larger. In too many cases, the older the game, the bigger is the need to get yourself a static. And if all your friends leave, seek new ones or ponder why they left. Maybe you would feel like following them...

MMOs nowadays are representing the clash between players who want to be pre-informed in order to be as efficient with their time as possible, and players who would prefer to discover on site, which was a practice done since before the dawn of internet gaming. Toss trolls and carry seekers in between these groups as well, and we have our current MMO salad. As an older gamer, I used to pick sides before, but after sitting back and observing, I now believe that none of the approaches is actually bad or evil. They both have their low points and high points.

Problem here is, that when a party is formed, those in it usually don't know what the person next to them brings to the game session. And so of course, salt flows freely when it's discovered that player X wants a certain thing from the session and has a certain skill on it, but player Y wants something else and brings a totally different skill set. In simpler modern words, someone who wants to rush the dungeon and knows it like the back of their hand will be at constant odds with someone who joined for the first time and wants to experience every detail of said dungeon. Neither of them will stand the other guy.

And a note here. Mind that not everyone who doesn't read guides is joining dungeons to get carried. There may be a bunch of lazy ones who seek that, but there may be others who really want to learn on the go and don't want to be spoiled by guides or videos. After all, part of gaming is that sense of discovery, self learning and finally conquering. Or at least that's how gaming was back then when I started in the 80's...

So for now, all I can say is to search for like minded people and get yourself what would be called a "static" party if possible. That way you will always know what to expect from the other members and share your goals.

I agree also that some of the messages were skewed. As I said before, there could be a clear line that tells players "this is what you can do to enjoy the game as a casual, and this is what you should be expected to do to go further than that." Yes, there's the star system in the dungeon list, and an explanation of what those stars mean right besides the dungeon list. But do people read? Maybe a more in your face approach could guide some people..... but will certainly anger others.

As others have said, you can't please everyone. And instead of trying for an everything approach, maybe the devs should just point the game towards a certain demographic. Because after all, it's extremely hard, or maybe impossible, to make casuals and hardcore players coexist in the same place with the same content. And with the dwindling population, it would be a really bad idea to create a "classic" or "hardcore" server to further divide the stuff.

So yeah, maybe it's time for EME to see which demographic they want to serve, and kick the rest out for good... again, dwindling the game's numbers even more, but at least finally gaining an identity that may be beneficial in the long run... hopefully.

As for MMOByte, as honest as he may seem, he should also get his thoughts sorted. Because after all, he monetizes from them and a non-clear mind is bad for business.

Hello, checked this forum by chance when it showed up in my browser's list. Still, I'm posting as a retired player. I've seen MMOByte's channel and so far he seems honest and informed enough. His current opinion of the game is spot on from my perspective as well. Anyway, I stopped playing this game not because of the mentioned problems, (in my case I finally recognized that if I can't make friends nor join a group, I shouldn't be near any MMO at all) but I recognized these issues long ago. The biggest current problem for me being the huge gap in between leveling and end game, a road the devs and publishers have largely left for the players themselves to walk alone. Sure, yes, the community could have played a great part here, but with no guidance, and with the rather prevalent existence of the elitist self serving mentality some high tier players insist on bringing into the game, the community effort breaks apart, leaving newbies discouraged.

Sadly this isn't the only MMO suffering of this, and it is one of the reasons why the genre seems to be on constant decline.

Me and others have proposed changes before. As in: To make leveling content meaningful again. It does not need to be remade into the ultra long leveling of before, but making monsters require actual effort to defeat so people can learn their classes and the importance of gear in the heat of combat before ever reaching level 65. For example. Don't send me to kill 50 weak beasts spread around a map and with a low spawn ratio. That's boring and only teaches me to use attack and spacebar till my digits bleed. Send me to either a room with a horde of small enemies that come in large groups, or send me to kill one or two super strong enemies that could kill me easily if I'm not careful around them. I'd mention other things but since I'm not playing, I'd be talking from misinformation, so I'll leave it at this for now.

Bottomline, MMOs can be fixed and rescued, but it requires effort from both devs and community to make it happen.

I may not be active in this game anymore, but I still wanted to wish you all a great new year, with health and prosperity. Take some time from gaming to go meet or at least call your family and loved ones, and let them know today that you care for them. Work your plan for a better tomorrow, and give the concepts of love and family a central stage in your life.

Have a Happy New Year!
Add to this that bugged texture streaming (which permanently downgrades your textures for the whole session after being in a busy place once) is still a thing. The only workaround is to open settings and exiting it by clicking OK to see your textures return to normal.
Vy1Vivi wrote: »
It would make more sense for castanics to be ninjas, humans too. We know why they picked it for elins, but I can't stand elins either. The only reason why I haven't bothered leveling one.

I'm actually surprised they preferred to create a complete new class (valk) instead of making castanic ninjas, even if only females for now.
KXRC9JMW74 wrote: »
I support this also.
I hate elins

I don't hate elins, but I would really like to make a male castanic ninja, and name him something along the lines of Hayabusa. And amani brawlers are like the first most logical race/class combo. But nobody likes amanis, and that saddens me.
I personally never cared for these. I'll stay TH0 for life.... Not that I need even an end game character after all....
I've been wanting ninja castanics and amani brawlers just because rule of cool, so I support your call.
These new Tera kids have ZERO clue how strong BAMs use to be before "avatar" weapons and keen motes...

Be thankful you even get keen motes, you entitled children..

I was from those old days. I know what you mean. Back when that level 60 world boss dragon meant for guilds to kill was slapped into a yellow quest in Sienna canyon and because of no friends, I ended up soloing it since the party that asked me to help them left me solo while they died once and never bothered to revive (or revived at town and never went back). I was using a zerk with green and blue gear that was enchanted mostly to +3 and +6. And old zerks were the weakest class then, and some skills were even glitched and didn't work. That fight lasted upwards to an hour and I spent all but 2 or 3 of my pots just because of block chip damage.

So yeah. I know what old monsters were like. I saw one or two the other day (that level 68 lizard north of habere brings back memories), yet, I also support giving people the opportunity of faster IoD..... Why? because it's simply not the same at all. IoD is not an exciting hunt. It's not a challenge. It doesn't get your adrenaline pumping. It's a boring thing that should be removed already so people can farm their EP and low tier mats somewhere else. It's not fun and makes no sense, since EP and mats should be able to be farmed properly inside proper 5man dungeons or other less repetitive solo activities. So, since it's easier to just up the keen mote rate than remove and change the activity altogether, might as well just do that.
spung wrote: »
Another thing I got from the paragraph is that leveling won't be a walk in the park this time around.

inb4 your levels will now come from a loot/gamble box. Get the required xp for a CHANCE to level up.
The only part that interests me is the story. Seems you need to awaken your character to access it. Soooo, will we be getting finally rid of Guardian and maybe even FM gear? THAT would streamline the story from 65 onwards and into the new story. And I suppose this should be the case, since I suppose all end game dungeons (probably even IoD and the current 412 stuff) may be buffed for level 70 and whatever i-level that will come with.
With a level expansion, there usually also comes more story content and areas to explore. I feel that's exactly what Tera needs, considering other, still living games from Tera's era have dwarfed it in size considerably.

.....that or this will be the first MMO where leveling from 65 to 70 will be done solely through doing stuff like RK9 ad infinitum. >.<
Christin wrote: »
Apparently, they haven't updated the Steam file in a while and are just patching an old file. Therefore, Xingcode was downloaded onto my system and really has't been completely removed from the game. Hence my creating this thread in the first place. Thanks a bunch! I should have known when no staff bothered to chime in to verify Xing had been removed from the original install files.

So just delete the folder. It doesn't install any system files, registry entries, or anything unless you actually start the game as Admin, which Steam does not do, and as soon as you start the launcher from Steam it will patch the game up to the latest that doesn't use it. So you can just delete the files.

When you install using the regular installer from the website, it isn't included in the distro. Steam should probably be updated, but again it will not do absolutely anything and can be removed.

Some people don't roll with that. I am assuming OP has rooted on his/her mind the idea that Xigncode IS malware that's made to steal your life and break your computer the moment is downloaded into the system, even if it's not made to run. While I don't think it's as bad, I understand how some people can have such a view of programs like Xigncode and Denuvo and other anti cheat or DRM measures. I think the myths should be debunked, but I'm in no position of power to make people see how things really roll. Then again, it's not like these companies are working with complete transparency either, which only fuels all that paranoia.
TJKat wrote: »
100% Keening Dawn motes would be a nice, NON-GAME/ECONOMY/WHATEVER BREAKING QoL improvement. You still have to do the boring, mind-numbing content, you're still limited to 16 vanguards per day, it just goes a little faster. As someone else pointed out, EU isn't over saturated with talents because of 100% Keening Dawn, it's because the Elleon Boxes drop a broken amount of them.

Then would have been more logical and less messy to just activate an area buff that just gave you the stats of the keen mote that everyone gets only when in the island. OR, nerf the monsters themselves.
Dvsv wrote: »
The only thing BHS want with Tera is to make the game into a generic korean cash grab with new broken af classes and more non viable grinding each patch.
They're clueless, almost every "revamp" or change they made since 2015 actually made the game worse!
If what they did in the past 2~3 years are so good why we got only 2 servers now and like 1/4 of the player pop?

I remember the first "crafting revamp" when they removed campfire, they completely destroyed gathering and entirely gutted crafting.
Then fast foward ~1 year, we got that garbage gearing revamp (imho one of the biggest mistake on Tera) that turned crafting into this ultra boring thing where we waste hundreds thousands of gold in recipes so we can AFK for hours converting thousands of mats!
Fast foward 1 more year and now here we are with them changing crafting again hahaha, i bet that it'll be somehow worse and more grindy for the players!
Heck just look what they're doing with that new pvp gear bs: 2015-2016 pvp gear, 2017-2018 no pvp gear, 2019 return of pvp gear, wtf is this even the same developer???

What I wonder is why people keep playing this games to begin with, if they are all as bad as some people state... Maybe the West should commit themselves to finally bury the MMO genre forever and make it be an East-only thing.
Current IoD is solo content as far as the game is concerned. It's even marked as such in your Vanguard screen.
I would have preferred other action based activities, like a return of tank combat, mount races (GW2 has some and are kind of fun)(maybe add a boost feature to ground mounts for that purpose), or if fishing, make it more active like warframe, even if we are also taking stuff from other games here.

....but then again, what's with all this surge of fishing in games? WF has it, Kritika has it, now tera.. has any fishing association been pushing some agenda to promote that sport?
How about making it party related so everyone gets the kill. The way it is now feels anti-priest friendly and why i avoid iod. I useally farm it with my friend and the kills rotate between us. Even with keen motes and a dps setup for priest its still slow as hell till i have edict of judgment up and even then i can only burst 2 bams every 2 mins.

Seen healers killing these things faster than most other DPS classes I see around. Sure, gear and knowledge of the class is the huge plus here, but at least I can tell you that doing IoD with a healer can still be done quite fast. I even tried it as a non awakened priest not long ago, and it wasn't a super slow thing. Slower than my DPS, yes, but not by much. I used a back crit setup just like my DPS, with the addition of priest buffs and debuffs.
You also have around one week to level up an elin brawler to get a set of twisthard gear for the effort.
Dvsv wrote: »
They're so afraid of ppl "losing interest" after reaching BIS that they made an impossible grindy system that expect you to play everyday and never take a break cuz you gonna be left behind.
Now, new players are so far behind vet players that they don't even bother with this game anymore, why lose so much time with useless guardian>twist>frost progression when 446 iLVL is the the bare minimum relevant gear? Why waste a stupid amount of time grinding full SC+7 just to reap VG rewards for a mid tier GLSNM dungeon?
I wonder if by the next [filtered] HO+6 update they gonna ask full HO+0(i.e: 1000 golden talent per try!) for braindead mid-tier stuff.
One of the reason why i enjoyed playing Tera aside the combat system is cuz gearing was kinda easy, i could always reach BIS on like ~3 month and this in fact made me play the game even more trying to learn and gear a new class!
Now i don't ever touch alts anymore cuz it's almost impossible to reach BIS as a free player even on my main!

Imho, if they really wanna make gearing extend the lifetime of the content they should focus more on optional gearing, idk, just copy the dual class system from Lineage 2 or something...

Basically they switched from having players losing interest from having done all content, to players losing interest because they gave up the RNG. In the end, it's still players losing interest. So, nothing gained, a lot lost. The so called "skill based gameplay" has been dead for years.
It's actually gone. I believe that they are actually required by law to let you know if they are running such a thing on your computer. All games using Xigncode use a loader image that shows up with the Xigncode game and Weblia's copyright info on the bottom right of the screen. Also, if you have an existing Xigncode folder among the game's files, you can delete it and it won't be created again. Most importantly, the game loads faster now.

So IF they are hiding it somewhere, they would be exposing themselves to a lawsuit. They MUST always let you know what kind of software they are adding to their games. And this goes for pretty much all games. That's why all games using Denuvo must have a notice in their store page stating they have it.

Then as I said before, dwindling NA population and revenue will be the result of their reluctance to work with the region's specific wants and needs. Yes, it's a Korean game, but we are not Korean players, and despite us all being human beings, Koreans prefer (or are simply accustomed to) a different play style that we don't much like over here. BHS knows that already. It's not that the general population hates gamble boxes (I abhor them but that's just me), but the over abundance of RNG in nearly everything simply tires the heart and causes people to give up.

GF invested and played a gamble based on what they thought their region would benefit most, and so far they are having good results. For how long? We don't know. But for now they can ride that wave of mild success. While here in NA people keep voicing and voicing and letting the publisher know that this isn't the game NA wants, yet it all seems to fall on deaf ears. So what is left for people to do? To move on. In the end, this is entertainment, and there's plenty of it out there. In 2018, I thought devs and publishers didn't need examples to let them know how vulnerable their companies can be if they fail to deliver.
SageWindu wrote: »
(lots of info)

Are you implying that one of the major reasons for material drops and allocation being scaled back was actually because we were progressing too fast? I'm having a hard time understanding why that matters, unless it's the usual "The hardcore players will get bored!" nonsense.

I think it's more simply because this is the way BHS made the game, and today's EME thinks (or was told) it's not their place to second-guess the game developers for fundamental game balance aspects like this (just to send along player feedback). I would say that the game developers believe this current progression pace is normal. But I also think they generally want the game to be more grindy (and certainly much more RNG) than people in this market like, and they certainly don't reflect the cultural difference well.

Today's EME does add events that have a small/measured impact on various things (like the extra drops in DS, for example, and all the regular rotating events). And I would say, within those sorts of constraints, they've been very responsive to doing what they're able to do. But the days of making big permanent changes, altering built-in reward systems, adjusting permanent drop tables, or intentionally making high-end progression faster/easier seem to be gone (at least for now?).

Of course, they might still run some event at some point that is more focused on high-end gearing than this one was, but I don't expect anything "game-changing."

Then BHS should be rather angry at how GF is managing their region.
zVSMnEC.png :thinking:

Julicember? o3o
Dvsv wrote: »
It's good for EMP sales cuz whenever they put way too much grind in the game it make the p2w route (i.e: selling EMP for gold and buying everything in TB) way more atractive, they know that almost nobody can farm talents in IOD 6 Hrs/day.
If you think about it the opportunity cost from someone gearing in BIS the "free way" nowadays is WAY greater that the monetary cost of the p2w route..
Going the p2w way is a very short term solution. As a company, it crumbles quick enough, since they eventually lose the trust of the playerbase. So yeah, if EME's intention is to grab some cash now and disband next year, never to be heard of again, then they should p2w all the way. If they want and semblance of staying as a long term company, then p2w would be the worst direction to take.

Anyway. I'm derailing. This thread is about supporting at least a faster IoD farming, if that mode is here to stay...
I'm starting to feel someone at EME management thinks making a longer grind at even the most boring of content is best for.... something. No idea what that something is. IoD is already very old content that does not really give anything interesting to players. So it would be fair in my opinion to make whatever is needed to make it take less time. Too many players I've talked to would prefer to have an extra dungeon entry or two instead of being forced to farm IoD nonstop. Killing a bunch of large monsters that are just.... large, and pose no threat at all, for so damned long, can take a toll on someone's enjoyment of the game.
I feel the table I linked above should answer each and every question regarding where points should or should not be used. It has point distributions for all classes, with a color guide on where your points will have the better effect for each class.
SageWindu wrote: »
Nopi wrote: »
SageWindu wrote: »
(lots of info)

Are you implying that one of the major reasons for material drops and allocation being scaled back was actually because we were progressing too fast? I'm having a hard time understanding why that matters, unless it's the usual "The hardcore players will get bored!" nonsense.

I doubt it's as simple as that. We all know this region has slowed to a crawl and the hardcores are an endangered species around here (or rather, the actually geared hardcores). Actually, I'd love to know how many are able to enter the latest dungeons, or even how many can claim they have it in farm mode. With the current gearing, I doubt those numbers are the same or even close to VM days.

You know, that brings up an interesting question: remember when people used to "sell" runs? Is that still a thing?

Maybe the current gearing system was put together to get rid of that, especially since the only mats you can sell now are gems (...right?), and it's debatable whether or not those even count as mats.

Not sure. EME has no problems with the blatant monetization of carries in Kritika, one of the other games they publish and have also subjected to ridiculously long and tedious grinds. And considering how EU Tera is running, this may be an all EME thing. Perhaps someone high up in the food chain has a much more Korean mmo mindset here at EME than any of the staff at GF.
Sadly what CandyMomoko says is true. The dye interface is more of a color mixer than a color setter. So even if the base color of the outfit is white, as it is on most gamble box dyeables, the result will never be the exact same.
Eh, I deleted the only character I had agnitor points with long ago. I also had the black panther and the black horse (both at 280 spd) on that character.. I... actually miss the Nexus.. really.
SageWindu wrote: »
(lots of info)

Are you implying that one of the major reasons for material drops and allocation being scaled back was actually because we were progressing too fast? I'm having a hard time understanding why that matters, unless it's the usual "The hardcore players will get bored!" nonsense.

I doubt it's as simple as that. We all know this region has slowed to a crawl and the hardcores are an endangered species around here (or rather, the actually geared hardcores). Actually, I'd love to know how many are able to enter the latest dungeons, or even how many can claim they have it in farm mode. With the current gearing, I doubt those numbers are the same or even close to VM days.
Played a bit recently and I've gotten mostly nocts and HP pots from them.
I have a grand total of 15 EP..... yeah, I don't care. >.<
Yamazuki wrote: »
Nopi wrote: »

Well, thanks for the explanation, but if they are so adamant on keeping things as they are right now, regardless of what feedback people are giving, then I see no other outcome than the further downsizing of the playerbase. But, maybe that's part of their design and intention as well?

It's more of a case of developers, and those above them, having the mentality that the player base is clueless in regards to what they want. You think you want it, but you don't. In addition to the issue that Koreans generally don't balance games well for global markets due to lack of knowledge of non-Korean culture. It's partly why Tera just failed miserably in China, as the MMORPG market there is far more competitive than in NA/Eu where Western studios don't produce new MMORPGs.

Yeah. And that's what's sad about it. Now, I can't say I didn't note this from the very beginning of the game's retail life here in NA. I always felt Tera could have been such a greater game if some things were done differently. But I'm not a dev nor someone important, so, other than voicing my opinion and offering feedback, I knew there was not much I could do, at the time, nor now. Still, I'll keep offering my opinion to whoever listens to it, while I'm able.
ElinLove wrote: »
Nopi wrote: »
This is a Necro thread from April (and I just slightly un-necroed it again from november 29), but I still wanted to say that I played with an xbox 360 pad and currently a Steam controller. All I can say is that you will still need your m+kb nearby and at the ready for certain things, but at least combat can be done with the controller alone.

kek only saw it now that it was a necro, attention 1/10

*Specially text is pretty much impossible (is it even possible with some weird workarounds or downright impossible?), and interface is definitely faster with the mouse.

How does the Steam controller handle tho? I can't imagine it given it's two huge touchpad/button combo things (or what are they?), and the normal buttons bellow, how do you cast skills on it?

i use the Steam controller pretty much as an over glorified xbox gamepad. In fact, that's pretty much how the game will detect it and auto bind some buttons too. The only important touchpad to note is the one used for camera. The other touchpad is used for d-pad. The main difference between Steam controller and other gamepads is that it can be further customized, though it also comes with it's limits because some weird binds the game has.

For example, to speak to NPCs that have multiple dialogue pages, you still need to either press F on your kb or click on the "next" screen button with your mouse. Apparently, the initial interact is a separate entity from the regular F bind or something. Meaning, even if you bind both Interact and F to the same button on your Steam game pad, using it to read, for example, NPC text with multiple pages will not be possible, since what will happen is that the dialogue will keep reverting to the first page. Removing the Interact bind wasn't much better as it also ended in wonky responses. So I kept Interact alone (still serves to pick up items and whatnot) and bound F to come from double tapping the camera touchpad.

Other than that, the grip buttons are a godsend. The steam controller's shape is one that needs quite a bit of time to get used to, and the shoulder bumpers may be a tad hard to access. So I for the most part, used the grip buttons to act as my secondary bumpers. I do this swap for most any game that uses an xbox layout.

Last bit of advice for anyone wanting to get this controller. This piece of hardware is extremely delicate. I'm on my second controller already because my first pad fell to the floor once, and that was enough for it to lose two buttons. So yeah, delicate thing. Other than that, this is a gamepad design I don't feel like changing soon.

Well, thanks for the explanation, but if they are so adamant on keeping things as they are right now, regardless of what feedback people are giving, then I see no other outcome than the further downsizing of the playerbase. But, maybe that's part of their design and intention as well?
Well. Before going into the part about being possible or not, let me say I like the convenience of faster transitions. Who wouldn't like to get into gaming faster? But, I'd also have to fall in line with the rest of the posters in wondering if it's possible for the region itself to do it. It's possible from the technical side, but would BHS allow it? From what I understand, BHS wants the game experience to be as similar as possible in all regions, with the most notable differences being events and how easy or difficult it is to gear up. The rest of the game should be the same for everyone.
We've told them extensively the needs and feedback about the gearing process, and even concerns about this event and how it would be received. In the end, as I alluded to earlier, the broader conversation that needs to happen about why BHS has made end-game gearing so exasperating and why EME is choosing to let them run the show in this area (to not interfere with fundamental gear progression anymore, unlike the past with the crazy events) is above player council's "pay grade" (which is, of course, zero). We keep giving the feedback.

It is why the other poster suggested, and I kind of agree with, that the council could be allowed to run gearing up events. I and a few others feel that it could be a win-win thing. So maybe instead of repeating yourselves over and over again when talking to EME about the needs of the player base, ask them instead for more chances to run the events yourselves.
yuxz wrote: »
Nopi wrote: »
StarSprite wrote: »
Thoughts on using them in events instead of in the cash shop?

Well I wouldn't mind them as direct purchases AND as event rewards. Really. This, of all cosmetic items, should be among the most common stuff out there. Heck, this should be an option you toggle in settings!

Cannot agree more. There is indeed a switch, which hilariously lets you toggle the cosmetic mask on or off. Who the hell needs that toggle. It is only the real mask that needs to have a switch since you want the stat it provides but don't want it to be shown. For the costumes, just take them off. Why bother with that switch...

Indeed. The current toggle is for the face costume you usually want to show....
This is a Necro thread from April (and I just slightly un-necroed it again from november 29), but I still wanted to say that I played with an xbox 360 pad and currently a Steam controller. All I can say is that you will still need your m+kb nearby and at the ready for certain things, but at least combat can be done with the controller alone.
StarSprite wrote: »
Thoughts on using them in events instead of in the cash shop?

Well I wouldn't mind them as direct purchases AND as event rewards. Really. This, of all cosmetic items, should be among the most common stuff out there. Heck, this should be an option you toggle in settings!
Melyodis wrote: »
From my view this event is to help new players but all the vets are up in here venting, can't please this community at all no matter how they try. Eme should just let the player council plan events for this game since they are doing nothing.

If the members of the player council are actively playing the game right now, then they'd know the needs. So, it would indeed be more beneficial to listen to them. EME personnel themselves may not have the time to really play their game because they are working on it, so, as some people have expressed, they may seem a bit more disconnected from the "reality". Though I say reality in quotes, since in here, that's also based on opinion from those posting here.
Like @SageWindu said. Focus on Power and Endurance. The rest, as far as I've seen and read around, are very minimal buffs that could maybe make a noticeable difference if you spend all points on a single stat. For example, EP attack power is apparently a tiny modifier to the crit damage of a skill (meaning this launches off your current crit power), so you'd have to toss a large amount of points in that single skill's EP AP to be able to see a difference you can really use. So I feel it's more of a min-max thing. The rest of the buffs seem more self explanatory.
It was not really my intention other than a side comment about similar monetary interests, to include the whole gambling issue in this thread. So I will not comment on it here any further. My comment was aimed at the apparent fact that EME would prefer for most people to re-buy stuff for their alts. And since usually, what's being transferred through this service comes from their so called "loot boxes", that's where I threw my line of thought towards.

The service indeed is awesome in my opinion. But again, I think both EME and the general public could benefit from a more automated way, and, risking people calling me out on giving EME ideas, a liberation scroll people could buy from the cash shop could be one of those automated solutions. BUT as said before, such a thing would require more limitations to avoid abuse and exploits. Which is why I think the current system is what's in place, and should be for the short term future, or until EME gets tired of it, or another option is brought in.
Controller's "main 3", or what's left of it, was more or less mapped to upper 1 on page 2 of your main skills bar. It's also bugged because most of the time the icon won't even show up in your controller UI. I tried it, didn't like it, and decided to map that button to "upper 7", which initially is one of the bumper button + d-pad combos.
If it comes to the NA cash shop, you bet it will come as a "loot" box.
SageWindu wrote: »
Am I understanding this right? Once a year you can have a handful of items moved/converted from one character to another?

Because if so, then why not just give us the all-purpose Liberation Scroll or something similar? Or even 2 separate scrolls: one that unbinds an outfit and another that converts it to another race. Save a lot of time on both ends.

I suppose it may be because they don't have or they haven't thought about a way to make the liberated items stay account bound, to prevent you from just liberating something only to set it for sale on the broker. Also, this way the amount of people using this service remains minimal since despite this now showing up more prominently in the forums, still few people may use it, in contrast of having an easier service that would definitely reduce their gambling box sales.
PGLAN7DL7G wrote: »
k thx.

that avatar with fingers pointing goes well with the reply.

Tuneup wrote: »
So yeah guys.. I just swapped out the 1070 GTX TI for the same brand one just a different card and I only have a 1/2 a second gray screen now. The new card seems to have fixed the long 15 sec white screen. Thanks

Did you reinstall drivers or just swapped?
Here's another. Decided to throw this one from work using my phone as hotspot for my laptop.
1 5 ms 3 ms 3 ms
2 24 ms 34 ms 21 ms
3 148 ms 33 ms 21 ms
4 33 ms 29 ms 35 ms
5 123 ms 29 ms 29 ms
6 175 ms 73 ms 52 ms
7 170 ms 57 ms *
8 59 ms 54 ms 80 ms
9 198 ms 78 ms 82 ms
10 199 ms 89 ms 80 ms
11 191 ms 76 ms 89 ms
12 306 ms 91 ms 87 ms
13 189 ms 77 ms 77 ms
14 85 ms 80 ms 76 ms
As another piece of data, I'm still on a GTX 970 here, and don't see a white screen (as you noted you never saw with a 960). So I wonder if maybe it has something to do with the 10-series and/or drivers.

I used to see this screen on my previous computers, one a laptop with a gtx460M and the other a gtx 680 desktop. Now I have it mostly showing on my 1080 desktop but I don't see it too often on my 1060 laptop.
It happens sometimes on my side. it's now more common to see after EME removed Xigncode. Means that sometimes the game's presentation screens (which is what should be covering that) load slower than normal, which in itself is nothing to really worry about. Maybe the game is started while the OS is doing some other background activity and it's caught off guard. That's what I can assume.
Yeah. Sad. It changed pretty much nothing on my skills either. So I suppose these are either not working, or the term "EP attack" is wrong and the stuff does something else (like maybe an also minimal amount of added crit chance) or w/e. STill the result is the same. At it's current, it's not worth wasting EP on it. In fact, other than plain pow and def (the very first two EP things you see in the window), most of the rest seems more focused on min maxing for those who want to uber squeeze their performance numbers.
Not sure if these are still any meaningful at this day an hour, but here we go.

1 4 ms 3 ms 3 ms
2 * * * Request timed out.
3 14 ms 16 ms 17 ms
4 13 ms 18 ms 18 ms
5 19 ms 16 ms 15 ms
6 13 ms 13 ms 14 ms
7 13 ms 15 ms 18 ms
8 53 ms 52 ms 52 ms
9 53 ms 50 ms 97 ms
10 80 ms 76 ms 76 ms
11 82 ms 78 ms 78 ms
12 98 ms 102 ms 108 ms
13 101 ms 103 ms 100 ms
14 100 ms 135 ms 104 ms
15 99 ms 99 ms 100 ms
16 103 ms 108 ms 102 ms
17 102 ms 100 ms 100 ms

This is from the Caribbean on a 50mb cable network. No VPN, computer directly wired to modem. No other applications using bandwidth at the moment of the test.
@ssQ Agreed. Now, I still feel the current system can be saved. It just needs tweaks to make only BiS hard/grindy to get, while making the rest of the end game appropriate gear less of a pain. Still a grind, but not as hopeless as we see now. I believe an old game's player base should be mostly at end game. Not scrambling at RNG shenanigans.
While all you said is nice and good as an explanation, the problem is that to access the top tier dungeons and do decently at them (and I'm not saying speed run record breaking runs, but just, to not die nor be a burden to the rest of the party), you need pretty high tier gear. THAT'S the gear my statement focus on as that is the gear people are having trouble with. Not BiS. We are talking about what is considered right now mid-high tier gear. We all agree only 3 people in the whole world should have maxed BiS (they should also be given a super bright aura and a god-like floating animation and everyone else be forced into a kneel and bend animation wherever these guys walk about among us mortals, but that's for another thread lel). Though the problem here is that the gear needed to JUST access them dungeons has become much grindier than before in the VM days, where I could derp my way into mid tier gear and make my character able to enter 100% of the dungeon list. Never before in what I've seen of Tera, did I see mid tier gear that is so grindy to get. Even getting FM is a chore that needs much more dedication than before.

Now. I don't want Tera to go back to the old simple and easy to dungeon days. Access to a higher tier dungeon should also be earned, and that's a good thing BHS did. But there are two things happening here. First. The change was quick, as if BHS turned on a switch and poof! grindiness everywhere. People were more or less caught off guard despite all the announcements. And two, having so many people unable to access the content they want to access and them just being gated by RNG is extremely unfair. Right now, I see a lot of players still below i-level 450, though I can say your average dungeon player may be sitting on 452-454, with a moderate group on 454-455. I have yet to see a 456+ player but I may just be unlucky (Haven't seen a HO+3 piece either). These numbers come from what I've seen around by checking players on HW so others may have slightly different data.

As I said, EME can't do much about changing the system, since the game should be pretty much the same experience mechanic-wise everywhere. But they can help with mat supply so people don't feel SO bad when failing the rng game again and again. So while the game shouldn't make it easy to get maxed BiS, players are still needed to run those last few dungeons. And they can't do it if RNG begins to bother them well before even thinking about BiS.
Yes. Tera is mostly a single core intensive game, but that does not completely means that a single core CPU will run it better than a dual or more core one. Now, MUST your system need to be exclusively a laptop? can't you work with maybe a mini or micro atx desktop instead? The problem with laptops is that usually, a few of their components (mainly the GPU) are weaker than a desktop version. Also, you will be dealing with serious heat issues on a laptop as well, which will mean the system will reach throttle temps rather quickly, plus it will degrade much faster at those temps.

I have played Tera on laptops. It's not that it cannot be done. But the compromises needed to make it play without burning the machine to oblivion may be a tad bothersome. Still, if you NEED a laptop, try for the higher end CPU while still grabbing a decent GPU on it. So of the two above, I'd take the i5. It's an 8th gen CPU as well which is slightly better than the 7th gen.
Would there be any way for us to know the opinion of the general Korean playerbase? These systems are mainly catered to them, after all. So they would be the ones with the voice to make a real change on it. As far as what I feel EME can do here in the West, they may be limited to mostly change the supply of materials.

Anyway, as I started hinting in my previous post, I'm seeing this trend to make these games much more difficult/grindy and generally much more restricting to reach and do end game. Go check Kritika. You can't even reach max level there without serious help or a TON of patience to solo it. It's like BHS suddenly decided to cater only to the ultra hardcore and the whales, since only those two groups don't have any problems with any content. Didn't they learn in business school that you should be friendly with everyone willing to use your product? >.<
I'm starting to see a trend in EME published games towards making things more grindy and end game much less friendly to new/returning players. So it's not just a Tera problem, but what EME believes end game should be.
ElinLove wrote: »
Makes me wonder how far is En Masse's hardware capable of running spaghetti code
As capable as pretty much anything else out there nowadays since pretty much all modern coding is a variant of some form of pasta...
Serenade wrote: »
I was wondering, what score do you need to get in order to earn a Superior Etching Box in the flying guardian missions? I've gotten second place with 30% completion, and near 200k points, but still keep on getting the 2 pilot tokens. Is it just a low chance to drop?

Same. Got first place twice a few days ago, and just the usual stuff.
Digivolve wrote: »
Your score and contribution dont matter for the parcel reward lol

And this may be the reason.
Yeah. I don't have the newsletter requirement so w/e :p
I'd say, instead of HP pots which are the equivalent of a gambler's "try again" ticket, add something useful like a moderate amount of crafting materials, or reset scrolls, or even fragments of a complete item as a sort of way to hope for SOMETHING. It's not like I'd want only jackpot items. But filling those boxes with stuff that is MUCH less worth than the emp you pay for them, at least to me, signifies gambling. And even adding the guaranteed meta emblems on top of it won't convince me otherwise just yet. Just then remove the guaranteed part and add other, more worthy consumables as the more common rewards for these. At least I feel people won't feel so disappointed when opening these.

Also, screw what others think about direct purchases. Those are meant to be expensive anyway. So please add more of those for people like me who already lost their faith in them gambling boxes.
Don't you all get it? GREEN! They changed the noob weapon glow to GREEN! Almost 90% of Tera's playerbase is running around with a GREEN glow weapon...
Ok. I was just playing some Saints Row, now this..... Not a good combination...
I don't buy rng boxes anymore. it's really a waste of time for those strapped for cash. You want some bling? Play the broker and buy it off other players (whales) instead. Getting an HP pot is to me, the same as getting a "Try again" ticket. And that's already delving into gambling territory. Since no way an HP pot should cost 150 EMP.
It's RNG, so yeah, percentages are pretty low, and EME refuses to show the chance percentages publicly. It's why I have refrained from ever buying any loot (read again rng gamble) box ever again.
Hm. I personally don't mind the F-coupons for cash. It's not like we are forced to pay up for them and their in game availability has not been that much shortened (just a bit because.... continue reading -->). Saves me a bit of a grind too, since now IoD monsters prefer to give me one of the 400 kinds of strongboxes instead of damn f-coupons. But again, whatever floats our boats.
Nopi wrote: »
Maybe my test was a failure because this event runs only once per account? I mean, I did try two human brawlers but none got the event items.

Yeah, it runs once per server. So if you already claimed a given tier on any brawler, you won't get it again.

Guess that's good news for @SageWindu then. Unless he already did the event with another brawler?
SageWindu wrote: »
Worse yet, it's the same issue as before where someone isn't able to learn certain dungeons because they're not already skilled in it, gearing status be damned. My guildmaster was rather unceremoniously excommunicated from her usual static for this very reason. She has the gear and ability (I've personally witnessed this), but not the clear numbers and thus she can get f**ked, apparently.

To say nothing of the current leaderboards, where having a top score is almost entirely gear-dependent...

Oh, that's just a bunch of a-holes being their usual a-holes. These kinds of players have always existed since the dawn of gaming.
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
so we are going to have to miss some of the content ).
That's my worry as well. Skilled people with low luck at the rng part will be stuck with lower i-level and unable to enter the current top dungeons. Of course, that makes them less desirable picks for those who have lucked up or had the massive amounts of real money required to buy themselves into better gear.
Maybe my test was a failure because this event runs only once per account? I mean, I did try two human brawlers but none got the event items.
Seems we may need an official response then...
Dvsv wrote: »
Top tier dungeons now ask for BIS gear, that new 456 ilvl for the new "bahaar sanctum" dungeon is heroic gear and that's one of the reason why nobody bother to run that dungeon..
This is a first on Tera since i started on VM5 patch, let's remember that Misery+12 (1 week grinding, WAY WAY faster than Full SC+7..) was enough for VSHM (5 star dungeon) on the last VM9 patch.

I always played Tera for combat and not for grinding, this game now is just another korean grinding simulator where the developer expect you to spend real money to speed gearing cuz now the opportunity cost to gear the free way is so dam high for any adult to do.
But as we can see here, there's ppl that want an even grindier gearing, so maybe they end playing with 100 "full p2w" players max...

Ever since BHS decided to gate dungeons behind an i-level wall, I noted the focus on tera's gameplay drastically changed from the so touted skill based gameplay to a grind and gear based one. It was bad news and just a taste of things to come. This current version of Tera is those things to come. Player skill does not have nearly as much importance as before, since a skilled player can't access a dungeon because he wasn't lucky with the grind and the RNG involved on it.

As for BiS, that may be up to definitions and opinions. But at least as I understand it, full BiS is perfect HO +3, maxed accessories + etchings and perfect rolls. All adorned with perfect Dyads. Anything less than 100% max is not BiS to me. But again, opinions, I guess. Still, you are right, current top dungeon requires a higher i-level average in comparison to the VM days where you could access with non VM mid tier gear. If we were running these requirements back then, it would be like requiring at least VM +6 or maybe +9 just to enter those dungeons.
SageWindu wrote: »
So here's a question: since the leveling event seems to begrudgingly include non-elin brawlers as well, are the threshold rewards similar for the humans or no?

I thought the event was only for elin brawlers? I could do a quick check since all you need is to create a human brawler and level it up to 3, to see if we get mails from the elin brawler NPC.
TYoung11 wrote: »
I feel things like EE and Veils should be harder to get. There needs to be some sort of limiting factor that prevents players from maxing out too quickly. When that happens, people run out of things to do and you end up with the problems that this game had in the past where the game would be active for a couple months, then dead for a few months as everyone waited for the next patch.

The biggest problem with the game at the moment is that the biggest limiting factors are talents and to a lesser extent gems. The only feasible way to farm for these is to mindlessly grind low tier content because, talents at least, are essentially absent from endgame instances. I can't speak for everyone...but I feel it is a lot more enjoyable to farm for mats in dungeons appropriate to your gear level than to mindlessly grind content you are far far over geared for and content that is just simply not fun to do (IoD, Guardian, BG's).

I feel some people got disinterested because how the farm/grind has changed. Back in the VM days, people could access the top dungeons without having to do a huge grind (some could access them the very first day they showed up due to saved mats). And only those wanting to spped run or to just have the top stuff would need to grind for BiS. That's because those dungeons didn't have too high grind/farm requirements in comparison to now. I don't talk about i-level because those ratios still seem similar now, and only the grind required for their modern equivalents have changed. So like before, the current top dungeons still do not require BiS, but the current time and effort required to farm just to access them in comparison to before may be discouraging to many who were used to the faster access ways of old.

I think people wouldn't have been so alienated if Tera had this kind of farm/grind from the start, as people would have been used to it. But we are in a turn where those wanting to stay, must accept that times have changed and adapt to them. Right now, though, all this has caused is to make the pool of people available for the top dungeon the smallest group it has ever been. With many willing players simply not having the required i-level to access them, discouraging them to continue playing.
I didn't get it. Maybe it has to do with being part of their promotions email list?
Yeah it's weird the mech flight skill doesn't come with the outfit itself. But I feel it could have been because BHS may have wanted to add more mech flight suits at a later date and just wanted a single source for the skill. Just assumptions, though. Still, would have made more sense to have the skill as part of the outfit.

Anyway. I'm derailing the thread, and I feel it was completely answered a couple of posts back.
Can't give you a per level list, but almost everything is either pots or temporary outfits (cat mitt skins and several outfits, some dyeable). Though the temp mech flight suit near the end is good for completing the 60-65 story since it gives you flight if you don't have a flight mount. The 24 crit factor innerwear given near the start of your leveling is good as well as it's a 30 day temp instead of the usual 7.

The permanent stuff at 65 is a 1 pow 2 end mask, a box with set of TH gear including weapon and armor (though no matching accessories) and a cleansing brooch. That's what I remember of it all. You also get the regular level up rewards as well, so albeit much is either pots or temp stuff, I feel the event gives enough stuff.
Melyodis wrote: »
SageWindu wrote: »
Melyodis wrote: »
9YKAR5PDWF wrote: »
Or you could look at moongourd and just look at the facts.

https://moongourd.com/eu/hiscores?area=982&amp;boss=3000&amp;class=All Classes

Looks like Gunner, Archer was somewhat accurate.

next time post na stats ok bro https://moongourd.com/hiscores?area=982&amp;boss=3000&amp;class=All Classes

Yeah, that tells nobody anything except who happened to do the most damage in that specific environment with those specific factors (solo and double heal? really?).

So if they were trying to refute the "just play what you like and don't worry about it" argument, that was a pretty poor rebuttal.

i don't care what anyone think is the best dps class by using moongourd if there was no moongroud what would they say. I play brawler i don't give s---hit what dps is top i play what i love end off story if the op loves the game he should play what he enjoys that way he won't get bored. i'm just sharing my opinion on the matter cause this talk about best dps is bs in my book with out proper evidence. and look we just got talents things aint even leveled with ktera yet to worried about stats.

I'm on your side on this one, but we must accept people have different opinions, and different people place importance on different things. Some place WAY too much importance on a dungeon run in an MMO. Some to the point of making it look more important than even real life. I don't agree with that style of play, but I'm not them, so whatever floats their boats. OP's question has already been answered in many different ways. "Use what you like" or "Use what this data says". Up to OP now to choose if he wants to run a character he may potentially not like because data said it was the best DPS (until a balance patch hits), or choose what he likes and soldier on through the ups and downs that always come with said balance changes.
I wouldn't mind a dungeon reset scroll per server derp. I haven't cared about end game for a while, but if I remember, an entry is consumed when entering and not when finishing, right? If that's how it still is, that's a wasted entry for those inside dungeons at the moment of the down time.
It depends on the group you are joining. Some may be easy going, but some are known to rage at the slightest slip because "their time is more important than yours". Though this is not a Tera only issue.
MHLW433KKX wrote: »
They're stealth-patching in Elin Valks. It'll be sick.

Or maybe when we all log back, all our characters are elins!
From your postings, I feel it's best if you moved on right now, as it's getting more and more clear it's not a game you will enjoy. Yes, BHS tore apart the lore of this game and you will never feel like a warrior in a fantasy place. EME reinforces this stuff by shoving mmo talk whenever they can, as well. Yes, you DID see a Little Tykes car. You will see flying bunnies and pigs and even a jet cycle. You will see people dressed in mostly bikinis, rapper and gangster suits, and chat is bombarded daily with [filtered] talk described in the most pre-pubescent ways your reading eyes can cringe at.

Why I stick around? I have no friggin idea, really. None! Still I'm managing to block much of what i see around and try to dig as deep as I can for the old lore this game still have hidden somewhere around
yep. Servers seem down on my end too.
VirtualON wrote: »

Since you can do proper DPS with any class, it does not matter at all which can do 1k dps above the other unless you are going for a super absolute best to post on an e.peen enlarging video or something. Sure, your answer was to the point (at least from what I assume are your facts about class DPS), but since OP was kind of vague about what exactly he needed to know this, people decided to offer more general guiding.

Lastly, apologies (since this may hurt), but, if you are going to be so annoyed to answer in a gentle, proper way, best not to answer at all. This forum doesn't need these kinds of angry/salty/triggered posts. Thank you.
Indeed, current incoming gear is for pvp. The way I see this whole HO thing, it will most likely be THE gear to use for awhile. They will just keep adding numbers to it until it reaches, I suppose +9. What I would LIKE to happen is for the devs to remove Guardian and maybe even TH in the future so people can reach 65 and awaken at the same time.

The current "work for your awakening" works for some, but it also has the caveat of tossing a change of rotations and play style after you have started end game content. And I'm more of a believer of having your character skills completed on max level so you can start using low tier end game dungeons to learn rotations and such.
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